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Zordon Scale contains adult themes and violence and is not intended for all audiences, listener discretion is advised.


And that is possibly the best case I met this guy and I know we've had to contract. We went to the store, had soda. I woke up in a basement. He obviously dropped me.


Hello and welcome to Season seven, Episode one 70 of Soad and Scale Show that reveals the worst monsters are real.


Well, we've got a real doozy for you today. This is a story that occurred just last year and it was all over the news thanks to a certain YouTube. You may have heard of maybe someday I can aspire to the fame of Jeffrey Star. But until then, this little true crime podcast is all I got. Strap in, folks. You're going to hear about all kinds of things, including the popular app called Gurinder. That's going to be a very educational show for some of you.


So with that said, thank you for joining us. Sit back and listen carefully to the story. It may save your life.


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Right between Lansing and Flint, Michigan, Liz Hiawassee County, it's only 541 square miles. Compare this to the vast and densely populated Los Angeles County, which spans almost 5000 square miles. There's a huge difference in size and morality. In almost the center of Chaussy County runs a little rustic road called Tirol Road. It's off of Interstate 69. Tyrrell Road is hugged by farmland and the occasional house. It's out in the countryside, yet it's only a five minute drive from the nearest small town.


A man named Michael Parks lives on this road after what happened in the months concluding. Twenty 19, he will attest that you never truly know your neighbors. You may be close with them, friends even, but we don't know or understand the people around us as much as we think we do. We think that because we are friendly with someone and have lived next door to them for years, that they're safe, that everything's fine. We think they're just like us normal, law abiding citizens.


We assume that since we'd never hurt anyone, neither would they. This is a naive assumption.


So I think they will one, where is your emergency? I'm here in Detroit, I'm from New York, and I met this guy and I think he's going to be white and black and white and then travel back to the community. I don't want to continue sitting and standing and walking down the street with a picture of my sweetheart. You go, OK, I'm going to get you help. Are you walking down the street right now? Yes, I'm passing by, going on here.


I can't believe we're out of money. And I don't know, like I never done anything like this happen. I never I know I woke up and thinking basically, OK, change in the basement with another thing. And I kind of want to, but, you know, I have any excuse my French. OK, do you have anything on you right now?


I'm saying I'm tired. You carrying anything that you might see a police officer? When I see a police officer, I left my wallet. And so when I would trust that he's not walking out because I got lost and headed towards his house that night, nine one one I lost.


This is a difficult to understand 911 call, but you can pick out the most important bits. He is clearly frantic. And you can hear him say to the dispatcher at one point, sweetheart, I need help. I don't know if he drugged me and I woke up in the fucking basement chained in a basement. This was October 10th. Twenty nineteen. A businessman had traveled from New York to Michigan for work in the nine one one call. He was running from his character and he didn't know where he was.


He was running all around the rural area, outside the home he escaped from and he was lost. The man on the call told police that a guy at the bus station was hitting on him when he arrived in Michigan. All he remembered was going to get a drink with the man. Then nothing, blackness. The next thing he knew, he was waking up in a basement, chained by the ankles. He found a butcher knife and cut through the leather strap, holding the metal chain to his ankle and desperately ran from the home.


I got another shot that had the chain worth going for that I just got here and I want to go home. I don't even care about the legal case I was here for. I'm sorry, I can't help them. I need help. OK, all right. Listen, I've got help on the way. What were you here for? Around here to help them? The USA. And that is supposed to be at the bus station. I met this guy.


I'm sorry. I know we've had the contract. We went to the store, had soda. I woke up in the basement. He obviously drugged me. OK, when I get out super close to you, I'm going to need you to put that butcher knife down, though. Oh, that's not an excuse that's going into the woods. OK, but there is no danger identified. Been in the woods. But but I just don't want to check on you.


Is there anything else I knew at all? Just I don't even know if I have my cigarettes. I mean, nothing. I don't have a bag or anything else. I largely OK, OK. I'm very fortunate to know what's going on with this guy. He seemed like a nice guy. He points out that he wanted to talk to you. Well, I just wanted to ah. You know, I really believe that I'm in a panic right now.


As good as the weakest link. He had a leather strap to a mannequin. He's an idiot. OK, we're I'm showing you the trooper was a little bit away, but when he gets closer, I'm wouldn't need you to put that knife down.


Ma'am, I have nothing but respect for the police since I've never had a problem with police officer. By the way, he has a knife in his hand and they cut that leather off and put it down. I feel more comfortable because I don't know if I'm walking towards him. If he comes walking out under the law of the land, OK, because I don't know. I was definitely. It's all right. Well, you said then I'm probably not going to be able to function, but this is a shift in the movie I ran down driveway's I mean, I love her so much that talking lot would have been followed.


I don't know whether he's got jogs. I don't know. I don't know.


Going to his house when police arrived to help this man, no one wanted to press charges. A Michigan State Police lieutenant stated nobody wanted the police there. Nobody wanted to. File charges, a lot of times people have a professional life and a personal life, they don't want to intertwine that to their personal life is very secret, very protected just within their home.


So if you see him approaching, I need you to put that up. I don't see any lights at all. OK. OK, I'm starting to see lights coming up behind me and a ways away. OK, I will sit this on the guardrail as soon as I can tell. Nobody's walking behind me. This is the second vehicle I'm seeing tonight. And I'm hoping this is a cop because if it's not, I'm going to be really scared. And I'm sorry for, you know, whoever this is.


So this is the maniac here, some crazy shit. I don't know. I think this is a cop because that looks like an extra bright light. So I am now putting this down. OK, I am. And it is on the guardrail. I am not safe in my guardrail. I am not armed. OK, let's get this over here. You OK? I just want you to know I'm not armed. He know I'm not on.


He knows. All right. Yes I am. I'm not armed. I'm just really hoping to do well.


Just a little over a month later on November 25th. Twenty nineteen, Michael Parks, a resident of Tirol Road, heard a pounding at his door in the late afternoon, about 4:00 in the afternoon, a kid showed up pounding on my door, screaming hysterically, making a lot of noise.


He had a rag over his mouth where he was bleeding from his face and he had the phone to his ear and my dog started bargaining. I ran to the door and I'm like, what's the matter? What's the matter? Because he was just screaming hysterically, Help me, help me, help me. The gentleman pulls into my driveway and gets out of the truck and he's wearing the same type of getup that this kid is wearing, which is a leather skirt and these leather belts and no shoes, no shirt.


And it's really cold out.


And a very strange show up the county on one thing we to get away from him. Creepy guy and had. I'm sorry. What's that? Trying to escape from some guy who hadn't seen him in the basement yet. You find in his basement. Where are you calling from. I don't know how I am doing this road. Are you on from here. OK, hold on one second. Looks like you're on Tyrrell Road. I could be walking.


Yeah. Hello. Season thirty five. Sixty two. No, on that. I'm trying to put out a call. Sixty days. You can start off for Tirol. You just hit the Marsh Road at a subject that was engulfed in someone's basement. Just fled the residence. You have to be crazy. I need you to go to somewhere safe. If you can run up to somebody, tell us where you at right now? Are you able to get away?


Don't you see he's running towards us here, guys trying to come out here. I need an address where you're at. No, I'm trying to get it. You have to find anything with the cancer or your heart. I need their address so he won't give me the address. Are you outside or inside somebody's house? I'm trying to help me. Are you in the road? The troopers there as far thirty five sixty two thousand nine ten four nine.


He's talking to a homeowner there. You know where the house was at that you were out. He's not even a mile down the road. I don't know what to say. Yeah, I see the silver. Okay. Both of them go and see the shooter right there. Yeah, sure. Yes. OK, go ahead and talk to them and you're going to have to point out where the house is that you're in. OK, ok. All right.


Go ahead and talk to the troopers there. OK, so hang up. All right. You can hang up with me. OK. All right. All right. The twenty nine. Four year old man running from this mysterious basement wearing just a leather kilt, claimed to have met his captor on a hookup app.


He's bleeding all over the place of blood. On my door, a gentleman pulls up in my driveway in a silver SUV and he gets out and he's wearing the same getup. This guy's wearing, which is a leather skirt and a couple of belts cross in her body. No shoes, no shirt on is 40 degrees out as a kid grabs my arm and clutches behind me. Keep him away from me. Keep him away from me. Just scared out of his mind.


When police arrived at the home, the victim indicated he had escaped from the middle aged homeowner, claimed that he was only chasing the young man to retrieve his killed. The homeowner was wearing similar attire and explained that the kilt his former prisoner had run away with was worth three hundred dollars. He just wanted to get it back. This man was 50 year old Mark Litsky. He, too, lived on Tyler Road, just a short jog from the house.


Lytton skis. Twenty nine year old victim ran to upon escaping from the basement. This incident is nearly identical to the one that occurred on October 10th. Except this time the victim had met Mark Litten ski on a hookup app, Grindr. If you're not familiar with Grindr, it's a little bit like Tinder. But for gay men, it's used often to find sexual liaisons or one night stands. Lansky's victim met him on this app, presumably expecting a simple hookup.


We're unsure how this hookup turned into a hostage situation, but holding his dates hostage seemed to be a kink. Burtynsky It was becoming a pattern. There were unfortunately no charges pressed against latency in this instance either. There should have been if there had a life may have been saved.


Just wish you to press charges because maybe he could have kept this from happening. But, you know, and a simple assault charge, I don't see that he is going to get out eventually and something's going to eventually happen.


What we found out was that anything that happened inside the residence was consensual. He wasn't being held or chained up against his will. And nobody wanted to file a police report to press charges.


While it's possible that all the activities that occurred in Lansky's basement were indeed consensual, it's unlikely. The more likely scenario is that the victim was downplaying the events so that no one would push him to press charges, resulting in his personal information being released in court and subsequently to the media. This is unfortunately very common. If a person is victimized while doing something they may not want their family and friends to know about, they often sweep the events under the rug and move on.


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Soad Mark Leonski is not a stupid man. On his LinkedIn profile, he boasts a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from Central Michigan University and a master's degree in chemistry from Iowa State University of Science and Technology. He mentions that he obtained this master's degree while studying physical organic chemistry and the mechanisms of free radical processes. Leonski spent much of his adult life and careers relating directly to his educational background. In the past, he worked in the Barrier Resins division of the Dow Chemical Corporation in Midland, Michigan.


His job specifically was characterizing rates of decomposition and polymeric materials, whatever the hell that means. He then moved on to a career at Flint Inc as a research chemist. His goal was to create environmentally friendly inks and coatings. Petoskey impressively holds several patents for lithographic inks. By 2007, he had joined American Chemical Technologies and worked as a lab manager. In other words, he had an impressive resume. Even the brightest among us, though, have quirks, strange interests.


Feiss Mark Litsky is no exception. Photos of the fifty year old social media pages show a lifestyle he preferred. Very clearly. His Facebook page is not under his real name. Instead, he dubs himself Alekos Kai Lucas, spelled with lots of KS he states on his profile.


Those who really know me call me a straight arrow. I am a chemist and an experimentalist. This page is laden with photos of the Tomsky and various leather kilts and other photos depict him standing naked in his kitchen with different strategically placed items to cover his genitals. One photo in particular shows Litsky facing the camera in a button down shirt and a leather kilt. His beard pulled into three small ponytails.


The caption reads, If I told you that I have underwear on with leather, would anyone believe me at this point? Never let your guard down lest you be fooled by a costume, perform a kilt check and there is always a winner. I'll let you go ahead and ponder that for a minute.


The turnkeys kinks are not really the most concerning bits of this story, though. They're the peripheral details that pull this whole persona together was most alarming is his mental health history.


Most mentally ill people are just that mentally ill, never hurt anyone. They never do, quote unquote crazy things. They just exist alongside their mental illness, trying the best they can.


Mark Litsky, however, has a long history of refusal to take his medication. In 2010 and 2012, he was diagnosed with major depression, severe, recurrent and chronic with psychotic features, adjustment disorder with depression and anxiety, with paranoid schizophrenia and borderline personality traits. This all comes directly from the courts. He got married to a woman in 2001 and had four children in 2013. Things started to get rocky. According to court records, the couple's relationship became strained as Lansky's paranoia's increased following his decision to stop taking his medication, Leonski began accusing his wife and her brother of trying to murder him by poisoning his well.


When the couple decided to file for divorce, Litsky claimed one of the children couldn't have been his because, quote, The timing didn't add up. The child was born 22 months after he and his wife got married to some things up. This guy was pretty much paranoid about everything and everyone around him. During the course of the legal divorce proceedings, Leonski was ordered several times to undergo psychiatric evaluation. He was finally granted supervised visitation with his children, but only saw them one time before disappearing.


For three years. He did not have contact with his children or attempt to visit them from October 2013 to October of twenty sixteen in March of twenty nineteen, just seven months before his first known hostage incident, Buttinsky was fired from his job as a result of his refusal to take his medication. Tomsky would later claim that he was fired because his employer was allegedly trying to force him to include dangerous chemicals in the products he was working on in the lab.


There is someone who can offer more recent insight into Mark Lansky's mental state. After the divorce from his wife was finalized, Buttinsky married a man named Jamie Arnold, a hairdresser in the Flint, Michigan, area. The two were married for a few years before Jamie made the decision to leave Litsky in September of twenty nineteen.


When is somebody who, when you met, was this kind, gentle soul who turned into this monster? You just you don't want to believe it. On time I came home and there's somebody there and you tried to get me involved and it was like, you know what? I'm going to make me dinner. I'm going to go to bed.


I guess why I had to get out. So I had to get out. I couldn't take that lifestyle anymore.


The year twenty nineteen for Mark Litsky was bad, really bad. He lost his job. He lost his husband and he was off his medication on December 24th.


Twenty five year old hairdresser Kevin Bacon, no, not that one was scrolling through Grindr looking for a quick Christmas Eve hookup. He came across a viable candidate and they began chatting. Kevin texted his roommate Michelle at about five PM and told her he was meeting up with a man from Grindr at six 12 PM. He sent another text telling Michelle that he would be gone for a while. He told her that he didn't know when he would be home, but he was having fun.


The man he was meeting was Mark Lefton ski. Kevin's family planned to have a big Christmas morning breakfast together, and when that morning arrived, Kevin was nowhere to be seen. This was unlike him, so his family promptly called police and reported him missing. His car was found parked outside a Dollar General store with his phone inside. What a great Christmas present for his family. It's never a good sign when police find an unoccupied vehicle owned by a missing person with all their belongings inside, we're able to go back and extract the conversations that he had between him and Mr.




And that's what led us to this house. That is how we found Mr. Bacon. If we hadn't found that phone, who knows if we'd have ever found him. And we will recheck the entire house, the premises, as well as the property, just to make sure that there is no undisturbed earth or other potential victims. We don't have any reports of any missing victims that fits this type of profile. But that is something we are looking at.


What law enforcement officials found inside the rural brick home on Tirol Road was horrifying.


It is one of the worst I've seen in my career. Thirty five years, December 28th, three days after Christmas, is when the body of Kevin Bacon was discovered after Michigan State Police received a call for assistance from the Clayton Township Police Department while they were conducting a welfare check for Kevin at the home of Mark Leonski, Kevin Bacon's body was found suspended by the ankles from the ceiling rafters. A rope bound his ankles to the rafter, the rest of his body dangling upside down.


He had stab wounds in his back and his throat slit. An autopsy didn't have to be conducted right away for police to discover the additional horrendous details that awaited them. During an interview, Luzinski admitted to roping Kevin's ankles, suspending him from the ceiling, stabbing him, slit his throat and finally using a knife to cut off the poor guy's testicles so that he could eat them after he murdered Kevin Leonski, Ski went on to attend a lovely Christmas party at his ex husband's house.


Kevin was supposed to be spending time with his own family on Christmas Day, but he was all alone, hanging dead from the ceiling of a stranger who killed him and mutilated his body. His killer, on the other hand, was having a jolly good time with his own friends and family alive and well.


I had some friends over and I didn't want him to be alone, so I invited him over Christmas Day if he wanted to come. OK, so he arrived there in the afternoon. I don't know, sometime around one, two o'clock he appeared to be normal.


He never exhibited any signs. Anything was wrong. I didn't think he would ever hurt me in that type of capacity. I never thought he was capable of such a horrendous crime. There's so many signs along the way that you never saw at all during your relationship. Not this, no. Yes. That there was something wrong.


Latrun Ski's ex-husband, Jamie Arnold, was the one who returned Leonski to his home on Tirol Road just hours before Kevin Bacon's body was discovered inside.


When did you take Marc back to the house? On that Friday? Yes, I did. Did you go in the house? I did not. I dropped him off at ten thirty at night and came back home I to work the next day and he never once had any. Why don't you come in? He just got out of the car left and I left.


Jamie Arnold had no idea what was right behind the doors to the house he used to call home.


Jamie, do you think it's possible that Mark was murdered before given the evidence at hand? I. Think it could very well be possible as soon as Kevin Bacon's body was found, people began scouring his social media accounts. Someone noticed that Kevin had several tattoos featuring Jeffrey Star or elements of his brand. This person made a tweet that caught the attention of the YouTube makeup mogul himself. The tweet read, Jeffrey Star.


This man was found murdered after a grinder meet up in Michigan on Christmas Eve. I saw it on Facebook and noticed he had several Jeffrey Star tattoos. I wanted you to see this. And all of us can keep his friends and family in our thoughts.


Star retweeted the message adding, Rest in peace. Kevin, I'm devastated to hear of the passing of someone from Michigan who lived their life fearlessly and was taken too soon. Please help his family in this horrible time.


What got this case the most attention, aside from the unbelievably gruesome details, is Jeffrey Starr's use of his platform. He addressed his fans and Kevin's friends and family in this video. Good morning, everyone.


Hello. How are you this morning? I am going to get a little deep and I'm going to get a little dark with really heavy hearts. One of my dear subscribers and fans, his name was Kevin Bacon, and he was from a very small town in Michigan called the Swartz Creek. And he was sadly murdered a few days ago. And the case is giving me weird vibes. The police are playing games. And I really wanted to talk about this case and bring more awareness to Kevin and his family from researching it.


He went missing on Christmas Eve after going to meet up with someone on the app Grindr. And sadly, the person that he met up with killed him. And it's so it's hard to process. It's really hard to fathom another person doing that to someone. And it just really makes you aware of how, like anyone that is meeting a stranger on an app really needs to be careful. But it goes deeper and it is really hit close to home.


This person was from Michigan. Kevin had beauty killer tattooed on his chest. He was fearless. He lived his life exactly how he wanted to. He was open. And I can't believe we lost someone from a star family. So last night I tweeted about donating for his family, for his go find me for his funeral. And so many of you came through. So just thank you from the bottom of my heart. This whole case is crazy.


And I want to put awareness on this because there are so many there's so many pieces to this puzzle. There's a grinder not giving people information quick enough. Now, the town that they're from, they live near Flint, Michigan. It's such a fucked up city. And I feel so bad for the people that have to deal with all this shit and this shadiness and this sketchiness that the police force. Now, listen, this is all legit. I don't know everything, but there is a lot of things I'm learning and I'm so devastated for the Bacon family.


Um, I don't know. Sometimes I want to use my platform and make content about this stuff. And this isn't about me. I want to put someone else's story on the map when they're not getting a fair shot because the system is so fucked and we're about to be in the new year. And it's like, I want to get on a plane and fly to Michigan. I want to meet these people. I want to talk about their story because they're not getting a voice.


And if someone like me can help, that's so important. I told Kevin's family yesterday if they needed anything from me, that I would be here to help. They live in a town that is an hour and forty five minutes away from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and hearing about someone that is gay that had to go through this and the homophobia of the police and people not fully getting the story. And the person that did this to him was arrested before.


And a bench like I've been diving deep online and I am just so sad about all of this. So rest in peace. Kevin, thank you guys for listening to this. And for everyone that donated from the start. Got me last night. Thank you. I think that it's just there's no words for that. It's unreal. And this family can put their son to rest. So I love you guys. I'm going to go enjoy this day or try to as best as they can.


But I love you and thank you for letting me bring awareness to this.


Thirty seven thousand one hundred and seventy six dollars was the ending balance on the Go Fund Me. Kevin's family set up to cover funeral expenses, and that's on top of the twenty thousand. YouTube or Jeffrey Star donated to the family. Those of us who have never experienced the unexpected and abrupt death of a loved one don't often think about the costs associated with such a tragedy. Any loans that Kevin's parents may have cosigned with them would become their responsibility. The cost of his funeral arrangements fell on them as well.


And we all know how ridiculously expensive funerals can be. Young people rarely have life insurance policies to cover this sort of thing because who among us plans to die? We think this kind of thing could never happen to us, that we won't be someone who dies young, hung upside down in someone's basement. As for the family and friends of Mark Litsky, it's hard to imagine knowing someone who has done such a horrendous thing. But Buttinsky has four children and two spouses.


Imagine being one of them. And because this case is still in progress, everyone involved is forced to relive the details over and over until the case concludes. Kevin's parents spoke with the media and thanked everyone for the generous financial support. Just one day after their son's body was discovered, Kevin was a was a kind hearted person who who enjoyed his life is work. He was a very good hairstylist. He had a natural talent for it. He was a very joyful person, very sociable person.


And everybody who knew him enjoyed being around him. He'll be greatly missed by us, but by all his friends and family. He knew he had a great friendship circle here, here in town, but also through his work, too. He was a hairstylist for close to six years and I knew went through the social media. Yeah, he was he was very social and just so social out there, out there for anybody that he would have used product was and any like to show you did was a member of his community and you'd like to show it.


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Promo Code Sword. When Litsky was arraigned on December 30th, 20 19, after being charged with open murder, disinterment and the mutilation of a body. Things got even weirder.


And that breaking news tonight out of Shalosky county. The man accused of murder and mutilation in the death of twenty five year old Kevin Bacon now formally arraigned on charges. Thanks for joining us at 5:00. I'm David Custer. Good evening, everyone. I'm Frank Turner. 50 year old Mark David Lattanzi appearing before the judge this afternoon, facing life in prison if convicted.


Yeah, it was a rather bizarre arraignment here at the Shiozaki County District Court where Michael Tomasky was officially charged with the murder of Kevin Bacon. And during the hearing, the defendant deny who he was, saying that the real Mark Sanski was actually his nephew. But the judge ignored that very mysterious text.


No. My name is Edgar and my nephew. The police have definitely identified who he is. They've dealt with him in the past. And this is the same person they arrested on site. And they of that left his custody at all for him to say he is somebody else.


He had this whole theory that his family was in his family, that he was not a little guy, that he was, I don't know somebody else during the course of legal proceedings in this case.


But Tomsky has continued to claim that his real name is Edgar Thomas Hill and that he is from the Thomas clan, a royal Welsh family. It's unsurprising that Lewinsky's public defender quickly requested psychiatric testing with the goal of entering an official insanity plea.


Anybody that you have a question about their mental capacity, whether they understand the nature of the charges against them, or if they even if they don't understand what they did at the time of the offense, you sent them down there to get checked out.


This type of evaluation ultimately determines whether someone is mentally competent to stand trial.


Then they will hold you for a period of time, approximately a year. And after they feel that you are now competent, after they have rehabilitated you. So to say, then the case can proceed.


Idaho, Montana, Kansas and Utah have no insanity defense. It has been completely abolished in the state of Michigan. There are two types of insanity defenses. They're closely related, but very different. The first offense is guilty but mentally ill. The second is not guilty by reason of insanity.


If you are found guilty but mentally ill, you still go to prison. The judge still sentences you. And in that situation, you are basically given extra mental health help at the hospital. If you are found not guilty by reason of insanity in that situation, you are sent to the Center for Forensic Psychiatry to get treatment and to get help. You are held there for as long as they deem necessary. And then what happens to go to prison after that?


That's right. Then you go to prison.


Dr. Lawrence Miller, a Ph.D. and clinical forensic and police psychologist, explains the insanity plea a little more clearly.


For the layman, the mere presence, absence or severity of any mental disorder does not by itself make a legal determination. That's very important because people think that just because someone has bipolar disorder, just because someone has schizophrenia, just because someone has an organic brain syndrome, that that means that they are insane. And that's not the case. So here are the criteria. There are actually two criteria that are used in the United States and most Western countries. One of them goes back to eighteen forty three.


This is known as the M'Naghten criteria. And it comes from a historical case where a defendant named Daniel McNorton attempted to assassinate the British prime minister at the time. Instead, he was seriously wounded and undersecretary and was arrested and was found by a court of judges back in eighteen forty three suffering from a mental illness and being not sane at the time of the crime. And much like what happened after the Hinckley verdict, where people were incensed that the fact that John Hinckley was was acquitted not guilty by reason of insanity after attempting to assassinate President Reagan.


One hundred and fifty years earlier, there was a hue and cry, and Queen Victoria herself convened a panel to determine standards for insanity. And they came up with the M'Naghten criteria, which is still the standard used in about half of the states in the United States today in many Western countries. And what the modern criteria says that in order for you to be acquitted on the grounds of not guilty by reason of insanity at the time of the commission of a crime, and that means not before, not after, but at the time you committed the crime.


You are have to be mentally incapacitated. You have to have a a defect of reason and behavior, and it has to be by reason of some mental disorder, by reason of some mental disease or defect so severely impaired that you do not understand the nature and quality of your act. And even if you do understand that you do not understand what you're doing is wrong.


In short, the system will try to rehabilitate the defendant using therapies and medications until they are competent to stand trial, which can drag the process out for years.


And if you think about it, that level of impairment is an extremely high bar to meet. There are very few conditions that make you that impaired that you literally don't know what you're doing and that it's wrong. To put it mildly. Just because you're crazy doesn't mean you don't know what you're doing. So evidence that the individual planned the crime, evidence that they sought to cover up the crime evidence, they sought to evade capture for the crime. I may have schizophrenia, but if I wait for you to come into the room for hours, jump on you, kill you, then try to dispose of the body and run away and not leave any evidence that pretty much shows I know what I was doing, didn't it?


It pretty much shows that I knew that it was wrong, because why would I run away? So again, it's very careful not to misconstrue having a mental illness with therefore being not guilty by reason of insanity.


This is not the first time Mark Litsky has been found incompetent to stand trial. According to court records, this is the fifth time he has been ordered by the courts to undergo psychiatric testing and treatment back in the summer of 2013, when Litsky was in the throes of his divorce proceedings. He refused to return two of his children to his ex-wife for over twenty four hours after he was legally supposed to have returned them. Even after police were called to intervene and retrieve the children, Buttinsky refused.


He was ordered by the court to undergo psychiatric evaluation due to this incident and was found incompetent to stand trial. By the time he was finally competent to stand trial, the charges against him were dropped. In February of this year, the son's case was found incompetent to stand trial for the murder of Kevin Bacon. A few months later, he was re-evaluated and found incompetent yet again. If he is rehabilitated to the point of mental restoration, he will jump right back on track to trial.


He will go through the entire trial process just like any other defendant. Now, let's backtrack for a moment. Remember the businessman from New York who called nine one one in October of twenty nineteen after waking up chained with leather straps in more Pluton Ski's basement? Well, he's now filed a federal lawsuit. The man's name is James Carlson, and he filed a lawsuit on June 10th that accuses Litsky of neglect and gross negligence, battery and false imprisonment.


The lawsuit says verbatim, the facts of this case are straight out of a horror movie.


Carlson traveled from New York to Michigan for the purpose of engaging in consensual BDM with little Tomsky. What Mr. Crosson did not expect during his stay, Burtynsky would end up chaining him down in his basement and holding him captive after he thought Litsky had fallen asleep. Mr. Carlson, terrified, cut himself loose with a butcher knife and ran down the street in the middle of nowhere in order to call the police.


Carlson specifically mentions that after chaining him in the basement, Litsky threateningly declared Carlson wasn't going anywhere. On the 911 one call, Carlson exclaimed to the dispatcher, I'm from New York. I'm walking down the street with a butcher's knife. Sweetheart, I need help. We all know how dangerous online dating can be. Dating and hookup apps are now becoming the norm. They have been for years, but are especially appealing. After months and months of social distancing, people are sitting on their phones all day swiping through potential romantic partners and meeting with them, often at the home of the stranger they swipe to right on.


With no bars, restaurants or other places to hang out and home, dates start looking more and more appealing. The problem is that no matter how you spin it, meeting a stranger can be risky. A woman named Brigitte Parker has a YouTube channel dedicated to true crime. She interviewed a man who claims to have been talking with Mark Luzinski on Grindr, but got a bad gut feeling about him and decided not to meet him after all.


His name is David and David potentially escaped death by listening to his own instinct.


The encounter occurred in September of twenty nineteen, about a month before James Carlson called 911 one after escaping from the basement.


While being completely honest. I was kinder and I was on there looking for a one night stand or a regular partner. I guess you could say it. So it's not like I'm just being honest. It's nice. It makes sense because you could meet someone and immediately they want you to come over to their place without even getting to know them. And you're going God knows where.


David mentions later that he had some horrible experiences wherein he did meet at a stranger's house alone. Thankfully, Marc Mezvinsky was not one of these escapades.


I kind of feel like it was a mutual thing because I messaged a lot of people out there. Yeah. So I probably missed it first. And then you ever messaged me back, started or continue a conversation with them. And the thing is, it just he seems too eager to want me to come over. It didn't last long because the way he talked to this was just turned me off. And the eagerness for me to come over in the way he wanted me to come over, all of them are completely red flags with this picture.


I saw them to. And that's the problem. Sometimes people don't see the red flags and just, you know, they're too depressed or sad and they just ignore them. This person's giving them attention because the person I won't get hurts. Yeah, that's what you're thinking when you're in that position. It was that one night. It was. Yeah, I was in a really low place and I was just whoever was talking to me, I was willing to hang out with.


But just just the fact that he kind of he just seems kind of like we got into kind of because I sometimes had conversations that are kind of bedside and type and he just he just went too far with that as well. Yeah. That conversation I how he sounded violent. He sounded dangerous. And along with the not telling me where I'm going thing all that added coverage. This was a big no no for me. Yeah of course. And some people are into that.


But I like to not go that far. I guess with the BDM. I like people to know where the heck I am or, you know, I, I always tell people where I'm going. Yes, yes or no. You need to you need to tell people where you're going.


David says his experience with several other life threatening hookups have taught him the red flags to keep an eye out for having been victimized before.


Makes me able to kind of know what I'm like. I can read people a lot better now if I know the disturbing thing that really made me and the conversation was the fact that he wanted to pay for the right for me to get into the Uber, to go to his place, but not knowing where he was living. That was the red flag, not giving me the address.


This is speculation, but it's possible. The same sort of transportation with Kevin Bacon, whose car was discovered outside of Schwarcz Creek, Michigan, with all of his things inside.


I really don't know exactly what's transpired, but it just bugs me that he left all of his belongings behind. It's almost like he I don't know if he had his stuff with him when he went. Yeah, that's what I think, you know what I mean? It's just scary. Yeah.


I'm trying to work out whether he took that all with him and then Mark moved his car. I think whoever picked him up, it was their own vehicle, I'm guessing. Yeah, that's about the more like I just I guess I would have been less creepy if he were that drove all the way here and got me and then went back to his place because I've done that before. Yeah.


The whole œuvre all the way to his place, not knowing where I'm going was just not going to happen. I just think these apps need to have geolocation on at all times. I know it's very invasive, but sometimes being invasive is not a bad thing because they probably can find Kevin a lot. Quicker had it, like, gave the location, you know, sooner, but the thing is, that's why I think to some point I don't think he ever son at the residence.


I think he did leave all this stuff there, which I don't know why anyone would ever do that. It's it's scary to not have my phone on me when my phone dies and I'm walking down the street at night and it scares me.


Grindr is also a rare app that allows you to delete messages from another person's phone. Hypothetically, if you were to match with someone and decide to block them after having a chat conversation through the app, the messages are deleted from both your phone and the other person's phone.


They disappear forever. When a person deletes their Grindr account, the profile cannot be recovered. They have to go back and create a whole new profile. Police all over the country continued to warn people about apps like Grindr. The most important thing with any dating or hookup app is to let other people know where you're going to be. Don't give out too much personal information and meet people in a public place whenever possible. According to the FBI, many serial killers hide in plain sight in their communities, often staying within a specific geographic radius.


We have to be honest with ourselves and know that these active or potential killers lurk everywhere. Apps like Grindr are the perfect online shopping platform for killers searching for victims or violent people hoping to act out their sick desires on an unsuspecting partner. When victims of crime like this are part of the vulnerable population, for example, young runaways, sex workers and those discreetly a part of the LGBTQ community, crimes often go unreported. It's possible that this makes criminals more comfortable in pursuing victims on apps specifically made for marginalized groups.


Grindr has a section of their website dedicated to safety tips. Protect your identity.


Don't post personal information. Don't rush into things. Share your location only when you feel comfortable. Tell a friend. Make sure a responsible person you trust knows who you're meeting, where you're going and when you're planning on coming back.


Report any attacks or threats to law enforcement. If things go wrong, report it to the police, give them all the facts, use our block and report features.


Be aware that other users on the Grindr app may be able to determine your location. Any app that uses relative distance information has an inherent risk that your actual location may be determined through sophisticated attacks or by a user who accesses the app from multiple locations.


While you remain in the same location, we encourage you to connect with each other and help us build a safe and inclusive community. It's unfortunate that the safety page was probably written as a response to crimes like the ones perpetrated against Kevin Bacon and the two men who escaped from Marc Lewinsky's home before him. Kevin Bacon was a peer educator at U of M. Flynt's Gender and Sexuality Center. He majored in applied psychology and was in his third year of study.


His photo and bio on the wall of the center says, As a proud member of the LGBTQ plus community, I'm happy to be a peer educator. I believe in the power of knowledge and the ability for it to create social change. My interests include sexual violence prevention, inclusive sex education and the importance of self-expression. Fun facts about me. I have a forty pound cat and I'm a hairstylist.


The staff and students of the university mourned Kevin's death in a celebration of life ceremony.


They still don't know how to feel. There are times when I'm just so, just so angry I could. I could lash out at anything or anybody. And there are other times I'm sad and other times I'm just numb is very accepting of people differences. He was very open to meeting new people and just very friendly and left behind him a whole group of people that loved him and that he loved.


In return, emails paint it. He wore Purple Purse and he just walked around and everybody, everybody thought affect him is relieving to me for a little and a little bit because it's like kind of allowing everybody to come together and really talk about it.


The students and faculty at the Gender and Sexuality Center made a Build-A-Bear and Kevin's name. They dressed the bear up like Kevin and even gave him a purse similar to the one Kevin proudly carried around, there was a time when people were more cautious about their behavior. But the proliferation of apps that attempt to connect us in various ways has made it so. Some of us let our guard down when we probably shouldn't. They used to tell us not to get into a stranger's car.


Nowadays we have an app for that. Clearly, an app meant for engaging in one night stands is going to possess even more obvious inherent dangers. The same technology that connects us can also be used for nefarious purposes by evil people. But if you keep in mind the simple lesson that monsters are everywhere, then perhaps you'll be a little safer in this brave new world. That does it for this episode. Thank you for joining us. We'll see you next time.


And remember, if someone walks you in their basement, for God's sakes, file a police report and stay safe. Hi, my name is Mary, I'm calling from Athens, Georgia. Gosh, where do I start? I just think you are a national treasure. I'm so blessed that you're here because I'm actually pursuing a degree in criminal justice. And I tell all my colleagues, are you and pretty much anybody else I can think of? I'm on the road a lot for work, and it's just great to have wonderful archive and what to do.


And I greatly appreciate it. I'm so glad you're back. Please don't ever leave us again. And thanks for this segment.


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Yeah. She hated me so much. She found my stepmother, friended her and then was caught making a plan to attack me with my stepmother. He shows up to my gallery and he's wearing a spacesuit. He looks at me and he goes, You look like Jessica Rabbit and Lily from the Fifth Element. And then he looks at me very intensely and he goes, and I'm going to stalk you. We hear about the cops don't really do anything or not really caring about the crime stalking.


There's a lot of shame for the Predator who'd been stalking me for forty four years, was starting to really interfere with my life and my freedom a lot more than he had been one of those random messages on my arm. It was like, I'm coming and I'll see you on this date. I was like, I'm not responding to this. And then it was like a verification of a flight got set. All of a sudden I hear a knock at the door.


So I open the door and there is a six foot something gentleman standing in front of me with a backpack. And he looks at me and he said, Are you Erin? I'm kind of panicked because this isn't Larry. He followed me to my workplace and he grabbed me, pushed me into the door. And what they unblock, they unblock. Mayawati, believe me, I'm A.. Deptula, I'm Jamie Beeby. Strictly Stalking premieres on January 21st.


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