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Zordon Scale contains adult themes and violence and is not intended for all audiences, listener discretion is advised. Do you think you're a fair person? I was I'm not anymore. Boy, I'm a monster now because of this. Before. Because of this.


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It's also strange to think about how uncomfortably close Canada and its depraved murderers are to the United States. In 1818, an arbitrary line was drawn between our country and theirs. And as soon as you cross the border into our northern sister land, things are done very differently. The currency, government, health care and cultural traditions are all very different from ours, yet they're so close in proximity to us. The drive from Champlain, New York, to Montreal is literally less than an hour.


One thing in particular that is distinctive to Canada is the way they're law enforcement agencies work. For example, in Canada, there's a federal criminal code compared to here in the United States, where we have sometimes vastly different laws from state to state training to be a cop. And the US means your training could look very different in one state compared to another in Canada. The training is all the same, which is kind of smart, to be quite honest.


There are three levels of policing in Canada as well municipal, provincial and federal, similar to our local, state and federal police forces in America. We often hear the phrase the police force here in the U.S. I just used it to describe our law enforcement groups. Canadians differ in that they refer to their law enforcement agencies as the police service. This is a very important distinction because much of the police training in Canada is centered around this singular value. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, commonly referred to as the Mounties, are traditional and emblematic symbols of Canada.


You've seen them with their bright red uniforms and silly hats, riding horses.


For some reason, they enforce the law throughout the entire country on a community, provincial, territorial, federal and even international level. Interpol on horseback. The RCMP generally enforces federal law and tackles organized crime, trafficking, border control and domestic security.


This is an audio clip from a promotional video made way back in 1961. The core values of the Mounties haven't changed much since then, and even the uniforms looked exactly the same as they do today.


The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the RCMP, the Mounties, 50 400 men who maintain the law superbly well in Canada, a police force that has gained the admiration and respect of the world for many of the stories of the brave and fearless Mauti just stories. He's still a special kind of man, an exceptional kind of policeman, a symbol to all the world of justice and principled courage and courtesy.


Training for the RCMP lasts six months, followed by another six months of supervised field coaching. Many recruits are simply following in the footsteps of a long line of family members who have served as Mounties. It's part of their heritage. It's a symbol of bravery and nobility. Kevin Gregson was adopted from a code first nation reservation in western Canada when he was just two days old. His adoptive parents were a Mormon couple living in Ottawa. They had no information pertaining to Kevin's medical records or his biological family, but intended to treat Kevin as if he were their own flesh and blood.


It was a relatively normal kid, a little slow to learn how to walk, but other than that, he was average. Upon finishing grade 12, Kevin went on to Algonquin College and switched his major a few times. He started at the school majoring in environmental studies, then switched to law and security, then nursing, and finally landed on a major and native addiction's counseling. Kevin himself had never had a problem with drugs or alcohol and barely experimented with them in high school, which is unexpected given the elevated percentage of adoptees that develop lifelong substance abuse disorders compared to non adoptees.


On top of that, Kevin had Aboriginal roots, and it's commonly known that indigenous groups tend to have higher percentages of drug and alcohol abuse than the general population. Hey, before you get your panties in a bunch, I'm just stating a statistical fact.


Nevertheless, Kevin pursued various jobs upon graduating with his two year native addiction's degree between 1989 and 1991. Kevin completed missionary work for the Mormon Church, but was still trying to decide what he wanted his long term career path to be.


I chose policing because it's a good job. I want to help people. It's stable. I wanted First Nation police experience for my church. I'm a member of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. Two years as far as my Aboriginal roots go, I'm an eagle feather keeper.


Kevin wanted desperately to bring his native heritage into the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Service. He officially became a Mountie on August 4th, 1998, just before his 30 second birthday. After being sworn in, Kevin was posted to a few small Saskatchewan communities and seemed to enjoy it. He got to know people in the communities he was serving and he did really well for about two years, at one point, Kevin even won an award, a commanding officers commendation, after talking a suicidal man at a native reserve off the proverbial ledge.


The man was drunk and holding a rifle, threatening to kill himself. Kevin convinced him to lay down the rifle and prevented him from ending his life. Kevin's next posting was in Cumberland House on the Manitoba Saskatchewan border. At this point, things started to go downhill for his once noble career during his time posted at Cumberland House.


Kevin had issues with another officer. The tension was so bad that they couldn't even ride in the same vehicle together. On January 27th, 2001, the first time in weeks that Kevin shared a vehicle with this other officer. The two were reporting to a home where a 19 year old was violently drunk. The family had called police in fear for their safety. When Kevin and the other officer walked into the home, the man was sitting on the couch smoking a cigarette, yelling belligerently at the officers.


Just as the man yelled out, I'll kick your fucking ass. Kevin Gregson pounced on them, pulling him off the couch and onto the floor, which resulted in a laceration on the suspect's face. Kevin's partner, the other officer who accompanied him to the scene, testified that he witnessed not only this overuse of force, but another instance. Once they got back to the main cell units, he claims that he saw Kevin pushed the man onto the floor of his cell and dig his knee into his back as a result of this incident.


Kevin was charged with using excessive force on a prisoner as a front line officer. Kevin had direct contact with the public and with those in the government's custody. This is considered a privilege in Canada. Kevin soon found himself estranged from his colleagues, and he felt ashamed for the disciplinary scuff on his record. You have to remember the Royal Canadian Mounted Police take police brutality very seriously. They seem to impress upon their officers the importance of remembering that they are servicemen, not brutal law enforcers, who use and abuse civilians.


But of course, there are bad apples in not only every single occupation, but every country as well. The condescension he began to experience coming from his colleagues and superior officers fostered the seeds of rage deep inside of Kevin. He thought he'd put it all behind him when he was sworn into his dream job and could finally don the sacred red uniform. But it soon became clear that he hadn't. Kevin was found innocent of the excessive force charges in court and the disciplinary action was halted, but he was transferred to another location.


He was walking a very thin line, and his superiors warned him that if he had any other disciplinary issues, he would be deemed unfit for the front lines and would instead have to work a desk job. That would be no gun, no uniform, no prestige, no nothing. All of the main reasons Kevin wanted to join the Mounties in the first place would be off the table completely. And who wants to work a desk job in an office setting yeuk?


As expected, Kevin stumbled off the career tightrope, acquiring another disciplinary red mark on his record shortly after his transfer to another location and was subsequently moved into a desk job as weapon taken away from them. This was a smart move on the part of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Kevin had developed what can only be described as a skewed perspective on his role as a front line police officer. It seems that he took the lessons and principles he was taught in school and warped them into something dark.


Something twisted and I'm trying to take a life that's my specialization. I can't believe the stupid stuff you continue to say, especially when I was a police officer. I did because I never learned that I'm a police officer. Not like us where the Mounties were. So I just have holes in my head. And he said, because you said technically I shouldn't be walking or talking right now, I should be dead. And he says just that I'm just tough and physically fit.


Get a load of this guy. Oh, but we are the Mounties. He says we aren't like you. Kevin truly thought that the Mounties primary training pertained to taking life. The role was to take life. That's a dangerous mindset for a police officer to have. On top of that, Kevin was a huge fan of himself.


He really thought that he was something special, a gift perhaps to the police service, because in one freakishly strong, I think quite highly of yourself, I am I have lots of experience in restraint.


It's no big deal.


In case you're wondering, the RCMP school in Regina does not, in fact, teach its recruits how to be killing machines. There's a pretty detailed use of force model used by the school to teach officers how to respond and escalated situations and avoid deadly force at all costs. Kevin somehow learned the opposite. The trial against Kevin for excessive use of force was really a turning point for him. He became disillusioned, angry, resentful. He stated in court, I had to go to trial.


I had to work there for two years. I had no support. It cost me sixteen thousand dollars and it was just a mess. And so when I came out of the north, I was messed up. I was angry. I was frustrated. The RCMP solution was to stick me in the Apollo program or er protective officer program, which is geared towards making a person aggressive.


Everything Kevin says has an element of truth, but a very small element.


The truth was Kevin had actually requested that he be moved into the Apollo program, but both the Vancouver and Ottawa bases rejected him.


How many people go? It's it's a specialized we specially for little black people and the emphasis is on playing.


Kevin was not an Apple guy by any stretch of the imagination. He was never accepted into any Apple program. And his specialty was not blade work. As he bragged after a second rejection, Kevin impulsively sent an angry email to the commanding officer saying things like, Fuck me, I guess I'm fucked.


I'll have to handle things in my own way. This email was sent in January of 2005. By January 13th, Kevin was placed on administrative leave. His badge, gun and office keys were taken away from him, and five long barrelled guns, along with a bow, were removed from his home. Kevin had a problem with authority that was clear. It seemed that each and every time anyone pointed out his behavioral issues, Kevin responded with even worse behavior.


Five months after his weapons hearing in December 2005, when a judge stated, quote, there was no evidence of Gregson at any time actually losing control and endangering safety. Kevin went on to threaten a Mormon bishop with a knife. Kevin was formerly an elder in the Church of Latter day Saints because he successfully completed his missionary work. This meant he had earned a temple recommend status. The status allows a member of the Mormon Church to enter the temple. It's valid for two years.


But after cheating on his wife, Kevin's temple recommend was revoked. He was angry and thought he might try to remedy the situation. Convinced the bishop to give him back his rights by wielding a knife and flinging threats. Makes sense, doesn't it? In May of 2006, Kevin stepped up to his bishop's desk, placed a knife right in the middle of the desk and said to the bishop, I have Special Forces training reserved for an exclusive view on how to kill people.


You are just a civilian and I am a cop. I'm not like the rest of you people. Do you expect me to cry or something because I'm not going to cry. You don't know how many ways I have been taught to kill a man. I would rather fight you with this knife than a pistol. I'm better with a knife than a pistol. I can take someone out so much faster with this than any other way. What a douche.


Why would Summer's eve here think that this approach would work for him? Did he picture the bishop responding? Yeah, man, I totally see what you mean. We were really unfair to you. I'm reinstating your temple privileges. Just don't forget to leave the knife at home next time you visit the church.


Yeah, that's not how things work. Kevin, for this incident, Kevin faced charges. He received a conditional discharge and was placed on probation from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police after pleading guilty to his charges in 2007 during the legal proceedings. In this case, Kevin was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, a buildup of fluid deep inside the brain. Kevin underwent surgery to drain the fluid and had a shunt installed in his brain to prevent fluid from building up again in the future.


Kevin's defence referred to this diagnosis, often citing it as the main reason for Kevin's erratic and dangerous behavior. The judge stated during sentencing that he, quote, would have considerable reservations about doing that if it were not for the diagnosed medical condition. He was referring to the light sentence imposed by the courts upon the former mounty. Light sentences are also a byproduct of the Canadian justice system. In case you didn't know, I should point out that hydrocephalus can affect learning and behavior.


There's little to no evidence that hydrocephalus directly causes violent outbursts. Usually it just causes lethargy, confusion, vision impairment, headaches, that sort of thing. It's likely the reference to this condition was just an excuse and not an actual cause. Despite this gracious judge's ruling, Kevin was ordered in 2008 to resign or be fired from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He, of course, appealed the decision. Things only got worse for Kevin as the years went on.


On December 28th, 2009, Kevin's third wife left him. Someone had accused Kevin of raping a little girl. That's a serious accusation. Kevin denied everything and suddenly hijacked a car and drove it over to his parents house. He was pacing, sweating, contemplating what his next moves would be. If he really was innocent of raping this girl, then why was this his reaction? Did someone really hate Kevin so much that they made up a story about him being a pedophile and a predator?


I mean, it's possible the guy is pretty hateable, but it's unlikely. While meandering back and forth on his parents deck, his father recounts that Kevin was very pale and kept talking about wanting to die. Just before 6:00 pm that evening, Kevin got on the computer and began typing. Life sometimes just runs you over. It doesn't matter how hard you try.


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Your intention this evening was to take your own life? Yeah, I tried to commit suicide. It didn't work.


Kevin Gregson had reached a point in his life where he saw no other option but to commit suicide. The problem with Kevin's attempts, though, is that many of his methods are so laughably inefficient that it makes you wonder if he was really trying to kill himself or if there was another motive at play with these cut my throat.


I got in their good and deep. I was working in and the doctor said that the arteries that they move around all. I think that's a natural focus for them to try to move out of the way. But I got in there good. I was like zigzagging and just still doing more damage. So has anyone else ever heard of arteries moving out of the way of a weapon in the act of self-preservation?


Me neither.


I still want to die. Young man, can you have a ton of things going for you? No, I do not have a beautiful wife. She's going to leave me for this stupid. I know my wife. She's going to be gone after this. You'll always have a son. You're always a father. Do you have any other children? Have a couple more when you hurt yourself or when you cut your neck. The first time you said you did it three times today.


I did six. I did three on one side. And and it's not because it's supposed to work for. Did you have it bandaged up when you went to the hospital? Yeah, because I was bleeding everywhere. So I guess the managing at my house, I just got some bad news. Come on. And something. Then I put that on top of it because I'd get dressed and then all of a sudden my front door, the cross.


Oh, yeah.


You wouldn't want to ruin your nice shirt on your way to find another weapon to commit suicide with. Did Kevin realize you can't take it with you when you die?


Are these things that are truly suicidal person would be concerned about? On the other hand, it's almost no surprise that Kevin might want to try to kill himself after hearing the accusation of pedophilic rape from his wife. It makes even more sense if we assume the accusations are true. Pedophiles don't do well in prison and ex cops do even worse.


Kevin, assuming he had raped this little girl, was both. Kevin had a bad track record with his marriages, this was his last and final wife, and she was leaving him just like the others had. His first marriage began and ended before he was inducted into the RCMP. The first wife recounts that Kevin often used intimidation to get his way. He used the tactic with everyone in his life. She alleges that he was always arguing with her and became physically violent towards the end.


She claims that he pinder against the wall and choked her out during a fight. The couple didn't have any premarital sex when they got married. Right after consummating the nuptials, Kevin's wife decided she never wanted to have sex with him again. But he forced her when she got pregnant, she must have realized she did not want a child with this man and she had an abortion, she lied and told her friends and family that she had a miscarriage. And eventually she and Kevin got divorced.


When his first wife found out that Kevin had become an RCMP officer, she wondered why on earth anyone would give this man a gun. His second marriage wasn't any better. She was 17 and he was 24 when they met with this wife. Kevin had a few children. She stayed with him for 13 years and recalls that during the marriage, she forgot what it felt like to be a human being. His children from this marriage have undergone intensive therapy.


After living in this hostile environment, Kevin created the family therapist assessing the children stated, quote, It is clear to me that the children remain concerned and impacted by the exposure to past experiences of domestic violence. They remain fearful of their father, Kevin Gregson, and fear that he has the potential to continue to present a physical and emotional threat in the future. Kevin made threats to his family, constantly saying things like, If you ever leave me, I will burn down your parents house with them in it.


The night he choked his second wife, who was seven months pregnant at the time, she remembers him yelling, I will kill you right here. When the child was born, he went on to threaten his wife's parents, even pointing a gun at his mother in law's head and telling her, I am the authority in this house and it doesn't end there. Oh, no. The abuse Kevin's children endured while he lived in the home was endless. He kicked his six year old daughter down the stairs.


On one occasion, he punched holes in the walls, destroyed furniture, threw his wife around in front of the kids and beat the family pets. Are you a fan of Kevin Gregson yet when Kevin's second wife told him she wanted a divorce, he blew a gasket. He choked her out on the bed until she almost blacked out and then pointed a gun at her. He said, quote, I hate messy crime scenes and told her he would kill her in the laundry room with two bullets to the chest and one to the head.


He then slept the rest of the night between his children with this loaded pistol underneath the pillow. He didn't want her to take the kids away from them. Miraculously, he did not kill anyone that night. They eventually got divorced, but his ex-wife lived in constant fear that he may come back and finish the job someday. Kevin's third and final marriage followed the same pattern. The couple had one child together and remarried in April of 2009. They really didn't have much time together as a married couple before someone accused Kevin of raping that 10 year old little girl.


Kevin is one of those people who, when called out for his bad behavior, says things like, well, I'm just a piece of shit. I can't do anything right. I should kill myself instead of trying to improve his behavior or seek help for his internal issues. He's someone who likes attention, good or bad.


If that's what's going to happen, this is can happen. Then I wanted to do was to die tonight. And because I cut my throat and it didn't work, I needed to confess. I could blow my brains out. And I know people have guns, are police officers. And so I went down to the hospital because the hospitals always have policemen there. That's it. I wanted to go. I wanted to die. That's all it was.


Three days after Christmas, the twenty eighth of the month, 51 year old Eric Chapnick, a constable in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, pulled into work. His shift was to be at the Latron Road detachment for the Ottawa Police Department. He was supposed to start the shift at nine pm, but showed up almost an hour early. He was sitting at his desk catching up on emails over the Christmas holiday. A call came in from dispatch at nine thirty two pm.


A man had waltzed into the Metcalf Library about eleven miles from where Eric Chapnick sat just before the library was scheduled to close at eight thirty pm, the man sat himself down at a computer and right before the doors were locked for closing and the library was vacant, he attacked the one remaining librarian. She was simply trying to get everything in order so she could close up and go home. But her night took a turn down hill, the man beat the helpless librarian into submission, injuring her.


He tied her up with a telephone cord and then raped her after the deed was done. He ran the librarian, still in a daze from what had just occurred, somehow managed to free herself from the restraints and called nine one one. Constable Chapnick was the officer tasked with taking notes about the attack directly from the rape survivor. This took place at a hockey arena across from the library where the attack occurred. It was nine fifty pm. Meanwhile, Kevin Gregson was stealing a car from some innocent teenagers.


Yes, another stolen car, too. In one night. The kids had just left a coffee shop and were sitting inside the Honda. When Kevin opened the driver's side door, pointed a BB gun in the kid's face and according to the victims, yelled, This is a carjacking. Get out of the car.


We're just getting the car carjacked. That at the time. I told the guys already, I just took it, I. I need your car.


He just took it like everything else in his life that he may have wanted.


He just took it and they said, OK, and they got out and that was it.


You just told them you wanted the car. That doesn't seem like it. So I said, just give me your car. I need it. And did you have any weapons? You have your knife? No. Did you have your gun? Yes. I waved it around.


The terrified teens exited the vehicle, and Kevin pleasantly thanked them, like the polite Canadian who was in fact, one of the kids, even asked if they could grab their Lady Gaga CD from the car before he took off with it. But Kevin decided there wasn't enough time for that and he sped off.


Where it was in the parking lot was another parking lot pretty well for the Tim's. Well, there's a police station right across, you know, that's what makes it even really audacious. Why didn't you just go over there and wait for a police officers you were looking for a gun? Actually was. I drove around a lot three times looking for a guy, but they were all off shift.


Kevin drove the car across the street to the police station and parked the vehicle in a spot meant only four patrol cars. He was waiting for an officer to pull up so he could try and take their gun from them. This seems highly inefficient, though, don't you think? Kevin knew already that a police officer would never just give up his gun to a criminal?


Like I said, that's why I put you to that position, too. If someone came to you and said, hey, give me your gun as a police officer, you know exactly what would happen. You would not give your gun up. So I don't get why you think that you could go and approach a uniformed officer or any buddy in the security industry and say, give me your gun. Because for the reasons I already stated, you don't approach a police officer.


You know as well as I do. Kevin, if I were to touch your gun when you're in uniform, you know what you're trained to do. I know what I'm trained to do. I just have a hard time grasping what it is. What was going through your mind?


It's uncommon, but not unheard of for someone to attempt suicide by cop. This means that a person deliberately acts in a way that they know will prompt police officers to respond with deadly force. The most common method of attempting suicide by cop is to point a gun at an officer. The problem was Kevin didn't have a gun. He just had a BB gun with him, which is what he used to coerce those teens into handing over their Honda. And that fake gun could have worked if he was really trying to die at the hands of an officer.


But he didn't use it. As Kevin sat in the police cruiser parking spot waiting for one to just pull up next to him, he realized that cops would probably already be out looking for the stolen vehicle he was in.


He pulled the Honda out of the lot and drove home in between the time he took the car, the carjacking and the murder and all the clothes washing, the bedding. So he stole the car, went home or did the carjacking, drove the car. I went home. I just cleaned up the police. I could go with anyone who saw them. So my dad, I cut my neck and stuff stolen. Kobi. And they were looking for me.


How do you know that, because they sent me an email. You know, you had an email on the computer and was always on the computer at your house, your laptop and goodbye. Did you tell them what, the government traveling to Europe? No, I just said I mean, I tried to cut my throat. It didn't work. So I had to find something else. And I wasn't going to drown myself because of my lack of formal water money.


And I wouldn't drowned if I had to get to find a weapon. Oh, she's Louise. Did you consider any other manner of death or any other way of ending your life? My thing is the knife, the knife and the knife work just terrible pills. But I didn't want to the chance that it wouldn't work or they'll work, you know, they work. You see one if through an amount they just take them all. That won't do with me.


Look, I'm healthy. I'm not going to let my luck. I will just. And damaging all my organs. I'm not going to Colombia. So you think it's going to be do you think it's you think you have good luck, you wouldn't be able to survive any other facets because. Well, that's you call it bad luck. Some people say good luck. That's what I consider a knife. That was what I thought about for a long time and didn't work.


So into the gun, that's all.


You better go put your boots on so we can wade through the steaming vat of bullshit. Kevin offered excuse after excuse as to why he couldn't possibly just kill himself using some other method in the privacy of his home. Why did he have to involve someone else?


Why did he feel the need to inject an element of public danger into his exit from the world?


After his first failed attempt at finding a police officer to target, Kevin drove this stolen car home, did you do anything else?


No, I just kind of I cleaned up this real mess, then kept spurting on the right side all the time. It must be sitting there spring.


He's being dramatic when describing his superficial neck wound outside The Washington Post a couple of times.


And I figured I wasn't coming back. So I just enjoy lying on my sofa. Why didn't you? Me. You're not coming back? Because it could have been. Shot and killed at the hospital. Was suicide by cop, you're wearing a bulletproof vest, two of them, as a matter of fact, I was going to happen because Lucky hit me in the head up to the chest. One of the head that's about to do this is the devil.


But most guys can do that because they get nervous the first time I'm going to go off, shoot it or not. Yes, you heard that right.


Kevin was not wearing one but two bulletproof vests during this entire chain of events. But at the same time, he was claiming that he meant to commit suicide by cop. He had just been complaining about how all of his other suicide attempts didn't work. So one could assume he wanted it to be easy and fast. Why then would he make it more difficult for officers to shoot him? By 11:00 p.m., police had apprehended the person who had beaten and raped the librarian over at the Metcalf library.


He was a 15 year old kid. The boy was charged with sexual assault, forcible confinement, robbery, and by committing these crimes, he was also breaking probation. Constable Eric Chapnick was satisfied with the conclusion to this criminal pursuit, and he drove to the Ottawa Hospital civic campus to check on the victim and finish filing out the report. He parked his cruiser right outside the emergency room doors. That was now for twenty in the morning. Constable Chapnick was in his cruiser typing up the report when Kevin Gregson came flying into the parking lot in the stolen silver Honda.


Kevin parked the car right beside an ambulance again, choosing a spot reserved for authorized vehicles and found himself facing Eric Chapnick. Police cruiser Chapnick was sitting inside of it. Kevin left home and intended on finding a police officer to murder. This was not a convoluted attempt at suicide.


Kevin Gregson was hunting in his two bulletproof vests and armed with two knives.


Kevin got out of the Honda and rushed the police vehicle. The doors were unlocked. Within minutes, paramedics were rushing outside trying to pull Kevin off of Eric Chapnick. From a distance, it seemed that Kevin was punching the constable, straddling him to keep him in place. As soon as one paramedic saw the glint of the knife Kevin was using, they realized what was happening. In short, quick bursts of movement, Kevin Gregson was stabbing Eric Chapnick in the neck.


So why would you involve another innocent party in your own death? Because I was thinking I was thinking I just wanted to gun. I just wanted to die. I still do. I don't want to live now, but that's just the way it's worked out. So you and, you know, if I go into the pen system, maybe I can get involved in the game that feels it's in there. So you involved another innocent, currently another innocent member of this society, society because you couldn't think of any other way to get a gun?


I didn't think of them as being innocent. I just thought having someone possessed the weapon that I wanted, you know, he's innocent. I didn't think of him as an innocent. I thought as a person possessed a weapon that I wanted. So he became a target because he had something you wanted to target. Well, he's not he's not innocent. If he's not innocent, that he's the target. But, you know, it's one of the guys.


That's all I want.


I want I wanted to die when the paramedics wrestled Kevin off of the constable and he was able to stand up blood leaking all over his noble uniform as he made his way inside the emergency room entrance to receive care, one paramedic remembered that Eric Chapnick, not able to use his damaged vocal cords, slightly mouthed the words thank you to a group of paramedics before going inside for help. A surveillance camera inside the entrance to the emergency unit of the hospital shows the very last moments that Eric Chapnick was alive.


He ran in through the doors, holding his neck. He left a trail of blood as he walked in and around the corner seeking a doctor. The medical staff held the wounds in Eric's neck with their hands while CPR was performed. He had already lost all vital signs.


He was moved into a trauma room and they attempted to give them blood transfusions. But he was losing blood at a rate faster than they could replenish it. He was pronounced dead about an hour after the attack at five twenty six a.m.. One of the police officers who responded to the scene of the murder remembered in court that Kevin Gregson said to him that night, quote, I came here looking for a fight. You city cops are tough. The paramedics who witnessed this event and heroically pulled Kevin off of the constable have memories of the night that will remain in their minds forever.


The group of four paramedics collectively wrote this letter to be read at trial as their victim impact statement. All four of us have been impacted from that terrible night after witnessing the murder of Eric Chapnick, a true hero. We have suffered emotionally and this has left us with varying degrees of post-traumatic stress disorder. Occurrences of nightmares and flashbacks have some of us reliving the traumatic event over and over, while others are fighting health problems and changes in relationships. Work functioning has tremendously been affected, so much so that some of us have not returned to work and one will never work as a paramedic again.


Gregson's actions left us with no choice but to disarm and restrain him instead of being able to help Eric further, leaving some of us with a terrible feeling of guilt. As paramedics, we are trained to help people. Having to watch and feel a man die in your own hands has left an unimaginable impact. As a small business owner, I'm always looking for something to give me an edge, to make things a little easier, to save time, to be more efficient.


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Do you think you're a fair person? I was I'm not a boy, I'm a monster now. Because of this before, because of this, do you think it's unjustified, that label? I mean, it's the label you've given yourself. You think it's accurate? Oh, I was thinking with that to my. The thing is, is that humans are monsters. But if you told your dad that, that would be before you learned the officers were murdered because of this time that are people inherently bad.


That's a question that's been explored probably since the dawn of our existence. I think a statement that's closer to the truth might be that humans are inherently selfish. We have to intentionally seek to act altruistically. It doesn't come naturally to us. But are all humans monsters? Doing something as awful as Kevin Gregson did is a choice. There's no way around it. We have all had bad thoughts in our heads, but the decision to act on those thoughts is what sets normal people apart from the true monsters.


That's something Kevin clearly didn't understand, and it's probably because he's one of them. Innocent, naive people assume that everyone has good intentions and that can sometimes get them into trouble.


That mindset can sometimes put people like this in a more vulnerable position than the rest of us, making them more likely to be victims of a violent crime.


If we follow the same thought process, then perhaps truly evil people assume everyone is bad and that everyone has the same bad intentions that they do.


I just don't know how you get to the conclusion to me or people that that's problematic for me. I know, but that's how I view it. I look at everybody and they're all bad and that's it. And they sometimes seem to be good. For the most part, they're bad and that's it. And that's being human.


So that's glass half empty, glass half empty. You choose to do that. That's not necessarily true. It's like the people that say the glass is always helpful and everything's all rosy. Well, that's not true either.


Eric Chapnick was someone who had a glass half full mentality.


He was the oldest recruit ever to be inducted into the Royal Canadian Mounted Police at age forty eight.


He was also the first Ottawa police officer to be killed in the line of duty since 1983. His fellow officers called him Pickle's because of his Polish roots. He always followed a shot of vodka with a pickle or with pickle juice. As per Polish tradition, Eric Chapnick left behind his wife Anna, and his three children, two of them adults.


But his youngest son was only three when his father was killed. These three children will never get to see or speak to their father again.


And what makes that feeling sting just a little worse is that he was killed by a fellow officer, someone who should have been serving the community, just as Eric had for the short two and a half years he spent in the service. Approximately 8000 people from all across the country came to pay their respects at Constable Eric Chapnick funeral.


Eric, at forty eight, was the oldest recruit in the history of the police service. Twenty seven, the recruiting officer was challenged as to why you were hiring. Forty eight year old man. The response. I've never seen someone want something so much. I know that he will give us that right.


There is the great distinction between the two types of officers. These men were both Eric Chapnick and Kevin Gregson wanted desperately to be part of the Mountie family, to wear the red uniform, to attend training at the depot and be respected as a member of the service. The difference between them is the intention.


While Kevin had to fulfill his desire for power in some way to ultimately be feared by the public, Eric Chapnick simply wanted to do a job that served his community. He wanted to be a police officer that people looked up to. He wanted to be a symbol of safety.


Kevin wanted to be a symbol of fear growing up and watching my my siblings, brother and sister, not my brother, and seeing all the changes he has gone through the years without any words ever needs to be spoken. I thought, Father, he was part of a wider family, which includes all those officers here with us today and on duty elsewhere as we speak. He was our family and he was my friend. I will miss. This is Eric's widow, Anna.


Eric was a very special person, the most important thing that I would say about Eric is that he was very honest, hardworking. He was a little bit of a perfectionist, not in a very bad way, but sometimes it could get annoying. And but he was, first of all, very Polish. He cherishes his roots. Second of all, he was a father and then a police officer. I would say in that order, a certain point in his life, he became in his mid forties, he became comfortable with English, with being in Canada, being part of Ottawa and the community.


And he basically one day told me how completely out of the blue that he would always he always wanted to be a police officer. And that was his dream. And me hesitating a little bit. Frankly, I I don't think realistically, I thought that it will happen. But I encouraged him. I said of you, this is your dream. Try it out. And that's what he did. And he's proven me wrong. And he became a police officer.


Not many people are brave enough to make such a huge career shift so late in life with a family to support.


It was a bold move, but it paid off. Eric was good at his job and he loved it. You know what?


One thing that I find myself repeatedly saying to Anthony about Eric is that he's watching over us.


Anthony is one of Eric's three children in the sense we are lucky.


He of Anthony often refers to not having a father and losing a father in his childhood. In his early childhood. He was three years old when it happened. He misses him. He misses he goes to hockey practices. There are mostly fathers there and then it's me he misses. The dad cannot see his accomplishments in hockey and soccer.


Eric Chapnick widow and says that being killed in the line of duty must have been Eric's path. It was an inevitable path and dying as a police officer was his calling.


I became a part of the family in blue. He experienced that in his life and he fulfilled his dream. That's what he wanted to do. And and this is it ended quite badly. But but that was his calling. I guess some believe that certain people are called to do certain things on this earth to make a difference or an impact. Kevin Gregson believed himself to be a monster. He knew it before he killed Constable Chapnick. And he decided for some reason that killing a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police would make him feel better about his failures in life.


All the rage inside of them built up over decades of perceived injustices, and it just had to go somewhere. Most people take their anger out to the weight room or by making art, doing yoga, something productive, something that doesn't hurt other people. Kevin figured he'd just take it out on the people he was angry at. He wanted to create a media storm for the RCMP and take out one of their officers permanently. And Kevin, the genius that he is, had already thought of what his defense strategy would be.


The fact that you chose to end your life or to check out that you're OK with that doesn't mean that the rest of the world is OK because you decided to make choices for other people tonight. That's what I'm trying to get through you. You do understand that. Be my defense. Do whatever you want. Yeah. So there's no point that, you know, this whole thing is mental health and it's written all over. It's like, how do you figure that?


Because I know. How do you figure this is mental health fact?


Because I messed up. Because you're depressed. Is that what you're trying to tell me? We've conversed here like two people sitting on bar stools in a bar and. Oh, that's my point. And and the truth is the truth.


It sort of set you free or condemn you, I can tell you the Mental Health Act in Canada consists of procedural guidelines for how the country helps people who have mental illnesses and may be a threat to themselves or others. Remember Vince Lee, the guy that decapitated Tim McLean on a Greyhound bus in Episode 31?


Yeah, he's out walking around, living his life as a free man because of Canadians liberal justice system and their beliefs about mental illness. What Kevin is saying here is that he just assumes the state will deem him mentally ill and eventually just let them go. That's his defense. He'd already been contemplating it. And this interview took place just a few hours after he killed someone. Kevin's face still sported all the injuries he sustained during the completion of his crime.


Kevin's murder of Constable Eric Chapnick was deliberate. It was planned, it was calculated, and he had nothing to lose.


Kevin Gregson, a former RCMP officer, has already been convicted of the savage murder of an auto a police officer. Now he's back on trial, charged with a string of brutal rapes against a 10 year old girl that are alleged to have occurred in the week before Constable Eric Chapnick slaying on December 29th, 2009. The little girl told police what happened. In a heartbreaking videotaped statement to a detective, she said that Gregson raped her four times and before the fourth incident, she begged him not to do it again.


He told her, she said that he had more power than she does. And if he wanted to do it again, he would and there was nothing she could do about it.


This right here is why Kevin had nothing to lose. He knew what was coming with this rape accusation. He knew in his mind that he was guilty and that this would ruin his life. He probably thought, why not go out in a blaze of evil glory? Why not take someone with me on my way out and fulfill my desire for revenge against the RCMP? Kevin loved to use his time with the RCMP to intimidate people and make them feel powerless against him.


It happened over and over again every time someone would make Kevin angry or whenever he wanted to aggressively coerce people into doing what he wanted them to do, he chose to use a scare tactic, the little girl that accused Kevin of raping her.


The incident that seemed to set this whole plan of action in motion turned out to be a viable accusation. The judge found Kevin guilty on all counts. These additional crimes occurred in the few days leading up to the murder of Eric Chapnick. The details of this series of sexual assaults on an innocent child were difficult for the jury to hear in court. The 10 year old described to police how the then 46 year old Kevin Gregson raped her on four separate occasions in the week leading up to Christmas.


To clarify, he raped this little girl twice in one day. On two separate occasions, the little girl told police that she didn't realize at first that what Kevin was doing to her was, in fact, wrong. She was only in fifth grade and she mentioned that they hadn't even had the sex talk yet. She was scared of Kevin. She asked him to stop because it was hurting her, but he kept going later on during the trial. Three years later, the little girl who had since turned thirteen spoke to Kevin in an impact statement.


She couldn't even get through the whole thing without bursting into tears. Saying sorry is hard, but forgiving is harder. Jesus had people who betrayed him, tortured him, defied him, hurt him, and in the end killed him. But he always forgave them each and every one of them. I'm going to take an example from Jesus and forgive Kevin for what he has done to me, I will forgive him for all the trauma and hurt and changes this has done to me.


This has made me a stronger person, even though it was hard. So I will give the chance of forgiveness. If you just say, sorry, Kevin, it doesn't have to be now and it doesn't have to be directly to me. You can even say it to yourself, Kevin. But remember, I will forgive when the court gave Kevin a chance to respond to this impact statement, he launched into a rebuttal that, of course, included no such apology.


Instead, he began to ramble on and on about how he didn't murder Eric Chapnick.


The conviction and a 10 year sentence sends a denunciatory message that our children are precious to us and that offenses against children be punished severely. The victim wished to proceed. The allegations were extremely serious. We felt it was in the public interest that even though it's a concurrent sentence, that the victim should have her day in court.


What the crown attorney or prosecuting attorney here is saying is that even though Kevin got a 10 year sentence for these crimes, they'll be served concurrently. Basically, he's not getting any extra time for this crime. Canada, Land of Justice. They sure do love their criminals up there, don't they?


After being found guilty on first degree murder and robbery charges, Kevin Gregson was sentenced to life in prison, which landed him with twenty five years before he's eligible for parole. Yeah, they got parole for murder because of sentences for the murder and rape are to be served concurrently. He will still be eligible for parole after twenty five years. If they were to be served consecutively, Kevin wouldn't be eligible for parole until he served thirty five years in prison.


In fact, this rape case was taken to court so that the little girl could find some sort of closure and so that she'd have an opportunity to address her rapist in person.


Kevin got no additional punishment for his actions against this child.


None. I'm sure it felt inconvenient for him to have to sit through another trial, but that was the worst of it.


And do you think Kevin took the time to apologize for the life he took? Absolutely not. That would be a waste of energy, not worth Kevin's precious time.


That's the way this is going to go. Witnesses and evidence is evidence and witnesses are witnesses. And they say what they say and you have the opportunity right now to look up at the camera and tell the widow and those children, you sit on your story, watch it. Oh, they'll be watched. I said, everyone's going to watch this at some point.


Yeah. Even my people out there see how embarrassing everyone's going to watch it's.


And you think this is embarrassing, that that's all you can think of.


This is going to be embarrassing you and from Flatfoot to school university know you think this is embarrassing.


Is that what this does? Is that what you want the family to hear? Is that what you want the citizens of this free country? Is that what you want people to know about you? Is that you think this is embarrassing, flatfoot?


Too embarrassing. They make me feel bad or something. I already feel bad. You do? Well, then say it. I only did a few times. No, you think this is embarrassing.


You don't know how this will impact the RCMP. You're worried about the image. You image you a lot more problems than not, my friend.


Yeah, that's OK. It's fine if I get locked up for it, I get locked up for it and a camera right there. Look at that. And if there's one thing that you want to leave this room and tell Arabs I'm sorry, sorry, which your dad does it, Kevin, in a white padded sheath covering his torso, looked up at the camera in the interrogation room and said, sorry about your dad.


That's all he could muster, apparently, you know, sorry about his brother and sisters, his wife use the phone.


So, you know, I knew that's what I had.


When asked why he was wearing black clothing on the night he murdered Eric Chapnick, Kevin responded, I like black goes with everything. If I ever have a house, I will have black furniture and white drapes. I'd buy a black BMW with beige interior if I ever get out. Why is it not surprising to me that a total douche would want to buy a BMW and he will get out? By the way, after all, this is Canada we're talking about here.


Expect to see Kevin Gregson on the streets in the year 2030, for he will be 71 years old, sprightly enough to rape another child if he feels like it, or maybe kill another cop. He does have that superhuman strength, you know, and all that blade training as well. So if you're in the police service in Canada and happen to be a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer, watch your back.


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