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Zordon Scale contains adult themes and violence and is not intended for all audiences, listener discretion is advised.


How's your play now? You are not part of it anyway. No, I want to believe you, Grant, but you're the last person that I can play in that house.


Hello and welcome to Season seven, Episode one 74 of Soad and Scale, a show that reveals that the worst monsters are real.


As we approach Thanksgiving and the holidays, it's a time to be around family, to be thankful for your family, to support them, to be there for them. This episode is very much about family and also camgirl. I know that doesn't make any sense right now, but it will in just a minute. In any case, strap in, because you're about to find out a whole lot about the world of Cameroons. You may already know a lot about it.


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That's pretty litter dotcom promo code soad for 20 percent off pretty litter dotcom promo code soad. It was the summer of 2018, back in the good old days before the infinite zoo meetings, virtual K-12 schooling and burgeoning alcoholism and half the adult population, Grant Amato sat at his desk in his bedroom at his family's house in Chulo to Florida. He was surrounded by several computer monitors, one of them displaying an episode of a Japanese anime series while another monitor lit up whichever video game Grant was obsessed with.


At the moment, a third monitor displayed Twitch, where he sometimes streamed his game play and Gret withdrew into his private world. It was one room in the house that he felt safe and secure, one room in which he could be himself and relieve stress through online gaming and streaming. Something more and more adolescents find solace in these days. Grants desk sat in the corner of his bedroom, the three monitors surrounded him like a cocoon is black and red gaming chair holding him securely in place right in the crook of the glass tabletop desk that held all three monitors, two keyboards and two mousepads.


Grant's brother Cody was in his own bedroom.


It was a similar setup on several computer monitors sat on a desk in the small bedroom. Both boys had matching Final Fantasy posters on their walls, and Cody's bed, similar to Grant's, had no headboard or real bedding. Both boys just had sheets and a throw blanket on their mattress. Cody's pillow sported a precariously perched stuffed animal with half its body tucked under his blankets like he was sleeping in the bed waiting for him to return. Multiple closets in the family home were stuffed full of boxed animal figurines, one of the boys rooms had a tower about three feet wide that reached the ceiling.


The tower was made up of collectibles in their boxes. Most of these figurines range in price from one hundred to five hundred dollars. These were dozens of them stuffed into hiding spots all throughout the residence. You could say that anime was a hobby, an interest the Amato brothers shared. But the interest bordered on obsession for both of them. Grant and Cody's parents were pretty well off. They purchased the plot of land at the family home set on back in the 1980s and built the home on the property shortly after.


Margaret, Yamato's oldest son, Jason, from a previous relationship was adopted by Chad Amato as a young boy and was raised in this home until he moved out to start his own family. Margaret worked from home as a client operations manager in the health care division of a computer software company, Chatto motto. Grant and Cody's father worked as a pharmacist. Margaret and Chad were both good with their money and made a solid upper middle class income together. This allowed everyone in the family to cultivate their hobbies and interests.


Margaret, in particular, had an affinity for horses right next to one of the doors to the home, set a coat rack stacked to the ceiling with heavy horseback riding equipment almost every single day. Margaret rode her bike down to Miracle Lane stables to visit her horse. Lady Margaret rescued the horse a decade prior when it routinely made its way on to her backyard looking for food. When the horse passed away, Margaret continued to ride her bike to the stables to help other horse owners groom and train their animals because she worked from home, she had the freedom to come and go as she pleased.


Her boys were constantly entertained by video games and their shared love for animals, and they were old enough to look after themselves with separate bedrooms and a lot of time alone, Cody and Grant had a fair bit of privacy. One day, Grant, the youngest of the three brothers, stumbled upon a particular website. It probably wasn't by accident, though, if you know what I mean. Granted discovered the wonderful world of Cam Girls, specifically my Free Cambs Dotcom.


He began to peruse around discovering what this kind of Web site had to offer. He found that girls each had their own home page where he could use tokens to purchase explicit videos of that particular model. One woman caught his eye at his suite is her name. Hello, my name is.


I'm 32 years old and from beautiful Budapest in Hungary. If you've been in my room before, you will have noticed that I am not your typical camgirl. I'm a very sensual woman and it is this sensuality, along with my sexuality and the sublime beauty of a shapely, athletic female body that I enjoy showing to you in the world. This could be through dancing, teasing, stripping or just through a meaningful look at the lens of the webcam in lieu of your eyes biting my lower lip or whispering sweet nothings into your ears as the night progresses, it may get a little.


All right. Very naughty, too. In my room, I have a pretty expressive face. Do I need to mention that left eyebrow. So if you happen to get to know me a little bit, it will be very easy for you to read my emotions. I can also be very sarcastic and a smartass. So use your sense of humor and don't get offended because I don't mean to be rude unless of course I do. I well anyways, I'll stop here before this turns into a novel.


I'm not saying I'm perfect, but I believe that I'm different and that I will find a way to make it worth your while spending time with me. If you only let me thank you for your time reading this.


Adi her profile with a red light background lists some ground rules for her Cameroon. No one smile and have fun. After all, this is what it's all about, isn't it? Just don't take yourself too seriously. No to checkroom topic Antep menu. If you have requests, please ask before you tip. And by the way, no gross stuff. Number three, please show respect. If you don't like it in my room, just move on. Instead of being rude, my friends are answering questions and posting emotes on my behalf so I can pay attention to you.


Number four, don't discuss other models. Neither insult nor advertise them, please. No. Five, no links to other sites, please. Number six, think of others, don't be gross. No one here wants to see pics of you. Number seven, begging won't work. I don't beg for tips either. Number eight, no director is needed. Just let me do my thing. I know what I'm doing. Number nine, I won't perform in a porn movie or have sex with you, so please don't ask.


Number 10, I appreciate your tips a lot, each and every tip counts, it helps one token or one thousand. Number 11, feel free to stay and chat, even if you can't tip tonight, maybe you'll have some tokens to spare next time or the time after that. Finally, No. 12, no group Skype or privates watch this space. This may change.


In essence, these cam rooms are like virtual mini strip clubs.


You can choose which person you'd like to watch, enter the room and tip them with tokens.


The viewer can use tokens to purchase actions as well.


This is an interview we conducted with an active profile cam model on my free Kim Dotcom, she wishes to remain anonymous.


So I started counting, I think it was back in 2014. Yeah, I've done very well for the first year and a half. I didn't do too well. I was kind of off and on with it a little bit. I didn't put much time into it. And then once I really started committing to it, then I started actually making decent money.


That is sweet, is very active in her room. She's consistent with her live shows, jumping online almost every single night for hours on end. And that's what you have to do to make the kind of money she's bringing in. Models are ranked by the number of tokens they are. And compared to the rest of the models on the website, basically models are ranked by monthly income.


I mean, I guess you could look at whoever is in the top 20 every month.


So if you're getting your leg number one or if you're making like top three, top five, you're making anywhere from like one hundred thousand in a month to two hundred thousand. My best rank was fifteen, and that came out to being forty thousand dollars for fifteen.


And then it goes up a lot as you as you get up to what number one. I mean I know girls who have multiple houses, they have investments and they basically have set themselves up for life.


Eddie Sweet is consistently in the top 20 every month. So she's no small fish. She's doing very well for herself. Adès Page has a tip menu that lists prices for requests. The menu is a huge part of how she makes money. The menu is divided into categories sweet, hot, spicy and extras. Viewers can pay, for example, one thousand six hundred and sixty six tokens for Addy to open a bottle of wine, another thirty five tokens for each sip of wine the viewer wants Adi to take.


As you can imagine, the viewer can purchase a number of other actions with the tokens as well, some include things like smoking, drinking or singing a song, while other requests are a bit more explicit. You can see how these costs would start to add up if a viewer is engaging in the live show on a nightly basis.


So for the token system, the model makes five cents per token for every Tolkan they earn.


It's always five cents per token for the members. It kind of ranges from about 10 cents to eight cents to seven cents per token, depending what token package they buy. So the more tokens they buy, the less they're paying.


Per token, specifically, users can purchase packages of tokens ranging from two hundred tokens for nineteen ninety nine, five hundred and fifty tokens for forty nine ninety nine or nine hundred tokens for seventy four ninety nine. On top of her live cam shows every night, Addae sells fully produced recorded videos on her My Free Cambs profile as well.


Several of Addy's videos range in price all the way up to thirteen hundred tokens. This means that if a user regularly purchases tokens in bulk at the seventy four ninety nine price, one video could cost as much as one hundred and ten dollars. This was a whole new world for Grant. This was beyond pawn. When he watched videos on regular porn websites. There was no interaction involved. It was a one way street. But this campsite, this would allow him to literally purchase attention from a woman.


At first he knew it was manufactured attention. It wasn't genuine. The woman was obviously trying to make a living. It's so easy for a lonely person seeking personal interaction to blow through buckets of money on a website like this. Grant didn't really have the type of personality or the looks that could attract a girl as beautiful as Addie Sweet. This was the next best option. Night after night, alone in his room, Grant logged back into his account and perused the live cams, he always found himself coming back to Addae sweet yearning to be a member of our top ranks.


The ranking system is detailed in one final section of Adès profile, a place where she recognizes top contributors. A banner above this section reads Adès Chivalrous Order of the raised eyebrow.


A lot of models have their own clubs and some of the McCollom like their VIP club or something like that. So, yeah, that's usually just something where a member will tip a certain amount and then they'll get certain perks for that tip.


To me, being chivalrous, a true gentleman is one of the most important traits of a real man. I'm old fashioned this way, and this is why I've decided to use a very old fashioned theme for my reward scheme. Drawing on the gallant Knights of the Middle Ages who wooed the fair maid to become her champion. Of course, we're very much in the 21st century. And so the rewards for your generous support are neither my garter nor my handkerchief.


Contributor's on Adès page are ranked by total token contribution, starting with pages, then Squire's Knights Lords and finally, the highest tip Addae ever received. Six hundred and thirty thousand tokens from James, who obviously had nothing better to spend his money on. That token value comes to over fifty two thousand dollars. The usernames of these people added specifically recognizes on her profile are curious. Many of them clearly created their accounts just to watch a suite. Or maybe they change their usernames to get her attention.


Whatever the reason, the profile is sprinkled with usernames like Adès, Jim Adès, Dreamer, Adès, B, Adès, Wolf and my personal favorite, Mattey. For Addae, it seems the only way to get this woman's attention is to be one of her top spenders. The large category of her contributor ranking system offers special benefits, including handwritten letters, undisclosed private privileges, birthday cards, Skype dates, I message privileges and other digital gifts. For someone who doesn't often get attention from women, this was a brilliant discovery.


Grant saw Addie Sweet's profile like a vending machine. He could pay for her to tell him how great he is. He could just shell out some tokens for a handwritten letter from this beautiful woman. Here's the problem, Grant didn't have a job, this meant he had no money, how was he going to attract Addie's attention with empty pockets and a subpar physical appearance? He wasn't a particularly attractive guy.


I mean, I'm sure you'll look it up after this episode. Guy is hideous. Honestly, the biggest problem of all, though, is that Grant wasn't just a 17 year old kid who didn't have his life figured out yet he wasn't a teenage boy doing normal teenage boy things. Grant Amato was about to turn 30. He had been fired from his job working as a nurse and spent all his time living at his parent's house, either live streaming his fortnights sessions or tuning in to Addae Suites.


Late night camp shows the reality of Grant's life was not appealing, so he had to come up with something better.


Businesses have had to be flexible this year from working remotely to pivoting their business models for long term survival and growth, for example, in the podcast industry. You don't see podcast tours or meet ups anymore. Things have changed. And if you're in charge of your own business, whether it be a podcast or anything else, you have to pivot to stay ahead if you're in charge of hiring for your business. These pivots have made your job even more challenging, especially if you have to hire for brand new roles.


Thankfully, there's one place you can always count on to make hiring faster and easier. Zip recruiter dotcom monsters. When you post a job on zip recruiter, it gets set to one hundred top job boards with one click, then zap recruiters. Powerful technology finds people with the right skills and experience for your job and actively invites them to apply. It's no wonder that four out of five employers who post a job on ZIP recruiter get a qualified candidate within the first day.


See for yourself. Right now you can join Zip recruiter for free at Zip Recruiter Dotcom Monsters. That's Zip recruiter Dotcom, M0 and IRS leadership recruiter. Take hiring off your plate so you can focus on growing your business. Go to zip recruiter. Dotcom monsters. Zip recruiter. The smartest way to hire. As Grant became more and more enamored with Addae Sweet, the prolific cam model from my free cam dotcom, the urge to see her face on his screen was at the forefront of his mind.


He thought about her day and night.


When we think of a sex or love addiction, we often think of married men visiting prostitutes or bachelors having indiscriminate, dangerous and frequent sexual escapades with random people. This isn't always the case, though. Symptoms of a sex and love addiction come in many forms, and the disease can afflict both men and women alike.


We spoke with a recovering sex addict to get an idea of what this disease is really like directly from the mind of someone who struggled with it.


We'll call him Will. For me, really, it's like a love addiction.


And really what it is, is it's like acceptance and feeling sort of like belonging. The ultimate way to feel belonging is, of course, with another person, you know, who is in love with you are produces that feeling of like lust or love. So particularly with online sex addiction, we have in our hands, in our pockets these smartphones, which are essentially the portal to the outside world, where their whole reason is essentially to deliver hits of dopamine and endorphins from social media, from apps just sending out push notifications.


So for me, you know, with the advent of like online dating and everything like that, it basically makes sex and love into a game where you're being rewarded with push notifications.


Something called gamification has invaded our subconscious through the apps we use every day. We are so viscerally attached to our phones and tablets and app developers know this. They're part of the reason we're all so addicted to notifications. Gamification is the reason we feel so uneasy when we don't have our phones within arm's reach.


It's very exciting from the perspective of not only are you getting what you've been programmed to want, which is getting push notifications from your phone telling you, hey, you're being interacted with, or here's like one little nugget of attention.


The the reason that it's so much more powerful is that the one little nugget of attention can sort of blossom into, first of all, meeting someone in person. Second of all, getting nude photos or exchanging nude photos, sexting, all this stuff basically like is the addiction. But really what you're experiencing is like acceptance, just being, like, drilled into your brain on a massive scale and almost on demand and at a certain point, like meeting up in person almost almost becomes beside the point because it's literally just like reach out, it's two a.m. You need that kind of attention.


You feel like you've had a bad day or you feel like you've had a good day and you deserve it every time your phone dings.


Whether it's a message from someone on Tinder or a like on an Instagram post, you get a little hit of dopamine. Those little hits of dopamine are what people get addicted to, messages from people on dating apps, messages telling them how great their photos are. That's what Will was addicted to. Grant at first felt that dopamine hit when he tipped Addae during her live sessions. She made eye contact with the camera and said thank you to him directly. This attention from her was intoxicating.


So you like download tender starts to slip. Oh, here's like five hundred people who either one of us likes me or don't. But who cares? Because they're willing to pay attention to me for this time period. So that very quickly becomes compulsive because unlike in real life where you are limited by the Bilic who is literally in front of you or who your friends are, you're granted sort of the Putina of anonymity and also like a theoretically unlimited base of people to either meet up and have sex with or often just like interact with the urge to interact with.


People constantly started to affect Will's everyday life.


That's the difference between a healthy relationship with a device, substance or activity at a full blown addiction. Something becomes an addiction when it begins to negatively affect.


Your daily life and you just can't stop. For Grant, though, he wasn't swiping through people on Tinder. He was initially shopping around on my free cams to find his favorite girl, similar to how dating apps work. In his case, though, he wasn't expecting a hookup. He just wanted someone's attention and gratitude. And that's what he found on Addae Sweets page.


The most insane that I've got. I would wake up in the middle of the night and grab my phone and text girls on Tinder, and I knew they weren't going to respond, but sometimes they did. And then I would be up from like 4:00 in the morning to 6:00 in the morning. It was literally like I didn't sleep on occasion.


Things were beginning to get just as bad for Grant. These Cameroons are game of fired, just like everything else we've talked about. Grant was sitting on his computer every night just so he could tune in to Addae Suites, live streams. He didn't want to miss out.


He wanted to feel the high he got from any acknowledgement that he made towards him.


I'm not never like paid money on a camera or whatever, but I've watched them for sure. And the whole thing with the cams is you're literally like, even when I stop watching porn, I would still occasionally look at cans because it is almost like you're having this fake relationship or this fake interaction with this person who is your sort of like brought into this woman's intimate space and interacted with as though she's your friend.


Rest assured, she is not your best friend, no matter who she is. It's a job to her. She's out to make money and there's nothing wrong with that.


But she is certainly not a real life friend to our customers.


And the sort of like cycle which I see play out is basically like as soon as you do a big tap or do any kind of tap, you know, it's like, thank you username. And then, you know, the whole room essentially goes around and slaps you on the back. And then the girl does what you paid for.


Tipping results and a sound effect played over the live cam show for all the viewers to hear during one of Adès recent shows, someone named Ed tipped three thousand tokens, which is a big deal. Addae verbally thanks everyone who tips her. And the comment section is flooded with gifts of applause. The other viewers in the chat do quite literally pat each other on the back.


When someone tips saying things like Holy shit, Ed you DeMatte probably without the accent, though each tip goes towards a goal displayed at the top of the cab window. It's like a game.


So for the countdown's, it's either the model or the room helper that will set everything up. It's pretty simple. So basically you'll just set it count down and say, I want this many tokens for this action and then people will tip towards that. And once it's finished, then whatever that was happens. So, for instance, say like like I like to do pole dancing and yoga and stuff like that.


So I'll do like tip, I'll say three thousand tokens for a topless pole dance and then people will tip towards the countdown and once it's reached we'll do a topless pull.


This began going back like the gamification thing. It's really easy to see how you got this false sense of intimacy combined with gamification. And it can be easy to go to the point because it's not like money that you're spending. It's like quote unquote tokens. So it's easy to see that you get to the point where you think, oh, I'm actually friends with this person and this person. It's actually the only fulfilling interaction I've ever had because in every other interaction I'm having to deal with, like it's actually consequences for wanting, you know, I don't know, like how it works for most people, but I can't just, like, throw coins at girls to get them to take their tops off.


But you count online.


Here's Grant's explanation of exactly what he was doing on all those evenings on his computer.


Well, what I was doing is over the past four months or something like that, I've been to I've been talking to this woman online who thinks she's an embarrassment, but she's she's a she's a cam model. I can model you guys know, else I can model. It's like they they it's like a virtual girlfriend.


I guess you'd say bingo. There it is. Really saw this woman as his virtual girlfriend, like she actually gave a crap about him. Here's a video grant sent Addie Sweet, begging her for one of her videos. By the way, her real name is not A-T. It's Sylve. All right, you look at me. I'm outside going to check the mail and I'm asking you if you can please pretty please send me one of your videos. I just I love it so much when you just send them to me.


I don't like buying your stuff. It makes me feel weird. Could you please send me one?


There is this guy, not the world's biggest cemp. Cemp is a new word, according to GenZE, it refers to someone who goes laughably above and beyond to get the attention of someone they like. Grant sets the bar high, living in a world of symptom that many of us will never breach the entrance to and want to.


She charged by the minute, by the hour minute and how to prevent it. Oh God. I think it was like 90 seconds a minute. And it's like a conversion rate for all of that is six hundred dollars for five hours or something, tokens or something like that. So and then it was four hours a night. So I mean I mean, that's basically just we're all going to cost once it was you pay real money for so many years, the company's digital currency.


There's another way that my free Kam's game ofis and adds an element of competition to their website. Users and models can view others points on their profile. To become a premium member of the website, you have to spend some money and you get a one time allotment of two hundred tokens along with commenting privileges.


Oftentimes people will spend only those tokens and never purchase any more than my free. Kam's point system shows exactly how many tokens have been tipped by a particular user. The higher the points a user boasts, the more clout they have, so to speak.


After becoming a premium member, Grant Amato began entering into chat discussions during his many nights loitering in Adès live shows. By this time in July of twenty eighteen, he had been fired from his nursing job. He was stealing a drug called Propofol.


A powerful anesthetic used during surgeries and other procedures is actually the same drug that killed Michael Jackson. Brent was caught and arrested. It was quite traumatizing for him, actually. Police allege that Grant was using the drug to sedate patients when he, quote, didn't want to deal with them. I wonder what he was off doing. In the meantime, the point is, Grant was poor, unemployed and super nerdy. He had failed out of anaesthesiology school, attempting to follow his older brother's footsteps, which left him depressed and feeling worthless.


None of these attributes were going to grab the attention of Addie Sweet. So he made up a life.


He made up an entirely new persona for himself, one where he was a successful, wealthy twitch streamer who owned his own house and drove a BMW.


So where did the money for the tokens come from? His family, of course. Grant was given money by his brother that often stole money from his mother and father, even venturing as far as to steal from extended family members. Later on, Grant has claimed it was all consensual. The cash transactions, the instances where his father would let him use his credit card, he would like allow me to to spend money that he had with his credit card or something like that.


But then whenever I did and it was like a huge problem, if they knew what was going on, they didn't know that it was going to come on. I knew I was doing that. It was going towards my twitch streaming like advertising. I'm putting my name out there in that type of thing.


Grant was lying to his family left and right. The money, of course, was not going towards his career on Twitch. Grant was not a very good streamer. He wasn't entertaining to watch. He wasn't funny. He's kind of dull, didn't really have personality. And it's really amazing that he had the few subscribers that he did. He was just a strange thirty year old man streaming fortnight in a world of adolescent boys. I. Oh, God, I didn't pick up the long range.


Pick it up, so all I wanted was the tuna, based on what you're telling me, only so many people make so much money. I think just a few just really how much money raised and what that was like. The ultimate goal is to get it today. I was hoping that the stars would align and then I would be like one of those people because I was good at the games and I, you know, like a funny, pleasant person on the camera.


And I was like, yeah, OK, great, whatever you need to tell yourself.


From the beginning of July, twenty eighteen throughout the rest of the year, Grant became more obsessed with the promise of seeing Addie's face every single evening. But even that wasn't enough for him. He began to spend so much money on tokens all pre allotted to Adès pocket that he must have made it to a high enough ranking to earn special privileges. Even though he only knew Addae for around six months, Grant had shelled out more money than most people will ever see in one time in their entire lives.


Only Dad could. The last time my dad put his hands on me would be, I say, kind of the middle of December of twenty eighteen. What happened is because, you know, with all the money that had been getting spent.


Notice how he phrases his sentence as money getting spent rather than money. He spent money that wasn't his to begin with.


And I guess just a mix of everything I'm saying is kind of boiling up in him. To him, it seemed like I wasn't concerned about it. So and, you know, I wasn't acting like myself with the guilty on this. I mean, I kind of thought, how much do you think you spent on this this kind of hype? Yeah, I know. And in five thousand dollars for how many functions? Not 600 for 5000. OK, so how much you think you spent?


Probably close to two hundred thousand dollars. I say two hundred thousand dollars to of you that you were in there. I mean, to some extent, to some extent, you know, spending that amount of money, it's idiotic to do that, you know, especially when you're not made a thousand two hundred thousand dollars in a six month time span.


It was actually closer to two hundred and ten thousand. But who's counting?


Grant was tipping in the live shows, purchasing videos on Outis profile, sending her lingerie and sex toys to model on cam for all the other regulars in the group to enjoy and seem to be communicating with Addie through Twitter letters, face to face, private video calls and many other platforms. It wouldn't be long before his family realized what all the money was going to. Frankly, it's surprising they didn't realize it sooner. How could someone put 200000 dollars into marketing for his Twitch channel and still be so completely unsuccessful?


In the beginning of December, eighteen Grant his brother Cody and their friend Jericho were scheduled to fly out to Japan for a two week vacation.


The three men had shared a love for anime and Japanese culture, and Japan had been a destination on their bucket list for a long time.


It's animated and it's like cartoons, I guess you could say, but it's Japanese cartoons. I guess the best way to put aside the stories and whatnot in the way that the show's program is not as childish as cartoons and things like Powerpuff Girls and SpongeBob Square pants and all that stuff. It's not that I don't think it is obvious that.


Yeah, this next clip is from the video diary Grant kept while on his trip. He wanted to remember everything, the food, the people he met, the places they visited.


He wanted to be able to go back and watch it all the way through to the view of the garden are still blocked off like this river not long ago. I would imagine that means that we can't open that door. I don't want to get spanked.


This was a particularly amazing vacation for Grant. After all, it's not cheap to fly to Japan and along with all the other expenses that arise during a vacation, it ended up being a pretty pricey trip.


It was an anime that kind of inspired by, yeah, for some reason, our friend, our Jonah Hill Heesen, he was originally a friend of my brother's back in high school. And then we all kind of stayed close to that. So and we got plane tickets and were like fourteen hundred bucks. And then I said it was probably about ten grand total for like all those days. Each one of you. Yes. I mean, it was all it was two weeks.


So how do you.


Ten grand per person and Grant didn't have to spend a penny.


How long you been out of work? I've been out of work for six months since June. How do you pay a lot of money for the out of work? My brother I my brother was he knew his his as the owner was sorry. The the certified registered nurse. And what you were what you what. We were both in program together and then he was able to finish the night off so he made more than a hundred sixty. So that was taken.


Yeah. So we, we all stayed in nursing. Yeah. Yeah. So he needs to say can be involved in this. Right. Yeah.


Some people are lucky enough to end up with siblings who truly love and care about them. Cody Amato just wanted his brother to get his life together. Cody didn't have any idea that he got the short end of the stick and the sibling department. He got stuck with a self-centered brother who only made his life more difficult by the end of the six month span, during which Grant obsessively carried on a relationship with Addie Sweet, he had amassed not only his one hundred thousand dollars in student loan debt that had been sitting there accruing interest even before he was fired from his job.


But two hundred and ten thousand dollars in debt to his parents and brother, along with eight thousand dollars in lawyer fees his family paid when charges were pressed against Grant after he was accused of stealing and misallocating medications to patients. And now the cost of this Japan trip as well. Cody assured Grant that the trip was a gift, that he didn't have to pay them back the 10 grand, but the trip served as just another instance where someone who loved Grant shelled out a lot of cash for him just so he could have a good time.


Grant didn't understand just how lucky he was, eating less and saving nothing less than saving. I think I had like three or four hundred dollars to help me ever. Yeah. I mean, my brother was helping me. My dad was covering the rent that he calls it, which is just like the monthly payment for us to help since we all of it. What was that six 600 dollars on. Yeah. And then that, you know, and then I mean, he was he was covering like cell phone.


We were paying for our own Internet.


Given that grant by this point, had only three to four hundred dollars to his name and no job, it's unlikely that he was even paying his own Internet bill. He was almost 30 years old and everyone around him was enabling his lifestyle. They were paying for everything. Grant's father, Chad, even had the mortgage, the family home to keep up with expenses that accumulated after bailing grant out time after time.


When the trip to Japan finally came to an end, both Grant and Cody arriving back to Florida safely. The feeble house of cards that was Grant's life began to fall apart. By this time, his family had figured out where the money was going. It was obvious his Twitch channel was not successful. Brett still wasn't bringing in any money, but, boy, was he spending it.


After a particularly heated confrontation with his parents just a few days after arriving home. Grant ran off to his Aunt Donna's house. His family reported him missing, worried that he was going to commit suicide. He stayed there for a few days, sleeping all day and talking to Addie at night when Grant's Donna noticed strange charges on her credit card bill after just a few days of hosting him at her home. She called the Grant's father, Chad. Chad broke down over the phone and began sobbing, explaining that he had remortgaged his house to take care of the one hundred and fifty thousand dollars worth of Grant's debts.


Grant had now stolen his aunt's credit card information and was using it to purchase tokens on my free Kam's. Grant's father begged his sister in law not to press charges. He said to her on the phone.


Yeah, I'm going to have to work a few more years that I thought I'd have to. But it's OK. I'll do it for Grant. I don't want him to go to jail. Grant's brother Cody swore to pay back any of the expenses on Dawna's account on Grant's behalf. On December 22nd, Grant's parents showed up in his driveway and forcibly drove Grant to a rehab clinic.


Finally, enough was enough.


My father chose to admit me to like a like in a depression or addiction or something like that in Fort Lauderdale, a cornerstone of that. That was December 22nd. And so I think January 4th. Did you agree to go? I didn't. But they said that, you know, this was your only clue that my dad was in Florida. Yeah, your mom agrees with it. My mom and my brother both agreed. But my dad, who was like I said, it's like this is what is going to happen.


Like, you know, you can why you needed to go for some reason, because with the way that I was acting, he says he didn't see that I was doing anything so positive. You know, a lot of it just came back to money. Well, no shit.


It all stems from the money Grant was spending. He was literally ruining the lives of everyone who loved him. So I had to, like, bring it all back with why I was brought up Cornerstone. It was a mix of all of those things if he felt like he needed to be grounded. Yeah. Yeah. And so when I was there, you know, I suppose like the therapist and psychiatrist and all that stuff, I didn't need any medications for anything.


They had to analyze it as this is an isolated event, even out of work. You have this PTSD from all getting arrested. And I mean, the last thing on my record was I think is being taken back when I was at UCLA and then, you know, just having all of that stuff going on. So their final diagnosis was one that I might not any better. Yeah.


Whether this was actually the diagnosis Grant received during his time in the rehab facility, we don't know. Could Grant have warped the words of his doctors or convinced them that he was fine by misrepresenting the facts?


Totally. This was his forte and he got himself out early and sign me up.


I used to be there for 60 days and then I was only there until January 4th. So for that, my brother Cody was a part of that fifteen thousand fifteen thousand dollars on top of all the money Grant had already taken from his family.


And he couldn't even manage to stay there the entire sixty days. Of course, they don't let you engage in your addictive behavior at the rehab facility.


And Grant felt that he had to get out so he could speak to his beloved Addae. The problem was his father, Chad, had gotten to her first.


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And I'm I that the idea is to one one, two social circles, you know, the sort of three to seven.


His name is clearly a model and is a NATO.


It was January twenty fifth, twenty nineteen, just a little over two weeks after Grant was released from the rehab facility. He was supposed to have stayed there for a full 60 days that Friday morning. Cody Amato didn't show up for his job as a nurse anesthetist at a hospital.


He never missed a day of work without calling, and he was never late. Several welfare check phone calls came in tonight on one dispatch from concerned co-workers.


OK, what was the reason for the well-being check? We were together and he didn't show up for work today. I know they can get a hold. Said I'm sorry, sir, it's mail and she's not like that at all. Who never does not show up or not is they're not at all. So no one person home about 10:00 p.m. last night. So we all kind of worried. All right.


But I know you said that it's not like him to do this. Is there any other reason for concerns like health conditions or anything like that? Not for him.


I have home and I know his brother has been sick. That was my main concern. But I'm working with people that knows that. That's why I felt like I need to make this call. His brother does suffer from depression, and I know that recently. But I I'm not anymore more like this is a very out of character, OK?


And something that the brother does he live at that location as well.


Yes. And some of their parents. Would you like me to have the deputy give you a call back at that number?


Yes, I think this caller was a co-worker of Cody and the two had just begun dating. That wasn't public knowledge after several hours had passed with no word from the deputy who was supposed to have called her back. This coworker called again to follow up on the welfare check line.


And initially I called a couple hours ago to do a welfare check on the first one, but one of my other friends did. And I just want to follow up on the person.


OK, so just I'm understanding your call about well-being. Check on someone you haven't heard back from anyone but your friend.


Her back from one we both called and we realized that we both called her back a little bit ago, but I did not know. So what did he tell you? He heard that he heard that they were close friends house and there was no answer at the door and the other car was gone to work to make sure we are OK.


At least I have officers out there. Looks like they haven't made contact with anyone as of yet. But I. To give you a phone call back. OK, I think I have something for you. Right. I know that others struggle with depression and. I think world that to me, and he was still out there.


So back when police conduct welfare checks, they knock on the door, wait for a response, back again and attempt to enter the premises if they receive no answer. Over at the Amato residence, police arrived on scene and immediately noticed that something wasn't right even before they knocked on the door. This audio comes from body camera footage by one of the two responding officers.


There is a large cabinet of some kind in front of the door when we open it up, are going to have to move a cabinet to get in there. No, no, no. The cat the door swings this way. The cabinet is this one in whatever room that's in that's just sitting there. We're just going to push it aside to go in.


The blinds were drawn preventing visibility into the house from any windows. The front door had glass in the center and two windows on either side. All of these windows seemed to be covered with brown paper bags, I.


He probably killed his mother. That's one thought that I had something went bad last night and hopefully not hopefully it's clear that these officers had a bad feeling about the situation.


Their assumptions were surprisingly astute. They walked back to their vehicles and geared up to do a walkthrough of the house, then began walking back towards the beautiful multiple storey Amato home.


The last time the Konya was heard from was nine something last night when his body texted him.


Nine something. And Cody said, See you in the morning. Get some people blocking all this shit off, say that the news media doesn't, the tape now a welfare check that ends with the hanging of crime scene tape is never the outcome anyone hopes for.


Right inside the door that links the home to the garage, the body of Cody Amato sat curled into a fetal position, still wearing his shoes and green scrubs from the night before a handgun was found near his body a few steps further into the home brought officers upon Chad Amato lying face up on his kitchen floor. The kitchen scene acted as a clear picture of what had happened the night before. A package of chicken was still sitting on the counter, presumably set out to thaw for the previous night's dinner.


A large pool of blood on one side of the counter was joined with another very large lake of blood coming from Chadds body. The first pool had been where he was initially shot. He was unpacking his lunchbox from work. The lunch box was left on the floor, half open with his own blood smeared over the plastic fork he had used to eat his lunch that day. Chad shot multiple times in the head, tried to crawl away from behind the counter, leaving smears and droplets of blood along his path.


He only made it about ten feet or so before expiring next to the refrigerator, his eyes open and staring straight ahead. He had a gun holstered in his belt. Finally, the Home Office was Margaret. Framed photos of her three sons sat on a high shelf facing her desk, looking right at her slumped body.


She had been the first to die while working at her computer the afternoon of January 24th, just after taking a conference call at four p.m., Margaret's son Grant walked into the room and shot her in the back of the head. The bullet exited through her right cheek. The last recorded activity on her computer was at four forty four pm. Grant then waited for his father to arrive home. He shot him once behind the right ear as he was standing unpacking his lunch and again after Chad fell onto the ground and tried to crawl away.


Grant then holstered a gun on the wrong side of Chad's body in an attempt to help support the story he was trying to paint with this crime scene, he would make it seem like a murder suicide. He planned to make it look like Cody and Chad had gotten into a physical altercation resulting in Cody shooting his father. This was at about five thirty pm. Grant waited yet again. He waited in the family home that he grew up in, the only home he ever knew with his parents dead bodies just feet from him.


He knew his brother Cody wouldn't be off work until nine p.m. Cody left work at nine fifteen and was recorded going through the Toll Plaza on his way home at nine thirty six p.m.. Right as he entered his home, Grant shot him under the eye. The bullet exited through the back of his head. Grant then placed the handgun we mentioned before right next to his brother's dead body. Around midnight, Grant tried to wipe data off the cell phones. He spent his time not physically cleaning up the mess he made, but trying to erase the digital footprints.


He was unsuccessful two weeks prior to the discovery of the three dead bodies in the Yamato home. Just after Grant arrived back from his short and incomplete stint at the rehab facility in South Florida, he was met with a stern chat, a motto armed with a list of rules for his son. Grant went upstairs to find that his computer had a new passcode on it. He was no longer able to access it for any reason, and he desperately needed to speak with Addy.


But apparently when I was in Cornerstone's, my dad told her because he is like a hack, my computer or something like that. And he found out like everyone, except he is more of that, like hacking level. I now want to do all that stuff. So he has found, you know, just the stuff that was related to her and then erased my whole entire computer. He put a password on that was like even when I came back up until Thursday, I was allowed to go on my own computer to look at anything like a small child.


Right. And rightfully so. I mean, I was acting childish. I kind of get it, really.


He only kind of understood his father's response to the hell that Grant had put them all through the prior year.


So anyway, on Thursday, he had apparently found out that I was seeing her. And when I came back on the force, me my mom took me out from the corner someplace and then me and my mom and my dad at California Pizza Grill or Kitchen and Waterford Lakes. And he had this list from back on a piece of paper of all the rules. This is what's going to happen. This is why I'm acting the way that I'm going to act.


I'm not going to be dad anymore.


I'm going to be on this list of rules. If Red, with no context, looks to be a parenting tool used to wrangle some troubled teen. But it was for Grant.


Twenty nine year old Grant living at home tormenting his parents and brother. It was a final step in the Yamato's intervention attempt. They were letting him know that they no longer be enabling his destructive behavior. This list or contract of sorts reads, No one, choose your living arrangement before leaving Facility Chad motto listed some options for a son. One of them included the privilege of continuing to live at home. He also included pros and cons for each option.


The pros of living at home, obviously being the money grant would save and the family around him to keep him company and monitor his mental health. Other options included moving into an apartment, staying in a hotel and finally joining the military, specifically the Air Force.


He then mentioned the possible issues Grant may have with enlistment, his low weight, previous arrests for medical misconduct and what Chad refers to as patriotic believability all stood as potential hurdles.


No to family will not cover or pay any current remaining or future debt, crime outcomes, arrests, court summons or accrued costs. The margins of this handwritten document include more scrawlings in different PennyMac.


It's clear that Chad and his wife Margaret came up with a list with the intention of going through it with Grant in person. The top of the page states, quote, discussed at one for twenty nineteen seven p.m. at California Grill Parties. Chad Grant Margaret Absentee Vote CODI. Below that, a key showed that highlighted words represented the choices Grant shows during the discussion. The third item of the list was the biggest and most shocking for Grant. This is Grant's eldest brother, Jason, who eventually found this detailed document of expectations inside his father's notebook.


It states that it informed Grant that they had reached out to this woman to let her know some of the things that Grant had been saying weren't one hundred percent true and that he wasn't allowed to communicate with her anymore.


Based off of those lies, Grant's family told Addie everything. They told her that he wasn't a successful twit streamer. He was, in fact, unemployed. They told her that he didn't drive a BMW or own a house and that he'd been stealing all the money he was spending on tokens, videos and private conversations with her. They informed him that he would no longer be permitted to speak with Addae ever again to help enforce this rule, the Yamato's imposed a series of other rules Grant would have to live by if he chose to continue to stay in the family home.


Some rules are no post midnight Internet use no more all nighters online limited TV install a new AT&T modem for logging wireless and hard traffic use, says that he terminated his current phone and set him up with a new phone that I guess didn't have data or the ability to go on the Internet. Some responsibilities where he had to get a job. He had some debts that he had to take care of, no savings. He owed the family some money, owe the family an apology.


It's very detailed, though.


Chad Amato made it clear he expected an apology from Grant.


The document stated that the family didn't truly expect this to occur due to, quote, lack of real feelings. The final words at the bottom of the document state no further family monetary support. This is critical as Grant, through his past transgressions, has relied on the knowledge the family would not report him and would cover him. Family relationship abuse beyond tolerance. This is a promise. You better heed the warning. It's real. You will be arrested, sit in jail with no bail, public defender, no paid attorney, serve any prison term and parole, reside in homeless centers, et cetera.


You will not ever be allowed back into the family living arrangement. You chose a stranger physically nonexistent over family.


And one of the situations was if you speak to this woman again, you're out of the house and you're out. You can pack up your shit and then you're off my property. And then because of the way that he used to be, he told me that basically, if that happens, that if I ever step back onto his property that he would kill me. You know, it wasn't really my intention to continue talking to this woman, but it just kind of happened.


And then because there was like that emotional connection, I guess, to choose between her and me, I, I, I like my relationship. You know, I didn't want to stop cold turkey on it.


So he had apparently found out Grant had been using his mother's phone to contact Addie through Twitter direct messages. He just wasn't taking his family's threats seriously. Chad Armato was convicted in the decisions he made on that handwritten piece of paper. There would be no more time for third, fourth and fifth chances. Grant was to be out of the house as soon as possible. I went to the Doubletree example. I had to stay in my car all night. How do you pay for that?


I paid for it with my mind that I can't when you're down. Yeah, I think there was going to 400 or 300 or something so left on it.


Grant didn't have to worry about money anymore. He had killed his entire family by the time he got to the Doubletree and he was expecting a life insurance payout. After that, he really would be rich. But did he really think he'd ever get away with it and ride off into the sunset with a pocket full of blood money and a camgirl in tow?


And then I was just there the whole night toxically. I demand to know I couldn't find anybody, so I didn't have. But you have the phone in the room. Oh, yeah. And then I was in the room. Well, it wouldn't have mattered anyway. His whole family was already dead.


But I don't know. I didn't I didn't even honestly think about it because I was I was like, you know, away from a place where I live for twenty five years or so. And I never you know, it's how embarrassing and it is. I never been on my own for the longest period I ever been away from anybody is two weeks when we were in Japan.


The interview of Grant Omoto you've been listening to throughout this episode took place in an interrogation room for hours. Grant didn't ask about his family. He didn't even ask why the police had brought him in for questioning. We've come and talked him out of here voluntarily with us to talk to us. Why do you think we're having this conversation? I honestly don't know that I'm pretty freaked out at this point because. You know, I mean, I know how the situation was when I left and, you know, I thought that it was weird to me and that I hadn't gotten any communication whatsoever as a child.


Always told the truth always is the best thing to do. You agreement. Agreement? Yes. And accidents happen and things in the heat of the moment, things happen that we wish that hadn't happened. Tell me what to think, because I can tell you I've done this for a long, long time. And I read people the way they act, the way they talk to me and the way they answer questions. There's something you want to tell us.


I can see it in your eyes. I can see it your body language and, yes, your way. And I'm just worried about what is all transpiring from us, I think at this point right now, to be honest with you. You know what?


This grant was apprehended at the hotel he was holed up in. The deputies cleared an entire floor to prepare for the arrest. Grant didn't ask any questions. He surrendered immediately, offering to let police search his hotel room and belongings. He didn't even ask why he was being taken to the police station for questioning. And yet here he was sitting in an interrogation room, still claiming that he had no idea why he was there. Grant continued to deny everything, despite being presented with direct evidence that his family could not have gotten into a shootout with each other.


So he wanted to tell us we're missing. So, I mean, the only thing that I know is just that. I mean, I left the house later than when I said, did you leave the house with your brother Cody looking like that or did you leave the house with your father looking like that or your mother? Is that how you left your family? No. Nobody nobody else went into that house. Who left your family like this?


If you were the one that's been depressed, you are the one that owes money. You are the one that got into a confrontation with your father who did this to your family.


Deputies called Grant's only surviving brother, Jason Amato, into the station after Grant requested to speak with them. This was their last ditch effort at getting a confession out of Grant. All right. So I think you know what happened. I I'm going to ask your plane out. You are not part of it anyway. No, I don't know. I want to believe you can be the last person I can put in that house. And I know what happened over the last six months.


I can understand the troubles that you've gone through, but it's hard for me to think that you bring to this point. But I know. I mean, who else can I blame? Who? How are we going to find out who did this? I don't know. I don't have the answers.


Grant continued to evade his brother's accusations. It got to the point where Grant was no longer even denying the things Jason was accusing him of. He just sat silently. Moore called me this morning, so I had to make decisions for Mom, Cody and Green and Dad in the next couple of days. So just letting you know that I'll be making those decisions until I am him. Verifiable information that you did not do it. I don't think you have the right to make a decision.


You already made a decision on whether or not they live or not. That's your job. Ah, no. I do love you, though. Just remember that. Just like Mom, Cody and Dad loved you. Nobody loves you any more or any less. I will pray for your brother because I can't pray for Mom, Dad and Cody anymore.


With all the forensic evidence clearly pointing to Grant as the perpetrator, he was swiftly charged with three counts of first degree murder. He, of course, pled not guilty. All the evidence presented against him at trial made him out to be a sociopath, a sentiment echoed in the scrawlings of his dead parents.


If you could please stand Mr. O'Mara in the circuit court of the 18th Judicial Circuit in a four Seminole County, Florida, state of Florida versus Grant Armato case number nineteen three three CFA verdict count one, Margaret Amato. We, the jury find the defendant guilty of first degree premeditated murder. Verdict count to Chatham House. We, the jury, find the defendant guilty of first degree premeditated murder. Verdict count three total Yamoto. We, the jury, find the defendant guilty of first degree premeditated murder.


The judge in the case sentenced Grant Omoto to life in prison without the possibility of parole. The worst part of this whole thing for Grant was not the loss of his family, not the fact that he will spend the rest of his life behind bars, but that the facade was lifted. The ruse he planned to keep up for God knows how long was foiled at his suite. And all the men in the chat room that he came to know and love now knew that he had been lying the whole time about everything.


Here's an excerpt from the apology letter Grant sent to the users he had the closest relationship with. Hey, guys, I'm thinking of writing to each of you individually, but felt like it might be easier to reach everyone if I just did one message to the main group of guys that I got to know over the months. The purpose of this letter is an apology to you guys, Jim, Josh, Svenne, Frank and Wolf, each of you, I forged a different form of friendship, or at the very least, I felt that we were good acquaintances.


I lied to her and you guys from the beginning about myself. I'm not a professional gamer, did not own my own house and did not drive a BMW. The major one here was the gamer. I know that I at least told all you guys that I was that. And while I did attempt to get into twitch gaming, it never took off. Like I had said, I have no excuses as to why I felt the need to do this from the beginning.


I can only plead stupidity and I felt intimidated from the onset of the room environment and felt like I had to be something far more unique than I was. Lastly, I will mention that I am twenty nine. I have never lived alone. I have either lived with my parents or primarily with my brother in the big house we grew up in. Everyone, I ask for your forgiveness regarding my stupidity, despite the many things I had tried to currently emphasize to her.


I care for her deeply and I wish for an actual second chance with her and the room. After I initially lied, everything between me and Sylvie grew so fast. We became so close that I was in the stereotypical rock and a hard place. I hate myself for what I did. I hate the thought of never getting to be with her again. After everything that I gave and everything that I tried to do with her, I just can't comprehend being without her.


This letter was written in early January twenty nineteen right after Grant was released from the rehab facility. We can only assume how much pain Grant is in now, knowing that he will never see or speak to Addie Sweet, a.k.a. Sylvie ever again. His so-called friends in the chat room undoubtedly watched Grant's trial. Or the truth about who he actually was finally came out. He is a cold blooded sex worker, obsessed, sociopathic freak killer.


He took it upon himself to cut down anyone standing between himself and a camgirl, thinking it would bring them closer together. In reality, Grant has successfully isolated himself from anyone who ever cared about him in real life. Now, instead of his cushy gaming chair and many computer monitors providing him comfort, he will be forced to find solace in the cold metal bunk in his cell and the concrete walls around him. With no Internet access. That does it for this episode of Sword and Skill, thank you for joining us.


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