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Of scale contains adult themes and violence and is not intended for all audiences, listener discretion is advised.


So I'm looking at her body literally jumping off the ground from bullets, of course, he's unloading his he shot her at least five or six more times as she's on the ground.


Welcome to Season eight, Episode 179 of Certain Scale, a show that reveals that the worst monsters are real. Welcome back, thank you for joining us today. We have a story that goes very deeply against the narrative set by 2020 that all cops are bad. Yes, some of you might hate it, actually, because, you know, ideology. But have a listen. And if you still have no emotions at the end of this episode. Well, then go back to your life and your ideology or you could open your mind a little bit here, a human story with lots of moving parts because reality isn't black and white.


In any case, enjoying. On January seven, twenty seventeen, Master Sergeant Deborah Clayton had just begun her seven a.m. shift. She stopped at an Orlando Wal-Mart to grab some grapes. Master Sergeant Clayton's thoughts must have been preoccupied that day.


She made her way to the checkout line and failed to notice the man checking out a few feet away from her.


The man was more Keith Lloyd. His face was one Debra Clayton should have recognized. His photo was on every news channel around the clock. It was a dangerous wanted man. On this particular day, Lloyd wore a black security jacket and pushed a heavy cart full of groceries. Debra paid for her grapes and walked to her cruiser, unaware of the turn her morning was about to take. Less than a minute later, a woman in the Wal-Mart checkout line spotted Lloyd.


She recognized him immediately from television. The woman hurried out of the store, pretending to be ignorant of Lloyd's presence. When she noticed a familiar smile and the parking lot, she ran to Master Sergeant Clayton and warned her about the fugitive inside. Just as she picked up her radio to contact dispatch and alert them of the sighting, Lloyd exited the Wal-Mart. Here's Wal-Mart employee Monica Pridgen recounting what she witnessed that day.


And Miss Deborah as she's walking towards the store, that's when I heard her say, hey, you and to me, all hell broke loose. That's when I stood up, when I heard her say, hey, you.


Master Sergeant Clayton commanded Lloyd to stop, but he pushed his shopping cart at her and ran to take cover behind a pole.


And I literally watch Marcie blow it. All I seen was a run around the pole and I seen a pole is gone out and they were shooting at each other like a Western movie. And instead, I want to say let about six to seven shots. I don't know exactly. It was crazy that morning and Mr. Markit pretty much was trying to load has gotten on her. He was really trying to get rid of her. So I gave her something personal.


Deborah was unaware of how dangerous Markieff Lloyd was, but you don't become a wanted man for any small crime. She had just come face to face with a cold blooded killer and then all of a sudden I see Miss Deborah fall.


I guess that's when she missed the call I got shot or something on a radio on her walkie talkie.


Forty two year old Marcie Floyd was not always a wanted man living in the streets and having shootouts with police officers. Mark Heath was born on an Air Force base in South Dakota markets. Father died shortly after Mark Heath was born from a drug overdose, leaving him in the care of his mother and siblings. After the death of his father, the family moved to Orlando, Florida. At a young age, Markieff started to show strange behavior. He would sit in front of the TV and watch the mini series Roots excessively.


The show Roots follows a fifteen year old African boy who was captured and sold into slavery. You may recognize the main character who was played by LeVar Burton, who later became Geordi La Forge on Star Trek The Next Generation. Yeah, I'm a nerd. In any case, this Prereading Rainbow show was very controversial at the time. It showed the cruel treatment of slaves in a way that was considered graphic and had never been done before. Markets Sister Tanya explains what it was like for more Keith to become entrenched in an obsession with the show.


It put him in a bad place, almost as if when he would watch it, it would become as if he was the one being oppressed in that very moment, as if he could feel every last that they but they did it. It was almost surreal for him, like almost like he was there.


Around the age of nine, Mark Keith was taken to a mental institution for displaying strange behavior. Although he was only there for a few days, it was clear he was suffering from delusions. By the time he reached the age of 15, my Keith began selling drugs and also stealing in order to feed himself and his siblings. Two years later, when he was seventeen, he chose the wrong car to steal. He unknowingly attempted to steal a vehicle owned by a powerful Orlando drug dealer.


I remember my mom got the phone call to come to come and get him and take him to the hospital and initially thought it was the you know, maybe he just got into a fight or something. But when we got to him, he was unrecognizable. They had held him for over twenty four hours and tortured him. They let him go in. The woods was shooting at him as he ran away. So he finally he. Light in Rantall with the light and ended up making his way to my grandmother's house, so we will soon when we get back there to see him, I guess that he was unrecognizable.


After his kidnapping, markets mind developed an unnatural level of paranoia. That paranoia, in combination with his growing delusions, led him to believe that God was speaking to him.


God allegedly sent Markieff messages about men that wanted to hunt him down and kill him. God also sent him guidelines on how to live. An example of one of those rules was to stop eating meat. But God sent Markieff that message in an unusual way.


Basically like I see a don't believe in do not believe God created animals the same. We created flesh and blood and even even worse is that so in the light, not our fallacies. Then when I stop eating and I stop eating meat and I will use the restroom in my feces was green. So I'm looking now. I've been wrong so long now when I got right, I'm thinking something was wrong with me. And so I'm always searching. So I start back, I start to break into the see what it does and start by telling my thesis brown so I stop eating meat and start turning green.


Depends on healthy eating. I think I read something or I seem to see something to you would to see which is a thesis mean something. So I was searching while my thesis on my thesis dream.


That's right. God spoke to him by changing the color of his feces. We've all heard stories of gods sending signs through rainbows are burning bushes. But through the habits of markets, bowels. That's quite a new one, and then he hit it down. I feel like God was sending me to sign like this. What are you so hate me when nature is alive is green. The grass and the trees when nature is dying is brown. And they say you always eat, so you are what you eat.


So we take in the devil, father, when you start seeing how God created you, created you eat your feces, is going to come out green. It depends on how you eat because the grass and they just don't go from green to brown, they go from a light agreeing to a yellow to a brown. I go to die. No. So I follow science and God market's strange religious ideation.


Was that something he was taught as a child? He developed his connection with God all on his own.


It was there was different from how we were raised. Most of it I don't really understand because he and I don't we never really talk about it too often. He expressed some of his differences from what he what we were raised with versus what he believed in now. So not much that I can really discuss.


Keith went on to have two children, but he wasn't a present parent for very long after his second child was born, Mark Keith was arrested on twenty separate occasions.


Yes, twenty to zero one of those arrests sent him to prison for the first time. It was for battery on a police officer.


I was driving the car. I was going to use the restroom. He hadn't taken the car for one wife. So I was driving the car around the corner, the bathroom, and the police got behind. So he got behind me. I see him coming up in a few corners up and I jump out the car park, the car I just ran. But I think, like, when I had to use the bathroom anyways, so I started walking back towards him.


He came, he came. He got out the car. He came up to me. I only went out. So he was like, oh, well, you license it on my drive. He was like, well, you my license for what? I wasn't driving. So he grabbed he grabbed my hand. So I put your hands behind your back. I'm like, All right, man, but just be careful.


A few days before this traffic stop, Markieff had gotten into a fight with his second child's mother. Markieff cocked his arm back to hit her, but before he could, she whipped out a kitchen knife. He assumed, as he probably had many times before, that she was all talk and continued to take a swing at her. That was until she took a slice out of his palm with the knife.


He grabbed my hands like my arm and just became a handful. So he squeezed and twisted my hand, telling me he don't give a fuck. So I hit him in a fight and then I got him up on me. I tried to run. He was running. He ran behind. He pulled out a stick. He swung his job back. I started running again. But I had had just last we that time in my life. So I was like, oh like twenty, twenty two.


I just possible we so I couldn't breathe good so I couldn't even run across. So I just want him to leave. And he jumped on my back and Mason and I end up going to jail.


In the midst of Mark Keith's trial for battery on this police officer, he was indicted on felony level drug charges. My kids home was raided by police where large amounts of crack cocaine were found while in the courtroom for the battery charge, the FBI stormed through the doors. They arrested Mark Keith right then and there in front of the judge and jury. Needless to say, the jury was quick to find Mark Keith guilty of the battery charge after watching him be arrested for another crime.


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That's simply safe dotcom sword. Mark, Keith Lloyd was released from prison in 2014 and decided to turn his life around. It's challenging to get hired as a felon.


So Mark Keith started working for part time jobs while working as a deliveryman, where Keith was robbed twice at gunpoint after being robbed the second time, Mark Keith brought two handguns illegally. He attempted to hunt down two of the kids that robbed him, but they had skipped town. Mark Keith was riddled with paranoia, constantly looking over his shoulder. He began to keep a weapon on him at all times. Mark Keith's younger brother remembers the type of paranoid and delusional phone calls he received after the robberies.


And Michael called me and told me that he was winking at heads and say he's acting strange. So he was like, just talk to him, talk to him. So he gave me the phone. He gave the phone to my brother and I was like, hey, what's going on in the NSA? He would like he's trying to kill me. They're trying to kill me. So I set my goal and he was like, oh, like these thing.


So I was like, calm down, calm down. Everything will be all right, you know, like if they kill me, I'll be back. I'll be back. So I don't want to. I don't. I said I don't want to be back. I want you to hear now I'm selfish. I don't want you to leave you. You've been gone for so long anyway. So he said, Jesus, I'll be like Jesus. Keith also began to develop a Facebook addiction like many of the rest of us.


Social media was, after all, nonexistent when he went to prison. And the world outside the prison walls now looked very different. Everyone seemed to be using social media and it was weird if you weren't.


More importantly, Mark Keith now had infinite women at his fingertips. He saw how many women were posting intimate details about their lives all over Facebook. They posted photos of their families, photos of themselves with friends and lots of suggestive sexy selfies.


Naturally, Mark Keith spent all day perusing this new app, adding women, messaging women and liking their photos.


So when he came across the profile of a woman named Oshodi Dixon, she sent me a quiz, which some before was like a lot of females do. So I go, as I said before, I go to the page. Makes you the page is real. So I see like a couple of pictures from the female friends. I like a couple of pages that we study, a couple of pictures of her Jackie's that the college kids and I went on Facebook, so I went on Facebook.


She jump in my inbox a private message, and she she was like, you know what? I like me, too. So I hit it back. I'm like, yeah, you in finding out it. I said, but what have you got to often to get?


What's critical is what an interesting way to start a flirty conversation. You're fine, but what's your credit score? Truly a Casanova amongst men. It is time of my life. I wasn't just looking for sex. I want to kiss. I want to be in a relationship so I can try to have kids and then I want to be a female. They got other stuff going on. Qadi Dixon did have a lot going on. She was a twenty four year old with dreams of becoming a real estate agent or an OBGYN.


Two very different things, of course. Qadi was also a single mother of two, which interested me.


Keith, I want a family. I want Keith. I want my kids to be raised in a house with a mother and father because I didn't get a chance to raise my son and my son and daughter. So I was taken out of their life. So I wanted to and I missed it. So I wanted to have it on September 16th.


Twenty sixteen. But Keith took Qadi on their first date.


When I first picked up, she came out, she had on some short booty shorts. So I was going to say something but I didn't say anything so I just let her be her. I've just watched this see what kind of person I was dealing with because a queen don't dress like that stole to to the world. I don't I don't I don't agree with it. I wouldn't want my woman doing it.


Mark, Keith may claim he disapproved of the way she dressed, but that didn't stop them from having a good time.


So we had sex on September 16th, the first day. So come comes October. I told you I told the first she was like, I didn't have no period. My period is month, so I'm like, well, will you usually have your period, she said, round by the swings. So I'm like a mother, I am a woman about what she called a pregnancy test, about a pregnancy test. We took a pregnancy test. It came back negative.


So we end up reading like a week and took another one. And then it came back positive.


She's like on the I could when I conceived Markieff and Qadi had sex on the 16th of September and by October 1st, Qadi was pregnant. Marqise had doubts that he had impregnated Shardey the first and only time they had sex.


I feel like she was pregnant before I got with her. I didn't care. I wanted debate because I take care of them, not my way. And I wanted a baby. I'm in. I can't go adopt one. I want to reach the out.


After Shardey became pregnant, she moved in with Markieff against her mother's advice. From the moment Shade's mother met Maki's, she hated him. Her mother made it clear a forty five year old felon shouldn't be dating a twenty four year old girl. The market's extensive list of baggage and trauma just added fuel to the dysfunctional fire for so long, felt like I was too old for her daughter.


Wish she felt. But she was she she was she was negative. She was disrespectful. But I always respected Fusari alone. And then also when I met her husband, he he was always respectful to me. So this is he to keep his house. And I come up with no respect when she disrespect me or not.


As disrespect, markets believed that the man of the house was the king of the castle. He believed he needed to treat the man of the house with respect and the rules he put in place were to be seen as law. Clearly, Mark Heath saw himself as more important than he was shot. His mother wouldn't allow Mark Heath inside her home at any time. She called him a pedophile and refused to even be cordial with them. Mikey started to believe that God was sending him signs pertaining to his unborn child.


As Mark Keith noticed more signs from God, he lost interest in his relationship with Shardey. Instead, his focus was on the child inside of her. This is indeed no ordinary love. Markets tried to force Qadi to follow his heavenly guidelines and kept tabs on everything she did. It's important to point out that not all of Mark Keith's requests were crazy. He did ask that shot a refrain from smoking weed during the pregnancy, but a good dad props for that.


I will lend the money to buy chicken or whatever for the store from the front of Big Sam's Club, whatever we do at the bar stuff. So he asks me to borrow six hundred dollars at a time. So I'm like, all right. So I'm like, I ain't got no money to keep a couple thousand dollars on. So I'm like, all right, maybe I got to go to the house and get a cleaned get a stop here. Money had to be wrong.


So when I go to the house, I go in the house. I see no one coming home to. There was one in Texas that takes to take me. So I come home, I open the door is a pretty strange you want to be. She got to play with the card and screen cards, flash cards. She studied how I studied her homework for real estate, school shopping, music playing. I come in and I'm like I see a big ham sandwich on to be like what it is.


And she was like, oh, I was hungry and I couldn't eat. Sorry, you could have something. I said you could have called me. You are capable of anything. I'm like, that's that's a lame excuse. I'm not. I want to be God. Send me home to catch me.


As time went on, Shardey refused to conform to Mark Keith's strange beliefs. The more he fought with Shardey, the more he realized he didn't want her in his life and he only wanted the child.


The problem was more. Keith couldn't kick her out of the house, so he came up with a plan.


Now we're going to wait till like six months. And I was little neval so she can be what she wanted to be, do what you want to do. But I didn't want her to abort the baby. And I know how female thing that I was going to stay was to six months. So when I sent her home in six months, she got a little bit tired of watching that. So I will give her six months. So I talked to one of my exes and I'm like, she's got six months to get her stuff.


And yet she didn't have to get in six months, I believe her. Mean, you go get back together.


I mean, you were raised to be market was making plans with his ex-girlfriend to take Shade's baby after it was born.


He had to wait six months to kick shot out of the house. By then, it would be too late for her to get an abortion. Keith preached those divine rules that he wanted Qadi to follow. Don't eat meat, be honest, be faithful. He spoke of himself like Jesus. The only difference was Mark Keith's disciples were all women that he was sleeping with behind his back.


I got a load of female friends on Facebook. So females always. They always come. They always come in. So I will come home. I will come home some days. And so they would be on my Facebook page. She asked me who that was and my I Puerto Rican princess on Instagram. I so so she's saying she's Puerto Rican princess. So she was this I know she blah blah blah and all type of females.


There were times that shot a hot market sneaking around on her, but he always tried to lie his way out.


So she went somewhere. So I called me. I'm like, man, what's up with you? She sent me a major how is my book? So I'm like, well, when you are when you're done, come on, come down real grande, pick me up. So she came down real grass, ran down the street. She picked me up. So we get in the car. So she was like, oh well you go with your girl.


I said, oh no, she probably went down.


Well, she was gone for the day. Mark called a woman for a quick hook up. He asked her to pick him up down the street from his house, a foolproof way to avoid being caught. So I wouldn't miss meeting with the handset. When I came to me, dropped me off, she dropped me off down the street. So I ran home and I came home. Saturday was finally home, came and I got ready for work. I went to work and then I came back home from Sutton from work to get some.


I can't I can't remember. But when I came back home, Charlie was like, hey, I'm six am done by now. I man, I got to get to work. But I'm late. I'm late now sitting somewhere. So I tried. But he didn't he nothing happened. So I'm like. Right now, I'm a nervous man because I'm late, late night. Oh, it sounds like my nerves haven't neglected marching at noon, so I'm like, now this thing is more.


Keith's household only declined from there. A few days later, Shardey refused to do what he asked of her. So he chose a more hands on approach. So I grabbed by, pushed her down. Basically, that's what she told my friend Abi. And I pushed the balance of my might that I told open up and leave.


Markese then did a 180. He believed that because he put his hands on Shardey, God would want him to give up both Shardey and their unborn child, a punishment for his wrongdoing and probably a blessing for Shardey. That was until God told Mark Keith he can make a sacrifice. I had dreams that came well past my waist, so I had long hair. So I mean trespass. I felt like I had I had to give something. I had to grow up so and so I cut my hair.


I love my hair. And I was wrong, even though whatever she did, it makes no difference what she did. I have no right to put my hands on.


So I cut my hair out during the fight, my Keith bit shady on her back. The night was so deep that she had to get a tetanus shot today. Finally had enough. It was too bad it took a violent display of animalistic behavior to convince her to leave. She decided to move out and in the process, she unknowingly, through Mark Keith's entire six month plan out the window. Over the course of the only two days that shot was back at her mother's house, Mark Keith became even more paranoid.


God was flooding his brain with visions of the danger. Shardey was putting his child in Maki's called Shardey day and night, voicing his concerns about what she was doing to the baby.


I visit my child and he was she was free from the pain that as well, including the pain I can call him to bring stress. And with that being said, I'm out of your way for you to do what you choose. I just want I just want what's best for my child. What if you see difference? So be it. I just have to be out of your way. I have to be the way because I can't just sit on my hands and close my mouth to what I see.


I love my child. And the start date of birth, we began to raise the womb. The more we give the food, we feed the air we breathe. And I can't keep it clean here with lies. And I will. But I'm here for what? I'm here for my child. When thousand percent. That's one thing you don't have to worry about. I just wish I could give him or her life.


I descend from the womb to the tomb, but that takes to be a vision of his mother and grandmother taking her to get an abortion played continuously and markets imagination. He decided the vision must be from God and he needed to do something to stop her.


On December 13th, twenty seventeen Markieff Lloyd drove to the home of Shardey Dickson. The entire drive. He sent her text messages filled with paranoid accusations. Market arrived at the family's Pine Hills home around nine p.m. and walked to the side of the house. He knocked on Ronald Stewart's window. Markieff told Ronald that he needed to speak with Shardey outside, knowing that he wasn't allowed in the home. When Shardey stepped out to the front porch to speak with Lloyd, he began to scold her for thinking about aborting his child.


The conversation started to go downhill quickly and more. Keith became aggressive. That's when a car pulled up to the driveway, dropping off, shot his younger brother. The couple went silent as he walked past them into the house.


Shardey used her brother's arrival as an escape and told Marcie to wait while she went back inside. She wanted Markieff to leave, but she could tell that he wasn't going to let this argument go. She walked up to her bedroom and took her pistol out of its lockbox. Shardey was given the handgun by her uncle for emergencies only. Unfortunately, her uncle never taught her how to load it. She put the empty pistol into her waistband and walked back outside, calling Marcie to the side of the house.


I go to the side of the house. I'm thinking she can go back there and play with dolls. And that is this huge wall is huge. They. Every time we come across, you always go in the back yard and play with his dog. It's a female Rottweiler, something she can go back and play with the dog, with the dog. But we always have one, right. So I go to the side of the house and shoot in the back side and I come to the side of how she got a gun.


So I'm like, I'm sorry. I'm like, man, what the fuck do you shoot me? Why are you doing this? Why are you doing I'm like saying, what the fuck is you going to do, shoot me? Why are you doing. Is that what you're doing? Is she not answering my questions?


Mark demanded that she hand over the gun to him and as she reached into her waistband, Markieff pulled the trigger.


Is gun made an audible click, but no bullet exited the chamber. Both Markieff and Shardey were caught off guard by the misfire shot, dropped her gun into the grass and ran back into the driveway, bumping against the door. As she ran, Markieff picked up her gun and put it in his waistband before chasing her back around the house. Shot his brother Ronald, heard the bump on the garage door and walked out to check on his sister.


I saw Markieff on one side of the car and shot on the other side of the car. I was looking at her and seemed like she was really afraid. She was ducking her head down and trying to avoid him. Mark Keith tucked his gun up under his right arm when he saw Ronald walk out. Ronald asked if everything was OK and they told him to go back inside shot wanted to protect her brother and Mark Keith didn't want any witnesses.


I said it doesn't look like you guys doing much talking.


As I got closer, he started walking towards the middle of the driveway. I was saying, yeah, I think you guys need to say this for another day because it doesn't look like you guys are talking to well, right now. Ronald could tell something was terribly wrong by his sister's demeanor and markets. Strange stance gave him a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach. He knew that if this didn't stop now, they would both be in trouble.


He was in as she was smoking. She has nothing to do. I was like, women will say certain things to push you away. You got to give in space.


And that's what we need right now. We need to give you some space and some time. So she begins to say why you our business? And she also followed up saying you didn't tell them about you put guns in my head in the backyard. And I told her I ain't going to go out to the house. And he you like Quick QuickStart saying, no, no, no, no. Ain't going over and talking about it today.


That's when Qadi Dixon made a dash towards the front door of her mother's home, a run for her life. And I started running as well to consider from I saw that the door was unlocked, just hanging on the door. I saw and take out the gun out of hand. And next thing I know, I didn't have control over my body. Felt like someone kicked me really, really, really hard.


Am I my stomach and fell down, shot Dixon, heard her brother get shot and kneeled down over his body to protect him with shot and her brother laid over one another.


Or Keith might as well have been shooting fish in a barrel. I remember when I felt I felt her over my body. She was putting my shoulder cap on shooting and you stepped over me, kept punching her, stop shooting her intention on me. He was right like at the bottom of my feet and start shooting her and held the gun towards me and started shooting at me twice in the leg, two bullets in the leg. And he was aiming for my heart.


I rotated my side to cover my heart. So you won't hit it. As I was shot, it still hit me in my chest. I started hitting the door open shot, and Ronald's mother opened the door to see her two children bleeding on the doorstep. Markieff took off, running to his car and fired a few shots at the door before fleeing the scene.


Stephanie Dickson Daniels shot and Ronald's mother describes what it was like seeing two of her children and her future grandchild in utero, lying on the front lawn, their bodies riddled with bullet holes.


I saw my daughter on my right hand side laying bleeding to death, and I saw my son laying on a rock park or let's sprint on the bridge.


And they were they were both down and they were bleeding. And I'm screaming to the top of my lungs that my baby was shot. I was screaming and I'm about to walk out the door.


But then Dominie snatched me and closed the door. Then I heard three to four shots. Then my son had walked out the door and I walked out the door with him because the car was gone. By that time, I immediately start tending to my daughter because she was unresponsive. She was laying face down. With her face looking up at the door on her chests, so we had to flip her over, well, I kept yelling my baby, my baby, my baby, Ron, Ron, Ron.


And he was he was grunting. At least we knew we could get some type of group for him. But Shardey wasn't responding at all. So that's when I checked her pulse. And that's when I. Started to dominate. We need to start CPR market, Lloyd fled the scene, but he said shot one last text that read don't don't know if he will make it.


I hope you don't. I told you and you went and got a gun on me instead of talking. So you want to win? All and all I ever wanted was to talk. And now we're paying the price shot.


Dixon and her unborn child died on the front porch of her mother's home. Ronald Stuart required multiple life saving surgeries, but he survived, shot and died before she learned the gender of her child, a baby boy. The manhunt for more Keith Lloyd commenced almost immediately. Mark Keith sat in a restaurant with his eyes on the television, absorbing every report about him. As Mark Keith watched his name in the headlines, the persecutory delusions started to cloud his judgment.


Mark Heath contacted his niece and asked her to reach out to the news forum. She gave them an interview which never made its way to television.


So now I tell them, I'll tell my niece. I'm like, going to go to the news. Nice and straight to the news. She goes to the news. She's gives them it's to give them an interview. She did interview and then I call them. I'm like, what? What's. What happened? She was crying. She was just there. They play what they wanted to play. They play what they wanted to play. They play what they want to play.


So I'm like I'm like, oh, I'm like, man, purposely trying to keep I'm like I. So now come to find out, we're trying to get a reason to do that undestroyed that we try to get better for the new people. They don't screw it because they know they part of it too.


He now believed that the media was trying to get him killed by creating a narrative that painted him as a monster.


Imagine that the news making a murderer out to be a murderer, certainly not an uncommon occurrence in this new age of twenty four hour news, but unjustified.


Come on. A few days after contacting his niece, she was arrested for helping him evade police. The arrest was made as a ploy to lure more Keith out of hiding. And she was actually never really charged while his niece was being suspected of helping him evade arrest. Lloyd stopped at a Wal-Mart to buy some food and water before he could flee to Orlando. As he stepped out the door, a police officer appeared out of nowhere. Keith recognized this officer.


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A killer market had come face to face with Master Sergeant Clayton, an officer he had known for years. Master Sergeant Deborah Clayton had been a member of the Orlando police force for 17 years. Deborah had an infectious smile and greeted everyone she met with kindness and respect. He was loved not only by other police officers, but by the community she served and protected.


She was always the same person. She had that same smile. I never saw her angry. I mean, I didn't hang around with her all the time.


But the times that we did interact, no matter what, she was the same person with that same smile, friendly and always willing to help.


This is Arlene Willis. Arlene was a friend of Master Sergeant Deborah Clayton. She met Deborah while working for a nonprofit called Stop the Violence and Embrace. Their goal is to reduce crime in poor areas by mentoring teens.


She always had that smile when she would come in. She says she will always speak to everybody every morning. Even people will say that when she started, they would sometimes be so irritated with her because she would have the same smile every morning. Good morning. You know, and it will be so early in the morning, but she will come in all the time being the same person.


Deborah Clayton chose a career in law enforcement because she wanted to help the community that she grew up in.


She believed that by putting on the badge, she could become the change that she wanted to see around her.


Pretty much at the end of the day, she wanted to help people.


And from what I can recall, Deborah had to end up taking in her siblings. So she always had that in and grow them and raise them. And they always looked up to her. So she always had that spirit of helping. It was just a part of her. So being a police officer, she wanted to make a change in the community. She wanted to let people know police officers are not all bad and want to make a difference in the community because she was from this community pretty much so she didn't want to be a police officer someplace else.


And she certainly could have been. But she was a police officer.


And in this community, Master Sergeant Clayton's work with Stop the Violence and Embrace aimed to teach children that police officers are meant to be a pillar of the community representing safety, a lesson that should be taught in this day and age in every urban area in America. Emergency responders are, after all, civil servants, she didn't want black children to see police officers as they're often taught to see them as the enemy. She believed that despite the damage that had been done to the relationship between minority communities and the police, it was still possible to unite everyone by humanizing the uniform.


Together, Deborah Clayton and Arlene organized events in Orlando, where law enforcement and their community could intermingle and form meaningful relationships.


We will put on some things in the neighborhood that will allow them to meet police officers. And so we have events taking it to the streets and we will have people come in who have the lieutenant, as we have all the law enforcement as much as possible come in the sheriffs. They come in and they talk about the community to have an opportunity to meet and break bread with the community, people of the community. If you met Debra, you knew that you will feel like, wow, I would like to be a police officer if they all were like Debra and certainly wouldn't be afraid.


After you met Debra, a police officer is because she made you feel welcome.


Master Sergeant Deborah Clayton was one of the first responding officers to the Pulse nightclub shooting in twenty sixteen when Omar Mateen shot and killed forty nine people, wounding 53 more.


We covered that story back in episode sixty nine of Soad and Scale. Mateen was sworn to a terrorist organization and the incident was deemed the deadliest terrorist attack since 9/11. The shooting came to a sudden halt after three hours when Mateen was shot and killed by police.


Denver was famous for being a police officer. I know she knew that when she left her house that morning, whether or not she was going to return, she didn't know.


Master Sergeant Clayton even wrote a book titled Bridging the Gap Between Law Enforcement and the Community, which was written to assist in the training of police officers.


That was to go in bridging the gap. Because, again, what I said earlier is her goal was always to let people know in the community that one, you can count on police officers, they're not all bad. And when you see us, you know, you can approach us and you can talk to us. And so she always that's why she participated in all the things in the community when she had an opportunity, because that was her goal and her dream.


Deborah Clayton had bridged the gap between her and many of the people in her community. One of those people was Mark Keith. Deborah helped him out in any way she could. Up until now, she believed that he had actually turned his life around after years of being a young criminal. But Keith had been on the run for twenty eight days before he stopped to purchase some groceries. When Master Sergeant Clayton confronted Mark Heath outside the Orlando Wal-Mart that morning, she may have thought that he would turn himself in peacefully to an old friend.


Instead, he engaged her in a gunfight. Master Sergeant Clayton was shot multiple times and fell to the concrete. He was hit in the hip and she couldn't lift herself onto her feet. Deborah desperately reached for her police radio, assuming more Keith would run from the scene. Crowd of people watched as more. Keith then stepped over Deborah. He looked down at her, knowing that she could no longer fight back and defend herself. Then he made sure the job was done.


He was on her back and as I got ready to run over there, McElvoy just kept shooting at this lady while she's on the ground. So I'm looking at her body literally jumping off the ground from bullets. Of course, he's unloading. He's been shot at least five or six more times as she's on the ground. I'm standing over her and I'm telling her to calm down and tell her to hold on. She's looking at me and all I know was to pray for her.


And I just kept praying I the bullet hole right here in her neck. I seen it right there. I didn't see any other wounds, but the hole was right here on her neck. I snatched my hat off and I was getting ready to try to put my hand over the hole, which was no blood coming out. I knew what time it was. You know, for me, seeing other situations I'd been in. And she just she was looking at me and all I could do was pray for her.


Two officers came around the corner, missed a marketing ploy, calmly walked to the car very calmly like he was grocery shopping. She was trying to register her hand was going towards her and she was still trying to get to that walkie talkie. And like my heart to this day, I wanted to grab that walkie talkie. I wanted to grab a gun and shoot my Markieff. I wanted to grab it was a bunch of stuff I want to do.


Like I wish I could just rewind that day. Not a day goes by that I don't think about this, Deborah. Not a day goes by. I don't think about I can be at work and I'll just start crying. I can, I can be driving. I just start crying like that was somebody she was a human, you know. She was a human.


Markieff Lloyd walked to his car away from the scene right before police arrived as Deborah Clayton bled to death in the arms of a stranger.


Damboa died trying to protect pretty much that community because the person who shot her in cold blood in broad daylight could have, of course, if he had no respect and no mercy for a police officer, he had no mercy or respect for any other human being.


After her death, Master Sergeant Deborah Clayton was promoted to lieutenant.


And oftentimes you'll hear people say, you know, when you leave here, what is your legacy and her legacy? People can look back and say the things that I'm saying. She was a very nice, compassionate one who cared for her job. People if people know police officers, they don't get is like educators. You don't get paid a lot of money. So what you're doing must be something that your heart so desires to be. And I think that's what she was doing, is what her heart so desired for her to be.


What's more, Keith executed Deborah Clayton. His car's description was blasted over the radio of every police officer in the state of Florida. Markieff didn't get very far before a car chase had begun. Orange County deputy Norman Willis chased Mark Keith down on his motorcycle. Norman's motorcycle was hit by another car running a red light, and he was killed. Our Keith escaped the car chase and carjacked a new vehicle at gunpoint to avoid being caught. Markets actions had now caused the death of a pregnant girl, her unborn child and two police officers.


The manhunt intensified and more. Keith was put onto the US Marshals top 15 most wanted fugitives list. A one hundred thousand dollar reward was set up for his capture. Roadblocks were placed on every single street and his family members phones were tapped. The entire Orlando area went from a tourist hotspot to what felt like a police state.


Mark Keith's phone records went dead for days, but not for long.


As soon as Mark Keith started texting his family members, police were able to pinpoint his location. On January 17th, twenty seventeen eight days after Mark murdered Debra Clayton, hundreds of police officers from all different police departments surrounded the 11 hundred block of Lescott Lane. Around seven p.m. Helicopters flew overhead, shining light onto the abandoned house. Mark Keith was squatting in markets, stuck his head out of the back door and realized he was surrounded. It was finally time to give up, so he threw his two guns out onto the lawn, one of which had a drum mag.


For those of you that don't know what a drum mag is, it allows a gun to fire large amounts of bullets without reloading. If you remember the old gangster movies with the machine guns and that round thing, blow it. That's a drum machine that holds a whole lot of bullets. This was in addition to the body armor he was wearing. He seemed to be gearing up for war, but in the end, he chose to surrender. Finally.


The handcuffs placed on Mark Keith's wrist during the arrest belonged to Lieutenant Deborah Clayton, a ceremonial gesture practiced in law enforcement but often not spoken of. Jury selection was difficult for Mark Heaths trial. His story was on every single news station in the state of Florida, making it difficult to build a jury that hadn't already made their minds up about his guilt. The media's influence on the trial was brought up frequently by his defense. All were desperate attempts at a mistrial.


He sees news reports on this and they're telling this story, making out to be a monster. Those people, the news, they're here. They've been here the entire time.


They're distorting the truth on this black man, making him to be a monster.


Markieff couldn't help but address the media himself, writing a letter to Channel six News in Orlando.


I wonder, how do you and your co-workers feel about the outright lies that you guys were reporting that was released to you by the police force that was investigating the case? Probably just another day after the fall story was reported to shape public opinion to how the system want the public to view me in this case. We all know the prosecution begins with the media being reported to potential jurors and now they try to take advantage of the tragic situation to happen in my life, to use that media to kill me.


Never been a rabbit, always been a liar. I'm at peace with peace and violence with violence.


That's some Shakespearean shit there. More. Keith, in case you're wondering, he wasn't a very easy defendant to work with. Surprise, surprise. While in jail awaiting the trial, he went on a rampage causing thousands of dollars in damages. He destroyed a TV and iPad and ripped phones off the wall to swing as weapons. He also had many outbursts in his first few court appearances, telling the judges to go fuck themselves.


Mark Keith was forced to be removed from more early court appearances than those that he walked out of on his own accord. Mark Keith Defense believed that maybe they could use an insanity plea to get him out of trouble.


Doctors were called to the stand to discuss Mark Keith's signs from God and his persecutory beliefs that the media wanted him dead. After multiple doctors assessed Mark Keith, they believed that it was not God sending him signs. He was just delusional over and over and over and over and over again. He kept saying I was trying to give up, I was trying to give up, and they wouldn't change the media story about what had happened. And I try to get people to help me give up what they were after me.


They wanted to kill me. He told me he was sending out signals to let the police know that he wanted to give up. But because of the news media coverage, he felt that he was such a hot figure, claims of being sought after by the police that he would be killed if they got him.


As you may have guessed, Mark Heath wasn't diagnosed and saying he doesn't have schizophrenia.


He's never really had the hallucinations. He's never seen things or heard things on a regular basis that others don't. So I didn't think there was a schizophrenic disorder. The but he does have these delusions that are kind of isolated because, I mean, he's not running through the streets of Orlando, Stark raving mad. He had a job. He was delivering some chicken and he obviously was a father. He was able to do some things and function in society.


He obviously has persecutory delusions. He thinks people are trying to hurt him or harm him when in fact, they're not. And he has these grandiose delusions, these delusions that his self-worth, that he's sort of worth more than he actually is. He's done some things that are special and he thinks he's sort of a special person. So he has those two things combine. The persecutory delusions are far worse, but he certainly has this grandiosity as well with an insanity plea taken out of their toolbox.


The defense had to convince the jury not to give Mark Keith the death penalty. After explaining his deep rooted paranoia and delusions, they were able to convince four of the jurors not to agree with the rest. Our Keith Lloyd was given three life sentences and now awaits a separate trial for the murder of Deborah Clayton shot. His mother explained that she had mixed feelings about Mark Keith receiving life in prison instead of the death penalty. She's happy that Mark Keith is off the streets, put behind bars where he can't hurt anyone else.


But she wishes the jurors could have decided on the death penalty unanimously. Death is what she feels more. Keith deserves more. Keith Lloyd took Shardey away from her two children, shot his mother understands that it's difficult for a jury to kill a man. On paper, Mark Keith killed innocent people in real life.


He viciously stole from this earth a mother of two, two cops, two good cops and an unborn child. Being a man of God, Mark Keith himself should have expected the death penalty. Right.


After all, the Bible says an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth and all that shit. Mark Heath punished himself for past transgressions by cutting off his beloved dreadlocks. So what kind of punishment does a crime like murder warrant? What else can you cut off? Mark Keith? While in prison, Markieff has asked his niece and daughter to write a book about the murders. According to him, he doesn't want to use the book to prove his own innocence or even tell his side of the story.


He explains that he wants them to write the book so they can get rich off the murder. Just how he perceives the media has. This is, after all, the kind of guy that wants to know your credit score before he starts dating you. Whether or not Mark Keith's weird ideations of voices from God telling him he was going to lose his child or something that he actually heard or didn't, he surely manifested it. If God truly spoke to Mark Heath telling him that his baby was going to die, he may have forgotten.


One detail by Keith Lloyd certainly did lose his child. But it wasn't to an abortion, it was by his own hand. That does it for another one of these. Thank you for joining us. Our Keith Lloyd. What a fucking douche. In any case, we hope you enjoyed this story. If you haven't heard about plus yet, I don't know what to tell you. I mean, listen, the more shows because we talk about it constantly, but it's really the way to support us if you love the show.


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