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From ABC if the 10% happier podcast, Dan Harris.


Hey, hey time for our Friday bonus. And this week. We've got a guided meditation from tph stalwart and favorite orange a sopher in this practice or in is going to teach you how to use mindfulness of your breath your natural breath as it's naturally occurs as a way to create relaxation for yourself any time and in any place as a reminder all these medications that we post here in the feet are available inside the 10% happier app as well. Here we go now with orange.


Hi there, this is Oran.


Mindfulness of breathing as many benefits in this meditation will explore how to be naturally aware of your breathing in a way that helps relax the mind and body this can be useful in and of itself and can also be the starting point for developing a range of qualities like concentration wisdom and compassion.


So let's get started.


Find a comfortable posture.


One that feels stable balanced and upright.


You can let your eyes closed or just looked down at the ground in front of you letting your gaze be soft and unfocus.


If you like you can take a few slow deep breaths breathing in deeply through your nose.


Breathing out through your mouth in a thin stream of are long and slow.


As we begin set an intention to put down any thoughts of the past or future.


Her right now. All you have to do is be here and relax.


The rest can wait.


Feel your feet on the floor.


And the contact with the chair cushion beneath you.


Notice what it feels like there.


Is it hard or soft?.


Can you sense pressure weight or heaviness?.


In your own time.


Begin to notice the rhythm of your breathing.


What lets you know that your breathing?.


Where do you feel it?.


As you breathing you might notice sensations of swelling lifting or expanding.


As you breathe out, you may feel a sense of something loosening releasing or letting go.


Let your awareness begin to synchronize with your breathing paying a little more attention to that feeling of settling and relaxation on the out-breath.


Explore this on your own for a bit tuning into the rhythmic sensations of breathing.


How we pay attention to the breath is very important.


If you relate to it with a sense of pressure intensity or Force.


The breadth carries those qualities into the body which begins to feel tight.


If we approach the breath with a sense of spaciousness with the light and easy attention, it carries those qualities into the body which begins to feel like open or spacious.


Breathing in.






Breathing out.




Letting go.


As the meditation comes to a close you can bring your attention back to those simple steady sensations of contact your feet on the floor.


The bottom on the chair or cushion.


You can allow your eyes to open if they've been closed.


Nice work. Thanks for your practice.


See you next time.


Thank you, Lauren. We hope you enjoy this meditation. If you're thinking you know, I I could have kept going there for another five or ten minutes. I encourage you to check out the 10% happier app where you'll find this very same meditation in different lengths the cost of your subscription directly supports our many amazing teachers and allows them to dedicate their lives to teaching the life-changing skill of mindfulness as an added incentive got a special discount for anyone new to the app to claim your discount visit 10%.


Com bonus at 10% 1 Word all spelled out. Com bonus if you're an existing subscriber.


Thank you. We'll see you back here on Monday for a fresh episode with the fascinating and I mean fascinating. Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett. She's in a motions researcher.


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