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From ABC, this is the 10 percent happier podcast. I'm Dan Harris. Hey, guys. Time for our Friday bonus meditation, we've been talking all week on the show about how to keep our heads when we're in the midst of major life change, which at this point in human history, we all are one of the feelings we can experience when things are shifting in ways that are out of our control and scary. One of the natural feelings is anxiety.


And so Joseph Goldstein has a meditation specifically designed for working with anxiety. Before we dive in, I just want to say that on Thursday, October first from seven to nine Eastern Joseph Goldstein's Sharon Salzberg and seven SLAC and I will be doing a live stream event. It's a benefit to support two great meditation organizations, New York Insight Meditation Center and Cambridge Insight Meditation Center. For more information and to register, you can go to NY IMC Dawg and search for events.


We'll put a link in the show notes. Here's Joseph. Hello, this is Joseph in the midst of big life transitions, it's not unusual for different and sometimes difficult mindsets to arise. Let it be states like doubt or uncertainty. We may be feeling worry or anxiety or fear. Sometimes it's obsessive planning that takes over the mind in times of these transitions. Mindfulness practice can help us work with these different mindsets and emotions and help to keep the mind open and spacious in these transition times.


So we'll begin by settling into the awareness of the body, the body posture to sit in your sitting. You may feel the sensations of the body breathing. Opening to different sensations in the body. And staying alert and mindful of the arising of thoughts or images or emotions. And pay particular attention to the feeling of doubt or the feeling of uncertainty that may arise. Reminding yourself. But it's OK not to know. If you begin to experience feelings of worry or anxiety or fear.


Make them the object of the mindfulness, the object of meditation, where we open to these feelings even though they're unpleasant. We open to them with mindfulness and with awareness. A, he feels like this. Anxiety feels like this. Fear feels like this. Can you stay mindful? Of all these different states. Not getting lost or carried away by them. But simply seeing them. It's different thoughts and emotions arising and passing away in the open space of mind.


Becoming mindful of these mindsets and emotions helps us be with the many transitions in our lives. US be with them with greater balance, with greater equanimity, with greater ease. When you're ready, you can open your eyes. Connecting again with the world around you. And paying attention to all of these various emotions that arise. In times of big transitions. And realizing that we can practice with them. Both in our formal meditation. And in our daily lives in the world.


I look forward to seeing you next time. I really hope you enjoy that meditation if you're thinking, you know, I really could have kept that going for another five or ten minutes. I encourage you to check out the 10 percent happier app where you will find this same meditation in different lengths to suit your practice price. You pay for your subscription, supports our wonderful teachers and allows them to dedicate their time to teaching these skills of mindfulness, which can be life changing as an added incentive.


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