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From ABC, this is the 10 percent happier podcast. I'm Dan Harris.


Hey there, time for the Friday bonus this week, we've got an awesomely entitled meditation. I don't want to meditate. I can I can relate.


Our teacher du jour is Matthew Hepburn, who is one of the teachers at the Cambridge Insight Meditation Center in Boston, Massachusetts. He also is on staff at 10 percent happier. He's also not for nothing, a phenomenal human being. So here we go with Matthew Hebburn.


Hi, this is Matthew. Thanks for joining me. Sometimes, maybe a lot of the time, the last thing you want to do is meditate, sit in one spot, sit still, pay attention to something inane and boring, like breathing sounds, filling the belly, moving around. Life is full of really important things to do, to think about people, relationships that we care about and sitting in one spot and doing something that we might feel like we're really bad at and that doesn't seem to be serving anybody else sometimes doesn't sound like the best use of our time.


Well, this next couple of minutes is designed for what to do in exactly these moments. So sit comfortably in a full lotus position. Or run as fast as you can until you get tired and or panting, but hang with me and we'll see if we can practice mindfulness through whatever mind state you've got going. Notice the resistance to the idea of meditating or of appreciating whatever is going on right now.


You can feel it, it probably sucks. But it's here and it's real. Might be worth it just to acknowledge it one moment at a time. So check in the shoulders tense, some breathing shallow. Wherever there's tension, just appreciate it, we don't need to get mushy and try and become a bowl of jello, but we want to see what's going on and what's happening, acknowledging the present moment as it is. As you're aware of this moment, checking in with the body, see if there's any circular thinking going on.


Particular thoughts that are really compelling. Now, it may be painful thought or useless thought that's the case and has some energy behind it, it's going to keep going for a while and eventually it will settle down. So acknowledge it, see that it's happening and feel wherever its footprint is in the body each time it occurs.


The most important thing to remember in meditation is nothing is the wrong way to be. We can be worked up, we can be anxious, we could be pissed off and the only goal of meditation to see it, to be with it, to acknowledge it with a sense of interest and curiosity. So when you're ready, take another breath, open your eyes, come back to this moment. Thanks for tuning in and good luck out there. Big thanks to Matthew will be back on Monday with a fresh episode with Jetsunma, Tenzin Palmo, an utterly fascinating woman who has an incredible story and an enormous amount of actionable wisdom to share.


So we'll see you on Monday for that.