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From ABC, this is the 10 percent happier podcast. I'm Dan Harris.


Hey, gang, it's Friday, so we're here with another guided meditation from the 10 percent happier app. Today's session is from a regular on this show, a favorite on this show, Severna Selassie. You might have noticed that occasionally your mind wanders.


It races to the past or to the future. The practice of bringing your awareness to your breath or your body can be super helpful in terms of reconnecting you to what's happening right now and in this meditation session is going to show us how to actually do that. Hi, this is Ebony, and in this meditation, we're going to practice bringing awareness to the body. Simply put, mindfulness is paying attention on purpose in the present moment, non judgmentally. But as you've probably noticed, our minds can relentlessly pull us into the past or future.


This is where the body can help, the body is always in the present moment. That's why the breath and the body are used as primary objects of meditation. Which makes it the perfect training ground for our mindfulness practice. OK, let's get started. Find a comfortable position. Where you feel alert. But also relaxed. If you're comfortable closing your eyes, you can do so now. And if you want to keep them open. Just keep a soft focus on one point.


Let's start by bringing awareness to the sensation of sitting here. For me, it used to be when someone asked me to notice my body. I would have a hard time knowing if I was feeling my sensations or just thinking about them. This can take some practice. So when I say bring awareness to the sensation of sitting here. What do you notice? Is there a particular sensation that strong are clamoring for attention? Maybe there's a familiar ache or discomfort.


Maybe you don't notice anything at all. If so, can you bring a little more awareness to your experience? See if you can bring a sense of curiosity to it. You can even ask yourself what's happening in my body right now. Maybe you can notice the pressure of your butt against the chair. Or maybe you can feel a gentle tickle where the air's entering or leaving your nostrils. Perhaps a sensation of temperature or vibration. Whatever is happening, see if you can continue to be curious.


Continuing the inquiry. And what's happening in my body right now? You don't need to choose or reject any particular experience. Just notice what's most prominent for you for a few moments. When you're ready, you can open your eyes. Or reorient the room. In any moment, if we feel caught up in our minds racing to the past or future, we can always bring awareness to the body as a way to reconnect to this very moment. I hope you enjoyed this meditation.


Thanks so much. Thank you, sir. You can find many more meditations from Zebedee, including longer versions of this one on our 10 percent happier app. Our app helps you understand both how to practice meditation and how to use it to help you navigate our ever changing world to make it easier to become an app subscriber.


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She's going to share three secrets from happiness research.


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