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John, John. I'm Melinda Jericho. I'm Daniel Henderson, and we are the hosts of I Saw What You Did, a podcast on the Exactly Right Network about the fun of watching movies. Each Tuesday, we pick a different theme. Then we pick two films that best showcase it. It's like having a friend who still owns a VCR handpick your movies. You'll definitely build your movie knowledge and find new things to watch.


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I'm Kate Winkler Dawson, the host of Tenfold More Wicked on exactly right. And our third season is set in my home state of Texas. It's a wild story about a prominent family ripped apart and a killer that might have gotten away with murder. It was a memorable story.


You don't have an associate justice being murdered very often this season is about a titan in Texas politics in the 1930s who was murdered one night along with his wife.


He comes across as a pretty caring, nice man, which I'd like to believe that he was very respected, politically influential.


It's about a killer with a grudge and some serious problems that were never treated.


He had these resentments, which were understandable. But I also think he had voices telling him that he should do something about them.


That just doesn't sound like something that would happen is an accident. What it sounds like is a failed suicide attempt.


It's about how we treat people with mental illness in the justice system in America.


Most people would agree that, yes, mental illness is in fact an illness and people shouldn't be held accountable for something that they didn't have control over. Unless you're the victim of that crime, then obviously you feel very differently.


I didn't really know that I had been stabbed. I just realized I couldn't move my hand. I saw blood. You just want them to feel the pain that you felt.


It's about family secrets. You know, my grandfather was the town angel and the home devil. And most importantly, this season is about why these murders happened.


The question is, at what point is delusion profound enough for you to be forgiven for murder?


I'm Kate Winkler Dawson, and this is Season three of tenfold More Wicked, a podcast about a fractured family in 1930s Texas.


Season three of Tenfold More Wicked premieres on Monday, March 29th on exactly right. Subscribe now on Stitcher, Apple podcasts or wherever you like to listen.