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I voted for Trump. You're like, my cousins won't stop texting me, I'm like, Mom, stop. I'm just there and I voted for Trump and then like a hang up I did. So don't do a girl. Don't do a girl. So good. So what happened was during me and when they did live coverage of the election night and someone called me in the middle of it, but someone called me in the middle of and I heard my voice through their phone and I was, oh, my God, is someone watching us?


And they just hung up. Oh, my God. I was like these fans really out here doing to my. How do they get you know, they weren't that bothered when they were drinking the night of the election, like doing watching the news and reporting it live. Women on the scene. It was actually really fun and it was actually very informative because you guys were saying, like, OK, this is what the news is saying, which really means this also was the only way that we could actually I don't know, I felt like we should it was going to be a crazy night.


My first thought was how upset I'd be if I was in full drag when I got the news that Trump was re-elected. And I remember if I go back to my friend at the beginning with a friend of mine, I went to a I went to a drag show the night when I got the idea to do this. So you can just hold on. You can just snatch that out. It's like I'm at a comedy show. Do you want to unplug it and plug it back in?


You're so smart. Some people like it. Some people don't like it. She needs to like I like to clutch. Yeah. Like when I started doing her show, You Can Gonna Be the night of the election. Four years ago, I was at the Liberty Hotel at like a oh, it's like an election night party. And there was this drag queen, just a Hillary Clinton named Heidi Ho. And she was like, everybody got these Hillary Clinton gig you pop in.


They were like a couple of drag kings and like people dressed as Trump. And then throughout the night, as I became more and more clear that Trump was going to win, like the Trump supporters just kind of started disappearing, like you couldn't see them anymore. And then, like my friend Heidi, who was hired to be Hillary, was getting drunker. And so then Hillary was like I was like crying. It was in New York City was so it was dead silent, which is weird because Trump and Hillary were both in New York City girl on the night of the election.


They were both there. Not this time Mr Trump was golfing. Well. Well, she does want to it must be insane. Like his the town his hometown, New York City, is like, don't come here. First of all, it's fierce. Like, don't come here. And then not only that, but like the town he lives in now, DC, DC, D.C. was like ninety eight percent blue. It's it always is. Yeah.


But also like all of your neighbors are like oh yeah you fucking suck. But I imagine all it. Well you don't have imagine but best I pointed at those. You're listening. Oh here there is like boo. Yeah. Yeah. Pretty intense. I mean what is this play. Florida. Yeah. It's like you know we should mention this is the bold and the beautiful. Yeah. Yeah. Well I got to a. Our guest is somebody who embodies both truly bold, truly beautiful, most famous drag queens in the world.


The nicest, funniest, sweetest person I've ever met. Oh, that's so sweet. I just love you. It's Bob the drag queen, folks. The drag queen. Oh, my God. Oh, beautiful and black. Bald, beautiful, truly talented. Nice people. Kimche to the states, not not people, but also all the all the drag queens are slowly becoming the bald. Yeah well that's easy to say. Slowly becoming nice. I was like, no, like a lot of us are.


I mean there is those of us who are like bald because we're just like we're we will we're losing the fight. We want to go down with some grace and some dignity. Yeah. Those of us who are just like clinging through everything like surgery. Yeah, there's a lot there. It's the for us. But yes, my sister Derek said, oh, I'm getting my surgery. And I was like, I mean, go off. But I mean like for me, I'm like, I'm just going to let it go.


I'm going to let go of the ghost, let go of the beast, give us the ghost, give up the ghosts. I'm trying to say, like, I'm going to get that go. I'm going to get that beast. Yeah, I'm going to save that. I'm going to eat that beast. I mean, I can't I think I was twenty four and I started going, I started shaving every summer and then I was like, we wear wigs, I'm losing the hair, who fucking cares.


And you can be bald. Like as a man you can be bald. It's totally fine. But also even ladies are born like killing it. Non binary. If you hold it, you're wrong. I'm like girl go all go off. I started shaking my head when I was twenty eight or twenty nine. I was like, I'm done. But you used to. I remember you showed me pictures, you used to have long hair. I have dreadlocks.


How long. How long. Like to hear like how long dreadlocks. You hear that folks. To hear this debate. Now we're here right about today. I just think I know I was I was right at my nose now to my shoulder to shoulder length dreadlocks and I was like a teen. Then I cut them off and I like right before my 21st birthday, I cut off my dreadlocks. Then I had like a mo. And I had cornrows and I had an afro, so you did it all while you had it?


I did a lot of I did a lot of hairstyles over the years. So did you do your hair? I, I, I bleached the tips of my hair, of my dreadlocks, and I tried to buy them purple, but they just end up going black again. Black, black, black. Once you go black, you really you really can't go back, I didn't let my hair get it out of his own volition. But do you think bald is so much more.


It's so easy. It's so easy. It is. It is easier. Yeah. And one of my boyfriends is a barber and he just cut my hair for me. I just sit and he is like a barber shop, barber chair in his home. And I just sit here and he just because my hair and it feels so nice, I'm just like that. He lives in a salon telling you that this is just gonna make love in the chair.


No, no, no. We've been out in the chair but never made love in the chair. Now we I think we should touch on it. I want to talk all about your boyfriend. And I said to my boyfriend. Yeah, how do you want to touch on my boyfriend? Yeah, but I haven't met the other one. Jacobs very cute. Jacob is Jacob was adorable. Jacob super cute. Tiny. He films your videos for your channel, does all my photographs for my Instagram.


Jacob does almost all of my YouTube videos, some of my videos. If you ever see me on the show having a discussion with another person, Mitch Fiorino does us. But if you ever see a video of me, like in my own space, you wear makeup like that. The infamous Silky Macintosh video Jacob edited, all those jokes of editing jokes are all Jacob's ideas. He's very, very talented. And my partner's name is his name is Ezra.


As and as a musician and a barber living in the Hollywood area, cool, I have like a million questions already cast away. So I just feel like everybody listening to this knows so much about your career. And so I'm going to talk about your personal life. My career stuff is so you talk about career stuff and you're like, is this interesting to hear? Again, when it's career stuff, you're like your job and been new that like, you know, if you're Trixi, like, yeah, I write music.


Yeah, I play the harpsichord or the right and the harpsichord. I play them all. No, I totally get I'd rather hear like you guys mean I know this because you speaks French like wow. Now can you say a little something in the Queen's English. Also watching. I'm watching you. Watching you. Of course you watch the candidates drag race and when she was like I am the first Francophone to I will be the first punk go on to win a drag race.


I'm like, did you watch season one? Oh yeah. Can I just say, like, the first literally the very first winner of Paul's drag race is fluent in French. The national language, the national language of Cameroon is French. Yeah. It's like you're not the erasure of his heart. It was Hurby like I will be first on home phone. Yeah. Not even I hope they'll cut. And she was like did that's the impression I got.


By the way, I have to say this. I recap that show, which, by the way, you were so going to Pitstop and I think you were doing were here for some reason you didn't do Canada's drag race. I was so happy to inherit the job back because I honestly, if I hadn't had been watching it, I might not have seen it. Yeah, I guess Rita Begger know the name. Oh I rutabaga rutabagas. I like her.


I never got it. I still don't get it. The other day I rutabaga. But it's Redenbacher. But I know but you know, like Bob the drag queen makes perfect sense. But that's got a pun that like it does it. It's just you know what I mean. I go to the big guy. I said it a million times the other day. I went, oh my God, it's rutabaga. If, like, that's how someone was without there's a drag queen.


I'm in New York City. That what I randomly remember her name. She's not like a teacher or something. Her name was Amanda, you know, cherry pie. The now, like her name was Amanda. Amanda Poupon and folks would be like they would know her for years is like give it up for Amanda. Oh my God. Oh, my God. Oh, great. Ah ha. Moment. Yeah, that is fun. I read a big a rutabaga.


I just didn't get it. Yeah. How many times did I say this on camera. Never. Hello. Yeah. Yeah. McFly think big McFly but lease a new car. Lease that ultimate sleeper. Hit a new car. Lease a new car. Knowing her. Yeah. I realized it was a pun. You know, it took me eight. There's a queen and filename Amy vodka house. It is not a pun but one day I was like, oh my God, it's like Amy Winehouse instead of wine is vodka.


Oh, that's kind of dumb. I like that. But I'm not dumb. But I was kind of. Oh, there is the thing, you know, when we veered off on the boyfriend. So, OK, so you have a very well not I'm not crazy unusual but interesting distinct relationship with two men's two men. Yeah. So Ezrin, Jacob, my partners, they're not dating. It's not it's not like they're they're like each other.


Yeah. Yeah. They just they just met like two weeks ago. They're not bitter rivals, not each other's type in any way. Is there any attraction at all. I mean they I look like me and they look kind of similar except one is Jewish and one is Mexican. OK, ok, so are saying Jewish people it makes me look the same. No, you know, someone who looks like the Mexican version of that. They don't me they don't look like the versions of each other, but they are both smaller, they're both slim, they both have dark hair, they're both really pretty.


And I'm kind of like a like a like a like someone's uncle. And they both love attractive, powerful, hilarious men. Yeah, they do. And what. Yeah. And what about a Heeney six three six two six two. But a dainty sixteen. I make it look like six feet. Now I was having this conversation with my boyfriend the other day and I was like, I don't know if we ever were in a three trouble. That's what they call it, right.


Yeah, I hate that word. I don't know how you would come into it. And I'm assuming for you you weren't looking for it. I just kind of presented itself. Yeah. And again, it's not a threat therapist because they're not dating. I just have two boyfriends. Two boyfriends. Yeah, this is polygamy. Not for is if polyamory poly polygamy has a has a nasty bite you. Oh, is polygamy. Polygamy is more I think, polygamy.


Are you Mormon. I think polygamy is specifically with marrying. I think I'm not an expert but we don't live on the compound. Not yet. Not yet. They I met Jacob thousands at the end of year. Seventeen in San Francisco when I was in a gig. And then I moved to the Bay Area for a play, was there for six months, Jake, when I started dating Angels in America. KERSHNER Yes, yes, yes. That's fierce.


And then I met Ezra on Instagram. I just asked him if I was hot and I was like, oh my God, I was good. Miley was good. And what is your what did you say? Like, what would be your Instagram opening like? Well, it was a picture of you ASL age, sex, location. It was it was a video of him jumping on a couch. He had this he just found this couch, like outside.


And he's like, I found this couch, which, by the way, in New York would never grab a couch on the street because we would get bedbugs. Yeah. And anyway, he was it was him jumping on this couch, but he was in a jockstrap. Oh. And it looked really hot. I said, oh, this is my new I'm trying to be that couch. Oh, yeah. What I said was this is my new obsession.


And then that was my opening line. You see where I got the bedbugs, you got the couch hopping happened when you said that in New York, people are more I think it was in your Carolin special. People are more afraid of bedbugs than ISIS. Yeah, I said I said people I said something about people walking down the street. Oh, people were like, you will walk down the street, will be a big pack of black thugs walking at you and you'll be like, move is my neighborhood too.


But they'll cross the street. There's a couch. Yes, it is a place where people and people think, oh, terrifying, terrifying, absolutely terrifying. I've had friends who had really horrible things happen to them. They were like having bedbugs with you was the worst thing. There was a string of drag queens in Chicago had it and it was passing from partner to partner. And then Queens were having to like, you know, put their dried their good gowns in the dryer trying to kill the driver.


Bonfire I only by driver will kill the driver. So one of the ways they treat your house for bedbugs, your apartment, they just sealed off every vent, every window, every crack in your house up to like one hundred and fifteen degrees for about an hour. And then it just kills everything, which is like a hot I mean, if you leave the kids in there and then you get in bed with the girl. Yeah, well, they're oh, I don't think they're excited.


You know, they're about as thin as a sheet of paper and they can live for up to a year without feeding them. I just described kind of dragway. That's your tender biographer, totally. I haven't fed in 12 months yet, but you're on Tinder because there's time to feed a three month window. Got to make it work. So you met Ezra, you've arrived and then were you like Jacob? What if I like this guy? Well, when I first met Jacob, I said I was my first boyfriend.


I've got to say that I've Jacob's first boyfriend. Right. Really? Yeah. I don't have any exes. Interesting. As of the end of the day this year as they recorded this and you know, I when I met you, it was like, I don't really I haven't ever dated before. I feel like I might be polyamorous. I'm just saying that now is the beginning of our dating. Just so you know, I'm saying this out loud.


We'll see what's good. And then the day came and I was like, I'm sure of it now. And I'm seeing this guy named Ezra. And I want you to know then I was like, well, then I said, well, now as ever to be my partner. And that's what's up. And what did Jacob say? Jacob was like, OK, Ellie. And we had a moment where we were trying to, like, figure it out.


He was like, I'm adjusting to this, see how I feel about this. But ultimately, because I was being upfront, I was never being shady or sneaky or sly. I wanted to be upfront about how I felt the whole time with both of them. And I was like, this is where I'm at. So, you know, this is what I'm doing. And and honestly, in relationships, you can never fight if you always talk in it.


And especially you just keep. I will if he doesn't win or not. Just my partner. This is also with Monet. This is with anyway, I've had this Groupon with. I will talk until I'm like we will figure this out. Yeah. There's no way we can't figure this out. We'll just keep talking and talking. And then after a while you're like, oh my God, now I see where you're coming from. Yeah. And now we can unless it's your money and then you really never agree.


And then the next episode happens and it gets brought up again. I love this. Sibling Rivalry is my favorite drag podcast. Oh, it's so funny because it is so obvious you guys are best friends and oh my God you love to disagree with each other. Is that even. It's just it's just he likes to honestly, I am very team Bob. I think she likes to fuck with you. Well she more than you, but she will argue stuff that she knows is wrong and she just knows she doesn't have a good grasp.


But like how to get that, like how to be like, no, here's the fact, here's why. And she'll just be like, Bob, I just feel like have like I can't even I can't even. And he drives me crazy. But that's my that's my good duty and I really do. I wouldn't want to do with anyone else. We talked about this podcast on our podcast, but we're not siblings. It would be just just straight rivalry.


Yeah. Rivalry. Yeah. Yeah. Just how long have you known her for. I met Monet probably. Oh my God. Maybe. Two thousand thirteen thousand twelve, maybe, I feel like right when she got to college, she had moved to New York City and was like a baby queen at the bar. And I was like I was like the sophomore class. Like, I just got that baby queen. I had a few gigs. I was working a couple of bars.


And when I used to come to it, we used to both go to this one show called Saliva Tuesdays at the Ritz, hosted by authority drag shows the names of drag shows. We talked about this fucking crazy saliva. A lot of times they get passed down and you inherit a show with a name you don't even understand. So I have to say, this is the one. So I was doing Saliva Tuesdays and I would both go there, both compete sometimes and thought was hosting.


And one day Monet needed my help for a show cause I think you can dress. She didn't. She needed an outfit, made it. You know how to make it. So I sold her an aerial dress, a gown that was a tearaway skirt that could turn into a mini dress. And over the bottom part, I usually do this thing where like I was so I didn't I wasn't good enough. It's going to charge people. Well, look, if you just buy the fabric and, like, hang out at me, hang out with me at my house and you hang out, I'll make the dress while you're there.


If you leave, I'm going to start working on it. But I don't think you're trading for friendship. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I just to hang out with me said, well I'm not going to like I mean I don't mind making you a dress but like not in your abs. Like I'm not going to sit around while you're out like skipping laddy do die. I'm just starting to dress for a fucking stranger. OK, I don't want to know you, but if you want to come over, we can hang out and I can make you a dress like that.


That's honestly most drag queens can't sew and they're like, that's a good deal to me. Yeah, I see the pretend friendship. Oh yeah, you do it. I say this for a lot equilibrated. I would just stay up sewing, but I used to love, I loved sewing. I just did it sewing, checking my page. I saw you should do it. It's just eight minutes of your life. What is it is an eight minute sewing challenge.


I try to make a dress in eight minutes. Are you going to do if I watched you do it, I thought you did a good job. I could do it. I wouldn't do it. Just leave us. So what's mine is it's not really mine is is a tank dress has it's a tank dress. And I also made a cowl with finished edges or no I didn't know think I would be here to play. So it's pretty forgiving, at least on camera.


And I used the sloper so I had like a shape. And then I also it's it's eight minutes. Just watch this. Yeah. Maybe the spark notes of like a fire about two minutes. She likes sewing, but I think you're not into the eight minutes. You're more like, what if we did an eight day stretch of stoning a mini dress to wear ones I love. Yeah I love. So you make the outfit she wore on the stairs, step up to the plate.


I'm Trixie, Mattel. No, no, no, no, no, no. She told me that you cut out the fabric and then quit and then she did it. Yeah, that sounds about right. Yeah. I might have like put the zipper down and then left. I was like, you made this and feels like she cut the fabric and went to sleep. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. But of course like the drag race. Sounds like she made that for her.


Yeah. Yeah. Got whatever narrative you want to go with. That's fine with me. I, I'm so something I literally the other day he knows all the time. I love that. So I did it, I was, it started at ten minutes so I did one with my neighbor, we did a ten minutes of a challenge and she was in a the busiest mood we've ever, she'd ever been in. And we felt like it was it was actually so bad we couldn't even post the video because she was in such a bad mood.


She was like late. She was a miserable, miserable monster. And then we we went to YouTube. We were filming a YouTube studios to look at a book like a month in advance. So this whole day was just wasted because Monet was just so pissy. Yes, now, like over the course of the day, though, is there any like do you ever get the sense of like this is we can't use this, we can't what is happening here?


You know what I mean? There's only been one time where this town was the only time that we couldn't use the footage because many were so busy. There is one where money was in a terrible move, but we still use it. And if you look up sibling rivalry, Bob Ross challenge, the challenge was we both watch a Bob Ross video and then try to paint like Bob Ross in with without pausing every year for the Bob Ross before. Yeah, you really have to pause and like, look up the color, the yellow, yellow ochre, like the colors.


You know what? Speaking of pause with take a break.


It was taping this holiday season.


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Dotcom slash bald. And we're back with Bob Ross. Oh, so you you you just pay in real time with him when I was in a really bad mood, all the all the comments or anything like, wow, when I was really in the mood today, Monet as a bitch confirmed, by the way, it's so Bob to be like, why did 10 minutes of money so much? And I'm going to do last time, will I be hurt?


Well, that was Jacob. Jacob, I would do apemen is now that I want to go back into a 10 day silent challenge where I do something like like five hours a day for 10 days or making one big project, you just make something. And I can't stop until the end of ten days, if you like. Here is my 10 day five hours a day. Here's my 50 hour dress. This is what this is what I made with fifty five, like some of the shit you make.


I think I went to see you at Caroline's I think. And you had that black lace gown on like I've had it forever. It's nothing. Oh I love it. That dress. I can pull it up, put it in my purse. It's I've worn that dress a million times like a million times and now it's like somewhere in storage. People don't understand. Predrag, of course I have to like it, but if it has some magic utility to it, like you can call it.


Oh my God. I'm like have a girl. That's my favorite outfit. Yeah. I've worn, I've worn catsuit sort of like just disintegrated into like a puddle over the course of like seven years. You live when you have a like a cat suit with a squint in the middle crotch popped out. Oh yes. Come out. It literally looks like I don't even know what it just looks like it starts to look like, like a burlap almost or something.


Yeah. Like the like slime almost that. Just like completely, you know. Now that's your skin, the fabric of the way we see that skin. I was like, I think that's a losing sock dangling out of the bottom of your body. Ask you, speaking of which, I got a call from a friend the other day about fisting and I'm all so. Moving to L.A., I like sort of quickly kind of started fisting, yeah, immediately, immediately both live in there to play L.A. with both of my hands him.


Well, is it going to fit in all right. Oh, my God. Do you do you get into fisting? I've never seen any one. I do have big hands. Right. So desirable fisting top right here. I mean, or some people like the small hands to angina. I'm not. Some tell her business. I was the surgeon. She was like, I love fisting and the guys love it because my she was like verbatim.


She goes and my hand's so small. They like it because I can jump. And then she started punching the air. Now, if you don't know, angina can shop in the men's, women's and children's. She has that body type or she has everything she needs to buy her clothes at Toys R US like she has tiny clothes I've never actually put my inside of anyone. Is China or anus. Is the prospect arousing? Not particularly, no.


But I do have a fantasy like visually for artistic project of me sitting on to bed and like a really luxurious look with like an up to think like how glamorous Manila looks in that outfit with the with the rhinestone armpit on All Stars. Oh yeah. With the white hair. Yeah. But like something like that. And then like the camera's like you can only see my shoulders. Then when the camera pans out a little bit you can see that I have my up to the elbow inside of two guys assholes on either side and they're wearing unicorn mask and I'm like fisting them.


And then when I pull my hands out they're covered in rhinestones. And I could never oh, I've always wanted to do that and put it up on like Twitter or or X tube or something. Do it. The only problem with stuff like that is it you do end up saying goodbye to a lot of potential corporate gigs know. So goodbye to their colon's with the right. I don't have your vagina picture ruined your corporate gigs. Oh, which one picture of you with your leg up and.


Oh the one with me. See the Photoshop pussy. You know, it was weird. It was some people loved it. Some people said I was coopting women's bodies. Some people said it's not like the women have vaginas. That's what I'm saying. I mean, it's like the way you have to talk about it, but like the. But then you call me about the other day. The plastic plastic bag, yeah, it was a lot of different conversations, different ideas.


Again, not all women have vaginas. Not all men have been one of my boyfriends has a vagina. One of my is a trans man. And I've definitely started thinking more about those kinds of things when there's someone like that in your life. Totally. And it used to be like women in their pussies be like. And then I was like, well, not all of that is not one of the pussy is a woman. So there's a hundred percent.


Yeah. How did you resist. This is the. Dating a transmen always attracted to like, are you bisexual or how do you like, sort of know no, your sexual preference? I'm pansexual. It's how how I consider myself and I've certainly had attraction to women over the years. I've I haven't done anything with a woman since I was in high school. I've been very into women recently. I haven't really changed my life. They're testing all this time alone, all this time, maybe challenging what level of gay?


I'm not challenging, but like all this time in your house looking at porn. And then it was like, I'm watching straight porn, then I'm watching porn with two women in it. And then suddenly I'm watching a porn of just a girl jerking off. And I'm like, oh my God, I would have never thought I would be aroused by this, but I am. And then I was like, well, how much of this was me being a kid going, I'm gay, so I'm on it.


So that's it. I almost created my own body. Oh, this tick tock that I know I'm thinking about making an anti tick tock or a tick tock against this is this guy and he's like, yeah, mom is I'm gay. Can I say vagina, the vagina? And I want to be like, yeah, if I was going to say vagina, yes, I could say vagina, because I as a straight tick tock is wild. And this is a this is a gay guy, the same level of just like stupidity like that whole like women hating gay thing is just so puzzling to me.


It's so weird. Vaginas are disgusting like that. They're really not they true. I mean, they were they're just they're you know, it's like it doesn't have to be what they're not going I'm sure there's something that I wouldn't find favorable, but they're all very different. But dicks are really different. I think vaginas are even more different. But I'm definitely not into the whole idea of gay guys being like, these are gross. That is that's gross.


Actually, I think it's Matt Gross. That's like kindergarten behavior. It really is. And I'm I'm glad that we're in a room where we're like where people are. It's really weird we're in this room, whereas on the liberal side of things, people do feel a little bit more embarrassed by their small mindedness. Yes. But on the conservative side, they're like really proud of it. Oh, they love it. It's like I saw that the other day was like when the straight guys like, I don't care if you're gay, but don't hit on me.


The guys always fucking discuss this like I wouldn't work on the danger of hitting that was going to happen. Yeah, never, never married Gervasio. But yeah, I mean, not all men know what to talk for a second. I went to your Tic-Tac recently and it is I was Aquiles mama. It's just garbage like you're it's not good. They're not good at it. It's a good tick tock. So one of the comments I saw on the way, it seems like I was like, oh my God, this is literally someone said not choksi cheating.


Tick tock, like Instagram story. Oh, I'm not good at four time. I like chicks, if you like, at me. Oh they tick tock. It's like activity of bouquets. I don't remember what it was like. It was like I think it was a tick tock of ticks. Trixie in line at the meet and greet like hey everyone, just getting ready to watch moving parts. That's probably how you do that. You're a dance and then kick a shoe and all that.


Well I just I, I, I love Cock as an idea. I have a hard time not cringing at all of it. Oh, cringing is a part of ticktock but then something fierce like girl don't do it. It's not worth it like that. Not only do you see it once and I'm like I'm in. Yeah I like you don't know. Don't do it girl. I'm not going to do it. I'm just not going to a girl like yeah that is the best.


It's usually it's all about this woman who cut her hair but not everyone does it with like with like everything I wanted to do with moving to L.A. I was looking at plane tickets. Don't do I'm not going I'm just thinking, OK, I'm not going to do it and then be standing here in L.A. Don't do it. It's not worth it. I'm not gonna do it. Just thinking about it. I can do it. Just thinking about it or just thinking about it.


I just think, oh, this is a remake. Oh, awesome. Like Dick Clark went off with you about to lose your job. I don't know if you know you're about to lose your job as you about to lose your job. You were about to lose your job. Get this dance. Is that what we're like the day Biden was at the speech and he was like played that so well, he actually he actually played was that's my Sieda.


So everyone starts putting in their own versions of what I loved the party in the USA one. Oh yeah. But that shows Comilla dancing and then Trump's running out of the building like the Internet during the election was a fucking goldmine because the funniest people in the Internet betting Republican Party don't start Haddix. Don't a girl did was crazy. Yes. So many headed. Sorry I just. And it was like me a little bit wine drunk. And that white lady tried it.


She said it's like an old old and was patte with two followers and she just was the most the most patte you see. Do you think do you think you're talking to her? And I just said, Patty, don't start. And then I like laid down for an hour and people who never are just so many Taxila, like my mom sent me this. I'm like, oh, Bianca went in on Patty. Yes, I went in on Patty.


Patty, dude, Patty is like, I'm on Twitter. How do you split up? Karen is almost ignorant. Patty is somebody like that. It's like almost like trying to be on the island again on Twitter and let them have it like no Patty and who the fuck do you think you're talking to? Because the president said something about like they found more ballots and yet they found them in ballot boxes from voters. She acts like a package and he acts like they find him under someone's kamat like a girl.


Well, it's really funny because Donald Trump is like it's absolutely amazing. They're finding ballots everywhere. It's really all of a sudden all the ballots are blue, all the ballots are blue. I'm like, is that weird? Because you literally told every one of his supporters not to vote by mail 100 percent. You were like, don't vote by man is the biggest fraud excuse me, fraud. The likes of which you've never seen. Right. We've never seen anything like this.


Excuse me. It's absolutely insane. And then all of us like anyway, also with its Republican Senate votes, it's valid. This is absolutely no excuse me. It's absolutely great. I love the city. But how do they manage to be so like I mean, just brazenly hypocritical, I, I don't know what was making me go from zero to a million. Was the news going in the past few days? The news was going well. We're just going to mute him because he's saying things that aren't true.


I'm like, where have you been? Oh, not to make up being like you're you're encroaching on the First Amendment. Let's talk about the First Amendment for a second. First of all. No, not only that, but not Amy. Tony Blair not knowing the First Amendment. I'm a I know the First Amendment by heart. I learned it in seventh grade three years ago. I learned it in second grade. And I still know the first time you were still in seventh grade at thirty days.


The longer I do, I still know the First Amendment verbatim. And she was like, wait, what are what are the rights? Oh, that's so crazy, right, Bill? You're a Supreme Court justice. You should know the first no experience. Why can you serve for life? Why? Oh, listen, when lips right now, when everyone's ordering food and like, where are we going to order women? Even Grandma pops up like Grandma, you're in your early eighties or early hundreds.


You're not getting a hundred percent. Meanwhile, when it's like here are the most important decisions in the land, it is someone who. Eighteen years, eighteen years. They got you for 80 years. That's like they want you until you die. That is insane to me. Insane. And let's be honest. People don't get more rational or open minded as they get older. Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died twenty five times. There is no job that you can keep no matter what.


This is the only job in the world in America where you can just be like, you know what? You got the job. We can't fire you. It's crazy. We're just here until you decide you want to leave. As queer people, we have to deal with fucking Amy Koonibba. She's young for the rest of our lives. She's in our fifties. This is insane for the rest of our lives. It's also the same that she was she started being a judge on seventeen.


Yes. She has no experience. There's no president has no experience. Well, right. Right. It's a girl I was. You weren't. You were to me. Michelle, besides being a judge along with Amy Cohn. Yeah. Yeah, it's true. It's crazy. And that's the whole, like, fellowship of the Light thing or whatever the fuck. It's like too much anything with the First Amendment when folks are like, you can't silence Trump.


This is beating our first man. Right. You see all clear, if anyone is listening to this, the First Amendment protects your you have the freedom of speech. This is in terms of the government this time turn to private businesses. This is not in terms of other people. I can tell you to shut up. And I'm not encroaching on your First Amendment. This means the government can't silence you. The government can't stop you. The government can't penalize you for expressing your opinions unless you're Kathy Griffin, apparently.


Unless I can get. But if you have some opinion but I don't like or Twitter, which is a private company, doesn't like, they can say, hey, you can't say that here they have policies and you are violating the policy that Donald Trump signed up for when he created a Twitter, when Trump credit he had to. You know, that that policy that no one reads, you just scan to the bottom without reading, just won't allow you to click the little check on Trump's did the same thing and he violated the policy that all of us have to abide by when it comes to Twitter.


What the people seem to think that like the First Amendment shields you from the consequences of whatever you're allowed to say, which is that's not the case. Exactly. Well, even Twitter's cowardly, though. You're going to start censoring his tweets the day he starts to lose. Where have you been for four years? I mean, he lied all the time. Sure. Yeah. Why now, Ben then been lying? Should it delete him off the app then when the first cousins knew the fourth season?


I believe that listening if the crimes if Shonda Rhimes wrote twenty twenty and with every day, if Shonda Rhimes is like, listen to me and listen to me. Well, we're going to start with a pandemic for the whole nation. No, for the globe. We're like, OK, interesting concept. And then about two months in murder hornets, they're like, okay. Not only that, we're not done and then people are going to say Black Lives Matter, but yeah, and then other folks are going to be like, no all and they're going to be insane.


They're going to be saying black lives matter in places where black people don't even exist. They will still be saying we're like, okay. And everyone is also going to be in an election year, OK. Not only that, but the president of the United States of America is going to not concede when he loses like QandA. You have to make your game, you crazy girl. It has to be believe it like are going to bring us down to earth.


But like this this year is like the weirdest. Ryan Murphy, Shonda Rhimes, always sunny in Philadelphia, the office, 30 Rock with the showed up at the Four Seasons landscaping girl. I was undone. I honestly don't think that was covered enough. I think that shit about every news channel like this is the stupidest thing I've ever seen. It's like it's like it's too absurd for Veep. It's so great. And then they go, Rudy Giuliani.


All the networks have announced that he lost. He's like, oh, the networks. What is happening? Oh, also, he goes when they go. When they go. Well, you know, the media has announced that that Donald Trump has that that Joe Biden is presently going, oh, oh oh. The media also fully listening to a man that that fucking Sacha Baron Cohen tricked into whipping him with a big stick out. This is this is who we're talking to.


Maybe we are drag queens that we haven't worn pants in a long time. I don't remember putting them on that one. I mean, he's standing in front. He is standing in front of a garage door across from a crematorium and next door to a fucking pawn shop that Melania Trump probably works at. He needs to go to that crematorium. This is how he walked past an adult like he walked past a pawn shop and then stood in front of this guy who answered the phone at Four Seasons Landscaping.


I was like, well, I'm sorry, who is this Rudy Giuliani? Can I just say that faggot who worked there, whoever that is, is fierce. No, faggot was like, you know, it's going to be cute. This is so they're going to sell more merchandise then. I know they they won't have to ever touch us. They'll never escape the land again. The landscaping has done. There are merch store, another tourist attraction.


It's incredible. I'm ready for it to become like common slang, like, well, how is your relationship? Is it a Four Seasons relationship or a Four Seasons total landscaping relationship? You know, how was that? That is I could not win when he pulled up to that Four Seasons total landscaping. I will just undone. I was beside myself. I was done. It's amazing. It's like such it like the pathetic little wet fart to, like, round out the the hole in perfect ending like Trump has.


Like, we are all insane now because even those of us who believe in democracy, we're still like, what if there is a chance that Trump actually will like, get these votes, cut it back? Because we're still traumatized, because we're traumatized? I don't doubt it at all. I mean, stranger things have happened. I had the thoughts of what if he really won't leave? And what if the army who's sworn to protect us really just doesn't kick him out and then he's just the dictator like a coup from the that it will it will be like it's like the Confederate versus the Confederates and the Union versus each other again.


But the thing is, Mary, when you look at the map. When you look at the map, the United States of America, and it's like you see all this red, this is like from the stripping through the kind of rosacea. Yes, it's it's the rosacea when you look at it. But then you look at the populations in those areas, girl, you realize actually, you know, how many people live in Montana. This is no shade of Montana.


Thirty two people, 30. This is no shape to Montana. Montana's massive is massive, massive, massive. I think about a million people live in the entire state. Yeah. The entire state of Montana that my condo building. Yeah. That's how many people have been on repos, regrading like. So what you see on the map is so much red on the map, which is actually not that much red in real life. Now granted, a little bit under half the country did still land.


Doesn't vote Mary, about a little under half the country still did vote for Miss Dunbar. And more more white women voted the second time.


More for some of your shots that I it's you guys. Wisconsin. I love Wisconsin. I'm so happy they're blue again. But I was there. I'm from rural Wisconsin. I was like, why are we letting these bucktooth bitches from my home town of Blue Boston, Massachusetts and Boston? The state of Boston is always blue where domestic single blue. Massachusetts always. Yeah, Massachusetts is a swing. But it was for last. For the last. Like when I was 18 voting.


It was blue. It was blue again. And then it was red for the first time. The last time Georgia was blue for the first time. You know, Clint I live was on done the meems of Georgia turning blue girl. I'm not going to a girl. A girl. Miss Daisy. Miss Daisy can't do that. I was able to she get eight hundred thousand plus nonvoters to vote for the first time that I'm obsessed with Abrams and we're not alone and we're not talking about.


This is a political podcast now. Yeah. Yeah. We're not talking about. You should vote, OK? We're talking about people who are so uninspired by the system, like why would I vote? It's never going to work in my favor. And that war had to get people to be like, it's all broken, but we need to start taking these first steps. If Georgia can flip flop, burst anyone's verse, we're all over it now.


Girl, if Georgia can be America's. Georgia has been legendarily an exclusive bottom big bottom. But she was like, you know, we are the Dems that are Dems, the tops and then Republicans at the bottom. And I was thinking of who would be less likely to flip. And I feel like less like is like a bottom who really loves the bottom, but like, not me, honey. Or they lie about it. Yeah. They're the Trump supporters who are like, I don't know who I'm voting for, but they know.


Have you ever baited someone with your penis? And then was like, oh my my business, your fucking ass tonight literally until I was like thirty years old. I told people I was the first, but I've absolutely a bottom. I have bottom. Shame is so real. Well I have a friend. Who is it really. Yes. I have a friend who was like who was like tricking people into like thinking he was going to top them.


But then he was like, never, not once. I'm not going to do a girl when I when when I type again in my lifetime, it will be nine one one transition. Gramatica Yes. A hundred percent. Oh I we already had. I just love talking to you. Oh this is great. We take a break though. OK, we should take another break to the. We're back. I just use this bathroom that I need the toilet, the sink or the tub or who knows, that's the bathroom.


I never use such people. I'm like a restaurant where people have to tell me if there's a problem in there. There's no there's a turd in the back of the toilet. There's a problem. I feel like there is. Now, after what I did years ago when I worked at Chick fil A, don't judge me when I was in college or the Chick fil A. And I never forget the days when I took a shit in the urinal.


Oh, yeah. And the man came, man was like, hey, guys, someone's shit in the urinal. So who's going to get it? And we were like, you get paid the most. Yeah. I was like, I'm 18. I'm a theater major. And I'm mean, that's my shit. So I can never do anything about it. Yes. I will never forget it. I was working the chief. I was sweeping the floor, mopping the floor.


Actually, this guy I had long hair, was in a ponytail, and this old man was standing behind me and he goes, Ma'am, ma'am, ma'am. She would have responded, yes. I just assumed he wasn't talking to me because I kept saying, ma'am. And then I turned around. I looked him right in the face and he said, Ma'am, where's the bathroom? Oh, my gosh. And I was like, it's over there.


I mean, at that point, you were like, I did. I got a career was born. You wanna let everyone know where they can find you? Yeah. Go to Bob the drag queen dot com or type in Bob the drag queen anywhere. I mean, if you type in Barbara Queen on Twitter. Instagram, tick tock. I just joined Parler. Oh yeah. That's the one. Azealia Banks is unknown. What is that. What's the Tarla is just a conservative.


What it's like, it's like Twitter but conservative whites. What do you mean. Conservatives were all the Tea Party's right wing. Yeah. Is it Monet accidently Trump supporter famous now because she tweeted like, I know we're supposed to meet this other side halfway, but fuck all those people. And then and then Ben Shapiro, we treated it. Oh my not I am so torn about him because I know I'm damaged. I think he's so hot. Oh, he's not hot.


But some of the things you guys, he's such a good arguer that I've watched things where I've lived like if I was moderate, he could convince me to a lot of shit if you want to drop his ballot in your box, not just because he's hot, but because the way he beat a living inches away, he seems to have an answer for everything like that level of arguer is so dangerous. But those are, you know who someone who is really conservative, whose views I had not been on.


I Ann Coulter, not her views, but her argument, like the way she argues and the conviction with which she argues is as an arguer, as an avid argument, which, by the way, sibling, if you like, arguing sibling rivalry. OK, check it out. Patrón is really it off right now. We got some great stuff going on. And once we reach ten thousand patrons, we have a very, very, very, very special announcement.


We're seven minutes sewing challenge. We're halfway there and now we have five thousand pages. So we're trying to like we're going up anyway. The point, who's the who's this lady? Shirley Phelps. Hear me out if you are Shirley Phelps are you is one of the most she's one of the things I think of myself. If you were on our team, you'd be a fucking gay icon. I know of the Phelps fellowship, old bro. Yeah, she's oh, she's the matriarch of the family.


Go on YouTube, everyone, and watch her on Tirah. Oh, it's the tea. My first of all, what I love about the Qarabag Show, I know it was wrapping up. Tyra Banks was legendarily bad interviewing people like she would lose interviews all the time and then she would still air it like she called me Naomi Campbell into her studio, had all the audience leave and then confronted Naomi Campbell for two episodes about how Naomi Campbell made her feel bad when she was young.


Model Naomi Campbell just looked at her. I was like, that's your problem, not mine. And Tyra Banks was like crying. Naomi Campbell was like and and then she still fucking aired it. And then show me full time on the show. She goes, there's Google, Tyra Banks saying, get the fag off the TV. And I want to tell you what to do me whatever, whatever. And we keep saying everyone keeps saying, Bob, when Blair shows up on.


No, that's not true, but whatever you say, like the Phelps shit, is crazy because she goes, so you don't hate black people that shove up goes. Of course not. Don't be ridiculous. Is one of my favorite is one of my favorite ones. It's like when they're going to watch that it's in the Church of Satan walking down the street and they're like, Do you love Donald Trump? And they're in the robes. And they go, Of course we don't.


It's so brilliant. It's so brilliant. I love that. But she only tells one of those folks if she was on the if she was on our side, she would be a fucking gay icon. Why do you say that? Because she's so quick. She's so smart. She's done chromatics sooner or less money. She's also just such a powerful woman like you can't take her down. She's smarter than you. She's a fucking lawyer. Well, she believes in God.


So, I mean, with that part, I mean, everything is a grain of salt here. I mean, these are the same people. The people in my life are religious, are the same people who are like covid. Those numbers seem fishy. I'm like, you don't think a wizard in the sky seems fishy? The day that I found out that Ginger Manged was a devout Christian, I was like, All right. We could we could, we could you just told me everything I need to know.


Well, so is Asia. I know, I fucking know he's try to preach to me on the fucking tour bus every day. Jesus, Jesus Christ. I one the very one about saving your soul. And I was like, I can't. It's crazy. Also, like, does this even make if I told you all the stuff Jesus did just from any of them to right now when I was growing up in my religion, people would say like this all according to God's plan.


It's all according to God's plan if this world right now is going according to God's plan. This proves that God is racist. He is homophobic. He has his plan. This plan is shit. The only way I could believe in God, as someone says, God made Earth and then at one point like 90 and maybe maybe around twenty sixteen was like, I'm cutting my losses. I'm just going to leave you guys yourself going to a different galaxy because this is shit.


Yeah. This is my prototype. We'll give you a Beyoncé visual album as an outro and then I want you all to die to it because this is not the ticket. It's not what I had in mind. This is a bad plan to a little girl. Oh, tell you. All right. We have to end by Bob.