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And welcome back to another riveting episode of The Ball you Know About in The Beautiful, featuring Trixie, Mattel and some alleged cover.


And today, we are joined by the complex multi talents of the inimitable one of the most incredible showstopping, never the same peukan it throw it up club another club club. Honestly, one of the honestly, just my favorite drag queens of all time.


Yeah, she's the queen of Drag's Alaska Thunder. Fun. Yeah I Lexy's thunderstorm. Five hundred. Do you have a pageant drag name. Is there some kind of version of that. Um.


Yes. I mean yes it's it's Juno. Fairbanks because they're both cities in Alaska. Oh you really want hard. Oh that's funny. That's funny. How many underfund funnymen to pre andrews' at large plus elite athlete elite athletes. You not. So for the people at home you recorded the most wonderful little greeting from my stage show back then. That was the last year a couple of years ago. And I swear to God, every night you introduce yourself as Alexis thunderstorm.


Five hundred and I mean every single fucking time. Every single time. It's just so great. I love a drag name on a drag name. Yeah. Alexis Stewart. Five hundred. Five hundred. It's really good.


What kind of recording device do you use remotely. Oh my God.


What is this. OK, it's like there's a hair I'll show you. It's like it's a mic.


We are talking to one of the world's premier drag recording artist drag podcast artists. Oh, that's right. And for a race chaser and those whores actually get in drag. So if you want to listen to some quality content, do you really think they do? Sometimes I see the face that I saw you guys at Bianca's poolside in drag. Right? I mean, special occasions as far as the listeners are concerned.


Yes, we do get in complete drag.


Had to tell. Would you like to describe your look today? Well, yes. I mean, it's hard to describe. I guess these are Barel girls on the top.


It's sort of like, yeah, it's like a very high barrelled curl. I have a lace and it's also a lace back. You can see the sides to.


I see that the yes, the nape of the neck is also full lace. The kitchen. Lace kitchen. Yeah.


Oh my God. Well, congratulations. It was bold to be to wear as well. You'll get to this corset.


Yeah. This fetish feels that you can only sit in. Right. The tchotchke fetish heels. I think the commitment to glamour is very inspiring. Thank you. Some people have harassed us for like why don't you guys get in drag for the podcast or they just want to videotape it. Yeah, but I just feel like since there's multiple versions of us in drag on YouTube every single week. Yeah.


Give your boner a rap. Yeah. Yeah. Rubbin the Skin is going to say it needs a little bit of relief. Do you how long have you been podcasting for Miss Thunderstorm. I think it's been two years. We've been doing two years. Yeah, two years.


It's such a great part. I love listening to you guys.


Thank you. Well, I started listening when you guys were originally like full time doing drag race recap. Yes.


Which was so fun because nobody like you. Really. Yeah. Nobody takes the piss out of it more than welcome. And no one's more religious about it than you are. So there's a really good push and pull.


Yeah, sure. How many do you guys you like sort of went off the you kind of go off the rails in terms of like the timeline. Right. Like you don't cover do you. Go on season to go off. We go off.


It says we go go. Do you ever so hard that you have to pop off.


We did.


We flew the chat, we started out and I guess we must have started it in the off season, which now there is no drag race off season.


It's just like but we started out and we started from the very beginning, season one, and we were like going along.


And then like a new season aired while we were doing that.


And we were like I was like, oh man, I wish we could talk about that season.


Right. It's have all these other people are doing podcasts about it I wish we could talk about.


And then we were like, why can't we do it? Like we can do whatever the fuck we want.


So yes. So now when the when the current season comes on, we we switch over and talk about it.


I think that's smart because that's what people are going to remember the most. Yeah, I remember. Are highlights of older seasons. If I was a normal person, of course, you know, like everything about those older seasons, but oh yes, it's like SportsCenter. It is very SportsCenter. Yeah, yeah. And you know what? Do you ever get this, like people commenting about the day, like, oh, too much drag race, like too much oversaturated.


I was like, there are five golf channels, Mary. I used to watch seven seasons of a show. I didn't like to see one gay kiss.


Yeah. What's all. Watch it. Yeah. Don't watch it. I'm going to say it was money exchanged tweeted the other day. She was like, I already feel drag race fatigue or something. And I said, whore, don't watch it tomorrow. But a lot of fans love to do that too. I tried to call her to call her out and she did pick up some money. I am formally challenging is what is what is Martha.


Take it easy. What is the wait? Who is the first caddy? Don't start, Martha. Take it easy, Martha.


Take it easy or take it easy that also that also works. You don't start. But, you know, I know the only time I feel like there's too many is when, you know, when there's one season a year, you do as a viewer get very much more invested. That's true. Versus like I don't have to learn Swedish to watch the you know, but that's like if you only have one meal a day, then it tastes delicious.


That's not, you know what I mean?


Like, you can go to five or six stores or just one. You've got a big story.


It's very true. And and I think that the Drag Race fandom is capable of handling two seasons.


That one, these are people that can take four loads a night. Yeah. Like you can Earl Grey areas.


We're capable, we're told. Yeah. And it's kind of an embarrassment of riches. It's a fun thing to complain about. Maybe that's why people say it.


Oh, I know. Girl, girl.


I love to complain period. Don't you think. Yeah. One hundred percent. Patty Duke. Gay people also love that like representation and then they get it and they hate whatever it is. Oh not that hot though. Yeah.


Oh yeah. Oh yeah. We hate it. Yeah.


So Alaska Thunder fan you were recently featured. I have to, I don't want to put you on the spot or make you feel uncomfortable, but I just want to say your body is just so strange, so weird.


We're did a music video together come in Brazil and there are so many shots of you're like, you know, you're posing in this leopard print dress. Yeah. I just can't really get the the proportions of your body in drag are so. Like crazy, they're like it's like it's like almost grotesque, it's like it's like here's how I feel that you like one of my first rigourous gigs. You remember me, you and Tammy Brown doing New Year's Eve in Portland like six years ago?


I do.


I remember it well. Our dressing room was the hallway, a hallway. Yeah. And I remember watching Alaska, who's obviously such so famous to me at the time, changing out of a suitcase in a dark, wet hallway. And I was like, oh, this is it. This is we're aspiring to. But I had never seen somebody so little pad so big and like I mean, it's a two hour glass. How right. Like how long have you had that Shapin?


Does it change ever?


Well, you know, it's incredible. It's incredible. It's incredible.


I've just sort of always been built this way.


And, you know, I just it's I just eat, you know, eat healthy. And it's just it just the it's just natural, you know?


No, I find that a large ass is comforting to people.


I don't know what like audience wise.


And like I've recently really gotten into Selena and I've been like going and watching her like old performances and like her interviews and everything, but like something about that, sort of like it's your seat is very like grand and like verbose.


It's comforting and physically comforting because you're sitting on.


I was going to keep you ever you won't break your tailbone because you're the padding if you fall. Yeah. Which happened to me. I'm very grateful. Drag queens really could be crash dummies. Yeah, we are like I could be a Jennifer Coolidge stunt double. Have you broken a bone in drag. In drag. No. Have you know have you ever broken any have you ever done a Shangela full femur snapped out of the skin, ever down that fracture.


I don't really do enough to warrant a broken bone. If you if so, I will say if if you, you or I, she does splits. But if you or I broke something I think people go doing.


What do you what exactly do. Oh. Falling off the stage. Yeah. Have you ever taken a great fall up there on the stage. Oh man.


That man it s is there enough for a compilation. I don't know.


Obviously they're all out there but really have you like eating shit like this one has. I mean she really like hands both hands in the air, both hands wiggling. Yeah. The problem with that is that the like you fell into the darkness.


Like when you fall on stage then you can just sort of like stay down there and continue doing your thing. But like, you fell into the orchestra pit, I disappeared. You had no way of recovering.


Both my shoes fell off and it was like a five minute mix and it fell off thirty seconds in. So then people tipped me, grimacing, like, um, you know, hurt. I wasn't hurt. I was I was embarrassed and scared.


But, you know, who else had a great, great fall in drag have obviously the battle of the Seasons one. Oh, yeah, jinx. But the other good when a jinx is her and major scales and she's like, here's to the ladies in drag and she throws out her arm and hits the drink out of Meijers. Oh no, no, no, no. Yes, yes, yes. And then she eats shit and then I love you Jinx.


But she turns on him so fast on that stage, she's like, what, my piano player get out of here before he runs the show. And I'm like, oh my God, yeah. I haven't seen that one.


It got ugly, really. But, you know, what do I get it falling in front of people and she's singing live. Yeah.


It's like getting a I think it was at W5, it looked like W5.


Oh, she said, I'm not going to make a joke out of this. I'm not going to like, laugh it off. I'm going to viciously attack my piano player and blame him because it was his fault.


Yeah. She should have looked at, by the way, I think he was presenting her with the drink like a full drink. Yeah. Which, you know, that's where he crossed the line. Try to help her to keep that woman hydrated there.


So can I ask, when did you know you were beautiful? Oh, yeah. This is called the bottom, the beautiful. We are bald. In your sense. You're not bald.


I know. How dare I have hair.


It's really honestly in twenty twenty. The audacity. How dare. Um. So you agree, so you think you're beautiful, I mean, definitely beautiful. Or when did you start to feel beautiful in or out of drag? Um, no, it's this is I was that Burning Man, and it was the first time I ever went to Burning Man.


Many, many years ago, and I was like. And I went to Burning Man and I was like, I'm going to I'm not going to bring drag. I'm not going to I don't want people to call me Alaska. I just want to, like, exist outside of drag because drag takes over your life. And I was trying to, like, not do that.


Then, of course, as soon as I was there, it was like, OK, let's get into it. Did you bring drag? No, but they just I was staying with comfort and joy, which is the camp, which is like all like fairies then like so drag was just everywhere. They were just like boxes of it. So like I found this brown hair and I used my my my own hair in the front and then added this brown hair to it.


And we ate Molly and we were riding bikes around the place at night. And I stumbled into this this tent that was selling true mirrors.


And a a true mirror is like it's kind of like a shadow box almost. And then there's two mirrors that meet at a perfect angle.


And so it's a reflection of your reflection.


So you're seeing yourself how other people see you.


Oh, gotcha. Gotcha.


So it's a little scary and a little weird. Like when you move to the left, the reflection moves to the right, like, it's really weird.


And I looked in this true mirror and of course, I was on Marlee's. It was really twisted.


And I was like, oh my God, I'm so beautiful.


And I had never, you know, like, I had never really had that thought or that notion tangibly before that moment. I love that wow, Burning Man, of all places. I know, yeah. Do you identify as a burner? No, and I. I love it.


I love the sentiment of it. But like the porta potties I like I could like we I, I went many like many like a few years ago with William and Kourtney and like we had a great time.


But I was like I. I think I just need plumbing like I can. Mary, that is my burning my burning man is like a bathtub, like a hotel bathroom is my burning man. I know. I can't imagine getting in drag, like, without, like, a proper shower and then air conditioners and shit. I'm like, oh, it's rough in it.


And people fucking and sucking pardon my French people fucking and sucking covered in dirt covered in dirt and dust and Mad Max Waterworld pussy duckies.


I can barely put contact lenses in my eye at Burning Man. I can't imagine like getting fucked at Burning Man. I cannot. And they're doing it. But they do that. They do.


A pregnancy scares. I had a pregnancy scare of Burning Man.


No, that's not true. No, thank you for clarifying.


Yeah, I was looking at Christmas specials to watch with my family this week for Christmas, and I was like, let's see what Bunny's up to. And I turned it on for a second and she said, oh, dump. He he came in to my ass pump in my room and then she rubbed her butt hole and smelled it elected. And I was like, maybe we'll do Tammy's holiday sparkle instead of the family. That's the good. Or the family gathering fun but is wild.


Who's your fave drag queens, who made you want to start driving, he finally did come. I feel I need to watch the Lady Bunny one. My favorite drag queens, I mean, Jackie B is definitely up there, Divine is definitely up there.


Well, Jackie invented divine right to say, you know, Jackie is in drag.


You know, Rupal, you know. Of course. Yeah. Wait, how long has it been since you went All Stars? It's been 84 years. It's been 84 years of I think that was sixteen, twenty sixteen.


Would you ever go back to do like another? Yes, you would. Really? Yes, of course.


Would you go back? No. You want to go back? I would now. Yes, you would. Would you. Oh no. I'm taking the money and ride, OK. I got lucky the first time. I would just go. I'd like to go have a. Yeah. Yeah. Well I will say it's more fun like celebrity drag race and Christmas holiday. Spectacular going and not competing is very fun. Yeah. And I guess if you're smart.


You can just get into it and compete well by not thinking too much about it. Yeah, I would just pretend it was a spectacle. Exactly. It's All Stars. Twenty six or whatever it I'm like, you know, you guys should go back.


That's what. Let's take a break and we'll talk more about it.


OK, I got it.


I got news for you. Something you might not know anything about. What. Sixty six percent of men start to lose hair by thirty five as somebody who started to be full bald at basically 16.


Yeah, but you got to say that you remember being a high schooler, looking in the mirror and being like this is going to be a problem for me.


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They're that mean they're borderline shy while they're Pinella.


Now what's their documentary about your cats. Yeah they're huge Tiger but they're long and the short of it is they take huge nasty dump stink bombs. I mean, I listen, I'm a cat and dog person. I love everyone equally in love in cat smells can be they're diabolical, out of control. They're diabolical, they're diabolical. They get into the fabric of your clothes, everything from cleaning up that smell to covering up that smell. It's a constant battle.


Yeah. There's a reason drag queens use cat piss to sabotage other drag queens.


My setting powder is pretty litter, pretty little pretty litter.


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Stephanie, Karen Calice class.


Yeah. Jadallah Boobage. Pooja Pooja Kujo. Kujo Janiro. Yeah. Even finally Billy. Bobby Brown. Well I should have known with all these cats climbing all over my legs, they're all over you and you can't small thing can you.


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Balde, we're looking at you, Yujin. And we're back talking with the confirmed cast of All Stars. Forty seven series confirm. We should go back. We should go back as like different with pseudonyms. Definitely personas entirely. Yeah, I would do I would do. Sigourney Weaver, a bumpy boy.


Bumpy Bullock Baby Bull. Yeah, yeah. That's up there with Brisby. Jenkins, she. Sasha, wait a minute. Who second only fans are hurt her Twitter. Yeah. Twitter is Sharbel from season seven of Repulse Drag Race.


Do I I do you think. I don't know.


Do you think I don't follow Sasha XXL on Twitter.


You can crack the code all over her Twitter. She's looking really incredible. So good. Looks good. She's so hot I would fuck her. So she's doing it right. She's like, I'm going to, I'm going to do only fans and give the children something that they truly will first take out. Yeah. Ass out like it's incredible for the fabulous Jenkins'.


Yeah. And did you know her original dragon was Presby? I didn't know.


I just always like seeing things so good.


Oh hold on. Sorry I. Oh I guess I can't go off. I was going to bring up my drag my drag name file. Hold on. Can you still hear me.


Yeah. I would love to hear your name finally caught.


I mean they're all mostly horrible but ok that's ok. I love good drug news. Oh. And I also put jokes in here. She did get a standing ovation. She got a leg down on a race.


Whatever. Whatever happened to Baby Jane way? What about the baby white baby Janeway, like Captain Janeway from whatever, OK, they're not good to teenage.


Sorry, we don't know what that Teenage Mutant Tina Turner is OK is finding that is really very. That's good of you and Tina Turner. Roxy thought of one. We thought of one. Once party turned her party turned to party. Turner. Oh, I think party is a good name. Ah, Eartha KITT. Not stab at. Eartha Collette, Barney Cunt. Oh, that's a nice body. The such a commitment to have some of these really profane names, I guess you would know, huh?


Yeah. Do you ever I mean, I'm sure you have to, like, kind of adjust or not really. Do you have to adjust your name for marketing purposes?


It's very it's it's like those memes where it's like, this is me on LinkedIn. This is me on Facebook. It's like on Twitter.


I'm Alaska Thunder. Fuck on Facebook. I'm Alaska. Five thousand of a and then there's like Alaska Thunder fun. There's just Alaska.


There's like you get on on parler. You're Beth Hansen, right. Yeah. Parler isn't parler like the Republican Facebook. Yeah. Oh. Beth Hansen from Joliet, Illinois.


Should we join Parler. I have thought about what? About a mass. What's the what's the opposite of Exodus where we all show up somewhere crashing. Yeah. A mass infiltration of Parler, a bunch of the cross dressers. Like we should turn that into our like our thing, our drag, my space. Yeah, I yeah.


But you know what though? Why can't we just hang out.


I just want to hang out. I just want to hang out and have coffee. Oh I so you did you guys want to talk about come in Brazil. I want you because I'm telling you I'm not over this body thing like you have the body. The body is incredible because you have this waist that's like it's so thin. Yeah. You have very broad shoulders like you. You're not a petite little wisp of a thing. You're quite tall. No, I'm a giant.


Yeah. You have like the supermodel body in the I mean, it is wild, but it's so wild.


That's what Jolie says is them shoulders need to match them hips. And I learned yeah. I learned that in like art classes, like women typically have their shoulders in their hips match in proportion. So like actually how I have to kind of pad wide because I do have broad shoulders.


So in order to just like balance the whole picture, she doesn't need to, like, have a wide set, especially since you show your arms all the time.


Yeah. Arms and shoulders. You give really good arm and shoulder. That's so nice. I mean, I hate showing my arms. It makes me uncomfortable, but the ventilation is it must be so amazing. And you have great skin do you. Ten.


Yes. Every day. Fantastic. I end like it's winter right now, so I have like one sliver of light along the side of my house from the from the moment of 11 to 11, 30. So that's that's my that's my town.


What do you beauty wise, what is like what is the Alaska Thunder fan 5000 regimen? What does it consist of like on the face area. Wash your face with soap, I know. Do you know William uses bar soap on her face? That track's not surprising that it's not surprising. That's wild to me.


I use like a thing that my I have a facial guy and Internet integrity. Skin care. I do you like.


Have you gotten the vampire facials and all that stuff?


No, but I have a facial guy like when the world used to be like a thing I used when I was in San Francisco, I would get facials from integrity, skin care. My friend Brandon works there and he does really great stuff. And he does like the. Have you ever had your nostrils waxed?


Oh, we did it in beauty school. It's pretty crazy. What is the what is it? It's hellebores. He puts hot wax on a little stick like a popsicle stick and puts it in your nose, lets it set, and then yanks it out and it pulls out every like 40 hair, single last hair. And then he shows it to you and it's like a little cactus.


Oh, it's crazy, but wait, isn't it like don't you have to watch out for ingrown hairs inside the nose with the waxing? Have you ever heard about that now?


Oh, it's pretty sick when they do it. I've never had it done to me. It looks like it hurts so bad. It just it's probably just so quick. Yeah.


It just feels like a sneeze.


It's fear that would make your eyes cry for sure. Yes, it's amazing. I want the the ear thing, you know what I mean?


They do that thing. They let it. What do they do in the ear carefully. Yeah. Sis wants to do ear candling your candlepin. She's going to do a DIY.


Shows me a birthday. Candles that never ear being like this isn't the same. Stick a candle in my ear. Have you ever done that. I don't. Isn't there Stan. Did you do that or did you do that on your only fans.


And that's just not a friendly Jenkins. I can't believe we going to have Frisbee Jenkins over here. I would love to see up on the pod to talk about transitioning from a drag queen to it to a buckyball hunk of a like girl. I'm not going say daddy because he's younger than me, but yeah, I know. Buckyball hunk of a man. Good job. Yeah, I got Buster Jumper in the back.


Yeah. She's I mean if we're being Sister Dick make you sick. But she's a beautiful dick. Oh yes. She does have, she has a great dick. Yeah. It's so weird to be like I would fuck her but I would but I read it. I mean and why. I mean I would and I she's so attractive. I'm not assuming that she would want to fuck me, but we're just we're not assuming put down if you're listening briefly reach out.


I'm prepared to fuck you. Oh my God. Oh, my God. You know who else is podcast? I like if we're talking about the girls with pods, Mr. Roger and Delta, Roger and Delta. So good. Roger talking about tick tock. Roger said I don't want to kick a shoe and change my outfit. I like the outfit I have. I love that. And then that show so much like God forbid, fashion, but doesn't take an online like return.


Delta is like we got an episode, you've got a whole episode fashion. Your fashion comes from my blog.


I love listening to Roger talk. It is so great. I mean, she will literally like yeah. She will drive through like altercation will will set her off set her set. Yeah. It's the best. Yeah.


She's, she's amazing and she can like she could say one word and it can be like she can be like hello.


And her level of sarcasm is so varied and layered she can just say a single word and you're like oh my God, that's hilarious fears. And I also feel read and I also just am living.


She acknowledged me but also I feel bad. Yeah, I love that she's oh she's making fun of me too. My thing right now. Yeah. I love her. She has that, I mean that brittle like layers of dry. Did I read.


Absolutely. I absolutely did. I read absolutely. I have these on our little rattles. Like to say sorry to ourselves. My new one is malicious gay faggotry. Yeah. Oh you just apply to anything that would be nice.


Faggotry in motion is going to be Lolas Lola's first Dalva Faggotry in motion and motion. How many albums of drag music have you produced to date? Oh, my gosh. Well, we are quizzing you.


I don't know, I just music say in general, there's three solo albums and then Jeremy and I did an album and then I did the album with the triple eight girls.


So that's like, oh, you did a high. We said, yeah, OK, you have the best. I mean, it is fantastic. It's so good, so good. And it's funny because like so I'm on my EP. It was, you know, featuring Trixie, Mattel. You did one sentence and then featuring Alaska and you sang the song. Yeah. So thank you for that. All the comments like I can't believe she has a feature.


And she said one line from Silence of the Lambs. You like it, but yeah. So good. Music is so good. And all your videos, some of them are five plus years old. They look like they were made yesterday.


Like they're just they're amazing. God, can I ask I mean, I know it's old to you. Probably the video for your makeup is terrible. Is so good in the video for This is my hair is so amazing. Yeah. Just your videos are so great. There was a horse in that wasn't there.


There was. We got a fucking horse so wild.


Oh we were in the video. We were in the video for the tea. Yeah. I remember the continuous shot that tracking shot. What a production. That one shot. It was wild.


Thank you for being in.


That was I flew from Provincetown to come in and do. Oh I'm in it for two seconds doing this. Yeah. Yeah. And I felt so included and I mean for being gosh. Alaska also. You paid everyone. Yeah. That was very neat. Everyone's very, very nice. Yeah. The girls paying the girls in this economy. Well these were different times. We all had jobs today. Would she pay us. I don't know. She'd be like I definitely know that was such a fun little shoot.


It was like in that little warehouse kind of space.


I want to do more music videos like. Do you like making music videos? No, I don't either.


It's you Alaska video. I like it's having music videos. Yeah, I like having them. It is them. Yes. I wish making them felt like watching them at the end because it is what you want and you watch it. You feel like that girl when you're making it, you're like I'm an hour in and I already sweat it off everything. Yeah. Although I can't shoot the cum in Brazil. Shoot was really like pretty leisurely don't you think.


There's that spread out over two days and. Yes. Which is that. Yes.


Which is always but like it was leisurely for me.


Girl you were the I mean you had fucking prosthetics glued on your face.


Oh but that's, that's fun though. You just sit there. She did you. They were pumping liquid. I thought that was they were they were pumping liquid into the prosthetic on your pumped heart.


Honey, honey, pump it like a trumpet. Oh my God.


Somebody commented on it. I said this bit comedy video with Michael Henry and somebody there's like a few comments that are like, well, Miss Trixie's getting fully pumped and tucked. I guess it works. I haven't had any they talk.


They think my face looks like I got a bunch of work done while I was like, oh, all right. The new getting work done is getting nothing done, insisting that you just got a little just leave them guessing because you did nothing and you like it. Just get a little would you go would you get the full Yank. Would you get that they snatched up twenty years from now. The full Yank.


No, I'm going to do it early. I'm going to do it like a forty. I think I'm going to get like a lower facelift because they say, like for men, it's better to do it early and then it just sort of sits in the right place as you get older.


So, yeah, get the full Renee Zellweger, get an identity theft, unrecognizable face ID on my phone.


Does it recognize me?


A hundred percent and then a tiny little like a nose job to make your nose like just tiny. I'm like barely there. Yeah. I like when the work is you haven't improved the person's looks, they just have changed into a new human right. So they're not pretty or you're younger, just different. It's not a real move. It's a lateral. It's I, I'm on the run. Well, Kristen Wiig, I feel like just I don't want to say.


Oh why not. You said it. I know. So Kristen Wiig apparently had some kind of thing done and she went to the dentist. That's what I thought. I said it's veneers. No, I'm just making a joke. Going to the dentist in Hollywood means you've got to say snatched on her way. Think of is like, OK, she got veneers. But I don't know. I'm not I'm not good with, like, pinpointing, you know, I didn't think she looked at stuff.


First of all, she's so beautiful and I didn't think she looked quote unquote better. I just thought she looked different. Like lateral move. Yeah. And also at forty six or seven. Like what. I mean but you know what we've talked about in this show before with all kinds of surgeries. You get what you want out of it, you better work exactly, yeah, I mean, if she's happy with that grade, but if those Wonderwoman people put her up to it, I hope they should.


Her gal Gal Gadot Gal Gaddi I blame. How weird is it that gal? Her most famous role is woman Wonder Woman, but Wonder Woman is so funny, I know, but her name is Gál. Oh my God. Oh, weird.


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Green chef's the number one meal kit for eating well.


And we are back with the bald and the beautiful with our guest Alaska Thunder Fund.


Five million I wish to use like the pinnacle of glamour, beauty, female feminine beauty. Who's the one to you who is just levitating to you with beauty?


I love Raquel Welch and in Myra Breckinridge, girl girl.


That will be made literally no sense. But the look right. The face the 60s look. Oh my God. And may well watch it. It was so weird.


Like literally just watch the Mae West parts. You don't need the rest of the movie, just the Mae West.


Did you understand that movie. I was made to feel uneducated and dumb it by the the plot.


It doesn't fit in with modern day standards of decency. As far as like the plot of the story, it's like this, this, like this. It's like about this like gay guy who who just gets a sex change in order to, like, get revenge on the people who like who who tortured him as a young person.


And so it's like that doesn't really work with like that is the messaging is a little off.


Yeah. Yeah.


But Mae West is in it and she's it's like one of her last movies and she's like eighty and like still like fucking roomfuls of man and like.


Yeah. And and Raquel Welch, her face and the hair, the hair, the hair, the body, the clothes.


And when somebody makes me want to have brown hair they are beautiful.


Oh I know. I never covid brown hair unless it's like a Lisa Marie Presley for like a Lauren girl. Yes.


One of these days, one of these days we're all going to go Burnett and I just know I know we're all going to go Burnett. Let's do it one day. I cannot print that bitch. Never one of these days.


Someday when we do a shop for shot remake of Practical Magic, we are going to have to do red hair and Burnett. Yeah. Wait a minute. Nicole Kidman, though. I feel like I think you're Nicole. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Have you ever been a redhead. Oh yeah. I like red. You do like do you like red hair.


I understand that it is beautiful and I do see it in the video. She wore red hair in people. It just makes sense. Imagine another color on jenckes.


Yeah. I could imagine her as the brunette. Yeah. Ah. Like when Ginger's, when ginger does brown hair. I'm fine with it but Ginger mentioned red is like oh that's your hair color. Right. For sure. Because it's growing out of your head. Yes, exactly. Oh I'm with her face. Merrimack. Oh, yeah, red, red, red, total red hair. I understand that it's beautiful. So, like, I, I get it.


But I'm also like I know the Alaska ultimately has blonde hair and dark eyes.


Yeah. That's just who she is. Yeah, do you like wearing dark lips? No, and I I have a hard time with the dark white, dark lips o dark lips. I understand that it's beautiful but I do not, but I don't like I don't care. It's got to be a dark eye. It's got to be a light lip. It's got to like that's just how it is that light live.


I feel this. I think I wear a heavier eye as well.


I do. I do. Do I feel because I feel because I wear such heavy eyes, it's hard for me to put on it, even though like a red lip sometimes and feel like whoa, I love heavy eyes and heavy lips. But you KTXA pointed out something to me like in those big stages, though, the nudes don't read like even with the dark line of the nudes don't really read like on a theatrical setting. Yeah. Unless you're doing like unplugged or whatever.


Unless I'm doing like a dark brown liner with like a glitter nude lip. I know that it doesn't really read.


Yeah, that's why I just get pumped up. And you had thin villainous lips on your season.


Well, I don't I think I think people's Facebook. No, I think doing this I think people's perception of beauty has changed.


And maybe that's why people say that I have had my lips done.


But, you know, honestly, I.


I think really the world has changed. And so people see me differently.


I think your eyes have shrunk and everything looks bigger. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, you're ten now, so of course the lips look bigger. Yeah. This one got change.


And, you know, I've grown into my face a little bit and yeah, that's what happened to my teeth, to people's perceptions. Just change. Yeah. Yeah. This one got lips right before the Red Scare campaign and you can tell her nothing. Mary, I love it. I love to do. I'm going to get warm again. Yes, absolutely. Ready for you. I'm ready.


I mean it's it's very subtle and that's.


Yeah it's but it's funny though because I look back at pictures before and I'm like, no lips. That person has no lips and I fully have lips. It's just lips. Who this. It's a little crazy, I think, because I draw mine on so big, it's never even crossed my mind because who cares would be ridiculous, but oh well can I ask another a good question.


I get why you ask a good question. Why, yes. We love drag. We love other drag queens. What drag queens out there, their personal style, their look where you like. I'm going to walk a day in that. Who do you covet? Whose closet would you read? Oh my gosh.


I mean, how nice would it be to just be violet tchotchke for like a day?


Yeah, we just had her as a guest and her life philosophies were very inspiring. Yeah. Yeah. I would love to look like her, but I would not love to wear the clothes, you know. You mean like I wouldn't have to I wouldn't want to do what it takes to look that crazy because it's just too painful, painful and sickening and always never the same, always different reference.


Currency club bus, no sleep. And I say again, in case you didn't hear me, clock another club at the club.


Yeah. And I say again.


I just saw me and it was like me when Corona's over club another Clarkie.


I am so ready to go to like precinct and watch a drag queen and get get a little blast and it's going to be the roaring 20s.


It I was just told it's going to be Great Gatsby again. It's going to be up, it's going to be queer as folk like the 90s nightlife. I'm going to wear a tank, top fishnet tank, top nipple ring. I'm going to do like gay can get like frosted tips on how you frosted tip of bald head. But I'm doing it. Yeah, we're doing. Oh my God. It's going to be really good. Yeah, I like that.


We're all going to go out every night for like a month.


And we're we're not just going to work clothes. It's going to be turning looks because we have so much pent up, you know, every night glamour.


I haven't nutted in nine months. Oh, my gosh. Yeah, Violet's pretty much who else besides Violet, who's the one who's the one you could probably fit Rupal gowns, honestly.


Yeah, I know. I want to steal one. So which one do you want? Like, you know, they display them at Dragone and we're always we always have access to Dragun like when they're loading and unloading our pitch.


I could fucking I could steal one of those garments and it would fit me and I would wear it.




But if you stole it and then it went missing and then they saw you in it, would you want this be like your swansong this does it make you want to go to prison and you're just like my last day it would be a great press kit and you return it.


Yeah. A cat burglar. And even though you could just grab it at drag, I want you to Mission Impossible like this and you install lasers to put the glass around it just to cut a hole in it. Catherine Zeta Jones. Yeah, entrapment in you wear the same silhouette.


I used to get costume from Dallas who makes a lot of your costumes, and she said that your silhouette is Marge Simpson.


Oh, strapless. It's Mike Simpson with tall hair. Totally always said, that's funny. You're the Marge Simpson of drag. And I'm here to show people I still got it.


Please, Marge Simpson.


I mean, I'm obsessed with your silhouette that like strapless, like skin tight, tight body, tons of curves that tiny, tiny, tiny little waist. I loved your look from the finale of Are the All Stars reunion, wasn't it? The bugs. The bugs. Yeah. So great. And then you were partially burned. Did you call it your Galaxy Note? My, my. That's like my Samsung fix that exploded. Yeah, that's amazing.


Yeah. What a fun reunion. Now I was actually it was a little boring. Can we just talk about boring. I know it was a long time for you guys a go but but all stars too was just the fucking best season of television on the planet. I think it's the best. He's in a drag race ever. It really do. What do you think?


I have not gone back and re watched it so I don't know. But I will when the podcast gets to I don't know.


Your contributions to it are very good. Your big reason why it's great. Yeah. It was exciting.


The cast was really, really amazing. It was like we had, we had all these great seasons of Drag Race.


Oh work we are, we had all these great seasons of drag race in a row.


And then it was just like all the best queens from those seasons all in one place. It was it was great timing. We didn't know if All Stars was ever going to happen again. And then it did.


And the first time that existed. First time the format existed. Yeah, the twists. Yeah, that was right when they pulled that out.


Absolutely. I mean I actually naively thought stupidly I was like, oh, we're just going to get like it's going to hang out. No, seriously, I was like we're all be here till the end. We'll get points. We're going to have old country. But I'm watch and like, you'll get a marble for each win. And then at the end of the season, you count your marbles and you get like some money or whatever.


Oh, we literally all thought that, yeah, nothing could be further from the truth. So you guys both really smoked them? No, I mean, she really smoked she really came in there like like she was clear in the Amazon rainforest, just like a bulldozer. You did great.


We were together the night you won. There was not the most magical night.


Yeah, it was. It was cool. It was at the precinct in L.A., which you couldn't really ask for a better. I won at Roscoe's, which was also equally magical.


Confetti rained from the ceiling and confetti rained from the ceiling. And I was like, I couldn't believe it. And T Rex said, yeah, it was for when you lost, but we don't want to waste it.


Oh, my God. It was so magical when you won and then you had that tall, tall wig on and Marginson Marge Simpson and we had to love we had to get that tiara thing. Oh, drop it over the hair. She's like putting on a condom like a scud missile. That's so it was really magical. Yeah. How would you describe your this is kind of a dumb question, but like how would you describe your personal style in drag and do you have time for style and glamour out like when the drag is off like your boy self.


Does that ever get any like. I am. I'm the type of person that could eat like who could eat the same thing for dinner every night, and I could literally us too. Yeah, absolutely.


I could also wear the same thing and drag for always I.


I always feel the most comfortable when it's black plastic and I have blonde hair and I have dark eyes and a nude lip and like that, that's just I feel the most comfortable in that.


I could wear it every single fucking day and I do wear it very often.


Yeah. I don't know if you're like me too, but I'll change one thing and I'll be like, I can't believe I transformed on this day because you look exactly the same. Yeah, yeah. From egg eggplant to beis aubergine. Right. Like I can't believe you've done it again. Taking risks. Oh my God. Uniforms though. Like in real life in and I love uniforms. Yeah.


Do you think it's because we've talked about this. I think it's because the drag queens I like wanted to be like they looked the same all the time. So I think I always wanted to look I want to be like a cartoon. Same outfit every day. Yeah. Superhero, an action figure, whatever. Yeah. Recognizable also when there's so many these days. Yeah. I think if you're a Kimche or a and you're so good at being a chameleon.


Right. I think it's an uphill battle with people recognizing you unless you're like a television star, you know, because you could look different every time. Right. Yeah, Jessica Rabbit wears the same hook dress every night, so girl, she's about to do what she's about to do. She's about to show other girls should have did an out of drag. I don't know if you try, but I think you look really nice. Yeah. You do look really like put together on clean, concise, consistent.


I wear the same thing every day.


I, I feel most comfortable in a black tank top and like pants presentation.


Clean, clean, polished, clean, clean. Let me ask you this as a man, will you wear a thong? Do you think thongs are sexy on men? I would wear it like for a gimmick.


I don't I wouldn't wear it like as my daily underwear because I would just ruin it and it would just be covered in shit by the end of the day. Yeah.


To ask them to wear a thong would be to ask her to control her bowels. And that's just something that's on the table.


But it just isn't going to work out or ever not going to work.


Thongs are making a comeback. I'm just letting you know I'm aware that I want that man to be able to floss before he eats. Do you like lace panties on, man? I would fuck with this guy in a penny. I don't think I would wear it, but I think it's kind of cute when other people. I wouldn't say, but if I thought, I'd be like, oh, yeah, yeah, I love that.


Because anything that's like feminizing the masculine male is like a plus, especially if he has a big can bittleman like he wants to get all like shaggy like kind of muscly and hairy with like a lace underwear.


It's very like I love that ding dong. Ding ding ding dong.


We're looking for symmetry. We're looking for precision.


Girl have you watched. We did an episode of obviously go up on our Netflix show and I'm so haunted by that final challenge with the lashes, with the balls on them. Oh God. We were just when it comes to buying lashes, if you see feathers, if you see tits, the lashes, if you see little shapes, black them down just black last year. Yeah. That's that. Don't try to. And why is it the first time any of us get in drag.


We want like pink lashes. I that would be why do we always make like blue lasha. Pink feather, orange blue. It's so I don't know.


We all thought that was the Vertica like this is baby this is sort of pink party page with like Blue Feather like.


She's like, y'all can't take it now, is I take it we're at a Rocky Horror in 2006 and y'all can take it to the pageant tonight, but I'm getting a crown. I'm winning.


Oh, there's so got it.


That's what's fun about drag, though. From the second you start, you're so bad, but you feel it. Yeah. You don't have to get good feeling. You know, you don't. Because oftentimes, you know, people never get good. Oh, five years in ballet. I never felt it. I was like, I'm not good at this versus like drag. You can be bad and be like, oh, right. When I'm the only woman in the world right now.


Yeah, yeah.


It's a feeling. It's in essence, Maryland has in essence.


Can I have sort of an abstract. I we're keeping you a while, but I have a question about your music. OK, how did you invent this. I mean, I'm not saying inventing a bitch track or like a talk over music, but how did you invent this style of music for yourself? Because it really is so fun to listen to. And even in a club environment, we are screaming and talking. It's just like so easy to warm up to, even if you've never heard it, right?


I mean, I don't know. It's stolen. I didn't I didn't invent it. It's very like Jackie invented it. Right. It's very like like Jimmy James.


Like just stolen from that.


Oh, it's fashionista, right. You got to have a look at my life. Yeah. I don't know that one. No one ugly, lousy fashion. Neistat I mean it's it's like hi. Did you ever have that as your preshow music at a drag show.


Oh yeah girl it played in every club and I was like, I want to do a song like that. So I did high and it was like, this is that is such a good preshow.


This is the song you hear at the beginning of the drag show.


You know, get ready to tip right is a tip these men. Yeah, yeah. Tell us. We look right. It's a great song. Perfect preshow overture. Girl, you've done it again.


Also the drag song that really you can't go to a drag show anywhere without hearing it is Working Girl by Shangela.


Oh, excellent, excellent such. It's the perfect drag song. You know what song I absolutely love, though, pump with me by Sahad, how do you know? Really good. It's really good.


The melody is really, really lovely and it's a it's a great tune. I listened to it yesterday. It's like randomly. It's a really good song. Maybe we should we should work it into one of our shows. It's really good. Please. It's really, really good.


She's amazing. Yeah, fantastic. I just love you, I love you, I just love you. I saw you last New Year's Eve at the Globe Theatre. You were like one of the last drag shows I saw, probably.


And I appreciate you very much that night, because you were the only person in the first thing you said to me was, you look really pretty tonight, but you were the only person who told me I look really pretty that night. And I was in such a I was so stressed out. I was in such a mood.


And you really, like you really elevated my mood.


I don't know if you were just being polite or was good, but you looked great.


Really takes it really is very nice. That's why I like whenever I go to a drag show, like I always I always tell drag queens they look amazing because sometimes it bears repeating, like, you know.


Yeah, that's very it was what I needed, like midnight on New Year's, which was I didn't know was about to be the worst. Was that last year's New Year's with your backup dancers and your matching outfits? Do it. This is my hair. Like thousands of people. I was like, this is New Year's bitch and is probably the first New Year's. I haven't worked because my boyfriend was like, don't work this New Year's and we got to see you.


And it was so lovely.


And now we're going to be doing New Year's this year. Oh, yeah, that's next. Right. By the time this comes out, we'll have already done it. Yeah. Twenty twenty one. So based on what we say, you're welcome. Or we apologize.


We're sorry. Sorry. Yeah. Oh my guys.


Well thank you. Thank you so much for joining us Miss Thunder. Fun if anybody wants to follow you where we're can they find, um.


On on Instagram, it's at the only Alaska five thousand because somebody stole Alaska thunder fuck and Alaska girl, don't even get me started.


I hate people. I had to be Trixie Mattel eight on Tic-Tac for the longest time. You're the eighth while. Which means seven people told me six to eight.


Did you table each while one take it to Mattel. Oh I see three. You know, you're famous when you have to be the only Trixie, Mattel, old lady Trixie.


Mattel ate at large. Thank you both so much.


It was great talking with you. Merry Christmas.


And to you. And so. And so with you. Good bye bye.