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Oh my God, welcome back to another lovely episode of The Fault in the beautiful. I am fixing to tell I couldn't agree more Surfers heterosexual cast. I am I do not believe in labels and I don't see that. I don't do that, but I believe, so I would act or a straight person is just someone who hasn't seen the prom yet.


Actually, I watch the parade turn you straight or gay but I said no. I don't want that.


We have previous technical difficulties grown in with Works through that has testicular. You're probably the first isn't the first homosexual person we can assume I think so, I don't think so. I'm like, I'm like a gold-plated. Yes. Is that what they call it backwards do a diamond in the rough your Pearls Before Swine or whatever it is that Jamie Kennedy everybody.


Thank you for having me.


I'm really good ass just opened this up cuz I still come in a white and a white outfits over for you. Drop your in your semi new to the podcasting World yourself tonight.


I started in 2017 and I did a little bit. I just look it up Podcast you ever like. I don't know. Sometimes I between the various forms of social media and then the podcast another like in especially because we often do forms of media that basically just show ourselves not characters failure acting and go live in a Hut in like Siberia Siberia.


Definitely do not try. Meyers somewhere down there. It's like overwhelming the event anyone explain explain to me. What in the cuz I got invited by my friend in Spain to drink called Houston describe what it was and I was like that sounds like a horrible nightmare. What is it?.


And basically I didn't get invited by like 4 something and all the sudden you have people are watching so you're on stage and maybe one other person and then she made say something to you hours and they stay there.


I like sounds like a cancellation.


I mean.


Oh my God, I need that sounds like someone who sounds like a like a tabloid, you know reporters. Like how can we how can we leverage on people's narcissism into like a Surefire way to get them by to stay shut that they won't need any more hours of the Rice Lake.


Every day every now and will be purchased at 3 a.m. And music about it's all God. I could visit something I would do if I'm alone and I'm in a bit of mania I would get on like I'm going to give a lecture on physics.


I never took a physics class of my life, but it just stream-of-conscious be on a bender. Like how about to let these children have it?.


Before you know it. I'm like, that's really frightening. That's what is popular.


Army drunk ranting about my family.


Do an Andrews in the valley the next so now it's everyone in LA.


El cuerpo en Blanco on it and I think it's just normal. You can't hit your first like big few hits when you were at an age where now to be that age and like be famous. You have to be plugged into every platform whole time. Yeah, or they're not interested until like Breakthrough and not have Instagram. Now how many followers had a black Priscilla recently?.


We propose a girl.




Which is great, you know, cuz everybody deserves a boy's body can be creative and has a lot of great stuff coming out of the new forms of distribution. You let you know I'm always be at the video camera. So that was a big thing in the 90s, but you can like get the tape. It's all rap. Like he's keeping Staffing not disappearing and honestly, like people now have to start doing stand-up constantly, like knowing that that moment could live forever, I guess out of context and I get before it was not the case.


But now we have to do is we can't even count on like.


Shows being not pirated like stand up being pirated II you think of something brand new set your trying out somebody takes it and put it out there and it's like.


Ohshc, it's yeah, there's no gym anymore. Unless you like shut down cameras. And yeah, I know it's going to be a lot of parallel thinking and then there's going to be.


Is there was a time where you would be like, you know, but let's try to do this person overseeing bench. It's a wrap and I work in an industry. Everybody has a tan Alter Ego. We have fake personality. I have to ask you about a certain Marty powers powers.


Play I know it was basically like you I was starting out. I was very provoking. I was not too far from the seventh Veil and so it was like we would go and we were selling toner as well. It depends how you really.


Play so I had to basically call because that's how we people sell. They would find who's in the office. So I might be how are you I'm here at the Alerus Yvette number to our salesperson.


I would call a lot of places do it myself basically right? Are you was looking yourself when you would say.


Name five people in your industry. Okay and look at five traits that are so I would look around at people that were very successful getting Powers was your fake agent. Basically Marty power was a character that I did and basically in a nutshell it was try to do it.


I had a kid here. Oh my God, I want to shut up turn off the music for Marty out and you gum, you know, you say, you know call byakko my office or whatever you're into them and I sold myself and I was touring the same time. So I'll be gone for weeks and then the email to start to roll down like where's my shirt? And I had to pick up Steve in for my merchandise.


And then if they were really mad, I would chime in for my real email and personally apologize in the day like it's okay. I'm such a fan.


Do you want us to break you and if so, then you don't have a credit. So, how do you get a credit without a credit Mary now? I mean, I want talk about editions because I went like I've only had a few auditions for like almost I think every single one of them was actually terrifying horribly. Like I just I mean it was so bad so bad. I can be in the best circumstances. I can make a pretty decently well, but like what was the worst audition experience you've ever had?.


Go for it, like clueless, which is my all-time favorite movie Titanic. Of course, is there anything that you were like, I would have fucking nailed that.


You're saying outside their house.


I'm getting.


You know, I really did it movie called Saving Silverman huge movie breakthrough from any screen likes the movie, you know, so the director Michael Keaton was at the table. I think some of the actors that were in the movie War there and some of the actors weren't there and I was.


Angela movie that was really up for that. You would know that I didn't get a great schedule Troy. You know, I thought I had the same type of chest. I mean, yeah. Yeah, that's kind of I tried out for Rose McGowan.


6 neurotic mark.


Woman number to I would have been I would have been a great. I know me and she'll girls I have the same body. Give us a body have exactly the same as you like the movie Showgirls Jamie, It's a beautiful piece of pop art right? I think I was just talking to one of the actor who was in it.


He's what which one is it? I mean can I say it?.


Show me literally he and as of that movie is one of the movies that Randy quotes. He said, you know, I don't know what time I feel Gina Gershon new drink coming. She knew what was happening. Do you think other people did not like Elizabeth Berkley, you know, there was a lot of like there was a realization on her part of like, oh, I know what what kind of movie We're making here.


Elizabeth Berkley just went for it and then it was pant but it is one of the most watchable movies I've ever heard of hope everything is yeah, it's over the top in your face. I love it.


There's only one thing I enjoy more than surfing the net and that's creating a very own website of my own for other people to peruse on the information superhighway. How do I do it? How do I get a who's that a helpme? Well, let me tell you it's Squarespace. That's right Squarespace empowers millions of dreamers makers and doers by providing them with the tools. They need to bring that creative ideas to write on Squarespace is dynamic all-in-one platform customers can build a website play my domain salon and all-in-one is the Squarespace experience whether it's domains websites online stores marketing tools are analytics.


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I have to see when I first saw that movie. I didn't know the people bought was bad. I was like, oh that was thales cool movie. But I understand that gay people might I have a proclivity for the over-the-top keep your stuff in it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah for a long time. I like the movie I'm staying some of the reviews might have been a little harsher when I think it's coming around it was begging it was called wild over-the-top also made a she is so fucking hot in that movie full makeup with like, I mean, her body is insane.


Who sings Back in the pool so crazy dog food and is like being erotica Lake moment in Vegas time of dog food raw. Where is darling? I know that mall has a gun show in it.


It's called the ticket isn't Like An Egyptian themed that mall a lot. I love Vegas Play. I'm All About It work out and play golf and I love the strip to I'm All About Popeye like a worldwide players hitting it is like what kind of food it is?.


Vip card from every type of food. It's really Fierce. I mean, I did go. I the first time I went to Vegas I cried at The Fountains of Bellagio.


Cuz they told you no swimming.


Do you say nothing of the water? They lose their breakfast playing in a crush. I have a question for you Jamie that I'm kind of asking all the comedian was going to happen. We all go back to the stage. Like do you remember your stats at all?.


Yeah, I mean comments about the different experience out there with people in their cars and stuff.


Headlights it is different. Nothing like the human interaction. I can't remember how many people really do much more like is it feels like they would probably be the last like Marva grateful element not Hansen macrops less hecklers, when's things come back to Lakes normal or whatever? Yeah, that's enough to worry about.


Cars out there if they say they don't like they'll just put it in drive and take you out Great Salt Lake the first and I realize the first place I thought I just told you there's people bear. Oh my God, you could do like a cemetery set people just perched on individual braids Stones movies in the cemetery, right? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.


I have to go because my regularly there I'm swear. I mean if you're going to sit in the most movies Michelle ghost from Scream very well water slides at Enterprise Enterprises.


And it's a better deal on that way. I'm trying to figure out that it is. Okay. I was ubering so much and I was out of town and I was like I need a car in so I don't know if you want to wait. Let me see if I have a car and I don't use it.


Do you lose it? It's not like it doesn't like atrophied at the salary of the same way a person's muscles would it they were bed rated? Right? Like I'm not have to go wash the stores that I know but like I know that if I left it alone for 10 years something bad would probably happen. Maybe I know you drive a car off the lot. I know when you did scream. Did you buy yourself like a retro Porsche or something is.


I've had my first big purchase I went and I bought myself in my other was like 18.


And so I went and I bought a BMW.


And it was like they used a party Bar, Hollywood.


Bmw what is wrong with the weather good or bad? I want my mama house this year. She was in my mom.


My mom rents a trailer in the country. I bought her a $250,000 4 bedroom home in Milwaukee at six podcast money in the country. I bring her there she goes and look bigger in pictures.


You want to move back to the trailer? Mom 74 Kia from here?.


Play she was a cheap like I don't have good knees, It supposed to get down to the daytime. Like I'm sorry your house has so many floors. I'm over here in my 1,200 sqft, you know Hollywood Pad, but anyway, mom's never give you what you want. But I will say I read it on screen 2 when your character rest in peace passes away. Your mom was on set that they watching you get brutally murdered. This is all facts. Yes. I had to kill her on East Coast.


Is like a scary movie?.


Spaghetti western tell me where he was and he got me good and I always thought you were really short your mom fix your car showing the stick shift how you think you're hot shit. Do you think I can learn? How long does it take to learn stick shift? I know how to drive technically like, I mean I can I could get.


Drive a mile without killing anybody or myself. I pretty constantly but I have no idea how to learn stick shift. How how long do you think it takes to do that? And is it worth learning at this point in my life? I'm over 40. I'll take my Xbox.


Let you know how he's going to Target as right as your left the thing and then you'll see the pedals going so you guys are left on the gas.


Right and don't let it come out slowly and then give it a little bit of gas. Do we get you to commit to giving us to 256 shift driving lessons the Target parking lot. Why? Why why why why why why why why do people drive standard transmission? Is it funny when you going out with the 405?.


California Dreamin zoom zoom lifestyles in the country. It's like all the big trucks are stick. I've only thought about it because like what what if you know, I'm driving somewhere great and get her car accident and in somebody's like new unconscious dad and I need to drive the car to the hospital or something like it out there so many scenarios and sprayed. Yeah, I have a license is expired know how to drive right? I've no idea about the stick shift and I don't like you drive very well with a stick shift.


So I have a I have a certain level of confidence I could learn it.


Give it like in this group. You are the gear Head no need for speed faster than Furious. Okay, does he use my code?.


Is Lisa, okay.


Yes. Oh you I used to.


Hey, it's Bob Saget here. And guess what? The name of my podcast is Bob Saget's here for you. Everybody's got a podcast. We know that I've been doing mine for a while even before all this craziness of 2020 happen and thank goodness were coming out of it and I'm continuing to do it forever because I love it and it's something I love cuz I get to talk to comedians that I love and actors and and writers and sports people in news people and call you guys sometimes and see how you guys are doing.


It's available, of course at Apple and it's also available Spotify. And so you want to subscribe and listen to it. In fact, pause the podcast you listening to right now and listen to my podcast Bob Saget's here for you and then go back to your podcast. So it was an extra hour or 90 minutes or whatever so you could get a little extra entertainment out of your day. That's what I'm hoping for all the best.


What kind of car do you want to get with Savannah? It's okay. I found it. It's a small it's a Range Rover is a Range Rover by silly que hacen something something something. I swear. I'm on the way you are small, but they good for those traps. I need to have it all though. I don't have enough space to have a place for you situations by change warehousing becomes an issue about.


Stuck in a bigger. That's beetle. Beetle, man.


Call Anika water sources that makes Smart Cars. I make a lot of hard left traces. Can you pull up to the gay clubs in like 20 2012 in full drag 65 blond hair getting out of a clown car because that car was so small. I could pull up to the gay club back up against the curb and that still fit like the parking. Well crazy. Why do you do that? Just because that's what you could have thought it was cool and be at the time a brand new smart car was like $12,000.


So I a broke person could afford like a brand new car and it will come to me with 96% recycled materials that again. It's a gag when you did.


The weight limit and I love my roommate room at my roommate was a really big guy and it is a 500 pound weight limit and I couldn't get it rides, which was again. Sorry. I can't be created some friction because we're good friends with deer and sign.


Are you yes, we know her. We love her cuz she loves drag weight.


Is gay correct? I almost died who wrote jawbreaker is gay definitely definitely movie. But I think that movie is kind of an iconic movie in the gay community.


It is but I believe I just got it on Netflix started. The hard copies are really hard to come by way. We're here and he's such a good person.


That was my first time in Vegas. That was my first time being.


And West that's that you have and he came up to me and was like, hey, I know you're beautiful interviews your favorite movies. Jawbreaker. I need that to get out and then he actually host the big RuPaul's Drag Race viewing Party City's house. He has this giant projector and has all the gays they hosting Oscar parties, too. But yeah, he loves to watch crackers with the girls who is married with a boyfriend. I don't know incredible.


He is an Sandy Sandy to Icon Veronica. We are so obsessed with her. We are obsessed with her in Witches of Eastwick, which is possessed puking up all those cherries.


And then I played on I was in a music video.


What music video is deep valley and in the video I played like a young girl the pageant girl who was killed I played like a JonBenet Ramsey like a drag queen like a banshee with my mom and the whole video where in the trailer park and I'm tap dancing and she's like Wax cracking the Whip and then she's feeding a baby food and then at the end were in a trailer and she strangled me with Christmas lights.


It was so surreal. I'm like Mama. I'm to call my mom like Veronica Cartwright is strangling me today.


I love her. I think I I think I saw that video and I was in that movie and then I had blonde highlights if you missed it from Romeo and Romeo and Juliet in the movie is like what do you want to do and we had all different pallets.


What about P. Keep it probably kind of a bitch but it is cool. So do you have a TV credit. I think is probably my Ultimate Dream Real Estate Anna cannibalistic Killer by passing it is like I mean to tell a priest.


Think I got it right to tell it to be questioned by the police and then to tell a priest that you've served human soup at a I need to get sleep apprehended in his underwear with like a smoke pipe. Did you remember to pick up bloody pentagram sex them all give you a sexy. I was like, oh my God. Oh my God, Steve and then like it was just so I can die to play a role like that doing that.


Yeah, I mean, you know Criminal Minds is one of the coolest shows be part of a sander Van Der Beek, and I had to go in and out all the potatoes in the room a different look for me, you know to be able to do that. It's based off of some kind of case and I knew and then it ended up being unsub and I was like.


I love it. Will it be so fun for like to be able to like go completely batshit be yourself for one. You know that you going to have to ask you I have to ask you I love movie Bowfinger so much and when you were standing there, I mean all these icons were you like this movies about to be that bitch is that movie is so funny and every time I watch it, I find something new Eddie Murphy in that movie is really like two completely different people.


Incredible multiple, he played multiple characters. He played his super college is like a beautiful summer school college 16 weeks icon here. I come here Eddie Murphy icon to get out of here in a candy store and it was I was so lucky.


You had of known that was so funny. You had even like people in the pocket die from this is so funny joke a box office wife of people falling is harassing on a podcast where can people find you appreciate this so much. I have a podcast.


I appreciate sorry had so many false starts. I'm doing more like that type of stuff of behind the scenes of like what it's like there's a lot of people that get their recent am looking right at the camera be like, this is how it happened. I love it. You know if you don't have to go there. Thank you so much big brother. Talk to you.