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Love under Lockdown is a new chapter in personal diaries told in an intimate docu style that helps us examine the human condition as well as the desire for love and connection, all while enduring a once in a lifetime global pandemic. Subscribe to love under lock down for free on Apple podcast Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. Miss Kimberly CZI in the House today, you are just going straight into what you are going to be like because I'm like, Hi, this is Christine Katia.


Oh, we get to that later. We can do it later.


No, we get it later, so we'll do it. What do we do now? Well, we're waking up in the morning with Dirty Ted and Stephanie. Ninety nine point one WFM. More give me this ba ba ba ba ba dirty ted of the worst dirty tided step. I love that. Can I be Steffanie with two F's. What's that.


Do you remember when they were on that. Was it Maria Bamford or something. Were there on the radio.


It's like something, something in the douche that is so a radio show. Morning Radio is is the last house on the left. I haven't times.


Have you guys done morning radio unter or the interviews on tour.


I have, yeah. It's a I can, I've done it. It's always two straight guys and there is like. So you do are you, do you do drag people like that. Huh. Tell me about that. Yeah.


And you're like there's wigs. Yeah.


You put on do people come see the show and they're always like what's repoll like. Right. Yeah. Well it looks I see what you're doing. I could never do that. I couldn't walk in heels. It's just like stupid dirty Ted and Stephanie. Well, welcome to the Morning Pod. It is the morning. Thank you.


It is a pleasure to be in the presence of two bald white men. I thank you.


Oh, yeah. It's called The Bald and the Beautiful. Yeah. So you're the girl. You're taking up the rear today.


You're the beautiful. I'm not Asian bolt. I think you have more here than us. Yes. Yeah, you do. I can see it.


You got to go right now. Right now. Right. A tight fade going on there.


And Kim has beautiful brows and I believe you have micro bleeding. Oh, I did like two years ago around. Yeah. Did you like it or. No, I like that. Yeah.


It looks and I realize like half the time like I'm in drag. So it's like well like when we're trying to improve.


Yeah. We wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Are you talking about she had was like Demi permanent. How long it lasts for a year. Micro bleeding. Oh is that like the tattoo. It's like, it's like it's not permanent. It's like temporary. And I brought for mustache. No eyebrow.


I'm just kidding. OK, ok. Embedded getting a semipermanent mustache. It looks so regionality.


Well basically they take a little blade and they, they basically sketch in hairs like individuals.


And you like it. I like that. Yeah.


Maybe I could I do that. Well because if they don't do too many it just blends in with your real eyebrows and it looks pretty. You're probably a realist I've ever seen. Maybe you can show me a picture afterwards. Yeah. Yeah. How much did that cost. You almost cost me eight hundred dollars like an average paresthesia is about 800 to one. Really. Yeah OK. But I mean it's super detailed and personalized.


I mean I Tatsu, I mean, I mean like every stroke is made out of love, you know, really you can release everything.


She used to be in the used to be in that business too.


But it is pretty amazing if you're like I don't have hair on my head and my eyebrows are not super full. So I've wanted to get it for a long time.


But there's a healing period right now for like a week. Yeah.


Do you remember him when you used to shave your eyebrows and then you would decide to grow them back and there would be that. That's how I learned about the hateful middle stage.


I'm like the middle stage is the worst because your hair is so hard and spiky. So no matter how much glue you put on, it's not going to be glued down.


What's the strategy? Just like a glitter moment every day. You just have to not do dress sunglasses.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.


You can't do drag with this or you know what I did because I actually had to get in drag glitter but like really big chunky crap glitter. Yeah. We'll cover anything. Yeah. And then whatever. Like people are like getting close to you, meeting. Great.


You just told them I'm sorry I'm having a bad makeup day or you just say I'm sick, I'm so sick, don't get too close. I go I'm sick of you.


Leave the meeting Trixie still around.


Kim and I we are premature. Was Kim where we had like an at length discussion about how like when you're a drag queen on tour, you got to pick your battles with glitter because five days a week glitter on your face with that shit will like burn your skin does show will scar your skin. Yeah. Unless you're doing really specific amounts that you change the location and you take it off like with duct tape or something. Yeah. But I mean you will start to eat away at your lids and this like scrubbing.


Scrubbing. Yeah. It's like you exfoliate that top of that layer of epidermis off your eyelid. Yeah. I'm sure the cheap glitter is just like colored with lead and all sorts of things. Just not.


Speaking of glitter, I have to tell you, I really enjoy your products. Oh thank you. Yeah. That I have, I have a one small bone to pick with you, but I have to, I have to tell you that that the, the thing so I'm not sure. Yeah, sure. I love it so much. I use it every single time I get in drag so I try glitter. Right. It is banned but fantastic.


But why do you have seventeen gold colors. I feel because of gold for like every different like skin shade. I must be color blind with regard to gold. I need a blue. I need a purple. Tell me they're coming. They're all coming. Black is it. Onyx is called a black one. The black is the. It's like black with silver. Like a silver pigments. Yes. Like a smoky edge step. And then the new pink.


I'm obsessed with their so and the whites, the white the white milbury.


It's like a it's like a world dominance. Yeah. Yes that's. My have I messed up my glove, my eyebrow, and do I need to put glitter over it because they're so fantastic, they stayed the whole night, I can't believe how well they wear.


And it's very glittery.


Yes, it's actually glittery and it's the most concealer this more wears on the face. I thought you were like, oh, my God. And the new that the fourteen hundred eyeshadows you just released came up to you. I am so I'm so into it.


And when that when you're you did the palette with Naomi and that came, I was like extremely suspicious because all because all the colors are so they look so bright. And I was like these are these going to be I saw the self.


You have to believe me. You're so beautiful. There I am. So thank you so much for sending me all that stuff. Of course, I love it. And if you guys are listening all demurrer available and come to think beauty come.


That's right. Kamakshi caputi. You better go, you better go ahead and subscribe to that channel. Yeah. Yeah. You guys have beautiful beautiful content and the looks that people do, the people who buy your makeup and post the looks like yeah these are really talented people who are not professional makeup artists, they're just feeling the pain.


I feel like that's like the direction like to make a world. It's like having to it's not just about like makeup artists telling people what to do, but it's about people at home creating trends, the democratization of beauty.


Yeah, the sort of topic of coin along that lines.


I don't know if you guys have noticed this at your company, but with covid, we saw like a little drop immediately. And then people are buying as much makeup as always now or more, even though they're not going anywhere.


Yeah, well, makeup is for you exactly. But I think at the beginning of covid, everyone was like, I don't shower, I don't work alone. Great thing. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And then there were like one day they looked in the mirror and they were like, it's time, it's time.


I'm not wearing pants but I'm going to work. I'll be totally it's zoom zoom drag on. Seriously, I chose a new trend, just like having like the most like, you know, the best zoom background. I've seen some like crazy shit with the zoom background. Yeah. Oh yeah. And then just like the faithfully done well I was like this about zoom.


You can take a picture of the room you're in when it's clean and as long as the lighting doesn't change, you can sit there and keep a green screen up forever.


Use your zoom background and it just looks like your living room.


That's incredible because I was watching some YouTube and I was like or they were doing lives and I was like, how do they switch from green screen to their living room so fast? And I was like, they're living a mistake.


That's a picture that is smart that I'm going to take a picture of your living room. You really like it? Yeah. Thank you. Yeah. Trixie lives in a palace. I love this house. You know what? And there's somebody really rich coming over to do a video, really rich. And I was like, well, just see, you know, I don't have Raphaelle money. I have reality TV money because I was like, this is like by far the fanciest house I have ever had.


As someone who's been to your various houses, I'll vouch for this. I like that way or it would pivot. We're trying to plug Kim's product and she goes, no, let's talk about all the shitty houses we to use that way.


No, we were just that mean. If you want to talk modest beginnings when I tell you I mean, Kimberly, I like when hard in level apartments.


How did you know wait. How long have you known each other since like to twenty. Thirteen. OK, and you've lived together. No, no.


We were doing gigs together so often that I would come to Chicago, stay in her room. In her bed with her. OK, I'll sleep like vampires. OK, that's how I learned that kimchi sometimes falls asleep with her glasses on with their laptop on her chest. Listen to Celine Dion. Earsplitting levels.


Yeah. Wow. Yeah. Kim love.


So I used to love Celine. I love Selena. Oh my God. Is that even a question? She doesn't love Celine. She's only gotten better with time because now she's off the she's you know. Yeah.


Did you, do you do you fuck with her avy Maria.


Do you know her, her rendition of Ave Maria, no. Oh, I'm right behind the miserliness. This is a while ago, but it's I'm sure, you know, it's from a Christmas album, some after the Bible. I'll pull it up for you. Is it hard being is owning a cosmetics empire? Is it hard? Um, I mean, it's all fun, so I feel like work. Yeah. Yeah.


Really, it's a lot more, um, it's a lot more admin work than you think it is. It's like you think it's just like less lipstick. Yes. But like steps into that are like an ending.


Yeah. You're proving you're in the lab with color swatches and goggles. Yeah. It's a lot more like thing. And by the time a product comes out you're like, oh, I remember when that started 16 months ago.


So like your name are you like over by the time the product comes out. Yeah.


Like by the time it comes out it's like, well then you have to do the photo shoot and all that and they're like, check out this new product. And I'm not even touching it everyday for the past year and a half. Totally.


Yeah, that's what Amy said was a while ago. She was like, like we should do something together. And she told me how long it takes. I like. No, thank you.


Yeah, well when I did oh honey. With sugar, you did a sugar pill too. I did, yeah.


It took probably a honey, probably took at least a year and it was worth it because I still use that fucking pallet.


It's great if you want to do a study to like a second installment of it, please do. And you did a like a I where you're going to do the. Yes. And the lipstick. That's my Halloween color every year. Yeah.


Because originally we wanted to launch it before the season eight like rolled out.


But obviously makeup takes time forever and they're coming out like later, not a year, not to mention independent makeup, sugar pill kimche.


Like that's not Revlon because you're dealing in millions of quantities. Yes. And we don't own a lab also.


I think around the time where, like, Jeffrey Starr, like, was closing all the labs to be backed up. Right. Because, like, all his stuff was selling so well that there was a that he was a factor.


But the quantity.


Yeah, I mean, especially as a new company, I don't know. I actually don't even know what which labs you guys used. But for us, sometimes it's like if that's the same lab that makes all these huge brands, I know that I'm not the top priority for you, you know, I mean, I get it.


You're a thought about mixing it in the tub. Might as well. Yeah. Let's go get some pigments them. Wow. Yeah. How long ago has it always been your dream to have a makeup company? Yes. Yeah, yeah. You're achieving your dreams. Do you feel satisfied? I've always wanted to be a boss, but like a hard one. Really. Yeah. Campfires people for no reason. Like the one where you like. I come into the office and everybody stops breathing for a second.


They're free to be like, wow, that's incredible. I mean, not that it's not. You really are.


I mean, I think you're probably the best makeup artist for drag queens, not the best drag makeup artist.


It's Laila McQueen.


It's like, oh, my God, I feel like you're you're like you're just like an artist. I feel like you're like your makeup goes go abroad.


Like they go they spend much more of a broad kind of depends on my motivation, like how motivated it might today for cleaner lines. Right. Or like conceptual looks. I mean, yeah, Laila is really like I wouldn't want to look like Laila.


That look is very, uh, it's right on that line between like an Instagram makeup and like a showgirl makeup. It's like it looks good in person. It looks everything is perfectly blended. Yeah. Yeah.


And she has the best blend in, the best graphic lines. She does so really credible. Yeah. She's bomb. She doesn't have that alcoholic hand. Yeah.


Maybe she does. I mean you just got to shake your body with it.


But she's fierce you. I think you probably are one of the best because I also something that you do is when you're on tour and stuff, you never do the same makeup twice.


And like when I change a color and my makeup, I think I've moved.


Yeah. You've reinventing the wheel. Yeah.


Chemical changes the look the like the shapes on her face. Yeah. Yeah. I just get bored of doing the same thing. So like if I were just doing the same face every day I probably would have quit. Really. Oh damn it.


I don't have a huge problem with it only because like the people I want it to be like look the same every day.


I mean both your makeup is iconic, so there's no need for you to change.


You did a good job on it. Kim did it on my channel and she kind of slayed it. I, I haven't I haven't seen that. I saw your Halloween look, which was incredible when you guys were the Boulevard team.


And I have such a hard time drastically changing my makeup. So the drastic change I remember when you dress up and you look nothing like nothing. Nothing at all.


But but there was it was a black eye and a red lip. Yeah. Yeah.


And I was in a red nightgown, two inches of white, which I always do. I was just. So your is this your signature look. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It was hard.


And then you just have a way of like changing the look totally and doing things nobody's ever done. Like you remember, it's just so long ago you did that. I look that was all geometric shapes. The square one. Yes.


And I was like, who would even think of that I. Are you an illustrator? I used to be. My background is fine art and graphic design.


Oh, that makes perfect sense because a lot of great makeup artists can't translate to 2D. But but I'm not surprised that that that's your background because you have such a, like, illustrative approach to makeup, because it's so different, though, like I'm an illustrator and I couldn't be doing makeup was very difficult because it's the booth. It's just different medium.


You know, I've always loved, like playing with different mediums and being touchy feely with the sounds gross.


I think you also have Ritscher references than most drag queens. Most drag queens are pulling from the same for pop stars do.


Absolutely. Yeah. And you're probably oftentimes doing your own thing in that department. That's my own world.


Yeah. Who is your ultimate like who are some of the ultimate pillars of female beauty for you?


I mean, Pat McGrath likes just the work that she's done, you know, up on the runways like game change.


You didn't make it for her? I did. Yeah, I did make it for Fashion Week for her. What was that like?


Is tell us everything.


Um, basically, I wasn't necessarily doing anything, but I was just like backstage, just like watching, like, all the makeup artists work and just like assisting. And it was behind the stage with Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Stella McCartney, shit mumu. So just like seeing all these like supermodels up close and where they just 14 years old, you know that all so young. And they're also like scared and like timid. And I thought Kim Kardashian backstage at the Geebung show like five hours before she was robbed.


Oh, wow. No way. Yeah. And did they see you in her in the same room when the robbery happened?


So you have five hours to plan it. That's that's ambitious. I was like, oh, this bitch is here. I saw her at the American the or the influencer awards.


And I was just Tommo, it was crazy to see her.


I saw her entire same night and I was like, whoa, is she very short, short, short? She's so curvy. It really is like like a like a genie bottle, yet also seems like way tinier than you think she is.


Yeah. Yeah. Because she's curvy like on camera, like she gets captured kind of like bigger. Yeah she does but she's still tiny person. OK, we're going to take a break. OK, good transition.


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The following story takes place between late spring and early summer of last year, a period of time where I witnessed pure evil through the eyes of my favorite pop star, put down the gun barrel, turn off the goddamn camera. Stop this madness now and we won't report you, right, Eliza? Yes, please. I just let them do this to you. Oh, my God. Stage is on fire. Oh, my God. Eliza, you have to tell me what's going on, please.


I want to help you, but I need to know what we're dealing with here. She is not a well person, Jane. I can't do it anymore. I don't know how to get her vivid hallucinations that demonic forces are imprisoning.


Something happened last night at the party. How is this girl suddenly writing a hit single after hiding out for all these years? Journalist in Sicko arrested for inciting a riot. You saw this. What's going to happen? And you just stood there and let that girl fall to her death. The defendant. What's the divinity, Eliza? I know it's dark in there, Eliza, but you must come to the light. But just like any good story, nothing is as it seems then once you know the truth, the world is never the same.


The Shadow Diaries from Studio 71 Ensnarled Entertainment, starring Keira Heyward and Madeleine Peche, coming soon on Apple podcast or wherever you listen to your favorite shows. And we're back with Stephanie and our super special guests are Kimberly Chu Kimberly. Hello. Hello. Hello, Kim.


Kim and I have known each other, what, 10, 12, 13, 13, 13, probably going on seven years, eight years.


And I think I saw Kim at market days outside. I remember it was like I think you were working for this party company. And I remember it was like the end of market days and you were in drag.


You were flowers on your head, long hair, and you were like you were like collapsing a table like like taking down the event alone and dragging out a girl, you know, like, oh, God, I used to work before, like, I made it in drag race.


I've done all sorts of your shit and drag. We both do remember that. So how's gig, Kim?


Oh, my God.


Kim and I were fortunate enough at a certain point to get a lot of odd gigs, especially in Chicago, don't you think? There was a lot of gigs where they were like a straight gig, little improv arm, drag queen joke. OK, and once we didn't event, we met on Facebook. Message room was like, I like your here's some pic. I think I sent you videos of me performing, you know, it's like, please book me.


And she goes like, all right. And then what?


Years later, we do this event at the Soho House and it's me and Kim Eve, New Year's Eve near Zeeb in Chicago at the Soho House.


And it was really fun, but we got a nice big private remember that bathroom joke with the bathroom was huge.


It was like the size of a mansion, like a mansion bathroom.


And it was one of those hotels that has like a boxing ring, like it's fancy. So the house is glam. And I've been to the L.A. one that Chicago one is beautiful.


You can only get a membership if you're an artist, but like a rich artist. Yeah, I think the yearly membership is like just to just to be able to go there, period. I think there's like an entry fee, like it's like 30 grand or something. Something ridiculous. Yeah. Just to go keep the riff raff out.


Yeah. Keep out the trash trash. So Kim and I got booked there and it was fun and we got a huge dressing room to just get ready by ourselves. And they knew they wanted us to do numbers, but they didn't really know.


No one knew where we were going to perform or went so far.


Trixi, they put her on top of a bookshelf, top of a bookshelf, just maybe like four by four.


Yeah, six feet off the ground. Maybe it's just a bookshelf in the middle. Like you step out of an elevator and there's a decorative bookshelf and I'm standing on it. Lip synching queen bee.


Kim Kim had it worse.


I think you went first because Kim, they just had her on the floor and they started Kim Song Kim's doing We are Siamese, if you please, because the scene was like nineteen twenties and my idea at the time was like the Orientalism was really big in the 1920s to let me perform to Kim tried to give this rich people concept.


I think Kim is luckily a few inches taller than everyone else and the music starts and the music's about half as loud as should be.


You can, I can only hear the music literally barely hear and no.


And Kim is in the middle of a crowd swishing doing we are Siamese. And people, when I'm telling you, are either not noticing her like backing up like she do.


Yeah. She gets through the no like no applause. I'm barely knew the number was happening, but the money was good. The money, the money was cute at the time. The money was like, oh my God, you're rich. But, you know, we're getting new wigs at a dinner. Yeah.


And not that I mean, I've been in a variety of humiliating performance experiences, and that doesn't sound bad because you can just pretend that you're not performing.


Yeah. You're not on a stage with the music half as loud as it should be with everybody expecting a show. So that's not that bad. The quiet music is really hard when you hear yourself lip synching, but you can hear the shoes scuff the floor. Oh yeah. Like college gigs, especially like I feel like I hear it like I think it was USC or something and the music was so, so, so, so quiet that I could hear myself breathe.


Yes. Yeah. I mean the colleges that people don't know who are listening to colleges are usually given their LGBT centers, given a certain amount of money. And at the end of the year, if they don't use it, they lose it. If they have money left over, they usually book a famous drag queen for the gay people to college. And the college kids are thrilled. Yes. However, it's usually in a carpeted multifunction room area.


Yeah, obviously. Yeah. And it's like it's just so humiliating. We did at North North Eastern University. We did.


Every year is the coveted college gig and you go out on the carpet and you're like, why don't we do a sound check? Why didn't we do a sound check? We know every year is going to be horrible. And every year it was it was like I could hear. And it's like everybody's so excited and it's just so awkward. We're screaming that you can hear anything. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. And then they scream.


They're also not drunks. They scream and come out and then they sit quietly and quietly watch the story.


You're like, oh this is so humiliating. I had to do this.


It's really sobering sometimes when you realize how much alcohol is part of a drag show because when everyone's eighteen and they've never even been to a real drag show, oh my God, it's a little shocking.


But you know who I really give props to, Shangela Shangela, is to clean up college gigs like it doesn't matter where to colleges. Like it could be like somewhere in the middle of the night. We're back to our city there. Yeah, performing her like 50 minute, like mix Beyoncé next Instagram ing the whole performance and the song could be low by chandeliers, just like turning it out, shaking her head, like giving just drops.


Well, those college gigs pay good money. So girl tour the colleges. And you know what's great about the college gigs starts easily.


Seven. You're done by nine 30.


Oh, because there's no alcohol. You're not dealing with any drunk people. All the kids are actually respectful. Yeah. So respectful. Terrified of you. Yeah. I think you're a celebrity. Yeah.


And a lot of those schools have an annual endowment that's bigger than most countries GDP. So, yeah. Like Harvard, they have, you know, with GDP.


I, you know, I mean, it's, it's tough those college days. But I mean they're always going to be honest. I never feel like doing them. And then afterwards I'm always like in bed at ten thirty. Like this was nice before, before drag.


It was the only high paying gig. Yeah.


The college ones it's still probably I'm not sure during a solo show. It's probably some of the best paying gigs there are over before drag race. I don't know if you just lost your experience.


If you do a college gig, which is probably like what, two hundred to like five hundred dollars. Oh, you didn't go on Queen.


Well, you did a Chicago one, right? I did. Yeah.


But the problem is they literally take like a month or two to pay you. Oh sometimes six months. Yeah.


I feel like a struggling drag queen who probably spent like the loss of your money to like Lubert to get there. Yeah. Like waiting, like waiting for the check to come in. The mail is like brutal.


Yeah. When you transition from a local queen to a drag queen. Did you. How is that adjustment. Did you live. Did you love it. Did you live. Did you live. Did you live girl. The audience loves me Kim. I mean just loving them that you were famous for, not just her and she was pretty at least Instagram famous compared to most of us.


OK, yes. I was already doing like a lot of like out of state gigs. Yeah.


You're like, shut the fuck up. Oh, Kim was like traveling before. Oh, wow. Oh, so this is old hat for you, but it's just like.


Akima, like a bigger scale, you know? Yeah, and I'm sure obviously the pay yeah, obviously the pay increase was like drastically different, like making money.


But Kim started like a budget, which is a go ahead. But the difference is when you haven't been on drag race, I feel like people just like appreciate everything you do. Like way more. Yes. And then after you go and drag race, people like look at you would look the same way. Like they watch the show. Oh yeah. Like as of like they're like Michelle the stars like picking apart everything you do on stage one hundred percent.


People also like the fans of drag period. They are more into saying so-and-so doesn't get enough. Like that's the cool thing to say versus like I've noticed ever. But like the more quote unquote famous I got, the more critical they come up. Yeah. Yeah.


It's if you're like a queen who went on fifth, who doesn't have her own tour, people are like, you're the best.


Yeah. And then you're if that same queen maybe I'm triggered goes on to win a television show and have a hit album, stuff people like.


But do you deserve it? Like she can't even do this. It's like does she have to be able to do that. Yeah. Or I love the fans taking a break from D.M. in Queens to kill themselves to death. Jeffrey Barcott Chapman to tell him to kill himself. I like the judges are too hard on the queens anyway. So and so. Please end it all please. Yeah.


It's so funny because the judges jobs are to judge. And I feel like this year they people have been so critical and it's like, well, you're the audience you're being paid to judge and you're saying people are just more critical because they're sitting at home.


Yeah, nothing else to do. Armchair talk about the show that you just watch. Airline arm chair, drag queens. It's hashtag armchair drag queens. I think that might be the favorite thing you've ever said, like I've ever heard you say is I don't you don't teach me how to do drag. I won't teach you how to be a dumb bitch.


Yes. Tell me how to do drag. I won't tell you how to be stupid.


Yes, I have no chill, no chill anymore.


I mean, the fans are pretty. You're like very universally loved I think.


Yeah. Thank God. Because you're so you're I think people celebrate you for what you're good at. What's your attitude toward drag has always been. Tim celebrates Queens for what they're good at. Yeah. Oh.


So you're a very nice person. Well hi. Wow. Trixie. Oh I gave you my bed.


I used to yeah. Kim used to sleep at probably all my apartments in Milwaukee. Yeah. In my garden level. Do you sleep in the Lussac. I've slept on the floor.


You have a love site for everyone.


I like you. A pizza. There is no tomorrow. My diet. My twenties was really not it. It was pizza and candy you know. Oh like I just I'm still there. Kim told people.


I'm going to tell you what you told Kim told Amy from Sugar Pill when you meet Trixie, just so you know, when you give her a hug, she crinkles because their pockets are full of candy wrappers all the time.


Though I was so into candy, I'll never forget the time wherever you went out for like a natural LUDs when I was visiting Milwaukee. And I think I got like a nice stir fry, like veggie stir fry with some like chicken and something Trixie ordered broccoli, cheddar soup.


Fried cheese curds and dipping the fried cheese curds into the broccoli cheddar soup, and that was our meal, Wisconsin, Wisconsin and all those wrappers cut to cut to 10 years later when your brown chocolates are getting ripped out of your face, cut to the tutted Dr. Sun being like, were you a pirate?


Did you work as a pirate? How many beer bottles have you opened with Steve Wicket's?


Yeah, it was it was different times, but I always you were like when I first met him.


I wish I'd never seen somebody do drag like you did. Really.


Don't you like I feel like my numbers back then were like more conceptual and weirder, way weirder. Like Kim looked, let's be honest, better than like all of us. And all of her looks were right on the line of, like fashion and like fantasy. Oh, wow. And then her number is always be a song no one really knows. And so there's just something very magical about that.


Did you ever did you ever encounter audiences like kind of I mean, if when you do songs that people don't know or like you do anything that's a little offbeat.


Did you ever encountered people like them or people you know?


I've never had that is you personally just because. Just because you're so good?


No, not at all. I think she also goes into it knowing they might not know this. But the thing is, like I like to perform the songs that I listen to and those just happens to be the song that not everybody might know. But I like listening to a lot of indie pop, you know, like my jam. Yeah. Because I feel like if I can connect to the music, like, I'm not going to feel it right.


But I feel like the more I do this, like the more I get like, anxiety about performing. Now back then I was just like I'm just going to do whatever, have fun, be stupid, totally. But now I feel like every move that I do was like, oh my God, I was being videotaped.


Yeah, it's pretty media disseminated across the world instantly. And the YouTube comments are like she can't even walk. Yes. All right. You're doing five gigs a week, too.


Like I don't know about you guys. If my if I gigs Tuesday through Sunday, I'd pack one suitcase of looks and do the probably same numbers at every show. And then that becomes a white noise of like my music starting. Yeah, you're not nervous, but now it always feels like yeah.


Maybe it's getting older, maybe, maybe it's getting smart enough to know like wow.


I guess when I was younger I was so dumb I didn't realize how many people were watching.


I feel like I was like way more fearless back then and now like. Is this song going to offend somebody? Oh, yeah. Well, have you been canceled now yet?


I've been canceled over something that wasn't my fault, the Florida thing last year. Oh, yes, yes, yes.


I remember being particularly delighted to see you canceled.


It's fun to watch, like, the Kabera of drag, you know? I mean, like, the whole thing was, like, not my fault. It was like the booking agent who I don't work with anymore. But when you're kanthal, people don't want to see you like it doesn't matter what your story is. Oh, it doesn't matter. Cancel you. Oh, it doesn't even matter. And they want that apology and they want it quick.


And that's what we're going to give you this opportunity. I guess you're wondering why I came on this podcast?


Well, it's time to address the truth and nothing but the truth, so I can't you know, I always say, what's the one we say all the time?


This is a video I never thought I was. I was completely blind sided. Your silence is deafening. Silence is deafening. Paul, you make the call, you guys. And the other day, Courtney, I said, like Courtney tweeted, like I got eyeliner, my eye. And now I feel like I have cataracts.


And I responded, this is dangerous rhetoric, weaponized and recognizing the vocabulary with cataracts. And it's disappointing. And I'm unfollowing because for some reason now, Courtney, most people say, yes, this is dangerous rhetoric, but we've all been doing drag long enough. Like none of us started drag because we wanted everybody to like us. It wasn't because everyone thought we were cool, like in 2012, which are even longer than us 2006. And I've been doing drag, what, maybe two years longer than you can.


You are I am thirty three, thirty three, and you started in the start in the fall of twenty twelve and I started like two thousand eight eight, but it was so good, so fast.


You really were thinking and started in twenty twelve and she looked like that good in two thousand.


I don't know, I look like a foot on it. It is funny to look back and think like wow me and Kim were wearing so much makeup which is like nothing compared to now.


Yeah but I do think when I met Kim it because we were getting ready together so often, it became almost like now that I sit next to somebody who also wears a lot of makeup, the sky is the limit. But not only we used to wear a lot of makeup, it kind of became like a competition to see like who can be in the most pain and hold out the longest because the whole host these parties and we put on like the heaviest, like headpieces that we made ourselves.


It's like a ton of hot glue, trash, garbage painted garbage, Bulford and heels, and then just hosted a party from like wanky parties, nine p.m. to four a.m. We were considering me her pearl with hosts.


Viksten closed circuit parties for seven hours, you know, so guys in Entourage's would be comfortable dancing on drugs.


Yeah. And we would be there. I mean, Marder's there was a party where Kim wore a white metal birdcage this big at least on her head with a live bird in it. For, what, six hours, six hours, the feats and by the way, the money was fine, but the FTS we were going to were really crazy. But I think it's because we honestly, Kim, really set the level.


I always felt like it's Kim's party. I have to look the best I've ever looked if I can.


That's insane. I go go dance one time, never do it again.


In retrospect, I should have just done little circuit. Both were looking at us. No one was looking at her. No one no one can look at each other and they're trying to think, well, they get a picture with us and then they go look at each other.


You know, there was something fun to remember though, Kim.


Remember being like 2:00 a.m. and we're in pain, but we get a case of the Phuket's and then we're on stage, like wiggling like and trying to, like, go with us, give them extra.


But no one is looking at us.


Go, no way to be Kim Pearl and Shay giving the only no movement wiggling, wiggling and nothing like the words to the song. You know, everybody needs a man. Yeah.


Oh yeah. Well that's get soaking wet. It's a circuit. We were hearties. Yeah.


That's my idea of hell.


It was fun at the time because at least we weren't really expected to perform usually.


So we got to turn looks that were really like, OK, fragile and crazy. That's cool.


And also like. I mean, growing up like as a sheltered gay, I was never exposed to that culture, so then being fully thrown into that life was something fun and refreshing at the time.


Yeah, you were so famous in Chicago, so past. Among the circuit, like people in clubs and stuff, I mean, your name was so good, you're taller than everybody else and you looked you looked really amazing.


How many how many times did you audition for Drag Race? Just one. One. Wow. I'm going to have to audition five to five or six, I think. Yeah, five. At least five. At least five. Yeah.


You only did one. Wow.


I'm the booga booga. Fully booked. Yeah. I did it because me and Pearl did it and then Kim did it the next year and then she did it the next year. But I don't know how many times she auditioned or anything.


I'm not sure. I think maybe like two or three.


I mean this is just I love us, I love Pearl, I love everyone. She was the one out of all of us where I was like that horrible when drag race. Oh, she was just so good at everything.


She was really, really good at everything. And she was hard working, like she would go to school, go to a cabaret show and then quickly, like, run and like do our show us what I'm like, go like do another show. Like afterwards she would.


Because you could dance. Yeah, she could rap. Yeah.


Burlesque. We're gluing things to things. She is at our house making from scratch.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. And she's gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.


She wears a lot of makeup. She wore a lot then but she wears, I mean she used to wear really.


Mm. Just Chicago was really a city of big makeup.


Yeah. I was a city of good drag. I was Chicago. I wish New York would shut the fuck up and then Chicago would they be like, you know, I mean everybody agrees that I I'm from New York. New York City.


Yeah. But Chicago is really where it's at with the drag.


Yeah. I mean does you think Kim like there was sort of a stereotype we always thought about, which was like L.A. was the stereotype of naked drag queens in swimsuits trying to be on TV?


No, I think I like to joke with like New York is where failed project failed Broadway actress do drag. Yeah. Yeah. And L.A. is where failed actors did drag and Chicago's a failed artist to try.


Oh yeah. Oh that's that's hard, deep and vicious.


And the other kind of stereotype was that like in Chicago we like in the Midwest at least we looked great, but we're bad performers.


And I mean, I think there was probably little truth to that compared to like New York Queens who are back flipping and doing comedy like they trusted that whole like shows for like two hours straight. Yeah, just themselves.


And the but they're in like a low ponytail wig with like a hoodie looking like whodunit. Yeah. Looking like who done it so well.


And then in New York it was like naked drag queens with real hair wigs. In New York I was like, yeah, yeah.


And then where I mean don't you think we kind of went to above and beyond. I mean, I remember us doing like nail changes.


We did not just between no pain and they were like saying contact lens three.


It's like like claws. Yes. We all wore claws long and they had to be painted.


You don't like it to match the outfit? Yeah, we do. You know how many times we beat out there before the gig spray painting nails in the street because they did make nails to match the outfits grow and improve.


I don't know who it was. Seems like a thing that was happening in Chicago at the time. Yeah.


And honestly, it was just among each other because the audience didn't care. Yeah, it was just it was a competition among us to like one up each other. Wow. Yeah. Like I noticed, you have four stones on your fingers. I have five.


You know. Do you think we were doing before between numbers is sucking dick by the dumpster. So I guess we didn't really do any of that, you know. No, no.


We're pretty like asexual drag queens wasn't an erotic endeavor at all for you.


I think, like even like our friend group at the time, no one was like really hooking up in drag, which was.


No, no, it's very Boston. We were we really felt like. Not to be like artsy, but we really felt like not dressed up sexy, we felt we felt dressed up like our clowns and, you know, everybody looked good.


I do feel like that city to this day has a you can look great and act a fool. You don't I mean, you can look like a piece of art and then do a stupid number. And that can be like our entire existence was basically making fun of Trag.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. Like we perform like the dumbest songs possible and then do the dumbest shit on stage while looking ridiculous, ridiculous like ridiculously put together but also like stupid at the same time.


And then there'd be the random gigs. I mean but I remember like malarky pride or like there'd be a few gigs that paid good that were sort of like outside the club but.


Things like that weren't you don't really make money, I mean, you don't really make money, I was always living check to check and drag.


You're always, always imagining things like sometimes I would overdraw my account, taking over to the club, get paid deposit on the way home. So I don't like overdraw my account.


Yeah, but for some reason, taxes were so cheap in Chicago. It is like Uber anywhere.


It's like between like five dollars. Twelve dollars tax it. Taxis in Chicago like to from Kim's house to the gig. Five bucks. Wow. I don't know why they're so cheap in that city.


I don't know but it's great. Did you ever get did you ever get hit on by the taxi driver in drag.


Never let everyone else have. I never have. That is shocking to me. I rarely get because you know how like everybody can get those, like, messages from, like the chasers. Yeah, I've never gotten that.


I don't believe it. So I'm like, oh, I wish I got those messages, but I never gotten those messages. Oh, I never got the chasers. I don't believe it.


This is supposed to be my year to hook up and drag.


And then Caronna said, yeah, she's so she's waiting, she's waiting to put that turtleneck on.


Yeah, I put her on. So we take another break.


We're going to take a break. And we're back with Dirty Ted and Stephanie. Welcome to The Bold and the Beautiful after midnight, involved in the beautiful and in my teeny tiny hunt.


Oh my God. Tiny bussy. Oh, Kim, you miss you miss touring.


I do. I genuinely do. I miss being able to travel to places and do can I ask you, you know, work the world. Yes, of course you may ask me I think. Tell me about it. OK, we've never been on it. We've never been I've, I've never I've actually never seen it live. I've seen clips of it. You know, I've seen the I've seen it on the whatever. But I am I love that show.


It's the best extravagant like it's extremely extravagant. Production doesn't feel like it's the only one.


What does it do you feel like the only one when I'm on the stage, yes. But also like first year, you know, we just had like a back screen and, you know, all the queens doing their own thing. And now every year the stage props gets more and more ridiculous to the point where we lost one. We had like two giant like stairwell holding like a giant globe. And we only used them like twice in the show.


Oh, yeah.


Wasn't like, yeah, he's holding one. It was one thing. So the premise of the show for like last year was we are the universe is in danger, but we don't know from evil entities, but we don't know what does evil entities are. We never find out from and keep them. Yeah, keep them hanging. And we represent different planets, work on us of the different planets. And then when we get through all the planets at the end, we all come up with giant steps and we put it in this chair.


And when all the steps are just thrown, rotates to reveal the host A where you've seen the entire show and it goes to the closing number.


So we got the whole time, we're like, what is this evil entity that we were supposedly fighting against?


And the call was coming from inside the service. Yeah, and the dramatic reveal at the end is like the host that's been there all the time.


Well, you know, I mean, a lot of you know, usually it's people, you know, right? Yeah. The perp is somebody you know, it's been here the whole time.


People are she's saving people we don't know. Well, most car crashes happen within one hundred feet of the house. Open to interpretation. Yeah. You know, it was like a philosophical piece like that. The evil is inside of you. And it's just it's somebody, you know, you leave that you leave the club or the stadium thinking, you know, thinker's drag show.


Yeah, but the show's built to have one number per person, kind of one number person and a group, an opening and closing in a group and all that stuff. Right? Yeah. Yeah.


And each person has like a little gimmick, you know, like Cameron, Michael, like drops down from the ceiling and amazing dancers, amazing dancers, beautiful dancers, beautiful dancers like plastics tier gets like a lowered from like the ceiling while like they're snowflakes falling everywhere.


Wow. And God damn you do that was it was that the year you did that number with the dress, with the people under it, right. Yeah.


At the long or incredible. Can they travel with all that fabric. How does it like how do you even get into that.


You sort of have to like design the outfit in a way where you can like, shrink down. Yeah, but the outfit itself is like an entire suitcase on its own, just fabric that kind of like I'm assuming just like hitches to your waist.


Yeah. Wow. And then there's like people in the side, like pulling like the pedal one by one. Right. And one time I think it was Amsterdam, um, when the helpers were pulling up the pedals, there was like, no. Real bar or anything like behind them, you just like fell straight off the stage and like, oh, no, it's on the ground, OK. He's OK now. She was like, he's dead his best.


But the whole time, like, I'm watching this happen and I see him just like go over and I'm like, oh, well, the show must go on.


Oh, well, you were the evil that night. I was evil entity. You were the sinister and evil. And I'm dying to do that.


So I want to do that show worked the world. Yeah, I'm sure they would let me work the world. I'm sure you could. Yeah, I'd love to do that show. You have to probably commit to a lot of dates. I don't I don't want to.


You want to do one. No, I want to do six. OK, unlimited indeed. This is a call to action. This is how we get our gigs now. We come on the block, we say this is what I want. They can happen, but I'm capable of this is what I'm willing to accept. Can we talk about the time when we are on tour together and we got stranded at Denny's?


I don't know if you remember this or not. Was it in a rainstorm? Yes, I do. What happened? So after, like, does show, we're like we're really hungry. Let's go to, like, Denny's or something and get breakfast. And so we went to Denny's and our call time was four a.m. and it was like 3:00 a.m. and we just finished eating. And then there was like a torrential downpour, French, and it was like a small town where there's no cabs anywhere.


So we were calling for like a good like 30 minutes, right? Yeah. And then what do we got a fan. So then Cottier to tweet like, hey, can someone please help us get back to our hotel so that Uber didn't exist that didn't have Uber. Oh wow. Oh that is stranded. Stranded. Yeah.


Someone help on the sort of you're on like if you didn't make it back in time they would have left us for bucktooth Mississippi, you know.


Yeah. Well it was Arkansas.


Arkansas, I don't ever remember where it was. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. But then do you like to rent them. Fans were like nice enough to like come out to the Denny's in the rain. Yeah. Thought it was amazing. Was it worth it. I think so, yeah. Denny's is live for. It's always worth it. Yeah.


Yeah. Well Kimberly is this over what it is. And you believe it just like that. Like, like sands through the hourglass. Do you want to let anyone know where they can find you. Yes. My products are available and cheap beauty which is available on Kimche. She pressed a button. Oh my God.


She's like beauty.


So find me an Instagram or Twitter talking about Kaido. We but now Teto the diet.


The diet I saw you talk about to talk about it instead of having that carbs in six hours and I can feel my body going into ketosis.


And then I followed up a thing. Never mind, I just had toast for breakfast. Manage your expectations.


Ketel Light. Yo yo kiddo. You know kiddo in a Speedo for you. All right.


What's right. Right. On behalf of dirty, we just dirty dead is dead body. But the body was clear. You want to get up, pick up.