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I can I have a really bad Australian accent. I just I love it though. I'd love to see it because I'm so worldly that everywhere just seems like everywhere. It's the most Charming for sure. What's coming? I'm kissing him. Do you think it's like for Australian the thought we could work on my right knee is Australia to know that she heard she got her stage name from she did the drag queen thing of her pet in the street you grew up on her first animal with Iggy and her street is azalea the street her family still lives on.


Insurement regnum have been with patents pet in pet and then your pig Cox last name in pig slave named Honey sucking pig Cochrane that whole honey-honey my whole but just not laughing and I feel like that's a Mako Mako street name and what was their nickel with the pet? It was time First Street Mini Coopers. Good morning Elaine Elaine Peter Palm School.


Tonka Windflower Tonka wins we have a dog named. We had a dog named Tonka growing up after the truck is my brother's choice and we had to my my dad gave him away when we moved without telling us. Oh Uncle wind drag race. I would try to bring that back to how it hurt you and it affected your drag today. Yeah. Well I have to say that's just how many references come from in the heart of the plumber.


Free you're my pipes talk to my name is Timmy lemon lemon have me on the Kroc website the other day seeing if they have pink Crocs they don't they do have yellow for men and they do have white but they don't have to be of can u k o i mean the Manchester platform Crocs are like Balenciaga originally, but something's telling me the same thing. So I'm at and that's the only place you can get. So it's not about the Santee Alley get a lot of pretty sure.


That's yellow. I love her. I think he is so crucial to have the pink thing.


That's what I did all pink all the time for like years. If you had to pick one color today, you have to wait forever green with red hair. Yes, very like Forest Emerald dark green with like the turtleneck you have on your gas. Is this a demi-permanent hair color is coming in because when you have a deeper hair color, you can do red like this without having to lift a really change it. You know, how old are you you looked well, I just turned 23 work 348.


I'm 48 years young and she's thirty-eight. That's why I was going to die because I would say I'm like 15 years older than I am.


Sometimes social cues are hard for me when it comes to people I'm joking about things to sell at my brain automatically goes to believe what they're saying cuz I probably telling the truth 75 I was I was totally got ya ya ya must have me there may be a little older but I think I blocked 35 and older for a while. I'll get older people to think you look just great cuz you look younger now. You have a little bit of you know, what you she has but obviously I hope you take this as a compliment.


Oh God. I'm alive because you haven't loved to have a bone structure that is so it is like a precise.


This is a drag race. If you don't know the reference, we're not going to shame you and I'm very honored that you got to do a working girl Kathryn Parker fantasy. So which she was the first pitch Boston that you I mean, that would be so kind that would be so great. I've been I've been searching for some references to to pull late Lisa and when people think of your drag, they think lack of reference as lack of knowledge actions, why are there no makeup on Friday so fat.


Viola Daddy, I'm still up with the whole it like slew of your heavy.


Tiniest waist adjuster exam Sunday this year. I did fetty venti. Lovely. It was very very fun seemed very choreographed crazy and they want to take that all those dancers did to him and there's like 80 dancers and they were commenting or if they were going Hartwell. Every time enough for me and say to just be standing on the sidelines for a good hour and a half waiting to go. It was really scary terrifying. It was like the first big thing cuz that's a fucking big thing. I haven't done anything since the premiere at Mickey's, you know, I'm in a major women's lingerie campaign.


What are you what are you doing?.


Underwear about this in a year were you know, you guys really didn't get to enjoy the same building experience that we got. I'm glad that there's nuggets like that that stand the test of time stand out cuz if it didn't like way more than I think it would have if I had been like city city city. Oh, here's this opportunity to Savage Fenty to it and then leave more city city city, right? I totally got to like anticipated and then afterward or absorb it and feel like it was like a really special moment.


So Granite, I mean, I do kind of feel like our window of that whole experience is gone, and I'm I'm at peace with that you should be because honestly, I don't always remember bars. I played until I'm in that town at like an after-party and I first wanted you to remember the names of the clubs.


Because there's no there's not enough time to process. I'm assuming again. All you know is the dressing room and the stage and when you're visiting of are recreationally you don't have either of those povs. Yeah, I like have I been here exactly is it you is it still true that you'd be had? Not met any single fan. I haven't.


I'm sorry. That is so cool. Is it citizen?.


It is crazy. I'm laughing because with me, how can you not let me next Saturday universe is so cruel certainly makes you think at night when you pray for something good to happen have stipulations. I totally agree. But if I do can I tell you a secret but right before I was so nervous and I was like, I don't like traveling it stresses me out a lot like the airport airplanes everything like that. So right before drag race air, and I remember we I had just gotten home from the hospital on Towson.


I was really like excited and anxious for the announcement and I remember it was 11:11. And I said, I really hope this year I get to have as much work as possible and spend as much time with my family as I can and you got it and I think I think I brought upon the Pentatonix.


I respect the hustle that is feared but I'm also sorry it's not about being I think at this point there is no tone deaf. There is no read the room. It's okay to look at the situation may be grateful for what it provided and it's I mean everyone says their mom is different. So I know you got to spend this whole year together creating absolutely incredible and going back to the not meeting any fans. I very much have the mentality that everything online is not real disagreements.


That is so healthy. And can I just say this? I'm not your fault. I think that you're smart because people go on televised drag shows and they get.


Wrapped up in the internet comment way wrapped. If you're being bullied, you need to turn off your phone exactly her being cyberbullied. You need to get off the computer hit some of the girls just the season the fact that drag race has to make like please don't believe the girls. I said the girls need to get off the computer says and listen, did you cannot? Okay, it's like trying to control the weather Hello Kitty cats control the weather and most of the time the people there are the things that these people are saying, they don't actually mean or believed to be the first one to get a retweet and for me the realization and this is going to happen to go out with candy as well.


My realization was when my mom started sending me Tiempo people were sending her that is what I mean about candy is and I only know her very little but this week's specifically I'm like, I hope candy has somebody in her life reminding her that the internet is not real then put the phone. You don't have to engage in at all cuz these whores in a shit about drag and you do it again.


Youngstown Road in Omaha, where in Oregon? Can you have the right to be up on your pedestal short people everybody on drag race, you have the right mentality and I think a lot of girls get there. It's your turn to take for a while there have definitely been some girls on my season that have definitely gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to self worth when it comes to the perception of the comments and everything. They've let it get to them and I think they've all come to their senses send you but there's a difference a huge disparity in the volume and amount of money through online hate that people get some people get done.


So we will get a ton again. It's nobody's coming. Nobody is knocking at your door and led with the pits for can I get there's no angry mob outside of your house. Yes. Yeah, it's hard sometimes and it was.


Summit some of the girls in my teeth are definitely have some angry mob set the doors as well. But it also comes with The Simpsons been do meet-and-greets. A lot of the times the girls who are getting bad comments online can rely on the fact that people have bought tickets to the meet-and-greet. So they know there's going to be some positive. The influx you don't get that they have is the non-physical or non-real in the most likely is always an extreme. So wild every drag queen out there all of us, who love you you and you owe it to yourself to Spa cuz people I mean next weekend is punching someone in the face and look straight at the camera goes I meant and I loved it you can use in your fears and flock all the people all the people I can use that says arrogant.


That's what I want and those of us who stand you were like don't pay attention to their least. There's a recognition that was a great episode that there was a great TV, and that's the point.


Separate yourself. Yeah, yeah, that's where that she is. I mean her by a literally says candy producer Muse she knows it to be so young and have that level of confidence. You know what I love and I know you're probably over it cuz is on television a long time ago when RuPaul had concerns you said I understand your concerns. I do not have the same concerns RuPaul has never been through up to until that moment is he was like I literally saw I think I like Stepford Wife saw one of his eyeballs.


How about I love my choice. It's going to be quite a ways I can get these two incredible. You were like, no. Thank you. I don't know that came from the off-camera my other two choices for snatch game meeting. Like I definitely can't do my other two choices. So, I'm sorry, but I don't have to think what were they they were James Charles.


And can I ask are you bothered when people say you look like him because I definitely see the resemblance. I don't at all he's a fabulous makeup artist at the great person to have compared to be like he's also 19 physically i d like gorgeous. My other one was Christmas to her and I mean it was like a perfect match up these were officially out of game. So doomed to fail. Loud and I made I thought that might have been the episode I was going home to work so well man.


Let me tell you I was breaking it up on the stage for the same kind of response. You had a whole lot of variation. It was a really really fun to watch and I don't like watching this game is so quick to watch but in real life, it feels like a turtle.


Calling and no joke lands because there's no one to laugh. Yeah, nothing feels funny. But so did your mom still sell for you? Yeah, great. There has been a bit of a lot. I've caught, you know, like as with everyone has throughout this pandemic. It's kind of felt a little bit like lack of inspiration here and there and I've been kind of trying to dip into different other types of like female illusion and stuff like that which often doesn't require a campy handmaid costume. That being said, I'm very much over that little face and I'm I'm trying to get back more into the camp and and everything like that.


So my mom is currently showing her fingers down to little nuts for me right now. You better put that horn to work at 4 to work light bulb in a warehouse somewhere on the way to the black smoke machine to get shot.


Call color of your own hair. I do I have never ever in my life one here that anyone else is style red hair was so fucking good. Do you do hair for other people ever in your life have I mean it's just not something I've ever likely advertise. That's what I did. When I first came to La as I would do without you pause your career and do hair for her, please and I honestly, I feel like I mean, it makes sense that gives your your your your skin and everything.


You look Sensational, but that right right. It's hard to pull off. I think the Dracula do not look really well. Thank you. Just let it doesn't look like a joke and it looks legitimate least the doctor. Yeah. It was really lovely. I think you are the right amount of shading on your face for that car.


Thank you, cuz I didn't read it in Sochi when your fare can just make you look like a skeleton sometimes. I think the most important questions about I've ever been asked about my track Persona is what is her natural hair color. So I'm assuming I'm assuming both of you think I think bleaching your hair blond is a totally different energy than throwing a lot of hair and I need to bleach. Is it a few days you are right? Okay. Yeah. I like I've always liked the idea of a Paparazzi barging in and Trixie doing her Ruth.


And that's like a version of a nude people find a find out. It's either the line of the trash you but it also appears to line up like this and sending I like have a root Insight that naturally I also found out that Trixie short for Patricia and I'll never be the same. My name is Patricia in a month.


I'd when the question was asked immediately the word came into my mind Brown. Pepper pubic texture salt and pepper pubic texture you if you ever want but the first four routes of new growth is stillbirth, which silver and silver with them. You're a stupid question. Is that everybody should be honest answer. I have never thought about it before in my life number.


Where is the brake?.


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Again, that's better help help. Com bald and we're back. So what if you know what I mean if you hear this all the time, but I'm happy to say that like Doris everything I'm working on right now involves an NDA which is the railing and I will also say I'm working on several different projects all on very broad aspects of creativity all all walks of you know, what have you I have like designing going on makeup collabs National Sports special sport. I've got into soccer water polo mostly but it's it's exciting cuz it's things that I like.


The reason I auditioned for drag race was to do these things that I'm currently working on now, that's all I'm loving in the middle of a pandemic Matthew will you know, the irony is if you tore it all this year you wouldn't have time to do any of that and you later showed up like exhausted half drunk or something one of these opportunities here, so I have a drinking problem.


Not yet. I'm working on it cuz I don't have to drink.


In trying to prove.


Drinking problem. I've been trying to prove on the house of Avalon wrong because I am very much always the first one to go home and the the 123 release and they are like Simone is a party animal. She loves to drink a hunter loves to drink my grant like I love you girls over there. I met them when I get to do sway Little Rock Arkansas video Houston cheerleader how much I loved it so much. I'm going to billionaires turn text Tyler Tyler for sure. I want to see it's quite it's not the dragon.


Imagine. It's a gay man in a blond wig in a little pony with like a Von Dutch hat and jeans and UGGs with a hole in it. There's always a topo can give dogs. Yeah, every single look is a variation of that Foundation but really glossy lips all the way around.


Arkansas crazy and I will say without the house of Avalon someone like Benton girl. Tyler would not have had the opportunity to perform totally and they have definitely created the space for that. They left it there for them and then came across to La do I create a new one this one of those glamorous fun? Interesting gigs I've ever had. It was really a topic a very a very that girl and then and then walking down and going into the stage. I felt very that girl. I love it the stages on mirrors behind you is really really cool phone numbers, I felt like I told Paula Abdul and I went to the after party at their house at the time and that's when I met the house of Babylon in the day if such a strong impression and then they showed up here and started doing snap out of it and then wide-out I didn't know they moved here Monday.


I walked by the bar and I was like, oh my God.


Does people from Arkansas in the VIP Booth is so great. You're so lucky to be around people like that right across the street from yes, and that's why I need them. They say wake up. You got ugly bitch pretty I pretty much makeup.


Is Hunter's the 100 the one that keeps you in check so I can if I ever go on tour, he's going to be the one that's throwing pillows at me and dragging me out of bed. You got them mother Vibes. I love his personal style. He makes me wish I was a vampire. I know he looks like a he does he give big time lost boys at the 80s. That is one of my favorite movies. So sexy so sexy like one of the sexiest people was with a Lost Boy on an adult really nice really.


It's still like sweet in it. There's no pretension is pretty amazing. Amazing. Unlike you pretentious hortencia's to absolutely.


Can I ask you a question? We ask all our guests. When did you know you were beautiful? I just found out the other day actually and it was quite the IRT Potter owl came in the fireplace or didn't have a fireplace with got me good. I don't know why my mom has always told me every every day that I've liked great and amazing and so I've just been keeping that with me since I was a child and but in a way that's not like, you know, there's like those only only kids out there that definitely insufferable cretins because of the fact that they've got nothing but praise and you're the best of the best of the best my mom definitely kept me grounded, but definitely let me know like you're not the best but you're the best at what you do and you are you know, no one else compares to you.


You're entirely your mom is Sinead O'Connor Nothing Compares 2.


Great, and I I mean I owe all my dragons. I love that. She's like you're incredible. Don't get me wrong. But you do what you have to do. Give me a window into looking at anybody else when I was a kid. So I didn't know who any of the pop Diva's where I didn't know any of that like, it's me is Donny Osmond. It was Karen Carpenter. It was like that was my Superstar with Tim Carpenter with the Barbies. I was just actually in New York with Gina and I die let her know that I was a fan of the sheets the whole time I have something for you and she pulled out a rock and didn't run.


She pulled out a rock and gave it to me and she said his grave site. This is the last kidney stone to pass is huge huge. She's like the OG collector of.


Buckingham live she created she basically created from the 70s completely unpopular total flop wasn't until very long people don't respond to a very much and then what in the 90s or 2018 Tiburon wrote a book is like a tribute to the history of the fashion of the stall. No one like and all the sudden people. Like what is the store list? So Chic where I get one, so this vintage no one cares about toy is now like one of the most hard to get expensive so collect the Collectibles and she's a beautiful dog has the comparative Kelsey over here at whatever.


Just I have had pictures of that doll saved on my phone for so long to see uses reaction photo.


She's so good. And I'm not kidding. I probably have the world's best Dusty collect. You really no one wants it you really do right next to Rupaul right after I wish I'd gotten one of those the new one is different right then the new maquette. It's like a a year when I have to buy one from All Stars a month and then you got the gold one don't you have to go over now. She got the Miss Congeniality when it's. But I agree. I got three of them expose anyone, but I believe when I won all stars that was supposed to get one of those plated and gold the new ones young and I never happened for the pain you're feeling I think I was actually in my Dusty phase lemons, Arkansas.


And your memory came in to the hotel and I was baking when I want any bacon at slathered bodybuilders tan like a bodybuilder tanning solution like the pasta. The metallic before you wash up and drive it is I mean, it's like it's hard but yes in so I open the door almost naked with a tan and they give her a fright, but I also tanning in the sun bad. Yeah. I was young thug Union College gig Shack States just like a really long enough to know how to do the face with it like how to appropriately like match the foundation know like what kind of eyeshadow to use and how do you know when the only Shadow was blue don't you think and they look like a white cream based on its Garcia the white or I mean, you know, white Frost frostbite.


I know I love that y'all. Can I ask another question? That's all of our guests? Who is your ultimate Take My Breath Away inspires me every time Beauty icon. Give us 33 Vista. Linda has my number one. I Hamilton.


That's quite the trifecta in Perry. That's pretty Evangelista. What does she is my cat? Like, I I want to mirror your I want to like where any hair color and make it look completely natural. That's the goal. Number two would be Daphne Blake from Scooby-Doo. I think the character. Yeah thats Sarah Michelle Gellar play with the red hair brown hair purple for her. Very unrealistic body proportions in the hair. That never moves left arm is the with a glass. Dome is lesbian. Alright,.


Yeah, baby. I don't know why she's like like what's her name in peanuts? There is Peppermint Patty and then Marcie who's like her lesbian lover. I think ya don't you think they're almost like I'm too smart for all this but I'm in love with Daphne. So I'm here. Oh, I can see that for the girls and I will say I do like her outfit more than Daphne absolutely, but he's hot. Purple with a red like hot Cheeto Fred Dick's her down in the back of that band that dirty dick the show is that he always dismisses Daphne.


She's always fighting over him and he's always clueless the dog.


Don't throw me off a cliff but Barbie She's always always always been mostly from me. It's the the the variety of careers. Hello? Cuz when I started doing drag, my thing was like occupations like I would just dress up as different occupational therapy on the clock means occupational hazards great point of view from you first start drag because everything you want to do there's a reference for what the proportions and colors could look like and then everything ties together always. Yes. There's a there's always that running theme and I just I kind of think the the message that's always been there weather.


Sometimes it's definitely been questionable in the beginning, you know, like it's always been you can be whatever you want to be and as like a little girl myself.


I was like Fierce I'm going to be what has a Barbie done Jennifer medical billing or like which obviously been a waitress, right? Yeah repo guy. Yeah, if you never going to repo guy assassin, we haven't seen Barbie as an assassin we may have but it just might have been disguised as a physician assistant at the time like you can't judge today's standards by of course, I know but Barbie in 1959 a single woman with breast who had no husband and her own apartment. That was basically the most expensive thing anybody ever got an incredibly unrealistic but something that little girl saw as possible in real life to get a lot of DM stand from the kids.


I'm going to kill myself me know what the first time I had gotten one of these was talking to Naomi about it.


It came from her to happen in person at the meet-and-greet and it's it's a very hot like I often battle with even the concept of having a fan or being someone that someone looks up to or a night. Like I cry. I don't you know for me I'm only doing this for myself and it's just an amazing plus that other people are enjoying it and loving it with me, but it's really hard to grasp the concept especially since I haven't met anyone that anyone is like a big fan and again when it comes to social media not being real for me.


I often do you read everything and I can disassociate from all the bad stuff, but I find myself not reaching for the messages just because I don't want to see the negative as much. Yeah, I think that's a good thing. That's good. I mean, I think that's it. I think your job is to provide the content exactly and it didn't want to write letters to Santa they can write letters to Santa they get a release from it knowing that maybe you won't see it. I mean exactly anything is a bonus.


I mean anything you decide that's why I feel anything any thing you decide to do is extra in in like, you know, if you're always going to be good. It's always going to be responding to something good rather than worry about being perfect worried about being Gigi good enough.


That's really really impressed. But also maybe not surprised because they feel like you're 23, maybe you have more of a natural facility with navigating social media. And in also the fact that you don't think of it is real is very encouraging to me very encouraging I would think not to stereotype that the younger people are now the more they think everything and then there's absolutely real like all those likes and those people dollar signs and career energy mean like that is not necessarily the case. Yeah. It's definitely a generational in the term generation has almost narrowed a little bit to wear now.


It's like each generation is only like 3-4 years apart. Do you think takes a lot, you know, as a generalization takes it a lot more seriously as you know, when I like the first time I had a phone was when Instagram was coming about you know, so I was like.


I started Instagram very humbly hosting just pictures of whatever the fuck I could find and now there's kids that are starting Instagram with the intention intention of I need to get over a thousand likes the aspiration of used to be an influencer because you had influence because you do something that people respect and now people aspire to be an influencer. But think about it, it seems crazy. But if you I mean it's I was thinking about the other day and I was like, it's I mean it's that in itself is another thing of like I have to it's just an extension of their person here that needs to be developed or else done done done.


I don't have a growing follower count like yeah failing at life. Do you guys think it's going to be people like I think they'll be a little bit of a Renaissance where there's going to be people who unplugged from entire life. There's any more young people who flat not having social media is going to become the new cool. Yeah, I think.


How do you say number one potential like mates that are like a like a boy that played that would be the number one most attractive thing. The last two guys I was involved with had no social media social media. Yeah. Mine is having never seen drag race, at least when they've seen it. You don't have to tell them what you do for a living exactly know what those a lot of time to drive drag race isn't cool anymore. So I would know that it's it's not like Justin gay community in the gay guys love it, but they're not enthusiastic.


They don't claim it the way they used to write. I mean, I don't watch it but they're not like going out to watch it with people. They're not making it like an event. They're not proud but they found this nugget feel like yeah, we all watch it if it's the NFL exactly exactly. I mean, I screen. I was with a couple of gay guys that I don't usually watch anything with.


We watched it and screaming at the television screaming and of course the key component in that is keeping it in that room off of the screens off of the phones. Like it's okay to fucking hate someone's out with Attitude. As long as you're doing it with your friends. It's fun and you're not taking it that seriously as soon as it goes from finger to phone never yet. I would not smart because you're you are amazing. You're so talented and beautiful and I'm so far so nice, but we'll see how it goes.


There's always going to be people you're going to find this that you go to the club and there's any someone who just goes like I don't really like you. Okay. Yeah, you don't really want for you though like you ever and we first started traveling for the first time there was like a huge bar with a thousand people there screaming and you're like, how is the Spy? Why would.


And it's going to have the same impact flying to Brazil and thousands of people to nightclub in your like how did they even know who I am you'll need a security guard to prevent the people from grabbing and saying you're likely to see how is it? I don't deserve every day this week.


Going with her.


Imessage history for us for our season. It was a let-down expecting to get it and then the hundreds of zero instantly they already knew so they're approaching it a different way. So it is a little bit different. So, you know what though? Everybody being stuck home me and you had the most captive audience ever and the XD on the build-up that the edging. I mean you've been edging the crowd for like tractor starts to crank disconsolate.


He's rapping about us. We're not really talking about here.


Here comes that attitude.


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You're such a gift regulations on a wonderful showing cited for you. I think just like pin change anything about the way people find you on drivers should think that means a lot to me a big red white and blue is so hard to make look she yes in the Evel Knievel thing on my you better work. I'm a slot for a challenge in a prompt. I love him from work around and I was not about to be one of the girls that was just could I use the colors in like a silhouette that I normally do?


I was like it's red white and blue we're going to go with something a millionaire that we need an errand with Simone and the the you know, cuz now like the body was on the pit stop right there was you guys haven't seen Violet on the Pitstop friendly edit. She said that you guys oh my God. She looks.


Just come now and I go what about the next look when she ghosts now look.


I mean while I'm just going to say it. Read they cut by what you said. I didn't really like it like cut and violet was like gave a monologue to all the people that that look was a slap in the face to like production every when you're competing against RuPaul every drag queen and the entire audience who watches the show. You just told them you don't worry about I mean, she let them high mean when I watch the new episode we watched with the iWatch with other people and it was a Kiki like it was I thought that she should have been eliminated as soon as she got off the Runway.


I got eliminated at a ball challenge for wearing a boo boo outfit and like but it was it was so different had something fit. It was horribly dialed any sense, but it was still a government that I realized that this season is not about that there have been some really great. Runways. It's not about the Looks That season from the judge's perspective.


This season is about Star Quality and and personality who stands out. You know, that's what it's about. You and Jada ended fashion fashion when everything goes back to normal obviously traveling what's on your dream. Like I am dying to I've built some really amazing relationships with some Branson and houses and designers and I am dying to walk and shows I just like and I know that there have been Queens in the past you have I don't want to walk in a show as a Rapunzel dress girl.


I want to be cast in the show as a model and just I'd like I want to do I want to work as a model. I want to work as this kind of like non-binary can do either. I mean that doesn't seem impossible especially because a lot of time at the the run with that.


Wendy 1/3 their mixing menswear women. I feel like I see a future that is not very far away where there's no men's was actually more and more kind of gender Flats going on with that and I'm happy to model out of drag in drag what happens whenever.


So that's one thing I also just want to do I would love to do like kind of fashion corresponding red carpet. Yeah, that would be really fight. I would love to just stand on the red carpet and read someone for their outfit. Remember MTV's has a style that kind of thing. I mean are you friends with Violet not close, but we have no it is.


From the archives like she'll just pull a show from 12 years ago and still look by look. Say what you loved about it on your YouTube. Absolutely and I want to do that with ammar coming bro. I mean his perspective on fashion is something I've never had spent. I will knock your I've been cleaning out my closet for years and years and he made me three dresses that are so fucking they're so unique. I could never get rid of them there so I can wear them anymore hundred and I for one to the streams and I have this other white one and there's glasses that was cool.


And I gave him the director here. I said nothing as like, I don't know just take the fabrics and please make whatever you can and he's incredible. He just knows that it's like there's a fine line between town.


I'm gifted and he is definitely got it and he's hot to wear a hairpiece. Oh my God is he is a champion of baldness. Absolutely and he said he had the first time I met him he was wearing one of those and then when I went to the after party at their house and it was like hot both ways that motherfucker if men are going to wear pieces develop that relationship with that were like, we all know what the hell your hair that's not going to go to real cut that out now don't know who you are.


But you do have some sex ahead of you here on the couch while I talk.




12 seconds in a sound for a nap earlier that you kind of have one of your dream attributes for a man would be too and to not watch drag race any other things on the menu dream wish list for the man maybe not quite as severe as Violet, but I sense of style you're not quite as uncompromising cute belt. I love that. I love that for you a lot of help yet. I'm the same way for me. It's not as much as like you need to be wearing this brand.


I really respect and appreciate synonym retracted to someone who knows how to dress themselves like like you because for me it's not like if you're a drag queen more often than not I'm thinking about it and drag for you. Yes, rather than out of drag because you know, cuz you didn't know the drag queen.


I just for me, I'm transgenerational love story on January and December.


Oh my God, I would say that. Yeah, so that it's just I just love someone who smells good too good fragrance. Okay. I am a snob for fragrances in because I'm a smoker. It's very important to me. That's for someone else to smell good.


Because I smell like she always so I have to there's always a fragrance at Arm's Reach and like butt in if I yeah, I see a Drakkar Noir on the Shelf don't like another thing. I'm attracted to is like the smell of smoke on someone to Interstate. Will you put you take things with a low Tom offense Liquor on their breath and I'm like, what is turn me off while I love how you smell good something. I was the first liked about David was he just always has like cologne on all that time.


Can the children find you? Well, I'm on a highway.


Put on my computer to your account and I cannot I'm honestly Instagram is the main portfolio for me right now. You can find me at the G cut their Twitter is my house. So there is someone who took my name and has like seventy thousand followers on Tik Tok so Props to you. Then you write Tik Tok and you get the name I did I used to be Trixie Mattel 8 and I got Trixie Mattel. Can I get it? I mean, I love being friendly, but my mind by the time.


Did you get it and it's just you being like woke up today feeling Gigi not regulated like doing Gigi me. It's you and the baby filter it needs ug.


It's so funny. Okay. Bye. Bye.