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Hi, this is Cochise's, I'm alone cover is Trixie Mattel, and we are two international drag superstars, roupas Drag Race alumna and New York Times best selling authors coming at you live with a brand new podcast called The Bald and the Beautiful. That's right. Two of the most iconic voices in drag are coming together to have intimate discussions about the dark underbelly and the exciting outer valley of beauty.


Beauty, what hit me to be beautiful just there. And, you know, when it comes to beauty, there's a lot of personal stories, happy things, sad things, funny things. And we're going to get to touch on all of it. Trends, celebrities, interviews, interview product reviews, and who more qualified than two men who are so ugly that we don't deserve anything. We have we are two bridge trolls that have wiggled their way into the hallowed recesses of Hollywood.


And we are going to shine a spotlight on what it means to be beautiful in this day and age. So please press pause right now and subscribe to an Apple podcast anywhere where you can get your podcast Spotify, Balde, Spotify, Balts, Spotify, eyeball to eyeball in the beautiful.


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