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OK, here we are. Another episode of The Bold in the Beautiful, we have a guest today who is neither she's not bald, I'll tell you that. You were going to say she's beautiful. I'm a very ugly guest. We have an icon icon, actually, an icon who has been a pivotal guiding force in our both of our careers. Oh, yeah, actually. Song songwriter. Go ahead. Oh, just going to say songwriter extraordinaire, and you may have heard her voice and not even realized.


Yes, you definitely have commercial songstress. Oh that's right. That's right. So OK. Well, hello. Hey guys. Thank you for joining us. Thank you for having me. So let's give a little background on how we know Ashley when I met her, probably the same way you did through the incredible producer Monica. You through the music producer Killingsworth. And you guys like creative partners? Sort of, yes. I've been working with Tomas and everybody, Killingsworth, since I'm like 16 years old.


Are you serious? See, that sounds crazy. Let's get into that. Did they not show up the street in a van or something like, oh, man, everybody, that's like a cool story to tell, but that's not the story. So his parents were best friends with my grandparents who raised me. And when I was 16, my grandpa saw me like, you know, fiddling on GarageBand. And he's like, I think my best friend has a music studio on Long Island.


Like, you should just go intern for him and, like, see what he does. And that's what happened and started with garage bands. Did you have this did you have this kind of voice when you were that young? No. Oh, my God. I wanted to sound like Josie and the Pussycats. I wanted that feminine, small voice. You know, I think I was just listening to let her sickly all their live music today. Yes.


That sound is incredible and iconic. It's a beautiful I love the mousy rock and roll voice, the mousy rock and roll voice. Like Madonna has it like a Madonna, OK. Oh, yeah. It is really like how would you describe that? I think you I mean, I love the girl goes. I think you sound a little bit like Belinda Carlisle. Well, you told me that before. And I like I had to sit down because there's there's power, but there's a lot of it's kind of cutesy and it has a lot of attitude.


But there's obviously power to it. Whereas like, I think a Madonna sound, especially Bethink Material Girl, Madonna, it's almost like Julie Brown, like cartoony. And I think you sound like that because your voice has meat to it. Well, that took a while to get to it. At first I was like, no, I want to be a little little mouse because I was also a 350 pound girl. And like, I just wanted so badly to at least sound like that type of like a like a 90 pound, barely alive version of this.


As a six foot tall, bald man. When I'm in drag, I want to sound that way to feel it. I'd want to sound like Kathleen Turner. Oh, yeah. We'd have to get you to train your voice up for that. But I think I heard you first. Well, I discovered you do the blah, blah, blah, which, you know, it's like it's my favorite. That's also like one of the best band names ever.


It's blah, blah. So how did you guys think of that? Well, it's a read on the Yazz because I can't stand cariño. I really not even the haircut. Oh, look, I've got respect. I've got respect. But when that map song came out, I couldn't escape it and I felt her singing from, like, her pallet. So I was like my ha ha ha ha. And I just couldn't get down with it is what it sounds like.


But I can't I mean, there's parts of that song to me. Maybe it's like the beginning. No, no, no, no, no.


Sure. But doo doo doo doo doo. You know, I do. Yeah. That was really good. Yeah. That's something that song are so iconic in her big roundball cut. I think that band has other songs that are better. I don't think that should have been their mega hit. Sure was like zero is great and they have a lot of great songs but Off with Head was great. I loved when they got into that. Oh yes, yes, yes.


Good ones. But in the beginning I was like the as the blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda. I'm a fan too. Yeah. It's the way you write. I just love the way you write music. I'm such a stubborn asshole and when anybody presents me with something I'm like, wow, what this sounds like. And when you actually wrote, we got the look at yourself in your house, right? Yeah. And she sent e-mails on tour.


I remember where I was. It was in a hotel room. I was like, well see about that. Forty one seconds. And I was like, I don't care what she asked for, I have to have this song. It's so. So if you ever listen to Barbra, she wrote, we got to look and I'm glad you saw past like the demo quality because it was just like acoustic guitar, like she drums me like clapping and you still heard the potential in it.


So I love all your music. Oh, my God. All the right moves. I listen to it all the time. Really? Yes. I saw Twiggy listen to it all the time. Oh, man. All right. What's the other. I listen to both of them. They're so good at so much fun writing those albums. And it was like. You know, you guys talked about I do commercial music like it became commercial music, but it was just music that I loved, you know, 50, 60 Sunshine Pop was the best pop.


Yes. What is Sunshine Pop? It's like Early Beach Boys. Like, it just makes you feel like warm and fuzzy. Good times. Good. I think I think one of the through lines a lot of the time is it's sometimes melodramatic content, but it sounds happy, right? Yes. I killed my dog today, that kind of thing. Yes, exactly. Yeah. I just I have always loved you. And you wear wigs. Oh yeah.


Oh yeah. The first couple of times we're in the studio together. You sure did have a wig on. You had wigs on at the studio. I know, I know. I stopped doing it because the expectation became crazy. Take me fucking three hours to get ready and it's like I just need to like write songs and focus on that, you know. Oh, did you get dressed up? I did feel that I used to do the whole thing the first three years of my writing career.


I would just show up to the studio and like full drag. That's fantastic. I swear to you, I've done it and it helps you go in. You've done what? I've recorded music and drag. And you go in there and you're like, yeah. Oh, you feel you feel like that one. Yes. Yeah. And like when I did super drag the voice over the cartoon, I played a drag queen I. We're going to be vulnerable.


Did you talk I wore a head wrap and magnetic lashes and nothing else, and I said in that sound bite, they read my lips because I needed to feel. I feel like I'm worried about bringing rapture on my head with a little magnetic lashes on like that for like four years old drag, you know. Oh, I had a towel on the head with my mom's heels. Yeah. That's your personal style. You do like I feel like we're so ahead of the horse here, but you do like the 60s thing so.


Well, yeah. Well, we have a lot in common that way musically with the style. If you got a foot taller you could shop in my closet. I got about two feet on you. Unfortunately, you could chop off the rack for blah blah blah costumes and stuff. Not always because I have big hips. It's so it's like I always have to size up and then tailor down, you know, if you have big tailor and to have you have to buy everything big and then have too much in the waist.


Yes. Right. The struggle when you buy women's clothing, does it fit no shoulders. Yeah. Shoulders for me it's always the shoulders and the arm length and sometimes you get really fit and your shoulders get bigger. They just like it's never like I don't understand, like the sizing, how it works because models would be six feet tall. Right. But then, like, I don't, I don't get it. Like how does it I don't, I don't get it.


They're not sarod. They're not bright at all. Right. And then also their arms aren't long. Also recently when those models have little arms and legs that started their ribs. Yeah, I had to I I'm ordering from Alex Bradstock, the Chinese, eBay or whatever or the Chinese. And I thought I'm a three zl one. Oh a two excel to excel if I want like if I'm trying to be safe. Three XLF I really want the arms to fit you know.


Like what. I don't know what the word is but they warn you, they say like this is like China standard sizing. So I'm like a forex. Yeah. A five five ten. Yeah. I don't even want to know that's why. Yeah. It's just wild. Wild. Yeah. Yeah. Well I got those. Do you know about these brackets that go into your face. Mask. What. No it hasn't it. They can if you want, I mean you have to wash them but yeah they're brackets that go under your face mask.


I exercise in them and it just helps like you know you have some room to breathe. And I got them from China and I ordered like a size large because I'm like, whatever.


I have a wide set face and it didn't even cover, like my nose didn't even with those faces, like they're not different people don't have difference. Like, you know, that's crazy. They do have a different everything. Like, no, I've seen Chinese people don't have tiny little faces. I've seen it well, I have schnauzers, I have like a schnauzer. So I didn't like, you know, interesting. You got a healthy nose. Yeah, I think it's no, it's it's it's happening and it's crooked.


Ever since you pointed that out to me is extremely crooked. Why the left. Look at it. Look at it straight on. That's why people are like your nose is always crooked. I'm like, do you understand? I have to draw my nose on my little hands literally over here. Wow. Let me see it again. That is. It's so good. That is so I don't want to get a nose job, but if I did it would just be the straight in it.


Yeah. I've, I said in the video that she shows oh you need a nose job and then people really popped off. You planted the seed I planted there like do not get a nose job. I love your nose so I can take care about it because I was you know, when you're young and you're. Yeah. You're like I'm a petite woman. Yeah. Then as I got older, I was like, well, people often are guys will be like, I love your big nose.


I'm like, sure, great. Yeah. I love I love huge noses. I love bags under the eyes. Oh totally. And then big chapped lips and then. Yeah absolutely. No seriously like that I was lips. Yeah. Big big ones though. Not thin villainous chapped lips like I want big chopped lips. Yeah. Sometimes like this is so gross. I went out on a date but I thought it was a date. I kind of like made it the date, the guy who didn't think it was a date and I actually peeled a little thing off his lips like skin off that with my hands.


You enjoy that. I did.


Picking scabs and things. Is that part of it? That's the reveal of the Lipski. I was like, oh, I'm just going to get that for you. And I literally just peeled off a hole like a piece of dry skin off his tablet. Did you know that your lips are See-Through, so your lip color is the color of what's under your skin? Really?


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Watch what you want and protect yourself at Express VPN, Dotcom Balde. You're going to get into it. Are there anything? What are the most attractive qualities on a man that if you like name, I don't know, three or four of them? What do you look for? Good hands. Good hands, hard working hands. OK, not totally like, you know, calloused up or anything like that and not sausage fingers. So just nice. You like nice big hands, nice big and like firm.


Like I look at it. Yeah. Because as a musician like you pay attention to Hanshaw. You do. You play guitar. I do. You play keyboards. No, not at all. Strings are great. So guitar, bass, ukulele. A little banjo. A little bit. Can I ask I mean obviously you've written music for both of us. Oh yeah. Yeah. But like who's your real claim to fame and what? Because I know you were in a Revlon commercial, right.


When you heard all the right moves and Revlon commercial where you're like, I've made it.


I was screaming because models are singing my lyrics while they're like having a pillow fight. It's like crazy. That was damn it, I was wild. Yeah. That's like a huge payday, huh. Those like that's like the dream, right? I mean, it's it's like raw material. Look at the material, that material. You got this rich it helps sustain. So that part of my life helps me like be able to do everything else. Yeah.


You know, have they have you placed this in that. Yeah. Yes. It was in a an NBC promo for like so I was at NBC or ABC. Oh my God. I could get in trouble for not. Can we tell the listeners. I don't think they you have a musician career that's unique in that you guys often put out music with the intention of it being in commercials. So it's like it's like instant you're with me. Yeah.


And not generic, but let's say feel good and could be put into a lot of things, right. Yeah. And very not generic lyrics but certainly like universal, universal, universal. Like when I heard this in that I was like back to school. Sure. Chopping target. How do you. I was thinking about that like so you know, if you're like something that is commercial is designed to appeal into please. The eyes and ears of of a like as many viewers as possible.


So how do you like how do you come up with. The sound that is pleasing, like she was many is that that's the goal, right, to to do you have specific goals in mind or like how do you come up with a sound or how would you describe a sound that is like universally, please? Can you tell can you tell us how to do your job? No, no, no, no, no. I know that's like so ridiculous.


Could you tell us all how to say you do look beautiful? Oh, it makes sense what you're saying, but I think when you're writing for an ad, there's a certain way of writing. When you're writing for a promo, there's a certain way of writing. So there are formulas for everything. But in terms of like the lyrics that you use, like you have to be really mindful of, like, OK, we can't sing about love, we can't gender anything interesting.


Yeah. It's like it goes it goes deep. You know, his people could not choose a song just based on one word. Right. So you want to have the best shot possible. Yeah. Is a is a is usually one of them. And you guys the the vibe you guys choose to it's almost I want to say it's almost smashmouth. I hope that is a I love Smashmouth because it's retro but it sounds like it was recorded yesterday.


Right. So it could be placed in a lot of different like it doesn't sound like like music of today. It sounds like the music of any time. Right. I don't know. OK, I'm trying to wrap my head around. It sounds kind of retro, but it also has tricks in it that make it sound fresh and cool. And I feel like Smashmouth is like the master of that, like walking on the sun. Oh, yeah.


Cotard's recorded yesterday. Oh, it's like twenty years old. I gotcha. Gotcha. It's twenty years old now. And it was kind of a retro sound of something from like thirty years before that. And it still sounds fresh. Right.


And if you like music like that, it's really easy to write music like that. Like my man, like who I always look to is the B 52 icons. Oh my God. You know, they don't have a Grammy. What? They don't have a Grammy. They were nominated for best ensemble vocal arrangement for Love Shack. Didn't win. They don't have a Grammy. I always thought the Grammys were shit. Are they? Aren't they just or is it just a it's just a political like who can't?


I mean, is it it depends who you talk to. People say the people the people who have Grammys will say, like, this is a big deal, OK? And like, you know, I could say it's not a big deal, but then get a Grammy tomorrow and be like, oh, no, this is a big deal. You know, her tunes totally going to change. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I think you could get one in your lifetime.


One hundred percent. Absolutely. Orkan everyone in this room can I'm getting a I'm going to get a Grammy and putting it on my vision board. Iggy told me like she was nominated and she lost and she felt like she was happy she lost because then especially in that world when you win and she was that was her first year with fancy and everything. So she's overnight number one. Yeah, right. And she's like, then everyone's going to hate me if I win.


Oh, that's true. You were only nominated once and they lost her Beauty and the Beast, even though they had the first female rock album to be number one for like two months. And they were like where they were like, we're happy we didn't win because then people didn't hate us. But I also think it's the people hate women thing. Oh, well, yeah, that's always. Yeah. And women and rock especially. It's really Tosa.


It's really, really tough isn't it. Like they would be like, isn't it cool that you're a woman who got a Grammy. Like it would be that like how people say you're my favorite female comedian. Yeah. When I was in comedy and music is like it's just brutal. It's just brutal for like women. It's because we're big bags and we don't listen. I don't I like male comedians, but I wouldn't say they're my top ten is not mostly men.


All the music I listen to is a female vocals. Pretty much nothing really that. Absolutely. I can't stop male vocals. Really this one. No, I really can't. I really don't. 90 percent. I don't like a lot of live music. It's just like singing. I didn't know that. No, I do like I like to but I don't, I don't like English, feel like English and I don't like male. If so, it's the guy singing in English.


Get out of here. Bring a book. Yeah exactly. But that's where we connect because I also have an appreciation for music that is not in English. Like let me tell you. Let me tell you. Let me tell you this one. So we got to the studio, so I'm going to back in a little bit. So you helped me the so you help me write all the songs on Vampire Fitness, and she was so good at like which is the number one electronic album, by the way.


No. One give it up. So there's so many people I really got to label these two. There's so many people to thank. So I have no idea how to write a song, obviously. And like so you were so helpful in that you made like the arranger arranged all the lyrics. We just had a bunch of lyrics for Ravioli. And then you came up with that lovely, like Daemonic Children's Choir kind of thing. Oh, yeah, we are great.


I love you both. I that song creeps me out. Ravioli does. But you know what? I feel like a song like that. You're allowed to feel what you feel from it. I don't think that's not meant to creep me out. It's not. No it's not sounding. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's supposed to make you feel like you're going to look at the material. In this pink house being like, oh, my God.


Some demon shit on that track, but then she had to sing she it do you to do backup vocals for a song in Russian, song in Italian, and then a song in Portuguese. You Slaid. Yeah, multilingual. And she so did the under you. Right like a ding dong. You're the woman voice with her on the verse. Yeah. And every verse or the whole thing. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Well I think there's one part that doesn't but the chorus.


Yeah. I don't think on the chorus just tucked in there just to help a little bit. She really does help. She's like the the stuffing in my bra. Feminised is the voice a little bit you know, like you're the Gaffin bra for my like yeah. Yeah. With a male voice nothing's more feminizing than a real female voice right next to it. You guys should be really proud of it. It's fucking cool. Yeah. Thank you.


Yeah. And a lot of fun. I cannot believe how like it. You know, it's taken me what, ten years to develop like a halfway decent Russian accent and she just goes in there and like gets it in three tries. It's so crazy. Well I used to study all of that like linguistics and and I'm not good at languages. Like I took Japanese classes last year and I, I broke down crying in the middle class because she asked me a question.


I was like, I don't know what's going on. And I was like eight people in this class, mind you. And I'm just like in the middle of the class crying with equations. It was I'm assuming it was a lot of like eighteen year old, like a couple of 4chan straight men. But some people like working at Google that are just like, oh, I have this job and you know, Japan Google that I need to go like learn the language.


Now it's just a mixed bag. Yeah. That sounds so hard. Oh it's so fun for you to write cute music in Japanese. Why do I go to Japan every year by the pandemic. Are you serious? A pandemic. Japan. But yeah, I go there every year and I make like a working vacation out of it. So I have connections there that I can, you know, work with J Pop artists and also like, you know, and you write with them shut.


Oh, it's like my hero. Yeah. Oh my God. The cool life. You drive the best life now to pivot to beauty. Because once in a while, yeah, we do have to talk about everything. We like to acknowledge that on this we called it the bald, the beautiful. And we we get to talk to you. We talk about hair relaxing without you. When did you embrace the smoke and mirrors of Cosmos articles? Because you really go with the hair and the makeup.


You mean and drag her out drag like both. Did you get into it? Well, I was raised by a hairdresser. My grandma is a hairdresser. She's a beautician. So like, very, very young. I was like putting way too much blush on making mistakes with the eyeliner, you know, but she encouraged experimenting cool. So and she was really into drag queens to really. Oh absolutely. Oh wow. She always Lekic like grandma to have.


I know. Yeah. She's, she's wonderful but yeah. So it's always been a part of my life. Like I grew up with a beauty parlor in my house because she worked for my house. I know, I know. I'm really spoiled. So it was always like something fun to do. It was never like, you know, drag is never a drag in a sense. So it wasn't always something like a job. Yeah. You know, and lucky for you, it sounds like the vocabulary was set up that there was no clean line about costume and a normal makeup and crazy makeup.


It's like. Right. And also, I went to private school, so I was in a uniform for most of my childhood. So when it was time to, like, have fun with clothes and makeup, like I was there, you went. Oh, yeah. Oh, yes. I think uniforms are great for that. They kind of equalize everybody to a certain extent and then also, like, make you appreciate your own personal style. Like, yes, it becomes all about who has the flashiest eyebrow ring or whatever.


Yeah. Yeah. If they allow an Ivy League school, I learn from the craft. So like a little bit, you know, they could definitely not dress like they do in the craft in a private school. Oh really. No, no, no, no, no, no. Absolutely. We get detention. If you're if your skirt was too high, like, OK, that's a good rule up. Right. The girls to be slutty, they roll them up.


Yeah. Yeah. But it depends on the private school. So like mine was a little more like LACHSA days ago. So if you rolled it up like twice it was fine. But there was this one called Kahlenberg where it's like you couldn't even dye your hair. You can paint your nails like anything that was unnatural in the body. Weren't allowed to come to school with unnatural on the body. Unnatural. Yeah. So luckily I wasn't in that school.


Yeah, I'm fine with whatever we like. People can look as extreme as they want. Yeah. Then again, I don't know, I'm more into, I was like be more concerned about behavior rather than like appearance, you know, it's like no, don't bring a gun to school and don't shoot anybody. Yeah. Like wear your black lipstick. Yeah. But get good grades and don't mess with me. Absolutely. Yeah sure. But if it's Catholic school, the black lipstick means that something told you you're a pig from hell.


Yeah. Are you Catholic. I'm, I'm a spiritual person. OK, I don't, you know, subscribe to one particular thing. Krystal's can. Oh, yeah, oh, you have a good Christmas. Oh, is it a story with, you know, the Christmas? We have a crystal. We're going to take a break. Hi, everybody, it's Katia now taking care of your mental health is so important and therapy can be an invaluable tool.


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All right, Crystal obedience dance button. So so when we were working together was it was a couple of years ago, we started doing the album like probably three years ago, but no. What was that funny was I don't actually remember that because I remember you telling me about your food album. Yes. Yeah, right. Yeah, yes, yes. It originally was like we had a it was a bit more ambitious. We had like eight tracks or something like that.


And then there was one you had you had done an arrangement in Sanskrit. In Latin. Oh right. Yeah, yeah, yes. And then we cut those because dead languages I don't really like burn up the dance floor. Turns out it's not a dramatic turn of events like this that's been dead for womanizers. And people are like, I want to hear something I don't understand liturgical. Yeah, but that's. So you what was it that that this rock it was.


Oh my God. So I had to get over. It was I had Cosio over for Ravioli's because we were just talking about writing ravioli and I'm like I'm ravioli. I can make sauce. Come over. I love your accent. Oh yeah. I can make a sauce. It's amazing. Yeah. Oh hardcore Long Island. Long Island. But so basically I had this, I was going through like a weird time and I have a very spiritual friend who's into like crystals and stuff and I'm like Desi.


And he also has a company called Developmental now where he just like has these amazing like it's like a I don't even know how to describe it. It's just all spiritual things to help you in your lifestyle. But basically he was like, oh, you need to get some modal Moldova. It'll help you, like, get through this change in your life. I'm like, great. I go to the crystal store and they're like, you want Moldova?


And they they have to actually take it out of a locked box. It's separate from all the other crystals, Moldova by Moldova. It's considered one of like the darker stones because it pushes you through trend transitions some. So they were like dark that. What are you going through? Excited? Yeah. They looked at me like Moldova had a demon demon in your closet. Yeah. And the thing about Moldova. Oh, you're looking it up. Yeah, it's green.


It's green. Yeah. So it's from a meteor that that hit the earth. And because of the chemical changes, like all these properties in Moldova help you go through like extreme changes. So anyway, he said, OK, you have to sleep next to it for like five days before you even put on your body. You have to align your energy to it. So first night slept with it. No problem. Second night I had, like, just weird stress dreams.


Third night my boyfriend wakes up screaming next to me. He's like, is that nightmare rock in the room behind you? It's next to me. It's next to me on the bed. He's like, get that thing out of this room. He's having a traumatic dream. And then the next day after that, you were coming over for ravioli. Yeah. And I know you were going through transition as well. Yeah. And I was still in transition.


But you operate on like on a certain frequency that I'm like I absolutely I'm like I'm like, you know, I think this would be better off in your hands. Yeah. Yeah. And I gave her the Moldova at that night and then I checked in a couple of days. I'm like, how's the rock treating you? And you loved it. I love that rock. She gave me the best dream. One man's nightmare is another man's dreamscapes spectacular.


Yeah, I think, like, you know, it was so funny because I think I slept like it was on a pendant. Yes. And I think I slept with it on the first night. Yeah. Yeah. She goes right in there. We surprised police. So he said, like, do not go into that closet, you know, it's haunted. I would just be I'd be just jump right in her jaw like, oh yeah.


Yeah, I love that shit. Oh my God, I had fun. Do you still have it on the ground? Yeah, I think so. Oh, that's good. I think it's like I might have, like, molded into a butt plug and stuck it on my ass. However, you have to bond with it, you know. Can I ask when as a performer, did you start I mean, for a woman to embrace the wig like and you don't wear like a like a pop star wig, you wear like a stylized.


Yeah. 50 Tuesday. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. You know where it is. Like a fall guy is your real hair in the front of a wig. It's full wig because in the beginning I was brunette when I was first doing the blah blah blah. And I'm like I feel like she has to be blonde oh 100. And then also it's like I don't want to because I grew up with a beautician. Like I knew I didn't want to tease my hair all the time because it would destroy my hair and teasing color treated lifted super lifted hair.


It's lifted. Oh is it like bleached Southcliffe. The color for her to lift from her natural hair color to that and style it all the time would have been a nightmare. But a lot of apparently I did, I did have to cut it off like the first hairdresser I had in L.A. burned my hair off. They burned it right off. Yeah. So I had to that's why I think when I met you, my hair was a lot shorter.


Oh yeah. Oh I remember that. Yeah. So that wasn't by choice. You like the one I love having long hair long on you. I love short hair too though because it's so easy and you could do fun things with it. I did like all kinds of like faux hawks like the Brody Del Fantasy. You know who the one. Brody Del from the Distillers. Oh I don't know them. I think she was or is married to the singer ranted.


Oh no, I haven't checked in on her. But if you guys Googled Obama bars right now and you see her album covers, it's a wig. It's a huge. Well, it's huge. I got it from outfitters wig though. Oh, it's going to say there are huge sculptural like helmets. Yeah, amazing. Well, you know, help me pick it out actually. Sharon. Sharon needles. Right. Oh, because you want to motivate.


Yes. No, I get her some Olduvai. She I'm sure she has some. She is world of how many girls, how many drag race alumni albums have you worked on. So many. Oh so many. It's a dream I Sheeran's I can't even tell you PG 13 is when when that came out it was Sharon. I'm sure you're listening. That was the best drag album that ever. It was amazing. There was a song call me on the Ouija board.


Oh, so much fun, Regg flew the chat logs. That's it. It's great. It's so good. We had a lot of fun writing that album and that was like one of the last albums where we really made, like a party and an event out of it. I like I haven't had that kind of experience with writing a full album. What do you mean? Say more about that. But at a party or an event which is so like basically David would make these beautiful spreads of food he made like an apple cobbler on the barbecue, like furniture.


Ponty. Yes, I, I he's a very talented kibitzer. Ponty you've been holding out on. I would just say I never barely get a phone call. Grilled cobbler. You've been found out. I know it's going down. Yeah. I got a car return my phone calls between growth and pastries for Sharon. OK, Barbara's on the charts again. You got this right. I'll send you some flowers. Meanwhile, I got a rack of ribs for Sharon.


Oh, my God. So how long would it take to write the album? The album? I mean, I was still working a nine to five job in New York that I just quit. And I was like, well, I'm going to do the Sharon girl. You guys snapped. And honestly, that album, you want to talk like opening it because there's like a Rupal supermodel. That's probably the next Drag Race album that opened that door more for any of us.


Right. It's amazing. And did you do BATTLEAXE? Yes, that song is so good and so shiny. I should have known it was you. It's so you guys. That song is amazing. Well, Sharon's fun because she comes in with like a fully developed like this is the concept helped me like put a melody to these words. Like Sharon has just books and books of words. Yeah, she's a rock star. Oh, she's a freaking rock.


And the voice is great. And this is not a read to Sharon. I've seen her get up there in a blackout. Oh, yeah. Sing the words and the. No, really. Yes. I mean, she just can do it. Yeah. My like most iconic moment was I toured a Halloween thing with her and she gets wheeled on on stage in a coffin. Right. And one night they were like, all right, everyone knows Sharon's going to come out of the coffin, but what if you were in there, too?


And then halfway through the set, you pop out like you've been suffocating the whole time in there. So it's Halloween, actually Halloween. And I'm in the coffin face to face with Sharon on stage for like thirty minutes in in a coffin together. No, what it was like being in Santa's sleigh on Christmas. Oh, I don't know that. I would say Santa was like a Encinas sack with a bunch of dead cats. So then she gets out, does have her set.


She's laying on the coffin. I'm still in there. I'm like smiling. And then after the show, I bust out of it. I love sharing. What I mean, if it weren't for her, I wouldn't be with my boyfriend. Really? Yeah. So I was out with Sharon because she calls me up when she's in town, you know, pre pandemic. We could go to, like, you know, the Burgundy Room and hang out with the person.


And I was out with Sharon and then Grant, who wasn't my boyfriend yet, he called me up and he's like, Hey, what are you doing? And I'm like, Oh, you got to come out, meet my friend Sharon. And like, he's a comic, too. He's a professional comic. So when he was talking to Sharon, he was like, wow, I feel like I'm talking to a comic. Like because he had never, like, been in the drag queen community, you know, like it's comics and drag queens.


It's a weird separation. I don't know why I chose the part. I don't understand it. There's so many similarities. Yeah, but yeah, she said, I feel like I'm talking to like a comic. This is crazy. And then when he left, Sharon was like, you got to keep this one around. You got to stop poking around. You got to, you got to lock this one down. I got Sharon saying, you guys going around the mall to buy it.


Did you work on Alaskas albums? Yes, you did. How many? So good. Go down the list. Two of you whose albums so started with Sharon, Alaska Vialet Tchotchkes. Oh, that's right. Miss Fame. You do. Betty Yati. Tommy Lee did Betty. Tommy Lee. Tommy Lee drums. Ashley, you are so iconic. Betty. That is so good. Oh I love that song so much. I think that one is my favorite by all them.


Violet all these snapped. If you guys at home have not heard Violet's album, Irv's Song Betty or EP. Yeah, it's so, so, so good. And kind of vampire fitness adjacent. Oh. I mean I would like I would die like if I would absolutely just redo that song with. Yeah. Yeah. Maybe because it's an industrial body part too. It's another name for Betty Petty Petty. The studio, the people in the studio.


Love it. Lori Petty. OK, and then who else. So OK, Miss Dame, which a lot of that actually turned out great to my surprise. Oh it's great. She has a beautiful sound get like whimsical material. Well, you know, she doesn't exactly have like a song bird vocal. She has a David Bowie quality in her voice. Oh, yeah, I hear that. And in certain parts. Yeah, yeah. Like she she can the way she enunciates and stuff is very.


To me sometime and you want to talk crystals and energy, oh, yes, Frank is Switzerland right now dopier crystal and some like hot springs, just like getting in tune with the Divine. You get a completely dewy skin looking over her shoulder like, yeah, acceptance is the key to transcendence. Totally. She's a Wacko Jacko. Who can I ask you who's like your dream collaboration? Like what artist would you love to write for sing with in life in the dead of your world is your dead or alive.


Oh my God. The band are alive. I love that. Oh my God. Is that Pete Townsend. Pete Townsend. Nice to you.


Spin me right now. Make your own like fun. Who's the one who's the the Pete Davidson not take it anyway. Go back to it. Sorry I think alive. Julian Casablancas. I'm a Big Strokes fan. Love the star. Oh my God. That twelve fifty one song is embarrassingly good. I know, I know. Who do you think is the most beautiful voice. Beautiful. Yeah. You covid. Yeah. I mean you cut down Adele it's it's next level full bodied beautiful like clarinet voice.


It's a about what does that mean. Clarinet for you. So when I hear voices like, like Sam Smith to me is a saxophone. OK, you listen to the tone of his voice I hear, OK, the same kind of sound comes out of a saxophone to me. Adele could be a clarinet, does more of a like a woodwind with Celine Dion. She's she can be. Oh yes. She could be brass or she could be an oboe for sure.


OK, who's Michael Bolton. Oh, he's, he's he's French horn. French horn. That's interesting. What about. I'm sorry. I'm going to keep going. No I like. Who's Britney. Yeah. Britney Spears. Oh my Akutsu. Just kidding. I sense blaber sometimes with voices like especially women's voices. Oh that's cool. Like confections. Like flavor. OK, what's Britney. Britney to me is like a karmal really. Wow. I can see that because it's so mellow and like.


Yeah. What was going on. Dialyzed speaking. Yeah. Yeah. What about like Joan Jett. Oh I love Joan Jett. Yeah. Oh my God. Oh what confection is she and what instrument and what flavor is she. Is a she isn't flavor blasted gold. I'm not saying they all pop out but I'll be sure. Sure I like her. When I was 16 I was at a pride festival and I was in a sea of lesbians and she's, you know, sixty five and patent leather with a corset, with a white paper, white skin singing the song fetish.


And then the interpreter is having to interpret all these pornographic lyrics that she's pumping him and rubbing her crotch. And I was like, yes, I just, I love, I mean the runaways, the cultural impact. Sure. I crack the cranberries. Dolores O'Riordan, what's the flavor? That's a fun voice, too. Yeah, that is fun. She's like in there. Yeah, but miso soup. No beautiful voice. Yeah. Gorgeous haunting.


Yeah. Haunting. What, what instrument would she be. She's she's a woodwind to me. I'm not exactly sure which one she's going to do some research with the woodwind. It's like, like a woodwind would be like a flute or a clarinet or an oboe or something. And with the bassoon it's a matter woodwind. A woodwind. Yeah. Just checking on different instruments. Just checking in. Just a second. You got to think about that though, right, when this noise is now.


So like. Yeah. Instruments and flavors. To what flavor are you, what's your singing. Oh it's probably like, it's like something that's to take tobacco. It's like, it's like you know something to crispy. Your mouth gets all dry with a triscuit. Yeah. It's water, it's a cracked olive oil. Yeah. Yeah. Rosemary Triscuit. That's enough though. That's my favorite Triscuit but with no water, no drinks around. Oh really stressful.


I know she's really stressed. I love the sound of your voice. I do too. It's so beautiful and it's tough to get her victim out of like it sounds good but it doesn't. You don't sing like you're trying to sing. You sing like you're like telling a story. Yes. It's like you're not trying to like it's more like the attitude in the delivery because the foundation is so like. Yeah, it's a great voice. Yeah. You sing it like you mean it like it's a story.


I just love it. It is effortless. Yeah. Incredible raw. Do you want to know where people can listen to you. You guys have to listen to music. Yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah. So you could check us out at the blah blah blah music on Instagram and then it's just the blah blah blah is on Spotify and we have a couple of music. Videos out, too, you could YouTube us, I love super. Yeah, we want to ask something else.


Who do you think who would play her? Yes, who would play Ashley and who would play you in a movie, the movie of your life? Who would play you? And then also who in contemporary music do you think is a no talent piece of shit? Motherfucker doesn't deserve their success or so. So who would play you. Yeah. Would you like to play you. Would I like to play me. That's a really tough question. I've never thought about this, what do you guys think twice know?


Well, now you're thinking of your your face reminds me of like a few different actresses. And I'm trying to think of who it's well, depending on my weight. I've gotten Claire Danes the help. I can do that. Oh, I can see that. I'm thinking it's. Is it Emma Stone from the face? No, no, no, really. I definitely see Claire Danes. Claire Danes. Yep. I'll take her Romeo and Juliet.


Claire Danes think that's an anybody will take her in that role. So beautiful. Brokedown Palace where the brokedown Paloma Stone or I'm talking. And then who's your contemporary it's it's music that everyone here is that like, come on, I see I'm a stone Hodan. Really? Yeah. Smile. Yeah, it was, and she's beautiful. Yeah, well, thank you. Oh, that's sweet. And then got to know Jan Jones for some reason as well sometimes.


Jan or if you're if you're Spanish speaking is so beautiful. I don't know. Yeah. Brittany, I know. Pretty snow. Oh, I love Brittany Snow. She's know she played Amber and Hairspray. She's not going to know what that is. Do you. Snow. Scream and Britney, oh, yeah, oh, I know big guys, big like software, brown contacts, but that's OK. And then what's the contemporary music that you're just like, why do people live?


Yeah. Is there like a is there a fad? Or like she's like, how much time do you like. Yeah, well it's hard, right, because like I have to like keep my pulse on like what's going on now. And but what I really like to do is like when I'm cooking, I listen to the turtles. So the turtles, I love the turtles. So my heart is in the past, but I have to keep my pulse on what's happening now.


And I'm going to say because I said I just watched the documentary on Takashi's six nine. Oh, is that the guy, the the Predator rapper? He's a lot of things. Yeah, he's he's a lot of run ins. I don't know. I don't want to get in trouble. I don't want anybody coming after me. Oh yeah. Yeah. I just let's keep it, keep it hush hush. But also I just, I don't think I understand it like mostly trap artists.


I would say like I get it but that's not like where my heart is. So like to my ears I'm like, I'm not going to listen to that. Yeah. Yes, very. In the school of like there's no right answer in music. So that's always from like if I don't like it I'm like, yeah, it does nothing for me. I don't get it right. Yeah. Sure thing. Do you think Art, I mean I'm trying to think about like if other art works that way, like the same way it does in music because it seems like OK, I've accepted the fact that some music just sounds like total fucking shit to me and it can be the, you know, the most inspiring thing to somebody else.


Does that work with other stuff? Like. I think so because I don't love friends, but I know that people love both, both the show and people. I don't like having friends, but I know if everyone loves it, it's got to be hilarious. This is not my thing. I'm also not into friends, but it's so many people love it. I'm sorry about, you know, I think one, two, three. That makes us right.


Well, millions of people are wrong. Yeah, we're right. Yeah. And in music is the thing that is like, you know, film, television, even like painting or whatever. I mean, music is the ultimate snob. Like that is the thing that people love to get completely snobby and judgmental about. And it's like when people say, like, I have the best taste to music, I'm like, yeah, everyone thinks they do.


Everyone have a great day. Yeah, especially metalheads especially. I dated one for a long time and he didn't want to hear anything else about any other genre music. Oh yeah. So you came home to like I like I like that. Music playing. Yeah, yeah. And like even harder than that and I listen to it but it's got to be in another language like there's a whole bunch of metal Japanese bands I love. Oh that's fun.


Yeah. Did you like it. Evanescence back in the day. Who didn't like that saying Oh I hate Evanescence was so wonderful. Had a great song. I hated those that I'll be called Bring Me like no I don't wake me up inside. Yes. Since falling in love hate that shit. I've never liked music like that. But for some reason when they came out, I don't know. Her voice is beautiful. The songs were great, but I would never listen to that type of music again.


No. Yeah, I can appreciate the like the oh nice vocals. I suppose that music doesn't sound like pots and pans banging around but yes, I hate it so much. It's like I don't like pop at all. I know that Ariana is probably one of the best voices of our generation, but I don't like the songs because I don't like pop. Right. But I know she's a great singer. Of course I feel the same way. Is this is it weird to say that I feel like her voice is not being used to.


It's not like it's not being like it's based on the music that she makes sometimes. Yeah. Like, I hope one day she does like a like a like I betcha she could murder some like pigs' ballads. Yeah. Hymnals please praise him from whom all blessings flow is in the blood. Yeah. Something like that.


Did you sing in church. Is that how you got your start. No, no. It was like I went to Lutheran school so it was not fun. Churches, Baptist music.


You know, I wish Lutherans like I do gospel now because I'm making up for lost time and you're trying to atone for your slutty days figure. Yeah. You're back with Sharon on the right note. How slutty are you that Sharon has to say, you know, you really need to pull back? Yeah, that's scary. There was a new every time I saw her, there was just a new guy. You know, I had just moved to Los Angeles.


I was having fun. Yeah, I just. I'm you you're young. You're beautiful, you're talented. Take the world. Yeah. So your wild oats. Absolutely. Well, that's I mean, I've been with this man for almost like four years now, and it's great. I prefer a relationship personally. Like, I don't know how you guys feel about it, but I'm still trying. I'm always I always have a boyfriend. Yeah, she does.


Just serial monogamy. Serial monogamy. Yeah. It's just something more cosy about it. Yeah. Sometimes you do have to, you know. How so. Oh, I know everyone. Oh that's great. But it's a relationship. Wait a question. What is cutting season. So what does that mean. When to go ahead. So cuffing season is ESPs. Usually, like when you're on the East Coast, right, Boston, like the colder months, you find somebody to, like, snuggle up with in the winter and then you hold on to them until the late spring comes.


And then it's like party time. Then let's get the fuck out of here. What does cutting mean? So it's more likely we're going to shake up, at least for the next few months because we're going to be going out cold. Yeah, we're handcuffed to each other. Yeah. Is it everyone's wearing cufflinks in their pants or tight rolls. Yeah. And they're in like a chain gang. OK, yeah. OK, got it. That makes sense.


Well actually we love you. Yeah. Thank you so much. One of our favorite people. Thank you so much for inspiring and continued to inspire the world with your beautiful voice. Yes. Go listen. Ba ba ba ba. I'm promising you never heard anything like it.


You're going to love it. Yeah. Bye bye. Bye.