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Hey, Bible readers. I'm Tara Lee Cobble, and I'm your host for the Bible Recap. Tomorrow, we wrap up two months of reading the Bible together. So far, you've spent an estimated 12 hours reading the Bible and approximately eight hours listening to this podcast. If you're already two months in with us, I'm assuming you're in this for the long haul. You're not the person who started in hopes of making it happen but fated out two weeks in. You're still here. That's huge. And I'm so grateful God keeps drawing you in to read his word. Today, we opened up our longest and most repetitive chapter yet with some offerings for the Levites initiated by the heads of other tribes. They gave the Gershianites and the Mirarites, ox carts to use as their tabernacle luggage, but the Kohathites didn't get any ox carts because they have to carry things on their shoulders, according to the text. This is a reference to the polls we've already read and talked about, which went over their shoulders. By the way, I keep mentioning these polls because I'm setting us up to understand something that happens in the future. After they give the ox carts and the oxen, they set up a dedication ceremony, and God established the offerings that would come from each tribe during that process.


Each tribe was assigned one day out of the day ceremony where the leaders of each tribe would bring the offerings to the tabernacle. Starting with Judah taking the lead on day one, they worked their way around the encampment clockwise. Each of the tribes, regardless of size, gave the Levites the same contribution to show that they each fully supported them. The Levites couldn't do this on their own. They needed help from the people. At the end of this twelve day dedication period, Moses went into the tabernacle to hear the Lord speaking to him, and that's where my Godshot came in. Kind of obvious for today, I know. But it was the culmination of the previous 88 verses that were building up to all this that made it so beautiful. This was what it was all for. Animals and ceremony and silver basins. None of it would mean anything if this moment at the end weren't happening. A Holy God drawing near to speak to sinful humans. All these offerings amounted to twelve plates with a total weight of over 1500 shekels, twelve basins with a total weight of 800 shekels, twelve golden dishes weighing 120 shekels, oil and flour and incense, six carts and 264 animals.


These offerings served a purpose not only to bless the Levites, but also to bless all the people and to connect the hearts of the tribes to the Levites and what they were doing, ultimately connecting them back to God. Jesus taught us that heart follows treasure. So by all the tribes giving these things to the one tribe who was serving them, it helped connect them to the reality of what the Levites were doing on their behalf. God is efficient. He uses the gift of one to bless the whole. And he also uses our giving as a two-way highway where we receive blessing in return. And I'm not talking about financial blessing or getting all your prayers answered with a yes. I'm talking about the real and lasting treasure of his neerness and the beauty of mirroring him to the world around us. And every single day, I see it more clearly, and I hope you do, too, that he's where the joy is. You recap, but do you kneecap?


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