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Coming up, Cousin Sal and I are hooked up to IVs trying to replenish our body fluids after six I repeat, six playoff games. Good God, it's all next year. We're also brought to you by the Ringer Dotcom, as well as the Ringer podcast network, where I hope you're listening to all of our awesome podcasts. And we have a new one coming later this month that I'm excited to tell you about next week. Hold onto your seats for that one coming up.


The first Pearl Jam. All right, taping this at eight fifty on Sunday night, 8:00 Pacific Time. Sound, I just plowed through six NFL playoff games. Here's my big takeaway. So I can't go back next week. We only have four. And I used to be like my two favorite sports weekends of the year were probably those first two weekends. Now I feel like it's a step down after three a day for two days. This was the best weekend of the year every year.


This will be the best weekend of the year.


I love it. I love it.


And now you're going to tell me it's because Lamella got a triple double and he was the youngest youngster. Right. Or something stupid. That was. No, yeah. There is good NBA though. All right. I forgot I shouldn't have even engaged but six games it took us all. Yeah. Like next week the game start at like one thirty West Coast time. Right. Or something. Right. Yeah, one. And that's not good enough.


We got to wake up, get right into it.


It was by the way, the games weren't even that good. The first game was, was really good. Buffalo, Indy. And then after that it was, you know, every game had some sort of fatal flaw. I want to go through all the games and go backwards. We'll start with the one that happened tonight, Brown Steelers, which was we're texting each other the whole day. It gets to Saints. Bears.


Mm hmm. And we're like, all right, either this one or the next one is going to be the totally fucked up game because this has been too easy throughout the week, even the Rams, which was like a mild upset, there are three and a half point underdogs to the Seahawks. But if you watch the game, it wasn't surprising and people thought the Rams had a real chance. We head into Robiskie against the Saints or the Browns with no coaching staff having practice Bakerman.


It's like one of these two is going to be wonky. And it turned out it was Brad Stewart's son of a bitch and it could have been the one before. But the Browns Steelers was. That's a game that you have if you're the Steelers like every six years and you hope that it doesn't occur in the playoffs. Right. Like, I wasn't even looking up when the fumble went in the end zone. They picked it up in seven and I got all right.


And then, like, bad play after that long play for the Browns, another touchdown benzoin interceptions to four hundred pound guys were somehow cradling the ball. It's not even close to hitting. I mean, do we see that we're so close to the tip of the ball hit the ground? Nope. These guys are making perfect catches and they were out of it before even they looked at it like you said, the line you like browns or minus five.


It was fourteen. Not then the Browns Liveline was minus five, like, holy crap, they're not expected to win this game. The Steelers now.


Well, go back to the step. It goes flying over. Ben said it's the worst half of the year. Nobody's had to wear Shukan step all year. Ben and Connor go back to get it. Roethlisberger not only doesn't dive on the ground, he's looking at it like he's in an Iraq war film. And it's it's some bomb. And he's kind of circling it. Like if he touches it, he's going to blow up. And the Conner kind of does this half assed fall on it.


It's on like the one yard line. First of all, the move is just run and go. Kick it out of the end zone. Sure. Take the safety like even if you fall on it or you're on the one yard line. But it was just so stupid that the Browns scored on that. I got the sense that they were spotting them seven like, OK, we'll spot seven just really just the way just you describe it, that they're hovering over the ball and they just like didn't really care to recover.


No urgency at all. And then the next play, he just loves to pass five feet over open receivers, head right to a brown and the Browns score again. And then Collinsworth is like this Browns defense. So like what they do, right? They fly planes overhead.


And then he threw a pick. I didn't think the Browns defense was particularly good. They're gas. But then it leads to we're waiting because the Browns DNA as a as a Red Sox fan, pretty thousand for you. Just you're always going to assume the worst. And the more points they score, we're like, all right, the Steelers are definitely never and they're definitely going to go back. It finally happens. It's thirty five. Twenty three. The Browns defense has been on the field for an hour.


It's fourth and one. There's a stoppage because it's the end of the quarter. Yeah, right. And it's like, oh, I can't be really interested to see what they're fourth. At one point it's going to be obviously they're going to go for it even though they're in there. I'm forty five. Even if they don't get it, you know, the Browns will have a short field and you'll get the ball back faster anyway. Now, now they punt and to make it worse, to take a delay, a game.


And then the guy punts in India and Pakistan into the ends.


Of course he finds an end to the end zone. Dummer. OK, you have to go for it there. You have so much momentum, whether you believe in momentum or not, you have it like you said. You look across the line of scrimmage and there's just like cold smoke blowing out of these guys mouths. They're dead. They're on the heels of probably the right move would have been to call time out right before the quarter so that they don't get that four minute break or whatever it is between quarters.


Right. And then gouger and then how I mean, I don't know. They couldn't stop them and they didn't for the next game, but it didn't matter. They had been on the field for an hour or so and they had every every play. Somebody was wide open. And so anyway, Tomlin, they're down nineteen. He goes for two. I have no idea why to cut it to seventeen. Great. You're set. You still need three scores.


Then they go down thirteen. He kicks the extra point and Collins that Michaels who admittedly cannot figure out the math of any of this stuff and they're like I guess but it was like watching somebody at a blackjack table who who splits six is against a jack. Well, and then the next thing is they now stay at twelve and you're like, why don't you just split the last ten? What do you do? Right. Yes. No wonder all these points and instead of being down ten, they're down thirteen.


And it was just, I thought the stupidest coach game of the week was going to be Seattle, but I thought Tomlin was worse. I don't know. They they didn't look prepared anything, I guess.


And what's weird about it, though, is before then, you almost couldn't blame him, I guess. Yes. They didn't look prepared and all that stuff. But you couldn't blame them too much for it. You could blame put all the blame on Ben and whatever else. And Tomlin could have gotten away with not being like, hey, I had nothing to do with me but Jesus Christ. I mean, you know, I had money line Steelers everywhere.


And it's because.


Forget that Stefanski is out, forget that the guard is out, but he's out like these should mean this to be huge. But last week they needed to win and they beat him by two points against Mason Rudolph the practice, and they didn't practice. The Steelers could have knocked him out of the playoffs last week like that. Does that change any more like that? You just just try your hardest every time. Knocked the team out of the playoffs. Bills did it to the Dolphins.


Steelers could have knocked the Browns out and now they're out. They could have taken that five minutes and run an Internet poll of all the Browns fans and asked, what do you want us to do here in the Brads, fans would have responded, one hundred percent, please punt. Right. Don't go for here for fourth one, because if you get it now, you're on our side of the field and you could score. And now it's a touchdown game.


And now we have no Stefanski. We have Baker who has it thrown his pick yet and never did. Baker was good the whole game I saw I had this as the greatest 21st century Browns moment replacing.


Oh, what do you think I did when they got to open the refrigerator or some shit? I don't know. What could it have been?


Costner I want all my picks back and I want David goddamn Putney, all right. Because I feel like come on, say with me, picocuries, motherfucker. That was their last great moment.


That was pretty good. I don't know if that's tolerable, but, yeah, that's that was it. It's unbelievable that they're in now. They go on to play the chiefs. It's the bills are the big loser because the bills would have had this shitty Steelers team next. Oh my God. Now they play the red out Ravens. But the Bills had to be so mad, it reminded me. And the second half of Game seven against the Yankees in the forensics, when we're up like eight, nothing.


And we should be like, oh, we got this. But it's all that DNA is still sitting there. Sure. Yeah. And then they scored a couple runs and then Pedro came in and they started chanting, Who's your daddy now? And then your sphincter just tightens and you're like, oh my God, this would be the worst loss. I'll never follow sports again. The fans had to be feeling that at some point in that second half, we're like, wow, if we lose this, I'm out.


I'm not following football anymore.


I think they probably all went and took a Lamar Jackson dump at the end of the third quarter, right. When the Steelers should have gone on fourth and two. And it was a hollandsworth of Michaels is like, all right, they're good. There's a lot they can do now and then the up backs moving around. He's like they're like, oh, you see, something's going on. Like, nope, they're punting. That's it. Get rid of it through to the end zone if you can.


They the reason I brought up Tomlin, I mean, he was off all the decisions in the second half were awful, but they they looked like the team that had him practice. Yeah, you're right. You start with a shotgun, snap over the guy's head and everybody stares at it like it's a bomb and you just go from there. And the Browns who didn't practice at all and they're super sharp. I didn't know Baker had that game in them.


But quickly on Roethlisberger. So he starts his career ten and two in the playoffs. Yeah. Loses the Super Bowl to Rodgers. Oh. From that point on his last ten playoff games, starting with that one, three and seven in the playoffs, including losses to Blake Bortles, Joe Flacco, Tim Tebow and Baker. Mayfield finishes his career with thirty for his playoff score. Thirty four touchdowns. Twenty eight picks. I know you hate doing this.


You don't do any games. Twenty eight picks.


Wow. It's a lot. And you look at their two Super Bowls that they won one of them. He did nothing in the actual Super Bowl and the other one, his stats weren't great either.


And they basically got it by the skin of the James Harrison runs it back down a holding call in the Seattle game. I get it. I guess you make a really he's got a lot of fame now.


It's just a really weird career, I guess, is my point. And it's the last two thirds of it. He's basically Matthew Stafford with a better coach and a better team, but not a lot of playoff success and a lot of playoff loss, seven playoff losses, probably six of them. They were favored. Yeah. And then some of them favored by five, by seven by nine like that. And it's just tough when they showed him on the bench at the end, just kind of sitting there in the headlights.


And it was like I was wondering like, could this be it? Could you retire?


Well, I wonder if this was their worst playoff loss. I'll have to look, I'm a little bit in a much time between the final final and the podcast, but there were only like a five and a half point favorite. But it feels like the worst playoff loss they've suffered in a long time. Your Patriots beat up on them all the time, but that was a close spread or there was supposed to or whatever. But this is pretty bad.


I mean, you could you know, the damage to the world like this isn't even a rivalry. The Browns can't say this is a rivalry. They never beat us and it's a feud. Laugh at Myles Garrett and everything he did like, oh, man. Now they're they're just as many wins now as the Steelers.


So they showed the sideline and they're like, there's the guy who's coached in the Browns offensive line today. He looked like he was twenty. He was rocking back and forth like our friend Brad Mulcahy after seventeen Diet Cokes. And it was like he's a promoted assistant that promoted in turn basically who's going to be coach. The offensive is how are you listening to this team is like the special teams. Coach is the head coach. We got him. He's back from storming the Capitol.


We put a Steelers cap on him and here he is when slim pickings right now.


Hey, what was this? What was the guy? Oh, yeah. Frater Prayer. Frieder Phifer. Right, right. Yeah. Somehow common. Yeah. So we should have known. We should have known there would be a fucked up game. It was every year. I'm sorry I made you think it was the Saints. I thought, I thought I'm like I like the bears here and I don't know what order do you want to go over these games.


But we're going to go backwards. I had the Browns in million dollar pics. Oh, nice. And then did the Steelers just to win the money line in a tease with the Bears that the Bears covered on the last play of the game with a gibi green one handed touchdown. Yeah. Who that just ran out of the stadium never to be seen again. And then they didn't kick the extra point and the line was eleven. The bears lose by twelve.


But you look this up. So what did you find out.


They changed it in twenty eighteen and I had it. And now. Now it's gone. But now I guess what happened. Case Keenum. This happened in case Keenum went off, went off the field and he came back and then took a knee for the two point conversion. Anyway the book's lost a lot of money. They're very, they're very upset that they they didn't get to but that that's the rule in twenty eighteen. In fact Romo didn't even know that they changed it and they did and that was it.


Article two, Section eight. If a touchdown is made on the last play of the try, attempt shall be made except during a during a sudden death period or if a touchdown scored during down which time in the fourth quarter expires and a successful try would not affect the outcome of the game. So if it doesn't affect the outcome, they just walk off the field.


Well, that was the most exciting moment of the game. The second most exciting moment was the Bears, who did not complete a did not get a first down on third down the entire game. And so the two minute mark when they're down eighteen. Yeah. Who could not move the ball at all. But they had one special trick play which robiskie and it worked and then the fucking guy dropped it. And I feel like if he caught that the Saints ate the whole game kind of unfolds.


Definitely I think the Saints would have had to sweat it out. It was weird you knew the game was over when that happened because it's like they're not going to get to twenty points, which robiskie they just gave away seven. This is done.


Yeah. And so it's this guy Wims. Right. And he had caught a twenty eight yard pass like tiptoed at the sideline and caught it like a couple of plays before. By the way, I think the announcers just in general, they're all like, I don't know if he got in. Yeah. I don't know if he kept his feet and just assume everybody got their feet and they're great at it now. Everybody's great at it. Just you won't look bad over the course of a year, just like he got his feet in and then they'll show it.


So then they throw this, this, this crazy trick play. Robiskie unloads and throws a touchdown, the defenders hanging on the guy's jersey. The ref sees it. Doesn't even call it because it's such an easy catch. You know, it's like, well, just let it go. Goes right through his arms and stuff like that. It's not even just like a long pass that was dropped. It was on a trick play. That's kind of like when Daniel does a crane cricket green and it doesn't work.


And it's like, oh boy, what do I do now? Now. So that really did take all the wind out of their cells.


And then they were missing their rookie receiver, Mooney. Yeah. And then Anthony Miller gets kicked out. Right. Which which was a bogus one. That was I started to feel like the fix might have been in with this game when that when that happened. So they're down to one receiver. They have Robiskie who, if whatever happens in the play doesn't happen in the first two seconds, he's completely useless and was just like I. Right, this sucks because it felt like the Saints were kind of ready to to be tested.


They were not put in that game away, it was seven three forever. They weren't they looked like crap and and now they're playing the Bucs next week. And that's we'll talk about that later.


They're up 10 three. They get him the jump offsides right on fourth and four Taysom Hills in the shotgun. They're just really trying to get you to jump jump offsides. There's no way you know, that snap in it. Then they're upset.


And the guy and it was Eddie Jackson who's good. Oh, I know. Yeah. What are you doing, Eddie? Then there's the other one. They had like an eight play start goal line stand and like there was too many defensive penalties. The jump pass, that was a penalty, which was like, yeah, you're right. They fixed it, looked like it was in. But I just need them to get the thirteen points so they recover.


Can you believe they didn't score thirteen points? I felt like they had that in the second quarter. So the most interesting thing about Saints Bears was the Nickelodeon broadcast. Oh right. Right, right. Which I watch. I don't know. Fifteen minutes of it was great. I thought it was unbelievable how how smart it was if they had had this in place when my son was like six, you absolutely would watch the entire game on that they did a great job.


Yeah. Yeah. It made me think like a we've been saying this for fifteen years, like alternative broadcast yo geared toward different audiences. What are they waiting for, different announcers. What do they care. Like just the commercials. You're spreading out the audience over five channels. You're still getting the same audience anyway. Yeah, but then I was thinking, what other what other channels would that have worked for other than Nickelodeon? The only other one I could think of was Bravo.


What do you mean, just like I put him on Bravo? No, I have like a Real Housewives, like just a bitchy vibe of people just complaining about the coach's hair and. Yeah. Oh, that's it. But what other channels would it work for? I don't know. Animal Planet. No, I don't know. Yeah. I don't know what they could have done.


covid essentially if Jeff Ross just indicated that I would watch. Yeah I know it was good.


Although the only thing is I was like I want to hear Romo. I get it. The the first down marker moves and it's orange and stuff and everyone gets slimed when they score and but there was like one touchdown in three quarters but yeah. No I think it was good for the explanations were good. Someone caught a ball going out of bounds and the ball went free after he rolled and they're like, OK, here's what happens here. I was like, yeah, good luck explaining this.


Nobody knows no matter what channel you put this on, nobody's going to be able to figure out the Pittsburgh game.


All right. So Mike Tomlin could have gone for just one there, but right. For two because his charts broken. Anyway, I enjoyed the Nickelodeon breakfast. I'm all for weird shit like that. Yeah, we had a thousand channels. Just try more weird shit. Ravens Titans was the year of the game and that had the most cowardly pun of the day. Somehow, somehow that my point was we should have been the most cowardly part of the Tennessee punts with ten minutes left on Baltimore's forty.


And you mentioned House. We said one hundred thirty texts and probably a minute. We were horrified and appalled, couldn't figure it out. They deserved to lose the game after that. And then you what did you find? The surrender index. The surrender index said that this was the worst like since nineteen ninety four. There was never a worse situation to punt in the fourth quarter in a playoff game on that side of the like. There just it was, it was real, as I put it, in the ninety nine point nine four percentile of being the most cowardly punt.


I don't know, maybe Tomlins is what I just looking at. At least the Ravens had a good defense. I thought the Browns were shot, but anyway. Yeah, that was awful. Took them out of it. But the rate I have to say, which units were you most impressed with. Least impressed with. Most impressed with for me. Is the Ravens defense in today's game at least impressed with was the bill's defense. We'll get to that.


But yeah, that the Titans didn't really AJ Brown pushed off in the end zone. They had two field goals, and otherwise the Ravens held their Henry to forty something yards.


Right. What did he have? Eighteen for forty.


And then they lucked out because Lamar got off to a terrible start. Terrible. He screwed up the the option pitch blew the first drive, second drive through a pick and then third drive had injuries peeling off wide open on third down. Just didn't throw it took a sack and it just was like oh here we go with Lamar.


Well Lamar finished with one hundred seventeen, passing sixteen carries four hundred thirty six yards and two legitimate whoa plays which I think he needs at least two a game for them to win. So I guess my question for you. Do you believe in Lamar yet? I think I do. If you look back at our text chain, it didn't look like we did, but. I do believe in them. I don't know why it takes so long to. I like teams that are just coming from a Jason Garrett team.


I like when they come out in the third quarter, Baltimore, they saw Tennessee with Stack in the box and they did that thing where they dump it off to the fall. But like a 300 pound fullback who goes for nine yards, it's like, all right, we're going to teach you in that open things up. I believe him. I think he it's so funny. Some of these quarterbacks, I don't think run enough. I think he runs too much, a little bit.


He gets stuck up the middle there and gets too cute. But yeah, I think I think they're in good shape. The monkey off their back to you.


I agreed with the announcer who pointed out how it's better when he's running north south, then going side to side because it's just so he can read so fast when he's just running downhill and he can make one guy Miss and Nelson, he's gone.


That's what happen with a forty eight yarder. You just had to beat the safety. That's phenomenal.


I think I believe in him more than I believe in. His receivers did not seem like they were very open and that Andrew's who I think because he's he looks like he should be like a Kelsey type tight end. But that guy, it seems like every game at least two balls go bouncing off his hands or he does get him. I'm not sure he's that good is my point, really. And I don't I don't know who I think he's fine, but I don't think he's like a you know, I don't even think he's a level below Gronk and Kelsey.


I think he's like three levels below. I don't really know who they're. You know, maybe we'll find out next week, third in 10 weeks, but first say, say it, it's Des, it's fine. That's the thing. I don't think they have it. So that would be my big fear for next round. But I was to play good defense for having, like, the worst defense in the league secondary. They really kind of stepped up.


They had only 14 sacks all year. They were they were in his grill a lot. And it took a while to adjust. You're not going to see the 20 yard crossing pass from from Lamar against the Titans. And that's what was frustrating right. To us and everyone else who beat him.


Well, the thing that I didn't understand is. I mean, they're praising Lamar down the stretch and they ended up with 20 points against the Titans who were the twenty nine Defense League. So it's like, should we be that excited about this? Like, this defense was hot, garbage wasn't put up, what? Seventy five points in two games like that. To me, the Ravens are a wait and see. But the the thing I was more surprised by is that Tennessee's offense couldn't move the ball.


Henry was 18 for 40, the Tannehill pick that ended the game, even though that wasn't totally on him. But I didn't think he was going to come through down seven, did you know?


And it looked bleak, right. Because AJ Brown scored that touchdown off Humphrey. And now, like, this is going to be a matchup that's going to be a problem. The Ravens are going to need to figure this out like, all right, well, that's there for them, the whole game. And it and it really wasn't it wasn't hitting his tight ends at all like he does that that play action wasn't working and that was rough. What a tanno end up.


Eighteen for twenty six. He didn't want to let. Now, that's not right. One touch I want to. Yeah, I don't know. Yeah, not that good. All right, take a break. Come back. Talking about Saturday's games.


OK, going backwards, bucks Washington, this was the weirdest game in the day because it was clear that. Tampa was not going to cover eight and a half or that it probably got that I didn't have by game time. That they just weren't going to cover, even though they were three times better than Washington and it was like there's another Chris Godman drop, there's another third and one that the false start, there's another stewpot. Oh, here's Washington on the other side, third and thirteen.


I think he's going to convert. That, of course, is oh, here's a guy in the end zone, Heinicke. He's going to loft the perfect pass right into the corner of the end zone over the defensive backs outstretched, and the guy's going to catch it and get both feet in. This is a terrible Washington team they end up covering. They get the extra point from suck up. But in general, like, I don't know what to make of that Bucs game.


Like you like that you love the Hynie.


You like give them a Patriots jersey, right.


You and House are fighting over what we can get to that in a second. But like just coming out of it, like I feel worse about the Bucs. Not better. I don't know how you feel.


Well, I mean, the Bucks could have treated Washington like the Steelers treated Cleveland. Right. Like it was a game they're supposed to win. It was supposed to roll over and they didn't. But they did keep it with an eight. But Brady, I like two hundred yards passing in the first half. You can't blame the offense. He spread it out over six receivers, I think. Yeah. Six pass catchers for them. And I think I wouldn't worry about their offense.


I thought Hynek would be you know, I thought first of all, when we thought Alex Smith was playing and I'm like, they got some bad metaphors on this defense. You think Dominic Insu is going to take it easy on Alex Smith? And then when I heard he was and I was like, I get good, he's out of there. Tampa is supposed to win anyway, but I didn't think it was too much of a letdown. I felt like take out just enough to win kind of thing.


But this game was twenty one sixteen. Yeah. And it did seem like, oh shit, this would be one of the great upsets, but I never totally talked myself into it. Hinoki, who we called Heineken last week or two weeks ago, I think he's graduated a Heineken because he was really good and keep his real name. Yeah. You and I watch football every week. He is. Better than average. That was my take, was like, this guy's a better than average quarterback, like he's at least as good as Case Keenum was that year when Case Keenum brought Minnesota to the precipice.


Same kind of build, same kind of thing with him.


Right. A shorter quarterback. Yeah I think.


Took a big hit, kept playing. He's probably like a separated shoulder or something but.


Well look, I don't know what's going through this young man's mind, but I hope he intends on playing football next year. I really do.


I'll take him on the Pats right now. I really would if he told me how he's just started. Actually, I'm like, really? Like I said, sock Cam Newton.


They're not going to give him Matt Flynn money in the off season. No, no, I don't think I think those days are over for those kind of contracts for for a guy who does great.


One game now would be like a one year, five million or something like that. I don't know. I'm a believer. I thought the whole team believed in him, too. I thought that was the most interesting dynamic.


That was fun. They were really, really into Brady, I thought threw a nice ball. I thought he looked good. I thought I was in command. He didn't have I was waiting for the terrible Brady End Zone pick in the second half. Never happened. So every time I watch them, it just it seems like he's not on the same page with his receivers like Brady, it almost seems like. He's at this advanced level of football intelligence from all the years he's played and just assumes the other human beings on the field are going to do these certain things based on these things that happen.


And he's constantly expecting too much from whoever whoever it is. He's always like looking at disbelief, like you realize they dropped back in the man you're supposed to come back in that way. It just seems like he's it's kind of how my wife treats me and my kids. Yeah. I feel sick like he didn't put the dish in the sink.


Like, what do you do? Yeah, well, you didn't send me an email through your head. I can't tell what you're thinking. Right. That kind of thing. But yeah.


But yeah, I think they're explosive. They make big plays. But I'll be interested to see what happens when they have to. If the Saints really show up next week that they actually put together long drives, make plays that have cross ups, things like that. But for the most part, I think the biggest winner of that game was Washington. Just it starts out that get rid of their name. They have the most disliked owner in the league.


Right? They have Haskins, who's clearly a bust. They don't want to admit it for another four months.


Don't get me started with that young man. Good.


Yeah, right. And that by the end of it, it's like, all right, cool. Well, Chase Young, who they made captain like three games left. That guy's clearly a Bruce Smith crossed with Cortez Kennedy Cross with Warren Sapp type guy. And maybe they found a QB.


And I don't know you and I spoke you on the on your way to watching the games. This was Saturday morning. And you were like, the only way Washington wins is three. Brady gets sacked three times, throws it a pick. He just didn't throw the pick. He got sacked three times. His possession a couple times didn't throw the pick. So that was that's why they advanced.


It's a good point. They were a terrible Brady pick away from actually maybe stealing that game, but it never happened. Rams Seahawks was the weirdest game of the two days, which is saying something because Cleveland Pittsburgh was pretty weird. You have Wolford come in. It's a start and it becomes pretty clear. That they had run the whole week practice with them, which had been the whisper, but then Aikman really tells us what's going on the first quarter when they're doing that.


We talked to Sean McVay thing and he's like. You know, I think they lost some faith in Jared Goff, like he just didn't play well down the stretch and I think they really you know, he's saying it hypothetically, but, you know, it's like they spent forty five minutes with Sean McVay. I think they think Wolford really gives them some energy and they can do more things than the offense is like, oh, well, shove it face out on Jared Goff.


Right. And then Wolford gets hurt. It all said there's Jared Goff with a broken thumb and they're up three. And it's like this game's over. There's no way he's going to fuck this game up. And he did.


I had the Rams and the Rams were up seven and and then Donald went out and up to then and it was Russell's best play of the game. He rolled over as he was getting tackled. After he got through, he rolled the weird way onto Donald's ribs or something. I'm like, that's your best play. Good job, Ross, getting him out of the game. And then Goff was thrown with like four fingers like, oh, Seattle is going to win this game.


And they never did it. They never did. Like, even though you knew the pick, the pick six is when you knew, like, oh, wow.


Well, they're going to steal this now. They're up ten. And now that now that could just do play action and yeah, they just do it in fourth quarter.


He ended up throwing a touchdown, I think, off at the end. But they got you couldn't ask for more. If you're Sean McVay, you're in the fourth quarter and Goff can just hand off the whole quarter if he wants.


And they would have won with Wolford by the same score, even a little more handily, but. It was a rough picaro day. It really was both both Seattle Twitter is not happy with people. Well, first of all, why aren't they carrying three quarterbacks before we get off the. That's the most asinine thing in the world. You've got to guy. Your backup shouldn't even be playing. He's missing a finger. I mean, you can't really throw with a busted thumb.


Honestly, it's hard.


Well, how about when they did the fourth at one QB sneak? Oh, yeah. Yeah. And the Seahawks are like trying to, you know, punch the ball out there. Right. I'm like, wow, you're actually trying to get Jared Goff hurt for next week, so you got to start to put Bortles activate Bortles like you really need a sixth grade offensive back is a better roster save than the third quarterback and that's the way you and I both bet the Rams.


Mm hmm. I actually had the Rams money line in a parlay with the with the bills and the bucks so I really actually need it in the win. Right. I found myself saying the words, Oh my God, Woodford's down. Get up, Wolfert. You're always they didn't know who he was two weeks ago. If they go out, they show say, oh, maybe he'll come back. You know, we try to avoid concussion protocol.


We were so excited.


We were overly excited about football Saturday. And then we'll get to this game next. But I'm like, oh, man, we just saw Rivers who couldn't reach the end zone from midfield on a Hail Mary. Now we're going to see frickin Wolfert or Goff, and then we're going to see Hinoki, who we were not impressed with going into yesterday. I mean, maybe there are too many playoff games.


I don't know yet. But but they were all, like, fascinating in their own way.


Yeah. It turned out there were enough playoff games. Unfortunately for the Seahawks fans, Mr. Unlimited, I could really describe Seattle's game plan for you. One of the worst challenges of the season by Carol, like honestly, like somebody might have to take the Red Cross when he thought golf was over the line or something. I mean, he was behind the line by a yard and a half. Three hops. Yeah. I don't know what they did with Russ weren't sharp was big on that.


They were much more aggressive passing the first like six games and then went back to the traditional run run pass thing that gets them in trouble. But Russ like just looked like he lost his mojo. And then worst of all, they got beat by jerk off with a broken thumb, right? Yeah, that's horrendous. Just have a lead, why why you screwing around with this team like Russ sitting at one yard passing late in the first quarter? Like, what am I even watching here?


God finishes nine for 19 for one fifty five. That game not going over. I mean, I know that game going over by seven and a half points, the order was forty two and a half. Yeah, it ends up ending at 50. And it was like three nothing and one of the quarterbacks had a broken thumb and it just seemed like there's just no way in hell this game will go over it. It's actually literally impossible. And then they get a pick six on a wide screen and it's like, oh, of course, it's going to go over.


I can't figure out the numbers.


That has 50 points. The Ravens Titans has thirty three points. Right? Twenty thirteen. The Browns almost have 50 or they have 50, but I don't even know what it ended up.


Yeah. Seattle and Pittsburgh. Just did not look like the same team the last two months of the year and we knew it, and in the Ramsey case, you could make a case. The Rams defense now, who knows? Bearing down on one another, but when he's in there, the Rams defense is better than anything anyone else in the NFC is better at. Right, for sure. Would you say there's a higher skill from another NFC team than the Rams deal?


No, I would say no. I don't think so, because I don't know what's going on on that other corner spot. Why is Tyler Lockett never getting open right. Like I get. All right. If Metcalf is is bounced by Jalen Ramsey, that's fine. Ramsey gives up 20 yards a game or something crazy. Great. Aaron Donald, we know, should be a defensive player of the year. Well, I think pressure should be a bigger stat than sacks right now.


Sacks, I get most of the good guys have a lot of sacks, but you can get lucky rolling into a sack. Pressures and Arindam kills everybody and pressures every year. But I mean, we'll talk about next week's game. But, yeah, Seattle's defense is eles. Defense is phenomenal.


Well, how about maybe there should be a stat for the offensive line completely changing what they normally do and do it like that with Myles Garrett today and that Steelers game where they're just double teaming him, even though they've stacked the other side of the line with three guys. Right, right. The Steelers, Mike. Cool. We're still going to double team mascot. You can have those three guys over there. If we found out Wilson was playing with a torn labrum.


Oh, or like a strained Achilles, there's some sort of injury that they didn't disclose or he needed surgery on Wednesday for something. Would you be shocked? Well, I would be surprised because I think it's much simpler than that. Check the data when you interviewed him. I think he went to show right after that. The podcast just checked the numbers. I think it was right after that that it went south.


You know, it literally was right after that. It's that crush you crushed the stats of sorry, Russell Wilson. Last one was the game of that day. Bills Colts. Yeah. Actually, let's take a break. We'll talk about. All right, Bill calls this the last one, and this is when we got to spend some time on I'll start here on a scale of one to 10, how much worse do you feel about the bills after that game?


Well, whether their defense specifically I feel real. I feel like my home was put up 600 yards against that defense right now. I don't know the mahomes.


We know what happened to the defense. Did you see the stat where the Colts every drive ended in Bill's territory? Yeah, even though every time they started in their own territory or it's like they it just seemed like they were dominating. We were texting about it. And then you found this stat from Mike Wells about how the Colts were the first team to lose in playoff history with 40 or 50 plus total yards and zero turnovers, 11 and RB previously eleven.


And hitting those benchmarks in the last because we were texting like, wow, Rivers is going to go for three hundred yards, no picks. Never had the terrible Phil Rivers pass. They ran the ball, they had twenty seven first downs and they're going to fucking lose more. Ali Cox gentlemen, Jack Doyle hitting all these receivers like all these crazy like who else would Burton all everybody was open for the sideline pass. They dominated the first quarter the Colts and then they just got stopped at the goal line.


Like that was that was the big thing. Right. So they go third and goal at the one, I think give it up the middle, the tower twice. But now they do some kind of like pitch option play that fails. And then they go forward from like the five they screw up there. Then the bills come down that Gabriel Davis makes like two typical catches and they and they score there. And it's like fourteen, ten bills, like they should be down at least seven points.


Wait, don't don't gloss over it. I got to fix the ninety six yard drive was incredible. Right. Bye bye. Josh. That was like I think the best moment here so far. Yeah. So. Look, I can only judge it by how I felt the moment I thought they should have kicked a field goal, just like, why not? You've dominated this half go up thirteen to seven, try to get a stop. And this is great.


Normally, I would say go for it. Fourth and four makes me if it was fourth and one fourth and two, it's one four four yards is tough. That's not easy.


I mean you have to think of it Taylor.


Right up the middle twice maybe. But yeah. You're losing yards on third down. That's weird.


The only thing I could think of was they're thinking we kick the field goal, but now we're kicking off to them. They have like a minute fifty left and they're just going to get the field goal back. And it's thirteen, ten instead of ten. Seven. But if we get a touchdown here, it's seventeen to seven going into the year. Yeah, that helps. I mean, I get it. I just wouldn't have done it. But it made more sense to me than Tomlin fucking punting.


Yeah. For sure. Yeah. They could see what was going to happen later in the weekend. They would be like, all right, we're fine here. But yeah, Darius Leonard was killing Josh Allen like he was that guy. He was spying them. They weren't getting anything going. And so maybe that's kind of why they went for like what? So what? We'll give it to him at the at the floor but. Well, and then ran off to bed or down for.


Yeah. Rick had a tough game because. The cults, they blow to second half time outs. Mm hmm. And it's like we know those are come back to haunt them. Of course they do. They gave away six points. And then they got a huge break in the last four minutes. And then on top of it, and they still don't want poor Dirigo misses the field goal. Yeah, Rodriguez has a field goal.


They ran seventy six plays, twenty seven first downs, no turnovers, no sacks allowed. I thought it was the best Colts game I've seen them play. And, you know, and on the other hand, the bills are up 14. In the fourth I had picked I didn't bet on it, but I picked the bills and our picks six six plus minus six and a half, trying to go 13 now, realizing I'm not going to. But when they're 14, I'm like, this is great.


Rivers is going to throw me the pick. It's rare. Never have they came right down and scored in like two minutes is like, what the fuck. I don't know. The Colts were good. So if you think about it, like Rivers doesn't throw a pick, right, Baker?


Rivers and throw one right at two touchdowns on rivers and throw a pick, Baker didn't throw a pick and Ben threw 17 picks. Ben threw 17 engulfed and throw a pick. And there was another one. We were waiting for that throw a pick. I know we only threw 19 times, but yeah, that should have been one of those should have gone through. And Brady didn't throw one, which we expected won against that defense. So, yeah, that these teams stepped up and and and most of them are moving on now.


I knew Allen reminded me of that game though. And it's funny because I'm one of the channels this week that was shown one of those old Broncos Browns games. Yeah. And the young Elway who didn't run that much. But when he ran, it was like this weird. It was like a Steve Young scrambling. It was more like, I'm going to run around. I'm actually going to dish out a hit. Yeah. Yeah, right. Yeah.


Here's a boom like just oh good. I get to put a lick on someone, but I was never like a huge scrambler. But as somebody whose team had to play him a few times, like every time he scrambled, it was like one of the five biggest plays of the game. Yeah. And the way Allen was kind of controlling some of the stuff he did on those rollouts, because, again, I thought the Colts played really well and Allen had five or six of those Elway plays where it's just like thirty nine.


He's rolling to his right. He's running out of room on the sidelines. It looks like he's throwing the ball out of bounds. No, actually, he's just winging it. Twenty yards to some guy who just got open a second. He did some mahomes ask things. Yeah, for sure. Yeah.


It was like it's weird because I don't feel like he's similar to Mahomes, even though they do a lot of the same things. He he reminds me more like that Elway type just because he's so physical. Right. And there's was a couple of times where guys got good licks on him. He's just like laughing, running back to the huddle. But I was I thought he was awesome in that game. I really like it. If he wasn't awesome in that game, I think they would have lost because their defense played like he had to be perfect in that game or, you know, close to perfect there.


They lose that one really shitty play.


They lose three twenty six for thirty five, three twenty four, two touchdowns and fifty four rushing. That's, that is going to be very hard to beat.


And it's a big, big momentum rushes up the middle when the Colts that was a nice win for them. That was a good tester. That was my favorite.


And I think we said it like Bill's bucks. Let's just do that. We'll have money at the end of the Saturday and we did, but we never know how to hold on to that money. That's the problem.


I didn't know I'd get one handed. Jared Goff, we need to keep going. Yeah, right in the we did to last in the playoffs.


Just the last. All right. So sad. Before we get to guest the Lions, we have the odds. For NFC title, AFC title, don't look at them, are you looking none up now, got a mulligan. What do you think the Packers are Packers to win when the NFC next two games Packers NFC title champ Packers. Minus one 20. Plus 140 may be a great game show, yeah, plus 140, what are the Saints?


Saints are going to be fined. Plus to 30. Two to one. All right, the bucks. Fox will be like almost four to one three fifty plus three seventy. The listeners are like, wow s really good at this, right?


The Rams also the Rams are going to be Tuesday.


And this is like a beautiful mind right now, almost like Will hunting in the seven one six fifty seven point. Yeah. Plus 750 back. And then the AFC. So he achieved what would have been an easy thing they have now, all right. They'll be minus. There minus one 70, so I was surprised by this minus one twenty five. Really? Yeah, because people are afraid of the bills. Do you think the bills are. The bills are plus one one seventy five now, plus two eighty.


Oh, all right, so now I'm losing it. And then the Ravens four to one, Browns twelve. OK, yeah. So if we're looking for value. It would be easy to say bills plus 280, but I would just rather bet the bills. Straight up next, two games. What the what's the Super Bowl for the bills? Because they were plus 750 going into this week.


So bills, bills, Super Bowl six to one chiefs and two to one Packers, four to one Saints six to one. Ravens eight to one, Bucksey to one Rams eighteen one, Browns twenty five to one. That's that's a weird cluster of teams. I don't even think Vegas knows who the favorite is now. I don't think they know either.


I would think you could talk me into any of those six teams. If you if we had five minutes per team, you could sway me at all. Six. I know we're going to watch the Chiefs beat the Browns like forty five to six and then we'll change our minds. But could you see the winner of the bills, Ravens win in the Super Bowl? Like, why don't we bet both those teams. I don't trust the Ravens no, 20 points against Tennessee.


You're betting their defense is what you're betting. I mean, remember Claeys Campbell wasn't in that game the first time against Tennessee. These guys played well tonight.


So if you go through, Feto, each team chiefs two to one. I'm not sure they can run the ball to protect the lead. I think they're vulnerable the whole game. I'm not sure they can stop the run either. Packers. Four to one. I don't trust them for some reason, I can't put my finger on it. It's such a terrible football dialysis, but there's something untrustworthy about them. I feel like we've been here before with this specific type of Packers team, and they just seem super beatable to me.


Yeah, you can. It's a weird thing to say, but when you can run on them, you could really run on them. And it hasn't really happened the last couple of weeks. And we've seen them get killed by both Tampa many a couple of months ago. But right now they're locked in. Right now, they're the most trustworthy team, I think.


Well, but you think, like we learned today, what was home field advantage today, like two or two and four this weekend. And I could so the Lambo removing that factor.


And that was a big factor in the Seattle thing. I just we said this last week, I don't think there is any chance, Wolfer, to golf goes in there in a loud stadium and beats the Seahawks. I don't care how bad they're playing. You know what's weird about it, though?


All those teams, Seattle, New Orleans, all those teams we like at home, Green Bay, they're all seven and one at home. But maybe it was this week that it turned out like didn't really matter for Seattle or matter, that Seattle didn't have fans. I don't know if it helped or hurt Pittsburgh this week because I don't know what the crowd was in shock, but there was no crowd. But if they had fallen behind forty nothing. Right.


The vibe in the crowd would have been so horrified. It actually I don't even know if that could have come back to make it. Thirty five. Twenty three. But with the Packers you think like Rodgers and Jones Davonte like three awesome skill guys right there home. They have the best player in the in the conference. We should be like, oh, yeah, the Packers are going to win and I can't go there, I feel like the right team can just move the ball up and down the field on the orders, maybe defensively.


But right now, who's most locked in to their offense? Would you say it was Rodgers and Allen? Rodgers and Allen?


Yeah, OK. Saints plus five fifty. I was not impressed today. I don't I just don't like them. I don't know so much. Brees has so many guys saving his ass right now and Michael Thomas being back helps. But how many times do you think he was going to throw a pick today? Short arming it into the turf, how slow is that ball? Right, it's it's it's in the air for two seconds every time. It's always directly right in the guy in the right spot.


But it's just like, yeah, I forget where I heard him. One of the shows. One of the insiders is like, you know, it seems like Breeze is going to retire and become a broadcaster. And what I'm hearing is champagne really has been impressive. Jameis Winston, and he thinks he could run the team next year. Like Jarvis, I still believe I'm one of the only ones I was friends that said I was on Friday.


No. Yeah. I mean, Taysom Hill is not going away any time soon. He's going to be part of like six packages a half, I'd say thirty one.


It's not like he's an up and comer. They love them. I love them. So from a values standpoint, the Rams are eighteen to one. And that's the only team I could I could actually talk myself into as real value, really? Well, you don't like it. You don't like the Ravens offense. But I just think eight to one is not a great value. Rams 18 to one. All right, we're going back to we love their defense if Wolford is healthy next week, I liked even the brief thinks of where he could at least run around and do some stuff.


And it's like, could they play an ugly 13 to 10 game in Lambeau when that advance to the next game? Maybe. I don't know. I like the odds.


It's just weird, I guess. Nick Foles won a Super Bowl, so it doesn't matter. I guess Wolford could technically beat go to Lambeau, win and then beat Tampa and then beat Mahomes, but I don't know.


Well, it's more a case of is anybody really that good? Because like you mentioned, that Eagles, Patriots, Super Bowl, that was a year when we didn't really have a great team. And it should happen in the Pats end up winning in Kansas City. They never should have. And then they end up playing the the honor that was the Eagles. Yeah, I'm mixing up my my nine Patriots Super Bowl. So stop it. Whatever the year was, pats, rams that one of those years was.


That was weird. Yeah. Yeah. It was like, how is it seven, three and a half or something. Yeah. I was like how is this the Super Bowl. And then on the other side, chiefs plus chiefs are two to one. Bill, six to one, that's the sexy pic, ravens' eight to 10, Browns twenty five to and there's no way the Browns Super Bowl right when that the perfect way to add such gravy now that they're not taking anyone by surprise would be fun.


One more one would be great.


Those two running backs are really good and we owe Baker an apology. We were saying he was like Poor Man's Case Keenum. I loved that. I loved his leadership today. I thought he made good throws. Yeah, they dropped one pick. Other than that I thought, I thought, you know.


All right, I'll apologize as long as you apologized first. I'll apologize. Yeah. No, I apologize. It's now four big games he's had and like the last six weeks.


It's good. I'll apologize. He needs to apologize to us for being in six different commercials. Yeah, right. That's how he gets us back. Like Deshaun Watson.


It's got to be like, what the fuck. I'm right here. I'm ten times better than he is. He is like, what the fuck? He's like, JJ Yeah. JJ Let's get commercials. Baker. Mayfield Like they do. Yeah. So that story broke this weekend. There's been rumblings about that for a while. And I don't know how it works with trading those giant contracts, but if I'm Miami, I'm going all in for that.


So that's that's the team that keeps coming up, right?


It's you go all in because if you have him and you have Flores and some of the young dudes they have and it's like cool you want for you want said we'll give you two don't call it in two is one of the four ones you have to give up.




Or I'm doing that. Yeah, I'm doing that in five seconds. I was trying to think for the Patriots and unfortunately we don't have enough to give up. We'd have to just give up like our next four. No ones.


But maybe maybe Belichick gives up his Medal of Honor. That's not a real story, right? It's real because it's real, but he's not going to actually go and accept it. I think. You don't think so? Why not? What's he doing? Medal of Honor. He better not honor the greatest cheater of all time is getting an honorary medal.


That story better not be true. All right. We're going to take a break and then we're going to get science.


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Guess the line's round to me.


So do I have this correct, it's Packers, Rams, Bills, Ravens on Saturday and then Chiefs, Browns, Saints, Bucs on Sunday. That's correct, yeah, yeah, Sunday and Sunday late is the marquee match up there. How do we feel about that schedule? Feel that feels like Chiefs Brown should have been the first game. Yeah, I thought it was going to be chiefs. Browns, I guess they didn't want to put to NFC late, but yeah, I thought that was I don't know that they have enough time to pivot.


Once they found out the Browns were in that game. That could have been Saturday early.


The best of the four games is because Ravens are great.


Maybe they're maybe they're worried. One handed guy for Bulford with a neck brace might be like a thirty point blowout. That one first. That's it. All right. Yes. The Lions Packers hosting. The L.A. Rams, by the way, what a sports year for L.A.. Dodger, amazing, yeah, Lakers and now the Rams have this city just electric. That's not true anymore. Well, we lost poor Tommy Lasorda, but we did.


Yeah, yeah. Very sad. I think that was a bigger story than the Rams winning a playoff game.


So I looked at this from every angle. I thought they were factoring in some these potential. I don't think the Rams defense can be discounted and I just could not get this to seven, I'm saying Packers six and a half. Hmm. Well, you got close enough. I said eight. I thought the quarterback thing was fine. It worked out against Seattle. I didn't think it was gonna work against Green Bay, though. They had to score a lot more points to win that game.


Not sure Aaron Donald's 100 percent. And I think he has to. You said six and a half at seven. So you get that they're selling us on Jalen Ramsey shutting down Davante Adams. Right. That has to happen for this to be something of a game. It's it's tough to trade. I know he had to be traded and whatever, but it's got to be tough if you're like the old team to watch this guy just completely dismantle for seven weeks.


It's almost like a top three thing you need in the NFL. This guy just is like, who's your best receiver? Right. You're not gonna catch anything to nothing.


So. The Packers are dying to be teased in this game. I'll do it and to help them out their diabetes with the chiefs who we have coming up in a little bit and it looks too easy, just just say it now. You don't have to wait that long before you could tease him with Alabama tomorrow, and that'll be that. What's that line, what's Alabama was like eight and a half, so if you want a money line at Ohio State Secondary, I'll show up.


I mean, the old secondary. They'll score. We're not you're not afraid of fields? No, I don't think he's exactly right either. They've really been pushing to move this game and stuff like that to make weapons. And Alabama's got while coming back that they're going to be better.


You want to do Packers Alabama?


Yeah, I'm going to want to go in there.


Some of us like you like to gamble with who scares you more in this game. Wolfert with the possible dextran or whatever he's got going in the three of our eyes he did this week, or Goff, who Sean McVay we now know is out on right and now is begrudgingly backing on. And the guy's got a broken thumb and there, like three out of every four balls is fine.


Coming out of sand in Lambeau. Goff's thumb has to get better, right? I mean, this is a guy that almost didn't, but it's probably shouldn't have been in his thumb, though. Can't work. It can't work. If they're down 10, the Packers run this right and they're up ten. You need Jared Goff to throw to hit Woods. And right now, it's not aplan.


Maybe a cover. I don't see a win the case for the Packers, what do we say? There are four to one to win the Super Bowl. It's kind of a gift from the gods that instead of playing Tampa Bay and round two, they're going against a team that's compromised the quarterback, right. That's a good one. Yeah, next game in Buffalo. How about her pills, maffia her? There's something else that's like the new announcer thing, that they just have to go nuts, right?


The Bills wife is like no other team has a fun fan base. But the bills. I don't know the bills. Yeah, they're good.


Oh, they're so great. How come only 6000 showed up for the game? Yeah, where are they, they can't even fill that place. Fifty four thousand, we're joking people. Yeah, I forgot, I forgot.


We're not allowed to joke about anything, just a disclaimer joke. Buffalo they really got the short how as much as we had on the Steelers money line, they were furious at the outcome of this game. They could have beaten that Steelers team up. That would have been pretty easy for them. Easier than the first time, I think I agree.


Well. So I was vacillating between Bill's three or Bill's three and a half, it looks like Zack Moss is out for this game. And I thought Zack Moss. Was really good for them the second half of the year was coming on and Singletary like, I don't know if him by himself, it makes me nervous. So I'm going to say that's where the half point I'm going to say bills by three that I wanted to steal that from me. We both got it.


That's three. Three and a half months was planned. That's such a tough line to. Again, the Ravens will be like plus one to win outright. Yeah, sure, right around there. My advice on this one is, if you think the Ravens are going to cover that, just beat them to win. It's like that Rams Seahawks game on Saturday just yeah, probably if if they're in the game, they're going to win it.


And if I feel like the bills are either win by double digits or the Ravens could actually. Yeah, that's why you're right. Like plus nine on a teaser. Looks good, but don't don't do it. Just if you like them, take them.


Take them straight up. All right, well, those are. I think both of those games, yeah, that's fine, look, the Rams kind of screwed up. We want the Tampa and we might get it the next round, but we wanted Brady against Rodgers. But that would have been a better Saturday game. Only two games on Saturday night.


How are we going to do it? You know, I remember on this podcast me pushing for the three playoff games per day. I've been on this corner for a while for you not liking it.


You didn't like it. You were like, it's too much. We're going to dilute everything. You did this whole thing. And I was trying to convince you this would be the greatest thing they done. And I think deep down, you're just scared.


And need I remind you of the half dozen shitty quarterbacks we just went over in the last hour.


But no, no, I here's what I've come around on. So did you have it planned where only one team gets a by? That's how you. Yeah, yeah. I'm fine with that now. That's what I was like. Now that's too much, too much advantage. But I'm like, why, why should two teams get a buy. You're right. Just because we grew up it. Look at that.


That one team gets five by the Sunday Chiefs brands.


Mm. So stared at this one for a while as well. I thought it was going to be eight and a half or nine, and I was trying to think, would they do nine to try to screw over the people, trying to tease the chief's. But then I was thinking of the Browns running game and how good they look this week and they're going to have their coach back and they've got the nobody believes in this fact are going and the fact that the chiefs have not looked good for the last six weeks.


And he did not play last week, might be a little rusty, first half the story, a slow starting team. You don't want to be the slow starter against the Browns because they can actually protect the lead. I settled on chiefs eight and a half. OK, I think we split this because it's 10. And I went the total opposite way. I said 11 and a half. They were both off by a point a half. So we split it.


I thought not no one believes in us. I thought, this is the gravy bowl. Cleveland came out, they beat Pittsburgh, not going to take anyone by surprise. Andy Reid off a bye. We're going to see all those this as a by all those numbers. I thought it was going to be high. I went way heavy with eleven and a half. But it's ten. That's a lot of points. I'm not I do not think that.


You get an extra two and a half because of the homes, they're bumping it up. They know you don't want to bet the Browns, but that line is I don't think the chiefs are 10 points better than the Browns. Well, here's what well, I did. I mean, I said 11 and a half, but. I know. But you're guessing. Yeah, I'm saying, like, fundamentally, do you think the Chiefs are 10 points better than Brown?


Because I think the Cleveland could score there, not like a normal seven seed that just upset a two or three, six, two, three, six, three, whatever it was they could score. They're going to score in the 30s. Thirty five right in there. Yeah, you're right. The Chiefs aren't, you know, what do they beat that they barely beat the Falcons. They haven't had too many great games over the last month, but maybe they're doing a Spurs style.


But with Duncan, like we know we'll get to the playoffs, we'll take care of everybody, and that'll be that.


That's a lot of points. And we know that they're going to have trouble running the ball. I don't know of Edwards players allegedly playing. I know he's not going to be 100 percent by then. Maybe I don't see it. That line seems too high. All right, well, they're dying for you to do a three Ts with the Chiefs, but you're going to get the you win the week if you even tie me here. Oh, I'm hitting this one exactly.


ST's bucks, it's in New Orleans. We've seen this game before the Saints killed them, but I think the bucks get a lot of respect. I have saints by three. All right. Well, you're wrong. It's not in New Orleans. It's in Tampa now. You're right. It's in New Orleans. You got it. Son of a bitch. I said three and a half. I thought they give him the hook because they crushed themselves for the year.


You did hit by a sub. We didn't have to announce it like that. Come on up the 10, seven and two for the year. Oh, wow. Look at him. He knows exactly what he says. Get nervous here.


Catch up to me, I figure. Yeah, you are. You're ten, seven, two. I'll tell you this. Any time there's a playoff game in round two, around three, that is a minus three. You know, that's going to be a good game. Chubbie. Bills minus three ravens' states minus three bucks, it's just a good game, three means. We think this game is going to be nice and even and back and forth and cool, was it the Seahawks Rams three?


What a cool game, though. That's a fun one.


You know, I was Bonsey in the Seahawks Rams a third time. I'm excited about this one. Yeah, it's bugs, for sure. I don't think your team embarrasses themselves. I do think it comes down to the last drive kind of thing, can we have that at least? Well, the other weird thing about this weekend, we might have seen Rivers's last game and is actually pretty good for what he usually is in the playoffs, though, right?


It was like every Phil Rivers playoff game. Brees seems like he's retiring after this year after he broke 11 ribs. Roethlisberger, I wouldn't be shocked if he retired, would you feel just like I'm good? Now, I could see him being I mean, just as if you listen to, like press conferences every single week, he was really doom and gloom, like it was very strange walking around like a zombie do.


So weirdly, Brady is by far the least likely to retire those four. Oh, yeah, because I feel like he's gaining strength. He's growing more hair mass. Right. He looks like he's thirty five. All right. Fit, rank, rank. Those games favorites. The least favorite. My favorite is Bill's Raymonds.


The Baltimore Buffalo is my favorite and top and New Orleans second. And then I'll go. I'll go rams Green Bay third. What do you what do you have there? I'm excited for Rams Green Bay. I actually think the Rams could win that game. Really? Yeah, because here's the thing, it's the playoffs, and if you can rush the passer and create havoc the way that they can create havoc and still talking about carmaker's twenty eight four one thirty one, like, that's really good.


That keeps it going that they'll be in decent shape. I thought carmakers Zack Moss and Dobens, I thought all three of those guys, as the year went along, were really, really, really good. Right. And Mosse got hurt. Unfortunately, Dobens never really got going. Today, a couple of runs like forty three yards, but their. I still feel like we'll be hearing from him. All right, well, that was great. All right.


Now it's time for Parent Corner brought to you by CarMax. We're all doing more at home these days. And thanks to our friends at CarMax, that includes car buying to shop over 50000 CarMax certified vehicles that CarMax dot com. Check out 360 degree views, schedule a trade and appraisal, apply for financing, buy online or in-store with curbside pickup at home, delivery in select markets. Check out all the details get started at CarMax Dotcom, there's going to be a car story, this parent corner, CarMax, the way it should be.


All right, so what you got a couple of things. Well, first, my middle son, Jack, he became a Steelers fan. I tell you this, he's a Steelers fan because he's infatuated with Heinz ketchup, which is a weird ass thing. And then he found out that the Steelers play in Heinz Stadium. So it's all Steelers. He got like seventy five dollars, an Amazon gift card. He bought a Steelers being able to Steelers shirt is wearing around the house the last four days.


The neighbor sees him in the yard and says, hey, I have a terrible towel from when I visited my in-laws. Do you want it? He's like, of course I do. So now he's waving this thing around. It's annoying. Why can't we all just be Cowboys fans that way? We're all just miserable. One day out of the year, not one really like 11 or 12, but the last day is all the same. And then went up the worry.


So the Steelers get beat up. He's upset. He goes to his room. I'm like, good, told you so. Be a Cowboys fan. You deserve that. She is right. But anyway, I made up for it to it for everyone in the house because I went online. I was watching some old Atari games and how so bad they were watching like pitfall. I remember like being excited about Pitfall when you just played it for dozens of hours.


Yeah. You jump on the alligator's head. There was like the exact spot you could jump up and he opened his mouth and you wouldn't die like it. Then you knew how to jump down onto the rope. I was like, I'm buying a time go. I went online. I found an Atari for fifty four dollars. It's here. I got ten games. I kaboom. I have pitfall of asteroids. I have Space Invaders and missile command.


I'm so excited. The kids. Wow. I got the kids like into the box is not open. I didn't have any time of course to set it up today, but tomorrow I'm going to set it up and and report back. But I have a feeling it's going to be very disappointing for everyone except me. This almost seems like a new digital series. Yeah. Where you play Atari with your horrified kids who can't believe that these are the video games you played.


I got in it like maybe like twelve, thirteen years ago. I got it on television on eBay even longer than that. And and it was great. I really enjoyed it. It was fun. When video games are a little more simple, don't you feel as simple as asteroids was?


It was also hard to win. Right. If if you put it on high speed or whatever and things are coming at you, I could play Space Invaders for a while. I think I'm so excited to do this.


Well, our agent now, who now we're only allowed to call manager James Babydol Dixon. Yes. He sent our family a like a mini Miss Pacman. Same here. Christmas, the three days that the last four we've got in the same Miss Pacman machine.


Yeah, it was so we were playing it and it was great. And I really enjoyed it. And that's another one, a very simple game. And you started getting the levels and I don't remember the books.


You'd go you couldn't go online, you'd buy the books and they'd show you the patterns to win Pacman or to get the screen. Now you can go online, I'm sure, and well, now they don't give a shit.


But anyway, I played them as Pacman. It was really fun. I got to like seventy five thousand because you did some of the patents. Yeah. Got to seventy eight and then it went the other room my son was playing. Call of Duty is a sniper. The graphics are amazing. Yeah. Oh my God. Yes we do. Hinkie and Blanky. I'm going to have to have to rob a convenience store here. Flashing ghosts was the most.


How many.


How many boards is seventy eight thousand. That's good isn't it. Yeah. It gets to when it gets to that. You come back when you get past that, too, and then the yeah, it's like so it's like this second after acto. Yeah, nice. I was better than that though back in the day as an only child. What was I to do? I said, well, I'll enjoy my Atari, but please put some of that YouTube stuff online.


I think I could be the content American once. So last time we did a pod, I was at a soccer tournament on Monday. My daughter lost in the semis driving back from Arizona and.


At like the four hour mark where past Palm Springs and then it's at last hour and a half stretch to L.A. and I'm just like, I'm so tired of be in the car, because it wasn't just that we drove to Arizona back, but every game was at least 40 minutes, 60 minutes in the car all weekend and.


I was like, so she's got this Instagram account for realises I was like, let's do let's do a live thing for realises where you can go alive. You take questions from people. So she's like, all right, so we go live now. We're driving. I'm going like 90 miles an hour. We're doing a chat with on the phone and answer all these questions. And somebody asks, like, why isn't your daughter around the corner? And I was like, I you know, I'm always afraid of mess up there because, you know, she's teenage girl, so kick my ass.


And she's like, no, no, you just I don't care. I'm an open book. You could do whatever you want. I'm like, really? And she's like, No, no, you can't. I'm like, OK, really. Like even like your relationship, she's you could talk about that. It's kind of like, OK, oh, I'm like, all right. So she says this on the on the thing. So I, I marked it down.


So your son did the driver's permit test, right. Yeah.


How'd he do. I forgot to ask. Now I think I don't know. He didn't do it. He has it coming up. Yeah, OK. He doesn't have it. So my daughter, my my wife decides to take her to not near where we live, but some place twenty five minutes away because sure. You can get it faster. You're going to study for your study for eight. Yeah. They they leave at 8:00 in the morning, and it's one of those you see, you don't have you don't have girls, there's this weird mother daughter early morning dynamic where it really seems like they might have like a steel cage match in somebody's bedroom.


Like, it's just they're screaming and suddenly the door slammed and they're gone. Nice. Takes her to get the driver's license test. And then two hours later, I'm power walking, I'm on a phone call and the horn beeps and there's a car coming, it's my wife because she's there near my neighborhood. My kay had to go like I'm excited. I could tell my daughter has been crying for like I have now and my wife say, don't ask, I'm with.


So my daughter failed the driver's permit test and she failed that because she didn't study for it at all, because her friends were like, you don't have to study for it, anyone can pass it. But then it's like, what, 20 questions and you can have the three. You have to get a certain score. So, of course, she had no homework and my wife is so mad. She's like, I don't care if she ever gets it.


I'll never take her again. You're taking her next time. And my daughter and I'm like, what did I walk into? And then it's like, how do you know, past the driver's license test, like, can anyone pass? I don't know.


I think it's pretty well what it's the leeway. How many do you have to get right out of twenty.


I don't know what the percentages. So anyway, so now she's going to study for it and do it again, but it set us back and now she still doesn't have a driver's license permit. But I was just I just couldn't believe it. And then when we did it.


But you can get back in line and take it again or like put on like a fake mustache and take it again.


I don't know when when we were getting a license, it was like, do you have the same face? Do you have a face and two hands, two feet license like that. Now you actually have to, like, really pass the test.


So anyway, I know there's some trick ones in like at a four way stop sign. If one stop sign is you and the other is an ambulance, the other is a post, a mail truck, and the other is a fire truck. Who has the right of what? Like they do shit like that. But I don't get on a wait list. My daughter's is this Sparkasse for anyone to hurt her like she's not a moron. But she so we waited a week and I kind of found it a way to make a joke about it because again, you don't want to fuck with fifteen year old girls.


But then I finally stuck one out about how she failed that. And it was like the all time shoot the daggers. It it's weird for us making fun of our kids where it's like at some point they're going to be taking care of us and deciding who they want to pay for a night nurse and all these decisions, I never know. I never thought of it that way.


Yeah, I shouldn't be making up terrible songs about them during a pandemic. Yeah, you're right.


But what does that data factor data that I'll just take it and smile. So she should be mad at her friends though.


That's that was that was my takeaway. Yeah. Yeah. It was like basically she was Pittsburgh and her friends. Right now they don't even have a head coach. You're fine. Right. Show up in the snapp's going over head and the whole thing's falling apart. So anyway, my daughter said she's an open book, so apparently that makes it fair.


Yeah, well, ironically, she is open a book and study or drive and I'll report back, which you finally OK, good corner brought to you by CarMax. Experience car shopping your way at CarMax. Oh, before we go, you're wearing a Mets hat.


Yeah. Isn't this nice. Uncle Steve came through it. Did I like calling him Uncle Steve too. And then he like signs Francisco, Lindor and Carrusca. We didn't even have to give up McNeil. It's terrific. He's making moves. You know, it's just like. Guys want to come to Flushing now, right, like good players, we didn't have that forever. We're a good player, wants to like they want to come here and here.


I'm in L.A., but whatever to come to Queens and play for the Mets.


And what can you get here next year is still in play.


Is still in play, though. Like Uncle Steve said, he really wants to honor the luxury tax and doesn't want to go over and never want to take a look at this guy is the best, though. I really just collects memorabilia and he's got the number one prize. Right. And he's like, I'm not losing with this team. Let's do it. Let's go out. And it's like the big news is we're bringing the black jerseys back. He's so good.


Every day there's something new.


He's he's just got to bring back eighty six Mets every every week in some form, right. Yeah, right.


This week, Kevin Mitchell is going to be our first base coach. This is the first coach to Kevin Mitchell still alive. He may not be alive.


I think he's still around. Yes. I guess Lenny Lenny Dykstra is a groundskeeper one week. I like that. I like that idea.


As you know, I only judge my baseball opinions because all I do is watch the Red Sox and no other teams. So I only judge my opinions by if I've watched somebody play the Red Sox. Lindor was always, you know, not a news flash, but I always thought he was really good. And he played with, like, this exuberance. Yes. Twenty seven. You're just, like, jealous of him on the other team. They oh, man.


That guy, it seems like he'd be fun to have right the same way people felt about Mookie Betts with me. And then we traded Mookie. That was it.


You got to spend money. You have to though, right? You'll get lucky if you're the royals one year old Tampa Bay or something. But you got you have to spend and by the way, just pay off Bonilla's contract so we could just not have to talk about that for years. Just just do it. Just pay it off. I love Springer. I think Springer. Yeah, that did. He's one of those dudes. If you're in a big series with him, you just when he comes up, you're scared.


Yeah. That anywhere in the order. Terrific. Yes. And he's been in a lot of big games, all that stuff. Well, congrats.


I'm glad the fans feel like there's like this kind of sneaky New York sports renaissance happening in so well, because the Knicks actually have like a plan now at least, you know, it's going to take a while, but at least they're trying to they try to coach.


Right. Or is it like a Joe judge thing like that for eight weeks? Well, I go every day that giants really try for that coach. Do they really try for Tibbett or is that is that kind of way, though, in February?


I don't think so right now. I think that's good. Yeah. New York, what do you have to plug other than. Yeah. Extra Fox-Pitt live. Fox-Pitt live.


I think I'm the champ so I need a futures bet. NBA futures bet.


Give me one who wins it. NBA futures bet for the title. Yeah, I can win the title or the East or the West. I mean, the futures bet should be are they going to pause the season, 48 hours? Forget it's not great. Maybe I'll go to college basketball. Then I would go.


I probably go in the east to the futures because I think the east is wide open, I like the way the Celtics were playing before Tatum went down with covid bucks to 10 nets to 40 Celtics, seven to one.


I feel like the Celtics are always like six to one to the bonds to win the east. Yeah, here's the thing with the Suns, you know, you know, I always call it like it is with the sun. Oh, yeah. There are two guys are really good. They have Tatum and Brown. That's like one of the best players in the league. Those guys are both all stars, top twenty, top twenty two guys and they still have a trade to make and they've got coach.


So. All right.


I don't know, do they not get embarrassed by Durant if they match up. This is so early to talk about this, but the Nets are five and six.


Yeah we did that. We did the overunder spot and I think I was probably wrong on eighty percent.


Really. Yeah. Well the Nets were speaking of extra post Joker for Joker for MVP, if you can do that one.


Joka for MVP. Wait, I have that, don't I? And, you know, I had Lukáš oh joker for MVP. Oh yeah. What are the odds of that 13 to one. Yeah, he's like averaging a 27, 11 and 12 right now, and that that team's really good. All right, I'm writing that down. Yeah. So Fox-Pitt live extra points tomorrow. Damasak, we get to hear him cry about the Steelers and on against all odds.


Tuesday, I'll be interviewing Kendrick Perkins, one of your favorites, big, big gambler to Kendrick Perkins Perkins for the Celtics halftime. He does a really good job. Yeah. Yeah, they bring him in. All right, cool. I hope Damasak. I hope his tears burn his cheeks. I really do hope the message. I hope they leave welts in both cheeks.


Okay, I'll tell on that and tell that.


Tell that cause. Good job. A good job everybody.