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Coming up, we're going to talk about Hail Marys hard and trade rumors, Miamis AFC East division title potential. Can the Steelers go undefeated? You know, other storylines. Plus a little Marsters. That's all next.


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All right, taping this at eight twenty eight Pacific Time Sunday night, what a sports day, holy shit. Starts out with the Masters, there's all kinds of football. They actually stagger the schedule correctly. So there were a lot of late games. We have the Patriots somehow still alive thanks to a tsunami and a whole bunch of weird shit.


And then on top, everything else this hard and a Brooklyn thing had gained all kinds of momentum today and ESPN was reporting on it. I did a whole trade thing at the top of my iPod on Thursday. That was the trade, you know, I kind of threw out on Thursday, like in Brooklyn. It actually makes the most sense, but about three days later. It actually makes sense south out there, out there, basketball, try to steal focus just quickly now.


Just give me two minutes. Two minutes. Brooklyn is now our number four favorite to win the title there down to plus seven fifty on Fandor, one the streets. It happened. Yes. Then we talk about this in house. Who won? There was a few weeks ago and yeah, we did the twenty twenty one odds one with a thirteen. Fourteen to one. Yeah. But I wanted to touch it. It was like fourteen one. Yes.


Another person fifty Lakers or plus three twenty clips plus six hundred bucks seven one. And the Nets and Warriors both making trades to Schroder right. Yeah they made a good one today. They, they kind of stole Schruder I to a lot of shit but that was actually he's done a good job the last year. So this Brooklyn thing. Really quick before we get to football, Kevin Durant, James Harden, Kyrie Irving on the same team. This is basically what my son would do when he's playing NBA 2k.


Like this would be cool. Just put all these guys on the same team and their video game characters. They'll be happy. In this case. It's three guys who are used to having the ball all the time. Harden and Durant are really good friends from way, way back. Kyrie is somebody that likes to have the ball. I don't know how I feel about it. It could be a beautiful disaster or it could be absolutely devastating. What do you think?


You have no dog in the race. Well, it's not good for your Celtics, right? I mean Kyrie take them out of there for a minute because he'll get sick of playing or he'll get sick of not having the ball and he'll take care of himself in that regard. So if it's just Durant and Harden and Dinwiddie, I don't know, I don't know who they didn't really be in the trade.


I do like Dinwiddie Jarrett Allen probably in some pics or or Taurean Prince. I don't know who it'll be but the top two team to beat in the East at that point.


Right. I know I'm not saying anything interesting there but who who the hell's ahead of them. So your team, the Sixers if I mean I guess we have to see a few honest moves at all, right.


Yeah, I guess so. The upside of it would be how do you stop this when they're spread out? The downside would be it's it's a video game team. It looks so much better on paper. How are these guys ever going to be happy? I'm wondering, the more I thought about it once they really started to get momentum the last twenty four hours. If this is like a backup plan type thing for Durant with Kyrie, you know, because he's been like in bed with Kyrie now for over a year and maybe you bring Harden in and say no that's going to be the three of us will be all together.


But deep down it's kind of a little bit of an upgrade and an awesome backup plan in case the Kyrie thing goes south. Sure I could probably even get mad that I surmises but. But hey I'm trying to think in history two things. One, when a team gave up a bunch of quarters for a dollar and it was a disaster for the team, they gave up the dollar like just trading a top seven guy in the league for a bunch of pieces.


There's no record of it ever working out. I can't think of one example every time I was writing about this twenty years ago, writing the examples, and since then we've had six more savvy. One thing the flip side of it would be we've also seen these situations where you throw the guys together and, you know, it's not a great fit. But you're like, wow, there's so great, you know, and you just kind of talk yourself into it.


Yeah. It's these two worlds colliding, and that's why my head's going to explode. We'll see if it happens.


I still feel like Philly can come in with Ben Simmons at any point here and trumpet come to wear this seat into this heart and thing if it's really like a sweepstakes.


Yeah, yeah.


Well, sometimes a video game teams work. They do. I mean, it wasn't through trades really, but Golden State was a video game team. Right. And they were competitive for a while. I know it wasn't the same way through trades and how you broke it down like four pieces. The four on one trades, the bad trades. You get offered in fantasy all the time, like, I want your stud and I'll give you four pieces of shit, but it adds up and then you're gonna have to cut three guys too.


So but we'll worry about that later.


But it's funny to watch with my son playing fantasy how in seventh and eighth grade, that's just the only trades anyone offers. Here's three guys for DK Metcalf. Right, right, right. And my son's like, Dad, should I do this is a be three guys just like, no, no, you absolutely shouldn't do that. That's a mistake.


Don't take any trades ever. Yeah, sell. This is going to be a dizzying next five days with whoops. It is right. There's going to be trades, the draft. Nobody knows where anyone's going. I can't get consensus on anything. And then after that you're free agency coming and it's just going to be two weeks of, you know, what the NBA has become, which is NBA 2k. Right. It's just guys switching teams. Guys are unhappy for a year.


They move. Guys don't like this. It's like I just kept me out of here. It's it's just bizarre. They've turned into, like, high school kids. Oh, I thought you like Jimmy. No, no, no. I like Tommy. Yeah. And that's just what the NBA is like that now. I know. I really like James Harden. Oh, cool. All right. Well, we thought we pointed to college with that, too.


It's like all these one and done players, all these Kentucky guys. How do you root for Kentucky? How does a fan base, how does it follow this? And now it's like it's trickled into the pros, like these guys don't stick around. Maybe it's because they're in the mindset of moving on after one year, all these players. So I don't know what it is.


Well, if they get hard and it just adds to how many of these compelling NBA storylines we're going to have with Golden State just being back with whatever the hell is going to go with the Clippers, with the Lakers, who actually look like they might actually be better than they were this year with the Celtics and Milwaukee hanging around in Miami trying to make a run and then Denver trying to make a leap. And Denver's trying to trade for Jrue Holiday right now.


It's everyone's just loading up in the season, starting really soon. And on top of it, we're going to have football heading into the playoffs. Like this is what, a run on top.


On way. On top of it. Way on top of fantasy football. Yeah. All right. Know I know. I know you don't want to talk about your know. I'm ready when your big patriots when I'm ready. So for the people listening Tuesday, I'll have a bunch of NBA stuff. Wednesday we're doing a draft pre show on Twitter and then a post show that will end up being also the Ringer NBA podcast. And then Thursday or so, I have the NBA cover.


We're talking football today. My team just saved its season. Hmm. I you asked me, we said we should hit up Fandor and find out where the most money was on a team. Right. So I sent a text and the person I sent it to said I haven't looked at, but I guarantee it was Baltimore. Everybody had the Baltimore, Maryland, Baltimore minus six and a half.


Yeah, because it makes sense because that's a Sunday game and that's a game. If you lost all day, you double up on that or if you won, you have to spend, you have to lose it somehow. That makes sense. Before that, I was seeing big numbers on Cleveland. We'll get to that, which is hilarious. But this Baltimore game was do we even though, I don't know, there was so much rain. Are you sure your team won?


I didn't see the the last minute, and it seemed like the heavens opened even more for Coach Belichick to make sure that Lamar wasn't getting down the field and at the last minute five. But that was a spectacular, spectacularly wild game.


There are a lot of red flags that I just willfully ignored because I had the Ravens in a couple teases. And part of this one is the Hail Mary to Hopkins took the ceiling off today. Any type of shit like that happens. Yeah. Where it's going to go. Everybody had the Ravens as the come back back. Like you said, everybody had the Ravens and Intisar parlay. The Pats looked awful last week, but yet their season's on the line.


And I don't think Belichick has been an underdog like that at home, probably since he was in Cleveland. And it was all the makings of the Belichick magic. I think what none of us expected was the monsoon. Now, could we have Google that? Maybe I didn't. Did you know it was going to have weather like that? It seemed like Collinsworth and Michaels didn't even know.


It was like, oh, this is supposed to move north to New Hampshire or something like that. I don't think they expected I thought they were going to miss it. And it definitely favored the Patriots. I'm not saying they're oh, yes or no, but know there are two bad snaps, right. Two really bad snaps. And I think that was big. Now, the fact that the Patriots ran down their. Throats with something we didn't expect either this Damien Harris, you'd better look for another job because you don't show up Coach Belichick like that, right?


No running back to good games in a row on that team for the last 20 years. So I don't know what he's going to do for a living. But you think they're going to beat him? I don't know. You know what it's like you anybody who starts them in fantasy next year, it's going to be cursus is going to have six carries for thirty one yards. Hold that Damien Harris thought. Well, because I'm just going to do this now.


It's time for the State Farm. Surprisingly great segment of the week. Getting great card, Humetewa. Some State Farm. It is surprisingly great rate.


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Choose insurance that always brings its game when you want the real deal that good neighbor State Farm is. There are surprisingly a great player from this week was Damian Harris. Now, a couple of things for this one, we watch football all day. He's one of the three or four running backs that really stands out as like a bad ass. And he was doing this the last couple of weeks. I didn't think he was playing today because he got crushed last week.


Right. And it looked like he was going to be at didn't matter. Here's the other thing. The Pats drafted him.


We finally have a successful draft pick for the last five years.


If you watch like Josh Yushi, the linebacker made a play. Yeah, Winterich kind of made a play and the right guy tackles six round. Pick that box. So we're back, baby. Apologize. You need to apologize to Belichick. Maybe these picks have been green. Jacoby Meyers was a draft pick, right? I was undrafted here, I was undrafted. I've been drafted, I still to get them. Yeah, yeah. That was good.


Yeah, you're right. I would rather I'd like him to play for Dallas right now. Can you move to Dallas the next three days? And we need to we need a quarterback rather than the Derrick Gilbert guard.


Gilbert, maybe he's neck and neck with Andy I think. But they had their trickery and then they had the ground and pound right down your throat and they had a slow Lamar start. I picked it up at the end. I feel like he should run every single time he has the ball. But I don't know.


I don't I don't even in a two minute throw, it feels like you're on it thing with Harris. So they draft him. He's like, you know, he's classic Alabama. Just take the pedigree right then. He's on Iara last year and it seemed like they threw away the pick and then as soon as he came, started playing this year, he was so clearly 17 times better than Sony, Michel. And on my patch text thread, all of us are like, wait a second, you're going on with this guy.


And he was just clearly really good. And then I thought was borderline dominant in the game today. But the thing with the Ravens in the Pats, they kind of have the same problem, right? If they're up seven, they look great because then they can just run the ball, do play action, could show the clock. It's when they fall behind that you start to get worried, right? Every time the pass through today was out of a position of strength and the Ravens are expected to run.


Right. You had second and two. I mean, that's what that was mostly Damon Harris at twenty two for one twenty one. But that first run on first down was usually like seven yards. So ask any quarterback, let alone Cam Newton, to do something on second and three. You're going to do great. Was he thirteen for seventeen. It just seemed like everything offensively that wasn't Damian Harris could have been stopped by a team. All the lob passes and the screens and everything is like, oh my God, how the Ravens not stepping up?


How's Peters not picking one of these? But they they look good. They got it done. They got it done. It helped that it rained. But Ravens are a little bit of trouble. It doesn't seem like the same team that beat the Colts and then that Colts team dominated. It really is different from week to week in this league.


I was shocked, first of all, and I know they've had some injuries in the defense, but I thought their front seven really got pushed around, which was not what I saw even last week from them. And then on offense, I thought they were just going to bulldoze the Pats and the Pats were just doing a whole bunch of they basically through the kitchen sink after that first drive. And I don't know, I thought the Ravens had a lot of trouble.


And I got to say, going against Lamar, like especially when you have a lead, he really stares down his receivers. And McCourty had that player that he almost had the pick, but the other guy could have picked it to be almost had to patriots' pick in the same play in a really big drive for them. Now, a couple of dumb things with the snaps that happens. It was late Thursday night when the Titans had that dump punt and it completely changed the game.


Yeah, it seems like guys like long field goals are a gimme in this league and punts and extra points are hard. All right. Fifty eight yard field goals. Great fun. Chalk it up. That's it. That's an automatic three. But the the basics are hard to come by.


So the Patriots now are four and five. In other words, they're not dead now, so there's five, six and three is ahead of them in the wild card spot, right? Right. So you got right now let's cross off Steelers and the Chiefs, Buffalo seven, three Colts six and three, Raiders six and three Dolphins six to three. Ravens six to three Browns six to three Titans six and three. So there's a lot of lot of wants to jump.


On the other hand, their schedule isn't like that hard. They have a. They have Houston next week. Houston stinks, Atlanta, the week after, they could literally be six and five, then they play both L.A. teams, tough, tough game at Miami home, Buffalo Home Jets. So it's not unrealistic. They could go 10 and six. When you think like Dallas beat Seattle, they were on their way to beating Buffalo. I think when this team is bad, it's hard to understand what you're looking at.


They were so bad in that Jets game. Yeah, I thought the season was over. I really did. I was like, wow, we can't even beat the Jets like Flacco either. Flacco had to do Flacco stuff the last five minutes. That was their only chance. I don't know what to think. What do you see them in the playoffs? Well, I don't because I didn't realize those five teams. OK, let's say for argument's sake, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, in the KC, when they're divisions, I get it.


You know, Buffalo. And indeed, that could be interchangeable with with Tennessee or Miami. But so let's say those other five teams, Baltimore, Tennessee, Las Vegas, Miami, Cleveland. Do you trust anyone when you say, oh, they have teams on their schedule, do you trust anyone to definitely beat somebody? Like, I think Cleveland has traded the Giants and the Jaguars. That I think is the easiest route. Cleveland, I don't I don't know.


That team doesn't excite me anymore. I don't like that know that it ever did. But they're just going to play dirty, bad weather games. And Baker is going to have an excuse not to have big numbers. And they're not as exciting because they don't have, you know, Odell anymore. He's throwing to interesting guy who's like Rashard Higgins and DeAndre Jones. He has Landry still. But and I guess Chubb will make a difference. But out of those teams, is there is there guarantee win?


I mean, I could see a lot of games being like they were tonight.


Well, I guess the one thing for the Pats is two of those losses were in the NFC. Right. And if they could build up their AFC record, that would be the case of them making it.


I disagree with you on Cleveland, though, and maybe it's because I have Chubb and Hunt on my fantasy team. Yeah, the the double barreled. We always have one of the top seven running backs in the league. Thing is, is pretty effective, like they definitely they know who they are. Stefanski, he's done a really nice job with them. They they put Baker in no position to ever fuck them over. It is just it's run, run, run, play action safe.


Yes. But then scramble out and then score you with the Raiders.


They kill the clock today they scored ten. Now I get it, but I don't know who they played it. A Houston that just might be a bad team. One is Deshaun Watson back out of that situation already.


How much of that game did you watch? I didn't think he was very good in that game. No, I know, but I just I just feel like they're just pulling all these pieces around from him. I mean, they even tried to trade Fuller. They couldn't trust David Johnson's out for a while. I don't know what to expect from that team. But and like I said, Cleveland, they'll be fine. They're making the playoffs for sure.


They have six. They could get to ten wins with that schedule. I just.


All right. Let's tackle this a different way. Let's remove the Steelers chief's. And bills, you've three teams left just that you like. And these three to make the playoffs, Colts, Raiders, Dolphins, Ravens, Browns, Titans, Pats, and I'm going to put the Dolphins in at fourth because I actually think they're legit. Good, right. So let's take two spots now for Colts, Colts, Tennessee. One of those has to make it so they down to one spot.


Raiders, Ravens, Browns, Pats, also go Ravens. So the Pats aren't making it. I'm sorry. I was all excited in the playoffs. We basically have to go. I think we'd have to run the slate to make it two games is a lot to make up on five teams, so. Yeah. Or or two. Three teams. Right. Because they'll have to, they'll have to knock out three teams. Jesus going to. Sorry we just crossed off the Pats.


The which team do you like the least out of the six to three teams. Colts, Ravens, Dolphins, Raiders, Titans, Browns I, I got to say I can't believe the Titans are six and three after watching that Thursday. Oh yeah. Their defense stinks. I just can't believe they have six wins. They're fraudulent for sure. Well, it's funny. Everyone makes fun of Gostkowski. He hit like three fifty orders to win games for them at the last minute so they could go either way.


And they're beating teams like the Bears and some you know, I don't like them. The thing I like is kind of the same thing I do like about Cleveland. You know, Derrick Henry, maybe he hasn't even heated up and he's been pretty good. We know he steps it up in late November, December. They have a brutal schedule coming up, though, don't they? Yes, I think I wrote it down. They have at Ravens, at Colts and then Cleveland.


I'm not sure where that game is, but those are their next three. So they could get they could get even at six and six. That might be who you need to chase and kick out of that one other.


So a bunch of crazy shit happened today. And we'll get to Arizona, the Hail Mary in a second. But we had the Masters just on in November, which basically broke my brain yesterday and today waking up. It's Sunday, it's football, trying to figure out fantasy team bets, all that stuff. And the fucking masters is done right. And it was just disorienting and it wasn't a very fun marsters. Dustin Johnson kind of took the drama out of it.


So my question for you. Was a November Marsters not fun, or did Dustin Johnson make it not fun? Oh, I think it was fun. OK, so when is it normally April? Yeah, when it's appropriate for NBA playoffs, it's got its own weekend.


Nothing's kind of going on. March Madness ended this sort of window for it.


I think I prefer it in April, although I want to say good job. I use sports for not overlapping too much. By halftime of the early football games, we had the Masters win or now they got lucky. There wasn't a lot of rain. Had there been rain, it could have. Who knows? It could have gone into that. It could have ended. We had. And for that reason I think we had the six late afternoon games, which we never have except for week seventeen when it's it's it's whatever you kind of have to justify it based on the playoffs, who's going to win to get in.


And I want to give someone an advantage. I thought it was good. I thought they did a really nice job with it. I had Dustin Johnson congrats. I had a lot of money on it. Every twenty minutes I was hedging with him or or what's his name, Kam Smith. So I ended up winning like nothing basically. But but it was fun. It was fun. I'm glad they got it done in time. Is that definitely has the same look on his face and same demeanor, no matter what's happening and say he has a chance to go minus twenty one, and you would just think he's playing like some some random event in Houston on a Friday.


Right. Which is too good to be. The scores were up. I'm wondering if we made a mistake that wondering if the scores are going to be up because with no fans. Yeah. That of course is a little easier to play. It feels less intimidating. It's just kind of an empty golf course. I think the overunder on Fandor was thirteen and a half players under par. And they they kill that. Wow. Yeah, that was over.


Bye bye. Saturday morning. You know, I was going over but yeah it was good. Yeah. When DJ's going there's no one better when he's putting right. Like that, that's, that's kind of thing. When he's making those nine foot putts like forget it, no one else should show up.


The thing with him is nobody looks more like a golfer than him. Like what you would have in your head, like the guy who would shoot minus 20 in the Masters. He looks like he's at a tin cup like the guy Costner's playing with on the final round or something. And I would say is the most naturally talented guy house. Throw him out of my podcast two weeks ago and he's twelve to one, but it dropped right over the final hours.


I got him a plus eight fifty. You probably could have gotten them through Wednesday night like ten to one or something. But they shot Bo, who is the favorite lost to Bernhard Langer, who's like seventy seven years old or something crazy. Wow. So there was there was a little a little fun stuff. Phil killed me. I had Phil not to make the cut. You knew he was going to melt at one point and it was Saturday was his bad day.


I should have just kept chasing that. But I like it like this all.


We're going to watch Simmons and like ten years, right? GOFF Yeah, I do. You think we're almost there for us. Too hectic for us. I think we're close. Yeah I yeah.


This is the least amount of masters I think I've watched in the last year. Really. Yeah. I just. There's too much going on. What's the hardest stuff started on top of the football? I just my head, my brain, I just couldn't handle it.


I know what I think it is with you in the Masters when you try to get in that restaurant in Augusta. And Babydoll, our agent said, babe, there's no way you're getting in in a million years. You kid me, they have that booked up for three decades. You can't get in. And then I think you showed them a picture of you sitting at that restaurant. Yeah, I got in about gear there. What's the name of it, man?


I can't believe I can't remember if you don't even care enough to know what's great backbends. There's something that it gets to be something like that. I think that sounds right. Yeah. Yeah. So that was your great Masters moment. It doesn't really get better than that.


Yeah. I talked to my dad today and he he just loves the Masters and he was like, you know, ever since we went, I just feel like I watched the holes.


And I just think that day we walk down the hall, I think it really was like the greatest three days of his life. That's awesome. But yeah, it's like now it's all downhill. I can't see my grandkids. I can have another shutdown. I got to go, Dad. Yeah, that. All right. We'll take a break.


Talk about the Hail Mary. All right, so we had three ridiculous gambling moments today, not counting the Patriots, we had Nick Chubb with the Browns favored by three by three and a half up three breaks through. Never happens. Going down the sidelines for the game winner. Fifty five seconds left and smartly runs out of bounds to the one which was a fantasy murder, but more importantly, a gambling murder. It was a we've seen stuff like that before.


Who's the first one? Was it Todd Gurley? It was a Brent Westbrook Gurley for sure. Oh, maybe Westbrook did it too. But this was the first one where it actually it costs people money. When it happened, this one was it was in a lot of ways worse. And by the way, fantastic play. Kudos to him. It was the right play. They were on next game. They win, but he's flying down the sidelines.


You're like, oh, oh, cover cover. And then he just veered like it was like watching a car veer away from a divider. He just veered out of bounds that like the half yard line. It's like they had the Forest Gump, remember, and Forest Gump would run through the end zone in the tunnel because he didn't know when to stop. I think the crowd, I guess they didn't crowd, but maybe they had something screaming stop at him.


But yeah, you're right. He had such speed, such velocity going. He didn't think there was any way he was going to stay ahead of the goal. He literally veered. So we had that. And I'm like, wow, that's definitely the craziest gameplay moment we're going to get all day. And then you have the cardinals who completely blow it in the fourth quarter and we get into Kingsbury in the second.


Bill, score the as as you pointed out, as you were texting me, consoling me before the Hail Mary, that the Bills receivers were just like, I don't know what we call Beasley's never played like that in his life.


I wanted to kill Kingsbury, too, but I'm like, God, these receivers are making the best catches of their lives on this drive. Stupas, so to play. So the cards basically have two chances to just put the game away. And the second time they get the ball like four and a half minutes left, terrible pass by, incomplete, terrible pass play, incomplete and then short pass play. Basically they burn forty seconds in and then the bills get the ball back and you just know that they're going to go down and score all their receivers goes nuts and that Diggs makes a really great route and then catch Allen actually through a nice pass and yeah.


Because I didn't give up. I really was like, you just can't he's too exciting, but that Hail Mary has to rank among the best Hail Marys just because you almost get sacked. He's he's going right to left me, flings it almost like they they intended to do it that way. And then Hopkins catches it at the tippy top and he's right inside the goal line. Yeah. Rogers had a couple good Hail Marys, but I think that might have been the best one.


Well, because normally a Hail Mary is like eight guys in the end zone and it's three on five, right? Yeah, it was four guys in the end zone and it was one on three. So that was that was the fun part.


And then the third guy wasn't even there yet. He was kind of running in late. Right. So he basically he had one guy boxed out. So it was it was conceivable.


I don't know what you're supposed to do. Like they had Tony Dungy was going over. He's like, well, you've got to bump these guys at the line of scrimmage. I don't know. Then you lose those two guys because there's that whatever. And I mean, Murray made a great, great play, avoiding the sack and rolling left and just stopping short of going out of bounds and then heaving it. I was trying to think like, how do you explain to someone from another country or someone watching football for the first time, the emotions involved with that?


Because I know you had Arizona and. Yeah, you know, you have them to win the division and more importantly, you have the Dolphins to win division. So you got to get the bills out of there.


So I had money on the cardinals to the minus so that I had. So you minus two and a half. Oh yeah. One and a half. Minus one and half the CFL. But then I had minus two and a half on one bet the money line and the other. Yeah.


So the real fans of the Lions or minus two and a half and minus three. So when he throws the touchdown, what a range of emotions. First start with the Diggs touchdown. You're distraught, right Frazey. That was a Cardinals game all the way. Then Murray throws a Hail Mary, all the Hail Marys, everyone's everybody's calling it Hail Mary Hail and good one. And he catches it and and everyone's going crazy. And then they kneel. The two point conversion or what should have been an extra point to go up three because a block kicks another smart play, but cost better's because it's the block kick return for the all the way goes to the other way and that's a win or a tie.


Now I'm confused but anyway I first of all. So how do you explain that to someone who's never seen the game. All the emotions like that was just the greatest catch of all time. Yeah, but they knelt down on the two point conversion just so I hated that nailed down. But it actually made sense that the math because two or three did matter because the only way they were going to lose is a quick return for a touchdown. Right, exactly.


So once I realized that I wasn't as bitter, but yeah, I was like, oh, and then I couldn't remember if it was minus two or minus two and a half, you go check your. Oh my God.


But well, here's what I'll say for anyone who was out there. And I know I got a lot of people reached out. If you had Cleveland if you had Arizona bowl minus the points, you kind of didn't deserve to win both. You can do it right. Like Cleveland was running out the clock there. Cleveland's running out the clock. That's fair, right? Maybe Arizona, you deserve to win because they had the lead and everything and they should have held on never there.


But you know what, 11 seconds left. You lose in that game outright. So I don't I'm trying to make someone feel better. I know I'm not. I just couldn't believe I was on the right side of one of those for the few times of my life, usually usually you and I are on the other side, right. Celebrating the Stefon Diggs touchdown. So I don't know if that was the play that made the Hopkins trade officially a complete disaster and a complete shit.


I think it probably happened before that. But if you're like David Johnson's on the air, they had a second round pick for him. They stink. They don't have their first or second next year. Miami has both. And then you watch that if you're a Texans fan. I remember that.


So I'm saying Deshaun Watson should watch that Hail Mary, just like I'm getting the fuck out of here. I can't do that. He just. Sant'Egidio, we've got to get him out.


He's got you out. I'll take, like, less.


I remember I went in the December 2001. I was working for page two my first year, and I went to cover the gallery furniture dotcom bill because I wanted to cover like a random dumb ball. And Stoner was doing that game. Is a sideline reporter awesome. So I pitched it to them. I'm going to go down there. I'm going to cover the gallery furniture, dot com read. It's somewhere, America. So where was it? Where it was in Houston.


It was like the old Astrodome in Houston for a couple of days. And it was the year the the Texans were becoming a team. Yeah. And you just sitting to talk radio driving around and they're like, you know, they don't even have a team yet. They're talking about who they might get. And there was so much excitement. And then you think like almost twenty years later. It's just like, what were the winds for us? Where were the good times?


We had some terrible playoff losses played in the Shakey's Bowl like four to six years, four or five years. The other Saturday, Saturday game, they did beat the Cowboys in their inaugural game. I remember that on a Sunday night, I believe. Yeah, not too much better than that really. Was it 20 years of just blah.


And now, you know, this team really does have a chance. We talked about it last week with the you know, they're sealing the NFC. They really have a chance to make it the Super Bowl. And if you're a Texans fed, you just got to it has to be like how I felt with the Buki best trade, but without the four shirts.


And I know you have Cuyler for MVP. I got in on that a little late, but that's. Can I have to look back? I keep meaning to look this up now in the NBA, you kind of have to be a top to see to make the MVP, except for the Westbrooke year a few years ago. Right. You have to be a top to seed. Can they can he win MVP and not win the NFC West? That's not out of the question that they they win the NFC West, but that is such a logjam and he's so frickin good.


He's got nine touchdowns in as many games rushing. Yeah. He's just phenomenal. You talk about an easy sports gambling, but they don't move that rushing yards pass fifty four yards. He he had sixty seven and it was a bad game for him today. One on one with six last week. A lot of fun to watch. I mean, there's no great NFC team, they're going to be one of the probably the four or five best. I think they're the best NFC West team personally.


But just in general, they'll probably end up in the top three. I think he's the safest MVP that actually had that in my notes. I want to talk about that quick, because Wilson Wilson lost all the momentum. And I think we should probably start minor in this the the rabbit in September that grabs the MVP favorite thing. It seems like that guy never actually wins the MVP. The guy after three or four weeks, everybody gets all excited about.


And then by week 10, it's completely different. Well, last year was Mahomes, but that he got hurt.


That was the problem there. Right? Right. Yeah, and then it kind of took over terms got hurt. Yeah. So I don't know if you said who's the MVP right now? I think it's a legitimate discussion about 10 weeks in. I think it would be customary. So, yeah, I think yeah. I just I have to look back to see if you could get a wild card team in. I know I don't want to discount them because they could win though.


Yes, but he's over my home. Mahomes his numbers are great too. They're so good.


I thought he I thought their win the division. Yeah. They're they're winning tiebreaker. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Right. Well they would say at Seattle. Yeah I would say Himer Kamara right now. Good again today. He was awesome. Oh really. Yeah. I think that would be my top two right now. How much better. I just it's hard to pick against Mahomes. He's got what the hell is he here. Is that, did I see that right.


Twenty five touchdowns and only one interception. Right. Yeah, that's a pretty good for freaking good of that team is not going to win 13 games without him. They're all great.


That's true. So you're saying if Cheves go 14 and two? Yeah, it's hard to not give them that.


Right. And even if Arizona goes 10 and six and wins a division. It's a tough one, but I'll say this, I think the NFC, where we went over every combination of all the six and three teams, I'm ninety five percent sure I can name the seven playoff teams right. In the NFC. Yeah, yeah. Clark and I did this on Thursday and it was unless you're saying the Vikings could crash the party, it's really hard to come up.


Vikings, Vikings, Bears, forty, Niners, Falcons. Those are the outside teams outside looking in. I don't know. I don't even think tomorrow's game matters. I think the forty Niners died today, unfortunately. Yeah, we have them down, but we have some ample candidates for our our cross off game, so there isn't a thing there. Delight Miami, let's talk about them quickly. Could not be more fun to watch to. As we said two weeks ago, like, man, I just didn't see it.


He didn't have any wow factor at all last week. He did this week he did his his his play action quick pass thing is so precise. Yep. He looks like he's been doing it for ten years and I don't know, I thought the Chargers kind of if they hadn't gotten that stupid fumble I think they would have won that game by 40 points. Fourteen. I think they're driving the center just snaps it under two his hands all of a sudden the charge right now it's fourteen seven.


But I think that game was going to be headed for like thirty eight to seven. It's that Miami dominated them. It's a different team without both that Chargers team. But you're right and I would love I mean to as good as he is, he's coming into a system where that defense keeps you in the game every single time you step on the field. Xavi and Howard all over the place and to a might only need to do what he did today.


Fifteen for twenty five, one sixty nine, two touchdowns and a bunch of rushing yards and just be as precise as he is. And he seemed like the more experienced quarterback over herbut I know they both rookies, but Herberts got twice as many games right. At least and they look dynamite. I'm excited to have them in the playoffs like I'm excited to have them in sight to have Arizona. It's like there's really no one I really don't want. I guess the Raiders.


You might have asked me this. I don't even think I answered. I guess the Raiders would be like I could do without them or the Browns. But we're going to have a good eight on each side or a good seven on each side, whatever it ends up being.


Well, the real story is the Shakey's game might have to be an NFC game this year. Oh, yeah. I don't remember the last time that's happened. You're right. It's always usually Cincinnati or Houston or Buffalo or one of those teams, the major one in it. Yep.


Or the Jags. Yeah, I think.


I've watched a lot of the dolphins the last few weeks, I think their defense is legit good like they can they can create pressure all kinds of ways that they could just do the straight push. They could send the guys flying from the sides like the linebacker defensive end types. Yeah, they have these timed blitzes. The guy they're just flying at the quarterback over and over again today. Right.


He was under a lot of it. Yeah. I thought they really gave the Chargers a lot of trouble. I felt bad for Herberg because the play calling was atrocious.


I just felt like you're not doing it. Did you have Miami as I did too? Oh, man. I was so scared of it. I was like, what the hell, why is this one and a half they're making this way too easy? And it was just that easy. I actually crushed my bets today until the Ravens game when it all came crashing down. But that's fine because it's great for you. I think Miami is legitimate and.


If I'm just looking at the AFC right now, the only team I like more than them is Kansas City from. I think Pittsburgh, I think they could absolutely play with Pittsburgh, as you know, I know Pittsburgh tonight and I get it and their receivers are really good and they can extend leads, the whole thing. But Ben's taking some fucking shots. Yeah, he really has. Like, I I'm skeptical that he's going to last for five months with some of the hits he's taken.


We already saw Brees finally go down today. These old guys take in two, three giant hits a game. It's not sustainable, I don't think. Did you see him on Monday?


Like before he had to do the I think it was Monday practice before he had to be isolated for the covid, the tracing and everything. He had like a big pack on his shoulder, another one on his knee. He looked like a Bugs Bunny cartoon guy. He really does. I don't know if he's going to make it to the end. I know you can't talk bad about Alex Smith, but this is the comeback player of the year, right?


Big Ben Roethlisberger, if they go fifteen and one with this team, totally sorry. If he vlasto the end. He's outspent Ben on Alex Smith because he's definitely winning.


Well, the funny thing is and we went through with this one house on the text, like, you can't say anything bad about Alex Smith. And you know what? The worst thing you could say about him is? Wow.


Haskins must be really bad, but Haskins must be truly terrible. That's what I tell you guys has got to be the worst ever.


If Alex is playing over to the politically correct. Did you get that from Pittsburgh? I'm if I'm a Pittsburgh fan, I'm very concerned about all the hits Roethlisberger takes in these games because he's Baghdad.


Forty four yards rushing today. I know Cincinnati was going to beat you could be too many different ways. And and they beat him basically by forcing burrow. You know, I think TJ wanted to sacks, but Dupree had a sack. Burrow was like twenty one for forty, so he wasn't going to beat them. So Big Ben, he ended up with four touchdown passes. They need him in there for sure. We saw what it's like without them.


I like the Bengals a lot as a possible underdog, you know, parlay all that stuff. But the No. Mixon thing, it's they're not beat Steelers to that mix. And that was that was a pretty big red flag. Oh, let's do cross ups quick and then we'll do guest science. OK, I always forget who we have. So we have Giants, Jets, Jaguars, Bengals, Texans, Chargers. And I think we can cross off the Panthers.


It's just this one I refuse to cross off anyone in the NFC seventh podcast in a row. Straight out Eagles three and five. Giants three and seven. Mm hmm. Eagles are three, five and one, giants three and seven, Washington two and seven, and your stupid teams two had seven hurt your game and a half out of first. So. Well, did you look at that? Did you look at the Eagles schedule? That's what that's the problem there, because they the Eagles only have you know, if everybody's playing each other in the NFC East, that's one thing.


But the Eagles have only two NFC East games left there at the Browns. They play the Seahawks there at the Packers, they play the Saints and they're at the Cardinals. Those are their next. But I say five. That's a that could be one in four going into week 16. You know what else I looked at? What the Eagles, they suck that teams offer. If you have any Philly fans in your life, just email them during the Eagles game and be like, hey, man, what do you think of Wentz?


They just got bad. Wentz has no fans left. He's completely lost. He's lost his base. It's like it's like Marikar said, you know, I heard you. He's just completely lost everyone.


I don't even know what I was watching in that game. How many games you see where both both quarterbacks have no touchdowns and no interceptions. It was such a weird game. And then I was just like, hey, I know this team can't tackle me, so I'm just going to run. Maybe I'll fall on my face. Maybe I'll get into the end zone. He scores that set the tempo. But then, like the Eagles had, like Boston's got at a good day rushing.


Sanders had a good day rushing that over one hundred fifty yards rushing. I don't I don't get how they're not winning these games. Are we sure the Giants are good? No, I commented that they might be the fourth best team in the NFC. So they go. They lose to the Rams by eight, they lose to your damn team, they blow it. They got hurt too overthrows.


Otherwise they win the Tampa Bay.


Yeah, they lose the Eagles by one. They lose to the Bucs by two. They should have won. Yeah. Beat Washington and beat the Eagles. I mean, they've been pretty solid down for six, seven weeks. They'll stick around. And that's before we talk about the freak section. Say Kwon, do you eat there your potential ascione? You know they play for that Joe judge. They don't give up that you could tell they play hard like linebackers.


Everyone defensively plays hard, Joe. Just they can be all right.


But the. So what would that look like if they win the division. Get the four seed then you got Tom Brady right as the five. Assuming they don't win the division over the Saints, you've got the little fox, so that can't be the Shakey's game, right? That won't be that's why the NFC. Yeah, because of Tampa Bay's on the road. They won't make it the early Saturday.


Yeah. They're going to figure out how to make it AFC. It'll probably be going to be like, well, if the Browns get in the Browns, they're guaranteed to be the Shakey's game. Well, for the people listening to our fantasy draft that I got kicked out of every Saturday, the first playoff game, we would have the banquet at Shakey's Pizza, which we've joked about in this podcast many times. It's the Shakey's Pizza on Santamonica between Laperriere and Highland.


I can't say it's a it's a nice establishment. No. And you'll see some things and especially lately last nine months, not not really an area you want to hang out. And so we would go and we would have the Shakey's Pizza and it would always be a terrible game. And the only time we ever had a good game was Thibeault. That was play again. We beat the Steelers. That was like the only good Shakey's game ever. Usually it was like Matt Shahbandar, the rematch.


Yeah. So again, called the Dolphins this year. We can get something like that. Dr. Berman, or maybe they put. I feel like they're going to want to go over the bills, right, if the bills and dolphins are in there. Yeah, bills. It feels like bills titans. That's going to be my prediction for the game. They think like little bills. It's actually probably more bills Colts because we had bills Texans last year, right?


Yeah, yeah.


I think that that's what it feels like. All right. We're going to take a break.


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Eighteen hundred gambir it before we do gets the lines we, we have to talk about today's other star Aqib Talib, who I'm not sure he should be announcing NFL games, but I really liked him. I actually think he's a podcast host. I don't I don't know if he's an announcer because he couldn't figure out. He would just kind of keep talking as the play was going on and he was all over the map. Yeah, but I thought he was really kind of captivating.


I hope they bring it back. He was certainly more interesting than a lot of these generic guys I've ever known who are like the Dick Stockton and whoever it that forest fires that whoever is interesting is the word I said I love.


Let's just set it up. So Fox had all the early games, right, as CBS only had golf. So yeah. Then it it became like, all right, we have five games here. I think I likened it to like, hey, it's Christmas Day. I know everybody wants to be with their family, but attention Wal-Mart employees. We need have man the registers we get they got to keep to liebe. He filled in on that. They put them on Detroit, Washington.


Right. Maybe thinking that nobody was going to be watching, but it turned out to be one of the games in that trust thing. Yeah, it was definitely interesting.


One thing I loved other than him just continue to do is the Dallas as the next play was going on, he would get so mad at the passing references. I've never had an announcer get more upset. And every time he didn't think it was pass interference. Right. Like classic defensive back stanier for their defensive backs. I got to say, it was a roller coaster ride with the key. Yet I hope I hope they give us another ticket. I would rather have that than seventy five percent.


It was it was like an SNL sketch. Oh, he'll be back.


We'll be back to you. Didn't you didn't hear Testator Saturday night on. I knew he wasn't even the problem, but the Crawford fight that was that was insanity. Anyway, we can go on for that. I got to play something really quick. So you remember last week I was talking about when I was driving back from Phoenix listening to the Cardinals announcers and the guy who talks like this. I love the guy. He was so into the game.


Yeah, I really did enjoy the broadcast, the look on. So Peter Schrager sent me his call of the Hopkins' Hail Mary. Yeah. So this is after the play by Play Guy. This is just the other guy. Hopefully you'll be right here. The.


Cuts would be extended the in his words, it just a president now is scoring half for his job. Who is it?


Is it just those names? Ron Wolfley, we might have to invite him on the podcast. Let's bring him. I think I think we need to have them do guest slides with us. I love Rod Wolfley. He's having to keep to labor by being here in 2020, though.


They'll be they'll be paired together. They'll be terrific. Oh, my God.


The LYCETT The longer this Cartes thing goes, the more Ron Wolfley we have Ron. I really enjoyed the broadcast last week. Keep it up.


I've only heard 10 seconds of him, and I feel like he's doing your Andre the Giant.


Yes, I guess the lines. All lines courtesy of Fandor Thursday night. Yeah. Crazy. This game's happening. The cards are back in action. So we're going to get a lot of Calamar MVP stuff next four days. Yeah, for sure. Like we talked about it last week, I was thirty three to one. It was twenty five to one two days ago. Now it's got to be I would guess down like ten on too many people talking about it.


I think it's inside of ten to one now. Yeah. OK, now this is the Dick Metcalf chased down rematch. Right, right. Seahawks Cardinals in Seattle. And if you're a Seattle fan. You can't be excited about what you're watching. No, defense isn't good, Russell looks like he's starting to wear down for all the use. He had no good running backs. And this is an alarming game. I have. Just out of respect, pure respect for Russell Wilson, minus three Seahawks.


All right, I you're going to get mad because you're the guy cheated off the bat, but I hit it. Exactly. It's three and a half. I, I was so mad at Seattle today.


I had them all over the place and it was probably a bad spot because rams are great defensively. But coming off the loss, like I think Seattle had lost back to back once and thirty one games or something. But Pete Carroll, they get that gift field goal of fifty eight, one hundred yards, whatever it was right before the happens. Like holy crap, this guy nails it, they get the ball in the third quarter, they get fourth and inches.


Fourth and inches is not fourth and one and a half. Right, 14 inches. You go for it, pick out does the worst thing he calls timeout and then does the hard count and then ends up punting. And then the Rams get like a six minute drive and score. And then it's like it's kind of over. Like, I just I just couldn't take it. I also why aren't they designing runs for Russell Wilson? Why is he only taking off when he's in trouble?


I think it's hard when you have no running game. I think they're a little handcuffed by that. Yeah, but I'm with you. The coaching was was great on the Seattle side today, but they they they just look sloppy. It looked like the Rams were better prepared. The other thing is, I think what's there there's four or five quarterbacks right now that if the other team doesn't have a pass rush and you watch their offense, you're like, oh, why is that one of the best teams in the Rams?


They're a little bit like that right now as time. And, you know, he had banged up receivers today, too. But it's just he just seems so calm and in control. And you can kind of see how he was the number one pick. Phil Rivers was like that on Thursday because Titans couldn't pressure them. Yeah, I just don't remember. There was dumb things, though, like Seattle, like he had he had like twenty yards in front of him.


He could have run for first down and he threw it and it was picked. Right. It's like it's bad. It's like when you're playing you're playing Madden and you hit the the you're trying to hit the turbo button and you hit the wrong button, you throw it and stuff. I mean that's what that was just the too many mistakes there. I'm sorry. No, no, I had the Rams, I actually like the Rams today, and I don't I can't really totally explain it.


It was came down to McVeigh and and the fact that I didn't think they could rush.


Well, people like exciting shit are going to not like what I'm about to say. The Rams are the most balanced team in that division. They are right. Like Seattle has their flaws. Arizona has their flaws. The Rams could do a little of everything, don't you think?


Yeah, well, they can they could definitely pressure they can defend pretty well past stuff, you know. I mean, they mortgaged the future for this year's team. I would hope they're pretty good. But if the running game, you kind of never know who the running back is. It's one of those teams. But we're moving the ball to that, that they did a pretty good job.


ACRS, Brown, Henderson, all around 30 yards, all the same kind of the same thing every week.


Not fun for fantasy. All right. Sunday's marquee game blank. I left it blank. There's no sun. But it did. Yeah. Oh, wow. Well, no, this is a good one. There is. There's a seven and two against a six and three. You're not going to say Colts. Packers, right? Yeah. Why not? God damn it. It doesn't matter what I say. Are you really excited about Colts? Packers.


Fine, I'll move it into the marketing.


Yeah, I know everyone has Packers and the Packers. That's good. Seventy three near the end of that Packers game, it was like fourth and twenty with gluten free. Yeah. Yeah. And they called time out and to the Packers best offensive guys came over there talking to Rodgers of Rodgers is like telling him what to do with it. He was telling them but he's a quarterback. Well he's like this was dropping, dropping.


I'm the master of the Hail Mary and one may be coming your way even though the way short of the zone, maybe here's what you do. Yeah, that I like. I call them I like gluten free a lot. I like gluten free a lot. I call them Vladimir Putin because I like that I had the Packers to cover the spread and it was not allowing it to happen. Vlad Lutin. Yeah. All right. Sunday, Markit Colts home against the Packers and the Colts.


I don't fully understand it, but they're right in the middle of this whole playoff race that Jonathan Taylor pick was borderline with. I think we're all waiting for it to be good. But considering that was like their big asset, you see with some of these other first first round running back receiver guys have done, and he's kind of lost his job. Rivers has been kind of a whiff, but name. Twenty five million bucks is really good. I mean, that guy is fun to watch.


He's right. I mean, he's totally that guy, too. But I'm just saying they use twenty five billion for Phil Rivers in their first round pick and a running back. And and both of them are liabilities, and yet there's six to three. That was a weird game.


That was maybe the fixed line of the week, right. When the Colts ended up being favored at Tennessee, who has a better record. And Tennessee has fans and all that stuff and they crush them in the second half. Thirty four. You did. You went live at halftime. I did. Yeah. Yeah, you did.


Four fans did it against all odds. Fandor live thing. So was Harry like what was he looked like he was enhanced. Harry's in there.


You know, we talk about the first half and I'm like, Harry, while we're talking about the first half, tell us your favorite second half all props. And he had seventeen ready at the at the ready and like. All right. I don't know how we tell people to Bethel's, but go do it now. Yeah, they do a lot.


The second the second half started Harry's. Forgive me giving that. Exactly. Exactly. I have Colts by one and a half over the Packers. Who gets this. I don't get it. You do. You get it. Damn it. I said to it's one. That's fair. I think it's interesting the Packers have a chance to be the one seed in the NFC and they can't even be favored against Phil Rivers. Everybody hates this Packers team. I think they're good.


I think they could, you know, I think they would play well with everyone except maybe Kansas City right now in the Super Bowl.


I'm warming up to them, the watchbox we have to first one is Saints Home against the Falcons, which. Allows us to talk about my guy Jamous. We got a little Jamous today, so we did he came in there, they only had one drop pick, no picks. One should have been picked.


I bought the Saints up to 10 1/2. I'm sorry. I bought our San Francisco up to ten and a half there. One in ten. Nothing. I love them. You know, they extended drives with their dumb defend. San Francisco and the Saints scored. Then Jamous goes out and then that.


Now the point was that the punt was the big play. It was 10 three, the punt return. What was that? The punt bounced and hit the guy in the fall. Is that right? Yes. And I got another stop. And then all of a sudden now and then it's ten, ten.


And you knew the game was over, but Mullens had a chance to stop that. Like you said, when you drop a Jamous pick, you ought to be extra ashamed of yourself. I mean, yeah, you can't like to drop it exactly right in his breadbasket. And it's Jamous. And I don't know, I didn't like the play that took they got a fifteen year penalty and applied it to freeze out. That didn't love. That is very similar to the Pats.


It was similar to Pats Ravens without the monsoon and the result where you're watching the first quarter, you're like, holy shit, they could actually beat them. This is crazy, right? And then that punt thing flipped it. And then the Brees thing was weird and he stayed on the sideline. He looked so unhappy. I don't know why he didn't just go in the locker room. Yeah, right. I could tell if he's concussed or he got fans and it's like something's wrong with his ribs.


But the the stuff after the game was really strange because they were like it seemed like almost a culmination of all of these minor injuries. And it's like he's broken. Yeah, that's it. Well, there's no line on this game because they don't have him. I would have said four and a half, but they don't know if he started. No Taysom Hill or Jamous. I think they're just saying, let's just have the conversation now, is Jamous picked up at our fantasy league is Gaim is going to be a live fantasy guy.


This like he is. I feel like his ceiling is higher than Brisas and fantasy.


I mean, he might be the quarterback the rest of the way. You could you could play for like six weeks. Who knows. Yeah. If you have, like, three broken ribs, you're right.


That's the way to do it.


I think you can argue. You could argue. He's like a twenty five dollar fantasy option. Really. That much. Yeah. All right. Well, you just get up the quarterback for six weeks.


I have no money left, so I'm happy to say OK. Yeah, I don't know.


I don't mind either of those guys starting over Brees. I'm not sure. I mean, they'll win this game right away.


But I have to talk to the dimwits listening who are in fantasy leagues where they just drafted round by round. Oh, yeah. Go ahead. Hey, for you guys, the guys who who weren't strong enough to be in a real league in an auction like. So if if whoever is top of your fantasy order have first dibs on Jase, that's that's for the under eighty IQ leagues. If you're in one of those leagues, I don't know what to tell you.


I really don't. And if you feel insulted, I'm sorry, but I'm insulted that you're in a league that's not money, that it comes to the auction. I'm auction all the way. There's no other way to have fantasy.


I'm going to big money league with, like Scott Van Pelt and Clay Travis and Todd Furman and a bunch of ESPN people and like poker players who bet each other thousands of dollars on their individual game. It was a snake draft. They don't allow trades because there's been so much impropriety in the past. And it's it's just, like you said, for the free agent, the waiver wire, like, no, no, you took someone last week. Your team was out because of covid.


You had to take a defense. So you cannot not draft you can't bid on my. Oh, my God. It's like, oh, my goodness, this is crazy already. What are you talking about? So it's all about the draft. That's terrible. I know.


That's my son's league. Somebody waved. I mean, these are seventh and eighth graders. Somebody with Juju Smith Schuster for some reason. Oh, no. And he was top of the order. It's like I'm going to get Juju Schuster. I'm like, OK, yeah, it's I call the underrating IQ leagues. Yeah, right. Kids, come on. Just be in auctions. Yeah. The kids table, that's all. That's what it should be.


Got the kids table leagues. Yeah. Yeah. Like my son. You get to be like my son. If you're around by around think people get mad and fuck you. But I'm right. This is, there's no argument here being an auction. That's the real way to do it. Yep. So Ravens coming off the monsoon loss and and they're home for the Titans. This is a classic. Neither of us are feeling really good about our team.


The Ravens got more injuries today. At some point. You we talked about this with the Niners like four weeks ago. You have that point of no return with the injuries. They're not there yet because they have so much talent. But I'm flagging it now because if they have one more game, like the one today where guys are just getting carried off, what was the play?


The Patriots scored a touchdown they cut away to the Patriots celebration. And the very next cut away is to Ravens down the line on their faces. Yeah, right.


It's like, oh, that's of. I have Ravens by six. That's exactly what I had, and it's seven and it hasn't changed. I thought maybe you would change after the game based on the lethargic performance, but maybe they're banking on this as the team that knocked them out of the playoffs. Not a kitchen sink game, but shit, if they don't win this, lots of problems kind of thing. I Lamar. Down no, down 10 or more, you just don't feel like you can bring them back, right?


And you're right, he really does lock in on his receivers, like I felt pretty comfortable. I mean, granted, I had money on the Ravens, but once it became clear the Pats were going to win, it was possible that the Pats.


Well, he should get better facing that Tennessee secondary. I think Phil Rivers had like three twenty against them the other day. But defensively you're going to see the same thing you saw tonight, right, where the Patriots ran all over him. Derrick Henry's a hard physical runner. It's going to be about the same.


And this is Stateway, barely watchable. There's a lot, there's many. You want to do Lions, Panthers now, just because there's no line there, there's no line we still don't know about Teddy two gloves. I'm probably not playing right in anything with a knee. Looks like you set out a way, I guess Panthers minus three. But it does. I'm going to say I don't mind their backup. Walker, T.J. Walker, the SFL guy, kind of like that guy, do you see him when he came in that one game, he played a couple plays the game.


Bridgewater sucked.


That was, I guess, because, you know, I on Fox-Pitt live the other day when analyzing Tampa Bay, Carolina. My Carolin has a lot of problems. One of those problems is they have six guys on their roster who went to Temple University. That can't be good for a team. It just can't be true. They do. And PJ Walker is one of them. And the temple people went crazy on me. And I'll take it easy.


You know, I'm right here, right? It's not a it's not a hub of a football. Right. It's not the SCC. Like, I know you don't have that problem from Alabama and LSU and Georgia, but six guys from Temple, that's that's an eleven percent of your roster.


But they so if they're so if somebody is listing who went to temple and is in a round by round fantasy draft, they're just furious right back. Yeah. So mad at us we're not. So I'm all right.


Browns are home for the just terrific eagles. This is a good spot for them right now. The Eagles, when they're on their dog, you know, I'm sure you don't want them giving points, but I, I just didn't know what to pick. I picked Browns by four. I don't even feel good is exactly what I said. It's three and a half. Oh, we tied a couple here. Yeah, I don't know what to say.


I just I can't really make fun of the Eagles because they they beat the Pats on the Super Bowl two plus years. They still get to dine off that. But God damn, Wentz, he's another one. When I look at him at all, he didn't even throw a pig at sixteen turnovers coming into today and like you would think that would be the problem. But yeah, twenty one four. Thirty seven to eight. Not really throwing downfield a lot.


I don't know what now hearing from. Interesting don't you think. Now he it's kind of in his head. A little yeah. He was doing a little check down Charlie in the right. Right. It should be in his head that team. I think he is a great candidate this year just because the Eagles fans I don't know if they can go another five, six years with him, maybe he could be in the James Hargett Patriots, our home of sorry Patriots on the road.


Against the Texans of Houston, let me see if this change, but go ahead, yeah. Now the. I have the pets by two, I had the Pats by one, Fanjul has it, Houston two and a half. That's your best bet? No, I mean, the Pats, like if they're down 10 three, you feel like the game's over. Yeah, I don't I can't remember. The Patsavas in sextants, I know we've had different players now, but I don't know, Romeo Crennel gets Belichick, I don't see it.


It's amazing. Four and five against two and seven. They're two playoff teams last year, obviously. Dolphins'. Dolphins are at Denver. This is a this is a watchable, isn't it, any time dolphins are playing, I had it as a barely watchable because Denver has been so awful.


These are Denver's and I actually thought I'd pick them and if I didn't bet on the game, I actually thought maybe they would show up in this game. But now so last four weeks, they lose the chiefs by twenty seven. They beat the Chargers by one in a game that never should win, lose to the Falcons by seven, lose to the Raiders by twenty five to the arrows pointing down. Falling down, he had four picture about the four, guess he's getting worse.


It's tough because now you're at the point where you kind of want to finish three and 13 if you're them and at least be in the vicinity of maybe maybe drafting a QB. Right. How it worked out for Miami is amazing where they're going to tank for two. They end up actually getting their shit together to the point where they don't even finish in the bottom four. But then two, it drops because he gets hurt and they get him anyway.


Yeah. And they have the distinction of kinda ruining the Patriots legacy, their or their dynasty by knocking them out of the out of the by. Well, Fitzpatrick knocked them out of the two. You've got to credit somebody. Who do you want to credit. And it is the wrong guy. Maybe, maybe they facilitated the conclusion of the picture.


Oh God. I hope you're right. And it sounds like, you know, look, I apologize.


So it's that it's the temple thing and it's the drafting of a lot of people. Apologize to the temple round by round guys furious. Right now I have I have Dauphin's by four and a half.


That's exactly what I had. And I didn't even think that was enough. And it's Dolphins' by two and a half, so.


Well, first of all, it's going to go it's kind of go up to our number, right? Everybody loves the dungeons.


When we finished recording, I'm going to send the file to Kyle and I'm going to bed in the defense. Should we power now? Should we hold case just in case?


You know, actually, let's take a break. I'm going to bet the Dolphins will be right back.


All right, a couple more games, Vikings home against your crappy Cowboys. Yeah, we get down there looking for Dalton. Yeah, I mean, they're actually looking for him. He fled the team. Now they're looking at him. They think he'll be back. I don't even know who's on this team anymore. Who's to that part of the problem? This Vikings thing is they're playing the Bears Monday night and that could swing this line by two points.


But for now, I assume they're going to play the bears. Well, here, I think three point dogs. I have the Vikings giving five to the Cowboys, I said six and a half, and it's seven and a half. That's your teaser game. That's a teaser, that's one was fined another levitates to. Kirk Cousins will never be in a teaser that I. Don't worry about it, he's handed off to you. Talk about MVP's.


What does Minnesota have to end up for Dalvin Cook to be MVP?


If they so if they be bears' cowboys back to back and he has like three hundred and seventy yards in those two games, then he's in the conversation. Yep. You made a pretty compelling point against Mahomes. I guess I didn't want to admit that Mahomes is probably MVP, but yeah. Well when you guys are going to go forward to the show. Yeah. You have to look at that. The thing is, though, if he got hurt and you replaced him with an average quarterback, I still feel like that's like a 10 and six, nine and 17 Chad.


They might make it if he's a backchat. Well, he's he's our backup, I think. But I say just replace him. Yeah. Maybe if you replace them with, like, I don't know, Phil Rivers. Right. Three and thirty. But in but in Arizona, you the Cuyler does everything for that team and even they were down twenty three nine. I'm like, oh he's got this. Who's going to get one month. He's the new exciting quarterback.


I think sometimes we replace exciting but his numbers are great too. I don't, I don't want to, I don't want to do this to him. But sometimes if we get excited by a game, we have to put them in the top two for MVP poop factor.


Three three games in the poop factor this week, first one, Washington is home for the Bengals, the. The Bengals might be the mediocre bad team where they play a really good team that's hopeless, but when they're playing Washington, they actually can look pretty good. I have I was impressed by Washington. Continuing to fight when they fell behind by three touchdown comebacks, they tied the game and it was it was good job. I have watched by two and a half.


You're going to edge me out here? I said three. It's only one. OK, making it a pick up there. What about Rookie of the Year? I mean, I know we talked about Herbert and so we can't catch those guys, right? Because now he has three games now. He missed too many herbut was the slight favorite going into this week. And obviously borrow a second and then it doesn't really matter. And like two it was nine to one at third.


Anybody else? Now, it was Clyde Edwards, Hilaire, and now James Robinson was even ahead of him. I forgot James Robinson's a rookie. Yeah, yeah. I think if Herbert goes three and 13, he's not winning. Rookie of the Year got in it. Berghaus four and 12. He probably I don't know, maybe it won't be to.


It's a good one to watch. Yeah. Let's keep an eye on it. Zyad played twenty five games and finished second rookie of the year.


Sebesta right next one Steelers at Jacksonville against Vladimir Vladimir.


By the way, I hate, hate, hate, hate. I hate to correct the NBA expert, but didn't Tzion finish third? Did he who felt like, oh, I don't remember. Oh, wow. I think you did remember Giwa and Brandon Clark finished second. No, no, it was the other guy. Oh, Kendrick Dunn. Yeah, that's what it was. Let's say. That's stupid. Yes, well, you worry about you'll learn a lot from me or about.


That's ridiculous. That's just a sign of old age and my four ninety eight from Morente, none too old for Zion 140. Sir, you tried so hard to keep the peace that was not on my ballot. Well, that's good, at least if you play one third of the season, you're not making it, you almost ruined the bubble and the bubble is created for him to give him every opportunity to make the playoffs. All right.


We did Steelers Jags at Steelers by 11. Oh, sorry. I got it exactly. Ten and a half. Oh, we're right next to each other. Yep. Who's winning right now? It's seven to five me. So we're right next to each other. You've got to get I got the benefit of two games being knocked off the board, but you've got to get the next two.


OK, I have charges are home for the Jets as the Chargers by six and a half against frisky Jets team at eight. It's nine and a half now.


Come on. Come on, what the Jets, stupid, the Chargers and terrible, they might fire their coach tomorrow. The Jets should have fired.


There's a month ago, the Jets at least played hard on Monday night. The Chargers. Now the Jets. The Pats. I'll tell you what the bet is. Chargers in the second half right now because the Jets had six yards in the second half against the Pats. They had like twenty eight yards or something stupid. They maybe they don't give up right off the bat, but they're done by third quarter.


Yeah, the Chargers look pretty lively because they lost their fifth straight game, both of probably coming back. Right.


It's it's a confounding word. Sharp has been doing a lot of stuff about how bad their play calling is. So now when I watch them, I'm thinking about it, about, you know, these super the most obvious run plays where the other team knows they're running and they just run the ball on the line in second or eleven. Then they come back.


When they cut, they cut it to seven. They came out, they ran the ball like like, oh, boy, they're going to control the second half. Or did they not only did they did. And then all of a sudden Miami took over Sunday night. Chiefs at Raiders Vegas. It's a tough one because I have no idea. Is Vegas good? Like like what do we make of this team? Plus they already beat the Chiefs. This was their most complete game today.


They look good. I bumped as high as the Chiefs by six, I said seven and a half and it's seven, so I get that. But like you said, the Raiders beat them already, right? Physically cheated this week. That I don't worry about it.


You asked me out on a bunch of them, the rate we're going to see, we're going to see trends all week about Andy Reid after by and it's like thirty seven point two or something. That seems like a really good spot for the chiefs. They don't want to go over to against the Raiders. Right.


Then there's a problem with Andy Reid's record coming off a bye when the country is about to shut down because of covered what, for the second time in seven months. So it's a zero zero zero zero.


Haven't been able to find that. I think we're seeing you next week or next Friday. I see a lot of you, I think you're coming on my podcast. I think you're going to I might have two dinners with you. We have one Thursday, right? Yeah, but this could be it. Yeah. Two weeks from now, we're all stuck in our houses and apartments and wherever is again, I've not seen you in a year. I saw you.


I think November 8th was your birthday party. And you probably don't remember seeing me that day either.


But I really don't see the ringer. Probably I didn't know. Now I know I came. We did that thing for the contest winner in October. Your birthday was November. That's the last day I saw Baby Doll two. It's been over. Well, we'll never see Baby Doll again. That's everything is done. Freaking covid. Oh, by the way. But my dad was upset about our conversation on Parent Corner last week about counting the trips left that your parents come visit.


So he's like, did you really do that?


Like, I'd like to think I were the is just move them out here already and then it's not even a conversation.


It's unbelievable. Mother that bucks rams. All the names. I thought Brown was pretty good in that game today. Which brings Antonio Brown. I thought he was running back. Yeah, he did. That is better than Scottie Miller.


Yeah, he's all right. It's not all flash. All those sleepovers paid off. He's going to be OK. They they walloped them. What they scored today, they ended up with forty six Jesus. And whatever they're doing to Gronk, he looks as good as he's looked in a while. The TB twelve. Whatever is going on. Florida. Yeah. Eating alligators. God only knows.


And Ronald Jones, everyone was cursing and I think he fumbled in the first quarter. Right. And then he had that monster run. It ended up with one ninety two. Their defense was good. I know Bridgewater won out, but I think they only allow like two hundred and fifteen yards of total defense or something. Yeah, they're back. Everyone screamed about them. There's seven and three. They're going to be fine. Tampa. I had the bucks minus five over the rent's too high, I had three, it's three and a half.


With two high heads, Jared Goff, against a bet, against a good defense, why the Rams the Rams beat Seattle, who's everyone's best team in the NFC? I don't know, can't make it five, do we even have a teaser? We'll put the chiefs with something. Chiefs and Vikings chiefs are going to lose to the Raiders twice now. All right, that's a win for me. Seven, two and two now or two seven into.


You're too seven to one thing with the Rams, they are going to be able to pressure Brady. Mm hmm. And if they can do the thing where they just move him, make him have to go right or left, he's not the same guy. That's what the Saints did to him. I think the Rams could do that.


Can we decide the inadvertent slap on the face mask by a defender? Is it a penalty or not? Because they didn't call when they did it to Brady Sunday night. They didn't call it when Aaron Donald did it to Ross today. They did call it on the Cowboys. Jalen doing it to bet. Let's just figure it out. Let's just figure out if we're going to call because it's 15 yards and you're ever so slightly touching the face mask, which is meant to protect the face.


I think so. I'm I'm all in favor of letting it go if it's not too egregious. I've been saying this for 20 years. I just think the refs should be able to decide between five, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty five. I think you can have a 40 yard facemask if it's a really bad one. Right. With one with Jerry Rice blew his knee out. Designed years ago, nobody that the other day, one more thing, if you could review 12 men on the field, you should be allowed to review anything.


Anything that we're going to stop down and count players, then you should be able to look if a guy is being held or something and still keep it to the same standard, you get one taken away. You're not allowed a million of them, but you can review anything. That's it. I know I'm not I know that's not an original thought, but when I saw the 12 men on the field, that ticked me off.


Well, congrats for beating me your bye week teams this week, our bills, bears, giants and Forty Niners. Who are you going to miss the most out of those four? Well, I feel best for the Niners, right? I mean, finally, they get to rest that pathetic team maybe. Fantasy wise, I'm not missing anybody. I don't have any pills. Who are you going to miss? I I like changing my opinion on Josh Allen every time he had two picks today, and you should add three, they dropped one.


Right. And then on that last drive, he's just throwing dimes. His receivers are jumping seven feet in the air to catch passes and he's just become scary all of a sudden. Then he also has these plays like they kept comparing him to Roethlisberger, the announcers where he's getting sacked and the guy just bounces off him and he just kind of keeps standing up and buys. Three were second top picks. He's a roller coaster ride. I don't know how I feel about him.


I, I like him, I think more than Lamar, but way less than kind of the Murray. But but in those like athletic well. Play kind of guys. Yeah. He's definitely scary when you're betting on him and against him. I'll put it that way. Yes.


That's a good that's a good point. I mean. All right. So I think like that we'll come up with a better name for this, but there are heart attack quarterbacks and yeah, there are different levels of of like, you know, like but basically they're all they're all talented. But Josh Allen is one of them. Right. I would even say Herberts, one of Russell Wilson's ultimate one of them, but probably the most talented. Who else would you put in there?


Who's a heart attack quarterback?


I think Lamar, when it's like seventy degrees outside and they actually kind of let him do his thing. I challenge number one to me because Russell Wilson, you feel good when you bet on him earlier, like I wish I had it better than Russell Wilson, Josh Allen seven times during the game. You're going to be upset that you bet on him.


Derek Carr is getting there. Is he's getting there. I you know, you want to he ditches the cousins level guy where there's like three or four, five of those. But I think Derek Carr is right up there. The question for me is whether herbut. Is better than being a heart attack guy or not, because actually you make cases, but he you know, he's a rookie. He's like 12 years old. He has two or three awful throws a game.


So I don't right now is a heart attack, but I think it could be better that it's time for Parent Corner brought to you by CarMax, America's number one used car retailer. Whether you're buying or selling our friends at CarMax or on your side with the seven day money back guarantee at CarMax, you've got a full week to decide if it's the right car for you or simply return it for a full refund. No questions asked. And if it's time to sell, stop by CarMax today to get a custom offer in your car, leave with payment in hand, or take a week to think it over.


Car buying, car selling the way it should be. Like if that's where he got his car at CarMax. Check him out today. CarMax Dotcom writes, I have the floor. All right. Well, I don't have a great one, but I think people can relate to this. I have a 15 year old son and. Yes, yes. And that's it. That's the announcement that I didn't know I had them. And I found out I got something in the mail.


Now, it's a girl I met at Temple University.


So his hair's real shaggy and, you know, like especially during the quarantine, like these kids don't care right there on Zoom and they're not really seeing anybody. But my son announces that he wants to get his haircut. So I'm like, all right, how much does think it goes to the same guy? Every time? It's like twenty five bucks. So I gave him twenty five bucks and he goes and I see him later that night I was like, what happened was, was it closed or something like, no, I got it cut.


I was like, no, you didn't. He's like, yeah, I got to cut. And it's like it's, it's no different to the I not even a bit different than when I saw it. I left them in the morning. I'm like, what are you talking about? And then he starts getting mad. It's like I just got it little. That's it. I just kind of cleaned up a little. I'm like, you look like you're auditioning for like the Beatles Live or I don't know what's going on there.


What is. So I think like there's a giant racket going on. The biggest racket I think right now is termite inspections, because no matter what they're going to tell you, you have termites. The second biggest is adolescent, like 15 year old boy cutters, because I think they're in cahoots with the kids once they get there and they're like, yeah, you don't need a haircut. Come on. You look right there.


Well, they all have it long. And the top tips. So it's like, oh, yeah, right. And it's thick and they don't get a cut. And he's getting mad at me because I'm challenging him on it. So just I don't even know what the answer is here, but I'm on to you like nobody's getting their haircut. You're pocketing the twenty five dollars. Oh.


So you think he's pocketing the money. I won this. Great.


I wonder and I'm all for helping the local businesses that were shut down for months. But if he's not pocketing the money and someone's taking twenty five dollars for what they call a haircut that I saw, that's shameful. But I almost rather him say he's pocketing the money because this is not a good service.


That's like when we were in college and we asked for or at least I did ask for money for a gym membership. But as for gambling debts, right.


In the January 1991 playoffs, 1991 and I took got MasterCard, I was like, well, let's start working out. I got to get better shape. Oh, God.


You know you know how many yearbooks I ordered that were never complete. For whatever reason, it's paying off three teams teasers in nineteen ninety two, followed by Parent Corner.


I'm breaking the rules a little bit this time. It's a two part parent corner, but the first main part, it's about a parent, but it's my dad. So, you know, they had the Masters on Thursday and Friday. It was on ESPN especially Thursday, that they had a really nice job on ESPN plus. And you can watch, like the leaders that the the kind of featured group like Tiger guys like that or they have the AMA Amen corner can't really do that one or bounce around.


So I call my dad. I'm like, I just want to make sure you're watching on ESPN. Plus, it's really cool. Like you can pick your thing could fall Tiger. And he's like, yeah, yeah. I'm just going to wait till later when it's on, like he's like a bear. No, wait a second. Why wouldn't you just go watch it like your home. You don't have a job is like not I don't I don't remember my username.


It doesn't work so well. Just go go upstairs. So I make them go upstairs. We're on FaceTime and I'm, I put my information in. So I have my information. I know my username. I know the password. So you can only imagine how long this took as he doesn't have Apple TV's got all the apps on his Samsung TV. Right.


What is it. What is your username and password?


I think I'll tell them to spell that out. Good. So so he finds the app puts it in. Now I'm going like letter by letter doesn't work. And then I'm like, did you, did you do the capital for. Because you had put the capital in the password because he had thought oh no I didn't do that. Now I'm going to start over very slow. Yeah. So now, now he's like holding the FaceTime time toward the TV.


And I'm trying to see squinting like what is doing, and I'm just like, put the letters in now, I'm like yelling the letters like big ass, you know, just like scream bad and then finally forget it, forget it. Does the whole murder thing doesn't want it. And I'm like, all I'm doing is giving him like eight letters and a couple of numbers and, you know, eight more letters, a couple of numbers, whatever it is.


And why can't this work? So he gives up and now it's I don't want I don't need it anyway. I'll just I'll watch I'll watch the leaderboard on the Espin Dotcom like a sad score.


So I was thinking like eight minutes behind. Yeah, it's always behind to. Yeah.


Because my mom has the same thing where she you know, she can't her Hulu thing all of a sudden and she doesn't remember what the password was. And she has this piece of paper that has her passwords, but then she can't find the paper and she can't get in. And it's like, did you see that new show? And and they're just, I don't know, my Amazon password. I can't watch it. So I was thinking. You know how they have, like the Best Buy, like the Geek Squad?


Yeah, I think somebody should just be like the password squad for people over 70 that first they come in and they just put the passwords in and then they keep track of them. And then it's like a hotline. And people like my dad and your parents. And when they're like, oh, I can't remember my password to this, you just call right. Password hotline. And these people are like they're areas so that because it's every old person, it's not like it's just my dad, it's anyone over 70.


It's like once you take three three passwords, it's over. They can't remember anything.


I'm not except stupid. We don't want everyone in the world knowing everybody's password. You don't want to. That's the whole point of being secretive about your password. But that's OK.


But it's almost like you'd have to pay a service, you know, but you got to do these people up. Thousands of passwords.


I think we trust we we trust everybody. We, you know, Google and Facebook, they sell our shit everywhere. All right. Everyone knows everyone's password.


I know. I just hate giving it out. I know I'm with you. But first of all, there's apps that do this. You could put the password in the app and it retrieves it if you don't want to. I keep mine in the notes, which is probably better than my dad is active.


But yeah, you keep notes of it and somebody steals it, then my dad's like, well, next time you're here, I'm like, Hey, Dad, I'm not going to see you for like two years.


I'm definitely not going to be there.


Can you get here by before they tee off on Friday?


We he he used by Peacocke password and that one works.


I really felt like had a streak but it felt good. So anyway, that was part one then the the, the part one is I don't know why parents can't remember passwords anything, but it's going to happen someday.


Do you feel like I was just going to say do you feel like it's going to happen to us. Oh you feel like you do like you think like and they probably thought this too. But I'm like, wow, technology is never going to get better than this. You'll stream whatever you want. Maybe you could pick what games you want on what channel, but what kind of tech are our kids going to be rolling our eyes at us? Because I feel like I could take a picture and email that.


What more do you have to do and remember your passwords? It's going to be so much more complicated, really, when when we're old, it's going to be like disclosure when Michael Douglas is going puts on the virtual goggles that he's using his emails back and forth.


I don't want to know that that sucks anyway, says part one.


Part two was I sent my son a couple hours ago to see you in the podcast with Sound Like, Yeah, every Sunday we do the package, sync with the corner going to be and like, I'm going to do it about your grandfather. And he's like, what the hell?


I had a really good week. I'm like, Oh, what are you talking about? And he proceeded to give five examples of reasons why he should have been in corners. So I think I don't know if he's that gave me the system. I really good. He meant really bad, right?


Well, his history is his strongest case was that I banned him from buying virtual currency on PlayStation because I took my my thing off. But somehow he has now figured out how to still buy himself stuff, which he revealed to me. And he was like, you can put that in parent corner. Right. I figured out how to still charge stuff to your credit card on this stuff. I'm my Geico.


I think the idea I see why he wants you to talk about it, because it really ends with him getting over on you, right? A lot of these, if not all of them. Yeah, it's basically all the 80s sitcoms we grew up watching. They've now figured out how to flip it on. Right. All right. That was parent corner Batebi, CarMax, America's number one used car retailer, car buying cars, selling the way it should be.


Check them out today at CarMax Dotcom.


So, s other than the normal stuff you have to plug. Yeah. You're on a foreign streak on the Thursday night FOX picks. Yeah. Which, of course, the reason I found this out was. You just did an Instagram post with the squares of the four different pics, ones are going to happen again.


I had to do it. You know, you're like you're like the baseball pitcher. You walk into the dugout, you've thrown five scores straight. Hey, guys, I'm throwing a no hitter.


Oh, how dare you? What do you want me to have a no hitter? I've retired 50 batters in a row. That's right. So you're definitely losing on Thursday due to the loss. Arizona, Seattle loss figure guaranteed.


Probably couldn't believe you did that Instagram. That's the dumbest move I've seen from you.


If I had two in a row, you're going to hear about it. Fornero me? I got it. Yeah. Thursday Night Football. I'm on pregame show Fox-Pitt live five p.m. on FS one sports gambling show, Extra Points podcast network. Simmons that spawned this network. He's like, go, go off and do your thing. I said, All right, here I am. We have sports gambling podcast there against all odds. Are you coming on and we're going to talk draft.


Yeah. Tuesday I have to figure out when because.


Oh here we go. No, no, I'm going to do it. You might have to work around my schedule. All right. I'm willing to do that.


The guys are all excited because Westbrook going to the next is a is a hot. They actually have odds on that and they want to talk, they want you to talk them off.


Is there a way to bet is the way to bet that that's not going to happen. Oh against it happening.


Not going to this is going to Charlotte. Westbrook's not going anywhere. Nobody wants Westbrook really. Two years from now he makes forty seven point one million dollars. Nobody's going near him.


All right. All right. Well, they're excited to talk to you about that and that's it.


I don't know how many times I've been allowed to make fun of Harry. Every time, every like two minutes, every single time. I told you he's still bent and Korean baseball. I don't know how that still it wasn't that like go in the beginning of the pandemic. He starts every day.


He's still doing that, starts every morning down like one hundred and forty dollars betting a Korean baseball.


I think you have to tell Brother Bri that when you're on the Zoom's and you're cutting videos for them, that they're being videotaped and human beings are seeing the. What do you mean what's he doing? He always looks like he just rolled out of bed and just like turned like some dim light on and doesn't seem to realize you're cutting videos, brother. Bri, step it up. Wow. He actually has a job.


I think he's tired and he's out of the night. He got the zoom light.


Isn't that we supposed to get the what I saw the other day, it looked like he was in Bosnia, like. Yeah, in somebody's basement. Yeah.


He's doing the Bosnian Internet Invitational. Yeah.


We bet on everything that we have. I mean, it's it's a crazy run after the three month drought.


But I know it's keeps going and going. What I don't want I don't want to bring anyone down but. College basketball, let's put it this way, is college basketball start on time? I don't know if we have college basketball. OK. All right. Talk to you next week. That seems like a tall task. I know. I know. It would be empty, empty gyms. Right. I don't know. I know I'm sad about it, too, I don't know what I don't know what December is going to look like, but we'll see.


We got Max football on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


I would tell everyone out there to stay safe and wear their best. But clearly, that ship has sailed. People, whatever the fuck they want. Nobody listened.


Let's tell the kid, continue to do whatever they want and then maybe they'll start wearing their mask if we tell them that. I don't know. Well, I can't wait to breathe all over you, obviously. Yeah, that'll be fun because. Good job. A good job. I hear about a.