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Coming up, NFL Week 6 with The Cuz. I think the Pats are dead. Yikes. Next. We're also brought to you by The Ringer podcast and network. We have a new Rewatch. We're going up on Monday night. We did So I Married and Axe Murder, the Mike Myers movie from 30 years ago. It's the anniversary. Me, Chris Ryan, Sean Fennasy. Stay tuned for that. Stay tuned for Tuesday on The Speed. Me and Rosillo and House, we are doing the big NBA over on this Cabaganza, taping it tomorrow. It'll be running, I think, as a two or three-parter on Tuesday. Clear out your calendars. Nba is coming. It is time to do some over-unders. We are going to bring in Cousins Sal for a guest of the lines week seven and special appearance for Joe House as well as the second half of the podcast. He's going to do guest of the lines with us because he's in town. We've been eating all day. We've been watching football all day. Can't wait to talk about it. First, our friends from Progeny. All right, we're taping this. It is 8:45 Pacific Time. Just watched a bizarre giants, Bills game to cap off an absolutely bizarre day of football.


Week six. We should have known. You guys did the Wise guy show in the beginning and we were like, some weird smells here today. Can't really figure out where the scents are coming from. Something weird is going to happen. We tried to target the Cleveland game. Cleveland beat San Francisco and somehow that didn't end up being the weirdest result. What was the weirdest thing that happened today for you?


I guess that I won money, I think, is the weirdest thing. I had a lot, lot, lot, lot tied to that Bulls game, just like you had a lot tied to the Eagles. But that was insanity. I did not need a heart attack like that this late at night on a Sunday.


Well, also with The Surviver Pools, I think Buffalo and Miami were the two big ones if you hadn't used Miami yet. Let's start with Brown's Niners because I thought that was the most meaningful game from a season standpoint. Do you want to start? We called it.


We called it exactly last Sunday night. We never called the game like that. We said it was going to be ugly. We said the weather would be bad. I think.


I'm going to get my meteor. We said that Niner are going to get beaten up. That guy is leaving.


The field. You said you called the injuries. I did. I thought that- I'm getting my meteorology license if I can pronounce it. I mean, yeah, it was... And I don't think we made a lot.


Of money. No, I don't think we did either. I had them in Millionaire Picks. I had them tied to the cards in a moneyline parlay that lost. But Jake Moody missed the game winning field goal. I felt like the right team won. I thought the Browns, their defense was so great in that game. They were all over the place. And Stefanski, who I think, I mean, if you're thinking about long shot, Brown's odds or any type of bets, you just tear the tickets in half. I just don't think he's a competent enough coach. Some of the stuff they're doing on offense where you have the lead, you have momentum, your defense is just crushing this Niners team. And over and over again, PJ Walker is just doing stuff and trying to make plays offensively. And to me, this was just a run three plays, punch, let your defense take it from there. And for some reason, they were just incapable of doing it. And they needed the lucky field goal at the end to win.


Yeah, the missed field goal. Yeah. And look, if you're a 49ers fan, you shouldn't be worried because this was a trap game, right? We said it after the big Sunday Nighter against the Cowboys. Why do they care about going to Cleveland and winning by a lot? I think it opened at three and a half when we did it on Sunday because we thought the Sean was playing. And that's a whole other thing.


I don't.


Know why everyone's not opening this up. There are reports like, Yeah, but he's going to play next week. How do you know? If he didn't practice at all, no one ever reports that the guy's going to play next week if he didn't practice at all the week before. There's some shenanragons going on there if we can't figure it out. But yeah, McAfrey getting banged up. They had offensive line injuries and Debo, Samuel out. And they still, like you said, we're a field goal miss away from doing it.


Trent Williams is a little banged up. Yeah, we mentioned last week, this is the type of game. The biggest question we had on The Niners was, could they stay intact for five months with three skill position guys who just have had a tendency to just disappear for chunks of time? Our guys that take a lot of hits, and this was the type of game where they were going to take a lot of hits. So you had that piece. I think I set the over-under at two, and then we couldn't decide whether it was an under-and-over. Cleveland's defense, one-thousand and three yards allowed in five games, which is the third fewest since the 1970 merger.




Go into this game with the Dechaun thing. At least they know this time that he's not playing, probably. And then he doesn't play and they have PJ Walker gets reps. We didn't realize when we were doing the pod last week that the guy who started last week didn't know he was playing until two and a half hours before the game. I'm with you, though. This Watson story is bizarre. They clear him to play two weeks ago. He ends up deciding he's not going to play. They have a by week coming up. And we talked last week or whenever this was two weeks ago about, Oh, well, maybe they're just trying to be careful. And now he doesn't play again.


And now- And he didn't go to Houston during the bye, right? To rehab, but still cleared to play, so it didn't really matter. We don't say it.


We don't say it. Neither of us know. I don't.


Know anything. No, I'm going to say it. I'm going to say it. He's a selfish guy.


What are you doing? What are you trying to get on ESP. Com with some video?


Because it's how. I'm going to go as far as to say he's just a selfish human being.


I don't know. It's a mess. You can't see Sal's face, but he's laughing as he's doing this. We're doing the ESP and how to get on the front page of the website content.


I'm laughing through tears because I have the Browns to win this division. I think it's a solid bet if their quarterback could play when he's able to play. I don't know. And they won anyway. And I still like it because they're three and two and have a nice home field advantage, it seems. And you're right. I think they allow like 3.1 yards per play.


They were awesome.




Shit detector is going off with the DeSianne story, and I think yours is too. Something doesn't add up. And I don't know what the real story is, but I don't feel like we're hearing it. And I fully expect tomorrow, Tuesday, Wednesday, some something to come out where it's like, oh, actually, this is what's going on. And I don't know what it is.


Could someone whisper us the real story? Like Michelle Tafoya, Colin, or something?


Anybody. Well, if they cleared him in a play two weeks ago and he's still hurt, then that means their doctors are terrible. So something doesn't add up with this. The Stefanski piece, him and Staley are the two guys over these guys that get aggressive in their own territory because the analytics tell them too. And they don't seem to have any sense for what the game is. And in this game, it's like, Man, we have a lead. Our defense is going to keep this lead. Let's not fuck up the lead. He's got PJ Walker throwing from a zone 10. I was just stupid for that.


Yeah, I'm with you on Stefanski, but I don't think any of these coaches we thought were good know how to hold the lead, including McDermott and including Ciriani and all these teams that go far. And we're going to get to those games in a minute. But for God's sakes, mystery every game.


Yeah, this was just a just running punk game. I crowdsourced a couple of Browns fans. First of all, it was the biggest upset when they've had just from a Vegas spread standpoint since 2010. It has to be in the running for one of the biggest wins they've had since they got the team back in 1999. I'm sure there was a Baker Mayfield game. I'm sure there was a game during the Derrick Anderson era, but this was just an awesome win. They do it at home. They do it in this punch mouth style. And then they get this lucky break at the end when the guy shank. So it seemed to be slightly harder kick than the Niners were giving them credit for. They seem very happy to do a 41 yard on grass and not awesome weather with the guy who hadn't been in a lot of spots like that.


I would love to ask a kicker like, hey, does it make... Because in my mind and in your mind, it makes a difference if you get it to 35 yards away versus 41 or 42, right? Would a kicker admit that? Or are they just too proud to say, Hey, man, I'm nailing them from 55 in practice, so I don't care. Put me anywhere.


There must be some range where they're like, I'm lights out. Because Elliot and the Eagles Jets games we're about to talk about, he missed a 37-yarder. And that guy has hit the point when he misses a field goal. I'm shocked.


Yeah, you would like, Rory McAroy, it wouldn't be like, Yeah, man, I'll put it from 14 feet or 6 feet. I don't care. It's like, no, there's a percentage where you're better. You got a sweet spot for sure.


Brock Purdy, you just say bad weather. He was due for one of those. Or did he vindicate a lot of people who were saying, Can everybody settle down on this Brock Purdy thing? He's got great weapons. He's got a really good offensive line, and he's not nearly as good as he's looked these first five weeks. All those people are somehow right. He did have some weapons pulled out of this game. Trent Williams is playing hurt. Worst possible situation, not great weather. He's going to get the best defense in the week. But we'll say filing it away for January because who knows where they're playing? But in January, and especially now that the season drags on could be the last weekend in January or something. It could be like a 15, 20 degree. It's hard not to think about this game three months from now, right?


Yeah. And I think the worst thing that could happen to him is me screaming about how he needs to get a contract extension, even though he's not due for one for a year and a half all week long. But I think we could answer one thing fairly definitively between him and.


Mccaffrey as.


Far as MVP for the team. It's McCaffrey, right? It's got to be Christian McCaffrey. Right.


Eagles jets. I'm sorry. I don't know where to start here. I won't bring myself in first. I can get to my part in this game later. I just want to say that jets are three and three. They're still alive. If you go through the AFC, KC and Miami are five and one. Baltimore, Jacksonville, and Buffalo are all four and two. Pittsburgh and Cleveland are three and two. And then Indy, Houston, the jets, Vegas, and Cincinnati are all three and three. So there's only three teams with a below 500 record. The jets, even with Rogers, probably would have been happy to get out of that gauntlet they had three and three.


That's what I was just going to ask you. I don't think they would have gotten four and two with Rogers. They might.


Have gone two and four. No, because they won that Bill's game that maybe Rogers getting knocked out might have weirdly hurt the Bills because they let up. Who knows? But this game, I mean, they don't have either corner. The Eagles are up 14 to three, which when you have Zach Wilson against a good defense and the Eagles didn't have Jaylen Carter for this game, but you would think an 11-point lead against Zach Wilson, you're probably good. Maybe take that money out of the bank account or start mentally spending it. I don't know what happened to Herts on that third and nine. The game was slipping away. We were watching it here in my house, joking about how it felt scripted. It was like, if you're going to script a terrible loss that screws over basically everybody on the planet who threw the Eagles into a tease, myself included, I had the multiple teases. This was the script. But then it still looked like they were going to win. And then third and nine from midfield, under two minutes, where it's basically like just run the ball one more time, punch, make Zach Wilson go 60 yards.


He's not going to do it. And Hertz just throws in a double coverage. It was like, either guy could have picked it. And then all of a sudden, the jets are winning. That was the worst, dumbest pass that any good quarterback has thrown this year.


And the Bills almost did it, too. It wouldn't have been as bad because it wasn't intercepted, but it was incomplete to the tight end. But yeah, I think there's like two or three plays you do there, and you can almost do them all at once. I think it's a quick out. You got to keep that clock moving against no timeouts because the best result is pinning. If the jets have to have the ball with no timeout, Zach Wilson with a minute 15 left, and that is 15 is what? Eight to one to score or something like that?


But yeah, quick out. Yeah, you have 60 yards.


Yeah, quick out, take it yourself hurts. I don't know, what are the other... Tush-push? Does tush-push work for nine yards? I don't think so. You got to keep that clock running up.


Four turnovers for them. They scored no points from the second quarter on. Lane Johnson left the game, I think, in the second quarter. So put him in the MVP's race, too, because the moment he left the game, they did Jack shit. Sala, who talks a lot of shit after the game, he was like, Three-three. We went through a gauntlet. We played six good quarterbacks. And guess what? None of them had a good game or whatever he said. He was throwing some darts. His clock management is appalling. Like them scoring with a minute 48 left to give the Eagles the ball back as fast as they did. None of the Eagles were even trying to tackle Brees Hall. I feel like this has happened to them before where they've just mangle this situation, but they end up winning anyway. But man.


Was that that bad or is that like 53, 40, seven, letting them score? I agree with you. And I'm sure the Eagles were psyched when they scored the touchdown. But the equation is 55 seconds to get a field goal with no timeouts or a minute, 46 to get a touchdown with two timeouts. It's probably not that different. It's dumb. I would rather.


Minute, 46 to two timeouts. Don't you want them to go down at the one and then you run it in on the next play? I thought the whole goal was to chew up. You've seen so many of these. Maybe I'm confusing myself. I know.


I just know.


The Eagles didn't try to tack on them. So obviously they wanted.


Them to score. Right. Exactly. They wanted that. But to me, not killing the clock was worse. What the Eagles did with hurt throwing the intercept was worse than that. But can I just say this in terms of the injury and the two starters out, the starting cornerbacks out. Unless it's a quarterback, I'm not falling for the injury report anymore. I'm just not going to do it.


You're breaking up with the injury report?


No, forget it. It's not even a factor anymore. D-backs are out. I like that team even more now.


Like, you're.


On Tinder, you swipe to someone who has scarlet fever, go for it. Yeah, do it. That's better. I don't know how many big games are won with that line men out and stuff like that. The Packers won big games without the guy who is always injured, Bachdiari. Two line men out, that's my team. I don't care. I'm flying the team flag over my garage.


I teased the Eagles with multiple teams. I threw their money line in, I think, at least one other bet. I was just like, how are they going to lose to Zach Wilson if SaaS Gairner and DJ Hall are playing? That's ridiculous. I don't know what their game plan was to have AJ Brown and Devontis without. They also made a bunch of bad plays. Smith dropped one, I think they were up five. That was mad. And he dropped a 30-yard pass right over the middle, and they just would have first down in 10, midway through the fourth quarter from the 20. And that was one of those we're like, Oh, hope that doesn't get back to on him. But I have no idea why they weren't just chucking it against those cornerbacks.


You got to score more than 14. I know Wayne Johnson went out, but you have to score more than 14 against that team.


And Hertz will have these one or two times a year where he just has a look on his face and a demeanor to him. It's not going his way. It's like, You're the quarterback. Come on. Even Josh Allen, who was not good today, he still rose to the occasion when a matter, and he threw, Josh.


Two men in this planet could make that throw.


That was a bad throw, by the way. I know he completed it, but that was a little too dangerous. I don't know how that was intercepted. Unnecessary. Yeah, somebody put the dots, those dots on Twitter. And the dots were basically how is that completed? Yeah, I got killed. I broke my rule if I didn't want to have too much capital tied to one team. I was really trying to split it up. So if I was wrong, I was wrong. But after watching that entire game, I don't know how the jets won. I really don't. Their defense was good. There's no question. Crowd really helped them. Zach Wilson didn't have an interception, which I think the odds of that had to be at least one to two. But I still don't know how they won. Shilke, Patti and the Ringer said that teams that are minus four in turnovers over the last three years, it's happened 29 times. How many times do you think the team won that it was minus four in turnovers? 29 times in three years.




Yeah, one. Is it one? So it's just a death sentence, basically. So the fourth turnover is like, they should just stop the game and everybody should.


Just walk out the field. I mean, I don't know, man. I think I would be salivating if I'm like, Zach Wilson has a minute 15, no timeouts, and at his own 15 or 20-yard line. Sounds great. And he can't take a three-step drop. I mean, that whole fourth quarter, he was under Siege. They were getting better.


With that said, I'd rather have him than Matt Jones. And I think he has some moments. He does. He threw some nice balls. They dropped a couple on him today. But I thought he definitely didn't lose the game for them. Did the Eagles's game or the Niner's game change your feelings on either of those teams? Because I don't want to overreact because it's week six.


I don't want either if they can get these guys back. I mean, these are big injuries. Lane Johnson has to come back for them to be a top echelon team. Christian McAfrey, for sure, has to return.


All the Philly people in my life who love the Eagles, including a few that work for the Ring of Raw, something seems off with this team. And then this was the game we're like, see, told you something seemed off. I don't know. It's early. I still like their game, but that's an awful loss. By the way, probably save the Jet season because their schedule is going to get easier now. I do think they do have an identity. They're just going to play in these 20 to 17, 17 to 12 games. The weather is going to get bad. That's going to help them. They have a couple of playmakers on offense. But Rogers coming back for the playoffs, what would we have said? 1,000 to 1, two weeks ago?


Yeah, I don't know.


That's not a weird thing. Now it's like what? 75 to 1? 70 to 1? I still would embed it, but the odds are under 100 to 1.


We're going to see him throwing every week, right? We're going to see that before the game. Yeah, well.


Especially, it looks better. Kelsie and Taylor went to SNL yesterday and went to the after-party after. There's a People magazine piece about how they were all over each other. So I don't know what Rogers does this week, but he's got to respond with some fire.


He'll start dating Lauren Bolbert or something. That's the only thing that makes sense.


That would be incredible. All right, we'll take a break, talk about the rest of the game. Hey, the NFL season is going strong. Fandual wants to help you enjoy it even more with two great offers. Right now, new customers can bet $5 and get 200 bonus bets guaranteed. Plus, all customers get a profit boost every day so you can boost your winnings even more. Cousin Sal has an odds boost, actually, that they're going to do on Fandual. Doc Prescott, 200 plus passing yards on Monday night against the Chargers. Tony Power to score a TD that is boosted from minus 125 to plus 170. Wow. We're also going to boost a whole bunch of NBA future bets next week coming out of the Rosilloow House podcast that we're doing for Tuesday. Stay tuned for that. Now is the best time to join Fando app. Still easy to use. You can still bet on everything from spreads to player props and more. Visit fando. Com/bs and get into the NFL action with offers you won't want to miss. Fando official partner of the NFL. You must be 21 plus and President select states. Bet $5, get 200 offer.


First online real money wage or only $10 for supplies required. Bonus issued as non-matterable bonus, bets that expire seven days after receipt. Daily profit boost token offer, bonus issued as non-matterable profit boost token restrictions apply including token exploration. See turns from both offers at sportsbook. Fando. Com. All right, Bill's giants. Just when you think you figure out the lead, the giant's team basically shuts out Buffalo for two and a half hours. And you knew the giants were going to lose right before half time. They have one play from the one-yard line. And the only thing you can't do is run the ball. And of course, they run it. And it turned out it was an audible and Dayball who's had some incredible freak out this year, like incredible. And was the maddest I think he's been all season. So the worst case there, they lost three points. But instead of 9-0, it's six-nothing. You know the Bulls are going to pass that? They do. But they hung around. Tyrod Taylor won a guess his record as a starter now? 53 games total. What do you think it is?


53, 21, and 32?


That's too many. Twenty-six and one. Really? So 500 quarterback. Yeah, 34-year-old Tyrod Taylor. I thought Dave was going to bring the chargers doctor in to try to stab on the half time after he blew that game. But I think he couldn't find the guy.


Daible looked like my father in 1980, '96, when the guy we hired to mow the lawn runs over the sprinkler heads continuously and just freak it out and going after him. I don't know what he did. But you're right. Taylor has been in the League 13 years, and he's looking at the sideline like, All right, what do we do now? These bodies aren't getting off of each other quickly enough. We're not going to run.


Another plate. It was a weird game. There was a really good fight. Josh Allog got involved in the fight, but there was five on sportsman legs, which somehow offset because they haven't figured out that role, but it was getting tested already. Yeah. And I thought the giants defense, I did not know they had that in them this year. But I do wonder, maybe we should have talked about this last week, the guy who used to work for the team that he's going against, it did seem like there was some things that were in there.


That is one thing that we can't... Almost like, Oh, man, I'm seeing this now. The giant Steve. Maybe the jets defense inspired the giant's defense, or the jets defense is pretty good pretty much every week. But I was like, Oh, shit. I'm going to find that right away. But before we go any further, can I... I want to congratulate a group of people.


Who in.


Connection with this game, the NBA crew, Chris, Maria, Devon, Katherine, Tony, Rodney, Mike, Matthew, and Jason, especially Jason, for picking the Bills over the giant straight.


Up- They.


Had that? Wow. They did. Yes. Yeah, they had that.


All of them had it?


Heros. All heroes. What have you been talking about with that segment? I like our pre-game show. That's why for an hour and a half, we're in there picking games and teasers and things that really matter with real lines.


The fan do ads right now after all these games today, San Francisco is still the favorite of Plus 420. Kacey is 5:1. Philly is plus 420. Kc is 5:1, Philly is plus 7:50, Buffalo plus 8:50 in Miami is 10:1. Those are our five. I mentioned this because Dallas is 11:1 and then Detroit is 14:1. And Detroit, week after week, is just playing really well, playing well on both sides of the ball. It doesn't matter if they're missing one or two playmakers, somebody else steps up. And just over and over again, Dave looked like the best team in the League other than San Francisco, who I'm willing to still say San Francisco is the best team in the League. We'll see with the injuries. But I was just surprised that Vegas still has Detroit seventh on that list. Then it's Baltimore 16 to 1, and then you get into some long shots.


But Detroit should be higher than Dallas. Detroit should be.


Higher than Dallas.


For sure.


And I actually think they should be higher than Miami, too.


Yeah, they're good. That was another terrible bet. I love Tampa Bay. I like the spot. Getting into how hot it's going to be there. I don't know. You talk yourself into some of these games all week. And it's like, Hey, what do I have? I have Baker and I have Derek Carr and I have Gino Smith. I'm good. I'm going to have a good. No, you're not going to have a good day.


You're actually not good at all.


Yeah, it's a pretty good crop, too, considering.


Well, so you talked yourself into that game. I'm the other end. I liked the lions all week. And then by the time we got to Sunday, I was so psyched out by the lion moving. And then people like, Well, blah, blah, blah. And it's outdoors. And why is this line so low? And I talk myself out of it. And I love the lines.


All week. We should do one week, not look at the injuries, provided that we got a heads up on the quarterback, not look at the injuries. And this is because we do guess the lines, but not look at the line movement, at least. And just go with the team we like on Tuesday afternoon.


Well, for the second week in a row, when I was five points off on a line, it won again. The Houston- In your favor. Thethis week, where I had Houston by two and a half. The line ended.


Up- That was a good one.


I think five points off last week, it ended up New Orleans by one and a half. And they handled New Orleans. Carr had a classic. You had to watch it because he threw for 353, but it was just meaningless. You never felt like they were getting the 20 points. They got to 13. And Strowd, who didn't have Dell, he threw a pick, so he is human. But another game later in the game. He made a couple of big plays and continues to be... This is why with the Pats, I actually watched college football this week. You'd be proud of me. I love it. Man, if you get C. J. Straud, you're fucking set for 15 years. And that's like, the Patts have to tank. If you can get somebody who's at least as good as C. J. Straud, that's where you want to be. I don't care if we beat the Raiders. I was ready against us today.


You don't like Dion's kid anymore?


I do. I do like him. I didn't like him as much after I went to bed when they were up by 20 plus and then they blew the game. I thought that was over.


The Deion movement may be Linsanity. It might be.


The Vegas to England game had the Hall of Fame cover of the week.


Yeah, that was crazy safety.


First of all, the Pats never should have had any business cover in that game. And to get the max cross to be rough in the past or right, is they're going to kick the field goal, they're going to go 19 and 13. No, score a touchdown, it's 19-16, and they're about to do the extra point. And Romo, who clearly had money on the game, was like, They should probably go.


For two. I didn't understand that, Tony.


What's going on? Sometimes teams like going for two here. Is this like the drug league?


Jim talked them out of it.


What? Try to cut it to one. And if we don't get it.


We're still down three, and then we can go to overtime. 19-16 bad. 19-18, not that good. Doesn't matter.


Romo. I convinced he's throwing some of this stuff out to see if we're listening. We listen to that one, Tony.


He got stuck with that terrible game. I mean, he couldn't have thought like, What am I doing? I thought we were the top crew. New England, Las Vegas already.


I had the Pats getting two and a half. I know, that Nancy Romo going to that game is nuts. But I think they just... The late games, I only think they had a couple of options. So the Pats, the Raiders have the ball, Pats down two, and I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to cover. And quickly came to the conclusion, they need to give the ball back to the Pats so Mac Jones can cover this for me with Picks 6. The pun lands inside the 10. It's like, oh, well, maybe it'll be a Fumble or something. Then there's a penalty and goes back and now they're from their four. And I'm watching going, it's safety time, baby. We might be able to do this. Max Crosby had this dumb penalty before. He comes flying around for the Ruelan Jones safety and they cover. And I jumped on House. Oh, come on. Yeah, because House picked the Pats plus three. And he's like, Belchick is not going down like this. The biggest game of the year. And I'm like, You obviously haven't watched the Pats this season. So anyway, the Raiders is covered, and it's wonderful.


I don't think it's fair. We don't like laterals, but I feel like you should be able to take insurance out on a safety. No bet should be determined on a safety. I mean, safety is, listen to the word, safety. You should be able to get insurance on not getting screwed by a word that denotes fair play.


Is the safety? We do this, I think, once a year. Is it not enough points? Should be more points? It's so exciting when it happens. Should it be three points?


I think they probably it's too hard to change it now.


It should be four points?


But field goals happen so easily. I think if they could change it, they would. Like, Oh, this should be worth more than a field goal, right?


Feels like it should be worth four points. Vegas, some good stats from this game. Vegas is somehow three and three.




Tell me how that happened. I think they said they- The.


First time they scored 20 points, right?


Yeah, because of the safety. They got to 19 and then they got a safety. And Garapala has been hurt twice now. He had to go to the hospital again. Mac Jones, 0 and 13 in his last 13 as an underdog, which almost seems like a made up stat, but it's actually real. There's only three AFC teams with a losing record. New England and Denver are 1 and 5 and Tennessee is 2 and four. Everyone else is 500 or better.


Well, I think AFC was 6 and 0 against the NFC today. Yeah. So that's something to keep in mind.


Twitter account, good Boston account, app BostonSportsInfo. The have only led 15.5 % of the time this season.




84.5 % of the time they've either been losing or the game's been tied. And that includes the first few minutes of the game when it's always tied. So one-sixth of the time they've had a lead.


Good. Good.


Belichick, who's still at 3:30, well behind Don Shula. He is now eight behind Tom Landry for most losses ever.


Oh, wow.


He might get most losses ever before he gets most wins ever.




Did you know that? I didn't know.


That until today. No, I didn't know that. Wait a minute.


Landry had 178. He's got 170 now.


All right. So just know, it's not personal when I continue to root against the Patriots. I just got to save my boy, Tom, here.


Well, so there's six teams with zero or one wins: Carolina, Denver, New England, Chicago, Arizona, and the Giants. The NFL trade deadline is on Halloween. I would say Denver and the Pats are probably going to be the most aggressive for, does anyone want a couple of our good players? Yeah. Arizona, I don't know how many good players they have. But I didn't know this. Our buddy, Gus, texted me this. Maybe I knew this and forgot. The Pats and Denver play on Christmas Eve.


Oh, wow.


And I think Tank of Cloth is going to be coming down the chimney for one of those teams. I don't know what's going to happen, but- Is.


That the Tom Landry game? Maybe that's a Tom Landry game.


Who may have passed as Tom Landry? But yeah, Pats, Denver, on Christmas Eve. So if you had to say who's going to have the worst record in the league, who would you say?


Well, these Panthers are pretty uninspiring, I have to say.


They took the 14-nothing lead and still somehow didn't cover.


Yeah, I don't think any lead is safe with them. I don't know. I would never... I can't think of a situation where I would bet them, honestly.


I like them, 14-and-a-half today, but I stayed away from it. It just seemed like a classic Miami. We talked about it on.




Straight? Yeah. Yeah. Just seemed like a classic looking ahead to the next week game for Miami. Maybe they went out. Very soft. I think Denver is the team to watch for the tanking thing. They basically just got rid of Frank Clark and Randy Gregory. They're just like, Hey, guys, take a hike.


So- Surtrans could be a big name there. But yeah, listen, I don't know if you had the Chiefs on the money line, but I was nervous Thursday. They hung with them, even though Chiefs had crushed them. By the way, what are we going to do with Prime Time? The Chiefs are a boring Prime Time team.


I hate having a boring Chiefs team.




It's like if The Warriors with Curry just all decided weren't that fun to watch. Right. Say now, come on, man. This is- It's such a bummer. -supposed to be a staple of funness.


Is it weird that he hasn't been able to develop any of these receivers? I mean, he's clearly better than Aaron Rogers. But Aaron Rogers, I felt, made Valda Scantling decent.


I think, some of these other guys. I think, Rice is going to get there. I've seen enough flashes from Rice. All right. Sky Moore, I haven't seen any flashes.


None of these guys do anything. They don't seem to be open or I'm... I don't know. It's all Taylor Swift.


Two more games we have to mention. Washington, Atlanta, I lost money on. This was one of those I have no idea how you lost the game games. They had 29 rushes and 28 completes, Atlanta. So 57 times where something positive was happening. They had a 25 to 13 first down advantage, and they had 402 yards total offense and was then 193. And Desmond Ritter just singlehandedly killed them. And there was a sequence in this game where he overthrew somebody for a TD. He took a delay a game. This is in the Red Zone. Overthrowing TD, delay a game, one of the worst picks you'll ever see, just three plays in a row. And it was like watching those Instagram videos, like those crash videos if you follow that and you just get to watch car crashes. It was so bad. It was almost unrecoverable. Three picks for him. And I think I might be out. I don't know if I'm going back to the well with him. It was that bad.


I think a lot of the pressure of I've never lost the game at home. People like you bragging about that. And he's like, I can't take it anymore. I got to blow this. Yeah, I don't like them. I know you want to figure out who's going to win that division. I think it's crap. I don't think it's ever been crappier than it is right now. Come on.


You're making me wonder who's going to win.


That division. No, don't even look. Fandle doesn't have it up. Don't even look.


They lost money last week, not covering when they won. And then this week, I have no idea how they didn't win that game. Is that line really not up?


No, it's up. It's up. I know, I just don't want to go. The Saints are plus 150, the Falcons are plus 185, Bucks are 2-10, and the Panthers are 65 to 1.


Is there a fifth choice? Is there a fifth team we can wager at?


Memphis? Oh, man. Memphis has got to do well, right?


Because Memphis.


Nobody moves the ball offensively, right? Yeah, it's bad. I had the Saints and they were awful.


Atlanta has the most talent. Yeah. I mean, that man.


When Pit scores a touchdown, you're like, Oh, maybe the franchise is turning it around. Like, Nope, there's three interceptions to come.


I don't want to absorb Arthur Smith either because he was on one today, including when they went for two at the 24-16, which I'm okay with if you're a juggernaut, but they're so sketchy in the Red Zone when Ridders is playing like that. I don't know what makes them think. I just don't get that. I know the nerds love this. Oh, no, you do that. You get two chances. But the 24-16 just felt like so much harder for them.


Especially in the play over here in the end zone. It always sucks to the play that call. So the nerds need to pay attention to that, too.


And then Seattle, Sanse, Seattle dominated the game. That bummed me out. And Gino had a couple of horrible red zone trips.


Billion chances to win.


Sincey rushed 15 for 46. They only had 15 first downs. They had 214 total yards. Seattle almost doubled basically everything they were doing. I think Seattle might be good. It's weird. I felt worse about Sincey after that game and better about Seattle because just didn't play well in the Red Zone.


I was all over that game. Yeah, I think they got to the Red Zone eight times and scored one touchdown. It was bad news. And Metcalfe is good for some bonehead play in front of the ref every week, some personal foul. He doesn't care. But yeah, I thought they were the better team. I really did. And that would have been a big-ish win, at least. I don't know that, Burrow, I guess he's back for sure. We talked about on the Wise Guys, John Deere, the Bengals. We thought if they won their division number would go down, still plus 490.


Well, the other thing is House, after your TV show, he was all excited. He bet since they won the Super Bowl. He's like, I got excited about since during the show, the 29 to 1. I'm just going to bet it because if they beat Seattle, the odds will be better. The odds got worse. They're now 30 to 1. I know what happened. Why did the odds get worse? I didn't think their offense looked very good. No, I know. I think if Gino is even a C-plus, Seattle wins that game. But I was more interested in the Seattle 46 to 1 for the Super Bowl. Not that that's going to happen either, but I thought those teams were pretty even. And then the Ravens, Tennessee, which was the London game, which was pretty ugly.


I don't know how- That was a bad cover.


I don't know how they didn't cover that. I don't know how Tennessee didn't cover that.


Why isn't Henry? Is Henry not in there? They didn't give him the ball at the one-yard line? He's only good for 12 carries now?


It was weird. Baltimore's Red Zone was bad. I wrote down on my notes that London Games are like highway food when you're super hungry and you don't want to wait until you get to a good town. So you stop at one of those rest stops that has the gas station and a subway shop. And then you always feel like there might have been a murder in the men's room three days before that they just cleaned up. You're just hungry. You're like, All right, I'll just do a turkey sub. That's the London game. It's passable. It's on. But I don't think I've ever been like, Man, incredible London game. So good.


On the West Coast, though, it's like waking yourself up at 5:00 in the morning and then going to that turkey sub stop. It's like, Why am I doing this?


Oh, and then the last one, Jacksonville Indy, Jacksonville Spanked Indy. I thought Muth Minshu because he sucks, whatever they just started him. Maybe they use an opener like they do in baseball, where they don't... What the Red Sox did with nick Pavetta, they don't bring him in until the second quarter. They just have another guy start the first quarter. It's like, Oh, here comes Minshu. And then maybe that'll get him going.


That's not bad.


Because when he starts, he's awful.


You're right. And the spirit of the MLB playoffs. And when every team uses seven pitchers now. I like that.


I like that idea. 15 force turnovers for Jacksonville this year. That's a team, I think them and Baltimore. Now that Baltimore is getting healthier, two teams I'm just watching because I think both of them have a possibility to elevate. Jacksonville is four and two. It feels like they've had a disappointing year, but four and two is not bad. They're in pretty easy division.


I was going to try to convince you to go with Texans plus 390.


You act like I don't already have Texans. Oh, wow.


They're our fun. They're more fun than Jacksonville.


All right, we're going to take a break, and then we're going to do guest of the lines with special guest, Joe House. I still have that guest of the lines this year, and it's going to be hilarious if I beat him this year, but then House beats both of us. And then I still have no wins for the year. So let's take a break. We'll come back with House. All right, Joe House is joining us. He flew into LA last night. I fed him with my famous meat sauce. How was the meat sauce, House?


The meat sauce was outstanding. And you put it in front of a bunch of different, well-established pallets today and got good reviews from all of them. So big thumbs up.


Yeah, I feel good.


Your channel and your inner Italian. I'm proud of you.


Yeah. No less than David Chang thought it was delicious. And I was just riding high and feeling great until Jaylen Hearts through that third to nine pass. And then I just walked around my block a couple of times and wondered what happened to week six. House is going to do guest lines with us. We watched football all day. House, are you willing to admit defeat on the New England Patriots or were you encouraged? Because that was one of your best bets.


What I'd like to say to you is you're welcome. I flew all the way out here to visit you in your own home. I sat in your chair and I know what you want out of this Patriot season. You want a new quarterback. And lo and behold, I sat in there. I went in front of a national television audience on the number one pregame show in America and said that the Patriots would win the game. You are welcome, Bill Simmons.


Well, you almost had the cover and then the magical safety. Then I jumped on you, which I haven't done on you in a while. I actually just jumped on house.


Did all the food fly or did you jump on his stomach? I mean, I could.


Have been terrible. I jumped on my bionic hip. It was perfect.


Yeah, he's feeling great. He's slipping around. All right, we're going to do guest of the lines. Tomorrow, House and I are typing the giant mega over-unders with Cilio Sal. Have you picked your over-under-the-ear for NBA yet or you're still doing home? I have.


Not yet. I do have a question for you guys. Should I wait for the end to ask it?


Yeah, wait for the end. We'll do guess the lines first.


All right. I do have some. Yeah. How is you got to win this? If you have one more win than Simmons through two months.


It'd be. Yeah, that would be great. That would be like Carolina Panthers. Thursday night, Jaguars at the Saints.




We don't know what the deal with Trevor Lawrence is, but we know he got hurt in the fourth quarter, and now he's questionable knee and stuff tomorrow. So I don't know what that does for the lion. I think the Jaguars should be favored, though. I selected House, Jaguars by one and a half. What did you have, House?


I'm happy with the idea of the Jaguars favored. And I did see a story that said that Charles Lawrence is walking around. The observation of the press was that he was walking around with no noticeable limp. So I like them favored by two.


What do you guys say?


I thought it was in the tik-tok zone as well, Simmons, but I ticked instead of tack. I said New Orleans by one and a half. You are actually right, Simmons. Exactly one and a half, but Jacksonville is favored. So you're on the board.


I think that if Lawrence is healthy, I think that climbs.




Right? Don't you think? Don't you think that goes to two and a half? There's probably still a little Superdome advantage for the Saints.


I've seen enough, but- It's very little. Very little Superdome advantage. The Saints are not good at home over the last couple of years.


We had the Saints on one of the TVs today. And Camara looks like he's back. But I've been surprised by the receivers and the car connection. It just seems very sloppy. I don't know who to blame. But it's one of those teams like the third and eighths where the receiver is turning one way and the ball is going the other way and they just don't look like they're in the same position. Yeah. It's a.


Weird batch. You almost should give up on Michael Thomas. I feel bad. And then Tason Hill will have seven receptions like, wow, that seems good for a guy who doesn't really have a position. And then Olave down 10, will catch a seven-yard pass and do a big celebration. I'm like, Hey, we got ways to go here. So it's a perplexing team.


There's a good stat out there. This is the fourth time that Derrick Carr has had a new head coach and offensive coordinator. And each time that he starts in that scenario against the spread record is terrible. The next year is when he finally figures out the offense, he starts to be competent. But this year, it's going to be bad all year, I think.


I thought you were going to say he had four different offensive coordinators, and each time the person retired from football and just got another job other than ever running an offense again.




Sunday's Marquee game. House, would you go Ravens, Lions here? Would you go Chiefs Chargers.


Oh, I like Ravens Lions.


I had that as well. Sal, another body bloater to The Chiefs. But we're not fun anymore, Chiefs.


Honestly, I think there's three or four teams I want to see in prime time, and they're not one of them. Dolphins, not my team for sure. Who else? The Rams? Chargers always for fun.


I'm always having The Stealers in there for the 55 minutes of sadness, followed by the one great Kenny Pickett tribe, but still more excited than The Chiefs. All right, Sunday, Marquee, Ravens at home against this kick-ass, Lions team. This will be the most disgust game of the week. How else? I'll let you go first.


Man, I'll just say Ravens by two.


Okay. Sal, I had Ravens by two and a half. I think in the old days this is a Ravens by three, but we know we've lost a half point for Homefield. And I'm going to say Ravens by two and a half.


Simmons just prices right at you, House? He waited for yours. I know. And he went a little bit tiny, bit higher. If he could have gone 2.06, he would have. I said two like House did. You are right, Simmons. It's two and a half.


Uh-oh. I'm on a little bit of a tear, guys.


You got both exactly right, Sal.


I know. This is insurmountable, this lead.


I'm dedicating tonight's guest alliance to Suzanne Summers, who passed away this weekend, who is an absolute beloved '70s lady for all of us kids who grew up in the late '60s and early '70s, and matured into little kids in the mid, late '70s. I mean, Sal, what was the list? Linda Carter, Sheryl Ladd, Jacqueline Smith, Suzanne Summers, Catherine Bach, Heather Thomas. The Charlays Angels.


Janet's got to hold on now. That's all we got to say.


When she had the contract holdout, I think it was the first upsetting contract holdout of my entire life. I don't know whether that happened before after John Hinn and Leon gray with The Patriots. But there was a whole year of Three's Company where she was just calling them from a phone.


Because- Right, they had her on.


The phone. -and Joyce and Whit were so mad at her that she was holding out. But she was holding out for as much pay as John Ritter. So history has judged it kindly. But anyway.


She was like, Kim Cotrell, but we cared. We were like, Oh, yeah, come back.


Absolute legend there. That was a tough one. All right, The Watchables. I got two, Rams, Steelers. You're right. I put this in the Watchables. I want to watch this game. It is in Los Angeles. I'm going to guess 52,000 Pittsburgh fans will be at this game? 55,000?


Yeah. Well, does it hold 45? If it holds 45, they'll be 52. Yeah.


So we can round-rob that. What did you have for this game?


Well, I was way off. I'm not well. I shouldn't have said anything. I said- Do you want me.


To go first? Could you.


Just get me off?


I said Pittsburgh.


Yeah, go ahead. You go first.


Well, it's Ram's Home against Pittsburgh.




I have the Ram'sfavored by three, House. Oh, wow.


That messes me up because I feel like-.


No, you can't change your pick, House. You're supposed to write all these down ahead of time to cheater.


Pittsburgh by one.


Yeah, I said- I'll tell you what, I said Pittsburgh by two. And Simmons is right again. Exactly right. I'm not playing this anymore, Simmons. You've never gotten three.


In a row. Three in a row to start? Exactly. This is like a perfect game. Oh, my God.


This is stupid. I mean, if this wasn't for Suzanne Summers, I would protest.


I feel like Don Larsin. Suzanne, just like, Hey, I just want to do it for her. Yeah. I think that's the right line. We have no idea if Kenny Pickett can play well for 10 minutes in an NFL game.


I just thought more people would be betting on Pittsburgh, and then they'd have to make them a favorite as a result. But wow, the Rams, they think, are for real.


Remember we were talking Rams being a possible worst record team?


Oh, I know.


I'm an idiot. I mean, they're three and three. There's probably no way they're going to have the worst record.


So- Can I ask you guys something? Yeah. I know you also like Seattle, but who would have to get hurt for the 49ers for you to like the Rams at 22 to 1 to win the NFC West?


Oh, man.


Yeah, that's getting high.


Well, have they played the 9ers yet?


They lost to the 9. They were doing as close for.


Three quarters. They could feel able to cover.


Yeah. So they'd have to win that game. So that'd be a one game swing. Mcafrey would have to be out for five, six weeks.


Yeah, probably a whole year. Yeah.


I don't see it. Twenty-two to one. That seemed pricey.




But I've been on seat. What are the Seattle ads at that point.


Seattle is- Now I can't find them.


Seattle is plus 850. Whoa, that's too high. So San Fran is still minus 750 to win that division.


I think we're done with San Francisco now. We loved them for all of September and October.


Here's what I don't get. Detroit is only minus 4.60. Yeah.


How are they not winning that division? What scenario would have to happen?


It's ridiculous. I couldn't even tell you the second best team is in that division.


We're in that Keeper League. And I called the J-Bug. I texted the J-Bug today because I was trying to trade him with Andre Stevenson for Sam Laporte. Oh, you stopped. Because I like Sam Laporte. He's like, There's no way I'm doing it. We're in a keeper league. And I'm like, Oh, you're right. We're in a keeper league. I forgot. He's like, You didn't forget. You were just trying to steal from me. And I was like, No, I really wasn't. I forgot. I was just trying to pick a football trade. So now that j. Bug. Thinks I was trying to sneak one by him.


J. Bug is right. Stay on that. All right, Chiefs minus four, 10, lions minus 4, 60. Who do we put it without? Let's the three of us make something.


Chiefs minus 4, 10.


These are divisions.


Oh, man, I love that one. I love the lions.


That only gets us to minus 195.


What about Jacksonville? That's plus 152 in Jacksonville.


You're afraid of Houston? It's going to win, but it's just not fun. What do you think, House?


I agree.


What is the agree on?


I don't know. It's not fun enough. I don't want to have to root for Jacksonville.




Yeah, Philly is the problem with... You're not the right answer.


Do we get to get even money with that?


Plus 135. There we go. Philly, Detroit. What's the third one? And Kansas City, plus 135 for the division.


Let's do it.


I can't do it, but I'm happy to steer you into it.


What do you mean you can't do it? I can. My team is the.


Other that can't do it. Yeah, because it's either Philly or.


My team. Well, then we'll get rid of Philly.


No, no. Let's do it. Let's just do it.


Plus 135. What about the pets? They're 85 to one. Some are saying that's good value.


Does that get us to 150?


Mac Jones is figuring some stuff out today.


What if we put The Browns? I mean, just for an outlier.


The Brownies?


Quarter unit on it.


I mean, that's 5.43 if it's Browns, Eagles, Lions.


What? Browns, Chiefs? Chiefs, Browns, Lions- Oh, I'm sorry.




Browns, Lions is plus 414.


That's what I meant to do.


Yeah. That's pretty good. We'll discuss later.


We'll revisit that soon.


Next one, Watchables: Kansas City Home for the Chargers. The missionary position chiefs. Just not that much fun to watch unless they're cutting away to Taylor Swift.




Don't know, House, those two might not be going away. Hot and heavy this weekend. Could be going. What do you got? Casey is home against the Chargers.


I said five.


A house? I think it's more than that. I had six.


So I swear to God, I also had five written down. I put a right smack dab in the middle of the Vegas.


Well, you got it wrong. We both got it wrong. House gets it. It is six.




There you go. There you go. You're on the board.


This is a bad thing. Possible T's.




That worked out great with the Eagles.


The Chiefs never let anyone down. They're still the best team, the Chiefs. We're just always looking for someone else.


Andy Reed was hilarious on Thursday.




Every once in a while, he has these crazy coach games where you're just wondering what the hell is happening. Unfortunately, he did it once to house in the playoffs. I guess, Tennessee. How is that to sell his condo and move to a.


Different place. Marcus Mariot. I was living in your kitchen. The Marcus Mariot game.


Yeah. I haven't forgotten.


House declared bankruptcy.


Do you guys find yourself with the Taylor cutaways like, All right, well, now they're going to cut away to Taylor and then they don't. And they're like, Oh, well, he caught it one for eight yards. Now they're going to go. And then it's like, Oh, boy. And then why aren't they cutting away to Taylor? I end up getting mad that they don't cut away to her.


I'm just trying to figure out any mother of a significant other who you would just joyously talk to for this long. What do they talk about? Every time it cuts to her and the mom, it's just like they're just deep in the happiest conversation. Sal, when you started dating Melissa, what was the longest, joyous conversation she had with your mom? That I.


Had four minutes? That she had with her? Yeah, it wasn't very long. Seven minutes? She yelled at me. Her mother yelled at me because we're at a wedding and I brought a little TV and watched the Metz Yankees World Series under the table. So that was my longest conversation, even to date, I think.


Yeah. Fairly watchables. I got three. First one is Cleveland is at Indianapolis, and I have Browns by three. What do you got, House?


Same, Browns by three. It's right here on my paper.


What do we do here? Oh, we tie. It's two and a half, and I said two. I couldn't do math for a minute. Yeah.


Forgot to factor in the half point.


Two and a half.


Yeah, you can think of the road team. I'm going to end up getting the Browns. That's dumb.


Although, Sal, I'm going to flag it this time because we flagged it last week. This is the Everybody blows smoke up a team spot.




That gets recanted if the whole Dashawn Watson, what's really going on here? And there's more stuff comes out. Oh, man. You're right. And there's some battle between him and the team or whatever. If there's some news thing that comes out of this week, I think that trumps the smoke. But right now, the smoke is with the Browns.


Okay, I got to write that down. It's not in the manual anywhere.




Butt. Yeah, put that in pencil. Bucks are home for the Falcons. Baker Mayfield against Desmond-Ritter. I think Howe stays away from this game would be my guess. You will not have money on either team in this game. What do you pick for a Lionhouse?


The Bucks are at home. It's Bucks by two and a half.


That's what I had, so.


Why Wow, we all got it. I added two. That's the right number. Two and a half it is. What else could it be? That's the right number. These are all... Well, I'm not going to tip it, but two is a very popular number these days with these.


One more fairly watchables. I'm just throwing this in here. Seahawks Cardinals. House was complimenting the Cardinos today as we were watching the Pig Skin. They're entertaining even when they're down by 14. They play hard. You can't ask for more from a shitty team.




Neither of you let me tease this game. I'm just going to ask you now. I'm going to say Seahawks by six and a half, Sal.


All right. I said eight.


I say seven.


House and I split it at seven and a half. Seven and a half.




A minute. Do we all split it?


No, you two split it because I said six and a half. Okay, I said six and a half. I'm sure you'll cheat and give yourself an extra point.


I have three. House is four, Simmons has five.




Let's go.


We're heading into the poop fecta, which I'm going to have my own poop fector, which will be part of my parent corner story tonight. House knows what it is. Buffalo Bulls are playing at the New England Patriots.




And I promise that the Bulls have never been favored over the Patriots by this many points in New England. But whatever this ends up being, this will be the new record. Sal, what did you have? I wrote my guest down already.


I had eight. House?


Eight, eight. That's the number.


I had eight and a half. Oh, shit.


It is eight and a half.


What? Oh, my fourth one.


Are you kidding me? You're getting it.


This has never happened, House. I want you to check his sheet, House. Go over to whatever room it is. I know it's a big house. If it takes 20.


Minutes to get to him. It'd take a half hour.


Yeah, they have a tram there. Get to his sheet. I need to see this.


I'm teasing the bills right now. I'm winning all my Eagle's monies back with.


The bills. You liked what you saw an.


Hour ago? Yeah, I liked. Anytime you can beat the giants on the second pass interference in a row, only they didn't call that one. That's good. Another possible road favorite, Washington is at the giants.




Do you have, House? This is your team.


My team is definitely favored. I'll say by two.


What do you guys say?


I said giants by one.


Giants by one? I have Washington in the TikTok zone one and a half.


You have washed my wife. The house, what did you say?


Two. He said two.


It's one and a half.


No way.


My sixth one. House, you got to come every week. This is the only way I win when you're here.


This is unbelievable. This is great.


I'm starting to think you have sportsbook. Fandel. Com on your computer, Simmons, and you go.


To it before we record. I can't have a good week. I won 14 straight years. I can't win one of the first seven weeks.


No, you can win. You're not like this. Not like this. You can't.


It's the outreach.


How is he? You want to give us your Washington Scattering report through six weeks?


They're exactly who I thought they would be. If you had told me at the beginning of the season that this new team under this new regime, new leadership would be three and three, I would have accepted it. They're looking at the schedule. It's perfectly fine. The big question mark was Sam Howe. He was forecast to be one of the bottom three quarterbacks in the league. I don't think he's one of the bottom three quarterbacks in the league. He's passable. They have good skill on both sides of offense and defense, reasonable skill positions. They have a coaching problem. That's going to get resolved this year and they'll be competitive next year. But I had to play them at over six and a half wins this year. That still seems reasonable and feasible. They're fine.


Yeah. Rivera celebrated after a play in the game today. He's alive. I wasn't sure if he was being CGI'd or not, but he actually moved and raised his fast and celebrated.


I'm with you, Howell. Sam Howell, I'll say he is atrocious and he's not a bottom three quarter back in the league. That's how bad the league is.


Well, that's true.


We were talking about all the quarter. We were trying to figure out why the football wasn't that good today, and it just comes down to there's barely any good quarterbacks anymore.


Could I just tell you what the one o'clock games next week? The matchups are? I know you went over in your head. Detroit, Baltimore is good. But we have Hoyer against Tyson, Badget if fields can't play. We have PJ Walker potentially against Gairdner, Minshu. We have Houses Howel against Taylor, maybe Tie Taylor. And Ritter Mayfield is the main event. That's a magnificent-.


That's like Tom and Keira against KSI.


I didn't even mention you're Mac Jones, Simmons, who is also playing- Yeah, thank you for not mentioning that. There's six games.


We might not be Mac next week. It could be a little Mylik Cunningham, actually. All right. Bear's home for the Raiders. And I don't know who the Bear's quarterback is, and I don't know what the line of this is going to be. I had to say, I couldn't believe it, but I had to say the Bear's are still going to be favored, even though I don't know who their quarterback is. I just had bears by one. I think I'm wrong. This is one of the only ones I had no feel for. What do you have, How's?


Raiders by one.


Yeah, I had Raiders by one also. It's Raiders by three.


Oh, Jesus.


There we go.


That's not knowing who their QB is?


Yeah, I guess he can't grip a ball. So I don't know how long that takes to reconcile.


No, but we don't know who the Raiders QB is.


Oh, I see. Right. I don't think there's much. I don't think they care about that, honestly.


Wait, so the Raiders could be four and three next week.






Shit. Their favorite to be so.


That's unbelievable.


Jesus. I got to look at this. I got.


To look at something.


Stunning. Raiders to make the playoffs plus 390.


So this is the last poop fact, and it involves, in my opinion, yet another home underdog, the Packers at Denver. And I went with Packers by one and a half, TikTok zone. What do you got, House?


Packers by two.


I'm just going to get up and walk out and get like, there's like, leftover Parmogen in the fridge because Simmons did it again.


One and a half?




That's my sixth one. Let's go.


Why don't you be over half a point? So it's not so obvious.


You know what? Sometimes when your back's to the wall, you find out who you are as a guest of the lines are.


What the hell? What the hell? It's over, Howles. He's up 8:05 and there's, what, two games left?


You know what I did? I listened to our guest of the lines yesterday. With the one I did last week, I listened to it on Monday. And I realized that I wasn't factoring in how Vegas doesn't care as much about home field anymore. I was doing my old school method. But now, what did they say? It's home field is one and a half points. That's it? I guess so. So I'm recalibrated.


Yeah, sure you did. I don't know.


Did I win already?


It's 8.5. Yeah. I guess we could do the last.


Two games. I can spank you guys. What do we think of that Packers-Broncos game? Because I need the Broncos to win that one so the Pats can move in a pole position for the second pick in the draft. Wow.


You've never had a root for a team like this, right? I love it. You were never in basketball or.


Nothing, right? It's got me watching college football. I'm having a great time. Yeah. Good. Oregon-washden, fun times.


The Denver, you can't be... I don't like Green Bay either.


When does Payton announce that Russell is going to start sitting? Not this week, right?




Stidham? Yeah.


Jared Stidham. Yeah.




Think they had to get a couple of weeks removed from the 70 point garbage, because then you can't say it's Russ' fault when you're giving up 70 points. So I think they're close. They could sit them soon. He does look like the game is just too fast for him, right?


They're terrible. And it looks like they spent money in the wrong people, and they're already getting rid of people. I'm sure they're going to make some trades. I'm worried. I have my eye on them. I'm worried that's going to be us and them because the Panthers are going to have no incentive because they don't have a pick. Sunday Night, fantastic game. Eagles home for the Dolphins. I wrote down my pick. How much do you have?


Eagles by two and a half.


Who? Saladie, I went higher. I said three and a half.


I said three. House, Kets it. It is two and a half.




Right down the middle.


Can we add a game to a house as a chance to catch up? By the way, there's six spy teams. Carolina, why did they do this? Carolina, 0 and 6, since he 3 and 3, Dallas 3 and 2 so far, Houston 3 and 3, jets 3 and 3, Tennessee, 2 and 4. I mean, there's two one week, there's six another week. We have to have six off? It's going to take me 40 minutes to do lineups as it is with my dumb fantasy teams.


Monday night is the 49ers at the Vikings, and we have no idea who's playing for the 49ers. But I don't know how this line is less than six and a half. So I said 49ers by six and a half. What do you have, House?


I had it over seven. I thought you were going to say at least seven. I think it's 9ers by seven and a half.


Okay, you're probably right.


Well, Simmons, House, you split this one at seven. And nice showing, Simmons. That was really a... That was a spectacular effort. Thanks. Nine and six of them right on the nose.




The biweek. So suspicious. So damn suspicious.


Listen, sometimes you just got to work harder at your craft.


He did take a little pill. It had a big V on it.


I don't know. I took a pill.


Really? It looked like a stimulant.


I don't know. We have to drug test before we guess the lines now? Sal, how.


Did you do on baseball playoffs?


Bad. I had the Dodgers going far. But you know what? I'm okay with it, though. I'm not okay with losing money, but a lot of people bitching about that, Oh, we had too much rest. Win some games, good teams. Just freaking win. You have your rotation in line. Yeah, just win. But I don't know.


It's tough. I had a Dodgers-Rangers-Parlay that lost, which I didn't... I just threw the Dodgers in there to bump the line. Of course, that didn't work. But I have the Philies to win the World Series. I've been on that bandwagon. That's been fun. How is you had Bryce Harper. You never realized he was going to be the favorite athlete in Philadelphia recent sports history.


Still a little bit of a bitter taste, although it wasn't his fault for why he left Washington. He just didn't have any real meaningful playoff success in Washington. And it felt great when Washington won the World Series without him, just because I'm a petty sports fan. But he's a stud. I don't have any problem rooting for.


Him now. I can't root for you. You can't root for that team. Come on. No one's room for that team. The F. Kerson. They've got a 212 catcher in there, backup catcher. F. Kerson and the Mets. Oh, they're taking Mets, yeah. Come on.


Let's take a break and do Parent Corner. Today's Parent Corner is brought to you by Car Max. Every day as a parent is filled with lots of quick decisions to make for your kids, and they aren't always easy. But when it comes to deciding what car to buy, Car Max makes it simple. You can take a full month, up to 1,500 miles, to love your car or return it, guaranteed. Learn more and find a car you'll love today at carmax. Com. Let's get to Parent Corner. All right, special guest, Joe House. What's your Parent Corner?


This one involves a parent, but it doesn't involve me. I have a 13-year-old boy, and you can imagine what he's up to. But this has to do with a parent that I believed Bill Simmons at one point lived in this house that I'm sitting in right now. And Cousin Sal, I arrived yesterday and Bill, the gracious host, I had seen this house when it was under construction. But Bill gave me a tour of the house. I don't know if you've heard about this, what's going on in this house. There is a portion of the house that has some supernatural activity. And we think based on, you talked about it on the pot a little bit.




Seems like it's a ghost, and it seems like it's a little girl. It is a child.


We don't know that for a fact. We don't know. There's been lots of theories, but.


Yeah, there's definitely a ghost. You don't know for a fact that the ghost is.


A girl? Okay. We have a feeling for what room they're in and things like that. Yeah.


I'm on a long tour because Sal, you've been over here. It's not.


I'll stop the house.


But we're up in that portion of the house and because of the design and so forth, Oh, Duck. We have to walk around. He's like, Okay, we're going into that room. We're in that room. He's like, Here, this is where let's make sure that we express our appropriate respect for the supernatural. We do that. We turn to walk out of the room and cousin Sal, I beam myself on the extraordinarily low door jam. I'm trying to walk out of the door. It's way lower than the ceiling. I have the bump on my head. You can almost see. I thought I was bleeding. That was, we think, the ghost prank. The little girl pranked me. That's why my parent corner is she got me. That's your parent.


That's your little.


Daughter, Ghost. She let me sleep last night. She did not come down to the room that I was in.


I hope you didn't hear this story. Well, no. How she turns around, he's distracted and hits his head. What's weird is that's not the only time that's happened in that room. You just.


Game your head against him. Well, House is tall. What are we talking about? He's like six, three and a half, so he hit his head on.


The floor. That was way lower than the ceiling, though. I couldn't possibly imagine it.


I would blame the fact that the house is just an old man at this point and couldn't see where he was.


I want to know where's the parental relationship in this parent corner story. The ghost girl is your daughter?


Apparently, I've adopted her now. Ben woke up five days ago because he was having a dream that somebody was grabbing his arm. And he woke up and thought somebody had been grabbing his arm, but nobody was there. And then proceeded to sleep with my wife because I wasn't here to sleep with my wife for the next two days. Anyway, pleasant dreams to that house.


If that happens, I'm coming to your bed.


Yeah. All right. Haunted House. We'll make some room for you. It's this new name. Wow! I like that.


Sal, what do you have for Parent Corner?


Well, mine's not as sexy as that. My kid, my nine-year-old, is playing fantasy football for the first time. I think I told this part of it. I wasn't at his draft. I was at our draft, Simmons in Hollywood when he had a draft. I made him a cheat sheet and whatever. But he's one and four, and he's very upset. And it's always the case that he's looking at the projections and he's winning after the Thursday game. And it's like, All right, don't get too excited. Weird stuff could happen. I'm like, Let me fix your lineup a little. Let's put Gino Smith over Howl and Karr and Montgomery is good here. And pick up the San Francisco kicker. Yeah, put him here. All bad advice, right? Montgomery gets hurt. Howl or car did better than Gino Smith. Obviously, we know Moody, the San Francisco kicker, what happened to him? So he's at a party tonight. And my wife's at the party too. And she texted me. He's like, Hey, Harrison wants to see his fantasy score. Can you go to his iPad and screen grab him? I said, Yeah, okay. I look at it. He's losing 86, 84, no players left.


And I said, He's not going to want to see it. I don't want to send this. He's like, No, he really wants to see it. I sent it to him. He comes home and he's furious with me. He's not talking to me. He's like, I lost my fantasy game. I lost my flag football game. He lost some shuffleboard game at this kid's party he was playing. He's what you would call a loser. But no, I don't know what to say to him. I was like, You have 60 more years of this if you're lucky, and in multiple leagues, and you haven't even started gambling. So I think I need to teach him to start gambling. It's like when you force a kid to smoke and so that they.


Hate it. Yeah, it's more more rapid fire, 52 a year. I think you have to. Because he definitely has the gene. He's basically, he's mini- Yeah, exactly.


So my son similar fantasy story, the first year he started playing, it was at auction. And it was Clyde, Edward Solair's rookie year. What was that? Like two years ago, three years ago? And I made him a list of the top 10. I had Clyde, Edward Solair pretty high. So that was his big purchase. He still fucking brings it up. It was two years ago. I was like, Well, I know I can't ask you for help. You told me to get Clyde Everett's to there. I'm going to be on my fucking death bed. He's going to be bringing it up. You're going to be on the death bed. Remember that year when he was like a $57 running bag?


Yeah, it was my fault. I know. Oh, he and that ghost girl are going to strangle you in.


Your sleep. I know. Well, I'll tell her to go after him tonight. My parent corner, I rarely get to do one about the dog, Murph. So we had some food. A couple of people came over. Somebody brought donuts. Big thing of donuts. There's 12 donuts. And I think we tried to figure out after how many were eating and they were on this little table that's in the TV room. And Murph, he was circling the table a couple of times. You always got to be careful for him. And I just lost focus for a second. And House was in here and we were talking about the podcast. He was packing his computer and I turned around. And Murph was where the donuts were looking super guilty and was already slinky. I was like, Oh, shit. He caught me. And I see the doughnut box. He had somehow nudged up in the box with his nose to get in the donuts. I was like, Did he eat a doughnut? I smell his breath that reaks a doughnut. Now I'm trying to figure out how many donuts he ate. Now I have to text everybody who is here like, Hey, did you have a doughnut?


Did you have a doughnut? My son had two donuts. We think there were five donuts left, and these were big donuts. And by the time I caught Merf, there was only two. So when you talk about the poop fecta that we do on Guest of the Lines, there's going to be another poop fecta tonight at about 3:30 in the morning as him having diarrhea. Meanwhile, I have Guest of the Lines tomorrow, our biggest podcast where it's like four hours. I got to be on my game. And I know he's going to wake me up with a diarrhea at 3:30 in the morning. So that's how my day is going to be. How is you're just going to hear me screaming later tonight in the middle of the night. And it won't be because of the ghost. It'll be because of a doughnut diarrhea shit. This dog's three and a half. When is he going to be a good dog?


Well, our Did you also concerned? Were they chocolate donuts? Chocolate is bad for.


Dogs right now. No. Nothing will kill this dog. No, it was like French cruller and those apple crumble ones. Yeah. It's really not going to be a good one for us. But as you get... Rembert just got a dog and he's like, It's so great. I love having a dog. And he's like, But man, you really... If you go anywhere, you got to figure out what to do with the dog. I'm like, Yeah. It's a child. Yeah, that's what happens with dogs. And nobody tells you about the eating the donuts and shitting all over your bedroom part of the dog either. How else you have a couple of dogs?


We have two dogs. My wife is their parent. They sleep where she sleeps. Half the time, I sleep in a different bed in the house altogether. I don't want to be- Just get away from all three of them. -get away from the dogs, yeah.


We have one, and I named it Super Dave. Super Dave Osborn. Oh, that's great. And IHonestly, I think he's made three noises in the year and a half that we've had him.


He's a pretty good hang. He's barely a dog. Yeah, he doesn't really say or do a lot. Not that. All right. Today's Parent Corner was brought to you by Car Max. Parenting is always going to be a little tricky and with split-second decisions, but buying a car doesn't have to be with Car Max. You can take a full month up to 1,500 miles to love your car or return it. That's the 30-day money-back guarantee. Learn more and find a car you love today at carmax. Com. Sal, tell us your NBA thing now that we're.


At the telene, the final- All right. So I'll be ready. I won't be as informed as you guys, but I was looking to Clutch Player of the Year. First of all, do you have a vote for clutch player of the year?


I vote on all that stuff, yeah. I'm interested to see who you like, though.


Well, I want to know what it is, really, because it says, the Aaron Fox won last year, right? Yeah. I looked it up and it said the voting was a runaway. Fox, who led with 194 clutch points, got 91 of 100 votes. But then I read something that says it's actually based on clutch points, which is defined as the last five minutes of the fourth quarter overtime when the score is within five points. So why do they need to vote on it if it's just a tally of points?


Well, no, it's not a tally. But I think people for the clutch, they look at that how people put that. There's a stat where it's like the lead is less than five minutes in the game. And they have all these stats about field goal percentage points. And Fox did really well in a bunch of different ways with that. And I think we used a pretty easy boat last year, but it does seem pretty arbitrary. Yeah, I'm.


Looking at Embiid and Jokic at 18 to 1. Wouldn't they have a lot of clutch points if you go download to those guys? Am I simplifying it?


Well, it seems like you're almost better off if it's a team in the mid-40s for wins that's in a lot of closer games versus like Denver, half of their games, they win by 20. Sacramento was just in a lot of close fun games last year, and Fox was always doing stuff. So I think that was a.


Piece of it. All right, I'm.


Going to look at that. Do you have any thoughts, How's.


That helpful? Don't try. Don't bet that. It's a made-up award. It completely doesn't make any sense for the reason you just explained. It's completely quantifiable. You can take the very four or five different inputs that measure clutch. It doesn't require any subjective input from voters.


Well, that's why I'm thinking we might have an advantage here. Plus, we have a buddy here that votes on these and can give us a heads up.


That doesn't really have to do that. Come on. You know how honorable I try to be? I know you are. I know you are. I will tell you this, though. Because I don't know, we won't talk about this for Everender's house, so this is a good time to talk about this. They have the NBA in-season tournament winner bets.




If you actually study how they did the tournament, everybody's in these brackets, right? And then you come out of your bracket. The way it's rigged is basically you play everyone else in your bracket. So it's four games total and the top, I think, there's six brackets of five, the top six, and then two wildcard teams. The way they constructed it-.


That's easy to explain.


No, but the way they constructed it is it should favor the best teams. It's not like March Madness where it's like, Oh, my God! Chicago beat Milwaukee. Can't believe that happened. Milwaukee is out. It's not like that. You win your bracket or your record and you keep going. So I was looking at the odds for it. And Milwaukee is plus 950 and the Celtics are plus 950. Phoenix is 11:01, Denver is 13:01. All the odds on Fandor are too high. The Lakers are 13:01. And you figure if you're just one of those final eight, which we can probably guess most of the final eight because they're all going to be good teams. There might be one wildcard team where it's like, Oh, my God. I can't believe Orlando won their bracket. But for the most part, it's going to be the best teams. And then you'll get to the final eight and you could have a team- You can hedge. Yeah, you can hedge. You can have a team like the Celtics that will be favored in every single game. But you're getting them a plus 950 now. So I don't know. I want to study it more, but it feels like those odds are all too high.


Because remember, as we were saying with the NBA over-under is a month ago, when we first started talking about them. I was like, The West is too high. The wins are too high. They don't add up. There's too many teams that the playoff odds, they haven't fixed these yet. And then if you look now, the West, I think seven or eight or one win lower in the playoff odds. So I don't think they figured this out correctly yet.


Well, let me ask you this. Sorry, House, before you jump in. The only reason they would be high is if the teams didn't care about winning it and some players sat out. That's the only reason that jumps out to me why they would be higher.


Is that a possibility? That's exactly the challenge. Which of the teams, as we enter this upcoming season, is going to do what Utah did, for instance? Utah started last year 10 and three, and we all had Utah, Penciled in as one of the worst teams in the League, intended to try and build up more draft capital and stuff. Some young team that were underrating over the course of the season might come out hot in November and and just be in position to be like, Hey, there's a... What is it? A million bucks? What's the prize? What do the players get?


A million bucks. It's more than that. I thought it was like, isn't it like 500,000 a player or something like that?


Right. There is a significant financial incentive.


So here to that point, the Celtics, here's who's in their bracket. They have Brooklyn, Toronto, Orlando, and Chicago. We're all four of those teams. I don't any of those four even favor to make the playoffs. So the odds of the Celtics winning that bracket is pretty good in being a high seed. So you get them a plus 950 now. And then once they get in there, there's eight teams. They'd only have to win 1, 2, 3, that's it. So I don't know. That one.


Jumped out- They're only minus 150 to win that group you talk about. Yeah.


Because the Lakers, they're in the same one with Phoenix, Memphis, Portland, and Utah. That's way tougher. That seems like they would have more variance. And then Denver, I think, has Dallas, the Clippers, New Orleans, and Houston. But anyway, I wanted to study that because I don't think they figured out the odds correctly yet. Our friends at Fando. They got.


A lot of shit there. They have Fando who's like, Who's going to go four and a 0? Every team to go four and a 0 has odds. That's fun. Cal Bridges, 25 or more points.


The rookie of the year is interesting, too, because Wemby is still not a minus for rookie of the year. But if you watch those highlights from the last two days, it's pretty bonkers. If it feels like if he plays 65 games, it's hard to imagine everyone else winning. But he's plus 110, Shets plus 320, and Scoots plus 370. The one that I was looking at for odds just for fun, trying to figure it out was the most improved because everybody is 10 to 1 and up. But, How's your guy, Jordan Poole, is 14 to 1?




And what if he averages 28 a game for the Wizards or something, 14in at once in like you can get odds for that.


I have to do it. Two years in a row, I've taken Zion as most improved. And now he's sitting there right format, 120 to one. I have to do it. I don't care what you guys do.


I don't care what you guys do. Do it every year until it happens. Of course.


Yeah, he's going to improve.


Yeah. Schengun was 30 to one. I thought that was a good one. And then Franz Wagner was the one that... I'm not just saying this because Sarudis is on here, but he was 30 to 1. He's year three for him and coming off the World Cup. I could see him really jumping.


But- You're just saying that Sarudis is on here.


So who do you like right now? I know you're doing your picks on against the odds this week, but are you leaning anywhere?


No, I'm going to wait for you to tell me Tatums are going to win MVP and.


It'll happen- No, I would not tell you that. No?


About the week before Thanksgiving? No? I like the onus at six to one. I don't even know why. I think maybe there's a little voter fatigue somewhere and it comes back to him where it worked against him going it. I think six to one is a high number.


That's wrong? He's Yorkage's plus 4:30. Curry is 14 to 1. I think he has to be mentioned. And then I would say the case for Tate and would just be if the Celtics were like 6-1 and 18 or something, right? I wouldn't bet it, though.




And that.


One is betting on Joe Mass, which I'm not going to do.


Yeah, you and me both.


The implied variable there is that Joe Mass.


Is capable of- It's funny. And Beat is plus 850, and that almost feels like a cross-off to me. I don't like Lucas team. Yeah, the Yana said 6:1 is a strong one, so.


Yeah, because you won't... I just feel like that'll be plus 360 in December.


Yeah, if you're looking at long shots, maybe Booker at 22:1, if Phoenix was awesome and he was the catalyst of everything and Durant missed 25 games and yet Phoenix still won 55 games, something like that.


I'm going to figure out this clutch thing. I'm going to figure it out.


I'm going to what? I'm going to figure out the in-season tournament thing because it seems like there's some inefficiency.


We have our assignments? Yes. At House, you just figure out a way to steer clear of the Ghost Girls Clutches. Simmons and I are the. I'm going to wear a.


Hard hat. Has Wise Guys brought you guys close? Or are you exactly the same?


Let me tell you, I love seeing House in the morning. It's such a joy. I see he puts the jacket on and I'm like, Things are going to be all right. I can go all for six today.


It's literally why I did so bad today. I'm not here. I couldn't bring the jacket on the airplane. Jacket is my secret power.


They don't allow jackets on the airplane?


Well, I would.


Have to avoid it. The other reason you did that was you took Mac Jones.


That was.


The other reason.


That was my present to you. You're always a good host. I come here, you feed me. You overfeed me. I knew exactly what I was doing with that Patriots pick.


All right, Sal, we can see you on Through the Ringer this week and against our odds and then Cousin Sal's winning weekend on Friday.


Yeah, I'm on with Tate. Tate's picking the charges. We're going to watch that game together in the Ringer, the Spotify studio there, that big theater. And we're going to be at each other's throats because he picked the chargers. But I do have a bet boost on Cousin Sal's odds boost on Fandle. What is it? Jack 200 or more yards, fingers crossed, and Pollard to score a touchdown. I feel really good about that, plus 170.


Oh, nice. Okay. Fairway Rowland's done for the year?


No, we'll pop up here and there. We might even do one this week. Tom Kim won back to back out in Vegas, the young prodigy Tom Kim. So congrats to him.


I haven't really been focused on Tom Kim. Sounds great, though.


You should draft us. He should be the next Patriots quarterback.


I'll see you for the big extravaganza. Thanks to Kyle Craton and Steve Sarudy for producing as always. Sal, I'll see you next week. Good job at you.


Good job at you, buddy.


All right, that's it for the podcast. Thanks to Sal and House. Thanks to Neff Kyle for producing, as always. Thanks to Steve Sarudy as well. I will see you in The Rewatchables on Monday. See you on The just feed on Tuesday. At least a two-part of NBA, maybe even three. Who knows? We'll see what happens on Tuesday. Must be 21 plus and President select states. Fando is offering online sports wager in Kansas under an agreement with Kansas Star Casino, LLC. Gambling problem? Call 1-800, gambler, or visit fando. Com/rg in Colorado, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Tennessee, and Virginia. You can call 1-800 Next Step or text next step to 5-33-42 in Arizona. Call 1-800-7-9-7-7-7 or visit ccpg. Org/chat in Connecticut. 1-800-9 with it in Indiana, 1-800-522-4,7-00 or visit Ksgamblinghelp. Com in Kansas. 1-8-7-7-7-0 stop in Louisiana, mdgamblinghelp. Org in Maryland, 1-800, gambler. Net in West Virginia or 1-800, 5-2-2, 4-7, in Wyoming. Hope is here. Visit gamblinghelp. Linema. Org or call 800-3-2-7, 50-50 for 24-7 support in Massachusetts, or call 1-800-7-7, 8-hope, N-Y or text, Hope N-Y, in New York.