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Coming up, Sunday in the felt because my trip to see Wendy at the top. Next. We're also brought to you by The Ringer podcast network. I have a new Rewatchables coming on Monday night. We have a famous horror movie. That's your hint. It's a super famous one. We did it because Halloween is on Tuesday night, my favorite holiday. I don't even know if Halloween is a holiday, but to me it is. We love Halloween. Simmons Family, obviously one of my favorite movies ever. We're putting the rewatchables pod we did about Halloween on YouTube. Com/billsimonsthis week, the entire podcast. So stay tuned for that. I love Halloween. My son was almost born on Halloween. I think I've told the story before, but it was really exciting because my wife was in labor on Halloween night, and I thought, Oh, my God, he's going to be born on Halloween. It's going to be like Michael Myers. This is going to be unbelievable. And then he held out. And I don't think he was born till 4:00 in the morning. I think I blacked out at one point, but came very close to having a Halloween baby, and it would have been super fun.


That's it. Rewatchables, Monday night. And then keep your eye on the prestige TV podcast as well, because we got some good shows coming back, some good shows starting. Nathan Fielders' show seems like it's going to be good. And we're going to be doing a Hall of Fame episode this week in honor of Matthew Perry, who died over the weekend at age 54. Really, really sad story. It hit me hard, I got to say. Friends was the iconic sitcom after Seinfeld. The only show that really pulled off what people in their 20s during the 90s were like. And obviously, they missed on a bunch of stuff. But that first year and that little the second year before it became a bigger, splash of show, there were themes on those shows that really resonated, like what it's like to be in a group of friends when some people are making more money than others. And it's just I stand by the first season of Friends as not only a great season of TV, but a really good document of what life was like for people back then, pre-internet when you're in your 20s. And Matthew Perry's Chainler-Bing character was the breakout star along with the Jennifer Aniston character and Rachel and Jennifer Aniston in general.


It seemed like he got most of the best lines of the first season. He was just crushing it. And if you were buying stock of an actor or anybody on that show, you would have bought the stock of him and of Jennifer Aniston and just assume that they were going to have these gigantic, long, A-list careers. And his career is pretty good. He made some movies and had to come back with Studio 60, but it never hit the peaks that we thought it might. And then as he got older, we found out why, because he had a lot of demons, a lot of demons that came from being on a mega hit show and fame and all the celebrity stuff that comes with it. And he had trouble handling it. He talked pretty openly about it. I think he said he didn't remember filming three years of friends. And sometimes we're more romantic about it when it happens with musicians and athletes, I think, when they don't reach their potential or when they get sidetracked or something happens in sports, there'll be an injury or drugs or something. And same with music, things can just go sideways for all these different reasons.


They literally had behind the music as a show. It's been the basis of a lot of different documentaries over the years. But when it's actors or actresses, we don't really think of the potential piece as much unless they get taken way too soon like somebody like River Phoenix. But I always thought, Matthew Perry, I always thought he was such a unique talent and he had such great comic timing. You think about all the movies that came in the late '90s, in the 2000s, and all the stuff, Vince Vons, and Will Ferrell, and the Apatow era. It was just such a great era of comedy. He wasn't in it probably as much as he could have been. Part of it was because friends was such a big show and they were all making so much money and maybe the incentive wasn't quite there. But also, he was having a lot of issues. He was somebody that as the years passed, you felt like, Man, I'm rooting for this guy. I hope he gets his shit together, or I hope he has a comeback. I always was waiting for the Matthew Perry comeback. And Studio 60 was probably the closest because he was great on that show.


The show was pretty spotty, but he was great on it. And he had a couple other moments, but he never matched the potential of those first few years on Friends. But at the same time, what happened on those first few years of Friends and what happened for the 10 years he was on? That was one of the most famous TV shows we've ever had, and he was one of the most famous characters on it. So that ended up becoming a lot of his legacy. But man, I'm telling you, in the 90s, it just seemed like the sky was limit for that guy. And it's sad that to think of all the people from that era. I was in my mid-20s, in the mid-90s, and you just think everybody's going to be around forever. He's gone. Luke Perry's gone. A lot of the musicians that I loved back then, a surprising amount of them are gone. And you realize like, Holy shit, man. When they say life is short, they aren't kidding. But I really appreciated the Matthew Perry era. I really did. I thought he was a wildly underrated talent. It. And now he lives on these friends reruns where they just capture from 1994 through 2004.


They capture all these people at these different stages, not only the characters on the show, but as they became more and more and more famous and you can feel it in the show. And it's a show that had a long enough tail that even people in my daughter's generation end up watching it and falling for it. And it's probably the last really truly famous sitcom in the age of where everybody watched the same shows. Now I guess that's coming back a little bit with Netflix where we feel like, Oh, yeah, are you watching that show? Netflix is the only one that feels like... Sometimes, HBO will have Last of Us or White Lotus, stuff like that. But none of them were felt as big as friends in the ER were in the mid-nineties, where it's just 30 million people watching an episode or something. So he was a big part of that whole era. And it was a really sad weekend for me and a lot of other people who loved what he did and really enjoyed him. I wanted to mention that RIP Matthew Perry. We're going to bring in Sal. Let's bring in Pearl Jam.


All right, taking this 8:45 on Sunday night. Sal's mad at me because normally we start recording earlier. But I went to the Clipper game tonight. I skipped Sunday Night football. Victor Wembanyama was in town, Sal, and I had to go see him lose by about 70 points to the Clippers.


Was it everything you imagine?


It was great. He's on a terrible team. They have no point guard. I don't know what team they're trying to put around him. They have nobody who can run or pick and roll with him or anything. But it was really fun to watch him. The cameras were out and looks like a nice kid. He was really upset that they were getting killed, which I thought was interesting. Like he was press-falling. Oh, that'll change. Like he was press-falling. Yeah. Don't worry. There's going to be 60 more of these.


I heard all the players were jealous that you got home in 12 minutes.




Like, How does he figure it out? Get me out of here. 1:23. 83. Jesus.


Well, they're over under, I think, was 27 half or 28. There's no way. From what I saw tonight, they just have some players they like. And there's guys with Blink and they just throw these dudes out with Wmby, but there's no real lineup or team yet. So he's going to have some rough ones. I was hoping the one thing he usually has are these little four-minute spurts where he just takes over the game. And it never really happened because the Clippers look really good. I got to say, I was impressed.


I like that. I mean, the first game, all we wanted to do was shoot threes. It's like, Oh, wow! He hoodwinked the whole League, but it looks like it's a little more spread out for him.


He did three things I've never seen in a basketball game before, and it was a pretty forgettable game. So even that, they throw Allie hoops to him. And it's like if you're in the basement playing on a Nerve hoop with little kids and they throw you an Allie hoop and you just redirect it into the Nerve hoop, they did it. That happened like three times in this game I went to today.


Or two or three times. It's fun watching an alien play your favorite sport.


He's definitely an alien. I was watching him. I was studying him during the warmups, trying to see how locked in with... It seems like he has it. I'm not worried about that, dude. The Westbrook thing with the Clippers is the startling thing to me.




The leader of the team. He was awesome. He was all over the place. Anyway, we'll talk basketball on Tuesday in this podcast. We're going to talk football here.


You didn't miss much of a Sunday Night game. I'll say that.


Yeah, give me the recap. What did I miss on Bear's Chargers? Other than the Tyson-Bajent era ended pretty early on. Not a lot.


Yeah, another Tyson screwed me. Tyson-fury could knock out an MMA fighter. A good one, but whatever. He won by decision. And Tyson-Bajent, a lot of cutaways to his father, arm wrestling champ, but wasn't really his fault. This is just the game that the Chargers are going to win, right? We have to give them one or two or three actually easy games. And now everybody's convinced maybe they're the seventh seed, and now no crap the bet again. So we're back on track with the Chargers.


Well, there's so many places to go. But I texted you, rarely do we sketch out anything we want to do in the pod. I like to surprise you. But I said, I want to have a bad quarterback draft. We saw so many bad quarterbacks today that something felt historic about the day at some point. There were nine early games, which was just ridiculous. It was so hard to keep track of everything. I had the TV split up into four quadrants, my two TVs next to it. So I had five games plus Red Zone. And I still feel like I missed 70 % of everything that was happening. But the one thing that was apparent for three plus hours was the quarterback play, which has never been worse and then continued into the late games. So what we're going to do.


Is- We saw this had to be a record, by the way, nine games in the morning and five backup quarterbacks came in. And by the way, the guys that were backing up were not very good to begin with, the Desmond Ridders of the world. But we saw five out of nine games to have a backup come in. I don't think we've ever seen that before.


So this Tommy DeVito, was that the name of Peshi and Goodfellows? Was his name Tommy DeVito or it was something else? Or did he not have a last name?


No, he did. Hold on.


I want.


To say- It was Tommy DeVito.


Wasn't it? Wasn't it? Tommy DeVito from Goodfellows? Yeah. How does he have the same name as the guy from Goodfellows? And we have this gimmick on The Wise guy show on Saturdays that we call Tommy's getting made about the bet that you don't see coming, that you're just going to get shot in the head after you make it. And now his name was Tommy... Oh, I guess it.


Was- Tommy DeVito.


Tommy DeVito. Yeah. Oh, my God. Unbelievable. So this guy and the giants who's named after Tommy who gets shot in the head when he thinks he's getting made in Goodfellas. And then the giants get shot in the head in that Jets, Gians game, which was how many puns? Twenty-five? Twenty-seven?


They were three for 24 on third downs. So I don't have the exact number.


Because I got sick. I have it, 24 puns. Twenty-four puns and at least seven guys carried off the field. Okay. So we're going to do a bad quarterback draft to commemorate how bad today was.


And you said this, and I was like, Oh, this is going to be easy. And it is not easy. This is tough.


We're going to stick. Yeah, we're going to do five players. We'll go back and forth. You can have first pick, and we're going to each have five guys. Who is your first pick of the October 29th, 2023 bad quarterback draft of guys we watched today?


I don't need clarification for this first pick, but every pick after I'm going to need... It's tough. Is this who you don't... Like if this guy can't lead your team to a field goal, your family gets tied up and tossed into the Pacific Ocean? How are we ranking these? Because I wouldn't draft any of them on my team.


We're going from worse to less worse. Yeah. Okay. All right. Tommy-yeah. It's got to be the sense of hopelessness for if you're rooting for the team or if you bet on the team and it's third and sixth, how hopeless you feel? So you're going Tommy.


Devito- I have to. I think it's unfair that you gave me the first pick. This is the Adrian Peterson years, the Marshall Falk years of a draft when it's like, We should really do an auction draft because Tommy DeVito can't throw a forward pass, which I feel is important in 2023. He could throw a screen and he could hand off, but I have no confidence that he could get their team downfield. He can't throw a forward pass. I'm probably going to get whacked for saying that, but Tommy DeVito is my pick.


So the giants passing, now it was terrible weather, but the giants passed the day. They were six for 14 for minus nine yards, it says. And Tommy DeVito was two for seven for minus one. I actually thought that was some accident or the ESPN. Com thing stalled. But those were the actual stats. And this was an overtime game, which was even better. He played at least, I don't know, two and a half quarters, and they were just like, Tommy, you're not... At some point, if you're just not going to throw it all, why not to have say, Kwan-Barkley just be the quarterback?


Just to work. Yeah, exactly. I don't know what they were doing. I don't know what Dayball. And I did predict. I have very few good predictions that come to fruition. The fans would turn on Dayball. Well, I guess we'll get more into that game, but we'll stick with the draft for now. Tommy DeVito is the first pick. Now you get two. We're doing Snake.


Oh, you want to go snake fashion? Well, I.


Just feel bad that I got.


Tommy is the worst. Well, we should because Tommy DeVito is a ridiculous value at number one. So I'm going to take Trabisky here. Wow. I had the viewers. I was excited about them, especially when the game unfolded, where it was just classic stealers. They were somehow in the game. It was 6-3. They had no first downs and two turnovers recovered. And it was just in all the makings. And then Pica gets hurt and Trabiski comes in. And I can just tell you how crestfall and I was when I saw him. Really? He throws it up for grabs. The one thing we said about Trabiski in the past was if he doesn't know he's playing, sometimes he's okay. Not the case today. Not the case. Now there are some bad calls, and that Pittsburgh was mad about after. But I've just completely given up on him. I don't know what he does well. I don't think he knows what he does well. They don't really know. He's not Josh Allen anymore. He doesn't scramble out to the sides or anything. He just is this terrible pocket pester. So he's my first pick. And then I have to take this Jaren Hall that came in for cousins.


Who is that guy? Where did he come from?


It's almost unfair.


They're four and four. Is he the starter now?


No, they got to... No. But... Don't you get if this was a course, wouldn't you give him an N-A? I mean, it was three for four for 23 yards. I know QBR could need some work, like a 4.3 or whatever, but no, they can't stick with them. You're right to not have any confidence in them.


Who do you have with the fourth pick?


All right. Wow. Boy, there's so many.


There really are. A lot of good people left on the board.


I'll go Brett Ripon for one. Not inspiring. As soon as I saw 7.7 QBR came in against the Cowboys, I wasn't scared at all. I said, put Stafford in with the broken hand or whatever he has, so you'll do better.


It was 5.10, 4.2. Yeah, Five Rippen comes in when you have the Cowboys defense and fantasy and you're delighted.


Yeah, exactly. So that's it. So do I get another one, too? Do I.


Get two? Yeah.


I'll tell you what, man.




Dorian, Thompson, Robinson came in and threw a pass. Does that count? It was one-for-one- You could.


Have him. All right, that's it. Okay.


All right, he's that. He stinks. This is great. We should do this every week. Instead of ranking MVPs, we talk, Oh, it's the homes. It's to a... We should do this.


So you have theOréal and Thompson. That was a really ballsy pick. I like it. Thank you. Man, Zach Wilson can't go lower than this. I got to have him. Really? Even though he threw... I turned that game off. I didn't realize because the giants had the ball. They were inside the 30. They had a three-point lead. It was under two minutes left, and they're running. And I'm just like, Oh, this is over. They're going to run out the clock. And then all of a sudden, they cut in to the other game on the Red Zone or something like 10-10. I don't even understand how they got it back. So Wilson made one big play, but I still think he's terrible. I mean, 10 points seems like a miracle with him.


All right, but wait a minute. At least he drove them down to a tying field goal. Anyone you're not picking you think could do that? Maybe you're right.


Maybe it's- No, he's there. Okay. Pj Walker is my other one. Okay. Not bad. I want to talk about that Brown's game in the next segment, but he had three turnovers again. He's just not functional. He's a 50 % passer. He has bad judgment. There's drop passes with him. He's a little like Dobbs. He can do just enough to fool you into thinking the offense is moving. But if you actually have money on him or you're ruining for him, he's just a nightmare. So he's my pick.


All right, that's fair.


What have you got? You got two.


Janu Smith threw a pass.


I won't count that. No, you can't. We're not- Okay.


He doesn't count.




I get two. These are my last two. This will be.


Five for me. Yeah, we.


Might go six each. We can go two hours with this. Yeah. I got to put Kenny Pickett in there. He stinks. He was 10 for 16 for 73 yards, but this is the middle of the second quarter that negative 1 yards total. He does this all the time. This is ridiculous. If he has an average defense, he's done. We say it every week. That's it. I'm sorry.


The problem is he heats up in the last 10 minutes of the game, but he got hurt before he had a chance to heat up. He had the first play of the game. I think it was Deonte Johnson just wide open over the middle, and it looked like it would have been a 40-yard pass and he overthrew him. And Johnson maybe could have called it in. But it was just wide. It was just like, Oh, this is going to be another Kenny Picket game.


But this is... I'm telling you, it's he defining system quarterback because this is the only system he could be in, where the Steeler's team, they're playing such good defense, they leave him good field position and he could maybe put up some point. You wouldn't want him for Mac Jones, right? I mean, I'm not...


No. Well, I will say this makes me feel better about how high I took Trubiski because I was actually bummed out when Kenny Pickett came out. And I agree this is the right range for him to get drafted.


All right, who's your next one? I got one more. I can't believe.


That I take- I can't believe that I take- -and it hasn't gone yet.


Can I take DaVito again? No.


Well, Tyson-Bagent is still out there. Yeah, I.


Think we gave him too much credit. You know what? You take Tyson Bayden. I'm going to take Desmond Ritter. I'm sick of this guy, too. I'm going to take another starter. I don't speak ill of the guy. I think he's in concussion protocol, but 8 for 12 for 71, and that's what the best we're going to get out of him. Had three turnovers last week, three fumbles. Two of them inside the one, one inside the seven?


How many turnovers do you have today? One or two?


I think it was just one today.


Yeah, he had a bad humble. Okay. All right. So you have Ritter. I am taking Tyson Baygent.




And I'm taking Mac Jones. And Mac Jones, honestly, this is incredible value. Classic Mac Jones today.


Is he a keeper? Is he a keeper in your bed?


Yeah, you're going to roll him over. He looked pretty good last week. He sucked all of us in to thinking that that pass game was sitting there for them. I don't know if they could have stolen it, but their defense was really good today. And they had that PI that they called on Tyree Kill was just an unbelievable, just a barely touch call. Did not match a lot of the other stuff that happened. They missed the helmet to helmet that got DeVante Parker knocked out of the game. But the Pets were hanging around. They're driving at the end. They played the end of the second quarter perfectly. It's like, Miami is not going to get the ball back. We're either going to field goal or we're going to tie the game. They're driving down. And then he throws it right to Jaylen Ramsey. And that ball was in the air for five seconds. And it was the culmination of a bunch of shaky plays where it's just like he loses his... It's like watching a basketball player who can't make a three-pointer. He just loses his confidence.


It was in the air for five seconds. He was throwing 20-yard Hal Marys.


It looked like a helium balloon. He makes three, four terrible throws a game. They dropped a couple of picks from him today. They were showing wide replays of him taking sacks, but there would be two guys open that he just wasn't throwing to for some reason. Pretty brutal. So anyway, I got Tyson, Baygeon, Mac Jones. All right, you want one.


More pick? Yeah, I'll just take one more. I don't need to do the double here. I don't think it's time for Dobbs. I don't think it's time for Minsur. Just yet, it would be easy to say Will Levis, but we could wait one week, I think, before he comes back down to Earth. I'm going to say Jordan Love. Given up on Jordan Love, too. 24 for 41, 229, that's the best he's going to do. A 17 QBR, 11 touchdowns, eight interceptions on the year. And it seems much worse. When you watch him play, it just seems much worse than those numbers I just read.


He's gotten worse every week. And I was very enticed potentially to bet on them today, and he was the reason I didn't bet on them. It's not just him, though. That might be the worst coach team in the League now. I think they had eight penalties in the first half, but they just like they look like they have in practice. They're just a mess. And it's not like they don't have talent. I know they lost their left tackle, but they do have some way. It shouldn't be this hard for them to move the ball downfield and score. They're playing the fucking Vikings.


Maybe we do worst coach next week draft.


Oh, worst coach would be really fun. All right. So guys who didn't get picked, Sam Howe, Josh Dobbs, Russell Wilson, Bryce Young.




Will Levis, who shouldn't have been picked because he was really good today. So there we go. All right. Sal's team is Davito, Jordan Love, Ritter, Ripen, Dorian, Thompson, Robinson. You cheated with that one, and Kenny Pickett. And then I have Zach Wilson, PJ Walker, Mac Jones, Tyson Baygent, Trubiski, and Jaren Hall. Nice. That's a good group. We have to put those on social and we'll have everybody vote and see who has the better bad quarterback team. Let's take a break and we'll talk about some of the other week aid stuff. All right, let's play some burning questions. Do you believe in Will Levis? Is my first question.


I'm trying to think what team the Falcons remind me of in that you just throw out their games. Don't pretend you're good because you beat them. Don't pretend you're bad that you lost to them. They're just a-.


Are they the unpredictable Johnny Rods? Yeah, exactly.


Unpredictable Johnny Rods. Just the veteran.


They're the Kevin Owens? Yeah.


Oh, all that jobbers, but can make you look good one night. And I don't know where it came from. I really don't. But this Titan's team, just the team seems to play like this every three weeks when you want to write them off.


I went to get some of the million dollar picks. It was one of my losing picks because they were doing this QB. It seemed like Semi-Platoon with Will Levis and Willique Willis. And that, to me, just smelled like a disaster. I usually like them at home, Vrabel at home as a dog, that Atlanta team, who the hell trust them?


You know what else probably swayed you? And maybe it was subconsciously all the trade talk about Derek Henry. He's not going to be on this team next week.


They tried to buy our team and it just made me think that they were throwing the talent on the season. And I got to say, man, and this is one of the games I had in my four box for most of the day, I thought he made some really good throws. He throws a nice deep ball and it's accurate and he steps into it. Now he had some time to throw, but he didn't seem rattled to me. He didn't seem skittish, seemed pretty calm. Once they had the lead, he was going up to the line. He was milking the clock to two seconds left and snapping it. And he hit all the throws he needed to hit. I was impressed.


Well, listen, DeAndre Hopkins is, I don't want to put a number on him, top 10 or top eight or whatever. He's still damn good.


Yeah, he should have made eight- We should have made eight in that game.


Eight weeks before he scores his touchdown. It shouldn't be put Willison and get that done.


They did the thing that I just don't understand why the Patriots don't do. Maybe they don't feel like they have the receiver. But when you're not a good offense, just chuck it down field. Right. Two out of three results are positive. It's either a PI or a catch or the ball is under throne and the guy gets interfered with. It's the most dangerous offense in the League. If you're Tennessee, just.


Fucking do it. Especially a veteran receiver who knows how to play that, right? Yeah.


Philly has figured out with AJ Brown. They're at a whole other level with it because their quarterback is actually good. And they could just whip it down anytime they want. But I was really impressed. I really was, because I think Atlanta's defense is pretty good. And I don't know, that was a game that if he wasn't good, I think they would have lost.


And now they go to, well, we'll talk about it, but they have a prime time game against Pittsburgh. On Thursday night?


Yeah, it's a tough one. So we'll know on Thursday. But I thought for a rookie start, especially because what was the top of the second round?


Very solid. Yeah.


I'll take them over to Mac Jones right now. All right, next question. Is it Brock, pretty, panic time? Question mark. Question mark. Exclamation point. Question mark. Whoa.


If you put it that way, man, it might be. I feel like a fraud because I was screaming that he should get an extension and circumvent all the rules and get the extension like three weeks ago. Yeah. But that second interception was really bad. We could blame Trent Williams being out or whatever. There's not a ton of pressure on him on some of these throws. And it is very strange. I mean, that sideline interception was crazy, but that second one was really bad. And I saw some weird stat with shanehan, who was four and 28 when losing by three points or more and then during the fourth quarter. The conditions almost have to be perfect for them.


And There was some other stat. What is it? Like when they're down eight heading into the fourth quarter, he's.


Like, never won. Then he's done.




I don't know. I'm not going to panic just yet, but it does seem like more needs to be right for him for things to go positively.


So our guy, Steven Ruiz from The Ringer, who was on this podcast a few weeks ago, but he had planted his flag. He does these QB rankings for us every week that are really great. And he just calls it like he sees it. And he had Purdy in the 20s in the rankings every week. And when they started out 3 and a 4 and a 0, people were fucking pissed. And people are coming at him. It became a local story in the Bay Area. There was pieces written about it. This is such disrespect. Peter King mentioned it. And I got to give Rui's credit. He stuck to his guns. He's like, Look, this is what I see. I think he's a product of the system, and I just don't think he's very good. And he never wavered. And it was like a victory lap the last two weeks for him. And I like Purdy more than that. I do think he does a lot of good things. But once Debo... The second question I could ask you is Debo, Samuel, was way more valuable than we realized. Because once you took Debo out of this...


I mean, he did throw up for 365 today. He had a bunch of guys at big games. But it wasn't just the two picks. There were some other plays that could have been picked, too. He was bad.


Yeah. And he went up against a better quarterback. Let's not forget, Borough, I think we underrated Borough too, right? We still want to stick him with the injury. Like, Oh, we sure he's in sync with Jamar Chase. Yeah, that team is back and they're going to be tough to beat and we should like them the rest of the way. And by the way, I love what we opened with the bad quarterback draft, but we are going to get a ton of shit online for this because we went after people's the highest of the city's hopes. How dare you about Tommy DeVito? We're going to hear about from every fan base. It's going to be terrible all week.


Tommy DeVito is a good guy.




The Purdy thing. So this season is so long. It would be like, I don't know, The Sopranos if this season was like 20 episodes instead of 10 or 13, whatever it was, where the dips and the storylines, just the ebb and flows of them. This Purdy thing, it's week eight. Purdy's had like, there's been seven different Brock Purdy storylines already. And now going forward, is there Darnell, Buzz, Building? Are they just going to say, no, no. Was he still a little slightly fuzzy from last week? Is this a confidence thing where now it's not going to be the same? It just becomes this compelling story that I'm excited to follow.


I'd still be very surprised if they weren't.




Championship weekend in the NFC.


Still very surprised. If you're giving me all three of those weapons and they're all playing, the thing that was surprising to me today was just how the Bengals just torched them. I mean, the Bengals had 29 first downs in that game. And it's like that way. They just felt like they were driving every time.


Defense isn't great. They gave up four scores and five Red Zone trips, I think, against Cincinnati. That's another problem.


Well, that leads to the next question. Are the Bengals officially back? It feels like they are capital B back because Burrow was awesome today. And they just looked like the Bengals. We've been waiting on it. They are the defensive coordinator, Big Lou. Once again, outwitted the other team's offensive, whoever they were. But Burrow was on it today.


Really good. And I think he could have even had better stats, honestly, if you want to. What was he? 28 for 32, over 280 yards. And they ran on him, too. They gave up 134 rushing San Francisco. It's not the same 49ers defense. I think that's probably the biggest story. But yeah, he's hitting everybody again. He's spreading it out. The Irv Smith Jr. Are getting involved at this point, plus Boyd, Higgins, and Chase, and Mixing is doing things that he didn't even do last year. So this whole offense is flowing.


And they could add more points. Smith had a fumble inside the 10. It was funny watching that game comes on right after this bad quarterback that we had in the early games. And Borough comes in and everything's on target. And then he hits somebody in the corner with no room at all. And it's like, Oh, I'm watching a good quarterback. It's almost like your brain... It's like putting on the they live sunglasses and your brain has to adjust to this vision you get. They look really good. I never crossed them off. It was unclear how when he was going to be healthy. And it was unclear if their secondary was just considerably worse than it was last year because they had some defections, but the pedigree of them. We talked about this one we did over others at the start of the year. It was like tough schedule. Burrow is hurt already. Could you see? Is this one of those seasons where they start out slow? They get better as it goes along. And then by November, December, they look like the Bengals again. So we're on pace for that.


Why don't we like plus 330 then for the division? Is it just too much, too much Ravens?


I think we do. We talked to on Thursday. We were talking about some of the longer shoutouts. One of them was Seattle for the division was like, I think, plus 550 on Thursday.


Right. Yeah.


And you just had to think like, all right, if they win at home and San Francisco somehow loses, they'll be dead-even. They still play San Francisco twice. They have two and three weeks against them.


Plus 250 now, by the way, the Seahawks chair.


Yeah, the Bengals, though, they had to do that before you could bet on them, I feel like. Didn't you feel like they had to have a game- Yeah, I think so. What we saw? I didn't know if they had an interim or not.


Everybody's beaten up on Arizona, and it's fine. But I think you're right. Now they had a big win, and now they played Buffalo at home this week. But plus three-thirds, this might be the time they jump on them. They're game and a half back from Baltimore. I know they lost to them, but.




Have one more.


Kirst to Taylor Swift? It's a tiny question, question mark? Eight point font? Question mark? That's the worst the Chiefs have ever looked today in the Moh homes era. Ever.


Really bad.


Really bad. And really bad if you add them in a tease. It was then it really was really bad.


I sure did. I sure did. I sure did too. I feel like we got a lot of misinformation on this game. First of all, Schaefer told us it's going to be 8-12 inches of snow. I was like, That's great.


It was like a quarter of an inch of snow.


Yeah, it was nothing. I couldn't even tell, depending on how big a box or was in. But I was like, Oh, Denver's 31st rank defense secondary is going to be slipping around. No, no snow. And then no one until this morning when our picks were all and said that my homes was sick. So how is that fair?


I've had it making picks on Thursdays. I might just dump million dollar picks and come up with some different gimmick where I get to do the picks on Sunday. The Chiefs is in tease. And then it's like, my homes might not play. If he plays, he's sick. It's like, well, fucking great. I made my bet on million dollar picks on Thursday. I bet the real game on Tuesday. And now he's sick?


Yeah, take some emergency.


They scored nine points. With that said, Denver's defense, which gave up 70 points to Miami, I would say the two weirdest results of the entire season that have affected most of my picks negatively were Dolphins 70, Broncos 20, and the Cardinals beating the Cowboys.


Yeah, I think that's fair.


Where I think that's fair. It just really screwed up just how you saw... Because there's other ones like the Jet Speed Philly, and it's all right. That's a complete fluke. But- I think we would.


Have said Jet's Buffalo, but now that seems like, All right. Yeah, now that makes sense.


That first week. There was so much money to be made from the Cardinals these last couple of weeks, although they somehow miraculously covered it.


Can I read you?




Talking about quarterbacks, Moh homes, 15 touchdowns, eight interceptions. Russell Wilson, 16 touchdowns, four interceptions. How is that possible? Wow.




Is that possible?


Our guy, Shio Kapadi, at The Ringer tweeted today, The Chiefs have played 102 games with Patrick Moh homes. Among that sample, today's offensive performance ranked last in EPA per drive. And then he said this season, The Chiefs have had five games that rank 80th or lower among Moh homes' 102 starts. So I think we're officially in the he doesn't have enough good weapons era of this chiefs season. So I wanted a trade deadline Tuesday. Is Kendrick Bourne, did they get news on that knee injury he had?


I didn't see anything on that. I thought he was perfect, chiefs game. Well, they bring back the coal hard men. He's going to be a great receiver. Then he botches that pun down 14-9. And to his credit, he said it was his fault. He did the thing where he touched his chest. That's my bad. It's like, Oh, okay. Well, yeah, you are- I wasn't sure who else is the father of this. You dropped the pun. Yeah, and then somebody else jumped on it.


Oh, yeah. Kendrick Bourne, it looks like an MCL injury. They'll know for sure tomorrow. Yeah, Hardman had the worst returner stretch of any half this season. He had the big fumble of the game that killed them. And then the next one, he had the next one. He ran backwards, got tackled for a 10-yard loss. Then, in a kickoff return, he had a kickoff return. He got tackled in the 12. Thanks for coming back, McCall.


Good to see you, buddy. Yeah, they couldn't start anything. They couldn't get anything started.


Yeah, the Chiefs, we had that running joke for years and years of chiefs are down 10, four minutes left, but they're minus 140 to win the game. And it's like, we should just bet this. Every time they come back. Did you feel like they were going to come back today? Because I did not. I did.


Yeah, 14- You did? -get in the ball with that ball in the air. Yeah, I just thought Denver would fold. I've seen enough Denver. I don't know. I got swayed by the 18 in a row, however many they had beaten them. Oh, my God, this is just going to continue.


Is Denver a cross-off team for you?




Are they at now? Three and five. They have a buy week. And then Monday night at Buffalo, home Minnesota, home Cleveland, at Houston, at Chargers, at Lions, home Pats, home Chargers, at Raiders. I don't see how they get to 10 wins.


I think they're going to have to decide for us, right? I think, are they sellers is the question, right? Because if they get rid of Certan and Jerry Judy who's all of a sudden come to life, then they don't have a shot. But looking at it on paper with that schedule you read, and I think the chargers wouldn't be a cross-off. And they're what? Three and four? So what? They're a half game behind Denver now? Denver is a half game behind? I say no cross-off yet. I don't know how.


I wanted to do cross-offs in a second because the is really hard because the 7C, we'll talk about that in one second. On the AFC side, the jets are four and three. Crazy. And of that four and three, two overtime wins. Three of the four wins are games where the other team's fan base after the game was like, I can't believe we fucking lost that game. They've had three of those, which I think leads the league. Today, they won the worst game of the year, one of the biggest aff fronts to professional football that we've had since-.


Everyone should apologize for that game from YouTube, TV to Roger Goodell and on.


Really bad. And yet the jets are still hanging around. So from a standing standpoint, if you look at the conference, we have four six-win teams and Buffalo is a five-win team. But then we have four four-win team. We have four, four, and three teams: Pittsburgh, Cleveland, the Jets, and the Bengals. And then Houston's three and four, and Tennessee's three and four, and the Chargers are three and four. So I don't think there's any way to predict this, but there might be a good long shot make the playoffs bet out of one of those three and four teams. I think Houston is rising to the surface now. That Carolina game is pretty-.


That bummed me out. I won against the green. I know everybody had the Panthers. And I just was like, no, this can't be. This new coordinator, this can't be the be all, end all. They all have safety is out, but there was no scoring in.


That one. Well, we said last week, I was talking about how I love the Texans. And after doing all the work, it just seemed like the line was off. And it really was a kitchen sink game for the Panthers. They took Bryce, Arverstrad, their own six. They don't have their own first round pick. They're coming off a buy. If there's ever a week to you have to get one at someone.


They made that kick or kicked that field goal like 17 times to win the game. They're like, No, we can't get one yet. One more. Just do it again.


All right. So we'll put KC in Miami and Jacksonville and Baltimore in there. Let's just put those four. I'm not ready to put Buffalo in yet. Definitely not Pittsburgh. Cleveland, four and three. Can we talk about that game? That was my new worst loss of the year.


That one was- Because.


That game was over and fucking Stefansky, who does this twice a year, who can't help himself, who is the dumbest game management person in the League who still has a job. It's third and three. The Seahawks haven't done anything for two fucking hours. The Browns defense just completely shut them down. The game is done. Third and three, they're on their own 40. It's under two minutes left. Seahawks have two timeouts. They're running the ball for five yards of carry. And it's like you have to run the ball there. You just have to. Your quarterback is PJ Walker. You can't trust him to do anything. You just can't run the ball. Either you get the first down or they have to call timeout. You're going to punch. They're going to have the ball in their own 15, and they haven't done anything in two hours. Worst case, they're going to come down and get a field goal. And instead, they throw it. He throws it. It hits Jamal Adams' helmet, bounces up in there, they get a pick. And then Seattle scores in five seconds. And I'm just sitting there like I had the Browns plus three and a half.


I'm like, What the hell just happened? I already counted the bet.


This didn't have to be like this.


Worst loss of the year.


And yet I feel like there's like three games a week where you say, Oh, if they had just run the ball down in the fourth quarter with four minutes left, it would have been over. I feel like the giants could have done that too on fourth and one. Right. I know you were going red zone, but they had a kick to field goal with fourth and one. No, it's raining. It's fourth and one. You got to just go for it. Just go forward there. A lot of these, I second-guess a lot of them. But that one I did. I'm like, All right, I'll reserve judgment, and then I'll see what Twitter says, and I'll be on that side. But no, a lot of these guys like PJ Walker shouldn't be passing. That freaking Tommy DeVito, they should have taken out of his hand and Barkley should have run.


And these guys are- The giant thing is a good example because it's like, who do you trust more? A 35-year-old field goal in the pouring rain or just getting a yard. And even if you don't get the yard, they're still trapped down there inside their 20 and whatever. And then the Brown thing, who do you trust more? My defense has just completely dominated Seattle for the last two hours. Or PJ Walker? To me, that's no contest. I don't want PJ Walker deciding... He's the one that can lose me the game. But Stefanski, he did this last year, too. What was that game? They were up 13?


He does it with nick Chubb. Yeah, it doesn't matter who he has.


Yeah, he's just-.


But what happened? I have a solution, I think. I think we get rid of the Coach of the Year award. I think it drives these guys crazy. They get egos and they're like, All right, I got to do things more challenging because I already have this hard war.




Davel won it, Stefanski won it a few years ago. These are decent coaches.


Maybe it should be dumb Coach of the Year. They should have that one to balance that off because this was the dumbest. I just can't believe he had him throw the ball. I thought they would have gotten the first one if they ran it. The Seahawks were gassed.


That would be a good ESP award. Bonehead play of the year. Do it.




Players, athletes. That was annoying.


Who's going to be the NFC seventh seat is the next question I have. So we got the five playoff teams: Philly, Dallas, Detroit, San Francisco, and Seattle. I'm going to put all of them in. We have the NMC South as either Atlanta or New Orleans. They're both four and four. That's six, tentatively seven if you just wanted to put both in. We have Minnesota at four and four who no longer has Kurt Cousins that we haven't even talked about yet. Kurt Cousins out for the air within the Nileys. An amazing year for him where he does the Netflix show. Playing his best football. Yeah. Yeah, he has the Netflix show. Everybody likes him. He becomes the big winner from the show, plays his best football, puts the team on his back. They lose Jefferson, still playing great. He was great today, and then blows out as a kill as everybody feels bad. They're four and four. And then it goes to Tampa Bay 3 and four. I don't like that team at all. Rams 3 and five looks like they're going to be Stafford. What happened with him? What do we think?


I don't know. It's still.


Some thumb injury, we'll find out. Yeah. Washington, three and five. Then we go down to the Green Bay 2 and 5, Chicago 2 and 5, giants 2 and 6, Arizona 1 and 7, Carolina 1 and 7. I just listed all the NFC teams. So it looks like Atlanta or New Orleans.




I guess if they both make it-.


I understand. I feel this is owner's malpractice like Mark Cuban-esque. If the Vikings don't go out and get either Colt, McCoy, or Cooper Rush. Honestly, I looked at the schedule and it's not just because I have the Vikings to make the playoffs, but I think they can make it. They have to beat those teams you talked about. They have to beat out these crap NFC South teams. Now, I know they already lost to Tampa Bay in game one, but they're better than Tampa Bay. You mean to tell me like, Colt, McCoy, we're going to put you in. You're going to get Justin Jefferson back and you're going to get Addison to throw to. Our defense is pretty solid.


Yeah, you have two awesome receivers. You got to get them some- They.


Should get the seven seed unless they stick with Manion and the B-Y-U kid you mentioned and Hall. They have to get somebody. I think McCoy had three years with McConnell.


Or O'Connor, if you've ever. They played Atlanta next week, Home Saints at Denver, Home Chicago at Vegas. They could win four of those. They're at St. C, home Detroit, home for Green Bay and at Detroit. So the End or End gets a little tough for them. But they could be eight and five in a couple of weeks. I would get Preset. That would be the guy like, Sure. That's fine. Here's a fifth rounder for a %. He's not playing for you anyway.


That's fine. I think nine and eight gets you there, gets that seven C in the NFC. I mean, list those teams you listed.


Well, the question is Atlanta or New Orleans, one of those won't win the NFC South. Could one of those teams go nine and eight?




I don't know about Atlanta. As you said, they're the Johnny Rodd's team this year. But I would say they're going the wrong direction. And the Saints are just like, one week they'll look good, the next week they don't. But at least they have Camara playing really well. Olave, I can't say a lot of is jumping off the TVs. He had a big drop today in today's game. But their defense is good. And if they could just get card to game management. So my money would be on Atlanta and New Orleans to make it. But I'm with you. I think Minnesota should try to get a quarter back from those guys.


They have to. Yeah, really. We don't see tanking by teams that could win and get these seven seed. I'm not saying that even with the seven seed, they're going to go into San Francisco and win or whatever it would be, but they have to try.


Let's take one more break. A couple more questions really quick. Exactly how many cross-off teams do we have? Arizona one and seven. I'm crossing them off.




Carolina one and seven. Patts two and six. It's over.


What's the seven seed right now? What's the record of the seven seed? 10 Wins.


Is getting the seven seed from.


The seed.


Okay. All right. Fine. Crossed them off. Today was so discouraging. I don't want to talk about it. Bears are two and five, crossing them off. And then it gets.




Vegas, if they lose tomorrow night, I think they're an official cross-off, right? They'd be three and five heading the wrong direction, probably a seller in two days. It's weird. I'm not ready to cross up Denver yet.


I don't think you can cross up any of the other three-win teams.


Yeah, I don't think you can either.


Did you say Packers or are you going to give them a shot at two and five?


I think Packers and giants, I don't think you can cross off yet because eight, nine might be the seven C. And the giants defense has been good now for what? Four straight weeks? Three straight weeks? Whatever. I actually think if they're two and six, but they should be four and four. They should have beaten the bills last week. They should have beaten the jets today. Green Bay is going the wrong direction. And I actually think LaFler is in first coach fired territory now. Don't you think?


Yeah, I think he's one of three or four coaches right in there.




I don't know.


He might lead the league right now for there's a flag, a positive play has been called back on offense or defense, followed by the shot of the confused coach in the sidelines. I think he's our lead leader this year, Matt LaFler.


I like that.


Just like, Oh, man, that would have been a really good play. I can't believe we got another penalty. Bellcheck, by the way.


Should that be an official stat? If you ever go to arbitration or have to keep your job, you're like, Well, you have seven confused cutaways, according to Fox.


7.2 confused cutaways again.


There's four shots of you holding the flag like you want to throw at the red challenge flag, but you're not sure. And then you would drop it by accident. I like that stat.


Aj Brown or Ty reek for you? Receiver of the year.


We just gave it to Tyreke last week. I got stuck with Tyreke, I think.


I agree with you. But H. A. Brown, holy shit.


It just gets me mad.




And then Julio Jones and Byer.


That's the train of the year.


All those guys.


Like when the chiefs, the Ty reed trade.




Knew that trade hurt, but there are real salary cap reasons. But Tennessee, I mean, the dude already got fired. But man, that guy is... They've just figured out how to unleash him. I have him on multiple fantasy teams in the League that you and I are in where we vote out, where the champ gets to vote out somebody that I've not won since the magical 2007 season. I have Jaylen Hertz, Devonte Smith, AJ Brown, Jake Elliott, and The Eagles Defense.


What? You do? Oh, man. Can I play you on there? Bye. I kept.


Starting Devonte Smith because it was like one of these weeks he's going to catch me and he'd be dead. But I got 41 points out of the two Eagles receivers today and 30.5 out of Hertz. It's like the fantasy boon of all time.


I know. And yet I had a great moment with that Tush, push, failed. I was so excited. I was like, Joe House's commanders are going to pull it off. You know what it was like when that Tush, push, failed? It was like when Chosin caught Danielson's crane kick. I was like, Yes, there's a defense to it. He fained the can and then forced Danielson to mistime the crane kick and worked on his leg. That's what it was, except it didn't matter they won.


So I have a chance to win all three of my fantasy leagues. What's the most- Who cares? -most fantasy leagues you've won in a year?


I won three years ago. Three out of eight.


Three out of eight?


Yeah. I really.


Think I can win our league and vote somebody out. So early. I bet to that, ever since we've had the rule, I think I can win. I've got Hertz, I have hurts. I have Kamara, ATN, Mostart, I have Goff as my backup QB. I have the two Philly receivers, Drake, London, Christian, Rotson, Roche. I have enough receivers.


Is that the one you want the portal for me? Yeah.


I wanted to trade you, Kido, for LaPorter. Thank God I didn't. Kiddo had his huge day. Maybe we'll talk.


He did? All right, we'll do it. I got to mix things up.


And then the other league were in the Keeper League. I was on four, and now I'm on pace to win my fourth straight. Really? Fantastic. It's made me so unhappy. It's so nice to just have good fantasy teams. I really feel uplifted. It's really positive. Yeah.


What time do you check your scores?


I check them a bunch because the gambling has not gone well this year. So the fantasy at least makes me feel good. Then the gambling makes me.


Feel bad. I feel like I checked in the first quarter of the night game. Obviously, I check it for lineups, and I'll check it Thursday night and everything. But Sunday, maybe it's because I'm not doing well in fantasy.


Well, you're trying to watch. You're watching fucking eight box. I know. You're watching eight games. You're a psycho. All right. So Tyreex does the title. And then last question is, now I'm bummed out that the Pats won last week. What? If the Pats had won last week, they would be in pole position now for a top pick. Now they still have two wins, but they fooled all of us because the defense is pretty good and they can run the ball. And the offensive line was actually okay, but Mac is so bad. It's just like they're just dead on arrival.


You played a better team. The Dolphins are better. They're better than you.


We were hanging with them, man.


I know. It was like an hour. It was 24-10 for an hour and a half.


If we could have gone in 14-10 or 14-14 half time, I feel like we could have taken them. Now I want them in the tank.


I mean, you're going to want them in the tank and then you're going to end up drafting a Tommy DeVito. And you're going to be like, What the hell happened here?


Tommy DeVito's brother, Frank DeVito? Yeah. That was the most discouraging Mac game yet. It really was. Because he actually had... Yeah, it was bad. He was bad.


What about against the Cowboys? I'm insulted by that. It was awful against the Cowboys.


Yeah, but you have a good defense. Miami has a couple of good guys on defense, but I wouldn't say they have a good defense. We were running the ball on them. Speaking of defenses, by the way, the Eagles gave up 472 yards and 26 first downs to Washington. So I don't know what's going on with them.


And I don't think they sacked them either. That guy is taking 40 sacks this year. That was the big thing. They couldn't get to him.


That was a weird one because that's one where it really felt like Washington could have won that game. I know. And it came down to AJ Brown made two fucking crazy catches and Howe had a turnover at the worst possible time. But they were definitely-.


Damn it, House. I know. So close.


All right, week nine, guest alliance. I won in the last two weeks.


Yeah, I don't like what's happening here. It's 4, 2, and 2.


Is that right? Yeah, 4, 2, and 2. You have 4, 1, and one side, too. Thursday night is Stealers and the Titans. What's the deal with Picket? Do we have any? I don't even know if that affects the line, Picket or Trabiski.


Does- I don't think it moves the line at all, honestly.


It feels like it should move it a little bit because Trabiski, it's just sad. I think it's going to go the.


Other way. You're making fun of my draft pick. I don't like that.


This is in Pittsburgh, and I have the Stealers by two and a half.


I had that exact. Oh, no, I had three and a half. You got it because it's two and a half. Okay.


I think that's the right line because the Thursday night, Titan is coming off of emotional, home underdog win. Will Levis, 72 hours of everybody blowing smoke up his butt. And now all of a sudden, you're playing again on a Thursday night, barely enough time to prepare. Steward's defense is good. Yeah.


It's just so uninspiring.


Don't bet this game, everybody.


Yeah, that's-Yeah, but listen, and I can't even get mad at the schedule makers because someone sent me something like, Did you see week 10, Thursday night? There's bears, Panthers. I'm like, Yeah, there's just not enough solid quarterbacks anymore. What are they supposed to do?


We did that first year at Grantland in 2011. We had the bad quarterback league we started with the fantasy league with points for all the different things because the Kibbies are bad that year. You got to go back.


You got to go back. Go see if that was worse than this because this really feels bad.


We got a Germany game on Sunday, Chiefs to Offins. Somehow the best game of the week, and it's being played in Germany. Maybe the Moh homes will recover from the virus that Taylor Sliff gave them.


This will be the most watched first quarter of an overseas game, right? People will wake up. They're not going to miss to against Patrick Moh homes first quarter. The West Coast, they're up at 6:30.


Great gambling game. A lot of fantasy guys. I would say this is probably the best overseas game we've had. Oh, yeah. Because usually it's Jacksonville or it's a good team against a bad team. This is the two best AFC teams, right? For sure. Yeah.


I don't think anything even compares.


I guess Baltimore, two of the three best.


Afc teams.


I put this in the TikTok zone of Chiefs by one and a half.


All right. I got this. Even though John Jostremski keeps doing this, he keeps... We're on this text chain. He keeps sending us these lines ahead of time. I give him a thumbs down. I'm like, We do this as a podcast.


Guess the lines. You know what's funny? I missed when he did that, but I saw your reaction, so I didn't scroll up to see what his thing was. I didn't see it.


Well, this is going to seem suspicious. But he said it was three. I was like, I think it's two and a half. It is two and a half. Kansas City favorite by two and a half. So I get that.


Fucking JJ. What's wrong with that guy? Yeah. Chief's two and a half.


I don't like what my home is doing here.


Well, I don't bet on the Thursday Night Games, and I don't bet on the foreign soil games. I'm going to be staying away from this one.


Is Tate going to Germany?


Maybe. Dolphins and the Teas looks pretty appetizing. Oh, yeah. We hit to a couple of times today. There was a couple where it was like, oh, then he just got up. But I thought that Pat was good today.


He's not as elusive as he should be, I think, right? When that pocket crumbles, he gets swallowed up.


He's good at moving up, where if the pressure's on the outsides, he's good at immediately recognizing it and taking off. But I agree with you. Sunday, Marquee Game, another great one. Eagle's Home for the Cowboys. I did a preliminary guest of the Lines before I watched all the games. I did it this morning as I was watching the Wise Guys. Did you guys do that? Yeah.




And then I ended up bumping this down by an entire point. Initially, I had Eagles minus four. But after watching the action today, I moved it to Eagles minus three.


Are you going to get it? I said three and a half, and it's two and a half. And that's too low. That's not right.


Yeah, but it's like what we said before. The Washington took it to the Eagles today. So if you're thinking like Dallas is a better version of Washington. And we know that the home field isn't three points anymore. What is it? Two?


It's probably two, but they're better. They're at least... I mean, you should be right, at least. It should be three. There should be a point better and then add the two on that place is going to be a zoo.


So don't go soft on me. You could beat this team. Don't start making excuses. We're not.


Following for it. We didn't even talk about the cowboys. They crushed the rims.


I watched none of.


The touchdowns. Really?


Yeah. Once you went up, I was like... Because it wasn't in the YouTube TV package. It was.


In the cable package. It screwed things up out here because it was blacked out.


It wasn't in the Sunday ticket. So it was either I had to use a TV on cable or I was just like, Fuck it. And then you took a big lead. I got excited when I was 33, 17. I thought about pulling it back. So were you happy with how you looked?


I loved it. I loved every minute of it. There's always something like I would have liked to see a big, pollard game, but we didn't get there. We saw a big, dash game. So it's great for his confidence. He threw four touchdowns. But I was most upset because I got phoned on a same game, Parlay, that I gave out on Fandle under 61 and a half points and McVeigh kicks a field goal down 43-17. I don't know what the hell he's doing. And it wasn't like four than 20. It was like four than six.


Oh, my God.


Yeah. So anyway, but still good.


43-20 will take it. That's a fun game. Yeah. The only thing that would worry me is I'm not sure I've seen the Eagles play a really good game yet. They keep winning these games where it's like they're either Milton Berling it or it's a game where some good stuff happened. But then this also happened. And what does this mean? Or somebody got hurt or.


But you could beat them for two and a half quarters and still lose. I feel like every team, not every team has done this, but a lot of teams have had them on the ropes and especially on the road and stuff. And they just rise up. I don't know.


It seems like you can run on the corners on them, and it seems like you can throw on the over the middle on them. That's from all the Eagles games like Bryan Robinson a couple of times, just ripping around the corners on them. And they just seem a little slow on the linebackers would be my take. The Ring or Philly Special Guys would do way more than me. But I thought Washington was really comfortable offensive way against him. You have a better offense in Dallas than I watched in this. I only have one Watchables.


Seattle, Baltimore.


Yeah, Ravens and Seahawks. Excellent game. So on the one hand, great win by Seattle, right? They got the turnover. And then they had the game-winning drive. I guess I got a divorce the pain of how terrible that Cleveland loss was from... That's a nice one for Seattle. They started out strong. They had 14 pretty quickly and then then just started getting their asses kicked. But Rally back in one. Gino, who I think has been pretty spotty this year, but he at least rose to.


The occasion. But he has a good lead, right? I think that's the second time in three weeks he's had two touchdowns in the first half, and then he just lets the teams back in and does his thing. But yeah, I feel like they should be better than they actually are, even though their record is solid.


So this will be a nice little test for the Seahawks coming off an emotional win, going to Baltimore. So my theory hit again. The team that played the best game of the week not covering the following week. That's undefeated this year. Of course, I didn't bet on it. I have the Ravens by three and a half over the Seahawks.


This is weird. I had that same number. It opened four and a half, and it's now five and a half. Numbers don't usually go up a point between the half time of the Sunday night game and when we do this. Could someone be hurt? Gino is not hurt, right? It would only have to be a quarterback. Anyway, we split it.


Do people like Baltimore just in general? I promise you, Joe House is going to tease the Seahawks.


He doesn't have to hear that tease. He's on fire with his underdog picks outright. Really good.


Fairly watchables. I got two games, but just for the record, we have a six-game poop Fecta people listening. Fairly watchables, Falcons, Vikings, I just think is fairly watchable. I don't know who's playing quarterback for the Vikings. The Falcons, every game they're in is riveting for whatever reason. Right. I'm going to say the Falcons by three and a half.


You nailed it. Yeah. This is riveting because these are the seven seeds we talked about potentially, right? Yeah. It's exactly three and a half. I said four and a half.


It feels like the Falcons are favorite every week.




And probably I've covered two of the times. We'll see what the Vikings do with the trade deadline coming up. Packers, rams, I have as the other fairly watchable. And I don't even know why I put it in the fairly watchable, but it feels like a loser leaves town match.


Yeah, maybe. One has two wins, one has three.


Ramp's go three and six. That's probably they're done. Packers go two and six, they're done. Maybe La Flor will be done tomorrow for all we know. But if they go two and six, I wonder what happens to him. I have Packers by two.


Yeah, that's what I had. It is two and a half.


Oh, wow.


Staying away. Yeah. Staying far away.


I fucking hate these lines. There's a lot.


Of two and a half.


There's a lot of two and a half. But it was like three, six, seven, and 10.


Those are three, two and a halfs we have now. Kansas City, stupid.


Rams and Dallas, Philly.


Just makes it. And then they lower the underdog money line price, which they never used to do. Right. So you can be like, Oh, I like the Rams. Plus two and a half. That does me nothing. Or I can bet the money line at plus 118. Great. Thanks. Just like you just effed.


Poop Fecta. Whoa. Where do we begin? How about Pat's Washington in New England?


It's a good one.


I think the Pats are going to be favored because the public, because of the Belichick thing, Belchick versus Ron Rivera. It's a kitchen sink game for the Pats, two and seven. This season is probably over anyway, but I have a TikTok song, Pats one and a half.


I got it. It's two and a half. That's our fourth two and.


A half now. That's stupid.


If you want to change any of the ones coming up, because there may or may not be another two and a half in there.


I have another two and a half coming up.


All right.


So that's stupid. Washington will probably win.


I'll be in- They stink on the road, too. But they couldn't score more than seven against the giants last week.


The Pats are going to make a couple of trades. They didn't play Uche today, which is weird because he's a good pass rusher. So I'm guessing they're going to trade in this in the final year of the contract. There's buzz that they might trade one of the safeties. They were going to maybe trade Kendrick Bourne, but they got hurt.


You'd be very upset with me if you knew how much I put on the Pats over five and a half wins when we got off the call last week. I really still like that. And this has to come through for that to win.


Browns are home for the Arizona Cardinals. The Josh Dobbs Revenge Game.


Oh, yeah, that's right.


I mean, they kept PJ Walker and traded Josh Dobbs. Josh Dobbs is probably better than PJ Walker.


And they already named him Starter, right? They said, Kyler is no go for this game, right?


Yeah. I was bat on doing six and a half or seven for this. I'm going to say, Brown, six and a half.


Yeah, don't give it too much thought because you got me beat. I said five and a half. It is seven and a half.


That's too high. That is too high, right? There's got to be some gambling row. Pj Walker could not be favored by more than seven. This Watson thing is nuts. We were talking about this two weeks ago that we thought it was something was fishy about this.


He's got to rest, Simon. Just let him rest. Why can't he rest a little bit?


Is this the worst guaranteed contracts? This is like James Harden stuff. I mean, the NBA has two of these a year.




Yeah. Football- If you get James Harden who's getting paid $35 million a year and hasn't played yet for reasons that remain unclear because he doesn't like the GM. Right. And they won't even like it. He's going to come to practice today. It's like, cool. He's getting paid like $700,000 a week.


Well, they won't let him on the plane. How long before they stop letting the Sean Watson board the plane, the team plane? Is that coming up? I mean, this could snowball. There's a chance we don't see him play for the Browns again.


I actually thought of the James Harden team today that they should trade into after watching Wemby. He should just go to San Antonio. No, he could just... He would only play six months a year. He wouldn't have to deal with the playoffs, right? Because he sucks in the playoffs, so he could just be regular, season only. He'd have the ball all the time. He'd be able to throw Wemby all these Alley hoops. He'd get his full 35 million. They'll give him an extension six months a year. He can have the other six months a year off because the guy doesn't care about anything. And I think that's the team.


It's good. You can lead the League and assist again.


It'd be great for him and Wmby. He'll take Wmby under his wing, teach him how to champagne and campaign.


In by the way, this Cleveland game, 80 % of people left in Eliminator Pools are going to have the Browns and PJ Walker.


Just to advance. Oh, Jesus.


Right? I mean, look at these other numbers.


I'm in one where I took the Lions this week. I should be safe. I'm still alive in week eight, but I've used up a lot of good teams. It's about to get hairy.


Do you ever do a thing where it's such a square teaser between the Chargers and The Lions, the two night games? That's so square. I'm not doing it. But then when the Chiefs lost, I'm like, This is how I think. I said, The NFL is done screwing the gamblers for the week. So I am going to do that tease or Chargers Lions. But now we'll see what.


Happens with this. We always text each other on Sundays about what's the fixed game of the day. And the Chiefs game pretty early was like, Oh, this one's fixed. Somebody food poisoned my homes the night before and all these dumb turnovers and there were flags getting picked up and all kinds of dumb shit.


Yeah, they can't hold onto the ball. They're beating them 18 times in a row. There's no snow, all kinds of nonsense.


Russell Wilson, the confident. Next poop fact is St. Spars in New Orleans. I don't want to spend any time in this game at all, but I'm going to say St.'s by six and a half.


I said that too? It's five and a half.


What's the score right now?


It is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, six, seven to five. Bad guys, you're winning.


Okay. Texan's Bucks in Houston. I wrote two and a half or three next to this. I'm going to say Texan's by two and a half.


You get it? Another two and a half. I said one, so you got that. So that's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, two and a halfs.


This is the dumbest. I might shut down the gambling. I might shut down everything.


That's it? You're going to shut it down?


I'm so stupid. Joe House is winning money every week. This is the worst gambler ever. This is just crushing.


Fandall made a statement.


Joe House is crushing.


It's time. Joe House.


Fet the house. It's over. The year at Joe House. Colts at Panthers. And I don't think anything has ever reeked at TikToks like this game. I'm going to just go with the Colts minus one. I'm not even giving it the half. Colts minus one in Carolina.


No, you beat me up this week. I said three, and it's one and a half. But why isn't it three? Carolina barely beat the Texans, and the Texans were favored by three and a half. Why shouldn't the Colts give them three? They're about the same.


So I'm going to give you your answer.


Right now. It should be higher. Yeah.


Carolina, today was only their third game at home. They played the Saints week to 2017, lost. They got a cheap touchdown at the end. Vikings 21, Panthers 13, and then today, Panthers 15, Texans 13. So defense is better at home for some reason, lower scoring games, mint you on the road against a Carolina defense that looked okay today.


I probably think- You don't think they reversed 72 Dolphins where they're popping champagne all week because they won their first game. And it's like, all right, so they're the means a little less every week forward?


Then not having a pick, I think, makes me look at them a tiny bit differently because I just don't feel like... I think some of these teams will start rolling over, but I don't see why they would. Plus, who knows? With reich, I don't know, that guy, Tepper, he fired Matt Rule pretty fast.


Reich is going to be trying to won and done. Yeah.


I like the Panthers in this spot. The Colts, though, the fact that they're scoring points with Minnow every week is nuts. Oh, yeah. This weird team they have of this Taylor, Zach, Moss, running back. Zach, Moss is one of the best fantasy running backs to shoot. Do you see that in the rankings? Yeah, I saw. And then Josh Downs, these guys have never heard of.


All right, last one. No one even took Garner. We probably could have gone five more quarterbacks before anyone took Minshiu-.


It's crazy. -career backup. Raiders, giants is the last one. It's in Vegas. So what's the deal with Tyrod? I mean, the Tyrod getting hurt and having to go to the hospital was the lock of the year. You knew it was going to happen at some point in October. He took it to the last weekend, but he finally got hurt. At 34 years old, he always gets hurt.


It's his ribs. But the way I see it is either they know he's back or there shouldn't be a line on this game. I don't care. Danny DeVito can't throw a forward pass. What's his name? Tommy? Danny? It might as well be Danny. How do they have a line on this? The if they don't know if Tyrodd's playing? He's got busted ribs.


I'm just going to go Raiders 3, you'd probably be wrong.


Oh, see, I said 7 because I thought it was going to be Danny DeVito. It's five and a half. So I guess I get that one.


Yeah, you still won it. That's an awful game. Is this to spend time with the family weekend, potentially? You get that Chiefs to Offins game and then skip all the early games and then come back for Cowboy's Eagles. It could be a take the wife to brunch night or day? Right. It'd be.


Strange to go to the pumpkin patch for five days after Halloween, but yeah, it might.


Still be worth it. Yeah. Last week was the pumpkin patch week. Sunday night, Bangles, Bills in Cincinnati. Did Cincinnati? Was that the winner this week of best game in the week?


Oh, the most dominant?


Yeah. Who is the best performance this week?


Let's see. Cowboys.


I don't know. I mean, that was against the Rams. I know. The Bengals, they're the smoke team this week. Yeah. So I'm flagging that. I'm going to say Bengals by two and a half.


I said one and a half. It is one and a half. It's exactly TikTok. I don't want to get morbid here, but is this weird that this is a night game?


It is weird that they did that.


It's not Monday night, but.


It's- Yeah, I agree with you.


I mean, it's good. He's fine.


Thumbs down on the scheduling. Maybe we would have made that a late game. Did I win already or am I up one?


Yeah, you got it. You're up by at least two.


All right, Monday Night, Chargers jets. You already know how this is going to play out. The jets are going to somehow win. It's going to be unbelievable. I have no idea how it'll happen. There will be coaching malpractice. Herbert will throw some terrible play. The jets will have some lucky play and the jets will be five and three. I have the Chargers in the tik-tok zone one and a half over the jets.


I add that as well, and it's one. I mean, every spread is either one, one and a half or two and a half. This is. Every single spread.


This is what happens in the year of our Lord Joe House. Just dumb lines and underdog bets winning and him on a roll.


The house never wins except for 2023. I love it. Jets on a teaser might be the way to go. Plus seven, seven and a half. You can get it.


So before we go to Parent Corner, can we talk about Enghanu and Furi really quick? Yeah. My son was all fired up about this, so we got it. First of all, I thought Francis won, but I wasn't super upset about the decision because the champ, you really have to beat the champ. And even though I felt like he beat him, it was close enough that I wasn't surprised. But what did surprise me was at age 37, never or have you done this before? He really looked like a boxer. I felt like he looked like Ernie Shavers or somebody from people I grew up with. I was really impressed. I have Furi look bad, but he was so ring-savvy of being able to just steal rounds and do just enough to steal the 50-50 rounds. And that was ultimately why Francis lost. But I was so impressed. I mean, he was plus what? 800 on Fandol to win?


It was minus 1,400 midweek and went to minus 2,400. And yeah, he was plus 800 and all these other numbers. And it's by decision or by split decision. I may not know he lost, but split.


Decision would have been insane. He lost by one point on the third card.


And he won the right and he knocked them down. So you felt it was seven-five? It would have to be seven-five with the knockdown. Or no, it was 10 rounds. It would.


Have to be- It was 10 rounds.


So Six-four.


Right. I thought he won more than four rounds.




So the problem is this is where boxing gets frustrating because Furi got beaten up in that fight. He really did. I thought he took most of the punishment. I don't really feel like he ever really totally hurt in gano at all. But he kept it moving, did just enough. And I get it.




There's never a way he felt good about it. Yeah, he was never in trouble. But he almost like he wasn't ring-savvy enough to realize like, Oh, if I just throw some punches here for 20 seconds, I could steal this round. That's like the piece that he was missing. But I thought it was an incredible moment for MMA. And then a lot of people made this point, Ari and those guys did a ring of a miss. But just a huge miss for U. F. C. To screw up the relationship with him and then have this fight happen. And now clearly, he's in that other league. He's got momentum from that. He can still dip into the boxing. But wouldn't you pay to watch him in another fight? I would.


Well, let me tell you what I did because I'm an idiot. I'm the big loser in this fight. I paid the $90 or whatever. Now I had youth sports going on, and then we had our cousin's father's birthday thing on the beach. So I'm going to have to watch this thing on my phone. So I paid the $90, except there were freaking two hours between the co-main event and the main event. There was so much dancing and singing. I was so frustrated, so I put my phone in my back pocket and forgot about the damn fight because every time I checked in, somebody else was singing a different anthem or a different this or that, and I forgot about it. Now I have to rely on people like you and whatever I read. But yes, I would pay and make sure I watched it next time.


Furi has such a weird legacy.


Yeah. He wasn't in any shape, right? But was it a lot different than-.


But he never seems like he's in shape. He's one of those guys. He always seems like he needs to lose 25 pounds. And he's such a hard guy to fight. That was about as well as I've seen somebody take it to him.


I think you're right about the legacy. Because what is it, really? He beat Clitchgoat when an aging Clitchgoat, and then just had these wars with-.


With Wilder? Yeah. -with Wilder. With Wilder, who might not have even mattered as boxer, really. And this guy felt like 50 pounds heavier than Wilder. Right. But I do like him. I think he's been a fun character for boxing. I do, too. But ultimately, I don't know, it was not a good look for him.


He probably got bored waiting three hours to make his ring entrance and then didn't know what to do.


All right, let's do some parent corner. We're supported by NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube and YouTube. Don't change your team when change your town. Get NFL Sunday ticket on YouTube and YouTube TV where it's easier than ever to keep up with all your favorite teams every Sunday afternoon. You can watch up to four preset games at once on Multiview. You might know this. You might not know this. Youtube has now made me their unofficial CMO, Chief Multiview Officer. And I'm helping them put together the recommended Multiview for NFL Sunday tickets. So we'll go with the early games next week, which are 1:00 PM ET, 10:00 AM Pacific Time. Seahawks, Ravens is a must. That's a classic. I'm going to say 1:00Rams-Packers, because Sal and I talk about this on the Sunday pod. That's a loser leaves town match in a lot of ways for the NFC. Whoever loses that game is probably out. I would have Vikings, Falcons, who's going to be playing quarterback for the Vikings. The Falcons, every Vikings game has been super fun. And then last but not least, probably Bucks, Texans, because those are two teams that are sniffing around the playoff cutline.


But I'm not sure about either of them, and we'll probably find out by the end of one of those games. Those would be my four. Unfortunately for the multi view, the best game of the day is Dolphins Chiefs, but that's earlier. But we get that all by itself. You can just merge all the outside view into one giant screen. Thanks to NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube, YouTube. Twv for sponsoring this segment. It's truly the best place to keep up with all your favorite teams out of markets on the afternoon games. Sign up now at YouTube. Com/bs. Terms and embarks apply. No cancelations. Today's Parent Corner is brought to you by Simply Safe. It's almost Halloween, which is the one day a year you're okay with a bunch of people in masks coming to your house. But for every other day, there's Simply Safe. With Simply Safe Home Security, you get 24/7 professional monitoring so your home feels like the safest place on Earth. Even if you're watching a scary movie, there's no safe like Simply Safe. All right, what do you got?


All right. I'm not even sure if I should tell this story, but I'm going for it here. I think I could tell this story. So my son is a freshman on the wrestling team. I wrestled, and wrestling is the greatest and it's the worst. It's a grueling sport, but there's no one to blame. It's one-on-one. You can't blame the weather ever or the refs most of the time. But it's also oddly one of the best team sports and teaches insane discipline. If you get the right coach, it's similar to sending your kid to the army. And so there's camps and there's off-season tournaments and stuff. And we have a hard-ass coach and he's really good and he's funny, but he's not letting anyone get away with anything. So if you talk during practice, you're running laps or you're doing sprawls for an hour. One kid, they think it was a kid on the wrestling team, left half of a vape pen, the remainder of a vape pen in the wrestling room. And so the coach is like, Who did this? And no one owned up to it.


It's like a 90210 episode. Exactly. Somebody's got to own up or the whole team.


Gets punished. That's it. And he's like, Nobody owns up. It's 1,000 sprawls. Now you know what a sprawl? A sprawl is like a burpy, basically. And a thousand takes probably an hour, maybe a little less than an hour. A thousand of anything. That's just horrible. And you're just going to beat the shit out of all these kids. I think they met and they had an inkling about who did it. And of course, the kid denied it and everything. And they come back the next day and Coach is like, All right, who did it? And nobody said anything. And they're like, All right, I'm going to give you one more day. So today you're going to run three and a half miles. So they run three and a half miles. And that takes a long time, too, right? This is after practice, by the way. Friday comes, and they're like, This is the day. And finally, the kid that they thought did it, stepped up. And because they all think like, All right, if we admit it, we're going to get kicked off the team. But the kid steps up and he's like, Coach, I just have to say I learned from my mistake, and I'm never going to do it again.


And wrestling has taught me that there's more important things than vaping. And so I'm done vaping and I apologize to the team. And the coach bought it and I think is like, All right, each of the seniors gets to slam you, and then we're going to move on from this and never speak of it again. And that was it. So all the seniors, like firemen, carried them and slammed them. It's really nuts. I hope I don't get anyone in trouble. But I'm going to say I like this coach. I like what he did here. My wife may be not as big a fan of what went on, but I think it was handled perfectly. What do you think?


It's great. I love the whole team gets punished if the person doesn't come forward. Move is one of the best. Right. Because then it really turns into Lord of the Flies.


Yeah. My son was freaking out. I'm like, Well, maybe you just admit that you did it. He's like, But I didn't do it. I'm like, I know, but a thousand sprawls is a thousand. That's a lot. But so anyway, it's a nice story.


That's a good one. I'm going to hold off on football stories.


Okay. I'm not.


In trouble. Because I will get in trouble. I had two small ones. I'll combine them. I don't hear from my daughter anymore. And now it's to the point that I just think this is how it's going to go for the rest of my life unless she needs me for something. She now talks to my wife by text or phone way more. And I don't really know what my role is anymore. And I just wish I had more kids. I think you did it right with the three.


It was a complete accident, but thank you.


No, I think it was a smart move. I wish I had a third kid. Maybe I should adopt a kid. But yeah, I guess this is- Do you.


Think you've earned.


More- I barely have two kids now.


-a chat or call relationship because you've gone to see her so much and you have.


It's commanding. I'm not going anymore. I'm done.




No. This is ridiculous. Bad job, Peter. That's not right. No, it's just funny. You'll probably go through with Archie as he gets his legs under him in college, where they're just like, we become our parents, like you talked about the other day. But in now this way where it's like, we feel like my mom always gets mad when I don't call her for a couple of days, right? And then you get.


To go to college. How did you do it in college? Did you call them in college? Was it like some days?


No, I never wanted to talk to my parents in college. That's why my wife is saying. They don't want to talk to us. Of course. They're doing their thing. I'm like, Yeah, but all the time we've spent together, it's just sad.


I would make it like... I was like, My wife is like, Well, how about he calls us every Sunday night? I'm like, Yeah, but then he's going to dread every Sunday night. I wish he would just know to call or text on a Tuesday or whatever. Then it doesn't have to.


Be- We could get a scheduled time.


Yeah. She talks to her mother on Monday. She hates it. Yeah. I don't know.


You're right. Now I have to tell dog stories.


Because- I know. I noticed this will be three in a row.


Willy is still staying with us, the dog we gave to my wife's mom. And there's some Alpha stuff with him and Murph. Murph, the dog from how he has his own Instagram. But they get along for the most part and they've been buddies. But the other day, yesterday, Willy was eating. He woke up late, so he was eating after. So my wife fed him and she wasn't paying attention to Murph. Then Murph wandered over as Willy was eating. And then all of a sudden, they had a pseudo dog fight. And it was like those dog fights, they're like basketball fights. There's no punches thrown. Everybody's just waiting to get separated. But there's a lot of barking and yapping. And my wife got really mad at Murph. And she like, Whack, Murph. And she's like, How? Murph. Put him outside until Willy finished and really yelled at him. An hour passes and I'm sitting in the couch and I'm with Willy. And then all of a sudden I hear my wife screaming. Murph went upstairs, went into my wife's bathroom.


Oh, no.


-and just dumped all over. All over. Just like an eight-parter. Right after he'd been outside. Just the ultimate spite shit. So then she.


Went nuts. Not so dumb, Murph.


Oh, my God. It was the spitiest spite shit I've ever seen in my life. And he's taking a bunch. This is not his first one, but just-.


He knew.


Where to go. -big, giant shit. And that's what's going on with our dogs. Just spite shits and a lot of jocking about who gets to go on the bed first. He'll be in bed at night with us and then the other one. And it's just.


A lot of alpha stuff right now. I think that's great. You do have kids. It's going to be sad when dumb Murph forgets to call you in a couple of years and you're freaked out.


I'm going to feel sad when he's not spite shitting in a bathroom. All right, that's it for Parent Corner. Today's Parent Corner was brought to you by Simply Say, Home Security because kids are full of all kinds of sweet and scary surprises, not just during the Halloween season. Simply Safe gives you the sense security you need for the holidays and every day with HD cameras for inside your house and out. Right now, you can save 40 %. Offer new Simply Safe system with fast tech monitoring. There is no safe like Simply Safe. Okay, before we go, a lot of stuff to gamble on. You guys are covering it on against all odds. You got cousin's house winning weekend. Does anyone care about the World Series?


Well, I do because I have Texas. I went with Euroleague this time. Smart.


Just one with the offense.


They went on the road and the offense. But that to come back from what they did in game one, that home run.


That game was awesome.


And a young team like Arizona doesn't phase them at all and come out and they blow the doors off the place in Texas? Now I'm a little nervous. I watch it. You're going to watch, right?


There's- No, I've been enjoying it. I just think that World Series has such a weird relationship to culture. It might just be everyone in my life. And my son, he was watching for both of me today. They ran an ad for Game 3.




He goes, The World Series is happening? Wow. And I'm like, What do you mean? He's like, The World Series is happening right now? And I'm like, Yeah, Arizona and Texas. He's like, I had no idea. But he knew every USC, MMA thing. I'm worried that that's... What happens when that generation is like 30?


I don't know what they're going to do. It's not good. And it's not even 30. Our friend, Doug DeLuca, asked our other friend, John Blondell, for Dodge or tickets the other day. And he's like, Sure. You understand they're not going to play again until April, right? Yeah. Okay. And Doug is not anywhere near 30. So yeah, you're right.


I actually hearing that story, I actually think Blondell fucked that up and should have been like, Hey, I got Tuesday night.


Right. Dugout club.


Game three. Where do I send the tickets and really let go and see how far I could go.


See how.


Far anyone goes. Yeah. I felt like a wasted opportunity. No, I'm excitedI'm excited for this World Series, but I also just wish the road had been a little harder for Arizona. They shouldn't have gotten a home game until the NLCS.




If you're the lowest seed, it should be like first three, that first series, no home games.


I know, but they did it all on the road anyway. They beat the West, too.


I know. I know. I get it. Just feels more March bad than.


It ever. Bill, I am going to tell you right now. If the Diamondbacks come back and win this series, I am retiring. You write that down right now, nephew, Kyle. Write it down.


My mom gave me this picture of my buddy. Speaking of the baseball with the Different Generations, this picture of my buddy, Gus, who you know.




My basement sometime in the mid-'80s, wearing a tank top, turning around with a thumbs up. He's in front of my Apple computer. I should just post this on Instagram. And Micro League is on the screen because we were playing Red Sox, Micro League. I was trying to make out the lineup. It looked like he had strawberry-bating, Seventh and Hernandez. He would come over and we would watch baseball and play Micro League for this computer baseball game for hours. Who's doing that now? Nobody. It's so weird. But maybe it's a good thing.


No, it's not a good thing. I wish baseball would be... Baseball is such a good sport. I wish it would come.


Back into- I think the product is great. This pitchclock has been really fun to watch. The Texas Run has been really fun.


This was a.


Good year. Anyway, I'm going to post that. All right, Cuz, as always, good job by you. Good job by you, Billy. All right, that's it for the podcast. Thanks to Kyle Craton and Steve Caruday. Thanks to Cousin Sal. As always, I will be back on this feed on Tuesday. Don't forget, new Rewatchables coming on Monday night. Keep an eye out for the prestige TV podcast this week. We're going to do something with Matthew Perry, so stay tuned for that. All right, Matthew Perry. I'll see you on this feed on Tuesday. Must be 21-plus and President select states, Fando is offering online sports wager in Kansas under an agreement with Kansas Star Casino, LLC. Gambling problem? Call 1-800, gambler, or visit fandual. Com/rg in Colorado, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Tennessee, and Virginia. You can call 1-800 next step or text next step to 5-33-42 in Arizona. Call 1-88789-777 or visit ccpg. Org/chat in Connecticut. 1-800 9 with it in Indiana. 1-800 5-2-2-4-7-00 or visit K. S. Gamblinghelp. Com in Kansas. 1-8-7-7-7-0 stop in Louisiana. Mdgamblinghelp. Org in Maryland. 1-800 gambler. Net in West Virginia or 1-800. 5-2-2-4-7-00 in Wyoming, Hope is here.


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