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Coming up, is Tampa, the epicenter of the professional sports scene and is so happy when the Cowboys don't play until Monday night at least?


We're going to find out next. We're also brought to you by the ring or. Com and the Ringer podcast network. If you get into the election, I would highly recommend them. Bakari Sellers podcast. He has been crushing it the last few months. And he is going to be coming up right after the debate, a live reaction podcast. With us at the press box, old friends Bryan Curtis and David Shoemaker, they will be reacting right after the debate as well.


So we can't get enough political coverage. Try those two out. Coming up, sound our going to break down week six and a foul look ahead to week seven. Talk about baseball playoffs two. First, Pearl Jam.


All right, Sunday Cousin Sal is here and we decided to wait to start taping until after a baseball game, so baseball is back. It was too intense. It was too intense. We have. Well, Justin Turner was next. Matt Mookie Betts was ex Red Sox. I guess that was a enough reason to tune in. But now it felt felt like real playoff baseball. You're right. It was really good.


The games were great all week and then especially this weekend and the two yesterday were great. I couldn't believe how much baseball I watched this week and I definitely was expecting it. I sat out this season basically, so I was picking up stuff as I went along. But I mean, I don't know whether we start with the Dodgers or the Braves because yet another devastating Atlanta sports collapse I saw I actually paradoks with remember Brown a couple of days ago around L.A. for three hours.


We're talking about the Braves, but I feel good. And he was like, I just know the other shoe is going to drop here. The feds are in a dark place. Then on the flip side, the Dodger fans, you know, since nineteen eighty eight and especially the last 12 years, they're in a dark place too. So it was almost like the baggage series that that said less baggage. I guess we talk about that a lot.


Right. Is it better to be like a Browns fan or a Detroit fan where you just never win or Dodger fan where you just barely miss getting over the hump because the team cheated or whatever else happened? But it's going to be a good series. It's going to be I worry for Kershaw. I've gone through this a million times. I don't think there's an athlete like him in any sport where the postseason numbers not even don't match up to the regular season pickup basketball player like you.


Can you even pick one that's close like his era is double what what it is normally.


I mean, there's a smidge of James Harden, but it's not even close.


Like he doesn't go to four to one, you know what I mean? He doesn't he doesn't go like four for twenty four or something. I see what you're saying, but I don't think anyone's close.


When he got knocked out of game four and then then the floodgates open when the reliever came in and they cut to him on the bench and it was just like basically this Kershaw Manekin from the last nine years of just that kind of shell shocked right from that look that felt so bad for him. I mean, look, I don't have a dog in this race on a betting on it. But between Mookie and the Dodger fans I have in my life, I really like.


And and then the Kershaw piece, it's hard not to root for them. I know they spend a million cagily in dollars.


It's not like they're a Cinderella story, but specifically with Kershaw like he I feel as bad as I can for someone who makes thirty one million dollars a year. Oh, that's a pittance according to if you follow Dak Prescott career. So I don't know they anymore. Thirty one million. I think it's a lot.


Well, it was funny watching even today, Dave Roberts, who has a checkered history in this postseason games and this one, he is kind of pulling the right strings. And even we were texting before the night about would they with a live person or not, would they bring Kenley Jansen in? And and I was like, Lieberman. They've been six straight outs. But I think Robert's in the old days probably brings Jenson in like this is our guy.


Got to do it. Yeah, I guess that's it. Had a lot of work. He was great, especially the latter part of this week, but I guess he had too much work to just go right to him in the ninth, but he was definitely warming up. It's going to be great. You watch the race more closely than I do because they're in your division. I know you got fantasy guys on that team, but they have not a lot of holes in that lineup.


They're good for their good three extra foul balls per at bat. So. Right. They're like they're tough outs all through one through nine.


And they have like like twenty guys to throw one hundred miles an hour. Yeah. And the Dodgers still have the the Kenley thing looming over them, which I know he looks good this week, but there's still you know, I, I think the the biggest winner was baseball because they were so close to that. Yeah. That Rays Braves World Series that I don't know what would happen. It's shades of almost like the nineteen ninety five Stanley Cup. That devils trap.


Yeah. Yeah. Right where it was like this before, after four where hockey was as a popular sport. I think they really needed dodges in there. And Mookie is somebody that should be a bigger star. I mean, yeah, I obviously I'm biased and spent a lot of those few years watching it, but the guy's just so electric, he's so magnetic and he's like, oh, every game he was doing one thing right.


And even like when he had that hit, it ended up not turning into anything.


But it was like I knew he was going to get a double and hit in the gap or most people pull up. And he, of course, is he's like the best baserunner. The best outfielder. Yeah, he has the best at bats. Speaking of the Braves, might be the worst baserunners. And that's maybe why they're they're going to be watching the World Series. But they were it was exciting. That was everything. It was like plays at the plate.


There was a lot that just had a little of everything once the. Hodgers got the six games they did MLB a favor, obviously they did a big favor by going far, but once that was like two games Friday, like all this is going to get this is going to get good. And I had I wagered I had Tampa Bay. You did Dodgers parlay. It was like two like to two hundred twenty five. You know, whatever that percentage was was higher than two to one.




And I didn't feel good about the Dodger game until the pickle play. Right. And then when Mookie robbed that dude for a homerun, I was like, all right, if you have a team dramatically fuck up a pick a play and get and somehow get two outs and then Mookie steals a homer. Now I'm operating with an extra three runs and it just felt like it was better. But then Bélanger hits the go ahead Homer and separates. You should know that the celebration, right?


Yeah. I mean, I think the director might have separated.


I didn't even go to the ball is like we're going to watch Belen's around the bases. I know it's probably out, but can we see where the ball ends up? Right. Was good. I was texting with C.C. and Ryan Ryuko hosts the to two for us six hilarious during these games.


But I was asking them, did they get rid of the code in the bubble because every time which C.C. Sabathia talks about you say si like everyone.


No, I'm kidding. Yeah, cause I was asking him, did they dump the code for the bubble?


Because any time somebody hits a home or now they're reacting like Ramirez in twenty three. Right. It's seven seconds before they even start running. They're looking at the dugout, they're pointing. And then every time there is a big strikeout in either series, the pitchers like doing the the the wild thing. Charlie Sheen triple fist pump scream and I really like it.


I don't know why this is baseball, but Sissy was saying that this is what Dominican Winter Baseball is like, where it's just like everything is high intensity celebration. Oh, really? Just make this baseball. This would really help. But this just was baseball.


You know what I missed? And we forgot all about it. I think the pandemic saved the Astros as the villain. You know, it came a little came up a little as they got momentum in the series here. The Astros, I remember like all they're going to get plunked like four times a game. They got hit twenty three times in the regular season. The Mets got hit forty five times. The Cubs had fifty to hit by pitches like the Astros weren't even close.


I guess they had seven in the postseason.


But it's unbelievable that they were less than half of the the top hit by pitch later.


What do you think that was because of the Joe Kelly thing that maybe teams were afraid that that offended? Yeah, I guess.


But no one. Poor Cubs and Mets. What the hell dad would do? I'm glad the Mets are getting hit by pitches, but they didn't have to abide by the Joe Kelly rule.


I guess it didn't take me long to work up a lot of hatred toward the Astros. I even yesterday I did a Dodgers Astros parlay with the sole purpose of like either I put my stink on the Astros or if they win, at least I win money. But it's like it's such an easy thing to root for so many garbage cans jokes. You can make their games.


Yeah, but but Tampa's really good. I mean that the it's just like one guy after another. Good athletes and a lot of power. Yeah. For sure. Yeah.


It's pretty guys. They start Tuesday. Right. What do you got for a World Series line for. Well I'm looking, I was just looking there you know, and I'll jump in.


If one comes up it just happens. We'll have one over within the next probably hour for sure. Yeah. Speaking of Tampa.


Yeah, I oh, before we do that, I just love Mookie Betts, it really hurts. It hurts, but I'm also happy for him.


I feel like, you know, he it's like. We were married, but we had to break up for reasons that wasn't anyone's fault. And now now it's just like I just want him to be happy. It's a little different than how I feel about Tom Brady, the mooky thing. He deserves it. He's he's the most important guy in that team. My team is stupid enough to lowball initially and never really treat him with the proper respect. And he's just such a great baseball player.


All the Dodger fans in my life just continue to go bonkers about him. It's so funny. Who do we do this with?


So Mookie's OK. You love Mooki, you love Rondeau. But we're not rooting for Tampa to connect with Gronk today, that's for sure.


Well, I'll tell you this. I can't root against Gronk. Can't run against Gronk.


OK, no, I love drunk. I love you. Want him to catch it. Yeah.


Tom, I'm betting on Tampa, so I'm not a spiteful. I say all right. I still feel like he kind of just kind of wanted to get out last year for reasons I don't fully understand. Well, but you now I don't know how you want to start.


We may well start with your team or not, but no, let's start with the Tampa because I got. Working theory. Mm hmm. Tampa has become the new Boston. How do you mean so Brady shows up September 2001, his first start for the Pats, we proceed to rip off two incredible decades. We make 12 titles, we win 12 titles, we make 17 finals. Every team we have has some sort of iconic version of the team, at least locally, all the way through till he leaves.


He shows up at Tampa this spring. They win the Stanley Cup, the respect the World Series, and they look like the NFC favorites. Like this is fucking weird, right?


Right. It is weird. And but and also you mentioned two thousand one not to go back to the Patriots is the first time in October they don't have a winning record since 2001 or 2002. It's right in that there's a lot of weirdness. If you if you juggle the numerology, you'll just go crazy. But I don't know what to make of that. I know you wish you had Tampa. I had Green Bay. So I'm going to make excuses, but I don't want to say the game was fixed.


But what the hell happened? Like, Rodgers was terrible and it wasn't even one of those games where he was really pressured all game. He started to get pressured at the end. But, you know, with no Viravaidya and, you know, we know that I'm against who's on this team. And they have some some players defensively. But my God, what? I felt like they gave them that game. Like, it just it's almost like people talk and say that there's no good teams in the NFC and like, all right, we'll fix that.


This isn't your game, Aaron. Throw pick six and throw another one. It comes to sex. Added, I'm a baby when it comes to this, but I don't understand how they got railroaded. Today.


I talked myself into Tampa. After hearing Warren Sharp's theory about how every week they managed, the Packers managed to go against a team that didn't have their biggest weapon right for the first four weeks because they had Atlanta. Julio's out New Orleans. Michael Thomas is out, Detroit, Golladay was out.


I heard that, too. But Davante Adams has been at all these games to know that that's the counter.


But at least like what we did to know is whether their defense was any good. Mm hmm. And they hadn't really been tested, especially the quarterbacks. They played like it was like a burner zero. Well, but the line defense, what was Brady threw for one sixty six, right.


Am I wrong? But they didn't give Roger ball one thirty four one six. I know. But for this quarterback matchup they combined for like three hundred and twenty yards it was so it was sort of disappointing. They didn't have. The key guy was Ronald Jones. Yeah, he was really good. Where does he come from?


We do this every year. Sometimes teams have bad weeks. This game meant more to Tampa there. Ten days rest are coming off a loss. Green Bay's feeling great about themselves. They haven't lost it. It wasn't a must win for them. It was a classic, like incentive game. It was like that Niners game which people sniffed out. Yeah, people people are like that line is six points off. All of us kind of stared at it and then it went from three and a half weighted in game time.


It was right around two and a half. So yeah, you had to buy it up the three. The thing I'll say about Tampa, no penalties. We saw them over one hundred yards penalties last week. We know last year they led the league in penalties and not zero. So you got zero penalties or twenty, twenty five yards and penalties.


They'll be in every single game I have like Tampa's defense this whole year. Mm. I like what I've seen. I think at least they've been super frisky every week and they've had some dominant stretches in games. I don't think they put it together entirely. I was with you. I thought when they lost the nose tackle that would be a bigger factor than it was. But they just you know, if you're not pressuring Brady, which the Packers didn't, he looked really good today.


I got to say, I've been pretty hard on him the first four weeks, but he had time to throw. He was he was putting the ball all over the place. The only guy who was probably bummed that was Mike Evans.


I was going to say, what did he end up at 30 yards or fewer? I don't know what.


And he's kind of like a decoy at this point, but. Well, they'll take a win like that every time. But if you were looking at the NFC right now, I you know, it's going to keep changing depending on who gets injured, who's the covid case of the week, all that stuff.


But Tampa probably brings the most to the table out of all the NFC teams. I think so there's three, right?


It's Tampa, New Orleans and Green Bay and not their version of Green Bay. We saw it today. Right.


So it's not I mean, I think Seattle I'm sorry, Seattle. Out of respect to Russ. Yeah. I don't know why. The way you have Russ on you, did you play him any of the old voicemail's you used to leave me, the drunk, the hustle and bustle? No, that didn't come up at all.


And it was great. He said sugar. He said we should go to dinner at some point. It was just it was wonderful, was everything I wanted for my first date with Russ. That's great. That is terrific. No, I enjoyed it.


I was just wondering if a drunk email is going to pop up on your voicemail. What's actually let's take a break and then we'll come back and we'll talk about who the best NFC team is.


All right, best NFC team. So Seattle's five, no Bears five and one, Packers four and one. And then the Bucs and the Rams are foreign to the Bears. I will say this house did like the Bears this week because I like the Panthers. And this is like the Bears defense is good. I like them, too. And it was kind of planted in the back of my head watching that game, like they really made things hard for Carolina that was legitimate.


And Carolina did some dumb shit there inside the tent twice. They end up getting two field goals. Slide missed the long field goal. Chiros Santos. Didn't you have him once?


I have once like three times, I think. Yeah, yeah. Oh yeah. That's the kind of game of my fantasy team. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


He made a fifty five yarder, so that was a six point swing there. And you know there's versions of that game where I think Carolina does better, but the Bears theme is good. Forget it.


Don't even look at their record. Everyone wants to look at their record like they're not good. I'm betting against them. This is the week what was there was like a two two. I can have Carolina minus two. They can win by a field goal and I'm going to make money. Where do I sign up? But you and I talk about it and then everybody seems to be on board with Teddy to gloves. Oh my God. Yeah, he's a savior.


Throw him in the MVP discussion. They don't need McCaffrey. They got Mike Davis. Yeah. Let's calm down. The bears or the bears perform like voodoo on you. They Tom Brady forgot how to count to four when he's playing this team. You can't even look at a box score and figure out why Chicago wasn't like Foles at one hundred ninety eight with a touchdown. An interception, I don't know. Montgomery at fifty eight yards rushing the top receiver, I think was Robinson with fifty three yards.


Nothing adds up and then at the end of the game they're either winning or losing by three. And it is I guess because that defense. Right, we talk about Mack and Hicks and and all these guys are all over the place every game. It's a really an impressive list of playmakers in that team. Yeah. They didn't you I said this Thursday, that was the team Le'Veon Bell should've gone to actually think if he has anything left in the tank, he really could have helped them.


Montgomery is fine. Yeah, they had done this the bears with a favorite, pretty substantial favor, like three to one odds and then the next team was like five, six, and the chiefs were right in that six fifty range. But yeah, the bears made more sense. I don't know why some teams shy away from it.


And some though the rookie receiver they have is OK. He can he can make a catch or two. But it always seems like Robinson is the only real guy who can actually like that third and eleven third and thirteen type thing. The rookie tight end. They had made a couple of play today called Notre Dame.


These Notre Dame guys are unbelievable between Claypoole and COCOM at that they they're just monster cornfed good great blockers and great receivers. And, and you're going to tell me how the Patriots should have had them three rounds earlier. I'm just going to tell you that there there were some techs today about with my dad, with Hansch, about because we passed that guy in the draft, the tight end. And we're like, why are we passing out that guy? Right.


Oh, we got some later. Picked two guys who don't play like they literally I don't I haven't seen them make one catch. Right. So that's a bummer. It's rough for you guys. Well, we'll it when you want to talk, I feel bad. My team's in first place regardless of what happens tomorrow night. And yours is might be the third best in the AFC South.


So we just let's keep talking about the NFC.


I'm not ready to admit I don't know who the best team is. I know everybody's saying, oh, there's you know, there's five better there's almost maybe five better AFC East teams in the best NFC East team. I don't know if I'm ready to say that. I don't know if the chiefs are better than the Packers. I don't agree with that. I know they I know they're beat the Ravens. But the Packers, this was not the this is not the Packers that we're going to see the rest of the year.


It's great, is it a good spot? Yeah, I mean, we're just talking about was it a good football decision to leave New England and go to Tampa? The answer was yes, for sure. We regard this as Boucek as a better coach, Bruce Arians. So that certainly didn't seem like it today. But the Pats, the last couple of drafts have just been bad. And I were texting about, like, I would say, the last two drafts.


How many impact receivers have been in the last two drafts?


Feels like at least 12, right? Oh, yeah.


Like all the dudes this year that got Jefferson on Minnesota's undeterminable really to keep on your bench with forty three point seven points. Oh, my God. Does that happen to you? Had that happen to me?


Yes, we had met like we had Metcalf at DBO and yeah. MacLaurin, you go on and on. There was at least 12, 13 guys. And then there's been a bunch of good tight ends, two that were in the last two drafts. And the Pats just didn't get any of them. Right. It's just rough because you watch the game today and Cam was right and you're thinking like, all right, who are playmakers? He's turning to Ryan Izzo.


He's thrown into all these random wide receivers. Jules looks like he's on his last legs and then they have five mediocre running backs that they're just platooning. And the only time it was exciting at all was on camera scrambling.


Yeah, for sure. The under Edelmann, one and a half pass attempts should hit every game. Right. He shouldn't throw the ball twice when you have to go to the game twice to stretch the field because desperation downfield, I felt that I actually did feel bad. I was like, oh my God, they have to do this. They have to try this gimmick place to stay in this game. And it didn't work. It almost it just came up short.


But Broncos give him a little credit. That's a frisky defense. It's a very weird tie.


This is a big for you that I know, right? Of course, as soon as I have the Patriots on every money line for the Broncos fight me in the ass. But with with job, Justin Simmons, you know, all these guys, Kareem Jackson, they play they play hard every snap. And then, you know, you were good because you held them to, what, six field goals that what it was that they score.


Touchdown. Yeah, I thought they dominated the game. Yeah. The thing that worried me and I was talking to my friends about this, it wasn't like a fluky game, like they were actually just better in every day were they are better offensively, they're better defensively. They better pass rush. They were better secondary covered, better teams was better. They we got out. Coach Belichick had a couple massive brain farts in that game too, like there was one play.


He declined the penalty that well yeah. Not the and it's like dead McManus. He's good from fifty eight to be doing right. McManus got that field goal when it went to eighteen to three which was like significant and then you're out of it.


I just don't think you'll ever lose to a quarterback again. Who was ten for twenty four. That's what he was like. And he had two interceptions. Right. It's an embarrassing loss that they have no Melvin Gordon who had a really, you know, a newsworthy week. He had a DUI. Then he got and he had strep throat doesn't play.


And it just like that, said team, the Patriots defense should have chewed up and the Broncos were able to move the ball and they needed to throw up over one hundred. I'm worried that the Pats might not be that good, but I'm not going to go there yet because I will say this. I think we're learning that. Having covid and then just coming back and playing whatever the sport is, is a bad idea because it's not just that you're not playing for those two weeks, three weeks, whatever, but you're not like working out or doing anything.


So you're basically starting you're like the guy who gets the new treadmill on December twenty fifth and the next day is on the treadmill like, oh my God, I just want to kill myself.


Can that came was bad today. Mm hmm.


He was, I mean he had 10 throws that had no chance where he was like two yards off, up to years up grounders.


Like he was awful short on everything. I would agree with you if not for the Tennessee Titans, like, how are they doing it? Their facility was closed 12 out of 14 days. Theoretically, they're not practicing and they come in.


It wasn't any of their key guys was like Derrick Henry had covid, right. It's like their best guys would have it. So. But what about practice, though?


Does it matter or does it just I don't I don't think fantasy wasn't practicing. I think they were practicing.


I want to blow the whistle on these teams. They should have to forfeit. Instead, they looked like the best in the league and got so lucky. And we had the Texans I know I had the Texans plus four. And to lose that game in overtime by six, you got to be kidding me. I don't know if you're ready to move on from Patriots, but I'm ready to move on for the Patriots.


Yeah, I had to add four gambling rules that I'm just going to add. I don't know if this is permanent for just for twenty twenty. Don't bet on a QB who just had covid. That's one just marked that one down for future reference, when in doubt bet against the Jets and bet against an injured Baker Mayfield. Those are two good things. Maybe even parlay that together.


Right. And then never, ever think Romeo Crennel can win two straight games. Good Lord. What.


All right. So I know we argued about this last week when Minnesota went for it on fourth and a half a yard. You thought they should kick the field goal to go up eight. I think a half a yard is much different than two and a half yards, especially like Minnesota is running against them. I knew the Texans were going to get the analytics. And I argue with, like Todd Fermín all the time about this. I get this except for it never seems to work out like in theory, I guess in a vacuum, this this go for the kill and go up by nine is the better way to go.


But it doesn't pass the test when Cornell is holding up too. Right. Like, oh, that's the wrong thing. I haven't even done the math yet, but I know that's the wrong thing. Whatever he's doing, go up when he's holding up too.


It should be. I have to take a number too. Can we stop the game? I'm seventy three years. So too I've got to do a no to peace. I'm out. I'm going to go shoot.


And I had I had no dog in this race. I did not. But I think. Oh I thought you had the Texans. You were ok. No I stayed away last second because I just couldn't put money on Romeo Crennel to cover two straight weeks. Yeah, that was the dumbest non cover I think I've ever seen in my life. They first of all.


This is another thing, this I don't know if this is a game, the girl or what, but all the smart math that's come into football but is now being used by coaches who are trying to seem like it makes them smarter to do it. And it's like you're losing the feel of the game. Like if you actually watch the Houston, Texas game, Houston was having a lot of trouble in those short yardage, like. Yeah. Oh, is it always like fighting for any third and one fourth and one whatever.


Right. And just the flow of the game. It didn't feel right.


You have to take that into account. You must take it into account.


Although it was so tough for them to move the ball. Right. I'm with you.


I hate this Titans game. I don't know what what's going on with it. I hate how good Tannehill is. And he is good. He's good.


Is it to let's say that he might be top eight now if Rodgers had done what Tannehill did on that, I'm going to go up to spike it. No, no. Run back and throw it into the corner. For AJ Brown, that play was brilliant. Yeah. And if Rodgers did that at, the announcers would have just jerked each other off and never stopped. That's it. Put your pants down. Yeah, we to take turns on each other.


That was unbelievable. Let's have a jerk party potato. This is a smart play by tangelos. Like that play was fucking brilliant like Dan Marino did that. How many years ago. We're still talking about it.


Well, because everyone's in love with Derrick Henry too. So we're looking forward to the extra two point your version, which actually did go to Henry. Right. Lined up in the quarterback position and the frickin defenders treated him like he was going to throw the ball. He got free rein to run. You're talking about the game winning touchdown, right? So for the people, this stay home, Texas getting four. They score a touchdown to go up seven.


And how much time is up? 80 seconds. Yeah. Like a want to hear. And at that point you're ready. You're you're you're right. I'm in. Except for Romeo Crennel is above. You have to at least be a little careful and that Texans get get it to O.T.. I want to go up there.


I agree with you. I want to go up eight there. I didn't want to go up eight with Minnesota. I don't know why it's game to game. I think it's just a feel for it and update. Tannahill. Great. God bless him. If he could drive the field one time out and then get the two point and then you go to overtime. But there was no doubt the Titans were winning by a touchdown when they won the one to toss.


Right. I thought it was going to be the AJ Brown like. Seventy yarder. Or the Derrick Henry seventy five yard run. It was it was much more painful.


Yeah. Because when they went to Henry in the shatkin that they used it as a work. Yeah. I actually don't like that play because then the defense could just go cool and put everybody up. But I swear to God they thought he was going to throw it and they were terrified that it was going to throw it and forgot to tackle him. I don't know what happened there.


I got to say, Henry somehow is underrated heading into this year and even in fantasy, like in our keeper league wasn't one of the top five running backs. I know it's a weird thing with him because the word gets out, oh, he doesn't heat up until November or something, but he doesn't care about that shit. He's just throwing guys around all year for six weeks. I feel like he's bigger. Yeah. It's like Sly Stallone, Rocky three to Rocky four, but something's different.


We're going to talk about that because something feels bigger about this dude.


But yeah, he looks he's in the MVP conversation now, I think. I guess so.


It's really hard for for a running back these days.


But but but other than Wilson, I don't think any QB has separated from the pack.


I liked Rodgers before today. He had 13 touchdowns and no interceptions in the last two guys that did that through four games, one that won the MVP. So but Rodgers Rodgers was bad. He was really bad. Those two were awful. I didn't get it. I honestly thought he was just like keeping them in the game, like, because, of course, that was the only frickin game other than the Dolphins Jets. We could talk about that forever.


Let's just talk about it now. It was it was like Melissa shit. Next time. Yeah. Why why do they hate us so much? The NFL? Why do we have nine games? And I know you you had your eye on the Colts. Bengals, God bless you for not batting it if you're telling the truth. But that was the one game DirecTV didn't show in the eight box was the Colts Bengals. So I didn't pay attention. I didn't have money on it.


I didn't have money on it. And it ended up being like the best game. And instead we have to game.


And then as a result, we have two games in the afternoon, late afternoon, I had a I had a tiny teaser with Washington and Sensi Parlament money line. It was like nine to one I was in. Oh yeah. I was fun. I got my money's worth. The Colts have to screw you anyway. Anyway, with the Bengals, Mixon got hurt. That's why that's why they stopped scoring. Because once that happened then of an offensive line, they didn't have a good backup running back.


But Rivers, I don't care. Everyone has them.


I feel vindicated by the don't put Phil Rivers in the Tesauro because if you had a D on that one, you're going next. I just texted you in house. I thought that was going to be his final quarter. This did? Yeah, I thought I came in for the second half. It was over. We never see Phil Rivers again.


It's funny. I have you texted me don't don't you dare put Phil Rivers in a teaser ad. My other buddies, the gender trifecta texted me, don't you dare put Phil Rivers in the Hall of Fame. This will be disgusting. Everyone hates on Phil Rivers. And then he ended up having good stats. He's like twenty nine for forty four. He had like three hundred seventy yards or something.


I think these old cubs, if there's no pass rush, they can still look good. The problem is when they're pressured, that's that's what changes. I think when you hit your late thirties, early forties, I really want to see if Tampa can do this against a team that has a good pass rush. That's that's when I might believe.


But, yeah, the Romeo thing. It just didn't seem right. I just I know I don't care what the numbers say, the math has gone too far because it's our the percentage. It's like, well, we're all watching the game. The game has a certain flow to it. All of us are watching this going. Houston's probably not getting this right. It's going to end up being the same Dashon play that they just scored the touchdown on, but now they're running it again like that.


And that was exactly the play that they tried to run. But that was. Let's take a break and then I have one more thing for you.


Which fan base is most worried about their QB? I'm going to give you the final choice. I raised my hand in Minnesota. Cleveland. New England, Philly, out of those four, who's the most concerned this year, right now or at this moment listing?


Those fans are listening in this podcast right now. They're good. Me, me, I'm the most concerned, I would say Minnesota, because I feel like the Cousins thing is very close to ending.


Yeah, well, here's the thing. I'll say let's make an agreement to never, ever say that cousins or golf. Let's just take those two because they're the same guy cousins in golf. They're back for good. And let's also not say they're done because no matter, it really just depends how your money is put on those guys. Right. If you're going to bet golf is probably going to he's going to buzz you right in the ass almost 80 percent of the time.


Same with cousins. But Cousins seems like he's not trying when he when he puts up these terrible numbers. Right. Like you want to punch him in the face.


Yeah, he. There's a weird vibe with him when things don't go well now, and I can only imagine what it would be like to be a teammate. But again, I'm going to say this every week. It's hard for me to believe Jamous can't play for one of these teams are watching. It really is. There's 12 teams that I feel like at least it would be a little more fun if he was on the team, like when you watch Cleveland.


I know Mayfield was probably hurt this week. Who knows how much? But like, they had no chance in that game. He was completely useless. Right. And it's hard for me to believe that he like Jamous. We can at least be a backup, but he's on a team, though, you make it like he's not a third stringer. There's a guy starting.


He'll be all right. They'll play this year. It's ridiculous. The Minnesota thing, it feels like that's coming to a head.


I don't know what they do, because if anything, cousins, if you if you're throwing away the season, Cousins is just good enough that you're not going to get a good draft pick. Right. So you did things you just like release them or you keep your fingers crossed. Hope it works out.


I mean, you say is just good enough, but they're one in five now, right? They could lose they can lose 10 games. I guess. And then the Philly thing, Wentz has this moment every game. Mm hmm. We just started thinking, like, wow, I wouldn't be shocked if Jalen hurts, just came into the game right now. Yeah. And and then went to a rally and then all of a sudden he looks good.


He takes like incredible punishment every game. He gets the shit kicked out of him and and that team never dies. He's always like fighting back. But I'm never impressed as I'm watching. Are you right now?


It's like you dug this crazy hole. That's why, you know, why should this even be? You're just screwing with our teasers right now. That's all you're doing. But they might be in trouble now. Sanders has a bad knee, right, as they say with him. And Zach Ertz has bad ankle problems like those guys out. You're not going to see the thirty point games anymore.


Wentz is like the guy on the road trip who insisted on driving and gets lost. Yeah, right.


And then it's like, Jesus going to be five hours late is the guy got this and some crazy move and then all of a sudden you're going to eighty five on some side street. You might pull this up, your cousin Jimmy, that's that. And then you crash washed. Watch. I'm just going to do this every week now. Oh yeah. We got Brady. It's like a two out of ten this week. He looked, he looked pretty good.


He threw some nice touch passes. It was aggressive. It was good. I got to say, his hair has never looked darker or better. You see, in the sidelines, he's he's grown the back a little bit now. Yeah. Really nice. Full head of hair. Oh, he said hi. He said you hugged and kissed everybody after that game, too. He did. They did the rounds about twenty minutes on the film. Yeah.


He probably he probably intentionally gave himself covid in like June to get it over with so he'd be ready for the season. Yeah, I just bagged it. So now they put that like in a celery shake or something.


Yeah. Rivers', I still have rivers that like an eight out of ten it'll never go lower than eighth. Me Flacco. I have as a fifteen out of ten. I don't know if you saw any of that Jets game.


Flacco I was thinking about it like I think he could drive first. I think he could score four out of one hundred drives. I think I could score zero. And I think like you and I would score zero. Like Tim Tebow is probably too Flacco for Flacco, never any confidence. It's not all his fault. It's Flacco. It's for that team's a disaster. They're cutting away to the GM Douglas every thirty, thirty five seconds. So the guys before or after the election.


Well, at this point, cases, their biggest asset is that you really trying to go, right? Right. Yeah, I guess so. They haven't covered yet this year, which is 016. Yeah. And any team can go in six, but when you go on six against the spread as people are adjusting the lines to account for your confidence and you're still crushing covers every week are non covers. Pretty impressive as we know. Like what's the worst anyone's done like three in 13 I think said well the Texans were on six and 12.


There hasn't been a team to do this since. Twenty thirteen? I don't think so.


It's funny because nobody wants to put Ryan Fitzpatrick in a tease, even though sitting out.


I certainly did. And I looked at it.


Well, you should trust the second best team in the AFC East. You show yours being third. You love this.


Both of our teams are fucked.


Oh, let's talk about.


But we're going to get the lines in second. The Monday Night Football. We have two games, including your team. I love your team this week. I already have my bets in the line since 9/11, which makes me nervous.


Why are you doing that? You talked about you talked about Phil Rivers and quarterbacks that could do fine when there's no pressure. Andy Dalton is exactly what you're describing there. We have to see.


Great. Arizona has no pressure. They don't have Chandler Jones. They have a good defense anyway.


We're beating them at the right time, I would say. But I do worry this offensive line is not good. We're moving guys around. I've never played center even in high school. So I guess he took first team snaps this week. So that's good. But he also has like three awesome receivers. Sure it is. Zeke Elliott, right? Well, I don't know. And that's just that side of the ball.


Calipari is going to run all over the place. I don't know what is over on the rushing yards are but lean over. I think you're being too pessimistic if Dallas if Dallas was playing this week and didn't have an ankle that was broken in half. Mm hmm. You would be four point favorites. Yeah. I think I sense that you think there's not a big difference between Dak, and I just don't think it's a six point difference.


Do you think it's worth six points that to go from Dak to Don? What is it that way is at six. I didn't even think initially it was initially Arizona was favored by two. And then right now, there's been Dallas' action, right? OK, I don't know that I don't love it. I'm sorry. The other game's good chief. So so with Buffalo, it's interesting because we got to see Tennessee and I know they won, but they didn't look great in Houston, really was able to move the ball and make some big plays and it may be kind of even more skeptical.


Buffalo And then you think like the Rams should have beaten them. The Rams terrible tonight. And I know like we know this every year. That's one of the reasons we like the Niners, like the motivation thing. This was a kitchen sink. We have to win this Niners game. Mm hmm. So not totally surprised to beat the Rams, but with the bills, I don't feel like this is a kitchen sink game for them. It's just a big game.


They're playing the chiefs for the chiefs.


Mm hmm. They haven't played a great game yet. They haven't played the Ravens game was pretty good for oh, yeah, nothing happened the second half, but they did their damage when they needed to in the first half, right? Yeah, you're right.


I'm just thinking like those like where everybody's been unlocked because like they have locked unlocked Clyde yet, right? Yeah. He had like 10 touches last game or so.


I don't totally trust our offensive line. Yeah. I don't know to be I'm still not sold that they look like the same team of last year.


I'm with you. I think that's a safer bet. The Chiefs money line. But yeah, that's a good game because either team wants to lose two in a row. But I think much like the Cowboys, the bills are looking at that division be like we don't have to do a ton to win this thing, you know, no offense, but so who is it more? It's a bigger game for the Chiefs, I think.


The Dig's trade, which everybody loved and everybody's raving about, takes the first month, but wasn't Jefferson the guy they get that they picked with the dogs picked?


Yeah, with that pick, yeah. That was in the first round. Yeah. That's what they got. Right.


Was kind of be more fun if they had Jefferson and he was like twenty two Josh out. Yeah. Right. All right, let's do guest Lawrence.


Are we going to do guess the lines in one second we use Fandor for those lines. They're the same place that gives you same game parlors throughout the NFL season. Fandor will refund the first same game parlay. You lose an NFL game each week, up to ten dollars. That means you can bet a different part of the risk free every NFL week, all season long combined multiple pats from one game into a parlay. And that way the Pats are even bigger when you win.


Here's an example. You can do the KC money line on Monday Night Football along with Clyde Edwards. Hillaire will score the first tee. Maybe they'll try to get him, get him going. If that happens, of both those things happen. Plus eight fifty six. If you like it, go ahead and bet it. You'll get ten bucks back. If we don't win, let's do it all season long. It's the only sportsbook app where you can play the same game parlay sign up with promo code B.S. so they know I sent you same game parlays risk free NFL season long only on the Fandor Sportsbook app.


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What do you think of that, Casey, to win Clide, first touchdown, almost nine one stop? Yeah, I like that. I mean, because you could probably get Clide for the first touchdown at around nine to one odds. So if you get him just any touchdown and the Chiefs, although it's the first touchdown, he's plus six hundred the Chiefs money line. It's like nine to one. Yeah. Oh I see.


A little less first touchdown. Yeah. Yeah that's good.


At some point they got to unlock him. Right, because I don't think any of us have been like blown away by the first five Clide games.


The Chiefs Mahomes has to write to Mahomes who scored the first touchdown twice like rushing and that gets like eighteen to one or something. But yeah, I like your thing. Yeah. Them up on the goal line. All right, Thursday night. We'll see what happens tomorrow. Those are two really good games tomorrow. Yeah, they thank you for the all the Tennessee Titans and we got two Monday games. Everything still screwed up. Yeah, it just feels like so every week we're going to have.


It's going to be a dumping ground. Monday Night Football potentially Tuesday. Yeah, Thursday night, Eagles, Giants, this is in Philly, yeah. I can't say the Giants look good today from from the pieces I saw, they they got a big play from their defense, which certainly helped them. Daniel Jones continues to make one, like, truly horrific play a game. This time it was an interception in the end zone. Yeah. That was just got off of that.


They actually even a field goal probably would have put that game away.


And of course, they don't cover. Right. They win and don't cover. They kill you in every pool. They should win. But Daniel Jones is weird. I think he had like seventy five, seventy four yards rushing. Always does one good thing and then like one terrible thing. I don't know, I like to see him. I don't know what we're thinking if he's ever going to put to a great game together, but I'd love to see it.


Well he probably murdered their Trevor Lawrence chances today. Yeah. You'd think that was going to be it. I love that idea of the Jets and Giants splitting. Trevor Lawrence is a MetLife lifer.


It's not going to happen. We're not out of our Jacksonville bet. Now they've quiet, they've quietly fallen to one in five four worst team in the league, so how many have won or zero Cincinnati since then? He's one four and one Jacksonville and Houston, one in five Chargers one and four Giants oh, Minnesota and Minnesota two. Well, there's a Giants watch to Minnesota. Atlanta, yes. It seems they're active sweeps that everybody wants. Trevor Lawrence.


I have the Eagles favored by six over the Giants. All right. We split it. It is five and a half. I said five. I want to put them on a teaser. I think this is where they make their move. Isn't it I know they had these injuries offensively, but they're going to get really banged up. Yeah, I don't remember a football season with this many. Injuries slash think guys up in the air not knowing who's going to play.


It's so hard to keep track of 30 teams. Oh, I can barely remember my kids names at this point.


How how relieved were you when you woke up this morning and found out that every game was going to be scheduled, was going to play?


It was great. I made coffee, came back later, bed with my wife. My dogs watched an episode of Yellowstone. It was a great learning.


There is a new two hundred fantasy, which is, I have to tell you, you're running this league, this fantasy league. And to see you, a quarter of a billionaire scrambling to make everybody's needs.


Everyone's done fantasy covid related fantasy needs from your stupid college buddies and me included. I'm in there, I'm an idiot. And you're just like scrambling around, trying to make everyone happy. You must be like, what the fuck is going on here? How I love. That's great. Was all right this morning.


The Sunday marquee game. Titans. Steelers. Yeah, that's the one. It's in Tennessee, I think there's fans there, right, if it's in Tennessee, because everybody probably areas covid there except for Clay. Travis Clay goes to every game. He was there tonight. So was he wearing a mask? I doubt it. Not in the pictures he was forwarding us. I was like, just celebrate the win. Hug everybody in the stadium really do it.


I have I think this is a three pointer and titans by three over the Steelers. You know, I had that to, you know, doesn't believe in the Titans in Vegas and Fanjul, Steelers, Steelers, minus one and a half.


Well, they lost their best dude on defense. Yeah. Yeah, it's Devin Bush. I mean that by far their best dude. I don't you think I mean, T.J., what's on every play maker? Fitzpatrick seems to pick a ball like every other.


He's like he's like the leader. The thing.


Cause I always I know he can read Hayward. He could do the run. He can catch. He can. People coming out of the backfield, I don't know. They are low points for Pittsburgh and Baltimore. How do they have good defenses every single year for like decades? And the Michael Fitzpatrick trade was really good. That guy's really good. He's always he's always around plays. They they killed the Browns. He salivates, went to plays a guy like Baker Mayfield, the guy like McGinniss's Patrick.


So I kinda I still can't believe that line. Why it was so low. Right.


It scared me away. I would have I was like, this should be six. It seems so fishy. I bought I bought the minus one thirty just to get it to three side and get screwed on the last second garbage touchdown. But I was like really confident. Never had to worry. That was a great pick.


And I'll get the Browns Baker Gymnast's at Baker slow to get up about three hundred and fifty thousand times today.


It's weird how how the announcers are just afraid to say that he's not that good. Oh yeah.


Well, you know, even when they put him in space, but it's like they're talking about the coach's kid to the coach driver because they know the job is good.


Yeah. You know, you put them in space, you can make some stuff.


I think they want people to not tune out. By the way, that is the reason that people want to know about, like, why they were to late afternoon games every once in a while. The NFL does this. They'll have one game where they want everybody to watch. Right. So that they could flex their muscles and say, hey, this rated. So I don't know if you got that out of this game with the quarterbacks being just so.


So but that's that is the reason why only the Jets Dolphins was a competitor for Tampa Green Bay. Well, that was another amazing piece to it. Speaking of flexing their muscles, they made Joe Buck. Joe Buck could have called the game seven. That was awesome with the Dodgers and said, no, no, Joe, you're going to be an ass in this random week six game that probably has no playoff implications at all. Right, here's how to do this.


Instead, it's a big orating. So some imposter, Joe Buck showed up for Game seven and Joe Bucks doing this football game. That's over in an hour. Right. You know, it's just I thought that was weird. The other thing Fox did this year, these these cartoons of the guys, I know the ideas and none of them look like the guys. And they're all like much, much more muscular. It's like all the guys are on major steroids.


I'll look into it.


But, yeah, I wonder if you have to pay extra. If they look anything like the person you're trying to replicate, where can they make cartoons of us?


Can that be a fucking huge think?


All right. The watchable is I got three games. Saints, Panthers, mm hmm. It's in New Orleans. And I think I still kind of believe in this Carolina team as at least a possible playoff team, I really don't think there's much of a difference with them in the sense. Hmm. They actually kind of remind me of each other in some ways.


Since I have. Only because. I think people really overrate them a little bit, I have saints by six. All right. I said seven. It's up to seven and a half. Yeah. This would have been much more if they were four and two against the three and two since we get one more week without McAffrey.


I know people don't think it doesn't matter, but I think there's one more. So it matters. Yeah. Mike Davis is good, but, you know, it was not. They also had McAffrey 80 yard run every now that yeah, I think Michael Thomas Michael Thomas is on pace to play in this game. He punches somebody. Yeah. Check with the parole officer. There were weird stories about him.


Why about why is nobody's even supposed to be near each other by the starting fights? I don't get it. Apparently, he's an intense guy. Mm hmm. He's like one of those guys and they talk to him during the off season about, hey, man, you know, we're on a big team here. Like when you act certain ways, it affects the team. Kind of sounds like they're talking about our friend Brad. Hey, Brad, come on, man.


It's our parent corners. Yeah, but it was going great. And then it all fell apart when he punched the city back on the other team. It was apparently also chippy. Yeah, right. So right now, the whole thing is we're not that. So we didn't get to talk about that Tampa, New Orleans game, but I'm sorry, Chargers New Orleans game. That was excellent. Who's your favorite team? That's not your favorite team.


I mean, how about this, what was my favorite bet that lost at the last second this year? Because I have seven nominees, I can't believe I didn't have the chance.


The Chargers were one of them as going to, say, the Chargers and the Vikings money line. Yeah. All right. So here's what I'm thinking, though. But that's a different thing. Like your favorite team. It's not your favorite team has to be a team that you just like to watch and don't have money on. Like, I feel like, you know, I should have that separate. Like, I don't care if the Chargers win or lose.


I just like watching Justin Herbert and I like watching their defense and their fun. So if I can keep that separate, it's hard. But if I could keep the betting separate from my second favorite team, it's the Chargers.


This is a really good game, I'm going to I want to make sure I answer this correctly, charges are candidate. You New York, neither New York team is a candidate, it's not a candidate anymore, I would say Charger's one, Carolina would be backup, but Seattle doesn't count right now. Seattle, well, sounds too good, right? You're back in love with Russell again. You can say Cincinnati.


Now, because I am always worried Boros going to get killed. All right, so there's herbut the charges are always exciting, because if they're winning, they might screw up because because of some shaky coaching thing or don't play or something. Right. They're behind. I always feel like they're going to score.


Yeah, I bet I want to try not to beat them so I could just watch them and kind of just enjoy. It's it's almost like you want to just have a platonic friendship with somebody, let it have the sex, ruin it.


Well, you know why? Because every year I pick up another team that I hate, and this year it's the Titans. I might have picked up three teams. Oh, I have to split Tampa and New England because they're not on the same team now. So I like any teams that I like to. And that's going to be my it's my new mission.


Do you hate Brady because he won all the Super Bowls or because he cost you so much money over the years or does it have to be one?


Yeah, no, it's it's mostly because you like them so much and but now you don't like them, so I don't know what to think.


By the way, Russell Wilson was the judge of our argument last week about whether Minnesota should have gone for the two point or not. What did he say? He said he said he thought we should try to end it. I guess if they didn't end it, he was going to go down and score. So you're right. Right? Yeah. Judge REST's next game. I think that line's too high. I mean, for two reasons. One, the Panthers could absolutely win the game.


And two, even if they're down 14 with two minutes off, they could get a cheap touchdown. They got receivers that could make plays.


Still no fans in that building. And I'm always confused as to that's high then, I guess. That that has the potential for a tease that could fuck over a lot of people. Next, watchable packers at Houston. I have this as a watchable just because I really enjoy Ramia with the mascot.


It's it's like a new gimmick.


It's a it's like a superhero. Right. I would always enjoyed betting against him over the years. And him with the basket is really great. He also seems like a great guy that we're making fun of. Yeah. He just was has a bit of successful head coach. So it's a nice thing to have in your back pocket. Great guy. Cost me fifteen hundred dollars a figure.


This one Packers, you know, coming off an embarrassing loss. Get a little Aaron Rodgers versus Dashon. Is it strange to Schatz's and this is the first game he kind of looked like the shot. I have the Packers by three at Houston. Hey you got that. I don't know why I went higher. It is three exactly. I said five and a half. I just I don't know. I look at four and one versus one in five Texans might be used to losing.


But do we even say like the Texans needed more at this point?


At what point? You write them off, we're not crossing them off as too many one when teams, but yeah, I don't know, nine and seven could still make it. Yeah, I guess so. The problem for them is their defense is terrible, right? Like, they just can't stop anybody.


So I don't know why I read read about their run defense after I made the bet. And my gosh, yes, Derrick Henry is just going to go crazy. But, you know, you like seeing him like when Fuller stretches the field and just like in a straight line, just outruns everybody. Yeah, that's you should see that more from the stage. But you figure Fuller cooks, one of them won't make it to three weeks from now with some sort of something true.


Those guys have trouble being out there. The only other watchable game I have, just because it's Russell versus Calamar is Seahawks cards. I also think unless the Seahawks are playing somebody terrible, I think they have to be they're watchable or barely watchable. Sure. I have the Seahawks by three and a half in that one. I think there's a little cheating going on. It is three and a half. I went higher. I said five and a half, I thought.


Cardinal, short week. I don't know that you just can't bet against him anymore. Three. Here's the thing. If your guy beats if your guy the redheaded rifle, what's is the red rifle? Red rifle with red headed the red headed rifle if he sticks it to the cards.


Monday night, that line goes to like Seahawks' by 6:00, right? So if you think Dallas is going to win, you're much better off parlaying Dallas with Seahawks minus three and a half because that line will go up to at least five.


It should go up. And Seahawks coming off a bye. Cardinals short week, not as good. We have a lot of games left, most of them are bad when we take one break. Let's take a break, talk about zip recruiter businesses have had to be flexible this year from working remotely. It's pivoting their business models for long term survival and growth. We have certainly been an example that we went from thinking that we couldn't do a lot of our podcast remotely to doing them all remotely.


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All right, barely watchable with five, first one is Falcons Lions. This just has all the makings of. With 30 seconds left, somebody will have the ball, the announcer's voice will be very high pitched and excited and it'll be a weird score like thirty two to twenty nine.


Chris Myers gets this game. Chris, Chris, there's no question. Have some coffee before maybe at time you get ready for the fourth and and something terrible happened the last 30 seconds. I have the Falcons at home by two and a half over the ones we split it.


I said three and a half is three more. There's no way these teams haven't played four times this year against each other. I refuse to believe that they should just switch uniforms and just continue this season in different cities. Run us, Firmage. Next, barely watchable Brown's Bengal's, we've seen this game, it was actually a. Semifinal I had, it's in Cincinnati, I think the Browns will be favored by three, and I kind of like the Bengals.


We split this also. It's three and a half. I said for. You say barely watchable. I think it's I think it's watchable. Really? Well, it depends how the injuries shake out, right? We're seeing Case Keenum, it's it's not watchable anymore. Would you be able to tell between Case Keenum and Baker Mayfield is I would not, I guess, the uniform number, the announcer says slow to get up the Cowboys at Washington. God only knows where this line is going to go after tomorrow night.


I'm going to I'm going to say Cowboys by 5:00. I went to high here. I said six. It's it's four. I don't know what you do at Washington. They want a month ago and everybody's like, yeah, they're there now. They're still good. They're still frisky. Like, I don't know, they lose by double digits almost every week. And today they were down they've been down 14 or more in every single game, even the game they weren't.


The Haskins thing is tough. That seems like a complete with that's tough. He was like the 15th pick. They must really hate him and he must be like, what the hell is going on? Kyle Allen. Alex Smith. Well, he was unplayable, though. He was so bad, right? I don't know. What do you do for you're if Ron Rivera, it's like I can't play this guy who can't play football.


Yeah, that's true. Well, he seems to be OK with the other 21 guys.


Guys that can't play football now. I don't know. It's a it's a tough call for them. Do I know people get mad at me for this, but comeback player of the Year, Alex Smith. Was minus four hundred like midweek. Oh, my God. I know it's a great story, but Big Ben makes the playoffs, can make the playoffs.


God forbid I got to say my pick would be Gostkowski. That guy was in a coffin. Quick word. Has anybody ever won it just for their performance in a year? He did. What did he had three straight games with 50 orders to win. Right.


He missed three field goals and a pat Ásbjörn. Not only did it seem like he is going to be waved, it seemed like he was just going to go on a boat. We would never see him again.


And that is like money. And we joke about that. He was 60 to one to start the season and probably get him around the same. But I don't know. I don't give it to Alex Smith, by the way.


Yeah, I agree. Chiefs, Broncos, this is in Denver, and again, I'm just warning you, America, the Broncos are pretty good.


They well, it's not a bad football team.


I was impressed. I thought they did a nice job, but that up until the last five minutes when Fanny Pack Fangio got involved or her coordinator or whatever and locks turn it down field, all they have to do is just run the ball. We're not we're not moving the ball. Just run the ball punt and you're going to win because we can't do anything with Julie. That went through multiple passes in the same game when he threw the pass. And the Baltimore playoff game like six years ago was like the first time they'd ever had him throw the ball and answer twice today.


Like that said, you should never get a well. But, Drew, this is a different game.


Drew. Locks are going to be able to go ten for twenty four and stay close. Right. But he might not have been healthy. So that way he's he's coming back. Yeah. He wasn't even going to play a week ago. What do you have in this one? I have the Chiefs by Seven and a Half Men edging me out here. I said seven. It's eight and a half. So that looks like a classic teaser, and I'm afraid of it.


Why can't I beat you in this shit? It's eight five and we have four games left, five games. I'm winning right there. Well, here's what I think we should think about, this is the Chargers at home against the Jaguars have the Chargers by six. I said six. Also, it's eight. No, we're not banning charges, we're just going to root for. We're just going to watch them and enjoy it. It's your potasnik.


That's it. It's my platonic team. I'm just going to read you the last couple of Jags games.


After they started out the season, well, they did indeed lose to Tennessee by three, almost one man killed by Miami by 18, Lucita Sensi by eight, they lose to Houston by 16, they lost to Detroit by 18.


The Jaguars are who we thought they were. They threw us off the scent that first week.


They stink. They they and they in Washington team. Right.


They like and people still hanging on for hope with them, even at least like watching almost one today. Mm hmm. Right, they they asked by one Detroit killed Jacksonville. I like Jacksonville today, I think I might be done with them for a while.


Chargers watch out for the cities, all right, next category is covid Corner. We have the Patriots again. God only knows what other covid discoveries are going to have next few days. They're playing the Niners. Resurgent Niners, I don't know whether I'm buying it or not, they are that Collins word that a nice job of pointing out how fucking careful they were with Jimmy G in that game.


They're throwing quick drops, short passes, handoffs, play action. We're not asking. And then gradually they used the men. But he's playing with the lead the whole time. That was like your perfect Jimmy G situation. I still didn't think he looked great. I have the Patriots favored by three. I said four and a half. It is five and a half. Yeah.


So that's just too high. Let's look at Jimmy Ankle last week. Now, let's look at his angle this week. Now let's look at his angle when he was in middle school.


You know, two things. First of all, I'm going to give props to Belichick between the covid, the current covid guy sitting out and the six that opted out. If they do anything close to a playoff run here, I think he should win coach of the year. I really do. I don't see any. We don't have a lot of time, though, now that that would be pretty spectacular. We had no offensive line by the end of the game today.


The other thing I want to check in say is I didn't check who I took in our eliminator for. I took the Patriots or the Dolphins and I went back and forth about it all week. What did you take?


Did you think I was I was I lost in the eliminated. Oh, you did pick one. Yeah, I'm long gone. All right. I'm afraid to look, but I'm pretty sure it's a Patriots. Belichick is coach of the year and worst executive of the year. He's going to win. The dog gets an assist.


The poop factor. This is a really good one, builds at the Jets. It's tough and at some point they're just going to make the bills line so high that it's going to be even hard to pick them, even if you're in a pickle for whatever. But I have the bills by 11 and a half.


And this one. You get it, I said 10, I was like, you got to start with 10 doesn't have the jets at home or away, right? You start at 10, their own sex against the spread. It's 11. So you get that one. Yeah, I would say it's the jets are worse off at home. Right. Yeah, probably a. depressing at the stadium, but the couple people in there just kind of like the janitor booing, right?


A few ghosts, maybe a cat, black cat and a ghost. That's a. Boy, that's that's such a bad team you have to watch. I was going to say. We try to avoid hyperbole on this show. The Jets are one of the worst teams I've ever seen. They're like the combo of Flacco and Gore as your quarterback running back is just iconic figures. Thirty seven Flacco has done four years ago, he was done right. He's done like he was stopping and starting quarterback four years ago.


The only saving grace is that the fans don't have to pay to see it. Right. Like you imagine how miserable everybody would be in that stadium if they had to watch this team. Did they miss a field goal to avoid a shutout? Like, it just it gets it gets funnier and funnier. As the three hours progressed, Flacco threw forty four times and couldn't even get the two hundred yards. Now he's one hundred eighty six yards.


He had a couple of eleven point one.


Cuvier hits like thirty is bad, eleven point one like you're almost at zero. Frank Gore was their leading rusher. Eleven carries for forty six yards and then impairment and Crowder. I guess those guys aren't terrible.


So Tulear came in and OMOs outscored Flacco in a two minute, we're going to kill the clock, basically, Jurnee, like you're going to throw one pass in to beat Flacco. He scored zero. What can you do? And Flacco, you saw that whole thing. Where was it? One hundred and seventy yards away from Joe Montana. Is there going to be like a ceremony for that? She was really upset about that.


That's going to take three weeks to overcome.


But so, Shantanu, I. I'm obviously horrified by the Jets, and if it's this is all for Trevor Lawrence, that's great. But I really actually don't think it's OK for Trevor Lawrence. I think they're just completely incompetent. Bolivian bell contract made no sense when it happened. Nobody thought it was going to work. I'm horrified for Trevor Lawrence. That's Amara. But, boy, they've scored seventy five points. They've given up one hundred and eighty five.


They're minus one ten thirty, which is actually seems kind of low. But how many Game six, six games are almost minus one? Yeah, it's almost 20 a game, 18 a game. Yeah. And meanwhile, Miami is three and three in there, plus forty seven for the season. Yeah. And they add this to a card that at any point, I mean if they want to get their fans excited, people are excited. He came in for two minutes today with people.


I got five texts about it. Right. But if they, if they play that card, like halfway through the season, I mean, if the football gods got involved, they wanted him to play, then Fitzpatrick will, like, pull a hamstring or something. Right.


They should play to show their fans if they come back. OK, we're at worst the second best team in the AFC East. Come watch us.


Yeah, I know what you're doing. It says, oh, man, God, Ryan is over. The middle is just not cut. Oh, man. It's just not like Gronk just isn't the same.


He'll be the greatest tight end of all time now with Ryan as a he'll grow into the role this time.


It comes Sunday night. Bux Raider's, this is three weeks in a row, prime time for Tampa Bay. This is in Nevada, the Nevada. Books are entertaining, though I think that's a good team to be on TV a lot. I have the bucks favored by three in Vegas. You get it. I said one and a half, it is two and a half. Now, your guy, Gronk. How does he behave in Vegas? They have to worry about him, the money to bail them out.


Is he going to get married? What? You can probably put him in a cage. Yeah, they might put him in the cage with Tyson's Tigers.


He he looked pretty good today. I got to say, I thought the first couple of games, he looked completely washed out as bummed out and he did this game. He was like athletic. They ran that one. The old play, they they stopped running for him probably two years before he left the Pats when he starts on the right but goes all the way across the field toward the out of bounds line and they drop it like they couldn't run that play for him the last year to slow down even a touchdown just to get his feet down.


It was a pretty athletic look. Pretty good. He's a mutt. He's back Monday. Rams, Bears. This is in L.A.. Mm hmm. And I'm just guessing. The bears are going to be very popular pick you, they are going to make a case for the Bears, I think that ends up bears, I think, this line to pick them by game. I think a lot of money is going to be in the Bears. All this, you know.


You know, everybody hates the Bears, all the Rams bears. Everybody hates the Bears every week.


You think it's going to be a picnic? What do you think it is? I just think the money is going to go to the Bears. I have the Rams buy one and a half over the Bears. Oh, I think it ends up being a pickup. No, I had five. It's six and a half. I should get four wins for that. That makes the Rams are home, you know. So what the home field advantage, does it matter?


Well, I thought maybe you were reading the match up wrong. Wait, you watched football day to day. Who look better? The bears of the ribs?


Well, not everybody hated the bears before today. Everyone's like they're the worst five and one team bears just the Bears beat the Bucs and they beat the Panthers. Those teams are good. I'm the one who won't bet against them. Yeah. Listen, I have a Rams to win the NFC bet I was in on the Rams, but I'll just read you their wins and you tell me if you're impressed. They beat they beat your Qadi team in week one there in Philly, they lost to Buffalo, they beat the crap Giants, they beat the Washington football team and they lost to San Francisco by eight.


Therefore, no, it's a good win there.


They should win the NFC East because they're Forno again and they've proven they're the best that it's this team. I don't know. I have no idea if they're actually good. They're good.


Win was against the was their loss against the bills. They won that game. They got jobs. True. But they're also down twenty eight to three in that game. Yeah. I don't know. I can't believe I'm coming out on the Bears. No really. They say to me that's like a three point line, Max.


Well, I guess coming off a loss. Bears are traveling.


I don't know, maybe it's a bye week. Colts, Dolphins. Vikings, Ravens. So you could see I mean, I wouldn't be shocked if Mike Zimmer got fired, right? You fire coach for the Bioacoustics Zimmer before Gaith.


They can't fire gays, he's their best asset, right? He really is. What do you have for a World Series like if we do, we do, we do we cross anyone off yet? What do we do with these teams, I forget where we are, even with this, I'll look for the I look for the thing while you figure out the cross, I'll tell you the cross of teams we had. We crossed off the Jets last week smart.


So we crossed off the bank, we've crossed off the Bengals and the Jets so far because of the Bengals before the Jets. Oh, I guess because they're in a dynamite division. All right. Yeah. So now we have a lot of choices here.


Yeah, but we have to be we have to be prudent, let's not do Minnesota because they don't play our game. I got to be honest, I think Minnesota's across from there one, yeah, they're one in, five in. They're. Three and a half games behind the second place team. They would have to go eight. Eight and two, just to have a chance to get the seven seed, what are the odds they're going to go eight to one?


I'll be one of my picks. The other one would be, oh, the foul stuff.


No, no, no. It should be Jacksonville. We got to cross them off. They're not making the playoffs. They're terrible. Yeah, I guess you have to go just three games back for that to be Jacksonville, got to be Jacksonville before Houston. Right. And with the record. The only thing I'm thinking is Atlanta, because now. And it's an easier conference, but Carolina, New Orleans and Tampa could make it there, right? All right.


We'll make it easy on ourselves. Jagajaga, if you're betting your life on this, you would pick that, right? Yeah, they're not coming back. That's the baseball dodgers, minus two, 10. I don't see any individual games yet, but Dodgers minus two, 10. That's way too high. Is really good at Kershaw one, four and seven. I don't know. All right, it's time for Parent Corner brought to you by CarMax.


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Its car shopping your way at CarMax buy online or at a CarMax near you today. All right.


So what do you got? Well, I'm going to sound like a whole father here, but I guess that's the idea behind these. So I don't know if I told you, like my 12 year old. Now your son gets the Amazon things differently, right? He has a card. Or how does how does he do it? How do you get from Amazon? It gets gifting. It's a gift card. And then they put in the numbers.


They put in the numbers. My kids are lazy. They have Amazon gift cards, but they go on my computer and leave up items from the WWE or something that they want me to buy. And I just it's like an added thing. I kind of have to get rid of it. And I feel like. On and on and a pandemic spending mood anyway, so I'll pay 18 dollars for the Bray Wyatt with the mask, even though they have three Bray Wyatt wrestlers downstairs, like just to get rid of it.


So, yeah, but now the gig's up and now they know that's what I'm doing. And now they have upped the ante. And I saw one of those birds, McHattie McCarty's No. Macao's mccarl, right. Yeah. Fucking seven hundred and fifty dollars. That kid wants a bird. I'm like, no way. So I'm shutting this down and let them. I hope they're listening right now. No more putting items on my computer for me to buy the brai.


Why? It's fine. I'm not buying a seven hundred dollar bird not having a damn bird in the house. That wasn't really the parrikar. The other one was way that I know that their strategy is they just put it up on the sap.


You have to let you they know you like buying things and they just put things on your computer. Yeah. Hoping that you'll go as fuck and just buy it shoes and just dust off.


And they know, like, I have to x out the window a top on top, but I feel bad hexing it out without making something and then you know, and then it comes in. I'm Father of the year when it comes in the mail. So that part's nice, but they're completely taken advantage that we don't need a goddamn thousand dollar birds. Yeah, that's crazy. Yeah, I like that. Also crazy. My youngest son, he plays his roebuck's thing.


It's like the know, it's like a kind of adventure game and everything plays with his buddy and the buddy, the guy's sister too. And I think I told the story about it. The grandmother plays and. And we got a text from the mother saying, hey, your son told my daughter to shut the F up because she killed him in this game. So this is Saturday morning and we're like, my wife's like, all right. The whole weekend, no iPad.


And you have to write an apology letter to this girl. I was like, yeah, that seems fair. That's good. But guess what that meant. I had to spend the whole weekend with them.


I had to, like, do shit whether I had to, like, watch TV and entertain them wasn't like a three hour walk with Rambert. I got to like, walk slow and everything. So I'm a shitty father, but I like I am OK. Can we let them Sunday. Maybe like. No, no he must, he has to, he has to abide by this. All right. So the all kids out there, if you're going to tell someone to shut the fuck up, make sure it's like Saturday night so you get just like one day of punishment.


That's tough to set.


The Saturday morning punishment is a Thursday.


Could have happened on Tuesday. I know it's real. So how many days is the suspension? No, he's good now. He got through the weekend, but because he wrote an apology letter and everything, but these games take a take a lot take their toll on these little brats. My daughter had practice in Santa Monica last week and I had to kill like an hour and a half. So I was listening to podcasts in my car. And then I'm like, I am what I want to have targets up and drive this target.


It's not open.


I'm driving back and I see a Halloween store like, you know, those pop up Halloween stores with masks and stuff go in.


I end up getting a few things, including a really nice pennywise mask from it. Really creepy. Scary.


But I bought a couple other things to like about a chainsaw, about another. Michael Myers Masks has been in the last one to come home. And I have all the stuff, Michael. So Ben's got the chance on the Michael Byers mask doing the whole thing. Does it know that had the Pennywise mask? So then I coordinate with Zoe, and at some point I go up and I go into his closet and I just wait there for 20 minutes.


And then Zoe lures Ben up to his room and he goes, he's hanging out. And then I push the closet open and came out as penny wise and scared the living shit. That mask is scary. I was so psyched. It never works when you're trying to scare your kids, right? They always catch you. They know I fucking got them. So that was great.


It was me. Valerie Vanger. You laughed.


I put I put it on my Instagram story so you can see the mouse because he's been wearing it ever since.


Now he's vowed revenge, but so he's been playing 2k constantly because he broke his foot and then his foot was getting healthy and now it's happy. So he started playing basketball again.


And my wife and I were talking. She looks out, she's like, oh, my God. And she's been he's rolling around outside in the basketball court holding his leg, saying, oh, my God, he got hurt. So we run out. And he's like, no, no, I'm fine. We're like, what are you doing? He's like, I'm I'm in a sports movie.


I was just pretending I got hurt, uh, which was cool, except, like, he turns 13 and two weeks.


What he's is in a sports movie.


He was he was playing basketball outside pretending he was in a sports movie. And in the movie, the guy got hurt. So he was really ready to really go out. Yeah, I don't know about it or what movie it was.


So that had and then the other thing, I was in the house the other day getting salad and and I hear him say, Dad, Dad, I got ten seconds left. I go in and he had finished an NBA 2k season and he was about to win the title, so wins the titles like his guy at eighty two points because he's playing at all star level. He was trying to get you to go in the finals.


MVP averaged like 70 points a game in the finals, but I think he got it plays this whole season, wins the title, ends up becomes a free agent because it's my career got signed by the Lakers and half of me was like, I just can't believe this pandemic. Like what?


It's really the stupidity it's wreaked across America. The other half was like kind of jealous because remember those days when you'd play the whole video game season? Oh, yeah, I'm sure you did that right. And ninety four. Right.


All the Madden season is kind of like fun to watch it because it's great, except they got signed by the Lakers.


You must have been bombed by that and was excited about it. They had the highest rating and it was a great move. I'm like this is the worst thing. I've just continued to hurt my feelings. I'm going back to my salary alone. I haven't in the balsamic and I'm out of here. So anyway, action packed week by house.


What are you doing about Halloween night? I was just going to ask you. So would you trick or treating us out? Right. It's outlaw.


As you know, I live in a big Halloween neighborhood and we get like, you know, fifteen hundred people here, but there's going to be no Halloween. But I do feel like a lot of those people are going to show up anyway.


I think so, too. I'm looking at the next door app and everything. It seems like they're going to because you have to walk streets down here by the beach, which is just, you know, just 20 people living on the street with no cars. So those will be alive.


I think it feels like a covid nightmare. Yeah, well, one of the things a mask, you know, that they want to do throw candy like make it so that nobody can come within 15 feet and you throw the candy.


And I feel like we're trick or treating usually anyway, and we keep all the candy outside. So I think we'll just keep it outside, not answer the door. This is when covid becomes real. Yeah. It's not just the massive economic devastation of the deaths. It's like when Halloween gets canceled. Mm hmm. That's a it's a sacred day. That's how we get there. We can't even have Halloween like this. Fucking sucks. What is this going to end?


This is like the country's in the fucking toilet with Biden and Trump and the debate. That's going to be awful, right?


Yeah. Everybody wants a Hershey's Kisses. Yeah. Yeah, it's going to be good. It's gonna be this gravy days when when we have 10 to 13 games on a Sunday for weeks, there's going to be battles in the streets and we're going to have like three Sunday games and that'll be it. Biden's minus one eighty. But you're saying we can't beat it, can't do it. Can't do it lot.


The Astros losing it makes me think that maybe maybe all evil won't prevail. Who knows?


So what's Trump plus one forty? We don't just buy it. We don't put our stink on Trump and just buy the Trump either by Trump win for Biden. What is it now? I don't even want to know I sent you last year, someone sent that four years ago at this time. Hillary was ninety two percent when're abidance minus one. Sixty five. The Trumps plus one forty five. So what happens if the election, if it just drags on for like three weeks, says that as we have like a huge I don't even know if you were able to cash the bet?


Well, that's it then. So, you know, it is like last time we bet the states and everything. And I don't want to say anything but how we got this in, you know. They're not even dealing with the states like, fuck this, we're not taking these bets anymore. These states could declare a winner in twenty, twenty seven. Who knows how this is going to go. Right. So a lot of these places aren't even taking those bets.


So you think this is this is the last two. Relatively normal six weeks when things seem fine, enjoy. Yeah, oh, I meant to tell you this.


I should have said this sooner. There's a lot of indication the NBA might start a lot sooner than anybody thought.


Really? Yeah. How are they going to do that? Like they want to wait as long as they can without fans. Right. What I think the thinking is the thinking is, I mean, Christmas would be the ideal, but I don't think they could put together that fast.


But if you do it by, like Martin Luther King weekend range, somewhere between Christmas, Martin Luther King weekend, the thinking is this next season is screwed down because fans are going to be back to God only knows April, May, who knows them, but they have to preserve the season after. So the later they wait to start this season, the more fucks with the next season. Sure.


So unless they make us small, unless they don't play every game, right.


Well, so the move, which I think they're starting to talk themselves into and I know they have talks about it this week with the networks and stuff, but. You bite the bullet, you start it sooner than later, you go like seventy two games, 70 games, something like that, get really all star break.


You have to try to do like when Denver comes to L.A. to play the Lakers and the Clippers, they just play four games in a row in L.A. over the course of six days. So then they don't have to travel. You rig it all these different ways and you try to get it done by like mid-July.


So that's one of the Olympics, July 20 through the Olympics. They don't care about because what they care about is not enough money and they'll just care about it.


They're not till July twenty third anyway. So they could get done by that. Yeah, potentially, but but they need to preserve the next season, so that's what they're talking about and they have to figure out a CBA that have to add different things to it. So that idea that they start Christmas and that's how they're going to do it from now on, that that's got zero percent, because I think you some people were behind that. And when you talk about preserving the next year, like if they want to start Christmas, then they have some leeway here.




Well, the thing that they learned is that. Nobody watches television August, regardless of whether there's a pandemic or not. Like, the ratings just aren't going to be as good.


And then September, they it was a catastrophe going against football and, you know, and then the election every four years, things like that. So, you know, what really worked was like having the fucking finals in June and then the off season in July. And you own those two months? Yeah, I guess so. They want to get back to that or some version of that. So to do that, you've got to start the next season sooner than later.


But I was surprised because I had thought it was going to start till March, April, but now it seems like it's going to be sooner. All right.


Sooner's good. I'll get you those little cards when they pop up.


And I'll tell you this, man, if it could come back MLK weekend, even like that Red, is football starting to crest down, assuming like the world hasn't blown up yet and we still have a functioning society basketball coming? It would be nice. I want it all I want it all to come back. I don't I don't want it ever to go away. I just it was a good week, right? Monday, Tuesday, with the testing that not great.


A little false positive. That's my new attitude, Bill, on false positive. I'm going to deep, deep down inside. I know it's doom and gloom and I'm going to it's going to appear like I'm happy and looking forward to the future.


False positive like that should be the title of your second book for false positive.


But because it's how that's Parent Corner brought to you by CarMax, experienced car shopping your way at CarMax. So what you got to plug.


Oh, all right. Against all odds. Listen to us. These guys are red hot. The polychaete at three who's hot, these Impala kids, one like three in a row.


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That's exciting. All right. Good to see you. Good bye. It's really good to see you, too.


All right. Thanks, Cousin Tad. Don't forget about the dodgeballs coming Monday. We did the five year anniversary of a really great movie that won an Oscar.


It's called Spotlight and one of the most important journalism movies ever made me. Chris Ryan, Ryan Rossella. That is coming Monday night. Look out for that and we'll see you on this feed on Tuesday.