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Coming up, because the Taliban are going to talk about our next Super Bowl because we know what it is and we're even going to guess the line for it, we're going to talk about Sunday's games and a whole bunch of other stuff.


Coming up, we're also brought to you by the Ringer Dotcom and the Ringer podcast network. I have a new rewash is coming on Monday night. It's Terminator two. We did Terminator one and first, but last week did a little action movie frenzy. So there you go. South coming in and one second to talk about today's games, one bizarre, one predictable, and then the Super Bowl, a whole bunch more. And then near the end, I'm going to run something.


Chris Ryan and I did Ringer NBA show. I did a segment on his show, The Answer, and we talked about our our obsessions so far in this NBA season and just wanted to put it on the end of this podcast. In case you're not listening to the Ringer NBA show, you should be. But a little NBA talk at the end. That's all next. First, Pearl Jam.


All right, we're taping this at about seven thirty on Sunday Pacific Time, because it s here, it's a big week for him. He has a new book coming out on Tuesday. You can order right now on Amazon and get it in time to show up on your door on Tuesday with the rest of America. It's called You Can't Lose Them All. I read about two thirds in. What do you think that's going to finish it tonight?


Quitting on you just quit on it. It's fine to throw good.


You and Kimmel gave it a lot of love the other night. You can't do anymore.


That's fine. No, it's it's it's really good. And we're going to talk about it later. After we get through the Super Bowl and we get through these two games. I'm going to do a different sequencing for us today. I'm going to start with the Super Bowl pick and with and with Chiefs bucks. And then we can talk about the games after we have a Mahomes Brady Super Bowl, coincidentally. So you might remember this. This was the last great win of the Belichick Brady dynasty.


They went they beat the Rams two weeks later to win the Super Bowl. But this was there's been like ten truly great Belichick Brady games in the last one was Arrowhead. The Pats fans call it the Difford game because if he doesn't jump offsides, we might lose. Just if you're not, you might lose. Everyone was celebrating a fingernail offsides and they come back next. Right now he's like two feet offsides. But Pats win thirty seven, thirty one.


It's the last great moment. And now these two are colliding. Only Brady is on the bucks coming off three interceptions in the second half. What are your thoughts just about this game? I don't know what to think. I think it's great. I think I had the second out of the four possibilities, you know, one one to four. I wanted Packers chiefs. But Brady getting there, you can't beat that. And, you know, we're going to hear about it over and over how no team has been home for the Super Bowl.


I think we give it three days. You have three days to educate us on that. Kind of like the Bernie Meems. I don't want to hear about this after Wednesday that Brady's home and this is the first time. Right. But it looks like it could make a difference because the the other team, which is the chiefs, can't fly until the Friday before the Super Bowl, very different because of covid restrictions. I'm very excited for this. I'm really pumped up and we'll discuss this.


But a lot of people are just checking the chiefs off air. I say not so fast. I couldn't agree more. Let's cross off a couple storylines that. So what are we given the 72 hours by by Wednesday night? They have to be scratched. Nobody can talk about that. We had Brady's forty threes, the oldest quarterback ever to Super Bowl. We know we get it done. Tampa's home. This has never happened before. Again, we get it.


We know. We're well aware. What what else do we have?


I'm sure to think those were the two that jumped out at me, those two. But well well, this was one of the reasons I like I ended up liking Tampa in today's game because I thought if they had to rig the game one way or the other, it made more sense to rig it for the bucks because then they saved on all this travel and all these headaches with teams coming in and covid and all this stuff, at least one of the teams is there.


That's a bonus, right?


That's true. Yeah. I don't know that it was rigged. I it was a test. Well, we're going to test the line first. Are we going to go into the games? What? Let's get on the line and then we'll do it.


I sent you I my guess was Kansas City by three and a half. This was before I sent that to you before Cassie's left tackle. Looks like he blew out his Achilles. I don't know if that will affect the line, but I'm sticking with three and a half. I went three. You're going to think I cheated, but I went three and it is three. You win on the year. Ten weeks to nine weeks to two that were tied.


The line is three. Exactly. I think this is more a statement of not even Tampa Bay. You're making a face, but Tampa being the lines. I'm surprised. I thought it was either going to be three and a half or four. I'm talking to Chiefs fans like this is terrible. This should be six. I have buddies like, oh, this is going to go up to five or five and a half. I think a lot of it has to do with Fanjul.


All the big books got slaughtered this morning. There were a dozen half billion dollar bets all on Tampa, plus three and a half, you know, got it down to three. And you just, you know, you're going to get your casual better and just going to take oh, I don't know who's all right, Chief. So great, I hear. But I'm not betting against Tom Brady. Give me Tom Brady plus three. I just think that's what it's going to be like.


Right. Like when people put a lot of money on on Connor over Floyd Mayweather didn't really make sense, but you didn't think it through and you took the odds with the greatest Super Bowl quarterback of all time.


I was texting you in the house all week. You guys both really like the Packers. And I couldn't find anybody who like the Bucs. And I was leaning back and forth on Thursday and on the red hot, smokin hot million dollar pics and taken the bucks plus three for a variety of reasons, but mainly because I just felt like either team could win the game as the next couple of days go its Packers, Packers, Packers, Packers. Then when I text you this morning, you told me all these big bets had come in so that the sharks were waiting until Sunday, it seems, right?


Yeah, for sure. They just loaded up on Tampa Bay and then Tampa just went down the field and score like. Oh, yeah. This is the kind of game it's going to be and it actually looked like it could be a blowout, wasn't it, like third and long kind of Green Bay? Rodgers is in his own end zone, Roland. Right. I think it was like third and twelve. And he now he doesn't get that.


Yeah, that could have been it could have been it. It was it. Anyway, they lost but thirty yard pass for first down and kept that going but.


Well wait a second. Go back, go back to go back to that chiefs bucks for a second. Do we feel like these are the two best teams, because I would say chiefs. Bills to pay, bucks to be, I think if the bucks and bills played for the Super Bowl, I think it would be a choppy, really weird game with some turnovers. It would be it would shift momentum seven times. But I'm not sure who wins.


But I think the chiefs are the best team and I think the bucks are the best NFC team. I felt that way. I thought they had the most talent and they had kind of the most ways to put points on the board, create a play on defense. They could just do the most things. It didn't always look good, was choppy. It was weird. They would shoot themselves in the foot. But I just thought they had the most talent in the conference.


Would you think? I thought the Packers had the most talent and I was leaning on their defense. I was like, this is an underrated unit. Not that now I get laughed at for praising Mike Petten and that defense, but they all like came the play. I thought I like if they pressure Brady, like the Saints did last week, they're going to be in decent shape. And they did. It was the other way around. It really was.


It was like, how many times did Rodgers get sacked, at least for what he had for Shaq? Barrett had three sacks. He got sacked four times. I think Tampa only got roughed up once. But but the big thing, I think you agree like that. First, I first of all, first half, it was looking like a classic, right? These quarterbacks putting up great numbers. Second half they did not. I think Rodgers was like five for twelve in the second half.


We saw Brady was awful in the second half, but even the first half it was man coverage. And Brady is like lost it up with these fifty fifty balls and he connected three times and that was in it and allowed far one jump ahead. But right before the half they really got outcoached both times, right before each half ended the first half and the second half. It was disgraceful. People are going to point to not going forward in the fourth quarter there for the Packers.


But I thought the way that first half ended was worse than anything was really bad. I, I felt like the Bucs were going to win after Godwin caught that 50 yarder, that was just a heave downfield. He barely even knew it was coming. It was right after he had dropped the pass. And you start making plays like that and and you just go, all right, this team's meant to be. But that first half, I agree with you.


Bucs look great. Brady hit a couple of big, big throws the last two minutes, which are supposed to be Rodgers time. They were completely discombobulated. They weren't calling a timeout. They were going super slow. Then they ended up getting rid of the ball. The Bucs got it. All of a sudden the bucks were going to punt on fourth and three on the forty five. It's like and then they call timeout. Yeah. Both teams that were kind of butchering it.


And then Brady made the play of the game and you think about it like that. Really decided the game that's got Miller touchdown. Because other than that the teams are pretty, even the Packers are slightly better. You know what's funny about this? You were texting on our texting. You like this feels like first time to turn it over loses kind of game and then what, like 40 seconds left. Now, they should have called the timeout, right?


Probably the Packers, they had to they had a timeout. They didn't call twice. That really screwed them, but they took one in the locker room. Right. But so when Rodgers throws the interception, I was like, I don't know if you're right, Simmons, it seems like a harmless interception. And then especially when they bring the punter out on fourth and three on the other side of the field, which you should never do anyway. Right.


At least try to draw him offsides. I hate that. And then they throw a defense out there that Gregg Williams got fired for such that it's one on one with Scottie Miller and it's a touchdown. All of a sudden it's one twenty, one ten at half that. I agree. That was the killer right there. I mean, they came back, they made it a game, but that was rough to come back from. It was unusual for Rogers because I feel like all year that team was great in the red zone, that great that team was great at not beating itself, not having a dumb turnover is like reading the clock always like stealing points whenever they could and then kind of choked in the last two minutes to that half.


I felt like they Rodgers was going so solid. I don't I almost was. I was watching it go on. Are they trying to keep the bucks from getting the ball back? What's going on?


And then they got the first down and then it took another 40 seconds. It was weird that 40 seconds in two timeouts left and they really they screwed it up big time.


And then but with that said, that touchdown to Scottie Miller was one of the best throws a Brady's career. And I rooted for that guy for twenty years like that was as good as any throw he made for the Patriots. It was perfect. It was a really cool play. I like that play. The Chiefs usually use that play where it's the three guys bunched together and then the short fast guy kind of squirts through and he's just going deep and they don't realize it right in time.


Everything about it is great. And the irony is he was so good in that first half. In the second half, he was awful. And any time he actually had a good throw, they would drop it. So it was either like he's terrible throw by him or somebody dropping an actual good throw from him. And they were a mess. They were up twenty, eight, ten.


They almost lost. He felt a little invincible with those fifty, fifty balls and then the fifty went against him a couple times and all of a sudden the Packers were back in it. But you know, and then there's the whole thing that went for it on two and one for two and the ball's drop. And then to me it's so weird because they go for two, the Packers and they miss, but then they don't go for it. On fourth down, they kick the field goal to cut it to five.


And I wonder if if that's a seven point game, do they go do they go for the touchdown there? Was it because they were down eight? You think they kicked the field goal? You want to go there now? Because I just hated it so much. Yeah, they were. What were they on the seven or the eight? Well, I think it was a nine yard line in Tampa, nine o'clock at the nine yard line. If they miss yeah, it's just too many good things can happen when Rogers is your QB in that situation, he can just get a touchdown, he can get a pie, he could scramble and maybe get in or get tackled at the two.


I just don't know. What good does it do to be down five? You still need to score a touchdown. You might as well. And I don't care what those stupid stat numbers in the chart says, like you still need a touchdown. You might not ever get the ball back. I just didn't like it. I had a bad feeling as it was happening. I didn't like it.


If you you want to know, I looked at the analytics, say it's only a percentage point or two more that you go for it rather than kick a field goal, but not one. The other guys. Tom Brady. Right. Just score there. Like you said, there's so many things defensively that could happen. So many defensive holding calls out of nowhere. And we saw it on the other way. Driving down the field for Tampa. Rodgers could scramble, like you said, a touchdown.


All these guys, I get crazy with the announcers when they don't know if the feet are in bounds or out of bounds. Like, yeah, he got his feet in bounds. All these guys are getting their feet inbounds on the on these close sideline plays. So just go for it there. That was a killer. It makes me think, though. Is it this is a dumb question, but is it worth it for coaches to get this far in the playoffs?


I feel like they always make a mistake. Aside from think about all the guys that we think about who screwed up their careers by making mistakes deep in the playoffs or the Super Bowl versus the ones who are praised. How many are praised for great decisions? Is it Sean Payton for the onside kick in the Super Bowl? Andy Reid last week? Andy Reid, yes, last week, Andy Reid. But he already had that. He was set.




I just it just seems like you're going to screw up. I know you get a job. Doug Peterson, great Philly special. You get to stay on for a couple more years. But it really the lights on you and you almost like eight out of ten times going to screw up late in the game. Mike Patton had that distinction and the floor took it right away from him. He's like, no, no, no, I want credit for blowing this game.


Let me not go for it on fourth down. Have my quarterback hate me for good. So let's say they don't get it at the 9:00 or let's say they get tackled on the two or all the different things that can happen. I just think the bucks are operating a little bit differently from their own nine with the QB who threw three picks that half and all the drops that they're making. I just think you at that point, you have to go super conservative because you don't have to worry about turn the ball over.


As it turned out, the guy screwed up the kick return. I think he slid on the 18, but at least that extra 10 yards is a little room. It feels a little safer. And they ran a couple of good plays, but I just didn't like it. And over and over again, this whole season, we've seen teams either be too aggressive or not aggressive enough. And I don't think we've ever seen the balance be more screwed up.


I think it's all these charts that these charts are in the coach's head.


But what's weird, like I said, he's aggressive on the two point call earlier in the half, but not but not going for it on fourth. I don't you have Aaron Rodgers. You have the MVP. Just go for it. And then coming the other way, Ticky, tack call on the pass and maybe it's pass interference. I felt he had the jersey. He really didn't tug it, didn't take him out of his route. Ball's overthrown.


They don't don't ever call on catchable anymore. But it seemed like it was going on all day and especially against Davante Adams.


So it was a really physical game. It did feel like there was ten, eleven almost pieces that they just said, screw it. And Aikman even mentioned a couple of times like they're letting a lot of stuff go today. But when they showed that some of him just yanking the jersey, he definitely was off balance trying to get that. So there's no question. Yeah, I felt that way. I mean, it was so late to my God.


But is that why the Packers lost, though, like they couldn't get it done before that?


I get it. You just you know, your boy Brady got another call there. But now I think it was he did the flag was so late, but he was twenty four. Thirty six for two. Eighty three touchdowns. Three. He was he was downright bad in the second half I thought.


About I'm going to say a quarter and a half into the game. It felt like it had a chance to be special. You're watching it go on like, wow, this is like the Rogers Brady playoff game I always wanted. This is both guys up in the stakes. Brady was just thrown first ropes. Rogers looks good and and then the second half had flipped, and sometimes this happens in the NBA, like I remember, like 12, 16, game seven where I'm sorry, where is Cavs?


Do you watch, like, the last six minutes of that game? It's like two tense. Nobody can do anything. Everybody misses on every wide open threes. Most guys are throwing the ball out of bounds like there was like too much pressure. And I wonder if that happened in this game. I don't know if it was a combination of the weather. The atmosphere's weird. You have eighty five hundred cheese heads. They're all like banging, you know, these wooden boards against their seats, like they're like prisoners ready to stage a riot.


Like just the whole vibe was weird and both quarterbacks were awful. I don't know that had to be part of it, right? The tension in the atmosphere, just everything. It didn't feel right. I don't want to take a second at Tampa's defense, although they were they had a little more something to them. Right. They felt more aggressive in on every play. Forgot about even the sax. You know, there were we said there were four sacks, but they just were hitting harder than than the Packers.


I was impressed with them. I really was. I thought it started last week. That was one of the reasons I wanted to pick them because I thought they were flying around last week. Now, they I didn't even know they weren't going to have Winfield's Wright, who was really good this whole season. He gets scratched, you know, an hour before the game is like, what? That and then they lose another safety. Who made that made the big fumble hit?


Who knocked Jones out of the game? Jones is that was another variable in this game. They don't have Jones basically the last quarter and had nothing. Twenty seven yards rushing like six, six carries or something.


But it felt like the Bucs secondary. It reminded me that of course compare everything on the Patriots, but it reminds me of the Panthers Super Bowl when we just had no D backs in the second half and we just ran out. And you're just hope you have a lead, but you're holding on for dear life. And that's how it felt a little bit with them, except their front four was still making plays.


They were really good right now. They pressured them. I mean, obviously, obviously, they have to do that against Mahomes and maybe with Fisher being out and and Schwartz probably being out and they're going to get their shot.


There was one other fun thing that happened. The we were texting about it during the time out of second and one the bucks trying to run out the clock right at the two minute warning. Mm hmm. In the move in a video game is you do the intentional offsides, give them three, sets it down so you can use your three timeouts and you're in you're texting. They should call timeout or they should do encroachment or something. And then they did it and they got a fresh set of downs.


It didn't work, but I was excited. Somebody is.


But what about Arian's culinarians decline that you could decline any penalty, can't you?


He should have declined. That's what was weird. I don't think he realized we should. All right. More to talk about this game.


We take quick break. Playoff Rogers. His record now is 11 and nine. It includes four losses. He's one in four NFC title games. He lost this one, he lost 2015 to Seattle. The famous comeback game got killed twenty seventeen in Atlanta, got beat pretty badly last year, too, against him. Cisco also lost in 2012 when people thought they were going back. The Giants and Eli came in, beat them in Lambeau, freezing cold, and they didn't make any sense yet.


They lost the next year to San Francisco, I think it was Kaepernick. Forty five to thirty one. And then they lost the game to Arizona and Carson Palmer right in twenty sixteen. So for his career, Brady now is thirty three and eleven in the playoffs, which is just it's twice as many wins as any other great quarterback. And that doesn't count all the buys which I feel like the buys should kind of play. Come on. I just think they should have helped Brady's case.


Montana with 16 and seven. Elway fourteen and seven. Manning fourteen and thirteen. Bradshaw fourteen and five. Far thirteen and eleven. Your guy Aikman was eight eleven and for Rodgers eleven and nine and Brees nine and nine. And the reality with Rodgers is he he ran the slate that one year in 2010. Other than that, it's, it's pretty grim. If you look at his pro football, it's like a five hundred quarterback, except for that one year.


The talking heads, some of them were like, well, I want to make a case for Rodgers here. He beats Brady. That's passing the torch. Maybe he could get that third to that second Super Bowl. You know, he could be like. Now, what's more impressed? I don't know what's more impressive out of those numbers. You just mentioned the thirty three playoff wins, the 14 of nineteen championship games. That is insane. Nineteen seasons.


Fourteen championship games or the six Super Bowls. Either way, you can't stack anything. And the fact is, he closed the book on everything today after a day that wasn't even great, you know what I mean? He just gets there. It's like, forget it. David Blaine's the best magician. How many tricks do you need to see? I don't care if you want to say he's lucky or not, he's getting to this game and he's winning it way more often than everybody else.


I mean, what do you what's the next thing to compare him to Michael Jordan? Because football's done. Yeah, it's I felt like it was done after the Atlanta comeback, but. I Rogers is one of the best five quarterbacks I've ever seen. It's weird that people can just go into his house and beat him. You know, a bunch of times here and in situations where they're the favorites and things like that, I really thought they needed to be better today.


I would give him like a C plus or a B minus for that game. As much as I came back in the second half, his second half numbers were not good at all. I agree. So I would say C minus C plus. I don't know. So one thing hurt him in the first half. They ran that play with Adams that they run all the time and Adams dropped it. And if he catches that, it's at least heading into that.


Even if you give them the Scottie Miller thing, it's at least twenty one to fourteen. They're still within a score. That wasn't his fault, but I thought he did some other stuff that I just didn't agree with. And that wasn't his fault. That was mine and House's fault for betting big, big money on the Packers over 13 and a half in the first half. That's that's whose fault it was. So sorry, Aaron. I'm glad you apologized to.


Thirteen and a half should add that. The. The greatest quarterback was the. Brady having twice as many playoff wins as every other great quarterback, I think is the most underrated stat football. That is insane stat. Yeah, nobody else has 17 playoff wins and he has thirty three but have thirty four after in two weeks. Well if you want to give him credit for the BI's.


I want to give Romo credit for playoff wins for how great he is in the booth every time, any time he points out what these quarterback's doing wrong, I think should count as a quarter of a win. I do think the bar should be should be counted in some way, though. Right. Because if you were good enough that you don't get that cheap round, you know, whatever easy win is just whatever I can.


To me, it's to me it's a conference championship appearances, 14 out of 19 and I'll never be beat. And here's the thing. You may you may have thought it was over like he was the greatest we've ever seen before when he beat the rap, which they all want to beat Atlanta, because that was his Super Bowl. He won that. Belichick didn't win that. How about that? Brady won that by himself. We're never going to see anyone better.


You know what I mean? Like, it's one thing to say he's the best we've ever seen, but we're getting up there in age, whereas we're never going to see anyone eclipses marks in the next 30 years. Right. Unless and I think my husband is the only.


I think about is the only one who can.


But he still has the one four or five. Right.


If Mahomes gets the one in two weeks and then he's got two under his belt four seasons into his career, that's basically the pace Brady was on. Brady had to his first four, I guess, had a back to back back to back Super Bowls. That was another thing I had. Happened way less than than I remember Greenbay did it the first two dolphins did it. Seventy to seventy three Steelers they did twice in the 70s. I mean, all tainted because of just a massive steroid use.


That was for the Steeler fans out there. Eighty eight. Eighty nine Niners. Your Cowboys. Ninety two and ninety three. Broncos 97, 98, and then the Pats did it twice. All right. I mean, we could talk about tainted Super Bowl wins. This is this is maybe where we leave the discussion, but that's OK.


Well, there's only been nine back to back Super Bowl winners. So the chiefs will be the. Yeah. Remarkable. I'm very excited for it. It didn't look like, well, we'll get to the Chiefs bills. You thought. You thought. Let's do it. He looks slowed down a lot. Don't think he's slowed down. I don't know. I thought he looked good moving Mahomes.


I think it was probably a testament to whatever painkiller they shot in his foot. There's that turf toe is so fucking painful, it's just that you're barely getting up the stairs for sure.


God only knows you're easier cutting it off and just like, numbing the area. Right.


It's like basically dumping 50 razor blades into your toe. That's how it feels to him not winning the MVP. And I feel dumb. Well, yeah, maybe, but he just we talked about how he and I love them, I was like week 13. I was like, he has to play one more week and then he's got it. And then but Rodgers just went Nazia that Sunday night game against the Titans. Everyone saw it was kind of snowing.


By the way, can we just say how many times we've been screwed over by no snow. About an hour leading up to the game. They show like a blizzard in Lambeau and they're shoveling all the snow away. And then we get there and it just looks like a shitty cold game like, oh, come on, don't do that. I don't know. We have to get with the weather report for that.


But with the weather, you know, the weather people, they they heat check that all the time. Yeah.


It's better for them to be a big, thick of it. You know, it's good for them and a good for Fox, too. It's like maybe people won't watch this game if it's not snowing.


Now, I don't know what that what if the weather guy is wrong? They always have an excuse. They were supposed to come, you know, the storm last second move this way, like they can say whatever they want.


That would have been fun. I mean, it was already a fun game, but, yeah, I think Mahomes, you know, wanted to depending on the way he took it easy. People get crazy about them not covering seven weeks in a row. It's like, guess what? If the greatest quarterback of our generation doesn't get a pinched nerve in a triangle choke hold on them. They beat the Browns by twenty. Like, what are we talking about here?


So, yeah, they really you know, they they kind of picked up they went down early against the bills, but we were stupid not to pounce after that. It was a really dumb line.


It was understandable why it was minus three, given Mahomes was in question, like when I did our picks on Thursday, it wasn't official that Mahomes is going to play and sometimes the concussions can be you just didn't know for sure. And then Friday they were like, oh, my, Holmes is playing. I thought the line was going to go to four or four and a half. It just stayed at three. And the bills had just all this crazy momentum for and, you know, I was on the bandwagon like everybody else, but I just didn't feel like they were the same team because the No.


Zach Moss thing, the running game wasn't the same. And Beasley, who is pretty good today, but he wasn't good the last two weeks. That's the thing. I don't think it's worth a point. But at a four minute Saturday, it was looking like Edwards Alaron and Le'Veon Bell weren't going to play and Bell didn't play. So I don't know if that was going to be worth a point, why they kept it at three or why people weren't betting the chiefs, but then they went down nine nothing.


And then our famous text, like, all right, let's hear it. Kansas City was minus one five when it was nine. Nothing. And then like a frickin heartbeat, it's fourteen nine f eleven first downs to the bills. One. It was that stupid?


It wasn't. It was over fourteen and I, I was I was actually like semi bored. I was looking back and forth. Basketball games. There's no way that you do it at fourteen tonight. It was done. Yeah.


And they because they he was rattled. Allen Right. He probably should have thrown another pick that he didn't like the forty nine. They hadn't had the ball that much. That's what happens when a guy stumbles upon Hardeman, fumbled the punt that the five and then they're taken right over. It's like, all right, this is great for your offensive rhythm. And and that was that. I thought that Zach Moss and Drew is bigger than people gave him credit for.


He really balanced them out and enabled them to move the chains and do some stuff. And I that's I like Singletary is like a utility can do a bunch of things back, but he's not a mood the change guy that the fact that TJ Yeldon was actually like playing real minutes in this game. They picked them off the waiver wire, what, three weeks ago, two weeks ago, so I don't know that felt substantial. Schrager was saying this on my part on Thursday.


He thought the bill said happy to be there potential. Yeah, because he was like the bill was kind of them making it to this game was kind of their Super Bowl. Everybody's so excited. He said they had all these guests on Good Morning Football all week for bills. And meanwhile, the chiefs are just banging out windows. They've won twenty four of the last twenty five and now twenty five out of the last twenty six. It really did feel like that.


And add to it that the chiefs were being disrespected, right? I mean, how many times do we have to hear that they didn't cover, they weren't beer belly beating teams and Mahomes isn't right. Like Oh that makes sense that they would step it up. Aaron, you talked about the bills running game. I think Singletary, who was it? Singletary, Yeldon and McKenzie got to carry. I think they only had like forty one yards rushing.


You got to be able to move. You have to have like a six minute drives and you have to have to have to not kick field goals inside the twelve. How many times are we going to see that these teams given up kicking field goals?


Singleton, Singletary and Yeldon. We're nine for thirty two combine.


Right. And then McKensie like a one yard. Right. Yeah. Nine yard run or something.


Yeah. So you made the key point there. I'm just telling my kicker, look where you're not coming off our field goal unless it's like fourth in 10 or worse. Here's your paycheck. Just yes, I just worry about pats in kickoffs. We might need you if it's like 4th and 17. But every time they went for field goal, Andy Reid must have been laughing his ass hoarse, of course. And, you know, it's one thing if, like, the chiefs are struggling like they did against Atlanta, like, all right, let's just take points like they did against Atlanta, like a month ago, whenever that was.


But there their offense was so in a rhythm. Right. So you can't you can't trade sixes for threes. You just can't do it's like punting to another team. Well, and that was the biggest reason I've taken the Chiefs. In a in million dollar pics was just the thought of going against Chelsea and Hell, and I think those guys together are moving into this next. This kind of next piece of turf historically, where we're just going to remember these two together, that betting against them is a nightmare, it seems like hell can get open on every play.


It seems like Kelsie is open on every play, like one of the Fandor props I want to do on Thursday, just because I think every playoff game, it's a lock. Is Kelsi over one hundred yards. Chiefs win. It's always like two to one or whatever. It's like. All right. Well, how is Kelsi not getting one hundred yards if he gets hurt? Well, yeah, you're right. And that's the only scenario. The other Kelsi prop I saw like earlier in the week over under seven and a half receptions, that's a monster number, seven and a half receptions in the first half.


He had seven with he had eight with six minutes left in the half and ended up with thirteen. It's phenomenal. Yeah. They they took down all the props because Mahomes was out. I mean, the Kelsey thing, I was looking at tight ends. I was so bored in the second half. So he basically sat out his first season next seven seventy eight hundred yards. Forty eight touchdowns, then the playoffs. This was his eleventh game. He's close to nine hundred yards.


Nine touchdowns is I think he's had five straight thousand yard seasons. And you think like oh he's one of the best ever. And the reality is he is the he's the best catching tight end ever. I still think you as as cause that I think the blocking set Gronk apart. I think Kelsey can back like that. But Gronk set for his career like eighty five hundred yards, regular season. Eighty six TDs played longer than Kelsey did playoff games.


He had twelve TDs. The numbers aren't as good. Gonzales had four thousand yard seasons. Shannon Sharpe had three. Kelce is going to obliterate all these. If he stays healthy, he will be the most productive, tight end of all time by far. Well, first of all, he was going to break there. I was going to have the most receiving yards, not just for a tight end for anybody. Up until the last week he needed to play.


So he was on pace for having the most receiving yards for anyone with the Gronk discussion. I feel like this is you want to measure something like but you want to give a win for ABI. Maybe there's I think they have this now for first downs. I remember Gronk getting mauled more. I remember he was very hard to cover, obviously, but I remember him getting up and pointing at the refs and then yellow flags flying everywhere. I don't feel that with Kelce.


I don't know why it doesn't happen to him. He just he just gets open. If you watch him release from and watch a game where you're just watching him because he's going to probably get it most of the time anyway. If Mahomes is dropping back to pass, it's fascinating how the little nothing movie does eight yards downfield to get open and Mahomes no one's more in sync with the tight end. The Mahomes is with him. It's awesome.


I remember when the Patriots had been Coates in the mid nineties and him and Bledsoe just had a rhythm one year like ninety four, ninety five. And there's just like every third down were thrown to Ben Coates and he was always somehow open and catching it, getting hit by four guys. But Mahomes and Kelsey have. That's a whole other level because it always seems like Kelsey has more space and I think it's because they have all the speed on the sides.


So it's almost like basketball. They create space for him. I still feel like Gronk was officiated like he was Shaq. He was so big and so strong, he would just get multimember that he would always get called for offensive by stuff like that. Kelsey seems more normal. I think he's more acceptable to refs. Gronk was like, oh, man, what do we do? We got to even it out for the other team. Change another touchdown, Ben.


Winter coats.


We're all those guys. They don't. Yeah, but this Kalsi Hill combo, Hill Hill almost. I see. Pretty much almost got caught from behind. That was hard because he was kind of he slowed down a tiny bit because he was figuring out that seventy one yard thing and some guy almost coming in from behind. That was like the most exciting moment of the game that somebody caught Tirico from behind. Yeah, it was good. No, forget he dropped the pass early.


That would have put them, you know, they would have had the lead there. But he just you get a bonus thing like Hardeman running has a rush for fifty yards. I know we ran with a punt, too, but a fifty yard rush for Hardman. Daryl Williams had fifty two on the ground. Like that is all just gravy. You kidding me? There's no stopping this offensive that's going to happen.


I was watching one of the pregame shows today and they would talk about how Watkins wasn't going to play very hurt and somebody like that. And that's going to really hurt this team. And I'm like, I'm like, no, it's not. Yeah. Do they still have Hill and Kelsey? They're fine. Just put the next fucking put Ben Pringle. They're fine.


I miss every other game. What are they talking about?


Yeah, I'm glad it is good that you lost that bet a little bit. Right. How unbearable would you have been if you had that Tampa. Where was it. Twenty seven to one odds. Do you want to talk about this now? Don't know. We've run out of names. Now, let's take a break. I want to talk about the hedging thing on this, because it ties in your book. All right, so I had this Bux Bill's Super Bowl bet it was twenty five to one.


It was twenty seven point. It was twenty seven point one when we talked about an iPod, but got it in twenty five to. So now I'm alive with it. And I'm heading into Sunday and I'm thinking. And a million other pics I took, the Bucs and the Chiefs, and in my head, I'm like, I think the Bucs are going to win or come close and I think the chiefs are going to win. How do I hedge this?


And I'm thinking about the Packers and then all the everybody else likes the Packers. Then you tell me the whole thing today about how this money came in on the bucks, my head spinning so I decide to take so out of all the potential winnings I would have had for this bet. I decide to risk one third of it on a six that have pointis Packers' two plus three and a half chiefs two plus three and a half. The thinking being, if the Packers win, I lose the bet anyway.


And now I've covered it. Now, the chiefs who I felt much better about than the Packers bucks. Right. There's a chance I can do it. If the Bucs win by one, two or three, I win both bets and I'm feeling and I really honestly felt my heart that it was going to be a one score game and it was going to come down in the last couple of minutes. So, like, this is the right move.


This is this one. Where do I play it perfectly? And the Bucs win by five and I lose. That is so now. I've lost one third of my potential bucks bills thing. And now I have the chiefs who the odds are climbing for them. Now they're at minus one 60. So I end up risking basically everything else I could win on the bills bucks bet I do in a huge money line chiefs thing. And it all played out where I ended up winning probably one eighth of what I should have won.


When you add up all the bets and all the losses, stuff like that, and what I should have done is just bet on the Bucs and the Chiefs and taking that bet and just said, well, fuck it, that's over there. That's already happened. It's it's just this in this alternate universe, just play this like you would every week anyway. It's us. It's just I get paralyzed by this hedging situation.


Well, because you want to hit both, right? You got that middle. That's great. If they lose by field goal, you're the middle is what gets us every time. But in the on the other hand, if you had just gone Packer straight up, you would have had to lay a dollar eighty to win a dollar. So you did better there, right. You would have had almost two to one odds to recoup money on the Packers, which would have lost anyway.


I really did like the Bucs. The move should have been I should have done nothing. I should have that my bucks bills that should have been the bucks bet I should have rooted for the bucks to win. And then if they won, just gone against it with the Chiefs. So I liked more. Anyway, there's nothing to the second date, right. Yeah.


So then the other thing I was going to do is I was going to bet in the second game I was going to do the same six half points with the Chiefs and the over because I really like that too. Of course I didn't do that either. I would have been so much better off if I just didn't have this bet. All the bets I wanted to do, which I did a million dollars because I didn't do in real life, because I had this other stupid long shot bet.


And I just hate these future bets. I hate them. Yeah, that's true. Well, I was in my book. I lay it out. I don't I don't make a compelling case because you and I are terrible at hedging. But I say there should be factors. Right. It's different.


It's like you should first of all, don't even think about hedging unless you stand to gain like more than two to one odds or three to one odds. Right. It's stupid if you're nickel and diming, trying to get a middle on like a plus one forty or something.


Secondly, how well are you doing in life? Are you doing OK? You you probably don't need to hedge the guy who finds this ticket. Twenty five to one homeless guy should probably sell it and go to Vegas. Thanks.


OK, third is like how do you do likewise with this stuff. You typically lose if you don't hedge. Well then head right. Yeah. And fourth is, are you superstitious if it's your team, you know, we had that one guy who had stood to win one hundred thousand dollars on the St. Louis Blues a couple of years ago, and he he was offered about 60 grand for the two hundred and fifty dollar ticket. And he didn't take it because he was a blues fan is like everything I've done, I've done it right.


I feel like I'm going to screw up the mojo. And even though it made complete sense, he didn't do it. So there's a bunch of factors involved.


But I remember one of my I've had some bad hedging things. And you covered some of your bad hedges in the in your book. I when I had the super contest in 2010, when I had a chance to finish in the top six or seven. And it came down to the Sunday night game and it was Seahawks, I think, against the Rams. And it was Charlie Whitehurst was the quarterback for I think I blocked most of this out of my mind, I should I should have hedged and made a bet in real life to cover.


So basically, I was covered. Either way, I didn't. And then I went down in flames. The Charlie Whitehurst, the the classic one, because it was about the future of the country, was when we had the Pats to win the NFC East with Hillary Clinton in 2016. And Trump was like five to one, two days before. And we were like, should we had just the pats that already clinched the AFC right now and can't put money on Trump and then that he came back and won.


And that was a not a small bet.


I tell you, I had Trump to not last the first term and it's the most tumultuous bed I've ever had. It was over the even odds. Twenty, seventeen, February. I was like, all right, he's in office. He's going to do something crazy. There's this Russia thing. I don't want to get too political, but there's Russia collusion. Everybody hates him. He can't shut his mouth.


He's going to go to war or whatever. You know, I could have won that game that that bet 11 times. And then but I wrote it off as a loss until, like, he lost the election, like, oh, he could lose his mind again, get impeached like it was such I'll never have a rollercoaster bet like that again in my life.


But I don't think we'll ever see a president get impeached because if it didn't happen the last four years, it's never going to happen. And he's impeached. What you mean kicked out? I mean, like to actually leave the office because Nixon resigned. Nixon technically never had to leave. He could have just tried to fight it and take on everybody forever if it didn't happen.


It's very, very difficult to pull off that for sure.


But what happened to Kansas City preseason on Fandor was twenty nine to one. Really, that match up? Yeah, if you just want Brady Mahomes, which seems so not so easy, but definitely a top five choice there. Twenty nine to one.


Well, I'm sure we'll be talking about the Super Bowl for the next two weeks, I think. One good thing I think one good thing about Tampa is at least my defense can do some stuff, I don't think you can beat the chiefs without, like, some ball hocking secondary guys who can pressure the quarterback, all that stuff. The Bills didn't have anything today and look out there for them. So they have that piece. They can make big plays, which is good.


They can run the ball playoff. Lenny was OK today, missed a couple of blocks, dropped a couple of passes, move the chains. But I think they're a worthy opponent. I don't think they're not going to get killed. Well studied the last Super Bowl, right? I mean, I don't know. Are you going to say you're going to chalk up that slow start to nerves for the Chiefs? But the forty Niners played them great. They're up with ten minutes left or one in the game.


Right. And Brady is better than Garoppolo and all this other stuff, so it could be done. Can I just quickly go through some of the text I was getting during the first half of that buckskin? People just flipping out about how the Pats didn't have Brady anymore. Including people who weren't even Pats fans in my life, like buying compliments, like I can't believe you guys let Brady go, was like when Jerry Krauss got rid of Jared.


I'm like that there's more that went into this.


But, you know, I think it's important for people to remember. Brady also wanted to go. The team wasn't good. He wants to keep winning Super Bowls. It wasn't going to happen with this team the Patriots had this year. You saw all year. I think the mistake was he should have finished his career. Then they should they should just give him a giant contract four years ago and never got to the point where if the team was a good enough and he didn't feel like him and Belichick were cooking, that he could leave.


That's the whole point of taking care of somebody for the whole career. But there was something about him. They didn't want to do that, Belichick just didn't want to commit giant money to him. And so I don't know. Listen, buddy, whatever you need to tell yourself, because this is very, very tough to get through. This is this is your girlfriend is dating.


I don't know Christiana Renaldo, who would do what is the equivalent of you're your quarterback, your lifeline going to the Super Bowl with another team he's dating. She's dating The Bachelor.


I'm not sure what this would be like, but here here's the part where you can forget I could still bet on him. Yeah, I know he's still my quarterback for those three hours. Like, I can't bet on my wife to have sex with her new boyfriend. Yes, she probably could, actually. All right. Fair enough. Maybe I could bet on that.


But but yeah, I was rooting for him today like he was on the Patriots. I gotcha. But then you win your money and you're going to see him hoist that Lombardi trophy and you're like, oh, well, what happened? What just happened?


Now I'm OK. I'm at peace with it. I think I was it so many Brady arguments over the years with him versus Manning and he's the best, all that stuff. So if he got his seventh, I you know, we got to root for him for 20 years. OK, I don't know.


Wow. I thought you'd be a little more upset. I thought each level it gets to be a different kind of, you know, hard punch.


I got a little choked up when he hugged this. Said did you? Yeah. That is a nice moment. Is his son's twenty seven. Yeah. Right. Yeah. It's that kid that his son has said he's working for. The Bucks is a poor person personnel. But he came that he hugged him. I thought that was a nice moment though for sure. All right. We're going to we're going to take a break and talk about your book.


All right, so your new book is coming out on Tuesday. I know there's going to be a massive press tour. Yeah, Ellen Zalan happening. Ellen's going to have me. She's going to scare me. And yeah. And then I'm going to show the book, I believe now I'm on Jimmy Kimmel Live. I'm doing a bunch of radio and a bunch of podcasts. I do like a Aptera Tuesday from five a.m. to eight a.m. and then I'm on Kimmel and Caroler, I think.


And yeah, a few others.


I don't know if I'd be interested to know for people who have been listening to us on this podcast since twenty seven, how many of the stories they vaguely remember over the last 13 years, it's got to be like 40 percent.


Yeah I know I feel bad and I feel bad even. Why do you feel bad?


I think it's great. I'm just saying the for the diehards who know all this stuff, it's really fun to see in the book. I think it's a good thing I should have given them a discount on the book or like a Super Bowl fut. ticket in there or something. But no, no, it's very exciting. And New York Post is doing something on it. You can't lose them all. It's on Barnes and Noble. And, you know, it's funny, I was thinking about it as we consider Super Bowl props.


We've had great stories and we'll talk about the greatest. What is the Gary Russell touch that? We'll do that later as we come up on the on the game. But, yeah, we've just done some really dumb I did I talk about in the book Pete Townsend, to smash his guitar during the Super Bowl, the who's performing at halftime. It's even odds that he smashes his guitar. I'm like, oh my God, that's easy. He goes to a shitty pub in Birmingham and smashes his guitar for no reason, the biggest stage in the world.


And he not only didn't he do it, he put it down so daintily like like he like a Beanie Baby where you don't want to bend the tag because it's going to it's going to screw with the net value of it. I was so mad. I'm never just never bet on Pete Townsend. That's in the book, too.


So you were the first guy I remember betting on Gatorade. Yeah, right. The Gatorade coolers. Who is the guy who was the Giants fullback? You bet. On that year. I think I joined you. Henry Norske. Yeah. What was that bet, Henry.


And like over three and a half yards, we always pick an obscure player. Right, to go over. You had that was like you guys. The patches are like a Samoan tight end. We had him. Yeah. Start with an H.


I take Michael. Michael something. Yeah. Yeah. Come on. A new name. Yeah. Yeah I had him.


We had. Who's the other one. I can't remember on the Panthers. It was a good one too. Yeah. We always pick this obscure one. We're going to get to that. But yeah, we did Gatorade for a while and then Daniel Bête, our friend Daniel, that blue Gatorade and it was like, OK, so obviously green. It was like the Seahawks won and they it was green Gatorade. And and for weeks he's sending me articles about how there was a blue tinge in the Gatorade.


I was like, guy, we can't do this anymore. You're just being a pain in the ass. So that was that. We for you and me, I think this is our 20th Super Bowl. Is it really it? Because our first one, the Kimmel show, had started. Our first show was after the Super Bowl was Buck's Raiders. The Bucs Raiders. And you and I, our job that day, we drove back from San Diego that day because we had some MTV thing.


No, no, Jimmy showed up. Jimmy did the pregame show for the Super Bowl. Yeah. But there was also that he is producing some MTV special as we get back on the Hollywood Boulevard, shut off because Coldplay is the first guest. All of a sudden it feels real and everybody scrambling to the show. And our job was to watch the Super Bowl and give Jimi like some thoughts about the game. And I'm thinking like, this is the greatest job ever.


Good job of this game. Anyway, this is awesome. And you and I were in somebody, I think Daniel's office. Yeah. And Coldplay was rehearsing. And we're trying to watch Raiders. Yeah. And I think we cleaned up on that game, though. I remember us doing really well in that game. We had the over.


There was so many points like we used to bracket off the points. Right. So fifty three to fifty nine was like eight to one and sixty, sixty six was thirteen. And like we nailed all of those. It was a ton of scoring in that, in that game.


Now 20 years later, it's a Super Bowl with how many fans are they going to have at this thing. Was it ten, is it more than ten? I don't know, they said. It's a Super Bowl with ten thousand fans, nobody will have to go to strip joints or strip joints open in Florida. I think they I mean, the fact that they're getting everybody. Oh, nobody. No fans aren't allowed. Oh, I don't know.


Interesting. Yeah, they lose a lot of money off this. No parties, no parties. CBS has got the game. CBS traded with NBC. NBC was supposed to get the game. CBS has it. So you got wrong.


Is that true? Yeah. They had the twenty one and twenty two. I don't know why they traded, but they did. So it's Romo Nance. But it's a fun one. I'm excited. Which CBS show you are excited about the promos. Clarice or The Equalizer with Queen Latifah. If you have to pick if you had to sign up for one, you've got to go with the queen, right? The Queen.


Every time I asked my dad if he was excited for it and he just flat out the answer is yes. He's always the equalizer. He loves CBS. It's really like his two worlds collide. CBS does that they're doing.


Yeah. Yeah, for sure. Yeah. Now, they had the ticking clock for so many years with 60 Minutes and like, we can really make something of this. Thirty seconds. Yeah. All right. Anything else about Zarembo? I don't know, not right now. All right, now it's time for Parent Corner Batebi Carmex. Don't just buy your next car. Love your next car with the Carmex. Love your car. Guarantee our friends at CarMax know that buying a car that's a big deal with their new love your car guarantee.


You can take your time to make sure it's the right car for you, starting with a twenty four hour test drive drive to work, to school and to the grocery store before you buy. And if it feels right, you've got a full month and fifteen hundred miles to keep on driving with their new 30 day money back guarantee. It's the new Love Your Car guaranteed from CarMax. Learn more today at CarMax Dotcom. All right, Salyer up. All right.


I just I mean, the moral of the story is we got to get out of the house. I think we got to start getting out. I don't know how we do this. I'm going to jump the line for the vaccine or something. But these kids are driving me nuts and especially the little one, Harris. So he lost a tooth for the first time in like six months. Now, the first time he lost a tooth, I gave him twenty dollars.


Right. I had all these two dollar bills and I went to the bank, got two dollar bills, gave him ten two dollar bills. And he he was wise enough to add it up and he saw I was twenty dollars. Well the six months have gone by now spent all the two dollar bills. I give him out as tip. I don't know what I do but they're gone and now he loses another tooth and I'm caught off guard because it happens like at 6:00 at night.


Right. So it's basically you've got to look around the house and find whatever cash you have. So I have two fives. Oh, my God, that's fine. And. I'm in bed and I forget about it, they happen to be a commercial, come on, talk a little kid talking to his father in bed, I'm like, shit, I forgot to replace the tooth with the with the money. So I go in there. It's in a bag.


I reach under there. I get it. I exchange it for two fives and he wakes up. The little son of a bitch comes in the room is like tooth fairy only. Let's be ten dollars. And so now I'm blowing it up. Now I'm like, you know what that's I'm arguing in the our defense so that even a six, seven year old can tell that I'm now the tooth fairy. I'm so mad. Why would I ever be so upset on anyone's behalf if it wasn't me?


And like and it hits. He's like, oh, it was and was like, no, no, no.


I was like, this is a fairy. This is not Santa Claus. This is a fairy.


Doesn't give you enough for the show for.


Oh forget it. I know, right. I kept that sacred that you ten dollars is a lot of money. What do you think. You really think. Twenty dollars a tooth. You think your mouth is worth. Six hundred and forty dollars. Get away from me. I was so mad for like four days. So now, now I'm going to bump this back down to two dollars. You watch Owasso two dollars a tooth and you can blame the fairy Jesus here.


Just disappointing news.


Yeah, it really is. So my son really loves his five. Mm hmm. Because there's a pandemic and you can't hang out with his friends, he was he took just like the second or third time it's happened where he brought it to somebody's house. And didn't basically threw it in a knapsack, but didn't take care of it. Oh, no, the last time it happens, all of a sudden it doesn't work anymore because something happened to the HDMI.


Port thing, and it's not working, and he's the he's reacting like, you know, like we just had a nuclear war and Americans figure out how to move on after after the apocalypse.


And he and and we're like, look, you can take care of it. We don't care. And he's so upset and angry. He's got the deep voice down, which is like now when they hit 13 and they get angry, but they don't have the little kid voice now.


So it's like Buffalo Bill. So he Googles that. He figures out what's wrong with it. And we find this place in L.A. Somehow my wife feels bad, helps them, takes it to get it fixed. And it's one hundred and eighty dollars and we're refusing to pay for it. He's got to come up with it himself. So he basically has he has this little account that has all his birthday money and Christmas money and all that stuff that he kind of saves for different games and stuff, uses all the one hundred eighty dollars to pay for this thing that he broke because he's a dumb ass, because he's putting in a knapsack instead of, like, packing it.


So he gets it fixed. And now so he's like, I'm going to need something next time this happens. So my wife goes in the attic and finds this metal suitcase that it was like some HBO premiere, some poker show or something. And it looks like the money in the bank suitcase. And when he was little, he actually used it as the fake money in the bank suitcase, but it fits the five fits into it. So now he's carrying around this metal suitcase with the five in it.


The next time he has to go anywhere with five and he looks like he's like ready for money in the bank match. And my point is, my son's almost 13 and a half. He's got to pay us five days. He's going to five. And the other thing he told me was that he's now back into wrestling again.


He's excited for the Royal Rumble. I know he's ready to have a pool.


He's been following it. Next. We went from wrestling is fake. I'm out. I don't care anymore to somehow he got sucked back in. So my second point is I really need school in life to come back because my son is now the five. Getting broken is the biggest is the biggest crisis of the year. He's watching wrestling again. I just need social interaction to return, you know, when that's happening. But any time, that would be great.


I agree. And and these kids need to get jobs, too, so they know how much teeth are worth and everything else like that. Yeah, we need we need to get outside. I thought you were going to say that.


He's like, hey, screw you. I saved the house from burning down. Our house is worth literally hundreds of thousands of dollars. You could you could fit the bill for this hundred and eighty bucks that I that I would have been a fair point.


I would have been a fair I need to be his lawyer. I need to step up. Yeah.


My daughter is upset about that too. Oh. And then my daughter went to get her driver's license permit. They drove all the way there and she forgot the piece of paper. So we're now oh four two.


Oh no. Oh no. Yeah. If I buy another my daughter say I was in action packed week in the Simmons house. Yeah right. That was parent corner Batebi CarMax. Don't just buy your next car.


Love your next car with the car Max. Love your car.


Guarantee check them out today at CarMax Dotcom.


Hey Saab before we go. I'd be remiss if I didn't bring up the regular season MVP ads. For NBA, oh, yeah, let's say, you know, I won, I won Fox-Pitt live, so I get a free fut. bat here.


So so I gave I have looka. Right. I gave you LeBron like two weeks ago, right. Yeah. He was 13 to one or something like that. Now it's down to eight to one Embiid at plus six fifty I think are the best odds right now really. Embiid. Playing great is he's in shape, finally can play off four quarters. He's got the eye of the tiger and I think the odds are skewed this year. Because it's really going to come down to who just was able to play the closest to seventy two games.


Is he just going to get hurt though? I hate these Sixers. Well, that's the thing. He could get hurt whatever. The odds are a little lower than I wanted. But if I had to pick right now my, my top three would be LeBron at one Embiid one B and then Yokich I think is still lingering He's eight to one.


Luke is not even in the conversation now because I think Dallas is kind of a mess. Yes.


All right. Well that's why I have my money. All right. So LeBron and Embiid I got to figure out Dallas got murdered by covid stuff and injuries, stuff like that, like their record. Right now they're eight and eight. Yeah, so, you know, it's a shorter season, so. Instead of being at the 16 game, Mark, we're really kind of like technically at the twenty six game, so what's a better bet Lakers to win it all or LeBron MVP?


I know the odds are much different. I think in be to win, the MVP is the best bet. They have the best record in the east. He's the best player in the east. Oh, and I think I think it's a good bet. Just telling you, I got to look. He certainly has the talent, it's it's from a talent standpoint, it's not far fetched.


We've always known is that the talent and then rookie of the Year on Year Against All Odds podcast before the year I gave you Halliburton and he was like twenty seven and one back down as three fifty now plus three fifty. Yeah I think it's, I think it's, it's him. And it's so mellow and I don't think anyone else is in it, just get just getting all the highlights and my buddies are all very excited for him, but he gets all that.


But just not playing as much. Right. They need to play more or they just.


And he actually hasn't been playing that well the last week or so. Halliburton is probably playing the most meaningful minutes and he's actually won some games and. I could see that would happen and then most improved, this one I was stunned by. Well, we talked about it sent to Christian Wood a couple of weeks ago, like, how is this how is there a minus already for most improved?


Yeah, but that's the whole thing. Collin Sexton is still thirty six to one. I think he's been incredible. He beat the nets by himself the other night. I thought he was going to be like two to one, so I don't get that at all, so I'm marking that one. Are you done with Randall people of the Julius Randle at the same odds? But you don't think that holds up? I like the I like that one too actually.


But I just think Randall. Was kind of in the vicinity of he was at least like a 17 and eight guy, you know, like Sextons become the best guy on a team that everybody thought was could be the worst team in the east. And they're a five hundred team that occasionally beats other teams. Got you your best. You're going against your boy Jaylen Brown right now. That's I mean, there's a few guys ahead of them here.


I don't Jaylen was really good last year. You know, he's even better this year.


But I don't I don't buy that when it's like somebody was an A minus another and a and we give them most improved sixth man of the year Clarkson that plus one ninety five.


I'm amazed he's not a minus because Utah has been really good and Clarkson has been really good.


And then defensive player of the year. I have no idea, it's too early. There you go. Oh, Janice won it last year, is that people really down on the lack of effort on the other end of the floor, plus 750 at this point? I just think. Janice is the same as he was the last two years and people are disappointed. What did you have? You had finals, Eastern or West or whatever. What do you what did you need?


Like a future?


Bet I could take any of these that you just mentioned, but I already have Loukia to win MVP, so I'm going to water it down with Joel. I mean, if Fluke is not going to win, I just need to walk away from that. But so I could take Embiid or I could you know who are we kidding. The Lakers look great when they.


Well why wouldn't you take Embiid then you have Embiid and Luca. Well, because you also like LeBron and Jokic I don't know I guess I could take Embiid just hate that he has to stay healthy.


That's for. Well, the way this season is going, I mean, it might be freakin stop. Yeah, that's true. All right. So before you do the rest of the stuff, you have to plug your new book. You can't lose them all available on Tuesday. You can get it wherever. If you ordered on Amazon Prime, it could show up in 24 hours. If you want, I'll deliver it to you people.


What the hell am I doing? I'm just paying money for teeth. I'm trying to you because you really ground this out. You move the chains with this book. Would you like 700 words a day?


Yeah, I try to keep it. And, you know, I didn't realize as you look at it, you hate what it looks like. You rewrite it and you rewrite and rewrite it. But you and baby doll and you didn't even have 10 percent to gain out of this. But you guys inspired me to do it. So I appreciate it.


Well, baby doll, if it does well, you know, he's going to he's going to take like most of the baby list. Listen, you got to do I told Sal, do it. Do the audio version. I'll get you 500 bucks and I'll take it. Take you like 16 hours. You could do it, baby.


I said I didn't want to do it. I told Sal, look, I told Oprah to write a book. She did. We were legitimate. Yeah, right.


We were legitimately upset with him for trying to skip the line. To get a vaccine is like, no, I'm in a high risk. Yeah, high risk because you smoked seven packs a day for 30 years. How was that fair?


Also, he doesn't see anybody. Why does he need the vaccine? He's been hiding from everybody for 11 months. Golfs with his wife. That's it. Is that his only interaction? I think so, yeah. Unless you count another long garden interaction. But no, I think that's a that's been another weird thing about the last few weeks is these people who claim to have inside scoops on vaccine being available. That's and then it turns out it's not concierge services and stuff.


And yes, a friend of mine who knew knows a guy who went down and at four o'clock they ran out, but they didn't. And then he just got the vaccine. Yeah, it's a lot of that going around these days.


Well, I hear that they're throwing something out out here and so that they're calling people who live like five minutes away to come down quickly, which that sucks if we read at the end of January that fifteen thousand needles were thrown out or whatever. But yeah, let's just get this going already. Come on.


Yeah, I'm really ready for it. Let's come back. All right. What else you have to book that's I really have to go against all odds. Tuesday we'll be going over some props, extra points with me, Dave and Charlotte and Kendrick Perkins and Jena Paradice the betting academy. He swears a lot that Kendrick Perkins. I like it. Oh, yeah. Who's your biggest swear on the ringer? Probably me.


Yeah, you and me. I think to us maybe House is good for. Yeah, house is good. I talked about lotion, so it's not really sure if it works.


Blue Bergens is good for an F bomb every three minutes.


Congrats on the book. Good job. Thanks buddy.


Good job. You. All right, as promised, this is a piece of the NBA show from Friday, me and my friend Chris Ryan, he hosts a show on Fridays. They're called The Answer. I popped on. We talked about obsessions. And here is that segment.


All right, now I'm joined by Bill Simmons. Bill, how is the book of Basketball 3.0, the Peyton Pritchard pyramid going? Is that is that your projects?


Are you working on that? Yeah, it's more it's comparing him to the Aaron Smith and just the gamut of emotions with that draft.


I think the most doing one thing in my life right now is the thread between you and Rosillo about Smith and Pritchard and the various Celltex. Is Pritchard become one of your obsessions for this season? Well, it's interesting.


I don't really need him and he kind of can't keep them off the court. But they paid for, you know, Jeff Teague, they have smart Kember's back. The last thing they need is another point guard. What they really need is a wing. And they've had all these picks over the last two years to just find anybody who can play 20 minutes a game instead of Tatum. And Brown somehow couldn't stop that. But but then landed Pritchard. So maybe the answer is to just play smaller lineups, some more guards, a little like what Charlotte does when they play Graham and Roger and Labetalol at the same time, they're like, fuck it.


Yeah, I wonder whether or not that's like everybody kind of saw Billy Donovan do that. I mean, obviously there are three guard lineups before, but I feel like people saw that SGA, CP three Dennis line up and we're like, this is fun.


Let's just let this rock right. And that might be the answer, because you saw in the Philly game, especially with Tatum, they just don't have anybody else to play those minutes. And we're in year 17 and usually they don't have that other swing. Meanwhile, you have like a million swings and weird dudes on your team. But that's one of my obsessions, is your team, by the way. But I'm I said I was there. No, I wanted to hear about this because I feel like you're a very sobering force in my life when it comes to Sixers, both for better or for worse.


How are you obsessed with the Sixers? I really like Ben Simmons and I just can't believe we have no momentum at all. I voted for him, I think, for a second or third time on NBA last year, maybe third team. And I voted for him, I think second defensive player of the year and he finds a way to fill the stat sheet. You watch Sixers games and you're like, I don't I can't think of three things. He's done this entire game and we're in the third quarter.


And then they'll show the statue and it'll be like Ben Simmons, eight points, nine rebounds, seven assists. And you're like, oh, OK. He gets all his points basically off defense and offensive rebounds and Tippins and nothing organic. And then when it slows down and it's a half court offense, he just kind of floats around like somebody who doesn't know where to go. And I really wish he had been in the heart and shit. I just think it would have been more fun if you had heart and he had his own team in Houston and in Brooklyn was just the two the two guys instead of the three.


The the Simmons thing is certainly a little weird. The one thing that jumped out at me is since the trade rumors like there have been two games that he's I think he did, he fell out against the Celtics. We definitely had like five thousand like the third quarter. Well, they had that. They had to call more fouls on the Sixers to make up for the one hundred and twenty to twenty free throw advantage. So not that you as the fall guy for that.




That was just I didn't realize Joel Embiid was the best player of all time and couldn't be touched for what. A revelation. You can't touch him anymore so I'm going to get that.


But Simmons Fallot. I like that Miami game and there is a degree to which now when I'm watching him in half court it's feeling Knoblock in, it's feeling a little like Gypsie and like he he is not going to the hoop with confidence anymore.


And I don't know whether it's because he really doesn't trust his free throw. Here's my thing is like Doc is doing all the right things, like whenever anybody asks him about the shot he's just like, I don't care, I don't care. He makes a huge impact on the game. I'm wondering whether or not doxa just flip that and just be like I do care because I don't know if I don't care is working. I mean you're, you're a parent.


You know that some kids need this and some kids need that. I'm not so sure that like pretending like this isn't a problem is helping. Ben Simmons.


First of all, thanks for mentioning that. I'm a parent because it's it's a key part of my arsenal. I don't say the words. I don't care about things. My kids are bad at it.


Like my daughter failed her driver's license test. Guess what? I cared. I didn't do the Doc Rivers. I don't care. So get a license day. It's like we got we got Uber. Yeah. You failed your test. We've got to fix this. Yeah, I'm with you. I think the I think we're well past the I don't care thing because it's not cute anymore. You know, you look at his draft, Ingram has emerged as, you know, an elite offensive player, Jaylen Brown, who you know and granted I'm wrong a bunch of times.


But when it came down to Do you want to trade Jaylen Brown for a year of Kawhi? And I was a voice crying in the wilderness saying, No, I don't I don't think that's worth it. I think Jaylen Brown has a chance to be special. He said every checkmark that Paul George in his first couple of years, I don't want to give this guy up now. He is what he is. But my point is both of those guys got better and Ben's in the same spot he was, you know, two years ago offensively.


And I think that's a concern. I still think when he has the ball in his hands and there's an in transition, he's one of the best players in the league. I just think that the more that people the more that people figure out that half core part of his game and and I don't really understand. I think the Sixers are more efficient this year. They've obviously got shooting. And I think Harris is having a bounce back year. The thing that I'm obsessed with is the way that a lot of Sixers half court possessions end, which is Embiid at the top of the key and beat at the top of the key staring down a three pointer and the lack of enthusiasm both he and everybody involved in the game seems to have for that being the end point of a possession.


If you're if you were me would you be satisfied with the amount of threes and beat his taking and the way that so many Sixers possessions and with just Embiid standing at the top of the three with nobody around him.


I wouldn't be happy with that, I can tell you, having ruled it against him this week, like it just feels like he's unstoppable. I think the difference with him now, he could always play a good quarter and a half. You know, a couple of years ago in the playoff series, I remember one of those games he took over the game and like the second quarter and we were and I was there. And we're just looking at each other during one of the timeouts, like, oh, my God, what do we do?


Like, we're not going we can't stop this guy. But then he would get tired last year. He would do it for he really always, always had a good quarter and a half in him. And that said, he couldn't play four quarters. Now it feels like he could play four quarters. And I thought that was a really important game for him. The fact that he took that many free throws that granted some of the Khosravi, but he didn't I don't feel like he wore down as that game went along.


That was the first time I've ever rooted against him where he didn't wear down. And if he's not going to wear down, maybe don't need Simmons as much, you know, and maybe I still feel like Simmons and Bradley Beal should be in a trade and everybody's happy and Simmons gets his own team. And I don't think Wizards fans would be happy about it.


When I talked to Sharpe last week about this, he was just like, I have to prepare myself for the inevitability that I'm going to be cheering for Simmons and Westbrook on the same team. And he just seemed miserable about it. But I think that if that deal was out there would have been done already. You think I was amazed. I said this last week when I did my part because twenty four hours after the trade, the takeaway for me was that Philly didn't get hard it over and over all the other mechanics of the trades, just like, well, they might have missed the chance to have Simmons and I mean I'm sorry Hardin and Embiid on the same team when Embiid is looking like the guy we always want to beat to look like that's going to be an unstoppable combo and I don't know.


I like Maxey. I think he's good but if it's like Maxi Tibo Simmons and two picks to get Harden I'm just doing it.


I definitely had like a dark night of the Soul on MLK Day, watching the bucks in the Nets and watching Harden and just kind of being like, Oh yeah, but then it flip the flip two days later, as you as you watch Steve Nash trying to murder him by not taking about a double overtime. Hey, James, you're going to lose the weight one way or the other. You stayed out there. I'm not subbing.


So that actually brings me to another thing that I've been obsessed with this year, which is the sex and sex. Yes, I am. I am obsessed with Collin Sexton and especially Collin Sexton. When he is in a broken play, it's like basically Colin Sexton, when the breaks go out and he's got to jump up in midair or he's got to follow up his own missed shot, or he's got to like he's doing stuff like on the fly and improv that is like so magnet.


It's so magnetic to watch. He's so athletic. I'm shocked that the cabs are an entertaining pastime was not what they would have been if we did the league pass fantasy draft, they would have been one of the last couple of picks. I guess it did start last year with him pre pandemic. Yeah, because he started to go on a run and then basketball stopped, but I thought he jumped out from day one. It's bittersweet. My dad and I were talking about it today like he was the number eight pick.


That was the Kyrie trade. I do the Kyrie trade one hundred times out of one hundred. But you do that trade you you're going to have Kyrie for eight years. Not too. And the fact that. There's this Salta, I mean, nobody knows about alternate universe, it's more than six or seven, but there's this alternate universe where it's like we just don't make the carry trade and we now we have Sexton and Jaylen and Tatum all on the same team.


Right. What does that look like? He's clearly, you know, the fun thing would be like pitting him against a different fox. Some of the other guys of his ilk, like, who would you rather have? I would have them above Fox now because he's younger, he's still on his rookie contract. I think he plays just as hard as Fox does. I think he's a little better offensively. You wouldn't have above Trey, would you?


I personally would you know, where I stand on. There was a play in the Brooklyn game, I think it was like early on when Duran has like this clear line for a for a dunk. And Sexton not only blocks Durant on this breakaway, but knows he's going to block them for like six steps. And he's, like I said, the angle. And he does this like low trajectory shot block so that that Durant never even gets up there.


And I think it kind of pissed off. It was kind of it was kind of awesome. But like, I love it when, like, a younger player kind of steps up and says, like, I'm not going to be intimidated by the fact that I'm on the court with KD.


I remember one of the KD podcasts I did, and it was one of the first two, I think, asked them what young players he liked. And he said, Booker, yeah, and he and this was Booker wasn't on anyone's radar yet and he's like, that guy's got something like he definitely comes at. He came at us in a way that I really respected or whatever he said. And the sexting thing reminded me of that, like, think about sex.


And yesterday, it's basically him versus hard during. Karig Yeah. Those are those two overtimes and he beat them. Now, granted, Harton was about to keel over. He looked like he was in reunion pickup game on defense. The Nets looked like hobbled mailman playing in like a YMCA senior league.


It was I mean, and then Durant, any time his minutes are nearing 50, you just get nervous, like, yeah, the worst injury you can have. And they rely and have so much on both sides. But yeah, I mean sextants. Twenty seven a game. Now this is like Donovan Mitchell stuff. And the thing again, the thing I really like is just how hard he plays. I think he's just super competitive, which, you know, that's a really special pick for them.


Think about how bad that guy retrade was, where they get nothing out of Isaiah Thomas Jae Crowder. They end up flipping after three months. And it's just like if if that pick is imperfect getting, they basically get nothing for this guy who is the first overall pick and the hero of the 2016 finals. And now they've got something so pretty cool trade. Of course, the GM got fired. What else have you been kind of obsessed with this season?


So this is on Mercilus Corner. I apologize to Rossella, but I share his fascination in the Pistons. For a variety of reasons, team bet on yourself, yeah, the the just the Jerami grant of just his whole thing. It's like finally man, somebody gave me the car keys and it's like, you're Jeremy Grant. I don't know if you're used to trade should be in the 30s. But this is the thing is that you espouse the church of bet on yourself.


If you had you had the Bill Simmons book, it would say bet on yourself and it would be a picture of you putting a chip down on your a picture of you, Tilman.


Fertitta can write a book about himself and I can write better on yourself. Have been joking about it for years. Yeah. Jeremy Grant is twenty five a game. But when you watch them and they're clearing firm and stuff, it's also not that much different than some of the really good guys that we see. You get plays because he's been really I think he's been really effective. I'm kind of shocked. I always thought he was a little overrated as a defensive guy.


But in general, that Pistons game, it's not just him. Isaiah Stewart is like my guilty pleasure rookie of this draft that was widely reviled and mocked pick, and it's like, why do you take a sinner like you can get centers for two million dollars? Why would you draft one? And then you watch that there is that to just play hard? I wish she was on the Celtics. I like him. I like Sidibé. I like the Blake Griffin, kind of Dirk Diggler in the church parking lot, pulling it out for thirty dollars stage of his career.


It's just that's just riveting where it's like, oh, man. Lob city, but in general, I kind imagine the Pistons give me another one for you. I was going to say based off of that, this stuff this week from from Monday and from from Wednesday is.


Chippy different, like when Durant starts to like kind of get a little bit annoyed with people not on his own team, but he had a couple of plays, like I felt like he was kind of digging into Yoni's a little bit on Monday. And there was one play where Middleton had a breakaway. Duncan Durant was kind of like half asleep following it up and Giannis was standing in front of Durant just pushed him over. Right and I kind of feel like Durant this season is a little bit like you guys have spent two years talking about Yoni's and Lukáš and all these guys and now I'm back.


And he was actually like on the on Wednesday when Sexton followed up that Ossman three that he missed and Sexton grabbed it in midair, put it back. He turns around and direct his shoulder checksum. And I was like, I like this version of Petti Durant. Yeah. I have I have Anthony Edwards has another one, I don't know what to make of this basketball player. Yesterday, he played twenty three minutes. We're taping this on a Thursday.


Twenty three minutes, he was three for 14. It zero rebounds, zero assists, this is a guy who is he's he's like fucking the Terminator. He's from another era he got sent for, not from the future, from the past. He got sent from nineteen ninety four from Richard Davis University. Yeah. He got his Ryder master's degree. And it's just I'm just shooting. I don't really have any other skills. I'm really athletic. I think he seems like a good guy.


I don't think he's like I don't think he's like one of those sprey well as a writer like headcase guys. But, you know, I judge these guys by would it be fun to play basketball with this person? He just comes out, he's it's going up. He doesn't really do anything else if he's not in the plays, just standing there, he's got a lightning fast first step and I don't know what to make of him. You could you could give me any scenario with his career.


And I believe you tell me he's the next Dwayne Wade. I'm like, all right. Yeah, it doesn't seem like he yet, but he's athletically. I could see it. You could also tell me he's Dion Waiters. And that seems more conceivable. That's a little bit of an overreach, especially given what Melo and Weissman look like. Now, him going one seems tough. And it was I honestly was tough in the moment. I just felt like Weismann had to be the first pick.


And if you're if your reasoning is what we already have towns, it's like, well, that's another reason why I should be the first pick. You have towns, you've got nothing with towns.


That was those two guys are two of my favorite people to watch is just watching wisemen kind of figuring it out.


And then the Melo experiment, if would you if you were the Warriors, would you have taken Romello over wisemen at this point? No, no, no.


I think this is why the NBA is the NBA. The week continue to screw up and the strong continue to have brakes fall in their laps, this is the Celtics Sixers recipe for the first 40 years of the league, right. You take advantage of everybody else's dumb mistakes. I just feel like you can find Edwards every year in the draft. Like if you think like his dealings. Dwayne Wade, great. But you know what? I can't find his wisemen.


Yeah. I can't find guys like that. I can't find guys with hands like that who the size that he has and the athleticism, they don't exist. So if you're going to pass on that, it better be somebody who's awesome. I think Charlotte was the one that really lucked out because it should have been Weizman. I thought Halliburton should have been second. I don't know if they would have the balls to take Halliburton over Edwards, but in general, just that somebody made the decision for them and they got Lobello at three was pretty cool.


And I also really like Patrick Williams. I, I think he's just a winning player. He's a guy that can play forty minutes. He takes seven shots. So if you go like two, three, four, I like all those picks. I'm fine with those. I thought Halliburton probably should have gone seventh instead of Hayes, but the Edwards one is the one that stands out as like the. Yeah, this has been a surprisingly delightful draft class and it's been nice because I think it's been kind of a depressing season in some ways with all the Kovatchev.


But to have all these kids come into the league and even like watching Maxcy and like you said, watching Pritchard, it's kind of like fun to watch these.


Do you think they banned the Pistons bane on the on the Grizzlies, I think has been good. I like a career on the Cavs is at least somebody that could play in crunch time and defend people. I don't know. There's at least twelve rookies I like. I'm kind of surprised because this was sold to us as a terrible draft. Yeah, this is wait till next year. And now it turns out that these guys are actually really fun.


Another guilty pleasure for me is the Oladipo contract drive.


Now that he's on the rockets, the rockets in general are there like a seven D basketball movie. It's like they're basically phished Save Pittsburgh for twenty twenty one. Just everybody's on their own fucking agenda. That was the two things I love right now, that there's like a subterranean NBA where there's like there's all the people going for the championship and then there's all the teams that are kind of like jockeying for position. And then there's like the rockets and the wolves and they kind of remind me of reading about basketball in the late 90s and early 2000s.


We're like, Ryan Saunders is like, hey, at least we're not cannibals. You know, at least we're not eating each other after we do this. If you're just like Jesus, is this what you're like counting on? And Boogie and Wall are trying to be like William Wallace in Braveheart. And now it's just going to be like three guys putting up twenty five shots and it's incredible stuff.


Well, if you're a Timberwolves fan, you give Wiggins that massive contract extension, which is mistake number one, then you compound it by trading Wiggins you're excited to get rid of him like here. We'll give you this top three pick protected. We'll get Russell back, he's friends with towns, it's like, well, awesome. Now you're going to be one of the worst teams of the West every year. Why is this a good thing? And then towns will probably, you know, two years from now to want to get out.


But you see that in the NBA, where it's the first mistake that leads to the even bigger second mistake. And the reality is they might have like the fourth pick in the draft and it goes right to the Warriors. Especially with the with the lottery this year, you're not even you know, it's totally random who goes where you to have the worst record in the league and be six. That's that's a tough to imagine for that franchise.


They deserve so much better. You have one more obsession for me. Last obsession to me. Just the weird Pelicans team that makes no sense with three three bigger players as your front line and then two guards who can't shoot. And then Stan Van Gundy, who we spent, you know, the bubble playoffs with him as an announcer. And I was annoyed by him like around in the half in like imagine having him as your coach day in, day out, such a weird team.


Everyone falls all over themselves to just praise David Griffin and New O'Shay and Tommy Shepherd and all these guys that are just friends with all the media people. And it's like, what is this Pelicans team? Are you trying to contain or are you trying to rebuild? Zion and Ingram Play Together of Zion and Ingram can play together. Why is Adams the other the center with them. And then you have no spacing because you don't have any guards who could shoot except Redick who you're barely playing.


Like what. What is this.


It feels very much like a TV show that has to star young actors who, you know, are waiting to get off their contracts, to go into the movies and then like it's in season six and you're just texting your friends like, am I the only one watching this? Because there's something really strange happening here. I can't stop watching Pelicans games. They're like they're not actually fun, but they're so interesting because you just are watching like, oh, who's that guy wandering around aimlessly on the baseline?


Oh, that's Zion Williamson. And then, you know, like, there are points where he's had like a great week, but you just know that they're not maximizing any one part of the team. Yeah, I just feels like the wrong team for him now that like, forever. But it's not the kind of NBA team. I wanted to see him. I wanted to see him on a team where it's like there was just a lot of space in the paint and his shooters and he just has room to cook.


And this is like the opposite to Adams, like lumbering around the people playing seven feet of Lonzo Ball because he just can't shoot anymore at all. And it's just weird.


I feel like he's like in the Anthony Mason role or something like he's setting picks and getting boards and then gets like one or two like extraordinary dunks the game. But like he just seems to be doing a lot of lunchpail stuff and it doesn't seem. Nobody wants to say this. It doesn't seem like he is jumping as high as he did it, Duke. Interesting eye test was I just feel like the guy at Duke seemed like he could jump actually over people who was playing it like it was conceivable he could dunk over do the Fred West once again.


This guy is like 80 percent of that. Maybe he might be. Yeah. Yeah. Maybe injuries, I don't know. But I don't feel I was there for I had the front seat for the Blake Griffin when he could really jump for those Clippers games. And I thought Zion was at least going to be that. And I don't think he's totally that yet. But we'll see if it comes back. Yeah, we'll have to see. All right, Bill, thank you so much for joining me.


It was good to see you, Chris Van. All right, if you enjoyed the Ringer NBA show, you should be checking and checking out that. Check out the mismatch. Check out Chris Ryan on Fridays with his new show, The Answer. Check out ring. Are you another new show? He added on the ring NBA show on Wednesdays. I'm coming back with the Rewash Moseby tonight, Terminator two back on this feed on Tuesday. See that?