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Coming up Sunday nights with the cuz. We're going to talk some football next. We're also brought to you by the Ringer Podcast Network, where if you missed it, we did the big NBA preview podcast with me and Roselle in house last week. We put all of it on YouTube. The entire podcast is on there. All you have to do is go to slash Bill Simmons. We put a lot of video up there. We might start putting up full podcasts on there a little bit after they run here, so stay tuned for that. I don't know. We're messing around, just trying stuff. It's the end of 2023. I don't know. Just start trying things. Why not? Who cares? Hey, new rewatchables coming Monday night. I'll just tell you what it is. It's a movie from 1993. Yeah, another one. Another one that did really well in the box office, so you'll find out Monday night. It's a good one, though. I'm excited to drop it on you. So we did that true crime podcast Wedding Scammer, hosted and created by Justin Sales. And it did really well. People liked it, and it makes me super happy because Justin Sales is a great guy, and he's been with The Ringer pretty much since the beginning.


But it's nice when somebody works their ass off on something and it actually pays off. So I'm glad people like it. Check out the first episode. It's not that long. It's really well done, and you will definitely, 100% enjoy it. Okay, let's bring in the Cuz. Let's talk some football. Let's talk some wound licking with some bets, some Eagles, all kinds of things. It's all next. First, our friends from Pearl Jam. Pearl Jam. It all right. We are taping this. It is 830 Pacific Time on Sunday night. Cousin Sal is here as always. He's wearing a nice, fresh Oregon hat that I think you probably bought probably this weekend. You went to visit your son.


Smells very new. Yeah, I went to visit my son. I'm not happy with the way my hair looks, and I think the hat's an improvement.


So what am I going to just watched? We watched Dolphins Eagles just now, and at the same time, Rangers Astros was happening. And it really felt like I don't know, it felt like a great October sports night there. And then Texas blew it open in the end. But next week we'll have basketball. There will be baseball going on. It'll really feel like October. The eagles, though. So right as I start sending texts to Eagles, people in my life wondering what's going on with hertz and what's going on with this team, and then they just turn it on and they win by 14. It's weird eye test wise versus the stats and just looking at the standings and stuff. It's a team that doesn't seem like they have all their shit together, and yet it doesn't matter because they have so much talent. They can just kind of pick and choose and then all of a sudden they win. Don't, I don't know what other team in the NFL is like this. Do you see that too?


Yeah, absolutely. And it's a bummer because I think you agree the Dolphins are, I don't know, favorite team to watch if you have to cut everything else out, right. Best offense. So much going on. Like dynamic. Tyree kill anything. Tua but when they play a game like this, when they go to Buffalo, they're just going to get beat in the trenches. And like what you said is it doesn't really matter if you're so physical, philadelphia offensively or defensively. And like Tua's getting swallowed up in the pocket on third and ones. And where Philadelphia could just run that tush push, like it or not, it's going to move the chains every time. So, yeah, it sucks. Yeah. The less flashy team wins, and they happen to be in my favorite team's division, but that's what's going to happen in January.


10 turnovers for Hertz. He had eight off last year. There's times where sometimes and I don't know whether he's protecting his body or what's going on, but he'll kind of duck away from taking hits, which is smart. And then he'll have weird was I texted Solak today during third quarter. I'm like, are we going to find out that Hertz has had, like, torn rib cartilage since week two? He doesn't look right sometimes. And then in fourth quarter all of a sudden looks great, and I don't really know what to make of it. And I can't get a feel for it. But on top of it, they have this tush push thing that in the big drive of the game, they're able to get two straight fourth and ones on their own side of the field. I know you and I have talked about it. You've talked about it incessantly. And at the same time, it feels like it is the most important NFL invention of the last five years, this play. Yeah. Nobody can stop ever at any point.


If he does and nobody else can do it. I know it's weird. And we likened it to the Tom Brady thing. There was no reason why Tom Brady should convert fourth and one and a half. Every single know physically and everything else, but except they have their shit together, the Eagles. They really do. And if he does have cracked ribs, I hope it's from his own teammate smashing him over the line of scrimmage.


There everybody. Yeah, but it's just wear and tear on the back of his body from seven guys touching.


So they're performing the heimlich on him like every eight minutes.


So I guess if you're taking the takeaway from the Eagles is nice when they needed to have it, they're also supposed to win. But the AJ. Brown piece of it, the fact that they traded a first round pick, basically. And then they paid him, and I don't know. He's one of the four best receivers in the league now. Is he one of the three? He's somewhere on the shortest possible list. I have him on multiple fantasy teams, and it's gotten to the point where I'm just expecting 100 yards in a TD every game. But that turned out to be one of the better trades, I think, of the last ten years. Just kind of took him from Tennessee.


Oh, yeah, that was ridiculous. And he is such a great possession receiver. And it's scary, too, because you'll forget about him, too. You probably put Justin Jefferson in the top three, and then every time Cousins drops back to pass or any snap, you're like, all right, this has to go to Jefferson. Otherwise it's going to go for nothing out of this offense. And then eight Tush pushes in a row, and then you see AJ. Brown. It's like, oh, my God, I forgot about this guy. What he's got, 120 yards. It's nuts.


So, yeah, dynamite. Yeah. There's, like, four different kind of catches he can make, too, which I think makes them stand out, because they can throw those bubble screens with them. They can just put them right over the middle, like, for seven, eight yards. It seems like whenever they want, they can send him deep down the sidelines, which he seems to love, and then that kind of deep over the middle with two guys on him, and he can make plays anyway, but he has, like, I think, the biggest bag of any of the receivers right now.


Yeah. Personal. I'm not in the locker room with these guys. Yeah. I hate this team. I don't know I don't even know what to say anymore. Miami had, what, ten or eleven penalties. It's like a mind fuck too when you play them, too. You can't get out of your own way when you play against him.


Kyle, don't turn on the TikTok camera for this. Has Philly replaced Boston for most interesting sports city? Like, look at all the shit they have going, right? They're they're about to make the World Series. They have this Eagles team that made the Super Bowl last year, and it feels super relevant again and is definitely going to be a Final Four team, worst case scenario. And then they have this NBA team with this James Harden saga that God only knows how he's going to sabotage things over the next, but and then you look at my city, where we have a great NBA team, it looks like. And then other than that, completely forgettable across the board. I think Philly's kind of grabbed the mantle a little bit. I don't like it. I don't like it at all.


That's not good. And it's not good for their fans because their fans are supposed to just hate the other team. Not supposed to like their team. So it doesn't matter if their team good, right?




I don't know. It's a bummer. Although I'll say that they were in this position last year too, right? Phillies win the World Series. The Eagles win the super. What?


I mean, this is the 2020s has kind of been the Philly decade. I don't like it. It's upsetting to me. And fortunately the Sixers, it seems like they're going to go in the tank. But I got to say they have great crowds. Like the Phillies playoff crowds are way up there. That's about as good of a baseball crowd as you're going to get. It really feels like if they can have like a do or die game or a must win game or a clincher at home, you feel like they're going to get it. And whatever happened with Know, pretty special. Like to sign that guy from another team and he becomes the signature athlete in your city. We had a little bit of that with Manny Ramirez where we kind of took him from we paid for it, but took him from Cleveland and he kind of became one of the symbols of that run. But pretty nuts that they just took him from another team and he became what he became.


Yeah, it's a great crowd whenever they I mean, I thought the Rams crowd today was dynamite too, against the Steelers. I thought they really showed.


Yeah. Yeah.


It's been proud to be from have.


A I know you don't want to talk about Philly, so I'll move on. I have a Tyree question for you. What's your all time receiver list for receivers? You've watched just where you're like, that guy's fucking amazing. Because for me it was always Rice number one and Moss two and then a drop off. And then some people would be like, to three. For me, I'm like cool. To was like an absolute franchise murderer and was a huge head case and you couldn't trust him. And as the years pass, the stats will be great. All the fucking drama that he brought to every situation he's in, that stuff will kind of die off. But for me, I think Tyreek's unequivocally a three. Now for me, every single game you just feel like he's going to have 250 yards as you're watching it, right?


Yeah, I think so.




Unstoppable tyreek over Calvin Johnson.


That type? Yeah.


Trying to think like where you would put him.


Yeah. For me. He's definitely over Calvin Johnson.


Michael Gallup is three four. I'm trying to see where I would put these people.


Yeah, I think you're right. I think you're right.


I think he's got to be number three. Although if you look at like Antonio Brown, who's now a punchline, he had like six of the best seasons you'll ever see in a row. But in terms of presence and being unstoppable Rice, Moss, Tyree, kill it's.


Good three. That's how I feel. I think Sharp, I think, could have gotten there in the packers way back when in the he hurt his neck and he basically only had like a six or seven year career. But I thought in the thought, other than Rice, he was the second best guy. Your guy Irvin was great. There's no question that team was loaded. We've had some good ones over the years. But Tyreek, the speed, how he just tilts the field over and over again, how scared the other team is of him, how much space he opens up. For everybody else, I think he's three. I don't think he'll ever get over Moss or Rice. For me, though, I'm trying to think.


Who could pass him, though, now at three. I mean, we've put Justin Jefferson up there before. Now that we haven't seen him for a few weeks, we've kind of forgot about him. Yeah.


For the right now. But Hill's done this now for what's? It six years since he's on the 18th Chiefs. I can't remember how many years he's been the lead.


Yeah, he'll be stride for stride with two defenders, and then if the ball hangs up there long enough, he's now seven, eight yards past them.


Oh, I know. Poop. He is catchy made on the sideline today. It was pretty great before the Rams realized they were going against a force greater than any satanic force or anything, the Pittsburgh Steelers. You want to talk about that?


Yeah, let's do it.


Let's do it. So they're four and two. I've watched every play of all six games. I have no idea how they're four and two, but they've hit the point now where I feel like they're going to win when there's no signs. Like, that guy missed the extra point today for the Rams and made it nine three instead of ten three. I'm like, oh, here we go. Steelers come down. All of a sudden it's ten nine. They have five first downs because they get the TJ watt, the pick that sets up the touchdown, and you're just like, Here we go. They're doing this. And we've seen this before because this was the Eli Manning. Danny Hyphitz was the first person to point this out. This was the Eli Manning recipe for years and years. That I can't believe that team's winning. What the fuck just happened? He only made two throws. How did he do it? They're four and two. I totally believe in them, and I feel like they're going to go twelve and five and have a negative point differential.


Well, the good thing is we're making money off them, right? We ben them, we saw them. Plus, I thought they'd be favored last Sunday night. I thought they'd be favored, but they're not. So we're doing that thing, but also just taking them because the Steelers but I found a gem and I gave it out on ringer. Wise guys. Rams first half, Steelers to win the game ten to one. I'm positive that their bullshit is going to pay dividends. And ten to one. I think it'll hit, like, three more times. You're right. That TJ Watt interception brings it down to the eight. We see some separation from pickens on a receiver. Like, will the one drive you wait for all game, and it happens. And then that terrible spot at the end, it didn't give him a chance.


It was beyond terrible, really. McVeigh also probably should have had a timeout left.


I know, but is it important to be like, hey, listen, we could get this right, but we'd rather teach you a lesson, Coach, to save your timeouts. The spot thing bothers me more than missed pass interferences, because it's an old man jogging eight yards, and he has to see between 20 bodies. And then he sticks his foot in the mud and says, here, this is like a surveyor from 1835. He's like, this is where your property ends, sir. There's a chip in the ball. Isn't there a chip in the ball? What's it for?


It's funny that we figured out Wimbledon. We figured out in us. Open, we figured out how to measure serves immediately, whether they hit the line or not in football, which seems like it would be really easy to just have some sort of magnet that was attached to the chains. The other thing that was weird about that, for people who didn't see it, the Steelers did fourth and one. They had the lead. There's probably like a little more than two minutes left, and they run the QB sneak play. Kind of the Brady play, where you kind of put your head down, but you go left, but he slipped, and his knee went down. And it wasn't one of those when you're watching it where you're like, oh, I wonder if he got it, was like you knew immediately, oh, he didn't get it. He slipped. And then they come in with the spot, and they're like, oh, he might have gotten it. And they did that. I couldn't believe it. And I'm rooting for the Steelers, but I was like, oh, my God. Worst spot of the year. I thought they deserved to win anyway, but that was pretty tough for the Rams.


We need some clarification. And I get it because McVeigh didn't have timeouts, and it wasn't actually the two minute warning yet, even though it did wind to that after that. But is there a ref in the sky? Is there this guy in the sky? Or is this everything has to go back to New York. I feel like we're told three different things. It's a bummer, because that could have been overturned. But you're right. Ten to one we hit. Let's just keep doing it.


You know who else would have gotten that fourth and one? Eli Manning. He would have fallen down a half foot in front and somehow would have gotten the spot. The Rams kicker was the MVP of this game for the Steelers. He missed two longer field goals. They were like 50 yard field goals, but he missed them both. And then he missed that extra point. He threw away the challenge. He screwed up a challenge, which is the Tomlin staple. The Steelers do this thing, though, know everyone shits on Matt Canada, the offensive coordinator, but maybe it's someone intentional. It's like he lulls them to sleep. Terrible plays for like almost 2 hours, where you're like, man, oh my God. Really? The run in the line again, the screen pass where the guy almost gets tackled behind the line. You're going to run that one again. And then all of a sudden the roof lifts up on their offense, and there's daylight, and there's guys running around and open receivers, and George Pickens going nuts. I wonder if they feel like they can only get away with it for like a quarter. So they just kind of lull you, lull you, lull you.


And then near the end of the third quarter, that's when they run the real offense. There's no other explanation. Again, I've watched every Steelers game. Oh, I know a team that can look like shit. And then all of a sudden it's like, oh my god, they figured it out. But I think they know.


I like the analogy that whatever the theory that he lulls them to sleep, it's like sade when you're getting a massage. Am I saying it wrong? That's only a 40 year old reference. But no, they'll play sade in a massage, and then three minutes later you're asleep, and then the massage is over. Like, oh, I don't even know if anything happened there. I get my back rubbed or not.


That's it. That's house. Love this story.


I got to bring him in.


Yeah, well, one of the things I was almost thinking of, it compared to, like boxing or MMA or something, where the guy like the first couple of rounds, he's just kind of picking spots, waiting, waiting, but not like doing what his eventual game plan is. And then by the 7th round, he flips. Like Bernard Hopkins used to do that. Remember? He would always like, first half of the fight was always different than the second half of the fight. Maybe I'm giving the Steelers too much credit, but I'm with you. That ten to one. It's like you found some sort of inefficiency in FanDuel's betting strat that ten to one is crazy because the Steelers, this is what they do. They look like shit for a half, and then they come back. I think they're going to be there. I think Pickett's getting a little bit better. They're using Jalen Warren more. They have really good players on both sides of the I think I don't know. I think they're going to be there now. They're not going to be there like the Ravens. The Ravens were the big winners today. And we're going to talk about them right after this break.


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Week two, cowboys, jets, 30 to ten. The next week, you lose to the Cards. Week three, dolphins 70, broncos 20. Up, Dolphins. Oh, my God. This offense, who's going to stop it? Next week, they lose to the Bills by 28. Week. Four. The bills. Bills 48, Dolphins 20. Oh, my God. The Bills, best offense in the league. They lose to the Jaguars next week. Week five, niners 42. Cowboys ten. Holy shit. Is this the best team in the league? Next week, they lose to Cleveland week six. I had to struggle a little to find a week six team, but I think it was Lions $20.06 because they were the ones where coming out of week six, people are like the Lions. That's a legitimate contender. Steven A had them number one on his first take NFL rankings. What happens? They lose to the Ravens, 38 to six. And now this week, it's Ravens time. The Ravens are going to be the story this week. Lamar Jackson. Is he the MVP? Is this the best team in the AFC? Have they unleashed him offensively? All these stats, they're at Cardinals.


Are you going to lose to the.


Cardinals at Arizona next week?


I don't care.


That's a teaser.


That's a teaser for me.


Don't care. Well, I've gotten killed on teasers.


No, but listen, I think we're all over this, though. We're pretty smart about this, right? We like the Browns over the niners. And then Deshaun Watson screwed up our thinking because he went out, like, on Tuesday. And all right, well, the last backup was bad for the Browns. But we're usually on this I'll say this. I think this was as far as thorough ass kickings from a good team to another good team. I think this is one of two games, Ravens beating the Lions, and the other one I really think was the Bills beating up on the Dolphins. Now, you could say the same about the Eagles today, but they had a pick six. And just like on both sides of the ball dominating, you could maybe even throw the Niners Steelers in there now. Now that the Steelers are, quote, unquote, good. But those are two of the three biggest and it makes me think, like, definitely don't want to face this Ravens team in January. Right now. Right now, I'm saying that well, they.


Had 503 yards against Detroit. Yeah, the game felt over when it was 14 to nothing. It just felt like, oh, this is the Ravens awesome Ravens game we've kind of been waiting for. Dan Graziano said he wrote after the game that Lamar had 246 passing yards when under duress on Sunday. It is the most yards under duress by any quarterback in any game since Nine. When ESPN began tracking quarterback pressures in the first six games of the season, jackson had 235 yards under duress total.


I think he could sue also if you're under duress and still throwing completing passes.


The reason I'm bringing that up is because watching it, I thought the Lions were, like, getting pressure on him, and it wasn't like they were just, like, killing them. The Lions were actually trying to do shit. They couldn't really block for Goff, which I was surprised by. But, yeah, I thought Baltimore, it was great. The Zay Flowers thing really seems like it's important and they're using more play action, and it's just like the offense just seems more fluid than it did. All the fixes that they did over the years.


Six pass catchers over 30 yards. They had 146 yards rushing. Lamar went for 357, just perfect, like a 155 rating and gave up zero sacks from this Detroit defense and pass rush that just terrorized other teams. And you're right, Goff could not get going at all.


He couldn't. He was 18 to one to win MVP Goff today and I think that ship has sailed. Lamar is seven to one on Fandel right now. I think those are the best value adds because Hertz is up to five to one. But if you've actually watched the season, I think Mahomes is the favorite of plus 260 and he finally got going today with Kelsey, which we'll talk about in a second. Two is plus 420. It feels like it's narrowing a little bit now. I still like Lawrence as like a dark horse at 20 to one. Just in case the jags, especially with their schedule, if they just kind of rip off some wins. Yeah.


So Lawrence has opposite of what Lamar Jackson has probably in front of him, right? Lamar Jackson probably has a bunch of cold weather games. Trevor Lawrence has some indoor games in division. So Lamar is going to have he could be great and have like 160 yards passing in some of these games coming up.


Yeah, he has this kind of sneaky Arizona game that I'm just saying now I don't like the smell of it because after that they have three straight home games. Seattle, Cleveland, Cincinnati, all at home. And then they go to La to play the Chargers. Then they have a bye week. So this Arizona thing is like, come on, we'll go to Arizona, we'll take care of business. Then we got three at home. And I really think this was part of the problem with Cleveland today. I think Cleveland thought they just had to go in, ah, we'll freaking kill Minshew and it'll be fine. And they were asleep from the get go. The only guy who was awake on their entire team was with the with the Ravens. So if you go wins by division, remember we were talking before the year in our preview and I was like, could we get four playoff teams from the AFC North? I think we had that conversation. I think we each said there would be three.


Yeah, the Bengals were off. They're off today and they lost a half game to everybody lost ground.


Yeah. The Bengals are three and three. Everyone else has a winning record. AFC north has 16 wins so far, which is the most. Your division has 15. Do you want to guess what division has the least amount of wins?


Are you going to surprise me and say, no, it can't be the AFC West? Well, the NFC South, I don't know.


It's your least favorite division. The NFC South with ten wins total. NFC north, though, with Eleven. And I got to say, man. After watching that Packers Broncos game and losing a little money on it today. Yeah, I thought Denver and the Pats one of my betting strategies this week was Denver and the Pats are now in a death race for the first pick. Both of them won, and both of them had a chance to lose down the stretch and instead zagged the other way and went for it. But, yeah, the AFC North, clearly, I think the best top to bottom division, it's the only division with four good teams for sure. Right.


And that NFC South, I don't really want to discuss it, but it's were that Thursday night game. Car okay, they made a comeback and everything, but that was miserable, miserable TV for two and a half hours. And Al Michael should not be subjected to it. The whole division is a checkdown quarterback division. It really is. And the Jacksonville defender said that what's the big all car all he does is check down. And we figured that out early, so all right, same with Desmond Ritter, who might be the worst of the bunch. Like, fumbled three times today, two at the 1 YD line. Baker I don't know how many chances we're going to give him. I bet him every single week and he falls short. And who am I forgetting? Oh, Carolina rookie Bryce Young.


Yeah, he's not there. Andy Dalton might be the best quarterback in the division.


Taysom Hill. Take him.


Snaps well, you want to take a stab at picking the NFC South winner? No.


Yeah, go ahead. Yeah, sure.


The Falcons, who heading into today were, I think, plus 160 in the division.




And this is after the Saints lost. Then they win. Now they're even money to win the south. Saints plus 190. Tampa is plus 350. But the aforementioned AFC North, baltimore is even money now. Cleveland's plus 240. Pittsburgh is five to one. Cincinnati is plus 650. Cleveland's a borderline cross off to me because of the quarterback situation. You can't describe how bad Watson was in that first quarter. Even if his shoulder wasn't hurting him, they had to make believe that it was. And he took a big hit and then he went in a concussion protocol, but got cleared. He had no you can't say anything. Yeah, right.


Everyone associated with the Browns seemed fine that their $230,000,000 man was sitting out, including the $230,000,000 man. He seemed good. He had a jacket on. Indoor stadium. Not sure why, but they got very lucky in that game. That was the luckiest bet you ever made.




It was smart. You had Browns first half and Browns to win.


Well, I had a million dollar picks. I had Browns minus three. So that hurt in real life was the one I called it on wise guys for, which was Browns first half, Browns to win, eagles first half, Eagles to win. That parlay was like, plus 350.


That hit nice.


I hit my steelers. Same game today, too. I wish I could do million dollar picks on Sunday. Deshaun's ten Browns games, including today. Eleven touchdowns, nine picks he threw for 1783 yards. He's averaging 178 yards a game. And they gave up three first round picks. They gave him a shitload of money. And on top of it, not exactly a popular signing. So I don't know if that's better or worse than Denver, where they are with Russell Wilson, at least. Russell Wilson, you don't have the community turning against you, but I think he's.


Like a pretty $1 million cap hit if they decide to part ways with him next year. But I don't know. But now I don't know. We're getting very lucky, too. That uncatchable ball. I don't know. Is anything uncatchable anymore?


Yeah, let's talk about this, because it's another rule now where I don't even know how to interpret it when I see it, because they'll call it sometimes the two rules that just seem to be arbitrary now are the defender not turning around on pass interference. They'll call it 90% of the time, but 10% of the time they just won't call it. And then the ball hitting the back of the end zone, basically where the stands are, and there still being a pass interference because the ball was in the air during the pass interference, but it wasn't uncatchable yet, even though it was about a split second away from being uncatchable. It just seems like they're making shit up as they go along.


Yeah, it just doesn't make sense when you think about everything else. Like, if a ball is tipped, you could basically swing the receiver around by the basement and sling them into the mezzanine. Yeah. But if a ball is thrown and it's uncatchable, if Shaq is standing on you know, we can't see more of this.




And then they called it for the Chiefs a couple weeks ago against the Vikes, but then didn't call it today.


Very strange. I don't understand what happened to the Browns D in that game, because that was the first game where it didn't feel like they were flying around like we saw in the other games. And one theory I had, I'm going to throw at you, because it sounds like it's going to be an excuse.


Because it have shade in it doesn't.


Have well, I don't want to hear it then. Okay. Do you think that game, that niners game last week, just took a fucking shitload out of both teams? I mean, Debo's out. Debo has a hairline fracture now. McCaffrey looks like he's going to play tomorrow, but that was such a violent game. I wonder if both teams were kind of we might have to tuck that theory away for the future, for gambling. If you watch a game where you're like, holy shit, this is a violent game, maybe both teams are just stayaways the next week. Because I thought the Browns looked like a different team, and I don't know what to make of it.


It was violent. Before the game started, there were fights. Now they got beat up. Gardner mincha should not beat them up to the tune of 456 yards versus 316. Right. So they were outscored by a lot there.


They gave up, I think, like 350 plus plays. Big plays that were the Nets were like, open. It wasn't like, oh, man, lucky throws. Like, these guys were fucking wide open. They gave up big runs. Taylor, I thought, was punishing them on a couple of the drives.


Minshew taking off for twelve yard those aren't huge plays, but like, 8910. Eleven yard runs for Minshu. Extending drives was big. Yeah, I don't know how they won that, actually.


Well, if you're a Browns fan, you're like, hey, guys, we're four and two. Can you just give us a pour? Water on us.


Yeah. We lost Chubb. We lost our quarterback, who we thought.


Was which, if I gave you a surprise division winner that's not leading the division right now. And your four choices were the Seahawks at four and two a game, behind the Niners, steelers at four and two, right behind the Ravens, houston, three and three a game and a half behind Jacksonville, or the jets of New York at three and three a game and a half behind Miami. Which one would you like? Seahawks, Steelers, houston jets. You can only pick one.


It's weird because I think the Niners are pretty much a lock in the west, but out of ones you mentioned, the ones I could stomach watching for a few hours are the Seahawks.




But is that my pick at plus 650 over the jets? Yes. I'll say the Texans. Maybe there's a little something there. Maybe just a little something. I know the Jaguars have put together a nice impressive run here, and their defense is better than I probably think, but plus 450, I'd say Texans. What about you?


Texans. Yeah, I think that Jags car was so bad in that game on Thursday night, and in general, Thursday night games are stupid, but Jags, five and two, I could see them doing really well and finishing twelve and five and whatever, but I don't think Houston is going to go away. I like that team.


Jags might be the team that kills us. Kills us gambling. We're not going to give them credit. They played that Thursday game, they played the London game. They seem to play quarterbacks who weren't ready. They beat up on and they're going to they're going to screw us all the way to the playoffs. Congratulations, jax I broke my rule.


I teased them on I don't bet on Thursday games, but I teased them on Thursday with the Bills and the Seahawks. I was like, oh, this will be great. Two weeks in a row. Why? Next week I'm straight upping. I'm straight up the rest of the way. It's like I have to learn every year. Don't do these stupid teasers with the most obvious. There's no question, oh, of course the Bills are going to beat the Patriots. And then meanwhile, the line's dropping and before the game, belichick.




Turns out he's going to play his best five offensive linemen together. New strategy for us. Oh. And we're going to play the two receivers that get open all the time. We're going to try that this week. Board and Pop Douglas, they finally did all the things we should have been doing the whole season. Meanwhile, I'm rooting against them because I want the draft pick.


First of all, you cry all the time about how your team doesn't make good offseason moves. You gave the old man an extension. Look how great that proves he gets.


Whenever you beat up on the bill. Big story. Huge.


How is that not no one reported on that. He's one of the biggest.


Every year, they add like, a year to his contract. They said a huge extension.


You don't think it's big?


All right, whatever. They'll still get rid of them or.


Trade them if they secondly, you're watching college football. You don't know what pick you want here, what quarterback. Why would you tank? First of all, these guys work out 40% of the time anyway. And also, Caleb Williams stock has dropped.


In the last three weeks. I watched him last night on JetBlue Flight. I was not impressed.


I know.


I went from thinking he was the next Mahomes to wondering if he would be the first pick.


Root for your team. He's the next Jackson Mahomes. Root for your team.


I'll tell you this, the Bills take the lead late. So I'm like, this is perfect. This is the perfect loss. We'll be one in six. Matt gets the ball and 13 in his last 13 as an underdog, he's had one come from behind drive in, like, the last two and a half years. There's no better scenario. First, play like a screen pass to Ramandre. It's not like we're going to beat anyone deep the Pats screen pass to Ramandre, the entire Bills defense falls asleep. He goes for, like, 40 yards. We got guys downfield block, and they just pick the flags up. So now all of a sudden, it's like, all right, well, I've seen this. Mac will take them to, like, the 18 and then not be able to punch it in. No, he actually punches it in, makes the play, and they beat the Bills. It was an encouraging maybe we're not as bad as our record win for the Pats, but I thought really discouraging for the Bills because their defense just is not the same. And I thought even Zeke Elliott was, like, punishing them up the middle. And guys were open on big drives, and I don't think they might have lost too many guys, though.


I agree with you.


And I know everyone's pointing to the defense, but they were stuck on ten points for a long time.


The Bill, they were why can't they score?


Why can't they wait? All right, if they don't wake up in London, fine. We understand they don't wake up the week later when they come home, but what the hell, those guys seem to score in bunches, right? It's Digs gets three touchdowns a game, gabe Davis three touchdown, or it just doesn't happen and it was too little too late when they came, but well.


I wonder, is that a team? Because we got the trade deadlines.


How are they four and three? That team that crushed Miami is four and three.


Yeah. If you were them, would you try to fix the defense or would you try to double down on the offense? Because just watching them going against them today, it felt like they were a receiver short. Like even you look at the stats. Kincaid was eight for 75, diggs was six for 58 and then Shakir was four for 35. Gabe Davis was one for six. Dawson Knox. One for ten. It's like they're missing that third and seven possession guy. Like their version of they're not going to get pukinakua, but somebody that slot guy who can get open. They used to have they had Beasley, they had Mackenzie.


Yeah, I just don't know who it is. I mean, you picked the carcass of the Broncos who won. Mean I'm hearing that would, you know, definitely straighten out some defensive needs, but I guess Judy or something like that could help.


Kendrick Bourne would actually be perfect for them. He had another good game today, but I don't know, I can't tell what the Pats are going to do because on the one hand, the AFC, it does feel like maybe nine and eight is going to be a playoff seed. I hope they go the other way and become sellers, but I hope this wasn't a fool's gold win for them. Pats were 24 for 96 rushing. Mac only had five incompletions. He had zero turnovers. The only turnover the Bills got was on a strip of Kendrick Bourne.


I'm betting you're over win total. Do you know what it is?


Don't do that.


No, I'm doing it.


Please don't do that.


I'm doing it.


There's what?


There's 17 games this year and don't do that. And six wins. They're not going to go six and eleven. Are you kidding me?


I veto that. Another big storyline. Are the fun chiefs back. Have they put the fun back in Kansas City? What do you think?


I think the Chargers 27 20 eigth ranked pass defense makes everyone look good. Remember Dak Prescott? He looked good against the Chargers defense last Monday night, so I don't want to go too crazy. Also, I lost money on that game. I thought that was one where the Chargers would come through. I really was just zooming in on Tay Tay's bracelets. The whole game, so I didn't watch you tell me.


Did they look good? Well, here's I mean, the Chiefs were wide open all over the place. They're paying their expensive cornerback to play for the Patriots. And he actually played the entire game today and was one of the reasons that Pat secondary looked pretty good. He had a pretty good game today. So I don't know what they were doing with that. But I hesitate to ask you this. If a coach got fired tomorrow, we're in firing season now, right. And it was staley. Would you be surprised? They're two and four.


Yeah, I know, but I feel like people are blaming him. I know. It doesn't matter what the public perception is. I think Herbert's starting to finally get some blame here. Finally a little bit. You got to get wins now and then it can't all be Staley's fault.


Right. What is his career record now? Is he really good? He's under 527 and 28. Nerd hero. Justin herbert. Yeah. And some really poor decision making. Now the Mike Williams piece of this cannot be understated because it's like the Chargers offense with him. Without him, there's a million stats. Itest backs it up.


Keenan Allen is great, though. Keenan allen's really good. If you look at his year this year, he's got that one last game. He has 40 something catches already.


Their number one pick that you waived in one of our drafts, quentin Johnson. Quentin Johnson, you waived him, right? Yeah, I got rid of him, like, ten catches today.


I know.


Of course, he's all over the place. I think the Chargers are dead because we're hitting week eight, which is right, week eight. Week nine is when we have to figure out, all right, who is the two and five team that somehow rallies makes the playoffs or who's the three and five team or two and six, whatever it is. So the Chargers would be a natural possible pick because of Herbert. But I don't see it at all. I don't see it at from a from a strategy standpoint, from a coaching standpoint, from a mistake standpoint. Their defense sucks. I don't see it. I don't see them coming back.


Is there any game? Is there any matchup? You'd be very confident. Would you take them in an eliminator position in any matchup? Like Panthers come to town, the Panthers probably have more fans. I don't know. I wouldn't take them at all. What I'm mad about is it was me, you, and House this time last week. We tried to put together a division parlay when Kansas city was like -450 now they're minus 1250 we had it.


It was the three obvious ones and.


You wanted to go the Eagles.


Chiefs, Lions. Yeah. You wouldn't do it. I don't want to do the Eagles. All right, we'll take a break. A couple more games to discuss, then we'll do guest lines. One last thing on the know they didn't show Taylor Swift as many times as usual, but are those natural reactions with her? Did she get a reaction coach or is she like genuinely excited by maybe doesn't know anything about football, so each experience of having something good happen is like, she's genuinely that excited. What would you put the ratio? Are you afraid of the Swifties? Me even asking this? Rudy no, cerudi go for it. I don't even care about the Swifties.


But I don't think she knows what a natural reaction is because she has thousands every night just screaming, screaming at.


The top of their lungs when she's there 24 hours a day. Yeah, right. Yeah.


It's the Beatles all over again. But yeah, I don't know. I'm not as concerned about it. Go crazy.


Rudy get it up. I'll tell you this, though. Yeah. I thought the best celebrity spouse girlfriend reactor ever was Pete Sampras's wife, Brigitte Wilson. Sampras yeah, right, right. Fist pumps with the cheers just look great all the time. I always liked when they cut to her. I felt everything was genuine. I don't know how much of it was acting, playing in the cameras versus, but she sold me every time. She was the goat for me. Taylor Swift's getting up there. It's pretty good. See, now they're going to put this on social. Well, but she's what?


Because she's next to Mahomes's wife. Right.


So now she has handshakes with her already, but she really seems like she gives a shit. I think these two wacky kids might stay together a while. Kelsey yeah, that bracelet a lot. I always thought when Aniston dated Pitt, right. Where Pitt's? Like, when they started going out in the late ninety s, and Pitt's like, I can't believe I got the girl from Friends. This is the hottest girl in America. I fucking pulled it off. And she's like, I can't believe I got Brad Pitt. He's the hottest guy in America. I can't believe I pulled it off. That's part of the relationship. The electricity of it is just one side. Deep down, you're still the person. When you weren't famous and nobody knew the fuck you were, and you probably had an ugly stage and you're just looking at it like, I can't believe I'm dating this person. And I wonder with Taylor Swift as famous as she is, and she's dated all these actors, it's kind of cool to date one of the most famous football players. And he's in these games. He had like 180 yards today, like twelve catches and a touchdown.


And then he obviously thinks it's cool because it's Taylor Swift. I think they stay together.


Do you think Brad Pitt was like he wasn't rooting on Aniston during the Friends tapings? Like, yeah, they're at Central Perk now.


Fist pump. You tell Ross who's boss. Falcons Bucks was the dumbest game of the day. Falcons did cover, but Ritter is a heart attack. I don't know. He had three interceptions last week, three fumbles this week, and I just fumbles.


At the one two of Bijean. No Bijean. This whole division is a disaster. You try to figure it out.


He was just not feeling well.


That's why he's on the field, but not getting the ball.


They didn't tell us what was going on for like an hour and a half either. Right. And then the answer was, he's not feeling well. Bears raiders. The Bears quarterback today. Who House affectionately nicknamed Tea Bag. Classic Joe house. He's one and o. And he looked pretty confident, this dip two kid. If you remember last year with Purdy, I ended up getting infatuated and doing a Wikipedia deep dive and giving you a little five minute dissertation. I did not do that for Tea Bag. No. He's got to win me over for one more week.


I could help you out. Division Two. All time leader in passing yards. His father was an arm wrestling champion 18 times. Eleven times right handed, seven times left handed. And the only other thing I know about him is that I had a bid of $11 on him. Because in that weird league, maybe we have to start two quarterbacks, and 30 teams were off. So David Chang, I don't know. I mean, he's a football expert. He's on Amazon every Thursday night. So he put this rule in effect, and I had to start Tyson Bajit.


I had to start Mac Jones against the Bills today, and he somehow had 22 points. It was very exciting. Just two notes on this game. One is Dante Foreman, who was awesome two years ago on Tennessee. Then he goes to Carolina last year, and in the second half of the year, he's like one of the five best running backs in the league. And a big part of their identity is they almost made the playoffs and then once again, just available. The bears sign him. They don't use him for five weeks, has this huge day to day, and it's just like he's somehow, every year, he's the most underrated running back in the league. I have him. I picked him up in all my leagues, I think. I don't know why Vegas started hoyer. I thought that was really weird.


You wanted O'Connell.


Yeah. Hoyer is like, 40. This could be the year he turns into somebody. I just don't get it. Jacobs last year was 4.9 a carry. This year he's 2.9 a carry. Last year, twelve TDs, this year, zero. And I think McDaniels was in the first coach fired. Interesting. Kind of.


Well, no, they won two in a row before this game.


Right. That was dispiriting, that game. They looked like none of them wanted to be there. That jumped out to the TV as like, there's something wrong with this team game.


You know what I like about it, though? Now, is there anything better for sports talk radio that now there's a quarterback controversy in New York and Chicago and it happened within the same hour.


Oh, yeah.


Ty Taylor and ty bajant now hey, man, we could have saved some money with these guys.


What's a word that's less exciting than a know it's like a semi controversy.


I gotta say, I think I'm done making fun of Collinsworth because now everything he ends with the S is an. Like, it's very tense out there. He'll say, like, tensch for tense.


Are you thinking? Uh, no.


I think he might have a speech impediment and I don't want to go after him anymore. I think there's something actually wrong.


Okay, giants washed it. Rivera is the other candidate for first coach fire. Yeah, he's got to be in there. Howard, six more sacks. He is up to 40 for the year. He's 36 away from David Carr who has the all time sack record 40. And we're not even at the halfway point yet. And every week feels like he's getting worse. He either holds the ball too long or makes a weird decision or they're really bad.


But when he throws, don't you feel a little confident? Except if you didn't have all this data saying the ball's probably going to be incomplete just the way he throws. I feel like he looks good. I used to feel that way about like, Brian Greasy.


I'm like, oh, man, that guy could like if you paused it right as he's released yeah, you would. That's a good play. That's good.


Someone's going to catch that and run extra seven yards. Not the case.


Guess the lines. Week eight, sal weaves. Are you games next week? Yeah. For some reason we had six buys today, which was pretty nice because the TVs were actually pretty manageable today. Right. But next week we're back to 16 and we have a Sunday night game that is appalling that we're going to.


Get to Monday is not great either. And, yeah, I want to make a plea to the league now. Please stop killing the fantasy players with six buys, like you said last week and none this week because the buys forced a lot of people, including me, to pick up Zach Evans who got a nice big fat zero. Zach Evans who on Thursday was a ram starter and then inexplicably Saturday night was a third stringer and now there's no buys. Yeah.


Henderson has been on the Rams. I think he was on the dick for male Rams in 1999.


I think so.


Just 27 years old. Thursday night, bill's Bucks in Buffalo. Interesting game for both of these teams.


And now Tampa wins this right now. We have to think they're good already.


Hate it. Tell you this, bills are only four and know like, this would be a terrible oh, my God. We've lost two games in five days. We just lost to Mac Jones and Baker Mayfield. What the hell is going on with us? I don't like this spot. America. Don't gamble on this game. I have the Bills favored by five and a half over Tampa.


All right, I get this one. I said six and a half. It is seven and a half. By the way, I should mention your cheating got you to four one and two or you're one, four and two going into week eight.


All right. I didn't cheat.


I'm up on. Go ahead.


That Bills line is too high, don't you think?


Three and three? Yeah, three and three. At four and three thursday night, they just don't score. Everyone in that division just takes so long to score. I was talking to a friend. How many teams could drive 75 yards? Four. That could do it. Against good defenses. Like how many do you have? Like Miami, Philly, San Francisco? Is that it?




And Baltimore.


Like Baltimore could do.


I guess.


All all right. Right.


Five. No more. No more. Not the Bills.


Sunday marquee game. It's tough because we have five good games but no great games. So I'm going to go with this. 149 ers. Bengals. Yeah, it's in San Francisco. Bengals coming off a buy. 49 ers are playing on Monday night tomorrow night against Minnesota. Leslie McCaffrey is going to play. I think this is just under where it would be teaseable. I'm going to say 49 ers by five and a half.


You got it. You nailed it. I said four and a half and it is five and a half.


That's a nice spot for the Bengals.


That is so good.


Good underdog money spot. That's one of those if you like the Bengals, just bet them. Just bet the money. Bet the plus 200, whatever it is.


Nice rest advantage, too, right?




Buy. Their 49 is playing Monday. Pretty good.


The watchables. I got four dolphins. Pats is a watchable, right? I think it is, sure. Yeah. When did they play?


They played they were 20 417. They played a night game, right?


Yeah. It's in Miami. And I'm going to say Dolphins by seven and a half.


We both whiffed on this. I said seven and a half. Also, it's ten and a half. Let me see if it moved.


That's too high, man. I just don't think the Dolphins defense is good enough to give them a ten and a half, do you?


They're so weird. They're just so weird.




You played them tough the first time. They might just be one of these tough defenses that the Dolphins have trouble with. And you're going to double tyree kill like you did. You held them to 24 last game. It might be high.


We have guys coming back, too. Yeah. I hope I don't get sucked back. He's already scouting quarterbacks. Did you watch a lot of that game, the Pats game? Do you have it on? Yeah, sure. Barmore was out of control today. It was one of the most dominant defensive line performances I think we've had. In the last five or six years. He was unbelievable. He even had a late hit on Allen at one point, but he was just all over the place. He was collapsing the middle of their line. It was really interesting what had waiting for that for a while.


It's such a weird defense that comes alive sometimes and I don't like that. Sometimes they want to impress daddy and sometimes they don't.


They don't care. Well, I think the way the move is to just run it up our throats, but I don't think the Bills are really capable of doing that. Was also josh has always been a guy that has moved around on the Pats and used his legs and he's kind of owned us. I'm shocked that the Pats also have you noticed on the deep balls this year? He's been he's he's chucked up more balls for grabs, it feels like this year than any other quarterback in the league. Next. watchables your team. The boys of Dallas home for the Rams. I can't tell if the Rams definitely one of those they look good for about 35 minutes teams and if they're playing another really good team, they kind of run out. But that first half looks awesome. Oh, man, I wish I hadn't gone against the Rams. But then it kind of peters out there. So their running backs are pretty rough, but they can't run the ball.


I will say maybe we should say something nice about the Steelers for like 10 seconds. Stafford seemed like he was under siege for a lot.


He was the first half he was comfortable. Second half he was not. Yeah. I have Dallas by five and a half over the ranks.


All right, you're going to get this. Although this move oh, this is interesting. It was six and a half. It went to six.


So you do get it. Would you guess?


I'm sorry I said seven. I went higher. I thought it was going to be they actually probably would have more fans out here than where they are.


That's a good underdog. Straight up underdog money bet. Next one. watchables. This was in consideration for the Sunday Marquee game. The Jaguars at Pittsburgh. I couldn't have thrown this in the Tic TAC zone fast enough. I have the Jags favored by one and a.


Oh, I had one. It is one and a half.


It is the tic TAC zone.


It's right there.


They never say one. Have you noticed that? It's always one and a half. It's never one.


Now that I'm clued into that, I'm going to figure that out. One and a half is right. What are you going to do? Steelers plus seven and a half.


Can I predict Joe House on Wise Guys on Sunday? What's he going to do? I like the Steelers in a very tasty underdog tease to seven and a half. Like he's definitely he'll tease the Steelers. Lock it down.


He's been good with his dog picks, too.


Yeah, that's man. The Steelers are going to win that game, and they're going to be five and two, and we're going to have no idea how to beat the Jaguars.


Oh, my God.


Last one. Seahawks home for the Cleveland Browns. And I have no idea who's playing quarterback for the Browns. I went Seahawks three on this one, and it's probably two and a half. And I have regrets already.


You're killing me. I said four and it is two and a half. So either way, you get it. How crazy is that? That the 230,000,000 I keep saying, the number quarterback. We have no idea what it is. Fandel is like, we don't care. We're putting a line on this. It's the browns. They're going to brown.


We know you'll bet on this anyway.


Yeah, exactly.


Come to FanDuel.


Shouldn't it be higher? Shouldn't it be a little higher?


Can I make a PJ. Walker confession? I don't think he's that bad.


I don't think he was fine. He came on a little bit, but the last couple of drives what was his numbers? 178.


He's not to compare him to Russell Westbrook, one of the best, like, 65 NBA players of all time, but there is like a little bit of Westbrook to him. He'll complete a 30 yarder down the sidelines in stride to Omari Cooper, and he'll hit him perfectly. And then the next play, he'll just sail it over David and Joku's head.




And you just don't know what's going to happen. Play to play with him. But he does make plays and he can move around. And I think I would rather have a below average or mediocre quarterback who could move versus somebody like Derek Carr.


Okay, so where do you put him? Would you have traded him for Gardner Minchew today and going forward? Like, is that Browns team be more confident in them to get to ten wins with Gardner Minshew or PJ.


Walker? So what do we make of Minshew? Because last week I was saying how they should start another pitch, another quarterback, and then bring him in in the second quarter. Like a baseball what do they call it? Not the opener, but like, the long.


Reliever person, the holder, the stopper. What is it?


Right. But he was good today, though, so maybe he's like one of those baseball starters where there's going to be one start, he's just going to give up nine runs. Then the next start, he throws a three hitter, and then the next start, he throws 120 pitches, and then he gets blown out again. That just might be who he is.


Very strange. Right.


Not good enough to be good over and over again, but every once in a while because I thought he was really good in the Browns game, over 300 yards, he had 30 in the pocket.


I would have thought he had 60 yards. Rushing was only 30 but yeah, took off big rushes.


Yeah, right. He was good. Fairly watchables packers, vikings. This probably could go in the poop fecta, I guess. The packers season is on the packers home.


They're both two and four, right?


Yeah. This just feels like a packers by three for me.


Yeah, I was way off on these. I said Vikings by one and a half. And it is packers by one and a half. So you get that. You have a six to two lead.


Little worried about Jordan Love now.


You are.


We did a division long was I like the packers, you like the Vikings. We're both wrong. This is torn up tickets bowl.


We were so hell bent on a team coming in second place in this division and nobody has to second place. Could be six and eleven easily.


He was bad. He was bad in the game today. I mean, you're playing Denver and you get zero points in the first half. He missed throws. I didn't think he looked very confident. One of the things I like to look for when you know, a quarterback's not doing well is the reactions from the receivers when the ball is either too short or too long. And he had one late to Watson where he chucked it deep and it was just eight yards away from where Watson was and Watson just kind of slowed down with that. Jesus Christ, man, what the fuck? It was like one of those I was like, oh, that's not good. But on the other hand, he can move his legs. Like there will be moments where he looks okay, but I mean, I would put him behind Ritter, right. As many turnovers as Ritter has, I still think he's more competent than Jordan Love.


Well, here's what's like, first of all, they're playing Denver. Nobody should lose to Denver. And they take the lead on that double doink touchdown pass. Was it the Jaden Reed or like, oh, that should be it. You have Denver on the just they just bronco the hell out of you here and they give up the field goal and can't come back to win.


Yeah, that was love's. Go ahead. Touchdown was he threw it so far behind the guy that it hit his hands and bounced into the guy behind him. Pretty rough. Titans Falcons for fairly watchables only because this is it for the Titans, I think they are now in must win territory coming off a buy. Mike viable. Just got, like, the Pats Hall of Fame. Falcons, I think, are fairly watchables at worst because every game they play comes down to the fourth quarter, it feels like, and weird things happen. So I have the Titans by one and a half.


This really moved. This moved a lot. I checked this 3 hours ago. I had Titans by one and it was one and a half. But now it's Falcons minus one and a half.




Did something happen? Is BJ Robinson bijon Robinson traded to Tennessee. Why would this move so much?


The titans aren't good. So that might be part of it. Yeah, but yeah, it really looks like a classic. Oh, my God. Only 14% of the money is on the Titans. We've been here before with that, by.


The way, the top seven. I know you love these, but 70% or more money on the top seven public games, all lost, public killed.




Absolutely true.


Oh, my God. Let's take a break. Colt Saints. What do you think of Derek Carr's performative Thursday? Stuff you talked about a little on Cousin Sal's winning weekend. Just redo your take for us here.


Yeah, I mean, he's going after Olave, like screaming at him with his arms in the airs, making goalposts with his arms and everything after a pass. And they showed the pass and it was really like I think it hit a cheerleader in the neck or something. What was his route supposed to five.


Yards out of bounds. Yeah, that's why he stopped the route, because otherwise the ball would have landed five yards out of bounds.


Don't they watch tape together on Monday?


Like, hey, all right, you could yell.


At me, but now we're going to watch tape on this as a team. And then what? We're going to see how bad that pass was.


Yeah, he's another one where they have to kind of show him a picture of what he looks like with his helmet on and that mustache and be like, you're supposed to be the leader of the team. Can you have better facial here? Can you think of a handlebar mustache or just full beard or just clean shave? But this ain't working.


Check down four, checkdown. Quarterbacks in that division. NFC, checkdown.


South discount?


Double checkdown. We got to figure it out.


We were on cash Bar Car last year about how bad he was on the Raiders, and it was like change of scenery. I thought the Saints were going to win the division just because I couldn't find another team. I thought their defense, they go nine and eight, they still might win the division. But he's been done for two years. The cash is closed.


It's closed.


No tip jar.


Is that on the hip? Yeah. I mean, we didn't like the coach, but we thought the better quarterback and the big signing would rule the division. Now I'm not even seeing that.


It's probably I'll tell you what, I guess Ritter is going to have 35 turnovers. We're going to be able to bet against them in round one.


This could be the worst this division has been. Like, even when Brady was it a couple of years ago or was it last year?


No, nothing's worse than last year. That bucks so bad last year. Come on.


Can't watch these teams.


I know, but Sam Darnold versus Brady for the AFC South, brady's like, already mentally retired. That was the worst. Yeah.


I made this a pick. Him. I said, Simmons, take this game from me. I'm making this a pick.


I said Colts by one.


All right, well, you'll get it. It's Colts by one and a half. This is a demolition.


Look at another Tic TAC. Jesus. Yeah. Eagles are at Washington. Everyone's going to make a big fuss about how the Washington always plays these guys well and blah, blah, blah. I think the Eagles are favored by seven points.


We get to split one here. I said six at six and a half. Didn't they play each other? There's two games where the teams play each other two weeks ago.


There's a couple matchups where you feel like the teams play four times a year. I think this is one of them. I think the Eagles in Washington play once a month.


We could spread it out more than two weeks, but Chiefs Broncos is the same thing. We just saw that on Thursday night.


Well, we had a game was it this week or last week? Where they already played the two games after six weeks? One of the divisions did that happen already? Yeah, there was one matchup where that's it. They already played twice in week one and week six. All right. Two more in the fairly watchables Chiefs Broncos. This is in Denver.


Just saw yep.


Yeah, we just saw this one. I have the Chiefs favored by seven and a half. Probably too low.


We have to split this, too. I said nine and a half.


It's eight and a half.


Can't game any ground on you here?


It makes me sad when there's pressure on Wilson and he spins out of it and then just gets tackled. Yeah, it's just kind of a bummer that was like he was the best at that versus nobody else was as good as him in that specific situation of he's in a lot of trouble, spins out, buys time, and now he gets shoestring tackled every time, and it makes me sad. Right.


And hertz did it great. And he just yeah, you're right. He can't see downfield, and he doesn't have the legs to scramble anymore.


I think if they lost today, that would have been it. I think he goes to Stidham. He's like, I'm done, but they end up squeaking it out.


Well, they'll lose this.


Oh, here we go. We talked about it earlier. Ravens. Cardinals. This is a weird trend of the best game of the week or the best performance of the week. Just shit in the bed. The following week. I have Ravens by seven and a yes.


Yes. I win one. I said nine. It's eight and a half. I mean, the Cardinals are going to do this twice. They're going to beat the Cowboys and the they're going to beat the Cowboys and the Ravens, and they're going to get the number one pick. Is that possible? Come on.


Well, I mean, isn't Carolina like?


Yeah, no, you're right. Now they haven't won either the extra game.


But they don't have their pick, though. The cardinals. The carolina doesn't. Yeah. Poop fecta two games. One of them is the jets and the giants. I'm sorry, jets. Giants games are usually at least a little bit fun. This is not I'm putting this in the tic TAC zone. I have the jets by one and a half.


I did, too.


The jets are a hefty three point.


Favorite that met.


The road team even though they're right. Right.


That's tough. We don't have to bet that, do we?


Wait, we have to talk about the jets here for a second.


Let John justremski just bet the hell out of this. We don't have to bet it.


Jets. So they have the giants this week home chargers on a monday night at las Vegas. On a sunday night. They could be six and three heading into at buffalo on sunday, november 19. And then they play the black friday game against miami on friday, november 24.


They play vegas. Why is vegas getting so many primetime games? They have one this monday. We saw them last week. When was this a good idea? There's just not enough good teams. There just aren't.


I don't understand it, my friend. All right. The other poop FACTA game it is texans at carolina. Yeah. This game, the panthers are just an automatic poop factor at this point. I think this is texans by three and a half and I'm going to bet the texans.


I said the same thing and don't let us down. Texans. I know you want to here, but yeah, simmons and I just said we like you potentially to win the division. Don't go crap to bed at Carolina.


Don't do it. And I'm not going to be scared by the extra half point either. I'm betting the three and a half. Good.


Didn't you look into that like the three and a half did? That was the way to go.


Looked into it. Although there's been some cover but not wins with the three and unders the last couple of weeks. That's been pretty devastating. The falcons had one this week. The browns, right. They're favored by three. They win by one. Hate those. All right. I already clinched the week but we have two left. Sunday night chilled me. Sunday night is this is the worst sunday night game we've had in a long time. Chargers bears, which I'm sure they were all excited about when they scheduled it was a Herbert and fields. This would be great to the young best quarterbacks in the league. This game sucks. They should flex it's. Even Collinsworth, they might have to actually give him extra coffee so he has the proper excitement.


Show that picture of me when I was young again.


Come on. You know what I'm doing. Let's go to my son. What's he doing? Chargers. I have minus six against tea bag and the Bears.


Oh, wow. I had six and a half. It's nine and a half.


Oh, come on. Nine and a half. Third a zillion I've ever heard. Come on. This would be 60,000 Chicago fans.


I know, but there's no way we could bet the Bears again.


Right. I just don't think the Chargers should be favored by more than seven over anyone in the league.


From what I'm going the other way. Let's put the Chargers in every moneyline parlay. Listen, but then we're just done with them. Then if they beat us, we're like, well, that's it. We are never we'll never ever speak.


That definitely not doing that Monday night. Man, this is another stinker.


No. When was a good game?


Detroit is home for Vegas and I'm going to say Lions by eight and a half.


You went a little rich there. I said seven. It's seven and a half. Wait, hold on. Six? Yeah. I won. No, no, you won.


Lions, seven and a that's too low, in my opinion.


I feel like there's a teaser in.


There for us, especially Lions coming off a loss. Embarrassing loss. Right.


Raiders an embarrassing loss, too, but they're always an embarrassing loss.


Yeah. All right.


You won. You're cutting it to four. Two and two. I hate this. I see how this is going to be caught up by comeback.


Yeah. Have you enjoyed the baseball playoffs?


I can't believe what the Astros are doing. I took both underdogs. I took the rangers and I took the diamondbacks. I'll probably lose the diamondbacks, but have you seen a team that can't win at home? The Astros are terrible at home. Like in the whole regular season, too.


I can't believe the Rangers even have a chance to go to the World Series with their bullpen. Hench and I are in that Al keeper league and we've had most of their bullpen this season like we had Leclerc. We kept him. He lost his job. He couldn't get crazy. We waived him. He's out there closing Giant games. I tweeted this on Friday night. I thought the Friday night game was the best baseball game I'd watched this decade.


The altuve.


Homer yeah, the altuve homer. There was the bench clearing, non brawl and just there was an energy to that game. That was really fun, I thought.


Doesn't it bum you out?


Helps, for sure.


Yeah. Those would have been five and a half hour games. But Altuve is going to be maybe the greatest postseason player of all time. When it's all said and done, the.


Two guys that you I mean, there's a bunch of guys now, especially in these playoffs, but Altuve and Schwerber, you just always feel like they're going to do something. Alvarez is like that what's his face on the Rangers. The one who hit the homer tonight. But Garcia yeah, there's a lot yeah.


Rolls Garcia.




There's a lot of good boppers out there. I don't know what the Phillies are doing with Schwarbo. You have a lead off hitter batting 204, but it doesn't matter. 47. Those hits are home runs.


Playoffs have been great. I've really enjoyed them. I think Phillies Texas will end up having like a 16 to 15 type crazy game that goes 14 innings and homers and comebacks and I'm still rooting for the Phillies because I have the World Series bet, which I don't. Really. You did? Yeah. Did you have any last minute NBA bets or no? Yeah.


Are we done?


I was going to promote Parent Corner in a second. Yeah.


Because we have our preview. I mean, you did 17 hours of previews and forgot to pick the awards. What the hell? I'll throw you some samples. Austin Reeves most improved 18 to one.


Like that.


Spider Mitchell. Spider Mitchell, best clutch, whatever that clutch award is. 17 to one. He goes right in there with those games. I think they had 45 games.


I still don't understand what it is.


You better figure out what that is. Don't even think about it. Just vote for Spider Mitchell and Clippers.




Playoffs, I thought. Plus 190.


I like that one.


I like that Steven Adams thing. Hurts, though, right? Hurts that bet now that that came out.


No, because I'd be hard pressed to think the Grizzlies would just not make the playoffs. I also think they can make a trade because Robert Williams. Verno and I were texted about today with House. Portland's got Robert Williams. They're going to trade into somebody for picks so there's people out there they can get if they need to. Yeah. I didn't really do awards picks because I feel weird picking stuff when I vote on it.


Oh, that's true.


That does sound like a douche. But too late. Way too late. No for the ODS. I pointed this out when we did the preview. Booker was 22 to one and I just thought those were really good ODS. That's fallen to 19 to one. I still think it's solid for him.


But listen, Harry, God bless him, he picks guys like Booker every year, but those guys don't get votes.


You have to get votes, right. Well, important, the key would be if they were a one seed and he was like 30 points a game and running their offense and stuff. And Durant missed 25 games.


Last three winners. Three seeds are lowers, right?


Yeah. This is the first year I don't really have out of all the favorites, a guy that I love, I think Curries as 14 and one. I kind of like those ODS, too, because I think Golden State is going to be good. Tatum seems too obvious at plus 750 and beads out. I don't think the Bucks are going to be good enough really, for Yanis to win MVP. See, that's my pick.


Only because I think he's going to have to step it up and play defense because that was an offensive player for a defensive player. That trade.






There's weird vibes. That team just got rid of their lead assistant and then Joker sitting there at plus 432. One that I think there's been heavy action on. Wembanyama who's -145 now everybody. Yeah. I watched a lot of that on Friday. That warriors game. His odds that night for defensive Player of the Year were 14 to one. They're down to twelve to one now, but my favorite bet is the one I sent you guys on Friday night I don't know if that's changing. I think blocks. Yeah. It's Wemby to win the blocks per game title with Curry to win the made threes title. And if you parlay it together on FanDuel, it's like eight to one and they have some parlay boost for it. But I thought Curry made threes. Basically, he wins every year unless he gets hurt. So you're almost betting on him not getting injured over whether what's the threshold.


Is it 65 for this too, or.


No, I think it's less 55. So he's -150 for three pointers made yeah. And I think he only has to play 55 games to hit that and then Wemby for blocks. That's still four to one. First of all, I think he should be the favorite. I don't see any scenario where he doesn't block like three and a half, four a game because did you see the running? The Mavs had a practice where they were holding shit up in the air to try to emulate how big his reach is.




If he plays 30 minutes a game, he's going to get three to four blocks a game. So I thought the four to one for him was pretty great.


Yeah, if they play enough, it's the only thing you have to worry about with these rookies. Right. For any of these qualifications.


I really like the Reeves most improved. I think that's a good one. Especially like if LeBron misses 25, 30 games because he's did great in the World Cup.


Coming off, obviously his playoff numbers were like three points higher and he's bringing the ball up the court this year. That's a win. What about I'll give you Yokich. I mean, you could bet these the player awards though, right? Because you're not but I thought there was good value in Yokich for assist leader. I'm going to go with that plus 750. He's gone up.


We'd have to get like nine and a half assists, 9.8.


I mean, Halliburton was second. What Harden won it last year, but who even knows if he's going to make it through the year, right?




Yokich, it just goes up and up and I could see him being even more unselfish. It's a good number, though.


People are going to laugh, but I kind of like pritchard for six man of the Year. But the thing is they have Derek White eligible at Six Man of the Year on Fando at 23 to one. But I think he's going to start. They don't even have pritchard. ODS. I think Pritchard is going to play a lot.


They screw with that, though. Too much. It wasn't Westbrook, like the top for that. And then as soon as they made him a starter, they just took him off that. That wasn't fair.


Coach of the Year Dagnaut on OKC at plus 750 is the favorite. And that's also my favorite one. And I also like, where's Quinn Snyder? Quinn Snyder? Is he's barefoot? Look for the way down there. 20 bucket. 20. Yeah, 20 to one. Because if he turns Atlanta into like a 48 49 win team, which they have the talent, especially in a weaker conference, I think he's going to win it. So I thought those odds were too ridiculous, too.


I'm a little bit excited. I'm excited a little bit.


For the year that Wemby blocks with the Curry made threes is my favorite. I can't believe that's a to. We did we did a bunch of make the playoffs. Missed the still. I think the Mavs are going to suck. That's one of my ones. Like I'm banking on and I like the timberwolves.


Well, I bet the Mavs total under instead of not making the playoffs. But I just feel like that karma's got to catch up with Cuban for quitting on the season last year. And they're old anyway. I don't they're done this year, right?


They have to get new contracts. Yeah. Well, Luca is there for a while, but I think he's got maybe a year or two years after this one. The Celts Lakers to make the Finals is 22 to one. I thought that was pretty good, too.


Oh, that's a fun one.


Yeah, because the Lakers are going to be good. All right. It's time for so you're doing all this what show doing it.


This will be on Tuesday. On against all odds. And we have Coach PJ Carly Simult joining us, too.


Great. Today's parent Corner brought to you by CarMax. As any parent knows, there's always two things we can't get enough of and that's time and money. That's why CarMax is making it fast and easy to get pre qualified for your next car. You can get personalized items that shop within your monthly budget with no impact to your credit score. Save time, start shopping for a car you love and get pre qualified. Today CarMax the way car buying should be. See What do you got, Sal?


All right. So I was in Oregon. You could see by the hat this weekend, went there Friday. It's parents weekend. He's only been there a month, by the way. And it's already parents weekend. So the plan is get there, maybe get lunch, dinner, and then we don't really see him. We go to the game. But he's going to go to the game, the Oregon Washington State game with his friends. So. Maybe we get to say goodbye. So get to lunch. He fills us in. He's having a great time. And you don't realize how much freedom you have in college. Like, our kids could sit on the couch and be on their phones and order DoorDash all day. I'm like, oh, you got the world.


Yeah, it's crazy.


No, college is a whole different story. It's like, I got, like, ten friends. They're all on the floor. We go all over the place. We all have nicknames. It's like, oh, that's great. It really hit me. And it was good catching up. And then we go to dinner with his friends and the friend's parents who were there. Lovely time. I eat my face off. We're like a Chinese dumpling house. I'm like, I don't care.


Melissa's like, I heard the dumplings are great in Oregon. Yeah.


She's like, don't eat like a monster. I'm like, no, I'm doing it. I don't care. So I embarrassed everybody. And then we have the game, and we're separate from him. He's in the student section, and my wife buys these chip clips. We went through his room, and she noticed he needed, like, chip clips. Like, if you have an open bag of doritos and I'm explaining chip clips, you know what it is? It just clips right on. And so she brings them to the game, and she's like, all right, we got to find him. I'm like, yeah, we have to find him before we say goodbye. He's like, oh. Then it's, like, tough for him to meet us to say goodbye. I'm like, oh, now we got to give him these clips. We can't just leave with these chip clips. And so it's a real hassle to chase him down and for him to meet us out of the student section and for us to say goodbye. We could have just called and said goodbye in Texas, but we got to give him this chip clips. And so when he's saying goodbye to us, he's like, all right, bye.


Take these. Put these in your jacket. Put these here.




All right. Do you have enough do you have enough room? We'll take the cardboard off, and then.


You could fit this.


And I could just see he's, like, rolling his eyes internally on us, and he finally hugs us and say goodbye. And I'm like, oh, my God. We just turned into our parents there. We're forcing chip clips on him. It took a month. It was a month, and we're already our parents. Like, now you got my mother's done this to me a million times. Take this quiche. Take everything. All the stuff that we don't really need. She's left us with stuff, and that was it. Like, the nightmares. Here the thing I worried about the most. We're forcing chip clips on him when we didn't even at a freaking football game. He's got to carry these things around.


We all turn into our parents it's crazy.


It took four weeks.


Well, the good news is he got some chip clips.


Yeah, he's not going to eat any stale funyuns anymore.


Those things like two more days now of life with those dollar 98 chips that he I know, the center $0.74.


If he went to target.


Chips might have gone stale if he didn't find them.


We are pathetic.


Did she cry?


No, she was good. No, she needed this. This was good for her. This really was in sync. Well with her pre menopausal state.


I thought it went well. I actually flew back and saw my daughter. You did a couple of soccer games. And I took her and her friends out to PF. Chang's after the Wednesday game, and it was the same thing. It was like, oh, she's got all these people in her life that she didn't know six, seven weeks ago, and they have all these jokes, and I'm just this parent that comes in and out. They like seeing me, but not for too long. And then you don't hear from them. It's just funny. It definitely takes some adjusting to be like, oh, I'm that person now. I just kind of float in and out of your life, and when you need me, you need me. That's great, though. I accept it. I accept my job. I don't know. We're like dime cornerbacks where it's like, oh, it's third and twelve, get in there. And then we go in and we just try to play our zone for one play, and then we kind of get out.




That's what we do when we're parents in college. Wow. My parent corner, we had four dogs, and then our dog Willie, when my wife's dad died and her mom was by herself, so we gave her our dog Willie for a couple of weeks, and then they just hit it off and she ended up willie just kind of stayed there. And he's the only child in her house. He's super happy, loves it. So we had the three dogs left. We have Olivia, who's like 15, who's going to be dying for the next 20 years. I always tell her to go to the light, but she doesn't listen to me. She's just never going to die. Then we have Jesse, the rescue dog, who's just a mess. She just kind of disappears all day. And then Murph, who I've talked about many times, who's a lunatic who has his own Instagram account. So her mom went away for a couple weeks. So Willie came back. And Willie's living with us now for two weeks, and he hasn't lived with us for pretty much like a year, and it's kind of gone great. Like he's fit in. And I was thinking it's like a TV show when somebody leaves the show, like when John Travolta would leave welcome Back Cotter a million years ago.


We were growing up and they replaced, but then he would come back for the special episode. Be like, hey, it's Barbarito. He's back. Or like when Ron Howard would come back, the shows we grew up with, people would leave and then they would come back. I don't know if that happens anymore because the show runs aren't long enough. But it was always nice when they came back, and it's nostalgic. So now Willie's here. I know he's not going to be here that long, but it's like special guest appearance. Like he's in the Loveboat anchor special guest appearance by Willie. And he's just kind of he's sleeping in our room. He's like fighting for spots on the bed. So this led to a big debate because as you know, dogs are stupid. Does Willie remember that he didn't live here, or does he think he lived here the whole oh, because he was gone for a year, but he's back and now it's like he never left. So does he have a memory of being in the last place? Like, how smart are dogs? It's basically a big discussion in our house right now.


I think it depends a little bit. Mine is really dumb. I feel like he wakes up and every day it's like he was plopped on this earth, really. He can't get to the front door. He has to figure out how to negotiate, which room to enter, to exit the front door. So my dog really dumb. But then you'll see them sniff all over and piss on things. So it's like they're marking their territory. So there's some thought process in that.


I don't think they're very smart. Yeah, that's all instinctive because you could make a case dogs have no long term memory at all. Because when you leave the house and you come back 4 hours later, the way they react, they have no idea how long you were gone, and they can't believe you came back. But that can also happen if you're gone for ten minutes. I'll walk out, I'll go to move my car because the parking meter person, I got to move my car, switch sides. So I'll leave and I'll come back like six minutes later and Murph's reacting like I've been gone for 10 hours. So I don't know if dogs have a long term memory. Yeah, I think listeners on this, there's.


A comedian that does something about this. Like when your dog jumped in the car and you took him to get his ball snipped, the worst moment of his life. And then three days later, he jumps back in the car just as excited, like, no. Wouldn't that be a little bit of caution?


Right? He would think, yeah. Oh yeah, that machine, that's where the worst is over. The worst thing that ever happened. I don't know. So he's going to be here for two weeks and then he'll go back with my mother in law. And I don't know if he'll be confused. I think he'll remember her, but yeah, we spend dogs. Have you seen the stats about how there's like, I don't know, three times as many dogs as there used to be, like, owned by people. Is that true? Yeah, it's like the dog population is skyrocketing and everything down. But we spend so much time with these dogs and protecting dogs and whatever, and I still feel like we don't totally understand how smart they are and what they can remember or retain.


I don't know. I guess you have to go by with the reaction when he goes back. Right.


Well, you ever seen that they have those dog Instagram videos where it's like somebody returns home from serving their country and it's their dog that hasn't seen them for three years and the dog fucking crazy and it's super emotional. So obviously they have some sort of memory.


Those are smart dogs. Yeah, right.


But do they think the guy was gone for three years or like 3 hours? I just don't know what a dog's sense of time is.


Maybe they're really good. Like like the cousin on Brady Bunch who is making the same appearance.




What was it?


Oliver cousin Oliver.




We're crushing it with completely dated TV reference.


Sorry. At least no, it's my fault too.


I was bringing up welcome back on her.


There's no new shows on Rank.


I could have got 90 shows. It would have been fun.


Look, I could talk chip clips till we're blue in the face, but I don't know this dog stuff.


Jacko tweeted about some show. NCIS sydney and it's Australian NCIS. And I thought he was kidding, but then I googled it and it's a real show on Paramount plus Australia, and it's basically NCIS, but everybody has an Australian accent, but it's all the same. Yeah, it's that was on a flight for 6 hours yesterday watching DirecTV and googling weird shit like NCIS Sydney.


Maybe they shouldn't have settled the strike. If we were up to NCIS Sydney.


Go back on strike. Yeah. All right, well, sorry this went off the rails. That was Parent Corner brought to you by CarMax. With CarMax, you could pre qualify in as little as five minutes with no impact to your credit score. You can shop a nationwide inventory with your personalized monthly budget. With all the time and money you'll save, maybe you'll plan your next family road trip, even. It's just around the block. CarMax the way car buying should be. See details at what's? What happened? Did Archie have a car? He didn't have a car. He did. It's still here.


We have to move it like every 8 hours for the street sweepers. So yeah, he didn't bring it up.


You should hire Brad to steal it. Be like, I don't know, Archie, it's gone.


It's gone. And then sell it to CarMax, by the way, back to the dog and Cars. Not that this would happen with any CarMax, car, but my dog was hit by a car in Mexico and then we rescued him or whatever, and he still, if he gets free, still runs right for the spinning wheel. Resist dumbest shit.


He's intoxicated by the smell of exhaust. All right, cuz, so what do you got coming? We got NBA preview Tuesday.


We'll do that. A couple of more episodes during the week. Cousin Sal's winning weekend. Friday 10:00 A.m on Fandel TV and through the ringer with Tate Fraser. You'll see that Tuesday morning on Fandel TV.


Wise Guys was great again today. And we might see our friend James Baby Doll Dixon tomorrow.


Let's do it. We got to run up the bill.


Hopefully we'll run up the bill. Hopefully we'll have some stories. All right, cuz, as always, good job by you. Good job by you, buddy. All right, that's it for the podcast. Thanks to Kyle Creighton and Steve Seruti for producing. Thanks to the cuz. Don't forget new rewatchables coming on Monday night. I will see you on this feed on Tuesday.


On the way side never.


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