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Coming up, the Super bowl was terrible.


And then all of a sudden it wasn't. That's next.


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Cousin Sal and I are about to.


Break down a Super bowl that I have so many notes, I don't even know if we're going to be able to cover anything. Such a great game that I think we have to do something special for.


The top of the podcast.


We always run the same Pearl Jam.


Song at the top. What if we ran a new song that nobody's ever heard that might be being released this week, that maybe they.


Have a new album coming out?


Maybe the irony of Taylor Swift when her album's coming out.


Maybe Pearl Jam has their own version of that. Anyway, here's a little sneak peek.


But first, Pearl Jam. It's a light from my eyes, in the blood of my heart.


All right, we are taping this at 08:40 p.m. It is about 45 minutes or so after the Super bowl ended. We needed some time. We needed some time to go through notes. We needed time to rehash what happened. That was one of the more action packed games, I think, just coming off of Super Bowls. And we've been doing this for a while, like Pat's eagles and Pat's falcons were probably the craziest that we've done. This one was terrible for what, an hour and a half, and then all of a sudden two and a half.


Pretty real hours.




From 330 at Pacific time to six. It was kind of bad, right?




I won't count usher in there.


That was great.


We saw nipples and everything, but yeah, I jokingly tweeted, this game is awful. Like three plays in, I'm like, oh, this holds up. 90 minutes later.


Yeah, I don't need to add to it. So we could start with the bad or we could start with the good. I want to start with the good. This was kind of that last thing Mahomes needed for this incredible twenty s that he's having. Hench texted us. There's an inevitability now when the other team doesn't put him away and you're like, oh, man, he gets the ball with 153 left, down three. And you're like, up. They should have scored. He's at least going to be able to come down, get a field goal. He gets it. Then in overtime, again, they have to settle for three. It's like, oh, man, he's at least getting three. He's probably getting a touchdown. And somewhere after they crossed the 50.


It was like, he's scoring and it was the same.


Brady had it. If you go in different sports, there's been certain athletes that Jordan obviously is the most famous for this. You're just like, oh, man, they blew their chance. He's finishing this now. And as great as Mahomes is, and he's done this in all different forms, but this one in the Super bowl was the exclamation point for me.


I felt the same way. And you and I, we were texting back and forth on multiple chains about who's the MVP? And it's like, well, it only could be Juan Jennings, moody or butker. And then like, oh, we're idiots. Of course it's Mahomes. Of course he's going to have like 180 yards in the last three drives and that's going to be that. But what? He ended up with 333, two touchdowns, a ho hum. First half, we don't know what they were doing. Like, offensively, the Niners just looked like they're in different gear and then he's like, all right, it's halftime. He's never had the lead in a Super bowl and he's won three of them now.


Right at half. Yeah, they had 16 total yards after the first quarter and I went into halftime even. It seemed like Lombardi always calls it the middle eight, which is the last 4 minutes of the second quarter. The first 4 minutes of third quarter, we knew the Chiefs were getting the ball and it felt like the Chiefs were going to score a touchdown heading into halftime. They didn't, and it was ten three but it still felt like, all right, the Niners feel like they should be up 20 here now the Chiefs are going to get the ball. And he just felt like the Chiefs were going to have the lead at some point. But the big plays that weren't Mahomes related were the punt hitting a guy's foot, definitely, which is just like just the dagger. When it's your team or a team you bet on, it's just the dumbest, most inexplicable. You can't even blame anybody. You can't get mad. How do you even avoid a punt like that? I'm amazed it does that more often. And then Moody's Pat getting blocked, right, was the other one because that's difference between them being up four or three.


And then Mahomes just needs the field goal. But just those two little plays that can swing the Super bowl with Brady and the Pats, the six Super Bowls, it was always like one or two of those you needed on your side.




And just think of all the playoffs, how it's like that, right? Unless it's my team against the packers, there's just like one or two plays that separate either the winner and the loser in all those games. Basically. Right? By the way, I had 26 22 on ringer wise guys, it was 25 22 final.


They don't kick really? I knew they don't kick the extra.


Point, but still, I was hoping they would just for me. I mean, for God's sakes, what a triumph that would be.


How did you end up with 22? That's so weird.


I don't know.


I did a lot of.


By the way, you were one in eleven heading in the game.


You're back, baby. We don't have to mention that.


A little bit. I hit my two big bets on million dollar picks, and I hit all my real life big bets, including a 13 point tease, which is just the bet of the year. It hit again. Chiefs to 15, niners the other way to eleven, the over and the under.


There was never a doubt anything tied to any kind of over teased or otherwise had no business winning. And I think it like, boy, the real over closed, I think, at 46 and a half. So it went over by a half, depending on when you had it. But really, what was it? 1310 going into the fourth.


Oh, my God.


Well, good job by you.


So it was 47 and a half for a big chunk of the week, right? And then it ended at 46 and a half. And then, of course, 25 22 ends up at 47. It's basically in the middle. So I can't remember, is that bad for Vegas or it's good for Vegas. The under got better enough that people were banging it at 47 half, so all those people won. But then if you had the over at 46 and a half, all those people won, so I'm guessing that was bad. Plus, all the props for him hit the Mahomes over for passing yards.


Hit right.


The Kelsey touchdowns didn't hit the McCaffrey touchdown hit. That was a big one. The Kelsey over yards, which looked like it was dead to rights. That hit, he had 93. They cleaned up a lot of the props. I got to tell you, we've been doing this for 135 years. I don't get what Vegas needs anymore. It's like every casino manager or director that they interview, like, we need the 49 ers big. We need the 49 ers big. I'm like, okay, why is it still two and a half?


Why are the Chiefs still getting two and a half?


Make the Chiefs two and a half and get middle like everybody else. And I know I'm stupid. People are laughing at me saying that, but I don't get why it was two and a half for the team.


That everybody was betting.


Well, big winners. Patrick Mahomes, our own Raheem Palmer from ringer wise guys who, great job, had it up and down season for him and then was pushing Chiefs ten to one to win the Super bowl really hard.


Really good.


Heading into the last stretch of the season that hit biggest loser. We got to talk about it. The Kyle Shanahan. Wow. So these are new playoff, new Super bowl rules where it doesn't matter what. You could score eight points on your first drive, the other team is still getting the ball, and I don't think people fully realize the ramifications of who goes first, who goes second. Until we were watching the game, I thought it was interesting that they went first. My thinking was maybe he felt like his defense was tired. But then as you watched it unfold, it was such an advantage to go second that it's like now after watching that anyone who picks, we want the ball first in that situation is the biggest moron on the planet. Now people are saying right now, Shanahan was an absolute moron for not kicking off because you have all these different advantages. It basically becomes all the nerd stuff that we always make fun of, of the fourth down, probability, fourth of one, third. You just know you have four downs on every part of the series and you get to behave differently. It almost feels like a little bit of a superpower.


And once I think we all realize that, at least for me. I know Romo mentioned a little bit, but when did you realize, oh, my God, that was such a mistake going first?


Well, here's the thing. If you go first, you have to.


Score a touchdown, right?


There's nothing wrong with going first if you're going to get seven, right? So you have to be in that mindset all the way through. And by the way, they were lucky they didn't punt after three plays, right? Purdy almost threw that interception.




I needed that interception.


Oh, my God, I forgot about that. The guy dropped the pitch.


I know, it was terrible. That was like my big prop bet there. So not a total winner, of course. And then, yes, the third down penalty on, like, third and 14, and there's like a five yard holding, and that was that. But, yeah, you got to score, man. And I think you're right. I think that's the only reasoning going into that, why you would take the ball. Like, the Chiefs Defense is gassed. Let's take them out now. And our defense is also gassed. Let's give them a rest. But you have to do it. And Purdy looked great on that drive, the deeking and everything else. And that pass to whose check, that was phenomenal, but they couldn't get it. I think McCaffrey needed to be involved in that third down play, and he had.


They had that play to the fullback where. I don't know what a catch is anymore. I know we talk about this all the time. I just don't know. He made two steps, turned around, put the ball down, wasn't touched. Ball immediately goes out of his hands, and it was a catch. They didn't even challenge it. First down and goal from the 15. They ran McCaffrey for six. So now it's second and four from the Casey nine. They run McCaffrey again. He gets stuffed.


Third and four, and Chris Jones over.


And I asked Lombardi what were the Chiefs doing. He just said it was like blitzer over and over again, and San Francisco never solved it. Chris Jones comes in and bats the pass down.


So they're in the nine, and I.


Guess the announcers didn't even talk about it. But the question is, do you just go for it on fourth and four? They had gone for it on a fourth and three earlier in the game, and they got it to kittle to keep a drive going. That was pretty ballsy. I was really surprised they went for that this time around. They kicked the field goal, and I don't think anybody was surprised. But knowing the rules, maybe you're better off going for it. And I don't know what the numbers said either way, but maybe you're better off going for it if you don't get it. They're stuck at the nine. They still have to go 60 yards for a field goal versus them being at the 25. They get to go 60 yards for a field goal anyway, so the numbers kind of even out, but you have a chance to go up seven. Did you think at all they should have gone for it there?


No, I thought they were about a yard, yard and a half too long to go for it then. I know what you're saying. But the key to having Mahomes and the inevitability and everything, you also have.


Butker so if you're down, if you.


Have nothing, you really just have to cross midfield and that guy's going to kick it. Yeah, it's going to be a foot above the crossbar, but he's going to get it in and that'll be that. So I don't kill him, I just kill him for taking the ball.


But again, I can't see the defense.


I can't see he was breathing heavy on the sideline and everything else. So if your defense was dead, maybe you do need the rest and you need to take the ball. But he is going to get a lot of crap for it.


Well, they lost green law because he was running out on the field and Taylor Swift telepathically blew out his achilles.


I don't know.


Is that what happened? Yeah, I just read that on the Internet. Yeah, she looked really hard, like the little kid in fire starter and just blew out his ghost. No, he got hurt running in where it's like when shit like that happens sometimes I wonder, are you destined to win the Super bowl if one of your best guys in your front seven just blows an achilles out randomly? Just running?


Edwin Diaz?




Not even celebrating.


Not even Edwin Diaz.


Yeah, maybe that's a bad sign, but poor Shanahan. So he has that 28 to three comeback that the Pats had against him where he had multiple chances to put the game away on offense because they had that Julio Jones catch. They really needed like five more yards to ice the game and somehow went backwards, had to punt, Brady got the ball, it comes back down. The Falcons never get the ball again, so he's haunted by that. Then the jimmy G. Super bowl where they're in the game and Jimmy G. Deep throw, just missing the guy. Yeah, they're up ten in that game. They blew the weed. And then this was the worst Sal heaven announcement, I think. Kyle Shanahan has now joined the Bills and the Browns and the Lions and the Vikings.


Oh, wow.


Really? I think he's there now. He's had three of three horrible losses, which is as bad as some of those other teams in the last 30 years. So I think, at least from a coach standpoint, he's the first one I think of now.


This is killing him.


I don't think he's done yet, so I don't want to crush him altogether. But you're right, you and I. I'm not crushing.


I'm just saying, like, I feel bad for him. Those are three horrible losses.


Now, if I'm him, and you can't say this at a press conference, I'd be like, the fucking punt hit my upback or whatever, right? And green lawn, Greenlaw went out. We're trying to jog him to the field.


And my kicker had a pat blocked, which happens three times a year exactly.


In the league. Yeah.


And we're going to give Mahomes five quarters to not get to Mahomes level. Like, that's just what's going to happen. But, yeah, he's pretty much cursed at this point. Well, let's come back to the Cowboys.


It's felt like just, and I had a huge rooting interest on the Chiefs, even though Brady's legacy. I probably should have been rooting against Mahomes, but I'm just not betting it's Mahomes anymore. But McCaffrey was 22 for 80 running and he was eight for 80 receiving.


And just eye test watching it.


Every time they put him out left to right, I was completely terrified. It was like, oh, my God, who's covering? Oh, my God. They have a linebacker on McCaffrey. There was one time when he had it, and Romo is like, oh, Jim. Oh, Jim. And then Purdy called a timeout. It's like, oh, man, why did he call time out there?


Can I give Romo some love here? I know we know him. And people are going to be like, oh, shut the f up, Sal. But he was great. He crushed that game. I think he got once the game got good, when the game wasn't good, he's like singing Adele. He's trying to keep know Taylor Swift is pounding beers. I was like, this is a boring ass game. But when it got going, he grabbed the hold of it. He's like, this guy's going to blitz. He's like, oh, people don't want to see me. Tell us straight.


Too bad.


I'm blowing this game for everyone. Look at this. Purdy called the timeout. He had the matchups he wanted there. Why did he do that?


Look at this.


This is what's going to be. This guy's going to go into motion. Everything else. He nailed that game. Good job by you, Tony Romo.


Wow, that was.


It's a bad night for the haters. People hate Mahomes. People hate Taylor Swift. People hate know everyone who's know. I wouldn't want to be a conspiracy theorist tonight.


Do people hate mahomes? I feel like he's on some different plane. Like, if you hate Mahomes, you're probably a fan of a team that is directly competing with them every. Like, I can understand if you're a Broncos fan. I would hate Mahomes. I'd be like, oh, my God, no.


They more hate the Chiefs, but because of this Taylor Swift thing. But I looked it up. They were really good before she came along. I looked at it, I was like, oh, wow, this is interesting. They're like Super bowl champs and everything.


Let's take a break and then we're going to talk about Casey. Big picture.


All right, so we've done this before.


And I can't remember where we landed, but let's do it again. So then the dynasty talk will start.


This week with Casey. They've been in the mix.


They've been in the final four.


I think every year that Mahomes has.


Been around, they've won three Super Bowls. Now they lost one, and he's on the same Super bowl pace that Brady was on heading toward the end of his. People are now like, is this a dynasty?


I guess it's a mini dynasty to.


Me, but I still feel like dynasty has sustained excellence throughout a decade. So there's like a level one dynasty, which is like what Lombardi's packers did and what the Celtics did, where it's just like they just kind of owned ten to 13 years. And then there's kind of that other shorter version of it. Like what your cowboys had. The Yankees winning four and five is probably like, that feels like you get four and five. That kind of feels like a dynasty. So I don't know. I've never felt like we've fully figured out what the word dynasty means.


Is it warriors?


Is it warriors right now? And he's Steph.




So when the warriors won their fourth, that became a debate because they'd won four in, I think, seven years, it's.


Kind of the same, right?


But one year they got the second best draft pick in the league because they were so bad, and then another year they lost in a playing game. So it's like, is that sustained excellence or are we just counting on the highest level?


Regardless, the Chiefs are the most memorable.


Team since the Brady team. So I think we can. We've had three memorable teams in this century, and they're the two incarnations of the Brady Belichick teams and then this Chiefs team. I think that's where I'm at mentally.


That's fine. And why do people have to compare him to Brady right now? Brady went for 20 years. Like, that's freaking phenomenal. Mahomes is on his way. Mahomes is the most exciting quarterback to watch. So it's fine. He passes a Montana. As far as I'm concerned. It's quarterbacks that I've seen. Maybe he had already done it. I will say this. I think if he could trade a Super bowl, I'd love for someone to ask him this. I think he would want that win over Brady, even though it was 2018 versus the Eagles. Would you give up the Eagles Super bowl to have the Brady Super bowl?


Oh, swap them. Yeah, because that puts them closer.


It's like, I beat Brady. I don't want to hear anything. Still not there, but I think you would rather have that one.


I would have said the 2018 AFC title game. Would he take a win there and not know if he was going to win a Super bowl next versus, like, the Eagles one?


That's good.


I think for me, I'm old enough that I've seen all the good quarterbacks during the throwing era and I always had coming out of college, it was just Montana. We all agreed Montana was the GOAT, right? And he came through over and over again for a few years there when the league was totally different and guys were getting their shit kicked out. You could dive at a quarterback's knees, you could pile drive them. Jim Burt, like knocked them unconscious, all that stuff. And it was just so much harder to be a good quarterback for a long time. So I have him. Elway was probably from a talent standpoint way up there. I don't know if he was quite. Yeah, I wouldn't put him on the Montana Brady Mahomes level, but for me it's like, it's Brady and then Mahomes and then Montana right now as the three best I've seen. And then probably Elway would get the four spot. Who do you have as your.


Haven'T. We haven't read the end of the Dak Prescott story yet. Now, I'd say Elway fourth, but Elway's weird because he did it towards the end of his career, right?


Right. He wasn't the best guy in his own offense anymore.




If you matched up the first six years of Mahomes versus first six of Elway, you're like, no, these guys don't belong in the same conversation. But I throw him fourth, I don't even know who would be round up the top five. Who would we even say?




Me personally, I just felt like I was just abjectly terrified of that dude.


For, I don't know, 15.


Even when he couldn't move anywhere, I was terrified of him. Anyway, Mahomes has moved.


I think we got to put Peyton five, though, right? After everything.


Yeah, probably. He had some bad losses, though, man. Yeah, I was just watching the other day, watching, it was popped on like Twitter or Instagram or something that saints pick six to end the Super bowl. That was right. Almost like, man, does he get enough credit for how bad that was? But, yeah, Peyton's probably fifth. I think that's fair. Peyton and Moreno have them right next to each other. Still feels like the right defense could get to those guys because they couldn't really move around. Sure.


Now. Yeah.


So Mahomes ends 333 34 for 46, and he was nine for 66 rushing and had some huge. So all those rushing attempts, rushing over all that stuff, that all hit as well. And then Travis Kelsey, nine for 93, couple huge catches, especially the one at the end of the fourth quarter when he got that 20 plus yarder to put them inside the ten. Now he's got three rings. Now it's him versus Gronk. I still think Gronk's. When you throw in the blocking, to me, it's still no contest. But Kelsey is putting the resume together.


I have to see Kelsey kick a field goal first before I could say.


Anything because Gronk missed again for fandom.


Wide. Yeah.


25 yarder, and he's from Buffalo.


So do you think, like, he just.


Push it, right?


He actually looked mad that he missed, but, yeah, you look at Gronk and the blocking stuff, right? Going to go down as one of the better blocking tight ends of all time. And it was one of those things when he played. If you took away his touchdowns, as far as fantasy went, he was still the number one tight end for like three straight years.


Right. The Kelsey Mahomes combo is definitely moving up the ladder. You're going to put Montana and Rice first and then Brady Gronk and whoever else you want to put. I think that combo has gotten there. He even survived. It feels like it happened five days ago. But the bizarre him shoving Andy Reid and then screaming at him, and CBS shows it and they're like, whoa. And then they never discussed it again. And meanwhile, everyone on social media is like, wait, what just happened?


Can I. Good for Andy Reid for being 350 pounds, because what if he falls over? What if it's like a Don Zimmer situation?


What if he got hurt, broke his wrist?


He really could have. And what did Kelsey want anyway? Wasn't that a first down play where Pacheco fumbled? Like, they just handed off to Pacheco and it was a great strip and he fumbled.


What is he. I think he wasn't in the game.


No, I know, but what's he going to.


All right.


Pacheco's probably getting the ball there anyway. I don't know. If you're Taylor Swift, you're looking at.


That like, whoa, hey, let's talk about.


If I grab your pillow in the middle of night by accident. We're good. We're going to have a problem.


So Kelsey goes from that and he's not getting the ball, and it looks like they might lose to becomes one of the heroes down the stretch. They win the game in OT. He goes on stage and sings viva Las Vegas and then has the long kiss with Taylor Swift, which CBS was very eager to show the other big winner. Well, there's two more big winners, actually. Andy Reed. Three rings now for him. There was a time in the playoff manifesto where it was like, never bet against, never bet on. Andy Reid was in the playoff manifesto for years. He shed that 1258 regular season wins. He's now 26 and 60 in the playoffs, and this feels sustainable for a few more years. He's only. I think he's 44 behind Belichick right now. Belichick's taking the year off, right? So that's becoming more and more of a conversation. And it's like Belichick when Brady that last year, and they just passed the torch to reed him a home. So I'm like, here's the torch.


There you go.


Well, he's 65, right?


Yeah, he's okay for another. I mean, as long as his players stop beating him up on the sidelines.


I think as long as he's not attacked by his tight end.


Yeah, another half a dozen years for sure. No, it's a great deal. And the Chiefs are terrific. I mean, we could go over next year's ods and you want to save.


That, but, yeah, we saved that for the end.


It's always a good, you know, especially.


They look so sloppy and disjointed in the first hour of the game. It's like, man, you had two weeks to prepare. These are your plays. Like Pacheco in the line, there was even that play. Was that the tying drive or the winning drive? When Valdez scantling, he goes backwards and all of a sudden it's like 14. They had a lot of those. They didn't really seem like they trusted any of their receivers deep. The one time Mahomes did throw deep, he connected with hard safety, got lost.


A little bit, but, yeah, let me tell, Pacheco tried to kill them.


He really did.


It was just, I don't know, the fumble and the running into the line.


And he just kept tackled right away.


It seemed like he looked like an undersized back should like getting swallowed up by a good defense. But even so, the other thing where Mahomes had, again rightly called by Romo, should have spiked the ball. And then I'm like, oh, maybe he shouldn't spike the ball. It's like, oh, Pacheco still 20 yards away from getting set. The line of scrimmage. I don't know. He seemed out of it today.


Well, and then Spagnolo.


He got four.


Rings now as the defensive coordinator because he got one with the Giants and I think three with the Chiefs, or it's two with the Giants, two with the Chiefs. I can't remember, but he's got four. And he basically took the Niners. I don't know. They had all their set plays, which is a Shannon specialty for like the first 1520. Once they finished, he was like a bowl constrictor. He just shut everything down, started getting a push up the middle. They weren't giving up big plays at all. There was no big plays downfield. McCaffrey, even though he was involved, he had like 28 touches, never really. He only was one time when he was really running loose and just kind of shut him down. I actually thought Purdy was really good in that game. He made some pulled out of his ass under big pressure, like sidearm throws on the back. I really thought he played well.


Spagnolo was the who's check play was one of the best I've seen all year, getting shedding, oncoming rush and everything. But Spagnolo's defense played great. They had four tackles for losses. They only have one sack. Carl Aptis and Reed split it. And Bolton played great on defense and they held the 49 ers to low twenty s, right? If you have Patrick Mahomes and you got that, you're going to win almost every time.


So San Francisco was up ten nothing. They were up ten six with Casey punting in the third quarter. When that punt hit one of their guys and Casey got the ball back, they were up 16 to 16 with 5 minutes left, with a real chance to just put the game away. And Mahomes never touches the ball. And we've been on the opposite side of this with our teams. Or when you bet on something, you're like, oh, man, there's not enough time. Like, if they can just move the ball down, move the ball down, this is it. They're going to be able to run out the clock. But that third and four, third and five, when they were able to pressure Purdy, they didn't get it. They kicked the field goal and then the OT, the combo took the ball first and then had to settle for the field goal. The big play was, well, one of the plays was the McDuffie. He's blitzing, he tips a pass, and then the other one was Chris Jones forced the incompletion. They just couldn't make that last play. And I don't even know if it was Purdy's fault.


Like, do you blame him for any of those? Because I don't.


No, I don't think so. But we didn't see him on the run that much, right?




I feel like that's where the inexperience maybe comes in. It's like, all right, this spot might be too big for me, so I'm.


Not going to take it.


I'm not going to call my own number. He didn't run at all. He had three rushes for twelve yards. But last week, or conference championship game, he had 315 yard or more rushes. So that's what they needed out of him. But I'm not going to kill him at all. He was fantastic. The bounty of excellence was more in the first half and then like one drive in fourth quarter overtime.


So Mahomes got the ball, the 153 left, got a field goal, got the.


Ball left in OT touchdown drive.


And that's it, man. Mahomes just a little bit better than Brock Purdy. I still feel like that was a win for Purdy and it was a win for the ringer, Stephen Ruiz, who was walking around. He said he was walking around the Vegas Stadium at halftime just filling out job applications to work there next year in the Vegas Stadium if he had to retire.


Because I got to give it a Ruiz, I know he killed Purdy all year. He had him like below. Who was Joe Burrows backup browning? I don't know, but he stuck to it. And I think when he was on.


Ringer wise guys, we asked him who.


The MVP is going to be. He's like, I'm going to go with someone like Chris Jones. I'm like, oh, you're really going on this purdy thing.


Yeah, I am.




He just has his feelings. The only other thing I had was the Tyreek trade.




He was probably the best receiver in the league last year. And if he wasn't the best receiver, he was one of the best two or three and they trade the guy and they win two more Super Bowls. That goes down as like one of the ballsiest, best trades anyone's made in the NFL in a while where you trade your best weapon and it doesn't matter, you're still cruising. I'm trying to think what else? Oh, there was a moment. So there's a sliding doors moment in this game where they're down three and they're driving. There's a couple times where it seemed like Casey might not even get the game to overtime. And if he didn't get it, like, my dad was just all in on Mahomes failing because he just wants Brady to be the best guy. So he didn't want the Chiefs to win. He was upset. He just wants the Brady mistake to live on forever.


I could see.


And there was a couple of moments where it was like, oh, man, if Mahomes doesn't get this, okay, we're good with Brady for a while.


And then now through the interception, right? It was like, all right, this could maybe be something here.




And Tony was talking about how he seemed like he was moving. The game was moving, too. His pace was too fast. Like he just was a little off his game.


But he settled down because he's Patrick Mahomes. All right, let's take a break and.


Then we'll talk about some of the prop bets and some of the stuff of this game.


All right, so the MVP tonight, it.


Seemed like it was all over the map. And at one point, Jawan Jennings seemed like he had like, a puncher's chance. Let's say Mahomes doesn't get it when it's 1916 and they don't score and the Niners win 19 to 16. Who is the MVP there?


No question. I was saying, if there's 19 points and you're responsible for two touchdowns, one throwing, one receiving, he definitely should have won it. They might have given it to purdy, though, at that point.


Oh, see, I think Jennings probably should have won. No, I think McCaffrey would have won because he had like 25 touches in the game and I think they would have kind of talked himself into who's most impactful. I thought Bosa was incredible for the first three quarters. It seemed like he wore down a Little. He was great, too. He would have been torching that right tackle for.


And that gunner, too. That gunner.


Oh, yeah, conley, the guy who used.


To be on the Chiefs.


That's right.




That would have been a weird MVP where we would have just been like, is it really Jawan Jennings? We're going to give him the MVP at 120 to one or whatever it would have been.


Especially after McCaffrey fumbled and Pacheco fumbled. I'm like, all right, erase the running backs from this equation. And then the kickers are blasting these. Unheard of, like Moody was supposed to. We crushed them a couple of weeks ago. Like, oh, Moody. To miss a field goal, that's guaranteed.


That was one of my missed extra.


Point was actually the one that really hurt them. But 55 yards and then butker, 57 yards. I'm like, this has got to go to a kicker if it ends up 20, 219. But then you look at Mahomes's numbers and he's the star of the show. Yeah, then he was plus 150. Everybody hated that. And they're like, there's no value, but.


It'S good to win once in a while.


We talked last week, we talked. Casey to beat San Francisco in overtime was 18 to one. That was one of the ones we talked about. I forgot to do it for million.


Dollar picks.


Just to go to overtime.


The game was eleven to one, so that was nice.


I did have Simmons. First half, San Francisco game, Kansas City, eight to one. I think that might just be the.


Only thing I bet next year because.


I sometimes win on that.


Wait a second. Does that still win? If it's a tie after the fourth quarter? What's the ruling on that? Yeah, game.


It's the end of the game.


So it's a game first half.




I think they should name that bet after you. I'd never even occurred to me, wouldn't that be nice? Started doing the Pittsburgh. Yeah, the cousin sounds special. Why can't fanduel do that?




Freaking octopus. Disgusting animal. Has a bet named after it.


I could have something that was the sucker bet of the Super bowl because I saw that it was like plus 980 for an octopus. For people listening. Octopus means you catch a touchdown and you get the two point. It seems like, oh, yeah, Kelsey could do that. And then you do the research. And I think it happened like three times in 2023 hz.


Did it?


He had benefited from the tush push. And it was like, plus 980.




Everybody was on that. Heads won. I'm sorry. I gave out tails.


The anthem kind of went over, was.


Sort of middled, right?


Yeah. Can we talk about. That?


Was a controversy because, of course she said home of the brave. And then she's like, no, hold on, I'm going to run this back. And she ran it again. Another six.


Can't do that.


First of all, she was coasting through it, right? Like, oh, my God, she's going to go way under. But I think she might have gone over the original 86, but I think it ended up 93 by kickoff. So it definitely middleed there. No Gatorade, right?


What was the Gatorade?


I don't think there was any. Oh, I saw something.


Got dumped on Reed. I didn't know you did. Yeah. They showed a replay of it because my wife's mom was here and she was very upset because she thought Andy was too old to have a big.


Oh, yeah, they are. I'm looking at this. What is.


I thought.


Yeah, I thought it was purple.


Okay, all right. Did we guess purple? I think you might have guessed purple. Or did we say.


I think we might have said purple because of Kobe.


That's right.


Kobe. Right.


Four years ago. It should have been when they first matched up.


You're right.


I'm looking at it now. That's damn purple. By the.




It has to be right after the game. Or could they follow him to the lobby of the hotel?


I thought it had to be right after the game.




And then Valdez scantling. I had eight to one for longest reception. It turned out to be Hardman. And I think Hardman's ods were even better. Our Hardman's ods were probably, like, higher than that. Like twelve to 115 to one, something like that.


The big one I hit was no.


Gray, two plus catches.


I was very excited about that.


I lost the Mahomes under. I lost the purdy over three and a half.




Most receptions for the Game hit. That was plus 170 a week ago. That dropped to whatever. But he got that by one over McCaffrey.


Yeah. And then all the teasers hit all the teasers.


It's crazy how the teaser. Oh, your Mahomes rushing thing killed all the Mahomes.




Attempts and rushing yards that'll hit.


I love that. Over three and a half and it went to four and a half and he ended up with nine carries.


My big thing with this game was I thought it was going to be a low scoring game just because of how the Chiefs were playing the last five, six weeks, which seemed to be borne out. And I hit a point where I was like, I'm either going to win three of my big bets or win all four. And then you look at the overtime rules and you're like, wait a second. And it has that college football moment where you're going, I might have nailed this game. We might get to 70 points. It might just completely shatter. Did you like this more? Do you think this should just be the way we do it in overtime the rest of the way?


Yeah, I like it better.


I wish Ed clarified that the Chiefs could let that clock run. People are freaking out, texting me like this quarter is going to end. What's re doing with these timeouts? Like, no. If the 49 ers had used the whole 15 minutes in their drive, the Chiefs still would have gotten the ball to retaliate.


I like it.


I actually think they should play the full quarter.


Just play the full quarter. It's the last game.


So if it's a Super bowl overtime, you're up for just. We're adding a fifth quarter.


That's it.


This is it.


It's the last game. Yeah.


And they had an hour at halftime to rest, right?




I did like it.


I will say this about the props in general. I feel like the second week hurts a little bit. You could have a good mindset about the game staying under, but then you get antsy and you start talking to people. I'm like, oh, I like Pacheco over, I like rice over, I like iuke over. I'm like, all right, now I'm giving out like 15 overs that I don't even like. And I have x's all through, almost all of them.


My most disappointing was Jake Moody not missing a field goal. He was kicking that 55 yarder and I was, I'm going to win this in the first quarter. This is amazing. And then he was lights out. I mean, Jake Moody, I guess he did get one block, but that wasn't necessarily his fault. So for the game, Casey had way more yardage. They probably hit a lot of those. There were first down props all that kind of stuff. You want to talk about some of the stuff you saw in Vegas? You were there doing a bunch of stuff for fandom. We had an incredible ringer wise guy show today. For some reason, House didn't want to go to Vegas.


He wasn't at the buffet like he said he was.


House stayed in DC and filmed some buffet stuff. But I don't know why he didn't want to go.


He was remote.


But we had really great shows. But you were there on Radio row. There was a fanduel set grabbing.


We had a great time.


Give us the report. What was it like?


The fanduel stuff was great. The ringer was great. The bookings were terrific. I mean, I talked with Tommy DeVito's agent, which was a thrill. Sean Stalato, whatever his name is. Sean Stolato. I said, all right, you're italian. Give me. And I did props against a lot of athletes and sports personalities. $20 if you could name 15 italian restaurants in 30 seconds. And he really could have just said anyone's name, like Mario's, Joseph's, Antonio's, Tony. He could have said that he got 14 and added the Olive Garden. I didn't count it. I said, get out of here. You're not italian. Josh Allen.


He said the Olive Garden was in the Olive Garden.




He's like, no, I'm not counting that.


My God.


You lose.


Little Italy card. But, yeah, it was terrific. We had Josh Allen, Max Crosby, Baker Mayfield, CJ Stroud. I thanked him for winning me offensive rookie of the year award at ten to one. I even offered him money and he's like, that's illegal, right?


I said, yeah.


You answered that, right? I don't think it is. I don't want to get you expelled from the league.


We didn't talk about that. The flacco comeback bet actually was.


That killed me.


That killed me. Yeah, that's a bad beat for me. You, like.


Thought it was incredible. He saved their season.


They're going right to. Hamlin saved football. Hamlin saved football by coming back. Imagine the vitriol the game of football would have had if he didn't survive that. And then he suits up. I don't care if he played one snap.


Did you have any feeling at all that the Chiefs had to win? Because that's what the NFL wanted and we're all living in a script now. There's some real people out there that are arguing this.




They should stop watching football then, right?


Like, shut up.


I'm pretty sure that's not what they wanted. Because maybe they don't call the holding on third and seven. When the Niners had the ball to start overtime. They probably would have lifted the flag on that.


Taylor Swift didn't even know the team colors last year and they won the. That. Everyone just shut the f up enough.


So do I add that to the gambling manifesto? Because Mahomes is going in now. It's like you can't bet against Patrick Mahomes unless you have an incredible. Just. I promise you, that's a manifesto rule. Next year is don't bet against whoever's team Taylor Swift is dating a possible manifesto because she doesn't lose. I mean, she's been on the all time heater at the blackjack table anyone's ever had know.


Five years. You're right.


That's a good one. I'd like to see a list of. Yes, the attachments. Like when Drake bets on someone, we go against it, right?




Well, usually. It used to be Adam Carolla, but Corolla's been like he had the Chiefs today. It was always a zag against him. At this time.


He's got to start losing again. I don't like it.


I don't like it one bit. Yeah. I'm not going against Taylor.


We have some fandue ods.




Super Bowl 59. People were mad we didn't remember. Derek Thomas was 58. That was.


Yeah, I'm sorry about that.


Listen, we're old. We're in our mid fifty s, right?




Twenty years ago, I would have been dropping 58 left and right. I can barely sit in the same place for 90 minutes.


People are really mad at you for not getting papple Bond. I'm like, all right, well, that's his problem, not me.


I barely remember any Red Sox numbers. I have a hard time remembering jersey numbers for athletes. Just in general. It's one of my weak spots. Unless it's, like, somebody super famous, like Manny, number 24, shit like that.


Super bloods.


The Niners are our favorites right now.


Plus 450.


Chiefs second at plus 750. Baltimore is nine to one. Detroit is twelve to one, Buffalo, twelve to one. Your team's 15 to one. I'll book those bets. Yeah, I'll take those. Cincinnati is 15 to one. Kind of like that one. Philly, 17 to one, Miami, 20 to one. Texans 25 to one, Packers. I was most surprised by this. 125 to one for the packers. And then the jets are 30 to one. I've been thinking about this, Sal. I almost did a walk and talk on Instagram.


I'll book your action here if you want.




Why wouldn't the jets tomorrow just hire Belichick and get rid of Robert Salah? How are they not better with Bill Belichick than Robert Salah? Like, in what world are you not.


Better at that point?


How are you not better?


I can't believe nobody's going to hire him. It's insane. It's the dumbest thing I've ever seen. He's not better than Robert Salah.


Salah won the more games.


Seven kids. Salah. He had eight wins in a season. No, no, Zach Wilson, we're fine. He's a good backup. This guy deserves to coach again.


But come on, seven layer Salah. How many Jet wins were there this year? I mean, it's six of one, really.


With these two guys.


They won seven games. Belichick won four, right?


Let me ask you this. Quarterback Johnson.


Woody Johnson's an old guy, right? You're either point, like, if you're going to bet your life on this decision, it's like, all right, I'm year to year now. I'm getting up there in age. I need us to be good now. How do you have Robert Sal over? How is, let's say you have one year. You have to win. Nobody has taken Robert Salah over Bill Belichick or Mike frable. That's the other one. Mike frable sitting there now, okay, friable. He's in like his mid 40s. He's not a better coach than Robert Salah.


I'm with you.


I don't know what the jets allegiance and everything else. Maybe he feels bad about Woody Johnson feeding those 7000.


Get rid of all those people. They're terrible. Like they got Rogers. They have basically this window for next year anyway, 30 to one. If you told me they might actually make a coaching change, I think is.


Listen, there's one bet to make now, and if you're into iras or whatever.


We say every year, bet the Chiefs.


Last year when we did this podcast, they were six to one. Now they're plus 750.


All right.


Guys like Raheem cashed in because it was a rarity that they were ten to one before the playoffs this year. But the Chiefs are pretty damn safe to be around the third week in January. To have plus 750 on them is a good number. I wouldn't put the Niners up. Why do you put the Niners ahead of them? Why are they plus 450? Why are they almost half?




And the Niners, I would assume, would start having some salary stuff this year, right? They have a lot of high priced dudes. They've missed on some people in the drafts.




When Raheem really liked that ten to one and we were texting about it, thank God nobody can see our text because it's just deranged people talking about the most obscure gambling things.




But my thing was, like, I didn't feel like the ten to one. I love the idea. And it didn't feel like ten to one was good enough value because we knew they had to win four playoff games. And even if they're going to be favored in the first game, they're going to be underdogs in at least two of them. Plus the Buffalo game, which we knew was a coin flip and was going to be in Buffalo. So they were underdogs in that one, too. I just feel like the odds are better to go game to game, as fun as it is. Have ten to one. I don't know if there's enough value on that.


I think we have to figure it out. So there were no upsets. Right. So they played everybody that they should have played. They played the Bills played the Dolphins, which we knew that was set right.


But Dolphins, you could have bet that they were minus. What were they minus? Two and a half or the Dolphins were fair. I can't remember. That game was under a field goal and people were taking the, let's say.


Okay, so slight favorite, basically a pick.


Uh, four and a half point underdog and a two and a half point underdog. If you money line all those, it probably is around ten to one.


I would say that's like twelve or 13 to one.




Maybe that's a parlay.


It's higher. Yeah. I don't know.


I think you're better off betting them straight up. But still fun to claim that as a shiny trophy. Like, hey, I call this. Kudos to Raheem. He was all over, just like I'm over right now. The Golden State warriors, as it make the playoffs, hit their over under wins. I think the warriors, in their last ten games, I think they're number one in offense and number four in defense.


And all their fandom.


Ods are really low. Yeah, their playing is like -270 but to make the playoffs, they're still like plus 205. I think they could do it.


Choking back a tear here, because I feel like now football is officially over. Now that we're talking basketball, I know.


I always forget how somber you are last Sunday.


This day is really weird because I love it. It's like Mardi gras there's a million props and I need time in the morning. And I'd go through all the props, and then it's like, I'm at home. But the bad part is football is ending. The other bad part is you'll get a text from somebody like you haven't talked to in a year. It's like, hey, I saw odds that taylor is going to flash Donna Kelsey in the booth. I heard it was 20 to one. I'm like, okay, all right, leave me alone.




Can you get that down for him?


Like, no, get the fuck away from me.


And then my wife will ask, oh, wow. The Niners came out first. It's interesting to know which team comes out first. Do they usually win? I'm like, and I laughed that off. She's like, no, really? Could you look that up? I'm like, I am not looking that up. I got a million things to do right now, so there's a ton of lunacy to deal with in the last day, but it is over.




Well, one of the crazy things about today is it really did feel like just about everybody was on the Chiefs. So I love the Chiefs coming out of the gate. And as every day went by, especially as I was consuming all the content on the Internet, including a lot of the stuff the ringer people were doing, and it was like, man, there are just too many people on the Chiefs. It usually doesn't work out this way, but yet the line was not moving right. The line was just steady, minus two and a half. It moved down to two. It dropped to one and a half for a second. Then by game time, it was two and a half again.


You would think this was a Chiefs team who was six years removed from their last Super bowl, and maybe it's because they weren't the aggressive type that we remember. Maybe, like, Mahomes's air yards go down and he doesn't have three play touchdown drives like he used to. Even when they were up three, I think I texted, I don't know if I typed, they're only -150 and they're up three. And the momentum has shifted and Kyle Shanahan is on the other side. The ods makers really didn't trust them, really, for the last month and probably.


Even longer at halftime. I looked at Fandu a couple of times. It was somewhere between plus 205 and plus 220. And those seemed like great ods. They were getting the ball to start the half, and I was surprised those weren't a little lower or at least you knew there were going to be more points in the second half, too. So you could have teased that with the. Over something like that. I'm with you, man. Casey plus 750 is probably the bet.


Because the bills are going to be worse.


They have a bunch of salary cap stuff. The division is better for Casey might be the only red flag figure. The Raiders, they have the 8th pick in the draft. They showed signs of life. It seems like they love Antonio Pierce. Chargers have Harbaugh, that might take a year because of their salary cap situation. Denver's difference.


They won on the road. They proved they can win on the road. That was the one thing we didn't know. Right. So, okay, even if they don't win a division, which they should, they'll get a wild card and they'll just do it that way.


Well, do you think we hit the point where people just start to hate the Chiefs?


Well, chiefs, are we here? Yeah, because it happened with the pats.


That third Super bowl when they beat the Eagles the first three. And it was like, oh, my God, they did it. And it was like the black sheep Patriots. Oh, my God, they won three and four years, Brady. This is crazy. And I remember there was real. You could feel it. I could feel it in the emails I was getting when I was doing the mailbags. We were like, fuck these guys. Because the Red Sox had just won. And just like a switch, it flip. Brady was too handsome. He's dating Bridget Moynihan. People are just looking for Belichick. He's a dick. And everyone turned. But this is what happens when you keep winning. It happened to Duke, it happened to the Cowboys when they were winning 30.


Years ago when you were.


Well, in college.


Shut up.


No, 29.


Now it's legitimately 30 years ago.


I think it goes as far as the quarterback, right? So Kelsey could date every. He could date Beyonce next, and whatever. It's not going to matter if Mahomes is likable. And there was that minute during the regular season where he wasn't right. Then when he went to shake hands with Josh Allen, he was like fucking. That was bullshit with the referees and everything. It's like, whoa, all right, we could see this, but I'm going to tell you something.


I'm going to call him Kermit the goat. He's the goat.


This is why he could possibly pass Brady sooner than seven Super Bowls, because he has a lot more distractions, I.


Think, and he puts them all to the side. It doesn't matter. All right. It's a great point.


Watch the documentary.


The wife.


Think what you want.




Maybe a little bit of a distraction there.


The brother lunatic, right?


Doesn't let it bother him. The father.


The father had some issues this week. Yeah, racking up some charges off him.


Doesn't matter, man still has a Taylor.


Swift, joins the team. The most famous person in the world. It's fine.


Kermit the freaking goat. That's my guy. I like it. All right, before we get to parent.


Corner, we didn't talk about the halftime show. It felt very mid 2000s ish to me. That was my review. That's my one blurb review.


Our buddy Daniel said it felt like the Jimmy Kimmel live green room playlist in 2003.


Yeah, that was good. I really like that one. A rare w for Daniel. I'm just kidding, Daniel. What do you mean, buddy? I've got a lot of good meds.


He's got a ton.


I think it was good.


First of all, we were bored to death from the game right up until that point. So, Usher, please take your shirt up.


Do something.


And then our friend hench brought up a good point. You got all these idiots on rollerblades, and Dre Greenlaw is trying to walk onto the field, tears up his leg.




What are we even watching here? But I thought it was good.


That was fine. Probably better to be there.


What was your favorite commercial?


I wasn't really paying attention too much, but I'll say. Romo and Mr. T. I thought, Mr.


T shine, I'm going to give you mine. Go ahead.


I really like the Arnold Schwarzenegger State farm ad. When he couldn't say neighbor. I just thought that was good. I really like the Christopher Walken ad. I just thought that was funny. The Affleck Dunkin donuts ad, which seemed like it was going to be a disaster, was great. I enjoyed it. Damon on the side. I like the tracksuits. I really want a Duncan tracksuit. Duncan won't sponsor my podcast. I've only been asking.


They won't do it.


15 years.




I don't know how many times. I'm not going to beg.




I've loved Duncan my whole life. Who is it?


Duncan and Jimmy John's. You said they're the last holdouts.


Yeah. That's it. That's it.


Those are the two.


All right, well, two of my favorites.


Everybody else has signed up at this point, but Duncan and Jimmy John's. Duncan, especially, really hurts my feelings. I think there's a very good chance we're going to be in Boston at the end of March for a couple of rewatchable shows. Duncan doesn't care. I'm going to be drinking dunkin'donuts, probably walking around.


They don't care.


Why don't you do a rewatchables in a Dunkin donuts and just put as many people as you can in there.


I'd wear one of the tracksuits for one of the shows.


I love it.


Are they going to sell those tracksuits?


I'm sure that's next.


I thought they were phenomenal.


The truth is, I got to say, I watched most of the commercials the next day because during the commercials, I'm just crossing off, losing props. Oh, my God.


That lost this guy.


That's true.


You're at work.


All right, so the chiefs can't score 19 points. I'm crossing that off.


They ran two or three of those Jesus ads that get a really interesting reaction in the room.




And then the Scientology, they had an ad, and then there was like a Mark Wahlberg, like a religious app ad, and then there was an RFK Jr. Political.




Those are the ones that got like, whoa, okay.




They're like, hey, it's Sunday. You're going to church whether you like it or not. Nobody loves those, the Jesus ads. I hate to know. Are they anyone's favorite ever?


Well, people don't care. It's a choice.


Choice we're making.


We're going to take a break and then do some paracorder. Today's paracorder is brought to you by Carmax. As any parent knows, there's always two things we can't get enough of, time and money. That's why Carmax is making it fast and easy to shop by your budget when you get pre qualified for your next car.


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All right, Sal, what do you got?


All right, so I was in Vegas most of the week, so I didn't.


Get spend time with the kids, thank God.


But one thing that happened Saturday, right as I was flying.


Wife, my son.


Harrison's baseball team had a fundraiser. And if they raise x amount of money, they could go to Dodger Stadium and spend the day there and throw in the bullpen and take rounders in the infield. It's just like a dream come true, right? Like, if this happened to us at ten, if you went to Fenway, I mean, what would you do? You would just stare at, oh, my God.


Sitting in the seats at Fenway was a religious experience going on the field. I probably would have just blown up.


Oh, man.


And the dugout. You get to see the house and all that stuff. My God, this is just so you know, Melissa sending me, like, a video of him throwing in the bullpen. I was like, this is just insanity. And so I get home a couple hours after he gets home and he's trying to put on that thing. What's the thing you put on your face that everyone's tripping over? The guy at the celtic game in the front row.


It starts with an o. The ocular. What is it?


Oh, that thing?


Yeah, Oculus. Yeah, Oculus.


Sorry again, mid fifth, whatever. I said, hey, how was it? I want to hear all about Dodgers day.


And I was like, it was fine.


I was like, what do you mean it was fine? He's like, well, we just threw in the bullpen, we took ground balls and we hit the ball, we hit batting practice, we did home run derby.


I'm like, oh, so did they have.


A fence that they brought in or did you start early in the outfit? Like, no, no. We were like, hitting them over the fence. I'm like, God, this is freaking great. But didn't you have a great time? Yeah, it was fine.


I was like, I'm done.


What are we supposed to do here?




You went to Dodger Stadium. It was a beautiful day in February. The sun's shining. I don't know what to do with them. I want to put them in the car and drive them to a terrible neighborhood that I didn't grow up in and tell them, yeah, I lived in that burnt apartment building over.


Just how do you scare these kids.


Into thinking into appreciating anything?


I don't to.


Maybe that should have been a super bowl ad, and instead of the second Jesus ad, that should have been an ad to scare kids into appreciating things more.




We could be living in terrible weather right now on the canadian border.




And you'd have no chance to do.


Any of this stuff.


If anyone has any suggestions, please hit.


Us up on the x or wherever.


Did you just say x instead of twitter?


You've made the conversion. Yeah, well, I don't want to sound too old.




I got two with my son one is he comes home at night. Now he's doing. He's starting to push it. We talked about this before, but it's like the 1230 curfew, and then can tell at 1230, he's not going. But his new thing now is people have been coming back with him to sleep over like his buddies, but he doesn't text us and be like, hey, so and so is over. And then the next day, my wife's going down to make coffee, and there's just some kid walking down the stairs. They're like, hey, my name is. And we're like, if people are sleeping over, just text. It's really easy to just text us.


Hey, just a heads up.


So and so is coming over, which he just never does, ever. Anyway, so he's been pushing hard to come on my podcast to do UFC.


Because all he cares about is UFC.


I'm never going to have him on the podcast.


I keep telling him this, and I.


Also don't think he realizes how hard it is to do a podcast. So today we taped a fake podcast because I wanted him to see like, oh, this isn't just like shooting the shit. You have to be prepared. I almost want to run it. At the end of this, he's holding the mic, and he's thinking about what he's saying, and he's turning away from the mic. So not going into the mic. I'm like, 298. What fight are you most excited about? And he says it, and then I'm like, what about number two? And he's like, well, I don't have the card in front of me. And I'm like, well, you're supposed to be an expert. You're supposed to be able to ratle off the cards. It's like, oh, I didn't realize that. And we're just going through it, and we do, like, 10 minutes, and it's bad. He had a couple of good points.


But at the end, I think he really had a new respect for what we did. Really? Yeah.




He's like, wow, dad.


I was, like, stressed out.


That was really hard. It's really hard to come up with stuff and remember everything and then have opinions. How do you do that every day? And then it started asking me. I was like, wow, that worked. He actually put thought into, that's what I need. 20 seconds.


What I need. Yeah.


And then he immediately went upstairs, and I didn't see him again for, like, I was just going to say.


Then he's like, hey, dad, I had three dudes sleep over. They also want to do a podcast with you.


They'll be right there. There's three guys on the third floor right now. They're coming down. We're doing five man pod. So anyway, yeah, my son has new respect for what?




All right, I'm going to do a podcast with Harrison.


Also, he may be taking the permit test tomorrow for what's a number of. Failing the permit test. That would be a high number to you, my budy.


My middle kid's on three now, but.


I don't think it's fair.


They do it a weird way.




Like, they don't tell you which ones you got wrong and I don't know what else.


80, like 1% of the questions. So he came one short a couple of times. Anyway, it's time. Number four this week. Oh, four is good for the permit starting. He's becoming the Buffalo Bills Kyle Shanahan.


Of the permit podcast.


Yeah, I don't know because this is our last paracorner for a while, so people will never know how we did.


We'll be doing in three years, and our kids still won't be driving. That'll be terrific.


All I wanted when I was 16 is I just want a car. I just want to get out of.


The house and go place, pass the test.


Yeah. Same way. Anyway. All right, that's it for parent corner.


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Time, even if it's just for a little while. Carmax, the way car buying should be. See Before we go, as you said earlier, this is the saddest night of the season. The saddest night of the year.


My wife felt the opposite. She was turning off the tvs for the pod, and she turned around and did a double fist pump and said, football is over. It's over.


And was celebrating.


I don't know what she thinks. We're going to be like, apple picking next weekend or whatever. I'm just moving right to basketball.


I got to say, it's like there's.


Three I don't know.


It just kills me that it's over. And, like, being in Vegas, I think, made this day worse. Like, oh, my God, what a triumphant week for the ringer and Fandel and us and just everybody and the wise guys. And by the way, Vegas kicks my. That's another sign of you're getting old for me. Like, the three signs are like, oh, shit, I can't do the same workout I did when I was 35.




Oh, crap. I'm not as vigorous a lover. I used to last 90 seconds. Now not even close to that. Third is Vegas just beats the shit out of me after two and a.


Half days now when I feel like, right, we could have stayed six, even.


1015 years ago, we would have been able to do it.


I would have thrown in a number.


Four, as neither of us could remember.


A famous number 58, right?


Well, the word oculus.


20 years ago, I could have gone on any sports game show and crushed it. Now I'm like, who's number 58? Was there a number?




Vegas. I didn't end up going because I was on the road for, like, ten days.


We missed you just didn't want to do it.


But then there was a text about who was playing crafts. You and JJ and Chang.


And Chang.


It was legendary at the Cosmo, which is a fun place to gamble anyway. And thank God everyone wanted to stay away from blackjack. I know you're one of the guys. You'll play till six in the morning. You'll lift your feet while they vacuum.


What's wrong with that?


No luck.


Well, apparently you're winning. But then I feel like a dick after I go to the ATM for the third time, and you're like, you're leaving now? I was like, yeah, I'm going to.


Get my teeth kicked in here.


I got kids to set in the college.


But craps was good.


And Chang was just for the first time, I remember he was playing for the player. He's usually the don't pass. I know you hate that I do that. I bet against buzzer beaters and everything. Chang is all, don't pass.


Well, don't pass. Just sacrilegious.


I know, but you're winning.


You're taking the table. Karma.


I don't know.


I don't like risking the God.




So Chang has this Netflix show now. It's on every Tuesday, and he cooks a meal live with two guests. It's on, I think, like, 07:00 Pacific time. So, like, last week, he had John Mulaney and Nick Crow on. He comes on and he starts cooking, and he's like, here's what I'm going to make. And they make small talk and they go back and forth. And part of it is Ken Chang basically host a video podcast with these guys as he's making this incredible meal. To me, it was the wrong idea because the winner idea is just watching Chang gamble in Vegas. It's the same idea. He's not cooking. He's actually just playing craps with John Mulaney and Nick Kroll. And he's putting bets on 40 things and just having a nervous breakdown every 2 minutes. I just think higher.


Yeah, well, or maybe he could bet on Nick roll to vomit after eating his pasta putinca.


I don't know.


Maybe there's a way to do that. But Chang as excited I've seen the person get when he. I mean, he was thrown all. You talk about betting props. The middle of the craps board is all props, right? He bet the double.


Double sixes, eight and up.


It's a language. And those dealers, God bless them, his chips being thrown at their heads, they know exactly where to put them. And he's crazy, the way he spreads it out. I think he had, like, 100. He's going to have to be in trouble with the tax man. But he had, like, 100 or 150 on double sixes, which is 31 to one.


And he hit that.


JJ hit that. And he is still doing laps around that table.


He was so excited.


This should have been the live Netflix show.


I know.


Just a craps table with Chang and two celebrity guests and then seven other people that he can bet against. And maybe he's also trying to make, like, Mac and cheese on the side as he's doing craps.


I like it. Yeah, he could do both.




Anyway, that was the one time I got super jealous and mad that I was there. Also, our cousin was there.


He's there.


I think he's just getting back now. Yeah, he was in the Las Vegas tourism booth right there.


It's one of his five hometowns that he claims he's somehow from five places.


Come on.


Does anyone have more hometowns?


He's gleeful when you're in a cab and he's passing this, and this is like, yeah, this is where I first did this and first did that. But, yeah, he was happy.


Guillermo was there.


If Jimmy was a professional wrestler, there'd be, like, seven cities where it's like, finally, I'm back.


My hometown of St. Louis, parts unknown.


I'm getting a nasty text tomorrow. All right, Sal, that was our 17th year. It's always an emotional ending for us. You're still going to. We'll do it next year.


We're going to do it next year.


We've already been renewed for year 18. Could be the last.


No. Why?


This might be my final year. I really might be done.


Why? Could be Dunkin donuts.


No, it could just be us doing phone calls on Sunday nights like the old.


All right, yeah, maybe. Birmingham Stallions versus Arlington Renegades. You want to guess the line? Ufl?




Are you going to do just.


It piques my interest for a week and a half. Could they put together a league, I don't know, sign a Terrell Owens or someone that makes it somewhat interesting for a month?


Well, it does seem like they could adopt the Larry David rule of just.


No kickers at all.


Like, here's our wrinkle.


There's no kickers.


Everything is touchdowns and two points and going for it on fourth down. And that's it.




Just got to go. You can still listen to Sal on against all ods and cousin Sals. Are we still doing Cousin Sal's winning weekend Fridays? We are right now.


You got to do that to an.


NBA and Masters and march. Madden coming.


You get to pretend you know what's.


Going on in men's college basketball.


Oh, stop it. Yeah, and I'm with Tate on through the ringer on Tuesdays. Lots of fun, lots of good.


Can I make it a college basketball announcement to you? I think I care more about the women's tournament this year than the men's. Really?


Yeah. Okay.


Caitlin Clark, South Carolina, LSU. Juju Watkins, who was in the same class with my daughter and was so good as an elementary school kid, she wasn't allowed to play in the junior high games. Like, that's how great she was. Her at USC Yukon. I think I'm actually more interested. I can't name all these kids on the men's side. They stay for a year and they're gone or they transfer or whatever. And there's actually the continuity in women's hoops.


I can't blame you too much. And the USC, especially with that, like.


The Pac twelve women, Pac twelve men.


There might be two teams.


Yeah, it's like the 7th worst conference, right?


Meanwhile, the Pac twelve women, you might get ten out of the twelve. That's how good it is.




I'm going to start watching a little more women's college because I want to bet on a team and have a rooting interest in it. I can't believe it.


I know.


What's happening to me. Women's college basketball, man. All right, what else? Anything.


Caitlin Clark layup, free throw or three pointer Thursday to break the record.


Well, so it's this record, but Lynette Woodward has the real record. But they didn't recognize the actual version of women's college basketball back then. So there's like she has to break two different records basically, right? Yeah, well, the NCAA would have fucked that up. I mean, they get everything, right.


Yeah, there is just a misstep.


All right, Sal, year 17, just a.


Great job by you. And we'll be back. When's football again? Like September 10, September 11, September twelveth. Somewhere in there.


It's a long ass time.


We'll be back. We have a lot of futures.


Yeah, we're going to get to all of it. And we did the right thing because I made a big point of this on Cousin Sal's winning weekend. As long as the offseason is, it's like the NFL version of Groundhog comes out and adds three months if you bet against Patrick Mahomes and lost. So we did the right thing. We passed the final exam. Good job by you, Simmons.


Well, one thing that I hope we learned today, if you're running the New England Patriots, is it's always good to have a really good quarterback because they.


Have that third pick.


Just take whatever quarterback's left you have to.


I'm with you.


You're never beating Patrick Mahomes or whoever unless you have somebody who can at least be close.


All right.


So good job by you. Good to see you.


I think they're going to draft Caitlin Clark. That's my college.




All right.


Good job by you. All right, that's it for the podcast. Thanks to Cousin Sal. Thanks to Steve Surudi and Kyle Creighton as well. And don't forget, you can find all.


The videos and clips that we make.


From this podcast and my little walking talks on slash Bill Simmons.


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NBA and Ringer NFL, so subscribe to those and I'm going to play you.


Off with a Pearl jam song that.


Until you turn this podcast on, you'd never heard before. And who knows, maybe you'll be able to hear the whole thing this week.


Take us off. Pearl Jam.


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