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Coming up, part two of the annual over unders extravaganza with Brasilo and House. Let's do it. Next, if you missed part one of the big over unders podcast with Brasilo and House, it is already up. This is part two. We're doing the Pacific in the western conference and the Central in the eastern conference. Here we go. Pearl Jam. One more time. We did the first two divisions in the west and we saved the Macadamia an impossible over under division for last with the Pacific where Phoenix has the highest over under 52 and a half. They are plus 130 to win the division. They're plus 550 for the title. They are plus 230 for the one seed. They were 45 and 37 last year. Before we get into the under over or house, how many more KD years are we getting? Like the real badass KD years. He's 35 years old. 986 regular season games, 166 playoff games. He's played 43,000 minutes, got hurt in 2019, missed all of 2020, missed 37 games in 21, 27 games in 22, missed 35 last year and now he's 35 years old. He was in the 2007 draft. Elite KD over under a year and a half under.


What do you mean by years? Because what we're really talking about is can he be healthy in the playoffs? That to me is the only question that matters. I don't care whether he plays 40 games in the regular season. You want him to be healthy and able to score in the playoffs, which obviously is going to impact my assessment of the Phoenix.




It sounds like maybe you don't like the 52 and a half as much. What are your thoughts, Rosillo?


Yeah, it's all about Durant. I'm going to take the under and I like him. I feel like the weird thing is Phoenix has been kind of forgotten already. Maybe because we didn't know how Beal fit in. But then when you looked at the price for Beal, you're like, why wouldn't you just do it the eight and stuff. I just think it was a frustrating fit. But when you look at the assets coming back for him, you're like you mean dominating. Dominating. Because I think Nurkich sucks.


Me too. You want real estate on my island?


Is that a unique island?


It's not taking shit from the Phoenix area.


I'm just surprised that.


He doesn't play gets hurt every year.


What's Phoenix going to be mad about?


They haven't his passing and screening is so much better. It's like he doesn't play his passing and screening.


There was a time where I actually thought he brought something to the table and he's a pretty talented guy, but I mean, he doesn't play enough. And I think when he's played defensively, he's been more exposed as his career has gone.


Think he's going to be exposed this.


Mean even if I understand them moving on from know, which makes me question between the ayton stuff. And Kai Jones like, is the Bahamas the basketball pipeline we thought it was. So that's something we can table for later in the season. But I still think they're going to be really good. And if they're healthy, I think they're really like, this isn't a write them off thing. I just don't know how you bank on even Booker gets dinged up a little bit now and then, and I love the guy. And Beal is not afraid to miss a few games.


Yeah. How do you feel about Beal's Durability house?


90 games in two years? 90 out of 160.


Yeah. There's Durability questions I have with this team. I do like, if they're just going to play Duran at the five in certain games where they need him and play Gordon as a starter, I think defensively, I have real questions about this team. And if your answer is, well, they're just going to outscore anybody, the defense doesn't matter, that's fine. But I really don't trust KD playing more than like, 60 games. We just haven't seen it. If he did it, it would be the first time it happened since the late two thousand and ten s. And I really feel like they're going to need him to be a mid 50s win team. They're going to need his defense. They're going to need rebounding from him. They're going to need his point forward stuff, and he's going to have a really big burden, I think, him and Booker. There's no point guard on this team. Bradley Beal is not a point guard. You already saw that house.


He's fine.


They're going to run the offense through Durant and Booker, but then on the other side, Durant, they're going to need Durant to get ten rebounds a game. They're going to need Durant to be able to guard who's guarding like, Jason Tatum on this team? I honestly don't understand who's guarding Luca on this guard.




Booker guts everybody other than who's chasing.


Steph Curry around screens on this team. I guess you use one of the bench guys, but it's your thing. You've been saying this forever. There's regular season teams, and then where are you in the playoffs? And to me, this is a classic. I don't care about the regular season with this team. I don't think they care about it. They want to be where they are in the playoffs. And 53 is a lot of wins. That is a lot of wins. You need like 810, twelve game winning streaks to get to 53. And they're competing against teams like even a team like the Celtics. Tatum is durable as shit. He doesn't miss games.


Little teaser for the over.


Those guys don't miss games. If you're going to say porzingis is not durable, I'm with you.


It's two completely different things. I really like Phoenix. I'm in on it. I think there's a version of this with Vogel where it's not Monty Williams figuring out your rotation while you're losing in the second round of the Denver Nuggets and you're like, hey, man, do you have any idea what your sub pattern is here? It's the second round, so I don't.


Think Monty Williams the highest paid coach in the league.


I can't believe it. Moving on.


Plus 550 for the title. Intrigued at all?


Yeah, I like it. I like it. But I've come to the conclusion, I think the last two years, I'm probably as pro Booker as anybody. I just go, there's a motherfucker in him that's beyond some of the other guys that I hear that are supposedly ranked higher than him in the NBA rank stuff that we see. And a lot of the NBA rank stuff is very similar. And yeah, the one is like, I'd rather have Booker than Tatum. I'd rather have booker than Shay Gildrus Alexander. And I think there have been some moments here in the playoffs when he is like, fuck this, I'm going for it, that I don't see in other guys that are considered better than him. And look, I mean, reasonable people can disagree about it. So because of that part and hoping that Durant like, hey, man, this might be your last real shot at this, to get that ring, that it would mean a lot. He can pretend it's not going to mean but like, a ring post Golden State for him would mean a lot.


That's why he wanted to get traded.


Phoenix yeah, but I'll be honest, even though the raw numbers are there and he and Booker went crazy in two of those games, there's some stuff with the way Durant was playing where it was like, dude, you're just getting yourself into these impossible shots and like a few go in. But I hope this isn't what you plan on doing here offensively the whole time, and I don't think Vogel will let that happen.


Well, that was why I said last year at some point how I thought if you just flipped, if you gave them Beal for that series against Denver, you just put him in the Landry shamette spot for five, six games. However long the series was, I still think Denver beats them. I do. I don't think Beal would have swung it because they couldn't stop Denver. Beal wasn't changing that. So from a defensive standpoint, the team they have built, I still think Denver is going to be able to do whatever they want offensively against them. Maybe they won't see them in the playoffs, who knows? But I just think this will be like, Yokich, against this team, he's going to fucking announce.


Well, everybody wants to tell you, like, Nurkich gets up for it.


It's like five years ago, okay? Yeah. And he had also had a major leg injury, too, that people glass over. House, if I told you Booker was 22 to one to win the title I'm sorry, to win the MVP. If you did that bet with the over. That makes sense to me because if they go over this 52 and a half, that tells me Booker had a spectacular season, that he became like one of the guys in the league, which I still think I'm with Rosillo as a playoff guy. I love him, but he hasn't been that in the regular season.


There's really no point.


We spent he flirted with it though. Didn't we have a top five vote for him two years ago?


We did, but he was never like, could Booker win the MVP?


We talked about that one year where I think there was twelve different guys that were winning Sunday. Ridiculous. And he was at least in that mix. But go ahead, Cal.


All we were saying is we just spent eight minutes talking about Phoenix and the entirety of the conversation is about their playoff fortunes and how they know how they're going to line up against Denver. This is not a team that's built for regular season success. It doesn't make any sense. So it's an under. It's an easy under. It might be one of my locks. When we get to it, is their.


Great offense going to be better than everyone else's? Anything? Because you could say last year, why did Denver win the title? Well, the Jokic murder thing was the best thing anybody had. But they also got stops. Each playoff game they were able to summon some sort of stop. They were never out of games. Nobody ever blew them out. Even that one Minnesota game, they were down by 1012. Near the end they clawed back. They were just always hanging around because they were so efficient. So if that's the case for Phoenix that their offense is going to be so good, especially with Beal, that they're just going to always be hanging around these games and they could always rip off ten, I just don't think they're in the class of Denver. I don't see it. It's an under for me. What is it for you, Rosilla?




Okay, one last Phoenix question really quick. If you got ishbia put like eight tequila shots in him and some truth serum, and you're like, dude looking back, maybe shot your wild pretty faster in the Durant trade, maybe he could have waited, kept Bridges, maybe got Dame for like, 60% where he gave up for Durant. Bridges and Dame. Maybe that would have been a better path. What do you think? What do you think he would say after eight tequila shots in true serum?


They should have bought the Cardinals.


I think he wouldn't waiver one bit. You have to recall the circumstances under which he took over the ownership. The previous one was disgraced exit. He had to rebuild the brand in Phoenix, the Phoenix area, loathe Sarver at the end of it. And what you need as the new guy coming in is the bright flash. It's kevin effing. Durant. Like Dave's. Nice. It's Kevin effing. Durant. So that's that's the so you think.


He would what do you think.




You don't think he'd be like, maybe I did get a little excited there.


Well, the thing that was crazy about the trade is that he kind of wasn't bidding against anybody, because remember, Durant had the audacity on top of everything else to be like, and I want out, and I don't want there to be any sort of competition for my services.


It's such a good point. He was bidding against the Sarver legacy. Yeah, he's bidding against I think it's.


Really hard, especially when you're an owner. I mean, any owner be like, hey, we get Durant. Like, think about the teams that we're trying to jockey for. Boston was trying to jockey for it before the season. Toronto, although people tell you, like, toronto actually doesn't want to do anything. They just want to draft.


And then Messiah's like, we won the title. I'm good.


Win the title, and actually, you're not going to trade any of these guys. And then I'll let them leave them free agency. I think eight tequilas would get you a little closer to the truth that it's like, man, I kind of did.


Give up a lot, man there for got super excited.


He was just sitting also, if you're owning a team and it's like, you want Durant, you have Durant tonight.


Listen, game three and game four in that Denver series, it seemed like the best trade possible watching those two guys together.


You don't like that question, House?


Which question?


The question about Durant. Okay. Do you think that tequila do you think the tequila question is better or worse than when Sean Hayes and Smartless asked Bill why he didn't play professional sports and covered it instead?


I did enjoy that.


Sean Hayes a good guy. Come on.


No, he's right.


Maybe I should have just played been a professional athlete.


If you had answered that seriously and know, looking back, I should have played in the NBA. I didn't quite understand what it took. The fact that nobody said a sound and you answered it straight, that if I could have had a camera on me in my car listening to that question, because it was just sort of out of nowhere, like, how come you didn't play professionally?


And, you know, the movements I should have made up some sort of thing. Like, why was I was one of the best male gymnasts in Massachusetts? And then my body was better because.


I was waiting for everybody to then pile on, right? And it was so absurd.


Might have been edited.


No one said anything.


Los Angeles Lakers, 46 and a half. Why didn't you play for the Lakers?


They're close.


I should have. All right, 46 and a half, plus 370 for the division. A wager I may have already made, plus 750 for the conference, 13, one for the title, plus 850 for the one seed. They were 43 and 39 last year and that was after they started, what, one in ten and had the most dysfunctional October November possible. It just kills me.


You like them. You think they're good and you, like.


Really liked I really like them.


Is this the most you've liked them?


I really like the team. I'd like what they did. I like the assets. The team makes sense to me. I think they can survive LeBron disappearing for 15 games and they'd be okay. I think they have a lot of trade assets. House, they have the Russell contract. Max Christie and Hood Shafino. They have two firsts.


Yeah, they're first. They kept that first castleton.


That was the Super Frisky in December. January. And I just think this team is going to be really good. I thought they were good last year. I thought they were the second best team in the league by the end of the season. And if you're going to tell me LeBron James, this is year 21 and this is now too unrealistic, I think it's actually pretty realistic that he can be still a top 30 guy in the league and they use him as a DH anyway. I thought they relied on him too much last year in the playoffs, but.


To me, I don't think they had a choice.


I would have done more Reeves. I really felt like Reeves was cooking in that series. Maybe this year Reeves gets more, but I'm way over. What are you Rosillo?


I'm over. I like this team a lot and I'm honestly pretty blown away. Like when you think about the job a front office can do to figure this out on a know and then always like, you better hope you don't get what you want because think how different it would be without the depth and having Kyrie and it's like, cool, you got Kyrie and you don't know either pick.


They would have lost both picks.


Yeah. So it really comes down to this. Like if Anthony Davis is going to play, like playoff Anthony Davis, where it was a PSA, I watched him in that Memphis regular season game and I went, I'm out. I can't do it anymore. Every time he falls down, I think.


He'S done going to happen with Zion in like, January maybe.


But then as soon as I did it right, but as soon as I did like, it's almost like he had to keep falling down and build up the scar tissue to it and it was like so then when he fell down again, people weren't joking. Like seven to ten days, like they would do at a scores table every time he fell down. So if Anthony Davis is close to being right and he was real right in the playoffs, that's the whole point. That's the reason why you freak out about this guy when a real conversation was like, would you just be better off trading him. And the problem is if you want to trade him, that means that he's been hurt so much that you need to figure out something else. And that means the best version of this a lot of times is the patience. And I like him. I like the team, I like the depth. I mean, look, I'm not going to like D'Angelo Russell. Everybody knows that.


But I don't think he's on the team in February.


Well that contract reeks of like, yeah.


I think they wink winked it with him and like, hey, we're going to pay you extra and you might not be on the team in February. House Anthony Davis turns 31 in March. He's made four all NBA teams, none since 2020. He's never even been top two in the MVP and yet he is considered to be one of the league's best players. Is that justified?


Absolutely, positively, yes.




What he did in delivering that team to the playoffs last year and putting them in a position to get swept by Denver, but those were by far the most competitive games of the entire NBA finals of the entire NBA playoffs was the Lakers and Nuggets. Those were the best games. They were the most competitive games.


And there's a physicality they still have that they had last year that it's going to be a real problem for a lot of these teams. Like when they play a fact, if they're against Phoenix in a playoff series, that's going to be a fascinating matchup where on one hand, a lot of offense, on the other hand, the Lakers are just going to be a bit overpowered.


I think they bully the they did.


It to the warriors. I mean the warriors had worst possible.


Matchup for the warriors because you just knew like anytime, anything with any momentum, even with LeBron towards the hoop, it was a good look. And if Davis wasn't scoring a ton, he was cleaning everything up. He was changing. It was kind of nice to see a big know, the Davis that we all fell in love with. The reason know this guy was that was that, hey, he's the big guy. Even though there's still some numbers with him. We were like, how come you don't shoot it the way you used to shoot it? Or uh, well they lucked out.


They got the Reeves deal done for just the craziest possible contract. He had an awesome team. Know, there's a Ginobly, I think, kind of ceiling for him as a really crafty, creative offensive guard who's not afraid of the moment, who seems like he gets better whatever stage it's in, who's feisty really special playoff player for where he came from, where he wasn't even drafted. I don't know. Rui Hachimura, I don't like they paid him. Do you trust it? All the feedback in the summer and the preseason was pretty good.


You have to trust it. I think the thing like all of these guys that they've acquired, they're going to be different players. Because of this situation with LeBron, with you know, I was as skeptical as anybody of I said, you know, good luck. But the situation was so radically different for him. It was a revelation. And he flourished. Like, he earned the money that they gave him.


And he kept that bully ball thing for them. Vincent's like, perfect. It was so funny when they signed him. I was like, as somebody who hates the Lakers, I was like, oh, God damn it. Really? They got that guy too?


I think Rui is a little overrated because of the playoff games.




I don't trust he's physically so much bigger at times. You're like, god damn, is he big. And then he'll hit a couple of you know, he went off a couple of Memphis games. But for the most, like, you look at the numbers, you're like, how much did you have to pay this guy? I mean, there's a reason know, with La. It's going to be easier for him. There's not as much of a burden. He's not a lottery picker. He's in Washington. But the fact that Washington could only get a second rounder for him, I think speaks to a lot of the people turn the page on and there's.


Only a couple team places for him to go. It's a deep team. I have no idea if Christian Wood's going to play one meaningful minute there for them.


Well, no, he'll play and he'll come in if he's with the second unit and he's going to make a bunch of shots and people are going to.


Look at it was a good risk for them. LeBron's one of the greatest basketball players of all time. And you want to throw different people next to him.


In a private moment after two months, be like, don't fucking play this guy with me anymore.


And LeBron will be like, get that guy out of here. And they'll get him out. Or he'll be like, I like this guy. And I'll take, well, no, that won't happen.


He'll go, I don't want to whenever you sub him in, take me out.


LeBron sees him at the table and just starts walking to the bench. LeBron has 1703 games, playoffs, regular season combined, 66,000 minutes. Getting close to that awesome. It's not realistic anymore. So I'm not going to do the thing. It's become like Brady those last couple of years where you're like, you know what?


I'm out.


I'm out trying to figure out if this is the year when all of a sudden this isn't going to happen anymore. Is he going to play 25 years, maybe?


Well, because it doesn't matter. Like, anybody going, well, he's going to slow down. What do you want? You want your own TV show for that one? Like, great.


But he can still go to the basket, right? He's impossible to defend a referee. He can get in the paint and do things he can coast and get. Smartest guy in the league. As a basketball player, he can solve.


Any issue, but he doesn't have to. He almost figures out, okay, I'm going to go hard on the second sub in in the first half.


I'm going to try six minutes right. The third quarter, when they put that sub in, that's when I'm going to put my gear in. I love the over. This is going to be one of my locks. I also really like the one seed bet for them, plus 850, because I think this team has a chance to be in the mid fifty s. And I just like the value of it. I'll just tell you that I'll reveal in the part three whether I pick Celtics versus Lakers or Celtics Nuggets as my finals, but those are the three teams for me and Milwaukee, probably four. I really like what they did. Polinka, that dude almost got fired. Magic completely threw him under the bus that one summer. LeBron was basically trying to force them to do all this stuff last year and give away every asset they had, and he kind of held the course. He made some really good trades. All right, Golden State, so we're all over on the Lakers house. You're over.




Definitely over.


All right, Golden State, 47 and a half, plus 390 for the division last year, 44 and 38. No playoffs for them, plus 300. If you want to say this goes badly. Priscilla, your guys in this team, though? Yeah, year 19. Yes. You'll be shocked to know that after it seemed like a part gamble on Chris Paul and a part we got to get Jordan Poole out of here and we're getting an expiring contract for him and let's just move on trade that he's been in the building and everybody's been like, oh, wow, Chris Paul's pretty good. He's going to help us. Wow, this is going to be fun. I was not shocked to hear that.


No. But I definitely think long term, like closing minutes, knowing that Chris Paul, he does not play this way, but I also think he's smart enough to go, okay, well, you got to figure it out. But if you think of him starting or closing, then it's like, well, which three? Like, how are you closing with those?


I think there's a real four thing really worries me. Yeah. Because he doesn't rebound. So now it's not like you have a rim cleaning center anyway, and now you're going to have Clay who doesn't rebound.


So what are you going to wiggins? Like, you know, and Looney is so good now that you almost think he deserves to close.


I think Looney's out and you have to tell wiggins you got to rebound. Dude, we're going small. We're emphasizing creativity and wiggins. It's like in the finals, like he rebounded in the playoffs in 2022, so he's going to have to do that against good teams.


As much as I like my guy on a team that I've had a lot of fun with, I just don't think they're going to prioritize the regular season at all. So I go under.


I totally agree with Rosillo here.


Okay. I am a big fat over.


Wow. Inside intel.


No. They won 44 games last year, and they were a fucking reality TV show. Their season started with Draymond punching Jordan Poole in the face and then year removed. I think last year was a season from hell in every respect.


Makes me think Kerr is telling you that.


No, they were 44 and 38 last year. I need four more wins. Well, Chris Paul is going to be better for them than Jordan Poole. I also think. God damn, I can't believe I'm saying this. I'm kind of in on year three. Kaminga. I'm kind of listen, been studying, got.


A cordal and looks like those Discovery.


Properties where you're like, yeah, I'm looking at a place in Portugal, like Kaminga Island. Like, yeah, I just got no road or electric. Kaminga island. Taking a look? I'm going to fly down there to check it out. Moody, you're older. I'll tell you this. Always like Dario Saritch on like, a really smart, fun team. I thought that was a sneaky one. Clay in a contract year, they've gotten.


The 48 wins once in the last four seasons. It was the year that they went to the finals and won. Yes, that's what happened. But they were 17th in defense last year.


This is the last hurrah for this team in the sense of I don't know if Clay is going to be on this team next year. And Bob Myers and that ESPN did that countdown yesterday, and Woj was talking about how they're not negotiating the extension. And Bob Myers said something really interesting. He's basically like, this is one of the reasons I didn't want that job anymore. Because you build relationships with these people, and then at some point you have to make tough decisions. If you read between the lines, you're like, wow, are you saying you don't think Clay is going to be in the warriors next year? Because that was how I interpreted it. I think they're all in on this season. 48 and 34 seems reasonable to me. And I think there's a commingle wild card piece that I like and I'm in on this team. So you're under, Priscilla?


Yeah, I'm under. I think they're going to pace themselves. And you're right. Like, last year was a weird disaster. They couldn't win on the road for, like, a team that you're like, hey, when they're good, they're still pretty good on certain nights. If they hadn't had the Lakers happy, right. The road stuff, the defensive stuff on the road, like, you wait, are they actually going to be that bad? So I get your overlook with it, but I don't think. They're going to care. I think they with the Lakers are probably going to care the least. Or maybe even Phoenix. I don't know. I just think some of these groups I don't think anybody cares about seating anymore. I just don't.


What do you think?


It's an under for me as well. The thing I'm more concerned about is the injury risk. A bunch of these guys haven't played full seasons in a while.


So the Curry piece of this, which we haven't really talked about, this is the most fun LeBron legacy buster team because Curry would get his fifth, chris Paul would finally get a title, and then Steve Kerr, I think I have this right. This would be his 10th title if they won ten rings for him, which puts him in like this. It's like, basically him and Phil Jackson.


Well, does Red have ten?


Red had red had nine.




But then he got the GM ones. I'm just saying player coach. Titles.


Player coach. Okay, so not GM.


So I'm just going to say this about Curry. That was a pretty embarrassing season for them last year. And then they get their ass kicked by LeBron. And whether those guys are never going to admit it, but those guys are in a know these are the two defining players of this generation, for better and worse. I just don't see him being like, oh, yeah, well, we don't care about the way I actually think they do care about kind of reclaiming some turf here. And that's part of my case.


I hope you're right. I think it's about the playoffs for them. Clay or Steph or Chris Paul, one of these guys is probably going down with something at some point.


44 and 38. How many games did Wiggins miss? I forgot half the season. 37 games. And I'd like, come in, goes up, I'm in on this.


They just got to play defense. If you told me that they're committed to playing defense, if they're not going to be a league average defense, then I might subscribe to your thing, but I don't think they're going to do that.


Do you see them getting ambitious with the trade? If they feel close? January, February, that was another thing I was thinking would be over. Like, would they trade Kaminga or moody? They have a bunch of picks.


They could get trading for Wiseman, maybe bring them back.


Bring Wiseman back.


Unfortunately, like, I don't blame them for trying to see if they had anything with any of these guys. But now, what do you think now?


Shit are good. Especially when you have all these other teams like, fuck it, take them. Take all my picks, take all my swaps, take every young guy I have.


But who's?


Who's the player that I hate doing this on the fly because it's just.


I just say Siakam now, for every.


Fake trade, Mr. Siam Siakam is a good one. Except Toronto just be like, no, don't want to trade him. I don't know who fits that profile. Because that's the part of the Chris Paul thing where it's like a get off pool's money. I don't think they want to just do an expiring. It's a lot like the D'Angelo. Russell thing where that saved the salary slot knowing they were losing Durant for nothing and that flips into wiggins and then the pick later on and all that stuff. So I don't know if the Chris Paul part of it's like, hey, the pool deal was way too much. We actually get to reset the deck here a bit once Chris Paul expires or if they go, you know what, this didn't really fit basketball wise.


Well, that was part of the trade, right? If it gets to January, February, and they're like, eh he's yeah. Do you think the Clay extension turns into a little bit of a soap opera? Like Bob Myers was saying on the show last night, he's like, this guy's going to have a statue outside the Chase Center. So you just have to when you're negotiating extension with somebody, you just have to factor in that part. This guy is eternal for the warriors. You can't fuck around with this, but if Clay's like, I want another three years at 40 million apiece, I just don't think they're going to do it. I don't know.


That one's tough.


Let's take a break. Shouldn't they shouldn't, right? Let's take a break. We'll go to Sacramento. All right. I know I've said this a couple of times already, but the single toughest team for me was the Sacramento Kings. I have flip flopped on this 130 times. They're over under is 44 and a half. They won 48 games last year and everybody's back. They added Vasenkov. They traded for Chris Duarte. Keegan Murray is a year older. The team's a year later in playing with Mike Brown and playing together and all indications seems they're not going to drop five wins. But the west is so good they've been an under for some people -230 for the playoffs plus 180 for the no playoffs. I landed on Overhouse, but I flip flopped on this ten times and it's probably going to come down to the final two games. I just think the conference is better not breaking any ground with that. But we do this thing sometimes with the conferences where we talk about last year it was like, well, they won all these games last year and Phoenix was a mess most of the season. The Lakers started off super slow.


The warriors you go through conference was a mess. This year it's not going to be as much of a mess. So that would be the case. They're five wins less.


I'm going to take them over as well because I think they're going to win 45 games.


Yeah, they're going to be right there.


And I am not going to not light the beam. That's the thing. I can't not light the beam this upcoming season. They earned it. They are horrendous defensively and they are not going to improve. Their roster isn't built for it, but I still love the offense and they have to have continued good injury luck.


Injury luck was great last year. Yes.


A lot of guys miss. That's a key element of it.


Rosillo, I know how you keep pointing to like the west eventually became an absolute mess, but we can't just project. Best case scenario for the twelve teams that we all think are good, but clearly Vegas, when they're putting these numbers out, like I was just dying laughing going, there's eight teams here within a game or two of each other and it's all right around this 45 46 number. I know they don't play defense. I know they had great health luck, but they're still young enough. I think they're going to be a motivated team throughout the year. I think Mike Brown did a really good job of kind of changing up what they would look like to even close games, which is hard for a guy who's kind of doing it for the first time. And even if it feels like Sabonis is a bit exposed, he he kind of had a playoff moment where you're like, wait, what's this? Now, granted, his hand was like his.


Hand was fucked up. Everybody's like, that's just falling off.


You're right. I'm glad you brought it up.


Yeah, you brought it up.


I just I think they're too young and it's too new for them to kind of yeah. So give me the over and they.


Have a great home crowd that's going to be treating every single home game like it's.


Murray will be better.




They got duarte, which I really liked.


I like the don't. I really did worry that they just got passed by a few teams because I agree with what you said. Like every year there's weird random stuff with conferences, but when you think like Phoenix and the Lakers are just going to be so much harder to play, you just take those two and then the bottom of the conference is better too, because they've just houston, San Antonio, Utah, like all those teams added.


You can we go down a very quick subtangent?




I like them for the in season tournament. We haven't really talked about that yet. They're in a pod. The other teams in their pod.


I was getting you excited about this.


Yeah, well, now I'm looking it up and the point that you guys just made about how important that home court situation is, they are going to try in the regular season. That was their identity last year. That's not going to diminish if they're healthy and they're trying.


I like them 17 to one.


I like them in this in season tournament.


The in season, they kind of stacked it where it's probably going to be most of the best teams there might be one outlier, but you might get like an Orlando or somebody weird in there. But for the most part it would be like seven of the eight best teams or six of the eight best teams and who knows? But yeah, the ODS on FanDuel for them they're all like plus 950 or higher for any in season team. What's interesting about what you said about the overrunners Brasillo, when they came out, they made the west too high and they made the playout. They had too many kind of yes playoff ODS and it was just kind of and there was all these opportunities. Sacramento is one of the teams that I think that one dropped by a game. I think golden state dropped by a game. Minnesota dropped. Memphis dropped like Philly was at 49 and a half. Now it's at 47 and a half. So they kind of made them too high and then dropped when they realized, oh, shit, there's too many good teams. But this feels like mid forty s to me. All right, we all went over it.


Did you crunch Vasenkov tape over the summer or no, no bearded first team all star for you or second team all beard?


I was just waiting for Georgia to play mizzou first.




And we're on it.


You seen him. I don't know what his game is. He's like this tall, kind of crafty, fills the lane. He's just like a classic. You could see that he was the euroligue MVP. I don't know if it's going to translate. I don't know. I wasn't able to figure it out. Clippers.


Well, I'd be happy to get somebody good because recently I feel like these vets that come over the euro guy compazo. I hated him within minutes.




Who's this?


There's this mishich on Oklahoma City.


Yeah, but these guys are better. These guys are better than some of these dudes that have come over font neckchio. Like what? I actually just went to Illinois.


Clippers 45 and a half. They're minus 230 to make the playoffs. Plus 196, not two, which is one of my favorite bets.


No thanks. I have one rule. I'm not going to be wrong on the over with them. No way. I'll be wrong on the under. I will not be wrong on the over.


Couldn't agree more. I mean, we're going to just jump right to it. Fuck these guys. They don't care. So I don't care until all I.


Thought it's like the most definitive of the 30 teams, I go I don't care if I'm wrong, but I care if I'm wrong. That I had hope.


Very fair. They have probably the worst centers in the league. They have Russell Westbrook at a prominent position and it's a team built around two guys who don't play that much. The kawhi numbers are jarring.


I like plumlee against Yokich.




I'm not saying just know crunch the Plumbly tape he gets into it, he's excited.


Last six years, Kawhi missed 73, 20, 215, 2082, and 30. Those are his missed game stats. Paul George last four years, 20, 418, 51 and 26 missed games.


It's a bit like remember the Kyrie thing where he was barely playing? Like he played like once every ten games. Everybody in the business was like freaking out, going, how can he do this? It's like, actually because he doesn't play all that often. Imagine being this fresh all the time. Then Kawhi steps up in that Phoenix series before he gets hurt again and you're like, oh my God, is he going to do this again? Is Phoenix going to lose? Because Kawhi's like going nuts. And then it becomes this compliment that you can go that long without playing. It should be the other way around. Like, no shit. You look so fresh.


Like, I could have taken House on my morning power walk today and you could have done 90 minutes and be like, look at House fucking walking around La. Tomorrow. You would have been like, in a hospital bed, but today you could have done it. I am a hard under on this team and it's a possible lock. I think that the 45 and a half is ridiculous and people are talking about Georgia and Kawhi like, it's 2020 and it's just not. And if they get there, great, but I'm not going to bet on that or pick it.


A GM in the GM survey still picked them to win the west. Like, some people cannot quit this team.


Also, their depth is pretty overrated. Like Covington and Morris.


Remember last year at the beginning of the year, it's like, oh, this is the most talented team in the league. You're like, what, there's a below average player. I like Norman Powell a lot.


Me too.


I like Kenyan Martin. Look at the you know, it's still happening, I guess. Bones Highland.


Like if we like if we went out for drinks with Bomber and Bomber's like, oh man, like I can have Harden. It's basically Powell and my unprotected I.


Wouldn'T trade Powell straight up for James.


Yeah, just, you know right. So we would be at the bar them and be like, wait, Powell and an unprotected first. And they also want Terrence, man, I'm like, I can tell them to fuck off. They have no other suitors. That's ridiculous. Also, have you watched James Harden in the last twelve playoffs?


I don't understand because it keeps feeling like it's going to get done. I mean, I don't know if you agree with me or not because they.


Have the new stadium next year, okay? They don't want to be irrelevant.


But I love this new stadium thing.


It's true.


Hey, does this make any sense? Is there anything that makes sense here? Does it make sense to invest in him? Does it make sense, like, as a playoff guy, but we're moving into a new stadium. What does it mean if I'm moving into a new house?


You can't run ads and say we have our unprotected picks in 27, 28 and 29 clippers basketball come get it. You can't. It's like, look at James Harden. 2018 MVP, Kawhi Leonard. 2019 finals MVP.


It's the wrong way of doing business though. I know but just because you're moving into a new arena it's like hey if two guys aren't playing this guy shits down his leg.


We literally just had this conversation about Phoenix though that's why ishbia went out and did what he did for these.


Guys have not proven they can play for nine months. Yeah that's a hard whatever you think.


Of the Phoenix transactions it's nothing like potentially like, hey if you wanted to grab Harden four years ago, I get it. I get it. Not for me, but I get it.


If you have Brooke I would be like all right. I kind of see it like he could you do no, I wouldn't do it either way. But they also have Westbrook what's the point of putting Hardin and Westbrook on a team together?


That's insane comedy and I'm here for it.


So comedy wise, content wise, podcast wise, it's phenomenal.


I recommend it.


I meant to ask you if you thought the Lakers would say fuck it and trade for Harden in February if it was like Russell and a contract and nothing else.


That's not crazy.


It's not crazy, right? That's not crazy, because I was trying to think, is there any other Harden team? And that would be an interesting Lakers.


Swing anyway, by the way, I don't think it's crazy, because I just think the stars are really terrible GMs, and they'd be like, yeah.


So they'd say, hey, LeBron, what do you think of Harden? Be like, I love him.




It's one of my best friends.


Bucket Getter.


I was talking to my sister, Asia Wilson, about her. We're going to take a break, and then we're going to do the Central Division, which is fun for about two teams. And then gets grim. The central the biggest argument is the Milwaukee Bucks. Their over is 53 and a half. They are plus 380 to win the title. They are plus 175 for the conference, plus 165 for the one. Seed -360 for the Division. They added Dame Lillard we don't need to rehash that. We did a lot of podcast content on all of our podcasts about it. I don't think this team is deep enough to be a mid 50s win team. And I say that because as I'm looking at their depth chart and I see guys like Conidan Malik Beasley, one of the Anacumpo brothers, the kid who's the rookie they drafted, the number 38, the defensive whiz, Andre Jackson, who the Yukon kid. Yeah, Middleton's there, obviously, but I have no idea what he's thinking from a health standpoint. Jake Crowder I just think their perimeter defense is going to be bad and I think it's going to cost them. If you're just thinking them in the context of can this team win like 56 games?


So, House, for me, it's an under. I think the under is a little too high and I know they have Yanis on their team.


Yeah, I agree. And it doesn't really reflect on how I think about their ultimate fortunes. They're not deep and the right thing for them to do. They're clearly good enough to go win 50 games. Do they care enough to go win 55? Does it make sense? Are they going to have health sufficient to go win 55?


Right. Brooke Lopez is 35 years old. Middleton hasn't really been healthy in a couple of years, though.


It's not disrespectful to me to say that they're going to win 53 games and that's under.


I think it's really hard for a team that's going to be pretty strange defensively where they have real strengths in some spots. They have one of the two best players in the world and then this is a team that signed campaign and was super excited about it. Like, we got campaign cool. I just don't see mid 50s for them. What do you have, Rosillo?


I'm going to go over just because, look, you had four teams over 50 wins last year in the east. They clearly have the best chance to be the one or two seed besides Boston and over the course of the conference bet. Yeah, I like this. There's all this uncertainty in the west, but even with the bottom of the east, when I was looking at the over unders, I'm like, Orlando is a good example. I know we're going to get to it, but you're going I really want to give them almost 40 wins. I'm like, can I find 40 wins for this team? Are they ready? Are they there yet?




I started kind of looking at like Detroit in there and then Chicago. This became an overplay for me because a bunch of ones were if it was like flip a coin, it was an under.


Totally reasonable. Sucking up wins from the Chicago's and the Toronto's.


Like the Philly number is high. I can't believe it came out at 49 and a half and now it's 47 and a half.


Still seems high. Well, new coach Adrian Griffin, they got rid of coach Bud, one of my.


Favorite players of all time.


I know. For the record, the defense we'll see, I think it's going to be pretty rough, especially the Dame piece of it when people haven't watched him have to play real defense.


I like that he said his defense is actually a little overlooked. I mean, just one time overlooked.


If you're trying to get 61 time.


I'd like a guy to go, I can do better. Yeah, I'm not good.


I need help.


Like, I looked and then I had to put on my glasses what's overlooked mean? Overlooked?


I may have the word last year.


Wrong, but it was just basically like, I don't get enough credit for some of the stuff I do do. And we're like, well, you don't. I've never heard you do.


You're an incredible offensive player. House will this be Yanis's greatest year? 29 years old, last five years, 20 912 and 656 percent field goal. But now is playing with somebody who at least offensively is going to bring out a little extra for him. Defensively, he's not going to have Drew. He's probably going to take a bigger defensive burden. But offensively, well, he'll be allowed to.


Actually take a bigger defensive burden. I mean, remember that stuff with Bud too? It's like, why wouldn't you just throw this fucking freak Jimmy Butler in a couple of possessions just to see what happens? No, we can't disrupt what we do.


It's only game 90. We got to save them. Save them for the last look, I'm.


Not even saying it guaranteed like it was going to work. Chances are it'd be pretty shitty having the ball, putting it on the floor and being like, I got to go around this guy. So I don't know.


Give me your highest Yanis season. That's not crazy stat wise. So last five years, averaged 20, 912 and six. Last year he was 31 and twelve. Is it crazy to think he's like a 30, 313 and seven this year, shooting on 7%?


None of that matters to me. I don't think he cares. I don't think he needs to take 22 shots.


I'm just trying to figure out how impactful he's going to be compared to the last five years we watched. What is the Dame bringing in the Dame agent to this? What does this do for him statistically?


I think Dame's going to have so many secondary break threes that are wide open because I think that's one of the best parts of Giannis's game is getting going. If he can't break through the wall, not trying to be political and kicks it out to know think of the other guys that have been taking those shots or missing some of them. I also think the biggest thing is you kind of can see in your head middleton getting into his offense. You can kind of see what Drew was or wasn't. As much as I'm excited about Drew on the like, if he was the guy taking the second most shots in a playoff game, then that may not be what you want by design. The fact that it's Lillard now, you can just envision him getting into all of this stuff. I just think it raises their profile so much offensively. So I don't think it's, hey, now Yanis goes for 35. He could have his best season and still be lower in some of the traditional numbers.


So what if he goes 29, but the assists go up by two assists and he gets four blocks a game or five blocks a game, like those other areas where five blocks a game.


Would be, like, historically, let's give him three.


Okay, three.


So what if it's, like, 27 and 15? Yeah, with, like, three blocks a game.


I mean, I'm trying to work out the cognitive dissonance between this team winning 53 games, but him having because I really love him for the MVP ODS this season.


I've almost voted him MVP each of the last two years.


I think he's the best kind of high favorite. OD six to one. And I like Booker for the kind of shot.


As great as Jokic is, I feel like a bit of the belt conversation is a little dismissive to Giannis.


Jokic doesn't well, now, that's fair, but Jokic wants no part of any of these conversations.


Okay, but that's, like, for what we do. And I know it can be, like, the recency bias of all this stuff, obviously. Right. But we're two rings removed from Giannis. I still think this idea that there's no way, like, Giannis could recapture the belt, I think that's a mistake.


Who's saying? I mean, Jokic has the belt right now. It's pretty definitive, but I think Giannis could grab it back this year.


So belt availability is how many.


Think that? I just think it's those two. Honestly, I don't think Tatum is ready yet to be in that combo, and I don't really see anybody to tatum.


Has to push himself into it. We saw it for a bit, the.


Beginning of last, and I think Embiid giving up on that one.


Not him, but just, like, not under these circumstances.


The playoff performance now, it's not just a cold streak. This is kind of who you are. This is what the stats are on what the performance is year after year after year in the playoffs. This is kind of who you are.


Look, I've brought it up a couple of times, but I feel like MB in a weird way because people like him so much that he hasn't caught nearly as much shit. Definitely.


Well, there's always been somebody else to blame, too. It's like Ben Simmons, James Harden. Thible the coaches of the two Eastern Conference favorites are Joe Mazola and Adrian Griffin. Just wanted to mention that it's wild card for this year Cleveland Cavaliers, 50 and a half, and it seems jarring. It's like, man, that's high. Well, they won 51 last year. Well, the conference probably got a little worse. I don't even have a pick yet. I wrote under right now, but I might change my mind because I haven't decided yet. I want to talk it out with you guys. Streus they added niang. Niang the winningest player of the 2020s most wins. They added mobi's brother. I don't know if that's a good sign or a bad sign.


He's actually all right. I liked him in college.


There's some imani.


Bates I can't believe how bad he was at the combine and then everybody loved him after.


Yeah, there's some bates building. I guess my first question is, hey, Evan Mobley, it's time. Let's see something. What do you got?


So you're off the Duncan profile?


I have a lot of stock. Let's go.


Your grandkids are coming over being like, Bill, we need to diversify this.


It's like more AI, less evan mobley, more AI. Artificial intelligence is where's that I know.


That Netscape was huge there for a little while, buddy.


Everyone else is buying crypto. I was buying Evan mobley. Can you make a 25 footer?


He needs to develop something else that is a go to offensively and it still at times feels a little are.


You just a center and that's where you should be playing?


Yeah. Did you get exposed in a two center thing where you were trying to zag against somebody else? Look, those four guys, their on off stuff with Garland, with Mobley, with Alan and Mitchell was like one of the best groupings you'd have. They were second point differential in the east, and yet you're right. When I saw the 50 and a half, despite winning 51 games last year, I just was like, I can't I don't think I can.


They started out eight and one last year. House 43 and 30 the rest of the way. So the case would be Garland and Moby are young. I think we both really like those guys as assets.


I remember those guys missing time, though, too.


Could those guys make a little leap? What do you have? House.


The expected wins based on their point differential was 55, which just feels insane for a portion of the season they led in point differential and everybody the smart folks all point to that as a real good indicator and there's.


A defensive backbone with them. Know, I just don't want to overreact because Mitchell had a bad Knicks series and Mobley was disappointing.


Yeah, that's the point.


The Mitchell thing, I think, is easier to get over, but this really has more to do with the playoffs than the regular season. But after that Knicks series, I started thinking like, wait is the problem here that you have two people that don't.


Meet, you don't need to bunch yeah. The Mitchell Garland combo, like, do those two guys ultimately make sense if you're trying to win multiple playoff rounds? What else were you going to say?


House just that they're built for a regular season success. And I think that they will come in with an idea, motivated to get that bad Knicks taste out of their mouth and get on with it. This is another team that I'll be looking at for that in season tournament kind of thing, those ODS, because I just think they're kind of built for that. That defense they showed us in the regular season, that's like a regular season kind of defense. So that's fine.


And they have a couple. Moves that they can make. I really like this Drew signing not what they paid for, but just for what he's going to bring to them because he's been in a lot of big games. He's a guy who can take over a quarter and just make like four threes out of nowhere. The big question for me is Mitchell not staying there long term is probably the worst kept secret in the league. And if it's not the worst kept, it's in the top three. So at what point does that does that put pressure on this season? And at what point do the Cavs kind of admit that that's how this is probably playing out? And does that change if they start out slow this year? The first you know how this goes, especially with the information guys. Monday morning you wake up, one of the information guys has a story to try to set the tone for the week that then they can talk on all the TV shows about it. It's like, this is going to be Donovan Mitchell's last year in Cleveland. And then all of a sudden it's like, whoa, okay, everyone does the podcast.


We have all the TV shows about it. And it's like the 48 Hours cycle. And I just feel like that's going to happen at some point with this team.


And the biggest mistake you could be making is thinking you're like, OKC with Durant. Because for Durant, even if you were holding out hope that you could keep him, which I'd still say you probably felt more positive about it back then than you would for Mitchell this year, right? You're like, okay, if you're running the like, can we let the asset walk for nothing? Know what we gave up for it?




Or if we're doing like, are we preventing ourselves from a really deep Eastern Conference run and it sits here like, maybe it all comes together. Maybe Mobley has more offense. Maybe they figure out how to stagger the two centers because maybe the two center thing is why they're point differential. All the regular season stats are so good with them, but when it comes to the playoffs, maybe it was just the Knicks part of it. But I know I kept thinking about that pairing going. This might be the problem that you have two guys that don't have to be defended.


So he's got two years left, then player option. But his number is really low right now. It's 32.634.8 next year, and it's going to be one of those things where he's going to sign an extension. It's going to be for a massive number because he has the Omba stuff. And if that's not in motion in any way, then we're going to be on the clock with this. So who knows how it's going to go. But that's the one thing that worries me. I'm going to go over because of the conference.


I'm an over as well.


Okay. I just think there's going to be one dopey over team, and I actually have a second one, too, that we'll get to in part three of the pod. Chicago Bulls, 37 and a half. No lonzo this year. They are plus 172 to make the playoffs. I think you can make a case they have the worst point guards in the league. Zach Levine seemed like he was pretty available for most of the summer, but then he wasn't because the Bulls there was no way they were trading him because they wanted a ton for him, but yet he was in a million stories. DeRozan's got an extension coming up. They took care of Voch house since. 20 16, 42 wins. 4127 222-231-4641. Not where you want to be in the middle. You root for a team that's been in the middle for two thirds of your life yeah.


With a worse record year over year than that run. But they're in no man's land. They have a whole bunch of great trade assets. They didn't do it last year.


Will this be the year 40 and 42 last year? Yeah. They held the fort for reasons that remain unclear. They're a little bit over the luxury tax right now, which is always a red flag for them because they've never paid it. And DeRozan is a stealth, sneaky trade candidate this year aspiring contract. I think he's somebody that could fit in with a lot of different teams, and this is an under to me. I just don't think there's just a couple of other teams I like more in the east. So I'm going under. 37 and a half. House, you're under?


I'm under.


What are you Rosillo?


Definitely under. Okay, 40. What do we got here? 40 and 46. And remember two years ago was that weird hot, hot start, and then you.


Were, like, in 500 for the last.


Three months the rest of the way, and then there was more of a carryover. I just think they have a lot of pieces here that could be trade targets, so I would go under.


Sometimes this happens with the NBA draft where they had prime spots in the draft, the Kobe White draft, and then the Patrick Williams draft, and they probably took the right players, but it was just kind of the wrong spots of the draft. They're like one late here and two late on. They just never hit that next. So Levine will be an interesting one to see if right in Orlando. There's two other picks that well, and that's the other thing. They do the Voch trade, and one of them was the Franz Wagner pick, and the other one was the Anthony Black pick.




Rough trade. All right. Not a lot to say about the Bulls. Sorry, guys. Didn't bring a lot of Bulls takes. Not a team I plan on watching a ton of on league pass. Roselle and I always talk about league pass. Conservation, first two months especially. You're trying to learn as much as you can. I'm not going to learn anything from the Bulls. I know what they do. It's like Levine, the Rosen booch. I get it.


It was a fun first half of the season two years ago, man. Yeah, that was fun. The place was rocking. Saturday night game in Chicago. And then it was like, are they really this good? It was like, no, they're not.


They're definitely going to beat Boston the first time they play Boston because it's just a team of guys who kill Boston. Voch kills Porzingis. I'm just promising you Chicago wins that first game. Pacers, 38 and a half had an iPad accident, so I had to go backwards last year, 35 and 47 playoffs plus 126. Is this the kind of frisky 42 and 40 Eastern Conference team that we grew up with as kids?


You're goddamn right it is. That is exactly who this team is.


You've personally rooted for seven teams like this.


I rooted for this team last year fitting this kind of description.


Halliburton played 56 games. So you're telling me I need four more wins of the full season of Halliburton? It's over.


They were 28 and 28 with him. They were 22 and 18 to start the season.


Yeah, they were a frisky weird team. They had like a five seed next to them and guys are like, man.


And just when I was like, I like this team. Anyway, I'm excited to see what Nemhard does and all this stuff. They go and they get Bruce Brown, who have loved forever, who they overpaid him. But it's fine. It was a short deal. And then Toppin, who it's just by rule has to haunt the Knicks fans at least five times next year. But this is a weird roster. We like matheran. He gets to the line. What did he have, like six free throws a game last year or something like that? He's like this.


He just gets hybrid offensive player, just.


Gets to the rim.


Now, I would say it's a little alarming that ESPN's depth chart only has four starters, so I don't feel there's a rule change. Get it on that.


And you like Walker more than I do. I guess we'll see. With Walker, I thought they took him a little high, but for what they need, they needed like, banger stretch for a bit.


I get how it could work. He's a big guy that can initiate a little bit more offense. I don't know how much they're ever going to let him put it on the floor and create on his own, but Matheran is a real matchup problem for him. So I just look at the Halliburton numbers and go, ODS are at his age, he's playing more than 56 games. Get me to 70 games.


He's an RNBA. Possibility guy.


Four more wins.


He's a top 25 guy in the league.


He's a world stage guy. We just went through this with Anthony Edwards. The other guy that impressed the shit out of everybody was Halliburton, with good reason.


This is a pretty easy over for me. There's something weird with their draft, too. Oh, no. They own all their picks. Okay. Yeah. Easy over. And I think there's always one team when the conference is a little goofy like this, there's always one team that kind of jumps in and gets it. And this will be an interesting moment for Hal Burton, because I think he was somebody then. Team USA experience, I think, won over a lot of people, too, and I thought was one of the best guys they had. I thought him and Reeves, like, those guys jumped off the TV in those games. What's the best buddy he'll trade for you? Rosillo.




Cerudi wants him in Orlando.


For who? Suggs?


I don't know. Cerudi's, like, said yes to Suggs. Cerudi said if we get a shooter, look out. It's exact words coming out of the elevator. It's coming in hot for the pod today, but it does seem like the budy healed situation is weird, but I think they just want to play matheran and want to see what they have with him and Halliburton together. But they'll get one extra piece for him. McConnell. The Suns were going after him basically all summer, but I think if they want to roll the dice with numbhardt and try to trade McConnell, I think they would get something from I would.


Love McConnell as a backup on my team.




I wouldn't want him to I think.


A lot of people would.


Yeah, he and Tyus Jones love those guys.


All right, so we're all in on Indiana over. Detroit, over under. This is our last team in the division. They're over. Under is 27 and a half. This is just a weird team. This is a top three weird. Holy mackerel. What's going on here with the Cade Cunningham Jade Ivy combo? They have four centers. Isaiah Stewart bagley jalen dern and Wiseman. They have the other Thompson twin. They have Monty Morris, who all of us really like. They have the artist formerly known as Joe Harris. They have killian Hayes. They re signed Alec Burks and Kevin Bogdanovich.


He actually had, like, a big Hayes. Like, I was like, Whoa, yeah, look at this. Like, one last push. One final push. Like, no, we had seven guys behind that river, and they're coming for you. Yeah, and I was proud of Kevin for that one because I was like, Shit, he's still trying, isn't he?


Still only, like, 22.


I don't care. Yeah, I promise.


You don't care. Well, they paid a ton for Monty Williams, who coached a stunts team that the last two years, like, rolled over in the biggest possible spots. I just didn't understand that at all. I guess the question for me is.


No, that's just simple. Like, if you're sitting and you're an owner and you're like, hey, do we want to make Monty Williams the highest paid guy to ever do it?


You'd probably be like, I have a counter.


I think that's a no. Yeah, good for him. Great guy. Everybody likes him.


This comes down to Cade. Is Cade a Franchise player.


I believe he will be. And I'm going over. Yeah. I don't know why I needed one of these teams down there in the needed to go over.




See, I have other teams in that territory going over. So I think 27 wins, which is a ten win improvement, is fine. And I'm fine with the under.


This team was 17 and 65 last year, so this over would be ten wins higher. Now, Cade didn't play most of last year, and also we're totally happy to tank. They got killed by the lottery.


Killed because they had 17 wins.


They go in thinking Wemby I think they left with the fifth pick.


Do they need Wemby, though, with all their centers?


I have a Thompson question for you.




Is it possible they're just going to be fucking like the if you had to rank the ODS, like, awesome, really good. Better than you think. Or oh, no. Which one would you go with?


Man, they're so gifted physically. And they're huge.


There's been a lot of buzz about them.




Both of them.


And both of them are pretty good. Passers and amen's shot may be broken. So that's the thing. I think that holds it back. I'd say better than you thought is the best one there. But the way they get talked about, there's a lot of smart guys that seem to go, hey, dude, they're going to be ridiculous. And I'm like, oh, because it was hard for me to come to that conclusion with the stuff that I watched them playing last year.


I'm going to change my pick. I want over for Detroit.


All in.


Yeah, I'm over on Detroit.


Oh, my God. See, this is why I win every year, because you guys get seduced by a team with four centers.


Well, they were motivated. They really did try. They tried to get into the Wemby Stakes and they have too many I like players on their team.


There's one player all of us hold out hope for, and it's a different player. It's marvin Bagley II for Bill. It's wiseman for me.


I gave up for Marvin.


And it's Jante Porter for Alex.


No, I like beef stew.


Give me beef stew.


I love Isaiah Stewart. I was hoping the Celtics would get him.


I'm looking at this know if Cade is anything.


The only reason I remember the beef stew thing is one of those many days where I was frustrated with hoops Hype, where I was on the 7th link to a big stew food drive that he was having. And I was like, can we get to a fucking rumor here? It was like the 6th link in a row that he was coming out with some canned stew.


You just need to buy hoops, Hype. Just take it over, be like, wait, there's a new sheriff in town. We're back to rumors.


I don't care that Oscar Krilenskowitz has been waived in Istanbul.


The Celtics have high hopes for Wenion Gabriel. That should not be the top story in hoopsype. I'm going under. And I think you guys missed a crucial point with the Pistons. There's not a lot of bad teams, and at some point we get to there's like four teams who just look at each other and go, oh, wow, we could get the first pick in the draft. Let's just start fucking with this team and shutting some guys down. I also think Bogdanovich is a legitimate trade candidate for sure, especially if Thompson turns into anything initially. So I'm going under. All right, so to recap for the Pacific Suns, 52 and a half, we all went under. Lakers, 46 and a half, we all went over. Golden State, 47 and a half. I went over, you guys went under. We were zagging against each other a lot in this one. Sacramento, 44 and a half all over. I was surprised by that. 45 and a half for the Clippers, all under. Milwaukee, 53 and a half. House and I went under. Rosillo went over. Cavs, 50 and a half. Rosillo under house and I over. Bulls, 37 and a half.


Under. Pacers, 38 and a half over, over. And then the Pistons 27 half. I went under, you guys went over. And that is part two of the pod. Part three will be the most fun one because all of our teams are involved, including House's. Wizards. House texted me that he couldn't believe the over under was only 23 and a half and he already bet the over, and I can't wait to talk about it. Part Three produced by Steve Cerudi and Kyle Crayden And we'll see you for part three. I don't have.


With him.


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