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Coming up, The Pain of Buffalo and lots of other round 2 storylines with Cousin Sal next. We're also brought to you by the Ringer podcast Network, where I have a new rewatchable that's coming for you on Monday night. It involves a movie that has one of the five biggest stars the last 40 years in it, and maybe even two of the five biggest stars. Who knows? Maybe we got super wacky with it. That's happening. The Prestige TV podcast. I hope you're checking it out. We did season 5 finale recap of Fargo with Joanna and Rob. They had the showrunner Noah Hawley on. They are also breaking down every episode of True Detective for us right after they go up. I think people are getting behind that show, so we might do a Friday predictions podcast about True Detective as well. Stay tuned for that this week on Prestige with Dan and Charles, just trying to predict what's going to happen for the next episode. On that Prestige TV podcast, Andy Greenwild's new show. It's called Stick the Landing. They did the first episode with Mali Rubin and Andy, the series final of Friday Night Lights, one of the most beloved shows of the 21st century.


That's going to be the whole point of this show. I'm really excited about this show. It is basically the last episode of some of the memorable great shows of all time, how they're different, what they say about the show, what they say about the era they're in. Andy is one of the best. I've been working with Andy since 2011. I love the guy. Stick the Landing, you can find that on the Prestige TV. So lots of good stuff going on there. Coming up on this podcast, because Cousin Sal, after a memorable round two NFL Playoffs. Next. First, our friends from Pro All right, we're taping this. It is 7:05 Pacific Time on Sunday.


The underwins, under 7:16 wins.


Under 7:… What was the win?


Pm. I don't know. Oh. I'm not done gambling.


Wow. Just trying to sneak one more in. New level losing the deja vu gut punch. The bills, they miss on the 44 yards wide. Almost like, rarely in sports, when you're watching sports, do you go... I mean, we see everything. All we do is watch sports. We gamble on sports. We just are immersed in it. Really, do you have the moment where you're like, Oh, my God, that's what It happened. He pushed it right. That's how they're going to lose. And you're just like, 35 years of football history comes flying at you in this one moment. Chiefs win. Mahomes beats Allen again. And somehow Scott Norwood is now involved in this game.


I almost think if Sean McDermott could have talked to him before he went out to make that kick. Listen, if you're going to miss, shank it left or get it blocked.


Just get it blocked. Just kick it in the head.


Or kick the holder in the head, do something different. It can't be All right. The only thing I'll say to Bills fans, and I have a lot of Bills fans friends, take solace knowing that had he made the kick, the Chiefs would have come down and scored and won on a more heartbreaking fashion, I think.


Well, you think, how many lucky breaks did the Bills have in this game, and they still lose? We have the fumble that's just bouncing around, and somehow the Chiefs don't get that. We have the Chiefs who get the fake punt on fourth and five and somehow get no points. We get Nicole Hardman first and goal from the one, fumbling into the end zone. Alan had a drop pick. I mean, on the flip side, I guess Allen could have hit Diggs on that late one, but the Chiefs were almost nine yards of play. It felt like other than that one time in the fourth quarter, they really couldn't stop them, the Bills defense. I just didn't feel like the Bills did quite enough to win. They had explosive plays. How many they have? Three long balls, and they went over three in those, right? If they were just missing that one awesome game tilting play, they just couldn't get it.


Yeah, I'm with you. But I do think it was like a tale of two games. I think the Chief's defense figured it out to a point where they made the late third quarter, fourth quarter a little bit boring. The defensive plays after we seen, Touchdown, Touchdown, Touchdown. Allen running up and down the field, throwing forward passes that weren't forward passes, whatever. He seemed to be able to do whatever he wanted, and they were running the ball. But then that stopped, and they got in their way. You're right, the Bills couldn't convert. I felt like they should have thrown a little more or something. I don't know. They couldn't do it. They couldn't get it together in the fourth quarter for sure. They needed that big play. You're right.


Yeah, the adjustment that I don't know if the Chiefs, maybe Allen was just taking so many hits that he just decided to not run as much. But whatever, they were able to take his legs out of it a little bit and then also take away the deep pass. It was like run-play, shorter pass, shorter pass, long pass not working, but Alan not being able to get the 13-yarder with his legs. They just shut it down. It was 27, 24 Chiefs in the fourth quarter right after... Or it was actually 26, 24. They scored a shutdown. Penalty and the extra point goes to the one. All year, we've watched every coach the league is like, Oh, cool. We'll take the two points. And especially the Chiefs who are running it for eight yards of carry. And they're like, No, actually, we'll take the penalty and the kickoff, which they probably kick into the end zone, so it doesn't even matter. So when they didn't do that, I was like, Mark that point down. Then they get the fake punt.


You want 26, 24. Even if they miss, you want that, right? Because then spread-wise, you're looking good.


Oh, yeah, because I had Chiefs plus two and a half. I had Chiefs money line. But I'm just like, The bills are probably going to score again here. I want the extra point because then even if the bills go up 31 to 28 now, I have that. Now, at least I'm within a field goal. They give that up. I'm like, All right, mark that down. Then fourth and five, they run that fake punt, which Romo was trying to explain. That's a smart play, Jim. It's a smart play. They only had 10 guys in the field, Jim. I'm like, Smart play. The guy got tackled behind the line of scrimage.


I'm not going to go smart play. No, but if you would do that every time, first of all, they might have maybe gone for it anyway on fourth and 5 and not getting punt formation. I don't know. But if you hear 10 guys are on the field, you're down 3. Figure out where the 11th guy is supposed to be and run it there. Granted, you got to give it to the comeback player of the year. I have no problem with that.


Maybe he was hoping if he got that, that would lock it up after Flack house play. I think all the votes are in.


The votes are in already. Sorry.


Yikes. So Casey Ball, they get down to the one. Nicole Hartman, who's one of Him and Tony are two of the guys where you're just like, I don't want you involved in this game at all in any way. Just put them in street clothes and they run the sweep. As they're running the sweep, I swear to God, they're doing it. I'm like, Oh, God. Oh, no. He's going to fumble. I didn't think he'd fumble out of bounds, but it's just like, who is a more likely fumble candidate? He fumbles. They get it back. Allen throws deep to Surefield, who had that diving 50-yarder, and it seems like he could have caught it and couldn't keep his hand under it, so they give it back. Casey has that pass interference.


Why are the guys arguing, by the way? If you know you didn't catch it, what are you doing? We're going to watch it again.


Right. Then Casey has not a three and out, but they get the pass interference. Then they just have a terrible three players. They're out. Buffalo is coming back. Allen fumbles. Casey can't get it. They get that Shaquire fourth down swing pass, which I was watched with my dad because my dad's here. We were like, the pats have run that swing pass on crucial downs. I would say 20 times this year, went 0 for 20. Allen, it's a 10-yarder. So now you're thinking like, Oh, my God, Buffalo, here we go. And then he misses Diggs for the TD, and then he misses the field away.


Diggs could calm down. Diggs is a very angry guy for someone who doesn't come through.


Was that a 100-yard game since Halloween?


Yeah, right. Khalil Shaqar has outgained you in the last month and a half.


So when he lined up for the field goal, and this has been a disjointed game for, I would say, 40 minutes, where it was like, Oh, my God, they have five straight touch downs, and it just seems like both teams are moving like nuts. And now all of a sudden, we just had everything I just read. The guy goes out, In your mind, are you thinking miss field goal? Because it wasn't even 1% in my brain for some reason. I was calculating, all right, Mahomes, why did they waste that time out earlier. He only has two because they called that time out on first and 10. My mind was there, and all of a sudden, it's going the wrong way.


No, like I said, I didn't even care if it went in. They're losing that game. A A minute 47, two timeouts. Mahomes has scored on them with 13 seconds left. They were definitely going down the field, and Butker is a more reliable kicker anyway. I know you can't go on fourth and nine there, but a field goal was a lousy option. I thought, even to tie it.


So you would have gone for the fourth and nine?


I don't know. It's just so... I don't know. I don't know. Fourth and seven. Fourth and seven, I go for it, but nine's too long.


Then they cut to the fans, and It's just like, are they number one? I know we do this because the Vikes are involved and the lions are involved. Who's the other team? There's four. And the Browns.


Cowboys. Oh, no. All right. Yeah. Browns.


The Bills have had the most of these. The Vikings have had approximately a lot of these, but it feels like the Bills have had the worst ones.


The Bills fans are the best. I don't want to fight it, but it wasn't even snowing, and they They found snow to throw out the opposing receiver.


Yeah, did they bring their own snow? Were they bringing snow and eagles?


Did they hand it out to the fans as they were coming in? But yeah, it's terrible. I was thinking like, well, can't have the Lions and Bills fans happy in one day, right? It wasn't going to happen that way. Yeah, it sucks for them. I think they would have a lot of trouble next week, though. We'll get to that game anyway against the Ravens. But again, their offense looked so crisp in the first half, then you think like, Oh, this is going to be tough for the Chiefs to stop. They really did hand it to them. They only gave up seven in the second half.


Well, especially we were texting with the Wise Guys group about the Chiefs lost three defensive starters in that first half. In that halftime, I had a lot of Chief stuff. I had the money line, I had the plus two and a half, I had them in teases. I had the 13-point tease that you guys made fun of all week. I'm like, I would love to hedge this, and I can't. There was just no way. The bills were up four at halftime. I'm like, All right, got to write out the Chiefs. It ends up being they run 76 plays, and Kansas City runs 47. Buffalo has the ball for 37 minutes. Kansas City has it for 23. But the difference, KC is 7.7 yards of play, and Buffalo is 4.7. And that 4.7 was at like six and just kept getting worse and worse. They kept getting stuff.


Yeah, that was mostly first half.


I'm not even sure what the Chiefs figured out.


Chiefs without the Neil downs is almost nine yards. It was like eight and a half or something. But yeah, it was an exciting game. I don't know. Like I said, the third quarter and fourth quarter with a little cat and mouse where I feel like too many people are blaming the refs. I'm like, Okay, how about somebody make a big play here so it doesn't come down to the refs? Wouldn't that be nice just for once? But yeah, it stinks because Allen is such... He's the man. He really carried that team in the first half. Again, I'm not going to keep mentioning it, but it really looked like they were on their way to putting this thing away.


I agree. He had a very good game. At the same time, there were a couple of plays he did not make in the second half that I bet when they look at the tape, he's going to be kicking himself. I think we were saying all week, this is the biggest game of his career in a lot of ways. He's got to get over the Casey Hump. He's got to beat Mahomes in a playoff game. He's going to be the big winner of this. Peter Schrager and I talked about this Thursday. It's like, All right, good morning, football, 07:01 AM on Monday morning. What's your lead topic? Is it, Oh, my God, Mahomes? Or is it, Oh, man, Buffalo. Oh, man, Josh Allen. And that's what it turned out to be. Allen's becoming a semi-tragic sports figure because he is one of the best players in the league and has been now for five years, and he can knock it over the hump. And these losses are starting to add up now, and he's right there, and it comes down to one player, one player that they didn't make, or one player the other team made.


And it felt like all this stuff was lining up It was like, this is the game. It's like, Hardman just fumbled it into the end zone, the dumbest rule in any sport, where somehow it goes to the 20. This is it. This is your get out of jail free card, and they still get in their home, and they still can do it.


Yeah. You talk about your 13-point tease and everything. How much would you have hedged if I would have told you, All right, bills are going to run for 182, and Allen's not going to throw an interception? I mean, he's perfect. I think he was like 12 and 0 when he doesn't throw an interception, right? Now, Mahomes didn't either, which was just a spectacular back and forth. The difference is you know what you're getting. Yesterday, when the 49ers had the ball down a few points with the last drive, they were a minus 160 favorite. Today, when the Bills had the ball down a few points, driving to win, they were a minus 160 underdog or plus 160 underdog. Like, wow, how is that? You have the home crowd and everything else. Like, the chiefs are the chiefs. They figure it out one way or another.


That's good information, Sal. That's a good job by you. There you go. That's a good job by you, Sal.


I made up most of those numbers, but yes.


Well, it was interesting. What was the game we watched two weeks ago? It was Indianapolis-Houston, when part of the final drive became about, We want to chew up as much clock as possible so they don't get the ball back. It actually fucked up the drive. I felt a little like that with the Buffalo Drive near the end. It was like, Eight minutes. Can we string this out? How long can we just keep grinding out and getting inside the 20 and making the Just maybe Mahomes never gets the ball back. But they lost all their explosiveness, and then they took the one shot on Diggs and didn't get it.


The thing that stinks is, one more thing about Josh Allen, that was the best play of the game, him rolling left and hitting Shaq here in the end zone.


That was spectacular. Oh, yeah. That was spectacular. He threw an absolute frozen rope.


Yeah, and that was on third and long, right? Yeah. Another play where you think, Oh, my God, this is their year. This is their everything.


Well, first series, third and 17, they get it. You think like, all right, That's a nice start. Then they got that third and 13. He did hit a couple of third and longs. Would you say he's the second best player in the league? Josh Allen, second best player. Throw MVP away, throw everything away. Just like, who are the best players in the league, and Mahomes is first. I think Allen, would you have him second or would you put somebody else there?


Well, what about Lamar Jackson, who's actually probably going to make the Super Bowl?


Well, we haven't seen him even in a conference finals yet, though. All right. Josh Allen is So you would have Lamar Jackson over Josh?


Yeah, I'll put Lamar over him. Yeah.


That's probably fair. So Josh is third?


A couple of Cowboys linebackers, but yeah. I think he's good. He's good enough to get third right now.


I was thinking of the I was trying to figure out if there was a rivalry Championship belt that got passed over the last however many years, because right now it does feel like it's Mahomes-Allen. I don't feel like it's Mahomes-Lamar. Maybe that starts next week. But before that, it was braided Mahomes. Oh, Then I had braided Goodell. That was a fucking phenomenal two-year rivalry. That was awesome. Braided Manning until Manning finally started to deteriorate physically. Then what braided Manning really is it goes back to, I would say, 2002, 2001 range. Then it gets weird. I had trouble figuring out the early 2000s, late '90s. I thought Barry and Emmett was the best rivalry in the '90s in a lot of ways. Oj Nicole, a lot of people would have that one. Nice. There was Moreno, Montana, even though they only went against each other in the '84 Super Bowl. But they were always... They were the two. And then Elway was over here as this one-man wrecking crew. But we always felt like Moreno, Montana were just slightly higher. Any other rivalries?


I'm trying to think because...


Like Jerry Rice and really nobody, right? There was nobody who snipped Jerry Rice during his peak. You know what's weird?


When I thought about this yesterday, because they said the packers and 49ers have met each other, what, 10 times? That's the most out of any teams facing off in the playoffs. I'm like, Does that really arrive? Do you remember any huge... I know there was a big Favre... Favre not Favre-Ohens one.


The Favre-Yung game? Young to Terrell-Ohens. That was a good one.


Yeah, all right. But other than that, I don't know if it's a rivalry, even though they met each other so many times.


We might just be old, then we might not be able to remember games. Yeah, that's it.


We don't remember anybody.


But Mahomes Allen is clearly the game now. This is very similar to how braided Manning went, where the Pats, the first few years, the Pats were winning those. It turned into, that's when I was writing my column and I was doing the whole, Brady's- Should I do my own voice? You can try. Bradley's Bill Russell and Manning's Will Chamberlain. Let me try. I'm getting an invitation to myself. Go ahead.


Brady's Bill Russell and Manning's Will Chamberlain. I think you got to go deeper.


You got to go deeper, but more- A little more resonance. I got it. Thanks for the advice. But then all of a sudden, in '06, it flipped, and Manning came back from '18 in the 2006 AFC title game. The difference is the way this Chief's team is built. The Pats had a lot of... All of a sudden, he had no weapons. That led to the '07 Pats team. This KC team feels stills pretty sustainable because of Mahomes' age, because of his ability to just make whatever work with anything. Kelsey would be the one bearable, but he looked pretty good today. I'm sure they'll go get some receiver. They'll have some draft picks to do some stuff. Buffalo, on the other hand, I think there's some salary caps up with them. Does McDermott come back now?


It's a weird year, right? Because everybody was calling for his head, and Dorsey got it instead, instead of the defensive coordinator. It's weird that that all went on this year, still. But yeah, I think he comes back. I think they got him for another year. I think the players like him enough. That seems to be all that matters.


You don't I think there's no Belichick possibility here, right?


Really? Oh, for Buffalo.


Because at the Atlanta thing, there's a lot of buzz going on right now about the Atlanta job, that the executives that are there are trying. And I've heard this. I'm telling you from so many different people that they Basically, Arthur Blank wants to hire Belichick, and all the front office people in Atlanta don't want to hire Belichick because it's like any big company. Sports franchises are like microcosms of all big companies. The people that run the franchises, they just want to keep their jobs. They're in job preservation mode. So they're like, You know what? Maybe we hire Rahim Morris. It's like, Yeah, you hire Rahem Morris. He's young. You'll have your job for five more years. You bring him Belichick. You think Belichick is going to listen to McVay's Kid, whatever that guy's name is? John McVay's son or Fontaineau? He's going to be like, I'm going to do my own thing.


I'll tell you what, I feel like he's already listened more than I would expect. He took a second interview. Imagine that guy take it. Would you take a second interview anyway?


No, but Bill Parcells wouldn't take a second.


None of these guys would. Jimmy Johnson, he would never go for a second interview.


A year from now, there would be no second interviews. The Belichick going to Buffalo, though, I like it. I don't know if he would stay in the AFC East, but It does have the Jets, who he owns. He gets to go against Kraft every year, which there's clearly a little bit of residue bad blood. He'd get Miami. He'd get an awesome QB. He'd get a team that could win between 10 and 13. He breaks the record in two years.


You're A year and a half.


If you're Buffalo, aren't you? Hey, let's get Bill Belichick. How much money you want? Then he gets to live in Buffalo. He could wear heavy hats and big parkas and just be super cold. If you're Buffalo fans, you're like, All right, maybe this will end our curse. We get Bill Belichick.


I guess so, but don't the bills? Well, it's really how you're thinking. It's like, We want to do this without Bill Belichick. We want to put that guy away.


Listen, as a pre-2004 I'm a Red Sox fan, I would have had Satan as our manager, and I would have been happy if we won. Really? Yeah. You could have put anybody. If we win, we win. I didn't care who was involved.


Well, you had Satan as your head coach or your football team.


Listen, we put up a fever pitch. We put up with an entire terrible rom-com about... We have Kurt Schilling we had to put up with. Maybe your team will hire him.


What are you keep saying. What are you talking? I told you it wasn't happening.


I told you it wasn't happening. We haven't been on the podcast since it did happen.


Look, I'm not thrilled with it, but I knew it was going to happen. The guy, I hate this. I would rather have someone else because I know the end result every year. But three 12-year, 12-win seasons in a row. He took them to the- Yeah, congrats. Nfce. I know, but this is one of those things. I think Internally, the organization blames Dan Quinn more than Mike McCarthy for that loss. They score the most points in the league. I get it. He sucks in the playoffs. They lose. I'm never going to get that past you. What can I say? But you still have to replace these guys.


It would be like if Kimmel had a lights out executive producer that for eleven and a half months here was awesome. No, no, no. Then that person was also in charge of the Oscars. Each year at the Oscars, it was complete chaos and something horrible happened. And then Jimmy was like, Well, but the other eleven and a half months were great. Yeah. That's McCarthy in the playoffs. It's like, Well, what about when we beat Washington by 36 Week 6 and Week 5. And then the next week, we beat the Giants by 30. We can't get rid of this guy. Playoff, schmailloff.


I got to think about this. I'm not sure who we're insulting here. I got to think about it a little bit.


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Gambling problem? Call 1-800-Gambler or visit theringer. Com/rg. Five dollar pregame money line wager required. First online real money wager, only $10 first deposit required. Bonus issued as non-advocable bonus. Bets that expire seven days after receipt. See terms at sportsbook. Fandel. Com. Today was the day watching my homes that I felt like there was some Tom braided stuff going on with him, where he's, for me, mentally at the same level I was at, rooting for braided in the mid-2010s in some of those games where I'm like, All right, they let him hang around. He's winning this now. And he thinks he's winning this, and his team thinks he's winning this. And you get to that level. Braided got to that level, really, in the end of the Seattle game, that Super Bowl, when the last two drives. But then you think of 28 to three against Atlanta, the KC game. It's just like, All right, this guy's on our team. He's not blowing this, and they're not doing enough to beat him, and he's going to finish this. But the difference is, braided was in his mid to late 30s at that point, and Mahomes is, what, 26?


But you had Buffalo as a pick in this game. Did you think Mahomes was below in that game?


No, not as soon as their defense figured out. I saw a couple of late third-quarter drives with the Bills, and that was it. Honestly, it was more the defense that impressed me than Mahomes this game. But I don't think this is the corner-turning game for you? No. Against Cincinnati, it was a close game against Buffalo. When they went to overtime, it was close. Against the Eagles, they got- I'm not saying a corner turning.


I'm just saying we have real history with this guy now, where I'm just like, You know what? This guy is not going to blow this game in any way, and it's going to come down to as long as they don't do anything stupid, they're going to win this game because they have him. They come out top of the third quarter, they're down four. They have to score on that drive. Because if they don't get that now Buffalo, and then all of a sudden, Buffalo is up 10, and I feel like the game maybe slips away. They have the whole halftime to think about it.


I have the whole halftime to think about it. Long past the Scantling, right?


Yeah. I'm thinking like, they're definitely... Mahomes is coming through in there, and you could see it. That was his best drive of the game. The Scantling piece of it, the Valdes Scantling catch, where I was like, I'm just rooting for that guy. He had the worst year. He finally made one. You're happy for him. But those two drives that he had to start the third quarter, I felt like this is why he's the guy for this generation, though.


Yeah, I feel like he did it against the Eagles. I know what you're saying, but the Eagles were beating them up, right? And then he's like, All right, I'm going to figure something out. Andy, you and the defense also figure it out. And they did. I just can't believe how the Bills couldn't move the ball after that Shaqir, a shutdown.


I know. It seems like there was a Kelsey piece of this, too, where he gave them a good two hours, but then we didn't see him again, basically from what? End of the third quarter on because I think he's at a different point of his career. But he comparing it to the end of the pats, that last braided Belichick run with Gronk. It was the same thing with Gronk. He couldn't dominate for a whole game like Mike Evans today against Detroit, where Mike Evans was just fucking awesome that whole game. Gronk couldn't do that anymore, but he could pick his spots and pick his drives. It feels like that's where Kelsey is now.


Well, I don't know what Kelsey you're referring to, but Josh Allen in the post game or presser said he was distracted by Jason Kelsey's nipples. But you don't think that has anything to do with?


That was another awesome part of this game. We had a shirtless drinking Jason Kelsey right behind the biggest celebrity in the world who might be his sister-in-law.


Yeah. There's WWE going on, and there's like the Grammys going on. It's like craziness, like what football has become. It's amazing. The NFL did okay with the Chiefs advancing another week.


I did wish I had said that on Thursday as a reason to take the Chiefs. This is what the outcome the NFL wanted. But I was thinking shirtless, Kelsey in the suite with Taylor in front of her. It's like the hour mark of the rom-com when the couple is getting serious and she's spending time with his family and the family is just fucking crazy. She's like, I don't know if I can. Then they have a crisis and they break up for a little bit before they get back together at the end. I was wondering, is this Jason, Kelsey? This is the crisis. It's like, Hey, nice win. But your brother had 27 beers. He was in his underwear by the end of the game. You realize I'm famous, right? Can that not happen again?


It's a little something about Mary-ish. Maybe that's going a little too far, but what's the problem? Yeah, I know what you're saying.


All right. I had written down all the worst Andy Reid playoff losses because after the Hardman fumb, I'm like, They're going to fucking blow this, and this is going to move into the Andy Reid pantheon.


You counted them out. You said you didn't count them out, but you were. Were you doing research? No.


After the Hardman thing, I was like, Oh, my God, they blew this game. I was like, They should be up 10. This is the classic. This hits every checkpoint. But they had that That's the D4 game in 2018. They had that sincey game in '21 when it seemed like Mahomes got concussed right before the half, but they had a lead, and then it was like a three-touchdown swing. There was that indie game with Andrew luck. What was it? '28? Oh, yeah. They were up 28-3. Did we watch that together? We might have. We did. There was the Tennessee game when they were favorites and they blew that one. They've had a few bad ones, and I think this would have immediately moved near the top of the list because it felt like they were going to put the game away and then also.


It would have been his fault, too, Reid, right? We hate that play with Scantling. You got a guy who's ready to run through a wall and there's not a chance he's going to fumble in Pacheco, and you're giving it to the punt returner. I know he made a great catch and everything else to get him down the field in the third quarter. But yeah, that's a terrible play call.


Yeah. It's like if I'm playing Madden with my Stone friend at 2:00 in the morning and I want to fuck around on first and goal to try something, I'm like, Oh, no I'm going to run the jet sweep. He'll be mad that I made this. That's one thing, but this is an actual game trying to get to the AFC title game. I don't want Nicole Hardman involved in any way, shape, or form. We see it every week. These coaches, they can't help themselves. They have to be like, watch, I'm going to run the... They're not going to be expected in the jet sweep. It's like, you know what might work? It's Pacheco just running into the middle of five guys and pushing them two yards.


Pretty sure that's going to work. Everybody's looking for their next Philly Special for no reason.


Philly Philly Special, the worst thing that happened to play college in the last five years. We should tell everyone why you seem a little subdued. Last week, you were subdued. I don't know. You had Buffalo. I think you're disappointed. You didn't have a good weekend.


I don't know, man. How many games are there so far?


There's 10 games.


There's been 10 or nine?


There's been 10 games. Six last week, four this week.


All right. Yeah. Okay. All right. So I'm one and nine. What do you want me to say? That's not good.


You were in thewise guy show this morning telling the audience to fade you because you're ice cold. That's when it gets dark where you're like, I'm still useful. Just go against me. I'm ice cold.


Well, I'm thinking about it, and I'm picking Tampa Bay, and I pick them in an upset. I'm like, What am I screaming about? I've been terrible. Why am I so confident? I should just shut the hell up. I don't know.


Or do the George Kistanza. Just do the opposite.


The opposite? Yeah, I know. Well, all right. We'll We'll go over the games, but that first one was close. That, whatever. Bucks Lynes.


Bucks Lynes, Detroit wins two playoff games in a row at home for the first time since 1773. I looked at it. Wow. I thought it was earlier than that. It was actually before America had independence. Yeah. Okay. Goff throws for 287, two shutdowns, zero picks, 18 first downs passing. I had the one... Did they drop? It would have been a great interception, but they dropped one. But other than that, he was a little shaky first 10 minutes, but for the most part, I thought, looked pretty good. Then on the other side, Baker, who had a tough pick in the first quarter because it was bounced off somebody. But through for 349- By the way, Gough had one in the end zone that was dropped, too.


That was right there.


Baker throws for 349, three touch downs, but a second pick on the last drive. Did you think down eight that they were going to drive down to do something?


No, I didn't. I did think they were going to get the two-point conversion. We're seeing that more and more now. You freaked out. Whatever. It's fine. You could win because you had Detroit minus six and a half or whatever. But I like that you had to sweat that two-point conversion a little bit. Do you think they were converting? If he stopped short, Evans, they throw the flag, but he tried too hard to catch the ball is the problem.


So this worked in the Miami, Tennessee game, and now it feels like we're going to have this for the rest of our lives because it worked once. It's going to work like one out of 100 times. Miami, Tennessee, it worked.


It'll be the green light for analytics says go. It's just like we said, some guy just leaning on the green button says, yeah, analytics always says go. Analytics says, you should burn your punter. Just light a match to him every time.


Yeah. Does analytics factor in? This Detroit crowd is probably the single loudest crowd. Then your quarterback's Baker Mayfield, who's pretty short and has to throw over a taller line. There's just all these variables. I guess the thought is if you get in, you're down six. You're putting mental pressure on the other team because they're like, holy shit, if we don't end this game, they could come back down and win it. But couldn't they do that anyway? If they scored a touch, they touched that extra point, they're down seven, then they score another touch down and just go for two the second time. It's the same pressure.


I'm always for that. I don't know why. Maybe we're older, we're safer. This is just a more secure thing. You know what I mean? We're not going to get crazy with Bitcoin. We're just, okay, We'll hide our money under our mattresses.


But I guess- Your money is under your mattress?


What? I didn't say that. Yeah, I make it 31,24 for sure. I don't understand what cutting it to six does.


Yeah, we're getting too cute in all aspects. I mean, for instance, I do think it's situational. I get it. What we talked about before, where there's a penalty on Buffalo. Getting an hour at the one when it's 26,24. Fuck it. You have to go for that. You're going to be able to get one yard against a Buffalo defense that's missing six guys and hasn't stopped you once the whole game. Or Mahomes will get a sneak. It seems like KC is afraid to sneak Mahomes at all. Have you noticed that?


Well, they are because that's how he got injured.


That's how he got hurt. So it's just like that play is now out.


They haven't done that since.


So Detroit, 7.7 yards of play, 22 first downs. They gave up to the Rams last week. This week, they gave up 6.8 yards per play and 23 first downs to Baker Mayfield in Tampa. It's not a great sign for next week against the Niners.


Also, more importantly, I think 6 yards of rush. We get into this game. That was the difference. That was the- Plays and drives. Right. That's what the lines had on them. Like, well, they have Montgomery, they have Gibbs. Tampa Bay isn't even going to run the ball with White. They really gouged them, especially in the first half.


Running game combined with... Nekua has a huge game last week. Mike Evans has a huge game this week. I mean, he made a couple of awesome catches, which last week, he didn't catch anything. This week, he was awesome. But The recipe for them going against San Francisco, and we'll go over when we do guess the lines at the end, but it does feel like you're catching the Niners off a game where, man, did they get lucky? We'll talk about that later. Then the Lions, where they're like, Oh, my God, the Lions, two in a row. Could this keep going? It's a miracle team, team of destiny. It feels like one team's a little overvalued and one team's a little undervalued, just from what we saw this week. Do you agree with that?


I definitely agree with that. I think people are dying to put the lines in the Super Bowl. Well, we'll see if FanDuel agrees with it, but we go over that 49ers game and what has to happen for Purdy to succeed. But yeah, I could see the San Francisco not having a tough game like that again for the rest of the year.


It was interesting. The Rams are just better than the Bucks. It's weird to see a team play someone in round two that's just not as good as the team they played in round one. I'm sure the Rams watched that game, and they probably watched that game, and then the Niners last night, and they probably were like, Oh, my God. We actually could have done this.


You and I were saying that. The Rams had Monday night when Tampa played Philly. The Rams needed to be in this game so that they could advance next week. Not the Detroit game, but it didn't work out like that.


Yeah, it's too bad. Gibbs had a good game. I hit that same game parlay for Fender. He did. That's right. Gibbs, 40-40, gets it on the last pass, Detroit wins, and Evans had 25. It was plus 5-62. But the most exciting moment was the two-point miss for the cover. The line ends up at six and a half. The whole Wwise Guys show had Tampa. I'm texting you all weekend going, Tampa sucks, Tampa sucks, and you're getting mad at me. Then all of a sudden, it's in there.


They put up more of a fight than you thought. I mean, the total yardage was about the same, I think, if you look at this, right?


I don't like taking teams in the playoffs unless I think they can win, and I didn't think Tampa could actually beat them. That's it. I thought, yeah, they could hang around, maybe they could steal a cover, but one of my basic- Can I two my horn for one second? Yeah, let's hit a couple of weird props.


Evans to be the leading receiver in this game was plus 320. What the hell is that? That's done. 147. He won that by 70 yards. Holy shit. I had Evans all over. Evans, 100 plus yards. Evans to score a countdown. That's it, though. I had a tight end to score in every game at plus 650. Yeah, Ringo WISE, guys, watch that show. We got plus money parlays all over the place.


My dog made a cameo on that show today because I don't even need to do this for Parent Corner. Go to bed last night. I'm so excited. I'm getting in bed relatively early. Had a really fun time. I'm like, All right, I'm going to wake up at seven. I'll make coffee. I'll watch the fellows. Can't wait to see what they have. Start thinking about the bets, maybe do some work, get ready. My dad's coming. What a great day. 2:55 in the morning, I hear Murf walking around. For some reason, I never wake up. For some reason, I wake up and then I smell like a smell. I'm like, Oh, no. I wake up and it's pitch black. I have to put my glasses on. It's definitely a smell. I'm like, instead of my wife, like, Gary, I think something bad happened. He's just destroyed this rug we have right in the middle of the bedroom. I take him outside. I actually felt bad for him. He goes outside. He's gone for 10 minutes and comes back and just is bummed out. I have no idea if he's got diarrhea on him. My wife's just screaming upstairs, cleaning up an Apocalypse.


I whip my cell phone out and took a video of it and sent it to thewise guy's account. Do I keep Chief's Lion as a tease? Because this has to be one of the worst omens of all time. My dog, there's like, shit. It's like the exorcist shit up in the bedroom. Then I was up the rest of the night. I was up till 7:30 with Murf.


I commented that it's staring right in the face. The dog shit the bed. So don't take any dogs. Don't take any underdogs on Sunday. And then Rahim is like, No, it's like when a bird shits on you, it's good luck. And this whole analysis is talking about dog shit. You don't see Terry and Howie discussing this.


This is why Wearing a Rise, guys. This is the best show on TV. Exactly. Rahim was right because in 2004, I wrote a whole column about this during the Red Sox playoff one. We were walking to get coffee and a bird shit on me. I was like, Oh, my God. And I told my mom and she's like, that's good luck.


That's good luck.


Bird shitting on you. It's good luck. I'm like, It's good luck. I have shit on my shirt. She's like, Don't wash it. I'm definitely going to wash it. I don't want to get some disease.


Well, that's a bird. I don't know how dogs are. First of all, you have too many dogs. I'm sorry. There's something bad. We live, too. No, there's three, isn't there?


No, there's two. We're down to two. One of them died.


You were here last week. We went two dogs. I thought you had three for a second. All right.


We have Murf and Stone Jessie. Yeah, okay. Because Jessie stressed out all the time. So we put a little THC in our morning food.


I think you have a third one that you don't know about. I thought I saw a third one.


Well, Well, we had a third one, but he lives with Karen's mom. Oh, right. That's right. Okay. All right. Anyway, Diary of Murf. It turns out it was a good omen.




I went every bed today. I was two and 0. Good. I hit a couple of teases.


We'll do it again next Saturday. Are you going to have them shit in the bed again?


Yeah, I'm going to give them Mexican food on Friday, on Saturday. Sorry, Kerry. Yeah, on this Sunday. Terry, this is a big working one for us. This has been working.


Just two more weeks left.


Another thing we were talking about was I sent in a 13-point tease to the show yesterday, which was Ravens to plus three and a half, packers to plus 22, packers over to 37, and Casey plus 15 and a half today. I send these in, and usually, Rahim just gets upset immediately because he's a traditionalist. House, JJ, they just want to make fun of it. But I've hit enough of these this year, and you were just like, I don't know. This is a good one.


I'm not I'm not going to fight it.


I don't know. Yeah, not going to fight it anymore.


It's the Taylor Swift cutaway at this point. I'm like, Okay, great. I don't get it, but...


Taylor Swift is the 13-point tease of TV cutaway. My favorite bet of the week was Lion's Chiefs to plus eight and a half, which once the Lyons said... There wasn't any point in this game when I was worried about the Chiefs losing by double digits.


Really? That first... All right. No, I just felt like it was... I really thought that builds the offense. It's really solid first quarter run, but then it's Anything else on Lion's Bucks? What did I have there?


Goff Mayfield. What were the ads of Goff Mayfield three years ago in a second-round playoff game?


I know it. I thought, yeah. He did a good job. I don't know if they're going to replicate this. I keep waiting for the, We're just happy to be here moment for the Lynes. I would hate that for their fans.


I don't think they're good enough on defense. I think it's one thing when you're home and it's super loud and you're getting false starts and you're playing teams that are a little flawed in some way. Like the Bucks, they had their tight end over the middle for some third down stuff. They could run the ball a little, but not like, I wouldn't say it's elite, and they had one big receiver. Rams last week Really one receiver because Cup just didn't do anything. And this Niners, now you're in the road. I didn't see enough of a pass rush other than Hutchinson. The Niners, I think, are going to... That was a nice little wake-up call win for them where it's like, they really shouldn't have won. So that doesn't make you double down on stuff. So I don't love the spot for the Alliance.


I mean, isn't it all about the weather at this point? When you see... Look, whatever. The Niners minus nine and a half was a terrible pick, but I also didn't know it was pouring rain and Debo was only going to play six snaps. So that was a killer. I don't know if we want to start talking about this game now. Yeah, let's do it. But if he goes from wearing a glove to not wearing a glove to maybe I should wear three gloves. Herdie was a disaster, underthrowing guys. It was a game that he absolutely needed Debo because when his accuracy was so off, you need two short options. Mccafree, underneath, was going to get covered eventually. So You need a Debo, secondly. But if it's raining again next week, you're not going to have confidence in the 49ers, right?


It was interesting the quotes from him after the game about, Yeah, I had the glove. It didn't feel right, so I took it off. It didn't even seem like he solved feeling good about how to throw a ball in bad weather. I'm going to add this to the manifesto, I think, for next week. I think as a permanent rule. There's certain QBs that the weather just doesn't matter. Josh Allen in whatever weather, he's going to be fine. Same for Mahomes. Braided was like that. The big, tall guys with big hands, they're fine. But you move down to that like Brock Purdy level. He threw a couple of passes where the ball was spiraling, like spinning. Not a lot of a spiral, but actually, it looked like he was throwing a boomerang or something. Wasn't great. Wasn't good. See, I disagree with you because I thought Green Bay They start that game with three long drives, and they get six points total, including a four and out when they have third and one. I don't know what the fuck they were doing on that drive where they just ran around in the line, then tried to speed up and If they didn't get the...


But after those first three drives, I was like, Oh, my God, they're going to be able to move the ball game. And they did.


You can't sack the guy. There's no sacking Jordan loved for some reason. No.


And they had receivers going all over the place. Jones was playing well, and I just thought they played better. And it really came down to they dropped two purdy picks that were just completely catchable, and they dropped them. They missed a 41-yard field goal in the fourth quarter to go up seven. That kicker who's missed in 10 the last 12. And they really needed just... They stop them on that one last drive, and that was the one time they couldn't stop them. But they had five red zone trips before San Francisco had a single red zone trip. When you think about it that way, and they're on the road, I If I'm a Green Bay fan, I'm like, Oh, my God, how did we not win that game?


Oh, 49ers are super lucky to win. Super lucky. Especially, they were 0-30 under Shanaam when trailing by seven or more heading into the fourth quarter. So that wasn't good. But I couldn't tell with guys. This happened against the Cowboys, too, and there was no weather, but guys falling down, D-backs falling down, freaking Bow mountains of the world being wide open. I'm like, What am I even watching here? Is this a good game or is this a sloppy game that's going to end up being close. The slippery field, the field is one of the worst I've seen in a long time. I don't know what this means to the future, for next week where they have a game.


I think the packers were legitimately good. Their defense, the same defense that Tommy DeVito was ripping up and Bryce Young had the best half of his career. But their defense could look good for stretches. I thought offensively, that was about as good of an offense as we've seen the last couple of weeks in the league, where just all these different dudes that just seemed like they were open half the time. A QB that was able to buy himself time over and over again. Their offensive line, I think, was probably the best offensive line in the league by round two. Love, he's barely pressured, and when he was pressured, he could just maneuver out of The shame for them is that they didn't get going sooner, and that instead of barely being a seven seed, I think they had a legit chance to win that division if they had gotten shit going maybe five weeks earlier, right? Right.


If they hadn't lost to the Giants and done stupid things like that.


Right, and all these stupid losses.


Yeah. There's just so many mindsets. Back to Shana Khan, he lost confidence in Purdy almost immediately. Right before the half, 55 seconds, you're on your opponent's end of the field three timeouts and you're going for a field goal.


You're playing calling for it. He was coaching scared.


Completely for a field goal with a rookie kicker, which, by the way, I don't even know if we should have rookie kickers anymore. Is there a shortage of veterans who can get it from 50 who have played in the postseason. I don't know. I don't even know if rookie kickers are worth it. Maybe I should make a blanket statement like that.


Pat spent a fourth round on one, and it was just he cost us four games. And thank God, I'd love to send him some money.


It's got to be better than that. But no, super lucky, the 49ers. The packers, if you want to say, probably deserve to win.


Well, especially, as you said, the Debo thing was so early in the game. Although it's weird because, yeah, it sucked that he got hurt. But if we did a fantasy draft of, I'm not surprised at all that that guy was hurt, would he have been the first pick in the draft? Or second, was McCaffrey the first pick? I don't think I've ever- He went in the play. He was like, Least surprising guy to get hurt in the playoffs we're about to watch, is it McCafry or Diba?


I can't remember a game I've ever bet on 49ers where he's made it to the finish line.


Takes huge hits. Naku is going to be the new guy like that because he takes four huge hits every game.


Spins in and out of hits.


Yeah. Plus, he's got a quarterback leading him into just getting smushed.


Yeah, that doesn't help.


I can't say it was the most impressive Shane-Hane game either, but they got it done.


Can I just dive one more thing on that? The Dre Green law pick at the end, and he won't go down, and he's not going down.


So stupid in bad weather.


All he has to do is go down. He's looking for different ways to get. He would have run back to his own end zone if he had to. He had them minus nine and a half. I think we're still low and commented that. But if you're Shanaher, at some point, you say to your team on the sideline, go fucking tackle that guy. Go tackle him. What's the worst penalty they can give you?


A Niner runs on the field? What All the Niners.


They can't give the packers the ball at that point, right? You just got to control this mania.


Because it's a foul. Oh, that's really interesting.


Yeah. Just send everybody- It's like a drunk guy in a bar.


Everyone's just jumping on him.


Get them out of here before the cops come. I don't know. They couldn't give the packers the ball, right? That would have been the way to do it.


That's hilarious. Green Bay, I mean, Lock It Down are going to be next year's sexy team, right? July, August. Green Bay. It's like, Locket Down. I don't even think they are a minus 400 favorite to be the most discussed up and coming team next year.


I think capitalize, they're okay, although his deal is up in May. So I don't know what they do with Jordan.


They have to pay him. They have their first. They have the Jets second from the Rodgers trade, which is like, I'm going to say high 30s, maybe like 39, 40. They don't need to spend any stuff on receivers. They got to pay to keep their line together. I think Aaron Jones is under contract, so they can go load up a little more on defense, but they're in a nice spot. All right, we'll take a break, talk about Ravens Houston and do Guess the Lens. Ravens Houston is the last game which happened. It feels like it happened 10 hours ago. There was about an hour there when it's like, Oh, play off Lamar. Is this now officially going to become a thing? And then all of a sudden, he was awesome. But there was like an hour there. The Texans line looked super fast. I don't know, I got nervous. They get the punt return. I was so mad. I had first half game. I just needed the Ravens are up 10-3. It's like, Oh, what a great way to start. Then all of a sudden, it's 10-10 in halftime.


You had one of your- I had my dumb bet where I had the underdog to win the first half and the favorite to win the game, which paid seven to one, and Houston missed a field goal.


I get it. Fairborn is good. That's like you think he's going to make that.


If not for the punt return, I'm not anywhere near that bet, but damn it, I would have liked to have had it. But this was bad for me. I had Houston plus the points, and Baltimore was just clearly better. But we should remember this, there is some rust on these buy teams, Baltimore and Green Bay, offense-wise, going in. But I don't even know what to say about the Texans. They were the happy to be there team.


There was a lot of manifesto rules that came through that game, but the big one is, don't be too excited about somebody who looked awesome in round one. There's a big difference between Flacko throwing back-to-back pick sixes and the Browns being unable to basically cover anybody. And then all of a sudden, you're playing that Ravens team. That crowd's going nuts and it's freezing cold. Lamar was awesome. I feel like he needed it. I know he's going to win the MVP, and I know he's one of the best players in the league, but there was a moment in that game where I'm like, All right, man, let's see it. You're supposed to be one of the best players in the league. And then he was out of his mind.


We get on the case of, I don't know who it is, I guess, media or us. I don't know who it is that determines who the MVP is. And a lot of it is stacked by the bigger games towards the end of the year. It's like, Oh, Lamar is only going to win it because he beats San Francisco and then whatever. It didn't really matter after that. It's like, well, good thing he is going to win it. Imagine if they gave it to Dak or Purdy at this point.


Oh my God. Purdy would be the worst one. Purdy is like, I can't grip the trophy. I needed a glove that's got more stick to it.


I told you, McCaffrey was the MVP, and I'm going to prove it. Having four bad weather games in a row.


Well, I'll tell you, I've always had that theory about the MVP trophies, that you should also get to vote on how big the trophy is. If it's a fucking awesome, incredible MVP season, it's like a 40-pound trophy. You can barely carry it. You almost feel like a friend. Then if it's like somebody had to win season, it's like a five pounder, like what you got for winning the Westcats Championship. The little one, it's falling apart.


Oh, that reveal would be great. That would be a great show in itself.


It will be a 10 pound trophy. I would say 5 pounds, 10 pounds, 20 pounds or 40 pounds. To me, this is a 10 pound season for Lamar. Was it? I wouldn't give it a 20 or 40, would you? If the choices are 5 pounds, 10 pounds, 20 pounds, 40 pounds. We had a different MVP winning every week for eight weeks, and then with three weeks left, all of a sudden it was him. But it wasn't like a dominant MVP.


Because you're talking about 10 guys, right? We were talking like, yeah, it could be McCaffrey, it could be Tyreek Hill, and then it could be the four or five quarterbacks we talk about all the time.


It was never Mac Jones.


Yeah, 10, 15 pound-ish, I would put in there. But 229 on the ground, and it's over. That's what Baltimore did. A hundred of those were Lamars, and then Hill Justice, and even Dalvin Cook went up the rest.


He finished 11 for 100 with two TD TDs, which if you were same game parlin' that one, the 100 yards was at least plus, maybe even plus 240 plus 250 range, maybe. Sure. Two TDs had to have been plus 300. Ravens to win. There was some version of the... And the Ravens to cover. You've done Ravens to cover. I had one. I didn't even tell you about this. One of the bets I hit this weekend, I didn't do it for a million dollar pics, was Ravens minus 14.5, packers plus three and a half, Chiefs to win. What do you think the odds were for that?


What was the first one?


Ravens minus 14 and a half adjusted.


Oh, wow.


Packers plus three and a half adjusted, Casey to win.


Nine to one more?


It was 18 and a half to one. Really? Yeah. How many millions? It was been huge odds. I won $12 million in real life. Wow. Buying a boat. So excited.


Get a boat for your dog to shit in.


That's amazing. He's going to shit. He's definitely going to shit. I might have to get a boat just so the dog could have diarrhea in the boat and just be sick. Houston gets 10 first downs total, 213 yards total in the game. If not for the punt return, that might have been a 50 to 3 type of shellacking because they did nothing. But they had one receiver. What are you going to do? It's just cover Nico Collins.


I don't know why the Browns didn't do that last week. High hopes for Nico. I really did.


The other thing I'd say about the Ravens game, because you're supposed to win that game and you're the best team they have seen. It was what happened. It was supposed to happen. Dalvin Cook came in in the second half and immediately looked like their best running back. It was the first guy with size and speed, and he made a couple of guys miss, and it was like, Oh, shit. They have Dalvin Cook. I don't know. Did you have a moment like that? Because that's how I was feeling watching.


Yeah. Well, I mean, not specifically him, but I thought all three of them like, Oh, my God. You don't know where to look next between Lamar Hill, Justice, and Cook. Don't forget, they forgot. They lost Keaton Mitchell. They always lose Dobbins within the first few weeks. This team could have five or six good runningbacks. They're almost even a better version of the 49ers a couple of years ago, the way they worked that.


It goes to show you how stupid Atlanta was. Nobody should ever spend a top 10 pick on a first round or ever again. Just never. Just never do it. You're always going to be able to find a running back in the fifth, sixth, seventh round, whatever. Instead of taking a kicker in the sixth round, just take some random running back or sign. There's three Dalvin' Cooke available every year that it's like, Oh, that guy wants more money. Even Zeke. Dallas could have used Zeke again as your backup instead of who you had Stan said.


We were saying this. I was like, If we had a Pacheco, now we're just going to end up cutting Tony Pollard. If we had any of these guys, we still would have lost the packers by 20, but whatever.


Where are you with the handicapping right now? How are you feeling? Confident, shaken? Big week next week. How can we rebuild it?


I'm weird because I'm hitting on some of these props, too, but I cannot hit aside for my life. I don't know. What do I do? I've never been this bad.


I hit four. I was four and out this week. I'm eight and two. One of the ones I lost was that stupid Pittsburgh Buffalo game.


That's the only one I won.


I think I would have flipped that. I didn't love taking Mason Rudolf, but it was supposed to be a blizzard with 50-mile-an-hour wins. I'm taking the points. I don't know. This game is going to be 3-0. Then they switched it. But that was one of those where I almost wish I had tweeted, I'm changing my pick. This is ridiculous. Rahim is in the same boat. The one that I got Cleveland wrong, I got lucky with Bucksliions because they easily could hit that two-pointer called PI.


Glad you're doing it. All right.


Yeah. Well, Evans, maybe don't backpedal when you have a chance to get PI. I know that was dumb. Just stop. You're going to get a call.


Get run over.


We didn't talk about that other play. This is a play that they're screwing up now, I think at a 90% rate. The quarterback throwing the lateral that when they have the camera, Josh Allen in the Buffalo game. It's actually not a lateral, the ball is going forward. I think they screw this up the most out of any call, out of the calls.


Yeah, well, I don't even know that they got the Music City miracle right. I'm still not. But it's almost always a forward pass, even if it looks like it's behind, right? Because the momentum is going to take the pass forward. It's physics. Yes, exactly. Yes. And Jack, you don't expect these referees to understand physics beyond everything else.


So that was that third and 17 on the first drive, and Reid didn't challenge it. And it's like, the ball went forward. You got to challenge it. Roma was like, great pass. It's lateral. Huge play by Allen, Jim.


And then they show the replay. They get to the line and snap it. Yeah, you get that. Yeah. And then they get there. Yeah, there were a couple of those. There were a couple of weird ones like that. But yeah, I don't love the... The only other thing I was going to talk about, like Green Bay, again, like some of these D-backs just play the ball, play the bad pass. Like Jordan loved through that pass and was passing a fair in town right when the packers took the lead again. But anyway, I'm going backwards too much.


You want to do Guest Alliance for round two?


Well, listen, this is my saving Grace, right? Because I think I could clinch the year this week.




I'm 8,7. I'm 8,7 and 5. Okay, so I can go up two weeks with two left. Anyway, you got to try to win.


Okay. What's our first game? What did they put first, AFC or NFC?


Well, they alternate from year to year. So the AFC, even though that's the more exciting game, that's the first one, 3:00 PM Eastern Time, Sunday.


Kansas City at Baltimore is first. Then Detroit at San Francisco, second.


That's right.


I forgot to guess the line, so I'm doing this live right now.


Okay, I sent you mine. I'm not changing them.


Okay. Kc at Baltimore. I think that's Baltimore by three.


All right, you get this. I said two and a half. What is it? I said two and a half. I said two and a half. It's three and a half. Here you got it.


Oh, the hook.


That's got to go down to three. That can't. Come on. This is going to be dumb chief's money coming in, right?


Well, Mahomes, 9,1,1 as an underdog. You could say the whole trends are stupid. Every year, the season's different and the team's different. Or you could say, Hey, you know what's stupid? Betting against Patrick Mahomes. Because, braided was also awesome as an underdog. Maybe when you're getting- Katie would kill teams, though.


These games weren't close with Katie. Only a few were close. Mahomes, every one of these is close. It's not 42-14 anymore with the Chiefs.


Well, it feels... I keep bringing up that last Pats season, but it feels similar to that. That Pats season ends with them going in a KC in that awesome game, 37, 31, and OT that they win. But that was the end of whatever version of that Pats team was, and braided ends up leaving a year later. But it's different because Mahomes Holmes is going to be at the Chiefs forever. But it does feel like, I don't know how many more Kelsey years we're getting. Even now, like we talked about earlier, you're getting him for an hour and a half, two hours of a three-hour game in big spots, but not the full three hours.


Again, Jason with the nipples.


Kelsey. Jason might just get him canceled. But yeah, this just feels like... And then you just think about Taylor Swift in the Super Bowl If you're the NFL and your choices are, Baltimore could be in the Super Bowl, or Patrick Mahomes, Taylor Swift, and Travis Kelsi could all be in the Super Bowl in Las Vegas. I don't know. What does Rahim say? He calls it the A-side, B-side?


The B-side, yeah.


You want to be on the A-side team, the team that is the league clearly is going to try to finish. So they're going to figure out a ref crew that they haven't figured out yet. I don't know. I think they would much rather have the Chiefs.


You got to start looking at the Ravens, tight ends, girlfriend. Is like, Isiah Likely. Is he dating Dua Lupa? I don't know. I don't think. If it's that, we got to put the Chiefs in the Super Bowl. I mean, the referees had no trouble putting the Chiefs in the Super Bowl before Taylor Swift.


No, this is different, though. I think she's worth... It really does have a chance to be the biggest Super Bowl since we were kids in the '80s when we had five channels. Back then, it was like 100 plus million It could be the biggest event, and yet also her attending a karaoke bar.


I'm like, Give me that mic for a second. I got to say a little something, get something off my chest there.


Next game is Lions at the Niners.


All right. I feel good that you're going to get this wrong, and then we'll tie.


Okay. Packers were getting... It was seven, seven and a half. Where did it end? No, not- I'm sorry. Nine, nine and a half. Did it end at nine or nine and a half?


I think nine and a half.


Nine and a half, okay. I was going to say there's seven or seven and a half, and I think I'm leaning toward seven and a half, Niners favored over the Lines.


Okay, I'm no longer confident that you're going to get this wrong. You got it. I said six, and it is seven.


So you get it. Seven, okay. So we're tied heading into the last two weeks.


One week.


Yeah, one week. Oh, yeah. One week left. Winner takes all. But we're going to have to mail that Super Bowl line almost immediately after the Sunday games. Yeah, we're going to do it. All right, so let's talk this out. The most obvious tease of all time is 49ers Chiefs. 49ers Chiefs. I just don't see Jared Goff in this lines team with this sketchy defense winning in San Francisco. Like, Purdy would have to be abominable, really bad. Other than that, or McCafee would have to get hurt, almost like Debo did in this game. But on the other hand, what if they don't have Debo for this game? Maybe that affects the line.


I'm with you. I'm surprised you have this take, though. I thought you We're going to be like, San Francisco is a fraud and all this stuff.


I think that was perfect. I think it's perfect to have played out for them. Where that total wake-up call, we're not as good as... We lost the Baltimore. We almost lost the Green Bay. Hey, guys, get your shit together. Nobody's putting us in the Super Bowl yet. You can use motivation for this in all kinds of ways.


To me, it's all precipitation. I don't like purty back there. If it's rainy, if I see even a drop of condensation coming off an air conditioner high in the stadium. I don't like purty in this situation, but we'll see, I guess.


All right. Let's do Parent Corner. Today's Parent Corner is brought to you by Car Max. Every day as a parent is filled with lots of decisions to make for your kids, and they aren't always easy. Well, another big decision is buying a car. You got to think about what make a model you want if you need four-wheel drive, the gas mileage, and so much more. Luckily, Car Max is here to help simplify things. You can shop their nationwide inventory. You can easily find a car that will work for you. More importantly, you could take a full month up to 1,500 miles to love your car. Return it guaranteed. That's the 30-day money-back guarantee. Learn more and find a car you love today at Car Cribs. Com. What do you got, Sal?


All right. So my 10-year-old, Harrison, he's in a basketball league. They're going to play on Saturdays.


It's fun. Is this your first fight? First fight? Parent fight?


No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. But I'm telling you, I'm going to have trouble. I think I'm a very, very well-rounded guy. And if I have to go to therapy, I think it should be over youth sports anger. If I can get that out of my system, I'll be fine. They're playing, and whatever. I shouldn't care anymore. It's a bunch of little kids from the beach running around. They don't know what the hell they're doing. They're 10 years old, so whatever. But anyway, Harrison's having a good game. It's 2017. Time is running down, and there's a jump ball with 1.7 seconds left. Harrison's team's up 2017. It's got seven or eight points. They huddle up, and it's the team that's losing the opponent's ball with 1.7 7 left. And I already look at our clock guy who's a friend of mine. I'm like, And you couldn't run the 1.7. Let's get the hell out of here. He gives me the shrug. And so I said, And they're huddling up. And I'm saying to Harrison, I'm like, Harrison, foul the shooter. Foul the shooter. He's like, What? He doesn't understand. I'm like, Foul the shooter.


When it's inbound to him, foul. No 10-year-old in the country is going to make three free throws, right?


How about no 10-year-old in the country is going to understand those instructions?


Yeah, exactly. Yes, that was part of it, too. Doesn't foul the shooter. Kid runs a running leaner, almost half-court, banks it in. The whole gym is going crazy except me. I'm there with my arms folded. The parents on our team are excited for this kid on the other team. I'm like, What the fuck? Are you kidding me? Melissa is like, What's wrong with you? They put two minutes on the clock. They play overtime. We lose 22-20.


Were there tears? Is this a tears loss after 10-year-old boys are criers.


He's holding them back because almost the whole other team was in his class. I was like, Now he's going to hear this on Monday. I was like, Just fucking foul the shooter. This is what I'm telling. He's like, I still don't understand what you're saying. I'm like, Okay, great. If you foul him, he's going to free throw line. Now I'm like, I'm the idiot. My wife's like, He has to lose games like this. What are you getting mad? This is part of growing up.


He has to lose games like this.


What is that? No, I was like, I lose games like this, betting on them, and I will tomorrow, I'm sure, too. He doesn't have to. That's terrible. A 10-year-old hitting a three like that, almost half court. We're home for an hour, and I'm like, I'm still not over it, and I go downstairs. I'm like, So you understand If he gets the ball and you just hug him, you're going to be in good shape. He's like, Dad, now at this point, he's playing Fortnite. He's like, Dad, I don't care. I really don't care. I don't think I've ever felt more like a loser at that moment.


I'm sure I'll flap myself. You're like the dad in Varsity Blues. You're like, Max's dad.


I care. You should care. So that was that. So he's okay with the three. I mean, wouldn't that as a kid crush you for days?


Yeah, they just move on to the next thing now.


Yeah, the next thing is a video game.


I remember Zoe played summer league basketball after fifth grade. It was like her last year, she was really good at basketball. She put in this team that was older. At the end of the game, they were up, and she made the shot to give them the lead. It was in the championship game. The whole gym is rooting for the other team because I forget. It was somewhere in the valley, but it was all valley kids. The other team, they inbound the ball with, I don't know, five seconds left. They have this inbound play under the basket because they missed a shot ball and out of bounds. Inbound play. The girl just shoves one of our girls from behind to get the ball and puts it in for a layup. They don't call it. We go to overtime, and I'm so fucking mad. They lose in overtime. Zoe doesn't care. She's a 10-year-old girl. She's like, Where are we going next? I'm just like, I want to talk to that guy in the parking lot. I'm so mad because it was so obvious that they missed it. The problem with these 10-year-old games are that it's like somebody's buddy is the ref.


I know. It's like, Oh, the other team's coach, his best friend, the ref called in sick. So his buddy Bobby is going to be the ref for the game. And what's the buddy going to do? He's going to give all the calls to his buddy.


Yeah. Well, That wasn't the case with my thing. But I was like, Harris, don't you understand on the money line, you would have been a minus 50,000 favorite.


Do you have a same game parlay?


They have a same game parlay. You know me, I always bet against the buzzer beaters anyway. I'm no fun.


But When we watched football last week, we had the basketball on in the big football game on the big TV. But there's basketball on League Pass this year. They just show the halftimes, whatever is showing in the Jumbotron and the halftime. And the Celtics game had just these two teams of 12-year-olds playing a halftime. And I swear to God, you would have bet on it. If somebody was like, I'll take the team going right to left minus one, you would have been like, In.


I'm not even would I have bet. I stupidly for a second, looked down at my phone as if I could maybe bet that. I'm like, Oh, no. What am I doing? No, I can't bet these 12-year-olds. I have 10-year-olds.


Oh, my God. My parent corner. My son is now... He's 16. He's a sophomore in high school, but he's going out a little bit more. It's a question of what's the curfew? What'd you do for Archie for a curfew sophomore year, age 16?


Oh, man, that's tough. Midnight?


Yeah. We were in the 12:30 range with him. Of course, he did the whole, 12:45, you look at Life 360 and he hasn't moved. It's like, Hey, you're supposed to be home now. Oh, sorry, sorry. He gets home at 1:15. But we're now moving into this stage with him that we just went through with our daughter for two Two years where it's like, I'm sorry, I can't go to bed when my kids still out. Yeah, right. But at the same time, we're on this different sleep clock where we get up early because we're old and we want to go to bed a little earlier because we're old. But on Friday and Saturdays, and our kids are out, and I'm just not going to be like, Oh, wake up in the morning. I wonder if Ben got home last night. It's just not happening. No. Basically, for the next two years of my life, I'm fucked from a sleep standpoint on the weekends. I got to learn how to nap, basically.


Yeah, that's not good. Did you tell what was Zoe in 10th grade? What was her curfew?


Zoe was really 11th. It was 11th and 12th, but it was two years. Ben is now like, it feels like a two and a half year run here.


If you tell him, Hey, your sister's curfew wasn't midnight.


Yeah, I think we got to crack down. Maybe we just got to be like, It's 12 until 11th grade. Yeah, there's a little precedent. It's a coaching mismanagement by me.


That's right. Yeah, you can't But you can't let the players rule your lives here.


The thing is, do you ever think with your kids, at some point when we're super old, they're in charge of our destinies with how the end goes? Then do you ever wonder Which kid do I completely trust to really give a shit?


Yeah, a lot. I do do that. I am hoping that they marry me.


Mike just going right in a nursing home. How's this going to play out for me? Should I just start setting aside money now?


At this point, you have to, or at least I have to, hope that they marry someone caring and not assholeish like the three of them.


Yeah, because my parents, I think, were just absolutely over the moon that I married my wife because my wife's a genuinely good person who would always look out for whoever. They might have been 50/50 on me as an only child. That's it. Is he going to come through? What's going to happen?


You came through. You did just fine.


Yeah. All right. That's it for Parent Corner. Today's Parent Corner is brought to you by Car Max. Parenting is always It's going to be a little tricky and filled with split-second decisions, but buying a car doesn't have to be. With Car Max, shop their nationwide inventory to find a car that fits what you're looking for and buy with confidence because you can take a full month up to 1,500 miles to make sure you really love your car Or you can return it. That's the 30-day money-back guarantee. Learn more and find a car you love today at carmax. Com. All right, Sal, how do we get on the comeback trail next week? What are you thinking? I forgot to tell you, I had overtime was one of my million-dollar pics for KC Buffalo. Oh, really? It was plus 11:60 and seemed like it was going to hit for real.


27-27. Yeah.


It seemed like he hit that field goal and it was 12 to one. I actually thought that was a pretty good odds, basically. It's basically 12 to 1.


Yeah. I mean, everybody said it's going to come down to the last stop, last offensive drive. I don't know how I get it back. There's two left. I got to find a prop like that, like an 11 to 1 prop to take me home. I'm not sure. Do they make it that easy, though? That's the question. San Francisco, Kansas City, you're absolutely right. 90% of people are going to be on that.


Every single time it gets screwed up and we end up with Detroit, Baltimore or San Francisco, Kansas. I guess San Francisco, Kansas City. Although for the league, Lamar getting in the Super Bowl is a good thing because then he could elevate to some different level of famous person. The Super Bowl is when you really get the stamp.


Yeah, but no one's elevating the Swift famous person. If they were playing the Bills, I think you're right. Like, yeah, let Lamar advance. That'd be fine. Yeah, that's what they want. But no, they need Taylor in there. I guess there's good story lines either way. If Detroit makes it, their fans deserve it. Great. San Francisco. San Francisco, in a way, is the weakest. You have the Kaepernick Bowl, the Blackout Bowl, right? If it's San Francisco, Baltimore, that we were at. That's a fun one.


I think Detroit can move the ball on them. I don't think Niners defense has been impressive at all. They've had some injuries and some stuff's happened.


Well, Dre Greenlaw is still running around with that ball, so I don't know if we can say. I can't say this yet.


When you compare them to the guy who has to get out of the bar before the The Cops go. What the hell? Yeah, Lamar getting in there would be a nice consolation prize for losing out on Kansas City because then they could just blow him out and try to turn him into a face of the league because I don't feel like he's there yet. Yeah. We're going to say faces of the League. Right now, it's Mahomes, and it's Allen, and it's Travis, Kelsi are the faces of the league.


Man. Nfl is going to win again. I think they're going to be okay. Shut up. I heard that.


Through the Ringer. You got deck.


Deck. Threw the Ringer against the Lods a couple of times. Cousin Sal's winning weekend. I have Cody Rodes on. He's a big Eagles fan, so I get to make fun of him for that, and he can make fun of me. And also Royal Rumble coming up. Ringerwise, guys, again, every Sunday.


Great Did Harry win any playoff bets this week?


He won that stupid Tampa Bay game. Another reason to root for that two-point conversion.


Sal's friend Harry, who's on against all odds with him, went 0 for 6 last week to start round one and then was 0 for 2 yesterday, right?


And like me, he's 1 and 9. But he did pick the Bills to win 48-20, so I feel like he's an ugly or 1 and 9.


Did you notice that MBC dude picked Alliance, huge again? Ahmed, the host from Maria Taylor. He picked him to win 56 to 13.


I like that, though.


Is it like a protest against having to make a pick?


Oh, it must be. Yeah, you're right.


He said, I don't want to make a pick. It's not right.


Yeah, I like that. I hate seeing the 24, 21, 27, 24, 28, 27. I like seeing a curvy number in there somewhere.


Remember how mad we used to get inside the NFL when we cared about inside the NFL when Collinsworth was on and they would go to the games, or him or Phil Sims, and they'd be like, I can't pick the game. I'm doing it. We'd be like, Why? Is that a change your analysis? All you're saying is like, Oh, a huge play coming up. When you start rooting for the other team.


Chris, you're in love with both quarterbacks. So is Romo, so is Sims. It's not going to change anything.


Romo thinks everybody in the game is the best that's ever played. Come on. How could this be swayed?


Goodell said the integrity The beauty of the League is up for grabs here. Chris gives a pick on the Ravens, Titans.


All right, Sal. Next time we talk, it will be after the conference championships, as always. Good job, A. U. Good job, are you, buddy. All right, that's it for the podcast. Thanks to Cousin Sal. Thanks to Steve Cerruti and Kyle Creighton as well. Don't forget, new rewatchables coming on Monday. Don't forget to check out Prestige TV. Don't forget to check out youtube. Com/bilsimmons, where we put up clips from this show and shorts and a lot of other stuff. I will see you in this feed on Tuesday. Must be 21 plus in President's select states, Fandil is offering online sports ranger in Kansas under an agreement with Kansas Star Casino, LLC. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-Gambler or visit fandil. Com/rg in Colorado, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Tennessee, Vermont, and Virginia. You can call 1-800-Next Step or text Next Step to 5-3342 in Arizona. Call 1-888-789-777 or visit ccpg. Org/chat. Connecticut, 1-800-9 Staying with it in Indiana, 1-800-522-4700, or visit ksgamblinghelp. Com in Kansas, 1-877-770. Stop in Louisiana, mdgamblinghelp. Org in Maryland, 1-800-gambler. Net in West Virginia, or 1-800-522-4700 in Wyoming. Hope is here. Visit gamblinghelp-linema. Org or call 800-327-5050 for 24/7 support in Massachusetts, or call 1-877-8 Hope, NY or text Hope, NY in New.