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Brandished the barren, dense marshmallow, your dreary Tenez. Welcome to the Blain by podcast, what's the crack if you're a new listener, if you're brand new, lovely, delicious listener, then. Go back to an earlier episode, go back to one around the start to nonsequential. I just want you to take a little swim when you take a little swim in the shallows, get your toes with before you go right into the deep end and start listening.


From here, it's foolish to start listening from here anyway. This this episode is for four seasoned, dreary retainers. You need to start off as a as a sweaty Kevin before you can graduate to the position of dreary teen. It's like Scientology, but for the dreary teenagers who are listening right now. This week's podcast is a hot tech podcast, but it's so hot. It's molten lava weeping from the devil's rectum, hot. OK, it's bizarre and the take is so hot that I'm going to I'm going to make the decision.


The decision is sometimes when you're telling a story, you'll begin with the ending. OK, the story begins with a parasite. That causes snails to masturbate uncontrollably. And the story ends with me taking ecstasy live on Irish radio. And in the middle of all this. I think I can give you a new understanding or definition of what God is. OK. Last Friday, I embarked on some socially distanced points, which were fantastic. All right, I went to my body, was down to do some writing with me.


We went to pubs, did it in a very ethically responsible fashion, sat down. Pints were delivered to us, full mask compliance, washing the hands, not touching our face, doing everything you know, being mindful of my distance to other human beings. I had a successful night of pints and got nice and Mary. And had fun and conversation and human interaction while maintaining. The complete safety within health guidelines, which I was very pleased that myself, because that becomes difficult, wants drink is on board, but I think I have the shit sorted.


And to be honest, it all comes down to if you go into a pub and the staff immediately exude a kind of a sense of care and professionalism that creates the atmosphere where no one fucks around. No one was getting off after everyone was sitting down, drinks were brought to them. If you go to the toilet, you put on your mask happy times. And it was good for me because I haven't had. Kind of conversational stimulation with another person in about six months.


All right, I've been speaking to people, but mainly about business and shit like that. But I haven't had fun. I haven't had fun chats. And the first time I had that there was this weekend. And the benefit of like, I'm a very introverted person. I don't spend a huge amount of time around people, both quarantine and coronaviruses, made me realize that the small bit of time that I do spend with people just having the crack is essential for my creative process.


It's like it's what tickles my brain. It's what tickles and shakes my brain and excites me. And then when I leave that space. It's like it's like my my head is a fucking jar, and when when when, when my when my jarhead isn't being shaken with interactions with other human beings, then all the ideas float down to the bottom of the sediment. So I need someone to shake up that sediment so that I can grab new ideas. So that's what this Friday was like for me.


So I had a lovely, rich weekend of thinking about things. My curiosity was returning also. I'm very happy. I'm a happy camper, I'll be honest. But I went into overdrive. And I started. I started pondering a new theory of reality that I want to share with you right now, I'm not saying it's. Martin, this is the truth, I haven't found some no fucking religious outlook on life, I just have a theory of reality that jumped into my head this weekend.


And it all started because. So if you've looked at the news. They announced this week that they may have found signs of life on Venus. OK, they found the presence of phosphine gas in the atmosphere of Venus. And this is the strongest sign yet that scientists have gotten to suggest, holy fuck, there might be life there. We can't think of any other reason that phosphine gas would exist in the atmosphere of Venus other than that being produced by some life form.


OK, and in all my years on the planet, this is the closest that we've seen to there might be life. And my first reaction. It wasn't like my first reaction wasn't. Bemusement, our fascination, our excitement, all these things you associate with. Scientists saying there might be life on Venus. You know, in all of human existence, like we have been, how long have modern humans been around for us proper Homo sapiens, people exactly like you and me?


Fifty thousand years on this planet. OK, fifty thousand years for modern human beings. When I saw that there might be life on Venus, my reaction was, no, not now, not in 2020, man, not not in 2020. You're taking the piss. If we find aliens in 2020, even if are microbes not not having it, not 2020, because 2020 has been fucking mad, there's a global pandemic. Our entire lives have changed completely.


San Francisco is bright orange because of climate change, trees in the west of America are exploding. There's riots all over America. The president of America told people to drink bleach because he heard that cures the virus that's causing the pandemic. In July, the Pentagon released a lot of footage of UFOs from its pilots, from from U.S. Air Force pilots. And then a member of the Pentagon said, we have been looking at spacecraft that are, quote unquote, not of this Earth.


The British government come out and said it intends to violate international law. So every one of those things would define a year, but news is getting madder and madder on a weekly basis. Just the past 24 hours alone. The Irish government released its five point plan for living with the coronavirus. They had one job. The job was to be concise with the important information about people's health. And instead of being concise, they were like, here's our five point plan.


One, two, three, four, five. Currently, Dublin is on level two and the base. So they gave us a superposition between two and three. It's like here's a five point plan, level one, level two, level three, level four, level five, different levels of severity and reactions. And then when someone says, where's Doblin, they go to and a base. And then a half an hour later, the government is dissolved because the minister for health thinks he has coronavirus and the entire government has to self isolate for 14 fucking days.


That's just the past 24 hours, madness, you couldn't write it. It's like a racist 19th century English caricature about how incompetently bizarre Irish people are, and that's just the past 24 hours. So the news in 2020 is just mad, consistently, consistently mind boggling. If Bill Clinton told people to drink bleach in 1996 from the podium of the presidency, it would be the biggest story of the year. It's that simple rather than something that was just a story for a week.


But. When I saw the nose. Clearest signs of life on another planet. Yes. My reaction was, no way, if they give this to us in 2020, if we get aliens, if that's the story is there's aliens, then something bigger is at play. Regarding the fabric of what reality is. So I'm going to give you my little heartache, and I'm not saying this is true, this is just my confused and anxious brain trying to search for a sense of meaning and a sense of narrative.


But I'm going to share with you my my theory and I'm going to try and back it up with evidence along the way, if I can. So in the Amazon rainforest. Right. There's this species event called campaigner's Leonardo. I won't be saying that name again, so there's this species event in the Amazon rainforest, and if you think of a rainforest, rainforests, they have like canopies. So you've got the tops of these really tall trees and then the middle bit and then the ground on the ground, which sees very little light.


And that's where all the humidity is.


And these ants, they live in the trees and the ants go from tree to tree. But sometimes in order for the ants as a colony to get from one tree to the other, if they can't do it via leaves, they need to go to the forest floor in order to get to the other tree. OK, and the forest floor is a particularly dangerous place for the ants because there's predators there and they don't like being on the forest floor. They like to be up in the leaves.


So on the forest floor, there's this fungus, right? And it's a parasitic fungus. And what happens is when the ants have to travel. This fungus attaches itself to the ants. And then. It enters the brains of certain ants, not the ant initially doesn't know that it's been infected with this fungus. And it just carries on. Doing its thing within the colony of the other ants. But as the fungus enters its brain and starts to grow.


It starts to take over the end central nervous system. And this fungus, it's colloquially known as a zombie fungus, the ant loses the ability to control itself, but the other other ants can can tell the difference. And this fungus stretches out from its brain into its body and starts to control the ends. Mosses. Now the ant. Has this symbiotic parasitic relationship with this fungus in its brain that controlling the ant and telling it what to do and where to go, but the other ants can tell the difference.


So when the fungus finally has full control of the end, it makes the and it steers and controls the ant to climb up the tree and go to exactly the right spot. But there's just enough light, just enough moisture for the fungus to grow. And then it controls the ants jaws and it gives the ant a type of a superhuman strength. It gives the ant more strength and the ant should have and the fungus finally makes the ants. It's its teeth.


It makes the ant grab into the side of the tree or the side of a leaf in a death grip. And the ant is stuck there. And then the fungus grows out of its head like this crazy fuckin antenna. And the end days as the fungus feasts on its body and sends out this choir fuckin antenna from its head, and then once the antenna is out there, it sends spores everywhere and infects the rest of the colony. And then all the other ants get infected with this parasitic zombie brain fungus and the same thing happens to them.


So it's this fungus that gets into the brains of ants and controls how they behave for the debt of the colony. Now, you might be wondering why you're talking about Anse zombie ants and funguses, what is does this have to do with Donald Trump? What does this have to do with? Are in San Francisco, what does this have to do with possible life on Venus in 2020? What does it have to 2020? But what I'm interested in putting farm in my heart take is parasitic symbiosis.


OK. A symbiotic relationship is. It's like in an ecosystem when total species are more and more than two species have a beneficial relationship with each other in an ecosystem. Right. But a parasitic symbiosis is when like a third party comes in and there it kind of takes advantage of a symbiosis and it doesn't benefit the species. It can be harmful. That fungus that infects the ants is an example of that. Another example is there's this type of toxoplasma, right, which.


It can only reproduce and it can only it can only survive when it's inside a cat. OK, boss, the Toxoplasma when it's in cats is utterly harmless to the cast. The cat wouldn't even know it's in there and it reproduces in the cat. But the way that the Toxoplasma gets into a cat in order to reproduce is to Toxoplasma does the true mice, so it is harmful to mice. So when a mouse becomes infected with this Toxoplasma, it takes over the mouse's behavior and the mouse loses its fear of cats.


And then the mouse who's infected with Toxoplasma, who isn't afraid of cats, gets eaten. And then the Toxoplasma enters the cat's body via the eat and mouse because the mouse wasn't afraid of the cat. And now the Toxoplasma gets to reproduce inside the cat. That's a parasitic, symbiotic relationship. There's a type of flatworm. And this flatworm can enter the bodies of snails, and when it gets into the snares body, it attacks the snails bollocks, right?


So it gets into the snails testicles essentially, and it removes the testicles and sends the snail into like a frenzy of wanking. So the flatworm parasite is in the snails testicles, and each night the snail is like coming everywhere. But what it's calming is the larvae. It's the larvae of the flatworm. So the snail becomes this machine for reproducing the larvae of this fucking snail. Right. But then the larvae of the flatworm via the consistently masturbate and snail gets into a pond and then the larva infects tadpoles.


And when the larvae gets into the tadpoles, it causes the tadpoles to grow extra limbs. And then the tadpoles grow into little frogs that have like three legs. But when a little frog has three legs, it all the frogs that have been infected with the snail ballock parasites, those frogs with three legs, they can't hop around properly. And then when the birds are looking to eat little frogs, they only eat the frogs that have three legs because they're the easiest to catch.


And now the parasite is in the stomach of the bird that just ate the frog and the bird does a chaise. And the parasites in the ship and, of course, back down to the ground and then it infects a snail again and starts to control its bollocks and the cycle continues. That's a symbiotic, parasitic relationship in nature. And I wanted to give you three examples of it just to. To show you what this is, this is what I'm interested in, symbiotic, parasitic relationships and this new theory of reality that I have.


So as the news gets more extreme and more shocking and like we are 20/20 and our jaws are dropping to the floor each week with. Look, at this stage now, we're in just a loop of mad news, and I think for most people, nothing can shake us now, not in consciousness. So much crazy shit has been happening. To me, it started in about twenty fifteen, the real beginning of it to a twenty sixteen happened, right.


Twenty sixteen was bonkers. A lot of celebrities died, it's like David Bowie's debt or fuck Prince's debt, but George Michael. Like all these celebrities died in 2016, and it was like, why are you fucking serious as too many celebrities for one year? What's going on? And and then Trump came in and then Brexit came in and. No, started getting mad. And it's been that way since. It wasn't like this in 2010, I mean, OK, 9/11 was mad, 9/11 was mad, but there was nothing like 9/11 for a while.


It's shit started getting crazy in 2015. And really ramping up for 2016 has been going like that since, actually, no, the real real tipping point, the real tipping point was one thing, ISIS, the shit that ISIS were doing using. Using social media and creating terrorism as a social media spectacle. And then when when shit flipped, when shit flipped. And I'm like, I can't believe what's happening when David Cameron fucked a pig's mouth 2015 and you're reading the news and it's like we have got serious evidence here that David Cameron, the fucking prime minister of Britain, fucked a dead pig's mouth.


That was the one when I went, what the fuck is going on here? This is no, because that was new, we've had shocking news before, but it's like the prime minister of England fucked a pig's mouth 2015. That was the flip. That's when shit went sour. That's when that's when the all started. The ball started rolling and then Prince is dead and then George Michael is dead and you're gonna fuck me. This is getting mad.


Is someone writing this? I can't put my phone down. I can't put my phone down. And I always ask myself. Who benefits sometimes with anything, with anything, if everyone confused about anything? I always ask myself, who benefits, who benefits? And the only thing not whole, but the only thing I can see benefiting from the news cycle is the algorithm that controls social media. The more extreme the nose. The longer we spend consuming the news on our smartphone devices and then the more data of our behavior that we feed into this evergrowing algorithm, OK, and the algorithm, like I'm talking not just Google, not just Facebook, but the collective giant artificial intelligence of the algorithm that kind of the Internet lives and breathes on.


The more time we spend engaging with our smartphones, the more data we give and the more. The algorithm is fed now. Yes, there are human beings that are getting really rich off this Mark Zuckerberg, the people who run Google, the people who are on Twitter, whatever, human beings are getting wealthy. But my heartache isn't. I don't want to focus this on human beings. More. That the algorithm is is becoming. Like an organism, the algorithm is.


Feeding off our attention, right, because the algorithm is is what benefits from all this, if something bad happens, the algorithm has a full belly. It gets our data. And it's sucking and feeding off our data in order to survive and grow. So now here's another piece of information I want to introduce to my hot take on reality. So last month, there was a breakthrough in physics, in quantum physics. Now I'm going to try my best to fucking to explain this because I don't fully understand it.


I have to read articles about this shit. But they had a big breakthrough. And this was released in a proper fucking quantum physics paper. I saw it on Professor Brian Cox's Twitter because he posted about it. So basically last month they seemed to have solved the solution. That black holes. Emit some type of quantum error correction code that's used in quantum computing, so a black hole that physicists are obsessed with black holes because a black hole is a star like our sun, when it gets to the end of its life and it goes massive, then it collapses in on itself and it rips the fabric of space.


And that's called a black hole. And black holes don't conform to reality within a black hole. Time doesn't exist. Space doesn't exist. Like what the fuck? Time does not exist in a black hole like that alone. There is a place in the universe and time doesn't exist in there. Like we can't even get our heads around that. But because that data is observable, true and it exists, there's some shit about fucking reality that we don't guess.


And and it's not you can torture your fucking legs, you can touch the wall and you can say, I am here and yesterday was yesterday and tomorrow is tomorrow. But in black holes, that doesn't exist and they're there. So that's some fucked up shit that we don't understand. But these black holes. Appear to have quantum correction codes, quantum computing correction codes in these black holes, and it is allowed physics to understand black holes a bit more quantum computing is becoming a thing.


If you want to hear more about quantum computing and hear an expert describe it, go to my podcast called Quantum Quarantinable, where I interviewed Professor Michael Brooks, who is a fucking quantum physicist, and he explains that way better than me. But quantum computers are becoming a thing and scientists are trying to figure out how to use them. So in a nutshell, I can't explain what the fuck was discovered. In August, right? I can't explain it because I'm not a quantum physicist, but what I can say is I'm Professor Brian Cox is Twitter.


A lot of scientists are replying underneath and this new. Discovery that black holes are emitting quantum error correction codes points towards the idea that, you know, the universe in reality might be a simulation. OK, there is a theory of reality. OK, a hypothetical theory of reality that we live in in a type of computer simulation, almost like a video game, like we create video games like Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption to where we have a little character in the game and they have a world.


And that's their reality, their limited reality. And some physicists say that's what we call reality because what the fuck is reality? What is this? What the fuck is being alive? What is consciousness? Some physicists say that we live in in a a type of giant computer simulation, which would suggest that maybe the computer was designed. But this. No. Physics breakthrough that black holes are emitting a quantum correcting code and that discord is present in quantum computers is the clearest evidence yet that points towards focus may be our reality is is a type of quantum computer simulation, and that's what reality is.


OK, and this isn't no Hinduism, Hinduism, Hinduism and the Vedic scriptures have point to. That's reality being a type of simulation. I believe in Hinduism there's a thing called Maya and Maya within Hinduism is like. The illusion, the simulation, the illusion that's created by the gods that are our perception of being alive and smelling and touching and tasting, it's it's an illusion, a simulation that's created. So simulation theory, you can find it in in in religions.


But physicists have this is a genuine this might be one theory of what the fuck life is. It's a giant computer simulation. So here's here's where my heart take is leading. I've heard it's been said that. Like the the purpose of humans, like we are organic, but that the purpose of humans is that we are essentially the sex organs of machines, that that humans exist and we continually strive towards technology and building machines. And we obsess about I mean, now we're a quantum computing.


What an artificial intelligence we're going to get towards machines that can build themselves. And that the purpose of humans is that we are machines where their sex organs, where the thing that make machines come alive and there's going to be an end point where machines can self replicate and don't need humans anymore. So taking it back to parasitic symbiosis, taking it back to the fungus that unknowingly infects the mind of the ant. And causes the ant to behave uncontrollably, Warith writes.


The universe is this computer simulation that operates on quantum codes as this new black hole Carrion is suggesting towards what if the universe and reality as we know it is. This computer simulation and what if the algorithm, the algorithm of the Internet that we feed all the time has somehow developed a symbiotic parasitic relationship with the computer of reality? And, you know, the Internet is a type of fungus like the Internet exists in nature trees. And this is, again, facts.


There's a huge network of fungus in the ground and trees and plants use this network of fungus to communicate with each other across great distances. This is the the mushroom internet. You can look that up. That's the thing that nature does. It uses fungus as a type of Internet for plants to communicate with each other. It's an essential part of forest staying healthy. If one tree is injured or if one tree is under threat, it sends a message to a tree a mile away using the mushroom Internet.


That's part of the reason why everything in the news seems to be getting madder and madder and the events of the world each day really cause our jaws to drop. You know what? If we're getting aliens, it's the Venus shit that triggered this in me. What if we find out the phosphine gas on Venus is actually. Yeah, there's life on Venus. There are only microbes, but that's huge. We think we're alone in the universe. We've always thought that.


And then 20/20, they go not on Venus, man. Some microbes up there which shatters our entire perception of what life is and what they're giving it to us in 2020. They haven't given it to us. But if they do give it to us in 2020, we find this out incredibly exciting, you know, and we feed this information causes our collective consciousness, the collective consciousness of humanity, to now give all our attention to our devices right.


To feed all of our data, our intense emotional data into the fucking algorithm. The algorithm feeds off all this data.


What if that's the algorithm that we're growing through some type of fucking quantum computing or I don't know what the fuck? What if the algorithm is a parasitic fungus with a parasitic, symbiotic relationship with the very mechanics of reality, the very the computer simulation of reality? We have created the parasitic fungus. That is able to control the computer of reality and the algorithm is creating the events of reality to feed itself data from our behavior, the algorithm is the parasite fungus.


The algorithm is making magic happen all the time to get a rise out of us because who benefits the algorithm? The matter the events of the world are the more attention we give to the algorithm, the more it feeds off our data, the more powerful it becomes. Its parasitic. Our suffering feeds the algorithm, what if, like if humans are the sex organs of the machines, you know, we're creating this algorithm, which is now effectively operating as a form of artificial intelligence.


It's using ours. It's using our behavior. It's feeding off our behavior. And the end point is imagine the algorithm as it's the fungus in the ants brain and where the ants lims. Being controlled like a zombie. And the end point is our destruction, the destruction of humankind, because the parasitic algorithm doesn't care. The machine doesn't care. Human destruction, global warming, everything is gone. But then finally, the algorithm, like the fungus in the ants brain, just like sends off, like when when the ant finally dies and the fungus, the parasitic, symbiotic, parasitic fungus controls the ant.


When it dies, it sends off this little antenna out of the ants brain. What's what if that's what the machines are going to do where gone the world is fucked. And then finally, the end stage, the machine sends its big antenna. Up above the art and then it spreads, it spreads its spores and these spores grab onto comets or whatever, and that's that's how life is created and that's how we were created.


That's how life got on earth. The spores of the machine's antenna after it had eaten some intelligent civilization. And that's what the nature of reality is. That's what God is, it's a big machine and a computer simulation. And we're just we're just the sex organs of that machine. And we're approaching the end stages of a. So there you go, that that's that's what I've been thinking about all week. Now, is it any Matalan religion? Is it any matter than religion, is that any madder than fucking God created the Earth in seven days?


I don't know. Am I suggesting that to you as as some type of dogmatic how are you getting on, lads? I'm blind by and I've figured out reality. No, I'm not. Absolutely not. What I'm doing is I'm trying to entertain you. I'm entertaining me with some bizarre thoughts that I've had this week because that's the purpose of this podcast. That's what a heartache is. So, no, this is not my new position on life and this is not my new religion.


And I do not believe with authority that the algorithm is a symbiotic parasite with the computer simulation of reality, and that is consistently pushing the events of our world into more extreme situations so that we then give the fucking algorithm our attention. It's just me trying to figure things out. It's me trying to figure things out and trying to entertain you along the process. So don't be worrying about me. Don't be worrying about me because I can understand why you might listen to our podcast and think he's got unhinged.


Is he blind by spending too much time alone during quarantine? So I don't you don't need to send me a mail to check in with how I am. I had that already, actually. So on my twitch stream, I know if you if most you've seen me on Twitter two or three times a week, twitch that TV Fiberglas to blame by podcast. And on Twitch I'm live streaming, which means it's fully life and often I'm writing music live to a video game.


And because the entire thing is life, it's not very filtered. Not a lot of thought goes into it. There's a lot of mistakes that happens in the moment. But sometimes I take isolated like my twitch stream could be three hours long and if I do a nice little song on a twitch stream, sometimes I'll take the best clips, which could be five minutes long. And I put this up on Facebook or on YouTube. And all it is, is a detached clip of me.


Playing a song to the events of a video game, and I put it up on Facebook and there's a very small but dedicated community of. Older than I wouldn't even say they're older somewhere in the fucking 30s, there's people on Facebook who don't know what twitches, don't know what livestream is. And when they see my videos from Twitch on Facebook, they think that's me having a nervous breakdown. I've had several comments where I upload a little clip of a song that I've made on Twitch and it's me playing music to a video game.


And I've seen comments elsewhere of of grown men saying I saw a blind guy uploaded this clip and it was just him. It was him singing songs about a cowboy in a video game. And I just think there's people around him. Do you think there's people around him to mind him? Because I think he might be having a nervous breakdown. So does people think I'm having a fucking nervous breakdown because they don't know what livestream is and they don't know what Twitch is?


So I'm not. But as well, I have to say to because. You know, this podcast is mad, I know it's mad, but you have to be vigilant with your own friends as well during the pandemic because. Conspiracy theories and shit, you know, you have to be you have to be vigilant of your friends when you hear them. Speaking about coronaviruses, planned, coronaviruses, part of the New World Order vaccines, it's all a plot to comptrollers.


Masks are a way to get social compliance so they can bring in a new world order. Lesters people in Irish homes right now who truly, deeply believe this shit because of the fucking algorithm all down to the fucking algorithm, this continuous feedback loop of bizarre information and being unable to tell the difference between what's true and what's not and. You have to be vigilant, your friends, you have to be able to know. Like, conspiracy theories are fun.


Conspiracy theories are supposed to be fun, they're they're a conspiracy theory, you know, reality is confusing and a conspiracy theory, as is often the most interesting version of reality. We take what's frightening and confusing and you make a really interesting narrative out of it. And that's often what conspiracy theories are. But I can go through conspiracy theories and know that, like, this isn't real. It's very fake and entertaining, hugely entertaining, and it's fun to read about.


And it's a lot more interesting than the truth. But I know it's not real. And all that like this is bullshit. But if your friend is believing this shit. You know, keep an eye out on them, keep an eye out for them, have have compassion, try and don't don't confront them, but try and speak to them about, you know, are you sure about these sources? Because the problem is with the conspiracy stuff is you start off wondering if coronaviruses fake.


And in three months time, you're a fucking racist because the racists, the dangerous racists are very much exploiting the news and the conspiracy theory community for people to go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole until they're a fucking Nazi, you know, so. Do be concerned for your friends, don't be concerned for me. I am aware of how silly this podcast is. I'm having fun. I'm entertaining you also. If anyone is listening to this podcast and saying Blind Buy, you sound like you've watched the social dilemma on Netflix, that immediate dog shit in the letterbox get in dog shit in the letterbox.


So Netflix have this thing at the moment and it is good to watch.


Last week called The Social Dilemma.


And it's about the algorithm.


If you want to understand the algorithm, it's a good thing that it's about the algorithms, about what's happening with our data, our behavior and how it feeds the algorithm. But this episode is not a fucking inspired by that. I might be Bockris.


I made an episode of my BBC series called How the Internet called Reality, and I started writing that in twenty seventeen. So if you have the BBC player look up blind by and destroys the world, my series is on it. It's up for another two months, I believe. Look at the episode, how the Internet Kill Reality. And I did a very mean a team of fucking journalism. I call writers that had resources. It's all about the algorithm.


Did it fucking a year and a half before it was Netflix once a year and a half before I write. So I'm taking fucking credit. I was the first one. Netflix, fuck you. Both and thankfully, it's been nominated for an award and it's been recognized, at least that documentary is there, it explains exactly what the algorithm is. We tied it all in with psychology, with the operant conditioning, with the psychology of Skinner. And it's rigorous.


It's not just me on a podcast talking out of my ears. It's me talking out of my ears what my heart takes. But everything I say, there's a team of journalists, a team of people to research it so that it's waterproof, it's solid. So get a look at that. If you want to understand the Internet and algorithms and data and don't say that I'm watching that fucking social dilemma on Netflix dog shit in the letterbox. So I think it's time.


Now, I told you, this whole story is going to end by me talking about how I took ecstasy on the radio and that's going to happen. But we'll have a little Macarena pause first. So we do a shake or pause this week instead of a knackering I'm going to do for new listeners.


And add a digital advert is going to be inserted at this advert would depend upon your algorithm. You however you behave on your phone, whatever you lock up, whatever your interests are. The algorithm has read this. The algorithm is speaking to this podcast, and it's going to give you an advert that's tailored specifically just for you, depending on your interests. And that's what's going to get trapped in now. So let's have the sharecroppers.


Sometimes change is simply different, but it's progress that drives us forward, introducing the all new Audi A3 now with enhanced connectivity and driver assist systems and a modern expressive design. This is vision, not revision.


Drive progress in the all new Audi A3, Audi, Postprandial Technik, this episode of the podcast is brought to you by Now TV, which is without question my favorite streaming service. Right. There's the now TV Sky Cinema Past and the now TV Entertainment Pass. Basically, the entertainment pass gives you a lot of TV shows. This guy, Cinema Pass will give you a lot of films and movies. I'm for August and September. They've got some lovely new additions.


What I'm personally enjoying at the moment on the Now TV Entertainment Pass 10-15, it's an American comedy set in the year 2000. It's about the TOAT Maskin, Anna Conker. They're comedians right in their thirties, but it's about their teenage years in school in the year 2000, and they play themselves as teenagers surrounded by actual teenagers. It's. Here's the thing for me, in the year 2000, I was a teenager and I used to watch comedies like that 70s Show, and I used to feel nostalgia for a time I never existed.


And now it's the year 2020. And I'm watching a comedic nostalgia show about the year 2000 when I was a teenager. And the nostalgia that I feel just reminds me that I'm dying, you know? I mean, it's a different type of nostalgia. It's there's a wholesomeness there and there's a memory.


But there's also the tragedy of you're getting old and for that feeling alone, the uniqueness of that feeling. I recommend watching 10, 15, like someone on Twitter said, they tried to watch it and their wife had to turn it off because the nostalgia was so extreme. So get a look at pain, 15 for that reason alone that nothing else would give you that feeling, assuming you're over the age of 25. So that's pain 15 and it's on the No TV entertainment pass.


Also, what's on it right now as well, Watchmen season one, which is absolutely cracking. And then undisguised cinema pass for August and September.


You've got classics like Goodfellas and then if you want some just and light entertainment, Jumanji, the next level, Terminator, Dark Face.


So just such for now TV led for no TV and look up the Sky Cinema Past and the entertainment press.


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So the central tenet of this podcast and what got me thinking about this podcast. This episode. Did the news cycle is a observably extreme and irrational and it's exponential since about 2015, the news has been getting progressively more bonkers and I can't understand this, you know, could be the fucking Internet fungus controlling the computer of reality. I don't know. But it's observable and it's true and it's happening. And I'm always trying to figure out, you know, where was the moment I said, like David Cameron fucking at Fox in a pig's mouth.


That was a big one, but another one was. In 2015, Ireland, the country of fucking Ireland, accidentally legalized drugs for 24 hours. So what happened is. That there was a law introduced in nineteen nineteen seventy seven in Ireland called the Misuse of Drugs Act, and this law made ketamine, ecstasy controlled substances illegal. OK, but in 2015. The Court of Appeal found that when they tried to introduce this act in 1977, they did it via ministerial order, but they failed to run it by the practice, the practices that the legislature of Ireland sought.


They tried to pass this law on drugs in 1977 and someone forgot to run it by the Iraqis effectively, meaning the law if the law violated the Constitution in order for this act to come into effect, it meant that the practice, which included the president, had to go. Yet drugs are illegal. Now, we passed this act that never happened. So the Court of Appeal found this out in 2015 and went to the government and were like Ladd's.


You think he made drugs illegal, but you actually didn't. You're after violating the constitution. So the government went fucking apeshit and they were like, well, we have to introduce emergency legislation now to actually make these drugs illegal, but in order to do it.


There was 24 hours in 2015 for these drugs were legal, it was the 10th of March 2015 as well, which is dangerously close to St. Patrick's Day 2017. That's a week before St. Patrick's Day. Like if it was a week later and they'd legalized drugs on St. Patrick's Day when the entire country is having a party. So, yes, literally in 20, fucking 15, I think it was before Cameron fucked a pig's mouth, but. We couldn't believe it, the country couldn't believe it, it's like was Ireland accidentally legalized ecstasy, ketamine, mushrooms, are you fucking serious?


And it was really embarrassing for Ireland because it made huge international news, the one that the international perception of Ireland is often based on English, kind of old school English racism. We're really we're not seen internationally as a real country.


We're not really taken seriously as a nation. We're seen as very funny little leprechauns who are trying our best. You know, that's kind of how we're seeing funny little leprechauns who, you know, were corrupt. And we nod and we wink and we give incomplete answers. That's why, like today, what was so shocking is the government are trying to introduce coronaviruses legislation with a five step plan. And then when asked, they say, well, one of them is two and a bit.


It's not it's not two and it's not three. It's two and a bit. Which plays exactly into the negative perceptions that the world has of Ireland being an incompetent, funny place for crazy shit happens. And in a way it is. In a way it is, and it's part of our charm. But it can get insulting, especially when the fucking Brits say it. But the whole world had to laugh at Ireland, but there was twenty four fucking hours.


What drugs were legal and. The guards kind of turned a blind eye. I mean, around the country, certain nightclubs, like there was a nightclub in Dublin, Phuket actually was it was 48 hours. It was 48 hours of legal drugs. So like vice at the time, vice century basically sent reporters to Dublin going, right, OK, well, if fucking drugs are legal for twenty four hours or for 48 hours, we want to be there.


We want to see it. So they did. They went to nightclubs and. Lo and behold, people were racking up lines of coke, people were doing ketamine, people were taking ecstasy, and the police weren't there, the police couldn't. In that period, the Irish police couldn't fucking arrest someone if they were doing coke and it happened. So in 2015, I would have been in the middle of my master's degree and my master's degree was in socially engaged at my master's degree, was in trying to understand myself as a performer, trying to understand how do you create art by like using the media, using society and incorporating these things into your art as acts of performance.


So I said to myself, because I'm thinking artistically at this time, I'm in my fucking masters.


Why don't I? Because ecstasy is legal and because drugs are legal. Like one thing you can't do, you can't go on the radio or television under the influence of an illegal substance. You certainly can't say it's a violation of broadcast laws, but. For 48 hours, these drugs were now legal. Therefore, why can't somebody go on television? Are the radio on drugs? Why can't they? So I was thinking I set myself a challenge.


I said as an act of performance art, as an act of fucking performance art.


Can I? Go on television or radio under the influence of a drug that is legal for that period of time as an as an act of performance art within that period. And can I make the goal? The thing with socially engaged art and the socially engaged art that I'm interested in is using art and artistic performance for positive social change, to create artistic interventions in society, whereby what you're doing is creating a different means of communication. I do this all the time with this podcast, do it with mental health.


I appear on talk shows with a fork and plastic bag on my head and speak about mental health. I'm using performance comedy, art, clowning as an alternative way to get a message across because that can be more effective than the traditional way to do it, doing it through performance and through entertainment and through humor and through art. To get a message across or try to get people to think about things differently is an act of performance art. Because as well, if if you can use humor, absurdity effectively around situations that are stigmatized are that people are scared to talk about.


If you can cut through that with humor, what it does is what you're actually cutting through with solemnity. When we speak about things that are that we think are serious, like mental health, drugs, addiction, often we're not being serious about what we're being asalam. And when you're solemn about something, you're defensive and you don't think about it. You don't engage critically with the subject because you're worried about saying the wrong thing or you're worried about appearing serious.


So what I like to do is to use humor to break through the solemnity of something while still caring deeply and being respectful for whatever it is I'm talking about. So you can remove stigma by peeling back the solemnity to the to the effective use of human creativity. So on the 10th of March 2015. I put a call out on Facebook. And I said, I will go about radio stations, I will go on your radio station on Ecstasy, I'll take a walk, I'm going to take a walk and you can interview me who wants to do it?


So I put that, Carlos. And I got a phone call back from Newstalk who are a pretty big fuckin Irish radio station, one of the biggest.


And they said to me. They didn't say explicitly, so I'd said on I'd said on Facebook, I will take a joke and come on the radio. So they rang me up and said, we saw your post. Will you come on and speak to Tom Dunn? That they were very careful that they didn't say to me, now you're definitely going to be on drugs. Noya, they just said, we saw your post. Will you come and talk to Tom?


And I'm guessing they're thinking, if I am or I'm not on ecstasy, it doesn't matter because it's actually fucking legal. So. I rang them up, I rang them up and had a chat with Tom Don. On a walk and you know what's. Because I just think it's why he's going forward into the future. I will I will never confirm or deny if I'm actually on ecstasy in this. Radio piece just going forward, I don't know what am I going to be doing in 10 years?


I will not confirm or deny if I'm actually on ecstasy, but if I was. Then what are you going to do, it was legal anyway. It was legal anyway, it was a lot of fun. And so that's what I'm going to play for you now. This is 2015. I rang up the Times on radio, sure, it would have had a pretty fucking big listenership. This would have been. But five p.m. in the day, one of the biggest radio shows in the country, so a lot of people listening and playing by rings up.


On ecstasy as an act of performance, it's legal, do ecstasy on the radio, see what happens, try and speak about sex. That was my goal. Can I speak about sensible drug legislation? Can I use this opportunity? Can I use this spectacle, this absurd spectacle, this absurd performance? Can I use this to actually get five or six minutes on the radio to speak about sane, sensible harm reduction, drug and sensible drug legislation, which is something I would never, never usually get a platform for at all, especially not in 2015.


It was before the podcast. People still thought I was a bit of an idiot, you know. And as I said, thanks to a temporary loophole in the law, the possession of ecstasy, ketamine, crystal meth. More than 100 of the substances are no longer considered a criminal offense until midnight on Thursday, blind by boat club of the rebounded Zombieland blind boy.


How are you all harmed by the fact that I'm sick and I'm at a party? I am thinking, OK, just I'm on. Listen, you said on Twitter, I want to talk about this. You said on Twitter you'd be legally consumed. Yepes What's that mean?


Blim Boy, my legs are having an argument with my shoulders about how much my body is charging. Right.


OK, that sounds good to me, but I don't know. All right. I'll be honest. I'm on a walk. Right, boss? If we take the world, you talk to me in a colloquial term for any object that doesn't have a name in Ireland. So I'm standing on an object and I don't know the name of it. Very quickly, I'm Ana.


You're right. That sounds perfectly legal to me. On a board. Yeah. Yeah.


Oh, good. If I wasn't, there would be legal anyway. You know, at the moment it would be legal.


There's no question about that. No matter where you are. Yeah. That's just the way it's now. What do you make of it. What do you think. I mean, I couldn't imagine this happening in America, could you?


And I think it's a legislative anomaly which not only exposes massive incompetence in our system, but after putting the question, the rationale of drug laws themselves, not I mean, like, yeah, I think you hit the nail on the head there or at the end of the article, I just have to sort of learn academy enough of Planned Parenthood, Stewart Stuart, and know he's upstairs in the attic looking for a ladder to get out of a keyhole.


Well, it's just. Well, we're not talking to him. Yeah, he's not on the radio. He's not in the attic. Right. And what do you think is going to happen tomorrow? There's 24 hours before this midnight on Thursday when normality returns.


Well, I mean, I really don't intend to. Here in Limerick only went for a magazine called Spectrum and given each other backlog's. Know what I mean? So, like, it's clearly the effects on our rescaling in Limerick. I mean, it can be seen on the street, but I don't know. I think the government's after on an artistic intervention on itself because we now have this opportunity. It's so absurd. The entire world is now staring at Ireland's LA and laughing because it's so ridiculous.


It's like Ireland accidentally legalized drugs for 48 hours. You know what? I think what it does is you can open up conversations now about the the problems with legislation and regulation. You see prohibition. It's a binary problem. It's it's a I of a provision is a binary solution. It's a black and white solution. But addiction and drugs, it's a postmodern problem. It's colorful. And we need to look at it more. I mean, if you take ecstasy, for example, that the actual chemical MDMA, that's when that's not abused, it's actually safe.


But the thing is that because of the illegality, it's forced the production of ecstasy into the black market rather than a more sensible model of regulation. You know, you're right. I don't think I don't think people ever want to stop work in the auto sector.


That's a long argument, though, which it is just go around in circles.


But you've seen two fishermen giving each of the back rubs already. Yeah, there's 24 more hours of this.


There's 24 more hours of it like. So I think I got I went to see a trailer full of fishermen not only robbing their own backs, but robbing the fishes backs as well. You know, the fish might get involved as well. You never even know what I mean. Yeah, I think as well we need to move towards that. What is the conversation about mental health as well? I mean, that's the thing. I'm not entertaining adults to do anything.


An adult can do whatever they want. But the one thing I would say to any person who wants to take a drug, whether that be heroin or chocolate, you know what I mean? Any time you'll get a pain in your body for any substance, even if if it's a cigarette, you have an opportunity now to ask yourself, using intrapersonal emotional intelligence, why do I want this substance right now? If you're stressed, John, an exams or something, you want to smoke a fag, ask yourself, why do I want this?


And when you explore your own emotions and start that out using intrapersonal intelligence, you will actually find out that you might want that substance anymore. And that's what I said to anybody. I was asked if at any point I do, I want this. And that goes for chocolate. That goes for anything that's open to abuse. It's at the core of all of this. We've got a mental health discussion and it's hard to have rational mental health when the drugs laws themselves are irrational.


You have zero point of contention that exists and we can't control it until there's a bit of rationality, you know.


Well, tomorrow there's the 24 hour opportunity for lots of people to ask themselves questions, raise and let.


Let's just embrace whether people want to legally avail of what's available. I think everybody should embrace the absurdist intervention that is just happening for these 48 hours and just got I mean, it's the spirit of Flanner O'Brien alive and well, as you know.


He is. I don't think I've seen anything like this since the bank guarantee, to be honest, I don't think we've had the world of madness just like this since then. You know, it's truly amazing. And we watch this space the next 24 hours, see what's going on. But listen, tell me, you guys seem to be absolutely thriving since you went over across the water to London.


Well, don't worry. We've got we're at the set and I'll be pretty sure as they are in the Abbey Theatre that around there they're smart, but they'll have to send a note Will announced that assure and assure on the 25th of March in the Abbey Theatre, which has gone on there tomorrow and all that.


What does that show about? It's our musical. It's a musical that we took it to London and we talked to Edinburgh and we toured the UK. But it sort of and you know, and they got it. We went to Shakespeare's Globe Theater, would have tornadoes and rock. And now that, you know, because you kind of get respect in the U.K., then you'll get a bit of respect then in Ireland the way it works. But here's the thing.


Like I said earlier, I'm on a you're right now. We established one of your guys. Yeah. I'm not the first that nobody ever asked us to do that because Samuel Beckett advertise Abbey Theater shows weakness and permanent markers. And you're the Mascord. Did he? He did. Yes, he was nonstop, man, you couldn't keep Samuel Beckett away from home because it was nonstop. He'd be black and look at and he was like of that man for a prominent Marcus and tarmac.


Well, not that's not the tarmac. So that's what we're for. Godot, forget about what went on to come out and down.


You live in there and blind. You live in there. Yup. Got it right. Yeah.


Will you play. Yeah. I think after part of the experience I love the part of the experience. Oh well I got to play for you now blind boy. It's an absolute pleasure really. I love you. I love you very much.


I love you. And I mean that. I mean, I have a daughter, Nightman. Sandy and Sandy. I forgot I'd forgotten about that, I'd forgotten to put in the fucking prodigy at the end of the last, so I forgot. I haven't heard that in a while, though. I think I did fucking half of that in the trial of no crack's accent. But like Tom was good crack there. No, Tom was a good sport for that.


I'd forgotten about that. That that's the first time I've listened to that in full now in nearly five years. And so, yeah, that that was that was one of those ones, it's like Ireland legalized drugs for 48 hours. That was one of those 20, 15 stories, that's for the news, started getting crazy, try getting a strange. And. That was good fun today. From our nose talk, because I use the full extract there, which was like seven minutes.


I'm hopefully I'm allowed use that under under fair use, which means I used it for for critic, for commentary and documentary and for criticality, that's why I use the whole thing and hopefully they won't have an issue with me using that. So I hope you enjoyed this week's podcast. I certainly enjoy doing this. I enjoyed the heartache and mind yourself. Have compassion for yourself, rob a dog, rob a cat. I'm going to be back next week.


Don't know what I'll be back doing or talking about having a clue. We'll figure that out. I'm currently working out how to do some interviews via Zoom so I can have guests on again and speak to him via Zoom and get some decent audio quality, too. So I'm trying to maybe not zoom. There's a piece of software called Zenn Kastor, which appears to be quite good, so I can do some podcast interviews for you. But the audio quality and the other persons end is is pretty good so that it's not it doesn't interfere with your podcast.


If you get me. All right. God bless. Also, I don't think I need to fucking explain it. I think I explained it very well in that in that interview. And I'm not promoting the use of fucking drugs. I write I don't tell adults what to do. I don't tell adults what to do or on espouse spouse anything. And what I do is that I said it all in that interview, but I'm not promoting drugs there.


That was at a certain time and place. And I wanted to speak about drug legislation. I want to speak about sensible drug policy. I write a health based drugs model rather than a criminal based drugs model. That was that was the purpose of that phone call. It was the purpose of that artistic intervention. Not to say that drugs are class, you know. That's part of the humor of it, the humor of it is how hard drugs are class ecstasy, Cole playing boys at a party, Robin Fish haha.


That's that's the n that's that's the absurdity and the humor to get people listening. But once you have them in. Right. Let's talk about mental health. Let's talk about sensible drug policy. Let's talk about harm reduction. So that's the context and intent of that. I don't think you're going to get offended anyway. See you next week. This bid is sponsored by Discover Lock Dardari, and as part of this raid, I'm contractually obligated to say make a break for the leg.


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LACT Darg. It was one of the names of the tag that an ancient Irish God it Italy means, right? Go to the lake of the red eye. All right. So discover like Dardari head up there, have a bit of crack, have a bit of fun.