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Oh, God, it's introduce myself in Angeliki and Charlamagne the way I came a long way. I think that's all I have a certain amount of respect for. You know, what everybody else does geologist's the best in which on this platform the Reshow had to erm make space for somebody like you guys have a direct line to the coaches. Oh my God, I'm on the radio and all I do is read about breakfast every morning. It's good you guys are trending every you know, I drag my ass out of town.


I'm like, what happened on the Breakfast Club today. It gets softer.


Good morning, USA. Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo. Good morning, Angela. Yea, damn right it is. Andy Charlamagne, the guy he's playing. It is Monday. Hey, yes, it's Monday, back to the workweek.


Yeah, I'm tired as hell, yeah, I am to a great week. You know, I had had a great weekend chat to beat Facebook gear. And my wife and I, we hosted the NAACP Image Awards, the pre virtual show. Of course, everything was virtual this year, so we hosted that. So that was great. Had it had a fun time doing that. And then I watched the awards show on Saturday night, and it was it was a dope award show and an after party with Cassidy.


I just thought that was dope. And congratulations to J.D. Nice. You got the Entertainer of the Year. Well deserved. Well deserved. Yes, I absolutely love the winning. I think the nice thing as far as like virtual virtual events during the pandemic, I think D.J. Nice. Nice. Set it off everything. Yes. Yep, I would think so. He set it off everything I think just out of the goodness of his heart to just because he wanted to have a good time club, you know, happy everybody quiet scenes together, club quarantine.


And it wasn't anything planned.


It was organic before I even gave it a name. It was just a couple of people on his live. And every day he would do it. And this is when the quarantine just started. And I just remember, you know, we were in the house. It was nothing to do. So you just start cleaning and doing stuff in the crib. So we just had the music rocking and it just took off from being a couple hundred to a couple of thousand that one Saturday night I once sat next to I've been building up to it, you know, then that one Saturday night it just like exploded.


That's right. Just outshout to the brother. Nice. What about you guys? I know you all over the place. You I'm in Detroit right now.


I had a big wholesale day from my store that I opened in January here in Detroit. Private label extensions. It went extremely well. So I'm really happy about that. You know, when you have a new brick and mortar location, one of the main things you need to do is build brand awareness so people even know your store is there and just let you guys know if you are thinking about opening a business. The number one reason that most brick and mortar locations fail is location.


So you always have to make sure you get a really prime location. Just think about where you're putting it. Pull out the comps from the area, see how the businesses are doing. But we had a great day, so it was fun. It was a lot of work, but I'm happy it all came together. Thank you, Detroit. All right. You know what? I I've seen this one I heard this morning driving and they were seeing cases in the tri state area, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, a shooting up.


And I was like, OK, yeah, we're actually number one. And number two in New Jersey and then New York. Then they said Texas wasn't shooting up. I was actually going down. And you don't have to wear masks. Everything is open, which is strange to me. That doesn't seem weird to anybody.


No, not if you factor in. He heard what they call herd immunity and immunity. Yeah, that seems weird. Texas is open to say herd immunity. I don't know where humanity herd immunity. Yeah. Just seems weird. So if it works for Texas then you know, why isn't working for the rest of the world the country. I don't know. Let's ask Dr. Froggie. Not the fact you don't seem like he knows. Nobody seems like they know because they were just mad at Texas for saying open and open it up, Texas.


I'm saying don't wear masks. But their cases of shooting down New York, New Jersey, we still 30 percent Dynan still have to wear masks, still can't go to games, still can do a lot of things. I don't know. Yeah, they're trying to understand what's happening because, you know, there's a new strains that are going around. I don't know. All right. Well, front page news is next. What are we talking about?


You. Well, you know what? Let's talk about what's happening with coronavirus and this pandemic and these numbers. Like you said, New York and New Jersey are now leading the country in covid-19 infections. But what is happening with the pandemic will give you some updates. All right.


We'll get to that. Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. I don't know if you guys are watching an NCAA tournament, have you? I watched the movie last night, which was that afternoon. I think I saw who's playing Gonzaga Bulldogs and Creighton, I think.


Yeah, well, they're down to the Elite eight, Gonzaga versus USC, Baylor versus Arkansas and Houston versus Oregon State. So those are the last eight teams. So we'll see who takes it.


And UCLA versus Michigan. Oh, I forgot. UCLA was Michigan. Yes. All right. Now, let me go with you.


Well, let's talk about what Dr. Fauci is saying with these spikes in Kovac cases. And he said it's because of premature reopening measures throughout the United States, along with the covid variance. That's what is to blame for this recent spike. And he said this surge was foreseeable. They have been saying that there would be a spike. You said I've said many times that when you're coming down from a big peak and you reach a point and start to plateau, once you stay at that plateau, you're really in danger of a surge coming up.


And unfortunately, that's what they're starting to that's what we're starting to see. Do the vaccines fight the variant? Yeah, they said it is. It does. It is supposed to. And as you know, we just in New York, New Jersey now lead the country and covid-19 infections. We have the highest rates in the country. Even though there's vaccination efforts, New York has not seen a dramatic reduction in infections. And at this time, you know, they are saying, Governor.


Cuomo has recently invited the state's largest stadiums to host sporting events and concerts again at limited capacities, while also allowing indoor fitness classes to resume in New York, even though Mayor Bill de Blasio is objecting to that. I don't never understand things like that. So when the cases go up, that's when you open back up. It don't make sense. But in Texas is wide open and the case is not. This is nobody knows. Hey, man, whatever we've been doing in the past, you keep doing it all right, where you mass wash your hands.


Those are decisions as much as you feel like it. I guess that be work, you know, it's the craziest thing. Oh, no.


All right. Now, there was a CNN documentary that was on last night. I'm not sure if you guys had an opportunity to see the Sun covid war, the pandemic doctor speak out. And one person who was speaking on this is Dr. Deborah Berk's. Now, she also is talking about the negligent management of the pandemic by former President Donald Trump. And here is what she had to say, because she used to be like one of the top people to talk to about anything that has to do with diseases.


And then she got hired to work by Donald Trump. She thought she was going on the inside to work with Trump and that would be beneficial. Well, here's what she had to say about the pandemic.


I knew I was being watched. Everybody inside was waiting for me to make a misstep so they could remove me from the task force. The CNN report in August, that got horrible pushback. Everybody in the White House was upset with that interview and the clarity that I brought about the epidemic. What happened? I got called by the president. It was very uncomfortable, very direct and very difficult to hear. Were you threatened? I would say it was a very uncomfortable conversation.


Yeah, I saw a proposal that I didn't want to watch it because it had a we are on the other side of this pandemic feel when the reality is we are not we still in it?


Mm hmm. So it seems like every time you try to speak out, you know, Donald Trump did not want her to talk about was very political, this pandemic that turned to her into a real thing on politics about whether or not to wear a mask and then mask wearing became this whole thing where, you know, Donald Trump didn't want to wear his mask. He made it political when really it's just something that can save lives.


Absolutely. All right. Well, that is your front page news. All right.


Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. We're doing a different this morning. What we do on Friday, you know that Travnik. His name is Nick G, right. Nick G. Challenged each other to a source challenge each other to a title that's right there.


Longtime listeners and Nick G was actually riding with Traven and Trav turned on him and they turned on each other and they started popping. It got really entertaining. So now Travis' want to know when it comes to the Breakfast Club battles versus. That's right. He's won enough to keep going.


That's right. So when we come back, we're going to play both of their songs, their districts, and then we're going to open up the phone lines and allow you guys to pretty much say who won. All right. So we'll do that when we come back. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one is the Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club. I'm telling you, this is your time to get it off your chest, whether you're mad or blessed.


Eight hundred five eight five one two five one.


We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. All right. Now we're back. Usually this is get it off your chest. This is we just change it up a little bit. Now, Friday, there was a war going on outside. It's Halloween. That's right. Sword fight, a duel version of the Iron Mike. Two of our long time listeners, Trav and Nick. Gee, now, it all started because Nick G called the pair and he was actually showing Travis some love, though Nick jumped in drive DM's as he was showing them love was like you pretty.


I appreciate have respect and you kill whatever, whatever entrapped it like and said get off his D.


So Nick was like no stranger, trapped the Russian man off his penis. I didn't understand. I didn't understand it either. But we put them both on the line. They started arguing and decided for a duel. So now let's have both of their records. We are going to play both for the record this morning. Let's start off. We once thought of it. I think the challenges should go first. Right? Who challenge who first? Trami Tribe Drive one.


And so G got to go first. OK, so here's what's the name of the joint. OK, here it is. John Howard.


Not a problem that is just more like. No problem at his jokes, but like I wrote the book. This is like I must see the guy I'm in the mirror and all I could see is a guy I wake up and not defeat, I think, for way too long after this is going to die. I'm not surprised by people when they meet southerlies. I recognize that most you guys live in disguise. I can see it in your eyes driving like a slot.


I'm just not being shown at this hour. So besides running things up to like Derrick Henry, when you're a realist in the state, you know, they want to. And I'm simply saying I'm not playing. I'm I'm probably out is just like I was, you know, to at least you got to put this repeat. All I know was go, go. And I've never been to D.C., but I leave a mark every time I go to hit the stage to Army is going to carry in a lot of states.


Oh, you thought you was the only one. I don't get it twisted. I would do this to anyone that showed you love of the club. And this is how you do me now. Watch me sign to the blonde beauty. Yes. All right, so that was John Howard. Now let's get into Trav, it's cold. All right, Chad. Defending champion, defending champion, one to know. Let's see if he can keep his street going.


It's called twin bed. Twin bed. Yes, twin big. What's that mean? I don't know. I thought a bit with jail.


Your brother's in jail, has a twin in jail. You got you. Got you. Got you. His name is a.k.a. Twin Guy. OK, all right.


Well, let's get to the truth a little bit on the. Got my boss to let Saddam. No regular bite, no regular pop on the person, bits of a dog become a dog. Fresh off a dog, become a dog, a dog. To listen to the truth, no regular, no regular box on the part I do not know, Regulus already has regular, only regular. None of that is embedded in us. Me? That's no bueno.


We only dream of. That's why you like the amigo. Get him off any pay. So I feel like a pit bull is still mix for free to play with these idiots that much less than I did. And I walk the dog. He's just that and just do what they do. Just like my boss feliza down bitch. I'm the truth.


I know you heard both records. Now it's up to you. What are you doing. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one phone lines are wide open. Right. Who's going to win this. Who's going to end up on top. Who's going to end up on the bottom. Oh my goodness. All right. We'll get to next. Let us know.


The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club. This is your time to get it off your chest. You the email to take it from you on the Breakfast Club, you've got something on your mind. Let it out. That's right, we are the Breakfast Club, usually this is get it off your chest, but we had two individuals battle this morning. Travnik G long time list is I don't know where they went, Lefty. I was showing them love and Trav just went at him.


So we play Bo Derek is this morning.


Nice little challenge is going to fly and mix a little swordfight. Neidjie was more of a battle rap battle record in Trappe was just a single no tribe sound like strap's not very aggressive.


I have an opinion on both songs but I'll keep them on my toes down now.


Yeah, I like the DJ's record better. My tribe is so high like like negs record better. I mean he wasn't, he wasn't, he didn't sound as angry, just like he was floating a little bit and a smooth beat and he had a nice little some boards and now like the Kyrie Irving the beat me you're going to need Kyrie and a lot of sage. I like that little line. OK, you understand that you want to have a title.


What about. You know I don't get me the coach. I don't know, you know I'm very partial to travel at all times. Was a tough one for me because I did think nagu did his thing, you know.


I mean she's like an example of how she wants to draw on her like that, but not that, you know, I always think Travis is dope in what he does. I'm involved with Chad.


All right. All right. Well, let's go to the phone lines. What about you every day?


Um, I mean, the guy I mean, he's working better. And this recording his battle, I think Ziggy recorded better this.


My name is K k k. Do you think got that that battle definitely making Nick G g.


Huh. All right, Jeff. Hello.


Who's this morning is Lacroix Glen. Hey, look who got that battle. Who won that battle?


I give it to the first guy who was more clever, you know, took the time to give you guys a shout out in a slow while the other guy had us out.


Yeah, that was the first guy was big, like a blowout triumph. Hello. This Josh doesn't that's the type of money we win.


You get that. What, what, what. What you heard what she said he won it. Oh God. Nobody saw him go man calling out another Charlotte man. I got, I got Nick on this one man tried to do it was a little repetitive and he had a lot more going on with it and the delivery was a lot better. I agree.


I might have taken things for granted that they can. He got this too quick, you know what I'm saying? Like, he might have just been lax with his stay on that side. Hello? Yes, that's right. Stay on. You pick the side. You don't say hello over here with traffic from Florida.


What's that we got in that battle, bro? I got a damn good job. But he gave me, like, the drag by a lot of, like Drake to the track. I like the D, too.


I'm not gonna lie. I wouldn't say Drake Doughboy. No, I'm not doing a couple of bars. And I was like, yo, somebody like drink a really fantastic bar the right way. I'm not. I did think that, Eldrick. But let's go to one more line, one more person.


Let's see who's on.




This is one of them. Well, I like I like what you do, but you have this one.


I feel like that to me. I know you had your back. For me, it seems like the guy to trust you. I knew where to start. That's right, Nick. So the effortless Nick sounded effortless travels like he was trying to. I'm not going crazy right now. Damn it, man. Well, that is it. I mean, Nick G. Ninety nine animes unanimous decision. No Nick at won. I mean I've had one vote from Angela.


Right. Angela, you know what you mean. What is wrong with you. Nick. Nick is on top. Trivers on the bottom baby damn challenge. Nick is on top. Travis' on the bottom. Well if I want to go see him on Instagram is a.k.a. underscored Suyin. You can jop your comments there.


Oh you shout out Nick. Jeez, I don't know is what's his age. I don't know either.


Try having one. Nick is one to know. All right.


And let's get crazy on Instagram. He was like this breakfast club versus is a little different. Who can make the better of me and or Al Bundy y tune in tomorrow. Who said that? Trev Yep. Mm hmm. Well, Al Bundy just had to pull at the moment. He just got out six touchdowns in the final state game. Oh. Did Al Bundy do with that money? That's what I don't know if the top of my head was poor guy, but now this is his poker championship game.


Al Bundy one is all I'm saying. He's married with children. That's Instagram. That's why I said Al Bundy. Oh, married with children on Instagram. Yeah, but two thousand children. Well, that married man with children just walked. You definitely did. OK, all right.


Well, we got rumors in a way. Yeah.


This is a tough morning. We're going to talk about Boosey. His Instagram got deactivated again and we'll tell you why. Is a long story behind it. All right, we'll get into that next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club. Hey, what's up, y'all Yalies, C.J. Envy, the black community faces a world gap of years of systemic racism, even for those with the tenacity to catch up. They are restricted by barriers that should have long been removed.


Mountain Dew believes entrepreneurs are the keys to building a black owned businesses and shrinking the historic wealth gap.


In an effort to discover, support and uplift the next generation of groundbreaking black innovators, Mountain Dew created the Real Change Opportunity Fund pitch competition in partnership with historically black colleges and universities.


Bcuz the top 10 applicants will have access to a prize pool of one million dollars to take their business to the next level. Make sure you tune in to Bettie's YouTube channel on April 14th to see who emerges as the winner of the Mountain Dew Real Change Opportunity Fund Pitch Competition to the planet.


I go by the name of Charlemagne, the God co-founder of the Black Effect podcast network. Restaurants are the cornerstone of American communities and they need our support more than ever. And for many black owned eateries, systemic barriers further heightened by the pandemic have only increased challenges to success. Pepsi is on a mission to connect black owned restaurants with the access, business, acceleration and visibility needed to overcome these barriers so that they can share the joy of food with as many people as possible.


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Pepsi's digging platform reflects Pepsi's ongoing commitment to amplify black voices, fortify black communities and be a part of progress.


It's about time we got to report on the board.


This is the room where reporters talk with Angela on the Breakfast Club, where both these Instagram was deactivated yet again, and he posted Izak ads for Mark Zuckerberg.


You just a racist. And how did this all happen? What happened behind the scenes? Well, it all started with this video that was circulating where Boosey was in a store. He was with the baby and he slapped somebody. Nobody knew where it came from. Here's what happened.


You wanna grab you can grab your kid you got there. Oh, you.


Oh, that was one take. Yeah, it was for of video shoot. And Boosey paid him, I think five hundred dollars for that.


Well we're going to get to that now. So what really happened was he was actually soliciting to find somebody who will be willing to get slapped on camera for the song period. They were shooting a video for. Listen to this.


So I got five hundred fifty four dollars.


Whoever let me slap them got them on the video. I won't come on and be playing with me.


I begged him not to be real. Deal me. You won't be smegma by 544 though. Fifty four. Fifty four. I was wondering why that specific amount as well. Maybe this is what he had in his pocket at that moment. No, I don't know.


I don't know. But that's why context matters. I know social media likes it ninety nine percent of the time, but if you can provide it, do it. Because when I saw this lab I thought it was real too.


Did you I mean, it was a real slap, though. He really slap me. I know he really liked it, but I thought, Boosey, I really got into it with somebody in the store.


All right. Well, there's the explanation. But now his Instagram is deactivated. If you remember, this happened to him before and he really needed it back because he said that's how he feed his family. You get a lot of money on Instagram.


Yeah, periods are tough. Tune the hard recordings to be on record. Really? No baby snapped on that. All right.


Congratulations to Somer Walker in London on a track. They welcomed their baby girl together. The baby girl was born on March 24th, according to reports.


So congratulations to them. Congrats to them. Yep.


And did ya know Kasey also had a baby, too? Yeah. Berzina Kasey and her husband Alex Fine are celebrating as well. They had their second child together, their daughter sannyasin go, hmm. And if you saw Jason Trello and Jennifer Rooms are having a baby as well. I saw the baby talk. All right. Yes. Congratulations, everybody. And Cameron, he shared that he has at least two hundred thousand people blocked on social media. Here's what he said.


I got at least minimum. Two hundred thousand. Some people, black men don't ever feel bad about black. This is somebody come into the house and be like, oh, like your curtains. I don't really like the furniture to go. You don't like the curtains? Why are you here? You don't want you. But you still hear me? Oh, I agree with him, oftentimes you've got to save people from themselves because some folks will stay on your page, they follow and you just the hate on you.


And they're only hurting themselves when they do that, saving them from themselves and block them. No, it's so funny.


I said that years ago. I said I block everybody who says something negative a system is to me. I block me, I look.


Will you be too sick to do. No, I think I don't know. Said that I do the same thing.


I black you and I and I said I will block you. And if you come in on a block of like the block some nasty comment, I'll block you too.


But I think it's two approaches. Right. Sometimes you want people to continue to see you sign it. You know, I'm saying it's like if you hate me so much, I will give you more things to hate on. All of this stuff's going to continue to make you sick, but sometimes you've got to save them from themselves because they really just hurting themselves. So just block them. Like, why do you fight?


Why do you follow me? If you hate me, why go out of your way to say how much you don't like somebody has blocked a lot of wasted energy. Let me save you from yourself. All right.


Now back to our storage units have been robbed of one million dollars in luxury goods, according to a report, thieves who actually went into a storage unit in L.A. and they got a lot of luxury handbags and dresses. According to reports, it's worth more than one million dollars. It's three different storage units that are rented by her Parkwood Entertainment production company. And thieves broke in two times earlier this month is the. Now, here's my question. Is a storage unit company, are they responsible when something like that happens?


I'm not sure. What do you. I don't you got insurance now.


You sign it says you're not they're not responsible.


Well, and you know, that happen to Miley Cyrus as well. Her storage unit got hit up in January. It felt like this could also be an inside job because then how do they know whose is whose?


Yeah, that's true, too. I mean, I'm just saying I just want to ladies out there.


I mean, most Beyonce dresses in wardrobe, I'm sure a one on ones, one of one. So if you're wearing it out there, they're going to know it's Beyonce. Yeah.


You go you're going to look you're going to look stupid as hell walking around with Beyonce, these items, all that glittery stuff, all that sparkly stuff. Who are you going to sell that to? You go. If you don't give Beyonce back her goddamn items so blue can have her hand me downs. I want you. All right.


And who is the world's sexiest bald man?


Come on. Come on. Now what? You got to ask the obvious questions.


Definitely not the answer based off of Google searches and blogs and reports and how many times people were mentioned. Siri, who do you think is the winner?


Come on now. Come on. Don't you dare I tell you who made the. I tell you who made the lesson. And I tell you who's number one on the list. John Travolta. What? I know he was bald. He Floyd Mayweather, Bruce Willis, Pippo Orac with Lanolin Diso Barrack's Michael Jordan, Jason Statham. Number two was Mike Tyson, Mike Tyson and. Yes.


Oh, I you see that tattoo, right. And No one. Prince William. No, he's not Prince William. Not sexy to you.


He's not even really bald.


He's like you like the old man bald side. You've got to do that. God hates that. Hate is the board between bald and being bald. I'm bald. He's boring. I had a little fuzz growing in, didn't you, that he let his hair grow. Now I go and he's not buying because they showed me sexy. But I'll take Charlamagne over that prince, whatever his name is.


Hey, you going. Oh, you will. That's how crazy. Crazy. I'm just saying. So I'm just saying there's nothing wrong with that. You should be able to say, well, you know, I can take him, then take him. And that is your I remember. I may not take them. I'm just saying I thought you said Charlamagne over to Prince, the prince little crazy with no one's ever seen. Clearly, though clearly had to hear that right.


Clearly that top ten was European beauty standards.


Clearly, Mike Tyson, Mike Jordan, Floyd Mayweather to be ready to make the list. You're right. You're right. But to find ways to make it not he's not completely black and it looks like it's trash everywhere. Trash, by the way, I don't know why any of your men do that.


Y'all look so stupid with the head just on the side of the ball in the middle.


Just go ball this little dumb stupid and you try to line it up on the side. It just looks to let go and let God.


All right. All right. Front page news next. What we talking about? Well, let's talk about the Derek Chavan trial, the former Minneapolis police officer who killed George Floyd.


All right. We'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club, your mornings. I'll never be the same.


Mountain Dew is partnering with BCUZ in an effort to uplift the next generation of badass black innovators and entrepreneurs with the real Change Opportunity Fund pitch competition. Empowering students to go out and do is at Mountain Dew. That comes real change to enter springform.


H.T. one New York and I heard radio station. Well, why do you hate people? I never said that whoever it is crazy is so bad, he'd make that bomb this morning. Everybody is T.J. and Angela. I mean, the guy we are at a breakfast club. Let's get in some front page news now. NCAA basketball, March Madness. And you guys watch. I watched one game this weekend. Which game?


Gonzaga versus Creighton, Gonzaga, Einziger and Zach. All right. So they down to the elite eight.


Now the elite eight are you have it, you know, Oregon State, Houston, Baylor, Arkansas, Gonzaga, USC and UCLA and Michigan, UCLA and Michigan, the last eight teams.


Now, what else can you did? The Women's Elite eight. How can you give me the women's day at Baylor versus UConn of South Carolina versus Texas versus South Carolina and Louisville versus Stanford?


Let's go Gamecocks drop on a Koosman for the Gamecocks. Dammit, Coach Dastardly always got them in a competitive position.


All right. Well, today is the day, and that's when Court TV is back and people will be watching. Opening arguments underway for Derek Schavan. He is the former Minneapolis police officer who killed George Floyd. So you can actually watch that and get that coverage live as they're on in court. What do you think about that?


Uh, I'm not thinking about it because I don't expect justice, but that's just because we rarely see it. So I'm just sitting back watching. I hope we get justice this time.


I mean, we've seen the man put his knee on George Floyd's neck. I don't I don't see I can't see why a jury would be like, oh, maybe this. No. Oh, you don't know America.


What you you don't know America. What country we live in. Right.


OK, now, according to reports, they want us to know this is not the George Floyd trial. They said there's a tendency to use drugs, Floyd's name under the assumption that his name is more widely known than Shervin. But news outlets are being very thoughtful about how they name this trial. They want to make sure that they know this is not George Floyd. He's not on trial. A lot of times we don't talk about the person who actually committed the crime.


So it's a Minnesota versus Derek Shoven and Derek Schavan on trial. All right.


Now let's talk about what happened in at Oklahoma County Detention Center. An inmate held a correctional officer hostage, took his radio and keys and released other inmates before he ended up getting shot and killed by police on Saturday. They said the hostage situation took place during a MALPASSE.


That's when they give out medicine to the inmates. There are thirty seven inmates house on the floor. It's not clear how many were released and how many were involved in the incident, but they said that this all took place in the segregation pod where the, quote, inmates that are most difficult to handle are housed.


When you say released, where did they would you be released like this? I let them out of their cells, yeah.


Mm hmm. You know, but I saw my sign post about it and he said, you cannot die. Humans are humans, showers and basic human rights and expect them not to react this way. It's called self-preservation. Pray for them.


Yeah, you've got a point. I mean, if you're not allowing them to shower, you're not giving them food and other basic necessities. Yeah.


They are going to turn in the animal. That's a fact.


All right. So, yeah, they said there was a lot of things going on there where people weren't able to access and. Yeah, so I don't know, unfortunate situation because that inmate was killed. Right. And that is your front page news. All right.


Thank you, Miss Yee. Now let's open up the phone lines. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one shout to Miss Jones. Miss Jones is a woman that got me started in morning radio. She is doing a reunion podcast where she talks about all the old episodes and the things that she was doing. And we were talking, we may know over the weekend. And I asked me know why he was, you know, what got him into love and hip hop?


Why why he would do love and hip hop. And he said, because it's business. And I said, explain yourself. And this is what he said. He had a conversation with Mona Scott.


And this is how he said the conversation when you said Mona Scott said she doesn't watch the show, nor does her kids. When I went to Mona house, I think we had started filming and we went she was like having a cookout. And we talked about the show and she said, you know, I don't I don't watch the show. You know, my husband, we don't watch the show. Kids don't watch the show. Right. Then I understood what they said.


Sometimes you do things and it's just purely business. All right, let's talk about it, eight hundred five eight five, one, two, five one. Let me ask you, Charlamagne, your producer, you don't you do a lot of production in television. Would you ever do a show that you couldn't watch or that your family couldn't watch or that you wouldn't watch? Just for the check, just for the bread, for the check?


No, not just for the check, but I'm sure I would do things that my family wouldn't watch because I got young kids. I mean, your kids want to see your kids, but, you know, I mean, because there's a lot of things that I wouldn't want my kids to watch. But just yourself, like, would you produce a show that, you know, you wouldn't want to check?


No, absolutely not. What about you? You.


I can't. I don't. I wouldn't think so. No, I can't say doing that. Although I do have my podcast lipservice, I wouldn't want my parents to listen to that. But they do.


All right. Now, Mona Scott also spoke over the weekend. She was talking about love and hip hop and some of the flack that she gets.


Can we play that clip right here on this one? There is a right for every black person to tell their story. This right here was about the women in hip hop who have relationships with these men. Their stories have a right to be told. So that is something I will stand fast in and, you know, argue down anybody any day of the week. What is sometimes infuriating is that my white male counterparts, my white female counterparts aren't held to the same scrutiny.


They are shows that run the gamut from the Housewives franchise and taking out the Atlanta Housewives to, you know, Honey Boo Boo. There are tons of shows that show the full range of white people and it's OK and nobody is hanging any of those producers out to dry or saying that they are bringing down their culture.


She got a point with that now. All right. And by the way, you know, it's interesting because a lot of industry insiders don't don't, you know, use their products like we do. Like you always hear the stories about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and how, you know, they didn't let their kids use cell phones until they turned a certain age and things of that nature or something let them use the social media at all. So you hear you hear these type of stories all the time.


So let's open up the phone lines. Let's get your thoughts. What do you think? Eight hundred five eight five. One, two, five one. Let's talk about it. Let's have a discussion this morning.


It's topic time because the phone call 800 five eight five one oh five one to join into the discussion with the Breakfast Club. Talk about it, warning everybody is D.J. Envy.


Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Now, if you're just joining us, we're talking about Mona Scott. She was doing TV one uncensored and said this about love and hip hop in her brand.


There is a right for every black person to tell their story. This right here was about the women in hip hop who have relationships with these men. Their stories have a right to be told. What is sometimes infuriating is that my white male counterparts, my white female counterparts aren't held to the same scrutiny. They are shows that run the gamut from the Housewives franchise and taking out the Atlanta Housewives to, you know, Honey Boo Boo.


There are tons of shows that show the full range of white people and it's OK and nobody is hanging any of those producers out to dry or saying that they are bringing down their culture. All right.


Also, over the weekend, I was on a Miss Jones podcast. She does a podcast each and every week. It's a reunion show where she talks about some of her old shows and some of the things that she went through. Maino was there. And I asked me this question about him being on love and hip hop and why he decided to do it.


You said Molas Guy says she doesn't watch the show, nor does her kids. When I went Samona house, I think we had started filming and we went she was like having a cookout. And we talked about the show and she said, you know, I don't, I don't watch the show. You know, my husband, you don't watch the show. Kids don't watch the show. Right. Then I understood what they said. Sometimes you do things and it's just purely business.


So we're asking eight hundred five eight five one two five one. What are your thoughts now? Stop what you eat. What do you think?


I mean, it depends on the appropriateness of things. Like I was saying earlier, I wouldn't want small kids listening to LipService, my podcast, or even my parents for that matter, just because it's my parents. I don't know if I need them to know my or my business, but, you know, that is what it is. But I do even feel like the Breakfast Club that certain topics you wouldn't want your kids listening to, I would assume.


And people tell me that all the time. So maybe it's more mature. I don't know. OK, Charlamagne, what do you think?


I honestly would have to know the context of Monas God's answer, because it's a difference between I don't watch the show and I don't watch the show because I think it's negative and I don't want my family to be influenced by that. Like, for example, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs saying they don't let their kids use their products because their products are addictive but have no problem with our kids being addicted. That's unethical and hypocritical to me. You know, I'm saying but Mona's saying she doesn't watch the show.


I would have to know why. Because I don't I don't listen to the radio. Don't when I'm like I'm just riding around losing a radio and I don't know. I just don't I mean, not because I think it's negative or anything like that. I'm just saying because I think he felt it was negative.


But I mean, I'm one of those people that if if I don't want to just do something for a check where it's it's pushing my community down, if that's how I felt, if that was the situation, it's kind of like I sell crack, but I don't want my kids or my family to sell crack when I sell crack the community to make money. And I'm not comparing crack to TV, but it kind of feels like the same way, like I'm not going to do something for check that that belittles my community, you know?


I mean, I would have to know the context because you might just not watch the show because you don't watch the show. Like I I don't listen to radio. And it's not an intentional decision. It's just that I got my screamo services. I got podcasts like when I'm listening, but it's not because of there's something negative. You just don't because there's have other things to do. And I don't. I don't. I don't. Breakfast Club page and watch our YouTube videos, because you I mean, you record it, you do it, but even still, like some people may go back and watch themselves critique themselves or they may, you know, go back for more information.


I just you know, I don't tend to do that.


All right. Well, let's go to the phone line. It may not just want to bring work home. Who knows? I don't know.


Hello, who's this is American Morning. What's going on right here is my boys, Charlamagne. But that's my boy. What up? What? Hey, man, I feel like I look better than the person who shot him. I don't feel bad. You probably do.


Oh gosh. Yeah, yeah.


We oh. My thoughts is my mom just got mad I she got the nerve not to watch her family man. Makes me feel kind of like, you know. Oh no, I'm angry of it because I feel like some of the shows you put out, she's, she's making the culture look real bad. So for her to have the nerve to say she don't watch it, I bet she don't watch it, OK?


I don't see that. Why are you smoking on a cigarette now? Because I guarantee you the people who run them cigarette companies don't let the kids smoke. All right. No, thank you for that. You said no, I'm not. I'm just saying that just like I don't think it's a lot of industries that don't let their kids partake in this, Charlie, without telling me what's going on everywhere.


Sobre, what do you think about what this guy said, man? No, listen, man, I feel a bit like I just like Bamuthi was just that you just got a better way to play stupid man.


All right. Man made. Yes, sir.


Did anybody I would probably look like it's like you can't laugh and laugh at your own jokes but 805 if we're talking moaners guys.


But I would say Mona Scott, it's like she's done so much for the culture. So I can't just say she's putting our culture down. When it came to Missy Elliott and L.L. Cool J and helping with fifty and all the things that she's done. So it's not just, OK, this is all she does and it's negative, negative, negative. No, she has done a lot for our culture. But we just talking about this.


Call us up now is the Breakfast Club. Come on. It's a new year and me and my family are just about ready to move into our new house. But for anyone that has moved before, whether it is for a job, family or a fresh start, you know how difficult it can be besides moving items from one house to the next. What also can be difficult is finding new places to shop and gaining a great relationship with your neighbors. In fact, as I explore the neighborhood, I met some people in the neighborhood that helped me find a great juice spot and a nearby grocery store.


But I have to give credit to State Farm as they have been a big help because everything they do is focused on building strong neighborhoods together. State Farm has functioned on the belief that being a good neighbor means being good stewards of the neighborhood they serve. It is not enough to simply do business with people. You must also do good alongside them because it's the right thing to do well. With nineteen thousand local agents across the country, State Farm is committed to being good neighbors wherever our customers find themselves in their communities right around the corner when you need they farm knows that a better world tomorrow starts with a strong neighborhood today like a good neighbor.


State Farm is there. I know it now.


I'm working on your. Call me and your opinions to the Breakfast Club top, come on, eight hundred five eight five one five one morning everybody is D.J. Envy, Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club.


We're talking Mona Scott now. Mona Scott was on TV one uncensored and said this.


There is a right for every black person to tell their story. This right here was about the women in hip hop who have relationships with these men. Their stories have a right to be told. So that is something I will stand fast in and, you know, argue down anybody any day of the week. What is sometimes infuriating is that my white male counterparts, my white female counterparts aren't held to the same scrutiny. They are shows that run the gamut from the Housewives franchise and taking out the Atlanta Housewives to, you know, Honey Boo Boo.


There are tons of shows that show the full range of white people and it's OK and nobody is hanging any of those producers out to dry or saying that they are bringing down their culture.


Also, I was talking to may know about Scott gotten him being on love and hip hop and he said it's just business. And he said he had this conversation with Mona at her crib at a barbecue.


You said Mona Scott said she doesn't watch the show, nor does her kids. When I went to Mona house, I think we had started filming and we went she was like having a cookout. And we talked about the show and she said, you know, I don't I don't watch the show. You know, my husband, you don't watch the show. Kids don't watch the show. Right. Then I understood what this is. Sometimes you do things and it's just purely business.


Mona is right when she says she gets more flag than her male counterparts for making the same kind of shows, because even now, like love and hip hop, Mona has her production company hasn't produced that show in forever, like she gets a credit on it. But I think, if I'm not mistaken, is big fish entertainment because Rambabu enjoyment, you know what I mean? When you don't hear anybody can bring it down the black community. But I guess for Ramona, she also has put herself on the show, too.


So it kind of made the face of it. Yeah. Yeah. It makes people affiliate her with it a lot more. But I thought Andy Cohen does the same thing, that that's why I said I don't watch Real Housewives like that. That's why after all last week, you know, which is one actor, he has he has the shows where he said, you know, watch what happens, which one is more tragic.


Love, hip hop, a real housewife. Oh, I would love hip hop, love and hip hop.


OK, I would say I know I know a lot of people I love hip hop would say they never got the opportunity to show the things that they're working on. If they were working on music or if they were trying to open a store, they were seen as hard to get those type of things in the show. I know for the Housewives franchise and even they show a lot of the stuff that they do. Like you see in Candy's restaurant, you seen CANDIS Dungen Line, you seen Portia doing the civil rights thing in March.


And like you see a lot of that as well. So balance right is balance. I don't know if there's that much balance.


I love hip hop. Hello. Who's this? Yasmine. Yasmine, good morning. What are your thoughts?


So I feel like there's nothing wrong with what she produces. At the end of the day, it's real. We really like people really act like that. And then I feel like black women. We're held to a higher standard always. We're always expected to be able to control myself and to be defensive in that. But at the end of the day, that's just what it is out there. You know, watching that has white counterparts produced shows that don't show their race in the best light, but like they glorifies like nothing said about them.


I get with you.


I see both sides, though, because, you know, the reason that white people are able to showcase their a whole spectrum is because it's way more white. Shows that true? I mean, it's not a lot of black shows and there's not a lot of black shows. You know, we expect the highest standard of ourselves to be showing it all the time.


But I would say this, too. It's also what these networks are willing to grab, you know, love in hip hop, black people fight in black people argue a network to pick that up. But I remember the first person I was interested in my family to KC crew and showing a positive light on television was mono. She was the first person that tried to get that greenlit. And everybody in first was like, no, where's the drama? Where's that?


This is the that and the TV networks wanted the drama in the beef, in the bickering t.


So that's I'm saying Mona gets to blame a lot of times just for I guess, conforming to create the kind of show that these networks won't allow this. You know. And I'm back to Louisville, Kentucky now. What's up, man?


What's going on, brother? We're asking, you know, what are your thoughts? Listen, I feel like is if you don't create a show and not allow your family to watch it because you feel like it's awful, you know, bad, can't sit down. Why allow other black families Kazal is doing in the day? I feel like it's tearing down the image when the people are saying that's not what is good. Entertainment Tonight. Still early on, the image of black people, because at the beginning of the show starts of, you know, like you said, talking about Tiger and highlighting a career, but at the end of the day, they look white.


So at the end of the day, more people are talking about the fights in actually their careers. Shout out to Michel and pardon me, they actually came up off the show, but it's like one out of 100. So I just feel like if I'm going to to going out and buying or selling going on out here, why would I lose my kids to see it? And you're not wrong. But once again, we got to know the context of her answer.


Like I said, it's the difference between I don't watch the show and I don't watch the show because I think it's negative and I don't want my family influenced by it. I don't know why she don't watch the show.


All right. So what's the moral of the story, guys? I just think we just need to have more balance on television. And I don't necessarily think that's just Mona Scott. I just think that these TV networks has to allow more of a balance. And at one time they like the ratchet because it brought the ratings. But it has to be in balance. It has to be positivity. It has to be a little bit of everything but us as consumers.


We need to watch both sides of it, because sometimes when they put the positive stuff on air, we don't watch it because we like to ratchet it more. But we have to make sure that we support both sides. I think. Yeah, I don't even know where Ratchet is now. There's nothing on TV that compared to what I see on social media. So I don't even know what the bar is anymore.


All right. Now, you've got rumors on the way. Yes. And we are going to be talking about these Satan's shoes and artist put out these shoes. There's only six hundred sixty six pairs available.


And we'll give you a little information on how you can get them and the controversy surrounding them because there is some human blood in them. I'll pass, but we'll talk about it next. Keep it locked. It's The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are at a breakfast club. Let me send a congratulations to my cousin, Dr. Jasmin Walker. She received her first choice match at Abington Jefferson Memorial Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


She is now a doctor. So congratulations to my cousin. We love you and the family loves you. I'm so proud of you. So congrats.


It's time she's spilling the tea. This is the rumor report with Angela. Oh, on the Breakfast Club. Well, Letterman has put out his video for a Montoro call me by your name and by the way, I just checked it, it has almost 32 million views since it came out on Friday. And a lot of fans were excited about it because it talks about how it feels to come out as a member of the LGBTQ community. Some people have criticism about his fellow biblical references and he was going back and forth with people on Twitter.


He said there is a mass shooting every week, that our government does nothing to stop me. Sliding down a CGI pole is what's destroying society. People had issues with him, you know, sliding down his pole. He's going down to hell. Then he gives Satan a lap dance while he wears patent leather, thigh high stilettos, by the way, that looks good, OK. He also said show my three month old niece the call me by your name video.


And she said, Uncle, that was quite the stupendous visual. Why in heavens would any individual being raised over such a sensational showpiece? He said, I'm going to go cry all.


And it just was a lot of controversy. Joyner Lukash said, I think the biggest problem for me is the fact you don't understand Oldtown motives. Every xanthan children love him. For that record, they tuned in and subscribe to his channels. So with no disclaimer, he just dropped some left it and all our kids seen it. He responded. I literally sing about Lean and Adultry and Oldtown about you decided to let your child listen. Blame yourself.


A lot of people were weighing in. He also put out these Satan Nike's that contained human blood and they're called Satan shoes. There's a bronze pentagram in inverted cross and a drop of real human blood in them. So Nike actually had to make a statement and say that they were not involved in it's not an official release. They said we do not have a relationship a little noisy or mischievous, like Nike did not design a release these shoes and we do not endorse them.


Now, since all the controversy, the donors did issue this apology.


OK, guys, I see everybody has been talking about this issue. And I just want to come forward and say.


Sorry, sorry, so that's the low down on little notch experts, I think. Yes, and they had nothing to do with these shoes. There was a designer that redid issues overnight. They did a say in and Jesus shoes or the Jesus shoe or there's a white sneaker. Yes. A white sneakin in the same. And she was the black sneaker. Right. And then it might get it right. Oh, Jesus. What Eau de Jesus sneakers were all about that.


But they go on for like fifteen hundred dollars, Paula. I haven't seen the video.


I just saw some snippets on social media. But yeah, I don't do see I don't even know. I mean he's going to want to play with that. Sixty six human blood. I'm not with all that. I'm a country as Negro who grew up in Moscona, South Carolina. My mom, a Jehovah's Witness, my grandmother was a Baptist. Get behind the Satan. I renounce Satan and all his works.


I'm just as smart in New York and I mess with them. That has nothing to do with St. like six nothing. I tell you what, if my blood in those sneakers I want royalty's OK, if my blood is in those sneakers, I need equity in those goddamn shoes. OK, now. And what if you just look at the shoes in the seat and shoes and you like man say she was way hotter than Jesus shoes. Can you go to hell with it.


The black was like a lot better. But what if you had a black one little. I thought I might even synergy's when I thought a Chick fil A once you posted those look kind of fire to me. Are you happy now?


He said those are fake, but I don't know. I can't keep up. The moment was real. It was fake.


I thought that was real, that I didn't, I haven't seen him anywhere. I will copy Chick fil A, Chick fil I said John three 16 on them.


Well, if anything else, I did like the song Montoro. If I never hear you.


You didn't watch the video. I told you I don't do same songs that sort of snippets. I'm like, okay, I'm not.


I was messing with it either. All right. Now, Halle Berry is responding to racist comments that came from a New York radio host in Buffalo who, by the way, is fired. And here are the comments that he made. Rob Letterman.


We have ours and I may get into trouble for the two o'clock. I have them to the attractiveness of women that I find to be attractive. So I'll go I will never go to a Serena Williams level, but I'm very comfortable with a Haileybury level. I need a little bit of Mallott still coming through it.


What I don't get what they were talking about, so he's comparing attractiveness of black women to different settings on a toaster. So basically he talked about Serena Williams, he talked about Gayle King. He talked about Halle Berry and the complexion as compared to settings on a toaster. There are different complexions.


What's his name? Rob Liederman, yeah, Rob Lederman, you woke up and showed unemployment, that's when you wake up and you say to yourself, you know what, I'm tired of this job. But what he said, can I go out with a bang? When you start off with, I'm probably going to get in trouble for this death when you should stop. You're goddamn right. Especially now you're fired right away, by the way, you're fired.


And Haileybury objected. Haileybury said, disgusting. It's ridiculous. This type of nonsense is still being broadcasted across airwaves. All black women are beautiful and worthy. Rob Letterman H.


Get the fat ass my name and I get it right.


I just got to tell the Buffalo News that he was horrified by his own remarks after he listened back to them. I can see how someone could be offended by that. I get that it sounds terrible and it is terrible. Now, can I take back those words? No. If you listen to them where they meant to be hurtful. Absolutely not. He said he wants to learn from this and that he is remorseful to anybody that would be hurt by what he said.


I need to see what the show prep meeting was like. OK, when you are right off the rails, you think so? If he went rogue, how do you just think that he had to be thinking about that at home?


It's not clever at all. Not at all stupid. All right. Oscar de la Hoya has announced that he is making a comeback. He's forty eight years old. He's retired, but he does plan to come back to sports. Here he is talking about it.


I feel like it's something I miss him and I keep seeing you in the ring, but I don't see you in the ring. I mean, talk to me. Why don't you? I mean, you're part owner of a Thriller fight club. Why don't you know? I mean, I think you should tell him it's you, not me. July 3rd, I'm making my comeback.


But, well, dropping clues, man. For Snoop Dogg being part of that naturally smart man. Smart man to get in, get in on.


Oscar de la Hoya was with Snoop Dogg and they were doing the Jig Pub versus Ben offscreen press conference on Shriller. And that's where he announced his July 3rd fight.


But I think who's going to fight, he doesn't know yet, we don't feel like him. He didn't say it.


I think Oscar de la Hoya must need money, but he has golden boy promotions. That does really well. Well, but think about it, though, when you see the money that Mike Tyson and Roy Jones junior make on Floyd, whenever they come out and do exhibition matches, it's kind of hard not to want to get out there and get some of that money. You know, I'm saying even if you may not necessarily need it, but these guys are getting tens of millions of dollars just to go out there and spar a little bit.


Why not?


He's getting there to not have to fight. No, I don't know.


Getting that much. No, because I know he lost Canelo Alvarez. He still got Ryan Garcia, but now he trusts me to go out there and make a quick 20, 30 million dollars. Why wouldn't you go do that for eight rounds and nothing you hit in the head and die and you're not going to get a bang on each other like that? Roy and Mike didn't. Mike, Mike took a serious you see, Roy was was Roy might not have to fight, but they said, you want a rematch, Royce, I got to go home and talk to my wife about this.


Well, they put that money on the table to come out there. Same thing with De La Hoya. Are you going to get the money? Why not?


I mean, he owns a soccer team. He's worth like 200 million dollars. You think he's doing that just to get a little money?


What the NYC good friend of yours, Oscar de la Hoya, has announced he's coming out of retirement to box again. Cocaine isn't cheap. Going to make money, deals with them quite bad with this because that's a stereotype and that the cocaine and drugs and all that stuff, you can't as a black man, he said, oh, crack about must be expensive. You would have ask your question. Let me ask you that. Does Oscar de la Hoya do cocaine?


How do I know? Do you know? You've never read the story?


I don't read the story and I'll hang out. I feel it. But White knows better. That's not racist. That's racist. That's not that's not right.


All right, guys, that's a rumor report. I've never heard that. I think he talked about him using cocaine before Oscar de la Hoya. Yes. He admitted to cocaine and alcohol use to the FBI. So that's why you talk to people. I'm do you not knowing, OK, that's cocaine use cocaine. Oh, my God, that's racist. He admitted it. Now, what do you say, Palagi? That was a big story, man.


Doesn't owe you an apology. That was a big story. You know, drugs are a problem in this country and we can't be sitting here making jokes about it. OK, I apologize. You just said someone's racist. That clearly is. Can we move on, please? We have a time schedule here. A report. Thank you. I jumped off the ledge a little bit. All right.


Thank you. Yes, I apologize. I had my coffee this morning. I'm sorry, Charlamagne. We absolutely know, by the way, that Dana White comment was from last year. I just want to throw that out there from August of 2001. Guys, we got to go. Yes. Donkey going to it's a story about why you should make better choices when you're young. We'll discuss why after now.


All right. The Breakfast Locomotor, The Breakfast Club, Your Mornings. I'll never be the same.


When a train hits a vehicle at a railway crossing, the results are often deadly. Be cautious at crossings. And if the signals are going, don't be tempted to try and sneak across the tracks. Even if you don't see a train stop trains get brought to you by nature.


It's time for Donkey of the Day. I'm a Democrat to bring down here day. A little bit of a mix. Yes, but like a dog the other day I could pick you up.


Now I've been called a lot and my twenty three year old donkey and a is a new white.


Yeah, it's Monday guy. I hate to start the week off like this, but Donkey of the Day for Monday, March twenty ninth goes to two teenage girls. OK, 13 and 15 years old from Washington, D.C.. Of course, these young lady names aren't released because they are minors. But man, if trouble is easy to get into and hard to get out of was able to pass, it would be these two young ladies now. All right, Peter Mohammed Anwar.


Sixty six years old in Springfield, Virginia.


He's dead for absolutely nothing. Well, not absolutely nothing. He's dead because this 13 to 15 year old girls made a poor choice. And that's what life is. Ladies and gentlemen, a series of choices, OK? Destiny is not a matter of chance. It's a matter of choice. That's right. Life is all about making choices. Kids, I know it's hard, but always do your best to make the right ones and always do your best and learn from the wrong ones.


OK, these two young girls definitely made the wrong choice. Just 13 and 15 year old made a choice that is going to alter the course of their lives forever. Let's go to W-W USA, CBS nine for the report.


Police detective says that one of the girls admitted that the two of them took the metro here to Navy Yard with the intent of stealing a car. They encountered Mahomet on War Sixty six and then a Honda Accord. There was a bit of a struggle on onWe got a hold of one of the girl's cell phones. The two girls were in the car. He was on the driver's side, trapped between the car door and the driver's seat. One girl says that the other girl, Jake.


The car into gear and started swinging the wheel well and the Uber, each driver was trapped back there. The car hit something here, the door slammed into inlaw, then the car spun around, took a hard right turn here on End Street, right behind that stadium, went up on two wheels and more was thrown and crushed and he died at the hospital.


I know a lot of you watched that video this weekend. I did not. I really wish social media didn't allow this kind of trauma to be shared. I don't know, watch videos like this. But what that news reporter just described is what was shown on that video on social media in HD. And I can only imagine the hurt, the pain and the trauma Mohammed and his family feels because that video will live forever online.


And unfortunately, you know, I mean, the video will live online and it shouldn't, OK, nobody's last moments alive should be broadcast for the world to see. But alas, that is the world we live in. But there is another side to this. The fact that a 13 and 15 year old girl, for whatever reason, decided to carjack the driver with a hungry what they trying to rob him for food? What they trying to rob him for money?


I don't know what caused them to make such a poor choice, but now they are charged with felony murder and armed carjacking. The young girl is from the southeast section of D.C. The old girl from Fort Washington, Maryland, to kid's life ruined forever. And we don't know what for. Yes, I would like to know the reason they made such a poor choice, because it can be used as a preventive measure in the future. When I'm telling you the lesson to be learned here is that trouble is easy to get into and hard to get out of.


I know for a fact that whatever that 13 and 15 year old girl had planned wasn't supposed to end like this. Now a family has to go. Funmi Page set up, you know, for the funeral of a loved one. Muhammad Anwar have to go fund me, says a beloved husband, father, grandfather, uncle and friend who always provided a smile when you needed one. He leaves behind a family near and far who cherish, love and miss him dearly, end quote.


Can you imagine being the parents of these 13 and 15 year old girl, the range of emotions one must go through when they are mad and sad at the same time, you're mad. They made such a poor choice, which is sad because now you know you know, your kids are property of the state. But it's got to be confusing because they're just kids, does this society make it possible for them to bounce back from this? Should they be able to bounce back from this?


Can you chalk up something like this is just a mistake. Do they go to juvenile prison? And if so, for how long do these kids lose their lives because they took one? I truly don't know. I mean, we were all kids once, and I know for a fact the life I was leading. These are the kinds of things my parents dreaded, you know, for me and thank God I never ended up in a situation like this.


But please, please, kids out there learn from these two young girls mistakes. And remember, life is a matter of choices. And every choice you make makes you please give just 13 and 15 year old girl the biggest haul.


I really don't know.


I mean, they definitely, you know, got to be held responsible for the consequences of their actions. But, you know, someone's life. Yeah, but how severe are those consequences? Well, let's let's talk about it. 805 five five one.


What do you think should happen to these two children, this 13 year old? You know, they took a life.


So it has to be some type of consequence, does have to be something.


Does that mean that their life, their lives are completely over now? I don't think so. 13 and 15, I don't think. I don't think they had the intention to kill that gentleman when they went to steal their car. Like I was telling what the producer right now, what people are doing is they are getting these teens to steal cars. And the reason being is if the teens get caught, they get no jail time. They only get a community service, they get a slap on the wrist.


But if an adult does it, they get jail time. So they pay these teens thirty three thousand dollars to five thousand dollars to steal these cars. And then when they steal these cars, they usually sell these cars overseas and they get 20, 30 thousand for these vehicles. So that's a big business in the hood. That's what they do when he goes to these causes to 3000. Moulton's like Agosta, L'Escargot, still 3000. I don't have to have a gun and go do it.


And that's what this is, what can happen. But I don't think these these children's lives should be in jail for the rest of their life. I don't think they should do life in prison.


Two young girls, 13, 14. I don't know. I don't know what I don't know what the consequences should be. But it's worth a discussion.


Let's talk about it. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. Let's discuss this. The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. It's topic time because the phone call 800 five eight five one zero five one to join into the discussion with the Breakfast Club. Talk about it. Morning, everybody.


Is D.J. N.V. and Julie Charlamagne, the guy we are at a breakfast club now.


If you just join us, Charlamagne gave Donkey today to a 13 and 15 year old girls from the D.C. area who carjacked the Jubilees driver in the carjacking ended up with them catching a homicide charge because if you watch the video somehow or another, the homicide, what did I say? Homicide on a murder. And, you know, they're charged with it right now.


All right. So we're asking, what do you think should happen to these these girls? I mean, it's a tough on the 13 and 15. I don't think they had an intention of going to kill somebody. They made a horrible decision that that cost somebody their life. So what should happen? Should they get life in prison? I don't believe so. Definitely juvenile detention, definitely. Hopefully some some type of programs that put them on the right track.


But I honestly don't know. I like I don't. Yeah, I would think these they are 13 and 15 years old. You can't put them in prison with adults.


You've got to be N.V. and you got to figure out how do you rehabilitate these children because they're only 13 and 15 years old, but they do need to have accountability and understand what their actions have caused. So, you know, I don't think you want to give up on these kids, but it's just going to take some serious work.


Yeah, I mean, listen, I don't know either man 13 and 15 year olds absolutely will make poor choices. We all 13 and 15 at one at one point. Sadly, this poor choice cost someone their life. I definitely think they have to deal with the consequences of their actions, but I don't want their whole lives to be taken away from them. But this is something that will follow them for the rest of their lives. You know, they even have to do a lot of therapy, you know, mentally and emotionally.


You know what I mean? I don't spiritually I don't even think they should get to have their lives. I think they should do maybe a year or two in juvie and some type of program to make sure they're OK and make sure they graduate high school and put them in college.


And you have to say, though, because it was easy for us to say that wasn't our family members. That's true, too. In addition to that, that family, Muhammad Anwar family, may want to see himself. You know, I mean, since then, since that guy would never get his life back, Mohammad Anwar, he may feel like these kids don't deserve a life. I don't know. But think about some of the things that we did when we were 13 and 15 that, you know, it could have went either way.


We could have maybe hurt somebody. And, you know.


Oh, absolutely. For the first time I ever went to jail was for assault and battery with intent to kill. And that's because my homeboy shot at somebody when I was in the backseat and the bullet hit this. It was three people in the car. They shot at the bullet, hit the fourth seat, the head of the four feet that nobody was sitting. Wow. If somebody was sitting there, they probably been dead right now. And I'm sure I would I would have been in jail.


Right. I used to throw rocks. I don't know. That's why you see the rocks at buses as they were driving by in Queens. And just imagine if one of those rocks hit the bus driver and the bus driver crashed at us. It's nothing that you think about now. You be like, damn, I was dumb. But, you know, let's go to the phone lines.


Hello. Who's this? Hi, this is Aria. Hey, good morning, Marion. Are you a CEO?


Yes, I'm still at a female prison. Huh. And I've seen firsthand what prison does to young adolescents. Oh, I'm so against it. They go in being innocent at times and they come out worse. I think they need maybe six to one year in juvie and community service. Every counseling for prison, prison, it doesn't serve them. All right.


That's great, because you're somebody who's there and sees what happened to a lot of these girls that go in.


I've been a seal for ten years and I've seen the worst of the worst. If you're an adult granat. Yeah, go to prison. If you kill someone, you've done heavy criminal act. Yes, but these young people, young girls, young kids, young boys know. So go in seventeen, eighteen years old and they go in being innocent four in some cases like shy, maybe not too sure about what their life is going to be. They come out worst.


I've seen them in three years turn around, become gang members inside the prison. I'm doing things they never thought they would ever do, and it's just something that people don't believe.


So what do you think what do you think should happen to these young girls having counselling maybe six months to a year in juvie and prison prison? Now they need help right there. Too young there, too young.


13 and 15 is young.


It's very young. I saw the video like you guys were saying earlier. Maybe they were put up to the to do something that they didn't know the outcome. And it's a story it was a very scary situation for everybody, for both families. Yeah.


All right. Well, thank you, Mama. Be safe out there, too. Oh, thank you. All right.


Eight hundred five eight five one zero five one. If you just join us, Charlamagne gave Donkey today to these two children for telling the story. My first on the air had 13 and 15 year old girls in D.C. carjacked the driver, which led to an accident happening that took the life of Mohammed Anwar Doobies driver.


So, all right. What should happen to these girls? Let's talk about it is the Breakfast Club.


Good morning. I know that 13 year old girl. Call me jumping into the Breakfast Club to come on 855 one two five this morning, everybody.


C.J. N.V. Angeles, Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. If you're just joining us, we're asking what should happen to the 13 and 15 year old girl. They were trying to carjack each driver. And as they were trying to do it, they crashed and each driver died. So we're asking what should happen to these 13 and 15 year olds? We have Eric Garner. Eric, good morning. Good morning. What do you think should happen to these young girls?


Just as justice and mercy? And I get they're to me, they're on the same same level. They they definitely need to suffer consequences for their behavior. I don't believe that this is the first event that's taking place in either one of their lives that led them to do something like this. It is a progression. They've probably had some other things going on in their life in the past, whether it's their living situation, whether it's how they were raised or their lack of.


But there's definitely an adjustment issue in there for me. And I stand firm on that as a mother because I do have children of my own. And I, as a 13 year old child or 15 year old child of mine, did something like this. I would be devastated and would want mercy for them. And we all would. At the same time, I'm also a firm believer of justice. Now, whether these these girls I don't know if they're African-American, I don't know what color they are, if they're Mexican or what, but if they get justice or if they get thrown into a system where they're not rehabilitated, it's a whole nother issue on another level because there has to be rehabilitation for them to be able to come home and enter back into society and be functional and be better than they were when they went in.


However, if they don't go in, will they be rehabilitated out in the light, living the life that they live, or will there be continuous robbery? Will there be continuous murders? We continue with things that continue to take place in their lives. This may be the intervention that they need. And it's sad that that we have another family that had lost somebody. Right. And this is often what happens in our community. You know, this is often what happens in young African-American children or brown children or even white children that are in a bad living situation and come up in poverty, that are fending for themselves, try to make it, try to survive, try to do what they need to do or maybe all they know how to do.


Yeah, you know, the thing is, we just don't know, you know, why? You know, because so I was I was raised amazingly, but sometimes as a as a teen or kid, you do stupid things like to rock the bus because I thought it was funny, you know, I mean but I didn't think about them. If that rockets a bus drive and that bus driver loses control and he crashes and everybody dies on that bus.


That's that's something that my mind was thinking of at 13 years old.


What if just what if these two girls were actually starving and I'm not making excuses for them, but I mean, he did rob eavesdropping. What if they were actually hungry? I don't know.


I don't think that they were Robin Aubury strapper because they were hungry. I think, you know, the gentleman spoke and he was talking about doing dumb things when we're when we're young. I mean, our brains aren't developed 13 and 15 years old. So, you know, some people do different things for fun, like throwing rocks at are jumping off. Our bridges are thrill seekers. You know, a lot of a lot of young children are thrill seekers.


They're bored. They have no way you don't have guidance. You'll have no one showing you the weight and kind of leading you and telling you and and watching you and having a good hold on you and directing you in life. You kind of just start bouncing. Right. And you do what all you just do, like you out there just doing it. You just smile and you're just always what you do. Right. And then there situations like this happen.


But, you know, there has to be an intervention. Where are you have has to be somebody that talks to them and explain to them how real it is and how real it can be. Because now the situation is this. They're going to do it. Yeah, OK. Whether it's juvenile or if they behind them, OK, because they're 15 years old, they can go to an adult prison. Right? Well, they're going to be in a juvenile unit.


But thank you for calling my mom. I mean, it's stupid and having kids, your kids could do stupid things and you just don't know about it, you know? I mean, my parents have no idea that I was at my friend's house. You know, I was these prisons.


I was these prisons were actual correctional facilities. I wish that they could put these kids somewhere that they could actually rehabilitate. I wish to.


Hello. Who's this? Yeah, hello. What's up with your.


I was going to say, first of all, good morning to you. And you, Charlamagne, the guy. You ought to be pretty close. Yes, sir. Good morning. And my name is we are from Lance Boughey Detroit. I don't want to time it sounds like in Charlamagne is growing sympathy for these people. I don't like that. I think we should keep the same energy use for any other killer out here. I think it's because these girls are.


I don't know for sure from the video, but I think that young black girls and yes, I don't know what they are. I don't know what they are. I don't know. We'll go ahead and watch the video.


Honestly, don't let me speak first. I know I've got limited time, I think because they are trying to show sympathy. I agree for this to be a correctional facility. Come on, bro. They killed this man for no reason. They need to go to prison to take control. Come on with that.


I'm not saying I'm not listening. I'm not saying I'm not listening. Oh, wait a minute. I'm not saying that there shouldn't be consequences of their actions. I'm saying that they're 13 and 15 years old. Did you make good choices at 13 and 15?


No, but I know I know better to kill somebody when I go down there trying to kill them may not have been to kill someone. Their intention wasn't to kill that man.


I can't keep putting 13 year olds with, you know, 30 year olds in prison. Well, what a parent would have parents are the parents should be held accountable because the life we don't know that. We don't want to hear none of that. We don't know that.


We don't know the context of this situation. But I do know that a 13, a 15 year old do deserve some grace, right? Yes, they do. They have to deal with the consequences of their actions. But I don't think that we should just throw them away.


We just wake I'm African-American and I'm going to be fine. And I understand fully what they look like, young black girls like. That's why we give them a little bit more sympathy than any other kid. I don't know what it 13 years old.


And I know at 13 I did a lot of stupid ish. And I know at 13 my kids did stupid ish. Now, and anything that you do, it could be there's consequences and things could happen. I talk about it all the time when we don't Iraq, like, I didn't think I could have killed somebody. I wasn't my intention was not to kill somebody. But let's say that that happened. I made a stupid you would still have to deal with the consequences of your actions, not life in prison.


Your life shouldn't be thrown completely away at 13, 15 years old.


No, I so sad, though, that this happened to somebody's life was taken from them. And by the way, if these prisons were actual correctional facilities and we could actually send him somewhere where he could get rehabilitated, I'd be cool. I wouldn't care. Well, how much time do you got?


But we don't think you can mix these little teenage girls with adults because we don't because we know that these prisons aren't real correctional facilities. So it's like you're going to send them. They're 13 and 15. They're going to come out more angry at him before whatever they're dealing with right now. And they need some help. That's what they need. All right.


Well, we got rooms all the way. All right. Well, let's switch gears for a second. You are ready for a white boy, Summer. Let's tell you who thinks this is how it needs to go down. All right. We'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


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Listen. All the guys got the room, a report got in the. It's a up for the Breakfast Club. Well, and Ali, Tafa was arrested over the weekend. They said he's facing multiple charges, including burglary, carrying a concealed firearm, possession of marijuana and possession of Xanax.


So that is I don't have the full update, but this is what we know thus far as this news is breaking, that sometimes sometimes the young rappers start to pack. Right. Some Xanax guns, right?


I hope not. I know.


Well, we'll see what happens. All right. Now, D.J., envy you, Anchia. Casey actually host it. I guess it was it like a reaction to the winners of the NAACP Image Awards?


No, it was a pre show for the NAACP 50. It was a recap of last year. And we talked about the 50 second, which aired later on that day. So it was a recap. And we talk about the the new awards and who we thought we were going to win awards and what we missed. And, you know, what people wore and all that other stuff was pretty dope. I know.


Now I know. Was Maxwell part of this this year, right? Yeah. Maxwell performed. He killed it all. He did the thing I know. And how you doing now? Guia loves Maxwell. She's expressed this on several occasions. She and she is fine.


Loves music. Music. She said he was fine. But here's what she had to say as we were getting ready for the NAACP Image Awards. So who else do you want to see?


What else do you want to see? You know what? I'm very excited to see this year? All of the well-dressed people, especially the men, they get sharp for the night, the men and the women. I mean, Dileep. Exactly. But I mean, the man I think I left that part is really more like you can hear me say that in.


And she never said that when she met, she was talking about she was never coming back. She never said it was fine. She had to have that voice.


She said, you know what, I'm excited to see Maxwell.


All right. She didn't say much holding their breath for her. She said she loves his music. Stop it. We all heard her say Maxwell. OK, Mama.


When he was in a bathtub. Remember what she was talking about? That.


All right. Continue on you. One of No. All right, enough. Well, she could be so fortunate. All right, now ride the wave. When he was on the Breakfast Club, he was talking about his love for Ed Sheeran.


If I worked with somebody else, because I knew that when I was I was a fan of him before music. And I just got to see what it's what is sharing because I was listening to buffoonish, you know, you know. No, no, no. I'm just saying, like, oh, what's your favorite song, man? I'm interested. I follow your happens on my bedroom floor.


I'm putting together Ed Sheeran Rodway collaboration. We're going to make that happen. Yeah. Boy, you do that. So you always yetman and start playing. All right, well, Charlemagne did tell us he's been having sleepovers, they share his house and make that connection.


So here is Radway thinking Charlamagne only get on here, Shotaro, Charlamagne, the Gobbo. He says, how many did it? You know, I said, well, put me in. With all that you do to one of my idols, you don't have to share it with the Jews. Is it here from you know, say say we're going to and it so because Charlemagne and I appreciate that.


Oh well first of all, I never had a sleepover at his house, nor did I sleep over there. I did want to sleep a few nights. It wasn't a sleepover. Did you enter through the back door? Well, he's got in the state.


He's got a whole compound. So I don't know. You slept over anyway.


And the music, that's the definition of a sleep. I slept on his sheet. It was for. That's my title. Head of the music business. And he loves hip hop. So he was already up on a rodway. If he actually loves Rodway. If you have some really nice things to say about Rodway, even his music when he actually said that, he actually says Roj music will be international because it translates everywhere. And if I think I saw this weekend will have the number one album in the country this week.


Yeah, nice.


That's good. Slumber party talk. Absolutely.


You did have fun with my guy. All right, let's dramas and everything I know, right? It was show business, I'm sure you you get the business. You can't go watch the interview that Sharon did, like two years ago, maybe three. I remember. How long ago did it. Oh, shut up.


You have red hair and you get in with your beard. That's my he is my second favorite. Ginger. My first is. All right. Sharon Osborne. Jaspin, we don't know that Sharon Osbourne is out at the talk. They have parted ways. They made this announcement on Friday after this controversy between Sharon Osborne and things just went left after that as she was trying to support Piers Morgan. So that's it, ain't it, Sharon?


Going to sue the hell out of CBS and she's going to walk away with a big ass bag, mark my words, because they're not going be able to justify, you know, what did she walk away or did they let her go? Like, which one was it?


Listen, they've parted way. Was she going to sue CBS and walk away with a back? They don't have to give us some type of big severance package. Watch her right now.


Get ready for a white boy, Summer said. Haynes is saying that's what he wants. Listen to this.


Look, I just wanted to tap in really quick. I just got this feeling, man, that this summer is just about to be a white boy. Summer. What? You know, take it how you want. I'm not talking about, like, Trump, you know, NASCAR type white. I'm talking about, you know, me, John B, Jack Harlow type White Boy Summer. You can vibe with that.


Well, every season is a white boy season, OK? And I mean, they are the dominant cars here in America. It is what it is. But I guess Chad is saying other races are going to want them a white boy and some, like, you know, the other races of women are going to go after white guys. This some of that what you say.


Maybe he's just having a fun white boy, some of his white boyfriends. Let's what's be doing?


No, that was a very old reference. I got it. I understood it checked. I wouldn't expect a young man like you to use such a reference, but it was such ballots because he said it and he said, therefore, I know exactly what kind of white boy Chad hangs. He's talking about he's not talking about, like, you know, white boy, white boy. He's talking about people who happen to be white. Dad, Sharon not.


Yeah, yes. But I sure would fall into that category.


Yeah. Yeah. All right. Well, that is your rumor reports. All right.


Thank you, Missy. And shout out to the whole bet and Facebook staff for allowing me and a wife to do that.


We had a lot of fun shout the Ronda shot to kind of Orlando and everybody over there to get to because she asked you a question about, you know, what are you beige light skin or some other type of light skin? And I thought, no. Oh, we got it. Let's hear it. Yeah, boy, we got it.


Yeah. Just couldn't let it. Just couldn't let it go. I like this for a lot of reasons.


Hmm. Maybe don't have it. I guess we don't have it. All right.


Well we did have to revote. We'll see you later. Everybody else. She got to aircrew. We have that. That was the picture. We have it.


We haven't played dramas play OK. We don't have it.


No choice makes us look what we got here. I didn't have time. We got it over here. Then let's go. Unbelievable.


To simply stop this. This is true. But I have one question for you. What's that? Which category of light skinned you qualify for?


Are you the beige or the crew? No, no.


You can't put me into that white category. You said white for a white male, but I would be more than you think that you fall into the Category four on the beach. OK, I'll take a a little bit, but you got to love Anthony Anderson.


I love D.J. Accrue. That's your new name. And saluted you for being the brains of the operation. Because I love that question, because it's a way to get in front of the NBA isn't really black comedy wise. He can be. I am black and something for the NAACP. I like that. I am black from Dallas, Anderson, talking about white people. But if I was smart. All right, let's go. Very small. It's the breakfast local morning, the Breakfast Club, your mornings.


I'll never be the same Angela here. And the general insurance has been helping people save money for nearly 60 years. They offer the quality coverage you deserve at prices you can afford, make the right call and go with the general, call 800 Janiro or visit the general dotcom. Some restrictions apply the envy.


Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are at a breakfast club now. It's Women's History Month. We wrap up today. Easy. Well, today we are repping for Tracy Oliver. It was just announced that she inked an eight figure overall deal at Apple. She also wrote the movies Girls Trip and Little. And what makes her so legendary is she co-wrote Girls Trip to Kenya Barris. And she is the first black woman to write a movie that grows more than one hundred million dollars.


She also developed an executive, produced the remake of First Wives Club for Betty Pless, which is currently in production on a second season. And she has a comedy series at Amazon that she's executive producing. Now that Tracey Oliver has this eight figure over ideal at Apple, she'll be developing both TV and feature film projects for them, with an emphasis on. And meaningful stories, here is Tracy Oliver in conversation with Grace Byers and Megan Good at Paly front row 20 20 girls.


It's Women's History Month and we're celebrating the most influential women in history. Check out this phenomenal woman.


So I knew I wanted to do something career wise that had something to do with the arts, but it never really occurred to me that I would be a screenwriter. And I took this class called Actors Who Write, Writers Who Act. And in that class, I wrote something for the first time for another actor. And it was so, I guess, inspiring for me and refreshing to see that person deliver my words that I thought to myself, maybe there's something here with writing.


So that was the first time that I started to write that by the time I graduated from college, I was kind of almost totally behind the scenes. I was directing and thinking and writing for women of color, honestly. And those are the people that I was the most inspired by because I was writing stuff that I wanted to originally act in myself. And then it became an inspiration for me to write for women that needed my voice or women that needed opportunities that other people weren't writing for them.


And so I became that person in school that was writing for the women that weren't given an opportunity to act like.


And that was another phenomenal woman in history. All right, well, congratulations to Tracy Oliver. We celebrate you and salute to you this morning for Women's History Month, right?


Yes. Congratulations. Now, when we come back, we got the positive note at the Breakfast Club this morning to mid morning.


Everybody is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Gentlemen, you've got a positive note.


I do, man. I said this during to today, but I want to reiterate, it's a good way to start the work week off, man. It's a good a good quote to put in your brain from John C. Maxwell. Life is a matter of choices in every choice you make. Makes you always remember that when you make a choice, you also choose the consequence. Breakfast competition.


You finish the yonder.


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Look, I've been fired from multiple jobs. I've had guns pulled on me at work. I've almost thought to coworkers. And that was all before the age of 23. So if I have those types of stories, I know y'all have some amazing stories out there. I want to know about your first job. I want to know about your first job. I want to hear a story about the time you will still end up at the job. Oh, yeah.


Scammer's get Lovel job fair to sit back, relax and laugh at the ups and downs that come with just trying to make an honest buck. I cannot wait to welcome to Roy's job fair on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast.