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The idea what you guys are doing right now, it's the Hub Culture Breakfast Club is my morning fit. I need it and I love it. I'm like, you're really not popping into the Breakfast Club and waiting. Come to your show, man. I really got to be a big time celebrity. You got to be got to be big time.


Angeliki and Charlamagne to go to the Breakfast Club. Good morning, USA. Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo.


Good morning, Angela. Yeah, come on, Danny Charlemagne. The God Peace to the planet is Thursday.


Yes, it's Thursday, weekend is almost here, weekend is it, and it's going to be a nice three day weekend, which is always the nice three day Martin Luther King Jr. weekend always hits different after the holidays because I want it. I need that nice three day weekend we used to not, you know, being here because of the holidays. So I'll take this three day weekend. I'm ready. I'm actually going to Atlanta on Saturday. Lord have mercy.


Were you trying to catch Carone? No, I'm not trying to catch it. But I kind of like I told you your last night months, you know, with family. And my mother and father came over and I haven't deejayed and I miss it and I have to go to Atlanta on some property. I miss being out there. I know and understand understanding like you to always you miss your parents.


Right. Right. The reason you miss your parents is because you can't see your parents through the Gobi, but you go to a covid hotspot. Right. And mix and mingle by Thanksgiving and Christmas. Because I was inside, I didn't do traveling. I was able to be around my parents. But now I like as a deejay. Right. And I'm gonna tell you so honestly and I think dramas to even understand, if you don't know what's going on, you don't know what records to play.


You don't know what records are out on your Internet. It's not the same as it was. You mean not the same? It's not the same as being a deejay. I was just still be safe. I hope I absolutely just got covid. Yeah, I understand what's out there and it's not a game.


I just say when you say it's not the same, but guess who else. Who else? Not in the club. These kids, because they're not old enough. But I bet you they know every hot record that you don't carry on screaming on take tagging and all that other stuff. OK, I'm actually going to the has got to go and I get it. I like the energy the club too, but it's kind of old school way to keep in the door what's going on.


Not, not necessarily is still records still get broken the club. If not, you're going to be here in a box for another year and a half.


By the way, what was so weird about those Radiohead can can they just have an old school way of doing things because they are indeed old school? But guess what? I'll be on Spotify, rap, caviar. All right. That's all. But I got to go for the title playlist. Just be as safe as possible. Knows that I'm his home and all it takes is for one thing to happen. And then next thing you know, everybody has it.


Yeah, that's me. I experienced that in my own family so. Well, your family in the club.


I'm just saying all it takes is one person uncle died yesterday, actually. Dan, sorry. Sorry to hear that. So I'm just saying it's a real thing. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. But yeah, I'm going today to go look at some property and then I got a I got to do a spin at a day party, then I'll be back the next day. I'm looking at Rahab caviar right now, way out, Big Sean and Jack Harlow moonwalking in calabashes, DTG in Blue Face, Drinking and smoking.


Future in little you go whoopty s.j er by little baby will you stay home and then you. That's it. This is nice and safe. All right.


Well you headed out of town too right. Yes. Abian Austin, Texas. I had to get my covid test yesterday and then let me go. They would get tested twice a day and we have to stay in the bubble. Where are you going. And Austin was in Austin. Dave Chappelle. Oh Chappelle has been doing his weekend show. So for my birthday this year since I couldn't really do anything, me and a few of my friends are going to Austin, everybody going to get tested, submit their test today before they get on the flight.


And then we go to Austin. Yeah. Yeah.


So I just do it as safely as you possibly can. That's all I'm saying.


That's how I feel when I'm home watching on division on Disney.


Plus this weekend I'll be safe and trust me. Yeah, my my doctor told me when I travel, make sure you wear to mask. What is to get a ninety five. We wear that mask and then we wanted to put the mask over it and it make sure you wear glasses, some type of sunglasses to protect your eyes.


What I sound like people who used to tell you where to condoms. No but mean she told me to make sure you got to be joking. I mean she's not though. She's a physician's assistant.


This is what she does all day long. I feel you I would be home watching, watching television and dramas.


I meant to tell you, you know, they announced yesterday that they're going to be in New Jersey. They're going to be giving you the vaccines from age sixteen. Now, if you have any pre condition problems, anything, they'll give you the vaccine.


I'll be there so you can get your vaccine ASAP. Good news. Well, all right. Well, let's get the show cracking. Who's joining us today?


Andrea and Yankee will be joining us this morning, Angang. So we're going to be kicking it with Andrew Young. And we've got an announcement, I think.


But yeah, if we made that announcement already, I've been hearing commercials already. Yeah, but if you have it, he has an announcement to make and you have no idea what it is. You have no idea what it is. And also front page news when we talk about let's talk about Jacob Billey.


He was shot in the back seven times by Kenosha Police and now he's done an interview with Michael Strahan for Good Morning America. All right. We'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


It's The Breakfast Club. Morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlamagne, the God We Are. The Breakfast Club is getting some front page news now you have information on his trade, your Brooklyn, that's all I know is what we all thought was going to happen, really happened.


James Harden has come to the Brooklyn Nets now. He wasn't too happy at the Rockets, if you recall. He said this was just not good enough.


The chemistry tell him just everything. And it was clear, like I said, these last few games, I love the city. I literally done everything that I can. I mean, this situation is crazy, you know, something that I don't think can be fixed. So, yeah.


Thanks, Dad. He's off to Brooklyn. I don't know how that's going to work. You have three dominant players that need the ball in their hand at all times. And the fact that all of them are going to need the ball, there's not enough basketball, I don't think.


I don't know how it's going to work either. There's not enough ball to go around. Harden doesn't pass the ball. Who's going to play defense? All right. Not to mention you got Kyrie showing up when he wants to James Harden still got got to get in shape. The nets are barely over five hundred now I wouldn't like Jared Allen go. I feel like you need that big rim protector who's who's going to play it. We're going to play defense.


We're going to have to rely on that team. I don't see it.


I don't see it working personally, but we'll see. Right. We'll be watching.


We'll definitely be watching. That's going back. And at least it's going to be entertaining at the least.


I don't know how long ago either. All right. Now, Jacob Blake was shot in the back seven times by Kenosha Police Officer Rustin's Chesky as he returned to the driver's side of his SUV. And he has now done an interview with Michael Strahan. It's been about five months, as you know, he's paralyzed from the waist down because of that shooting. And that officer will not face any legal repercussions for those potentially deadly actions. Here's what he had to say in this interview.


Kind of wind up. And all I remember at that point was kind of leaning back, looking at my boy. I said, Daddy, I love you no matter what. I thought it was going to be to laugh. I thought it was going to be the last thing I say to them, thank God it wasn't me.


God bless Jacob Blake, that I don't know how people can sleep at night after doing something like that to a person. Their brother's life is irreversibly changed forever. The trauma that he will always feel forever. How can you sleep at night knowing you did that to a human?


That's wow. Right? Right.


He was shot at seven times by that police officer. That police officer is currently on administrative leave. If you want to see that full interview that's on today on Good Morning America, shout out to Michael Strahan.


Yeah. All right. I know also I mean, I don't I know you guys probably seen the video of the past that was was shot, I think, with three or four times yesterday or the day before you shot the pasta. Pasta was they called the family called in the past, was having some mental issues. And they asked for a menu, I guess a mental help representative to come.


Officer came the pastor who said they didn't have anybody that could come for the mental health expert. Yeah.


So the pastor who was unarmed, hands up police came in. And next thing you hear is pop by and you just had a family.


I told you, don't use your gun. I told you, don't shoot. You have no weapon to do, bro.


Why do they always use the gun or we don't have any weapon? That's why you need other people to respond to folks dealing with mental health issues. But how do you shoot a pastor? Did you know he was a pastor at least? I don't know. I mean, the pastor's a staple in the community, right? Most communities I don't know, especially the black community, if you know who the pastor is, you know the pastor.


That's Pastor Church.


You will shoot that pastor Lord, have we no weapon family all live the whole family screaming. No, don't do it. He just needs help. Please. No, no gun like you do.


You do that to a pastor. You realize the error in your ways and you try to go to another pastor to ask forgiveness. If I was the pastor, did they go to. I would say no. Jesus is ignoring all your prayers. You'll find somewhere else to go. All right.


Well, get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to vent, hit us up right now. Phone lines are wide open again. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. Get it off your chest is the Breakfast Club. Come on.


I'm telling you, this is your time to get it off your chest, whether you're mad or blast eight hundred five eight five one five one.


We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello.


This isn't going to go tomorrow from Columbus, Ohio. Hey, D.J., go to Rose. Good morning. Good morning. I actually just wanted to agree with you that maybe it's hard for think that that, you know, going out to the club, we have the records that stop isn't everything. I have a whole like Lacco business that I have to be on a couple of weeks that I have no idea what the play.


Yeah, I mean, it gets difficult. People don't understand that. But, you know, as a DJ, as a working deejay, that that that's how you feel. And I mean, like, like you said, if you got to go out and you going out, you just got to be extra careful.


But I was in a similar thing like you, so stuck in your you know, your mood. You don't know what people. Listen to what's hot, what moves with shakes, and for myself, I want to know that and I need to know that, so I'm going to have to tell to everyone so we can't act like there's not the Internet to spots. And I get it. It doesn't help. Why not?


These kids these kids are the ones that are breaking records. But, you know, they don't want you to go to rap, Caveh, on Spotify right now. And it'll let you know everything that's hot, all these things that got tens of millions of streams.


But, you know, I'm not deejay in teen parties, though. I'm the same song.


These same songs you saw in the club, some of them song only working you and a little baby.


Well, little baby different to change anything. Little baby. Everybody plays little baby is different and I lose.


I get it. The club has a different energy. But you know there is other way to define. Got to be careful. New music.


Well thank you Mama. Good luck on your show. Thank you. Never.


You never lose a little baby, a little baby, a little baby, little baby and place them a little bit later. Oh yeah, definitely. I remember and and I got to play that. Erika Banks special challenge.


Yeah. Play that Eric. Yeah. Play that. You mean that song that broke on the Internet. I love this guy. Got in the car. Goodbye. I'm, I'm more important.


OK. Yes. OK, my brother. I'm good. Good morning Angela baby. How am I doing. OK, how are you. I'm good. D.J. Bajpayee.


You said that twice. We heard it the first time. OK, you try to get to Djokovic bro.


No, three times the charm d.j. Babe. Hey, hey, hey.


Listen, man, I thought last year, you know, I was closing on my house. I finally, finally did it. Then he made it so hard for a couple to get ahead. And I'm like, I'm talking about like the day before closing. They're calling for documentation that we sent two months ago. Yeah, yeah. We expect that four thirty in the afternoon after business hours that get situated. But, you know, we talked to our we talked to our lawyer and I'm saying he has no plans.


He has no plans, no harm with any plans for us across the state to double down winner. So congrats. But I just wanted to I appreciate I just want to take a little melody for my lady and my fiance. And I thought it might give me a count down to three.


I got three to one. Do I give all I am to be now and forever, young man? Do I tell. To be, without question, the woman for me to give. Oh, my love and affection, until we've come to you, I promise you, I do. I can tell you, first of all, I mean, that sounds like he's dropping a bomb for his young brother. This man is multitalented, OK?


This man was from God damn calling D.J. Bajpayee the god damn.


Sounded like Tyree's dropping clues bomb this man, al Qaeda terrorist who thought he could be in TGT.


I'm I'm thirty six, man. I'm 36 years old and out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. You know, I mean, I'm the one who got carried by a white lady at the gas station by playing sports and d yeah. Definitely been. You know, I am who I am and I appreciate your call. I could tell.


I could tell you. I could tell for some d e I hardly know. I mean you had that all day.


You sounded good brother. You sounded good ese. You sounded good.


Man up. Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. It's the Breakfast Club.


Come on, let's go. This is your time to get it off your chest with you. Man. We're blessed to check it from you on the Breakfast Club. You got something on your mind? Yeah. Hello.


Who's this new this morning from Philly. More familiar from Philly. Why they call you Moon. You walk around your fans now showing your ass. You said that last time.


I can't pull your goddamn pants up, but I won't have to say that you call me babe. Get off your chest, Mom. Yeah, I just wanna talk about the James Hardie situation. Ain't going to work, my brother. I know what we know. Listen, first of all, New York strip club, not even OK, right here you go out of there quick.


So many people want to rock. It's just not gonna happen. We still think the earth way too much going on in New York.


What's your new moon? Philly. Oh, I'm afraid you know I'm a sports better. So I have a team. You're not a Sixers fan and you're from Philly. I'm a Sixties fan, but like I said, I'm a fan of the casino man. Whoever can cover the spread, that's where six has got the best record in the east right now, I believe. Yeah, they got the Mavericks. But you gotta understand that been they've been able to shoot.


He's still not sure. He can't give us more than twenty points. Is is is. So we don't like spending money on what they need to spend money on health care. Where do you as soon as they feel like you ain't doing what you gotta do. Philly Ben Simmons plays good defense Dobra and Joel Embiid on him looking like I'm looking like an MVP candidate this year Oh yeah Who would you put your money on so far right now if you had to choose.


If I had to choose between what you what team would you put your money on this year. Right now. Walburn. That's right. The Lakers get into. Yeah I run to um I listen one more thing. One more thing. Right. The last time I had a call, I spoke with Shaw and our call and I shouted out my business, oh my clothing line. And that day I got so much traffic from Jordan. I appreciate trying to let me share that.


I was able to quit my job. Wow, wow, wow. I literally was able to quit my job, so I would like for you to let me know. We've got to charge you now. You got money, you get a percentage. I'm just messing with you broke my day.


You gave me some advice on my website, so I got my website up. I just got shut off. My brain is two more closer t oh, you see eight oh you are closed and two are more it. These all loved in French. I really appreciate everybody's support. The website is up and running now. Everything looking good. So please support me. I quit my job so this is where I met. I'm the right where I'm at right now.


You all right? All right. Congratulations on it. Congratulations, Mom.


I don't know why you don't have. I don't know why you don't have full moon clothing with a pair. Cheeks is the logo. Oh, my goodness. He of course he wants to see you cheeks broken. Oh yeah.


You got her for the new year. Oh better. But I don't get it off your chest.


Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. Oh we got room is on the way. Yes. And I'm Luchi turned himself in to the police. We'll tell you what happened and the charges that he's facing. All right.


We'll get into that next. Keep it like this. The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


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Hey, morning, everybody. Is D.J. Evangelii Charlamagne the guy we order Breakfast Club? Let's get to the rumors.


Let's talk wife and Luchi, it's about who's going to win. This is the rumor report. Angeliki on the Breakfast Club. Well, wife and Lucy turned himself in to police yesterday. He faces a murder charge and that's in connection to a fatal shooting that happened last month.


Now, they said he's being wanted. He was wanted on charges of felony murder, aggravated assault, participation in street gang activity and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony. Officers did respond to calls of a person that was shot around five 20 p.m. December 10. That's when they found James Adams, 28 years old, in the street with a gunshot wound to his face. And then a short time later, a second victim, Kevin Wright, arrived at an area fire station by private vehicle with a gunshot wound to his abdomen.


Homicide investigators feel like those two shootings were likely related. They also did put out a 911 one call that led to the felony murder warrant for wife and Louise's arrest.


That's going to cost a grip. I hope he wasn't involved in that situation. But if he was, it is going to cost him a lot of money to prove he was the number one caller.


So crazy. I mean, you know, there were two ladies. They were walking down the street and was like, hey, we just seen a car.


Just throw a dude out on the street.


And he shot in the head and he's like, I just seen him take his last breath. The 911 call was crazy.


That happened in L.A.. In L.A. That's when you going this weekend? Mm hmm. You work in Neil.


So I don't know. I really don't.


All right, all right. Now, in the wake of James Harden's comments that we play for you guys earlier where he just feels like the rockets just aren't good enough, DeMarcus Cousins has some things to say. Here's what he said.


Me personally, I don't feel betrayed at all. My is I don't want to be brutally honest. That being said, the disrespect started way before, you know, any just an approach to trying to count, showing up the way he did. The answer is off the court. I mean, the disrespect started way before damn DeMarcus Cousins wanted.


That's real. You said James Hardie showed up looking like you want to do the Boston challenge. You got all that and you know what I mean. Like, you ain't coming in. You didn't come here and shame. You wasn't respecting yourself. He wasn't respecting your teammates. That's that is disrespectful. You have a responsibility when you put your name on that contract, you have a responsibility to show up to you and your team, not only for yourself, but the teammates and the people that watch you.


Yeah, that is disrespectful.


It is. All right, now, Freddie Gibbs just recently did an interview with Vulture, and it seems like he's down to squash, to be fair, he does admit that his real check on the Madlib produced Pinata album was spawned from hurt feelings.


He said he doesn't have any issues with Jay-Z because, remember, he was signed to Jersey and he just says I was more hurt than anything. That's what it feels like when one of your favorite rappers gets at you like that. I think that he sees where I'm at now. And then he looks back at that issue and he regrets it. I don't say I regret nothing, but as better ways I could have handled things with him, maybe talked it out and communicated better, maybe it could have worked out.


That's real. I respect that Freddie is recognizing his wounded ego, and sometimes your ego will be wounded and you project your hurt onto other people. And it has nothing to do with the person that you're projecting it on. I want them to.


Freddie Gray changed his mind because 30 days ago it was it was totally opposite life.


You grow, you evolve, you know what I mean? And maybe that might have been the moment that he really realized the error in his ways, because I didn't understand why he was going on Jeezy's much doing a good. You better like what he said it is his heart has wounded ego. He was hurt.


And he's also nominated for a Grammy Award for his album, sometimes being successful, like sometimes you're down more when things aren't working out, but then things start really going the way they should. And then you feel a little better about a situation and you look back and you're like, oh, Freddie, a good man.


That whole discussion, Freddie is a good human soul to Freddie gives dropping clues that he also addressed his issues with academics. And, you know, he was going to academics, academics. He says if he lost his job with everyday struggle and he said the whole thing was corny. I just feel like certain guys like that, their opinion don't really matter. Why are we even listening to a guy like that? How did he get on switch? He's not a DJ.


I ain't got no problem with the kid. I seen that kid one day in L.A. before all of this started. And when I tapped him on the shoulder, he was hella spooked. So he knows what I'm about.


I mean, academics, opinion does matter. If it didn't matter, people wouldn't care. He does have a following. He does have people that listen to academics. I know his academic opinion on matters is true.


He never claimed to be tough. He never claimed to be. No. You know, while out and bring the guns with him. But, you know, academics has an opinion. And I never understood why people say, you know, academics, opinion doesn't matter. But then everybody gets at him all the time because they know his opinion really does, obviously is some feelings with a bunch of artists.


All right. Now, Alexandria Castillo Cortez says that she felt like she could have died last week at the Capitol. And Trump supporters actually rioted and showed up there and she was alive. And here's what she said.


I had a pretty traumatizing event happen to me. And I do not know if I can even disclose the full details of that event due to security concerns. But I can tell you that I had a very close encounter where I thought I was going to die and not just in a general sense, but also in a very, very specific sense.


Well, and you'll see the feeling is mutual because I felt like you could have died to actually wondered how bad that could have been if those members of our cracka would have seen AOC Representative Ohmar, Nancy Pelosi, like if they were to actually got eyes on one of them or been in the vicinity of one of them, I would have been one of the most horrible tragedies that ever happened on American soil.


You know, I thought about that the other day. And, you know, if you're a business owner and you have cash, you're able to carry a gun or these congressmen and women are able to carry firearms to protect them, know they got metal detectors now at the White House, which I think is so strange to me, like, why are you checking?


I know what I take that back. You have to check the members of Congress because you don't know who's who. You know who's inside. You don't know. It clearly was an inside job at the Capitol. So, yes, you should have metal detectors. So I get it.


But if they don't supply security with them at all times, you still got to go back to the Bronx.


I mean, if I was the U.S., I would hire my own security. I mean, I go get the FBI. I'll go get a couple of goons from the Bronx who still walk around with box cutters, who know how to get through the metal detectors and have them with me at all times in Congress. All right. Me two brothers with some Temse, some jean shorts on, OK? And a baby fat bubble coat.


He was wearing my buttons. And we walk around the metal detectors and I'm telling you, this guy said, I'm telling you. All right. Well, that is cool. Well, you said it makes sense. That's a women's line I like. You might have had one.


I know how to be vocal football codes for you guys have finally babies that sixteen in the Bronx baby. They cover it up.


That's what that's that's why they call it a baby fat coat. The coat covered up the pregnancy that they were trying to hide from their parents when they were young in the Bronx, just making that up.


All right. Well, do you think they just did a Bronx? That is a rumor. But when we come back, we got front page news. What are we talking about?


Yes. And Donald Trump has released a video and he is asking for people to stay calm. Oh, please.


All right. We'll get to that. Next is The Breakfast Club. The Breakfast Club, your mornings. I'll never be the same. Mountain Dew is partnering with BCUZ in an effort to uplift the next generation of badass black innovators and entrepreneurs with the real Change Opportunity Fund pitch competition, empowering students to go out and do is a Mountain Dew that comes real change to enter autumn.


Morning, everybody is D.J. Envy. Angela Yee Charlamagne the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Good morning. Let's get in some front page news.


And if you're just waking up and you haven't heard, James Harden has been traded to the Brooklyn Nets. It was a 14 deal between, I believe, the Pacers, Cleveland, Houston and Brooklyn.


So maybe so interesting. Yes, it's going to be interesting. We'll see what happens. I don't know if that's a great trade. Maybe it is, because maybe they are expected to trade Kyrie Irving maybe to check to trade somebody else. But I just think that it's not that many balls in Brooklyn.


Yes, definitely not that many balls in Brooklyn. To me, it's a great trade if they win a championship, but I don't see it. I don't know who's going to play defense on that team. Like you said, I don't see enough balls to go around. And I don't think Steve Nash is an experienced enough coach to put all of that together. Plus, who's going to be the third wheel in that situation? Because somebody's got to take it out.


It's just like when the Miami Heat was to get LeBron and James and Bosh, Bosh ended up having to take the El. You think, hey, do you take an El? No, he's the Alpha. You think James Harden is going to take the back seat. Doughty Kyrie Absolutely not. I don't know who can control all of those egos.


I don't, I don't you know. See what else we talk about. Easy away.


Oh. Speaking of egos, Donald Trump has made history as he was impeached for a second time. So the House voted 232 to 197 to impeach Donald Trump after rioters did force lawmakers to flee from the chamber and impeachment forced him from office. He actually won't face his trial until Joe Biden is sworn in. On the 20th floor, Nancy Pelosi said, We know that the president of the United States incited this insurrection, the armed rebellion against our common country.


He must go. He is a clear and present danger to the nation that we all love. Now, Donald Trump, in the meantime, has released a video. And in this video, he's calling for a calm and actually condemning what happened in D.C..


I unequivocally condemn the violence that we saw last week. Making America great again has always been about defending the rule of law, supporting the men and women of law enforcement, and upholding our nation's most sacred traditions and values. Mob violence goes against everything I believe in and everything our movement stands for. We can not tolerate it. Those who engaged in the attacks last week will be brought to justice. Trump is a master at school tested terrorism suit. My God, Jordan, Carlos, we were talking yesterday and he called me just ties to terrorism.


And it's the idea that someone who's a leader, who has a voice in the media, puts out messages that there's a reasonable certainty someone will act on it and you have no idea who the person is or he'll be like Demsey, terrible. They are criminals. They need to be stopped. And it's a real possibility that someone out there will hear that message and take action. And that's what that means. That's what that many Fleetwood mob did last week.


So even now, he said things like, we don't want violence, but he's sending signals they stole the election, but we don't want violence. Like, you know, what I mean is just like, come on, he's a master class. So I think I'm pronouncing it right. Totalistic, whatever terrorism.


Right. It's still a EIC terrorism. Go look it up.


Sounds like a form of Morse code, you know. All right. Well, yes, in that very same speech, he does also talk about the, quote, unprecedented assault on free speech.


We have seen in recent days efforts to censor, cancel and blacklist. Our fellow citizens are wrong and they are dangerous.


And I'm saying the word terrorism, stochastic terrorism got Uberaba.


So TAFTA, in addition to that, if you are planning to go to D.C. for inauguration and you rented a spot from Airbnb, it's not happening. Airbnb has canceled and bollocked D.C. reservations for inauguration week. So if you are planning to go, if you booked some type of Airbnb, it will be canceled. They're telling people do not come to D.C. You see too much mayonnaise spoils everything.


Because what if I was going to D.C.? Because I really want to be a part of the Biden Harris inauguration. I can't even go because too much goddamn mayonnaise was on Capitol Hill last week and it spoiled the sandwich for everybody.


Oh, my God.


What if it wasn't even for that and you were going to D.C. for a whole nother reason? What if I had my Airbnb is canceled?


What if I had some sheets lined up? I mean, what if I'm a single person? I'm going to D.C. for the weekend and I'm, you know, risking getting covid for some cheek's?


Well, you're going to have to take the cheek's to another place, Baltimore.


There's still covid go to St. Paul's lined up for D.C. But I mean, depending on who the person is.


Yeah, you can get what's his name. Charlotte. Shut up.


I'm a married man. All right, well, that is news sky marshals. All right, thank you, miss. Now, when we come back, Andrew Yang will be joining us. Yangyang will be in the building. He has an announcement that he wants to tell the world.


So we'll talk to ending this exclusive. I don't think so, but we'll talk to you when we come back. All right. It's The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. January 21st, it's the biggest night of the year for podcast fans or twenty, twenty one I heart radio podcast. These are really some of the best and brightest and smartest and most compelling minds in the country. Celebrate the podcasts we've leaned on for laughs, headlines, stories to get our adrenaline pumping and voices to comfort us. A huge thank you to my listeners because without them this wouldn't have don't miss our twenty twenty one I heart radio podcast awards, watch on our radio's YouTube and Facebook and listen on our radio January 21st at 9:00 PM.


Morning, everybody, is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club, we have a special guest on the line right now and in the building and in the virtual building. Welcome to Breakfast Club in New York City. And you know what usually is bromance when you come in, because it's just usually you mean Charlamagne, but today you decided to join us this time.


Thank goodness. I was so tired of just hanging out with you and Charlamagne D.J. and we all know Angela elevates us all.


Well, thank you, Jay. Oh, by the way, is running for mayor of New York City.


Who told you? Who told you that? Is that official? Is that official, Andrew?


It's official. I am running the city in the world. Let's go to New York City. Sorry you stepped on your announcement. Oh, it's all to the good. It's about.


It's about I've been raring to go for a little while, but, you know, like to launch one of these campaigns, you have to dot some I's and cross some T's. But it's go time.


New York yesterday and yesterday was your birthday. So happy birthday.


Thank you. Thank you. Forty six years young.


OK, prime of my life. So so forty six is your birthday and you want to put on all this stress. So. So why do you want to run for mayor of New York City.


It's because my city is hurting and I believe I can help. If you look at the numbers, a couple of hundred thousand people have left. We've lost twenty five thousand lives. Unemployment's over 10 percent, which is almost twice the national average. We're missing sixty million tourists who used to support over three hundred thousand jobs. I mean, this city is in deep distress and we need to step up. And I believe I can help get us on a path to real recovery that not just is trying to return us to the New York of pre covid, but also can solve some of the problems that we've been struggling with for years and decades because even pre covid, there were a lot of New Yorkers who were not included in any of the economic success or growth.


I saw that you got some people talking of some backlash and some comments that he made about leaving New York City during this pandemic and how hard it is to be working in a two bedroom apartment and had two kids there. So what do you have to say in response to that? People were saying, well, Andrew Yang, during his pandemic, he hasn't been in New York City.


He left New York during a pandemic. Yeah, I was in Georgia for a good chunk of it, helping Reverend Warnock and John also flip the Senate. I was down in Georgia for a week knocking on doors, raising money, doing what I could. And the fact that those elections went our way is something I'm incredibly proud of. Before that, I was campaigning for Joe in Comilla and I had a policy where anything they asked me to do, I did.


So I've been doing a number of things over the last number of months. But now that I'm in the field, the people in New York are going to see me every day. And if you want to hear from Andrew Young, you want to talk to me. I want to hear from you. I want to talk to you. I really did not understand why those comments upset people so much, because the way I read it was you were like, imagine living in an apartment with two kids, water and school while you're trying to work.


That was a lot of people's reality. So I thought you was just trying to bring people into what people were experiencing. Well, thanks for reading it that way. That's certainly the way I intended it. And the fact is, I think all the time about family circumstances. It's why I'm running for mayor. It's why I ran for president. The fact is, there are so many people suffering and really difficult situations that could be better. And if you look at it right now, if you're a parent like I am.


Our schools have not been open for months and it's been really difficult for a lot of folks in very personal ways trying to figure out how to educate your kids online, but also how are you going to get to work? You know, it's like there are a lot of families scrambling for childcare. Closing schools has really, really tough consequences, particularly for families whose kids we're on the verge of falling behind in the first place. I mean, you stamp out a year of their education like it's going to be very, very difficult to get that back.


Now, what will you do better than the current mayor? And what do you see the things that the current mayor is doing that you were saying this is wrong and we need to change these type of things?


The current mayor is in a tough situation, but we're going to need bold new leadership to try to get the city on the right track. And we have to be realistic. Where you look up right now, officially, there is a vaccine in the world. There are some people getting vaccinated, but the city still is in a really, really tough spot because you don't know when tourists are going to feel like they can come back, offices are going to reopen.


I mean, tens of thousands of small businesses from the Bronx to Brooklyn and Queens. I mean, I talked to them and I talked to a restaurant owner who's been in business for thirty five years and they've been hanging on through this entire pandemic and they're about to call it quits. You know, we can't go to the restaurant when you mean the restaurant. And maybe you can help me understand, they don't allow indoor eating, but they allow you to eat out.


Door and inside a tent, my wife and I have the same conversation because a lot of the stuff outdoors, it's fully enclosed. So if you're talking about like an air chamber, it'd be one thing if it was outdoors and ventilated. Correct. But the fact is, it's January and it's cold. So a lot of the time there is no ventilation. You have a warmer. And so you're really dubious as to whether there's been an improvement to the actual air circulation risk.


And the fact is, if a restaurant took appropriate precautions in terms of spacing out that boots like having it so every other booth is unoccupied, it's probably an equivalent situation to a lot of the makeshift outdoor stuff that is being allowed right now. This is the heartbreaking part about what's going on in New York right now. These restaurant owners are working harder for less.


You know, like I talked to a hairdresser in Brooklyn, harder for less. Like everyone's working harder for less and like trying to squeeze more business out of depleted customer base and the city's regulations. That made it really, really tough.


What are some things that you plan to do in order to get people to come back to New York? We've heard people say New York is dead. Like you said, all these businesses have to shut down. How do you get people to come back to New York? And how long do you think it'll take for us to thrive?


We have to make New York City the fastest post covid comeback city in the country, in the world. And the question is, how do you do that? And I think New York City can actually be a catalyst for people adopting a vaccine. I know the black community in particular has struggled with vaccination and health care institutions on multiple levels. So there's like a massive breach of trust that needs to somehow get reconstituted. But part of it is that this vaccine is the necessary step to getting New York City back to where we want it to be, Angela.


And it's not going to happen by itself. Like one of the things I keep projecting forward for myself is let's say we get to 30, 40, 50 percent vaccination. Does that mean that Broadway reopens and you can go to a Knicks game and the restaurants and bars reopen? It's like it's totally unclear. So one of the things that we're going to have to do is we're going to have to make it so that New York City becomes the place to be as we recover from covid.


And the way we can do that is going to be that you have an app on your phone you can think of as like a New York City app or a passport. And the only piece of information on this app is that you've been vaccinated and then you can go wherever you want and just be like, I've been vaccinated. And then you can go to that restaurant, can be open full force, like you can go to concerts, you can go to shows, you can go to movie theaters.


Like that's the kind of thing that New York City has to lead on, because there are a lot of folks that right now are on the fence about when they're going to get vaccinated. We actually have to give them a reason to get vaccinated and that will speed up our recovery in a really big way.


We got more with Andrew Young when we come back. Don't Move is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody. C.J. N.V. Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are at a breakfast club, is still kicking in with Andrew Eang, your thoughts on what happened on Capitol Hill and in Donald Trump.


What were your thoughts and what do you think should happen if a guy sends a mob to your house and it kills people, that has to be over whatever line you draw and people who say, look, who cares, he's going to be out of office in a week anyway. There are really serious consequences to being successfully impeached. For example, he doesn't get Secret Service forever. He doesn't get, you know, a presidential pension. He can't run for office again, like there are a lot of real pluses to impeaching him.


But it was a nightmare what happened in the capital. I mean, we all saw it. And I'm sure if you were black and watching that, you were like, how the heck are these guys doing this without getting shot?


Is that where they're taking selfies and moving barricades out of the way and letting people in in any of those guys need to go immediately. And when I say go, I mean, like, I don't I'm not even sure firing is like where you stop. A bunch of those guys have lost their jobs already, which is the bare minimum. And, you know, shout out to Eugene Goodman, the black cop who was a freaking hero. Did you all see that video?


He did. Absolutely. What a hero. I hope he gets a Presidential Medal of Freedom and all the recognition he deserves.


He should have shot somebody. I want to ask you a question. If that was, say, al Qaeda instead of al cracka, as I call them, how fast would that country have been bombed? I would say in Charlemagne's I could have been any other group. Conservatives would be calling for martial law right now or armed retaliation right now. But because it was their people there still trying to figure out what their response is going to be. But I'm optimistic that Republicans are going to turn on Trump because like, no, you're under way to no genuinely really important.


And, you know, they just lost Georgia in part because of Trump. Like, I think if there's going to be a time where Republicans show some backbone in principle and that is going to be the time I want some Democrats to show some backbone to and start talking about pressing charges on Donald Trump, like actually getting him a. Locked up on top of the impeachment and everything else, I think that stuff is going to be real for a while.


And one of the reasons why impeachment is very, very helpful is that he can't pardon anyone. You know, I mean, that part of our holy crap, like I told you all, if I became president, I was going to pardon everyone who is in jail for nonviolent drug related offense because I was like that. They shouldn't be in jail, like, you know, like like partying a bunch of folks who shouldn't be in jail. And instead, Trump is following the playbook of pardoning a bunch of corrupt people that helped him.




How could how could universal basic income work in New York? I'm so glad you asked, Charlamagne.


We are going to be rolling out the biggest guaranteed minimum income program in the history of the United States right here in New York City and then here in New York City is home to a lot of people. There are a lot of people who are in what's called extreme poverty in New York City, about half a million. And what we're going to say is, look, we need to lift people out of extreme poverty and the city will save money on this because of what I just described, where if you fall into homelessness, into the shelter system, you into our criminal justice system, you wind up costing the city tens of thousands of dollars a year easily.


And so if we put a bit of money into your hands so that you're able to stay in your home, stay in a situation that's positive for you, that's actually good for us. So we're going to commit one billion dollars a year to the poorest half a million New York City residents to lift everyone out of extreme poverty. And you all know, like, you know, my organization gave a million dollars to people in the Bronx. I'm back with the beat.


I'm back with a billion like that. Million was a drop in the bucket. And I knew it at the time. Like, I was proud because, you know, like giving people a million bucks is a good feeling. You know, what's going to be an even better feeling giving a billion dollars a year. And we can do it even in our current crisis state, New York City's budget, it's like eighty nine billion dollars like this will pay for itself.


And we're going to demonstrate to the country and to the world that investing in people is the right way to invest. Let me be clear on this. It's not going to be a thousand dollars to every New Yorker, but it'll be a billion dollars to the to you said the poorest New Yorkers, the poorest half a million people. That's right. OK. And so it would be a thousand dollars a month. How would you do that? Well, what we do is we go in and we're going to work with the New York City ID, which you can get in New York City ID essentially regardless of your circumstances.


And we're going to tie it to some of the existing city programs that are in place to help people with food stamps and other benefits. And we're going to look at their situation and say, look, if you're below a certain level, we're going to catch you up. And so we've looked at the numbers and then they're about a half a million New Yorkers who are in extreme poverty that we can catch up out of extreme poverty. And if we do that, then that money, where's that money going to go?


It's going to go right to keeping them in their home, to food, to day care, to local bodegas, to some of the restaurants and businesses we want to reopen. So this is an investment in New York City itself. What about the NYPD? NYPD has had a six billion dollar budget, and that's where a lot of the conversation about the funding the police came. What what are you going to do to hold police officers accountable?


Now, I was really inspired by a project in Brooklyn where, like the local official, Latrice Walker, she brought out a bunch of community organizations to intervene and like a really high crime area in Brooklyn, and they had zero nine one one calls for the period except for one person who dialed by mistake. So what Latrice is demonstrating is that we can invest in different ways in our communities that can help reduce crime, that can help make people safer, that don't involve police showing up every time.


And the trees actually showed me, like had had like the opposite story. And this is what inspired her to do what she did, where she said that she saw a young black man get shot in the same neighborhood because they thought he'd stolen something. And it just made me think it's like, do you really need to send police officers for any time? There's an issue that can elevate and accelerate that conflict as opposed to de-escalate it and diffuse it.


So that's where my mind is as to how the city should be investing.


You know, they they did shift a billion dollars from the NYPD, you know, to other things. But would you do more than that? Would you do more than a billion? I think that's what we need to be looking at. We spend hundreds of millions of dollars in civil fines, settling lawsuits against officers. Talk about the best way to spend city money you can think of.


It's actually like spending money on lawsuits for cops that did something that, you know, injured someone or like abused someone's civil rights. That money could be going to people, to schools to helping get some of these restaurants and bars open. So it's not even just the six billion dollars that you see directly in the budget.


Now, you know, police unions are going to like this rhetoric coming from you. How? Can you win New York without the support of police and police unions? I was in the Bronx the other day and I talked to two cops who were there and one cop was a black guy. And then his partner at the subway was a Latino woman. At least I think she was Latino, you know, like she was she could have been Latino. And so, like, we you know, we had a convo.


And I think that there are a lot of cops that are like that where, you know, they're there to serve and protect. There's something wrong with the NYPD culture. But I think that that culture does not extend all the way down to like every cop who's there trying to do their job every day. So we need to try and help cops. I want to do their job, do their job in a way that makes us safer and more secure.


But we need to address the abuses in the system. And I think most police officers would recognize that that's where most New Yorkers are and that's where we need to go. We don't move.


We got more with Andrew Young. When we come back is The Breakfast Club. Good morning, T.J.. N.V. Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are at a breakfast club, is still kicking it with Andrew Yang. Charlamagne, you know, I'm happy you running for New York gang, but I can't help but think that I remember you said if you didn't get offered something worthwhile in the Biden administration, you would run for New York. I assume you didn't get offered anything worthwhile or anything at all.


I was really straight to the point. Mean, I appreciate it. I was in talks with the Biden administration. There are a lot of friends there. I think that's actually going to help me as mayor, too, because I've got a couple friends on Capitol Hill. I can call and say, look, you're New York's been sending tens of billions of dollars more to the feds and it's been getting back. And we need to to get some of that money back in our time of need.


Investing in New York City will speed up the nation's recovery. So I've got a lot of friends on Capitol Hill. But the truth is, Charlamagne ended those conversations because I saw that my city needed me, like the conversations were ongoing. And then I said, look, sorry, guys, I appreciate all the work that you put in to figuring out where I fit in the administration. But I've got another mission now. And so that's the way that situation got resolved.


And I am pumped because this is where I'm meant to be. I'm ready to get to work. I'm ready to start solving some of the problems that you all are living and seeing every day. The people you're there listening to this are living and seeing. I'm living and seeing it, too, like, you know, we can all see it around us. And if we don't have the right leadership, the city we love may not come back the way we need it to.


What do you do? Biden offer you a new position or something already there?


I mean, we talked about a bunch of things. I was talking to them about something tech facing and tech related. I've got some friends we're heading to the administration to try and untangle. And so this goes back to your Capitol Hill question. A lot of the stuff that's driven, the conspiracy theories, Kunhardt phenomenon in the rest of it is social media. But we have to recognize that social media is dramatically increasing the level of energy that's going to some really, really nasty and racist stuff.


And so I was talking to administration about trying to help in that direction because I think that's an existential threat moving forward. And unfortunately, most folks in Washington are kind of behind on technology. So I thought I could help on that level, you know.


Yeah, I got one more question because it's social media related. How do you feel about Trump being banned from all these social media platforms? Is that a threat to free speech? Are private companies can do what they want?


It's so interesting, man. I mean, you know, it's similar to impeachment where, like, if you incite a riot that takes multiple lives, then needs to be action taken. And I don't know about the rest of you, but not having Trump on social media, it feels like a cloud is lifted or like a voice is going, you know what I mean? It's like part of me is like, oh, that's going to happen. But to go it like, you know, everyone's mental health would have been better.


So on so on that level, like I'm for this move. But to your bigger point, should we have a different process in terms of deciding who gets their account canceled and for what? Yes, some of the tech companies are even raising their hands, being like, hey, guys, I'm not sure that you want us to decide all of this stuff. So maybe we should get together and figure out, like, you know, a different way to decide these things.


But our legislators in DC, instead of being like, oh, yeah, we should come together and like, you know, develop a consortium that's with tech, government, media, nonprofits, some like watchdog groups and like develop a consortium of standards. Instead, our politicians are just grandstanding, you know, making some like 60 second speeches. And then everyone goes home and goes on and on with their lives. Like our government needs to get much more in the weeds in terms of how these companies are making decisions.


And some of the companies are even down because they're looking at this being like looked like, you know, of course, we're going to have trouble drawing these lines.


Yeah, because I've been paying it seems like even I'm sorry, but but even on my Instagram, like I posted the video of the young man who kept getting called the N-word and he he beat the white guy up. And I posted another video of Richard Barnett sitting in Nancy Pelosi's office with his feet on the desk. It was saying he's from Arkansas, he's been arrested, like that's literally all it was, and Instagram and Facebook flagged and took those down.


Really? Yeah. So I'm like, how is this inappropriate? How am I it's not hate speech.


That's that's exactly the kind of line drawing issue you're going to run into. And right now, we can tell the tech companies are going to be drawing the line very, very aggressively or, you know, assertively.


All right. I will give you the data. Howard University, they named an Asian woman when you as the editor in chief of Howard magazine and ABC. Howard is a historically black college university, HBC You don't want to know what your thoughts are on something like that. Wow.


I have not seen this story, Angela. Like, it's highly interesting to me. The folks themselves, like, have a sense of the individuals involved, you know, so if they chose this person, you have to assume that they know something about either the person or the nature of the role or whatnot. So from the outside looking in like, you know, it's a surprising decision, but you have to look at the actual role and who the people are in my mind.


Andrew Yang, we appreciate you for joining us and good luck. And I'm sure you'll be keeping up with us, letting us know what's going on.


I'll be back any time you will have me. Let's fight for the city we love. I appreciate the heck out of each and every one of you. And yeah, like, I'm thrilled to be announcing my run for mayor. Where? The Breakfast Club. Right, you guys, man, we're here to be used.


Angela, next time we'll talk about our time at Donal's in Ohio.


We'll get that next hour, because you obviously are cool with Dave Chappelle. Dave Chappelle endorsed you when you were running for president. And he's a huge Andrew Young fan. I said you've been out at Yellow Springs and we actually had a party. I think I went to bed too early, but I saw pictures of you the next day. I was like, oh, Angie Yang was over here. So what was that experience like for you being in Yellow Springs?


I got to say, that was like the most fun because the Chappelle Oasis or Camp Chappelle, you know, like t shirts with Camp Chappelle. So I was in Darnell's house. He was cooking barbecue. And I was just like standing there in jeans and a hoodie. And then someone would look up and just be like, hey, yo, yo, Andrew. Yeah, it was like and it was like the most human experience I had had in months, maybe years.


Like, it made me feel like I was a college kid at a house party again. And it was just like so warm and loving. The food was great because Donelle can cook like the whole thing was was lovely and beautiful. And I'm super indebted to Dave. And I'm happy to say there's a good chance that New York City is going to see Dave during this race. You know, we'll see if we can we'll see if we can get them over to New York.


All right. And I want to stay with and Danielle cooking. They had actually hired a subset of Jeremy's not cooking.


When I was there, Danielle was one hundred percent cooking. Like I can cook Andrea and goes in on the record and confirm Danielle Rawling can do his thing in the kitchen. I don't know if I can just. Yeah.


All right.


Well, thank you, Andrew. Yeah, right. Yeah. Andrew, thank you. Breakfast Club. Good morning.


She's spilling the tea. This is the room where reporter Angela Yeo on The Breakfast Club.


Well, this was truly sad news for me as one of my favorite shows. Season five will be its last, according to a story she posted very. Except our fifth and final season. We couldn't have told a complete story without the tremendous support of our audience and the faith of HBO. See ya soon. Hashtag insecure HBO.


That's about right. The Five Seasons. That's a great run. Like The Wire was five seasons. I think Sopranos is like five or six seasons. Like usery one.


Is it is it over is the show. I mean, you know, more to tell. They could definitely do a movie just like Sex in the City did when that came to an end. Maybe they'll do more at some point. But she said it was always the plan to have the story told through five seasons. But we couldn't have made it this far without the tremendous support of our audience. I guess from the beginning I knew it would be five seasons.


Listen, I'm happy Easter eggs. This is a young icon and I'm glad she's taking a I'm just going to glad you one. What? Insecure. She won. She won. She did.


Now, ABC Radio also has launched her online class for creators, and that's on Masterclass. That's the e-learning company. They offer all kinds of celebrity led courses and you pay a one hundred eighty dollar annual membership. Then you have access to more than one hundred classes. So she's doing a series of 14 video lessons for everybody that wants to be a writer producer. Here's what she said about her master class.


I'm going to share with you all of my struggles and show you step by step how I made the transition from the Internet to television and film. In this class, I will teach you how to collaborate with other people, how to build characters, how to structure a pilot, and how to get your stories out there. You have to know where you want to start. I'm going to give you my blueprint for how I wrote my pilot using four categories character set up conflict, setting up your series and why today, that dreaded network question.


As though she's taking people back, taking people back to the roots of how she started, which is on YouTube, what awkward black girl and it gives people.


She did two seasons of that on YouTube and then she managed to pitch in secure.


And it gives people a new blueprint on how to do things, you know? I mean, and she's definitely a leader in a new school for this Aramoana. Sluttiest. She's very inspiring.


She got her and she stays in it and she wins. And she's a Capricorn. Shout out to ICRA and another star from insecure Evana Orji has big news now. She has her own autobiographical series at Disney. So congratulations to her.


She's writing the series.


Oprah and David Oyelowo are going to be executive producing and she posted to be going out with a bang. Your thanks for talking with us. So congratulations to Yvonne or Yvonne.


You know why this is dope? Because she's been pitching that show for a long, long, long, long, long, long, long time. Like a long time. And I always tell people, man, all it takes is one. Yes, you might get several no's, you might get several years and knows. But all it takes is that one.


Yes, one person I. That's it. That's it.


So salute Yvonne Orji. She's Dogtooth. Yes. Yeah. She has her book coming out too. And I remember her saying that it took so long for her to write the book, but she did it herself and she's writing this series herself to say, listen, I in more work insecure, launched all of them.


They one is Yvonne Amanda.


I see the other young lady, too, and films and stuff. Now, I can't remember her name, but day one.


All right. Well, that is your remember report tomorrow, right?


Shalabi who are you giving that down to? Oh, Lord. Oh, Natasha Rothwell. That's her name. I'm giving a donkey of the day to Christina Ratatat. She's a teacher from Florida. And I'll be honest with you, I'm a little torn about this woman because I kind of feel I kind of understand where she was coming from. But we'll talk about it for after the.


All right. We'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Make sure you don't watch out for Florida mortarboards. The craziest people in America come from the Bronx and all of oh, yes, you are a donkey. A Florida man attacked an ATM for a very strange reason. It gave him too much money. Florida man is arrested after opening the door to his home in an attempt to electrocute his pregnant wife. Police arrested an Orlando man for talking up a movie about the Breakfast Club, Pretty Dalkia.


The day when Charlamagne, the guy on the way out, keep letting him get yelled like yes, donkey. Today for Thursday, January 14th, goes to a school teacher in Largo, Florida, named Christina Restituted. I pronounce your name right.


Let me hear it. Christine Restor, Christine Tair. OK, rest here. What does your Uncle Chala always say about Florida? The craziest people in America come from the Bronx. In all of Florida. Every single day they prove me right. Florida is such an interesting place because I'm listening to the story and I'm about to tell you.


And it's one of those things that makes sense but makes no sense at the same time. See, Christina Restor is a 51 year old teacher salute to all the teachers out there, dropping the bombs for all the teachers.


All hold a special place in my heart because my mother is a school teacher.


She's been a school teacher in South Carolina for damn near 40 years. I think she's retired now. I'm not sure I assume you retired so you don't have to work. But she chooses to. But school teachers have it hard.


OK, most essential, unappreciated public servants in our community. These are the people you trust with your kids, OK? Not just when it comes to teaching them, but physically being with them. Well, you know, before covid now, it's a lot of Zoome action, which is equally as frustrating for the kids and teachers. I hate it.


I watch my 12 year old and five year old and zone class. I feel like they are being robbed. OK, have a great experience. My daughter is in seventh grade, so I have a sixth grade year and our seventh grade year is partially in school.


Sitting in one class for a couple hours rest is on Zoome. All right. Five year old, five year old. As long as you know how hard it is to keep a five year old focused on school virosome, all I hear is just calling all the different kids name.


Hey, are you paying attention? Are you paying attention? Ninety five. They're not OK. God bless teachers. If it was up to me, I'd be making high six figures a year and you would have the best health care and benefits that Canada has to offer.


All right. Forget America's health care system. We get get some of that good old fashioned Canadian health care. And it's teacher Christina. That's what she cares about her health. See, Christina has been a teacher for twenty one years, 18 of them at Largo High School.


We all know the challenges, the challenges that older people are having with coronavirus. It's a struggle. These teachers in the classroom with these kids, they're at high risk. Can you imagine anxiety teachers have trying to navigate their way through, wanting to do their jobs, loving what they do, but still wanting to just stay alive, stay healthy. A lot of pressure. That's why is rules to this covid thing. That's why. Back, back. Give me six feet, OK?


That's why I wear masks. But what do you do when you're a teacher and you have students in your class who refuse to do the simple things like wear their mask properly?


Well, Christine, I had a solution and it's a flawed solution.


And that Florida solution landed her in jail. Let's go to Austin for the report, please.


A teacher at Largo High School has been arrested for intentionally spraying a child with a disinfectant spray for not wearing masks properly. The arrest affidavit shows it was caught on surveillance video. Christine Restor worked as an exceptional student education teacher. She now faces a child abuse charge.


Now, I don't know if it was lights off or nine Pirarucu Lane. I don't know what's Brayshaw you let me play white devil's advocate for one second.


OK, on the can of Lysol, I'm holding one right here in my hand under the directions for use.


It says and I quote to deodorize spray on surfaces as needed to sanitize let stand for thirty seconds, then allow the air dry to disinfect, let stand for ten minutes then allow, then allow to air dry. I don't know what any of that means because I'm stuck on the spray on surfaces as needed. Is your body not a surface. Answer the question, is it not a surface. And Christina allegedly sprayed the aerosol disinfectant into the path. This is the path into the path of their faces and bodies.


So not on them. OK, just in the room, in their path, you walk through the mist. You know, I'm really torn on this story. First of all, I wouldn't want anyone doing that to my kids because you don't have the license to do anything like that to my kid, that's number one. But I also understand what Christina's neighbor Theresa said. Teachers have to be under a lot of pressure right now with the virus.


OK, the more I tell the story, the more I'm feeling like maybe she shouldn't get down here today, OK? Nobody really, truly understands this coronavirus thing. We are all trying to figure it out. We are all doing the best we can. OK, you don't want to wear your mask. Fine. All right.


In any other place other than Florida and maybe Georgia, they just simply ask you to leave the venue that you're in. This teacher, Christina, didn't want to get the kid. Removed, so she sprayed them with disinfectant, OK, are sprayed disinfectant at them. OK, once again, his skin, not his surface. Am I missing something? Oh, OK. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. I just saw something here. It says precautionary statements.


There's hazards to humans and domestic animals. It says caution causes moderate eye irritation.


Do not spray and eyes on skin are clothing.


OK, I think I might have to challenge my own call here.


All right. The original ruling on the field stands.


Christina, the more I read this caution stuff, you might you might have killed these kids. All right. You could have killed them. You spray disinfectant in the path of their face and bodies. It says right here, first aid. If in eyes hold, I open and rinse slowly and gently with water for 15, 20 minutes, remove contact lenses. Oh, my God. Listen.


Yeah, and you've got to call the poison control center a doctor for treatment. Did you know that?


You got to call the poison control center doctor for treatment. Oh, my God. Now I see why he was arrested. Disinfectant spray is a weapon is why we got to hear both sides. OK, don't get it.


They since these kids are victims, we actually reached out to one of the kids from Largo High School that Christina sprayed in the face with this disinfectant. And they had this to say.


I can't not see I'm legally blind. Case closed. Case closed. Please give Christina restaurant the sweet sounds of the Hamiltons. Oh, no.


Are you all about Auggie? I'm. Doggie day. But the more I look at this card on the front, it does say kills cold and flu viruses. Where did the cold and flu viruses live? I know I could barely breathe because could you spray so much damn my soul to him? Don't you get no ideas trying to get me arrested?


All right. Phrasing was light so I could barely breathe as Bob again spray spray you in the face like a real guy. All right. You know, you can't keep me. What are you talking about, man? You can't turn that into that.


Crossed the line right there. This guy is crazy. You crossed the line. I saw something for your libido. Something wrong with you. There you crossed the line. Right. This is crazy.


All right. Up next, ask 805 eight five one two five one. If you need relationship advice or any type of advice, call you. Now is the Breakfast Club.


Good morning, Breakfast Club.


We know that, right? Black people. Right? Right. Come on. Relationship advice. Any personal advice? Just the real advice. Call up now for aski bread. Morning, everybody.


Is T.J. Envy Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club.


It's time for ask ye hello this Nazeri Salamander's Nazeri to God to peace peace king.


How are you Lord man was so solemnly. How are you doing man.


I'm blessed black and Holly King. Let's see how quickly you are today. Well she was of course the you brother. OK, so check this out. So I just got, I just got this new girl. We've been together for like a month and a half. Right. And she wants to move me to Florida. She's getting ready to move to Florida with my ex. My ex is like trying to get back and I'm conflicted on what should I do.


Like, I really like my ex going, there's new girl she go to a little different than what I'm used to. So I'm like conflict, you know how to go about it.


So why did you and your ex break up?


Well, we was just at that time, we was just on two wheels on two different pages. She was she was working a lot. And, you know, at the time I wasn't working. So, you know, we just we just didn't really get to get to spend a lot of time together. And I felt like, you know, what it was and it just wasn't I wasn't going the way I was supposed to go. So I kind of fell back in the and it just kind of dispersed that way.


You know, it's hard to move on with somebody else if you're not over your ex. Huh. And did you want to move to Florida? Are you really after a month and a half considering moving?


I mean. Yeah, one thing. OK, so I live in a super small town. Right. So I'm ready to Ibin want to leave here for ever. So I got the opportunity to go. I want to go but it's like I am, I don't, I don't know if I have a month and a half I won't be moving for another month like a month, another month and a half. So like March, the beginning of March movement.


So maybe I could be would be ready to go by then.


But I'm still know that just sounds really too soon. Here's my suggestion, because moving on, when you're not over, your ex is not going to be good. You still going to be communicating with her and thinking about her? It might make it even worse. I also don't think you should just up and move to Florida with somebody that you just started dating a month and a half ago and you have the opportunity to move. You don't have to date somebody to move.


I mean, you can always know what you decide to do. So I think you should slow it down, take your time if you decide to move later and you with this new girl, actually, really things are going well because you can always go out there, see her visit and see how you're feeling. But I don't think you should commit to moving if you're not sure with her.


Yeah, I'm not sure. I don't know. I just I know I want to get out of this damn house so bad.


And you can you don't got to date somebody in order to move. You know that it can be an inspiration for you.


OK, so like my new girl, she's got a lot of money. So you've about to be a sugar baby. I mean. Yeah, because she's like twelve years older than me, you know, I'm thirty three. Forty five. So she, she, she ready to retire like she she's going to floor buying our house on the beach and she's like, I want to take you with me.


So you really just like her because she's taking care of you know, because you don't like she don't take care of me. I don't accept nothing, you know what I'm saying. Like and she likes she don't really do too much for me. But like, this is just what she's been talking about the past couple of weeks, like because we were friends for like a month and a half before we started dating, maybe she started dating. So I was like, OK.


And she would always tell him she was gonna move to Florida. We really didn't plan on being it kind of happened like slowly but surely. And then once I. Nazare, my advice to you is continue to date and so you decide what you want to do. Don't make a huge decision like moving in with this woman until you know that. That's who I want to be with. Because you might get back with your ex. You might not you're not obligated to anybody right now, but just make that decision for yourself so that you're not stuck somewhere where you wish you were somewhere else.


That's the worst feeling.


Yeah, that's true, man. I'm so glad I got to get through yachtie. I usually I'm usually at work right now, but I didn't have to work today.


So like, nothing that I call the Breakfast Club, pretty soon you you won't have to work at all once you move.


Yeah, right. Exactly. You know, I used to be so excited until a day late because I'll start later then when I work. So I listen, always listen to the next show the next day. So I'm like now I've got a call me. I've got to talk to you today I hope. Got to keep going. I'm glad I made it. All right.


You can DataDot you can go out there, you can visit and see how. Feel, but don't make that huge commitment where now you've got to find another place to move to, you know, and went to Florida. Just take your time, sir.


OK, Charlamagne, I need a book and I have a book done.


Deal. I'll send you a copy of Shook with Anxiety playing tricks on me right now to stay on hold. The producers to get your get your address. Thank you. Well, no love can be little brother.


Thank you Brother Ascui.


Eight hundred five eight five one two five one oh all four books. Damn, I hung up on him.


Tell him hold on the line. You'll call back King Henry with his goddamn fast yellow fingers hung up on him for novembre these guys man Jesus don't cut my fingers fast. I can tell they never did telemarketing. I was a telemarketer, I was a telemarketer. I had to keep people on hold for a long, long, long time. I can't tell. I was a great telemarketer. I can not tell you this hurts you. I take one.


No, and hang on. No, no, no. Hi. Hi. This is Sean from Palko for you. Hey, is there a baby crying I you. I was working like the some money for that baby for college. Your name is.


It is a question that showing when work back then I have to say Sean McHale you call he would an incredible offer. Do you like music. OK, I got ten CDs for you for Penny all you got to pay the shipping, shipping and handling seventy two thousand ninety three since I got home heating fuel for you. But anyway, ask call up right now is the Breakfast Club.


You bought it for real. Well is some real advice with Angela. It's eskies. Morning everybody. Is D.J. Envy.


Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club in the middle of ASKI. Hello, who's this.


Hi, this is Crystal from Jersey. Hey, Crystal from Jersey. What's your question for you.


OK, so OK, I'm a lesbian, right. So I, I work with this beautiful young lady and we've been talking the website for quite a while and I wanted to know, like I'm like afraid to get like shut down by her, but like, should I try to act out like I'm really nervous even talking about it. But yeah, she's like, amazing. We're always texting and, you know, she's always giving me back the same kind of energy.


But, you know, it's like work. So it's kind of like I know you're not supposed to, but if I like it, well, it's. So she's a lesbian also. Yeah, OK.


And what are the rules when it comes to dating coworkers that your job?


Is there any type of teaching about what they feel about. Oh, I feel when it comes to that, but it's just the fact that I don't know if she decides to say, you know, I'm good, it'll be like you have to look at that person every day knowing that, OK, well, have you ever hung out just a off or have you ever hung out outside of work?


I know because I really have it, like try to pursue that kind of like I'm just a little nervous about what I was looking for. So I kind of just, you know, it's like regular, but I still get the vibe from her, like, I would like go in a little bit, but not so much. You don't think I don't know if I'm making any sense.


So why don't you suggest instead of acting like it's a date, that just do something together? It doesn't have to be a date just to see how the vibes are in person because it's always different.


And that's when you can really tell that she. Yeah, I've got to be a nervous like if I, if I like somebody like I give out that I like you energy. I'm saying I'm not I'm not aggressive. I try not to be. But you know that I that I'm feeling like, you know, it's like just straight out like if you're talking about food or something, you could suggest a restaurant.


What city are you in?


Are things open in New Jersey. Fairly, fairly open. I mean, it's OK, but I'm like, OK. I'm like, am you amul sort of. I have no idea, but yeah. Yeah, you just have to be careful. They're amazing. Yeah I know. I know. Trust me, her labs are amazing and it's like I don't want that, that if it was, if she wanted it to be like a friendship or whatever I like, I would, I would know that we're friends to know that I like her, you know, like all the time, even though she might not like me like that, like, I don't want things to get awkward.


And so I'm trying to avoid really that's how some of the best relationships start. They start off as friendships. So that's why I do feel like I need to hang out in person just to really get the vibe. It's one thing for you guys to be talking via WhatsApp or however y'all are communicating with each other, but it's a whole nother thing when you see each other in person. And that's when you're determined. Is this a friendship thing or can we take this to another level but just don't put any pressure on it.


Just suggest maybe go and get to grab something to eat, or maybe you need to go pick something up at a store like. Oh yeah, you want to meet me? I could use some help picking this out and then. If right out from here. Me say thank you so much. Appreciate you. All right. Good luck. All right. Thanks a lot.


I will ask eight hundred five eight five one two five one if you need relationship advice. Now, you got rooms in a way, right?


Well, we are going to be talking about Dr. Dre and his estranged wife, Nicole. She has some other allegations about him threatening her with a gun.


I keep locked at the Breakfast Club. Good morning. It's The Breakfast Club. Please tell me that don't forget we got the double digit that this guy's is you crazy? What is wrong with you?


Man on I'm rapping, I'm doing I'm singing rap lyrics. I'm yelling. Tell me what's going on. What rap lyric is that?


The one you was just playing on the freestyle that was not known freestyle. First of all, drama. You shut up because somebody beat my comments and they keep calling you a poodle. What does that mean?


I mean, you can't say that either. Oh, well, that's what they keep calling Dre. You know what? Let's get our people out. Let's get to the rumors.


Let's talk about the greatest uplifting. This just in, all the guys got the report, guys, guys in the group is the to report The Breakfast Club. Great.


Well, Dr. Dre, his estranged wife, Nicole Young, is saying that he held a gun to her head on two separate occasions in the past in 2000 and again in 2001. She also said that he punched her her face twice on two separate occasions. And she described one instance where she said he kicked down the door to a room where she had been hiding from his rage in 2016. She's also accusing him of verbal and emotional abuse, which she said decimated my personhood to the extent that I currently suffer from PTSD.




So, yes, and he's still in intensive care and he has agreed to pay two million dollars to Nicole Young for temporary spousal support.


OK. Yikes. When you're accused of stuff like that, how do you prove is not true? I think it's more like you have to prove it is on her behalf. And for Nicole Young, I think you have to it's like how do you prove it is true also? Of course.


But I'm saying if you are a lawyer on the other side, like, how do you prove that that's not true at all? I'm like, what do you do in a situation like that?


I think you just try to create enough doubt that people could believe that it's not possible, because I think it's more of you have to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. So I don't know how this is going to end up. But unless they have, like messages, her correspondence with people when it happened or pictures, I don't know how you prove that.


All right. Bobby Smart, his mother has confirmed that he is set to be released next month. So she posted and she's very excited. She said, I can't wait to hug my child. It had been almost a year. Anxiety is getting the best of me. She also made him her man crush Monday.


OK, I can't wait to get Deborah back.


Yeah, he served his time already. He did it, paid his debt to society, not let their brother get back and, you know, continue his life.


That's right. You know. All right.


Wendy Williams, her movie is premiering on January 30th, if you guys are excited for that. So that's going to be on Lifetime. And she talks about a lot of her different struggles to revisit some of her toughest times with substance abuse problems, her divorce. And that film will also cover the never before told story of date rape. And that was at the hands of a late RB singer, Sherrick, an artist from the 80s, and she discusses meeting him during an interview.


She said he flipped the interview around to where he was interviewing me and she said I was just gaga over this man. And he asked me to go to an opening party and album release party with him that night. And before the party, I was date raped by him. What was it, Nancy? Also Sherrick I OK, that Naura. Yeah, yes. He's no longer here. So she also says that she was raped in college as well.


All right. So that's going to be January 30th on lifetime. She also says that she has no regrets about her relationship with Kevin. She said, the life that I'm living right now is my best life. And I have no guilt about saying that. I don't regret meeting Kevin. I don't regret falling in love. I don't regret staying with him for all 25 years, 21 of them married. I like who I am. So I have no regrets.


Yeah. I mean, can you even regret a situation like that? Like it happened? Like if you live with regret, you're going to just call yourself a whole bunch of unnecessary anxiety and then, you know, just problems and stress for no reason like that was your life. It happened. You got to keep moving. All right.


Now, speaking of whether or not people have regrets, Donald Trump has told his aides not to pay Rudy Giuliani because he is upset with him. He was impeached, of course, for the second time yesterday. And they also Giuliani is one of the people who his relationship with the president has become frayed. They said he was trying to charge twenty thousand dollars a day for his work fighting the election results. Giuliani, 20000 a day.


Yeah, that's crazy.


I'm not really anti, by the way, is denying that figure. I mean, that number had to be Hidell. Lawyers charge a lot of money, 20 grand a day to fight an election case.


Yeah. How would you take that course? I'm sure that costs like seven, eight, maybe eight figures. I'd say about seven or seven figures not to.


Unnamed officials said that Trump told aides not to pay Giuliani because he was offended by some of Giuliani's actions. And, you know, Giuliani is the one that really kind of told him he should be disputing the election results and encourage Donald Trump to believe in conspiracy theories challenging the integrity of the 2020 U.S. election. So Giuliani has been criticized for a lot of that. And, you know, they're trying to just buy him.


In New York, Rudy Giuliani ruined his whole legacy, attaching himself to Donald Trump. I mean, not saying he had the greatest legacy, but he did have a legacy for turning New York around at a point, right? He did, yeah.


He went against the mob. The mob, mob and Mafia went against Gotti. Of course, he turned New York around. He took all those sex and sex stores that was up and down 40 seconds to he got them and he cleaned it up a lot.


And he had a great reputation, pretty good reputation and ruined it. Attaching himself to Donald Trump showed it.


And now he even getting paid everything that he allegedly fought for. It seems like he just turned and went insane. All right.


And everybody gets excited about this BMF upcoming Stars original series that 50 Cent is doing. You can be even more excited because Big Media Sun is actually going to make his acting debut.


He's going to play his dad talk a little bit. He's going to be playing his dad.


Yes. I should have asked Donald Trump to pardon me. I really feel like Donald Trump would have done that or at least put me on the list like he put Wayne and Kodak black. I really did. I think if you were to ask him, I just think Trump is that much of a groupie that if you were to ask him that, he might have considered what they're going to start filming that in Atlanta and in Detroit this month.


And as you know, cash is also in that, too.


So I'm really excited to see her. Her acting on again. All right. All right, well, that is your room report. All right. Shouts of revolt. We'll see you guys tomorrow. Everybody else The People's Choice makes happy birthday to L.L. Cool J and Slick Rick. Hip hop legend.


So that's a that's an understatement. Legend Legends is not a strong enough word for both those individuals.


We will get some some of that music on and tomorrow we'll do a full mix. But you will get somebody to join us on Happy Birthday to those legends is The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. N.V. Angeles. Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club.


Good morning. I'm Renee. I think tomorrow, guys, we should do a topic, right?


If we already know what you want, if your co-host is looking up, is Googling Big Daddy case dudes and every new and every new that we saw, like Father EMK, Jim Brown, you can see all the pictures already.


I think I saw that.


But I'm the type I'm type person. I don't mind doing research. And I was.


What made you research Big Daddy case news?


Because me and some of the homies was having a conversation about me, about why, why, why certain artists aren't ranked higher when it comes to the top ten. Because I wasn't part of the conversation. I'm not one of them. You know, we started talking about 80s rappers and why 80s rappers don't get the respect they deserve, like the Rackham's, the Big Daddy Kane. And then we got into this whole conversation about how Big Daddy Big Daddy Kane career was derailed because they said people didn't like the Playgirl shoot.


So you Googled it to see what I went to go see what that was about.


I can see why his career got there, but I love Big Daddy J. You know. Mean what? I can see why at that time people probably had some backlash towards that. Ladies probably love now, but the street rap was probably the dude in the street was like, come on behind the scenes.


You said you can see why they call him Big Daddy.


That is not what he said. That never happened. OK, but I just you know, it's that picture is the my I get it because you know what it is because Big Got Kane is a phenomenal emcee.


He's got one of the most well rounded rappers of all time. Not too many people who can check off all the boxes big that he can because he can even dance.


But just imagine being in a battle recording right now. Imagine being in a battle rap right after that Playgirl shoot.


Can I'm saying, you know, he also opposed Madonna's book Sex that Diana and Naomi can't. He's in the picture with Madonna and Naomi Campbell. And it's very put that in your cookies. Erotic envy. Let me see. Pull it up. No, I'm not pulling. I asked my search history. All that stuff exists. I get it all scrubbed off the Internet. And then you see for themselves, I see all that. She didn't do it.


I didn't treat me like I want to be treated right now and go along with me. I didn't see that.


Jim Brown, how do you see that? You said you saw it. That's a lie. Goodness gracious.


Then Charlemagne's said, I feel so much bigger in my relationship in my life right now, because those you know, sometimes I listen and I will say this seventies, penises grew a lot longer than forty fifty. He was born in the 40s, 50s, 60s. I think, you know, once we got to like the late seventies, we started to develop a little bit bigger than the previous models. That good. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


The previous models, little smaller, you know. I mean it's you kind a little bit bigger now.


So my guess. All right. I don't know what we got here. And you stop sending us this stuff. You come on. You wanted to see Madonna and Naomi Campbell and Big Daddy Kane and her sex book.


So I sent it to you. OK, I'm moving in. It is OK. Wow, this is. Wow.


Yeah, that's OK. Yeah. Like it says you had something to talk about you before. Positive note would do it.


Oh you do not feel like it doesn't go here. Big Daddy Kane, Madonna. Naomi Campbell. This is Fly to me. This is dope. There's no way you could be upset about this. All right. Well, positive note when we come back as the Breakfast Club. Good morning, everybody.


Is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlemagne, the guy we are The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning.


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And also, I know we were talking about a lot of craziness, but happy birthday to Elliot Wilson today. Elliot Wilson turns 50. Why in why?


Happy birthday, Elliot smiling. Elliot will make the laugh.


Listen, man, you got to salute Elliot. May his longevity in the game. You know, Ellie has been a disaster. He's been a double exell. He's launcher and radar, you know, now he got stuff like the crown and you know, he's just all over Instagram like he's still a force in. This is hip hop journalism media game. So salute to Elliott Wilson. That's my guy. Absolutely.


That gives us an amazing wife set out to Danielle, his wife today. I didn't you to put out a book. She's got a book come out this.


She's got a book coming out on Rogue Nations book imprint right now. You've got a positive. No, shall I do? Man comes from Albert Einstein and Albert Einstein and says the measure of intelligence is the ability to change copies.


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