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It's time for Donkey of the Day. Don't you dare. I'm a Democrat, so being donkey today, a little bit of a yes, like a donkey. OK. The other day. The Breakfast Club. Now, I've been called a lot of my twenty three year is the Donkey of the Day is a new white donkey. Today goes to a hip hop music producer named J.W. Lucas. I have never heard of this individual in my life. Didn't know he existed until yesterday.


And we ever heard him?


No, I haven't actually ever heard them. Nope.


OK, but he's produced for a little oozy Jack Harlow, the baby and pop smoke. So says the shade room and genius. I feel like I am giving this man what he wants and what he seems to want his attention.


I don't know how or why you wake up and go to your social media and open up your Twitter and decide to tweet out something like this.


This is what J.W. Lucas tweeted out. Why is the world asking for justice for hashtag Briona Taylor?


Of course, you shouldn't have lost their life. But do you realize that she was involved with multiple drug dealers who were using her house as a trap spot?


If you sign up for that life, there are consequences in tweet. He actually posted it. Those words came out of his thumbs.


First of all, none of that is true, right?


None of that is true. Let's just start there. None of that is true. We should all know the story of Rihanna Taylor by now. If you don't, here's a quick recap. Shortly after midnight on March 13th, Louisville police officers executing a search warrant used a battering ram to enter the apartment of 26 year old Brianna Taylor. Contrary to J.W. Lucas, his dumb ass tweet, she was not a trap queen. She was an emergency room technician.


All right. She was in bed with her husband. I mean, her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, OK, when they both heard the door get bang down, it was a brief exchange and kind of did what I believe any human in America who owns a firearm would do if someone broke into his house. And that's let the hammer fly. All right.


That's exactly what the right to bear arms is all about. OK, the Second Amendment is the right for people to possess weapons for their own defense. There is not a man, woman or child in America who owns a gun, who knows how to fire a gun, who would not have done the same thing in this situation. OK, can a fired police fired back several shots and poor Brianna Taylor was murdered.


And it was so many things wrong with this situation.


But the main problem was police have been investigating two men who they believe was selling drugs out of a house that was far from Miss Taylor's home.


OK, but a judge had also signed the warrant allowing the police to search Mrs. Taylor's residence because the police said they believed that one of the two men had used her apartment to receive packages.


No drugs were found in the apartment. OK, none, the police report contain multiple errors.


They listed Brianna Taylor's injuries as none, even though she had been shot eight times.


And they say they had not forced they they did not force their way into the apartment, though they used the battering ram to break the door open. And police had already located the main suspect in the investigation. By the time they decided to run up in Brianna's apartment. So they had who they were looking for already. OK, the moral of the story is J.W. Lucas doesn't know what the hell he's talking about and only in America.


Well, a white man find a way to defend the oppressor while making the oppressed a victim. Now, I saw on Hollywood unlocked.


And the shade room yesterday where one of our fearless leaders, Queen Tamika Mallory, dropped on a close bond foot to meet the man speaking to J.W. Lucas, some people said Tamika was wasting our time.


I don't think standing up for Brianna Taylor or any black person who has lost their life due to systemic racism is a waste of time. I thought maybe this guy, J.W. Lucas, would have come to his senses and let him you could talk some sense into him after being corrected. But no, let's listen.


Extremely racist for a white man to try to tell black people what we are doing, where we need to go, what our issues are.


That is part of the game of institutional memory to me, that I should be asked to be a leader in the Black Lives Matter movement because I'm more capable than you. I guess I am. You know what? You don't understand the nature of reality and it's all negative externalities must be eliminated.


The people that you do business with to make a decision about whether or not what you're saying and the propaganda and the lies that you're spreading is something that they should continue to support. So what I promise you is that you will have to deal with me for the rest of your life because anybody you do business with, I'm going to show up to make sure that they know that you are a racist. And that sort of rhetoric and the tone that you're using is extremely dangerous and that you disrespected the life of a young 20.


Never, never. I will not accept any of your colors if you don't give a fuck about deep breathing problem to me because you care about your own political gain, the white privilege oozing out of his pores.


Right. First of all, people really need to watch their tone when it comes to talking to Queens like Tamika Mallory.


Second of all, for him to say he can lead the movement better than Tamika.


What do you even say to that? Like, what's your response? Why do you even dignify that with a response?


Why does he feel comfortable talking like that and saying, I'm disgusted like he could he could lead the movement better than Timika? You know why? Because he's a white man talking to a black person, especially a black woman. So it's a level of superiority and privilege that just comes with that.


All right. Sexism, racism, we already know what it is. Now, keep in mind, he's a hip hop producer. So he was also on last night talking hip hop. Listen to what this man said about our culture.


You're calling me a culture when I am telling you that I bring more to Hip-Hop culture than anyone in it, period.


He does more for hip hop than anyone in it. That's crazy. Now, you heard him. You never even heard of you till yesterday.


OK, to call Kassidy the unmitigated, ghostly, pale gall of this human. You know, J.W., feel how you want to feel. Say what you want to say.


It's America. You have that right. Do your thing. But there has to be consequences and repercussions for people who talk like this. So you can have freedom of speech, but you cannot be free of the consequences of said speech. And this is why we need our own version of like the Southern Poverty Law Center or the ADL, these organizations that fight against bigotry and racism.


When someone does it says something that's offensive, you know, to our culture, hip hop blackness. We should be organized to have an organization that lets people know they're saying welcome, OK, we see it happen to people all the time. But for some reason, when it comes to hip hop and in blackness, people are just allowed to continuously disrespect us and nobody says anything. All right, nothing happens. Case in point, as I've said before, we can't even get the cops who kill us fires.


We can't even get people cancelled when they kill us. So, of course, someone like J.W. Lucas feels comfortable disrespecting us on all levels while making money and in off our culture.


Jay Lucas, today is a nice day. So at some point today, I want you to go outside barefoot if you can't put your feet in the ground, OK, get grounded. All right. Take a few deep ocean breaths.


Make sure you're inhales and exhales are long, full and deep after you do that. Look up, look up, look up, look up.


There is a star at the center of the solar system is the foundation of the solar system. It's a nearly perfect sphere of hot plasma.


I want you to look at it, feel the rays from it, let it shine on your white skin and say to yourself, sun, stream it sun and then spell it to yourself as you and give me a kiss.


Give me a you give me a hand and let it be a reminder to you that sun means shut up.


No, that's what you have to do when you feel like tweeting something stupid or getting on live and saying something stupid, just go outside and get some sun and remind yourself to shut up.


And yes, white folks can be inward too.


Please let me give J.W. Lucas the biggest hee hee hee hee haw, you stupid motherfucker, you dumb.


All right. I'm surprised that your brother, who you this is usually where we do a petty party or something like that, you're able to do that today or do some clown emojis.


You know, if, you know, we can do clown emojis, but we need to do is go in his comments. J.W. Lucas, seven. All right. J.W. Lucas, seven. Go to and put a bunch of sons in his comments. Right. And say, shut up.


OK, let's see.


Let's see if he's stupid enough to get on live later and say, I got a bunch of people telling me to shut up and car.


Like, let's see what happens, guys. This is a good social experiment. Let's see how far he's willing to take this. OK, go to his comments. His Instagram is J.W. Lucas, J.W. l you see a seven oh two oh.


He must be in Vegas and put a bunch of signs. Just put the sun in his comments with the phrase shut up.


OK, ok, keep it like we have more.


Coming up next is the Breakfast Club.


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