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The way I came a long way. I think that you all have a certain amount of respect for, you know, what everybody else does and geologist's the best of which to this platform, the reach you all had that you earned make space for somebody like you guys have a direct line to the coaches. Oh, my God, I'm on the radio and all I do is read about the breakfast every morning. It's good you guys are trending every you know, I drag my ass out of that.


I'm like, what happened at the Breakfast Club today?


It's a wake up, wake up wake. This is your time to get it off your chest. Whether your man or blessed, we want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club, I just want to get it off your chest and let me shout out to everybody out there that that rock's with me and my wife here. Now, you know, every year we do 12 days of Christmas, every year we do 12 days of Christmas. And if you don't know, 12 days of Christmas.


I started this tradition early on where every day I would get my wife something for Christmas. It started with something small, whether a letter, a picture, something like, you know, something from the first restaurant that we ever went to, which was Tony Romo's or something like that.


And then it became when I started making more money, Gibbs started getting a little better this year when not doing 12 days of Christmas. And the reason for it is it just doesn't feel right. With everything that's going on in the world, everything that's going on, it doesn't feel right to purchase my wife something every day for Christmas. It just it doesn't feel doesn't sit well with us. So what we're doing is we're actually giving back for 12 days of Christmas.


So we're taking 12 families. And because people the people are struggling, they lost their jobs, they've been furloughed. You know, they're praying for, you know, that they can give their kids toys for Christmas or they're praying that they can have food for Christmas or they're praying that they can give clothes and help with a lot of other things. So instead of buying 12 days of Christmas and paying for 12 days of Christmas, what we're doing is doing twelve days of giving back where we're going to take, you know, different families and help them out, you know.


So I know some people are asking, when is this. Oh, no, we're not doing it this year. I think this is better. I just it just feels better, you know, it just honestly does. So I'm just just it gives them in my IDM and you can hit our email if you listen to the podcast. And we just want to help families out. I mean, we've been blessed. We've been it's been tough during a pandemic, but we are we've been OK.


So if we can help people, I think we prefer to help people and to do 12 days of Christmas this year. All right. So now let's let's continue on.


Hello, this is. Good morning. Good morning from Brooklyn. John King. Good, good. I want to thank you. Graduations. So you guys on ten years, Charles. And thank you, brother. Thank you, brother. One of my favorite moments was all the rage they call classic.


That was a classic call for our radio to get an app on our phone. Just be able to hear you guys. You're a liar. You're a liar. You've always been a liar. You've always been I heart radio. So I guess he means that from day one we had the IRS to have firmly on the air. Yes. First day on the air we had our radio as well as your life, your life. You'll always be a liar.


Well, was a free yes.


It was always been free. It's always there for free.


Now, how would you end up with only a black person to tell you what's going on in your house?


I'm telling you, my goodness. I know what goes on in your house from day one. The I Heart radio app has been free from day one. When we started December six, 2010, we had the I Heart radio app.


Hello this. Hi, this is Cassandra. Hey Cassandra. Why are you upset? What's the matter? Get off your chest.


I have been working covid since March, from March to July. Be from March to July. No, I'm a nurse. I work because it's March to July for some reason. This time I'm positive. covid.


Oh, you tested positive. Accouterment, I'm sorry to hear that. I've always worn math. When I see my patients, I sometimes I do everything right. I don't know how I ended up course.


My goodness. How you feeling? I feel fine. I had a fever that I couldn't break and I thought it was weird because I get sick. So I went and did a rapid test. It came back positive.


You had a lot of symptoms now. No, all I have is a fever.


I cannot sleep. That's it. Nothing else.


Oh, listen, I'm I'm wishing you the best. I'm sending you some healing energy, you know? And I'm like I told you, I said earlier, I like it sometimes. It's not about good or bad. It's just part of the process. You know, you did everything you were supposed to do not to get it and you still got it. So when I look at it, you're right. Yeah. I'm sorry, Mom. I'm just quarantine for for the for the 10 to 14 days.


And hopefully everything is OK. We'll pray for you.


All right. Thank you so much, my love. You have a good one. Hello. Who's this? This is Reggie. Reggie with some. Get it off your chest, bro. Yeah, man. I just want to let you guys know how blessed I am feeling today. Couple of years ago I was doing oh well. Everything wrong before I asked the Lord help me. And he took me out of there. He got me a truck driver.


This is Shoobridge is my home. There you go. All right. I just I just left Dodge City. I'm headed down to Georgia. I've been there. I've seen places that I wouldn't have never gone, I think. Oh, we know for sure. Washington, Florida, California, all the states and things we get people talking to God will help you if you ask him to come and ask me. So he got me off and. So glass, I'm just so happy.


I want to say hi to everybody down in Tucson, Arizona. And I also want to tell my mom she she would have been 73 years today. Oh, happy birthday. And congratulations. Can you keep your head up, my brother? Absolutely. Brother sending you positive energy, love and light the day my brother rest in peace. Your mother. Absolutely.


This is your time to get it off your chest, whether you're mad or blessed, but at the same time, we want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello, this is Carol Trenton, New Jersey, if you can be sure how y'all doing? Thank you, King Calvin, what's up? Get off your chest, brother. Here real quick. First of all, let me give you all the props. My hands down are doing your thing.


I mean, everything you're doing. Keep up the good work. Keep it keep it moving real quick. I'm me and my wife and looking for a house are trying to be ignorant, but we don't have much. We only have like 15000 saved up right now. But I don't know the right channels, the right grants. I can get it so I won't get reenrolled or I won't get it for lack of a better word. Barnbougle So best thing I could have done since I've been missing.


I was trying to get you to help me see what I can do to get this thing moving. Have you found a property yet? And how's your credit? We actually my wife's credit is like high like 777 mines is like only well, my FICO score once again and 98 and put you on my God, man, because as long as your credit score is that high, you can get an FHA loan, which allows you to put between three and three point five percent down.


So depending on the price of the house, for instance, if a three hundred thousand dollar house, I don't know how much money you have, you might have to put ten to fifteen thousand. And there's a bunch of grants out there that are there to help you out a lot of times and even help you with the closing costs. I don't know him personally, but we had we had fifteen thousand. But we could I could come up with an additional five that I needed it.


Oh, OK. Well you got enough. It just depends on what size and how much you want to spend on the property. So let's say in a property between two fifty and three hundred, you won't be looking to put down about fifteen grand, maybe a little more. We got that. Well, now you just got to find the property.


You want to stay in Trenton, you want to move up here closer to the city where we live in. I want to ask you a little bit in my area, Mecklenburg County area, I don't mind large township, Princeton and stuff like that. I don't want to go too far up north because I was dropped from that guy. I want to make sure I'm close to I don't want to do that route. And I work would not be a problem for my children.


I got you. Well, hold on. Hold on.


I'll put you on my guy and hopefully he can help you out. Man has been he's been doing a lot for a lot of people these last couple of weeks. So I don't know what his schedule looks like, but I'll see if I can get you a neighbor over there looking. All right. Hold on. Okay. Hello.


This is a man and no name, right? No name. Is that your way of saying you're anonymous or you're rapper? The name is already a rapper name.


No name. He's a young lady too. OK. Oh stop it. That's the man to man.


Big brother, I think you mean don't you never cool what you mean. Don't you never hit the blood. Which you mean though you never had a blood. You know that is what the look will look. All right. I'm a lion. You're a liar.


You're a liar. You've always been a liar. You've never shot a gun in your life. All right? I never sold any dope. Stop it. You're not here. You could tell a New Yorker from your childhood every man. Yo, we actually played the song I requested yesterday. Man, your song was that thanks to Robin. Oh, Gigi. What? Yeah, what you go. Oh, man. That was like the first joint at the top of the People's Choice was all like, oh, I was like mesmerized.


That's no, I'm glad he finally played a request with somebody after ten years know doing something called The People Change Me, I'm playing for you now. You still insult me. I'm glad you played it for you, bro.


Thank you, man. I appreciate it, man. I really want to tell you, I really did appreciate that, man. And South Angel, I'm glad you're back in the studio because, you know, we kind of like, you know, you're going in and out or whatever, come to work, get ready for Noel, get it off your chest.


Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to vent, hit us up. Now is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


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There might be overstating things, stuff you should know, an incomplete compendium of mostly interesting things. It will change your life forever.


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That's just not at all. Right.


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Is D.J. Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we all the Breakfast Club. We got a special guest on the line.


Friends in a room. D.L. Hughley. Welcome, sir.


Hey, man, I'm glad you made it. I'm glad you're all right. I mean, we we haven't left the house. I don't know about you.


Oh, yeah. Well, you know, here's the thing. I go to work and I come back because we're doing the TV show and the radio show. So I'm the only dude I know that would build a set during the the roundabout. Yeah. We we go to work every day now. Of course, you know, I work with my daughter. I haven't hugged her every week, three months.


But, you know, I really don't know what precautions do you take. You put a mask on.


Yeah man. Oh thanks. Except when I'm broadcast and then I've been. I don't. But other than that, what we're shooting, other than that, we we just kind of I think I just I'm really sad because even though you see the death going up this drive and I understand you ultimately your answer can't just be everybody stay home. But it's just sad that the fact that it's the people who are dying, that the American the American population, I'm not uncomfortable with old people and black people or people.


Yeah. I mean, you know what? The one thing we'll never run out is for black people are poor brown people. So I figured they were expendable. You know, it's crazy idea.


We had the same thought because I said that I saw you post this on Instagram and literally, like, I might have posted it seconds after, but I said, you know, America's economy is an anomaly and poor people and black and brown people eggs and they don't mind breaking a few eggs to make that guy their mom was the one thing they'll never run out of is poor black and brown people.


That's the one thing we have. And old people like if you look at who's coming down diseases, primarily people in prison, people who work in meatpacking plants are in close proximity, old people and black and brown people and Americans like me. And why should I not have a mall open? Because the undesirable the people that we have to figure out where to warehouse are dying. And I think it is really America's real life and nature. Select love of their parents.


Who do you trust and who do you listen to when it comes to what's going on during this pandemic? Because I was watching your show and I was watching you talk about Dr. Fauci and talk about Donald Trump. And basically, Dr. Fauci is a codefendant, right, for Donald Trump because he's not stepping in.


He has to be ultimately little bit, you know, the kind of people who listen to that man and he needs to be challenged directly. And I think when when a man like that tells you that, well, first of all, I didn't mind him saying, you know, ingesting disinfectant because they jump in that bleach is perfect for the Trump people, that Trump supporters, because it works great on whites and it's hell on color.


So it's fun. But but when that man when he went in there, when he made that particular state but look at all the statements that took place that he later on went on other avenues and then tried to correct as opposed to doing it right there. The oath he took was not to an administration. The oath he took was to do no harm. And he does harm when he sits there and he let those things happen. And what he wanted to avoid was him being silent.


And he has me. And I think it's just cowardice. I think you are a doctor instead of somebody.


What happened to the other disease that he touted, the other drug that he touted people hydrocortisone or whatever, chloroquine, Jackson, chloroquine, you if you spend the last few weeks listening to listening to the president, look how many people would be dead, like literally just listening to him.


So you can be the greatest nation in the world when you can't listen to your leader. When you go up there and your parents say and you and you and you can accomplish, you just let it happen. It's insane to me. And I think that he has been able to manipulate, you know, senators and congressmen and now the medical establishment. And I think it's the America that you are.


We have more with D.L. Hughley when we come back. Don't Move is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Happy holidays.


You're looking at the world's most dangerous morning show, The Breakfast Club. The Breakfast Club. Morning, everybody is d.g in the Angeles Charlamagne, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club, is still kicking in with D.L. Hughley Nardil.


Have you seen the Jordan documentary Last Dance?


And how do you think about the fact that he is around his team? And are you like that around your team?


I think I think that his single mindedness was something that we all and yeah. And I ultimately I think that everybody embodies some of that. But I think that Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan, primarily because his great work ethic, but I don't think would have been he would have been beloved in the social media that when we know everything about him.


Yeah, we know that the hard part of any measure of greatness is what you're up against and we're right up against was not the backdrop of social media. So I think what he did in terms of his single mindedness, but I thought what he did to Scottie Pippen was Bush and we didn't know like that.


And if you do your teammate, you're supposed it like that where you're not supportive of them. You people would have a different estimation of that. They'd be like, well, that's out of pocket. So I think he was a great athlete. And I think that you have to have he was a great athlete, a less desirable human being to me.


I thought he was I don't like I think that I didn't like I he was tiptoeing around race on the episode when he was talking about why he was attacking Michael Jordan like no good while he did when he came on gambling. That was a powerful black man. That's what they do to you to tear you down.


Right. But but you can't expect people to involve that when that's never been your conversation, like you say, Republicans. But you have to like if you want somebody to get you back, you've got to get there. Sometimes you got to have you've got to be involved in the struggles that matter to other people. So they evolve in your struggles. You can't just everything can't be about you. And I think that that's what's going on. But I think what I don't want a spectacular documentary like John Coltrane and Lee Morgan and some doping, and I want to eliminate them when I learn from that.


You if you had a tiger long enough, eventually you don't want to do that.


What I understand for you, that's all you got for that throughout my Detroit Tigers, are you?


Oh, man, you are crazy, man. I was going to say to you, dear, I was gonna say, what are you going to do without stand up for the next few months? How are you going to stay sharp?


Well, you know, I get to do the radio everyday, but they really write this up like I don't know what it is that I was watching Jerome Adams, who was another like that whole surgeon general do.


Because the one thing that I hate is every time something happens, even though the national and international pandemic raging every time something happens to black people is always our fault.


Like how awful. Like everybody else is dying. But you're tackling yourself, right? Well, I do say that I drink and smoke and alcohol. I'm like, OK, OK, make me stay home and tell me I can't drink and smoke.


But it would be hard to. But I'm learning. I bake cookies.


Last night you did regular cookies. Are we cookies. I've been cooking for my old lady. Yes.


So when is the last time you been home for this long of a period of time?


They'll never I think I'm like, I'm waking up with the same woman. What kind of thing is this?


Stop it. Now, you got your answer coming up over the phone. Yeah, I'll cut it out.


We don't do that. Black men don't cheat. Come on.


Not now that I know she's a good idea. Well, definitely.


Thank you for checking in. We appreciate it.


And if we will, if we learned one thing from you today, we learn give it all your Detroit talking gear and hats and everything.


That's that's what they don't pay. No goddamn tigers.


Levitation is a bumper sticker, tiger. Dude, I'm telling you the same thing.


I can't I can't let you go too far. I know you got he got a point, though, because after Mike Tyson, Mike Tyson had that white tiger shortly after that, he made that statement. He said, I know you love me. He told us he said that to another man.


There you go. Right there. Yeah, well, Mike Tyson, he said it. And I make sure you give our love to Jasmine and shout out to your hair line. By the way, your hair line is amazing.


Yeah. You see it all thing is that all? I saw the man take his hat off. I take my hat off. Just told me to get out. All right. Hey, I don't I don't follow the crowd here. All right.


Here's The Breakfast Club for you. It is valuably is the Breakfast Club.


Good morning to you for Breakfast Club with of the Breakfast Club. Hate me for you. Love me if you want. But just use your common sense. I am. Morning, everybody, is T.J., M.V. Angeles, Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club is Tom Forslund at a breakfast club. This is where we open up the phone lines. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. And let you slander us. Slander me. Slander ye, slander Charlamagne.


Let's go to the phone lines. Hello. Who's this movie? Ruby. We want to land this morning.


I kind of want to land a Charlemagne's, but then again I want to kind of fall out. All right.


I'm right here. You can be me.


It was, it felt like you could do both go hand in hand because you know everything. I give people a chance to talk. When you think when you know, that might just be my kind of like going by don't name. But on the other side is, hey, no.


Too much to think to be true. Don't know what you like about me though. You sound like she want you to be her girlfriend to say goodbye. Don't be hanging up on people when they tell me I'm sexy. For real. Hello. OK, for real. Ruben, you know who you want to sleep in your head by her which I'm the one on Charlamagne and so it was good.


Charlamagne. OK, how are you sir. Good morning. What's going on. I, I'm sort of my um, you know, slanderer fall behind because you told on my daughter that that when you did the ABC interview. But nobody really knows the whole story and he already knew what it was.


But you said boogy interview. Yeah.


When he first started, I have not had him up on the Breakfast Club. Who is your daughter? Give him once, I think. What do you say about what he allegedly said about your daughter? He called my daughter. Who is your daughter? I don't know your daughter, sir. Her ex girl. The one that he made his first album over that you asked him about.


Oh, did you did his music portray her as a thought? No. Is your question that you betrayed her? Is that excuse my language?


What was the exact question, sir?


You asked him what was she about? Anything and both. I just laughed about the situation like my daughter. Some type of thought out. That's not.


Well, that's why. That's why. That's why you asked the question. The question is what she had thought of somebody that you actually liked.


Actually, the boy still in love with the boy. You're still getting upset. You shouldn't be talking about nobody's daughter when they do a lot of daughters door.


He got bored, so I don't know what to tell you. I asked the question. I know you don't, but don't worry about you people. You want to fight it. All right.


I did say that was to be doing it hasn't fallen out.


Yeah, but if I'm asking a question, if I say a boogie, was that somebody you loved or was she a threat to you? Let's go to woman. You'll not answer that question. I mean, remember the question.


I mean, I'm pretty sure that's what the question was. Hello? Who's this? Yeah. Who you want to Slenderman? No, you. That's all I want to smell the value of this particular, you know, family back in the day when you started with them. I do a big fight in the same music or the dance. You guys with a group of that fire and I everybody playing it well, record. You want to hear it go.


I want it. Smith and Wesson. Let it go. Let's go. Smith and Wesson to Smith and Wesson man Boot Camp Clik. You know, I'm saying we're going to do it for all the guys that wear denim jean shorts with timberlands in the summer here in New York. You feel me? No, you're here. You're going to still walk around with the razor blades under their tongue. Oh, my goodness. You don't say, all right, I got you.


That's what I need. So we go.


We got you. We got you, son. Don't you worry about it, you know, saying I call my brother son because he shine like one caring. Good morning. Good morning. What's up, Karen? Who you want to slander?


I want to slander both you and they showed me just a little more than Michael Jackson ever said. I don't want to hear it. You have black fans with Cannibal because I have brown. I don't like none.


I will take Pepsi, diarrhea, brown compliment. God, I like this guy, you know.


And you have you always talking about sick hip hop? You know, every time I play something, when I come in, I play something for you saying, what do I think about for you? And. Is that enough Democrats up for you to support it wasn't enough, it probably should have been more, but you don't deserve it.


Who have you got to let you know you're passing?


Well, thank you. Much. Like the cancer to that circus.


That was circus. Now we just need to give me a lot of joy. But I just like slamming you. All right. Thank you, baby.


Give her a lot of joy that I appreciate me and my pecan diarrhea. Brownstown appreciate it.


Diary, May, April, May, May, May or may not. My name May. April. That's the info. They may May month in May and in May.


Oh my back. Main me. Main me salame eyeliner. And then I don't wear no eyeliner. I love him.


He's got permanent eyeliner. I see. Well with him with tiny lip gloss and some eyeliner and you got to I probably would not be big enough for God's work so beautifully.


May I see the reward in this one moment that gave me a 60 some flat screen HDTV, anything popped it all. I feel a bit. All lot. So how do you guess how many inches I can give you? Hey.


Oh, you didn't want that turn. You didn't decline. Why you start giggling.


Both of you are stupid. I was not expecting that.


I thought, well, hey, no, let's let God bless you. I love you all, man. I love my family. Yes, they did that. He just threw him off his back.


God bless you. Bless you. Bless you. And God bless. All you gotta do is give the black man some love, that's all. My goodness. I love you all. I value y'all. I appreciate your. Thank you for noticing my pecan diarrhea, brown skin, eyeliner. And I love the fact that they keep saying my lips look very oily. Why is that? Because that lets me know the ancestors have their hands on me. You know, I'm saying when you see a black person with dull skin, you know, fried hair and no, I live.


No, I like my ancestors. Don't pay them no attention, OK? Ancestors had given up on the lips of part because you were lip gloss. My lips are popping because I'm a black man.


It's natural, moister baby.


All right. We got Maxwell on the line. Maxwell, who do you want to slander?


He kick in the deep. I want to slander the whole Miss Charlamagne to God. I'm here for you, sir. But no. Come on, man.


That's one of the reasons why you in this ridiculous man, you're talking about the size of this man. Come on, bro. It is ridiculous. I can't take it. I can't take you.


All I said was rich dollars need to act his age and not so far his penis size.


He just said he can't he can't take it. Why are you trying to dress like a millionaire.


Well, you know why we're not sure what Safari's shoe size is, but we've seen his penis, right? We you say, wait, wait, hold on. You ain't seen the news. Come on, man. Come on behind me. Between us, about six months I have been so disappointed in you. All right. Thank you.


I'm sorry, my brother. I'm trying to do better. All right. We got more coming up next with a breakfast club.


Hey, what's up? It's Myles Grady doing. That's the weirdest voice to a school announcer. Voice for the promo.


No, no, just be yourself. Hi, it's Miles. And I'm Sophia. Alexandra. We're two friends, two comedians and the two hosts of the podcast for twenty days on the podcast where we talk about our favorite reality show, Ninety Days Dancing, and all of its various iterations. If you already watch the show, then you're familiar with characters like Angela and Michael Pollan cleaning Montaño jeans. You got to bop, bop, say five. And if none of that made sense to you, that's more of a reason for you to jump on the 90 deviancy bandwagon.


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The Breakfast Club is back, back, back, back. It's. With our best stuff being reporting, everybody is deejay envy, Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club. We got a special guest or some special guests on the line, a city girls.


Good morning, young Miami. What's happening in Charlamagne? Hey, let me tell you something, coronavirus. The latest numbers. But I promise you, it really does seem to grow somewhat because they're sitting on a lot of his heart.


Yes. Thank you. Would it be disappointed about how the album came out? Oh, yeah, of course. It's like we were waiting on this moment for so long. And when he got a leak in when it came out like a band was trying to put it out with everything, every time we try to think that we got a date for the label and everything be like it's not the right time because we got hit with Kobe, we never was able to perform a bit of momentum, you know, like that, how we needed to be because everything is being canceled.


So we try to find a proper rollout for it. And then once we get to the point of thinking that we had a proper rollout, you know, all of Black Lives Matter movement came out. So we kind of start to roll out the end. And we finally thought we were found another day. We woke up one day and I just heard like a snippet. And I'm like somehow, you know, like just put it out there for promo.


And the next thing you know, I just think about it. I'm Twitter active. So, yes, I have been and nobody else is. And I was going crazy. So they had to whip out not like 11:00 that morning. We had to put jobs out of the video by nine o'clock and put out an album on Saturday morning, which was Friday night at noon.


And we got a full week of sales and it was only like three or four days because I had to put the outmuscle first right before we could sales.


We didnt get a bowl out. We of feel like no guns, no march. We just had to sell Pures. Feels like that was it. I was just like a situation. You know how the internet is so crazy.


How do you get in.


Twenty, twenty questions we need answers to regardless of how everything happened. Congratulations on a fun and best album. You know, regardless. I mean, I get it. You know, sometimes life don't happen the way we wanted to. But, you know, I was looking at for both of you, you guys have both been through a lot and these past couple of years. So just to see the success that I have had, I think that's amazing.


And I think the album is dope. So, you know, I think also what we do, our coronaviruses, it's a good time to have some fun music to listen to because sometimes things are so heavy as you like. I just want to turn up a little bit, almost always a bad thing, because, you know, music is kind of like for the clubs and the clubs. Yeah, I seen the clubs and music. Not really for a living room.


It's nice and I'm enough. So I get out of my car and I talk about getting my make up and it's just there and I'm on my way because I live at it. I only open my mouth so well, I hope it's OK. So when I do go, my little place is in Ireland I here. So we go look like he's just like good in the club. But we don't make music for the liberal.


We don't make your way around in the land a little bit. So I see how we would arrive at a later. Symbolistic I get a little taste of what could possibly be having a little bit, a little taste.


The world was open. It would be like dominated because it would be like we got it and we would have been able to push you a proper way. It's hard for us to push our music. We know consi, you know, understand. I know probably it was just like just a social media posting pictures which nowadays, if you keep talking about you talk work.


And I want to ask you about something there, something that record you say no, nothing. But just can't make this talk and then bring back negative stuff.


With that said, did you just have casual conversation, someone who was so funny, you don't have to disturb you so funny. You are so funny loud. I felt like I wanted something like I don't want to I don't want to talk about that because it's how we need to get straight to the point was I told you this when I came at a price.


I'm like, you can be funny. I didn't want to use money. You have to say everything is fine. We go, let's go. Come on. But I one know these you can see when you first, first and foremost, you only never put a date.


I think J.T. said if you go broke is going to be single.


You never and I'm saying no data on your voice by the way, don't even want me to get off work and stuff like, you know, it's already so hard because he was broke for so long.


So it really bothers him.


We're so broke in a rage. So it just goes like this. You want to exaggerate, you can say you're broke. Any laws with no words added to them? Do I know maybe company every so confident maybe maybe is like, oh my God, like younger days that boys who probably kiss on a waste of money, but. We want to say thank you both, so, you know, Charlemagne's to have sex for Twinkies and fried chicken ask, right?


First of all, he's not telling the whole story to somebody. I was dating a woman at the time.


She was in her 40s and I was in my late 20s, used to give me Twinkies and two to three thousand dollars every two to three sugar.


Yes, I did.


You need to be like you. You got to watch out for one because you are looking for the sugar. Mom is too young to be trying to talk about the health.


So what's wrong with that? Y'all got it. Exactly what's wrong with it, isn't it?


I don't know. I just want to know if, you know, you can have a casual conversation with me every now and then, you know?


So do you find that on social media that people to be mad at the guys really like they don't like the lyrics. They might be the ones that really have a problem.


Just got problems. Peery, think? Well, it's just the everyone just got problems. They need to figure out what the problem is. That is very true. They just all got problems. I know some problems. Everybody got problems. And they need to be they and when they figure out what they problem everything else.


Does it bother you a lot when people break down your lyrics like I see you record of being mechanistically now I see them, you guys before when they break down your lyrics and talk about what you say and then we talk about it, you listen to the last two decades of music. Everybody talks about whether it is guns, drugs and sex. But it seems like a great down women's verses more. How do you feel about that?


I feel like me. It's just writing about the women who dominate your mind because they are so used to being in control, putting a women on records and now women are starting to team will do it without them. So it's like now they get so much to say because back then you got like you don't know what's wrong with me. And so go going up one or even chart. But now women, just twenty, they so so they don't always have something to say because I think they like the women dominating and then try to be video game dance is like it's got to be, is going to be a whole different area.


So it's just like, it's just I think it's just like a three they're going to say is trash just not cool. About six days, six days. But just like we can I can't maybe say I go around and shoot because I'm not going to just talk about how good it is or how I feel about myself.


How do you respond to people who criticize female rappers who talk about sex and taking advantage of me in that way?


I say shut the show. I just people think she is. I should like to say they've been talking about it for years, for decades. So I was the problem.


And yeah, I think they not used to the the female side of things. Like you said, it ain't like you are shooting a black and stuff with y'all got different muscles. Yeah. It's like the treat for us, like for anything, you know, scamming and stripping and all of it. It's women's stuff. So it's, I mean you probably don't understand the data target so they got to get used to it.


Like we got more with the city girls when we come back. Don't Move is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Is T.J. Inva Angelie Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club, is still kicking it with the city girl.


Yea young man.


I was watching a documentary and seeing all those amazing moments that you had, you know, just everything happening. Obviously you have the down for your best of us. It was like that. So how is it for you? Watching that documentary is bittersweet.


I wish she was her life through everything in my life. You know, I was really too hard on myself because I thought when people thought that I couldn't do it. So, you know, like, I wish I had to do so much pressure, that is.


And so you watched that because that was a lot like to have to have to hold it down and really do a great job so that he could come home to the bag. And you can see and you relate to her. But I realize what rissoles trapline he was a lot like. I know.


And I was I emotional when I had my mood swings. I used to be quiet. I went through a lot like I remember when I found out that I had to go back home to her baby. I cried because the main one was Britney. And I was a help. And I was like, I had won the seat. And it was I was wrong, too, because I was stage. I was up next. I was down crying.


I was like, oh, just like, I know how can I talk to anybody? I don't want to do this. What would happen if I was trying to figure out what was wrong with me, just like it was just a lie? It was if I see, you know, like not trying to treat me like I was just a liar and congratulations on motherhood.


I don't I. How would it change you? Oh, I bet I made me strong and I eat it built me up for everything I want, man. Like I said, you make you stronger. You make you a strong individual. My love is is so strong, you have to go through a lot. So it's just like it just made me a woman like Ellen. I think it's to me I feel like I'm just so strong that you beat me up.


It's a woman like I feel like I see my mom. Now if people go through stuff because you got keys, I got something like I got my kids, I got something, my mom, it's like I got kids. I'm trying to feed my kids. Everything is for my kids. I'm not focused on the negative. I got kids to be. It's my job because you said something that I was doing.


When you're talking about, you know, when I get to a certain age, I'm not even making this money for me no more. I'm making this money for them to be good. And I love that because, you know, that's that's what we need to do as a community to make sure we have generational wealth, that our kids are always good, that we don't necessarily have. So I like I like to hear that conversation.


Yeah. Because it was like, you know, before I started rapping, I used to be like this so and so my mom used to do when I felt like I was gonna to pay off like my mom if I wanted it was a rapper. How would it be like my momma, which is, you know, like that's what she needed to feed us. And it's like, I don't know if I'm like you said, my momma gave us the best light, but she always had to be in and out of freezing.


I, I want it for my kids. And if I'm going to work, I want to give my money for my kids. I don't like not sitting down with my kids the right way. I want to like, grow up with money. I want to grow like OK here in the business and all I want is my future. Like I don't because I know how I feel even though I have been. But I don't want to like all my kids to grow up with my baby, to be with you.


You know, she shooting ten months on Twitter. So you still see her, you save money.


It's really I really have no idea.


It's a JT when you when you join in the mommy game.


Never. Oh, I don't think you get some moochie meaning tonight. I'm good. I'm great too. I have no money and I get all kids. I used to say the same thing. I'm never having no kids. So she see me stopping and kids.


She kind of I know a lot of guys been trying to holler at you since you came home. What kind of man are you looking for? I know your dad's list.


I'm gonna be crazy. Sometimes somebody and I ignore any agalloch is not anymore.


It comes out little bit, but screenshot it or embarrass them or something.


No, you know, you can see the body in it. If you a celebrity, you've got to be checked, you know, for a fact. They see what you wrote because they go like Debbie, like your priority I think is like primary is top because it is like the all because in general it's the general. So if you got a blue check, you going straight to the top because they know business for IBM is like, OK, I'm getting a day in it and it's just like I'm on the field because they check the initial insider trading scene.


Yeah, like if you like that by anybody. Good.


And you had a good oh, I pulled out my team, so I'm going to see you already pulled out your DMS like I'm just throwing money.


Naftali, you tell the guys and when you don't reply, feelings don't get hurt.


Yeah, I just just me. I want to get no deals. Just me.


But you said it's a pandemic as how people are supposed to kick it and how they came to the point.


What is your ideal guy besides a guy where money was, what kind of guy you are looking for personality wise? So people who are listening could hear it is OK.


I like a funny guy. I like to will be in charge. I do not like the person not in charge.


I love the guy that is in charge only just like I can't meet because I like him a lot. But you got to be able to like me. If you can't handle me, it won't work.


So I usually stick to my pricing. I get to pass it out.


We stick with him because inexpressibly like, oh, I'm not from Beverly Hills, like forever.


Like I'm from the WHO. So it's to by a lot of stuff if I know tolerate. I'm Wilpena intimacy so real to me in Nicotrol without it being ignored.


That why you told us you broke up a little and it's not. Hold on you it what you have to.


I think that you blessin jt for Miami with a straight face.


I like it. He has it more beautiful the way young mom looked like a cut out.


Oh this is a great go where nobody. Yeah I was never together. He just likes you.


I got plenty with him now. It's not like the inside that blow up. Everything is the internet but the internet blows up everything we do.


Hang on.


We, we call him people. I mean he you know, I mean let's get into a city.


Girls Mini makes a couple of their joints is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy Angela Yea Charlemagne, the guy we are at the Breakfast Club. We're still kicking it with the city girls. That was a mix. No Salame, no Miami.


You say you got to spend one hundred if you really want to flude out. That's what you said on the song flute don't. Daguragu A little baby by the way, that one hundred dollars. One hundred thousand. You know what I know David and I laugh every time. I mean I think you'd be a great guy.


I get down to my house.


Got to be crazy. I want to be on the beach on what are you going to bring all my friends when I get there on the theme of the. I will be I will take this post as I am.


Oh, OK. Sort of Homebake. Yeah. I'm not married. I thought it was just on the plane. I was like, damn, can I put you on a commercial flight?


You know, every birthday I'm just seeing and hearing his birthday in Miami. I mean, his birthday, the second month, the living.


So we we celebrate everything together. OK, so what do you get for him for his birthday?


Some would be happier that you want to return that.


Guess I love you, but I got him some money, though. I can think of the thousand.


OK, that's beautiful. That's what I'm talking about.


Yes. It's like, you know, you got happy. So why is it OK to give him money but not other brothers?


People got money in his body. He take good care of me. So sometimes I got to return the favor. I can't choose everything. I mean, not make him feel appreciated because he like a good shot with me. You my keys. So it's like I got to make sure you straight to. I can't just by speaking when you, you know, when you were stressed out, I think he was very supportive always by your side.


He had your back, he made sure you was good. He did what he was going to do.


Yeah. You come in for the most part. I'm not I'm talking strictly to you know, you will get your blessing if you give a kidney down. You find you a girlfriend that treats you right. Helped that man come up. S side. Already got it.


So you said I need to be the one. Wanted to go get the money, go help him see how we got a person. So as I see.


All right, J.T., Mike is there for all to turn into a prince. Or you might get awards, so you better be careful. Either way, actually, I'm not. Look, I'm not trying to say no, I'm good.


Now, let me ask you guys, this is your best friend since you were young. Have you ever been not like some of the other person dated? Everybody.


Everybody, anybody who look at me, I hate that she hates them. It's like suing to give them a fair chance. And I just like her. I just don't know what to say at this point cause she knows how she'll get there because I just him. So I don't like him. So don't say anything to him because I mean and I thank you personally, please don't blame us.


But once you hook up with somebody, I'm sure it's just I got some friends. She crazy. Crazy. I know she knows she can't she can meet her like she to date over there and out of here. And we just can't keep it like that because she's going to go from a fight to pass. Talk to me and just be OK.


How could you ever want to fight little Ozzy? He's such a nice guy. What are you talking about?


What is wrong with me? What does he want to lose? What was this? What am I missing?


I never seen him. He never said anything about beginning only with Simon. He was only blind.


I don't see the I think people miss judge all as women because of the content of your music.


Of course, everybody, every entertainer get me shows you. You want me to entertain people. I know that person is really cool you would think, cause somebody talk about this and you will meet them. Sridevi it's just like entertainment in real life is two separate things. It's a separate set of point. It is somewhat crazy. It's a personal thing like, oh, she has she put money right here. She could put out like that, like it was a real life thing only like he's just going to take me somewhere.


I live in the subway. She wraps all the way through.


So I love my rap song is just like I don't know which just like if the Tamae real life. Real personality, real people. Yeah. Cause I hate to tell you this, I mean I know you and see I think they tried to find his way out. You see how he was like you started off like I was crazy. So how do you separate the two.


Because the old the all the more money I'll make, the more successful you are. You going to move away from that street lifestyle so you might not even be on this one in the future is hard for me because, like, I didn't really get the taste of anything yet. So I'm still you will see me a person to see me when I look.


I look in my behave like normal and I'll be like, damn, I got to stop doing it because I'll go somewhere and I'll be just chilling like some regular stuff. Like I go to Home Depot, I go places. You know, when a person approached me, I became a shocking, shocking, like locking up some people and it'll be a grown man. And like, one time I was like a kid, especially a grown man. Like what?


That seems like a big thing. And he was like, you agree with me? And like with the like what you got going on. But people really do see if I can really be if I gotta be somewhere, somebody like I'm a thing, you know, like I got to move like an artist now. And it's kind of hard because when I got out of the podium became like, I get the celebrities out of it. So I'm still in that mode from two thousand and eighteen.


When I went to prison and we was just here, I see nothing. So I just got to move in and understand it.


No, I think I think, dude, with your music I can at speak for me because like my wife works out to in all my home, girls listen to it and I see how it makes them feel. And plus this just being funny.


I like this about you being you busy. What I can be Angola, you being a city where like you being a rock with the cigarette. And when I used to be in prison to be laughing so much to love, I used to talk about, OK, I feel for Florida. If they saw me I was so I was laughing so hard. Won't you let me out. So be me. Yeah. You was like I'm the only scam out of Florida.


All right, everybody, for all I do is stay. I'm going to cheer you on. I think it is a scam. Like you always laugh for two hours. You say Florida is just like is crazy.


I'm online now. You can't come to this issue for like, no, I love Florida, but we can we have to acknowledge that the great. Is people in America come from the Bronx. I always thought that's a fact. Florida is different. I do. Got one more question for you on one last question.


When it's that time of the month for either one of your yellow period, you know, young lady joining us, the city girls, make sure you check out their new album. Also the documentaries on YouTube right now. And thank you guys for joining us.


Thank you. Thank you, ma'am. Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Charlemagne's say the gang don't get out of shape. You are or don't you?


It's time for time for your victory. Donkey today does not discriminate. I might not have the song of the day, but I got the donkey. Do you ever feel I need to be a. Oh, yes, the Breakfast Club. Please don't keep the day today. Yes. Today goes to Mr. Terry Crews.


Terry, whatever you're doing, King, it's simply not it. Now, this all started after Terry Crews was on an interview with third hour of today and he was asked about Gabrielle Union's reported allegations of racial insensitivity and a toxic culture at the show America's Got Talent. Now, keep in mind before I play you what he said when Terry Crews was out here alleging that he got fondled by an agent in Hollywood, Gabrielle Union actually had his back. In fact, her statement back in twenty seventeen via a tweet was Terry Gross is a stand up guy, literally one of the nicest people in our industry.


He is honest, kind and a true professional. I believe him and stand by him. Hashtag me too. Now, I am not the kind of person that expects me from other people. So if I was Gabrielle and I said that about Terry, I wouldn't expect him to have my back.


If I was in that situation, it would be nice, but not expected simply because I don't do and say things because I want people to do the same for me. OK, that way you won't be disappointed when people like Terry Crews don't return the favor, because that's exactly what happened when Terry Crews on third. I would say this was his response when asked about Gabrielle's allegations of racial insensitivity and a toxic culture at the show.


First of all, I can't speak for sexism because I'm not a woman. I can't speak on behalf of any racism comments. That was never my experience on America's Got Talent, but it was the most diverse place I have ever been in my twenty years of entertainment. When you look at what the allegations are about, it was given by an unnamed source. My thing is, you know, it's funny because I believe you should listen to women. You should always believe women.


So I asked my wife, my wife said, what if she hasn't made a statement? Why would you? And I said, you know what? I will listen to her.


And this is what happens when a person is trying to protect their job as opposed to protecting a sister who actually came to his defense, which Terry is an insider to do.


Now, look, you could easily say that wasn't your experience at ADT, but what you can also say is that doesn't mean it wasn't Gabrielle's experience.


In fact, you could have copy and paste it with Gabrial said damn near word for word, just change all the male pronouns, the female pronouns and keep it moving. You could have literally said exactly what she said about you on TV, but you're not going to do that because you don't want to mess up their future. Check off future opportunities for me. See your production company behind. Who knows, you're just trying to protect your interest and undermine Gabrielle's.


That much is obvious. But once again, I don't expect you from other people. If that's how Terry moved, that's on him now.


Gabrielle replied to Terry and tweeted out truthtelling wanting change and having multiple witnesses who bravely came forward to let everyone know I didn't lie or exaggerate really exposes those who enthusiastically won't throw you under the bus, forgetting quickly who stepped up for their true, great statement.


But once again, no need to remind Terry you stepped up for his truth because what you shouldn't expect is you from other people when other people do have nothing to do with you. Don't take offense. Don't take it personal, because what other people do and say about you has everything to do with them and nothing to do with you.


And Terry proved that when he tweeted out, I'm a hog, you're a chicken. Just because you gave me eggs don't mean I owe you bacon. Ancient Flint, Michigan proverb that makes zero sense, OK?


Because there had never been a hog in the history of life. Who is offered up bacon. All right. Hogs get slaughtered, king. And that's exactly what is happening to all your goodwill that you have built up for the past couple of years, Terry, by coming out and telling your story, that was an honest moment, but now that's getting slaughtered.


OK, then Terry double down and tweeted out, there's only one woman on earth I have to please. And this is why he's getting donkey today. There's only one woman on earth I have to please. Her name is Rebecca. That's his wife, not my mother. My sister. My daughters are coworkers. I will let their husbands, boyfriends, partners take care of them. Rebecca gives me wings. No, my brother. That's not a king.


That's not how any of this works. Now, I'm not going to judge you based on how you choose to live your life, what women you choose to please. Bottom line, I am judging you, OK? I don't know the relationship between you, your mother, your sister or co-workers that I can overstand because people's relationships with their families are complicated. So I'm not mad at that. OK, I overstated that situation.


But your daughter is king. Come on, man.


What father does not want to please their daughters. All right. My job as a father is to protect and provide for my wife and daughters, period. Do you feel the same way? Envy? Absolutely, yes. Your daughter may have a husband, a boyfriend, a partner, but there is nothing like the love of daddy. All right. What's that saying, Daddy? Your son's first hero, a daughter's first love. That's what we are to our daughters.


All right. Fathers have a tremendous ability to influence the lives of their daughters, either positively or negatively. How a father treats his daughter was shaped, she views herself and how she expects to be treated by other men for the rest of her life. So I hope since you don't care about pleasing your daughters, I hope she expects more from the men she chooses to be with. OK, now, I don't have anything more to. Say about this, because I feel like a woman in particular, a black woman should be speaking to you and on the real woman who I love, who I cherish, who I will always have her back, right or wrong.


Amanda Seales summed up perfectly.


It is so easy to support black women. It is so easy. They can be just so effortlessly.


So when you see examples of someone giving their energy to be there, to be obstructive, you wonder why they would make that choice. Why is it not instilled in him to protect this woman? She protected him when he was in another adverse situation. She put her voice out there.


And I think I speak for a lot of sisters when I say it's part of the bigger conversation of black women earnestly wanting the support from our brothers when we are speaking out and speaking up. And there really should just be a code because so many sisters feel like so often we're on code and our brothers aren't seeing this scenario play out in a different way, because in Hollywood, black women really are not regarded. Willie would have just been so much more uplifting.


Please give Terry Crews the biggest Vihar.


All right.


Well, thank you for that doki today. Yes, ma'am. Keep it like we have more. Coming up next is The Breakfast Club. Ever wonder what would happen if the seven dwarves from Snow White met up with the 13 dwarves from The Hobbit, ever gotten into a deep discussion about who is the ultimate mouse, Mickey Mighty or Danger ever dressed up like Doctor Who at a water park?


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No. The Breakfast Club is back, back, back, back, back with our best of interviews. They said it never would happen. That's right. I repeat, don't you today offended, right. Kanye Kardashian is on the Kanye West, as here was I remember you from being outside the studio trying to get people to hear you rap. He was a great producer, but nobody believed you as a rapper. But then it seems like you got to a point where everybody's love in the way that you rap now, you just seem like you're more frustrated.


You're like, do you not like the reception you've gotten? Because I that's I don't I didn't like that video. And I was like Kanye West. But Jesus was like to me, Yeah, that's great.


That's great. So are you saying I was I was asking about the whole Jesus, like, what makes you so frustrated?


Yeah. It's not about Jesus. It's about Michael Jackson was told he couldn't play videos on MTV because he was considered to be an urban artist. And I started talking about clothing. Everybody's going to buy urban clothing, like when I'm trying to say is like is fourteen hundred sixty something billionaires. There's only seven black ones. And we know some of the most famous ones like Oprah or whatever. So, you know, in order to really impact and be in a position of power at this point, you got to be a billionaire about being like, you know, a superstar.


I don't know, nobody that like sales a lot. I like records and gets a lot of radio spins. That's actually a billionaire. Either we get into so, so much of like, you know, arguing with each other that we now looking at the main thing. But what I did with is I took the, you know, the power into my own hand. I wanted to remove, you know, the hits from it. I wanted to remove the course is, of course, blood on the leaves and bound.


It's got, of course, you know, I, like, resolved the album and let everybody know it's all good at the end of it. But it's not all good, you know, but in fashion or whatever or, you know, product design, they try to marginalize us and say we can only have urban clothing line and we can only do this. And of course, we're going to have urban clothing line. We're going where the definition is gone now.


Meanwhile, Ralph Lauren can build his story up. You know, I'm saying show his family. But, you know, I'm sure my family and I think actually I have a love hate relationship with the paparazzi, but actually I love them because they empowered us. They have power in us over, you know, Graydon Carter or Vanity Fair that I want to say. You know, Kate Upton is Marilyn Monroe, Kate Upton and Marilyn Monroe, Kim Marilyn Monroe.


You know that she was controversial. She controversial. This is a reality. I'm living inside of a dream world to me. Don't nothin matter to me except for the people and the way I can affect them. I almost lost my life. I lost my mama. I went from like, you know, Jay-Z being my idol, still as my idol to him being across the stage on me. So I know that anything's possible. And I know when they hold me down, my B.S. meter is at an all time high above which I accomplished so much.


What they want to hear him talk, man. No, no, no. They want this man to doubt and blow his man. They wait for Charlemagne to tap these gloves. Go. I'm not trying to blow this. Let's go back to me. It seems like you're such a walking contradiction because you denounced the corporations. But then you'll get on stage and say you need Nike and Adidas to back you. That makes no sense to me 100 percent.


But how can you denounce the corporations they have the corporations that you feel like a slave, but then ask the companies to back and forth that I feel like a slave. We are mentally enslaved. We slave to brands. We enslaved to like a banned symbol. We enslaved chains. A woman is a slave to the concept, but diamonds are a girl's best friend. Like girls in London don't even wear an engagement ring. That's all been programmed into us when we were born.


We born artists, we born free and then we held down by society's perception of us. We just don't want to be embarrassed. And I took the opportunity to look as stupid as possible. I'm saying when I was in Chicago to watch the throne, I was going to change my outfit to some normal leather pants and stuff and they tailored it. One was too tight. Then the next one ripped on me and I felt like I was like, Nah, man, you can't be scared in Chicago because it's a bunch of gangsters and it's where you grew up.


I want you to wear that kilt in Chicago. I want you to release that fear. I want you to show as an artist that you could create to the highest level.


You know, I'm saying so got to do what you do now in corporations. We're going to still have some corporations to be in business. But that's what a contradiction here you can feel.


I'm not denouncing the corporation. I'm denouncing the people to have the job at the corporation at that time because, you know, when I wanted to get my deal, it was an AHA's that don't work there no more telling me how I needed to work with another rapper. I wasn't a rapper, but by now it's people that's at the corporations. They got the ability and the facilities that if I put my genius to it, that I can affect culture in a higher way.


The way I affected people when I made them movies and I affected people when I made the music. So I going at Nike as a corporation, I'm going at the people that's running a corporation. And I'm saying I might hit you in the chest and you listen to me because you feel like you ain't got to take no meeting with me. So I'm a turn up and I must show you where we are. We World War Z, we're going to run over that mountain and see you listen to me because I'm influential.


The reason why I'm influenced, the same reason why you want me to come to your show or you want me to where your product is. The same reason why you got involved, me and you got to cut me in, because we have a negotiating rounds negotiating with Nike, they said, OK, you've been screaming up and down. We're going to give you a deal for Yeezy. Finally, because he was marginalizing me, let me only decide to choose of a five year period.


People talk about the red October. That's the design for three years ago. You got me ideas I got. And then I say, look, we're going to give you four million dollars a year to design this. I said, what about royalties? They said, look, you know, you're not a professional athlete, so you don't get no royalties. I said, look, man, I go I go to any of these arenas. I play one on nobody.


I'm a performance athlete more than being an athlete. I'm what I'm like Howard Hughes. I'm like Davis star. I'm like Steve Jobs. If anything, that's a compliment to them. I'm like Michelangelo because I'm the new version of that. And that's the reason I'm turning up right now.


Now, let's talk about paparazzi a little bit. Now, you've been going through the paparazzi. You know, you cause all those paparazzi problems just so nobody can make you angry without you, OK?


I said, yeah, I'm learning. I'm learning how to balance.


I mean, this this is this is a space that I'm in, like this level of fame and just being like just a black man in America in an interracial relationship with a lot of creative dreams compressed by the idea of what celebrities are supposed to do at all times and getting in trouble all the time on the media just for being true.


You know, I'm saying this is this is like outer space. This is like my first time in space. Think about this for the most part, when people don't like me because I said the truth. So if I can get in so much trouble for telling the truth, what are you being told all the rest of the time? It was an example of the truth. You told us got you in trouble, George Bush, because had the best video we in this together.


We are a group and Beyonce make a video. We're all a part of that. If Drak make a dope song, we all a part of that. It ain't a matter of me having the best thing at this time is a matter of us having the best thing to have. Yeah, I have a dope interview. I'm a part of that.


I came to this radio station for you to attack me because that's what people want you to have a conversation that I don't think you got no more because when you're on your team and I hear it because I hear people, I say to them, why did they bother to come on news? Like we can't tell you is why you don't need them.


Who do you want to get an honest opinion on something or you need some feedback or you need somebody to check you? Who do you talk to?


Talk to God. God tells you to denounce the first black president in his family. I didn't denounce you when I started out denouncing. What I say is that when you say things like you and Kim on that level and I say we more relevant, don't nobody care about Obama.


It's not true. Every time, Michelle, where something is on its own, it's in vogue or something. Yeah. Do you care about Vogue? Do you read it? It's a different question I got on because I know you like my NSWRL demographic.


All right. We got more coming up next with a breakfast club. Cognac Audacity is go there.


You also said you don't listen to nobody and these corporations that's older than you. Yeah, but that made no sense to me because we all got a birthday. So one day you're going to get older. What if somebody had that same train of thought? You I saying they got to listen to me.


They got to choose if they want to listen to me. But one thing, an example somebody gave me, they said I'm wiser to you on this. I'm now say you ain't cut no check, though. If you older and wiser than you, you have enough money in a position of power to cut me a check before I get money has nothing to do with me. Come on. I'm saying when I gave big any advice, I gave him a deal first.


If big come up a rap for me and I give him some advice, but I'll give him a deal. At that point I'm signing him. I'm like, take that advice and go run with it. Now we ain't Jewish. We don't get a family that got money like that. The rappers became a new family day and created a family at Rockefeller and stuff a family, funny young boy, fatherhood to do a clothing line to do that tonight.


This whole time he was fighting for Jay. He was up at the label fighting for Jay and he the one that ended up getting ousted out of it. Right now, I'm in the fashion world fighting for Kim. If we broke up, I would be the one to look like as an ass I would be today in the situation and she would be the jay a situation. Right now you are a big show on it. We push it to team with all your artists.


I mean, it is things that I do some time to show them mean you don't like or they they're open with you. If they say, you know what, I didn't like this type of one big show. I was up here and he said he didn't. He said it wasn't his favorite and was at least when you dropped him from good for a little minute. No, I never dropped a few good moments. Someone everybody who made good music on good music, Drake on the music, Brouse on good music.


If you make good music, you want good music. This ain't about no wrestling team. This ain't about a basketball team. This ain't me putting on a jersey for David Stern and go on my best and having a Mandingo fight in front of the corporations. This ain't about that. This is about us coming together because we have strength as a people. But it's not just about black people, it's about all people. You know, I'm saying I just want to give people advice.


I inspired Big Sean as much as I despise Drake, you know, anything about. The particular stipulations of my contract, you know, I don't believe that Nike present themselves is such a big corporation, right, that you in your mind, you think Nike as big as Apple almost to the hood. Nike is only twenty six billion dollar company. Apple is a six hundred billion dollar company. They are not the same level.


Why do you talk so much about money nowadays? When I used to look at you as like a real revolutionary, your real revolutionary didn't need money to change the world. Malcolm X wasn't rich. Martin Luther King Jr. wasn't rich.


But I understand why everything is so much about money and stuff to you, because you need product.


You need to own something to have a voice at this point, because I'm telling you, you don't need to have a voice.


You had a voice when you got on stage. You said you don't care about black people using your voice. Why do you always have to use my voice? But what happened? If y'all don't buy no other albums, then I voice people going to say, oh, he like Arsenio Hall and he was turning up too much. And I you fired. But when you got money, nobody fired, you know.


You know what makes me buy your albums? The great music. You know what makes me not buy your albums, this new narcissistic, egotistical personality you got. That's what turns me off.


I'm not going to show him I want won't buy his records.


I'm thinking at your last name is the guy, right? Absolutely. So anybody that's a guy can recognize a God. Jesus, I mean, Jesus can recognize Jesus. I mean, you know, ya ya know what it is. I still I've got to keep all the gods all point to keep me on point from I'm not on the square you I'm like you on your square right now.


I'm one hundred percent on my square. But I am saying I couldn't use no sign up. I'm not saying I'm infallible, that I'm flawless. I'm saying I got a cause. If you are creative and you design the easy ones and easy tools and they say you can't design nothing else, that would be like if I made Jesus walks and they say I couldn't make late registration, that would be like if Drake made his first single and they say he could make another single, that's how he was playing it.


And then the point where the Jesus gets such an impact and they say, but you can't even have royalties, but you can't do that with the level with the stuff that you created and started people said you could do on your own.


But it's industries is something different to the way these billionaires run the world. And we are not a part of that. We've only been letting on a communication level as a new form of cotton. Now we all pick it, but we're not trying to tell y'all is ain't none of us free? Ain't none of us billionaires of billionaires. They don't care what you need to be free. Yes, I'm equating freedom to money my brother with where does that mentality come from.


It come, huh. Yeah.


Why are you equating freedom to money? Money is not what makes us free is people man. It's companies that have the same company that allowed it to be a song that promotes guns, that promotes gun smokes. Guns connected with the exact same corporation that promotes privately owned prisons is actually the same company is actually slavery today. You do know that slavery slaves in the eighteen hundred didn't have a choice. You don't have to be in this industry. This is my choice.


But you got your own chains and go work at Wal-Mart. He has to show me how happy you are when you hit your daughter and you hit your fiancee.


That's your freedom right there. You don't need all that money. You don't need to love Louis Vuitton. And that's a fashion. You kids, you don't need fashion. And I was there last night.


I'll start up. I'm talking about and I'm growing. I'm learning because I'm still in shock. I'm still mentally shey. I'm a girl from this interview. I've been where I've been so excited. I've been waiting for this interview. I don't want you to tell me everything that I'm doing wrong in front of everybody so I can improve that.


All right. We got more coming up next with a breakfast club, Kanye West.


Hey, I've never seen no revolutionary do it on this thing. The revolutionaries that I like are revolutionary, that connected with the people. It wasn't about corporations, man. And I think it's just me. The guy has been a fan of yours for years. And I just think that you're too materialistic and too worried about those corporations nowadays. Man, it ain't materialism at all. And I'm glad that you keep going because I think it's important for me to simplify and repeat.


So it's important for you to keep asking this question, because if somebody's sitting down getting their hair cut right now is somebody and they have to work for about a year right now is somebody that don't understand. That's the reason why it's important for me to come in, for you to ask these questions so people can really understand and really get it, because it's such a futuristic way of thinking. You know, if you look at an interview for me from ten years ago, everybody says, I love that interview.


People didn't love it back then. No, because I was speaking to the future. I'm ten years ahead mentally and I'm trapped in today's time. And every now and then I crack your smile for twenty thirteen, but I'll crack and you will frown for twenty twenty three and I'll focus on what it's going to be. Just mark my words as I'm Kanye West. You see my execution. Did I not become the biggest rock star on the planet? Did I not influence all musicians that I not go and get the exact girl that I want it, that I not start my family, that I know that ruffled feathers of two presidents, that I not get a chance to work with my idol, that I not make believe it ties to people, not line up at the.


Did I not make the college dropout late registration graduation eight awaits Blueprint one, Blueprint three, watch the Throne, Cruel Summer and Yeezus, if you like it or not. Just like a dream. To me, it was a dream for me to come here, to have this opportunity to talk to ya. It was a dream to me to be on the radio. I'm still I'm dreaming as much as when I first heard through the wire I played on the radio.


I'm dreaming like that, you know. And I Ottoway people turn into Bernoulli's. I hear ya. I'ma make some adjustments, you know, say I also got my dildo. You know, I also got my dick. Also got my girl. I also got my family. So things are set before you really get everything you want. Sometimes you got to just, you know, shake that cage because they just can't give it to you, as you see.


All right.


I mean, I thought I was going to leave here with some type of understanding, and I'm more confused about this kind of thing. There's a lot of obstacles in his way that he feels like he has to. It seems like you have something to prove. Yeah, definitely.


And I think it's cool for you to be confused if anybody else is confused, because you should keep questioning until it's proven it will be the questions you've seen here today.


OK, I don't want to do that.


You know, I don't care. I love it. It brings relevance. I might not have the song today, but I got the doggy day.


Whatever, you know, say, hey, don't matter to me.


Hey and love are very similar emotion.


The opposite of love is you don't care the body. When I call you dashing man, I'll tell you something. At nighttime when I go to bed with my girl, I would change my last name.


There you. Well, ladies and gentlemen, that's Carl Lewis. We appreciate you for joining us.


Man, you definitely got this down for coming on and taking no more chances. Next on you flying out to Paris. I'm give you I'm a pie. You own this private jet.


It's going to be so it's going to be a coach ticket, but I'm going to go down with a good thing. I am. So I feel like you've got a terrible circle right here. This is not a thing.


You know, I'm not going to come into defense of that. But it's some things I'm going to do that's going to work is some things that we do that's not going to work. But I'm telling you, Bruce Springsteen dropped his outcall Nebraska, and right after that he did Born in the USA. This next one, I have a feeling like this next one because of what we did right now has to be born in USA, because the thing is, when I was giving out, which I want it, we click.


I was getting commercialized a little bit too. Click is a hit, but sound a little bit commercial. So I had to pull it all the way back to put that pressure on. Y'all will understand what you are dealing with because they want to have a top M.C. list. Put me no say as long as I'm rapping, I'm number one as long as I'm rapping because of what I'm talking about. New says ain't nobody talking about that. People scared of corporations to people scared of what they gonna lose.


That was the most fearless lyrics that have happened since p e was out. Ain't nobody in a situation a control by materialism turning up like that. But on this next one, we're going to get in the studio and I get you that coach ticket nine and no, sorry, I go, yeah, yeah.


The middle seat. And that's yeah. In a hotel room with a bathroom. Be real close to the bar and stuff like that. You're not going to a little bit of TV. Like if I can be the person in the room that tells you, look, not that ain't it.


And get him what he needs to be around to that sometimes you're wrong to. But really, we appreciate you joining us today. Kanye West.


I love you all.


Thank you all very much for your hate and support for morning everybody is D.J. Envy.


Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Hopefully you guys are enjoying your Dana Solomon. You've got a positive note for the people.


The positive note of today is simply this is Monday. I know Mondays can be tough, man, but always remember a script grows in the moments when you think you can't go on. But you keep going anyway.


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