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Young Angeliki and Charlamagne, the club is all right.


OK, OK, OK. I love coming here, I'm never not going to come here. You guys are good to me and the over and be good to a lot of people in hip hop generation. The Breakfast Club is where people get the information on the topics, on the artists and everything like that. And that aspect. Radio still influences the Breakfast Club. My name come up respecters.


This is your time to get it off your chest, whether you're mad or blessed, but at the same time, we want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello. Hey, Julie, where you calling from? In Brockton. Hey, get it off your chest, brotha. Massachusetts, I should say good morning. Excuse me. I'm sorry I said good morning. Oh, good morning. Everybody in there. So last week you guys heard I want to say the name of Lynn Wakefield.


Dr. Lin. Which that name.


No. What does an actor, Dr. Lin Richardson, I mean, between 11:00 a.m., she's encouraging people to, like, invest in their case.


I believe that's what I heard. I'm a financial therapist myself. A lot of people don't know that. All my kids are like a secret partnership with the government and the government, never friend. So we've been helping people roll their money over for while in case because they hate a lot of people, took massive hits into their plan and a lot of people don't know what they're investing into and they do it. But I don't know if he knows that because we've been educating people have been in business for like 30 plus years, lost a few businesses due to covid, but now we're like saving them so that they can cover all their their policy.


What a cover your ass in your asset.


Mm hmm. Well, you say covid assets in each assets. That sounds. Wow. Now I want to see in your assets. I have a financial question about that then, because I know a lot of times people encourage you to invest in the far bank because your company, if your company doesn't match. And then the second question I have, is it a good idea to take that money out when it's down? So there's four things of life and that's what we go around and teach people because there's a fourth think there's a lifetime income stakes where you can you make a lot of money in our lifetime just by graduating from college and whatever the case may be, three and a match is good.


We always tell people, do the match, don't go above your match because you're pretty much given free money to the government. And the tax regime right now is like, what, 30 percent, 37, seven percent, I believe. So if they want to take 50 percent, they can. And there's nothing to do. So people depending on how much is in your hole, OK, you can roll it over and take no. Hey, that's called a twenty five exchange.


So you can move that over there and then you don't get penalized. Thank you. Yeah. I mean if you just hung up on a know I think you hung up on it because you don't want her competing with Lynn Richardson.


I think Richardson was kind of wrong. Some of the things she said. Oh, hello. Who's this? Hi, this is us from Maryland.


Hi, Marilyn. How are you, sir? I'm good. How are you guys? Not as black and highly favorite. What's happening? What's going on? First of all, I wanted to congratulate you for ten years because we like you three and all your crew has a great job and thank you for doing everything that you do. I just I wanted to ask me about how did you get into it? What made you want to give it?


Um, I wanted to get out of my mama's house. My dad's a police officer. He's a retired police officer, and his rules are very strict. And I wanted to get out. So I saved my money and I bought a house that was like an hour and 40 minutes from my job. But at least I had a home. And after falling asleep a couple of times driving home, I decided to sell the house after like four or five months.


And when I sold the house, I made like one hundred grand and it was four or five months. And then I just started buying houses and flipping them. Oh, no, I'm sorry.


What about you? How did I get into real estate? I mean, I first buy my first house like six and a half years ago, a two family house so that I would have some income coming in to help pay the mortgage. Then I bought three different properties in Detroit and then I bought a couple more properties in Brooklyn as investments. Yeah. How old are you? I'm twenty one. Yeah, well, now's the time. I bought my first home at 22 years old.


I bought my first property at twenty two. Thank you.


And now is the time because the money is Chona today. So now is the time.


Money is cheap. That means the interest rates are very low. What's the lowest we've ever seen. It's like two point seven. You can even get two point six between two point six and two point eight. So that means money is low. That means they're not charging that much interest.


I remember also one of the things thank me for sending me his book last week, and I wanted to ask you what you got to how people all the time Morero people, because he's a snitch.


That's what snitches do. All right. Well, thank you, guys, but I've been my car. I love you. Yes, I love you, too. But the real reason is Charlamagne told six nine he would do something to him. So I'm hoping that Charlamagne one day he'll do that to me. That's what I tell you. What I did was hyperbole, sir. Thank you. OK, ok. You got something. Your mouth is called a mask.


Get it off you to check your temperature.


Eight hundred five eight five one. 051, if you need to hit us up now with the Breakfast Club, good morning. I'm telling you, this is your time to get it off your chest, whether you're mad or blessed.


Eight hundred five eight five zero five one.


We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello.


This is Kelly from Charlie from. We're going on Breakfast Club, PG&E. Oh, my God. You first and foremost, I just want to congratulate you on ten years. Thank you. Yeah. I was able to interview President Barack Obama there right up to a years. So that's a big plus. Up to you. Thank you. Right. You know, I want to say my best moment was hands down. Last year when I did transfer Sharon Stone, I was classic Lamaze class.


And they not only that, he called in and then he voted for himself.


Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, he tried to do is fake. He did the fake voice. Yeah. Like we don't see him every day. I hope people say this, but, you know, promise to keep doing nothing. Hopefully I'll get another ten years.


I promise. Hello. Who's this. You know, somebody was just talking about you a second ago. Who who was your countdown and admirer.


You had an admirer who said that he's one of his favorite breakfast club moments in the past decade when you body Sharon Stone.


Oh, my goodness. You know, I was calling about.


Wow, no, I was calling to tell y'all my favorite breakfast club moment, which is when I dragged my party guy all over his radio.


Drag him. That's what I'm talking about. You sure did drop one. A close bond for trash just because, man, I kind of.


Oh, I, I agree with want to say congratulations on ten years man.


I've been like right on show for the longest.


I appreciate your time travel. Let me ask you do what you're doing. You're doing elf on the shelf. Reindeer in here are saying they're going to watch what you're doing, saying they're going to be OK.


True. True, true. Good bye. Try. Hello this. Uh, good morning.


It's just silly to go morning and be Charlamagne. Check the monitor your man. I hate you. Say hey you yo I don't like your nickname this time of year.


It's too cold. Listen man, I just. It's a beautiful day for me. I encourage on the wall because I knew the next time I thought I wanted to have something to really call about my clothes on my house Friday. Congrats bro. That. Yeah, man, it's been a hard, hard year already with the coronaviruses. And I just been diligent doing my due diligence, disciplining myself, buckling down for my fiance and my son. Man Shout out to Erica Sibley.


I love you, baby. Shout out to my son Royalle. Nineteen eighty nine percent on the potty.


Yeah, yeah it has real. Yeah man. Like, like I'm a young black man just trying to make it in this crazy world man. And it's been hard but I don't, I don't let the struggle try to defeat me man, because the struggle is to survive but to survive the past. I mean it and it's struggling. That's right. My brother and I live by that. Another thing, my my my little sister, Angela Wood, Angela Annells now because she's married and moved out the county about eight, eight, nine years ago, and she's been thriving out there, too.


She lives in Sacramento now. And I just wanted to shout out her her her organization, Christian Modlin Association, you can follow her at think as t i k k. S modeling she to the modeling business helped Christian enter the modeling industry without compromising her Christianity. Know I'm saying, Charlamagne, I know you're into self-help books and stuff like that. Yeah, so has the public. She has a published book called This Can Help Someone. It's endorsed by Shaquille O'Neal.


It got the BMW pay a forward award that that's driving. Also, people can go check that out. But, man, it's a beautiful day for me and my world, man. And I just want to just put that positivity out there. Man.


We would do OK. All right. Great day. We will get it off your chest.


Eight hundred five eight five one two five.


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I want to put you looking for the best of the best of the best.


Breakfast Club is back with another memorable interview this morning.


Everybody is D.J. Envy.


Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are The Breakfast Club. We got a special guest on the line right now, Chris Rock, the Legend, The Wall, Memorial Day, you go.


Chris Rock Memorial. Remember Jay said that on the hustla images, he said, I'm a walking memorial. Only a few people get that, by the way.


Look, I'll take it. Let me ask you a question, because you've lived through a lot of these injustices, cops getting no punishment for things that happened to black people. How do you feel today?


You know, there's just two levels. You disappointed in your hurt by what happened. It's not just a cop. Remember, everyone in the chain of command should have been judicial system. Yeah. You know, I mean, like like whoever signed the papers that said, OK, go get it, you know, go get them. Should be in there, too. I'm also just upset that I'm used to this. So it's sad that we're just here, you know, and her name is going to go on a stack of other names, you know, and there's a chance that three months from now that we're so busy with the next one that we forget about, Brianna, that's, you know, not perfect.


But just this, you know, the bodies just keep piling up.


What do you tell your daddy? You know, because your daughter is out there, she's in school. And what do you tell her? How do you tell her to move to make sure that she's safe?


You know, fortunately, you and I and everybody, you know, just by being on the radio right now, we live lives that the cause of our economic status, we're not exempt from what's going on. But we kind of you know, we're we're kind of on a hill and we get to watch what's going on. So we're a little a tad safer. But, yes, I do tell my daughters to keep their eyes open in the areas and be alert and just know where they are at all.


But, you know, we've been blessed. So I'm not really worried about the cops knocking down my door right now. But I realize that, you know you know, it's not even about my daughters. It's like my cousins and my my nephews and, you know, that have like normal jobs that are really out there.


That's interesting to hear you say that, because I remember watching you getting pulled over all the time and you're rich, you're famous.


How have you ever felt free in this country? You can't possibly feel exempt.


No, no, I don't really I wouldn't say exempt, but I do, you know, like when you punch my name up, even if you don't recognize me, somebody says something, right? You know, I don't want to sound like a rapper, but I am Chris Rock. And, you know, you know, membership has its privileges.


But every now and then you also get your card through. Chris, you were in Yellow Springs. How was that for you performing in the cornfields?


I love Yellow Spring people. I don't know. Yellow Spring. Dave Chappelle, do the honorable all praises due to our business. So it's kind of like a like a comedian. Summer and Yellow Springs, Ohio. That's his hometown. And Dave's kind of like the unofficial mayor of the town. And the you know, Dave's got a bunch of land and he kind of set up a stage in a cornfield. And it's everybody socially just and we all got Raashid Colbert tests.


So you land, the plane lands, you get off the plane, you get tested, you wait your fifteen minutes of twenty minutes, however long it takes. And once you get your negative test then they give you a wristband. Were you nervous while you were waiting for your results? Were you nervous?


I'm pretty separated. You know, I, you know, I haven't been in the clubs in the underground club.


The flight, you know, traveling on that plane, what was it he didn't get to say where you got there?


Yeah, we definitely weren't hit me up on my plane, but I.


We got more with Chris Rock when we come back.


Don't Move is the Breakfast Club game on Friday. Charlamagne got here. And I just want to wish you a merry Christmas to all. My credit card game is out there. Did the season to find you a scam, a frame so you can save some money in any major department store in America.


The Breakfast Club. Morning, everybody, is E.J. Envy, Angela Charlemagne, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club, was still kicking in with Chris Rock.


How many calls did you get from the Democratic Party after your statement that Democrats warsan covid-19 by focusing on impeachment over the pandemic? Or did you even get calls from the other side?


Like, would you like to come on FOX and talk about, you know, here's what here's the problem with everybody. No one reads the whole thing. Everybody just reads the headline, the headline. And I'll tell you, this friend of mine, Marc Benioff, he owns a salesforce. You know, Salesforce, that computer software company, they have buildings everywhere. He called me up and told us, you are absolutely right. Now, the billionaire calls me up and tells me you are absolutely right.


No matter the billionaire read the whole article. And in the article I say Donald Trump is like the movie The Last Emperor. He's a five year old running the country. Now, if you think a five year old is running the ship, you have a responsibility to actually look for the iceberg. That's what I really meant to say. So if Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats believe Donald Trump is competent and they just disagree with his policies, then everything I said was wrong and I apologize.


But if you believe Donald Trump is totally incompetent, immoral individual who shouldn't be president and is unqualified to do this job, then yes, it is your job to not get caught up in emotion and to actually look for the icebergs that are coming towards America. Yeah, yeah. So, you know, yes, I'm a Democrat for Biden. I'm you know, I mean, I'm all in. But as the smarter people, you have more responsibility.


That's what the checks and balances come in.


I agree. You said folks give Adam Sandler the benefit of the doubt when it comes to weird roles and you want that for yourself. What did you mean by that, Chris? Because some people would say, Christie, I love, I love.


I think Adam Sandler was robbed. I mean, I thought watching him was great and the joke. But, man, how did Adam Sandler not get nominated that. Yeah. All this role stuff, whatever, that's that's literally my best friend. I love him like like a brother. And he was robbed for Uncut of the movie.


Were you working on a new movie? You're working on a new movie with him, right? Yeah, I'm trying. It's weird. It's like all therapy and all this stuff was like I got my brain back, like I was having a hard time concentrating, but now I'm just writing a lot lately. So I wrote the script about a year ago to me, Adam and Dave. And I'm yeah, it looks like because there's no touring, it looks like it's closer to happening.


I sort of check out the new season of Fargo.


It premieres on the 27th of September.


And we appreciate you for joining us because it's very inspiring and very inspiring to learn how to swim because I don't know how to swim, but I love the fact that you went out there and did it.


I'm sorry I got a guy to hook you up.


Like I got a guy I did not know how to swim. It's embarrassing to three.


One's life will change. How you do everything will change.


One last question is quick. In terms of opportunity, is it better to be black now in entertainment or in the 90s or in the 90s?


I mean, the beauty of being black is the future is always better.


There are no good old days, but maybe musically, right?


Oh, yeah. All right.


That's the baby.


But my goodness. All right. All right.


Well, it's Chris Rock. Thank you for joining us. It's The Breakfast Club Grubstake.


It's topic time. Pick up the phone call, eight hundred five eight five one five one to join into the discussion with the Breakfast Club. Talk about it. Morning, everybody.


Is T.J. Envy, Angela Yee, Charlemagne, the guy we are The Breakfast Club. Good morning. If you're just joining us, we just asking I'm asking a serious question, right? No, I'm asking a serious question. I mean, if you listen to The Breakfast Club for the last 10 years that the life you noticed that I really think he's low, funny and funny is how what you mean like, ha ha funny.


I don't know if he's like, would you be kind of funny because I don't know if it's funny or are you serious? But he flirts with me all the time, not flirting with you. The problem Parliament this week and being an adult, you've been off all week. You've been really, really, really flirting in. The final straw for me was when you played Trey Songz about 10, 15 minutes ago and kept looking at me as you were playing.


And I did not. I think that disrespectful to my wife.


Well, let's let's go to the phone lines. A lot of people.


What is the question? What is the question we're asking? The way you flirt with me is that this is no way you flirt with me. Disrespect to me. Hello, this is Brandi. Hey, Brandi. Is the wait for me to know, is the way to be flirting with me disrespectful?


Yes. It's disrespectful to your wife and to yourself and you not bisexual you have been flirting with each other for. Oh wow.


So we disrespected both our wives. What you said. Yes, that's not right.


You know, I was in a relationship. What to do was day and what I did. Oh, they don't feel good on one's behalf.


So you think. Hold on. So you think that we actually flirt with each other? Yeah.


Yeah. I wanted everyone to flirt with me for. Really. So this is like a thing like this is really like they all really think we'd be flirting.


She's an expert on this, but hello, this is all one wrong from having you do the same face time.


So I need you to answer a question for me. Is it disrespectful to my wife? The way it reflects to me, the way he flirts with me is disrespectful to my wife is so disrespectful. And he did you know, this step to love that this man is given to you. Wow. Don't you love and respect and love? No doubt. Love, man. I think maybe you understand me. Boys will be boys will be boys. This is just not on the radio.


My goodness. Kumbayah.


Hello. Is this this is for you from Brooklyn. Hey Ray from Brooklyn. Great. Great. I'm not Brooklyn, not Brooklyn right now. Royal boy. Yeah. Oh. Can I need to ask you a question. Is this disrespectful? The way in flirts with me.


The disrespect for my wife is disrespectful. The way he flirts with me to my wife. OK, first of all, on the dollar. Yes. No, you talk about you play all the time. See, you are the one who bring up the buttermilk the of the everything when it comes for me, you know, with you on this island every time then anything that may refer to something that's not even on topic, you make it that way.


That is impossible.


I did not invent a remix. Thank you so much. It's true. He's disrespectful. Right. So you try to and he never flirts with me. No, I don't. You always flirt with me.


Hello. Who's this? This is Kim. How are you kids? My wife. The way this guy knows Kim is a disrespect for my wife, the way envy flirts with me.


So, I mean, come on now. I have to tell the truth, OK?


In the here along the line, you are always messing with me. I'm envy. You know, Charlemagne is always messing with you.


So it's Charlamagne that, doesn't it? Yeah. Thank you so much, Kim. This is unfair. Who is taking these calls? I'm just I'm just. I'm just going to random. Wow.


Hello. Who's this. How are you doing. This girl, who were you talking a little too fast. Slow down. What's your name now?


Raymond hardened straight out of St. Louis, Missouri. You seem fine. OK, all right. Do you think it's disrespectful to him and his wife?


I mean, do you think it's disrespectful to my wife the way and flirting with me, my wife, the way you first with me.


Come on. We've got to be playing with each other. There are ways to for rules. No, with.


You know what?


That was the rule in the 50s and 60s, too, I remember especially down south right before the civil rights movement and a lot of different neighborhoods. Now, there's still that rule. All right. I understand.


I get what you're saying. I understand where you come from. Hello. This this is I said I'm a tosser.


I'm just asking the question, is it disrespectful to my wife the way this guy Futoshi, the disrespect to my wife when people ask me, come on.


Honestly, if I were either one of you guys, why I would find it totally different than the way that we are living together.


What will you do, both of you? And I'm I'm curious to know who started it.


Indeed he did. I mean, it's one thing to be cool with your man. You know, you have a romance and all that. But the reality of crazy, like if I was married, like what? First of all, the little booty jokes. Oh, this is like a little overboard for me. Let me tell you why. And I heard another man commenting about my man.


I never commented on him. I never comment on his. But you have. Both of you have. And if I was the wife, I know that you guys are the plan, but I mean, it's so common. You're always doing I tell you, I tell your story. I tell you. I saw you. I saw you.


When I first when I moved back to New York almost 10 years ago, there was a woman at an apartment complex and she told me she said she had me come in and talk to you. She said, you really need to watch out for Janvi.


So what did she say? Because he's got a little got a little friend that he visits over here and looks just like you.


I think you're his type this short, short, bald head, same complexion. He comes over here all the time.


That was my friend Little and I went to college. That's one of my best friends. I go I used to go visit him all the time. He used to say an apartment building as a child. I mean, that's why she said that. But let's talk about the guy that got on YouTube and was like, his name is Glitter Stick. And he said that you used to take a bus to come see him and give him that painting painting with women now.


But he didn't let me do I just have to deal with goodbye to be the one he ought to be the one he outside got anything to do with. So let's let's go to one person, Blessing's. Who's this?


Hey, it's me you're using, my friend on the radio show, Sharon Stone.


I meant to put some in your cash after the day I did for. But but that wasn't the right.


You sent me the wrong cash. All right. So, Sharon, let me ask you a question. You listen to the show every morning, right? John, wait. As me flirts with me, is it this is no disrespect to my wife the way envy flirt with me.


Well, so the thing is, I've been on this show for many long shows. And did you get the reason why even with a good book, you would be like you have been a you know, what are you talking about?


Yeah, you will lose it.


Hey, you brought me here, but we can't wait to see you. I think your wife will be up to you. Thank you.


So who asked you what happened to somebody is on that? We answered.


I don't remember asking. I asked them. All right, there's no more or less. Stop flirting with me. More of the stories. Let's get a room.


Know what? This guy is crazy. The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Hi.


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The Breakfast Club is back, back, back, back. It's back with our best of interviews this morning.


Everybody, I envy Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club. We got a special guest on the line. Yes, sir.


Kevin OK, what up my line or am I on the same line now you look at you look every bit of forty plus right now.


Oh I bet I came, it came in aggressing.


My back is back up a look bit. Just to let you know Angela is a little twisted. She went, I was drunk, she had a good time. I look intoxicated just to let you know.


See you. I owe you keep bringing more energy. So you're working already this morning?


Yeah. Most set. I'm I'm insurance. I'm shooting a movie called Man from Toronto. So my call, it sounds pretty early. So right now you're in my my humble abode, my trailer. This is my home away from you.


I saw you enjoying yourself to to change grey area yesterday on set when you have Woody Harrelson acting like he has some rhythm.


If for a second, you know, I was in there feeling myself, man, I was a big day for me. My my special release yesterday. So congrats. Thank you. Man zero given. So I stepped on set with zero to give and show that while basically keeping my headphones on listening to a time song and what he didn't know it was happening. They started dance with me. It was a good time. He had to be there.


I felt that that whole.


Especially in your house. Yeah. Oh, especially from the comfort of my own home by yourself.


So there was just your family was you, your fans and your crowd?


No, we did. I did it to where I had people come to. We did like or because a covid. So you do like audiences, but they had to go through regulations, they had to do the protocols, you know, the covid checks, and we had to get them tested and had to get tested three days before, etc.. It was it was a lot. But we you know, we pulled it off. The whole point behind it was just to put a creative, creative aspect back on my my side of comedy that was away from what I've done in the past.


So we went to the highest of the Hollywood stadiums, the theatres, the arenas. And that's when it was about going backwards and going back to the intimate setting. Intimate setting was one of what would it look like, a living room. And it was more of a conversation than a performance. You know, honest conversation with with my point of view and how I feel about a lot of things today in my life. You know, everything is coming from from my life, my experiences, my feelings.


And the biggest frustration is just people and just at times. So I tried to do it in a way to where I could be truthful but still get some laughs and still be funny. But in the most ways, just say you all annoying is now, you know, people are they've turned into some annoying people. And this is this is why I feel that way.


Is that why they end of especially you talk about a you tell your wife you had a bad dream, that you did a stand up saying things you would never say. Was that your personal way to kind of like protect yourself against these cancer culture people?


Yeah. You know, look, what what people truly don't understand is that, you know, now I'm a I'm a CEO. I'm a CEO of a lot of different things. So, you know, my actions become falls for so many. So the that I say and do that could be considered a dean, bad or inappropriate. You know, it can be life changing. But the people that work underneath my umbrella, whether it's for heartbeat, whether it's for laugh out loud, whether it's for laugh out loud radio, I mean, heartbeat ventures, I can go on and on.


Nobody even has an idea.


Don't forget our company. Don't forget our company. And nobody even has any idea how many entities I had. So as you build these things underneath it, there's a pyramid, there's a bunch of branches to a tree. So my consequence is a real. So I have to walk on eggshells because everything at this level is a thing or becomes a thing. Nothing is brushed over. So, you know, and me doing and joking about the things that I joked about at the end saying it was a bad dream, you know, that was that was it was that was my way out of it.


I can't even tell you how many things I've already got about the joke. You know, where I said my daughter might be out is activity. I done that. Some people are writing about that already. Already. Already got that. What else there was. Oh, the things about my ex-wife, it's that's come up. There's me and my attitude for being privileged in life that's now with saying, you know, I'm complaining about that and my my child's, my child's, my child's affiliation with me and my lifestyle.


Why is he complaining?


Everything becomes a game the way people are already complaining about it. People will get you to say, yeah, I mean, the for the the more people love it, it's it's an amazing response. I already see and know what the numbers are, which is astronomical. But I'm just saying that there's in this time what what really is the the key thing that people gravitate towards is just something to say.


Now how do you how did you deal with the pandemic? Because you are somebody that always travels, always on the road, always working, but now you have to sit your ass down. So how was that for you all?


Your progress was tough.


You know, I think about it. I've been home. I've been home for it's going on a year over a year now because I got injured.


Remember my back. Yeah, yeah. I was sat down for that. Then after that, the pandemic hit. So I literally did. This was a result of the pandemic. I was I was home and I was like, yo, I got to figure it out. I got to do something, I got to put the pen to the pad. So I started to create to stand up. And when they finally opened up Los Angeles, I went and found like a restaurant that was outside.


And it was like ten people, you know, that would come ten to twelve people that will come here on a daily. And you couldn't legally do shows or performances in California. So it just looked like I would pop up at the same time every day while these people were there and they would just get a surprise out of me working out else. And that's how I started to work on the material. And I did that for like three months.


And I was like, oh, I think I got it. I got I got my special from my house.


But you can't say I think I got it at a time like this. Kiff Well well, you know. Well, yeah, well, Kevin Hart is here.


We got more with Kevin Hart when we come back. More of a special is out right now, given it's the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


I'm always run to new shoes and a lot of fun. Morning, everybody.


Is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. We're still kicking it with Kevin Hart. He has a specialist out right now.


You know, Kev, I was I was on Twitter yesterday because I saw your name trending, so I clicked on it just to see if it was one of the jokes is something I picked people, but it wasn't it was a look alike from from Zambia.


I saw your face.


I thought it was somebody playing with a filter on social media. I'm like, oh, that's that's that's scary. Yeah, that's him.


That is that's cool. Like, you don't people say somebody look like you. You look at him, he's like, man, I may not be attracted like I may be the face, but this guy actually looks like me like it's not a joke. No it's not my brother. He looks exactly like we were birthed from the same woman. But I thought he was playing with a filter. We do things, but that's him. That's the second time I've seen it.


That's crazy. Is with him at all.


When you see it like to be like, do you hit him up and be like, yo, you really do look like me.


No, that's weird.


And I've seen you. I seen you start to ride bikes now, man. I'm out there. I'm on the road bikes heavy.


Charlamagne was making fun of me because I wear my little Japanse. I make little Japan's Gopadze.


You and I talk about that and especially it was all good. So I gave somebody that visual. You know, it was the morning time I wasn't where I was supposed to be. I was at the at the lowest point of mass. But, you know, I'm I'm out there. I'm Miles right now. And I'll I'll give you, you know, anywhere between at eighteen to twenty five mile ride just as a casual ride. And I think when I get back to some good weather, I start pushing it, probably try to put in somewhere around one hundred and twenty five miles a week as my thing.


You got to get hobbies. I'm getting old right now.


You go back to your twin real quick. Have you ever done your DNA, your ancestry test to see where your roots come from?


Oh, yeah. All. No time, no Charlamagne. You got family there, period.


So again, Charlamagne, all the time I check my latest check yesterday. I can see who I got, where I've never been. What do you want me to do when I find him? What do you want me to do?


Just to know you got the connection to the motherland. That's all you want. What you say. Well, so cousins, I'm coming to do a show, but that's not my cup of tea.


We want to find family. Then they go through that awkward meeting.


Hey, you know what? I found out that her dad was her real dad doing her DNA tests and she actually found her real father. But her whole life, she got this man with her dad.


And, you know, that's called that's called the truth. You go searching for it, you'll find it. But what was wrong with the dad?


You had to make that photo.


But I'm saying, what was wrong with the dad she had? Why did you ask what would happen? One day you say she went looking for a DNA test and that's how she happened to find out. Why is my question.


Why would you thought your DNA was you say, oh, I don't know why I'm a go in search to see what may or may not be. Everything's been cool thus far. Know it's up.


I don't want it. I don't want to know nothing. I got no, no nothing.


He was looking for Harris to see where her ancestry was from. Know she'd been the same ever since.


Some confused trying to force a relationship with a man is her real father's wife is mad about it and she's found his wife is like, oh, she wants money, but it's really her dad.


So what, that dad's just going to turn on love. How does she. She's grown. She's like forty.


Yeah, I blame this one on you being drunk and I'm on a plane or you having a good time last night.


You are the verses. Are you into verses. Yeah, I've watched them these iguchi you have.


I don't know man. Those seem safe. No I ain't in it ain't I said yeah I did see you at Dave Chappelle in Ohio.


I said stand up there. And that's where you revealed that you actually had coronavirus.


Yes, yes. I went down to Camp Chapell. That's what I call it. Dave is Dave has taken over this area in Ohio, man. He's turned it into something very amazing for the economy there. He was doing shows through the pandemic. He was basically giving jobs to thousands of people who had lost him. You know, he really kept a large part of that city afloat. And I came down to do one of the shows. This is when I got real comfortable with the sets.


I wanted to see what the reception was, what was going to be. And, you know, Dave set it up nice. I went down there, did well, got to see his whole layout, what he's doing, what the plans are. And it was my doing it was mind blowing, but I'm thankful for that because that was one of the tests that I needed outside of the small environment that I was performing in to see where the jokes were.


So that's what that gave me confidence that that was where I wanted to be.


I want to ask you about one of your jokes from the special zero FS given. Have you actually been assigned full time?


Yes, but this wasn't it wasn't for what I did in the job came from somebody else that came from another person. A white person would pick up a pizza. It was just funny to put Seinfeld on it. That was OK, you know, given. And then I go had a dream. I was at Seinfeld's house. Everything that was the dream called my daughter. All the bad things. That's the dream. That's the thing that I wish I could say and joke around with some part of that part.


But, you know, people probably now say Kevin's Kevin's him. He was never there. Who knows? They'll say, show me. Thank you and congrats on the new baby.


Congratulations as far as great guys, I'm excited to make somebody want to add so much. I want to ask you some questions. Your girl is here from Philly. Taylor, you have to say to say hi, Taylor.


Let me say you've got a joke. You've got a joke. I can't hear. But she's got the best jokes ever. Like, they genuinely make me laugh. Go ahead.


Go. What do you call grandma that you're dating a girl? I don't know. Oh, baby. Oh, baby.


It's not that funny. Now, not that I'm not that funny. You got one more, one more. Oh, no. OK, what do you call someone with no body and no one knows? What do you call nobody knows about that funny stuff.


That's what. I'm sorry.


This is angry. Why is that not funny? These are the people. You just got a question why they not. And what is not funny about anybody know that it's funny.


That's brilliant. Brilliant. What do we what do we cross over to the tough branch, which is not uncool. I have no fun, so don't do good jokes. I love it. I tell them time I see it.


We should tell them a little bit about the audible situation. Let's do that. When we come back, cavorts.


It is a new name. Rehame tease. We got to tease. You just can't get to tease a little bit. Wow. Why is your face so flirting with you?


Go back to the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Yes, we're back parties here.


It's the breakfast called. Why your face so close to the camera you can't see.


This is when I turn it off. When I zoom in, I don't like it. You know what I'm doing, you know? Do you forget you want to zoom out? Sometimes I go too close. I can still see. Although I was you know, I was trying to look and see what's behind. And I don't know where she is now. Oh, OK. I was like, what studio are you at? Is I just saw all the alcohol bottles and maybe she's still having a good time.


Right. There she is. OK, I see it now and I didn't know what that was. What's the question, Shelby?


I want to ask him about the horrible situation that we just launched. You know, how do you how do you hope the platform with Audible will just help people on their journey, actors, actresses, whoever it is?


Here's here's what I want people to know, man. Charlamagne not doing something strong. And it's it's because of, like you just said, the opportunity to inform and elevate within our community the opportunity for knowledge. Right. There's been a lack lack of diversity within this audio world of literature. There's an unknown side to it. People don't know that books are available this way within our community, within our culture.


And we want to do is drive significant a significant amount of talent and creativity to this particular idea, this IP, the world of developing audio literature, concepts, autobiography stories, attaching our stars of today and yesterday to old ADP's of the past and having them read them and voice them and bring light to old to new ideas and bring light to them. It'll basically generate enough attention to the younger generation to go, oh my God, I want to listen to that.


I haven't heard that. I would love to know that story. Oh, my God. I would love to be informed or educated or said consent because X, Y, Z is attached to it. Now, it's just about making our culture get excited about knowledge. How do we get you to want more knowledge? How do we get you to want to gain as much mental strength as you possibly can to go and do the things that you want to do in life or simply have things that are constructive to do with your time?


You know, a lot of the negatives that we do, it now comes from people just having too much time on their hands. You're doing nothing. I don't mind is a lost mine. So how do we give you things to occupy your mind and put you in the best place to be the best version of yourself? This is an entity that I truly feel like we'll be able to do that at high level. I got to respect and appreciate Charlamagne not just for his understanding of this world, especially when it comes to audio, but it's true he has a true high level of love for wanting to engage with his culture and uplift his culture.


When you got people to have that mindset, that's the making of a great business. And I truly believe that's what we started with. Audible I got to give a shout out to them for believing an idea, investing an idea, allowing us to have our own entity underneath their platform to be black owned and driven towards our community to uplift once again. So, you know, it's a dope thing.


I don't you see Larenz Tate and Laurence Fishburne, they sold their audio show brand new. They turn that into a TV show.


It's this is the type of stuff that really we're talking about. I mean, that's an amazing opportunity. And and when you talk about audio show, you're it's a concept that people might not grasp and realize is real. You can have audio content. You know, people are on the move so much now. Everything is on the go. So much so. Giving you things that you can have while doing the things that you do, especially having your ears as powerful, is different for today's time.


You know, listening to a movie in your ears with no Pejar, having people act out things in your ears, it's it's a real it's a real concept and something that will be a reality and that we are both going to deliver on. I promise you that.


I was going to say I'm excited for that for you, but I'm also excited that you're remaking planes, trains and automobiles.


Yeah, yeah. Man Me and Will Smith, that's the first MEANWELL we've been in the business will spend a lot longer than I have. But at the highest point of my career, it's always been crazy that I haven't cracked the code to work with Will. And we've had numerous conversations. And our last conversation, we basically said, you know, like we got to figure it out. It's now or never. And if it's not now, you know, we would have done ourselves a disservice.


We would done our city a major disservice. Like there's no reason for us not to be on the big screen together. And I agree, man. So we sat out and we tried to crack what the concept could be and the remake of planes, trains and automobiles with our personality, with our cadences, it just fit out of all the things that came across our desk. This was the one that said we can deliver and at a high level.


So I'm excited about it. Are you the annoying one, the annoying character? Are you the one that's more straight laced? Well being and I'm annoying.


I'm going to go with the annoying character.


I think that would. What would happen, man? I wonder always wondered, how far did you all get with the production of Hollywood Shuffle? I know you and Charlie Goldman. God bless the dead. You all were supposed to do Hollywood shuffle together, right? You know, that whole night. What was the remake? It was one of them. Go uptown. Uptown Saturday night. I'm sorry. The craziest thing about Chatwood death that hit me so hard is we were talking we were we were talking and we were excited.


And like I, I was I was proud of that brother for all he was doing.


And I was like, yo, you're going to bring a different performance out of me because of how in depth you go within your characters. I say, I can't wait to work with you because you're going to elevate my performance because I'm going to have to keep up with you because you're not coming in to be funny. You're coming in to understand the character and to make sure that you got layers of who this individual is. And that's going to make me do the same thing.


And the man was just breaking down the material. He was breaking down the individual. And as he was breaking it down, it made me go back and ask the right questions. And our writer had to constantly go back and and change and redefine. And it was based off of Chadwick in his notes. And then the the sudden tragedy of of him passing away. It hit so hard because we never knew.


Nobody never knew, man. And what I respect the most is that he didn't make anybody else's business because he didn't want anybody else's pity. He didn't want anybody feeling sorry for him. He didn't want anybody laying out a red carpet because of his illness. He wanted to continue to work and get the things that he deserved based on his talent, based off of his his his true impact on the business.


And nobody. No, no, but he just did productions. He did a movie for for Netflix that was shot. He did a movie for Apple that was a nobody knew we were developing uptown. We're we're on the phone. We're talking about the character. And as he was losing weight, I was like, he's about to do another role. He never even discussed it. I never brought it up because I assume. Yeah, he knew.


And it it it shocked me. It hurt me because I truly know how good of a duty was actually. Know what he what he brought to the world of entertainment and to the craft that he was one of a kind man and you know, he'll ever be celebrated. But he was this generation's and he is the Dinsdale for our generation. He he was he was that right. And with both men, was that as there's something or someone that comes in and replaces a thing that we've seen and then is going to be on a pedestal forever.


But he was the talent that had the true makings of that machine. Right. He's going to be that machine plus more. And even Denzel said it's even Denzel, you know, took that man under his wing in a ball. So it's it's just it's unfortunate. You know, and prayers go out to his family and to all that were impacted by his sudden death, not sudden because it was closer to a new year. But I just it hurts because I'm like, man, I was I almost got to work with that.


But I keep it like we got more. We it will we come back? Usually we do the rumors, but cab's here, so don't move us to Breakfast Club. Good morning, everybody.


Is D.J. N.V., Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club.


Usually we do room is right here. But Kev Hart here. Charlamagne, does it make you more different? Kev, because one thing I'm noticing about you now, everything you do has a purpose, whether it's the automobile, whether you want to amplify black voices and increase literacy, whether it's the partnership with JPMorgan Chase where you're providing financial literacy, can you do anything now that doesn't serve a bigger purpose?


I'll be honest with you. I'm I'm almost done. I'm almost at the point now where I'm about to chuck up the Deuce's and in Ballout, I don't want to get to a point where I'm not enjoying my craft. I want to get to a point where I no longer love doing what I do and making people laugh. That's a that's a that's that's my pride and joy. You know, giving people a reason to smile is my pride and joy when when I see what we've become and where we're going.


If we don't change and if it doesn't start to kind of back to a way of of good and positivity or positive engagement of reception in love and energy, I'm just going to remove myself like it's too much when I think about my family, my kids, my wife, you know, and the energy that I'm putting out, putting out, putting out, it's it's going to be better use for other things. If it's just if it's the tug of war of what can what can't, what is what is it, what's good.


What is it like that it's becoming just a lot at the age. Forty one. You know, I bust my ass, I work hard. I didn't do it to to be miserable at the end of the day. So when you say does it have an effect on me, what my biggest effect now is, it's truly not not giving of the level that I once did because I understand how precious life is and how precious moments are.


And some people may not until it is almost gone. It's been almost gone on numerous occasions, different things, but that light really almost went out. So now, you know, it's not much that's that's going to bother me or move me like that. It's not much. And because of that, I would much rather if the point if it got to that point, I'm a chump.


The juice is up. I got you up. I'm forty one years old.


And I promise you, I'm not going to be a a old man that's angry, that's supposed to be at the top of his game and that's supposed to be enjoying the benefits from hard work. I'm going to give what I can and if it's received don't. If it's not dope, I'm going to try to to put on for my city in Philadelphia and create opportunities for this young generation. People see that don't if they don't dope. I'm going to try to uplift my community.


I can through the times that we're going through, my community realizes it, don't they don't see it go. I'm not like the the world of constantly battling for perspective and opinion and in reception. Right. Like you, you're trying to get the seed or I'm forty one.


I've been in a war for a long time, so, you know, my knees are starting to hurt. I've been playing the game for a while. I'm tired. I see my knees at some point as a basketball player, you turn your back to the basket, you no longer want to jump, you don't want to dunk and have to start shooting. Fade away as people stop saying, is you playing the way you used to. You go, you know what?


I want to play no more. I'm good. I'm going now. I'm going to own the team. I thought I go. I thought I got better. I thought I got better with my back. No, you I don't think I'm getting better. I'm still averaging the same. You ain't saying you ain't dunking all people. I know, but I'm still score. This doesn't make me better. It doesn't make me smarter.


I don't see that. OK, I'm going I'm going to go and coach the team that I used to love and then I'm gonna try to own it and then I'm a slowly back out. There you go.


But we appreciate you for checking in, bruddah. That's right. Zero FS given is on Netflix right now.


I appreciate you having seen it. Go see it streaming everywhere on Netflix. Man Number seven, especially number seven. Do I get the ten. I don't know.


Maybe if I do don't if I don't know you one already. Have you already home. You're home already.


But I can be honest and I will say this to you guys. I swear to God when I say this, I'm happy about it. That's all that matters, that to me that's an achievement. And if you reach that goal, if you haven't, you know, I pray that you do. One day you get to a place where you're happy with yourself. And I enjoy doing what I love. Right. If that ever gets compromised and I just don't do it anymore, I enjoy it right now, especially the sign of me doing what I love and me being happy about it.


So go see it, man. It's a it's a great concept. It's from the comfort of my home and then my goddamn living room. And I said things that I felt like I wanted to say. If you like it, don't if you don't know that's that's my no. True indeed.


Back up me to close the door close.


Well, his cabinet is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Know it's time for Donkey of the Day. I'm a Democrat, so bring down the date. A little bit of a question like the other day, the Breakfast Club, which is now I've been called a lot of my 23 years.


That Donkey of the Day is a new one still here today goes to the Jefferson County grand jury and attorney Daniel Kameron in Kentucky.


Whoever else was responsible for making sure for ensuring that justice was not served in the shooting death of Breonia Taylor, this donkey is for you to if you haven't heard a Jefferson County grand jury indicted one of the officers, Brett Hankinson, on three counts of first degree wanton endangerment because jurors said several bullets he fired inside Taylor's apartment March 13th went into a neighboring apartment where a pregnant woman, a man and a child were home. But neither him nor Sergeant Jonathan Mattingly or Detective Myles Cosgrove were charged with killing Brianna Taylor, an unarmed black woman.


Look, I wasn't expecting any type of justice.


This is America, OK? When justice is served, I'm shocked, pleasantly surprised, joyful even, which is whack because we should never celebrate people for doing what they are supposed to do. But when justice isn't served, I honestly don't know what I am. Each case is different. Each case feels different. I was talking to my dear sister Angela Rye last night and I told her I just I just feel bad, OK? I feel humanly helpless because at the end of the day, as a black man in America, I just want to win.


That's all we want, you know. And winning to me isn't being the richest. It's not being the most successful. Winning to me, it's just being free.


What does that mean, I don't know, wanting to me is just simply receiving liberty, equality and justice, you know, those democratic values they tell us about those three words is supposed to represent basic values of democratic political systems. At the bare minimum, a human in this country should be able to get liberty, equality, justice. But we know that's not the case when you're black.


All right. Democratic values are supposed to support the belief that an orderly society can exist in which freedom is preserved, but on our freedom must be balanced. Right. So when you see all this civil unrest in the street right now after verdicts like Brianna Taylor happened and people are acting out of order, it's because there's no balance. All right. And freedom must be balanced.


There will never be order when a people are not free.


And it's hard to feel truly free when you don't feel protected, when you know, at any moment in this country your human rights can be violated.


So we keep talking about our civil rights being violated. Let me tell you something. In order for one to respect our civil rights, they have to respect our human rights, which is my right to simply live.


OK, what does this country say? I think it's my right to life and liberty that both this country said everyone is entitled to these rights without discrimination or wherever. Why? I don't feel that way. I'm a black man. If it wasn't for my faith in a higher power in my right to bear arms, I would never feel safe in this country. And that's what I mean when I say I want black people to win. A win to me is us black people feeling protected.


OK, hard to feel like that when you live in the United States of anxiety. OK, I want black people to feel like we matter. I want us to be able to deal with our generational traumas and heal. But we are not ever able to do that because we keep getting re traumatized over and over in this country.


This country will always remind us that black lives simply don't matter. I've got a beautiful black wife, three beautiful black daughters. I am a black man. I just think about it. Today we met about Brianna Taylor. We still mad about George Floyd. You've got a model, Aubrey, with all those names and interchangeable with Sandra Bland, Walter Scott, Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Natasha McKenna, Fernando Castillo could be you. Like, it's just too much and I know, I know, I know vote in November.


Look, I plan to please politicians don't politicize black pain to scare me into voting because these injustices happen on the Democrats, too. It doesn't matter what party is in power, because once again, this isn't about civil rights. It's about human rights. And white people in this country have always looked at black folks as subhuman. So it doesn't matter who's in office locally, nationally, when we've been watching police and damn near everyone else, get away with these types of injustices towards black people forever.


Once again, I'm voting, but don't politicize black pain to scare me to vote. Don't tell me how the justice system needs to be reformed.


No, no, no. Because that system was never designed to provide equal justice across the board. OK. When they say justice for all, they were not talking about black folks. Bernie Sanders hit it on the head when he said in a tweet, Brianna Taylor's life mattered. This result is a disgrace and an abdication of justice. Our criminal justice system is racist at a time for fundamental change is now key words in that our criminal justice system is racist.


There is no reforming a racist system. OK, you've got to overhaul the whole thing from top to bottom. Throw it out. The criminal justice system in America is defective product. Take it off the assembly line. Let's build something new because this is not working.


I don't have the answers. I'm just telling you how I feel.


I hate when I hear politicians get asked about these situations and the first thing they say is make sure you protest peacefully. We don't need any violence.


How about tell that to the cops, tell them the police peacefully. Tell them we don't need any more violence. How show improve through actions and deeds and hold them accountable when situations like Brianna Taylor happen. And maybe it will slow down on violence.


What are the consequences to their actions? They don't lose their pensions. They don't go to prison. What will ensure that situations like Rihanna, Taylor, George Floyd and insert black name here don't happen again? All right. These politicians, we have a more smoke for protesters than they do to police. You have more smoke for the people in pain than the people causing the pain. These politicians love acknowledging the effect, but not the cause is sickening.


It really is, and I don't know what to do. I don't know what to say. I have faith in God, OK? I go to therapy to avoid going crazy.


And I think every black person in America should own a legal firearm and you should know how to use it. That's all I got. Black people. That's all I got. If y'all got some great ideas, I'm all ears. But at this moment today, right now, I got nothing. Just like Brianna Taylor's family got nothing in regards to justice. And if there is no justice, is no peace in the streets, OK? And that's the way karma works in America.


Almighty America, No.


One, and I mean no one can escape the law.


Come. Please let me give the Jefferson County grand jury an attorney, Daniel Cameron, the biggest asshole, he Hawkie, you stupid mother, you dumb. All right.


Well, thank you for that donkey today and wish I didn't. Are you a music fan? Do you need more music talk in your life than you should be listening to record store society music talk show podcast on the I Heart Radio Network.


Record Store Society is a virtual trip to your local record store hosted by me, Terry Davis and me, Sir Nicholas Johnson. Every Friday you'll find Stephanie behind the counter at your favorite record store, dispensing recommendations, making lists and talking to our customers about anything and everything music related.


And you never know who's going to stop by our record stores frequented by musicians, producers, writers, actors, and especially lots of unfamous. Nobody's like you and I. Tarrah. That's right. As long as they are excited to talk about music, they'll probably make an appearance in our record store sooner or later and we can't wait to talk to them. I want to find out what their top five debut albums are. I want to find out who their top five Beatles are doing exactly.


So listen to Record Store Society on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. We're looking for the best of the best of the best stuff, Breakfast Club is back with another memorable interview.


Morning, everybody. Is T.J., M.V. Angeles. Charlamagne, the guy we are The Breakfast Club. We got a special guest in the building, the whole legend. Damn it, Charlie Wilson. That's right. Welcome, sir. Charlie, thank you very much. Charlie, what's up? My to him, man, I, I'm a whole legend. Thank you. Not according to have told the whole legend. Yeah, that's true. I just don't see a whole lot of.


I can't believe I'm still together.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's been rough to my life but I'm good man.


I can't wait till I hope I look as good as you when I'm with you. Sixty sixty seven. Yeah man. This last we got time. Happy birthday 97.


That's what that's a real headline, huh. Yeah. And then one of the people just back, you know, you make your life if you just you know, if you start getting bored in this because I'm going to, you know, be done with it. And what give us the secret, which is bringing only topics if you need it. I mean, you can make it through here. And I'm like, right now because I'm on. You're here.


Oh, no, no. I did not not have every guy that I definitely had. That, in my mind, is real. No, that's a real berries and juice. OK, juice in the back of his head. How do you have so much energy at sixty seven. Man, you know, in Bermuda, Aruba, it was Aruba, Aruba. And you killed it. And I was like, how do you still have all that energy, man?


I didn't get a chance to finish doing what I did, what I was doing when I was in my thirties. And I was just pissed off about that for so many years. And so I didn't know how to perform one way. And that's just that way. What do you mean? You say you didn't get to finish Rich, you know. You know, everything just turned sour. And so I didn't get a chance to really finish and get what I was trying to go at that time.


And so when I when I asked God for what I needed and what I wanted in life, when he gave me the opportunity to go get that again, I just went hard. I just been going hard ever since. Anybody know what the are you, you know, doing what you're doing is because, you know, I'm ready to do it the right way this time, you know. So it was a bad business deals. Oh man. I was just high because I just I was drugged out of everything you want to say.


I've slept to end up sleeping on the park cars and parked trucks. And when I got up as God, can I get me send me somebody to help me get out here. And I was going went to a liquor store, but when I came out, I seen my cousin and we used to get high together. But she was your color and she was she was your color. But when she was getting high, her skin was black. Pache marks everywhere.


Discoloration, yes. No, Charlamagne, you have no right to drink a lot. Yeah. Was so when I seen her she was high. Yeah. Because give me here she's like God you see I saw him tears rolling. I said, what's wrong with you? She said, you die. And I said, no, I'm not that way for about one hundred fifteen pounds. Yes you are. Cause you got to come on out of this.


I was like, come on girls, what are you talking about? I said, You look good. I've been sober for three years. I said, three years has been that long. She said, Will you be? And I said, I've been out here. Where was your family at that time?


Your brothers, your parents. You just wear my, my, my, my, my, my mom. They lived in Oklahoma. So I was I was in Los Angeles on the streets and but, you know, you don't want to go with the momma with that.


And, you know, you're crackheads. You got to, you know, got to do it yourself. And so when I saw her, she was said, I've been sober for three years. And she said, let me just take you to the rehab where I went and I'm teaching out there. So I promised I would let her do it. And and I've been sober ever since I was. God, that's twenty five years ago. Wow. Well, with no relapses and none of that no turnaround's.


What is the industry that turned you out? Because I always you heard a rumor that total experienced record man it was the payday artist and cocaine, heroin and cocaine.


No, it wasn't. He didn't do that. But it was it could have been a better situation for me. But I handed my situation over to basically like family members. I think everybody else fluticasone. Yeah. And so I was left with nothing. And so that took you into, like, depression me? Well, yeah. I mean, you know, in the streets, you know, it was always gangsters, pimps and dope dealers. And so they all just took care of whatever I needed.


They would just give it to me. And I knew you. Yeah. So it wasn't like I spent all my money on it because I never had to spend the money on drugs. You know, it just taking me out the game, period. Hey, that you have a crack cocaine crack. Oh man. I snort. I snorted. But after a while man, I had a hole in my nose. Wow. I am really, really bright and you know.


Oh yeah. But nothing good out there that's all. And so when they chop any bag it was just a hint. Yeah. This is going to make you sing for them. I'll do it. We think I I'm just say not every now and then I come out doing him for mother, I do it. But it was like, were you being Charlie? I would always say, I've been in studio all night. Manager Come on in here, man.


Take a shower. Some you don't look that good, you know, on the table. And therefore you take a shower and then leave when you want to just lock the door. And it'd be like that man. But I was sleeping on the side of the building behind the bushes are sleeping on the U-Haul trucks that was in the parking lot. What about your old music, your friends? They didn't, man.


Come on, man. Nobody want to watch when you're looking like that. What about your brothers?


Because they were in the group with you and the gap. Let's go. Let's go back. Let's listen to the history of Charlie Wilson. If people who don't know themselves with young kids that might not know legendary group that get back, how did you get your start in the music industry?


And for people that don't know who Charlie Wilson is, first of all, I was I was a young buck. I mean, my friends, we played music. So and before teenage years, we we had a band and we call ourselves the convicts or something like that. We were young, like twelve years old. So we used to play in the YMCA on Wednesdays for classmates. And like about after a month it was just like it was more teachers and students could see.


We played like grown people. We was twelve years old. Right. And so I became a first name basis with the teachers. And so, you know, women, you know. So what happened after that? You know, I'm 12 that female teachers, probably about 22. I'm already living a long, long life. Sort of like you're knocking off the teachers at that age.


But course, I mean, that's called. We know that. We know now that's molestation. Yeah, that's what it was back then.


I mean I mean, you know, you know, the thing that was going to be that, you know, whatever, but started me at eight years old with a twenty something. Yeah. I mean, it's like, you know, I was hanging out with grown people. What's the teach name.


Lets me to a real quick I wasn't, you know, being creative. So I was that bad that we had we got a little we started playing happy hours two years later, about fourteen or fifteen, and then the place is packed. And so this band was across the street, was my oldest brother was in that band and he was like, man, who's across the street. This is your little brother over there, man. They're turning it out.


And so he's like, man, you need to get out this band. And I was like, no, no. You see, yes, you do.


I'm telling you anything. But I will tell you any plan they said you already know I was, you know, sleeping yourself, staying all night with each other on the weekends. I was like I said, yeah, we back and forth and momma's over his house back at our house. Is it now you've been playing here because I've been hearing about it. Say anyway, long story short, after we got to high school, I decided, you know, he was like, man, you got to get out this bad man.


Come get in this band with me. And I was like and was getting ready to graduate. We try to figure out what college was going to. Everybody's going to different colleges. And I said, OK, his band was already called The Gap. It wasn't bad at that time, but it was like we end up calling it that. Greenwood, Archer and Pine Street Band.


We got more with Charlie Wilson when we come back. Now, if you don't know about Charlie Wilson, you might know some of his classic records. So we're going to do a mini mix, right? Is going to be some records that you already like.


Oh, that was Charlie Wilson. Yes. That's what we're going to do right now. Your favorite, Charlie Wilson joins us, the Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angeles, Charlemagne, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club, is still kicking with OGE legend Charlie Wilson. You might know from the group The Gap Band.


Charlamagne, I'm going to ask you, what's the cultural significance of the group name The Gap being?


I was going I was going to ask you, I mean, Greenwood, Archer and Pine Street Band, and it was Greenwood was where Black Wall Street was all rich black people, multimillionaires had their own bus companies had their own grocery stores, had black owned banks, everything there. And then the white man came and blew it all to burn it up because this black dude in this white suit was having sex going with each other. But I was really cautious in the 20s and it was in the same building.


They come down the elevator together and open up on that ground floor, went out and white people said, so she come out screaming, You rape me? Well, he's just come out screaming. So I grabbed him and dragged him so crazy, like, you know, you're supposed to be in the elevator with no white woman. So they couldn't say that they have been doing anything. So they just beat him in. And then they started burning things and then they started the police knocking on doors.


And if black people answer the door, they shoot and kill him. Yeah. Yeah. So he's trying to wipe out all of North Tulsa.


That's such an important story. And I feel like still haven't been told the right way. I think people need to see that they kind of flirted with it in that the HBO show The Watchman. But it's like, you know, people need to see that because black people have built these great communities. Yeah. They've been snatched away from us.


Absolutely. Whatever white the white community was really mad at at at at this black community because they had everything. They didn't need it. They think they have to come out of that community for nothing, and they was mad because the black people wouldn't go and do and work for them anymore because they had it all.


That story told in Tulsa, like always wondered, like what was taught to kids growing up in Tulsa. Well, you know, teach them the importance of having them. Basically, it wasn't it was not supposed to be talked about at all. So the people, the blacks that lived long said don't ever bring that up ever. Really? Because it's the white police officers. If you said, tell me what happened and they started talking about what happened and they just kill them.


Wow. Yeah.


What has kept the guy being from, like, being seen as one of, like, the upper echelon groups. And I'm using your product of your environment, your association with people. See, if you let me just say this. If you had known pimp off you a known drug dealer, and you go get these these kids over here and you try to promote them and then and then nobody's going to mess with you of your gang banging about. Want to be bothered with that.


So that puts you over here with it. It's going to be like no one had to do that. This dude's crazy. Never know what he's going to do, you know, so we just we did it the best way we could do.


Do you know how big we can make it? All right. Was it. Oh, yeah. You know, that was my wedding song. Really? Yeah. I could take it all right back. Yeah. Like we've had a share of troubles, but don't do any more than others.


Well, who hasn't told me that with a little love in the mountains and. But you ruined it man. But as long as. No, let me guess. God, man, no, that's not gonna have the absence of God using that God. Good night we kiss. That's my forever gonna go my way right now. He really will next year. How many times you people call you to do this thing.


Good thing for Valentine's Day. Oh man. They call a lot but they don't have enough. They don't have enough.


They don't have enough. So we just kind of just turn them down. We basically we'll my manager over here don't say you don't have enough money. Say I'm sorry. We we're busy right now. We can't do it. It's got to be at least one person that paid Charlie Wilson to come sing for him.


Oh, yeah, I did go. Yeah, I've done it. Magic, I think. Magic Johnson. Yeah. I'm praying for the Kardashians. Kris, how Kris Jenner. Michael Jordan is at the house. Oh, no. He had his intervention. Yeah. Yeah. But, you know, and I'm a big fan. I'm a big fan. Michael Jordan is a big fan. I'm a big fan of his. And so it was like it's different.


Right? I was in the car parked in front of the store and two kids got up. My wife was in the store and I was playing one of my songs I had been working on and I had just came out. So I was listening to that to see if I can remix it. I was just listening in the car. So she got up. She said she opened up the door, a little sister out and she closed up. She looked over there and I turned the music.


She said, Hey, who are you? Where are you playing that so many times? I said, I'm trying to learn, make sure I learn my lyrics. Yeah, right. Like you. Some damn Charlie Wilson.


Damn Charlie. Wow. So I said no. I said I am. I am. But she said, man, you know what she said. Well what your wife and I said she in there she's like, yeah, right. And then her sister came out screaming and with my wife and I said, my wife.


And she said yes. And then she said, I'm getting married. My daddy got the money. Trust me, I just got you to pay for my wedding. But I was at that time, I was like, you know what? I'm not going to turn into the damn wedding singer, that's for sure. So what do you do about this? Someone something like my. You got the money. Yeah, you can do it now.


I wrote it down and by that time my manager book some shows and we book by that.


Hey, how do you decide who you want to work with? Because a lot of these artists now want to work with Charlie Wilson so badly. Obviously, you know, you and Bruno Mars, Tyler the creator. Yes. We know you have a great relationship with Snoop, but how do you decide? Because I'm sure there's artists that are doing really well putting up those numbers, but it has to go on brand with what it is that you do to me.


They call it. I sing a few of them excuse me, at the Grammy Awards. I was getting up the same time the superstar rapper and a superstar wife is like, damn, I'm standing in front of Charlie Wilson. God damn. Can I get some of that? As you know, just like a verse or a hook? I was like, Yeah, man, I don't matter. You and your wife can come on. We can do it.


But I can't oblige everybody, you know, because I'm so busy.


I got much easier to be out there. You trying to get that angle take? You have to start rapping is my. I mean, maybe it's a budget. I'm was working it, but I'm just saying it could be. Yeah, you know, I'm saying I would never say it. I would love to work with our offset and, you know, offset CODI make it happen. Now, come on now. Yeah.


So it's hard. You got an album coming out soon. Yeah.


Yeah, I got one coming out soon too.


Yeah. There we go. You know, I said I know you probably had a little problem doing what you do. Sometimes you try to go on the road with somebody. I treat you right, give you the number you're looking for a company. You don't set the building on fire.


We got more with Charlie Wilson when we come back. Don't Move is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. The OG, the legend is here. Charlie Wilson's in the building.


Shelby, didn't Snoop almost make you relapse? One time? I heard a story about that. He was in the studio smoking weed. You know, I wouldn't smoke anyway. Snoop Dogg couldn't make me relapse.


It was your wife that was with my that I wanted to do some work with Snoop the first time I'd seen him since he said he saw me and she put away before anything.


So a Snoop Snoop Dogg. So it was all smoke and Tupac here. But I was in a smoke. And so Snoop came and then he was like fired up just like a snoop. I'm sorry, could you put that out? He's like, excuse me. She said, you got to put that out.


My husband can come in and watch you smoking. And he said word she said, I'm not going to take him home. Then he said, No, no, no, no, that's OK. She said he's clean and sober. I must have been like my first year, second year. You should have seen him putting it out and he set me up. Put that down. OK, and coming in here, if you put that out. So everybody put it out, I went in and did the songs and we will do ninety six, nine seven to pop wasn't there.


Ninety seven. Ninety six. He died 96 early. Ninety six. There was some winner. Yeah I did. You know she was doing that. She says no she didn't care what I knew and not just straight tell them. She said all gangsters and all real gangsters in it. Y'all got to put that out. I'm not going let him come in here. So it was like all over one time I went to Snoop House and I made a stop smoking for a year.


Really? Why? Yeah. Remember, he said he quit smoking? Yeah. I took him in his own kitchen and had a conversation with him and he didn't like and then he just sit down and sit with him. Frowns a little bit. I said You got to stop man. You've got to stop yourself realize like hey man, you got a wife in there and you got the little ones in there, you got to stop.


And so he's like, OK, I can't. He went up, got in there, come back with a box shoe box. He has dumped it in the trash can and dumped it. I said, go get the rest of it. He went in and got some another one and dumped it. And so I said, I know you got some here, but it's OK. I just want you to throw it all away. So I went home and a week later I talked to his wife and she said, OK, what you say to Snoop, I said, why?


He smokes and says, you left. This man is like he's throwing everything out and he lasts about a year.


And what did you say to him? What do you say to him to make him stop? Like, well, I just basically was just saying, hey, man, you know, you got family. Family is more important in this right here, you know? And so we just got to just put a curve on it. Let's just go and do the right thing. You know, I'm doing the right thing. You should do the right thing.


Let's just let's just do it and take care of family. Take care of your life. Take care of your health, you know. Right. Some some some some great music. And let's just go in there. So he says that sound good to me. And that's what he did. You got to continue to turn to God. Right. I heard that you and have been talking to him for so, so long about just life and God and itself, because everybody look at me like because, man, I go testify.


I testify on my shows and get to shouting right there after that, have eighteen thousand people shouting with me, you know, and then go right now standing after that or something. Yeah. But you know, you got to, you know, pass it on. You know, some people are having problems and you know.


So you think you the can you turn to God in that way. Well I'm not going to claim that, but you know what I'm saying? I used to talk to him a lot about, you know, that. And I like I talk to all of my superstar nephews. I call them, you know, it's like, hey, man, come on, we got to do the right thing. And, you know, I said, you know me, I don't care about this thing you got going up in here.


I don't know about it. Take this picture. Don't know about it. You know, I. I got my phone. I got my phone. Hey, I ain't going to put my phone nowhere, you know, not to use their phone to flip up.


That's where I lost my phone. I might put the phone down. I was the smart one with the phones. I was good.


I love the way you talk about your wife. You said that you weren't even living until you met her. You just was a man. I was existing. I met her in rehab. When I got to that rehab, I was in bad shape. So I had a little something in my pocket I. Try to hit it for a week and she knock on the door. I said, How are you doing, man? She's like, you need to participate more in these classes.


You know, you falling asleep now. And she says, I know why you fall asleep, because you detoxing. Your body's detoxing. But you got to you got to participate. You got to find these tools for the rest of your life. So she said, what are you going to do when you get out of here? And I broke down and I was like, I had nowhere to go. And she said, Well, you don't have.


What do you mean you had nowhere to go? I said, I don't have nowhere to go. I'm homeless. She was like homeless and you have nowhere to go. And so she said Wednesday, I want to take you to look for your place to live. So Wednesday came and she got me a pass. I got in a car and she took me for a place and I was three car garage, house upstairs, downstairs, I think four or five bedrooms or something like that.


The next day we went and she found the furniture and filled the whole place up with furniture for this house. Oh, man, I ain't got I ain't got a down. So she got she put the furniture in and and I said, OK, what about the car?


She's like, I ain't giving you no car because, you know, you got to go take you to the drug house, don't pass a liquor store. So I said, well, I can't be in here by myself, man. I just I don't want you looking at me for I don't know you like that.


I was like, what? I should be nice if you stay here with me, you know, anything like that. I did. I was kind of common. You know, I'm was trying to I'm trying to sneak up on it.


But, you know, it was going to show you anything at all know. No, I hadn't seen it yet, but she didn't even know who I am. She said, no, no, I'm be music at that time anyway. So she paid for the house and the furniture. She bought it all. She paid for it all. Long story short, I did talk her into staying and she said she just kept saying, I don't know, you liked that.


But anyway, one day I said, Ma'am, I'm tell you something about me. If I leave at this house by myself going somewhere, only being in this rehab for only twenty eight days, I'm telling you now I'm going to die out. There won't be another chance for me. So she moved in with me and she told me she's one day she said we'd be in here one year. And I guarantee you after this one years up you're going to have you can buy your own house.


I was like I was it. She said, you see, come on. We was in the house one year and spirit to get in the car. We start driving and we go. And I was all up and saying, Candice would be this big mansion house. And she was like, why are you looking at these big houses like this? It's just me and you.


Why do you want it? And I couldn't answer the question. I started driving again and found this neighborhood. And spiritually I pull up in the house, the main house, what they do, the business. So I went in there. There's a lady who said, How are you doing? Come on in. And I said, Well, the spirit told me to come here. She said, OK, settle down. I asked, I was looking around his house, kind of nice man.


And so a couple came in, he said, OK, can we look? And the lady said, I'm sorry, this this house is sold. And when they left, I said, well, you to tell me. So he he she said, you said the spirit tell you to come here. Right. She said, this is your house. And from there we got the house and went to try to close and my wife had a checkmate incepted.


So a lady came out. Charlie, where's is your faith here. Take these keys. I'll pay that for you. And she paid it well. LADY two That was working at that one. Yeah, she paid it. And my wife said, I'll get the money tomorrow, the next day, whatever was a she. But she paid. I didn't know who I was. I didn't know who my wife was. But that was just God was the blessing of God, just gave put this woman in front of us and we got that house and I stayed there a few years.


We decorated the backyard and the swimming pool.


You got a way with women, many with twelve days with you. You went to the rehab, ended up with a wife, got a free house and full house. Can't take you know, it only got to go guys. So we got to do Majali. Got to go, go, go. God damn well introduce your record right now. You got to go introduce reckless play the record right now. My name is Charlie Wilson.


My new single is called Forever Valentine, produced by Bruno Mars Stereotypes and Demo Man. You can't get no better than that. Come on.


I think. Charlie, Charlie, you know, I know you do. Church children. I think you should leave us with a preamble.


I think it's only right unless you want to sing a gospel song either. Oh, I was out and about his father. We thank you for another day. We thank you for your mercy and your grace. And we thank you for your son, Jesus Christ, who died my sins on the cross. Father, I ask you to bless each soul and in this room, every person in this room, the way I shall continue to bless. Touch them as they go, Father.


Keep us all safe and sound as we travel. We thank you for the Breakfast Club and each person that's a part of this organization. We love you love. And we give you all glowing, all the praise and all the animals that you father. All these blessings we ask in Jesus name be done.


Thank God in any way.


Don't get us a free house is now right. That's right. And we've been everywhere you go, you bastard Charlie. I'll give you a start on something heavy talking for our morning, everybody is D.J. Inva, Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are The Breakfast Club. You've got a positive note for the people.


Now, the positive note is simply this. You are where you're supposed to be at this very moment. Every experience is part of God's plan.


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I interviewed brilliant academics, social scientists, groundbreaking researchers and the prodigies themselves to gain a better understanding of intelligence, skill acquisition, expert performance and genetics disregard all simple explanations because complex questions require complex answers. My name is Lowell Berlanti and I'm seeking the answer to a very complicated question. What is the nature of our intelligence? Listen to Prodigy every Thursday on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcasts or ever you get your podcasts.


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