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Angeliki and Charlamagne, the White Denisov Club is all right.


Okay. Okay, love, come here.


I'm never not going to come here. You guys are good to me. And the tournament was no good deal for a lot of people in hip hop generation. The Breakfast Club is where people get the information on the topics, on the artists and everything like that. In that aspect, radio's too important.


The Breakfast Club in my name come of respect you. The club. Good morning. USA. Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo. Good morning. Good morning. The charlamagne the guy on the planet is Doodah.


Yes, it's Tuesday. Yes, it is what's happening? What's going on out there, guys? Everything man is great. I stayed up late last night to watch bad tribute to bad tribute, not to watch it.


I mean, I was like, is this are they really pranking people?


Yes. A lot of people didn't know that they were in on the gag. If you if you watch today and they show you that, like a lot of it was a lot of scenes that people just didn't know they were in on the gag people's reactions, I would say these are some great actors. Hilarious. And you could tell that they would blurt out some of the people's faces.


I guess those people who you know, I don't know if that was just for the look of it to make it seem like that or if it was for real. No, no. It's partially scripted parts of reality. But Hillary is my type of comedy. OK, I don't want to give it away, but I'm definitely go check it out this week. Really good and really gay in parts my type of humor. Oh, boy. You know, I love it.


It's crazy. It is me and I love it. All right. All right. Well, we got some special guest joining us this morning who we got Chantelle Calloway and Regina King.


Oh, man. Chantelle is the homie. She has a great game that, you know, we play at kickbacks called Rhim Antiques Romantics. Romantics is currently in Target and Wal-Mart. And if I'm not mistaken, she is the first first black woman to have a game. And Target a Wal-Mart, if I'm not mistaken.


I believe so, yeah. We'll talk to her today. And then Regina King, huh?


Regina King and Regina King. Man, I was I was the king was on the show. I was there, too. I was like, I miss that. I'm sorry. I didn't know any king was going to see that Rodney King. And she has a website called Black. What is it called? Maybe somebody help me.


I got to get it together. We got to get it together. Usually they have to sit here waiting for us. But to date and I tell you. But she'll be on the show to tell you exactly what it is. It's a crowd sourcing website. We didn't select good. We didn't like selected at all, OK? We didn't set like that. So now we didn't like it enough. But what she does is for black businesses out there, she has a crowd funding.


I just said that I know what I'm explaining because you didn't really make it. You didn't sell it. Oh. So if you're a black entrepreneur and you have a business and you need help, you need some money, you go to her site and she will guide you to help you raise capital for your new business, which is pretty fun. Black founders. That's what it is. You go, OK, I know that. I'm familiar with that.


They go, there you go. See one black brown. You guys, I wasn't even here for the interview because I was flying back and it's right here in front of me. There's nothing in front of me that's good. I mean that Rene's website is definitely the Burgundy Mister Ron Burgundy. You I mean I mean, Rene's website is making an impact. Evangelii knows who it is. That's right. And she wasn't even here. That's right. We'll talk to Chantelle and Rene later on.


All right.


Well, let's get the show crackin. Front page news. What are we talking about?


Well, before we get to Derrick Chavan, because we're going to get to that trial in the next hour that started yesterday. And, you know, that's showing on Court TV. We are going to talk about CDC regulations and what's going on right now with this surge in Kovik cases and how we have to make sure that we beat this. All right. We'll get into that next as The Breakfast Club.


Good morning. Morning, everybody. Is T.J., M.V. Angela Charlamagne, the guy we ought to breakfast. Then let's get into the front page news where we start with you.


Well, let's start with the CDC director, Dr. Rochelle Walensky. That's the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. She has signed an extension on the moratorium on evictions through June 30th. So you cannot get evicted if you are unable to make rental payments until June 30th as of now. And originally, it was set to end March 31st. But now they're giving renters 90 more days of relief. Now, Rochelle Walensky is also concerned about this surge in numbers when it comes to coronavirus.


Here's what she had to say.


I'm going to pause here. I'm going to lose the script and I'm going to reflect on the recurring feeling I have of impending here. We have so much to look forward to, so much promise and potential of where we are and so much reason for hope. All right. Now I'm scared. So I'm speaking today, not necessarily as your CDC director, but as a wife, as a mother, as a daughter, to ask you to just please hold on a little while longer.


You said they moved the evictions another 90 days. Mm hmm. Now, what they need to do is they need to do something for some of those landlords that can't afford to continue on. Some of the landlords been having to pay mortgage and everything for a year straight because they haven't been able to get, you know, tenants to pay rent. So they definitely just like they do stuff for the airports, just like they do stuff for the airline to do stuff for all these big, big brands and big, big businesses.


They got to do stuff for the smaller landlords that can't afford to continue to pay. Mortgages and not getting the rent, they need some help as well. Right. All across the board. Mm hmm. All right. Now, Joe Biden is also calling for people to please continue to wear your masks right now. And we know that has been a really tough time and everybody wants to go back to normal. But in order for us to get these numbers back down, because we've seen in Europe, they've had to shut down places again because of surges in covid-19 infections.


Here is what Joe Biden had to say.


I'm reiterating my call for every governor, mayor and local leader to maintain and reinstate the marsh mandate. Please. This is not politics. Reinstate the mandate. If you let it down, business should require masks.


Well, yeah, I agree with them there. But none of this makes any sense because the head of the CDC is saying it's impending doom. Biden is saying they have the most vaccines they've they've ever had coming coming this week. Like which isn't likely.


Well, they are saying hold on, because it's still less than 30 percent of people that have gotten the first shot of the vaccine. And so you still want to make sure for herd immunity, I think has to be like 75 to 80 percent. So you want to make sure that people can still get it and still get the vaccine they still got. And that's why they say that's why they're saying just hold on a little bit longer, continue to wear those masks, make sure you get they got to tell the whole story.


And maybe we didn't play the whole clip because to me.


Well, here's well, here's some more of what he has to say about the vaccine being available this week.


The amount of vaccines that are going to be available for vaccination sites will be a new record. Thirty three million doses of vaccine this week as a result. I'm also pleased to announce that we're on track this week, just 10 weeks after I became president, to achieve nearly 75 percent of Americans over the age of 65 can at least one vaccination shot? I took office on January 20th. That number was eight percent.


Now, I totally understand that. But I'm talking about the fact that, you know, the head of the CDC says it's impending doom, like you're all going to die. But what about the vaccine? What's the point of the vaccine? And they still got to explain Texas and what's going on.


Well, you know, so somebody from Texas did hit me and they said the thing is that people are still wearing their masks even though it's not mandated. And so that's part of the reason. Yeah, that's what I'm just telling you, what somebody trying to stand right up, but we're still wearing masks. And New Jersey, we have to wear a mask in New York, New Jersey, because a lot of businesses are still saying you have to wear a mask to even go inside, whether or not it's mandated across the state.


And so some people are still voluntarily wearing their masks because they're concerned about their own health and other people. So that might be part of the explanation. Just because there is no mass man doesn't mean everybody is not going to wear one.


You know, it's going to stop the impending doom. What's going to hold up a little bit longer? They're saying, you know, a lot of people went out for spring break. A lot of people are saying, well, we don't have to wear a mask. So we're not going to a lot of people are having these huge gatherings. A lot of clubs and businesses are reopening. And so they're saying hold off, make sure you still wear your masks, make sure you're still social distancing.


Make sure you get that vaccination when it's available to you. Make your appointment and then we'll feel safer. So that way we can be able to be back out and about again by the summer.


Yeah, I think it's I mean, listen, I think it's a lot of fear mongering going on to get people to rush out there and take the vaccine. I don't think it's a coincidence that she makes that statement on the same week that Joe Biden says he's getting a whole new bushel or batch of what we do know.


Then in other countries, though, they have actually had to go back into some sort of lockdown just because of the surge in numbers. And we have had a surge in numbers. You know, it has been spring break. So if it means that you just have to wear your mask when you go out, just do that, even if it's not mandated.


So I think what we're trying to say here in America is whatever Georgia, Florida and Texas is doing, that's what we all need to be doing.


Right, because they seem like they got Florida ahead of Florida, had a surge in numbers, really. But even a surge in numbers doesn't match New York and New Jersey, which still shut down a majority of the time. We still have to wear masks. So they just can't explain that, like people say, oh, Texas, where we wear a mask, but we wear a mask in New York, New Jersey in cases of spike, but they open in Texas.


You can go to a restaurant at full capacity. You can go to a venue and watch sports, you can go to your kids could play football and you can go to school. So I just think just got to explain it.


I'm shocked about them wearing masks in Texas. I would think that if there's any place they feel like, you know, a mask is unpatriotic or whatever he was trying to say in Texas.


Yeah, but, you know, a lot of businesses are still saying if you want to come in here like a target or whatever, you have to wear a mask.


Right. So I'm wearing mine. Me, too. All right. Well, that is your front page news.


All right. Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to vent, hit us up right now with the Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club. This is your time to get it off your chest, you man. We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Our man on the line, we've got the boy, travel, travel, travel.


We also got Nic on the line to get up.


There was crack a drive. You got to say something. Listen, I'm not going to say what I want to say. Congratulations to you.


What do you want to say? We don't know. You sense censor yourself. There's nothing you can say, Draugr. I think I had the better thing. You know, you didn't think that. I think that my son has more replay value.


Get out of it. Yes. Go in there. No, it doesn't. I don't know if you know what a stress or single is as far as it will look like I my guys to have Jeff.


All I know is Sean Stone was going hard against you. He was coming at me this morning.


You said he the whole reason we got into this is because Nick randomly called up one day and started doing it. What about a guy for no reason? And I thought his name is John. So his name is so-and-so. Who?


First of all, Sharon Stone should have nothing to say to Travis because Sharon Stone lost just because somebody else beat Travis. You can't cheer and act like that. You when you actually read from Friday, you ain't not dbo out Sharon Stone.


I never got knocked out because this had nothing to do with this man because he told me you lost.


Don't be a soldier. Don't get sore loser. And there's nothing worth it. There's nothing worse than a tender top when they can dictate.


Dictate. How you feeling this morning, Nic?


G like a top Aaron man. I'm I'm aware that in the world of my work. But I just wanted to tell you thank you for letting me let us do this. It was for each tribe. Like I said, I your I loved overall. Do you think I can make you think I can make a fool try me. All right.


All right. All right. Yes, let's get that. Yeah, yeah. I have a good day. And thank you, man. Follow me on Instagram. Married with children with twelve man.


Oh, my God. Nick. Jeez, Trav, take you out. Don't be a sore loser, sir.


Hello. Who's this? Well, Dale, it's my little baby.


Yo, I took. Right. Can we just want to move on to Angela. Yea but a one time I so they will go away like I was really enjoying myself.


You got some tracks for you here bro man. OK girl. But his son. Thank you.


So about you and me we was like yeah we need to give him a little bit said he's got to let it go. He got a new Medlow, he got a new one on the day is so distracted by Jangala. It was a whole topic of conversation and we were talking about doing lace front bears because of you.


Oh good. I'm glad I'm aspiring to be like you play hip. Let me a beer now bro. Yeah, I'm begging with yo yo man. I really appreciate like really coming out here doing this for the community. So I have something for you. I didn't even know where I can find it to be for me.


OK, all right. I send you the address. I bet that's all I wanted to say, man. And I might have to go home too. I expected perhaps to win yesterday, but that was crazy. Shut up. And the out the both of them to he did not get your press at all. He gave a completely into the different vibe.


All right, Brock, get it off your chest. 805 eight five one two five one. If you need to hit us up now with the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. This is your time to get it off your chest, whether you're mad or blessed, but at the same time, we want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello.


This is what's going on? Well, here we go. Why are you laughing? I don't know.


The line was so short of it was was so fat man. All I want to say is what happened to that boy?


Give you a window shot. You can't. You can't. You you sound like yo, listen, you sound like red. And Friday right now you're in dbo out bro. Now that was all great. You ain't had nothing to do with it. Oh, no, no, no, not at all. He would be able to. You know, Solomon, I have to admit. I mean, I don't you. Well, at the end of the day, Mickey Walk, that boy has got nothing to do with you and we should not be gloating in that.


That is not just you win. You you still got to get your get back.


No, listen, Mike, if you would make I'm man at the moment.


Oh, you should definitely read for Friday. Go ahead. If you change back, go grab your bike. My God. Got you.


Read me. Hold on. Hold on. Nick, that is a special. Do you know I mean, for Pete's sake, I put them on Instagram. You didn't get that.


We know, Sean. That is stop trying to live by. How are you going to say, yo, that's my win. You Can't Do by Nick G is the man. You got crazy. You didn't do nothing. What happened to that? We wasn't involved. You really gloating like like he said g hey, get it off your chest. Hey. Yeah. Quick question, man. Where is this Latino man? We trust him to do a promotion for the Spanish man.


OK, all right.


You are free now saying in Spanish then. Hey, did everything I say on commercial end is fine. Your dad definitely doesn't sound right.


Come on. Come on, let's go commercial.


So Spanglish. Yeah, commercial. Commercial. You know, we need you out here, man. How do you say your beard? How do you say your beard is artificial in Spanish. I would not be on my Spanish is.


I see. I see. I will. You've got to holler at my Latino manager dramas. Oh man.


I'm not Dominican when I see one man I know to have a good goodness gracious. Hello. Who's this. Yeah. What's going on. Everybody thought I saw the man go to Angelo's Rick.


Great. Great piece. I'm good. How are you guys.


Hey, let's Black and Hollifield in any case, blessed black and highly died young y'all. I want to talk about the back seat. Right. And what what what we should do as a nation when when we we we listen to these people, Foushee and the CDC. Let's go back to Rick. Let's go. Let's keep this thing with a grain of salt, because if you have a go to the you have to go to the mechanic. He's always going to tell you there's something wrong.


That's why he's always giving you impaired glow. You're holding a mechanic for something. He's going to tell you, listen, you got a different system that needs to be fixed. We've got to use our common sense. If Matha washing our hands and social, this thing has gotten this far, let's do that and not listen to everything else that you think it is confusing the hell out of it. That's what they were saying to do tonight to you and Angela in telling you about the numbers and the things that you're creating, all this fear that Charlamagne is talking about this fear mongering and then politicizing the fear.


I don't know what to think, but I think with us, we just need to take the stuff with a grain of salt because they are feeding Big Pharma, the pharmaceutical companies that are benefiting from all this stuff. And why would they want it to go away if they're going to benefit from it? My son, a special needs child. And before he before he became autistic, he didn't take a vaccine and then he took it back. And then all of a sudden he became like that.


So that's why I have no trust of big pharmaceutical and I have no trust with these vaccines. But and I mean, what vaccine did your son take, sir? MMR vaccine.


MMR vaccine when he was younger, the measles, mumps rubella vaccine when he was three years old. And he was fine up until that point. And if you look it up, one in one in 20 kids in Jersey is autistic. Boy, they have.


OK, so you're saying so you're saying people should not get the vaccine? I'm not saying that I'm just bad. You got you got to you got to use your own common sense and do your own research and look, stand up for yourself and not just just go on to what they're seeing on the news all the time because they have agendas behind whatever they're doing. You have your agenda, your family, they're. Agenda, good job, and their agenda is politicizing this whole thing.


But you've got to be careful. So I know people have taken a backseat and I'm not telling no. Not to take the vaccine, but do your research and use your common sense and not just, you know, be like I'm with you.


I'm not here to back her at all. But, you know, I'm just paying attention. I'm just observing everything, you know, and there's plenty of doctors, white and black, who tell me, don't rush out there and take the vaccine. I got some doctors who tell me they're not taking the vaccine until this coming fall. And they were saying that to me since last fall.


So but I am just going to continue to wear my mask when I'm out and wash my hands. So, yeah, I mean, even though I took the vaccine, there's nothing going to change.


I'm still wearing a mask.


I'm still going to be making sure that I wash my hands and all that. I'm nothing changes. But it does seem very strange to the head of the CDC said it's impending doom. And then Joe Biden says we got more vaccines coming in we ever had before. It just sounds like fear mongering to make sure that you go out there and get that vaccine.


See, they just I think she meant I think she just meant impending doom. If you continue to act like nothing's wrong as the states are opening back up and continue to not wear your masks, she's just saying make sure you continue to do these precautions. Hmm.


All right. Well, I see they open up the age limit in New York of individual shots.


So now you can sign up for an appointment 30 and up. And then I think they said by next month, in a couple of weeks, you'll be able to be 18 and six is 16 and six. Six. Six is thirty. Yep.


All right. Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one that we got room on the way. And by the way, just because it's open to you still got to get an appointment.


You just want to give me my shot. No. Yes, it's really hard to do. Yeah. And and and I saw Joe Biden did say everybody's going to be able to get one within five miles of where they live to. All right. So coming up, we're going to talk about a little Nas, Exxon vs. Nike with these Satan shoes. Now there is a lawsuit and we'll tell you what's happened that was coming.


All right. We'll get to that next as the Breakfast Club. The Breakfast Club.


This is the room, a report with Angela. That's close, listen up. Well, a lot of controversy surrounding Litanies ex right now, ever since he put out his new video of Montoro Call Me by your name. And then he also dropped these Nike's they were not official Nike's, but they were saying the Nike Air Max ninety sevens and allegedly has a drop of blood in each pair. They were six hundred and sixty six pairs made, by the way.


They sold out in less than a minute and and he was explaining why he did that. He said people already demonized who I am and put me in a painting of OK, he's evil, he's doing this, he's doing that. So it's like, you know what, I take that baby that I'm going to make the best of it so you can get those sneakers in case you didn't want, in case you couldn't get them already by tweeting to enter mischiefs lottery drawing competition by April 1st.


But Nike is suing the maker. That's mischief, the little Nasdaq Satan shoes for trademark infringement because they have nothing to do with these sneakers. They want to make sure there's no confusion when a company had to know that was come in.


I mean, the way they marketed it actually sounded like little now had a sneaker with Nike and Nike. And that's horrible publicity for Nike because it does damage to their brand and reputation. So, you know, that company had to do a lawsuit was coming. Yeah.


But I couldn't figure out how they got so many pairs of air masses to make those sneakers. They got 666 pairs of Max's and were able to cut them open and put blood in them. Like who gets that many pair of Nike's?


I mean, whose blood was it for sure? It's there for sure. Blood in it, though. Or is that just was you know, I don't know why, but why are they marketing there like that?


I don't know, but I guess the question is, would a company like that, us like why they shouldn't be marketing it like that if it's not real. But now the same company also did put out custom made Jesus shoes in twenty nineteen. So I guess now this is their new thing. Well I know I love lawsuits.


Is the corporate way to punch somebody in the mouth and you're not going to win against a company like Nike did money too long. And what's crazy is if you're going to do something like this, at least get something out of it, because I don't even know the name of the company that you said it just now. Yeah, I knew. I knew about it, you know, the Nike, but I didn't know about that company.


So you said it just it it's interesting because legally we'll see what happens. It's just that a lot of people do customize these Nike's and resell them for a lot of money online. They've Nike has never messed with that because they understand that sneaker culture. But with this, they're arguing that it's harming their reputation by associating the brand with satanic symbols. And I've seen the issue cease and desist before the people.


Well, they said normally Nike does not do that. They said normally a lot of people do custom art on their shoes and they resell it. Nike is aware of it. They've done nothing previously, really because of the sneaker culture. But with this one, because it's a bad look that's different. I remember when they they sent Rick Owens a cease and desist, but I've seen them since cease and desist before.


I mean, it was a big Adesina. So, you know, I mean, we're going to see huge design. And it's a difference, though. You had like Nike don't do this. Nike don't play that.


They allowed latitude to slide sometimes. Yeah. You have to be able to do that. Yeah. But I'm seeing a lot of this stuff might go under the radar when something like this makes big noise like a Rick Owens or a little noise x Nike coming.


But I'm not so sure it's because of the satanic theme of it. We don't want to be affiliated with that call. All right.


Well that is your rumor report right now. Front page news. What we talking about? Yes.


And let's talk about the trial for Derek Schavan. We'll give you some information as it started yesterday and we'll tell you what happened.


All right. We'll get into that next. The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club. Your mornings will never be the same when a train hits a vehicle at a railway crossing. The results are often deadly. Be cautious at crossings. And if the signals are going, don't be tempted to try and sneak across the tracks. Even if you don't see a train stop trains get brought to you by Nizza.


Morning, everybody. Is Vijay Envy Angelilli Charlamagne, the guy. We are a breakfast club.


Let's get in some front page news where we start you. Well, let's start with Derek Chavan in the trial that started yesterday that you can watch on Court TV. Now, this is the former Minneapolis police officer, Derek Shibin, who knelt on George Floyd's head. And, you know, we keep on talking about this no. Eight minutes and forty six seconds. But in the beginning, the prosecuting attorney was intentional, intentional about letting people know it was actually longer than that.


You will learn that he was well aware that Mr. Floyd was unarmed, that Mr. Floyd had not threatened anyone, that Mr. Floyd was in handcuffs. He was completely in the control of the police. He was defenseless. You will learn what happened in that nine minutes and twenty nine seconds when Mr. Derek Schavan was applying this excessive force to the body of Mr. George Floyd.


Oh, and that was the prosecuting attorney, Jeffrey Blackwell. Now, there were also three witnesses, including a 911 dispatcher and two bystanders, who also took the stand for the prosecution to lay the groundwork for what happened with George Floyd's final moments as far as the defense. The defense attorney is saying that it was basically George Floyd's fault because he was drunk.


You will hear from Chris Martin, who is the store clerk at Cop Foods. Mr. Martin observed Mr. Floyd. He watched his body language. He interacted with Mr. Floyd in this moment, and Mr. Martin formed the opinion that Mr. Floyd was under the influence of something. At 1:00 p.m., a second clerk from the Court Foods in Omar Khama called 911 to report Mr. Floyd. During that call, Mr. Kamara, you will hear describe Mr. Floyd as drunk.


What does that have to do with their shoving, murdering George?


Like you said, what the defense attorney is trying to do, Eric Nelson is trying to prove that there was some health issues so that it wasn't the but a combination of drug use. Here's what else he had to say about George Floyd.


You will hear evidence of what happened in the Mercedes Benz in the 20 to 30 minutes prior to the police arriving. You will hear from Mr. Floyd's friends, Shawanda Hill and Morris Hall. This will include evidence that while they were in the car, Mr. Floyd consumed what were thought to be two Percocet pills. Mr. Floyds friends will explain that Mr. Floyd fell asleep in the car and that they couldn't wake him up.


Do you see how they try to demonize black people? Let's just say all of that was true. Right. Let's just say all of it was true. So what, he wasn't violent to the police officer? You didn't attack the police officer. He didn't commit no crime. Getting drunk and high on pills and falling asleep in a car means that you should be killed by police. Well, how many white boys need to get killed this morning? Because I know that it's on right now.


Drunk and high off somewhere. Just somewhere. Think about it.


George Flay was laying there nonresponsive for another three minutes and 51 seconds after having seizures, after crying out for help and still for almost four minutes nonresponsive.


And you still have your knee on his neck. I mean, that is ridiculous. Now, the first witness that was called to the stand was Dennis Skerrit. She's a nine one one dispatcher who directed officers to the store. And here's what she said as she talked about the video.


I first asked if the screens had frozen. Why did you ask that? Because it hadn't changed. And did you find that it had frozen? No, I was told that it was not frozen. Did you see the screen change yourself? Yes, I saw the person. So I. Did you start thinking at that point something might be wrong?


That's how long they had their knee on his neck. She thought that the screen was frozen. OK, the second prosecution witness was Alicia Murray. She was an employee at the gas station across the street from where George Foy died. She noticed that police were messing with someone and she actually recorded seven cell phone videos from a distance. These were played in court. And then the third witness was Donald Wayne Williams, second a professional MMA fighter who was actually there.


And he was one of the most vocal bystanders. Here's what he said.


Based on your training experience, it just looked like a blood. That is correct. And did you say that to the officer? That's correct. How did he respond when you said that to him? He looked at me all the time and looked at me when I said it was the only time I looked at each other in your eyes when I said, you know. Hmm. All right. I have zero expectations for this trial. We all know Derek Schavan needs to be under the jail for murder, but this country has never shown me that it does the right thing, especially when his white cops killing black people, sort of justice is served and Derek shoving his prison time, I'll be pleasantly surprised.


But it's not like they don't give him a life for anything. I highly doubt it. But, man, if they don't convict Derek Javin at all last time, going to look and seem like spring break in Florida because they're going to burn this country to the ground in a real way if they don't convict their shot.


It just makes you feel like you have video, you have witnesses, everything. We've seen it all. He should be convicted. Not a problem. Shouldn't even be seen. Should be your grand opening. Grandcolas It should be. Should be. Yes, but it's America. America. All right.


Well, that is your front page news. All right.


Let's lighten it up a little bit. When we come back, we have a special guest joining us. We have Chantelle Calloway and Renee King. Nasserite Chantelle Callaway is a game owner. She owns a game called Romantic's that recently got in Target and Wal-Mart. That's right.


She's the first black woman to have a game and a Target and Wal-Mart. You see, I'm holding a romantic ceremony. You see me on revolt. You see me, you see me. All right.


And also Rodney King. Now, Rodney King is the founder of black founders Dotcom. Now, that is like a crowdsourcing where if you are a black entrepreneur and you need some help, you need some money where you put your product on there, they help you raise money to get your product going. I mean, there's so many different products on site, you should definitely check it out any way you can donate a dollar to help somebody. Twenty dollars to help somebody in its fund.


If you and Efendi Black Founders Dotcom are, we're going to talk with them.


And not only are we going to talk to them, that's what we're going to do for Shantell this morning. We're going to raise money for her and romantic's because it's one thing to be on the shelves at Wal-Mart and Target. It's another this data, but we'll discuss it. All right.


Keep it like this. The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club. Peace to the planet, I go by the name of Charlemagne, the God co-founder of the Black Effect podcast network. Restaurants are the cornerstone of American communities and they need our support more than ever. And for many black owned eateries, systemic barriers further heightened by the pandemic have only increased challenges to success. Pepsi is on a mission to connect black owned restaurants with the access, business, acceleration and visibility needed to overcome these barriers so that they can share the joy of food with as many people as possible.


Pepsi is no digging platform is a multi-year, multimillion dollar commitment that provides tools and resources to help black owned restaurants thrive. Rallying food lovers to join the movement. Pepsi digging set a goal to drive at least one hundred million dollars in sales for black owned restaurants over the next five years. We invite you to continue to support the incredible range of black owned restaurants near you. Dig in and try something new. Join the mission and follow Pepsi. Dig it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Pepsi's digital platform reflects Pepsi's ongoing commitment to amplify black voices four to five black communities and be a part of progress. It's a new year and me and my family are just about ready to move into our new house. But for anyone that has moved before, whether it is for a job, family or a fresh start, you know how difficult it can be besides moving items from one house to the next. What also can be difficult is finding new places to shop and gaining a great relationship with your neighbors.


In fact, as I explored the neighborhood, I met some people in the neighborhood that helped me find a great juice spot and a nearby grocery store. But I have to give credit to State Farm as they have been a big help because everything they do is focused on building strong neighborhoods together. State Farm has functioned on the belief that being a good neighbor means being good stewards of the neighborhood they serve. It is not enough to simply do business with people.


You must also do good alongside them because it's the right thing to do. Would the nineteen thousand local agents across the country? State Farm is committed to being good neighbors wherever our customers find themselves in their communities right around the corner when you need they farm knows that a better world tomorrow starts with a strong neighborhood. Today, like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.


Morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlemagne, the guy we are The Breakfast Club. He has a special guest with us this morning. That's right. We have Chantelle Calloway, who's been up here before. She has the game room antics with us. Good morning. Good morning.


And you brought Renee came with you. Good morning, ladies. Good morning. So why are we here today? Well, first of all, how is Romantic's doing? Don't be afraid to flex Shanteau. Don't be mad that you've been doing Romantic's is doing great.


I've been working and lives up here in twenty nineteen.


I've been working very hard and Romantic's just made black history by becoming the first black owned game to be sold and Target and Walmart that that was what we were not.


When I talk to you, that was you was fighting to get it in the Klan. You tell them how difficult it was. Yeah. Yes. I was only on target at that point. And so I want to pitch competition through Essence Fast and Walmart. And then that's how I was able to. Congrats. Amazing. Thank you.


Well, what was the process of getting the game in the target? That was also a pitch competition. I won, but it took two years after winning that pitch competition of me really fighting and following up with the buyer consistently and fighting for my spot to be in there. And so, yeah, it's been a ten year journey and I've just been fighting and fighting for, you know, our place as as black inventors in these big box stores because, you know, less than one percent of, you know, we have we own less.


We I'm so sorry. We own less than one percent of the occupancy in these stores. It's like, you know, less than thirty products are black owned and Target and Walmart. And when you go in there and you see, you know, twenty thousand products, only about 30 are maybe black owned. So, you know, those statistics are so low. And, you know, we just have to really fight for our place. But I am here today because I'm actually raising money for the business because, you know, now that I'm in big box, I'm like, you know, I have to sustain that success.


And it's been pretty hard. So, you know, I need to raise money for marketing budget and to manage logistics and more inventory.


I was going to ask like this, when you do Target in Walmart and he stores and they say, OK, give me 100000 games now, I have to be able to do so supply, you know, for that demand immediately. So, you know, I used to wonder why more black owned brands weren't in these stores. And now I know why. It's because black owned businesses do not have the working capital to be able to support the relationship.


And they don't give you that money up front, huh?


I know sometimes ninety days to get the money, but that's why so many companies it's a 90 day purchase order. Yeah. I mean, they're. There's partnerships you can take out, loans you can, but for someone like me, an entrepreneur who's, you know, bootstrapped from, you know, the the bottom up, you know, I've put all my personal credit on the line to fund the business. You know, like black entrepreneurs don't have the access to capital that white entrepreneurs necessarily do.


And so that's why I want to bring Rodney King up here, because I decided to do a crowdfunding campaign and raise money for the business through her platform, which is fun, black founders, dotcom. And so, you know, there are a bunch of different platforms I could have chosen, but I wanted to go with hers. And, you know, it didn't take much just, you know, how she really cares about black founders and the challenges that we face.


It was like a no brainer for me to go with her, you know. So with that, we're supporting each other as a black female business owners talk to us about what is fun.


Black founders, dotcom. So we are a black founder, friendly rewards crowdfunding platform. And essentially what we do is we help founders like Shantelle raise money to start or grow their businesses. We put black founder friendly means is that we understand Shantelle is experience, right? Like our biggest issue that she just mentioned, black entrepreneurs are starting businesses with less than thirty thousand and they're literally using their personal credit. They're doing using dayjob salaries. They're putting like everything they can to do this versus white entrepreneurs are starting businesses with over one hundred and six thousand that start capital is crazy, that gap.


That's the problem. So when we're like thinking like, why aren't there more black owned, you know, games in Wal-Mart and Target? That's the issue. Like 20 percent of black businesses, 20 percent, 20 percent of black people start businesses, but less than four percent, less than four percent of them actually survive. And it's because of capital. They don't have resources. So I actually we jumped in and created from black founders because I was actually at a conference for black founders, black women founders, where there was an investor there who shamed the group for not being able to raise a friends and family around like that investor literally is just like, what's your problem?


Like if you can't raise a friends and family around, what does that say about a family friend? They got no money. That's the issue. Right? When you think about our family being a privilege, like we're not like Mark Zuckerberg, who's going to get like a cheque of twenty five thousand fifty thousand from my aunt or uncle to go start this business, right? No, like, that's not our experience. When you think about, like, the average liquid savings for a black family is like less than two thousand dollars.


So that's not coming for us. But crowdfunding is an answer for us, right? Crowdfunding, when we do group economics and we all come together, how we're doing this, we can all like now make sure Shantelle can stay on the shelves and Wal-Mart and Target, that she can compete. And I think like no one understands, like, really the magnitude of that. Like she is on shelves with like Mattel. You're on shelves with, like, huge business girl.


And all these companies, they have like unlimited resources. And this is what she's competing with. So but our community and everyone, not just us, like people who are socially conscious, we can all like come together. It's like help her stay there before we continue.


Right. What's the what's the website? What is it? Fund black founders, dot com. And you could just go there and what type and romantic side of the pops up with. OK, but the thing about the site is let's say that let's say you want to just invest and help other people, brothers and sisters do it. You could just go, hey, like, you know what, I'm a give this guy a fifty dollars. Let me give this one twenty five.


We give this one twenty five. It's all to their goal of making what they're trying to make so they can, you know, fund their projects, whatever it is, which is pretty dope. Like I see some people I got, you know, well over what they asked for. One hundred forty per cent funded. You know, I see somebody that's at four percent funded and you could just donate and say, you know what, I just want I got an extra I got a stimulus check and I can throw some money around.


I'm going to need all the stimming checks. Urrutia I'm trying to raise one hundred thousand dollars.


Not trying. I'm going to raise one hundred thousand dollars. And what would I have to? So a large portion of it is going to go to the marketing budget. So I have, you know, thousands of games sitting on shelves. People brand awareness needs to be created to push people into the stores to buy the game in the stores. And so we need a big marketing budget. I want to create jobs. And I also, you know, a big part of this is so that I can bring other black owned games in behind me as a publishing company.


So, you know, this was never just about me. This was always about the culture. This is always about my community, the kids, the literacy crisis, which is my mission that I fight against every day, the mission that keeps me going, really. And, you know, if everybody who listens to this interview just donates twenty dollars, I will make my goal. So I'm asking, please, everybody donate twenty dollars if you can.


Any any amount you contribute is definitely appreciated and a blessing.


I keep it like we got more with Chantelle Calloway and Rodney King when we come back. And don't forget, also coming up, my. Huge announcements. Don't Move is the Breakfast Club, good morning. Morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. We're kicking it with Chantelle Callaway, the owner of Romantic's, a game that just got accepted in Target and Wal-Mart, and also Rodney King, the founder of Fun Black Founders that come now Salame.


How does crowdfunding help to simplify the entrepreneurship process? Great question. So the thing is that I think everyone has this great momentum right now about buying black. Right. And that's great. Like, we can easily walk into stores and like a black owned business and we see that and we go and support it. But the other element that's missing is that in addition to buying black, you have to fund black. Right? And funding it means they get enough resources that they can sustain.


They can continue to be around. Right. So like for Shantell, she needs the marketing budget. Right. That's not going to come from you just buying it off of the shelves because she's still at early stage business. So what we do at Fund Black Founders is that we're helping her to crowdfund so she can raise this money. Right, to go ahead and now get the marketing budget together so she can compete with other things. So I think that's the missing link that people don't understand about this when they're like, let's just buy black by black.


No, the other element of it is like funding it. And the reason why you have to fund it is that black entrepreneurs get the highest denial rate for bank loans. They get that they have less than one percent chance of receiving like an investment, like an angel investment or venture capital. Like they don't get these things right versus other entrepreneurs. They can walk in with an idea and they get a check instantly to go do it. That's not our experience.


So we have to be the ones, as she said, group economics coming together to fund our black owned businesses so that we can have more. And we can't be comfortable that she's the first one in Wal-Mart and Target. Like, that's crazy in this day and age, like we've been playing games forever and we know how to play like that. We invented this stuff and that she's the first in this twenty, twenty one like. So we have to be really intentional about thinking of these things, like when you're going out there, like looking for her game to purchase it, but also like looking for the Xbox, the aspiring entrepreneur who has an idea, like let's get them on the platform, let's get them to go ahead and crowdfund the money that they need to get it started, to get it going, and they can start testing and figuring things out.


All right. Well, let's play the game now, OK? Ready. You're ready. You remember how to play. I want to open that one. You know you don't want to. I got big cards here. All right. Go on. Because I want them. I don't like holding them. Like, I bet you do like holding them, but let's go. OK, I'm I'm a start off hard, honestly. Whoa. All right.


Yeah. All right.


This is the intellectual level. So Romantic's is a rap battle game two teams battle. There's three levels of difficulty. Easy, intermediate, intellectual choose a difficulty level. We're going to go intellectual. So who's on teams right now? So you guys are a team. I'm always man envy and are our team. I'm the I'm the prime referee. So I also listen to your bars. I might chime in if I'm right. If you're struggling, let's go.


All right. So I'm on a mission, so I've got to say something about the mission. A sentence. Last word. Got around with mission. Me first. Go ahead. I'm on a mission. I don't want to pay my daughter's tuition. Very good. I'm on a mission and I'm always listen.


No, I'll go. I'm on a mission. I got to go get my emotions. Yeah, keep going. There's bad words out here. I'm on a mission.


My water starts glistening. I'm on a mission. Going to take somebody fishing.


OK, I'm on a mission. Black women got hella ambitious.


Hey, I'm on a mission. I'm trying to put out this new romantic's rendition.


How these are all the words on the back ambition mission from Mission Fruition.


We're good. None at all. Suspicion, transition, permission. Yeah.


So that's the beauty of that because I was shy and looking at it all the time of going easy.


I know it's 60 seconds. It's 60 seconds. OK, this is the famous kickoff. I get around, I get around round like my due to stay brown.


Oh D'Asti get around asking me how's it going down when I go to the air.


I love to party. I compound a um I get around, I don't know uh I get around. Life is going down. He said down.


Oh you did. Who goes next is still me. Well you really didn't say anything but.


That's how you play to I know, I love to sound great. I was lost, but now I'm found. Boom, my a dog like a hound, I get around, I don't want my car to get impounded.


Show me your your bars are profound.


Hey, I love it when I was this elementary. Yeah. OK. To my life is at stake. OK, my life is at stake. You go first. My life is at stake. I really want a stake. OK, I guess my life is at stake and you make me a place my life is at stake in this bid. Is fate wise. Oh my God, no. Yes, it definitely my life is at stake and we give it that.


Beijing a break. Yeah, a go. Oh, I'm sorry.


I'm old. I have an ache.


My life is at stake. I'll never swim in the lake. My life is at stake. You know, I make my life is at stake.


Speaking of big, if you got them yellow cake energy. Hey, I got to get back. Got to get extra points for rhyming it twice. Right. It's yellow cakes. Yeah. Cakes. You say my button. No, but it was a fake cake. Got to Godo even though I wasn't up there. Yeah. So you can't. The English language is so big right. You can't possibly put every word on the back of the card.


So there is a rule when you're actually playing the game that if you say a word that rhymes the other team, if they agree that it did rhyme, you'll get a point. So, you know, you get credit for all your bars as long as it was an actual rhyme word.


Romantic's is a great game for kickbacks. Man Go to fun black founders, dotcom support Chantelle Calloway and support for black founded Dotcom. Renea, I think what you are doing is dope. Thank you. Fun Black Founders Fund Black Founders.


Com com is very easy to donate. Just click express checkout. And you know, if everybody listening donates at least twenty dollars, we can make go by the end of this week. Please help this black business stay in business. Forget the week. I'm trying to do it today. As my man killer said, if everybody does a little, nobody has to do a lot of group economics.


And he's got a phenomenal Calloway. Rodney King, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. All right.


And if anything pops up, that's pretty cool. You know, send us a text and we love to support and help them out. We'll do. I'm going to hold you to it. Thank you. It's The Breakfast Club.


Hey, what up, y'all? Is D.J. in the black community faces a world gap of years of systemic racism. Even for those with the tenacity to catch up, they are restricted by barriers that should have long been removed. Mountain Dew believes entrepreneurs are the keys to building a black owned businesses and shrinking to historic wealth gap. In an effort to discover, support and uplift the next generation of groundbreaking black innovators, Mountain Dew created the Real Change Opportunity Fund pitch competition in partnership with historically black colleges and universities.


Bcuz the top ten applicants will have access to a prize pool of one million dollars to take their business to the next level. Make sure you tune into Bettes YouTube channel on April 14th to see who emerges as the winner of the Mountain Dew Real Change Opportunity Fund Pitch Competition.


We now have multiple safe and effective vaccines to protect us from covid-19.


But health care inequities, lack of access and vaccine hesitancy are hurdles we need to overcome in order to vaccinate the American people. I'm host Robin Roberts and in covid-19 Immunity in Our Community, a new podcast series from I Heart Radio and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. We're going to hear from Americans on the frontlines, many of whom were uncertain about the vaccines and the facts that convinced them to roll up their sleeves, get vaccinated.


Each episode will pair one guest journey with information from our country's top medical experts to make sure that you and your loved ones have all that you need to make an informed decision about the covid vaccines. Listen to covid-19 immunity in our community on the radio app, Apple podcast, or wherever you get your podcast. We can do this.


This morning, everybody is D.J., M.V. Angela Yee Charlamagne, the guy we are at a breakfast club. Good morning. Was happy. Good morning.


I got up Tuesday, got a major announcement right now. Hit the drum roll. Now tell us what's in your beard, finally. Yes, I've been waiting for this. Now you guys know I'm a father of five, so I always look for something to do with my family. Right. Keep dorm room, kitchen. OK, so shout to my family I one, two, five, three. To be out in Atlanta, shout to Lincoln Tech now Florida, Alabama, New Orleans, Tennessee, South Carolina, now North Carolina and of course, Atlanta.


July 3rd. It is back to drive your dreams. Car show is coming back. That's right. Join me July 3rd, 4th of July weekend. You always need something to do. Fourth of July weekend. Right? So I'll be at the barbecue and when you can hang with me, it will be safe. You have to wear your mask, but it'll be a fun day. Games for kids. They're going to be video games, face painting, a whole lot of stuff.


Celebrity cars, exclusive cars, exotic cause there's going to be stuff for women if you want to get your nails done, if you want to get facials, if you want to get your hair braided, all that's going down in one spot and you can have fun. A lot of special guests, a lot of celebrity guests. It's going to be a lot of fun.


So, again, how are you doing it in person this year? We're doing it in person this year in Atlanta, July 3rd. Now, this will sell out fast because usually we could just open it up and anybody can come. But because of everything that's going on with the pandemic, we have to keep it kind of small. So it will sell out fast. It will be in person. And I'm not going to announce all the cause and celebrities I have yet.


We'll do that in a little bit. But let's just say we're in Atlanta. So if you could think of to stop the music, if you think the biggest artists in Atlanta, I have all their costs.


Did you say you would get me a car for this, too? I did not say that.


I said I have the biggest artist in L.A. cause I got a car I want to enter.


And it's the color of your beard is it's my black mass black. They don't. My goodness. But it will be amazing your favorite DJs will be deejaying, will have some performances, it's just going to be a lot of fun that day. Family fun shout to Lincoln to shout to the beat in Atlanta. Make sure you get your tickets right now. Early bird specials. Now, this is what we try to do for family fun. I know a lot of times when you go to car shows or you go to different things with your family, it's super duper expensive.


We try to keep the cost down so you can come and enjoy yourself. Friday, July 16, July 3rd, July 3rd, tickets in 1999. Early bird specials will get you tickets right now. For more information, click the link in my bio. So if you want to see what your favorite celebrities drive, if you want to see exotic cars, exclusive cause cause from the paid in full era, that's that 80s 90s. Cause we also have the Dunk's.


We have the 60s cause for your dads and your mamas and your grandmama's and all that. So come on out is going to be a lot of food. We're going to be barbecuing. So I want to see you Fourth of July weekend in Atlanta. It's a family fun day. I want you to bring your family. I encourage you to bring your family out. We're going to have a lot of fun and have all my family that my kids would be running around when they have a lot of time.


July 3rd in L.A., that's amazing.


But the average temperature in Atlanta, Atlanta is 90 degrees in July. I don't know if you're going to hold up in that hebra. This is indoors if we have air conditioning. So you don't have to worry about the rain. You don't have to worry about the heat. You don't have to worry about anything. I got to say is just don't lean back on one of those car seats because we don't want no stains. Please. This is not coming to America.


This is not just some girl. Come on now. So, Gloria, get your tickets now. We can have a lot of fun in Atlanta. I'm super duper excited. We've been working on this for about two years. So the fact that we finally pulled it off. So if you were in Florida, Alabama, New Orleans, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, you're less than a three hour drive. So I want to see you in Atlanta.


Why stay at the crib and barbecue in the backyard when you can barbecue with me? We'll have some fun. This can be a lot of surprises, a lot of gifts, a lot of guests. So get your tickets now. Nineteen ninety nine and is only a limited amount of tickets for nineteen ninety nine. So get them now they will be going.


Well I'm happy to jump back in the venue this year and I would rather you they're going over somebody's grill because that Beijing is definitely going to be somebody's grill and that s heat. I'm telling you that right now.


OK, why has one one never had one issue and one issue with your announcement? Yes. What's that? Women are not the only ones who like to get their nails done and get facials and do all of that is mental. So everybody gets in there. Somebody had a facial and I know. And they love a good facial, you know, what was it?


But get some more now.


And the reason we don't watch reason we do so many games and fun things and hair done, nails done is because we want it to be enjoyable for the family. You know, you might want to you might want to go with your husband and your husband not in the car so he can go over and get his nails done. Well, ladies, you know, you might not care about the cause. I say, you know, I need you to have it was the men that can't the women can.


I got an idea. You get a and he said he wants a facial and he wants to get his face painted. Exactly. And I got an idea. You should get your face painted, get the beard put on in Atlanta at the car show. You should get your beard done in Atlanta at the car show and let me hear you say paint me paint. It's the paint. You know, that's why I can't I can't do anything. I try to announce my car, so I'm so excited.


Come to work. We have time for you and everything. Oh, we have to show him. He's going to show me how I got here. We are happy for you, man. OK, and by the way, the best paint job at the car show is going to be your face. That is a fact. There's not a car that's going to be there. I'm going to be painted better than your beard is right now. All right.


All right. Tickets are on sale right now. Eventbrite. I hate your mother, Fizi. Let's get to her room. Is this all about man? It's about time.


I don't know. Report. This is the rumor report. Talk with Angela on the Breakfast Club. All right, well, Bow-Wow was recently talking to Hollywood a lot, and he was talking about co parenting and making sure that what do you do when you have a child but the child has a half brother or half sister? Here's what he had to say.


Would you support her other kids the same way you support your daughter with that? Absolutely. That was a question I asked me. Right, because Jermaine has the same exact situation right now, but she now has a sister. I would always ask Jermaine for that type of advice. Like, you know, I know it's going to be a time where I go to the house and maybe pick up a little brother might want to come. So how does that work?


I look at it like when the kids are involved, this is a positive situation. I'm prepared for whatever it is in the future that I'm supposed to be prepared for as far as my duty as being the best dad and I can be, you know, not in a day in his family. And that's my brother.


And that's that's. Oh, that's incredible. Mm hmm. My my dad my dad, he didn't introduce me to none of my sisters.


Later on in life, like way of life, I mean, I don't really speak to them.


So, I mean, I, like, don't speak to them. Exactly. One of my one of my big one of my barely met like I only met her because that came out in the divorce and my mom and dad got divorced. They had another daughter and the other one I met before the salutatorian, Sarah.


And that's all at Christmas, wouldn't it be, you know, do you get him give.


What do you get them a gift for? What about those South Carolina family reunions? No. OK, they weren't not those awkward. OK, well, I shout out to them now versus has teamed up with Pellington and this collab will allow people at home to work out to artists featured on versus competition so you can do a Brandy versus Monica run. That's led by Rebecca Kennedy. That starts on March twenty ninth. And there's another bike ride that's led by Cody Rigsby and Emma Love.


Well, and all kinds of things. So yes, you can use these playlists and have a good time with verses on pelletised.


They are not playing, not he not dropping include Monforton switchman. Absolutely. And that's what it's supposed to be doing, right? Absolutely. And that's why I keep trying to tell people like everything that Verses does right now is a when they literally started it a year ago on Instagram for fun. Right now is a business where people got equity in Trillionaire. They got deals with Peladon. It's all a win. It's all gravy. They're playing with house money.




And, you know, that's part of the fun when you do these classes. Is the music right? The music is like, OK, we got one more to go and then they got to play like music. That's inspiring for that. So I can see how that could be great. All right. Now, Sharon Osborne, as she is leaving the talk, according to reports, she's going to be walking away with a five to ten million dollar minimum payout.


And she was also able to say that it was her decision to leave the show, according to a source who told Page six. Now, they said that not only is she getting money, but she's also free to speak about it. She's been on that show for 11 years. She wants to give her side of the story. She knows all the secrets.


She knew she was going to end up suing and getting some type of severance. I don't know if she sued, but she definitely got a severance. Now she can speak about it. So she'll probably end up getting a big ass book deal. You know, I mean, like, it's it's a win for her.


All right. Now, Piers Morgan, in the meantime, did a column published for The Daily Mail yesterday, and he's talking about what happened with Sharon Osborne's departure from the talk. And he's called CBS, the Cowardly Broadcasting System. He said that's what CBS stands for in the wake of all of this happening. He said it's an absolute disgrace. And given how Underwood, Sheryl Underwood, defended her friend George Lopez when he did say racist things that were caught on camera is disgustingly hypocritical of her, as is the behavior of CBS, the cowardly broadcasting system, who so pathetically bow to the WOAK mob liberally baying for blood like a bunch of crazed language policing fascists.


You know, it's going to be crazy about to talk now. Everybody is going to be walking on eggshells because everybody's going to be waiting for somebody else to mess up. Like Sheryl said, something people don't like or, you know, the other know, women of color on that show is going to be a whole mob of people ready to point the finger at them, say, OK, now you got to get them out for what they say. All right.


Now, Vanessa Bryant is asking a judge to dismiss her mother's financial support lawsuit. This is really sad because after Kobe Bryant passed, both Vanessa Bryant and her mom, Sophia Lane, have had become estranged. And that's because of Sophia Lane's financial demands. Imagine demanding that your daughter financially take care of you for your lifetime right after she's lost her husband and her daughter. You know, just so now, Vanessa Bryant is asking the judge to dismiss this. And this is also because when Sophia was going through her divorce and trying to get financial support from her husband, Steven Lane, and Steven Lane was saying that Kobe Bryant had purchased a one million dollar home for her mother, Kobe and Vanessa, and he didn't have to provide spousal support.


She said these stories were false and she said, I would never permit Vanessa to do such a thing. I have not and do not, nor should I be required to rely on Vanessa for my support. So now they're bringing that back up in order to dismiss these claims.


Get it? I'm a little confused. Well, you know what? That's crazy. She went to court to try to get spousal support and she said that Vanessa Bryant was not supporting her, but now she's saying that Kobe Bryant had made a commitment to support her for her lifetime. So which one is it?


I mean, you don't have an obligation to necessarily support your mom or dad, but I mean, I think that you would. But not if my mom said. Right, yeah.


Don't take me to court for it. I mean, I think that's just that's heartless. And your blood is just blood like, you know, I think your mother told him you don't.


Vanessa Bryant said, my husband and daughter passed away unexpectedly, and yet my mother had the audacity to do a television interview, speaking negatively of me while shedding tears for a car and a house that were not in her name. She has removed all her diamond jewelry into the apartment I provided and put away the furniture to make it look like she doesn't have my support. My husband and I have financially supported her over the past 20 years and I continue to do so.


In addition to her monthly alimony.


You know, some things you hear in the news and you feel like you shouldn't be hearing this or seeing this is how I feel about this situation. I absolutely feel like this is like family, family business. Right, well, it's public now, so I just feel like, listen, she's been through a lot. I'm sure she's got you. You ain't got to take her to court and sue her for money to support you forever. Right. Well, that is your room report.


All right. Thank you. Miss you. Now, I just want to say for the cause show two kids three and under are absolutely, positively free. You could bring your kids and coach K. S music and God them to Coach K. I'm looking for you, Coach K, D.J. Mor's. I'm looking for you. Those guys have an amazing car collection.


Well, if you're looking for them, you need to take that paint off your face because they're not going to recognize you just like every day can't be a job.


You look like you're under cover right now. You can be a donkey to Garrett Miller. He needs to come to the front of the congregation. Would you like to have a word with him, please? All right.


We'll get to that. Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club, your mornings. I'll never be the same Angela here.


And the general insurance has been helping people save money for nearly 60 years. They offer the quality coverage you deserve at prices you can afford, make the right call and go with the general, call 800 Janiro or visit the general dot com.


Some restrictions apply to your doctor because right now you also realize it's time for you. Do you ever feel I need to be you don't want to hear this again, don't you? Please tell him I had become Donkey of the Day, The Breakfast Club bitch. You're a donkey. Today for Tuesday, March 30th goes to Garrett Miller.


Who is Garrett Miller? Well, Garrett Miller is a domestic terrorist. A member of Vanilla Ice is a proud soldier and not a racist redneck regime. Our crowd now, law enforcement officers are arresting people who stormed the Capitol on January six every other day, it seems like better late than never, I guess. I don't know what D I don't know why these folks weren't arrested on the spot. I don't know what these people are being charged with. It doesn't seem like it's much of a media production behind any of these arrests.


I mean, when you think about how I think was the part, Cannon was arrested last week at the state house in Georgia for simply knocking on the door while Brian Kemp was signing a bill in place to keep it from voting. OK, I mean, I know the circumstances are certainly different, but he sure does feel like Paul can. His arrest got more media coverage than the arrest of Dumanis mob. But these Trump loving thugs have been getting arrested and a lot of these members of a net called raid have been trying to get low.


OK, they got tired of chasing waterfalls and decided to retreat back to the rivers and trailer parks that they used to.


Now, one of my favorite pastimes is reading about these hillbilly hooligans and how shocked they are when they get arrested. Oh, it's nothing better. Cigarette is one of more than 300 human jars of Helman's who are facing federal charges in connection with the attempted coup that happened on January six.


I still haven't gotten over this. OK, all these cornfed Confederate loving clodhoppers attempting a coup in America on the Capitol building and folks acted like it was just an influx of people while in in Florida during spring break. And like those kids, it's spring break. They documented that whole coup via social media. OK, that's how all these hayseed loving hicks have been getting caught. Sidebar. I bet you make a killing selling hayseed Flavel who could to these hillbillies.


But I digress. Back to the crack at hand, Garrett Miller. Now, let me tell you about old Garrett. Oh, Garrett got arrested and on a recorded call immediately after his arrest, Garrett told his mother, Mom, I.


I don't I don't think I've done anything wrong. And now I'm being locked up. Garrett's mom replied allegedly. Well, let me call my brother, a.k.a. your father, and tell him what's going on. Now, listen, Garrett Miller is saying he didn't do anything wrong. Well, let me run down the list of things he did wrong. The reason I know he did these things is because he documented himself on social media. Garrett Miller posted a selfie showing himself inside the Capitol building.


Did you hear me?


Karen Miller posted a selfie showing himself inside the Capitol building. Another Facebook user wrote, Yay, how brave. You got it.




Miller replied, and I quote, I'm not making this up. I'm putting no halal cart style white sauce on this one whatsoever, Garrett said verbatim. Just wanted to incriminate myself a little. Hello. Gary Miller was also part of the same mob of local yokels that not only breached the capital and later threatened to kill Alsi and a Capitol Police officer. See, little tidbits like that is why I don't understand why all the good people don't realize this US versus white supremacy.


OK, they wanted to kill A and a Capitol police officer. I repeat, they wanted to kill Alsi and a Capitol Police officer. In fact, Alsi tweeted in Piech one word. That's it. Garrett tweeted back Assassinate Alsi in a January tef Instagram post guy Miller said the officer who shot and killed a woman in the crowd of rioters. Should get a televised execution. He also believed the officer was a black man and called him a prize to be taken.


Prosecutors said this, OK. Oh, and Garrett also said he will swing. I had a rope in my bag on that day.


All of this is documented on social media. He wrote things. Now, I don't speak fluent bumpkin, but I think that all these things I'm reading are considered wrong. You remember the wrong. He told his mom. He doesn't think he did. Yeah. Hey, Mom, did you call Garrett's uncle dad yet? Because maybe he can explain to Garrett what he did wrong. Do I even have to get into the fact that he bought tactical gear ropes and potentially, by his own admission, a gun to the Capitol on January six?


Now, he could get donkey today for everything I just named. Case closed. That's more than enough evidence. And he has more than enough to receive the credit he deserves for being stupid. But it gets worse if there was any doubt that Garrett Miller was indeed raising holy incestuous hell at the Capitol on January six. Let's go to WFAA, ABC able to report, please. Thirty four year old Garrett Miller use social media to show his part in the Capitol riots.


And now federal prosecutors are using those as the best evidence against him. The same Twitter, Instagram and Facebook post where he proclaimed what I witnessed was beautiful and next time we bring guns was where the FBI also found multiple death threats he made against Congresswoman Alexandria CARGILE Cortez and Senator Chuck Schumer and against the Capitol Police officer who shot and killed a female protester. Miller was arrested at his home in Richardson the morning of President Biden's inauguration. The FBI says he was still wearing a Trump T-shirt and that in his house and vehicle they recovered a rope and grappling hook, a tactical vest, gas mask, a suitcase with boxes of ammo and A.R. style rifle, shotgun, handgun and a crossbow with arrows.


His attorney offered a statement from him, an apology. I believed I was following the instructions of former President Trump, and he was my president and the commander in chief.


Oh, please. Listen, let's go back to my part. I want to hear the part. This is the part that he's receiving. They go back to the part where they say he don't approach Trump t shirt. Let me hear that part. Miller was arrested at his home in Richardson the morning of President Biden's inauguration. The FBI says he was still wearing a Trump t shirt.


Would you like to know what the pro Trump T-shirt said? Yes. It had a picture on it. The picture was of former celebrity in chief twice and President Donald J. Trump, and he said, take America back. And it also said. I was there with the date, Washington, D.C., January six, when he was arrested. That's what he was wearing.


There he is. Please let Kathy Griffin handle my white work.


Please give this giant male the biggest heehaw.


I don't ever let those people become the dominant caste system in this country. How how did that happen? Hmm.


Oh. Oh, oh. Oh, my goodness. All right. Thank you for that. Don't get a day now when we come back. Mm hmm. Somebody put Charlamagne in a movie. Mm hmm.


Wouldn't be the first time I think I saw those pictures on social media. It was at that time movie. Now tell us what's coming up next.


Charlamagne, my guy, Eddie. I don't know how to pronounce that he left no Eddie last name wrong for years was his last name.


That's why I asked you, what is it, Eddie Huang?


Yes, that's my guy. He's a he's an author. He wrote a book back in the day that turned into a TV show called Fresh Off the Boat. And he just made his directorial debut with a movie called Boogie. That's right. That Pop Smoke is one of the stars in. And, you know, I had to step in and I have a role in the film as well. You know, Morris Chestnut, one boy. No, no.


They want to say they wanted to cast Morris. Oh, God. We got to verify that. OK, well, you know, Eddie will verify that. Eddie, whether or not that's true, that's a basketball movie, right? Definitely didn't mean to catch you playing basketball. I am playing basketball. Basketball. I am playing I am playing a basketball coach. A recruit, OK, which fits my skill set. My goodness. All right.


All right.


What he did, there was a couple other people that were supposed to play this role. They weren't available.


So, you know, I really do feel bad for my guy. Big March. I will verify or deny those claims because it's the Breakfast Club.


Goodwater OK, The Breakfast Club. I'm Minnie Driver, and in my new podcast, Many Questions, I explore our differences and our similarities by asking people the same seven questions, questions about what makes us happy, what we're curious about and what love means to us. This season, I'll be speaking with the brilliantly talented actor Viola Davis, epic Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl and investigative reporter Ronan Farrow. Listen and subscribe to many questions on the I hot radio app, Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcasts.


Everybody is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlemagne, the guy we all the Breakfast Club, we got a special guest, Shalamar. Oh, my man Eddie home.


Eddie, what's happenin? Brother was good. How are you doing? I'm blessed black in Hollywood.


But I'll always be wondering, am I pronouncing your last name correctly or not?


I mean, you've got a you've got a unique pronunciation that nobody else pronounce, which I kind of like that you came up with your own.


So I never correct you long form, but you say at home the thing is kind of funny. So, Quong.


Yeah, yeah. You break that down for me because I don't hit a G yet. I don't I mean it means yellow and Chinese. OK, yellow. Cuong So in Chinese that's how you say it. But you stick to how you do it.


I think I'm, I'm just a big step h that's what I'm saying.


Well, the movie Boogie is actually out in theaters and then it's going to be streaming right this weekend. So that's a big deal for you. How was it for you? Did you ever when you did this, I'm sure you didn't predict that there would be a pandemic and then there it would be shut down and all of that. So talk to me about the decision, because I know a lot of filmmakers have been trying to make that hard choice about whether or not they want to have it streaming only whether they want to actually have movies in theaters.


So for you, Buggie being your directorial debut, what was the thinking behind the release for you?


Well, I'm funny. Like, I just go off astrology. So I've been reading Susan Miller and I read the pattern and I'm a Pisces. So they gave me like a number of dates. There was a date in March. There's a date in April, there is a date in May. And then there was also the focus was cool. They're like, look, if you want to try to hold out, like we'll work with you on a later date.


But I was also seeing the vaccine roll out and I was just reading the astrology and I was like, is a Pisces. So let's go. Like, I forgot about March. My birthday is March 1st. And I was just like, it's too much of it. So it also was a time where there weren't like the big Marvel movies coming out because you got like Black Widow coming out later a bunch of other Marvel films. I mean, we went up against Tom and Jerry and we went up against Rhia, the last dragon.


But I think we did really, really well for a film. Besides, those are like a hundred million dollar films and Orissa's after the taxes, like somewhere in the six range. So I'm pretty proud of what we did.


Eddie, I respect you, man, because you so unapologetically about you and your people. And regardless of what it is that you do, it's always Asian centered. And I think that's dope because I watch Boogie and I'm like, Man, Boogie is a great film, but it makes you Google certain things you may not be aware of, you know, whether it's lingo, language, things about the food, jokes, whatever it is, and then it makes you appreciate it more.


It's like it's like a yutang, like when you grow up and you get older, you start putting all those things together. Oh, that's what they were talking about.


Yeah. You know, that's so funny. You said it because I will reference those face all the time in meetings because, you know, I do keep it very authentic and specific to like how Chinese Taiwanese people operate in the home. And a lot of our customs don't make sense to Americans, other producers. And I would say, do you understand what goes to say when you say dress plastic booby traps? No, but you were you were banging that like I think you texted me to you're like, yo, I didn't understand a lot of things in the movie, but if you make it cool, people will want to search for that.


People want to figure it out. And for me, philosophically, I was like, I have two choices. One, make it authentic and make it cool and hope people chase that rabbit down the hole or the other one is kind of curve it, compromise it, suture our culture and make it more American or more white so people will get it. And I was like, that's not the point.


I could never do that as well. You know, it's an interesting time here now because we've been talking a lot about stopping this Asian hate that's been going on because of the Donald Trump calling it the China IRS and the Russian virus. Right. And I've seen a lot of pushback from people in the black community. It's hard for me because I'm black and Asian. And so I look at it from both sides. But I seen a lot of pushback from people saying, oh, well, Asian people don't like us anyway.


And Asian people treat black people are awful. So what do you have what are your thoughts on some of the things that have been happening? Because I see both. Of course, I see people who are standing up right. And saying, OK, any type of hate is wrong and that Asian hate. But then I also see a lot of people saying, well, they don't care about us. They come in our communities. And they said.


And they don't care at all, so why should we even bother to help them in their fight? What do you think? Yeah, I think this is a really good question. And this is one I was I was hoping we would get to talk about, because I'm familiar with your background. You know, I seen you back and said long time ago and then but now, you know, for me, even in the scene, the first scene in present day in Boogy when it's Boogie and his father and Uncle Jackie in the film, the song playing in the car is Yellow Man Mr.


Chin, which is a song about Jamaican people. You will yellowman him saying, Yeah, yeah, complaining about the Chinese man, the Chinese shops in Jamaica and and the treatment of Jamaicans in those stores. These are the same stories people told in the post L.A. riots with with the Korean stores and things like that. And there's always been friction in the black community between Asian and black. But then there are also wonderful stories about Asian and black people living together, working together, the Yellow Panthers on the West Coast.


You know, there's I was very inspired as a kid just watching like Bruce Lee teach Kareem Abdul Jabbar kung fu. You know, I was inspired by the way Houston welcomed Yao Ming. You know, I remember that interaction. There's there's many, many incredible examples of black and Asian people working side by side. So, you know, I see Amanda Seales video. She went to my high school. She was going off about how she doesn't feel.


She she didn't want to support Asian and stop AAPI hate movement. I ignore her. There's also people on the Asian side that are like, it's our time now. You know, we're always asked to stand with with BLM and we're always asked to be part of this movement. But where's our support now? And I'm my homie. Look around. There is support. You know, we can always go look at the bad apples in every community and we can focus on that.


But there is a lot of incredible black Asian solidarity, and that's what I choose to look at. And that's what I choose to continue to promote because we all have a common problem, which is we are fragmented in this country. We are not allowed to be whole human beings. We are constantly pushed down. And even when you just look at the way black women are presented in in American culture, hyper sexualized, that Asian man is is desexualized emasculated.


That's a big reason why I chose to have an interracial romance here that in many ways subverted the stereotypes of Asian men and black women in boogie. I think it's one of the most important things this film accomplished.


How we got more with Eddie Wong when we come back is The Breakfast Club. Good morning and morning, everybody.


Is D.J. Envy, Angela Yee Charlamagne, the guy we are at a breakfast club. We're still kicking it with director Eddie Wong now.


Solomon Yeah, I didn't I wasn't aware of the black Asian tension. I guess, you know, you see a movie like Menace to Society. You think about stuff like that. You know, you do have the you know, you walk into a store and you might get a profile. But when you're black, I feel like that happens all the time. Right. But my thing is, man, even if you do feel that way, enemy of my enemy should be my friend.


Like, the real battle is us against white supremacy.


Exactly. Exactly. And that that is that is the battle. And it's going to take all of us. It's it's not going to you know, it can't just be black people fighting that battle. And I also can understand why some black people are frustrated, because for many generations, a couple of generations, Asian people have not participated in politics like that. You know, there is not that many of us that were out there. But there there always were some.


There always were some in New York or some in Seattle or some in Oakland. Oakland, I think, is probably the example of black and Asian people living side by side, coming together. And you see how influenced both communities are. It's a beautiful thing when we do the work together. And that's what I want to continue to have.


Was it in Hollywood getting a movie like Buggie made? With all of that being said, how is that experience? I know you've had not the most pleasant time with fresh off the boat. So let's discuss Hollywood and what it's been like for you to bring these stories to life.


Is this really hard? Because I. I feel like I can say I was the first person in this generation post of all all-American girl. I mean, fresh off the boat, the first time I believe in twenty, twenty five years that an Asian family was on TV again. And I was basically presenting an entire, like, alien group of people to Hollywood and they. Really made us compromise and conform. I understood what happened, but even after that, to sell boogy, they were like, whoa, whoa, whoa, this is now you really want to be Asian?


This is a real Asian film. You know, like I don't know if people are ready for this, but I mean, when you are a new character in Hollywood and you're representing a new kind of culture, they just you know, it's very easy for them to say no to you. I was lucky enough that focus features, believed in it, believed in my voice, and that I would be able to get this across.


Yeah, you know, it's bittersweet to write because, you know, I'm watching the film and I'm thinking of the year perhaps more last year musically, and then the comeback. Twenty, twenty one. And he had been starring in a film. Like what? What was your relationship with Pops Morgan?


How did you react to the I mean, this has been this has been a really tough two years, you know, like just, you know, when you guys were talking about the roll out and the date, I was like, that ain't even the one that I was. I mean, when we lost Pop, I was like, man, that was the hard one to deal with, you know, like it was really hard to look at him every day knowing he was gone, you know, because I spent hours in there just watching and listening to him and looking at the outtakes.


And I mean, that's my brother, you know, like that that's that's my brother, you know, Charlotte. And we had a wonderful day with you on set. And I felt like I got to really know you a lot better. I mean, I had Pop for, like, seven days and then we still kept in touch after, you know, and it was just I don't know, I'm rambling right now, but it was tough.


I mean, I remember I tuned in when when his mom was on your show, and it was unbelievable to hear his mother talk about him, because that's the part that I know, you know, not to the extent of his mom, but one of the best moments I had. We were standing on the sideline one day and Pop just turned to me. It was a big deal. You know, I was a good kid, right? Say, of course, you still the kid, Pop.


You know, he's twenty years old. He's still a kid. And he's like, you know, I used to get good grades. I was like, I believe you got good grades. Of course you did. And I was like, but you still you still a good kid. And he said to me, I turned into a monster and and I said, he said, Did you watch that Worldstar video? I seen the Worldstar video. You said you ever felt like that.


Yeah. That's why I wrote this movie. And he's like, yeah, you know, I figure and and he said to me, you know, I was really a good kid until that happened. And then voice picked on me and I never wanted to be bullied again and I became a monster. Well, you know, we use that emotion in the film, you know, and Pop spoke to me about it, but that broke my heart, man.


That was it was really hard for me.


How did you know? How did you know Pop was the guy? Because this was as you cast the this got to be like twenty. Nineteen, right. Yeah. Twenty. Did you know Pop and we'll go with pop smoke. Yeah.


Well you know in New York you just like the first time you hear a song and it goes it's that's it. You know that that's all it's going to be paying. And outside of every car on 42nd Street this summer, it's just like when Shimada came out when young and they came out here with 50 and French came, it was like, that's it. This is his city now. And I remember here and welcome to the party. And I was like, oh, who is this?


And I didn't really know who he was. I just know it's crazy. And we had a situation where we had to cast Monck and we found out he could play basketball, you know, and it was my homie despot who plays the assistant coach that was like, yo, you know, Pop could play ball. It was like work because Steven had already been talking to my friend Rath about, like, yo, we got to get poppin this move.


You get poppin this movie. You are aware of the music. But the minute we found out he was like a good basketball player, I bring them in. And then Pop came to my crib. We play ball. He was a bully. And how was it when we got a lot like we just we both waterslides. I'm pissy cancer. We just from day one, we got along.


We really saw each other at all and tell them tell them what they can watch, man. Well, it's in theaters. It's in theaters all across the country right now, but it's also on VOD. So please support us.


You know, we need this to be I'm like, how can you see it on streaming services on Amazon Fandango?


I tomb's wherever you buy movies. It's not on Netflix. It's not on HBO. Max, you've got to buy it. But I guarantee you it's worth it now.


It's a really good film. And and it's like I said, it's a very unique Asian Chinese story. I do know I enjoyed it just because I like seeing other people's cultures. Yeah, I guarantee you a. All of it, unless you are white supremacists or your big step, I can take care of the Breakfast Club.


It's. She's spilling the tea. This is the room report with Angela Yee on The Breakfast Club. All right, well, Niecy Nash in an exclusive clip from Red Table Talk, because that's coming back tomorrow, says that she had never been with a woman before before she met her wife, Jessica Betts. Here's what she had to say.


How was it for your children? My daughters were like, wait, what? My youngest daughter, she reminded me. She was like, wait a minute, mom, are you say mom? Who was like, girl, I'm strictly.


And I was like I was like, no, yeah, yeah. But no.


And my son was like, Why? So she said she was also not suppressing her sexuality her whole life, she said, I love who I love. And at one point in my life, I married twice. I love those people.


And today I love this person, OK? And that's all right now. All right. Now, speaking of red tape, let's talk coming out tomorrow and coming back in that exclusive clip. Charlamagne, you have something happening with autobio tomorrow?


Oh, I do. I have a project dropping with Audible is called We Got Answers, OK, all the way. People who listen to the Breakfast Club, you've got questions you've always wanted to ask the black community but have been afraid to because you don't want to be looked at as racist or prejudice. Black people. You tired of having to educate your white friends about racism? Well, this is the project for you. See, I assembled a brain trust of black folks who I respect.


And I learned from Dr. Dr. Claude Anderson, Tamika Mallory, Eboni K. Williams, David Banner, Nori Mahomet, Reverend Dr. William Barber, Erica Alexander, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, Humility Davis, Nina Turner, Tesla Figaro, Dr. Alfred Noble and Attorney Corey Weiner Smith. And it'll be out tomorrow on Audible is free if you have an audio membership, audible membership or can't wait to hear that. Yes, you can go to audible dot com backslash, see the God for my right.


And then there's this rumor that's been going around, you know, Charlamagne do some positive things. But then sometimes he had Ignatz issues in the boy was on the Breakfast Club and here's what happened. You ended Swedien quotables relationship.


Do you feel bad about that, Justin? I didn't do that. I was just I showed up to work what they paid me to do. And, you know, she said what she said, but I think I've been over before then. So what message do you sense after she broke up equatable?


No, I didn't say nothing. Uh, nothing. I just feel like she probably needs her space right now from the world in general, because I felt like they had, like, the perfect love story on social media. You know, I'm saying I didn't I'd never seen that coming. So, you know, hopefully they work things out the. All right, well, there's this rumor that's been circulating today, and, of course, we don't know that this is true.


It could just be somebody said something on Twitter and it was on hip hop overload where they're saying that Justin Laboy actually got beat up in an Atlanta nightclub yesterday. So I'm waiting to see Justin Laboy post something so we know it's not true.


First of all, I'm just happy it's finally a rumor and rumor report. OK, this is actually a rumor. OK, a lot of truth stuff going on here. Yes.


And if that rumor is true, which I hope is not, that ain't got nothing to do with me. OK, I have anything to do with it, but I hope it's not for me. I hope it's not true. Yeah, I don't want it.


I got Justin, little boy, the good and amigos.


You know, I went right to his place to see, OK, what he posts last. And I was it was nine hours ago. I'm a very forgiving person. So if I stop talking to you, you really went too far.


Hmm. I did. The last thing he posted. I sent him a text. I did a text last night. Make sure you were good. But you wouldn't say he didn't reply that somebody allegedly gets beat up.


You say, hey, what's up? You I said, you good? I'm handsome. Best floating around. So I would ask, are you Ethan to get some information for the morning show? True. I took the time to talk to Justin for no reason and that's the first thing I did. I hate when something happens to me is my you know, I think my thing with situations like that, you know, if something like that did happen, you know, I would I would not want it to escalate or correct.


You know what I'm saying? So I would, you know, reach out to a young man like that and tell him, like, look, man, what if something like that did happen? Leave it alone. You know, I mean, to try to go get get back anything that upset man and call Quave.


Same thing. I would tell you. I would tell him, brother, the same thing. Like no brothers. I don't want to I don't want to see us here beating up on each other and being violent towards each other. No, if he said shout out to us that, you know, he's trying to get that car for the car show now, I've already said he got me my guy. I speak to him. OK, all right.


Now, it was amazing how upset you can really dance off. Say, I like your hair. You know, we can dress up shouting my brother also Watpac also can shout to my sister, call me before I you what? I'm going to get them calls quality control. Are you working hard out there? Shot out the piece, you know, pick got some nice calls and Coach K. Yeah, both of them. Yeah. But he said he already said that this morning.


OK, well that is your rumor report.


Oh we helped you get the ball. Get your hand off your chin Shatalov. Unless you plan on doing some fingerprints, stop rubbing off on that guy. All right.


Yo, shout shout to everybody that got their ticket for the car show all the we had a thousand EarlyBird tickets and they all sold out. So amazing. We're going to open it back up because we want people to come. We want you to bring your kids with me. We're not doing this to make a whole lot of money. We want to make it so people can afford to come out. So we're only more to know what you said. You said we won't be opening back up because you want people to come with you.


We're going to open it up. More tickets for early bird special so you guys can come and bring the family, bring the kids.


I'll bring my kids and family. We're going to have a lot of fun. That's July 3rd in Atlanta. The car show, your favorite celebrity cars will be there. And I already got the celebrity cause I'm sitting here joking with a lot of these people.


But the early bird. Early bird, get on a bus and be what does the early bird get? I don't know. Just what is the early part? Get the worm.


So, you know, forget you, man. So, yes, I appreciate you. Tickets are on sale right now. Get your tickets. He's focused Shalvey. Focus for yourself. Yes, but we'll see you tomorrow. Everybody else. The People's Choices Mix is up next. And I just want to shout out to Kevin Hart here. I want a shout out to Rosie. I want to shout out to Kylie, who else got a nice car?


The thing I'm going to do, because this is all about the people who have been in the NBA, the Snapchat, the Diddy man, and he wants to take everybody down with him. I'm not, man. I just want to say all of that here except for Kylie.


Look, way more natural than you. Oh, shut up, man.


People's choice, because he's got the Breakfast Club your mornings. I'll never be the same.


When a train hits a vehicle at a railway crossing, the results are often deadly. Be cautious at crossings. And if the signals are going, don't be tempted to try and sneak across the tracks. Even if you don't see a train stop trains get brought to you by Nizza. Morning, everybody.


Is D.J. Envy. Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club is Women's History Month, we reckon today.


Well, today we are repping for our Nischelle Turner from Entertainment Tonight. She was working there for seven years and she has been named recently as the show's next co-host. She is the first black woman to anchor the. The program in its 40 season long history, she is actually taking the place of Nancy O'Dell, who stepped away in twenty nineteen to spend more time with her daughter, and now she is hosting the show alongside Kevin Frazier. This is also, by the way, the first time the show has had two black anchors at the helm as well.


Here is Nischelle Turner talking at the National Association of Black Journalists who run the World Girls.


It's Women's History Month, and we're celebrating the most influential women in history. Check out this phenomenal woman. That's black and brown folks have got to realize that we are in this together. So I love that that they are here with us this year as well. But it's just it's a good feeling. It's a really good feeling. And I like to see, you know, people like you. This does my heart a lot of good to see, seriously to see.


And I told you, I'm the only woman in the club now. I've been in this game for 20 years. But to see kids like you really working and loving the craft and loving this business still because it is brutal and it's hard, but I got into this business because I believe in the craft of journalism and I love the creative process. And I love seeing that there are still people in this day and age that have that same passion and have that same feeling and still believe in being the gatekeepers to society and information.


And so that just makes me happy.


And that was another phenomenal woman in history. All right.


Congratulations again to Nischelle Turner, the Entertainment Tonight co-host, who is also the first black woman to anchor in its 40 season history. You are actually opening doors for a lot of other people. As she said, she knows it's bigger than just her. Congratulations. Well deserved. All right.


Well, when we come back, we got the positive. No, don't move is the Breakfast Club. Good morning, everybody. Is T.J., N.V. Angeles. Charlamagne, the guy we are at a breakfast club. I just want to say thank you and shout out to everybody that will be joining me. Fourth of July weekend in Atlanta. July 3rd is my car show to Drive Your Dreams car show. We sold over a thousand tickets already shot to Lincoln Tech and also one on five three to be out in Atlanta.


And if you live anywhere close, come spend it with me. Fourth of July weekend. Florida, Alabama, New Orleans, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia. Come on out. We're going to have an amazing time and bring the family as a family fun day. I'm bringing my kids. It's just, you know, we're going to have your favorite celebrity cause there's going to be a video game competition. So if your kids play video games, come on down.


We just got to have a lot of fun as a family. You know, as a community, we'll have Mass going to be safe. And I just want to see you guys. It's not too many things we can do. So hopefully you come on out and hang with us.


I shout out to Chantelle Calloway and Rodney King.


Yes, Rhim antics. It's a dope game. He played it this morning. You guys check it out at Wal-Mart, at Target. She needs some help, though. You know, they made a huge order, but now she has to fulfill that order. So now this is when us as a community have to come together and help her out. Man, this is this. She's building the brand so your kids can build brands and your your family members could build brands.


So and is just about someone so on some some some some good energy. Right. Like, you know, I always tell people like, you know, in order to receive great karma or just good energy, you should just always give that energy out. So I don't care if it's a dollar. Five dollars. Ten dollars. Twenty dollars. Go to fund black founders dot com. Look for Romantic's by Chantelle Calaway Callaway and you know, donate. You know what I mean?


Because she needs money to stay on these shelves and Target and Walmart because she got to pay for marketing and and other things man. So, you know, she's doing it from the ground up on her own. So if all of us do a little, none of us got to do a lot in my man killing my sister. That's right.


And there's a bunch of other businesses on there as well, black businesses out there. So, I mean, if you got a little bit of bread, you know, put a dollar here. Twenty dollars. Yeah, ten dollars. It all adds up. And let's try to get some of these black entrepreneurs to their goals.


Right. Right.


I did romantic's I did a proud puff's and performance street where some of the ones I just, you know, do some money on.


All right. Go to fun black founders dotcom. Correct. Now you've got a positive note. Yes. Listen, I found this positive note on this Instagram page called FDM Folks, which I think is hilarious, but they tweeted out this morning, never posted on Instagram this morning, never let people make you feel guilty for the success you've earned.


Hashtag hefting folks Breakfast Club Pisses You is the Mountain Dew believes entrepreneurs are the keys to building up black owned businesses and shrinking to historic wealth gap.


That's why they partnered with historically black colleges and universities.


Bcuz an effort to discover, support and uplift the next generation of extraordinary black innovators through the real Change Opportunity Fund pitch competition, the top ten contestants will have access to a prize pool of one million dollars to take their business to the next level to run to beat YouTube channel on April 14th to see who wins.


Have you heard the stories of the man? He's a local legend in Los Angeles, sometimes seen stalking the streets and is supposedly responsible for scores of people going missing from Griffith Park over the past few decades. But if you ever see his misshapen melting face or hear the high pitched noise that accompanies him, it might already be too late. But how can you separate fact from the fiction in his story? What is the truth behind his origins and what happens when the story you go looking for winds up finding you?


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