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Hi, this is Hillary Clinton, host of the new podcast, You and Me both, there's a lot to be anxious and worried about right now, and it's made so much worse by the fact that we can't be together. So I find myself on the phone a lot, talking with friends, experts, really anyone who can help make some sense of these challenging times. These conversations have been a lifeline for me.


And now I hope they will be for you to please listen to you and me both on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. This is your wake up call to up the Breakfast Club to show you love to hate from the east to the West Coast, envy Angela Charlamagne, the gorilla show on the planet. This is where I respect this show because this is a voice of societal change in the gay guys are the coveted morning show which are impacting the culture that went up in the morning.


And they they want to hear that the world's most dangerous morning show. Good morning, USA. Yo, yo, yo, yo. Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo.


Angeles out. What up, Charlamagne? Peace to the planet is Thursday. Toronto, what up? What's going on is happening. We hear Ashley went on vacation. Yes, she went on vacation. What was you when I interrupted, watching everybody everybody back on the stage. OK, I be on Instagram watching everybody on vacation. It seems like everybody goes to Looma, Jamaica, and I see Mexico and Turks and Caicos.


Those are the places I've been set aside alone.


So I'm saying I know people all over Mexico, but I see a lot people go it alone. Yeah, yes, yeah, yeah. And I'm happy for you. So when she comes back, I guess she has to quarantine 14 days and stay away from me in this together. And my Manolo Duvall says we are in this together, but stay with me. I'm with you. I mean, I actually have a Charlamagne hasn't gone anywhere. And there's a reason for that as we get nervous if we don't want to catch anything and bring it back to our family.


So that's where we've been staying put now. Did you see the game last night?


Up until I didn't want to watch it no more because the lake was buzzing so bad. I watched it like before I went to the forecourt at the end of the third quarter. I actually turned it off. And when I said, you see the first go first quarter, he was playing good.


It was up thirteen. I'm like, OK, this is going to be that. It was up thirteen. But the lake, it was up thirteen with the Lakers still finish the first quarter up by three know. So I mean, look at my man Josh with my man Josh from Boston. He asked me last night, he said, you know who you think will win the series. I said, I, I, I think the Lakers will probably sweep the Heat like the Heat, the tough team.


But I don't know if not for the L.A. Lakers are sweeping, but I think maybe I could squeeze out one. But I think the Lakers are sweeping knows, I guess.


All right. All right. Now, this morning, joining us, we have Congressman Cedric Richmond.


He'll be talking to Congressman Cedric Richmond, and he is vice president, presidential nominee Joe Biden's co-chair.


OK, yeah. What does that mean? What does that mean? I have no idea. OK, you're the second person to ask me that in two days. What is the coach here? I don't know. I don't even think about it. OK, be honest with you. I used to Secretary of Defense of Fox News.


I have never been that shut up right now. Like, if you believe that what cares said about the truth when the lie is more entertaining. I seen it all the people say those type of stupid stuff they hate had to be repeated. No, no, I am I my comments for the next six months. Charlamagne is biased because he's part of Kanye West's campaign. Like, what are you talking about? That's true. All right.


Well, let's get the show crack front page news. We're talking about Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Carina's. Some things he had to say. So we'll talk about that when we come back is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody.


Is T.J. Envy Angela? Yes. I mean, the guy we ought to breakfast club, Angela is on vacation. So let's get on some front page news.


The last night in basketball, the Lakers beat the Miami Heat, won sixteen ninety eight. Lakers blew them away. Like I said, Miami Heat had a lead in the first quarter. They were up thirteen and they never seen the lead again. Now, Sunday's game football between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Tennessee Titans has been postponed that they believe, to either Monday or Tuesday. And that's because four players and five team staff members plus panel tested positive for covid-19.


So so one team for the economy for the whole week and they get to play on Tuesday.


If there's no more positive test, then they'll get to play on Monday or Tuesday.


Now, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, he was granted forty eight hour delay in release, have begun to tell his grand jury recordings. He originally wanted two weeks. So he spoke to the press yesterday and they asked if he was nervous. That's why he's not releasing it, asking for more time to release this audio.


No, we're fully confident in the presentation that we put forward. At the end of the day, it was our responsibility to uncover the truth. I know the truth sometimes will make people uncomfortable, uncomfortable. Some in the public had already made a determination about where they wanted to see this case conclude without all of the facts. It was this office a responsibility to find those facts and then have that lead to the conclusions.


Stop it, Daniel. Knock it off. I saw a picture of Daniel Cameron getting a haircut in Supercoach yesterday, and now I really don't trust him. That tells me everything I need to know about him. OK, and I don't understand why. Daniel. Yeah. A black man getting a haircut. I said because it sounds crazy. White woman.


I don't understand why Daniel is in the way. Like, why is he going so hard to protect law enforcement? If somebody screwed up, they should have to pay for their mistakes. Your job as a leader is the whole force accountable. So do it. Why? Why is he in the way for now?


Also, he talks about friendly fire. They believe that one of the cops was shot at with friendly fire, that they basically shot themselves. Well, this is what he had to say about that.


The entry wound for Sergeant Madingley was to the front of his leg and the Kaspi and LAPD the bullet that was found outside in the four year.


Was a Rimmington round, so everything indicates that that was a round that was fired by by Kitty Walker, this notion that somehow there was a friendly fire or cross fire that hit Sergeant Matt Mattingly is a is a silly idea, was silly, is calling it friendly fire.


Why did they call it friendly fire? I've heard that term throughout my life. Could somebody explain to me why it's called friendly fire was friendly about someone kicking in your door, you thinking it's an intruder, so you shoot to protect your house with any which any sane human would do and then they shoot back? That was friendly about that. Well, no, that's not friendly.


Fire friendly fire is basically the police officer shooting at somebody and then they shoot each other. That's friendly fire. We're on the same team. And you shot me by accident. That's friendly.


Well, that's a man or that's your team and he shoots by accident. That's friendly fire, by the way. I'd never heard that that theory until David Cameron said I never heard anything about the cops shooting. So.


And lastly, we'll just play one more that talk about the witnesses to one of the witnesses changing their testimony and why that was why that wasn't as significant as we thought.


Well, as it relates to that specific witness we presented on all of the discrepancies in his testimony, we provided all of that information to the grand jury for them to hear and to process. The fact of the matter is, is that particular witness who was in close proximity as it relates to hearing and being able to hear the knocking of the officers and at least one account on one account, he says that he heard the knocking, the fact that others did not hear that.


I will pass judgment on that.


Oh, you know what the hell you talk about? Well, that's the witness testimony and the reason why he said the witness changed his testimony. It doesn't matter if the witness had the facts, not you don't need it. You don't need the fact that what you heard, that's what you heard you say. But you stand by what you heard. It doesn't matter that they all all these facts came out and then this information came out.


It doesn't matter the witness, why what they heard, why is that one witness more credible than the other witnesses that they had, that they look like, what, 13, 14 witnesses or something like that? Why the one person why you listed out one person as opposed to everybody else with the same story, saying that they didn't hear at least nothing so that they didn't hear police knock, hey, why and why the person that was in the house?


Kind of why? Why is he not credible? He was in the crib.


He would know the they might. But that is your front page news. Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to vent, hit us up right now.


Again, eight hundred five eight five one two five one. Get it off your chest. The phone lines are wide open. Is the Breakfast Club.


Come on. The Breakfast Club. L.A. is where I was born and raised. And for years, it's where I've documented life in the city, not the pop culture headlines, but the stories of people and communities that hardly get recognized copycat ways. Good morning. I brought L.A. wherever I travel to around the world as a journalist, and now I'm back home.


You're not. Look at those cowboys. There are black cowboys. I taught them how to do everything. Kobe's Kobe, Kobe, Kobe. Kobe made people feel as confident as he was. How do you dress? He's like, you know, like a casual gangster from Alea Studios. This is California Love.


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Wake up, wake up, wake your ass. This is your time to get it off your chest, whether you're mad or blessed. We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello, this is what's going on, Broers Melo Melo was something, man, you mean iPhone Semba looking for you maybe Bug and you need to talk to him not he's a fake because I've moved out in New York. I came back for a day, but I didn't get a chance to link him.


Fine, but I got him. Don't worry about that.


Like you said, you know. You know, I found him hit me yesterday. He got a check on me, and instead of going to invest it, I looked up. He bought a Rolex for him. He bought a Rolex for his girl. He was Gucci out. She was Fendi out on the company. He said, I want to invest it, but nobody helped me. So I just bought this.


I'm like, bro, you got to you got to do yourself some. I mean, here to talk about that, that's as between, you know. Oh, no, no. That's your man's that's my brother to get there. That's my brother.


That's just like a couple. I go lie to you. Yo, yo, yo. Did you deserve it? Did you ever fulfill six wishes or. No.


Oh he didn't he beat the case. I mean, he didn't beat the case. He lost to Casey. Nah.


Broken compared sixty seven years and one year in the crib.


Now you need to know a sentence is a sentence. OK, beating the case means you didn't get sentenced to nothing. But anyway, what are you here for sir. Man enough about us talking. Wow. What do you mean.


What do you mean. What do you mean us.


I mean you, you keep telling yourself they you know, honestly I to talk about the whole debate situation, like what was that about.


Like as far as Trump instead of saying don't do it, he just said stand up now where I'm from, stand by, please wait for further instructions. Absolutely. Like so this is going gonna sit there and ignore the fact that that's what he said. And then on top of that, Biden, like Charlie said, you are worse. You are the worst person for running for president like you. You just don't know how to do it like it's horrible.


Then on top of that, he's said to talk about all the things he's going to do as president. Like you're going to have eight years to do that as vice president. This is just crazy time. What difference does it options?


We have presidents, so act accordingly.


On November 3rd first, then everybody would say I'm a twenty twenty. President Kennedy, bro, will you please come here?


You would vote for you would vote for Roddy Richar with Joe Biden or Donald Trump.


Twenty. Twenty President Kennedy. I'm evaluating all the options. That's all I'm saying.


But wow, I get it says a lot about America out there man. Go find our phone man. Make sure your mouth is wet. Have a good woman.


Daniel Hernandez makes it your mouth way.


Guys flirt so much. Get it off your chest. 805 eight five one two five one. If you need to win or you having secret fantasies like Melo and Charlamagne, whatever it may be, call us up now is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. This is your time to get it off your chest, whether you're mad or blessed, but at the same time, we want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello? Who's this? Megan.


Megan, what's up? Get it off your chest. I just want to get some opinion from you that I recently made was that man.


Yes. I got down yesterday and he basically told me that it will be OK or that I will listen to analyze. And he felt like I was just insecure and I wasn't affectionate. So I feel like if holding somebody down and being there and everything from jail repels all these, how can you just let them go like that?


And then I'll stop being around my. I love you together. Together for a. He put me he told me to wait on him for over half of a month. I waited on him. I asked him to go back out with me. He asked me back then we were together for like a week and then all of a sudden get his car. He got my life. Well, I have to tell you, you know, sometimes rejection is God's protection.


So if it was meant to be, I would have been together. But being that is not meant to be. You should just look at the bright side and say maybe God is protecting you from something. Clearly, he's not the one. No matter how good their penis was, no matter how much he loved you, you thought he loved you.


He just wasn't the one in his crying because I prayed and prayed and prayed. I mean, we went through hell with it. I just don't understand how you could disappoint me. And then I had to have somebody call you. Just answer my calls.


Or maybe you said you prayed, you prayed, you prayed, and God gave you the sign. That's right. God removed you and your life.


Oh, after the fact, four years after we I used to have put it together, he was on the right track, but it was he and his family didn't even want him. And, you know, I'm saying I'm like, well, how when I'm alone is there.


And like I said, rejection is God's protection. Sometimes God protecting you from you can look at my map. And I thought to myself, you know, I mean, wow, maybe that's what it is.


Maybe you just didn't look as good on SNAP as you used to stop him on. But just just just just block him from snap and move on.


Now, just respect you. You don't want him back.


All right. I'm just saying, you know, I'm on your side and I love you and I appreciate you. But I'm telling you, if he was looking at your snap and still dumped you by all those cardinals, you have to go with mama hello's this morning. What's up, King Solomon? Let's move. Yes, sir. Oh, man. He's a phone bad man. You fascinating this character. I agree with the young lady yesterday. It's easy.


Oh, man.


I think you all agree. I think y'all are ridiculous as humans thinking that we can't we can't critique somebody, talk about their flaws, talk about the imperfections and still vote for them. We've got to stop this. Go along just to get along stuff. You got a lot of people how you keep people honest, how you keep people honest if you're not telling them the truth. Oh, the poor people that need.


No, you don't. It's just not true. I need a birth now because you got to do more. He's got to do more for the people that they need is dying. Can I ask you a question? You've proven that. Can I ask you a question? Think can I ask you a question? I know Trump isn't going to do anything. I know Trump isn't going to do anything. But how do you keep a politician honest? How do you make sure that a politician does everything he says he's going to do?


If we're afraid to critique him, you can still critique Joe Biden and vote for him, because guess what? After he gets in the White House, after we after he gets in the White House, we're going to need somebody to stay on his ass and make sure he helps those same people saying and he's promising he's going to help pressure the pressure.


But that's the getting it in there. At least he's committing to doing something for doing it. You know what you know.


You know you know what? Joe Biden you know why Joe Biden committed to doing something for us? Because we've been applying pressure. We were applying pressure about him picking a black woman running mate. We were applying pressure about him having a black agenda. Thank you for calling, man, because people over there vote for Trump.


Let's get him into doing that.


This is a four hour show.


I don't know if you guys know who's influencing people to vote for Trump. I'm gonna tell you the other thing. Not only not only do I apply pressure because I want Joe Biden to do what he said he's going to do. I want Joe Biden to do things that's going to make people get off the ass and vote in November because guess what? Or point four million people who voted in twenty twelve stayed home in twenty sixteen. A third of them were black.


And a lot of those people still feel like candidates like Joe Biden aren't doing enough or saying enough in regards to their interests. So, yes, I'd be on Joe Biden and Senator Harris, is that about putting things out there for us as a people? So on November 3rd, we ain't got no excuses. All right.


Get it off your chest at the end of the runway. I'll be scared of the white man. Now, we got rumors on the way. We'll tell you who just picked up a thirty six million dollar home to guess how. Swimming pool, tennis court in Bel Air, we'll tell you about it. Keep it like this, the breakfast local morning, the Breakfast Club. But it's about who's going to report. Well, this is the rumor report with Angela Gates on The Breakfast Club.


And how about this, Charlamagne?


LeBron James just paid 36 million dollars for a new home in L.A. Now that his home, he makes 37 million a year from the NBA, but he bought this house with 36 million dollars, is a Beverly Hills mansion. It's 90, 100 square feet. It has two guest homes, swimming pool, tennis court, two and a half acres. And they say the views are crazy. They said the previous owner is soap opera royalty, Lee Phillip Bell.


You know who that is? She's the one who created both The Bold and the Beautiful and the young and the Restless.


Oh, she's the whole legend. She kept our grandparents entertained for years to her.


Yeah, she passed away and the estate had to house and he sold it to LeBron James. Well, it sounds to me like LeBron James isn't going anywhere anytime soon. You know, like LLB. Sounds like the kids will be growing up in L.A., graduating from L.A., all of that good stuff, saluting.


And that's his third home in L.A. that he owns currently. Now, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, they share some devastating news.


Yesterday, they lost their third child, Paul, on Instagram. We are shocked. And in the kind of deep pain you only hear about the kind of pain we've never felt before. We were never able to stop the bleeding because she talked about the bleeding and give our baby the fluids he needed despite bags and bags of blood transfusion. It wasn't enough.


So I can't imagine. I don't want to imagine. I mean, you know, you carry a baby for eight, nine months. You start doing all the preparations. You probably got the room ready. You got toys, people sending you stuff on the registry. And then that happens. That that's got to be beyond heartbreaking. Yeah.


You don't. You don't. Well, I didn't necessarily realize how hard it was to have a child when especially as I have so many and it was so easy until we tried to have Brooklyn, which was the last one.


And right before Brooklyn, you know, Guia and I had a miscarriage.


It wasn't as late, but it was it was more difficult than before. And we you know, it was we understood and we've heard so many stories of women having miscarriages and didn't know how to take it. So it is a big thing. So definitely praying for John Legend and Chrissy Teigen.


On the other note, another note, Usher welcomes a daughter, Sovereign Bo Raymond. So we got to congratulate to Usher and also Kevin Hart and wife Aniko.


They welcome their baby girl Kyrie My heart. So congratulations to them.


Saluted our hearts drop on close bonds for the hearts. That's life, man. That's life and death and sadly young. Yeah, you know, friends up for John Legend. Tegan Manpreet is up for us and you know his family and Kevin and. And their family. Yeah everybody.


Now also I don't know if you watch the show. I really love the show. It's called Storage Wars.


Do you ever watch that? No. Well, it's in a storage container that will have storage wars works is they pretty much auction off storage containers when people don't pay it. So when people die or they don't have money, they don't pay those storage containers anymore. They auction it off and you never know what's inside. So one person purchased a storage container. It had it was all Kobe Bryant memorabilia. So it was like 35 pairs of shoes. It was jerseys.


It was Lakers practice gears. There was a lake is all access badge that said Mumba. It was tax paperwork and more. I believe it was probably Kobe Bryant, Kobe Bryant storage containers. So the lady had bought it and found out that Vanessa Bryant really wanted information and really wanted the stuff that was in there. So the reps reached out to the person that purchased it and they gave it back.


So that was God bless all that stuff back. Yeah, God bless her. Did she give it back for free?


They didn't say. They said a number of personal items weren't items and paperwork was so well, they were sold directly back to the Bryant family. So it was sold. Interesting.


I wonder I wonder if you was in that situation, would you sell the memorabilia back to the family or would you just give it back to the family? I'm not I'm to be honest with you, the type of person I am.


I would have just given it back to the family only because it was clearly feel it doesn't feel like it belongs to me. Plus, you know, due to the circumstances of Kobe's tragic passing, I would have just given it back to the family personally. That's me.


Yeah, but the person who caused it when sometimes only duty storage containers, you don't know how much a person has. So if you pay three thousand for this container, you might not have the money. You might invest it all in getting it back.


No, I'm not mad at the woman for what she did. Or the person. Or the woman. A guy. A girl.


I don't I didn't hear what it was about, what the person's name was Renee. But Renee could be a woman or a man. But it was a woman.


Well, I'm not mad at Rene for, you know, whatever she decided to do with Kobe's memorabilia. I'm just saying what I think I would do in that situation.


I'm not mad at Rene did. OK, all right. Well, that is your rumor report. Now, when we come back, we got front page news. We'll tell you about Donald Trump. And I'm proud. I'm a good old cowboys, so we'll talk about it when we come back. A black cowboy is no black and proud boy. Well, you ain't one of those good old cowboys, so we'll talk about it when we come back as a breakfast.


Lockable morning, everybody. Is D.J. N.V., Angela Angeles, Charlamagne, the guy we are The Breakfast Club. We got a special guest on the line. We have Congressman Cedric Richmond.


Welcome, brother. Good morning to you. How are you this morning? How are you doing? What's up, King?


We had a very entertaining debate last night. Do you think it was productive?


No, I really don't. I think that the vice president went in and wanted to debate the issues and show the American people the difference between he and his opponent. But I don't think he got that chance. And then it just turned into an unfortunate freefall with just blatant lies. And, you know, you saw it.


And what is your actual role in the Biden campaign? So I know, you know, you represent Louisiana in the second congressional district in the House of Representatives. What's your role in the Biden?


I'm co-chair and I've been coaching since the day we launched and now we have some other co-chairs. But for a long time, it was just us, Steve Ricchetti, the chair and the entire primary. But I've been there from the beginning at the inner circle helping guide the campaign and, of course, set policy and priorities.


What are some things about Joe Biden that you think that people don't know, that they should know when coming up to this Election Day?


The first thing I say is, you know, he is who he appears to be and that is a person who cares. He's not a person that is right 100 percent of the time and is perfect. But he is a person who strives to get things right and he strives to help other people's lives. So what I was amazed about is as we started this campaign, we would go places and we would work rope line, so to speak, with a couple of hundred people.


They all come up and he will not leave until he shakes every hand and listens to every story. And if there's a kid who stutters, he's going to get his personal phone number and he's going to call him later to say, look, I stuttered. You can still achieve anything you want to achieve, that he runs into a woman with cancer. He's going to talk to you about the progress we're making with the cancer moonshot and the fact that he lost a son to cancer and that, you know, he's thinking about it and he may drop our note or call it.


The point of it is, you know, in politics, you know, you see people, but you don't get to know him. And watching him that he really, really cares was, you know, a pleasant surprise in terms of politicians. So, you know, that's what I think people really should know, is that he cares and he wants to improve the lives of others.


Well, how to be like for any black person who feels like, you know, they want to stay home in November. Right. Because, you know, we talk about the four point four million people who voted in 2012 that didn't show up in 2016. A third of them were black.


And everybody saying, oh, voters already got their mind made up. They know they're going to go by and they know they're going to go. Trump What about the person who doesn't feel like they want to vote at all? What is the one thing you would tell that black voter they should show up for?


Well, show me. You're right. And but it's not just the black voter who will stay at home. It's also that black voter at twenty sixteen that voted for Jill Stein or the third party candidate because Hillary and Trump were good enough. And so we're talking to both of them. So here's that short answer. And especially for black people, it's about the architect of our own future. And so that means a presidential plan that will, on day one, triple funding the title one schools, which means those schools in affluent neighborhoods that have twenty three billion dollars more of funding in schools in our neighborhood.


We level that playing field from day one and then we go on to do a whole bunch of things. Look, I just have to say this. We have an aggressive criminal justice reform platform. We have an aggressive police reform platform. But those are not the only two things that African-Americans think about in this country. It is about economic empowerment. Black men want to be good fathers. Black men want to be head to their household. And so we have to talk about entrepreneurship.


We have to talk about how to give access to capital. We have to talk about college education and making sure it's affordable. So then you look at the 70 billion dollars that we want to put into HPC use are the home ownership program we want to do, which would allow black people to pass wealth on from generation to generation. And then I just close with this element where also the pledge was to make sure that we have the most diverse cabinet in the history of the United States, because what we do know is that we're not going to impose our beliefs on the black community.


We want black leaders at the table help devising how to empower black people, not other people. Tell them.


Black people, how to empower black people, but black people doing it, you know, you know, last night was a 90 minute debate and with everything facing black people in America just this year in 2020, they spoke on race for like a hundred in three seconds.


Why aren't our issues better represented?


Well, first of all, it was obvious from the start, and this is not the Biden position. So I just want to be clear about this. This is Cedric Richmond's position for Chris Wallace in the subject matters, not race and violence together is offensive and racist from the start. So when we got the shot saying the subject matter, we will cover services like covid unemployment, Supreme Court race, slash violence, Obama?


S leading, us leading.


And that's just the type of things that we kind of deal with. But look, people are still in this country uncomfortable talking about race. They're uncomfortable talking about systematic racism. They're uncomfortable talking about white supremacy. We saw what Trump did last night with that question. But this country is still even after the George Floyd inflection point, they're still uncomfortable talking about it. And so that's why you see just such a small portion of time dedicated to race of black issues, let alone no conversation about equity.


And so that's where we find ourselves.


And what did you think about when President Trump brought up Joe Biden's son and some of the things he said about his son, you know, being hooked on drugs and being kicked out of the army?


Well, how did he say that?


He was like, well, not dishonorable discharge, dishonorable discharge when I think that that part is incorrect. But the main point that Biden suffered from substance abuse and was addicted to drugs was true and the vice president admitted it. But in a country right now where we have an opioid crisis facing this country to still dehumanize or pick on people because of a substance abuse problem, I think shows why he should not be president. And so whether it's opioids or other drugs, America has a substance abuse problem and we have a plan to address opiate addiction and others.


And it just shows that this president is not ready to lead. But it also shows that Vice President Biden, you know, he's honest and he admitted it as hard as it was to look at the camera, knowing that your grandkids are watching, that hundreds of children are watching. He had and he did admit that their family has dealt with that and he did it and he's proud of them. So just like in our communities, look, we all have that relative that we know is addicted to something and we don't stop loving.


What we do is try to double down and continue to help them, even if it's high.


We got more with Congressman Cedric Richmond when we come back. Don't Move is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club, Angeles on vacation.


So let's get some front page news now in sports.


Last night, the Lakers beat the Miami Heat. They lead the series one zero to score was one sixteenth ninety eight. Did you see the game?


Oh, I saw the first three quarters and I went to sleep because the Lakers was buzzing. Yeah. So I think I can see the Lakers sweep in Miami, especially after I don't know how serious Jimmy Butler's injury is. And Bam, Bam was injured last night and somebody else from the heat got an injury.


I don't know how serious those injuries are, but I can see the Lakers. We've been all right.


And also, Sunday's game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Tennessee Titans has been postponed to either Monday or Tuesday, assuming no more positive tests from now until game time.


So we'll see if that has to be moved off. They will play the actual game.


Now, you're president. During the debate, he talked about white supremacy and this is what he said.


I would say almost everything I see is from the left wing, not from the right. So what are you what are you saying? I'm willing to do anything. I want to see to do it, sir. I do it. Say, what do you want to call him? Give me a name. Give me a person like me that can different voices and right from the message.


Stand back and stand by. But I'll tell you what, I'll tell you what. Somebody's got to do something about antifa and the left antifa is an idea, not an organization you got. If not, that's what it is tonight.


DCI director said, I don't know anybody who's a part of that. Even when I hear Antifa, I think that's more was because in matter of fact and he sounds like insurance, I would just think as a black person I would know at least one person who's a member of Antifa. I don't know anybody that's in a.. For do you. I don't.


I would think I would think I would know at least one from remember, I don't know anybody that's a member of NATO. The only time I had tea with. From the mountain white people, well, yesterday he was asked about the proud boys, so I guess the proud boys, are they a white supremacy group? What are the problems? I have no idea.


But I don't know the classified as a far right extremist group, but I don't I don't know who they are.


Bunch of white people that need to stay out of my way. God, they're making me.


Well, when was asked about the Cowboys yesterday, this is what he said.


I don't know who the proud boys are. I mean, you have to give me a definition because I really don't know who they are. I can only say they have to stand down, let law enforcement do their work as people see how bad this radical liberal Democrat movement is and how weak the law enforcement's going to come back stronger and stronger. I've always denounced any form of any of that you have to denounce. But I also think Joe Biden has to say something about Antifa.


It's not a philosophy. These are people that hit people over the head with a baseball bat.


I don't he didn't say stand by this time. I don't know anything about the Cowboys. I've heard about them. But are they are they like a secret organization? Are they open with the bang? OK, what have they done? Do they have a sign, a symbol, a dance? Like how do they identify themselves?


I don't know what kind of dance would they have? Like a cowboy dance? Like what kind of dancing? You expect it? I have no idea. But I'll tell you what, cowboys don't let your president cause you to get your head was OK. Not to mention one of the problem members I read about. His name was Alan Swane.


He was fifty years old. You're not a boy. You're a whole grown ass man, OK? You know, old wounds, old bones and wounds not going to heal the way they used to, you know?


OK, fifty years old right now. What are you, a proud boy?


All right. Well, that is your front page news. Now, when we come back, Congressman Cedric Richmond will be joining us. He's the co-chair of Joe Biden's campaign. And what else do we know about Cedric with Michelle and Cedric?


Richmond is a congressman. He's a congressman from Louisiana and he's a brother. So we'll talk to him when we come back.


And he goes, you go he goes borrow a lot because he'd be he'd be snapping on folks. But Cedric, Cedric is a good person to have a conversation with, OK? He's basically the coach. He's like the second, maybe, maybe second in command. I don't know. OK, tie up my pants campaign. OK, all right.


So we'll talk to him when we come back. So Don't Move is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. And next hour, since Angeliki is not here, acts as C and E, so if you need relationship advice or any type of advice, you can start to get, you can still get on the phone lines right now.




So if you need to ask us anything in other areas, we don't know what a coach area, as you all know what it probably is about on what would they ask us?


We got eight kids between us both. You know, you've been married a long time. I've been married a long time. I think we know a couple of things, don't you think?


OK, OK with that.


So we'll get into that next. It's The Breakfast Club. Come on. The Breakfast Club. Morning, everybody, is T.J. and Angela Guy Charlemagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club right now. We're kicking it with Congressman Cedric Richmond, who's also the co-chair of Joe Biden's campaign, Selimi.


So, Cedric, do you think we should have more debates? Because I don't think we should.


I think it's pointless just me not to campaign. I would not debate Trump again without a fact checker. But when you do the candidate, if there's a match, you're going to show up and you're going to get in into the ring. But I think that they have to make some real changes to that format. Look, my grandmother always told me, never argue with a fool, because from a distance you can't tell who you tell who's who you are.


And so if you jump in that ring and all hell breaks loose like it did, it really diminishes you because you're whether you want to or not, you're going to be taken down to his level. And so I do have that real concern.


You know, another question I'd love you to give me some clarity on, because I thought this was going to be a slam dunk for him to nail Trump on the seven hundred and fifty dollars in taxes that he paid. But Trump flipped it and said it was Obama's policies that enabled him to get a 73 million dollar tax refund. So so was it Obama's stimulus policy that led to the Obama IRS writing a check back to Trump because Biden didn't dispute that?


No, it wasn't. It was the fact that the system has always been rigged for those who can write off expenses, deferred depreciation and do all of those things. Now, where there are some things in the Obama tax bill that Donald Trump was probably able to take advantage of. Absolutely. But remember, we were coming out of the worst recession in the Great Depression. We were trying to jumpstart an economy. So we had not only the stimulus package, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, we also did what they did at the time, some creative stuff in taxes to keep businesses afloat, keep people employed, which is why you saw towards the end of their presidency record job growth and turn it around, which Donald Trump squandered.


But for an American president to stand up there and be gleeful and boastful about the fact that he's rich and he doesn't pay taxes when he pays less taxes than a schoolteacher on the front line, workers that are out there risking their lives. I thought that was just an insult to injury. And so, you know, that's partly why the first thing we want to do is repeal the Trump tax cuts and invest that money into other things that will improve the lives of the other 99 percent and that the top one percent.


I agree with that.


But isn't it hypocritical to now try to nail somebody for something that an administration you was a part of implementing?


Well, it goes back further than that. And no, I don't think it's hypocritical. You know, if you look at the whole article, there are a whole bunch of things that Trump took advantage of. So if we cannot rely on Trump's assertion that he used the Obama era tax rules to do that, he's a liar and a cheat. And I don't believe his taxes are on the up and up. I think he'll write down whatever he needs to write down, like the seventy thousand dollars on care or whatever that mess was in order to take a deduction or a break.


You know, Trump is telling his folks to show up to the polls. You know, he said that last night. He actually told some of his supporters to go to the polls and basically disrupt things. You know, but Democrats are telling folks to do mail in ballots and absentee ballots.


What is more effect?


Look, I am stressing where you have early in-person early vote. That's what I'm pushing because, one, you can social justice, the lines are not that long and there's no doubt that your vote counts. And so with mail in ballots, which is accurate, you know, I don't have a fear there. But I my fear is that if you don't get the form exactly right, that Republicans are going to be challenging your ballot. So you trust mail in ballots?


I do. I trust mail in ballots. But here's the part that scares me is that Republicans are going to challenge every Democratic mail in ballots to see if my grandmother left off a line that needed to be filled out or in some states where you have to do it in black ink, not blowing to challenge the ballot. So if you're going to do a mail in ballot, look, go to YouTube where I will vote outcome that you can go to to make sure that you fill the ballot out.


Exactly right. So that we know that it will be counted. And so if you're going to do mail in ballot, which is safe, just make sure you got all your I's and cross all your T's.


Besides fact checking, which you said earlier after this after last night's debate, what do you go back to the drawing board and say, you know what, we have to do this different. We have to make sure for the next time this has to be done this way. What do you talk about to make sure that whatever happened in the last one doesn't happen again, to make sure we don't go to Trump's level?


We are classier than he is. And you know that saying about wrestling would appear you both get money, but the pig enjoys and making sure that the public understands the difference. I mean, this guy still will not own the fact that we have over 200000 people dead because he's incompetent. He knew he lied. He covered it up also that he could protect his economy and protect Wall Street. And so, you know, we're paying a price for that.


So all of these people that are catching hell, homeschooling, that's his fault. Those people that are unemployed right now. That's his fault. Those people who have lost a loved one. That is his fault. It is the coronavirus, but it is the Trump incompetence that put us in this position. And I don't think that we talked about that enough last night, made it clear enough that it should have been handled better. We did it with Ebola and we should have been able to do it with coronavirus.


Do you think that the vice president's answer are nonanswer about support he received from the police will hurt him?


No. The fact that we don't have a bunch of police union support, I don't think it hurts us. I think that what it means is that after George flight, after all of these incidents where unarmed African-Americans found themselves dead or injured, I think that it means that Vice President Biden stood up and spoke his truth, which is this has to stop, that there is systematic racism in policing. And, yes, that cost him some support in police unions.


However, he has to answer them.


And he was the answer, Cedric. That's the answer.


Like, why couldn't he reply like that? If you reply like that, people sitting back and be like, oh, yeah, he did speak up for, you know, the protesters in the street. He did speak up for unarmed black and brown people. That's why the police won't support him. I want to ask you a couple more questions. How can a black person in good conscience be a member of the Democratic or Republican Party? Because I just don't ever feel like our issues, our interests are represented in either.


The basic principle of the Democratic Party is that we understand that government is here to help people, especially when they can't help themselves. Sometimes people get knocked down where they don't have the capacity to help themselves back up. So whether it was Hurricane Katrina, Rita, Hurricane Sandy or the wildfires or cold it where you see an economy destroyed, you see people out of work. What we believe in as Democrats is, yes, we're going to try to help people lift themselves back up.


So that means right now, if we have to expand food stamps, you know, people would call them like it's a bad thing, then that's what we're going to do, because we understand that people have food pantry lives and it's not their fault. It is the fault of the federal government who couldn't contain coronaviruses. People are unemployed. We're going to expand unemployment benefits so people can pay their rent, their mortgage or whatever else. Now, the other part is we're going to empower people and give them the ability to strike their own path towards a future.


Now, does everybody get it right? Is the legislative system a very frustrating system? Absolutely. I enjoyed being a electrician much better than a legislator, because when I was electrician, at the end of the day, I flipped the switch. The fan came on, the light came on. I saw the progress and the legislature sometimes you will go years. It took me almost six years to repeal the mandatory life sentence for a first offense, heroin in Louisiana, six years.


But we got it done in the 52 guys that were doing life for first arrest of distribution of heroin got to come home. And so, wow, you know, it's a frustrating process, but it's the government we have. And I believe that the Democratic Party truly cares about uplifting people and helping people when they can't help themselves.


When we come back, we got more with Congressman Cedric Richmond.


So Don't Move is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club right now. We're kicking it with Congressman Cedric Richmond, who's also the co-chair of Joe Biden's campaign, telling me how many guns you own right now, especially after hearing Donald Trump tell, you know, the proud boys to be on stand by you, a Louisiana man. How many guns do I have?


One gun and I'm looking at purchasing another in the unfortunate part, as I thought, I saw a movie the other day and I just decided that with the chaos going on, the firearm that that person had that I want. So what kind of phone was this?


Desert Eagle with the 40 caliber. What was it? No, they were there's two that I want. One is the judge. I don't know if you've ever seen it. It's a handgun. It's a revolver that can shoot either of 45 bullets or because shoot, I think a four one shotgun shell. And if you if you're home, just go back to that scene in Boyz in the Hood where Laurence Fishburne shoots straight through the front door. If you're coming in my house, I'm going to assume that you are full.


And I don't want to necessarily have to be the, you know, aim the best. So that revolver with shotgun shells and it I think will spray. Yeah.


Why do people think Democrats are anti Second Amendment? I don't know. Look, the best hunter and shooter in Congress is a guy named Bennie Thompson, a black guy from Mississippi. And so I don't know why people assume that we're not for the Second Amendment, but everything has limits. You can't have a bazooka. I mean, it'd be great to own a bazooka, but you can't. And so you can't have it in 16. So at some point, weapons or weapons of mass destruction, not the Second Amendment.


And think about this. When they wrote the Second Amendment, there was no such thing as the AR 15. There was no such thing as an F-16. So the framers of the Constitution were not talking about guns that could cause that much carnage in such little time. So, you know, I don't know why, but to have some reasonable gun reform, like closing the Charleston loophole where this kid sat in that church and he said the people were so nice to him that he had second thoughts before he murdered them.


And you mean to tell me we can't just if your background check doesn't come back in 72 hours, you have to have that gun. Well, let me just tell you something. For my neighbor, the person who needs a gun immediately is the person they shouldn't have a gun because something is wrong. If you want a gun and you cannot wait to get it. And so those are the types of things I think we just have to talk to the American people.


That is just common sense. And so, you know, I don't know why Democrats get the problem, because we let them say, you know, if you let people see stuff over and over again, people will start to believe it is why Muhammad Ali always said he was the greatest reporter, asked him why. He said, I said enough people will believe it.


Yeah, that's my that's always my biggest issue with the Democrats is the messaging, you know, and like that's why I thought the debates would have maybe, you know, done Vice President Biden some good. But do you think people who view the debate gained any clarity answers?


No. Yeah, I do. I think they they getting some answers around covid-19 and his incompetence and the fact that he still does not have a plan for how you open back up government. He has this make believe and I don't want to buy good lines, was when he jabbed him on the fact that he said drink disinfectant of bleach. I mean bleach. Right. This president has no clue in how to handle the pandemic because he and his circle of friends, they made about 300 billion dollars during this pandemic.


Our circle of friends, they're hurt. And so I think that that was one of the biggest differences in the debate besides the fact that this president can't condemn white supremacy and he's going to rush to a Supreme Court pick that is adverse to Roe v. Wade. But you know what questions all of his Supreme Court picks do not answer Brown versus Board of Education and other issues, Miranda, all of those cases and most of the gains that we made in the civil rights movement came from the Supreme Court.


So that means the Supreme Court can reverse them. And I don't trust this president and his private conversations are his agenda. Just my final question.


How do you think the outcome of this debate helped or harmed Biden? Because even when I was watching, you know, cable news last night on CNN, they were saying, like, it's not like Biden was good. It's just that Trump was so bad.


A lot of people thought that Vice President Biden would not be able to hold his own without being able to stand up. And I think he did that last night and he did it well. But what I think that the biggest thing that comes out of the debate is that around the world, they're probably looking at us and laughing at America, just like they laughed at Donald Trump and were caught on tape, the world leaders. And so our standing in the world is going in the opposite direction.


And that does not make us safer for a lot of people who may be in the position that they were in with Hillary and Trump and not excited about it. I think last night was a moment of clarity that one guy is just that crazy and the other guy is genuinely concerned about their well-being and has a plan to get America moving back in the right direction. So I think it'll lock in our soft support and it will make others give us a second look.


When I look at guys like you, I see the future and I look at Senator Harris. I see the future. I just don't see the future. I didnt. You see the future on that stage. I actually saw in America. I'm so tired of I will give you the visual was two older white men. However, one of those white men picked a black woman to be his running mate. And one of those white men bowed very early on to make sure that he will put a black woman on the Supreme Court, because that's a one is the segment of the population that's been holding us down for a long time.


But to it's a segment of the population that has never had a voice on the highest court in the land. And I think that if you look at those commitments, that speaks to who he is, along with the fact that he wants to have the most diverse cabinet in the history of America and look is lift every voice agenda. It is the most ambitious black agenda of any presidential candidate in the history of America.


If we get Joe Biden and Senator Harris in the White House and you know, the black agenda, criminal justice reform, prison reform, all of these things, if they don't get done, you blame you, Congressman, because you are the hood black whisperer in that White House.


We have to blame you.


Don't cry. Now, show me. Look, I'll take that. And if we get in and we can't expand funding the title one schools create economic empowerment for black men and black businesses. If we can't do more to protect, look, it should be low hanging fruit that black people can live their lives without being shot or killed by the police. That should not be asked in the criminal justice reform, making sure that it makes sense, holding prosecutors accountable so that white kids don't get diversion and drug court and black kids get a plea bargain if we can accomplish those things.


Look, I will take the charge. I'll take the lead because I deserve it. I am vouching for this vice president and I believe when we get in office, we're going to be able to accomplish those things to move the black community forward deliberately.


Well, thank you for joining us, Congressman Cedric Richmond. We appreciate you for checking in. Don't let this be the last time that we got one thirty five more days before the election got we got 35 days out.


Come on. After Senator Harris does our thing next Wednesday. So I know she's going to show up and show out and do a really good job and show America what she's made of and what black woman magic is so right. You know, we can do it right after that. All right. Sounds good. Bye, my brother checking in, brother.


Thank you for the Breakfast Club.


Your mornings. I'll never be the same. Morning, everybody. Is deejay in the Angelie Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club.


Let's get to the room. Los Angeles or vacation. Let's talk Mariah Carey.


It's. She's feeling the heat, this is the room where reporter Angela Yeo on The Breakfast Club, Michelle Obama, Mariah Carey says Honey dip skin.


Who you think she's talking about. Shut up, man. And tell the goddamn story that Mariah Carey.


Mariah, I'm not. I'm just saying what she says.


Mariah Carey is opening up about first sexual experience with Derek Jeter going as far as to call him the honey dip skin. Now, in her new book, The Making of Mariah Carey, she says when they first met, they didn't hit it off right away. She said it wasn't until they shared their experiences about being biracial that Mariah Carey saw Ajita as Prince Charming.


Oh, that's amazing. Biracial love. You wouldn't know about their sex life now, he said the two begin to secretly talk in a shiny talking like this. I don't know.


It just feels like I should be alive to to begin to slowly talk shit.


A war slow intoxicate and kiss on Qaeda's roof with you at Yankee Funeral, which inspired her song The Roof. Yes, I am.


You sound like you masturbated to a Derek Jeter jersey as to what is wrong with you. They said they never took it further because neither of them wanted to cheapen their romance by cheating on her marriage. So when the relationship was over with Tommy Mottola, they started dating. Everything was so new and sweet, down to the smooth texture of his honey skin. It was how you do. That's all you got.


I don't know why there is no human alive. That is the complexion of honey. I'm thinking. Let me think who the complexion of. Honey, I can't think of nobody. That's the complexion of honey me.


Hello honey. My skin.


I got like honey honey in yellow. You color a dirty urine, you got dirty your skin anyway you got dirty urine dip skin.


Back to my story when you don't have to go to the water carrycot experience so sensual and admitted he was the only the only the second guy she slept with. Carrie knew it wasn't going to last, saying that they were both huge stars. They could not live up to each other's fantasy, but they both fulfilled each other's needs at the time.


He was loved in my life, not of my life.


What do you mean you can't live up to the fantasy? I don't know why. Why didn't being stars can't live with defense? Is this Mariah Carey? God, I need to read it. I've been wanting to read Mariah Carey book. It actually sounds amazing out now.


I don't think it's out yet. What are you putting out? Too much? Because I feel like I didn't read the book. I want to read the book. Give me the goddamn book. When does it drop? Do you.


No, no, no, no. It sounds interesting. I want to read it now. Bryson Tiller releases his album tomorrow.


It's called Anniversary. He had a session with some of his fans.


What they can listen to some of the album, of course, his fans recorded some of it. And one of the records that everybody's talking about is Bryson until a feature in Drake.


Let's hear a clip of him thinking maybe things were never. Way, way to gauge how we got here very early, I'm sure one thing for sure is when we're together, the toxic assets. Don't mistake all the wrong things, and we shouldn't be together. Why would you go on like that? Maybe that wasn't a reference to that record.


I think it was a reference to that record. I'm just tired.


I'm like, hey, I'm checking writing to a lot of R fan. And do you ever feel bad on Bryson? Tiller drops music because you supposed to sign them. I was going to his honey dip skin. Shut up.


My intern, his name is Neil ChAFTA. Neil actually manages him and was trying to bring him to me. But you know, Dylan, artists are so crazy.


So I was I just necessarily didn't listen. But and Andre Harrell the same. I didn't listen either. And he got signed and he's doing big things. I'm proud of both Bryson, Taylor and Neil. So continue to do that in peace.


Andre Harrell. Yes. Keep doing your thing, Bryson. I'll be checking out the album tomorrow maybe.


And also lastly, Ty appeared on All Def Digital Arts and Raps and he got interviewed by two kids named Dylan and Zorya, and they didn't take it easy on him. And they asked him some questions like this. What do they call you?


Rubberband. OK, OK, we'll see. In a land far, far, far away. He called Hamilton Road Times before I was doing what I'm doing right now. I had to I had to kind of fulfill my financial needs in the area of manufacturing and distribution of illegal pharmaceuticals because we don't even know this area well.


You know what?


Don't even worry about it. Let's just say I had to keep my money, my money in my pockets. Neat.


So what would you do if some kids asked you about your old past? I would be honest with you, man. Nothing makes you feel dumber than telling kids you used to sell drugs or any of the crimes that you used to commit because explaining the old you, the people, especially kids, it's awkward and dumb. It makes you feel awkward and dumb because as you are explaining it, your brain and heart start to compute to you how stupid it was.


So is actually the kind of stuff that brings you to tears in therapy? Sometimes it's tears of sadness, you know, and sometimes it's tears of joy and it just makes you feel dumb, you know, when you're talking to kids about your past. But I mean, that's why I write books, OK? That's why I wrote Black Privilege. Opportunity comes to those who create it. And that's why I wrote a book on anxiety playing tricks on me, because you perche get it all out good.


The so-called good, so-called bad, the so-called ugly. And you let people learn from that. But when I'm sitting down talking to kids, I rather talk from the place where I am now in my life.


The brother who has been to therapy, to brother who has a sacred purpose, called to brother who's faithful to his wife, who has kids, who has grown, who has evolved. Because my understanding of myself in life is much better now than trying to explain from that perspective. I was in the street in a dumb ass knucklehead and not even in the street to ten years ago. Yeah, yeah.


I mean, it's just it's just a matter of telling them your experience and hopefully they learn from your bad experiences in the same thing, the same. And even with my kids, just let them know the truth. I'm not proud of it, but I want them to know to be like Daddy did some dumb and, you know, thank God that he's still here because of it. But yeah.


And not even when you're talking about it from the perspective of being in the street, like I said, like even if it's just ten years going, I'm talking about how we used to be to post that.


I mean, on radio or whatever podcast. Just you feel stupid.


You like doing it and you can't you can't tell him that story because kids are very impressionable. So they think they can do that same B.S. you did, whether it was from the street or whether what you were doing, what you doing in entertainment. And they think it's going to work for them. It's not going to work that way for you because you not me. That's right.


I still got my ass kicked quite a few times out here. I sure absolutely know what I mean.


And that is your room report. Emori Carey's book is out right now. So if you ordered on Amazon, you'll get it by the second or third, which is OK a day or two, so you can pick them up. I need to get that book.


I think my wife ordered it for me because I went to go look on my phone just now and it says arrives Saturday, October 3rd. So she'll like she hear me say, I want to book. She'll order for Belka.


All right. Well, that is your room report.


Now, who are you giving that donkey to for after the USPS is getting donkey today? We really need to have this conversation. This conversation is stemming from something that happened in Florida, but it's a teachable moment, a larger conversation to be had, because I think this is some foreshadowing that people would fossicking need to listen to. Oh, boy. All right.


We'll get into that next. And also, don't forget, AC and E is after that. So if you need relationship advice or any type of advice, get on the phone lines right now, Charlamagne, and I'll help you out as the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


It to him, I'm affected all around you. I want this man to and Blossman Charlamagne, the top of his gloves. I have to make a judgment of what was going to be on the docket of the day.


They chose you for the Breakfast Club, whose donkey the day to day donkey today for Thursday, October 1st.


God damn it is the 1st of October. I truly cannot believe it's October and I have to stop singing, God damn it. But I truly cannot believe it's October. We really been in the hospital for six months. Yes, we have. Unbelievable. But don't you today for Thursday, October 1st is going to USPS for all you individuals who trust mail in voting, who think that your votes will be counted by mail and get there on time. One, you believe in America and its institutions way more than I ever could.


All right. Salute to your patriotism and to in this era when we know folks Beechy when it comes to elections, if you are able bodied human being, who is able to get up and go cast your vote in person, do it. And this story is a prime example. Why see Sue Burgess of Richmond of Florida, she won the lottery, OK, a thousand dollars to be exact.


One rack, one stack of grain in her hand. She won in a second chance. Lottery drawing dropped on a goose bumps to Sue Burgess. One thousand dollars is a nice chunk of change. You can get some bills paid, get some rent paid, put some food on the table. An extra thousand dollars in your pocket is good money. OK, that's the universal basic income Andrea wants to give out. Everybody wants to give to everybody, you know, once a month.


A thousand dollars. OK, so found out she won on July 29th and most people would go to their local lottery office to claim any prize over six hundred dollars in person. Well, according to complex, all the locations were closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. July twenty nine. We was on lockdown, OK, and that left, you know, so with only one option and that's the option to mail her ticket to the states headquarters in Tallahassee.


Now, imagine being Sue Burgess, OK? Put yourself in her flip flops in Florida for one second, please. All right. Coronavirus pandemic, everything shut down, money tight. You're praying to God for blessing and then boom, a thousand dollars in your lap. You win a thousand dollars in the lottery. Look at God with the lottery locations are closed. So you submerges have to either send your ticket in the Dropbox or certified mail. You choose the latter because you only had a few days left to get your ticket postmarked and meet the one week time frame, given the winners to claim their prize.


And then this happens. Let's go to WFLA NBC eight for the report, please.


Sue Baugus was overjoyed to win a thousand bucks in the second chance lottery for the Monopoly scratch off game. Florida lotto district offices were closed because of covid, so Sue was told in order to get her winnings, she could either put the ticket in a local office, Dropbox, or send it certified mail to lotto headquarters in Tallahassee. She chose what she thought was the safest option. Her tracking information shows that the ticket made it to the Tallahassee post office at seven twelve a.m. on August 12th.


And even now, more than six weeks later, it's listed as in transit. Sensor's ticket didn't arrive. A lot of spokeswoman tells me her money was given to an alternate winner.


The Postal Service tells me they don't know what happened to this package and they're investigating. Meanwhile, I was able to get the Florida lottery to bend a little. They tell me that they're not responsible for mistakes from the Postal Service, but that if this package shows up and it's postmarked on time, they will give it to her.


One thousand dollars USPS on lawsuits, a thousand dollar ticket. So I can taste the anxiety and the disappointment you felt in my mouth right now, when you fix your mind on something and you can see it visualized it, you start making plans for it and then it just gets lost like that. It makes you feel like life sucks. I mean, how bad can things get? All right. The tracking information showed the ticket arrived at a post office in Tallahassee at seven, 12 a.m. on August 12th, but it never made its way to the lottery office.


All right.


Showing it actually showed her ticket as still in transit. So it was not delivered.


And to add insult to injury, since the ticket never made it to the office on time, her prize went to an alternate winner. Somebody else then got Sue's blessing, all because of the incompetence of the USPS. I'm saying all that to say this is Florida, one of the most important swing states in the presidential election. Florida, do you really trust mail in ballots? Everybody out there, do you really trust mail in ballots? Now, we had Congressman and Biden co-chair Cedric Richmond on last hour.


He said he trust mail in balloting once again for anybody out there that trust mail in balloting. Your trust, America and its institutions way more than I do. And I'm to tell you why. Granted, so probably was just a mistake. But just think about that on a random day in July, mail just getting lost. It's been six weeks since that ticket allegedly arrived in Tallahassee post office. Who knows what happened to it? Maybe Sue forgot to sign the back of it and somebody else didn't claim the money, but that couldn't have been the case because it went to an alternative winner.


So scratch that idea. Random Day in July, ticket gets lost. What's going to happen in November? So you and I keep telling the that you have way more faith in American institutions is because of things like this. Tuesday night, the celebrity in chief, the highest ranking white supremacists in America, Donald Trump, refused to condemn white supremacy, even told Vanilla Ice, a.k.a. the proud boys to stand back. But stand by and let me ask you a question, because I could be wrong here.


Maybe I didn't notice what I didn't see a whole lot of outrage from the Republicans. I didn't see a lot of Republicans coming out to condemn Trump. Forget politics for a second. I didn't see a whole lot of people completely outraged by those comments.


I mean, of course, the usual suspects in left wing media, you know, black folks, minorities. But what I'm talking about is a statement like that from the president of the United States of America should have had the country and a complete uproar like everyone and their mother should have been raising holy hell about that statement. But they did. And we. Did you notice anybody raising real hell about that statement? I mean, I'm not talking about the usual suspects, but just in general.


No, not at all. You know why? Because white silence is compliant. They agree with who they like that energy. So with that said, do you think these sneaky Trump supporters, these undercover white supremacists who wear Conehead hoods at night, but they your teachers, lawyers, doctors, CEOs of these Fortune 500 companies and USPS workers by day, do you think these folks want to see you voting against their guy? And no, we don't want your votes away tossing them.


If you think Sue lottery ticket got lost in Florida, wait until mail from high black and brown districts in Florida goes missing around election time. You have been warned, let's not act like if those lottery offices were open, so wouldn't have been down their ticket. They had collected her money.


Mailing in the ticket was a last resort for Sue because she had no other option. All you young ass folks with strong immune systems put your damn mask on, grab your hand sanitizer and go to the polls on November 3rd. It's just as essential as the drugstore, the pharmacy, even outside of the restaurant, going to a club, pulling up to your weed man, pulling up to your pill, man, pulling up to your show, man. Whatever you've been doing during this pandemic, to go outside, do it to go outside and vote, because I don't trust mail in voting, just like postal should.


And I'm sure at this point doesn't trust the USPS to ever to ever run. Heard that money. Please give the USPS the sweet sounds of the Hamiltons.


No, you are the donkey of the.


Doggie day, he home and some tell me, won't be the last time I have to give a USPS donkey today in the next 40 to 50 days. Yeah. Oh man. If anybody out there knows Sue Sue Burgess, abridgment of Florida, tell her I love me.


I feel like she's on Facebook. I'm not active on Facebook, but I feel like I feel like she's on Facebook in flip flops in Florida.


I just mean, I just want to I just want to highlight her for a second, that's all. Oh, yes.


All right. Well, thank you for that dunk of the day. Now, when we come back, ask C in E if you need relationship advice or any type of advice, call us. Now is the Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club. E.g., Inva Angela Ye Shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club now it's time for AC in E Angelie is also Charlamagne and I will be holding it down. So let's go to the callers. Hello.


Who's this. Hi, I'm Veronica. Hey Veronica. Veronica. How are you.


I'm good. I'm Rosa. I actually had a question. Well, both of Charlamagne, I think to really finally get it more than DGSE because he's like, yes, that's usually how it works.


He's a little what? I like that laugh. What would you say? He's he's a loyal dude.


Oh, all right.


I'm I'm I'm not I'm not I'm not sure she said she didn't go past.


I'm unless you got a lot more experience and not got to be a lawyer.


That's true. I like every mantrip.


But anyway, go ahead. My I'm here with my do now for six years and at this point it's like I'm getting on the table. OK, so every once in a while he may not make it. And talking to a girl or I looking look in text messages and see that he was talking to his ex or one night he didn't even come home for like I'm so tired now because it's like I give all my loyalty to these guys and it's like never I never get a bit of the time for my loyalty.


This guy is just like every woman is so loyal. They always wanted to be these dirtbags, you know, and I'm tired. You know, I just want to actually really that this time and this relationship, I can't walk away. I can't just get up and take off that I got kids now.


So does it make you stay if he's being disrespectful and out all night and not calling you, not telling you where he is, he's talking to other chicks. Don't let the kids be the reason you stay and keep getting hurt.


That's not that's not even that's not even the issue. Because he called people will they come out with me or whatever the point, my whole thing is, when are you going to become a man? So where you make your decisions and try and make up what you know, make your decisions, not reflect the people who are really here for you. You know, like if he out he passed into law and he up just sleeping on a friend's house.


No, you should be an adult in no way are limited, you know that. Get loose over and bring your back home. How old is he? He's thirty three. So you want to start. He's thirty three.


I've been with my woman for I don't my my woman for 22 years. Married for six. Completely faithful for, for actually the last time I did any.


That was October 2016. That is a fact. So y'all been together for six. You got about twelve more years before he hangs his jersey up for good.


You ain't got to work through the weekend or you know you are going to be because no one is really thinking, nah, nah, don't listen to me.


You got to give him an ultimatum. Tell them you want a grown ass man. You don't want a boy. All that being out in the club, not taking care home is a problem. Don't don't listen to Charlamagne. He got well. And furthermore, you put your foot down and you tell him what it is and you keep your foot on his neck.


I agree with me because my, my, my, my, my, my woman.


No, I'm saying my woman broke up with me for a whole year when when she had just graduated from college. So that definitely, you know, did put the fear of God in me. So I agree with him beyond that. But I'm I'll tell you something else. I'm not as much of a dirtbag as your man because I never stayed out all night. I always had good sense that God gave me to take my ass. Oh, man.


I thought that if he was our little man being out on if I didn't know what he was, I probably would have been crazy. But I got this man like he follows other on our location tonight. I don't know yet. You know, I'm saying I want to see if he makes a responsible decision to sober up and come home. I keep it on his face and saying if he won't come home, I should have to keep calling you after you when you don't come home.


And I shouldn't have to sit up to five o'clock in the morning to make sure you say I shouldn't have to do that. You said you said you put more on my shoulder. You know, never the whole six years I've never actually left him. So where I need to make him realize what he got. You know, I'm saying I never done it.


And sometimes you got to put that ultimatum on. I think the problem is he knows that he knows you ain't leaving, so he knows he can disrespect. So you put the fear God in him and I'm sure he'll he'll act. Right. And good luck, Mama. Yeah.


And I want to tell you to man, the way the way people treat you is a statement about who they are as a human being. It's not a statement about you. So I don't ever want you to think that you're not a good woman. You're not a good mother, has nothing to do with you. That man has a lot of insecurities. That man has a fragile ego and he's searching for something in other women that he can only find within himself.


Period. Absolutely. Well, good luck, Mama. All right. ASKI eight hundred five eight five zero five one if you need a. Relationship advice to any type of advice Coie now is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. N.V., Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club with in the middle of ask you to get into some of your.


Hello. Hello.


There was a brawl which of course if you see any Otomi something man army something man.


Give me a shot of me. Yeah. Listen, I got a question for you real quick. Like I've been married for like 17 into your life. I'm disabled military. I got 100 percent disability. I originally called to say something about my wife. But anyway, look, I need your help. I needed your help like a year because of my disability. And I almost I got soukous. Right. And the reason why I'm calling you because you always speak of her, right?


So I'm Dominican. I'm Dominican. Right. So we don't believe in that. So just like black people, I mean, I consider myself like that. I consider myself black. That's not what I'm saying. But we say, yeah, okay. Okay, cool. I want you to take my number because I'm amazed. You know, I'm saying because I'm getting help. I know what I'm saying and I'm getting better. But what I'm saying is I sort to call this radio station before because I feel like, you know, how some sound girl tells you do something and you you listen to it or you don't.


You know, I'm saying so I was calling you back then when I was in my darkest place because I feel that you have to answer to hold me up.


You know, I'm saying, well, I'll tell you what, I don't have all the answers. And I'm saying I'm still going on my journey, just like you going on your journey. But I do have a lot of resources and a lot of people that you can talk to, people that, you know, have have helped me get through. And I have no problem sharing those resources with you, my my Dominican brothers. OK, well, hold on.


Hold on one second. No, we're not giving up. We're going to get your information. But I got a real question for the brother, though.


OK, ahead. Go ahead. Ask me the question. You're Dominican, right? Yes, sir.


How many pale white jeans do you own or have you owned?


I know it throughout your life. Seriously? Oh, no, no, seriously. I'd probably like once or twice because there was a white party and I mean, OK, everything white. OK, OK, so all Dominicans don't have white jeans.


So let me hold on me. I'm going to have to ask that man about his white man. I'm about to get you. I'm gonna get you. No, leave your number with the producer. I'll meet you. I met you in the show.


We're like, oh my goodness gracious. Hello this.


Yeah it is pretty neat. Yeah. Oh my.


Got I got some question ma'am. Relating to a problem I got going on right now, my girl for a year she got three year and she's pregnant now with the fourth one by me. It's my first one but I it ain't easy. She got three from another man here huh. Yeah, she got three from another man. That was the guy I think I appreciate a baby daddy.


Oh well, she has four now for baby daddy. OK, ok.


Yeah. And then rock me mama like I go to hell. I'll do everything if you had nothing to do. But if I had been pregnant and she called me selfish just because like I got pain or something like that for getting up in the middle of the night doing something for her, like I'm doing it all set up. But she don't respect you, bro. It's kind of hard to respect the fourth baby daddy.


You know, I'm saying I'm scared for my life, though. I feel safe. Hands on you.


Yes, yes, yeah, yeah, yeah.


Oh yeah. Univer easy for me, bro.


Oh, I know it's a one time incident, but that's what she used to know, that you're her past and I'm toxic woman. I'm not that guy, you know. I'm not your baby daddy. I never did come home, get drunk and put my hands on your stuff like that. You know, I communicate, you know, just talk to me. Whatever the problem is with had a thousand instead of the argument back and forth. But I got her and now she's pregnant now.


And Nancy Pelosi, I want to build I'm and that's not what I want to buy my first child. I want to be a family, not just mine.


I feel bad for your brother, you know, up with somebody that's toxic. Oh, man. Are you taking care of yourself?


I'm sorry, too. I have my first child and anyhow, I want to be. Are you didn't take the kids to really drive me crazy.


Boy, if you don't listen to me, are you taking care of the three kids? Barely better. Are you taking care of them. So you are.


No, I'm saying like I do what she asked me to do for them or whatnot.


Listen, if the roles were reversed and you was dating the toxic man with four different baby mamas who put hands on you, what would your girls be telling you to do?


Leave me telling me to leave, but I just didn't listen. I don't know why. The whole goddamn girlfriends, your girlfriend is telling you right now. You said you fear for your life, she put hands on you, she makes you do everything. You sound like you do everything and you're about to lose it. So you better leave her alone before she hit you in a frying pan.


So greet your girlfriends. I'm Tony Checkout's big envious. Joan Clayton. We telling you to leave my OK, actually, you would be late in a situation like this. Some Lynwood get outside. All right. You got she got three kids already from three different baby daddies. Got one on the way from you. Be a father to your child. But this sounds like a very toxic human that you'd be on the way. And she needs to get some healing.


And when she gets some healing and becomes the woman that you need her to be, then you can be with her.


I told her I thought I might get married and stuff before the baby get here. I thought, you want to do that? We don't have to go to counseling. I you don't need it. Really stressful man is really put a toll on me for real. You know what toxic people do?


They never let things go. They can't move forward. They bully, they intimidate, they lie, they create drama. They play the victim and they act out of fear and insecurity. That's all that person is doing to you right now. You got to go, bro. Be a father to your child. That's a very toxic woman. She sounds like the future of females. Repeat after me. I am strong. I'm strong. I will not let her hit me anymore.


I will not let her hit me anymore. What? Not anymore. That's right.


I am strong. I am a good man and I am a good father. I am strong.


I am a good man and I will be a good father.


There you go. Where you got that written down, that envy and why you. That's your daily affirmation. I'm trying to give him the self-esteem to make him feel good this morning. Man, you go out there, you have a great day and you take care of business. I eliminate all toxic people from your life, man. Why we always give people more chances than they deserve.


Why do we do that? Man Low self-esteem. I wow. AC and E 805 five one five when we got room is coming up. A couple of people have some babies. We'll tell you about it when we come back is the Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club. Yes, and all the guys got the room report, got guys in the group at the room to report the Breakfast Club.


Now, like earlier, we got to congratulate Usher Usher, welcome to baby girl Sevran, Bo Raymond.


So congratulations to Usher, to Usher. Also, Kevin Hart and his wife, Eneko. They welcome a baby girl, Cori, my heart. So congratulations to them as well.


Salute to all the hearts. And lastly, Donald Glover.


You know, during a GQ conversation, he revealed he had a son during a pandemic.


He said it was really weird because he hour before his son was born, he just to seen the George Floyd video and then his son was born to our lady. Our lady. He said it was just nuts. He said, I was in a hospital bed. My son had just been born an hour before I seen this video. It was such a weird moment with such an intense, weird moment, he says, because I was just watching the video like it was eight minutes long.


And then all of a sudden I had my son, somebody who, you know, played Simba in The Lion King should understand the circle of life. That's exactly what that was that he witnessed. He witnessed a baby being born and he witnessed a man now tragically being killed. But it's still life and it's still death. That is the circle of life. The circle of life. That's it. Yeah.


Well, he named the baby after his dad that recently passed away.


So, again, congratulations to Donald Glover just now.


That is actually very is very symbolic that a person who played Symbol got the witness to circle of life in that way, because that's all it is. A circle of life is just symbolic terms. Sort the series of events that unfold on bringing us from cradle to the grave. That's all ups and downs of love and misfortune.


I also shout out to Jay-Z and Roc Nation. They appointed the first ever black executive producer for the Super Bowl halftime show, but his name is Jesse Collins. So congratulations to him.


And I love you. He's made the president's doing.


You mean a brother name is Jesse Collins dropping include Bomford. Jesse Collins. OK, Jason Collins has been a guest on The Breakfast Club. Jason Collins has done things like the new edition movie in Bobby Brown movie, Be the BET Awards every year.


You know, he's doing the Uptown Uptown record movie based on the life of Andre Harrell, which I'm a consulting producer on as well, too, by the way. Andre Hero. Well, yes, Jackie Collins man just gets busy out here on the streets. Definitely does. So congratulations to him. And shout to Jay-Z and Rock Nation and also Jay-Z. MC Mills Reform Alliance scores a major victory in California. Now they're saying that is celebrating his first major victory by signing a new bill into the law.


Now, this new bill will drastically reshape college probation system and give hundreds of thousands of Californians a better shot at exiting the criminal justice system for good. So they are definitely doing the work.


Yeah, man, reform does so much great work that the culture may not appreciate, but society as a whole does. And that's what what ultimately matters, you know what I mean? So, you know, dropping the crude bombs for reform, like I mean, they're they're always constantly going to work.


They're never not doing the work, like they're always doing things to reform the prison system so smoothly. Reform. Yeah.


The new law limits adult probation sentences to a maximum of one year for a misdemeanor and two years for felony offenses. So that will greatly reduce probation violation.


So shouts of reform in Hove and Meek Mill and everything that they're doing because they're doing a great job. Mike Rubin as well.


They're doing really, really great. Absolutely.


And lastly, I reported this earlier, but I just I just love this. LeBron James has purchased his third property in California that he owns right now. He purchased a mansion for thirty six million dollars, ninety one hundred square feet to get home, swimming pool, tennis court, two and a half acres. He just bought that. He makes thirty seven million a year in the NBA and this house with thirty six million dollars. So Shelta LeBron James for that.


Bron got it. And clearly the James family leaving L.A. no time soon. That sounds like that's the permanent residence for the rest of the rest of the life. OK, OK. You're going to grow up in L.A., all right. You're going to go to go to school in L.A. and graduate from L.A. and you know that they're going to be first invested in that house. That's what they call it. First business. Yeah. Yeah. And then they'll be first invested in that house.


So probably close bonds with the James family.


I love him. And he bought that that property from Lee Phillips Bell. That was her home. She passed away. She was the creator of The Bold and the Beautiful and the Young and the Restless.


She's the person who kept your grandma them entertained all those years, all those moments you had to share with your grandma around three o'clock, three thirty four o'clock, you sit your ass down and do your homework or just sit. You have done it. You, you know, toasts. A biscuit would start. That was my life. Yes, it was Lee Phillips. All right. So her estate sold that to LeBron James. So congratulations. And that is your rumor report.


All right. Now Shout to revolt. We'll see you guys tomorrow.


Everybody else The People's Choice mixes. Up next. Get your requestion. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one is the Breakfast Club, good morning, The Breakfast Club, your mornings. I'll never be the same. The Travis got me. I'll just drop that McDonald's feature in the juicy quarter pound the burger with lettuce, pickles, onions, ketchup, mustard and bacon, all with medium fries and a drink for just six bucks. Don't forget the barbecue sauce price and participations may vary.


Think everybody is D.J. Envy.


Angelie Charlamagne the guy we are the Breakfast Club now. We got to shout the Congressman Cedric Richmond for joining us this morning. Yeah.


Salute to Cedric Richmond. I mean that was a very productive conversation and I've spoken to Cedric quite a few times, the co-chair for the Biden campaign, and he's a congressman in Louisiana. And he's what I would call the Negro whisperer. If Biden gets in the White House with Senator Harris, you know, he's the person that we would go to with a lot of things.


He's the person that would keep our issues on the desk of Vice President Joe Biden. And if not, that's what we also would hold accountable. So it's good to have people who have those checks and balances that we can that we can get to.


Absolutely. All right. So when we come back, we got the positive.


No, don't move is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Yee, Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Now shout out to everybody who was I know a lot of you guys getting unemployment. A lot of you guys are getting help with these checks and everything. And I just hope that you guys are investing in the right place.


I found them who calls me all the time. I posted a message yesterday. It looked like an ad. It was so funny. My man had on a Rolex girl, had a Rolex on. He had Gucci head to toe. He had Louis Vuitton head to toe. He said he reached out to envy and envy, didn't call him back. So instead of buy a real estate, I bought that stuff. I'm like, bro, don't make no sense.


It don't make no sense. Just be smart with your money right now. Now is a good time to get in a real estate interest rate. Money is cheap. That means interest rates are low. So you can get some great properties. There's a lot of things out there if you look so get out there and definitely, definitely look smart.


Which is why, why, why, why? Why do people and by people, I mean black people. Why do black people like things that make them feel good as opposed to investing in things that will really make you good? No, I'm saying forget it. Look as good as get feeling good for the moment. Think about something that's going to actually make you good for a long time period of time, something that's going to actually make your family good in the long term.


I know that we've been through a lot in this country and we get our asses kicked constantly, but we really got to stop living for the moment. Seriously. I mean, enjoy the moment.


Don't just live for you. Just go run out to go buy two Rolex is for what?


Absolutely. What? Why?


And that's what I told my I told iPhone. I see your iPhone. I have all these webinars online right now because I'm not meeting with people that will teach you, like we're breaking down, buying a house, flipping it, fixing it. We go to step by step of what to do and show you the numbers. That way, you know, I can't meet with you.


I'm not meet with anybody, bro. But I wish I wish you the best. And for the webinar, you just click the link in my bio because we do them all the time. But just be smart with your money, man.


And you have all those Rolex is in Fendi and Gucci and all those outfits. Louis Vuitton.


But will you go with. Everything is close in New York City where you go you go to the clubs, I agree and I don't wish them the best. I wish him the best as a human. And I want him to live and I want him to breathe. But I don't wish him the best for making him stupid decisions, because guess what? I know it's stupid. I have no idea the original nothing new under the sun. I know how this is going to end for your iPhone semmes.


I already do, but you're going to have to rely on it for yourself.


All right. Well, leave us on a positive note listing.


The positive note is this man I was thinking about, the young brother who called up here, who's with that woman who has three baby dead, and now he's about to be the fourth and the woman is beating on him and he doesn't know whether he should leave or not. What I should have told the brother is this positive note. You teach people how to treat you, what you allow, what you stop and what you reinforce with competition.


You don't finish your. Hey, everyone, it's Cody, Kahir, you may know me from Vine YouTube or is the co-host of the Tiny Gang podcast, but my brand new podcast, The Pleasure Is Ours, presented by Trojan Brand Condoms is out right now. Join me and a celebrity guests on each episode as we try to right the wrongs of bad advice on topics ranging from work to sex to social media. Here's a little preview from my chat with Tim Dillon.


What do you seek out in a partner? I want someone impressed by what I do, which is so unhealthy.


I want someone to impress that I'm on this show. Yeah, you did a podcast with Cody Co. That's big. He's about a trillion gazillion followers on whatever app they use on Ding-Dong, on tick tock, you know, whatever it is I'm doing to zip up or whatever the kids are on my advice to you right now.


Go listen to my new podcast, The Pleasure Is Ours on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcast, or wherever you get your podcast.