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Are you ready? Mysteries, the hit fiction podcast, and. Yes, reaches this thrilling final season. And this coming from my dear child team, and by season four, no one is allowed up here, all listen and follow Tim and be on the radio at Apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts, take me to to Monday. But now we wait till and be. Don't you get more nervous in this room than anywhere else right now? Thank you for this.


The world's most dangerous one. The mother living in Sydney's south west.


The capital is hardly the only one who can keep these guys in Charlamagne to the. This is the competition.


USA, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo. Angeles or vacation. Charlamagne was the to the planet is Friday. Say yes, Toronto, good morning.


Yes, it's Friday, dammit.


Yes, it is happy to be here, man. Absolutely. We made it to the end of another work week in studio. I love the energy in the studio. And it's always a good morning when you, you know, wake up and, you know, when I wake up, I see my friends and I do my daily affirmations. You know, I just kind of like reset my mind. But I won't go because on Fridays, a lot of new music that comes out is always a great morning when you get to hear some of your favorite, your favorite artists, your favorite artist of this era spin, like Benny the Butcher put out a record with Lil Wayne, Lil Wayne snapping on the big shot, Big Sean snapping on their giving Kanye some passe reasons.


New album. And he's got a feature from Rhapsody on that. You know, I love Rhapsody. So, yeah, today is a good morning. All right.


I listen to none of that stuff yet. Last night, yesterday, shout to my son in his school. They had a football game last night. He did pretty good. He scored a touchdown. I think he ran for like fifty seven yards. So he did pretty good. I was excited about that.


And they got the key to tackling during covid. Yeah. Oh yeah. He tested kids before they play and then they've been good so far. No, no, no. Korona signs. And then when I got home, you know I got home and you know, we do my my normal routine. I don't have a nanny now. My nanny went back to Ecuador, so we've been holding down the fort. So everything me and my wife do, you know, we take turns one day.


She does the cooking and the cleaning, and then I do the kids homework with the kids. And then the last night, my daughter had homework. Right. So I thought I did it with her. Right. I thought I explained it right. And my wife was like me. Go over this homework with you. I only got 50 percent right there.


No, I showed them that it was bad. But then I put it on Instagram. I said, let me see. I put the problem on Instagram that I got wrong and I put it in my story. And I would say about 60 percent of the people got it wrong.


But that's because there's a lot of that stuff they teach us in grade school. We don't use. You know, once you get out in the real world, it's just the truth of the matter. So it's like you forget about it. It's almost like muscle memory, so to speak. I will probably get you kids in school to just muscle memory. Goodness gracious. When I what I thought it was right. And if my daughter went to school today with that homework, it would have been wrong and it would have been like crazy because I had to sign it.


It would have been all bad, but not as good as I was. Because you had sixty percent of you. I had it wrong. Well, you shouldn't be doing your kid's homework.


I wasn't doing my kids. I was helping. Now, that's the problem with school. No, you weren't helping. You clearly were doing their homework.


I was helping your dad explain. I was trying to explain. See, that's why I said that you did the pre-K. That's not what pre-K was just coloring in the lines.


Parents don't help these kids parents be busy and parents do the kids homework for just they can send the kids to bed, OK, and move on about day night. All right. Well, my daughter comes to me with her homework. I say, ask your mom. That's what I said.


It did. I see. But it was my day. And I want to be I want to be like, I could do this. I got this man. This am my daughter. I guess she didn't believe her dad because she asked mom because she she could have just put it in her folder and that was it. But she asked mom, which was the great the best thing to do when it was all bad. It's always good to double check with Mom.


Always great to double check with Mom. All right. Well, let's get the show cracking. Right. Why, Jimmy, why do we have anything good this morning?


I well, I know Senator Nina Turner is going to be here this morning. That's right, Senator. I need to turn the wheel. She's got it. She's got a she's got a podcast on the Block Effect podcast network called Hello. Somebody's In. A new episode dropped yesterday, so she'll be on here to talk about that. Plus a whole lot of other things because we are in twenty or twenty five days away from the election.


That's right. And Benjamin Crump going to be checking in, attorney Benjamin Crump and attorney Benjamin Crump. We'll be checking in this morning as well.


Ben Crump just won a historic lawsuit. I don't know enough people not talking about that. What he would like 400, 400 plus million dollars. He won that. Yeah, I'll let him talk about it.


Oh, shoot all. We'll get into that next night. And then we got front page news to tell you about your president. He thinks he has, like, just a little bit of Rohnert, you know, just just a little bit just to teach.


Donald Trump is more of a reflection of America than people want to just admit he hasn't.


But we'll talk about it. A teacher role and we'll talk about it when we come back.


It's the Breakfast Club I used for my going on this morning.


Everybody is D.J. Envy. Angela Ye shall I mean, the guy we are at the Breakfast Club. Let's get in some front page news.


The last night of Thursday Night Football, I'll be forgetting football beyond Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost to the Chicago Bears.


Twenty nineteen. All right. Now, tonight, game five, Heat versus the Lakers.


That happens at 9:00 p.m. and I hope the Miami Heat extended the series. And I hope what's the guy's name? Tyrone had a role to play here, a hero. And I hope Tyler had a has a great game.


Wasn't entirely hero. Tyler hero, a hero. You know, when Gary Vaynerchuk was up here right before coronaviruses hit, he had all the basketball cards. You know, there was a Tyler Herot rookie card in the correct. You got it. I got it. Can we left those cards in his. I was going through the deck yesterday and I was like, oh yes sir, I'm saving that, putting that in glass. You never know. Never know.


All right. Well, let's talk about your president down to Donald Trump now. He had some words for Kamala Harris.


He's not mentally capable of being president. You know that. Everybody knows that. And this monster that was on stage with Mike Pence, who destroyed her last night, by the way. But this monster, she says, no, no, there won't be fracking, there won't be this. Everything she said is a lie.


Dropping bombs from Senator Kamala Harris isn't my problem.


Right as what the data is, what I was saying yesterday, we have to I want to I want her to show up as our full self. And the reason I wanted to show up as her full self is because it don't matter what she does on that stage, they can still label her negative things right. They can still label her as angry. They can still label her as a monster. She was showing restraint and called her straight respect.


She was she was she was following the rules and he still called a monster.


So she might as well show up and show out, stop playing it safe.


Now, also, he talked about a virtual debate.


I think I'm going to try doing a rally on Saturday night, if we can if we have enough time to put it together. But we want to do a rally in Florida, probably in Florida on Saturday night, might come back and do one in Pennsylvania in the following night. And it's incredible what's going on. I feel so good.


Have you had a test since your diagnosis a week ago? Well, what we're doing is probably the test will be tomorrow and the actual test because there's no reason to test all the time. But they found very little infection or virus, if any.


You got wrong. How do you find just a little bit of wrong?


You can never hurt people, are you have to social distance and then you say you want if you want to do a rally Saturday and maybe in one in Florida and one in Pennsylvania, it's only been 11 days as a Saturday. I'm not even told me if you got to quarantine, you have got to be 14 days, right?


I'm not even mad at Trump. I'm mad at the people around him, his enablers, bro. I'm mad at the people who would go to that rally, you know? I mean, I'm mad at the people who know that he has coronavirus, but they still allowed him just to walk around amongst people.


Could you imagine having Carone and be like, I just got a little bit of my sister. Imagine if you got an STD, right? And you just got a little bit in my little comedy. Just a little bit. This little syphilis girl, you know, you clean is a little got around a little bit.


Listen, Donald Trump is more of a reflection of America than you all want him, like a lot of your act, like Trump, not just white people either. OK, Trump says anything, does anything. He's arrogant. He doesn't care about the truth he just said was entertaining. And he has a code of people that eat it up. And that's literally how you act on social media with folks, literally.


My goodness. Now, when talking to Sean Hannity, you can also hear him are losing his voice and cough and he sounds a little left up.


Well, I didn't even want to use them. You know, last time I had a big problem, they isolated my mikes when I had one debate to have three debates with Hillary and or I think the first debate, they have mercy on the first debate.


They isolated the mike. But I will say this absentee is OK because absentee ballots, Lord, have mercy to me that we didn't touch of that audio, right?


No, we didn't touch that audio sound and audio code sounded to me like Donald Trump is just a little dead, just a little low day just to me, like Donald Trump is just a little bit a little de de de de de got a little a little DEA just did not have mercy.


Goodness gracious. All right. And that is your front page news. Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to vent, phone lines are wide open. It's a Friday damage. So call us up, spread some love or if you need to vent, we have for that as well. 805 eight five one two five one is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. L.A. is where I was born and raised. And for years, it's where I've documented life in the city, not the pop culture headlines, but the stories of people and communities that hardly get recognized companionway. Good morning. I brought L.A. wherever I travel to around the world as a journalist and now I'm back home.


Not look at those cowboys are black cowboys. I taught them how to do everything. Kobe, Kobe, Kobe, Kobe made people feel as confident as he was. How do you dress his like, you know, like a casual gangster from Alere studios. This is California Love. Listen to California Love. I heart radio app, Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast.


Wake up, wake up, wake up. This is your time to get it off your chest. What are you man or blessed? We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club, man.


Good morning to all of man. To God, please King to get it off your chest. Man, man, I'm just I'm in good spirits, you know, you're my wife. But everything back, I said, hey, you want to did that thing to a man. Look, you know.


I know. I know. I have a good one, too.


Hello, this is Camille calling from Toronto. Camille, what's up, man? What's going on? What's going on? Peace and love. Peace and love that was happening. Yeah. So I'm kind of sad to say, man, I'm kind of sad. So like, I leave in the morning and. Yeah, mad in Toronto. They are mad shot the bleep caught and Peter Casti back more man. We wish them the best they need to be though.


Y'all need a local morning show in Toronto. I think so, yeah.


I think I need local the how y'all can buy the stuff that's going on and they don't allow us to say certain words are American politics, not I do I fulfill your I think childhood mental health conditions out here.


You know, I don't think you can say a truck out on the radio here in Canada, man.


Well, guess what? Y'all offended us when you all seen to leans over. Hey, now, I don't know if he's guilty, but I don't know if he's guilty. We back we backing away from y'all until this case get settled. OK, yeah.


We met up with this guy, so we made it. I'll be sure to follow the boy. You know the hell you just said to me you got nothing. But yes, we made it up to him, you know. OK, so Solomon, you can say the N-word again. I'm happy for the help. No, no. What happened with your dad? So, yeah, I don't know where. Nobody knows. Nobody knows what happened with Tori.


We're not we're not accusing him of anything. But he was charged. So we just backing away from y'all until this gets estella's get settled. All right.


Yeah. Yeah. Let's see what's what's going to happen to him. I wish you all the best love story, but yeah. I'm going to miss you guys, man.


That's all I wanted you guys so much. But you can still stream the streamers on the site. So that's what the Internet is for, sir. Yeah.


I'll catch you guys on YouTube as well. All right, brother. All right. Ready to love. Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to vent here is up now and shout to Toronto. Everybody out in Toronto. Yeah. Today is our last day in Toronto. That's right. Grand opening. Great way. Grand opening. Grand closing. That's all right. I missed the Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club. Are you ready? Mysteries, the hit fiction podcast to Moon Bay. Yes. Reaches this thrilling final season. This world is, if you like to save, they must. From My Heart Radio and Goldthorpe Productions, yes, the end is coming from my dear child, the fires we've destroyed. She's dead. She came back, something is going to happen, you need to be ready from creators John Scott Dryden and Mike Walker.


Why me? Because, Greg, you are the hinge of history. The scrolls were never about the past. They were about the future team in my season four take me to to Monday, listen and follow Tim and be on the radio app Apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts. What now we wait to be. This is your time to get it off your chest, whether you mad or blessed people have the same energy. We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club.


Hello, who's this guy? Good morning. Hey, Jess, come on. Jess, what's happening? Jess? All right, so here we are, 20, 20. I mean, the whole question. Yes. Yes, ma'am. We have a governor from Michigan. Our governor was threatened by these crazy extremists who kidnapped Gretchen Whitmer.


That's crazy because she was speaking out against white supremacy and they were trying to kidnap her. Correct.


So how is it our president is not going to have any responsibility for that? Well, it is hateful incitement that is rallying these people to do the things that they are doing.


Right, because that's what he's hoping for. He's hoping for people to have you know, he's hoping for violence and he's hoping for those type of things that he wants to he wants people to be in fear of him, especially the Democrats need to be held accountable as well.


So this situation is so far out of here. If you want to be treated, let's talk about why he was not treated in our country. I agree.


And how are those 13 people not being labeled goddamn terrorists? That's Vanilla Ice is if I ever seen it, you to let some, you know, let some Muslim extremists say they were plotting to kidnap an elected official in America. Lord, have mercy.


Hello. Hello, this is Brian. All right. But what about get it off your chest?


So I've been laid off, you know, and you know, some of the most important thoughts behind the book. I thought of the moral. And then before you wrote on the quote, I've been out of my life and I know we got to go with the budget, but people coming up to, you know, just look a damn game.


You don't got nothing in savings and nothing I mean, I don't want to say this, but I think at in the Senate said I took vacation days because of budget cuts and you can't take off to see you for your kid's birthday is can you call out sick?


Can you call out sick? I don't think we should call out sick or or what you do. And they say it isn't the nicest thing to say, but I'll be honest with you. Or if you say that she was around somebody that had coronavirus, they can't make you go to work. Why stop and why you can't talk to me like. No, I like, listen, why not just tell your kid and the baby mother the truth and just be like, man, you know, it's a blessing to have a job at a time like this.


And I'm sorry, but I have to work. But, you know, send something to your child.


And then the moment you get some free time, you go see them, even if it's just for an hour or so or her, I don't know, with her, I don't lie only to lie to your job and you end up losing your job like.


No for what? How can I possibly tell? They can't tell because we on the radio talking to millions of people, they can hear him. Oh, sorry. Yeah. You should have called the radio crazy guy.


I'm sorry, but no, I was just I think you I think your baby, mother and your child would be more understanding than your job, sadly. And, you know, just like I said, then you send the baby something and then when you get some free time and during the day, just shoot over there, even if it's just for hours, then don't beat yourself up.


Too bad, man.


All right, bro. But what I. Oh, I tell you, to start coughing now, man.


Coughing Now I need to save your money to buy a new phone. I'm still be getting it for your child. Lord, have mercy. Get it off your chest.


Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to vent, you can hit us up at any time. Now, when we come back, we got to talk our girl, Eboni K. Williams, she's hopping into more TV life. And we'll explain. When we come back is The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. Morning, everybody. God damn it, put your mike on why you make sound like that, let me have my mouth on it. There you go. Now I'm good. Now, you might see your mouse on Friday morning.


Everybody is D.J. Envy. Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are at the Breakfast Club. Let's get to the room is let's talk Real Housewives of New York.


Listen. This just all the guys got the room report, got guys in at the room over the Breakfast Club.


It sounds a little crazy, but after 13 years of being on air, New York City is making a little history. They have finally casted their first black cast member, and that is Eboni K. Williams.


These companies and these networks and these TV shows, they should be ashamed of themselves to be announcing the first black anything in 2020. I would say better late than never. But no, I'm not going to applaud you for doing what you should be doing. The goddamn Real Housewives of New York is New York City. Think there's no black people in the Crayolas around. You were dropping bombs with Ebony K. Williams.


I mean, I can't wait. A lot of you know, I watch with my wife.


There's a lot of catty women on Real Housewives of New York. And I'm just going to tell you, ladies, do not f with Eboni K..


Oh, no, no, no, no. We don't play about Ebony K, she's an attorney and she will cut you up and not with a weapon with her mouth. She gets busy.


I'm telling you right now, anything that happens on that show, I'm siding with Ebony. Absolutely telling you that right now. I'm just letting everybody on that show know everyone, OK, cast production, everybody. Anything happens on that show. I'm siding with Ebony Cavewoman. All right. I salute to my girl Leah to I like it as well as well.


Lee is crazy on that show. Leah gets drunk and goes crazy and tried to leave.


And we were launching Ebony K. Williams Holding Court podcast October 21st on the Black Effect.


I heart radio. Yes, she'll be on it. Breaking down your favorite legal cases.


Yeah. Speaking of legal cases, trillanes good Segway.


Trillanes is charged with felony assault in the making the stallion shooting. Now he's been charged in connection with the shooting. Now this is just weeks ago the L.A. County hit with one count of assault with a automatic firearm and one count of carrying a loaded, unregistered firearm in a vehicle. Now, if convicted, he can face up to twenty two years and eight months in prison.


I wonder if police were investigating this whole time. I wonder if social media chatter in the album Tori dropped that cause. More social media chatter led to these to these charges. And if Tori was facing all these charges, why wouldn't he just talk to the police are doing interview like you can't say you're not going to speak about it, but didn't do a whole album about it. Correct.


You know what I mean? And I'm so glad I'm married and I'm faithful because Trillanes is making it to where women over five nine may never look at brothers five, six and showed not even looking in young, short man's direction.


You would think about that. I'm telling you. How does it feel to be a little man in that situation?


First of all, I've never felt short in my life. I didn't realize I was short till I got became an adult and I still don't feel short when I walk in a room.


All right. But I'm just saying, I guess I can see what women over five nine would never look at me five, six to nine to ever again because of this situation. Right. All right. So what happens from here?


I mean, I guess he has to go to court and I guess he has to tell his side. He's saying that he didn't shoot her. He's saying that he it wasn't he had no involvement. And I guess we'll see what happened.


Yeah, I read the police report and it said that he it said is shot.


He's accused of shooting at her feet and wounding a female friend. That's what they said in the police report. Correct.


So I guess we'll get more information now. They also said mechanistically was walking in the opposite direction or something like that. So maybe she didn't see it and they say she got back in the car.


I don't know. I have no idea. I don't know. Well, he is charged with felony assault and he faces up to 22 years and eight months in prison.


Is he being deported to you after you get convicted to get convicted first because you get deported first, you might never go to court.


All right. All right. Yeah.


Toronto, we have to distance myself from you all tell all that is the screen now, OK, until this is straightened out, Toronto was too slow in. Not only yeah, you have to distance herself from you. All right. Starting this Monday, starting today, starting today at ten o'clock is our last day. Until he's great. Until you straighten this out. OK, now with some sad news.


Me a sad, sad, sad, sad, sad. Kerkow Bang's Texas rapper. He talks about the death of his son and son. Looks so damn young, looks less than a year old, maybe two years less than two years old.


He put fly high big man. We love you so much. We have so much plan that we won't be able to do now. But we know you're in a better place and in no more pain. Watch over your mom. She needs your strength more than ever right now. Papa. Man, I know you don't hurt no more. And I try to make myself think of that to find a little bit of light in this guy. Got you, Papa.


I love you. Hey, I wouldn't wish that kind of trauma on anybody.


Nobody, man. No, no, no. Not my worst enemy would not wish that kind of trauma. No, no, not at all. The child. Nope.


I don't know what happened, but he lost his son and I can't even imagine sort of. As soon as we take a break, I will call my kids just to say I love them in the morning because that is who sends them positive energy being. Absolutely.


Yeah, wishing positive energy loving like this family. All right. I don't know why you ended with that.


I know. Right. Well, that is your rumor report, Sky. Sorry. Sorry. It's Friday. All right. It's Friday. Let's switch gears.


No, don't just go to break. Front page news is next. Hey, morning, everybody is the envy, Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are, the Breakfast Club is getting some front page news now with sports Thursday Night Football.


The Bears beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20 to 19.


That's drama's team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Spicy Lokey claims that have been a fan before Tom Brady them got over there. I don't know how true that is, he says.


And I want you guys don't ask any questions. And you know my names like last week. So what do you mean? How would you do that with Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan Drom? Looks like the old Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


No, go to see it with sasy with what is a rose in his mouth.


Yeah, philosophy is a little less Vago now. Game five is tonight, Lakers versus Heat. Tonight at nine o'clock, the Lakers lead the series three to one.


I need the Heat to stretch the series out. I need to at least make the series go to Game six. And I need Tyrod. What's his name? Tyler Hero.


Tyler had a role to have a great game. Oh, my goodness. I need that great game because I found that Tyler had a real rookie card yesterday. It is already worth like six hundred dollars.


So, you know, I need him to keep ball so I can put that in glass in twenty years from now. Be worth something. All right.


Now, today is the last day to register to vote for New York, North Carolina and Oklahoma. So if you haven't registered to vote, register to vote, please.


Now, coronavirus cases, it seems like coronavirus cases are shooting up. Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Wyoming have all seen record high hospitalization numbers in the past days.


Now, Alabama and Hawaii are the only two states with a decline in cases.


Now, how much Corona do people have that a lot of flu? Well, let's talk about that. Donald Trump spoke yesterday and he talked about he just got a little run around him.




I think I'm going to try doing a rally on Saturday night, if we can if we have enough time to put it together. But we want to do a rally in Florida, probably in Florida on Saturday night, might come back and do one in Pennsylvania in the following night. And it's incredible what's going on. I feel so good.


Have you had a test since your diagnosis a week ago? Well, what we're doing is probably the test will be tomorrow on the actual test because there's no reason to test all the time. But they found very little infection or virus, if any.


What the hell is a little little problem? You got a little bit of running, man. He's treating Korona like it's a cold. He's treating Korona like it's the flu. He's trying to tell people that, you know, they can still function and be out and about with Kobe. But I don't think that's not a cool thing. Won't work like they just have a little bit of up. That's not how cold it works. The whole point of go over that is spread so easily.


Right. So the transmission of the virus is what we're trying to prevent. But he is maneuvering like it's nothing like it's just, like I said, a cold.


It's got the sniffles. How do you do a rally? Like, I thought you had to sit on your ass for fourteen days. He's out and about after ten, by the way.


I don't feel sorry for anybody that goes to that rally. If you go to that rally, I don't feel sorry for the people that's around Donald Trump. If you're around Donald Trump knowing that he just got a little bit of Coronas and little that little bit of Corona can spread.


OK, so you all you get with is our like we said earlier, just could you imagine if somebody says, I got just a little bit of a said, I just got a little syphilis, but.


But I mean, you know, when people kind of do that right now, you know, you got herpes and you're still out there, you know, I mean, just you know, they've been taking I'm just saying there's no such thing as a little bit of.


But it spreads. And you got to know you have it the way it's funny. That's what I'm saying. It's a little bit I actually was thinking about something. Think about thinking about, you know, when you with your significant other and it's that time of the month, but it's towards the end. That's just a little bit, a little bit, you know, a little bit like anything.


Anybody to get too nasty now. And I said a little bit.


All right. Now, Donald Trump, do you want to hear Donald Trump and how healthy he sounds or let's hear him?


Well, I didn't even want to use I mean, the last time I had a big problem, they isolated my mikes when I had one debate where three debates with Hillary and or I think the first debate, the Lord have mercy on the first debate.


They isolated the mic. But I will say this absentee is OK because long ballots excuse me, he's just allowed it to he's just dying alone.


And he just did a little yard a little bit, just a little bit of death. That's a little bit high, right?


Some disrespectful. Yes. I didn't like to see, but he called Kamala Harris a nasty name.


He's not mentally capable of being president. You know that. Everybody knows that. And this monster that was on stage with Mike Pence, who destroyed her last night, by the way. But this monster, she says, no, no, there won't be fracking, there won't be there. So everything she said is a lie.


And this is why black people have to always show up as their full selves all the time. There's nothing wrong with being unapologetically you. And as I was saying on the radio, I think it was yesterday, the day before yesterday. I can't wait for the day black women can show up and just be themselves without having to be worried about being labeled angry or whatever it is. And guess what? You might as well show up as yourself because they're going to label you anyway.


She was in there trying to be composed. She was in there trying to be respectful. She was in a holding back and still got called a monster.


That's right. That's just. Do you you give the damn. All right.


Well, that is a front page news now when we come back. Oh, yes, we have Senator Nina Turner joining us this.


You're talking about an unapologetically black woman. That's right. You ain't never got to worry about Nina Turner not showing up as her whole self. That's right. She launched We Have To Hello Somebody's podcast on the Black Effect podcast network on Iroha Radio. A new episode launched yesterday. And we'll have some of it here next to talk about that amongst a lot of other things. That's right.


So Don't Move is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club. You're checking out the world's most dangerous morning show. Good morning, everybody. Is C.J. N.V., Angela Charlemagne, the guy we are The Breakfast Club. We got a special guest on line right now, Nina Turner. Hello.


Hello, somebody. Hello.


So let's get right into the debate. What did you think? Kamala Harris versus Mike Pence and the fly.


What were your thoughts on Malita flight? It is innocent bystander. It's about Senator Harris came in. She came in and did what she needed to do. She is a great debater and she showed those skill sets overall. Both candidates did what they needed to do, which was to protect the flank of their principles and speak to their base. Debates are a show. I commend Senator Harris for coming in right off the bat talking about Colbert and the epic fail of the Trump administration.


There's a however, to this and not, however, for her because she did her thing. We have to get beyond. These debates are not about getting to the substance of the matter. So it's one thing to talk about covid and we should and how the Trump administration failed miserably. Hell, if the Republicans spent as much time trying to find a solution to the conundrum of health care as they have trying to do away with the ACA, which we have some good health care, the United States of America.


On the other hand, you can't have a pandemic of this magnitude, the suffering of this magnitude, and not talk about what the fix should be and could be. And that is Medicare for all. I didn't hear a lot about a poor talking about the poor, talking about the barely the work at the working poor and the barely middle class. Not a whole lot of conversation about black folks in particular. So overall, the debate structure doesn't lend itself to go deep in those ways.


You know, Nina, I thought about you last night that, you know, I always think about all the strong systems that I know. And it makes me wonder, how can we empower our sisters and make them feel comfortable showing up with their full selves at all times. Because I hate that black women can't express themselves the way they want to without being labeled an angry black woman.


Me and starts by having the conversations like you are now naming it, saying that it is so in this society, that of black woman show righteous indignation. If anybody walking on the face of this damn earth got a right to show righteous indignation and raise hell at all times. It's a black woman, but it's the embracing of all of who we are and we have a right to be mad as hell. People need to like the hair is on fire.


It's time for that. And black women displayed that, I think better a deeper deeper than anybody else, because we often carry the burdens literally of the entire world on our shoulders. So acknowledging that we don't get a chance to to be our true selves is part of of of starting to try to fix that.


What do you think she dropped the ball on? Because I think she could have stuck it to Mike Pence a lot harder than she did in a couple of things on the racism part.


When that when that when the vice president said that he criticized the Biden administration for talking about racism being at the root, being a root cause in this country, I would I mean, I would have been on him like white on rice and black on coke like flag.


And that that flag came right when he says I mean, just to lean into that. But I think it goes back to something else that Charlamagne was saying. She maybe hesitated a little bit, almost not quite of the first debate, remember, that President Obama had with Romney. He held back because I think he has some white advisers, some of the others who told him, don't go in there like a black man. Now, not saying that that's his persona, but he he held back a lot.


And I saw some of that tendency, not a lot of the hairs did a thing, but I saw some of that tendency in that debate. We just got to call it what it is. And any person in the United States of America who would fix their molpus, my grandmother would say fix big mouth to say that white supremacy and anti blackness is not at the root of all the other isms in the United States of America. They are out of their damn mind.


So we just got to call it what it is. If your hair is on fire, act like your hair is on fire. I would have went in on him all day seven, day three. Sixty five on that issue. Right. That she could have leaned in a little harder. So both sides did what they had to do, but there was not a whole lot of righteous indignation. And quite frankly, towards the end I was getting bored.


And you know, Donald Trump this morning on Fox News, he called Kamala Harris a monster.


I think he is a fool. Yep. It's the same thing he called Omarosa. And I know some people want to kick my sister out to try, but I'm not doing that show Buckeye Girl just like I am. But he called her a doll. Yeah, I'm same saying we should be upset. How dare he call Senator Harris a monster at the same time, he called our system a dog. We shouldn't him be I with him. He got a problem with black.


Women, he got a problem with black people and there's no amount of cocaine that's going to save this dude, he's just he's just real until I told him last night, you know, I think that Senator Senator Harris's talents are wasted defending Joe Biden and Joe Biden don't need defense right now. The black community does. The poor does. The marginalized does the need to defend Joe Biden. You need to be defending the people that have been hurt by this pandemic and all the underlying conditions that left them vulnerable for the pandemic in the first place.


Say that. But when you are in the second chair, that's the nature of the job. When you are running as somebody else's vice president, you know, it was the same for me. If you if you support somebody on the campaign, you have to articulate their views and their vision. That is your job. So that is the job of a vice presidential candidate. That is what Senator Harris is doing. Not to say she can't step out there every now and then.


And I hope that she does. But she is feeling just plain textbook what her role is in being the vice presidential candidate.


You got to defend your candidate when you talk about you because you got so, so much going on. Let's start with a Mahri. Yeah, PublicAffairs. Let's talk about that.


I'm bringing the progressive black woman back to the private sector. That's what I am going to do, continue to stand up and push issues that will change the lives of people and do it on the private sector side. You know, there are about twenty two billion to four billion dollars that's been promised by these companies who all of a sudden got religion when it comes to fighting racial justice. Well, come on, let's do this with a system. Let's do some things on the private side that can change the lives of people in this country for real.


For real. Not just checking off boxes. So I'm excited. I am going to do influencer advising. I'm going to work with candidates that are running on a progressive agenda who once they get elected, don't forget how they got there and what they are in either the Congress and the legislature or on the state level of government. Those are the kinds of things that I'm going to do. I'm going to be fighting for campaign issues. Right now. I'm working on Measure Jay in California, which will take 10 percent of the of the sheriff's budget, 10 percent of the budget, and put it towards housing.


And this is only in L.A. County on housing, jobs and health care. Those are the kinds of creative things that we need to push government to do and also the private sector to do. So your sister going to be all up in the mix on that side of the ledger. There you go.


We got more with Senator Nina Turner when we come back. Don't Move is the Breakfast Club. Come on, Deejay Envy I Charlemagne, the guy we are. The Breakfast Club is still kicking in with Senator Nina Turner now to talk about what you and Charlamagne got working with each other now. So you guys are doing some things together. We are back.


The black vote. Yes. I am so happy to be one of the shows and Charlemagne's big into the network in partnership radio to do this type of thing, to bring a variety of voices. I applaud Charlamagne for his decision on this, to bring black voices from all walks of life, all issues into the making of the podcast world. And Hello. Somebody is really about everybody is somebody. I got that that name came to me when I was on the campaign trail.


You know, I was still up my ass. So let's be honest. Yes. Bernie Sanders, I. D just did that on my own.


So you did give him a lot of credibility. You gave Bernie Sanders a lot of credibility. Thank you for that.


And so I was speaking to a crowd and you all know what I call a response from our black church groups. And it just came to me. Hello, somebody talking about talking about thirty thousand people that day in Queens, New York.


That's my hometown, by the way. I can hold up, T.J.. I love. There you go. I said hello.


Somebody in the crowd, somebody I know, everybody is somebody. And I really want on the journey. I want people to be able to go on the journey with my guests and with me from people who have high profiles to people who are just everyday citizens trying to navigate this world. And let's go on this journey of understanding together. And so I am so delighted and excited. Can you believe and talk about the day right here, see if you I a delighted to be a part of the lack of know like the black.


There you go.


You know, I knew I was talking about today, right? Yes. It comes out today interviewing Naomi Klein. Every people may know she's an activist, she's an environmentalist, and she tells the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the dangers we are in if we don't turn around. What human beings. Yes, we human beings all across the world, not just this nation, what we have done to disrupt and to and to disturb Mother Earth.


So, Naomi Klein, baby. Yes.


I want you to talk to the people about what your grandmother taught you. The three bones theory that you that you live by, what are the three bone theory for people who don't know it is the wishbone, the jaw bone and the backbone.


So my grandmother, born in 1915, could not read or write, only had a third grade education. But as the authors say in describing her grandmother, count her money, baby. She couldn't read or write, but she can't she can't have that much cash. But yes, she mother, I mean, is what we call in the African-American community not a formalized education of a mother with very wise and the three miles is something that she imparted to my siblings and I.


The wishbone is hoping and praying, I hope she said is the motivator, but the dream is the driver. The jawboned give you courage to speak truth to power to lift your voice. As I often say, titles are good, but purpose is better. And Grandma last bowl superagent Catalist the FBI Windows Phone is the backbone, is the backbone, will give you courage to fail no matter what you go through. You can't give somebody a backbone if they don't have it.


The backbone is the undergird of every other thing that we do in his life. So just take Grandma Wishbone job on backbone, baby. It is a recipe for life and I just love her so much for that. That mother. You know what she was telling us? These stories growing up and just kind of brushed them off. Those three boats have saved many, many a day on this journey of life. There you go.


Well, you know, for somebody who's as outspoken as you said at the turn of the podcast, please allow you to freedom to express yourself more so than television or any other media.


It does because it's longer form. And I to be truly who I am and I don't have to focus in on sound bites. And that's why I love coming on the Breakfast Club, because I'll give us the space debris is, you know, when you only got four to five minutes in a segment, sometimes you send a signal to somebody else. It's hard to really express yourself totally. And the podcast gives me independence. And that's what I like about the black effect because it is about our independence.


So, yes, the podcast gives me total freedom not to ever run again. People are going to go back and roll some tapes, but that's OK, all the damn tapes.


So I will say I think that's the one thing Trump has changed forever. I want to hear nothing about what somebody said 10 years ago, 15 years ago. Politicians are allowed to be flawed. They're allowed to be human out here.


I agree. Look, I want you if you not floor, maybe not as solid as Trump, but really some people that got some life under them, you know, some people have been through some stuff. You can't help me if you ain't been through something. That's right. Now, what about Donald Trump with a testimonial?


You know, there was some commentary after the V.P. debate and somebody said something to the effect of Biden is a change agent and Trump is a disrupter, I don't believe, by the change. But what does that mean to you when you hear that there are multiple ways to disrupt?


I mean, Trump is a disruptor for evil. We have had and still have examples of people who disrupt or good. The civil rights movement was a disruption good with our system in Mallory and people like us took the time to figure out what they're doing. Disruption for good. So disruption is not necessarily a bad thing, but it's the question of what are you disrupting for on the side of a change agent, Joe Biden? Not that I think. No, he's not.


What people just accept people for who they are. Some of the folks we got a bad and a worse choice. Yeah. Don't sit up there and say I beat the Socialists. When you got the overwhelming majority of Americans in this country who agree that we need Medicare for all. That's right, Lee. With the Green New Deal, they agree that we got to reform a criminal justice system that has been told up from the blow up from the beginning, universal basic income on.


That's what a change agent will do. Now, maybe we get pushed that administration. I just I just happen to believe they to govern the way they ran. That's is me. We got to stop worship and elect officials. They are supposed to be servants of the people. The power that they hold is your power. It's our power. Those tax dollars, what they always talk about, what they ain't gonna do or what they are not going to do.


They say that about your money. It's not the money. You don't tell the story. They like their power and their money. And if if the if the Hunter always tells the damn story to buy a story he's never told you people out there telling the lie. You saw the people's stories and not the story.


These politicians, I think the only problem I have with this ticket is like, I don't know what they stand on because, you know, you have Senator Harris who's standing with see, when it comes to the green New Deal, the new green deal. And then you got Biden saying you don't know if you put in the green New Deal. I don't know what they stand on like way already.


I don't think they know a lot of you. Maybe that's the opportunity I'm to look at. That is an opportunity that they don't know.


Do you think that is a large enough presence of black people in the progressive space is getting there? I mean, it if we talk about formal progressive space, as in saying the word progressive, I believe that black folks are the original progressive or liberals. I got we got to find our love language when it comes to that. And I say that because you don't get no more progressive in fighting for your very life all the way back to we need we need to be free fighting for your life.


You don't get any more progressive than bumping up against a status quo that considered you chattel. You don't get any more progressive than standing up to say to a criminal justice system, you are wrong in every stretch of the imagination. Have you always seen us as the other, the bad, and we can't take it anymore. So it's amazing. Black people are the original progressives. We just honestly necessarily call ourselves that.


Oh, wow. I can tell you something, Senator Nina Turner, I don't know what you're going to run for next, but I swear for God, whatever you run for, I am behind you. A million and twenty thousand percent.


Absolutely. Well, thank you. Need to protect us. And we're going to hear his podcast, Salaman and the Internet.


Everywhere you listen to podcast. Everywhere, everywhere you listen to podcasts. Hello. Somebody hosted by Senator Nina Turner is available on the Black Affectiva. Radio, thank you so much for checking in. Senator Nina Turner is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. This is the rule of report with Angela. On the Breakfast Club, listen up, Trey Songz released some new music, a lot of new music today to start off with Trey Songz, who dropped the new album, is called Back Home Know No Rap is on his album, Strictly RMV, everybody, Summer Walker, High Dollar Sign, Dabwido and more.


Do we have a clip of a trace on Facebook? You know this we love when I look into your eyes and I can't explain the Malawian.


This really affect the people you want to be one. But on the other hand, what it's all about, what it's all about, I'm not looking at you, looking at what it's I'm not looking at you, that's cool. I know. I love don't even look over here.


What is sampling and why I'm not looking at you. Try that out later on tonight at the house with wife.


See what I'm about to say. What's wrong with you, man? Goodness gracious. You kinky now clutching your pearls, I think clutching his pearls.


No reason. Dropped a new album. Discoveries, new beginnings.


Let's play a joint of that. I can make you. I'm still right. I can make them up. I'm still brain. I can make yourself feel great. I can make like I can make it, I can make it, make, you know, feel good. I can make no wrong. Feel good. Make me feel good. I can make it. I can make it. Look. I can make it. I know I can make it.


Let's go to the show my boss and get a band together with you. Got triggers for the clan. I'm from the top.


I know that can't make you any more man, but I love dropping bombs. The reason that record is I can make you impeaches knocking on his own rhapsody. I also love they are spitting some high grade, high caliber bombs on that project.


You hear me now? Also, St John released a new single called Gorgeous Papoose Papoose purposely release. The new album is called Endangered Species. You can pick that up.


And Benny the Butcher will drop the new single Pooja's Coming. Let's talk about it. What do you got in your mouth, bro? Bro. Don't do that because you're trying to talk, but you got stuff in your mouth. Just take it out. Why don't you just talk about some high grade, high caliber hip hop right now?


I'm worried about what's in my mouth. I I'll give you a second. Swallowed.


OK, good. This guy's crazy. Now, Benny the Butcher released a new single, featured Little Wayne and Big Sean is called Timeless. Now, this beat was actually supposed to go to watch the Throne album, but they decided not to take it. So here it is. And here's a snippet of it. Let's see who Big Sean is taking a stab at Santa's sleigh now up on him, my master.


Watch me good. And a great recession. Everything even taking a leap of faith switch labels. That's been the only incident like Zig-Zag Breeza Disease.


First of all, dropping bombs with Benny the Butcher and little Wayne is also on that record. Everybody on their snap and some high caliber high grade rapping is happening on that record. But those bars clearly from Big Shot with a Kanye West. I told you all a couple of weeks ago that Kanye owed Big Sean three million dollars. I told you all a couple of weeks ago, Kanye had big shot in a terrible deal where he gets half of Sean's profits and half of Sean's royalties.


And Big Sean could have gotten his masters back, but Kanye said, no, play it again. So it's in better context.


It's not a slave deal. Now we're looking up on him, my master. Trust me, time good enough. Great. Is everything even taking leaps of faith switch labels.


That's been the only incident like Zig-Zag Angry a disease.


Now listen, I told that's up bs that omae Ms. I told ya, you got to applaud Sean for his restraint. But it's got to be nuts to hear a man brag about being worth five billion dollars as he did yesterday. But he owes you two million. Got to be crazy feeling, you know. Got to be a crazy feeling here, man. Screaming about fighting to get folks back. Dave Matthews won't give you back yours. Right.


But you did say he was going to give us all orders back. They are masters. He also put yesterday on Instagram or Twitter, I should say. He says from fifty three million in debt to a net worth of five billion in four years. Thank you, Jesus.


Well, Sean is clearly tired of the hypocrisy. And this is not about beef between black men. It's about black men practicing what they preach and not being false prophets for self-serving reasons. You need to do right by Sean. Absolutely.


And that is your rooma report. Now, Charlamagne, who are you giving that don't care to?


Man, the story broke my heart. Not only did it break my heart, it immediately made me send it to a lot of the women in my life and let them.


I told him not to take you serious. You swallow what's in your mouth, bro. I'm not God. I can't take you serious.


You got to that. I can't take you seriously. I'm already down here and you take me seriously. I got to swallow you to take me there. This is crazy. This is the lack of respect. I'm leaving in the second go. Lack of respect in this room is disgusting. OK, now anyone tell you what I'm doing now?


You just going to halfway. All right. All right. But not today is up next is The Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club, your mornings. I'll never be the same.


Forty eight states ban texting and driving. So if you do it, you're not only putting people at risk, you're breaking the law, cost tickets to save lives. Remember, you drive, you text, you pay brought to you by Nizza. I don't use it during the day, I'm affecting all around you. I want this man to get out and blow his man. Hey, wait for Charlamagne to tap gloves. This guy has to make a judgment of what was going to be on the docket of the day.


They chose you for the Breakfast Club, bitch. Whose doggie the day to day. That's right.


As soon as we get get through this dog, we will get to the bottom of something. But I'll just stand by, stand back and stand by. All right. Thank you. Today for Friday, October 9th.


Also, a young 27 year old man in Las Vegas named Sidney, do I read this story the other day and it emotionally and spiritually drained me. I'm not having a lot immediately because there's just certain things that I feel are instilled in us by nature.


And this situation made me question that, you know, I am a father of three young girls and there is absolutely nothing I wouldn't do to protect them. That's my job as a man to protect and provide for my princess. So whatever trauma, hurt, harm or pain, I can prevent them from going through, I will. So when I read stories like the one I'm about to tell you, I promise you first thing I do is send it out to the women I love in my life and tell them, please, for the love of God, watch who you let.


Shoot your club up. OK, now let's get to it. Sydney Deal has been arrested and charged with one count of child abuse or neglect causing substantial bodily harm, and he's being held on twenty dollar bond.


What did Sydney Deal do? Well, let me read the headline from The New York Post. Toddler dies in a hot car after dad refused to let cops break a window. Let's go to eight news now. Los Vegas for a report.


Police records from CPS show the department investigated two reports of neglect at the home of, say, a deal after she was born. The toddler died Monday after she was left inside a car at a home near MLK and owns both of those reports were found to be unsubstantiated, say his father, 27 year old Sidney Diehl, charged with child abuse and neglect. His arrest report showing he refused to break a window to get her out. Deal has posted bail and once released, will remain on house arrest until he's back in court in December.


Now, let me put some more context. That news report I was reading in the NY Post, NY Post is reporting that he refused to break the window of his new car to save his dying toddler. Sydney flagged on officers after he left his one year old daughter in a hot car. According to The New York Post, the officers offered to break the window, call the tow truck a locksmith, but Sydney declined and asked to call his brother.


Now, if any of this is true, what would be the hesitation? I wouldn't have even called the cops. The window would have been broke already. OK, now, after several minutes, the officers did smash the window and pull out the unresponsive girl who died at the scene. The cause of death is pending, but authorities believe she had been trapped in the car for more than an hour now. Even more context to the deal's brother said he received a call from Sydney saying he accidentally locked his daughter safely in the car, which he claimed had the air conditioner running if the air conditioning was running with the heater still killing her.


I'm confused, but Cindy's brother says when he got there, he immediately wrapped his shirt around his hand and offered to punch out the window with Sydney, stopped him and claimed he didn't have enough money to fix a broken window. And he instead asked his brother to call their mom to have her insurance company send a locksmith. Now there is more. Sidney's girlfriend, who I can't believe would still be his girlfriend after this, also told police she called the insurance company for him, but he told her to hang up because he didn't agree with the price quoted for a tow truck.


This story makes my back hurt. OK, ladies, my brothers, this is your Uncle Charlotte talking.


I need you to listen to me and listen to me. Good.


If you as a man would sacrifice the life of your child because you can't afford to break a window to get them out of a hot car when they are dying, or if you can't afford a tow truck or a locksmith, then guess what else you can't afford since you can't afford to have sex, there's absolutely no reason for you to be putting that perhaps penis and other people's daughters.


And when I say poor, I don't mean financially. No, because I don't shame people for not having money. I'm talking about poor character. Poor character led to the injustice of this one, your being dead.


She didn't deserved it. And Sydney, what you're going to realize is that you didn't deserve that either. See, poverty is easier to conquer than injustice. Sydney, you could have broke down window and found the money lady to get it fixed.


But the injustice that happened to your daughter allegedly caused by you, the trauma of that injustice, that pain, that hurt will haunt you forever.


All right. This story really bothers me. It bothers me the way I hear white people more upset about burnt buildings than they are about dead black bodies like, I expect culturally clueless white folks who look at black people as subhuman. I expect them to be more upset about buildings being burnt down in a protest than they are about black bodies being killed by police and white supremacists.


But a black man choosing a piece of property over his daughter, over his own flesh and blood is not one material item that I love more than my daughter's. OK, the fact that I even have to say that says a lot about the current state of affairs in our communities.


Or please let me you this thing you do the biggest asshole, he ha he you stupid mother, you dumb that one hurt.


I don't know if his his psychological state or his financial state, but I don't care how broke you may or may not be. If you have to choose between the window of your new car and your one year old.


Should be easy. I would drive with that broken window for years.




It's like there's no logical explanation for this. I don't care what kind of car was. I don't care whose car I was. If you have the shadow a window to save your child or any child, you break the window.


Jesus Christ, my goodness. All right, come on, change music. Switch gears. All right, take it off. Take it off, because I got some question.


That was the donkey of the day. I got some questions. I've been here all week.


We've been here all week, Janvi and myself and Jadran Moses here. And, you know, Angelie has been off. And I'm to be honest with you, man, envy makes me uncomfortable. You know, you make me uncomfortable.


He flirts with me, you know, you flirt with me entirely too much. I don't know if you notice it.


No, you flirt with me entirely, too. But I don't know if you are noticing. They notice it, but it's getting a little uncomfortable. So I just want to ask the people, is it disrespectful to my wife the way that Jamie flirts with me? Let me ask you guys a question out there.


Eight five one one five one. Is it disrespectful to my wife? What the way Charlemagne flirts with me now?


You guys like me, are you doing this? And the reason I say that is, you know, he flirts to me all the time. And not only that for a gift, he buys me his ass. First of all, don't bring up old stuff now. Don't bring a that was a joke. I think you took that a little too seriously since then. Ever since then. And this isn't just flirting on it. It happens to group text.


You see it, Dromm, you follow me all the time. You become you see it too on the group techs who flirt more hoofers, more drunk. You're both before you.


Oh no, no, you don't stay out of it. You stay out of. Nobody asked you. We have to see that acid a long time, by the way. That I don't mean no, I no one wants you to sack as you know. Let's get back to it now because take time out, Michael.


It doesn't even you know what, there's eight hundred five eight five one two five one. The way Charlamagne flirts to me. No. Is it disrespectful? No. No way. D.J. and flirts with me the respect for my wife.


Now, look, look, I want you to see a message from my son, right? My son texted me yesterday. Just read the bottom part of your brain and say, can you read out loud?


This is why this is why they call me Poopy Finger. And what is it? Finger booty boy.


Oh, because of you. Because of the way. What do they call what we're what. My son don't like my call.


You can't give me. I need to read that again. No it's not funny. What did they say.


I say the poopy finger and finger buddy boy. Oh Logan I need you to know that you're a junior. OK, you OK? Seniors in the room, poopy boy. Seniors in the room right after this. All right. You don't need to know. I have no way that poopy boy senior flirt with me. This is the way that Charlamagne first me. And it gives that it gives me. Is it disrespectful so much? Because when we were sitting courtside virtually on Sunday or whatever it was, Logan was in your seat at first, saw me on that street looking OK.


That's what he told me.


He said that Solomon said on radio that he was going to give you a kiss cam. And he said, When I look over, I got off the TV screen immediately and played. So those eight until five one is the way to show me flirt.


No is the way to be flirt with my wife disrespectful to my wife. I'm going to marry to me now. I need to know about poopy boy.


Good morning. Lots out phone call. And right now you call me. And joining into the Breakfast Club to break it down, eight hundred five eight five one oh five one, The Breakfast Club. Good morning, everybody, is T.J. N.V., Angela Charlemagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Good morning. If you're just joining us, we're just asking I'm asking a serious question, right? No, I'm asking a serious question. I mean, if you listen to The Breakfast Club for the last 10 years, that is a lie.


You noticed that. I really think he's low. Funny and funny is what you mean.


Like, ha ha funny. I don't know if he's like, would you be kind of funny? Because I don't know if it's funny or are you serious? But he flirts with me all the time, not flirting with you. The problem and being an Angela, you've been off all week. You've been really, really, really flirting in. The final straw for me was when you played Trey Songz about 10, 15 minutes ago and kept looking at me as you were playing.


And I did not I think that disrespectful to my wife.


Well, let's let's go to the phone lines. A lot of people out of the question. What is the question we're asking? The way you flirt with me is that this is no way you flirt with me. Disrespect to me.


Hello. Who's this? Hi, this is Brandi. Hey, Brandi is the wait for me to know if the winner and B flirt with me. Disrespectful?


Yes. It's disrespectful to your wife and to yourself. And you are not bisexual. You should be flirting with each other.


Oh wow. So we disrespected both our wives. What you said.


Yes, yes, yes, yes. That's not right. You know, I was in a relationship. What to do was say it was hot. Oh, they don't feel good on one's behalf.


So you think. Hold on. So you think that we actually flirt with each other? Yeah, I'll be fine with it.


Tells everyone to be flirting with me. Really. So this is like a thing like this is really like they all really think we'd be flirting. She's an expert on this.


But hello, this this is all well and wrong from having a good time to do the same face time.


So I need you to answer a question for me. Is it disrespectful of my wife? The way it reflects on me, the way he flirts with me is disrespectful to my wife.


Is so disrespectful that you don't accept a love that this man is given to you. Well, why don't you a love note that love man. I think maybe you understand me, boy. No, I don't think they'll get over it. Boys will be boys. It's just not on the radio. My goodness. Goodbye. Hello. Who's this. This is for you from Brooklyn. Hey, Ray.


From Brooklyn. Brooklyn, Brooklyn. Royal Royal Boy. Young. Oh, man.


I need to ask you a question. Is she swept away and flirts with me. The disrespect for my wife is a disrespect for the way he follows to me, to my wife.


OK, first of all, I'm Kassala. Yes. No, you talk about envy, but all the time. See, you are the one you bring up. But don't forget everything when it comes to poor people.


Read me, you know, with you this every time and say anything that may refer to something that's not even on topic. You make it that way.


That is impossible. I did not invent a remix. Thank you so much. It's true. He's disrespectful, right? So you try to say no, never flirts with me. No, I don't. You always flirt with me. Hello. Who's this? This is Kim. Kim, how are you kids? My wife. The way this guy knows Kim is a disrespect for my wife. The way you flirt with me.


I mean, come on now. I have to tell the truth, OK? In the here along the line, you are always back to my seat.


And the girl I'm thinking, you know, Charlemagne is always messing with you. So it's Charlamagne it, doesn't it?


Yes, he does. Thank you so much, Kim. This is unfair. Who is taking these calls? I'm just I'm just. I'm just going to random. Wow.


Hello. Who's this?


How are you doing? This girl here in Ferguson, Missouri, you seem to be talking a little too fast. Slow down. What's your name now?


Roland Martin, straight out of St. Louis, Missouri. You see, he's fine. OK, all right. Do you think it's disrespectful to him and his wife? I mean, do you think it's disrespectful to my wife the way he flirts with me, my wife, the way you first with me.


Come on. These are some people who deserve this.


Our way is the rule gurus. No, with.


You know what, that was a rule in the 50s and 60s, too, I remember especially down south right before the civil rights movement and a lot of different neighborhoods.


Now, there's still that rule. All right. I understand. I get what you're saying. I understand where you come from. Eight hundred ninety five point five. What we're asking, is it disrespectful to my wife the way this man. No disrespect to my wife. The way Andy before to me. I'm tired of this. Call us up now is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Morning, everybody. Is T.J., N.V. Angeles. Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club.


If you're just joining us, we are having a serious conversation. We're asking, right. Is it disrespectful to my wife to way Charlamagne flirts with me? No, I don't like it already. We're asking. We're asking.


It is disrespectful to my wife the way and be flirts with me. Now, for all of you people out here saying we don't flirt with me, that's a damn lie. What does your son say? What did Logan say and what did Logan text you? He fingered because of the ass you gave me. They call him poopy thing, but you know what I mean? That makes you poopy fingers, you know, who's this?


What's going on there? So, yeah, it was a brawl with James Top.


Is it? This is I know how you feel about this is a pretty wild time to see he was flirting with you. Is it disrespectful the way he flirts with me to my wife?


I'm for both of us. But suddenly you do have.


What do you mean? Have you have you like you like before, you know, is all about envy.


I like all I ever talk about is his beard. How do you not paint all the time called American pop?


You know, like I say, Poppy, that's what he said.


How I envy you more like you more like you look at me, somebody notices if I don't look at that man. So it's not my type. Hello. This this is like it was a very. Is it disrespectful to my wife the way this man first I mean, no disrespect to my wife the way and be flirting with me is, oh, you guys are being disrespectful to your wives.


You guys need to stop as long as they listen to you guys. You guys have got a little suspect with other guys. Why do you want a man who was all that? Well, I don't want to have you guys want that.


We don't up you being used to brothers, not showing love each other that you want us to date. Goodness gracious. Hello. Who's this? Hey, good morning, Tea Party. Good morning. You're respectful to my wife, ladies man. No, to the disruption of my wife the way and before me.


I'm just glad to have this. I wish I was on my own. And I think for two reasons, no one would be here becoming you anyway.


So what they got to do, this man bought me as he bought me. And yes, it's me. Don't say nothing like looking this morning. Your mom to me. That's right.


Because he doing you to doing the program. We're doing a radio show. No, he's chomping on no.


Tell him to swallow and all types of stuff like what's up with that.


That's the way he gets what he thinks. Thank you. Tea.


Love you guys. I love you more. Hello. Who's this. This is awesome.


A task. I'm just asking the question, is it disrespectful to my wife the way this guy Futoshi disrespectful to my wife doing before me? Come on.


Honestly, if I let either one of you guys why, I will find it totally disrespectful. The way that you got cover what I told him. You know, both of you.


And I'm I'm curious to know where who started it ended. He did. I mean, it's one thing to be home with your man, your friend, have a romance and all that, but all the stuff out there is crazy. I be like, if I was married, like what? First of all, the little booty joke. Oh, that is like over overboard for me. Let me tell you why.


And I heard another man commenting about my man, but I never commented on him.


I never comment on his. But both of you have. Both of you had. And if I was the wife, I know that you guys were just playing, but I mean, it's so common. You always do it. I'll tell you, I tell your story. I tell you the story. You I saw you when I first when I moved back to New York almost ten years ago, there was a woman at an apartment complex and she told me she said she had me come in to talk to you.


She said, you really need to watch out for Janvi said what she said because he's got a little got a little friend that he visits over here and looks just like you. I think you're his type. She's short, short, bald head, same complexion. He comes over here all the time.


That was my friend Little and I went to college. That's one of my best friends. I go. I used to go. Him all the time he sustained apartment building as a child, I mean, that's why she said that. But let's talk about the guy that got on YouTube and was like his name is Glitter Stick. And he said that you used to take a bus to come see him and give him that paint a painting.


With me now, one of the things that nevertheless, we just have to with Yaounde, Khobar Towers, where we're talking to either one of you, either need the money outside. You got anything to do with. So let's let's go to one person, Messing's. Who's this? Hey, it's me.


You're using my phrase on the radio show, Sharon Stone.


I meant to put some in your cash after the day I did for you, but that wasn't right. You sent me the wrong cash. All right. So, Sean, let me ask you a question. You listen to the show every morning, right? Sean, the way this man flirts with me is it this is no disrespect for my wife, the way Andy flirts with me.


So so the thing is, I've been on this show, Mad Love. Show me you will get the reason why even you a few calls on the radio would be like you flip it around, you know, what are you talking about?


Yeah. You will lose this game you brought me here. But a small of your. But we can be way too much, Grossi, so I think your life will be up to you.


Thank you. So who asked you to somebody else. And we answered. I don't remember asking.


I asked them. All right, there's no more or less stop flirting with me more that the story is.


Let's get to know what it's like when we come back. We got the room to report. This guy is crazy. We got to talk. Sorry, ladies. Man, this guy is crazy. The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. It's about who's going to report report.


This is the room report with Angela on the Breakfast Club.


Now, Trillanes has been charged with felony assault in the Meggan the stallion shooting.


Now the L.A. County DA's office, him with one count of assault with a semiautomatic firearm and one count of carrying a loaded, unregistered firearm in a vehicle.


They allege that Tauri inflicted great bodily injury. If convicted, he will face he faces up to 22 years and eight months in prison.


I mean, that was one of the points of contention for a lot of people, right? I mean, even me, I was wondering, like, OK, why hasn't he been charged yet? Right. You know, so I wonder if police were investigating this whole time. I wonder if social media chatter in the album Tree Drop caused that caused more social media chatter. I wonder if that led to these charges. Well, we'll see what happens.


I'm not sure when his first court date is, but we'll definitely see.


And why wouldn't you just talk to the police if you know that you possibly facing charges, just talk to the police or do a real interview where you explain the situation that you can't say you're not going to speak about it, but then do a whole album about it.


I'm just glad that, you know, I'm married and faithful because Tory Lane is making it the way women 059 may never look at Brothas five six and show that they really never looked at each other anyway. They can't get that of the end.


Like I tell you something else, I don't think you'll realize how much the court how much the court of public opinion impacts these criminal cases, either because these folks, these folks will press charges based off, you know, just just the social media narrative. Right.


Also, the 20/20 BET Hip Hop Awards will be hosted by the 85 s shows. Just the young fly.


Come on now and Chieko be dropped when occlude bombs for my guys eighty five s show Carlos Miller dcom fly Chico be salute my man Chad eighty five softshell man. I love the old brothers like I am. I am absolute fans of them. Always have been. You know Carlos and Chico you know DC they've been out here putting in work for a long time.


You know what I love about the eighty five s show the most was that all three of them, you know, individually of forces, but they collectively came together to build something that's that's resonating in the culture in a huge way. Right.


And now they're hosting the goddamn beat hip hop Wardrop which by four eighty five s show me effortlessly, effortlessly funny individuals.


Those three young men are now this year. I bet they do. I am hip hop award some people I picked up those award, that award with Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne Rakim, L.L. Cool J Salt and Pepper Little Kim. And this year Master P will be honored with the I Am hip hop award that is beyond overdue.


Yep, dropping a coupon for the icon masterpiece, but is also in that realm because if you think about some of the people I was in it, L.L. Cool J.


Salt-and-pepper Rackham. So they just they getting around to giving everybody flow. Absolutely. OK, so salute to Master P and also today, register to vote. Today is the last day to register to vote in New York City, in North Carolina and Oklahoma. So New York, North Carolina and Oklahoma.


Today is the last day to register to vote, to register to vote, register to vote, register to vote. They tell you to man up for election this year. One president, one vice president, three Senate seats, 435 House seats, eleven governors seats, ten attorney generals, seven secretary of state seats in two hundred and seventy seven state appellate court seats. So don't think you just voting for president of the United States of America because you are absolutely, positively not.


Right. All right. It's a lot on the ballot. And by the way, you know, we talk about presidents and you talk about presidents not being able to get anything done. Presidents can get things done when they have a majority. Senate does on their side, when they have a majority House that's on their side, you know what I mean? So those seats are very, very, very important.


Right. So let's see when your state is the last day you could just head up the Breakfast Club online or on the Instagram. Right. So on Instagram, on breakfasting, Instagram, you can see where your stay at the last day to register in South Carolina need to be voting for Jamie Harrison.


It's time to get time to get old lady bug Lindsey Graham about it. OK, we need we need new blood. I'm tired of old white male leadership, you know what I mean? All white male leadership has got an American position that is in South Carolina. Y'all got a chance to put Jamie Harris in a Senate seat. Do it. OK, I'm I'm definitely voting down ballot. I'm voting for Jamie Harrison, so. All right.


Well, that is a rumor report. Now shout to revolt. We'll see you guys on Monday. You will be back on Monday. You'll be back. So that means and we can't flirt with me no more. I can't flirt with me, OK? Because this week has been crazy. It has been crazy. And I'm already went to human resources already.


Stop repeating me. You repeat me so much more feedback like I always you.


Oh, you kept repeating. Oh, you would go. That is proof you can't repeat. You can't repeat me. I wanted to see how far you would go I. What makes you you know, when to stop God, I know when to stop. That would have sounded stupid, somebody DMD, but just do it to try.


Come on, let's try. I'm just saying I got good segment.


I'm not saying that you can do it to try to throw it back at the Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club.


Your Mornings. I'll never be the same.


Inspired by true events, Charm City Kings shed light on Baltimore's dirt bike culture through the eyes of young black teens, starring Zahedi, Illo, Winston and Meek Mill, now streaming on HBO, Max rated R.


Morning, everybody, is D.J. Envy, Angela, I mean, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club shouts Everybody that signed up for my webinar shot the season. We're doing a webinar breaking down on one family flip. You know, we get so many time, people like, well, you know, how do you do it? How do you flip a crib? How do you purchase it? How do you. So we're going to break we're going to break down the whole process.


So we're going to purchase a home. We're going to go through the whole process of lending and demo and everything you can possibly from plumbing, electric flooring, roofing, siding. And then we're going to go to the process of selling. So we're going to show you everything, how to cut corners, how to save money and all that. So if you want more information, just click the link in my bio sees his bio and hopefully we'll see you at the webinar.


I know a lot of you guys are getting tip checks and you're getting unemployment and you get a little extra money. Don't know what to do with it. So definitely invest, invest, invest, invest your money in that dirty money.


I don't know. But people are investing which which I want to see them do. Why not just give me.


Oh, listen, I want to remind everybody in New York to men registered to vote, OK? Today is the last day to register to vote in New York City. All right. Voting is important. I'm telling you that because I am voting and I'm voting for my interests, I'm not voting for individuals, even though I do like Senator Kamala Harris. But it's not even just about Senator Kamala Harris.


That's a lot of things to vote for come November 3rd. I'm actually going to read some of them to you. I was looking at this the other day. I thought this is very important up for election this year. One president, one vice president. Thirty three Senate seats, 435 House seats, eleven governors seats, ten attorney generals, seven secretary of state in twenty two. Seventy seven state appellate court seats.


OK, all right. When we come back, positive note. It's The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


This house this morning, everybody is the envy.


Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. That's Solomon. You've got a positive note.


I do want to talk about character. Solid character will reflect itself in consistent behavior, while poor character will seek to hide behind deceptive words and actions. Which one will you choose? This is your.


Hey, this is with our guys on in the booth at the gate outside, when they pull up, they give me loose little scared about boys like you boys up. And I goes way to be where we get me to do it. I was offering me at a bad post, had them all down the nose down. We may know now is going, man, I'm back on my being with the girls. I just had it. And just be like JAMA Joseph Intelligency, my junior really selling froze and they took him mainly because I want you to retreat.


No need to be gay. Please don't send me to jail.


Way too far. You know, I don't follow suit. Stacey Dash, guys, ain't got to go. I made our records outproduce. I might take all my taxes and put them all in a group.


Are you ready?


Mysteries, the hit fiction podcast to Moon Bay. Yes, Reaches is thrilling. Final season. This one you to say they must. From My Heart Radio and Goldthorpe Productions, yes, the end is coming. My dear child, the fires we've destroyed. She's dead. But she came back. Something is going to happen, you need to be ready from creators John Scott Dryden and Mike Walker. Why me? Because, Greg, you are the hinge of history.


Scrolls were never about the past. They were about the future team in by season four. Take me to two men, Bay, listen and follow Tim and Bay on the radio app Apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts. What now we wait to be.