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This is your time to get it off your chest, whether you mad or blessed, but at the same time, we want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello, this good pair of you, Chesbrough, not one of these for good news, and I want to tell you all things I don't think I know what I'm pointing out here. So maybe sometimes it's like just thinking, how are you going to do for people on a regular basis?


Thank you so much. No, I mean, everybody got time to be thinking about that bottom of my life. But you do actually see humbly talk to people, give good advice to actually travel to cities and countries, to travel to this country, doing seminars and following us, you know, show us what they can do, how they can come out.


They can grow up and blow up. Charlamagne, you can also be big enough to use like. Oh yeah, I do. Pretty much fund raisers do I go to clubs, you know, awareness and you donate to brothers and sisters helping sisters and brothers with mental illnesses because you know how to break it to. Right? Yeah, we definitely have. You know, we appreciate you for recognizing and we appreciate you for recognizing the work. That's nice.


It isn't even envy.


You travel the country holding seminars, young people, how to be bossert and how you can make your family. Friends are doing this for people you don't even know that you want to know. We appreciate your man. Hey, man.


And we got to go because we wouldn't even be in the position that we're in without you. So that's right.


We got your universal basic income check coming in the mail for, you know, big announcement this morning. Thank you for that. Thank you, brother. Hello. Who's this?


Hey, good morning, man. It's Jermaine out in L.A. with me. What's going on with some Jermaine? Give him a chance, bro. Hey, man, I just want to say some positive vibes, positive energy out there, man. Every time they parade up, we won't get to this.


And they're just trying to stick together on they say, no, I pray for America.


This is actually what Donald Trump is saying. America, first, you should have led with pray for America, pray for us.


First motto, pray the American soldier all you pray for people. How ya know I got a job.


We're doing good, man. We blessed we are we talking to the good people, man. We all right, man. Hello, who's this?


And it is Chandler from Columbus, Ohio. How y'all doing? Chandler Say Chandler Yes. Hey, man. Good morning, guys. Good morning, gentlemen. Wanted to know, you know, this is coronaviruses scared me. I still. Rubert Oh, we can still make my money, you know what I'm saying?


I'm still outside with it, you know, work inside. Jim Chandler. Stay your ass inside, bro.


There's no reason to be outside. All you doing is you probably you could be infecting people or you can get infected.


So just stay at home, bro.


I'm do my best. I'm a definitely do my best. All right, brother. Hello, this is Chris from Bloomfield, New Jersey. I just want to give a shout out to everybody while well are still grinding. I want to give a shout out to you guys at the radio stations was keeping us calm and entertained. And I want to give a shout out, like I said again, to local police department, fire department holding it down for us.


Hello. Who's this one from Norfolk, Virginia.


More from the seven five seven. Get it off your chest, bro. How are you doing? Good morning, Charlotte and God. Angela. Good morning. Good morning. I just wanted to say, having a tough week at this, coronaviruses going around the world got a lot going on at work, our legal problems. But everything's going to be all right by the end of the day. You gotta keep your head up. Keep moving forward. There you go.


It could be worse. You could have the coronavirus, sir. Yes.


Yes. Thank you, Charlamagne. That's right. But we all got to get through it. We got to come together. It don't matter about we ain't got no choice.


So anything everybody got to come together is one, get out of the way. Get this stuff out of the way.


And that is very true. This is something that impacts us all. Keep your head up, bro. Hello this.


Hi. This is quite your night and I hate Courtney. Rene, get it off your chest, Mama.


Well, I'm not having it on my chest. I just want to really wish my sister Britney my say I happy. Twenty ninth birthday. Happy birthday. All right. Well, happy birthday to her. She can't go in. No way to celebrate what you are doing now. We are.


It is her job. All week we had a couple of house parties, but all our family and friends, you know, everybody was. Wow.


The life of the no social disease. No no social distancing your post to be six feet away from each other to shame on you all.


I know. But, you know, in South Carolina, you already know. Get it off your chest.


Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to finish this up now is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


To take your time to get it off your chest, whether you man or class, but have the same energy. We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello, this is from Sobhraj also. How are you feeling today? I'm feeling fine.


One love to you all. My love to you all. And you can't get it off your chest, brother man. I'm upset about that. Black authors of Sapphire. I have no outlet really. Like we kind of. Then thrown at loose from the film industry to the book literary to the publishing companies, you know, like we really need some some better outlets for black sci fi authors.


No, I agree with them. I do suggest he got this line call playing it dead. But I agree with you. It's only because they don't take us seriously in that space right now. They look at black people and they think we only supposed to be writing about one thing, which is usually the street life. Right.


And that's like they want us just to write the identity of corruption and nothing that develops us or gives us some science about life. You know, things like in my book, The Black Lives, of course, we got everything in there from post-traumatic syndrome, like with Dr. Joyce on the girl we put in her book. Yeah, definitely need to put her on your show. Have you had any you never heard of post-traumatic stress syndrome?


She is. She is the I call her the female Malcolm X of this time. You got to really check her out like she is the truth for post-traumatic. Slazenger If we I've heard that stuff. Yeah. I mean, I've heard that term. I've definitely used that term. I don't mean maybe I do know her. I don't know. I definitely use that term. No.


Well thank you. You go see the slave play on Broadway then. Well when is whenever it's back open again. It's kind of all about that too. But I said, I said Toshie only Bouchet. We had him on the show. He said Black Sabbath. I think he wrote the book for girls.


Hello. Who's this? This is Douglas Powell from the top notch mobile salon in Detroit, Michigan. What's up, brother? Get it off your chest, bro. I agree with Charlamagne.


My mama, my wife and I, we work together all the time. Now we home with the kids. I think it's a blessing, man, that you know all the time. And the work I put it on, my kids are children. It's paying off so I can see exactly what's going on with, you know. Yes. My wife and I, we we're we we really, truly appreciate each other's company. Now, man, you know, now that we out with sanitising the disinfecting this one getting ready to go back to work, you know, I just got like I didn't have we like job in the first place.


We never liked each other.


Yeah. If you can't make this couple of weeks, you never like the person you would, which I'm enjoying this so much.


Thank you for calling, brother. Hello.


This is Mrs. Park it up. I go by the name of Tamai.


Is it OK. Whatever. Get it off your chest. Right. Oh yeah. I just like to let you know that after 15 long months the boys finally. That is clear. Yes sir. No more dirty driving OK.


No more bad regulations. King, thank you very much. All right. We'll be safe out there. Don't lose it again, brother. Hey, one more thing. You know, I don't have to say my number, so when I call next time you're already well, we ain't got no damn caller ID.


We have caller I.D., but we don't we not doing this. No stores, no luck. We know you got to. As I said, I want to ask you the phone number, right? Yes. Yeah. We're not storing that dough, but have a good one. No problem. We're going to follow Duvall. He said he's well. Oh, hello. This is just. Man, what's up, bro? Get it off your chest and now I'm back.


Oh, no, I woke up this morning. Guys, don't God is at work, you know. Blessed to have a job, bro. Bro, that's it, man. That's how you feel about that. Yeah. Yeah. I'll even go find me on Instagram. I take the man or not. OK, brother. Hello, this is Romeo. Romeo. What's up man? Get off your chest. How are you doing? Something good this morning.


I'm having my first job relations. Thank you. Thank you. But you're a good man. I love you. Enough room with a black. But you love my as you say. That's right. I'm America. I'm mad at you because I can't believe you surprised that a movie like Lucy so can't see say it may.


Well I don't want to stereotype people but it is to say something sometimes like how you see what you got to be taught.


Like my father had to teach me. I mean, I know how to. I mean I know the concept of changing the tide is no change. Switch it up now. It's a very easy, easy concept. But I just don't say it's easy now.


You know, I have no idea how to do it. Where you from, brother? I'm from Brooklyn. Can I see how many how many are fixed flat places by you? It's a whole lot. There you go. That's why I got to change a tire. That's what I paid him to do. Thank you. No problem.


You might not have the money. Hey, people are struggling.


You know, not only does it, some people don't even have actually tire. And there's not that. Yeah, that's expensive. That's right around with the extra time you get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to vent, you can hit us up at any time.


Morning, everybody, is PJ Harvey, Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club, we got a special guest in the building. Cindy, this is the first time it finally makes them around.


That's right, Jimmy. And as you write in your gut, Jimmy, OK, Sugar, a.k.a. Tina Snow in the building album is out right now.


Let's get started. For people that don't know how to make the stallion's start out as a rapper. How did you get into this rap game?


So my mom was a rapper and like every day after school and when she would get off work, I would see her in her room writing and stuff. And then she would be like going to the studio and I'll be in a little weight room. And I'm pretty sure she thought I was in there doing my little kid stuff.


But I'll be like listening at the door, like, OK, yeah. And I really thought it was normal.


I kind of thought everybody my mom was doing that, so, yeah, I didn't know. So like I know it was just normal. So I would eventually like start stealing her CDs like all her instrumentals on there. And I started sneaking around and then she would be like asking like have you seen my C.D.? And I'm like, no, like. And then like eventually when I graduated from high school, I was like, I can rap.


And she was like, no, you can't. And I was like, yeah, yeah. She was like me. So I started rapping and she was like, oh my God. Like can't rap.


Remember the first verse before? I really don't remember what I was saying, but I remember rap over like that. I'm definitely teaching her.


And she was like I was like so then ever since then, like I don't think she's still even took me seriously then. So I start going to the studio on my own. And so when she knew I was in the studio by myself and then she was like, oh hell no, I'm a manager.


And we talk that it was raw, too. I was exactly how I rap now, like I was talking to probably a little more crazy, but she said, you ain't living that life.


I was like, Mama, don't be mad. I'm a curse, OK? And she she was like, OK, I'll bet she knew exactly how hard I was about to go. And she was like, I don't know where your mouth came from. The only thing my momma ever played for me was like Pepsi.


You'd say, Oh yes, yeah, yeah. My daddy only played three six mafia. So I said, why not figuring out why I'm talking like this?


So I read somewhere that his wife wanted to. She had vocals for you to see. What did you do it? I mean, I got the vocals. I got vocals from her and you see Jay. So, I mean, I was working I'm still working on my album. Like, I had to hurry up and put together an EP like of songs that I just really liked that I recorded so far. But like stuff like that, I really like to take my time off because I really look up to see.


So I really wanted to I want to do the song right now.


How long did it take for you to I don't want to say pop, but to actually pop because it seems like on the outside world it seems like it was fast. It seems like it was a little rumbling and then it was going I feel like I'm still getting there. Like I don't feel like I'm just like I don't feel like I, like, popped. How many platinum singles you got already? Uh, three.


I mean, no, you got the right attitude that they don't really count it. So you put out a debut album, right? I feel like I just got a lot more work to do.


Like I like to work. I like to hustle. I don't feel like nothing should just be given to me like I really do want to work for.


I think that sometimes people misjudge, like looking from the outside with, you know, hot girl and all of that, because I looked at it and we were trying to have this discussion. And just being like somebody about your business as a woman that is independent, taking care of yourself, you go to School Tzu's identity issues because they are so proud of you. But sometimes people think that means you just out here hustling and that and they think that that's what it is.


Being a hot girl, you know, it really started off as me really just letting everybody know what type of summer I was, whatever like me just being unapologetic, unapologetic, me just doing what I want to do, not really caring about anybody else's opinion like me, just being me, you know, just doing what we want to do as women. Like, we shouldn't be trying to fit into like a certain standard that people try to put us in a certain box we would try to put us on.


You should just do what makes you happy.


Now, when the boys got involved, it was like, oh, yeah, yeah, I don't agree. Yeah, I think it is. And then it turned into like a whole like bender over a city boy. Yeah. Like, whoa, whoa.


I'm making this one started. Yeah.


Well I was like damn like hot girls like that was there. That was like yeah. Real hunger.


I was like what did you do for the fall. I went is hunger semester. Oh.


But we when we went to school we got more with making a when we come back. Don't Move is the Breakfast Club.


Gábor The Breakfast Club is back, back, back, back, back with our best stuff.


Interviews everybody is D.J. Envy Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club we still kicking it would make the stallion shalaby do you think this is a situation where a major company is poaching off the work that a 15 one wanted to help you get to this point?


No, like Roc Nation don't have nothing to do with the problems we was already going through. I don't like it. I don't like the you know, people bring up Jay-Z like Jay-Z. Now we're worried about them like you saying names that I feel like is just you just trying to draw like attention to the situation, like facts or public.


I don't have to lie. Why would I lie? Like, I just I feel like people want to bully. Me, like you don't have to gang up on me like I didn't do nothing to you. So I really don't understand where he's coming from. I think I think a lot of that came from. I think you said that Roc Nation looked at the contract and told you so.


When when I finally got real lawyers in, like, you know, people around me that knew what they were talking about, it was like some things in my contract are just unconscionable in the state of Texas. So it's like, well, let's just fix the things that are wrong. So.


So you just want to renegotiate wanted to renegotiate my contract and it look like things are going to move toward that direction. Are you feeling like I'm you feel like if you had a conversation. I try to have a conversation because he said he had crossed that he hasn't heard from you since August.


He's like, I haven't heard from me before that like we just don't have a relationship. So it's not anything. It's brand new. It's not because of Roc Nation. We just already didn't have a relationship.


Maybe call was the money guy and he wasn't a day to day guy. That's what it seems like. I mean, like I said, like I could I know what's being said is not true. Like all the hundreds of thousands of dollars, like people not even, you know, putting it out there, like we asked for the proof. And you're not even giving us the proof of that.


Like, so we've got to go back and look some of your old Instagram pictures. Well, thank God we got an album out today. It's not even my album.


I was like set up. So who is Sugar now? So sugar is basically just like a girl who is going through it, but she's getting through it. It's like me basically letting people know that I'm not perfect. I'm a human. I know I'll be fucked, but I'll be drawing.


I mean, do you know what I'm saying? And I just I don't like the I don't like the fact that everybody be trying to seem so perfect. Why do you have to be perfect?


But obviously people online, they just are all so amazing and nothing's wrong with them and they never been through my life. So, I mean, that's more so what I'm talking about.


And then they wagonlit you got to you got to learn that in real time, like you got to that have to play out in front of the world. You know what I'm saying? You learn those growing pains. I mean, it's just all a part of being in the light. So I can't complain. I knew I knew what I was getting into. So it's not anything I'm upset about. It's just I'm just learning as I go. And when I put my hand, I just be like, OK, you and the baby make great records with each other.


Oh, yeah. Are y'all doing an album together? Is that a plan to do a full project?


I don't know if we're gonna do a full project, but I know we definitely got some music that's going to come up and some other things. I don't want to say it.


Yeah, the baby always says if he could do a collab album with somebody would be you. I love him. Like, I really think that'll be fine if we actually did it. What type of deal is making his debut looking for? Not necessarily in that situation, but just in general at this point in your career? What would be fair to making this day? I just want it to be fair and I want to be, you know, good for everybody.


Like nothing is going to be perfect. But if we can both come to agreement, like you got to you got to give a little to get a little, you know what I'm saying? And I understand that. So I just want everything to be fair.


Do you have a relationship with Jay Prince at all? No. So have you ever met him in person, though? OK, growing up, did you look up to rap? A lot. And Jay Prince had to write, you know, like I didn't I was young, so I didn't really know anything about it.


You got you. I'm sure you started seeing all of them.


No, I only knew the music. Like, I didn't know the back story. I didn't know the background. I mean, you know, you from you I'm from Houston. You know, you hear things. But it wasn't I didn't think it was going to be anything I ever had to deal with.


Right. For me.


So I wanted to talk about the song with J. Accused you of lying this morning on his Instagram, said you're lying on him in court documents. What is that about?


Like, there's something I definitely can't talk about, but I don't like, though. Who helped you negotiate your original deal with it?


You know what I'm saying? I'm just. I mean, interrogation. Yeah. I mean, all of this. I really would like to answer it. Got you. So hopefully, you know, next time I come, I will be able to talk about it. But right now, I you know, I was just in court like so I can't say a lot of stuff. All right.


If make this tired, it's the Breakfast Club. Good morning. It's time to shoot your shot, to shoot yourself with the Breakfast Club. One chance. Don't mess it up. Mess it up. Mess it up with some guys. Who are you trying to shoot?


You shot with Davonte, this girl or Tosia? She works at the pharmacy I go to.


All right. You got to go there to pick up your Valtrex every now and then or maybe, you know, fix the problem, because I'm letting you know if you've got to be Valtrex. I don't think this is a good idea to shoot your shot.


If she knows that she's giving, you know, shit is dope, man. I don't even have a prescription. I just go there once a week to get, like, a pack of dumb or something, and then you go to the pharmacy register just to go see her.


Yeah, she definitely did, she said. And too scared to get the prescription, bro. I don't know. I don't know. I'm scared to shoot myself. And I was hoping you could help me.


Well, have you ever had to have it? Have you ever had a conversation?


You know, I get the dumb ass car day is doing what's going on.


And she pointed to that concert that we have, you know, not question, do you put the gum in your mouth before you talk to her?


Oh, you know, I usually get a piece of it all for her one, because if you're talking to her before you put the gum in your mouth, that's probably why she's not interested, because your breath is clearly funky.


Now, it's like half I have half whitcome half way out. OK, OK. All right. Well, let's get right into it. I mean, they've only had some brief conversations. All he does is see her when he buys some gum. So I'd be interested to see if she's noticed. You say hi when you walk in. Oh, yeah.


Yeah, she's very friendly. OK, she's got to be a reason that you haven't shot this shot yet other than just nerves.


Maybe he's scared. Maybe got us more. We we. I don't know. Yeah.


OK, well let's maybe maybe you need some, some zaneis then for anxiety.


I don't have a prescription for it you know I could get some but yeah.


The girl once you shoot your shot. Oh no. We're in the middle of shooting a shot. We have Davonte on the line not Davonte. Go ahead. Shoot your shot man.


Make that phone call. To heck with a battalion. The advice from the pharmacy, the Vontae from the pharmacy, how do you get my number? You gave it to me, remember? No, I don't remember.


I never gave you one. Wait, please don't say what do you want?


Well, you didn't actually give me a number. You actually gave me your name. And then I searched Facebook and your number came up. Jesus Christ.


OK. You did not tell us this part. I'm sorry. Let's have you with him. Hello. Yes.


Hey, wait, Janvi. Angela Charlamagne from the Breakfast Club.


Yeah, we're doing is going OK. We thought that you gave him your number and so he was calling to shoot his shot because he has a crush on you. He said he comes in there all the time to buy gum just. Oh my God.


Oh my God. To do that by gum. I don't even complete his change in his hand. Like I put it on the. Oh, my God, he is the creepiest. Oh, why is he calling me? I don't want to be.


He's still on the phone. He can hear. He can hear you.


He's oh I got this coming. I don't even care because you're talking about who looked at my number on Facebook. That's weird. Yeah, it's kind of weird. I feel like.


Oh no, no, not really, because Facebook does provide this kind of information. But I do think I wish we would have asked him, you know, did he get your number before? And but yeah.


Wait, why is he calling me? I'm I understand he wants to have sex with. No, no. He wants to take on a date. He wants to take you out on a date.


Why would you want five billion people on the planet. You think I would go out with this do. No, no, no, no, no, no.


Don't make you have the name of a man.


I just wanted to you have to marry and have sex. Oh, my God.


He's keeping it. One hundred. OK, no, let me keep it. One hundred. Davonte has adult acne. I can't even get past that because we're not like that now.


Are you kidding? I'm trying to figure out and figure me out.


No, DeVonté, please. And let me tell you, I'm about medicine for diabetes, for HIV, for cancer. And it's come in every day by income. Do you know how creepy that is?


OK, listen, why don't you prescribe him something for his adult acne? Should he go see a dermatologist?


I have a great many times for saying I can't believe he's always DeVonté.


I really I don't know why she's been like that always off a piece of gum when I come up. And that's creepy.


I don't I don't think you should tell a guy like this any last words can't be that creepy.


And you chew it when I see it. Really.


OK, right through it all. Nice and slow. Flirt with me. You know you love the girl, you know. Why are you taking the gun from him? Are you leading him on by taking the gun from him? If you have never taken from him, never taking to fire. Let's have you. Oh my God.


I have a video on Snapchat is not the time of year. What? Yeah.


Next time he comes in, I will call a policeman. He's creepy as hell. Yeah.


And the TV, you might, you might need to get a response. Oh no, no, no, no we didn't.


No, I'm sorry. You know, we didn't know anybody. Your mother or father was clearly a Jodeci fan. OK, codenames you Davonte. Are you familiar with Davonte Swing from Jodeci.


Yeah, OK. He did a juicy fruit commercial back in the day. Oh my God. I don't know. I take the tongue all the time.


I'm sorry. All right. We got to go. We got things to do.


I'm sorry. Sorry. We can't have a blessed day. Stop stalking women. OK? All right.


I'll see you Friday. I see you next week, girl.


Oh my goodness. Oh. Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.


All right. We got more coming up next with a breakfast club. Are you dealing with the best life burnout, constantly striving for more and quite frankly, over it, maybe you just want more joy, peace and laughter in your life now? Well, then, let's go. Welcome to your new favorite podcast, Hot Happy Mess, hosted by Meet Your Girl Jerry Hall. Join us each week as we discuss dating relationships, self care, career wins and losses and so much more.


Oh, and moments like this, you know what? Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side because it's fun. Well, that's why I mentioned meeting. There are some people who will check you. We have people in our life. I was crying by the water because I was happy. And I do love a clear, clear, clear why will be spilled. Laughs will be had and a few tears might be shed. Message will be made, but we're going to find our magic in the middle of it.


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But you're looking for the best of the best of the best. We'll be right back with our best of interviews.


Everybody is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are The Breakfast Club. We got some special guests in the building and now we have one special guest. We always say we got special guests right in the building and don't always apply to everybody. But this one. This one definitely do want to start on show like, yo, see if we can get down here to come in. I'm cool with we have AC Larry down our list and we have a special guest at 12:00.


Oh man. The legendary. That's right. Iconic Dave Chappelle.


Oh my God. Good morning. Hey, good morning. Do you feel with him you feel pressure to do a great radio interview since you haven't done it in twelve years? He's not really. Yeah. I mean, yeah, I just want you I want everybody like me. I don't come out and try to do bad. But I saw you with the fight Charlamagne. Yes, I was at the triple J Danny Jacobs fight and I got to tell you, I got excited to see and I realized I've never met this person.


That's how I felt. I thought you a few rows up. I'm like you. That's Dave Chappelle. And then you turned around and you saluted. But I'm like, I don't think you're doing that to me. I don't want to look back at first, but I wanted to look back.


I was like, Oh, you're talking to me. I told my wife, was he supposed to say, what's up to me?


So I'm saying all I have to say, you know, I got really good fellatio that night because you said, what's up?


Oh, I didn't know where that was going to be waking back in the morning. David, you wait till after breakfast. Yeah, yeah. I'm a waiter. I usually late at night. Oh, at night. OK, OK. You said something interesting. You said you don't ever want to just present something bad. You still feel like you got something to prove because you're like critically acclaimed, you're respected by your peers. You feel like you got something to prove.


Oh no it's not. It's not. It's like you feel like you have something to prove it. I'm sure you guys feel the same way. It's like quality control, right? Yeah. You want to make sure that whatever you of what you put your best foot forward, you know, that's on me. You want to prove anything. It just means you respect people that respect you. You want to reciprocate that respect with a good prod.


You still get nervous when you do shows or is this is a piece of cake to you?


Well, one time it didn't work out. You know, sometimes don't work. You know what it's like. And I know you can tell people ask me like, do you get nervous when you go on stage? It's like asking a pilot if he gets nervous before flight.


I might have some weather, but I feel like, you know, we land the plane. I don't think we live in that land, maybe Detroit.


But other than that, by the way, I would never I would never want to know if my pilot was nervous.


By the way, when I'm nervous, I'm just a little confused because everybody's doing so much respect. And they've I've been on this show four or five times. When I come here, they don't even look me in my face eye.


I can't shoot out every time I come here, y'all on social media with everything.


Now, what about that time you came? And I told everybody, I said, no matter what Donald says, do not laugh.


So I was like, oh, this look like a setup.


What made you even like that was it was so damn. What was it down there then? Say, Hey, I can work with this guy.


Oh well the first time I heard a you I was I went home to D.C. and I went to the comedy club and as old college like was popping around. Yeah. And everybody was like, yo, you guys see this new kid that Neil Rawlings?


And then I met you and we will tell you that. Yeah, I do. Even though I swear to time we will leave.


But you got to leave me alone with me everywhere I go.


I was like, OK, like I watch your show on my line. I was like, I watch all you guys I've seen. I just watched the interview that you did with Neil, yeah, that's my guy. I watched you on a real estate show. Oh, yeah. And then I and I saw you with the deejay. I have presented awards.


And you promised you said I would come on the show. You said, you know, I need a little time, but I'm a cop. Yeah, that's right. That's right. You definitely kept your word. Yeah. Man my guy. Neil, why do you think white people gravitated toward you? Your comedy has been like that your whole career. Well, you know, I don't know.


I don't look at it that way. Like the whites are really gravitating towards Jesus. I don't use those kinds of.


I think all of us at some point, we have ventured into some kind of cultural crossroads where black people were corporate people and we all smoke weed. We all smoke weed. We all you know, we traverse the American landscape. So I don't think there's anyone in America that I'm incapable of communicating to.


On some level, everything's so sensitive now. Do you think you could do the Dave Chappelle show and not have backlash? Because it seems like everything is sensitive. You say a word and people are already crying and picketing outside of things.


Hey, man, President grass grows by the.


So you need to know, right. As we said, you know, you know, and comedians wipe out, you know, everybody does sometimes. Are you going to say something that you might be wrong, but that's that's the nature of the genre. You know, to not take a chance for fear of that would be would not be being true to the music.


Would you ever apologize if you say something too far, if if if I can see if I actually can see this too far. But it's a it's a touching line. You know, I go I like I like it hard. I think I think that. Yeah.


I don't say you have you have quite possibly the greatest rape joke of all time out of the Bill Cosby rapes.


And he said and he said he saying but he said that was that observation you was pondering. I mean, you know, the thing is, these are things it's tough to talk about jokes because I don't want to open the door with all these weird, like, analytics and stuff like what does he actually mean by that?


That's a slippery slope.


Well, you know, I don't want to antagonize anybody or intentionally offend somebody or have you come up with an answer for as far as like what should we do with Bill Cosby?


Should we still watch his work? Should we still appreciate his art to have an answer for that? Yeah, no, the question is the kind of question that makes more questions. Right. You know what I mean? Like you said, it's a tough one because, you know, what he's accused of is very serious. I don't I don't take that lightly. However, you know, I don't know. It was 70 times this crazy going on.


I don't know. I don't know what to say. Yeah, right. America's dad is now America's rapist. Yeah.


N-word, according to the New York Post. Yeah. Was a tough one.


We got more with Dave Chappelle and Donna Rawlings when we come back. Don't Move is The Breakfast Club.


Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Uccellini, the guy we all at the Breakfast Club. We have Dave Chappelle and Darnell Rollins in the building.


Yes, I did appreciate on those specials that you didn't shy away from any topic, because I do feel like everybody's so politically correct, you know, and I also find it ironic that everybody's like you walked away from 50 million, but then you came back and got 60 million doing Netflix allegedly specials. Yeah, well, you know, yeah. Thank God that it was a happy ending to the show because I could have just never worked again, you know, but I never stopped even when I was like not in the public eye.


I was still playing comedy clubs and I found the altitude that I was comfortable with.


And, you know, and I could tell how many times a day did Darnell call you and beg you to come back?


And he didn't go and beg me for nothing. What do you guys always in communication because I know did it for a while.


He was in a state of depression after Darnell was had a tough time myself. What about me?


I mean, I think, you know, when I was gone, I think I stay down and stay in touch with me and Neil were cool the whole time.


You know, it wasn't it wasn't as bad blood amongst like people was that I left in a huff.


It wasn't like I mean, I didn't leave enough. I went mad at the guy. A lot of people like after you know, after he left, a lot of people would ask me, you know, how I feel about it. Whatever I have said, I never was upset because I was doing comedy for a while before I was introduced to Dave Chappelle. Like anything you can be you could be as talented as you want. But until you get the right platform, nobody you never know about it.


Got you so well, you know, I don't know if I can't being a Dave Chappelle sitting here, but going to. We've what we've we know, having fun. You know, everybody wanted us to ask that question a million times, that I always felt that I was talented. But again, you need the right opportunity. Like even in sports, you know, you could be a talented person, but until the coach put you in the game, nobody will never see what you so you do.


So he gave me a platform to do what I've been doing for years, and I think there was an even exchange about it.


OK, so, Dave, do you now have a favorite mumbler rapper because you are a hip hop head? Do you appreciate anything from this generation? Yeah, I appreciate it.


I'm not party to if I go out they play amigos. I listen to that. But a favorite mumble rap. I don't know about all that. I like to be able to say the lyrics to. Well, I can tell who you really like based on who you have on. So when you well when you do this residency that you're doing in New York City at Radio City, I can see that you handpick the artist that you wanted to be there.


Yeah. You know, it's funny, man. So this year will be like my 30th anniversary. And I figured, like, well, I should mark that occasion, right. Like, you know, nobody's business hard. You existed in a long time and couldn't stop for a minute.


And just appreciate the fact that you I'm still able to do this and I'm very lucky to be successful. So it's it's it's a celebration. Like even now you'll see my next phase of the act I'm doing now. I like it because there's joy and I'm really enjoying what I'm doing right now. I really, you know, I mean, it's like I want to skydive. We've done it.


No, no, I have. Yeah. OK, I, I hated it, you know.


Like what did you hate about it. Cause I hated going up. I hate the thought of jumping on the people. I enjoy that part.


But the whole going up part I didn't like it because it was terrifying the entire time. Like OK, I got on the plane. Yeah. In the beginning is a plane right. Then the door opens up and you realize you expected to jump out.


And I'm strapped to a guy that I've never met before and I didn't see the chute pack and oh my God, I have kids and all. Was you thinking as you age up to the next thing you know, you just in the sky, there's no logical reason to be there. There's no there's no you know, my life is independent. And yet I jumped out of this plane and just falling. And everyone says it feels like flying.


But to me it felt like falling about 120 miles and I was terrified.


So what did you get at the situation other than being terrified? Well, the point is when you when the chute lands and you survive it, you go home at night, you eat dinner, food, taste. House is quiet and still you feel comfortable and safe in your house, like, man, I'm glad to be home, everything's good. So that's what felt like it felt like coming back to Netflix and all that felt like my chute open and everything is just good, right.


I don't got to do all that to get that feeling. I'm black in America. All I got to do is to drive through the neighborhood that I live in and make it home without being stopped. And I feel that I live in a much nicer neighborhood.


Obviously, I was counting. Glad you know what I mean. Like, I know what you mean, but it's not like I'm going to try to survive a traffic stop just to get that feeling. I mean, it's like is the black experience. But I did it. I don't know why I did it.


But the point is that now is just I'm happy to be doing what would you do it again? What? Quit my show?


No. Oh, God, no. I don't think I will admit. I mean, like, I get it. I know what it's about, you know what I mean? I just think that, you know, it's just one of those things that I didn't even mean to do it the first time. It's a long story, Dave.


I hate to do this, but I have to put you on the spot. But could you explain to The Breakfast Club interview and what you did to my apple pie a year ago, apple pie or something?


No, he's talk. OK, so we were playing at the Pabst Blue Ribbon Theater and the pastry chef and Darnell hit it off the first night of the engagement.


She was white and Daniels is oh, I think we got a lot. But she doesn't know she's an older woman, a real sweet woman.


And she really liked Danielle. So I came to work and she had baked him a pie and the pie had his name stenciled in the crust.


And I was excited about it because every day she would kind of where she says anything that she could do is anything, especially when I was like, make me a passion. So that's pretty simple. I said, well, if that's so simple, make me a pie to put my name on the top of the pie because you budget in the pie some.


What's the moral of the story? That is correct. Oh, my. And I was excited about the park. Oh, no, no, I was so excited. I didn't actually put my in it.


Well, you have to leave napalmed to David. He was like because somebody put that pie in the microwave for three seconds.


So as much as you love Dave Chappelle, he's an evil friend.


I was wondering how we got more with Dave Chappelle when we come back. Don't Move is The Breakfast Club.


Good morning, guys. Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. and Angela Charlamagne, the guy?


We are the Breakfast Club. We have Dave Chappelle and Donnell Rawlings in the building. Charlamagne, when the last time you've been humble.


Dave Humble.


Yeah. You mean like professionally or personally? Both Detroit Yo yo, man, life is humiliating. Hmm. Yeah. For you.


For everybody. Yo, you think if I'm walking down a street and a lady says, can I take a picture and then I work a camera and we all standing there. But you do that because you guys, you know, you get to have everything but life is you really being a parent's humiliating, being a husband, humiliating. All of it's humiliating. Oh well hindsight is 20/20. Was everything worth it? Like everything you went through, like even Chappelle's Show experience and even walking away from it, was it all worth it?


Amy Yeah, I was I was happy to have that show. You know, I'm sorry it ended the way it ended, but I. I enjoyed making that show. It was it was an experience that very few people get to have. Yes. And you miss it, especially with everything going on and so much material. Yeah.


It's a great skit for this because I see. Yeah. That happened and I say, damn, I miss Chappelle show.


Yeah, I miss it too, you know. But I think I don't know if I could do it again though because I miss it, but then I remember what it was like to do it and it just wasn't might be easier.


Now to me just because of technology and the Internet growing, because it won't be the same. Yeah. Stuff that you want to do, somebody you do on YouTube ten times faster and ten times worse. Right. It's true. But you did employ a lot of people. It was great.


Yeah, I work with a lot of great people. I was doing a show in Atlanta the other night and bumped into like some of the guys from the crew. I hadn't seen those guys since I walked off the set. It was good to see them. You know, you remember people finally like after it's all said and done. So, you know, I do have bad feelings about how it ended, but I don't have bad feelings about what it was.


It was a great experience.


How did Charlie Murphy's past affect you? Because I know you guys were pretty close. Oh, it was tough, man. It was it was a reality show. I feel very lucky that I got to know. I feel like he's a very large part of the reason that I got to be successful, like, literally changed my life just by saying I thought Rick James many times were like, wow, he frigging fought for change.


I mean, it's like, oh, wow. It's not like I didn't know you can say on the radio, but no, he said he fought Rick James many times.


We tell us a story at lunch and it literally from then on it just changed, it changed our lives. You're more like, yeah man.


But, you know, I got to like, meet and work with Rick. And I mean, you know, Charlie and he was a O.G., like Charlie's been around the block, you know, his brother is Eddie Murphy. He's seen the epicenter of the fame that we all wanted to acquire. And he had great stories. And he was also a real nurturing. I think he gave me great advice. And, you know, I miss his presence, man.


And I was real sad that I didn't know a great job on power and done a great job. He took on the job.


He definitely took that as well. You busted your knee. But I will say, you know, like you, when other people get stuff away from yourself, it's hard to celebrate that. But, you know, when I found out that Charlie was doing that role, I realized that he was probably the perfect person for him. And in hindsight, as far as with him passing away or whatever, I just think this is a nice thing for people to see him being a part of a great body of work like that.


And he did a good job in Charlie's death. Maybe I'll think about your own mortality, because I know Darnell called me one day randomly like you. I just want to tell you, man, you know, I'm saying, you know, people are dying and you might die. So I want to tell you, I love you. You're doing a good job. I know.


I will say I don't know they and have different answers. Like when someone passed when some special with somebody that you care about, it makes you think about people important in your life and people that you respect. And I don't know, I was probably, you know, in my feelings that day, but and it was at a time when you just dropped your book. And I'm saying, like, your transition from not just doing urban stuff, but like the media run it.


You get well, I'll keep it real.


All the white folks that you partnered up with, I was like I was like, he's taking it to the next level. And another thing in our community, it's not too often that people read books. So the fact that, you know, a brother put a book out and he got people that wouldn't normally pay attention that like I know it's hard to say and I didn't say no homo before. I said I love you. And I know that's probably true.


And I didn't say pause at the end that cares about those. But I thought you were sick the way you go. And I thought you were sick. I thought he was like, cause that's the one time that we really appreciate people has a role in death. That's true. With someone passed away, it makes you think about so many times in our life, we get to a point where you say to yourself, I want to call that person just to say hi or just say what's up?


And you don't act on it. Then something tragic may happen. And then you're like, Oh, man, I was just supposed to call him. So that was me and my mom.


You know, sometimes on the two of us, Darnell gets drunk and looks at pictures of his son and cries, Oh, you did.


I lay down. I sniffed, you cry. Hey, Dad, I must tell you this.


I can't believe that that's you that I caught them doing it.


If you haven't done that before, Mom. Yeah, of course. Yeah, yeah, of course. She's wonderful. We vacation together.


Yeah, I seen that. You guys want to. Yeah. Yeah well yeah.


Yeah well yeah. Because I thought it was a yeah until I saw Puffy so I just went on puffy so we had a chance that we had a boat that we are boat.


You know you don't need to compete with stuff like that. No, not at all. Yeah I'm yeah. I'm really like really really happy right now and I you know, I appreciate it. Like my kids are safe right now. I know everyone's happy, everyone's fed and clean and it's good.


Look, I'm just getting clean now.


We're seeing you pop out with Chris Rock a couple of times. Another legend. Another icon. Yeah, he's he's that's the homie with his only tool. You all in that space, though? Yeah. Chris is definitely Big Brother. He's like he's killing it. I went. So is that the exact a few times when he's doing he's killing it right now he's saying maybe you guys would do a tour together.


Well, we are we are going to do two nights together at Radio City. He'll be the first time we ever officially headlining the show, go headlining the show together. And I'm very excited about it. Wow. Because this is the first time any comic has ever done a residency of a month. Every City Music Hall, Dave is a real Hamadoun. He's not going to say really a spectacle of what's about to go down, but nobody's ever done a joint where, like the entire month of August, we lock everything down.


We got some of the best who's we you gave it to. So I don't know, Dave. I think I need all the comedians I know. This is going to be quite honest.


I'd be quite honest. You don't. But, you know, I'm saying we got a team. I'm not I'm not. I'm going to do some live shows, you know, the first thing you say. So. All right. All right. So just like this was did you happen to be. Oh, this. Well, in the event that I have the opportunity to perform the understudy. Yeah. He's totally going to be on.


We are the Breakfast Club now coming up in. Usually we do rumors, but I mean, damn it, man, Dave Chappelle is here. We will kick it with Dave Chappelle some more. So don't move. It's The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Now, usually you do rumors right here, but I mean, Darnell Rollins and Dave Chappelle is here. Dave Chappelle has done radio in 12 years.


So we kicking it with Dave Chappelle.


Charlamagne, I want to ask you, what do you draw the line when it comes to like a cultural appropriation? What do you mean by people appropriating, like, black culture?


Uh, OK.


This is a controversial question, and I'm not sure if the premise I'm not sure the premise of the question is correct. So Kylie and Kendall today superimpose their images on Biggie and Tupac T-shirts. They got t right. OK.


And as a black person or person from that culture, you feel like they are the most respectful in this respect.


Yeah, yeah. That's a tough one. Did you go see the Tupac movie? No, I saw it. Did you like it?


I don't think it was as terrible as everybody was saying, but I heard good things.


And someone yesterday, it wasn't like it starts before Tupac is born and it ends when he dies. That's a long period of time to cover. And so many things that happened in Tupac life. And he was such a complex person and so many different incidents.


Do you ever think when Tupac was there? No, never. It wasn't that much fun, really.


Wow. Yeah. I just remember being a part, just like a lot of dance moves around a guy like I didn't know well, but I felt like culturally that those were darker times. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. The gangster. Right.


You know, and I'm not saying it's a big controversy. I don't this has nothing to do with the question that you asked me. I just thought you got out the question like a UFC fight. I didn't know what was going on. And I've been watching Charlie. The man was ready for that. He was like, just ignore him. Like I said, I just didn't I you know, I didn't plan to see it to just get an idea.


I want to watch it at home, probably. You know what I mean? Like, I don't know, man.


That's the question you ask and I think is a very important question, but I'm not sure how to answer that. You got you you know, I mean, because as certain point, I feel like no one's going to feel that way more than African-Americans because we create so much culture and oftentimes just siphoned from us.


And it's almost all that we've ever had amongst we've done many great things, which, you know. Yeah, absolutely. But but it is American culture to of kind of like they don't understand what they're tapping into.


They will understand. I don't think they were doing it maliciously. I just think that they don't they're never going to black. They are going to see the world. They if you had sunglasses that someone could put on just to see the world, how you saw the world, they'd be right. I'm terrified. Yeah. You know, I heard that interview with you.


I get it. I get it. But that's a hard question to answer.


Do your kids think you're funny?


Yeah. Yeah. I mean, look, I'm a dancer. There's something about me that's corny to them. But but they but they they get it. They know, like, my kids are teenagers now. My my youngest son is as old as I was when I started. I was 14. Wow.


He started at fourteen. Yes, not really. Oh wow.


Thirty years. I'll be I'll be forty for this this summer.


Veterans season. Yeah.


And it'll be my 30th anniversary. I'm like really proud of that. What made you get on stage at the age of 14.


The fear of death.


Why do you do it. You have been thinking about your own mortality. Well, you know, we black dudes in America. So right. When I was in high school, my freshman year of high school, I talked about on the Actors Studio, oh, 600 kids my age got murdered in Washington, D.C. You can't be in an environment like that and not affected. You know, you made me want to just do whatever it was I wanted to do.


I feel very lucky to get to be forty four.


Right. Which was, you know, now I'm more ambitious and I'm looking forward to paying half price at the movies.


But before that I didn't I didn't know I was going to live this long, you know, and I think the fear of not doing what I want to do in life made me do want to even be Kevin Hart's book.


He talks about doing comedy because he was just trying to survive to like just being funny is what actually helped him not. Yeah.


I wonder what makes what makes you believe it. Things can save you, though.


It absolutely did. Look at a guy like Kevin from Philly. He's the number one selling artist on to on Earth from any junk. You know, I'm very proud that somebody from my genre is at the top of the food chain is right. And it's somebody I remember him starting out. It's amazing to see. Absolutely could save life. What made you think that you fast talking and your liking of controversial questions would take you as far as that's true.


And yeah, and and I've never met you, but you one of the few celebrities.


I mean, a long time. Like, I feel like I know you and I've I've only seen you once. You're very effective at what you do. I mean I mean, you're very effective. But I still feel like I can get shot because of my fast talking enough. But God forbid.


Man, you've transcended that. You mean anything terrible can happen to anybody. But there's some people that get shot. They never get a platform and they never get to write a book. They never get the I mean, everybody knows your name. You meet famous people. They always know you are amazing.


Yeah. You know, it's true. I was somewhere somebody came up to me wanting to take a picture. They thought I was. Yeah, no, they didn't.


I swear to God. I swear to God. Are you Charlemagne the God? Why are you so mad about that? You are the man with Morris Chestnut. That's Morris Chestnut. I mean, it's a different view.


That's a big deal, you know. Got to go. So about you. One more quick one more question.


What's driving Dave in twenty seventeen. I was driving you right now.


Right now it's a gentleman named Mr. NASCAR Radio. We look forward to seeing the show. When it when does that. You've got to come. It's August.


It's August 1st and 4th is a first for me in the Roots. All right. I like Floyd Mayweather now.


I got to go. I saw him. I know this. Oh, this is August 1st. He had his first game. He is now. And who do we have for tickets? Oh, you guys.


You good you good money. Do we get to the door?


I don't know. Like, oh no, no, I beg you. I would love to get that call.


Yo, we outside high. What was that about? Dave Chappelle. Come on, sit down. I was the damn Darnell. All right. Now, Rollins's, The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


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Listen to MTV's Official Challenge podcast on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcast, or wherever you get your podcasts. But right now, you also realize it's time for Dungu Day, so we have to I need to be able to hear this.


Can please tell him I had become Donkey of the Day, The Breakfast Club, because you're doing Dalkia today goes to the icon known as Ellen DeGeneres.


Safe to say Ellen is one of the most successful daytime talk show host of all time. Right. I have to put our jersey in the rafters with the Oprah Winfrey and Donoghue's of the world for sure. But Dungu today is all about giving people the credit they deserve for being stupid doesn't mean they are stupid. But we all have blind spots that make us sound stupid at times. And that's why I love you today, because I get to correct people for saying something stupid, just like I would hope someone would do for me.


Well, in this case of rich, privileged white people say the darndest things. Ellen on Monday taped a new episode of her daytime talk show in her mansion where she and her wife have been self quarantining for weeks now. Very important note. Ellen lives in a mansion that's over eight thousand square feet, sits on eight point two four acres of land. It has five bedrooms, a company that doubles as a gym, a two bedroom guesthouse and a pebble infinity pool that overlooks the ocean.


Oh, and it cost her twenty seven million dollars to buy, dropping a coupon for Ellen DeGeneres.


I'm not I'm not mad at her.


She has a skill set, a talent, and she has made the most of that talent in order to be able to secure the bag and live like that. So I'm not mad at her for that. I'm not one of those people who not people for what they have accomplished. OK, I see certain people get mad at rich folks for acting their wage. If a celebrity takes a picture from a yacht and said this is our quarantine, well, that's just what it is.


They put themselves in that position. That's their life. Salute to them. We all do what we can. And if you are able to afford that lifestyle, God bless you. So I'm not giving her donkey today because she is quarantining from her mansion? No, I'm giving her donkey today because Ellen DeGeneres insisted at her mansion feels like a prison. Don't believe me. Listen yourself.


One thing that I've learned from being in quarantine is that people on this is like being in jail is what it is. It's mostly because I've been wearing the same clothes for ten days and everyone in here is gay.


Now, I understand she's a comedian. She was joking. Terrible joke, though. I even understand what she was trying to go with it because. Because if what you want is to go outside, which is stuck in the house, no matter what type of residence you're in, it's going to feel like you have a lack of freedom. Doesn't matter if you're an imaginary one bedroom apartment of what you really want is to go outside. You're going to feel deprived of that during this time.


But in light of what's going on in prisons and jails all around the country during this global pandemic, call covid-19 Ellen DeGeneres sounds tone deaf as hell. I am so glad that she said what she said, because it provides me an opportunity to shine light on something that folks may not know is going on. OK, please. I'm sure someone will send this to Ellen later, because, Ellen, your platform is way bigger than mine and you can help shed some light on this problem.


OK, so let's start with Aaron Campbell. He's a prisoner at FCI Elting, a low security federal prison in Ohio where three people have already died from coronavirus. He posted this online from the jail.


Listen, Alan, I have like, literally learned and not I got this last call.


The care the care is for people who are not in gang member, not a sexual offender, is not on death row.


If you are at risk of catching the, like, three people, one already killed and they can send you home with home confinement. Right. So I want to talk to these men. If you don't have confirm, they are not going to let us go home. Confirmed why? Because they're going to make money off of this. The nurse came in as best today. I talked to this woman. This to me, be prepared for the unit.


What they've done is like he literally told me that they put the ten of everything. That's what he's talking about is a window. His mom is on his way out of here. You fool me. He did. I look at this.


So I want to make a plan and let me see where you are.


Oh, by the way, Aaron has not been heard from since he posted that Facebook live video. Twenty three residents and staff members at that prison have tested positive for coronavirus. And I told you already, three have died. Now, Ellen, would you like to hear what it sounds like when a family member is home worried, begging for their loved one to get help in a prison? This is Teresa Marcey and her husband is Angelo Marcey. Listen to what she had to say.


Ellen, my name is Theresa May. I see my husband Angelo Mansi is locked up at Elkton. Someone called me and said my husband was real sick. No one has called me from the jail. I tried to reach the jail. No one has returned my calls. My husband called me yesterday and said he wasn't feeling good. Now, today he did not call me. Someone's calling from inside the jail on a cell phone telling me he's sick, that I need the court a warrant, that I need to contact somebody.


He finally went over to the nurse. He hasn't returned. They came and they packed up his belongings and didn't tell no where where they was sending them. I'm just reaching out to. Someone who can tell me where my husband is, if he's OK, just anything that somebody could tell me. Somebody can help me please, like these men is up there dying. My husband is locked up on a drug charge.


Ellen, I'm sure you get the picture as to why your statement was completely culturally clueless, because you are simply not in this world. These things aren't at your front doorstep. So you're not thinking about them. OK, you probably binge watched all seven seasons of Orange is the New Black and thought to yourself, well, prison isn't so bad. But L.A., I want to play for you these brothers who made this video from a prison in Alabama and what they are currently experiencing.


California is releasing people for parole in New York and started to release people for parole violations. But Alabama is the most overcrowded prison system in the nation and they refuse to turn people. This is going to be a mass grave site.


I'm 71 years old. I have a number of chronic illnesses that make me accessible even more.


So they are not giving those hand sanitizer. They are not giving us proper. So they are not giving those meds. Nothing to the outside world is hell.


The moral of the story is this is happening all over the country. Ellen DeGeneres in California, where you live damn near. Thirty five hundred inmates have been released and they are just releasing random people, OK, prisoners whose crimes were violent, those registered as sex offenders and domestic abuse abusers, they're not eligible to see for this. OK, I see people think when you're in jail is for you, OK, you do the crime, you should do the time.


True. And a lot of cases and a lot more cases. People are in there for nonviolent drug offenses because they were just simply trying to make ends meet. OK, some folks are innocent of the crime. They committed and might be awaiting trial because they can't afford to bail out. It's all types of new to prison and why prisoners are locked up. And those folks don't deserve to die just because people don't know, don't show. I don't give a damn about what's going on in America's jails.


Did I even mention Rikers Island in New York City? I saw a letter that Tax Don't wrote from jail for Rikers, where he spoke about the conditions at Rikers. And he started the letter by saying, I'm currently in my grave with my eyes wide open. He said ideas in the head of the Board of Corrections are playing judge, jury and executioner with people's lives because this virus is spreading all too right, because nobody seems to care. You said the CEOs have no protective gear and they aren't giving them anything to protect themselves.


Since then, reform is stepped in and provided mask and some other PPE. But Ellen, I think you understand now why you saying your mansion feels like a prison didn't sit well with people. So now, Ellen, since you know the problems, what are the solutions? How can you fix this? Easy. Use your platform to sound the alarm. OK, I put you on to some of the things that are happening, but I'm a black male with a criminal record and a list that I can't pronounce words correctly.


You are a white, privileged white woman. Ellen, I need you to use your privilege to combat this prejudice that is going on. Ellen, I need you to act like your name is Karen. OK, reach out to someone who is on the front lines fighting for these inmates like Van Jones. All right. Have Van Jones and CNN on you, on your show, on your platform. And let's see if we can get these brothers and sisters some help.


We should be calling for people to be released from prison jails at a time like this because we don't need any more stories like Patrick Jones. You know, Patrick Jones is Ellen. Oh, well, he was the first federal prison to die from Coronavirus. He was locked up in Louisiana on a drug conviction. And if I read right, I think he had a year left on his sentence, not to mention four other people have died in that Louisiana jail from coronavirus since he died.


Simple and plain, there is a lot going on that clearly you don't know about, because if you did, you would have never compared your mansion to a jail. Please give Ellen DeGeneres the sweet sounds and a Hambleton's. Oh, no. You are the.


Of the. Well, the doggy day he was and like I said, you know, there's a lot of different ways to help.


You know, if I was her, I would reach out to Van Jones. A CNN Van Jones is part of the Reform Alliance. You know, him and McMeel and Jay-Z, they all make sure that Riker's Island got PPY and got, you know, the things that they needed to properly protect themselves. And I think she need to have somebody like that on the show to highlight everything that's going on in the prison and jail systems right now due to covid-19.


Because if we don't ring the alarm for our brothers and sisters behind those walls, nobody will. And Ellen, you can be an ally and help us do that. Have a blessed day. All right.


Well, thank you for that. Don't call it a day. Don't Move is the Breakfast Club.


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Wherever you get your podcasts, The Breakfast Club is back, back, back, back, back.


With our best of interviews.


Everybody is D.J. Envy, Angela Yee Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club now getting rest in peace to Nipsey Hussle, as I guess a lot of things, you know, you don't expect to say that definitely is one of them right now.


He was shot and murdered over the weekend and he stopped by here last February, February.


Yes. A victory lap came out last year in February. You know, Victory Lap is my favorite rap album at two thousand and eighteen, I think.


I think he came here on like the twenty if if I'm not mistaken.


Yeah. February 21st when we added on the twenty first. So we're going to get that back on.


We talk about so much of that interview.


So that was a great interview man, like an hour long and we covered a lot of ground in that interview, you know. Well, let's get into it now. What I want I wanna know what's up, my brother. What's the deal, bro? I don't know nothing about politics, but are you allowed the way that. Right.


I could do it. I won't mess this my brand. Okay, I said absolutely. I like I really look we go I mean, people trip like that with the colors you wear or Depayin like again I'm hey, I know who I am for where I belong.


So, you know, I'll be seeing like Internet comments some time when I be flamed up. But in L.A., you know, I mean, we grew up if he was a real one, which don't really apply, you know, I'm saying it it's still heavy like that, though.


I mean, is it's like if I met somebody else with a gang of red on and I'm not a known face and I'm going to cripple you to probably I probably get a dress. Got you. But I don't think I had that problem, doesn't it, you know, saying congratulations on the album.


I got a five year victory lap in stores. They'll grab that stream that I'll let you figure to be like my dad had. So it took too long, right. He had a lot to prove on that. I did. Let's talk about it now.


I was dealt first and foremost, I love the album. I hear a lot that you don't like weirdo rappers. Well, I think you jumped the line when I was, like, deciding where to rap. You used to be.


I just feel like, you know, I felt pressure a little bit from where the game is. And I know this to nobody specific, just like it ain't in a direction of what we grew up on in terms of like, you got to say, some, you know, I mean, you got to be a man or respect or a woman I respect, you know, I mean, even from like just drug stuff, like, you know, I was never glorified in rap culture, we can almost, like, live by Scarface and Jay-Z or Tupac lyrics.


If we had no principles like a man around, we could live by the lyrics and come out as a solid individual. That's what I meant. Just as far as like, you know, just returning to that direction. I don't know, like telling people what to do, but just, you know, try to represent the principles that I grew up on, rap music. That's one thing I like a bunch of music. It always has socially redeeming value to it.


And on dedication, you know, Kendrick said that his man al-Said do a song with Gnip. He had better. Kendrick said he a man first? Yeah. Do you hear what he speaks about from black say false imprisonment? And he said, listen, close is bigger than deuces and four. So that a challenge for you to get people to see you for more than a stereotypical West Coast gangsta rap.


I mean, people people receive me based on what I said. So I wouldn't I wouldn't blame people for that. I came in and said this where I'm from and this is what I represent. But it was for a reason. I want to I wanted to establish, you know, what I belong to. And I looked at it like jail. That's what I used to tell my homies, because even some of my boys would be like, well, you can't come out talking about the hood specifically, you know?


I mean, when you walk into a dorm, the first thing you establish is where you from? And then from there, you get into the person behind is just in case you ever got a problem with is wherever your enemy is, you go to the back, you handle your business, and then you get into like, OK, I could actually put you, you know, I mean, we get to know each other, but you get that out the way first.


And so also I wanted to I wanted my message to impact. In culture, you know, I'm saying I wanted what I had to say to impact individuals like myself, young people, I was in these areas, I was controlled by gangbanging. I didn't want to preach to the choir, but I wanted to be able to say, you know, I'm going to you and I'll go wherever I end up. You going you're going to know that you can end up there, too, whether it's at the top of the game or in a successful situation.


As a business owner, I came from this and it's authentic and I'm not on the outside of this culture. That's why I came in. Like I came in. I went on to like piano. Super tough guy. You know, I'm saying I just wanted to be clear that, you know, wherever I take it, I'm not I'm not different.


I'm exactly the same. I've been through everything you've been through. Are you going to go through as a somebody in that culture? What is what is a better script? What did that mean?


I don't know, because I say but what I would assume Kendrick meant was that somebody that is not 100 percent biased or outside of communicating with a blood or some guy from the other side of the tracks, maybe that's what he meant. That's what I took it, as you know. But we had to ask Kendrick, is his his take on what he meant by that.


You talk about what's called infrastructure. It was a period when you needed a Dr. Dre Cosini to get out of the West.


Why do you think that changed, Dre? Man, he built I call it an island. If you look at music, it's like three or four islands in rap music, you know, I mean, in a lot of a lot of things that you might not know well, ya know, but that the people might not know are connected to these islands. They connected. You got to like Jimi. I think Dr. Dre Island, which you got to list all the artists.


Tupac came on today. Dre, Snoop, game changer. Well, yeah, Kendrick is a part of the top dog thing as well, but it connects, you know what I'm saying? And so then you got like your Def Jam Island and that not Island Records. I'm just saying, you know what I'm saying? Yeah.


And Roughriders Marter. Hank Rockefeller. Yeah. You know Kaiya. You know, all the artists that came out to fall into that. And then you got whatever happened on Sony, you know, I mean and so it was one of them three options. Right, for artists. And unless you wanted to go what I call just taking the stairs and figuring out how to how to get. And so one of those situations, I don't think top dog did it, you know, saying top dog created his own thing.


And so that was my goal, to build an island myself, you know? I mean, I saw I would even like that guy, Roc Nation. That's the island, right? Absolutely. That's its own thing. Even though it came from being an artist connected to another situation, they have turned that into its own operation. What kind of conversations did you and did he have? Because you did he formed a relationship, I assume, to Laura London and Kassi.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. But to me, the Aliu, you know.


Oh, you're aren't. No, I'm saying Gloria. Gloria introduced me to Puff. Oh, gosh. I mean, I knew Puff, but it was it was more of a personal relationship. But, you know, we was at something like that, you know, who made you want to get old like that and put them on your screen?


Diddy didn't try to get more rap because I was I was referencing Hate Me Now video and what his presence on that record with Nas brought. So I'm like, look, this this the record is rap. I want you to get on this. Put the Mekong in the video. We go make a movie. He was like he told me the whole story behind that. He like Rob West of forty million dollar check a week before I did that movie.


So I went, I mean, that video we like, that's that's the energy you saw in that video. I'm going to spend all this dough on a chain and we got Tiggers like I got the biggest check in my life.


Yeah. So he like we probably going to get to recreate that.


But you know, when I played the rest of the songs for him, he are young and he chose that record man. Yeah.


So, you know, he just went to both and they start, you know, take that. Yeah. Start gassing, you know, but even still like rap, he gave me some real production advice on that record.


When I played it for him, it was different than what I heard. He said it wasn't loud enough. Yeah.


And he was like, listen bro, he put a natural born killers by Ice Cube and Dr. Dre. Like, that's what you're going for. This what you are trying to do on this record, it make it sound like this. And we went back in the studio and I played it for my producers and then we charge it up and added a seventh lead all the way through. So I sound more like West Coast violent, you know? I mean, and I felt what he said out to the little set.


Like what you mean banging.


But at reapproach it it was Romny. Make the record better. All right.


Well, that was part one of our interview with Nipsey Hussle. Again, rest in peace. Nipsey Hussle, if you're just joining us, we're resharing. When Nipsey Hussle stopped to when we come back, we'll get into part two of our interview. Keep it locked. It's The Breakfast Club.


Good morning. Aneesh, thanks. Morning, everybody, is T.J., N.V., Angeles, Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. If you just joined us, we're going to air our interview with Nipsey Hussle. This is part two.


Charlamagne, you said, but hard knock life for now. Yeah.


Yeah. Did you have to clear that with Jay-Z? Oh, OK. Yeah.


You know what's crazy about that record? I thought you played the keys over just like we had the Clinton hard motivation, regardless of the motivation.


Yeah. So when Jay-Z got Annie to clear the record, I guess when he paid him, he said, you got to let every other rap artist after me use it.


Wow. So that was his that was his deal with whoever the producers and writers. Interesting. You're not saying so. Yeah. So we benefitted off his negotiation in 1998. Wow. We just had to get Jay-Z clear because when he cleared it with the owners of the copyright, he made it to where any hip hop artist out to him could use it. Jay did that.


So hopefully you don't have to go through this and tell everybody.


Every hip hop artist got to clear with Jay first what they just need to tell me. I just need to Jay-Z clearance to any clearance is good long as a hip hop artist. Jay's always showed you love with anybody like a thousand copies of your printshop. What he bought, he bought 100 copies of Crenshaw. That was one hundred dollars. OK, ok. Yeah. Yeah. And now you didn't even know him back then.


Now, I mean, you know, I met Jay in L.A. years ago at a concert. I was just backstage and I, you know, I ran up, I run up to him just like with some nipp, you know, I mean from like from the 60s, he actually bought a low rider. The story is I never asked him, but he bought a low rider from one of my homeboys money. Mike, that's in my video. That's to me the baby blue.


Yeah. You know, I mean, he bought that from one of my homeboys, one of my homies from L.A. I was the old school hustler that was really his. Yeah, that was able. But I'm tired of being so real. Yeah.


Yeah, that's true for me. Wow.


So I just was like, yeah, I'm, I'm never from the 60s. He's like, nah I know. And you know, this was years before did the Crenshaw thing he like, you know, doing your thing, he keep going. So that was the only combo we ever had until the Crenshaw thing. But yeah, I've been a hunted man, so, you know, I know a lot of love and I blue laces to one of my favorite records on the album.


You make a spook who sat by the door reference. You know about that man? Oh yeah, absolutely. I, I don't I don't think you spoke about it though. I think your intentions are pretty clear.


Well now I would say so. But even to the point I made earlier, that's one of the reasons I was so vocal about where I was coming from and what I represented, because I don't know I don't know who I wanted to mobilize, you know what I mean? You know, if anybody and seen that book, I mean, seen that movie or read the book, it's about a gang member from Chicago who, you know, presented himself in a way he never kind cases.


He was. He was he had a clean-Cut look and he infiltrated the CIA and he became educated and became and basically he used the agenda, which was to have a token in the CIA for political reasons. You know, we're going to speak. Right.


Blunt, he used it against. And I think that in terms of hip hop, you think of the message that they embrace. I feel parallel with like, you know what I mean, the power structure. I don't mean the culture of hip hop, but the power structure, music that got prescribed personas they expect from us. You know, I'm saying so I feel like the way he used the intention against them was was one of my underlying strategies.


You know, you've got to put the medicine in the candy. And what's interesting about the book, all his people used to call him Uncle Tom and a Coon.


You know what I said while he was there working for them the whole time? Yeah. And he he I don't want to go blown up like he did in the movie, you know. I mean, but just in terms of being able to mobilize his homies to to a higher cause, you know, there's a lot of little jokes that you say and then that's what I like.


Like I said to medicine really isn't the candy, because even when you drop a ball like about Dr. Subi. Yeah, I just have one thing they killed Doctor said will make somebody go research. One doctor said, Dr. S.B, you saved my bed.


I said, oh man, my Lingala. I never met him. I met his wife and I take his products for sure. Why do they kill our holistic doctors?


Messing up the medical is playing shortstop and Tigra. I don't get killed for hustling in front of a spot. You shortstop on the grind and they check his billions.


You got like you flip for a couple of hundred thousand. So you playing with some pharmaceutical money, you know. And what's crazy? I'm working on doing a documentary on the trial in nineteen. The doctor said you went to trial against New York, right. Because he put a newspaper because, yeah, he beat the case and he went to federal court the next day and beat that case on record and nobody talk about it.


We're still talking to Nipsey Hussle. He's in the building right now. Now Apple with Reebok.


And will you sign a rebound to Reebok release that you did? No, I did. I did endorsement with POMA.


Right recently.


Um, I want to go too deep into that because his footwear, when you said, oh, man, I fakin. But I don't want to go too far on the details with the with the other thing, because it's something that we're going to pursue. But, you know, it wasn't authorized. We were not authorized. And I put all the money in on the show. I put Rich Roland on the show. I don't even that's that's some guy, you know, Rich Roland or.


No, you know, you've got to pay thousands of people is doing life in jail that, you know, I mean, fall under that structure. So you got to be careful with that. You know, I don't I'm I'm taking a check for nothing to say, Rich. Roland, I would have told him. I had told the D.A.. No, but they cleared it. You can't. Copyright as I put in Krip on the show, some who are you going to pay?


And that caused problems for you, like, oh, you got paid off and not even outside of that, because if I was right, I was down on being right. That's not right. I'm not I'm not the beneficiary of that. You can't just pay me and think that, by the way, they didn't pay me, but you can't just pay me and think that all we pay NIBIN he speak for the Navarros. That has got a of years.


You know, I'm saying what I look like taking a check. I can't do that. I'm grinding all my life. You tell a story where somebody got stomped out and you say, fuck me with a bounced job in Vegas. What was that? That was a long time ago. Man at a club Myawaddy was performing in Vegas Strip Hot. And, you know, some guy, like, broke out and, you know, it ain't going a favor that started it.


And just so happened fit. And Mayweather was in the club, you know, they had all the cards and it was really just come and show love. And, you know, it made the news. It was a big old thing, but tried to rob us, you know, I mean, like somebody was waiting outside of my station. It was all girls coming into session. It's like pages. And, you know, you'd be in a section you're chasing down on the couch.


And, you know, so I was like, where are you from? One thing? And you're fine. I'm like, you got my cancer, you know, out of my life. Probably like, no, where you from? And I frowned.


I guess my homeboys see me frowning, Delfine, and in a big melee broke out, you know, I'm saying.


But, yeah, that's what I was about. It's on YouTube. The news footage is on YouTube for me.


What about for job that they need to get out the club? Well, you know, I was probably taken out of context. They left the same time. Oh, yeah.


That was when they were twenty thirty security of fifty, fifty, thirty people.


So I'm sure you did. That was good money on. I wasn't saying like they needed our help. It's just like, you know, a little fact that was in the building and you know, they got footage of Floyd on the Internet arguing with the police in front of the club. You know, I just I've been trying to revolve around real. That's a place for me just to go back to the doctor. Something real quick. What makes you want to do a documentary?


OK, you did right. It makes you want to do a documentary about Dr. c.B.


I think the story's important. I think it's a powerful narrative. It is. You know what I mean? And I think if I imagine is anybody in this room, if I could say somebody cured AIDS, I'll be like, yeah, right. And then I saw you an example of him going to trial and proven in a court to a jury that he cured AIDS. I'll be interested in that. Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. I would look into the way he did it.




So I feel like more so than like champion his products or explaining his methodology. Put some light on that case. Imagine being able to cure cancer or being able to cure any type of herpes, all kinds.


And that's what you do about it. He did. Yeah. Yeah. He he used to say in all types of vitamins up to the station. You got herpes? No, I said vitamin D.


Did you hear me? I said not any more. This guy was crazy.


I that was part two of our interview with Nipsey Hussle airing our interview. He stopped to last year. And let's get on a nipsy. How so many makes play a couple of his joints. I said Don't Move is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. That was it. Nipsy, how so many mics if you just joined us again, rest in peace to Nipsey Hussle. He was killed over the weekend. And we're replaying an interview that we did with him a year ago.


So let's get back into that.


I knew you were talking about comedy and how we're in different colors now. That's not what I said.


And, you know, I mean, just a woman. Yeah, I like Khateeb Bit did a verse for me. You started off saying I like. Yeah, that's that's that's a fact. I like anybody. You don't like Cardie. I hate her. I used to watch our IGY clips and we laugh and I just grow crazy. But our personality is golden, you know. I mean but wrong is wrong. Right is right. Well, that's what I grew up on that love me.


But don't tell anybody what's wrong. Right. All right. Don't tell me that in public. Wait till we get back to the hood.


I might set off a melee and fight with me. But when we get back to the road, I was. But don't do that. You don't have us. You're going to get us in a wreck. What is wrong right is right.


That terminology she used is like really just for the record, that's how blunt talk plus size crap. Plus say Flo Cripps, say slob crêpes. Say Dad like files with all my homeboys. I mean like bro give me a. That's how we talk, but I'll be intentionally respectful. On the record, because we talk about a public environment, which is the music industry, you feel, I'm saying we saw what happened with Jeff Roe. So we going to set a trap in public.


You're going to get caught on camera squabbling. You're going to violate why you have 300 million tonight. You're going to go to the pep talk. You're going to die, right or wrong. That happened. That was gang banging. That was set tripping publicly. So we will be bad leaders to re create that. What about somebody like Takashi's six nine? I want to talk about other people for real, you know, stand up. I feel I feel my own way about it, but God bless everybody and get your money.


From what I said about Kadee Big, ask me. And so I spoke on it. But I want to hate on Khateeb. You get your money, Kadee. I respect what you're doing. You know, I'm saying she'd done a verse for me. I said to me, God, I shake the hand. You know, I'm saying I respect her. Come up. She came from the gutter about saying disrespectful things on on igy. I'm always be like, that ain't a move.


That's not that's not what you posted. Do now do I tell you what to do now? You get how you live if you like it. I love it. I just know me and mine.


We're going to move this way because I'm always stand on what I do. So if I walk into a room full of blood and I'm going to be like, oh, I go to slobs, I'm not going to talk like that. That's that's called being a sail soldier on some jail, you know, I'm saying so to get us in the cell, poppin it because you can't get touched, you hide behind the cell or you know, I'm saying pop the gates, talk like that.


If you don't talk like that, then keep it one way. I've been in a tank with a honey Blur's before. I'm from six. Oh, crap. I'm going to court slobs. They'll kill me. But I, I'm this one from Hammie you forget.


I'm saying so same the other way around.


I've been in the dorm with one hundred Crips in two or three Bloods and then using that terminology they not. That's just against the laws of nature. This is self-preservation. What prevents you from talking like that? That's what I was speaking on. But for the record and just for the New York bankers I respect real everywhere in every city and state, you can't take that from nobody. Gang culture came from out of L.A.. I don't mean it ain't for the New York pushing a line as Bloods and the Crips, but we got to be honest.


We've got to speak honestly. We can't be political about the dead and doing life for you. What I'm saying. Absolutely. That that's that's that's my stance on it. But like I said, everybody give money, man. I respect Kadee, you know, I mean, she linked up with wacko. One of my I respect he Aparo. And, you know, I met our a deal.


Just my personal opinion is in your interest not to be public decent guy. You know, I'm saying unless you want to put your security at risk, because then I'm going to be you or getting shot, are you going to be pushed into the car? You know, we were talking about checking in. And how do you feel about checking in? Because, I mean, it's a big thing, especially in L.A. I mean, because it's so open.


You mean you can drive on a block and only one block could be a sunny clean block next block you in a minute. Oh, 100 percent. Yeah. Checking in is it suggests friendly extortion. When you say Cecchini, our relationship is different because we all need relationships. You know, I'm saying I'm sure when you travel you from New York, you got relationships all over the country. You've got relationships. I love you, as I'm sure you do.


So in a relationship. I'll I'll believe in fake relationships. So just establish genuine relationships everywhere you go. You'll be in a better position than you do that of being respectful and being you know, you reciprocate. It's my come to your city, bro. You need some whether it's a car or some, we you know, I mean, you want to go somewhere to eat what you need you out of town. I got you not just some protection, you follow me.


So I wouldn't say the chicken. I don't know anything about it, but just I got relationships in New York that is respect when I pull up, you know, I mean, they make sure I got whatever I need. Some L.A. I can get you from the airport, bro. You could take my car. You could come to my store, you could you meet my homeboys, you could get numbers if you any problems or whatever, just call in or you want to know where to go eat at that time because you had to ask because we had strength in numbers and we only from one place.


You know, my last question for that man, because I'm right in the car and I'm like, boy, getting some for this. You said that your mistress is Creole. How do you get away with that man, his music man?


Oh, I said I said my wife is a C. No, I said his life is a free throw my life. My wife is a C. No, but my mistress is Creole. You know, that was the number I recorded before me before I had a girl for real.


Oh all right. That's just that's a fact. I just put it in again. Is music man like my. The actress, if she kissed and I don't care what, I'll be mad, no, I don't think I love her. I love the fact you said your girls are back together. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. We saw that players got so mad. That's all I have to say about that. No reason I ask because she don't play, you know, run down on your show tonight.


Went hard, you know, I said, but if boogie boogie boogie man you know she know how to defend herself and stand up, you know what I mean. And you know, she family, she grew up a lot of people. I think she got a privileged background. She ain't got no privileged background.


I think she's new a real life from Atlanta, you know, but she comes from like man and you know me.


She's Charlamagne and zeroed in.


But she I told I told her I thought of him jump like you going to be Charlamagne and like Charlamagne respect Charlamagne, you know, I mean, Charlamagne known for being honest and, you know, I mean, ruffling feathers. But I know his stance. And I'm like, y'all got a similar mentality in terms of like what's right. You know, I'm saying so yeah. She she got a lot of love and respect for her.


And we appreciate you joining us this. Yeah. MAN three LAPPE Yeah.


And it's The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Yeah.


Morning, everybody at D.J. Envy, Angela Yee, Charlemagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club.


Now, Charlamagne, you've got a positive note.


Now, the positive note is simply this. You can't be committed to your B.S. and your growth. I repeat, you can't be committed to your B.S. and your growth is one of the other. Choose wisely.


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