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This is your wake up call to up the Breakfast Club to show you love to hate from the east to the West Coast, Angela Charlamagne to go really show on the planet. This is where I respect this show because this is a voice of societal change in the gay guys are the coveted morning show which earn, in fact, in the culture that went up in the morning. And I they want to hear that Breakfast Club, the world's most dangerous morning show.


Oh, yeah, sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry, but I guess, you know. I'm telling you, this is your time to get it off your chest, whether you're mad or blessed.


Eight hundred five eight five one five one.


We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello. Who's this?


And the worldwide peace and blessings. Well, go on. Go on, man. Porta potty, George.


His name is not Port a potty guy. And I called him Schoenstein, but it is what it is.


Sorry, the man. How are you guys doing today, man? Everything good?


We're doing good. You got a poem for us today, man? Yeah, man. You want me to recite a poem?


Ask Johnstown. You were going crazy last time because you said we didn't play your poem. You were mad about it. Are you OK now?


No, no, I'm still not OK. I would like to state my point and I heard M.V. is giving away some stuff and I'm just wondering if I could get the furniture, you know? I mean, no problem. I'll come and get it. Why would you give it to him?


Just because he has a job and he's working. I want to give something to somebody that has nothing like me ask you.


You have work you work in.


You've been working the working. Just because you're working, though, doesn't mean that it's not struggle's right.


But there's a lot of people out there that lost their jobs during the pandemic that are not working. I'd rather help them at my job better.


I was laid off from my job, you know, I mean, for like a month, you, me, you know, I mean, I'm going to work hard. I got a job. The person you're giving away and someone you know, something, you know.


I mean, I got a lamp for you. I got a lamp for you. And I there's a lot of people out there that don't have nothing that are homeless, that don't have. Do you have a bed?


I recently I recently donated to carry on when or when the lady was on the radio talking about her situation. I don't mean to I didn't even have much to do with it.


But I don't it it's not what the party has done as an essential worker. He's is a sanitation worker. He works hard. No, I just got it. And I was like, yo, you know, I'm just saying Sharon Stone has a good job.


He's working sanitation. He's been working for the last six weeks. There's people out there that don't have a job. That's the homeless that's living in shelters. I just want to help those people with, you know, Sharon Stone. I worked at some stuff. Yeah.


I heard that you put on an accent to get through the lines and full well people aren't the phone. I don't know why do you guys work? And I guess people was drama.


Let me let me hear what accent you did to get through with me here to actually use my I use my accent. Jamaican accent. I know I'm Jamaican. And they said you put on a thick accent. He's Jamaican. I put on a really big Jamaican accent. And I mean, all right.


My job now that was filed, that was filed. It is was the first time he's gonna get to do his poem. So he was going to be able to finish.


And you did that to him. I think he's lying to, you know, to our producer, Dan, about the call to say who you are. Goodness gracious.


You see that Puerto Rican guys is going to hang up on the black. We're supposed to be together. You just hang up on the black brother.


This is and this isn't a black and Puerto Rican thing. Is this Rolling Stone thing?


I've never heard I never heard you hang about a Latino. That's not true. That is so foul. Hello.


Who's this guy? It's really so close, but we'll get it off the hook. Right. I was so nervous. Hello. This is crazy that I got through this a long time ago that I was going to get too involved for sure. Gets the point. I just want to give God all the thanks for waking me up this morning. And I want to tell everybody in the world that I sell my fight. You know, you have to want to win the battle.


You got to go to fight. And I'll fight with flesh and blood. We're fight with the enemy. He try to stop me. I started this organization argue that it doesn't matter. Angry you are making a difference. You think that they should in the end try to stop being so miserable. But I found my fight, so I want to tell everybody more, have a blessed day. And I start by asking you guys, all right, right now, what exactly are you to do?


You can do it.


So, OK, are you all right? Yes, two years ago, two or three years ago, I got so great, I'm 27 years old, I have a walkie talkie all over again, I love it, but I removed my left vocal cord. So this that was out for the rest of my life. But you know what? They try to take me out because you know what I was going to do? You know what I was going to do?


What's going to happen on the other side to make a difference in the world. We have to start with you. We have to start. Right. So the end result. But I'll still fight after my fight. Absolutely.


And we do that for you. And we thank God that you are still alive and you're here with us and that you are fighting that fight with us.


Yes, we are. And finally, I have a youth organization that's got argue that I would argue that I was making a difference. Absolutely.


Every day. Every day.


And we thank you for keeping that fight on to thank you very much for joining us. Oh, my goodness.


She was the lady is still alive and talking about how she's never giving up and how she's been through so much.


And you hang up on a job to be stopped. Jumbo's you need. I'm not going to lie.


You might be going to hell.


Definitely going to help get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to vent, hit us up. Now is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club.


This is your time to get it off your chest. The young man. I hear from you on the Breakfast Club that you've got something on your mind. Hello? Who's this?


It is my deep darling. Good morning line beauty. How are you? I'm blessed. Black and Hollywood. How are the girls? I mean, they're really good, actually. How are you? I'm doing well, thank you. How are you feeling? I'm pretty good. I'm grateful because even though like you, everything, I've been able to pay my bills before they do, even though, like, you know, I mean, it's a blessing right now.


Yes. How are you, Andy? I'm doing well. I'm doing well. I'm OK. That's good. No, call it because I haven't stopped you guys. You are not always trying to promote something. And I just want to say what's up? Because I was doing it. Yeah, I love your wife. Like, oh, thank you. Yeah, I love it too.


And I, I just hope that I would say and we like to make a thing make you make Jamaica trip had to be postponed but we'll do it again maybe next year when all this dies down.


We were excited is sold out. We were happy to do it but we'll see if we could do it again. I mean, we had to cancel it because I called it, but we'll do it again. Are you guys going to be able to do like another one, like in America, like a meet and greet, like a live like in America? I doubt and we don't know when are about this year.


Like, my wife is serious about this. Like she is like she does not play like I have to get permission to leave the house, like everybody has to get permission to leave the house like she don't play like she's like, no, like we can't bring that back home.


We can't bring that to our parents.


So I doubt that we killed. Yeah. Yeah.


She hasn't left between this house and we just purchased a home between those two homes.


That's the only place they shot that. Yeah. She don't, she don't play and she like now she don't play so I doubt it. Yeah. Well I didn't mean to and say I love you guys and yeah. I just love you. I just wanted to come and check in with you. I'll be quick or whatever you know. Thank you for the wellness check. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. You guys so much. Alrighty now. Hello.


Who's this. Chelmer. Hey Charlamagne, get it off your chest. Are you saying you Charlamagne. Are you calling me. No, this is Brian Chollet a Shalin. What's happening so aggressive. You go speak to Bobby here. Tell you about my favorite. That's my that's my favorite rap of all time. Well, you go with your cousin now born click on bleep you rapping. I have no idea who that is. It was not born.


Click your cousin Raji. Check it out on YouTube. Never leave.


Never heard of his rap. My I get out g group. Yes please. Now click the video. Come up we'll it.


I said you listen to his beep you're cuckolds face with Ghostface would tell me to tell you stop eating POCs early in the morning.


Nothing but you know what this does it. Ah you know a fish toss salads and make rap ballads with their skipper. What do I write. I do what I want to do after fifty.


If I'm going right now and have have a blessed day king. He got some jeans, denim shorts on your shorts and right now no, no socks.


Little fake trying to figure out what shoe stick you're going to take out the house today. Word definitely Yankees fit it. All right.


Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to finish this up now is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. Wabo Deidre's Monosodium Breakfast Club, Charlamagne, the God Angela and we are blessed this morning to have the presence of a person I consider an icon. Miss. Nikki Giovanni is here. Good morning, Queen. How are you? Good morning, how are you. Am Blessed Black and Hollyfield.


I love that you've got a new book out, Make Me Rain Poems Rules timely as your poem about voting because that has been such a heavy discussion.


Yeah, we well of course and I think everybody turned out and we won and that's, that's, that's very nice. I've got on pink today. I'm on Delta and our colors of course are red and white. But in honor of our new vice president, I'm wearing pink and green.


My Mother-In-Law, the delta. Good for her. See, that's why you're a nice guy. How do you feel about the election of Senator Kamala Harris?


What does that mean for black women?


And I'm glad for the country, actually. I think it's good for for all of us. But I think it's a statement for the country when we look at what black women have given to this country. And of course, I'm a big, big fan. And you couldn't help but love Fannie Lou Hamer and Mrs. Hamer and her confrontation with Lyndon Lyndon Johnson in nineteen sixty four when she took the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party over to Atlantic City and it was back and forth, they testified back and forth.


And finally Lyndon Johnson came to Mrs. Hamer, as you know, and said, well, why don't you take two seats? Because they have had four. So why don't I give you two seats and we'll work it out for next time? And Mr. Hammer looked at me, said we didn't come in for no two seats, and I've always loved you for that. So staying where we are right now and I'm sorry that Miss Amy is not here, I know that it would just absolutely please her.


But I know that as a black woman, having watched things like Mrs. Haymer, I know that I would always vote. And I was glad to see that our vote, the black vote, was such a big turnout.


Another poem that I like that you have that I appreciate is raise your hand in favor of immigrants. And I thought that was so well said. Tell me, like I'd like to know, just because you are so inspirational, like when you wrote this, was there something in particular where you watching the news? Like what inspires you when you did raise your hand in favor of immigrants? I thought, yeah, everybody's been complaining. These people are taking my job.


Well, if you want one of those job, raise your hand, would you? Which which job would you raise your hand? Let me let me see who wants the job. They are working to take care of their children. They're working to see it that their children go. And again, it's just so important that their children go to school. They're doing the dirty jobs that nobody wants to do. And what I really want to know, and I'm going to call later on this afternoon, I know a commission in D.C. I want to know how many people who worked in the White House died.


Now, I know that the Trump didn't die, which was, you know, one of the unfortunate things. And I can see that that that woman that he's married to didn't die that half wit that he has a son that was born or something didn't die. But I can't believe that that covid has been going around the White House the way that it has. And the people who are cleaning, who are changing the bed every day, who are fluffing the pillow every day, I don't believe that they did not have the comfort and that some of them haven't died in Germany.


I want to make sure I heard you right. You said it's unfortunate that that Donald Trump didn't die. Yes, I thought it was great. Really unfortunate that you did. So you want him you want him to pass away?


Well, of course, it would have saved a lot of trouble. It's got to come up. If I had been a Jew in Germany, I would have to pray that Hitler died. Of course, you want to die because he's going to he's going to cause a lot of a lot of problems. He's already fired the national security director. But how many people would be saved if right now, if if if Trump drop dead? This is not something we don't know.


And I'm sorry, we don't know if he'll go back to Hitler because it was the easy one. How many people? How many Jewish people? They were like six million Jewish people. But then we had the soldiers. I don't know if your mothers and fathers fought in World War Two, but your grandparents probably did. How many soldiers had to die so that we can get rid of this guy? Think about it now. I'm with you. I just you know, I just I don't like the wish death on people.


But I can understand your perspective. I'm just saying for the war, you know, it's not personal, but I think that these people don't mind putting their knee on George Flowage neck. They don't mind shooting Vianna Taylor in her own bed, in her own house. They don't mind shooting a fourteen year old boy in the back who was unarmed. And then they want to get mad because I said. Something like, oh, well, yeah, be really good for him to drop dead poem to me already, just even you speak in these words I can hear Drop Dead by Nikki Giovanni.


I wish we had more with Nikki Giovanni when we come back.


Don't Move is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


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Putting everybody is D.J. Envy, Angela Yee Charlamagne, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club, was still kicking in with Nikki Giovanni shallowing.


I watch your conversation with James Baldwin quite often and so many gems during that conversation. Like like you talk about the language of love.


What did the language of love to you right now? You and I, you're like my son right now. But this is the language of love where we're honestly engaging in each other. We're honestly sharing with our community and whoever else wants to listen, we're not closing when, as I said earlier, I don't lock the door and we're not cutting off any communication here. Anybody who wants to tune in can tune in. That's the language of love. We are communicating and we are trying to help each other get through it because it's still not going to be easy.


Yeah, I don't know if you know it now, but there was such a discussion around your conversation with James Baldwin, you know, especially the part where you said you want a man, you basically told him, lie to me the way you lied to the white man you know, I love.


I will always remember Jimmy's face when I said that because he just went like, oh, because he hadn't thought about it that way, because Jimmy knew that they do. We do lie to people who hate us. We smile at them in the morning. We do lie to the people who hate us. So if it's going to be a lie, lie to me. I'm the one trying to make you understand. I'm I love you. I'm the one trying to have a meal for you.


You know, it's fascinating when you look at history and I love history. It's fascinating when you look at the enslaved woman who got up before dawn and put on some food. One of the reasons that I and many other Southerners love food that cooks all day is that we got used to it from our grandmothers and they got used to it from their grandmothers. But she would put a pad on and a fire. She would then go out into the field with him.


They would work all day. And when they came on, that would be came home in this little shack. And you've seen slave shacks. You've seen what they but they gave for for black people to live in. But they would have food that was warm, that she had cooked, that they would eat, and that was love. And I think that we have to recognize the love that we gave. And of course, I mean, let me be real clear about that black man loved and still do black women.


We don't have any history of black men beating black women, doing slavery, have any history of that. So when did you learn it? Learned from you? You see what I'm saying?


We got to do this again because I do want to do a whole topic I love. I have to go catch a flight.


Yeah, you can stop by. I got to ask you a couple more questions. I don't know. We don't have Nikki Giovanni on, OK? Because you have a quote that I love. And I wish in this era of cancel culture, more people would adopt it. You see, mistakes are a fact of life. It is a response to the error that counts. Could you could you expand on it? Oh, no, that's great. You people get upset when they when they get upset.


If they have the wrong boyfriend or girlfriend, they get upset. If they don't get the job. They thought people get upset because they think that life should be smooth and we all are going to make mistakes. There's a reason pencils have erasers. And one of the things that I am a firm believer in, and it's why I don't read my own, I don't read I seldom I shouldn't say I don't, but very seldom read my old poetry is because I don't I don't mind contradicting myself.


And I would say that I teach it at here at Virginia Tech. And one of the things I try to tell my students is don't involve yourself too much in your early writing, because if you do, you'll try not to contradict yourself. If you won't contradict yourself, you won't grow. In one of the sad things, and I knew I had the the pleasure of knowing that she was my sorority sister, Aretha Franklin. But also I looked at at a young Michael Jackson.


I didn't know I knew Michael, but not like we weren't friends. And what he did as a singer, what she did actually as a singer, what Princeton as a singer is they kept singing the same song. And if you're singing the same song, eventually it wears you down. So we know that Prince, I'm sure you know, the prince was not, for example, a drug addict. Prince died because he had pills because of the pain.


He was trying to dance. He was trying to put on high heeled shoes and dance because he thought that's what people wanted. And, of course, that's what people want to do, not leave the door open and go out and do it because he's a great musician. It's a shame that we lost him because he wanted to be some. Think that he had been finished with and it was such a pleasure, you know, everything you're saying is amazing and it gives me such a better understanding of myself.


And that's what a wise woman once said. If you don't understand yourself, you don't understand anyone else. Now, I when was missing Nikki Giovanni. So thank you. We'll pick up the book, Make Me Rain, Poems and Prose. Miss Geovani, it was a pleasure.


Thank you. It's my pleasure. Thank you. Thank you. Is The Breakfast Club.


It's time to shoot your shot, to shoot yourself with the Breakfast Club. One chance. Don't mess it up. Mess it up. Messy. Got Nesha on the line.


Good morning. Good morning. How are you doing this morning, Nesha? I'm doing OK.


I'm hoping you guys help me out.


OK, now, who do you want to shoot your shot with? His name is Andre. OK, tell us about Andre.


He's a really sweet dude. He's my big brother is one of his best friends, so I've known him since I was like a girl. He's always just been really cute. And we started hooking up like a couple of months ago. And now I want to, like, tell my brother we've been doing it on a super low level and I want to tell my brother so we can be together.


So you want to tell your brother that his friend means magic? Well, I mean, yeah, but I want to tell my brother that we're going to be together, OK, so that you want this to be a man. So have you discussed this?


I mean, you know, sometimes you don't need to watch where do you need to be? So it doesn't need to be said, you know, like we don't talk about it. I know you want to be with me.


I should make sure I'm clear it's your brother's best friend and you've been smashing your brother's best friend. That's not going to turn out like how old how old is your brother's best friend? How old are you? Are you the little sister? I'm single. Wow.


I didn't know I was going to be a little fighting on the ground. No, let me said the other.


I go on dates or is it just a sex match?


Sometimes thing we go out and when you know, time allows. I'm a nurse, so sometimes I work up, you know, all day, all night. But, you know, we go out and you guys talk on the phone.


Yeah, FaceTime and all that. Sometimes you're a text a lot. Does he text you? Good morning, baby. I miss you thinking. Of course. OK, yeah.


I don't know you. I don't know how this is going to work. But are you prepared for your brother to tell you that this guy has been smashing a whole bunch of other chicks and you just another one in a long, long true.


Or maybe he's a good guy and he would love for his sister to be with his good friend along with that. All right. Well, let's see what happens. Well, hope for the best.


Only one way to find out is your brother, because if not, I'm sure you're going to beat the hell out of this guy.


They they've been friends for a long time. I don't think there's going to be any problems or moral issues.


He shot his hope for the best, for the worst, because the worse always leads for better ratings for us.


Now we have Nesha on the line. Anisha, we're about to call Andre now, so let's call him.


Hello? Hey, Andre. This is me, so I wanted to call and talk to you about something that has been in my mind for a minute or pushed me away. What's up? I think it's time that we tell my brother that, you know, we together, which we will be together, which means we're together. We're not together now because we unallowed like you act like you scare. You don't want to tell my brother what we've been doing.


And I'm like, let's just tell him. Tell the family so we could be together.


See, now, this is why I didn't we want to go down this rabbit hole with you, you know what I mean? Because, you know, just because we mess around only together, you know what I mean? If we're not together now. Yeah, but see, when we first started messing around, what are the first things we said was we were, you know, feeling, you know, we just having fun, you know? That's why I understand when you called me with this all out of left field.


I know this how you treat a woman that you don't have any feelings for. Listen, it's just we're just having fun. I understand. You know, of course I care for you. You know, you're my friend. You know, I definitely care for you. But you know, all the revelations themselves, I'm not trying to get that. And I'm definitely not trying to tell this dude or family or anybody else, you know, what we do is between us.


No, not anymore. Between here and the whole Breakfast Club listening audience, we say this isn't going too well. It's D.J. Evangelisation. I mean, the guy, bro.


Now, you said you didn't want to go down that rabbit hole, but you didn't go down a rabbit hole. You went on your friend's sister's kitty cat hole.


Oh, my goodness. So I know you got me there. You got me on the radio. Like, are you serious?


That's what you get for messing with little. I believe you right now. That's right.


I can't believe you sleep here on the breakfast. Call everybody this. Yeah, right.


So, Andre, you're being honest, though. You guys are just sleeping around. You don't want to be with her.


I'm not I'm not trying to do I mean, you say he's honest with you, you know, is now up to you if you decide. No, I mean, listen, you got to stop playing. If you don't want a girl to think that you don't want to be with her, then you have to stop doing the stuff that you you treat me my nice. You take what you say. You treated nice. We're we will eat the.


But yes. I mean, are you going around you just eating my booty you dumb ass.


Everywhere you go you eat all your friends. This disaster. Me, Andre, you're a serial ass eater. Andre, you're serious to start eating. She gave me first.


Oh hey. This makes you eat it too.


OK, and it was want to go down that race. I did a sixty nine in the. Yeah. Sounds like y'all belong together if you ask me. OK, but instead of trying to disrespect each other I guess what it is and you don't want to be with you like that. So if you still want to continue to mess with him because he treats you nice, that's on you. But just know it's not a relationship.


Well, he might not want to be with me, but he's going to have to tell my brother something because I'm pregnant.


OK, like, are you are you really pregnant?


Yeah, I really am.


I'm taking my ball and going home now. I'm moving on to Georgia. I don't know if I believe it, because women sometimes women do one or two things in this situation. He said he's pregnant and they say you raped him.


I don't I don't think it's mine. I don't think it's my way. Oh, that's not the way to go. You think she's a huh?


Yeah, I don't think we know which has happened, but I don't know what you are doing. Are you talking about again in this phone include condoms, what the baby is going to be name is going to be named Funland because that's what happened with Andre.


We're kind of amnesia.


Yes, not all the time. We all. All the time. All the time. All right.


Well well, guys, I think you guys need to handle this one. This is a little too far out of our tax bracket. Yeah. Andre, I hope that you enjoyed your little fun because now you've got to have a little fun on the way.


OK, you will name the next Instagram Besame as you yourself. Don't be disrespectful. There might be a child's mother. Are you going to tell Andre now? I mean, are you going to tell her brother. No, no, no.


That's no, she's not pregnant, you know, and she's great. You know, she called up a radio station to do this and she's crazy.


Not you guys. You guys have unprotected sex? No, she just said sometimes he said yes. He said no.


She listens.


She even needs to get his ass, literally. I mean that there is nothing you can say. I mean, he out here, obviously in the street just doing all kinds of stuff dirty. He's going to get what comes to him. But that's fine. That has nothing to do with me that you don't want my brother. Fine. I'm going to tell her. I'm going to also tell him I'm pregnant. So either way, you have to deal with it.


All right. Well well, guys, I'm not going to be mean anything, but I can't do this with you because I've got a girl, you know? I mean, my. Oh, my God.


You should have thought about that, Andre. What about not being a member of the faithful male community?


OK, basically, you've been cheating on your girlfriend and you didn't even let her know you had a girlfriend. So now this happens.


Oh, well, we was messing around before I got a girlfriend. So, you know, wow, it's not really cheating, I don't think.


But you said I was messing with her even after you are still cheating. You had a girlfriend. Oh, my goodness. So now watch it. Now, what are you saying if you're cheating on me with this chick? No, I'm this girl.


No, you're not my acting crazy again. You know what, guys?


You know, I'm sorry this didn't work out the way it was supposed to initiate. Good luck with the baby, Andre Sipowicz. OK, keep us updated. Yeah. Yeah. Call us after you had the baby.


OK, all right. I didn't go. Well, not at all. Keep it locked. We have more. Coming up next is the Breakfast Club. The Breakfast Club.


The Breakfast Club, good morning, we got a special guest in the building this morning. You say special guests all the time. This is we got something different, special, legendary, you know, iconic. OK, you know all that. I keep going in Sakar from Brooklyn. All right, young ho. Yeah, Jay-Z, Jay-Z.


Ladies and gentlemen, there was Abney we welcome. We were taking bets on how you were going to arrive.


Was going to be a chariot white horse. We're going to float in like hmm. Oh where are you going to.


I was Pécas back. I got. Well welcome.


Thank you. No matter what happens in here just don't get Charlamagne fired. It was rumored that you got fire, which we just don't want to fight.


You guys, listen, my last name is Pinkett Smith. Winfrey, Knowles, Carter. OK, I'm cool over here.


All right? Just make sure right now I'm a cowboy fanatic, too. They always give me flak. This year I'm from South Carolina, so I shouldn't move from the Cowboys. How do you do it? Being from New York? And, you know, you got the Giants and the Jets. How could you be a Cowboys fan in this city? I grew up my pop is really my pop for, you know, and he grew up here.


He grew up in that that era, that that era. Those guys who, you know, wanted that that whole cowboy lifestyle, all those guys was on Coke.


You know, my pops is definitely a cool guy. Got the whole thing pegged. I could give you the whole profile. You have Afro you. Absolutely.


But I bet your dad didn't tell you somebody at the Cowboys Jets game like Charlemagne's dad. He's a real man.


He said he had no last first game Cowboys. Jets at MetLife Stadium. Like in this mess.


Yeah. No, I didn't know you got arrested. What did he got into a fight with? Just serious guy. I definitely want to put that on the profile, that type of that type of fan and my Pops team. So I couldn't like you know, I had to watch it growing up.


I was shocked at one thing on Twitter when you said that Magna Carta Holy Grail you thought was fighting for fourth place as far as best album, I mean, only four places, but I mean, fighting for that three. You got to fight reasonable doubt blueprint in a black album. That's that's just hard. Is that the order? You put it in reasonable doubt. Reasonable doubt? Well, yes. The first album I made, because, you know, that's that's the joint I took my whole life to me.


Reasonable doubt then. Blueprint in a blackout. Sometimes I switch to blueprint a blackout. Don't don't tell anybody by hard because you're competing against yourself. You know, you can't compare it to me. You can't compare Holy Grail to reasonable doubt or blueprint. It was different times in your life. True.


That's part of the reason why I put it forward is very difficult to like recreate those times. Those times just I mean, obviously you can't bring those times back, but just for it to be so high says what I think about it was the inspiration because I know used to say Big was inspired you to just be nice.


But do you get inspired by artists now?


The era I grew up in is like beginner's, you know. Well, Tupac, it's very difficult to compare to those to those guys. You know, I'm inspired by the my previous work, so I have to measure myself against that.


And because a lot of the music to me it doesn't. I know it makes you sound like, oh, it makes me sound like, oh, but I just don't sound the same. Don't feel the same.


That's good music. It's just, it's just you've got a you got a mind for it. But that's what happened, you know, when anything successful like people were rapping because they loved the rap and then it became this business, this multibillion dollar business. So people that didn't even care to rap was like, I'm figure out how to get some money in there. So you got people who could rap a little bit. And so it is a hustle.


And you had guys, CEOs rapping. You know, this is no no disrespect to anyone. Just to be clear, you have people rapping like Yo Yushi rap like big toe puff you shurat right puff. But it wasn't a rapper you know, he was puff you know. I'm saying so he sold seven million records.


He may be more by now, you know, with the catalog what he sold seven million records of. No way. Yeah. He never rap before. Right. So when people see that they emulate that. So now you got all kind of CEOs rapping and now you have a CEO rapping. So it's flooded with guys who on rappers. So you just got a minute and you got you'll find good music. Still, it's just more difficult so far.


So puff the game up is what you're saying for lyricist.


No, that's not how you got orders of yours that you signed, are you most proud of because you're responsible for a lot of careers on it?


Wow. You have to say Kanye West, the most successful at this stage in his career and his growth and and the progress that he's made is like it's unbelievable. You know, like when he first came in, it was he wasn't the artist that he is today, you know, but he always aspired to be from that moment, like from the moment he walked through the door when he was just a producer, not just the producer. When he was the producer, you know, he had it in his eyes.


He was saying stuff like, you know, I am the savior of Chicago. And I was like, what are you even talking about?


You don't even have a single word. He proved to be prophetic in that way.


What did you think of Jay's last album, Yeezus? I like it, right?


I come on over six out of ten records. I gave him four. That's a good. Like 40 percent of Iraq, that's pretty good, man. He's got amazing catalog, though, like he should never put out anything that people even consider is support Jesus.


But some people love that album. You know, it's polarizing and that's what great art is, is polarized.


And some people love it, you know, force you to have an opinion like, you know, at least you're not, like, wishy washy about it, you know, and force you to have an opinion, which is good and I think is needed, you know, is needed because what tends to happen is someone has to experiment and go do it first and then artists sit back and watch it and be like, OK, I like this. I don't like that, you know, I like this part.


And they have perfected methods. And then, you know, and it all pushes Ujamaa forward, which is good. And that's what he does. He's he's like the cowboy, you know, he runs over the hill and then, you know, the Indians hit him with the arrows and then he comes back like he always a lot of them over there.


And then we go over there and conquer.


What's your reaction whenever you hear him, like denounce corporations being that you are such a corporate citizen? You know, I think all you know, as an individual, I respect that it's what he chooses to do. Me myself. I can operate in that venue. I can operate, you know, I can walk that line between putting out great art and, you know, getting paid for my art. I'm not I'm not one of those that they could talk to and be like you.


You're an artist. You shouldn't have money like that's the gas they hit you with. Yeah, I don't want any money.


I want to be a pure artist and I don't want to have the music business. If that's the case, you should. Any artist, any artist, not Kanye West, any artist, they should just record in their basement and then put into the music business to consume music too fast because you create these amazing moments. But then the moment is fleeting. So you put your album out just like people who want to go a few days. And OK, Jay Cole came out while he comes out the next week while he's out now holds out, you know what I mean?


Yet again, the time that we end, right. We we have to figure out. I mean, it's up to the individual to figure out how to slow it down because, you know, it's just going faster and faster. Everything is moving quicker. You know, information is going quicker. Uh, you know, it's again, like you said, you know, these these great things are fleeting. They're going fast and fast, and it's up to the individual to slow it down and be like, OK, I'm living with this album.


It's I choose the right who. This is going to be the soundtrack to my life for these next couple of months. I'm saying that's that's an individual thing. I'm not going to let anybody speed up my process. I don't care what's happening out there. That's that's that's the great thing about, you know, having ultimate confidence in yourself is it doesn't matter what's happened. I don't care what's happened. I don't care what you on or this person's on.


This is what I tailor made for me.


You have got to watch your lyrics because you know, things you say people take literally. Like I remember watching the press conference at the White House and they're quoting Jay-Z lyrics about something that you said. You have to be like, man, maybe I shouldn't have said that.


Nah, I'm an artist. I have the creative license to say whatever, whatever I feel at that moment. You know, I find things funny, like, you know, the Obama thing. Obama said. The irony in that the fact that people really believe that it really was like, you lie. Can you believe that? You do say hashtag facts, only irony. You've got to have some irony in music. You know, now adulthood question.


I always say that you put too much pressure on Bleep because early in his career, you said he was going to be the new improved Jay-Z and he was good, but everybody was waiting on him to be that. So you feel like you might have kind of, you know. Yeah, it's just a little brotherly, like almost a little brother syndrome. He had him he had it more so than anybody because he really grew up with me. He really grew up and, you know, on the third floor, on the same projects from me.


So he really had it.


He had my shadow on him, you know, the whole time. So when I said those things that night, it was just there, you know, me saying those things was actually trying to deflect them, you know, trying to deflect some of it away from. I was trying to put more on a movie just like the elephant in the room. You walk into a room like everybody's thinking, oh, that's the you know, that's the next guy.


It's just natural. I never saw you do any of your other artists afterwards. I wonder if that was something you said. You know what? I'm not going to do that.


Yeah, he was again, he was just one of a kind, like he really was from like, you know, vao his mother I used to going in like that, open a door and drag him out of the house, you know. So he was a unique guy.


Has been very loyal to you. Very. So yeah. Bleak is an amazing so he's an incredible person. I've always said people who, you know, don't get to know how much pressure people putting on them usually have. One hundred million dollars. You know, it's crazy, unrealistic things, bleak.


It's busy industry. He'll come see you, too. If you say the wrong thing, he'll definitely come see out of racing.


But you don't pick up because he comes out. OK, question as a fan, is it ever awkward when you're in a room with us because that Ethan Teiko will be. Fajar wasn't right. It was disrespectful. Yeah, it was. It was a time there was a moment in time. It was a great moment for hip hop. But for us, you know, we really have a good relationship. We laugh. We don't even think that thing is so far past.


And I understand why even today think things. Eleven years old, maybe longer, and people still fascinated with it, but it's so far removed so far in the background that is, that now we know we're not awkward around each other at all. For both of you, it's not like, OK, now this guy just destroyed me because that happens sometimes to be. But you guys both were successful. Still, after that, you even more so now, you heard a lot of careers, which was to say, you know, rap is competitive.


You know, it's competitive sport. Each time I went out, I put my arm, I put my my career on the line as well. You know, like that could have happened to me, you know, her prodigy. Everybody wanted it to happen, like, yeah, they did.


And it was a time I was like, please, please let this guy go away. And that's just the nature of rap is competitive. And, you know, every time you go out there, you putting your career on the line, would you ever do a king in New York with us, like how you and you watch the throne? Not not. Probably not at this point. You know, like any other collaboration, I have to be with Kanye because, you know, there's chemistry there and we already know how we work.


And I don't really have the time to really just figure out those situations and how a person works. And it's hard to do. It's hard to do, especially you're going to make something great. The hardest thing ever was, you know, going for those R. Kelly is just you just never know how the situation going to turn out is an X factor that you can't even calculate in your mind, you know, can happen at any moment. You'd be like in the hotel ready to make an announcement.


It's like, what what just happened to get the peppers?


We had we had Jadakiss up and we were talking about when it comes to trying to get you on the phone and try to spin the master spinning people, sounds like a real talk to me to do. And, you know, like. Yeah, yeah. Kierski give me on the phone any time.


You have a lot of New York artists complain about the state of New York, but you are in New York artists over the years, have you looked at New York as it was going on with our city musically? Oh, yeah, but that's just a thing. That's just the way music moves, you know, was out out west, down south for, you know, whatever. That's that's the way it moves. Complaining does nothing, make music, make some great music.


And that's the end of I don't even know what to say. You know, you hope like I'm too busy winning the war, hearing complaints. I don't know. I just don't care about it's like it's almost like a loser's mentality. Like everyone's so S'pore you like you know, you won't let me shine. I even heard someone say like, yo, YJ won't let Kanye. I'm like, let chi chi chi. Yeah, he's going, he's going.


He's going to do what he does. That's loser's mentality when we go. Sound like one of those rappers when we were coming up, you know, my albums came out with Outkast, Lauryn Cunetio, all them in one week. You know, everybody did good.


You know, look at look at the chart now.


It's it's widely number one, because Shameless Plug Rock Nation managed artists, Jay Cole would probably go to number one next week for the first time ever, but he'll go to number one rock nation in his Kanye. Everyone's flourishing. You've got to be out. You got to be able to compete still sharp and still you got to get out there and you got to earn. Your spot is not given. It's such a spoiled brat. Loser's mentality does. It's it's annoying.


Has fatherhood changed you at all? Oh, as far as lyrics.


Right. That was as far as lyrics. Incredible just to me. Oh you like my show. All I'm thinking right now is similar. Right now I got a newborn. I think it is similar. I can pimp is right now. Yeah. I mean, absolutely. You know, how was Jay as a dad. Yeah. I hope I'm great, but I'm learning again is a new thing for me and change me in a way that just knowing what's important.


But I had a pretty good sense of that, but it just reaffirmed all the things that I believed I knew.


Now, how are you with you know, the reason I ask because I'm going through now. So how were you with every two hours a baby getting up and changing Pampers?


I said we had an Army man do that. I mean, of course, but. All right, come on, man. That's all right, man. Can I ask you a question? The first thing I thought when I heard about the X questions, the recommendations, boy, he had to give up your seat at the Barclays Center.


No job out in the open. That part was true. OK, I'm going to because, you know, on the building I'm standing now because I used to be able to go to the next games and sit on your seats because you never know, you know, why this is a century. You do want to make sure that it's loaded. Don't worry. You go right. You have four games a year for you moving into sports management. Does it feel to you like a lot of people don't want you to succeed because they're saying that's a really tough business.


There's a lot of agents that feel like, well, what does Jay-Z know about sports management? And he hasn't done this and he hasn't done that yet. But they have that belief that you can only do one thing. You know, we we don't have that. We don't we're not inflicted with that disease. You know, I can walk and chew gum. You know, it's like it's insane to even say that. What does he know about sports is like everything more than you, you know?


And as far as business, those guys have been sitting around just doing the typical thing. Right. They get the athlete, they get them knock on the same doors. They go to Nike. You know, they do the contract and they sit back anything else. So they've been sitting around for twenty, thirty years, just not doing anything. Same formula. Yeah. So me come in. That's a problem for them because now they have to go to work.


Now they have to wake up now they have to do things so they don't want me to day and want me around because now they have to, they have to do something for these athletes. They don't even care about. Those guys go broke in four years. It's like a shame like this. Like it's the average three to four years. We talked about guys who signed in for ninety million. Eighty six million dollars. I broke in four years.


That's terrible money management. But these guys don't care. They just take whatever is going to get them a check and they're not even worrying about all that. We're doing all of that. Yeah, that's been an ongoing problem with sports. We're going broke. But then you have people who will say, what if Jay-Z know about money? You're right.


You know, like I say, that people always say if a biggie had in the past hole, wouldn't be it. I know you've heard that before. That's just as ridiculous, right? This this. I mean, I was here when Biggie was here, you know? Well, some people say you made your best material when he was it. Yeah, I think I think I think just just us again, like I said, still sharp is still the way we were working in the album that we were going to create together would only make me better.


You know, as a lyricist. So and and it's just like, you know, that's that's God's plan. You know, this is God's plan. It's just like saying Biggie wouldn't be here if, you know, Rakhim had if Rakim had been on the remix.


So they say like it's like you can make up any scenario in your mind why a person shouldn't be here.


Oh, person wouldn't attain the success that they have. But I personally don't believe anybody could stop me. I really just how I believed it was going to be. I was coming out. I was destined to be here. And it just it just is what it is. Why people can't give you that. The why why is it you've got to be something big, big with. They wouldn't be like that. He's an Illuminati. Why can't you just be good and successful nowadays?


Uh, that's a very philosophical question, because you have you know, you have to I can only assume. Right. I can only assume because I don't know the answer, except that, you know, sometimes people success, you know, make people feel instead of saying, wow, that person successful. And I'm I'm inspired with some people. Are some people like that person successful? I'm I'm a striving to be exactly where they are. And some people are just like you got the reverse attitude like this success means my failure.


So I hate that success. So I have to I have to make some kind of explanation of why they here and why they shouldn't be here and why they wouldn't be here if this person was here. Who thinks like that. If you take that life, even if you take that long, it's not just black that is also in hip hop, black culture. And you take that long to think about somebody, you shouldn't be here and you're good and you should be doing something with that intelligence.


Right. You see that intelligence to something else? Absolutely.


If we can't get fooled again. Quickly, another bit, these two arguing about who knew the longest to Angelie A.J. N.V.. OK, no, I definitely knew M.V. before and I told my number four, Mary J.


But I don't know. So when was that wx? No, no. I think I need you to help you all back up in an apartment in Brooklyn. No, no, no, no. You know, I didn't know any longer than me, though envelope and shit about that taping because when I met you, you were giving out cassettes of dead presidents. Single. Yeah, that was by then. I had to record the album first. It was a single it wasn't a whole album.


It was. No, but I'm saying I had to record it. He was he was there for someone just give back right away from you.


Well, shortly thereafter, that's when he was a gentleman. It was definitely d not you ever feel sorry for me Diceman whenever you hear about like his financial problems and things like that, Dame Dame's a hustler dame figured out like a very smart guy. He figured out he was definitely playing your album and on Instagram. And you see that video we now see in the barbershop bobbing his head crazy to it. He said he liked it. He said he felt like he was a part of that.


He knows you're telling the truth. I feel like, you know what people got to understand and nothing going to change the way I feel about baby, you know, no matter not no time or space, no separation, anything. I got love for Damon Bash the same way as I did before. We I don't know if we can be around each other in that way because times have changed. You know, you may be in totally different person.


I know I'm a different person, but nothing can erase that era and the things that we, you know, those times and those memories and those fights that we had, you know, to get Rockefeller, where was it? Just is what it is. Nothing's going to change, Dad. You know, there'll be some, you know, minor things in the middle that to get in the way. But those things go away and then the relationship remains and those memories remain that we did something great.


We built something that is going to be here forever, that going to be talked about forever. They will always be, you know, love their.


What was it worth signing at Rockefeller? The worst person like that just in the middle of. Oh, I'm sorry.


No, no, I now say it m. album. You should listen to his words. You good.


You had a very strong on the air right. As well. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Well you're really responsible for that.


A lot more is not going to put nobody on that one that it seem like. Oh take that, take that one for the team. Oh dirty song. And they seem like oh yeah. I'm gonna take that, I would take all that for the team. And what was the person who you don't want to talk about.


It was somebody that didn't fit in, somebody that didn't let me think about that.


And what was the artist you pass the bone that you could add that you didn't sign and I don't know, we passed on anyone that was that turned out to be great. They could have been great. Yeah, true. That I don't know if we passed on it by now. That was great because we signed everybody yesterday.


Everybody tax write offs. Yeah. Oh, my daddy. That's not even the like a real thing. But it's funny when you look at the game and you know, you look at where you're at now and you look at the page you came up with in the 90s, did you say to yourself, I knew I was going to be here and I knew those guys were going to be there. And I'm asking you that because I want to know what you think of the game now and who's going to be here ten years from now.


Oh, yeah, because I wanted to be here, you know, and I saw a lot of people, the opportunities go that was like, oh, that. And then he's not going to be around. Why why aren't you doing this? If I had that, I'd be doing this. And I think about it and strategic moves. You know, I remember one time walking in the studio beings everybody was in and I was like, man, I'm telling you, man, you have got a chance right now.


Just flooded, put out a lot of music because 50 Cent is coming four months later in the club hit and it was over, but it was just like, OK, now got a guy sit on the sidelines and wait and wait this tidal wave out. So like just seeing things like that.


I mean, when you away before we took off. Yeah. So you have that kind of vision. So who do you see now that's going to be ten years from now. I mean obviously Jayco can trache. Absolutely. Kendrick as well. I think just on he's talented, very talented, but just on on sheer will. And once in a while it's going to be here as well. And I don't want to stretch. I'm showing other people.


But, you know, I just want you know, now you mentioned little way.


I know that you guys were this close to sign away. What happened with that deal? Because, I mean, it got to I mean, Wayne was damn saying he was Rockefeller and then it just went left.


The truth is now it's the first time I was told this truth. I had a meeting with Wayne. You know, I had a relationship with baby. So, you know, I used to go to New Orleans. I would hang out with him. Yeah. I mean, the purple little whatever that car was beginning to cause a prowler prowler going down the street, you know, no one trying to jump in the car. I felt there was only right to call him.


You know, I called them out of respect, like, yo, I was talking to Wayne. Just letting you know, boom, boom, boom. After that, I think we received a letter at our office for like, tortuous interference. Oh, and I was like, whoa, at this point, it was like, whoa. And it just all went from there. But, you know, I think I would rather lose that situation and do the right thing than the opposite, you know, because I think I could have just I could do this on him.


I could sign them and then told them after. But, you know, I did the right thing and I'm cool with that decision. How close were you to really spanking when we do that shot at the wife? I was it was I it's part of the sport in the competition. And I didn't take it serious. I view it as a threat. I thought it was just a flip of a line. And I said because I said, I ain't got my wifey money.


I wasn't really speaking to him. But he's holding the flag. So he did the right thing for his campaign. But I didn't take it as a real threat until I took it as a flip of a line. Another good question, a young Chris, your former artist, how much did he influence you? A lot of people say you took his dollar, he took yours. Well, you know, with all due respect to Chris, he was an amazing artist.


You know, he did amazing things. But, you know, the music is there. You know, I made records before Chris and after him, you know? So I don't I don't even I don't even know how to answer that. It is like the weirdest thing in the world to me. Like you've heard this stuff before. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no. I'm just over here. I don't want to.


I never heard that. It's just weird to me. It's like being pulled into office by the party. Why did you ask that? I'm like this being on the Internet for years now. Is there any rumor that you've ever heard that made you be like, this is weird, all of it all the time? Oh, yeah. Which one would you want to start with?


Like when they say Beyonce, they didn't really have the baby. That's that that's a good one. That's probably the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. And the fact that people were really like running with that and running up with it.


And I followed it because afterwards, I don't know, I thought it was a, you know, one of those press things like, you know, like run with this press. And I now slowly, like, oh, yeah, I believe this. Right. It's not going so far. Like, oh yeah, yeah. I really need this and this and that. And that's really that's messed up because like the time where you're supposed to be most joyous, you got life in you, you know, and the whole thing is supposed to be a joyous time for you to have to, like, deal with that.


Whether you care about it or not is annoying. And you shouldn't have to really deal with that as a human being. But, you know, that's the position that we in. You know, you don't matter how many times you say that Beyonce is really pregnant. Right. And people going to believe what they want to believe anyway.


So, I mean, why waste my time?


And sometimes you respond to something that brings me more attention to it, to that tune.


It's just, yeah, it goes into another space. You know, I got a great life, you know, whatever comes with it, even ridiculous rumors about anything. It's nothing. It's not it's nothing compared to what you know what I mean. Do you ever have that conversation where you're like, yeah, it's just the paparazzi. That's not a real problem. Yeah. All the time.


OK, when you see him, he hit his head on that side. Did you laugh? I'm just curious. Did you laugh? I chuckle right. When you said the getting chased outside the building, did you laugh.


That was pretty funny. I was. I laugh really hard. I got to see the other videos, another video. The one thing I liked about it. I mean, because you can't help that if some if I just run up on you and knock you inside your head, you know, I mean, just I'm shocked. I'm like, yeah, no, that is what it is that could happen to anybody the way you want to comment. He's seen it.


That was a good that was the thing I saw. I was like, OK, that was, you know, little nuances of your personality. God, you saw it. You knew that thing was coming. He was you know, I gave it a weight off the camera. Yeah. Worldstar area, like nothing good is going to come with this that you're right. You're getting out of here. I'm not like that's God's plan. Go back.


They might have peed on me like this. Ladies and gentlemen, Jazy. Hi, this is Boin Yang here.


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I'm affected all around you. I want this man to get out and blow his man, Charlamagne, the top of his lungs. Let's go. Let's make a judgment. I was going to be on the Donkey of the Day. They chose you for the Breakfast Club, Bitch Donkey the day to day. Yes.


Don't you dare call the New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees. Yet of mayonnaise is very, very heavy on this sandwich. OK, I've been having a lot of conversations with my white friends this week. They all want to know what to say, how to say it in regards to not only the death of George Floyd, but about their place on this planet in general. You know, the whole white privilege, white supremacist conversation. See, sadly, there's not a white person in America who can say that at some point someone in their family tree somewhere and someone in their bloodline, their ancestors were part of the problem.


OK, the problem being white supremacy, it is what it is. People nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to be embarrassed about. No matter how history books attempt to sanitize it, no matter how sweet they try to make it sound. Oh, America was not built on Christian values. OK, like they try to sell it. All right, please stop. America was built on the back of slavery and racism. And I said point blank period to all right, slavery was America's first big business.


This country was founded by old white men who were not attempting to make this country all inclusive for everyone, especially black people. OK, we were property like actual literal property. That's why we got to constantly tell people Black Lives Matter, because in the Constitution, it says black people were three fifths of a person. The three fifths rule. That's why we were treated as property. OK, so that's why we got to constantly remind, you know, I am actually a life, not a piece of property.


And to this day, I'm still look at us as property. OK, so, yes, my white allies, that's the harsh truth. If you are ready and willing to start from that place that we can figure out how to dismantle this mechanism called white supremacy. Now, in regards to speaking out, you shouldn't have to ask me how to speak out for another human in regards to their pain. If you are spiritually conscious person in any way, if you are just a human being with empathy, when you saw that video of George Floyd, you should have felt the way and whatever you felt, express it, OK?


You don't need a black person's permission for that. OK, this is a man this is a matter of race, but it's also just a matter of being human. So if you want to do if you want to know what to do, it's simple. Just stand up for other humans. Sadly, some people just don't get it. I'm not even mad at them for not getting it because we all live in our individual bubbles. And when you are a white male, you definitely live in a bubble because this system, for the most part, works perfectly for you.


OK, this white supremacist system, whether you are prejudiced, bigoted, racist, are not works great for most white males because it was designed by white males. It was always going to be built in advantages, which is why when someone like Drew Brees doesn't get it doesn't surprise me at all. See, Drew Brees was giving an interview with Yahoo! Finance during the interview, he was asked his thoughts on the subject of players potentially kneeling during the national anthem for the twenty twenty season.


Let's hear it.


I will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States of America. Let me let me just tell you what I feel when the national anthem is played. And when I look at the flag of the United States, I envision my two grandfathers who fought for this country during World War Two. And in many cases, it brings me to tears, thinking about all that has been sacrificed, not just those in the military, but for that matter, those throughout the civil rights movements of the 60s and everyone and all that has been endured by so many people up until this point.


And is everything right with our country right now? No, but I think what you do by standing there and showing respect to the flag with your hand over your heart is it shows unity. We can all do better. And then we are all part of the solution.


Flag on the play, a violation of the current illegal use of white privilege. Drew Brees is marginalizing what black people are experiencing in this country because he's seeing the world through the lens of the oppressor, not the oppressed. I am happy that when Drew Brees sees the flag of the United States of America and his grandfather who fought for this country in World War Two, I'm glad he shed a couple of tears. That's beautiful. But Drew Brees, black people fought in World War Two.


But imagine fighting for a country that at that point didn't even give you the same civil liberties that it gave your grandparents. Drew Brees. Do you know, in the US into World War Two, Jim Crow segregation had entered every single aspect of American society. Do you know that there were several segregated units in the military during World War Two? So even though we are supposed to have a common enemy in a war, this country still had us divided, still looked at us as an enemy.


This is why so many black folks have a problem with patriotism. How can we salute a country that historically enslaved us, marginalized us and continues to brutalises? The Drew Brees is a white, privileged male. That's how he sees America. OK, it's all roses. You're living his life like it's golden. OK, this white supremacist system works well for him because the. Supposed to I am not arguing with any white person about why people choose to take a knee in regards to police brutality, there's nothing to debate, OK, if you don't get it by now, you don't want to get it.


And if you're committed to misunderstanding the situation, whatever. Now, I had a combo. I did have a combo with my good brother, Michael Eric Dyson this weekend dropping a pool with Michael Eric Dyson.


He was explaining to me why you do have to teach white people, because whether you know it or not, you are unintentionally teaching them. So you might as well be intentional about teaching them. So I keep that in mind at times like this. And I defer to one of our greatest teachers, kill killer, like he was on with Jaylen and Jacoby and he had some some lessons for Drew Brees. Let's hear it.


I would like to know what he considers disrespect because and when I travel and we perform in Germany, I never see a Nazi flag because Nazis are a part of history that Germany understands with a cancer and corrupt. And they created themselves off Jubilee's plays in the Deep South. As we travel through the South, we see the Confederate flag everywhere. The. So if you're going to tell me about flag and disrespecting the American flag, the fact that you live in a region that they still find a rebel flag with a Confederate flag and you don't adequately speak against that on a regular basis, just tells me that you're protecting a way of life or what you think is right.


The American flag stands with the First Amendment and the ability to say what you feel about situations that you bear the brunt of it. You may get blackballed out of the NFL, but you have the right to do so. If you support and you don't want to see the American flag disrespected, don't look at it on Budweiser shorts, at picnics, don't look at edit and bikini shots. And Playboy don't look at it all. Your favorite album covers because you think that rock band is rocking for you.


Be all the way with your intelligent football player. But that was an incredibly stupid thing to say. But I'm not going to be so burdened with the religion that has become American nationalism. I could get. The flag represents the United States Constitution and United States Constitution was written by a bunch of people who chose to protest violently in order to have a free. So what you interpret is disrespect probably is the most patriotic thing happening today.


Just something to think about, something to think about. Drew Brees, if I had a lesson for Drew Brees because I'm nowhere near as eloquent as Killer Mike would if I had a lesson for Drew Brees, it would be a simple homework assignment. And it's this. If you don't understand why players kneel, if you don't understand why players take a knee and go watch the video of that white devil cop kneeling, taking a knee on George Floyd's neck for eight minutes and forty six seconds.


If you don't get it after that, well, you might just need you to shut the f f on all issues regarding race in this country and sit the rest of this season called Life Out. Please let Chelsea Handler give Drew Brees to begin.


See how he ha ha ha. That is way too much. Dan Mayonaise. I wonder if he's going to address these statements now.


He has to. Yeah, I'm sure that he'll have an enlightening moment and say that, you know, he was taught so much in the past 24 hours and he I'm sure he will see Neil before.


Yeah, he did.


I don't know if he was just doing that to be a good teammate. I actually knew what was going on. Who knows? All right. Well, thank you for that donkey today, The Breakfast Club.


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Checking out the world's most dangerous morning show. Special guests in the building very highly requested interview. A long time now.


Mr. Damon Dash is going on it. But some people want you to introduce your people's first guy if he wants to be noticed.


I had a dog under there. Yeah. And I got my old Daniel to my left and to my right.


I got murdered.


That was the murder movie affiliation. I know he's in the movie, but I don't know. The the overall affiliation is the Harlem thing.


You talk about Harlem a lot from a long time. How did you meet up with Jay-Z, who was from Brooklyn? Because like you guys, you kept talking.


Oh, I can't type you really still curious about the jobs a little if you don't know. The story here is we want you to tell us. Let me ask you a question.


No, this is not you not asking you. People want to know.


Can I ask you a question? Have you have you never asked this question for me before about Jay-Z?


But I was on a smaller scale. It wasn't as big as the big question. Do you think everybody knows that question?


I don't think everybody knows that answer. You know, the answer was no. You tell us. They had to tell us, you know, it's different because we're on a different scale. It's just the Harlem Queens thing like Harlem.


You don't get along.


Let me ask you a question, OK? Let's be men, right.


If somebody ask you the same question twenty five times, maybe twenty five hundred times, do you still want to talk about the same thing? Yes or no. No, no. That's just me being human.


I don't know, I, I don't care what platform I'm talking about. Let's talk about something else.


Yeah, but we should get that question. I just told you the next question. No, that's cool. No more Jay-Z questions. I answered more.


I want to talk about you. You say your ogg's, you talk about your counsel, like always wondered who was your counsel like when you would scream one of the executives back in the day, like, were those the guys you would go to say, what was I wrong for that? Screaming another. Exactly.


Yeah, yeah. They weren't in my life at the time, but I have my crew and I had the people see the reason why I was screaming, because it would be for me not putting my hands on it. See the way I was taught. When you put enough money and somebody who doesn't do what you say, what they owe you money, if you don't put your hands on them, then you can't be outside anymore. So you have to make examples out of people.


So the yelling and snapping and laughing at people was I was taught to hurt people, but instead I was also taught a smarter way to get at people. And that's one of the things that Daniel taught me. So like would be the people to be around and it would be straight, real tough. But I could just snap one and we would snap all day. Instead of me having to kill these guys with guns, I killed them with jokes, you know.


But when it came down to it, my knuckle games proper, you know, I'm go out for what I believe in, but I have a laugh at you. They shoot you. I rather talk to you disrespectfully than have to punch you in your mouth for disrespecting me. That's what I was taught. So that's that's why I was able to maneuver. So instead of going to get my gun, I was able to use my logic. Everything is simple math.


You asked me a question twenty five times. Just because you want everyone else to know, OK, I'm sick of answering that question. So I to talk about another man all day, I want to talk about other things. I want to talk about women. It bugs me. OK, why are men so curious about other men that makes. No I'm never worried about women that much. No she was a woman. Why are men so worried about other men, how much money they got and all these other men and stuff?




Well, I think part of it is social media. You know, what have I got to do? I'm know we put up a picture like you make money here and a bunch of people will be like, ask them to ask them this. And it is a money thing.


It is true that people ask the same questions because some people may not have heard the answer.


But when everybody heard this answer, I want to say that I want everybody knows my history would have.


I already said, listen, you are you say some. You saw the interview. I already told you the reasons why I don't want to talk about that man you got one of them has one right now. I told you I get off of that man. Paul, you ask that me. You never asked him the question. What do you say?


Nothing going to change the way I feel about baby. You know, no matter not no time or space, no separation, anything. I got love for Damon Bash the same way as I did before. I don't know if we can be around each other in that way because times have changed. But nothing can erase that era in those times and those memories and those fights that we had to get Rockefeller. It was they will always be loved, they seem like you I just want to talk about those days.


Ten years ago, that's how you make money. No, I agree. Listen, if you are still making money off of old substance now, how are you going to grow? I agree with that. But we still talking about you haven't even seen Jake with two times in 15 years. But is my thing that you did add something new to the conversation when you said you bought the stuff about Dasari?


I didn't bring a nice name. And I said, look, you still bringing it up? You got the hat on. I told you, I don't wanna talk about it, so I don't wanna talk about it no more. You understand? See, I don't understand what was out there. People go to jail, people get killed for this kind of stuff. I don't play these these ghetto games, but you do this bubble gum. I told you once and as friends, we don't even talk about it no matter where I'm from.


So you think I'm going on a camera? Keep talking about this. I don't know what's going on over there. You got the hat on. You asked him. You calling out names. Now you know what that represent.


I am with you because you did talk about I would say you were the bad guy one time. That was your job. Not the reason I wasn't a bad guy. I was a good guy. I was a bad guy to the bad people. Right. I'm the good guy to the good guys.


I'm always going to be a bad guy if somebody looked at this guy. Let me ask you a question. If I beat the shit out of you and you have to do to do something bad, but in your mind, I grew up and my bad guy, if I did something bad. No, no. To that person, I got his ass whipped.


I am a bad person. I got his ass. But that's what I'm saying. So if I so long. So I'm going to. No, we look I'm walking around with an ass. Somebody's going to say I'm a bad guy, right. Absolutely.


Cause, you know, I'm saying I didn't say to tell you that you didn't name anyone.


So I'm saying I'm a be a bad guy. It's all good guy like Batman. They said he was a bad guy, but a superhero. If you are at war, you're the bad guy, the people you're fighting. Whoever looks at me as a bad guy, they're on the wrong end. They're on the wrong team. You see what I do when I got the rock port, I give it the platform to my friends and I always have.


While I haven't been around, a lot of people got fat. Well, all my friends are starving or the people that I left out there, everyone starving, a couple of people a fact. We're taking it back so everybody can eat.


Are there times in business you feel like you haven't been honorable and there never that you can?


I mean, people know me because I never I've never not been honorable in business.


Every time I hear me not being all business is from a radio show. When men talk about me, it's never been from that man telling me in my face he has an issue with any other artist. It's not a claim. He's never been on social media. How can a man say social media with a straight face is what? Men don't listen to social media. They don't. Men don't listen to social media. A real man doesn't listen to a rumor and Twitter.


That's why. Let me ask you a question. What about real calm? Real calm? We ask real calm.


Does a real man listen to what another man says about another man, yes or no, when you listen to you to take it right then so you have no chance to ask me?


I don't give a fuck. But this is this is the radio business. I don't give a fuck about the radio noise.


I don't want to talk to someone who doesn't want to do that. That's not what he wants to do. I'm saying, you know, the money that people know it.


Don't be over. No money. Well, how much money this money to you? I all I mean, it's all relative, but it's not a thousand dollars money. It's money. Not to me it is money. No, it's not.


To me it's relative. I can with a hundred thousand of my bills away. One hundred thousand out. I forget all that money talk. I'm asking you a question. I'm trying to prove a point here so you can have a clarity of which I worried about what's worth a real man talking about his business on the radio between another man. What's worth it? Not none. I don't need the money. Exactly. It's not exactly. So when a man goes to radio and talks about money and he don't talk to me, I know that's not the issue, because if it was really about money, he would call me when you.


I mean, he no, I'm not listening to you. I'm listening to you. Ask me questions about another man. Money, a real man. Don't answer those questions. A real man. Don't ask him.


Let's talk about you. Do you feel like you get your promises?


I'm going to care to take my promise. Or perhaps I can't. Yeah. To get my property. I'm not a mogul, my tycoon. I sell oil. Don't disrespect me and say I do everything everybody else does. And I put up my own money. All these so-called moguls you are talking about, you name one of them. They put their own dollar boss. You're only the boss if you put up your own money, if you don't put up your own money, I don't care how much somebody gives you.


You're nothing but a supervisor. It's not yours. There's no money in this world for someone to pay me so they could call me so I could call them my boss. That's like calling somebody daddy. How can a man call another male? That's my boss. You don't do that. I mean, everybody at some point, I don't know, not in Harlem, but like this.


Is somebody bald? No, I'm not somebody born. When I was in the street, someone wasn't your boss. They gave you an opportunity, OK? They gave you some work. You go make it and then you get it back. You can go by your own work. Do you want. So why just can't be all work, just corporate America. We could be. You know what we can tell you. No, I'm telling you. I'm telling you.


What's the question? Let me ask you a question.


Can you give it to your son. Tell you what, whatever company I absolutely, positively came. How? Because I own shares that his company bought him. Yes. What I'm saying is, can you son is this yours to give the whole. Company is asking. No, it is not mine, but listen, listen is not my question. If your son needs a job here, can you give it to him? No, no. If your son needs to get some money out the bank from here, some cash flow, can you get it?


No. All right. You don't own it.


But I can take the money from here to invest them. Now, it's not yours. I'm not going to fight for something I don't own, man. Don't do that. I'm not going to build somebody else's company. And in fact, shares with my son could go.


But no, listen, listen what I'm saying. But what about taking the money? You come with the money from Def Jam. I don't say it my business and you don't know what you're talking about. I take no money from Def Jam. You talk to me, take a minute. Cut. You cut me a check. We had a formula based on performance and they calculated and we got paid and it will stop us. That's what we know.


No, we listen. We had Rockefeller. We put up our own money for Rockefeller. Then we sold half of it. We became partners. So that means no one gave us anything. We were fifty fifty partners. We built something and sold it. That doesn't mean you work for somebody. They let you believe that. So then what happened was based on a formula where our formula is. It was a profit times a certain number. So if you make this much profit times seven, that's how much your number is OK.


Based on that formula, they bought the rest to say that's not nobody giving me money. I never worked for them. I put I put up way more money than Def Jam, put up me pigs and GE put way more money into Def Jam I mean rather than to Rockefeller Def Jam. What they did was collect the money. When we were with Def Jam they were bought by Universal. How you you call Def Tie. You want someone is bought by someone.


Could be someone's boss. You have to understand what you're doing in business because you got to do what's best for your kids. What's best for your kids is to put your money into something you stress, go through all of it. So when your child becomes a man, he doesn't have to work for nobody. Well, let's have a good day. Pass it to him.


Now, you talk about you going to work twenty years in a business or fifteen years in the business every day over and over again. And your son can't work here whenever he feels like it. You're counting on him to work. That's not where you said you get because I don't need it. That's stupid. You should be on time because. No, no, no, you're wrong. I'm here because I like the same way every time I try my time out.


But I don't want to lose your control. You say, of course. Like you say. So listen to me because I don't you listen. Working for free.


Who could work? Would you ever enjoy being a slave is not a slave. This is what I enjoyed. Slavery.


Do you have to come out today? You have a choice. Do you have to ask somebody when you have to? Yes, you do. I don't. Oh, you're fired. Can somebody tell you I don't let somebody tell you. You fired you just. No. And be get another man say you're fired.


Absolutely. No one can tell me that. And that's what that's priceless. But I'm here because I don't care.


You enjoy having a man, but you ask the question. So you're being selfish. I mean, you think your son enjoys you calling somebody else a boss. Don't you think your son would rather wake up with you and you can pick him up from school instead of having to do a nine to five? I think. Yeah, but don't you have to wake up? It's 4:00 in the morning. Don't you think your son would love it if his name was up there, Dasch or whatever your last name is, instead of somebody else's children.


But look, right now, look at my son. I taught my son never to have a boss. He's twenty three. He owns a restaurant. He has cookies, he has equity. He puts his ass so he can pass it on to his son. If that's not what you hustles for, you're selfish. You keep saying hi. I'm worried about my kids. You're worried about you. Kids are good. How good your kids are going to be kids in the boardroom and day that's supposed to work.


I'm sad when a man you're supposed to pass and something about if you're working for them, they they about to me asking other questions. I feel like I'm in Def Jam boardrooms, not backstage. Everybody cool out for a second. Why am I playing a peacemaker. What kind of show is this when I start playing the peacemaker? OK, we'll be back with more Dame Dash right here on the breakfast back. I knew I said the water. Jay-Z t shirt, the Breakfast Club.


Back, back, you checking out the world's most dangerous morning show, d.g in Vandalise Charlamagne, the girl. We are the Breakfast Club. Good to see you. And you working together, gentlemen. That's it. Can you trust them now? Because you want you openly admitted he was disloyal. He felt you were loyal to him, and I was it.


And this is an extremely visionary move on my part to move forward with Jay-Z.


It was. Did you tell them I mean, if he's the one that believed in you, then why does hold get the credit in the Big Brother record?


I mean, I mentioned name a lot of raps, but it was the moment when, you know, Rockefeller split. It made more sense for me career wise to roll with Jay even though Daim had supported me.


I think about trust. You can't trust anybody, so you don't put enough into anybody where they're just loyal. She can hurt you. So there's nothing he can do to hurt me or he can do is be what he's been. He has a platform and a lot of people listen to what he say as he's had that platform. He's brought me into the equation by saying my name in an honorable way that's worth millions.


And I said, you don't care. But do you think some people don't give you the credit? You deserve your business because it looks like my perception, the people you will went up to James and Kanye, then they said you was down.


I can say this in front of me. Everyone gives me my props or so that I should get the respect in front of me. I don't hear about the disrespect that's not in front of me. See, like I said, people that talk about other people that aren't there are cowards and they're insecure about the lack of things they've done. So why would I just can't worry about that? Every day people give me a handshake and give me my clothes so I don't walk around getting denied.


You may read it in the paper, but you I think about the platforms that are saying the bad things. Those are the corporate platforms. They're trying to take all the attention off one thing, which is me showing everyone how to get money direct to consumer, how not to have to have a middle man like you guys don't need a boss because you've all been here so long. You guys off air to go to another studio, do a show and just syndicate it, just sell it and syndicate.


You have enough power to do that.


We own our breakfast club. Show it. We own the brand.


We don't know the brand. The Breakfast Club brand is owned by movie company Twenty thirty years. And what do you own on our show. So it's called our show. What's the name of what you own? You're working with another company. Okay, do me a favor, start something that you own and then start building that name so that you can benefit from every ancillary thing. It doesn't make sense to not only implement a name you don't own.


People listen to your mind. If I was your boss. Oh, no. So can I hire you right now?


If you got the right money, how much would it take you for me to be able to do what you could possibly do for us? Now, what does your boss pay you to do? Be a radio personality, talk on the air for four hours a day.


How much did you pay for that? For now, you do it and come work for me if it's guaranteed for a certain amount of time.


And I give my my son fits and I'm not going to talk about it on air date. If I'm your boss, you will. But you know my boss.


Now, can we talk about some not questions man. I want to know what big I really go inside the Rockefeller man. I want to know stuff like that.


Yeah. Yeah. That's a big I was going to say OK. Yeah he was, we were talking about he was always, you know, like I say, big. I was a Harlem dude and he was the first one in Harlem that was really doing it at that level before all of us, Jay-Z and Big El battled on 139 Street One. They went rap for rap and Jay didn't get booed. People were saying it was a close tie.


So to me, if you go on somebody else's block and it's a close tie, if you did that on his blog on your block. So that's how I gauged it. But in hindsight, you know, I couldn't be objective because like at the time, everything that Jay was talking about was about what we were doing, you know, so with so much passion and what he was saying, he was so honest, but I knew Big L as well, you know.


So, you know, you got to remember in the moment, you don't know how legendary things are going to be.


You go put the money up for more Kendrick to battle what the effect will step up, will organize. And I'm sure amongst my Harlem friends we could get that up. Drake made a fundamental mistake in battling. He challenged me in the street. You can't challenge somebody and take back the challenge. Right. So now that and this is from what I've heard. So it ain't no disrespect to Drake, but I think he said something on emotion, on a business level.


His people told them, you know, you got too much to lose. So what I told Mike was not going to be adding to your wretchedness, and that will be next week. Your drink has something to lose. He's not I wouldn't do it. I wouldn't advise like doing it's like going to a dice game where you got a million in your pocket and it's only one hundred hours between everybody. You know, that's how was looking at it.


Like you ain't got no one wants to do it though. He wants to do it. But I think he's been advised not to. But whenever he's ready, they came to me like, yo, let's see if we could get Drake to do one round right now. Would you go speak to him? And he I'm like, you got rounds?


Don't you have balls waiting for you? He said, I'm like, Now.


I said, I'm like, but it's Kodo. I'm like, give me an hour. I'm a go. Come on, trust me. Give me an hour. I'm like, yo, tell him his own. It looked to all possibilities. It was about to happen, like right on the spur of the moment. And then five minutes later his management was like, no, he can't do it.


Yeah. Cause all you can do that. You can ask somebody for failing to back up. Just remind me now. I can tell you about. A parallel example, when you guys had to eat out and I don't know what happened, but I was at Arizona shooting a Rocawear campaign, and when I landed, I heard super ugly when I landed. And I was sick because I knew that it was it that I did not say that was all right.


So, oh, me or God or God.


So I call her and I'm like, oh, what did you you know, you know, all this kind of stuff that we don't do. I wish I could have rewind it to, like, why I didn't call me so I could have told you not to do that. You understand what I'm saying? So in the moment, an artist who's inspired is going to he's going to try to fight, but he must have had somebody there that didn't have that day because that was the only elbow we really took.


That was the beginning of the end, really, you know, because we were unstoppable before whatever you messed up. But someone was there to tell a joke like you buggins ruin you drinking, you know, I mean, someone older or smarter than him probably gave him the right advice because I wouldn't advise.


Would you advise Jay to reply to either at all or just leave it at take over and eat. She at the time I felt like we were winning, you know, because we had done the Michael Jackson thing and called them out. So he to me he was talking hearsay. Like I think when I battle, like, who I'm with, I like to tell the truth. I don't like to say who says the funniest punch lines. The bottom line is we professionals.


So let's just say two things. So I thought like the stuff that I said was dope, but I think, like, he emotionally got a J because he was inviting them to his it was a little chatty for like a year. So I was like, yo, you just got caught up in gossip. You don't have to answer gossip if he says something real. But he didn't, dummy. I thought that was dope because he said my name.


But everyone knows and it's obvious, so I'm not going to reply to it, you know what I mean? I'm really happy he said it. So I thought, like, he should let it rock out. That's why he did it when I wasn't around, you know what I mean?


So I thought we had played it fair. And I don't care what other people think someone wins. All I care is I think I won, you know, I did it right and played the game. So I didn't think it was necessary, you know? I mean, but if he was going to do it, it wouldn't have been like I wouldn't try to it. So that's why we lost. You see, when you wind up doing things that aren't honorable and you end up apologizing on the radio the next day, but w w w he's side of the movie.


Don't forget the little side is the movie.


Com it for. Hello. Hello. I'm guessing you said it. Hello.


I guess I'd. Yes, yeah. Yeah. The movie. And then I'm going to hire every day when I go home. I said no way, I'm not.


I wanted to know every day how much respect you have for him. Would you let him get there. Would you let him get the job? Would you let him get the Jordans or you want to you know, your man's out there. He got the job and he was like, I can only change it. And he got himself. And you don't want him, you can have him. I was like, oh, that's my man I know.


Have paying paid me the proper respect. I don't know. Maybe before the end of you. And I would say I think I would even buy him, I'm not saying you're his boss. Not yet. Not yet.


But if I'd rather be honestly, I, I wouldn't want to be your boss.


I'd rather be your partner. And I would rather like book do a movie, a doc I would throw down. If you went on a radio show to syndicate that has a new name, what's the name of what you own?


You know, the Breakfast Club. You don't own the Breakfast Club. We don't. There's no name. All right.


So you only know name and we have a name and we could do something together and I'm down.


I'll do a movie with ya. I do some with you, you know. And I was just thinking, like, if performance reviews from Harlem, that's my channel, not OK.


Maybe I'm being chatty, but I just saw somebody ask me a question. You said that he wouldn't clear him, did he?


He wouldn't clear big to be in the Brooklyn's Finest, but yeah, he wouldn't clear it.


So why would you do business with him? Because that's how I do business. I said I want to use this network. Oh, OK.


OK, you've got to listen to this longest interview we've ever done on, but I'm taking you back to your questions.


But hopefully he was telling me, you know, I can feel the time I was trying to, but, you know, he was acting like such and such and such and such and such and such and such a thing about what I'm seeing now. He got you all talking about doing your own thing. That's what it's about, though.


You film even through controversial conversation.


But it's not it's just a difference of perspective. That's why I'm saying exactly. Make it have conversations. You've got to fight over that.


You know, like I didn't disrespect my once. It was like, oh, you stupid. I was like, but I might have said it. So I was like my bad. And if I did, I, you know, that's not what I do. But. And you offered cookies after his cooking. I know I'm out of his cooking and the respect that I'm always happy all that I've been in the game so long.


So there's always a brothership we're going to have just because I knew twenty years ago, regardless of whether we was on the same team, we on the same team because we in hip hop and my thing is love, it's not about knocking mother down, it's about helping them get up. So I'm to tell you your faults, which usually makes people mad. But then I must say but I'm not only going to tell you about my help, you get what I like.


You can have this life and it's cool, but let's do something different. Are you allowed to do other things? Absolutely. All right.


So we are. No, it's not like we limit. What I'm saying is just I'm not going to just talk and I'm saying, no, I'll do something which I which I want to do. I want to work with me.


I said, let's do a deal right now. Let's do it.


I'm I don't know. I feel like anything we do for you, which I want to do, is do what you want, try to do an animated series, but let's do it. How'd you come up with that?


I don't think it the name of it. We don't have a name. I can't do that because that's a verbal contract. You not hold me to that. I don't know. Let's talk about this. Right. I just had some. Good morning, everybody.


Is D.J. Envy Angelie Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. You've got a positive note for the people. My positive no comes from Mr. Dunn together with who I love. He's the author I love all through the four agreements, five agreements mastery itself a bunch of great titles. But he has a quote where he says, Death is not the biggest fear we have. Our biggest fear is taking the risk to be alive, to risk, to be alive and express what we really are going to live today.


People Breakfast Club.


This is like coming near here and the screams from everywhere.


I'm addicted to the time I'm ready for friends, Dancing with the Stars, partners and now podcast hosts Backstreet Boys, AJ McLean and Cheryl Burke bring you pretty messed up.


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