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Congratulations. It's the 10 year anniversary. Yes, yes, at a breakfast club. Do you think doing what you do and being honest, you had a job for 10 years, everything's going to overtake. Wow. You set out to the best and then pull out.


Oh, I've been holding it down for 10 years. How do you take it easy? Angeliki and Charlamagne, the top man, got back together longer than some people have been married. I'm proud of you. The voice of the culture. Peace, love, and let's go. Congratulations.


I'm telling you, this is your time to get it off your chest, whether you're mad or blessed.


Eight hundred five eight five one five one. We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club.


Hello, whose's.


Yo, this is from Brooklyn. What's up, bro? Get it off your chest. Yo, I'm Black, Black and Harvey Paper. And I'll tell you right now for me to get on to this line. It's been about a year because I called about the same thing and I'm about to be twenty seven tomorrow. OK, what's up bro? Get off your chest. Yeah man, I'm just saying right now thing is in a radio show, I mean radio, so you know what I mean.


It's just so it's a blessing, man. And I'll say right now I salute just so much because I did so much for me these past few months. It will be better with mental health. I know. And I've been in a deep, dark place and just listening to envy. Yeah. Charlamagne yeah. So much for me and I can't thank you so much man. Well I mean that every single day. That's all I want you to get out that deep, dark place.


I'm glad that you out of it. What helped you get out of some therapy. What you do. Yeah, I've seen some therapy, you know, and you know, I also meditate as well saying what you do or sometimes I go to like you're your own person. And that's right. And you just meditate and you just get like a lot of things out of the way and just be so like. So you like to yourself and just get your demons out of you.


And I walk on the boardwalk because I'm three buildings up the boardwalk and I just walk away in my mind and I'm just happy that I'm just in the right place for my son and for my wife. I'm glad to hear that. My brother.


I got you got one more thing out the way. What are your best moments at the Breakfast Club? I've been here for so long, I had to choose. One of the best moments I have to say is with the Floyd Mayweather reading with Salame, we're not going to go I'm going to hang up on him.


That's one of those moments that I look back on and I cringe like I had to do that to Floyd Mayweather, you know, I mean, regardless of how people feel about Floyd because, you know, after that happened, it was a lot of people trying to justify to me why it was fine, you know what I mean? But no, just because, you know, you don't like a person doesn't mean that it was the correct thing to do.


And that wasn't right. No, I didn't like that. Hello. Who's this?


You know, this is show man I call a long time ago. I told Charlamagne, you know, like the tootsie side and all that because it shows in all that I don't like to toot my own in. But, you know, I'm from I'm from Harlem. And I moved down to North Carolina like a year and a half ago. No, I got a little stuff out of my girl. We selling used furniture and appliances. So like to do that, that's up from around the way we came to come help us move things like that or washing machines that we caught them off camera.


He broke into our spot, broke the glass with a big break a couple of days ago. Somebody stole it. The trailer that we use to do deliveries right from the front of the house, that sucks. Oh, this like is real out here, man. Like in police, we call police. We got everything. All camera and police ain't doing nothing. Mecklenburg County police are not doing anything. They ain't the door to still walking out outside like this.


Police don't don't care about us, man. We jump like they just trying to clean up clean up the areas. I don't know. I'm sorry.


I mean, that's what this segment is for us called. Get it off your chest. You get to vent.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. And God bless, ya know, respect your anniversary and all that, but oh, man, I'm still working. I'm going to work right now, do the supply sprinklers. I use my money to go buy things so we can sell in the store and use my money. But nothing else. I do business like.


Did you get any PCP? We young, we black. We we we make no money over there.


Damn well I'm sorry, I'm sorry for my brother but that's the game. No that's that's the game. You know, I'm saying you're going to have setbacks. It's going to be obstacles. It's going to be hurdles. But you've got to keep it moving.


Yeah. Yes, definitely. I ain't got no choice. And we can go back back to where I came from, I know that exactly, and you know damn well that back in the day, if you was in the streets and you took a loss and then you could do but take that out and keep it moving. So you got to treat the corporate world the same way.


Absolutely. Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to vent, hit us up. Now is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


This is your time to get it off your chest, whether your man or. I hear from you on the Breakfast Club that you've got something on your mind. Hello, who's this is Nick. Nick, what up, man? Yes, Nick. You like reindeer in here? Elf on the shelf. So I was thinking, OK, what part? Heikki Aikin. What's happening again? My man? I'm standing up here in Colombia. I'm sorry.


I'm staying up here and let's take the turkey right now, OK? Yeah, I was, I was trying to give some advice because like I've been standing up here since I came home from prison. A lot not to tell them, but I wanted to change my life. But I think I came up to the person that I came up here with family, me and the person. I thought, OK, so it's like I want to go back home.


But eight months after learning the place to be, my family trying to get a job anywhere. But it's also hard for me up here because I ain't got no financial support, nobody to help me out in no time.


Well, it sounds to me like, you know, you already know you needed a change of environment. So, you know, if you know, you don't need to be in EC and you can scratch that off the list, that's not that's not a that's that's not a thing, right? Yes, sir. So you just got to stay where you are and figure it out. Make it work. What what is it that you want to do?


I like I've been I've been working since I've been up know I'm working for the service right now where I'm behind you. But, uh, it's hard because, like, I had Rochow back a little while ago because I my windshield got broke. It's like other things that have been happening, you know, we're doing doing this, but then that's going on. But like I said, it's just hard and I have no idea. Do you want to play?


Well, listen, you're going to be fine, my brother. It just takes patience, all right? Yes, sir. All right. Keep pushing your own brother. Keep pushing. All right. Thank you. I'm good. Thank you, too. Hello. This will be our this is James from Indianapolis. What's up, James? Get it off your chest, brother. First of all, I want to congratulate you on the ten years man.


A good concept, man, righteous and raps. Thank you. Can't you, brother? And I want to share my favorite brettler moment. What's that? Other than the man situation? The Beanie Siegel situation was funny too, man. Why? I like to see people try to traumatize me. I thought that was pretty hilarious myself. It was cool, man. It was cool. Charlamagne in the buckle. He didn't buckle. I never buckle.


He didn't write. He did it. The ground what is buckling and. Yeah. Thanks, guys. Man, I appreciate it. My birthday this weekend to. Oh man. Enjoy it man. I mean you can't. Where you from. You can't go anywhere, right. Oh no man. Not in Indiana.


Yeah. I wouldn't want to date to your birthday too close to Christmas and you got a penis. But you know, that's because you're married, you know. No, not got to know that to be married, you got to be my type. But so early morning saying no. All right.


Oh, my God. Why do people got to stress that? I don't know. Sheila, who's this teacher from Texas?


How y'all doing? Hey, she's from Texas. We're part of Texas. I have to listen on the app, and I don't mind that at all, but Bumpass Cowboys are from Canada. I love Dallas Cowboys. Don't listen to me. OK, so. Well, congratulations. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Bye bye. Hi. I'm gonna learn something about the way you gave it to me. You said, I love it and I laugh every time a boy Lord have mercy.


I can't believe you like to hear me say Lord flirting with that man, that man marry mama.


No, no, no. Oh, no, no, I'm not. And I love it when you say I'm calling Angel. I'm calling you guys because you guys won't be back until twenty twenty one. I needed to hear.


I'm calling nature and Lord have mercy or the beauty of it is that we run a lot of we run best of shows until January the 5th. So, you know, it gives people an opportunity to catch up on Breakfast Club content they may have missed.


Yeah. And and I love it. I love to go that they show me one more time for me. Oh, Lord have mercy.


Why are you stressing me out early this morning. Got me repeating that over and over. You have a good morning.


Love you to the Breakfast Club is back, back, back, back is back with our best of interviews this morning.


Everybody is eating Angie, Angela, Charlamagne, the guy we are The Breakfast Club. We got a special guest on the line right now. His album is out right now. Yes, sir. To you.


Welcome, sir. What's going on? Tim, I think, you know, done it again. I would illiberalism Havemann and right now my favorite record on the album is Family Connect With You and Dominy.


I got to say, man, I was shocked and surprised at me and in the most pleasant ways, man, I think that that's the song then, you know, I didn't say that's the song out of sync before I was thinking about that.


When I was listening to it, I was like, has there ever been a father son rap duo?


Well, that both of them actually, though Will did it at one time. Danny he will.


And Jada did where where did it with Jane. But what we also must take into consideration is map of the soul and actually produce the record. Oh, wow.


I didn't know that. I was it's a real family affair on that one. Yeah. Did you have to pay them or did you have to pay them to do that? Yeah, I think I paid.


I would be mad if you did.


Oh, I know. I mean, you know, nepotism.


You know, I just live in a house together. Did you send your very sober and then the man you have to send his verse back. How did that work?


Now, man, you don't actually have the money. And I was sitting with Masaya is missiles like yo military officer. So he was just going to be kind of like, you know, at the well, it probably was a time where I hadn't been a be going away, like out of town for a second.


And I came back there, you know, saying, can we sit down at the studio? And Mossi, you know, one of the basic guys is demanding that kind of like Sheizaf. And we listen to his voice kind of like like, yeah, this don't ask, don't. OK, Dominy yell at me, I will get one. And I said, man, I will do that once. And one of the records that I chose and then I coincidentally had to do a pop at the studio to go do some.


And when I think by the time I came back to Manhattan, I recorded it burst out of like trying to take this record.


And I thought I heard him do this verse. When I came back, I figured I put my verse over here now.


So, you know, ain't no confusion about bowheads, right?


And so I got over it and it was dope.


You have to go back and forth doing. It's like I'm sitting there thinking on the song. He's rapping about how, you know, you are his daddy, but you don't want to you know, you don't want your help. So I'm like, damn, what was the process of this recording? Because it sound like you always you was coaching them on the record.


Narborough like AIDS were his verse by. So I did my first every like we were never in the studio with one another. Wow, wow. This is record numbers.


Do you ever think you going to be a professor? I see you teaching at Clark Atlanta University. Did you ever see that as everything that you went to do? I'll be a professor then.


I'm a be a teacher now. I was a teacher first in prison. I taught class in prison. Did you know? Yeah. What did you teach in prison?


What was he thinking that said at the box? I believe it was called what man it was about.


How did you. I was I was showing people how to use the skills they've already acquired on the streets, how to use those skills and identify those skills and purpose there for legitimate means when they get back out on the streets and have the most something about the about the whole correctional system.


Right. They don't take these skill sets that these brothers clearly have. And do you help to help them to direct their energy to something positive?


Right. Well, first of all, I mean, I think because the system is set up free, it ain't really about rehabilitation.


Now, what are you teaching in this class at the Cloudland University? Is it in the music industry? Is it business? Is it entrepreneurship? Yes, yes.


Yes. They need to know we can talk about it.


But I think now is the business of music.


That's the course. And and basically, we go over the business of rap music.


But the first course was about targeting the need for the business, attributes any business businesses, supply and demand, profit and loss. Right.


But in order to supply a demand, you got to you got to recognize the need for the demand, you know, the like.


Why is this so important in the first place?


Do you think people forgot how influential you were to trap music because you diversified your portfolio so much?


Yeah, absolutely. I think the same thing for hip hop. They want to do these lists. I don't ever put myself on the list because it's so many other people who dedicated their lives to only just rap, to just to read, you know? I mean and I think that's that's kind of what they get the consideration first. And I ain't got no problem with it, but just know any given moment and you give it to her. I'm amazed you were where I went.


I mean, imagine that I do what I do. We got more with TII when we come back. Is the Breakfast Club come on. At the right time, the right story can work magic. And right now you could all use a boost. I'm acted on Obamacare and on my new podcast on Obamacare. I will share stories with you from my life, from growing up in the Himalayan foothills, collecting in over five hundred Bollywood films. I will also be bringing you stories of untold heroes from around the world.


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Listen to cadaver goes on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast. We kick it in with me. Well, I saw you and I saw you in Jersey talking on the Expeditiously podcast, and, you know, you both mentioned well, you mentioned that you would love to sit down and have a conversation with Gucci. Did anything to say?


I would love to win a lot of people, people that, you know, that music would benefit greatly from, you know, saying in Washington, I just as a marketing executive, I would say once you sold as many tickets as you can to define the only thing left to sell tickets to the reunion, you know.


So did anything.


No, I mean, like, it was just conversation. No, it was never like a plan, just conversation, because I knew there were people, a lot of people who follow rap music who were inspired by the culture, who follow the course.


You know, I mean, they they they recognized us as the architects. You tapped in with all the young.


And for the project, too, you got a little baby and thug and forty to dog. You got to Rhapsody on Innaloo, Tokyo. Was that intentional little baby record.


So yeah. Appreciate it. Yeah. I mean some of it was, some of it wasn't.


So what were you talking about. Like, you know Tugger and little baby if I wanted to do you know, in my head. Yes, that was intentional. Perhaps we just stumbled on it. I reached out to just gave a cold call one day like, hey, you got to do for me.


What would you say? Why would you say so? She asked me a few questions about the title of the album and she asked me, you know, was so I was a set of soul.


And overnight she was like, wow, you know?


And then I heard her. That's when I was like, you know, where am I'm going to do this?


I need to do a conclusion. That was this, you know, that was the biggest and that was the biggest shock and surprise of my life.


I never expected to realize I was blown away.


That's got to be a proud, happy moment. And I just I mean, surreal, like.


OK, so Dasia and I have, you know, for most of her, how can I say this? And I'm very careful with my words, especially with speaking about danger.


OK, so yeah, when she came in to that point in her life where, you know, kind of the transition phase in your life, when that thing the girls do every month happens when we get our period.


I see. I will go see you saying I will say this, but when you like. So when Dasia made it to that point, I like from that point forward, which I hadn't spoken as much, I ain't had, we didn't have as much of an ability to speak freely to one another for whatever reason. And you know, over the past year we we gained we got close. And this is kind of like a testament of that. We and especially with all of the stuff that we go through over the past year, you know, with the gate, you know, and every relationship will be tested.


Mm hmm. OK, who is your relationship to? My relationship with your girls? Why would you who have ever relationships it would be tested and that test is going to strengthen or weaken it. And I think the thing is she and I went through last year, that was that is necessary still. You know, we got through it she and now we remain in. I mean, she now we have to understand, you know, I was speaking with, you know, she share opinions with each other about what was going on in the media as it pertains to it.


And, you know, she I would tell them anything that they need to talk to know that entailed, you know, what we feel about getting that job that they think that'll take it somewhere. You know, I was like, yeah, hi.


Yeah. We appreciate you for checking in. The album is out right now. It's The Breakfast is served.


It's topic time because the phone call 800 five eight five one zero five one to join into the discussion with the Breakfast Club.


Talk about it. Morning, everybody.


Is D.J. Envy, Angela? Yes. I mean, the guy we are the Breakfast Club.


Now, if you're just joining us, we are talking about Eva. She was on Wendy Williams show.


She talked about her child and changing. Her child's last name is Eric Sterling, like anybody else changed her name this past year at. As we went through a lot to do it, but how much more before the actual process is done? Well, the name change is illegal.


So now we have to go through the adoption process. And I mean, he's making a little bit easier for us acting crazy in the public.


Well, I guess life Jennings seen that. And he didn't like that too much. Are you? He said, I think this is so wacky, changing your daughter's last name from her father to somebody else's, especially when the father tries to see her. The daughter don't have anything to do with their beef. And what kind of man allows that is piss me off.


So we're asking eight hundred five five one two five one. Is it acceptable to change your child's last name? What do you think, gentlemen?


I mean, I got to know the context of the situation. You know, I'm saying if you're doing it just out of spite, just because you don't like your baby daddy, because you don't want to be with you and you got a new man now that's wack.


But I mean, what about if you got a deadbeat daddy was a deadbeat daddy. The dad's not around. The dad is is not taking care of the child.


I have no problem with that whatsoever, by the way, to the sons that the sons and daughters didn't want to wear the name of a deadbeat. Yeah, I don't I don't know every situation. But you know what, Kevin McCall, I mean, we all know Kevin McCall has problems mentally, but it does seem like he is trying to take care. His daughter, it seems like he goes to court. I just don't know. And I don't know if he's abusive.


I don't know, you know. I mean, but in a situation, if there is a deadbeat dad and I'm taking it away from that situation, if the dad is not in the child's life and he's not even helping. No way whatsoever. No, I say change that name immediately. What do you think? Well, and I just want to point out that we did have this couple on from family or fiancee and Jane Lashonda. And they had a similar situation.


Listen to this. Now, another big issue is your children. So, Lashinda, you have kids, you don't have kids, but these are your daughters now. Right. And you guys are talking adoption. Right. But without the biological father's consent, from what I gather from watching the episode, the show makes it look like it's a concern to do it without consent.


My kid's father hasn't been around him for years. He was gone before I got here. So that's where the adoption thing comes in. It's not like we're trying to replace somebody. He's not an active father financially. His presence isn't there.


So she's changing her daughter's last names, too, because the father is not in the children's life and the daughters actually want to change their last name to her husband's last name. He's the one that's taking care of them and doing everything. And legally, if a woman wants to change her children's last names, she either has to get consent from the biological father, and if he doesn't give consent, he can object to it. And then she has to get a petition and then go to court and he can show up to court and say he doesn't want that to happen.


And then the judge has to decide. So that's how it goes down legally. But I do feel like whoever is the father, if the mother chooses to do that and the father is causing issues or he's not in the child's life or not holding up his responsibilities and he's not really a dad and is the last name Zimmerman, you definitely want to change, but you don't want to walk around with that last name. Goodness gracious.


Hello. Who says hey? This is Carina from Jersey City. Hey, Carina from Jersey City. Is it acceptable to change your child's last name?


I don't think it is, because at the end of the day, that that bothers child. You get what I'm saying. Like I said, father could come in and raise the kid and that's fine. But it doesn't take away the fact that best of the father said, you got what I'm saying. It's a legacy that kind of goes on. It's a bloodline. You know, you can always acknowledge that, father, but always doing the good and, you know, give them praise with the kid.


But you can't take away that mean that's lasting. OK, hello. This Sheila from Jersey. Hey Mom. My just want to check checking heavy. So what do you think? Is it acceptable to change your child's last name?


No, I don't agree with that. I'm going to go ahead. I don't agree with that because no matter how much you don't like your kids, that or no matter how crazy my eyes, no matter what he does change his last name is not going to change. The DNA is not going to change who the father is. So you have to get over that. And on top of that, like you're falsifying an image of somebody that's not true, like that's not her dad.


And if one day doesn't work out between you two now illegally is her dad. And that's not really her dad, you know what I mean? Like, it just well, it's petty. It doesn't make the other person your dad. They would have to actually adopt the children so that the kids aren't adopted, even if you're married. Right. That's what I'm talking about. Like the image that you're portraying for your children.


Now, what if your kids are like, I want to have the same last name as you and my dad? You know, the stepfather? Well, I mean, that's a choice that they have to make. And that's all. Parents should come to a you know, to a middle ground with. That would be their choice. But if they're not old enough to make whatever decisions, you're saying that because whatever the situation is, you know, like some kids, they grow up and they're told this is their dad, this is their dad, and that's what they think.


You know, like, look, what if the biological father is absent from the children's life? I mean, me personally, I don't agree in that my father was not I was not in my life either. And my mother still maintained our last name as his I mean. Yes, I would be up to the child when they grow up to decide if they want to do that or not. OK, thank you very much. I just wouldn't do that.


Hello, this is Chris phone from Dayton, Ohio.


Hey, is it acceptable to change your child's last name?


I think it just really depends on the circumstances. Explain. OK, and the reason I say that is, you know, my daughter, her father is not in her life and never been in our life, but fine. But she still has his last name. And I don't like bad things. Her dad knows she can find out on her own, just like my mom told me about my dad. But I don't think her name defines the person.


Now, if you had, you know, someone new in your life and they want to spend the rest of their life with you and you know, you know, you and your kids are a package deal. And if their dad is not, you know, in that cell, why, I don't see a problem with the band. But, you know, you got the little baby, my mom, you know, you got these, you know, big moms that, you know, put hold the man's life with a child and, you know, being a use of that tactic.


Was that right? You know, so, you know, a baby is not a person, you know. Right. Whatever their child name is, that baby alone.


So, you know, I think it is also like we always talk about women taking the husband's name after marriage. I think for kids, if you live in a house with the mom and the stepfather and that's who you know is your dad and you call him dad, you might want to have the same last name. Hello. Who's this?


I don't want to make a note of a landlord in Los Angeles. Good morning. What a bro.


Is it acceptable to change your child's last name by now? But I don't think it is that I want to share experience. I'm glad you guys picked up. I actually had an ex-wife and tried to do that for me and I would like to do OK with your first name, please, Sandra. OK, OK. Or at of South Carolina.


You already know you got you a nice country, Agag. You have tried to do that to your boy. And I think that's hateful, disrespectful to a man. I don't think another election, anything like that. Well, you and your child's life are you and your child's life. I am my child's life. I love my kids very much. My burglar. You already know we do this, right? I love our kids. OK, thank you all.


So what happens is you had to do it legally and then you blocked it. She she told you about trying to do it. She got a lawyer try to do it. And then I know kind of money out there and, you know, they dropped the whole thing. OK, I will take your brother.


So what's the moral of the story, guys? The moral of the story is that every case is different, though, and there's no one size fits all when it comes to family. So I think whatever decision you make, it always has to be in the best interests of your children and not in your own selfish best interests.


The moral of the story is your better stop picking who you are mate with like you are rolling dice in the back of a moving God damn pickup truck. OK, that's better. Stop doing all right. Take care of your kids. Exactly. When you lay down with these when you lay down with people, man, you don't think about spending the rest of your life with this person because you never know. The person might give you a disease you can't get rid of.


This person might give you a baby, or better yet, you might grow to love this person, to be married to him the rest of your life. Either way, that's all forever. You pick the right family when you're dealing with these people. OK, bring it back with our best of interviews.


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And everybody is d.g in the English Channel. I mean, the guy we are The Breakfast Club now. You guys all know Monique stopped by the Breakfast Club yesterday and we're getting it on today. So we're going to play that for you. Special guest at the building, Miss Monique, the morning.


Good morning. Frameline as well this morning. Good morning. Good morning. Monique walked in.


I gave a hug. I wanted her to know it's all love. Yes, it's in my love.


We just hate to have a conversation. That's what we're doing now. Now, what's going on today, Miss Monique?


A while ago, I had to come out and I spoke in reference to Netflix that we had to boy, you know, I was asking folks to stand with us as we boycott Netflix for gender bias and Chalaby. Correct. And we were fighting for equality. And then I found out that I had become Donkey of the Day. Yes. By Léonard.


And I got to call you by your name, Baby Bechard, but not OK. OK, baby, he's getting real special. But we're going. Oh, no, no, no, no, it is.


And then I was called Donkey of the Day and it really caught me off guard because when I met this brother some years ago and I met a young man that was full of humility and respect. And when I got on the elevator, he actually held the door. I remember it like it was yesterday. Yes, ma'am. And I said, Oh, baby, thank you. And he was just like that. Yes, ma'am. And Miss Monique, it's a pleasure to meet you.


And we had a very beautiful exchange. And I said to that brother, Tell your mama that she raised you, right? That's what I said. It was my mama and my grandma.


Yes, ma'am. So I felt like this was and still is a beautiful young brother making his way, but full of humility and respect, too. We fast forward and I become Donkey of the Day, so I didn't want to have to be here. Say I didn't want to have anybody exchange words that I may have said to him, my husband. I wanted to come on so we could understand how I got tired. Old Donkey of the day.


Why did you give a donkey today, Selimi? Me?


Well, I think it was due to the whole Netflix situation. You know, when I heard you say that, you know, you wanted us to boycott because of racial and gender bias, but then you went on to, you know, mention two brothers and a woman. So I said maybe she should be more specific and say black woman gender bias. But then also just from a business aspect, I wanted to know, why did you feel like, you know, you should have gotten whatever Chris Rock got, whatever Dave Chappelle got or whatever Amy Schumer guy?


Because I feel like this is a what are you doing for me right now?


Type of energy to say what they got. She said she should have got more than she was offered and they shot them. And you brought up an old Netflix special as well.


But that was later on. But my point was like, this is a what are you doing for me right now? Kind of industry. We all know Mo'Nique is a legend, but we also know that those things, those deals that Netflix are giving out are based off of recent standup shows, recent shows, recent concert, recent arenas, recent tours like that. So I just wanted to know why you felt like you deserved that much. Daddy, would you like to start or would you like for me?


It didn't start with the offer where the color bias and the disrespect transpired. It started from when we had our initial conversation after Mo'Nique got her reviews from the night in which Benjamin and Kaitlyn, who were representatives for Netflix, came out to see Mo'Nique and which on two different nights they saw her get a standing ovation, which subsequently gave them reviews of amazing and and great show. So when we're in the midst of having the conversation prior to them giving the the offer, we're in the midst.


And he says, well, I want to make it very clear that, you know, people speak about Dave Chappelle, Amy Schumer and what they got. I want to just make it clear, you know, so we can manage expectations at everybody doesn't get those type of deal. Well, when we're in the midst of that conversation, the phone disconnects. We never reconvened. He never gets us back on. And our attorney calls me up and we speak and we like, well, that was strange.


Are we going to get back on the phone or not? Because anybody who does business knows that this is a key time in which to build the value of your client. Then we came back with an offer that they allegedly had sent over at our attorney and I had never received. And then on that, it was a certain time limit in which we were supposed to respond. Well, we had passed the time limit because we never received it. When our attorney had asked them to please rescind the offer that they had allegedly sent, it was clear that it had never been sent in the first place.


That's the second red flag when we get on the phone to discuss the offer that they had then finally sent over, initially, they didn't want to have the conversation until I expressed to them. It is very ironic that the call we had was disconnected. We never reconvened. You became evasive. You can't get on the phone now. I have to express what it's feeling like, which is gender bias, color bias. And there's also an age issue that we didn't discuss that's in there as well.


So those three things are what led to it in conjunction with the fact that the very items that he said did not translate for Monique, which were her resumé, which she's done in terms of movies, it didn't translate, but he said those were the things that translated for Amy Schumer. So why is Amy resume work? And Mo'Nique does not and they could not explain it.


Well, if you're just joining us, that's Sydney. That's Monique's managing husband. If you're just joining us. You know the voices.


Well, I don't think Amy Schumer is funny. That's number one. But she did sell out 50 arenas around the world, including MSG. And HBO wanted her as well. So she created a bidding war based on those stats. So I assume that's the reason her number was at that place. Well, I want to address something because you said I assume and then you also said Mo'Nique is a legend. That's what you said. Absolutely right. And then when Robbie problem, Netflix also says Mo'Nique is a legend, correct?


Absolutely. And you believe that Chris Rock is a legend, as I do as well. Yes. And you would say Dave Chappelle is a legend, right? Absolutely. What makes me a different legend from Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock?


Well, when it comes to those that Netflix special, the fact that Dave Chappelle did 1500 shows prior to signing his Netflix deal, Chris Rock was on tour with the total blackout. Total selling out shows arenas around the world before they did it and they led him away from HBO.


I understand what all are coming to the table with. When I came to the table and I said, guys, and I said it humbly, I'm the most decorated comedian alive. And I said that humbly. And then people some people said, oh, Mo'Nique is crazy till it was proven, till everybody actually saw the numbers and said, well, I guess she's right about that. And when you say this is they would have you done for me lately.


The question is, how much more do I have to do, brother? Because when you do a film called Almost Christmas and that film has a 17 million dollar budget, but it makes 45 million dollars. And then my sister, Amy Schumer, does a film called Snatched, and that film makes 45 million dollars, but it has a budget of 42 million dollars. Now, what's the profit on that? I'm asking the question.


You made a lot more profit than Amy. It was actually a 25 million dollar profit. But that movie, Amy did our Netflix deal before snack.


No, he said Robbie Price said that was what made him also give it a deal because of the big movie that she had coming out. Right. And that we had to check. Well, yeah, coming out. That was so. But she did the Netflix deal before that movie came out.


We actually talked to the vice president of Netflix, Leonard Llanera. Right. And what happens is when you're basing off of what you are assuming and then you give me a title of Donkey of the Day, is your mother still alive? Yes, ma'am. And you're from what city in South Carolina? Monks Corner, South Carolina, Monk's Corner. And if I was to call your mother, your grandmother, could they tell me stories of inequality that they had to deal with?


Absolutely. So would your mother be a donkey? Know what your grandmother be a donkey? No. I need you to explain how you gave me the title because you're not explaining it. You're going off of what I assume, but because you want that microphone. And when we open up these microphones, we know just how powerful our voices can be, don't we, Angela? Yes, we do. And we know that what we say can become law, correct?


Absolutely. So when we do that, we must then explain it to our community because we know how poisonous it can be when we put things out, but we can't back it up.


We just say we have more with Monique when we come back. We got to talk more Netflix on negotiations and it gets more awkward with and Charlemagne's keep it like this. The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody.


Is D.J. and Angela Yee, Charlemagne the God. We are the Breakfast Club. Monique is here.


Charlamagne, I think everything you're saying about racial bias is absolutely correct. Gender bias is absolutely correct. We know that the black woman is unappreciated and undervalued and a lot of different industries. But I think that when it comes to this Netflix situation is very specific. I think it's more of an individual thing than it is a collective problem.


Like can you can you can you can you honestly ask you, is this can you say if it's an individual problem, how come that there are no individuals of color who happen to be female comedians that have had the multiple million dollar paydays with Netflix? Because what happens with the black community is what? Have you done lately, but when you are a white person in this industry, it's you're only as good as your last project. I thought it was drawing.


Know, I thought this was the amount of people that will watch special.


This is specific to comedians, because I do know they've given out multimillion dollar deals to do business on the Rhimes so they get specific to the comedy industry. Well, I'll let you answer it. What black female comedian got the multi million dollar deal? But don't you think it's come in? I'm sure. I'm sure. I'm sure Tiffany Haddish will be presented with something if she hasn't already.


Well, but we got to speak about the sisters. That's done it when Wanda Sykes is number 100 on Comedy Central's top comedians ever number 70. I'm sorry, daddy. Number seven on the top 100 ever. But they offer her 250. So what do you say to that?


You know, I actually asked about that. I spoke to somebody at Netflix and they offered that deal to Wanda Sykes before this guy that does these standup deals even got in the position they offered this deal to her some years ago.


Does it seem strange that you always have an answer? When I finish line keeps getting moved. When I say name me one black female comedian, it's got the million dollar payday. I'm waiting to hear the answer. Right. So you think it's specific to comedians? Because I don't I don't know on Netflix any, but I can't say for sure.


And historic name her. Well, I would ask what what would black female comedian has sold out 50 arenas around the world.


I want to thank you stars for beautiful black female comedians that we just got two Legends Award. Her name is Sam Moore. The Dow low name is Missler. Her name is Monique. And when the queens of comedy was on tour. So we made history. And I don't know if you've done your homework because we were the only female group, black, white, Latin, Asian, to sell out consecutively around this country. But you'll disregard that because you'll say, well, what did you do yesterday?


So you can't take it away.


But if I'm doing business and I'm basing it off doing a deal with somebody who did this last year as opposed to doing it 15 years ago or 20 years ago or whenever it was, wouldn't you make more sense to go with the person who did it just a couple of years ago?


If you're doing business and you say, what's Monique's resume now? You're the businessman and you're looking at that resume and everything on that resume says No. One. Everything on that resume, he says, fell out. Now, all of a sudden, is it going to change business, man? Yeah.


If I was said if I had to sign Kobe Bryant today, I'm not going to give Kobe Bryant a hundred million dollar contract. Well, you're right. But his resume is amazing. The difference between Kobe Bryant today and Monique today is when you 36 in the game of basketball, you don't lost your step when you are 50 years old in the game of comedy, you're seasoned. And if she had to come if they had to come to Netflix, to your point, because you make a very good point and Mo'Nique had a stumble like a 40 year or thirty eight year old Kobe Bryant, who's got a ruptured Achilles heel that you got to bounce back from, then it would make sense.


But if he dropped 50 and still was dropping buckets, what would you say? Because they watched two standing ovations and two sold out clubs. You're absolutely right, Brother City. Let me ask you this. Why not put together a theater or arena tour and sell that out and then come back to the table?


I take it doesn't have to go to see my whole thing is is there something else we're talking about? The money offered. And my whole thing is as a businessman, being a legend in all, that doesn't necessarily matter who wins who.


The people who want to see you could be a legend and people love you.


But if you can't attract the people to come to the the place to see you or to come to Netflix to watch, it doesn't you know, you're talking about something like this, what would be the question?


I mean, almost Christmas. Would you say that was a hit movie? Definitely a hit movie. Would you say Bessie was a hit? Yes. Would you say precious? Precious. Precious was a hit? Absolutely. So the question is, so Mo'Nique, you didn't do nothing in 2017 that was on TV that we could see. So that means you're irrelevant.


I don't think anything of it matter. What happens is when someone said to me, Mo'Nique, does it become disheartening when it's your folks? It's understandable. I don't take offense. It's understandable. And I explain why when I have to sit here and not defend, but explain to people that look like me. Well, when did I become irrelevant? If there was a movie I'll call almost Christmas. What, in 2016? Is this 2018? So now all of a sudden, oh, we don't know if people are going to show up and show out.


Now, when I did a show called The Bernie and said show you show you know those brothers to white brothers. And when I walked in L.A., I walked in with a preconceived notion that I was going to have to defend myself. Correct. Because one is a strong Trump supporter and the other is a Democrat. But I'm thinking I'm going to have to walk in and defend myself with these white brothers. After five minutes of us talking, they shut their show down and they said, Monique.


Call this what this is. This is nothing but racism, and we can't sit back and allow it and watch it happen. So now we're going to tell our listeners to boycott Netflix until they get it right, because you are legend and we have to honor and respect you. And those are my white brothers. Then I come to my folks and I have to be Donkey of the Day, which you still haven't explained the name. And you're going to have to, because when you make those type of statements about your sister to our community, what you're saying to the community is as black women, you're devalued.


And if you stand up and you make a stand and you say we need equality and we have to say what's right and what's fair. And then a brother that looks like me from South Carolina says, you're the donkey of the day. You have to explain that to our community. I've explained it. I said that I think that you're using racial and gender bias, which are actual real issues. Describing it to black women have gone through in many industries is a real issue.


But you're using it to focus on something that you're dealing with individually. Did you just see Viola Davis come out and say, pay her equally? Did you just hear that? Absolutely. So when you have us saying the same thing we're saying, pay us equally. You're saying, oh, this is an isolated situation. Well, then what that says is you don't know the history of this business that you're in and you sit behind this microphone and you try to be the guru of black culture.


I'm going to need you to know the history of us before you begin to label us. And once you know the history, you know, I'm not saying anything unique, brother. I just don't understand how you can justify making 30 million dollars in twenty eighteen for and especially when you say justify 30 million.


Did you get a chance to read what the offer was? I did read some of it, yes. For sure.


But all of it is the key is we got to read all of it because we're Chris Rock said a long time ago, if you want to hide something from a black person, put it in a book. This is not about comparing the definitive numbers as to what Amy got and what Dave and them got because it's married to what you just communicated. But when you ask a comedian to take a half million dollars for two years, you can't say any jokes you they don't want you to do stand up for two years.


And essentially they want you to take a half a million dollars and lose out on two million dollars of work that you would have made on the road anyway. That right there, it doesn't make sense.


We have more with Mo'Nique when we come back. Don't Move is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Angela Charlemagne, the guy? We are the Breakfast Club. Mo'Nique is in the building and she'll let me make a million dollar deal.


He just xed did we make a counter offer? And that's a very important question.


Did you make a comment to see that they responded to an offer and said they won't they regretfully won't be able to do this deal? Hopefully you guys can work together in the future.


And that's the point that we have to make to you.


Lanard And but in addition to that, my love I had and this is in conjunction with Roland Martin and John Marrie, putting out a rumor that Mo'Nique was offered three million dollars and then didn't have the decency as a journalist to come back and say, we apologize for the misinformation, because if you notice, Mo'Nique keep Mo'Nique keeps producing receipts. And as crazy as this sounds, this is a bigger picture than just Netflix, because what has happened was you've heard about Lee Daniels coming out, speaking in reference to how difficult Mo'Nique was in the whole night.


We live in a culture in which the ladies who are going up in the room saying, hashtag me too. And people are saying, well, you know, if you're going up in the room at two o'clock in the morning, you know, you're about to get screwed. So why do you go up there and do it? Well, what happens is they'll say to Mo'Nique, why don't you go promote a movie for Lionsgate for free? Because you know what they'll do to you.


So now you're in a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation because the women who go up in the room, the reason why they go up in the room, they know they're going to get screwed. When they go up in a room, they just don't know how bad they're going to get screwed if they don't go up in the room. What happens is you need to tell her off at all.


This is why, again, Lanard, you've got to be careful with your words because you called your sister Donkey of the Day, but you didn't do your research and you pour that poison out into our community without fully doing your research. And now as we sit here, you have to almost backtrack your words. Well, when you asked the question, did you count the offer? We put all of it out there and we put the information out there.


So you were so ready to do radio that you didn't do your homework. And when you have a conversation, you know a brother named Cheryl Corley. Absolutely. Would you consider him your friend? Absolutely. See, I was on the road with Gerald Kelly two weeks ago. Yeah, he called me and he saw are you Monique? I talked to Charlamagne and he said, Man, you know, I love Monique. I wasn't doing nothing but making ready.


I didn't see it one time. He didn't tell him that. You have to say I love my show with General Kelly because again, when you say did you counter offer?


We did. And they said there was no negotiations. You take it or leave it.


But we didn't actually counteroffer what they said. In the midst of our conversation, you've given us something to chew on. We're going to come back and reflect on it. And we said and I said to them, trying to get them out, are you sure? Because here's the thing. We don't want to waste your time if if it's not real. However, if it's real and we can get something done, of course, we would love to do business with you.


So y'all really didn't make a counteroffer? No.


So what we're saying, they said it was not negotiable. They were going to go back to reflect on what we had discussed. And when they came back, they said that we are based upon our discussion, we decided not to make a counter offer in reference to what it is that you're speaking in reference to. Hopefully we can do business in the future and so forth, because what they were trying to emphasize to us that a half a million dollars was a strong enough number and other people that they considered equal to Monique, which they did not name, they said they've taken that number.


If you notice you're having a conversation with Monique, why is it that Netflix won't have a conversation with people?


Because they can bank on people like Charlamagne, they can bank on our brothers and sisters like Charlamagne that will say we'll fight them, we'll fight them for you, for you don't have to fight us.


I'm still trying to get you and Brother Sidney to justify why you think you deserve thirty million dollars. Was there a bidding war between platforms? When you you something when you say when you say justify I'm a put my resume on the table.


That's all I'm going to have to do.


Do you do the numbers and ticket sales that Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle does that Amy Schumer, if given the opportunities, why don't you answer the question?


If given those opportunities, you're answering the question for yourself. We're not given the same opportunities, brother, but if you do your homework, why can't you?


And then you go out and book arena tours, do they go on book their tours or do promoters book them, say, well, we're going to do right now is and what I'm not going to do with you now, you want to play a tit for tat and what you're saying is a black women's resume don't matter. I'm not saying that you're trying to weaponize things like black woman and race is not a SAIC's.


Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. And she's considered one of the best. Well, that was years ago. And they said that they would never do that now. And I literally heard just like a few weeks before the thing.


So you did talk about the situation with Lee Daniels and you talked about people saying that. Now we've read some things also because you're here and since I would love for you to speak on this. So there are people that say that you didn't treat people well. Yes. And that they've had issues working with you and that you're difficult. Yes. So let's address some of that, because Roland Martin brought it up when you guys spoke on Twitter. Yes.


And he talked about the Ebony magazine cover shoot that you did with Chris Rock and Steve Harvey. Yes. And he said that it was a nightmare because of what happened at that shoot.


Well, what happened at that shoot was a check was thrown at one of our assistance. And you don't throw anything at anyone. And I had a problem with that. See, they won't fill you in on all that happened. So you had to let that person know that's not how you do business and that's unacceptable. So I have no problem speaking on it when they said I mistreated people in almost Christmas. Well, we have twenty interviews because we knew that they would say something like that with the people that worked in the background, professionals, the lighting guys, the camera guys.


Well, they all said our experience with Monique was stellar. What happens is you hear the bully speak out, but then the bullies run. Because when those videos did come out, the Roland Martin come back when the videos did come out, just what the three little videos you heard nothing else, did you? Let's backtrack a little bit because with Will Packer. Yes, OK, so will Packer and Roland Martin. And, you know, a lot of people have spoken out that had dealt with you personally and said these things.


But I haven't really heard anybody say anything negative about Woolpack, about working with Lee Daniels, and I haven't heard them say anything negative about some of the people that they worked at.


So why is it let me I can answer it. That's a great question. You know the guy, Harvey Weinstein. Hmm. And he was able to do that for how many years? Decades. And why do you think that was? Well, they were working with a lot of people who felt like their career would be in jeopardy and so spoke out.


Do you think this is a unique situation? Do you think that people are fearful to speak out when they're mistreated?


Is it is we mistreatment? Is sexual assault money like. We can't put out false equivalency to people. I understand what you're trying to show me, but is it just mistreatment and sexual? Let me let me say this to you, I guess levels of mistreatment. You're absolutely right.


But mistreatment is mistreatment. And you can't you can't paint well in the same paint this with the same brush.


I'm saying this because based upon the information that you have, you feel comfortable with it because this is the world we live in. If you keep hearing it, it seems as this is true. And the reason she had some difficulty with one of the individuals who were the first AP or something like she had walked into Monique's trailer while she was undressed without knocking. And I don't know if you know, but there was a letter that Steve Harvey had written a while ago in reference to how people just walk into his room.


What happens is she's the type of person that doesn't allow people to get disrespected and she's not going to have an issue with the people that are the hourly wage folks. It's typically the people who are the powerful ones. She's not having no beef with nobody. There were people that were getting their fingers pointed in their face. They happen to be black women by white men on the set of pressures. And she said, I can't allow that to happen, guys.


So what happens is you are forgetting that this is a country that had slavery for hundreds of years. And when do we start realizing that we are so conditioned to normalize bad treatment when white men are able to say, hey, guys, she's right, how does the black community not feel?


We have more with Monique when we come back. Don't Move is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody.


Is D.J. N.V., Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. We have Monique in the building. Still shot me.


I want to know about this, though. Have you received other offers from other screaming service? Let me say this. Doesn't that help with negotiations?


When you think of that, like being put over my head, the offers that come in from Netflix, they can come in low like that because they know you've been blackballed. You know what the word is about you. So we assume that you're suffering and we can offer you whatever we want to offer you. So the offers have come in even lower than that. You had a Netflix special beforehand.


All right. Well, I didn't have a Netflix special. What happened was they took the one and put it on there. Exactly.


I didn't make any deal with Netflix. So those shows just happened to be on and they've been on there for a long time. So someone would say, if this woman is not bringing in any views, why we hold onto the content. They've been on there for a minute. So you're getting the views? Well, I'm assuming so. We don't get a report on that. But as I sit here again and I sit between my sister, who I know you deal with inequality, Angela, you were in the same business I'm in.


Mhm. But you look at me and you'll say, well I need you to explain to me they said you was a problem here and a problem there. We all know when you don't allow bullies to take place and you don't allow yourself to get bullied, don't you get labeled.


Yes, but can I just for full disclosure, please, there are definitely people that I know that have worked with you on the Ebony shoot. Yes. And I've heard things what they've told me personally, people that would never say their names.


And it's not like I told Llanera before, keep it on the playground. Well, OK.


So I saw on Alfred Edmond Jr., who is the editor in chief of Black Enterprise magazine. Yes, I saw that any day by Burnett, who was the editor in chief of Ebony at the time of that shoot, who was very excited to have you on the shoot. She left a comment because he posted something about you and the numbers and about your worth and how you are the most decorated comedian. And she commented it was a nightmare working with her and I would never want to go through something like that again.


I saw that comment is still on his page.


Now, I would love to sit down and talk with that sister face to face so she can tell me about the nightmare, because what they won't do is they won't fill it in, see, they won't fill in. We were being arrogant and we wanted to treat that woman as if we were doing her a favor by putting her on the cover. As my husband told me years ago, we don't disrespect anyone, but we over respect no one. And I want you to look at me.


I'm a big, fat black woman. You know what this stuff is? Real talk. What big fat black woman has to stand stands up and says this is not fair because what the feeling is with some of our sisters and brothers. Monique, you should be grateful you just got invited to the party because of the way you look. So for anyone that says they ever had a problem with me, bring them to the table, bring them to the table.


Let's have a conversation. But what you'll find is we'll speak about this woman when she can't see us, we'll make comments. But we're the type of people that say, let's have a conversation. And when you find out that they're wrong. Will you then speak up loudly for me as you speak up for them? I absolutely would, but Sister Monique and brother to you and ask you a question. Let's just talk numbers. If you put your numbers up against Amy Schumer's The Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, and I'm talking about selling out arenas all over the world, how can you justify getting a huge payday like that when you're saying that you're going to offer her one twenty six of what Amy Schumer got?


And you're referring to Mo'Nique as a legend and you're seeing her performance and you see the people standing up for at the end of the show. Have you read the reviews to the Netflix special for Amy Schumer? I don't think Amy's funny young lady. You don't get Amy got me black. Don't want to see me on that. This is the part that we got to wrap up the show. But I mean, sell out arenas around the world, including Mzoudi a few times she had an HBO special that did great and this was all in 20.


Here's what Brother Lynard is saying. Like this year, another show comes and they become number one and not the Breakfast Club and then let the host come in here. That's been doing it for maybe five years less than you. And then they get paid twenty six times more than you. Then you come back and have a conversation with us because, all right, that's all. Because what happens is when you sit here and you say make it make sense, well, we don't have to because again and if not, you do have to make it make sense, especially if you're calling on people.


I mean, we made things like we made and make gender bias because we're saying here's the resumes, guys, in conjunction with that, the only thing we're saying is if, hypothetically speaking, it wasn't 13 million.


Charlamagne, what we're saying is how come there's not they're saying to the community that it's not one black woman that is a veteran comedian out there today that is worth a seven figure number. So what would have been a respectable number from his money?


You know, here's the thing. Let me get an answer. Let me give you a respectable number for something that would supersede what she would have made in two years and at the very least, what she would have made two years to be able to take to two years off that they contractually asking her to do and not be able to tell jokes. You would not take a deal because they don't give you a lump sum of cash that's going to castrate you out of three fourths of your income.


Do you understand why I'm saying that two years and didn't have that.


You couldn't tell jokes if I would have taken the deal for five hundred thousand dollars. Angela, what position would that have put to the babies? This coming after?


No deal is foul. The deal is absolutely, positively foul. Nobody says the deal is right.


But, you know, they know Monique's reputation. As far as what people are rumored to say, I don't even know if that matters.


It does matter. They know they know that the networks are not necessarily giving her the money. I'm giving her less. They know what it is. So why would I give as a business person something obscene? No one I know she can't get it anywhere else. It's foul, but it's business.


But if you say Mo'Nique, it is foul and you. All right. So if we know what's right and we know what's foul, then what do we do? We do it on our own. That's just like talking to Steve Harvey and brother Steve Harvey says, Mo, I know you're right and I know you're not lying, but could you have done it another way? No suggestion. What's the other girl? I want you to do it any other way.


Do do we do do it on our own. But we still got to speak up.


I think the problem started with you coming out, comparing yourself to Chris Rock, these people and why she and she.


Well, here's I think because because because there's no way that you can justify getting that amount of money that they've gotten that you have gotten more involved in a thousand. Yes. And I've said that day one. Well, here's what I say. No, no, that's not what I was saying was y'all should have got the same amount of rocks. Let me let me let me answer that, Daddy.


What I said was, if I'm considered a legend like my brothers, then why wouldn't I get what legends get? Because that is exactly what I said, because they rescued me recently. OK, better you can just leave it on.


We're going to listen. Lanard, we're going to let you hold onto that when he gets to go to. But what I will say to you is and to all the black women and women of color that is listening when you hear this brother's voice come over the air. And I'm unapologetic about what I'm getting ready to say, he does not have a value on black women and women of color.


How can you say I'm going to say that? But, you know, years ago, I'm going to tell you, I held the door for I'm going to tell you why that's contradictory. I'm going to tell you why I said it. Because what happens is when you leave a place called Monk Monk's Corner, Monks Corner, South Carolina, and you come to a big city named New York and then you change your name to Chalamont, I mean, I'm going on this morning.


Well, when you were there, you become Chalamont the God. Now, I don't know if you took the same principles that your mama and your grandmama gave you and Monks Corner and you bought it to. Manhattan, New York, because the brother I did meet on that elevator and then a brother that was full of principle and I'm in a brother who would not call a sister a donkey of a day, that happens unless he knew all the information and he could back up his statements.


But as we sit here, we did this interview. You begin to ask questions that you should have access before you make the statement.


So what kind of questions? Which I really don't have any input. I have not justified why you feel like you should have gotten their money back. You said you don't think she should have got that. We're not back to. And here's the thing, Danny, that one of your brothers and sisters that did it, the way that they get it and we get it, the way that we get it.


And it's not an argument. I respect your decision. I respect you, no doubt, because you're entitled to it. OK, well, thank you for joining us.


The conversation, Miss Monique.


When we come back, we have Donkey of the Day, so don't go anywhere is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


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I don't give it to him, I'm a fat and all that around you. I want this man to blow his man Charlamagne the top because they've got to make a judgment of what was going to be on the docket of the day.


They chose you for the Breakfast Club, whose donkey the day to day. Yes.


Top here today goes to a young man named Find True Antonio Bates. OK, he's 31 years old and resides in Los Angeles via Memphis. And he's a rapper, a rapper that I've never heard of until this weekend. And it's the first time you are hearing about a person is because they are receiving Don Quixote. They just know that probably is never a good thing. Now, his rap name is New Bizzle Ring any bells for you. And we know anybody out there bumping that new nickname, Veysel Drum.


That's hot in your parts.




OK, well, Nuvigil, ladies and gentlemen, is just the latest in a long line of people who are going to jail for unemployment fraud this year. And I know we've been keeping track of all the covid-19 cases in America this year, but we also need to be keeping track of all unemployment fraud cases that have been happening. OK, see, this is what I don't understand about the folks that are defrauding people under the Kahrizak.


Y'all do realize what you are doing is a crime, right?


This is not the blessing you've been praying for. All right. You know how we say everything happens for a reason? Very true. But sometimes that reason is simply because you made a poor choice and knew Bizzle absolutely made a poor choice. A couple poor choices.


See, NUC Veysel was arrested after applying for more than one point two million in jobless benefits and using stolen identities in a scheme to fraudulently obtain unemployment insurance benefits.


Now, to be honest with you, I have to applaud this man for aiming high. I give him a little round of applause just a little bit and said, Stop, stop, stop. OK, see, here's the thing. All of you who have participated in unemployment fraud, you're going to jail, OK? It doesn't matter if you got one million or ten thousand, they are coming for you. I'm telling you. Doesn't matter if you got that money and bought a Bentley or got that money and bought a single wide trailer, you're going to jail.


They come in to lock your ass up at some point. So if you're going to take a penitentiary chance, you might as well shoot for the moon. And that's what this would do with this one point two dollars million that he applied for. Now, look, Veysel couldn't just be content with getting this money.


No. Oh, not in this era, OK? In this area, the crime isn't official until you get on social media and alert the feds about it. OK, FBI stands for Facebook, Instagram, and because of UFOs, your need for digital validation, because of UFOs, incessant desire for lights and read tweets. Y'all make the Fed's job so easy.


OK, but it wasn't just social media and the Internet that got jammed up.


See, Luke Bizzle, as I told you, is a rapper. I repeat, New Bizzle is a rapper. Let's go to CBS late for a report, please.


The Department of Justice says a rapper who bragged in a music video about getting rich from an unemployment scam is now facing federal charges, according to a criminal complaint. Thirty one year old Pontecorvo Antonio Bane's exploited the pandemic unemployment assistance provision of the Federal Coronavirus Act. He applied for more than one point two million dollars in jobless benefits. Federal officials say right now he lives in Hollywood Hills. And in a video he bragged he's going to get stacks of bees while holding up envelopes from Ed.


A second man in the video writes, quote, You've got to sell cocaine. I just file a claim. If convicted, NHANES faces up to twenty two years in federal prison.


Those are survivors.


Yes. One God and Aaron McGruder have the same sense of humor. This is why we need The Boondocks back. But I often wonder if The Boondocks will win. The Boondocks comes back. How will they compete with the most absurd things that usually are reserved for storylines on The Boondocks are actually happening in real life? OK, this guy New applied for one point two million in unemployment benefits, Blayton unemployment fraud and then turned around and made a song about it.


Yes, a song called SDD New Bizzle Feature, in fact, with him. Would you like to hear it here?


No, I think I remember the night I was here and I will go back to my baby to come to visit us. You've got to see it. Foul play, come straight to the bank are doing OK. Buganda's. What are you like of these guys on the internet you heard about? How are you so happy to sort of get on top of working now when in fact I did for a while in my life and I got out ahead and tell me why don't went on down?


Did it hurt bed at. I to just I was just talking to CNN's Ben Wedeman, who now I kind of like this, not like that, too.


I thought I saw. I like that. Yeah. I kind of like the song. And that's the problem. Frohna grown ass adults who know better saying things like this no longer erectile dysfunction.


Kadry at work here. What you say, Uncle Ruckus and powerful drug at work one more time. Uncle Ruckus for the people in the back have powerful Dadri at work here.


Kids, I'm so sorry. I am so sorry, kids. I'm so sorry that we made y'all believe you really had to be living the things you rapped about. I wish more rappers told you that they was just performing and he was just trying to make some money.


All right. There was a period in my life where I really wanted in love with my rappers, were doing the things they were talking about, but that was ignorant of me.


OK, if rap was actually just 30 percent, just 30 percent of what they rapped about doing, they would all be in prison a date. OK, this new generation didn't get the memo that majority of these rappers was all cat.


Now they are busy trying to lead to lives, trying to serve two masters. They want to rap and live a life of crime. And when you try to do both, you end up like new Bizo, OK, facing three federal charges.


And if convicted of all these charges, Bane's Nuk Bizzle will face a statutory maximum sentence of twenty two years in federal prison.


I still like the song, so I get some songs. OK? We don't have anything to do with that song is good and I knew Bizzle we'd have to play. Guess what racism's please remember me give you the biggest.


Hee hee hee hee hee.


You stupid mother, you dumb. Anyway, I have one question. Where's fat wizzle in fat wisl was featured on this song.


In fact, we're trying to get someone else arrested. Inquiring minds want. Oh, I'm trying to get them arrested. Forget the song has got over a million views on YouTube and forget that one point two million dollars in an unemployment fraud that they tried to get. I'm trying to get them arrested.


I got rich. I may be a rich, healthy baby.


All right. And powerful at work and.


All right. Well, thank you for that donkey at a day. How did you get this organ so fat, was it? I don't know if that was getting low. Right. That was. You got anything you want to see? My goodness. All right. Thank you for that, sir.


With an old pop up now talking about they were talking about you and the Breakfast Club. Now you get low, stay low, lead all you social media pages and everything. That's right. All right. We got more coming up next with a breakfast club.


Come on.


Relationship advice, any personal advice? Just the really folks call up now for aski. Morning, everybody is T.J. Envy.


Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we are The Breakfast Club. It's time for Ask Ye.


Hello, this is Cookie Cookie Cookie from out of Florida. Broward County. I know you're talking about us, Charlamagne.


I know what you're talking about. All right, Cookie, what's good. What's the question for you. Easy.


OK, my question is me and my husband, we wrap, we say bars. I really got bars, but we we up in age. We've been sitting for a long time. We've thirty two. And we just wondered if we should keep trying. Are you any good. You want to hear me. Yeah. Go ahead. Let's hear it. Let's hear something cookie. All right. You keep looking at not you don't know me yet. You may see me but you can never be me.


You can never beat me in your bed or someone you see me for better skedaddle.


But the padlocks went to the river, meaning I could make it through whatever life in a I'm a man on my hands and I, I, I know I love the comedy rap.


Yo, you really made me laugh. The comedy rap as though this is ask you what do you think. So Cookie, a couple of things here. Have you made any type of progress with your career as a rapper?


Oh, I performed a couple of places. I mean, I performed at the Hard Rock a while ago. It was well at the time I was working there. But we are going to go and I want both time. I want to go. Yeah, I performed at a few places, you know, locally and stuff like that.


So it's like now keep it real quick. Have you been going really, really hard to pursue your dream. Been trying, yes. You know, getting knocked down a couple times. You know, we went to an event in Orlando and it was like, oh, you know, people not really check for all the rappers right now. I'm like, yo, but I've been doing this for so long. And it just so happened, there's some opportunities are coming out right now, you know, where you can you know, this already showcase and this artist showcase.


And have you been recording music in the studio anywhere, though? Yeah. You could go on Instagram at Grou Entertainment LLC and just tell her she sucks.


And to get a job is want to say I don't I don't think that being in your 30s is a reason to not pursue your career as far as being an artist, if you are really great at it and if you go really hard at it, you know what I'm saying? I think sometimes people want things to happen and they do a showcase here and there, but they're not going super high because people who really want to be in this industry have to really live, breathe, eat, sleep it like do everything they can to make it happen.


So that's how I was asking you, are you doing everything that you can?


Have you been going really hard or is this something that you've been doing kind of, you know, here and there, but not really pursuing eventually go hard, have really have been trying to of course, you know what my age, you know, I eventually had children and stuff like that, but I still think I've still got bars. I'm still ready to put in the work. I know what it means. And I felt like I don't. Seltmann, you do learn a trade.


You know, say, do you have a job? Yeah, yeah, yeah. You go get another one.


I just don't want you to use AIDS as an excuse me. No artist right now that's putting out his first ever album. He's in his 40s, you know what I'm saying? So I don't think that's ever good. Exactly. Leaving the white man in the room say. But he's good because you're talking about. Yeah, yeah. Good. So what I'm saying is you're saying I'm not good.


Oh. To for seven minutes long, clocking out of this conversation. All right, well, listen, give everybody your Instagram everywhere. Everybody is going to weigh in and go and look at some music that you have posted and lets you know what they think. This is a great opportunity for you to get some feedback.


That's right. Give me your Instagram so people will tell you the truth. I'm Hersholt. I mean, what is real entertainment? GRV W Entertainment, LLC. I love you though. I love ya. I listen to it every morning. I'm hurt right now. Those are the main, but well, I don't think you can judge it just based off of that, you know, music.


So, you know, he hasn't heard no music. He just heard. So what did you think it I mean you just heard her. And what do you think of what you just heard?


I was listening to it, yeah. Yeah, yeah. So that's why she won't waste our time for the next three or four years trying to record it. Just had a day off day. OK, sure.


Cookie the Black Widow. Well, all right. OK, ok, let's keep it going. Aski eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need relationship advice. Hey, this up now is the Breakfast Club.


Good morning. There's some real advice with Angela, it's eskies morning, everybody is D.G N.V. Angela Yee Charlamagne to God, we are the Breakfast Club.


We're in the middle of aski. Hello.


Who's this guy to Misty. Yes. Hey, what's your question for you.


OK, so my question was like, what am I supposed to do if, like my boyfriend could sneak in to watch porn? I don't have a problem with him watching it. It's just getting weird that he's sneaking to watch it because he doesn't know whether or not you have a problem with it.


Did you tell him, like, I know you're watching porn? It's fine.


I mean, we've had the discussion about it. Like I said, like if we have a problem with sex or something, but he's like, no, we don't have a problem with sex or anything.


And it's like I'm being open minded about stuff, but I don't know if he keeps asking for, like, threesomes and stuff like that or whatever to.


Well, yeah. And you you don't want to do a threesome, are you do are you open to it.


I'm OK with that. I guess I've never done it so well.


Obviously that's not going to happen any time soon because we are all quarantined and you know, so that's a whole nother story.


But first of all, maybe part of the fun for him watching porn is him sneaking to do it is not strange or like, is that normal?


How'd you catch it? I'm just curious, how did you catch him? OK, we're supposed to have sex or whatever, but then I fell asleep. But then when I woke up, I'm like, OK, maybe I should go back to sleep because you almost finished.


So yeah.


Oh, when you when you woke up and you see them on the computer, it was sitting there watching porn.


He was on his phone and it was on you. That's the weirdest thing to me. Like why he didn't want to wake you up.


I'm OK with him waking me up though. Hm. Well, he didn't know that. Did you tell him next time, wake me up. I'm you know, I'm fine, but I don't know.


I just kind of like, got up and went to the bathroom because I'm like, this is weird. This is the second time I caught him doing this.


And I don't you know what it sounds like you just need to have a conversation because you're not saying anything to him and then he's not saying anything to you about it. And then now you do think it's weird. So he probably can sense that you think is weird. So it's kind of like a lack of communication is what's causing you guys to not come together on this when you could just simply wake up and be like, oh, are you watching porn?


What are you watching?


Let me see it. OK, I guess. And you know, it can be fun sometimes if you don't mind doing this is watching porn together.


I mean, like, I'm not as experienced as you sexually. And like recently he got me, like, this toy thing and I'm just like, I'm not okay with electronic down there because like robot or whatever.


So, like, I don't know. Well, maybe he is nervous to bring things up to you because he doesn't want you to think that he's weird. OK, I don't know.


I'll try to have that conversation, I guess. I don't know.


And I see it feels like you want to be more open minded about things than that. But you're right now, you're not in that place like you're uncertain about a lot of things. Like you said, you're not as experienced as he is. So you take it slow. And I always tell people, don't do anything that you're not comfortable with. So if you truly are not comfortable with something, don't do it and let him know that you're not comfortable.


And if there are things that you want to try, don't be ashamed to try them. So those are the two things that I would say when it comes to experimenting in the bedroom, OK?


Because like I really like I've tried to have a part of this conversation before and then it went into this whole Spyro conversation about like insecurity and all this extra drinking. I'm just like, what the hell is going on?


And you never do something just to please the other person if you're not comfortable with it, because that does cause resentment sometimes and then that does tend to spiral out of control. But if in your mind you like I would like to try this, then you should try it. It's just and remember, it's completely up to you. It's fine for you to not want to do a threesome. It's fine for you to not want to use that to if you don't feel like it.


But it's also fine for you to say, OK, I'm down to experiment. Don't worry about other people's judgments of you. Is your body your choice to do whatever you want?


And even with those things, like whenever I gave him this stuff I wanted to try, he just kept calling me like a freak or whatever. And then I'm like, OK, maybe I should tell him the stuff that I'm into if he thinks it's too outrageous. But then what do you want?


What do you what are you into. Yeah. And he wants to know, what are you into, Carrisi.


Oh gosh. OK, so I kind of like the whole dumb thing, like if we can switch roles and stuff and he's not OK with a lot of it I guess. I grew up on the pill, sort of like playing. I was going to be OK with like, you know probably. Oh yeah.


You can kidnap pegging his. Yeah. Pegging might be a little serious.


That's not like you want to put them on a leash. So we have that covered.


I mean he put Miracleman weeks before OK, so much rather be on a leash and get a peg and plastic. I'll take the lead, I'll take the lease for 500, Alex. OK, what I would recommend, Missy, though, is before you go straight to the begging, have you ever put a finger there?


Yes, that's the thing. Got it. Mm hmm.


OK, so so maybe that's something you guys will graduate to eventually.


Yeah, but that's my thing, though. If he brings up the play.


But I think it's weird when we are talking about it, I'm just like what's going on, you know, with, you know, Emma and Missy, I'm a be honest with you.


A lot of times guys like to do things, but they don't like to discuss the things they like to do because they feel like it's weird.


So you have to kind of just do it without suggesting don't rape that man. But I don't know that. But, like, you can feel it out and start doing something and he might like it, but he doesn't want to discuss that. He liked it. So obviously, if he doesn't want to do it, he'll let you know he doesn't want to do it. But if you just approach it and bring it and he'd be like, hey, let's go in the heat of the moment and he's with it, then there you go.


But sometimes having that discussion makes people feel a little weird.


OK, I mean, I have the whole, like, golf conversation.


I don't want to be like first time at breakfast or whatever. I'm trying to see how I can bring it up during the day or whatever. But I'm just like you. I'm OK with you waking me up for sex. You've done it before. Like, well, he didn't up for sex, but like, whatever.


So it's just like, you know, I feel like this is a great time to have these discussions while you are living in a house together and nowhere else to go.


We've got to get this quarantine over because your board is how to tell him he shook and he no such thing is half assed crooks. And by that, tell them, stop letting letting you put half your finger back and tell him you want all or nothing. All right.


Tell them grow up indefinitely. Thank you, guys. All right, Misty, good luck. It's let me know if you do stuff like that.


You can't even please don't give the young man no nicknames either. They'll be hitting him. And you probably pegged a stallion you can't call a grown man. Pegged a stallion. What?


All right. Aski eight hundred five eight five one two five one. To keep it like this, The Breakfast Club.


Good morning, T.J.. And B, hey, I'm Angela and I go by the name of Charlemagne, the God. And we just want to say happy holidays from all three of us all through the Breakfast Club. Baby, we took the time to get past Charlamagne and anything, pick it up, pick it up. It's time to act, Zenani. Morning, everybody, is C.J. N.V., Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


It's time for AC in E! Now Angela Yee is on vacation. So I see in E, right. If you got relationship advice questions or you just have questions about life in general, we can help you. Hello. This is not meant to be anonymous from the D I was. What's your question for Kenny? OK, I've been dating a Spanish woman.


I'm actually African-American. I've been working with me. But he switched shifts after we dated for two years and knew each other for three and went to Mogadishu on one night shift. Now she finds a friend that's actually her race probably like three months ago. They went out of town, spent the weekend, had a great time. We still talk every day to initiate the text. She texted me to call me one night crying. Her stomach was hurting. He still relies on me, but she don't want to see me outside of work.


So is there any chance I could get her back? I'm just wait for him to mess up. First of all, you said that she's of another race. So you're black, right? I'm black.


And I'm the second guy she ever been and the first black guy she ever been with.


Besides her husband said husband. OK, yeah. Yeah. She said I wasted her time because of her culture. They take for three or four months. They get married. We dated for two years and nothing happened. Hmm. OK, well, you know, I'm all for black and brown relations, but my advice to you is get you a black woman, you know, saying get you a queen. You know. You know, you did the Spanish thing didn't work out clearly.


You know, she's moved on. I think it's time for you to move on to get your sister. Now, I would say I would say find somebody that you love.


Obviously, you have feelings for her. And, you know, why didn't you marry her? Why didn't you just say, you know what, this is something I want to do to try to make a lot for black women as far as like marriage.


But I do have black women as Franky. Bye bye. Hang up. I want to talk. I don't want to talk to you or talk to you. I want to talk to you. I want to talk to you anymore.


Could you tell me you're not attracted to black women?


You're not saying like black women are good enough to marry. What color is your mama? And I'm saying, like, what kind of household do you come from?


I guess I could ask those questions, but I don't care. I don't care to have the kind. I want to I wanted to know how I wanted to know why. Why. I was like, why was a deep rooted like his mother's black. White was a problem. He doesn't have sisters, grandmother.


And I don't I don't care for any self hating Negroes, black women. I don't care. I don't care for black women to marry them. I get beat it by. Hello.


Who's this. Yeah. What I was thinking about when I was our brother was of course if I see any man. So check this out. Right. So me and my baby momma I'll send the mother my job. Beautiful woman as a man, you know, and we all make mistakes. Boy, you know, back to back to back in twenty seventeen. You know, I made a mistake that, you know, cost me, you know, a lot of time.


This transaction happened over the past few years. But, you know, as a man, you know, when you love somebody, you want to try to do the make things work out. Right. Well, you know, I've been doing that, you know, just kind of, you know, doing the you know, the romantic things that a man should be, you know, buy her a nice person to take her out, the nice dinners, things like that.


But you, Michael, cause I don't know. I know Michael called my brother.


It's more like it's more like, OK, they were so so, you know, so, you know, I have them up in them, but, you know, some kind of some kind of happen. You know, what happened, I guess, like for everybody, you know, kind of things kind of like just kind of for the worse, you know. You know, I came home one day from work and the door locked change. And I thought that was my weird.


I was like, yo, you know, your life is changed like this. Something like you need to talk about something. And she basically was like acting like really nonchalant, like she don't know what I'm talking about.


You can get to the point, King. Life's too short for this phone call.


So what happened, brother, is that is that I'm still paying for her rent while we're not together in the mall. Right. And it's at a point where I feel like it if it's in my best interest to move on. But I really love her. I bought a ring I wanted to propose to her. We have two kids together. I'm trying to make it work, but it seems like everything that I do when it comes to pay her bills and all of these nice things that aren't really adding up.


I mean, let me tell you, first of all, let's that's your first mistake. You can't buy somebody love. You can't buy somebody's trust. And that's what you seem like you're trying to do. You throwing money in there. You buy a bag, you're buying shoes. You probably said this in an argument. Well, I'm buying you everything you want. That doesn't work to really get back into into her good graces. You have to prove that you're not that person anymore.


It's not a matter about buying anything. It's not about buying shoes or buying bags or taking out dinner. It's it's redbait in re-establishing that trust, like the little things like, you know, have conversations.


Open up your phone to tell her, hey, look, this is my phone call. I would you know, I would never jeopardize my relationship anymore. Let her let her start having that trust in you. Does she have your call for your phone?


Yeah, absolutely. All right, well, those are the things that you need to do, make sure she has the call to your Instagram, let her know, let her be comfortable with you going out and feeling like I would never do this. If you go out with your boys a baby, you want to come with me, like make her feel comfortable that, look, I'm not that person anymore. I made a mistake or I apologize. I'm sorry.


I'll do anything that I have to do to make sure that that you can start trusting me again. But it's not going to start with you trying to buy love, because when you try to buy love, exactly what happens is you realize that you're doing it. She keeps accepting it and just using you for that. And, you know, she's still not what it looks sort of.


But what if it's to the point where you're doing all of that? But it's to the point where it's like, you know, there's really no romantic romanticism in the whole man.


She don't trust you because you a cheater, bro. She don't trust you because you cheated. You put yourself in that position. OK, so the best apology is change behavior. So she'll grow trust for you when you show her that you ain't cheating no more and you go, I understand what she's talking about before that fire everything to change your behavior and ball out. All right.


You got to do Wolf is crazy, though. That happened in twenty seventeen. This phony. Phony. Right.


And that's the problem, too. What you got to realize you're still cheating. You can't tell somebody how to how to feel like a lot of guys, they say like I ain't you here.


That doesn't mean she don't feel that he's still cheating. You still cheating. Tell the truth to tell the truth between us. Tell the truth, my brother. Tell the truth.


I bought a ring. I bought a ring. My brother. So, you know, that's so I ask you that.


Have you cheated since you cheated? Absolutely not. Promise to God not promises that I.


Good God no. If you lie and if you're lying, you're not going bless you what you want.


That's the problem that I'm having right now is that it's the fact that I'm working my ass off. But I you know, I give her an answer. She tried to take them out.


Well, that's not helping them out. Yes. Because the same way you took that poor woman from another woman, your man should be able to take them out. So give it a mile and be willing to go the extra mile for OK, change your behavior and ball out. But before you ball out, you have to get to the side where you understand what you did wrong and apologize. You just can't bowl out because it be for nothing. Then when you get to that point, then you pull out enough of the pressure there.


Enough is enough.


If I'm doing all of that and I don't want to eat it, bro, you cheated me.


You will do it and I'll use no time and no time limit time when she can get over it.


You did was wrong. You can't say, OK, well, she's still grieving. Yes.


You think you can have unprotected sex with a girl three years ago and they come back to her and you know, she don't trust you. It's OK if I believe you're said step up. They have a blessed day, bro.


Good luck, you. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. So don't move is the breakfast. Morning.


Morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy Angela Charlamagne to God. We are the Breakfast Club.


Now leave us on a positive note. Hey, listen, man, my positive note is simply this. People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought, which they seldom use.


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