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This is your wake up call the Breakfast Club to show you love to hate from the East West Coast. Evangelii Charlamagne Gujranwala Show on the Planet. This is where I respect this show because this is a voice of societal change in the gay guys are the coveted morning show, which I earn. In fact, in the culture, we go up in the morning and each day I want to hear that for the world's most dangerous morning show.


Good morning, USA. Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo.


Good morning, Angela. Yeah, good morning, Charlemagne.


The God Peace to the planet is Friday. He was Friday a man, good morning, if you're getting something to read and you can stop doing Toronto like that, you going to stop?


All right. Toronto is with us every step of the way. How would you say? Not by name and not behind us state. Not in front of us. The walking side by side with us. You see me?


They definitely shot the Toronto man. I can't wait to get back to Toronto when they open things back up.


I can't wait to get back to somewhere when they open things back up, you know. I don't even got to be Toronto. Let's just get somewhere, OK?


Jesus Christ. Absolutely. How are you guys feeling when I get my passport renewed? How is that process going? It's not. I mean, who knows? Everything is tried and extradited. So the passport offices. Yeah. No, it's not. That is close. It's just not expediting things. And then because there's not as many people working, it could take like three months to have a device and have your paperwork saying where you going that I'm going.


I have a guy that can I'm sure I can get you your stuff done within a couple of days.


Yeah. I don't think even expediters can't really do anything about it. They're saying that unless it's a life. OK, let's say the guy I'm telling you, this guy has worked miracles before for a lot of people.


You can get me a PlayStation. You can't get your PlayStation now and that he can do what you need.


A PlayStation four. Angelie, talk to me. Why? Since when you like PlayStation, I have my Xbox here. I have a Nintendo switch. I have all those things. I want a PlayStation. Oh.


So you just have like a console, you have a community, a console that the house just in case people want to play when they come over and stuff like that.


Yeah, I have it for other people but I play my little video games too so yeah I'm looking for that too because you know Christmas is right around the corner and anyway, I'm not going out shopping and I'm not you know, I'm trying to stay out of the store, so yeah, I'm going to eat that too.


So if you find somebody, you let me know. And if I find somebody, I'll let you know.


I'm working holidays. The holidays are going to be very interesting this year because holidays are usually a time of reflection and usually a time of celebration. Are we going to be in the holiday spirit when the holidays come around? Well, we don't have a choice because we got kids and it's going to be in you like our kids in the holiday spirit. They're going to start with Halloween, which is coming up shortly. And Thanksgiving and Christmas. My kids already started talking about what they want to be for Halloween.


So we ain't got no choice.


It's possible. I just would like to see grew group Jehovah's Witness. And, you know, I definitely grew up with his kids. Don't look at it. Yeah. My kids I don't know my kids at all in them, but yeah, I don't know how. It's going to be interesting to see if people really getting holiday spirit, are people going to have decorations up, you know what I mean? Are you going to really be all I wish you a merry Christmas after the year.


We don't see any election is on November 3rd, too. Oh, my God. What if what if who you want to win doesn't win.


I want to know what what are the four more years.


I'm just saying I'm to trust me. I'm trying to have a good Friday. You try to throw curveballs.


I'm just like, you know, hey, Kamala Harris adro Pedro Patro Patro.


OK, no, I manage it. All right. Well, let's get the show crack in front page news. What are we talking about?


Well, since we're talking about upcoming elections, let's discuss Joe Biden and his town hall yesterday.


All right.


And our resident doctor, Dr. Oz, will be joining us this morning.


So we'll check in with Dr. Oz in a little bit. I have front page news is next.


Is The Breakfast Club good on? Morning, everybody, is D.J. Envy, Angela Ye shall I mean, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club, is getting some front page news that is getting some sports first.


The last night, Miami Heat beat the Celtics one six one 101 one. They lead the series to zero. Great game.


And in Thursday Night Football, the Browns beat the Bengals.


Thirty five to thirty minutes, we got easy. All right.


Joe Biden, his CNN town hall was last night. It was a drive in. So people got to stand outside with their cars parked around them and approached the microphone near the stage if they wanted to ask a question. And this was in Scranton, Pennsylvania. So some of the things that Joe Biden addressed was police reform.


What we have to do is have to have a much more transparent means by which we provide for accountability within police departments. I will nationally bring together police chiefs, police officers, the union people, the African-American leadership, the communities, the brown communities, the civil rights leadership said sit at the table and agree on basic, fundamental things that have to be done, including much more rigorous background checks on those who apply for and become police officers to teaching people how to de-escalate treat providing for a nine one one calls like what happened in Lankester, making sure that you have psychologists and psychiatrists available to go out to deal with those circumstances.


All of that is OK with the one basic fundamental thing that needs to happen is they need to stop killing us. And I think the whole system needs an overhaul. Like, I can't teach you how not to be racist. You trying to teach a pit bull how not to attack after that pit bull has been chewing on people's ass for years. If there was more cops who stood up and spoke out against bad cops, I would have faith in everything that Joe Biden saying.


But it's not. And the ones who do get fired. So, no, I don't want them to try to reform the system they have. I want them to overhaul it and bring in a whole new system.


That's what I would like to see. Now, Joe Biden also spoke on white privilege.


Do you see ways that you've benefited from white privilege? Sure. I benefited just because I don't have to go through what my black brothers and sisters have had to go through, number one. But number two, you know, grow up here in Scranton. We're used to guys who look down their nose at us. We're looking at people who look at us and think that we're suckers, look at us, and they think that we we're not equivalent to them suckers.


All right. And I think Joe Biden talked about was who does he believe when it comes to a vaccine?


I don't trust the president on vaccines. I trust Dr. Fauci if she says the vaccine is safe. I take the vaccine that we should listen to the scientists, not to the president.


Agreed, I'm still not listening to progeny's, I'm listening to the people that go get it first. Somebody's right and somebody's got to get it. And after they don't grow wings, then we'll figure it out. But I mean, like we were saying yesterday, the health care workers will get it first. And people who are at very, very high risk will get it first. So it'll get enough people getting into to what you'll see if you'll see whether it works or not.


Well, Dr. Asabi here, we could ask doctors about it a little later. So what is Ducktown has no. For more than us. All right, well, I'm Angela Yee, and that is your front page news.


All right. Thank you, Miss Yee. Now get it off your chest.


Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to vent, you can hit us about any time. Call us up right now. Phone lines are wide open. Get it off your chest is the Breakfast Club.


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Hello, this is Mark from Toronto. Hey, Mark, get it off your chest, bro. I'm just wondering, I'm kind of new to the show if I were to Peter Charlamagne the morning started with that intro, and it kind of drives me wild, but I kind of want to know what's the story behind that? Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo.


I don't I don't think it's no story is just kind of like a wake up call, you know what I mean? It's early in the morning, six a.m. hits. It's just like yo yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo. It's like, get up.


That's all. At first I got my radio was skipping. I didn't know what else I was.


True, true, true. All you do.


Oh, cheers, dude. Thanks for taking the call, guys.


I wanted you to I want you to do the yo yo yo yo yo, yo, yo, yo.


There you go. There you go. One time for six. Thanks for taking the car, guys. Let's hear it. Let me ask you, are you one? Thank you, brother. You get this one. This is my.


Hey, man can get it off your chest. Mama, you know, I work in the house about my boyfriend. The problem is I just like it out loud. Says Happy Birthday to my mom. I want to tell how can Walmart he just want him out of it. And I just want to wish you a happy birthday.


I'm happy for you, Rhonda. It's a blessing to be here. You better get your mom something good for pushing you out.


Forty nine year, however long it was, you wouldn't be able to read the book well as that money on it because I thought you want to money.


There you go. There you go. But any real money. Yeah, it is real money.


I just got paid a day yesterday. All right. Have you bought it.


I mean you wake up with a little bouncing, you step so you got to man. All right.


You got to be right. Yeah. OK, I'm just making sure she get our little birthday sex.


That's all I ever. Thank you.


I'll get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. Hit us up. Right now is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. I'm telling you what, Stormi. All of you, this is your time to get it off your chest, whether you're mad or blessed. Eight hundred five eight five one five one. We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club.


Hello, this.


Hey, are you guys doing this? Is Cindy calling for that sound like porta potty guy and then are you.


Oh, Andy, you're right. How are you doing today? My brother. I haven't heard from you in a while. How's everything?


Oh, everything has been blessed. I'm trying to maintain. I just want to say congratulations. I see you doing so many businesses out here. It's very motivate. Motivational speaker to Angela. You keep on doing everything with their coffee, you know.


I mean, Angela, you know, the coffee unites people.


That definitely also helps people with coffee, uplifts people. That's true. But you got to try to Blue Mountain tea. Coffee from Jamaica. That's that's that's some really good coffee. And also I see I see me doing these things with like effects I'm making. I get a job. My brother trying to get out of Antonio.


Can you get a job. Yeah. If you just get out of Desert One, which you do you're trying to do well, you know, I mean, I'm trying to start my own party.


I mean, I'm trying to do something to be financially free and at the end decide to do a thing. What? It's water. And I've been telling you that I'm trying to come up with my own drink, my own limeade, drink my my own lemonade. I have the money out there, man.


No, I mean, I love I mean, actually, I like Lamay better than lemonade.


Exactly. I mean, so I just actually started my own LLC Stone tropical alignment and I'm just trying to do some positive things on here. Man, it is very hard. Let's go. Well let's not act like you.


Being a sanitation worker is not a positive thing because it is OK. You got a job and it's a good job and you get paid and you get benefits and you put food on your table. So let's not act like that's not a positive job.


That's so true. But the problem is, is when you are living paycheck to paycheck, it's not easy. But it you know, I mean, so I'm trying to decide how you guys have multiple revenue or income streams coming in. Everybody needs help out here and Sharpstown needs some help out here. But I'm just trying to stay positive and trying to do things the right way, you know? I mean, yes, sir. I got a job.


My brother, I'm a business, but I wasn't a great podcast page. I don't know if I'm a podcast page.


I don't know which one it was, but I put something together. I'll put something together.


And I think I think you and to do a podcast together, I would do a podcast. It's the problem is I don't have a problem with it.


Oh, he's to tell you why you you know, that's his trigger. Trigger you. I got therapy today. I got therapy today. Sean, you want to go to school, take them with you.


But Christ, you invite me to go to therapy and then you shut me down.


I would go to therapy with you one day, bro, you know, I mean, we all got to deal with this trauma, bro.


I don't know how you're the one person I have a problem with it. I don't care. How do you spell trauma?


Sharpstown T v Sean's trauma has a first name is Tara. He has trauma.


Yo, that's what I hear on the radio. He talks about mental health and helping people. But when it comes to Sean. So he plays with my emotions.


Oh, OK. So I just just admit to me right now and I'll stop just admit to me Trav is a trigger.


I don't have a problem with it. No problem at all.


He doesn't drink in my life, but. Oh, you know, I mean, OK. Yes, not at all.


What if you want a hash tag?


I'm bothered very much like I'm trying to put food on my table, trying to feed my family and stay grown up free. You know, I mean, I don't know.


What would you call your podcast with Jeff or.


What I call my ex told me that, of course it's on me. What would you call on the podcast?


Which triggers? Oh, triggers.


Triggers I might trigger, such as you heard is joining me. Want to give me your job and it's going to be called Trigger. Let's look at this podcast pop in. And that's why they make their money to feed our family. Who will be on top like the name. Oh, my goodness.


The question. That's a good question. Shawn St. Louis Armstrong, y'all be side by side.


You know what's so funny? You always see that crazy people come from Florida, right? There's a story on Worldstar. There's a guy that went to a doctor to get his colon clean, and I guess he actually killed himself. So, yeah, that happened in Jacksonville. Yeah. He went back to the doctor until. Does it come on people would slow down doing. I mean, I heard about this.


I don't know if that's. Crudo, but I heard about that, yeah, I definitely saw you on top, and I'm not really talking to you a little too much to ask, so we got to go. No, I mean, hang up on my goodbye. Why do you do that drama, please say goodbye to the brother. You said people. I was saying goodbye. I was wrapping up. That was my fault that I think I take the blame on that one.


Get it off your chest.


Eight hundred five eight five one two five one that we got rooms on the way.


Yes. And we'll talk about Ninni Ligue. She just made a big announcement. All right.


We'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club. L.A. is where I was born and raised. And for years, it's where I've documented life in the city, not the pop culture headlines, but the stories of people and communities that hardly get recognized the way. Good morning. I brought L.A. wherever I travel to around the world as a journalist, and now I'm back home.


Look at those cowboys. There are black cowboys. I taught them how to do everything. Kobe, Kobe, Kobe, Kobe made people feel as confident as he was. How do you dress? Like, you know, like a casual gangster from Alere studios. This is California Love. Listen to California Love. I heart radio app, Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast. Morning, everybody.


Is D.J. Envy. Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Let's get to the room. Let's talk Mneimneh.


It's right. She's feeling the heat. This is the rumor report with Angelito on the Breakfast Club. Yes.


So many leaves is not returning to the Real Housewives of Atlanta. She's not going to be a part of season 13. And she said it was a very difficult decision. Listen to any leaks here.


I have made the very hard and difficult decision to not be a part of Real Housewives of Atlanta Season thirteen. It wasn't an easy decision for me. I started on The Real Housewives of Atlanta in 2008. I can say that I was a part of a genre that opened up doors for black ensemble reality shows to step up and be a part of what we all now love so much reality TV.


One of those negotiations looked like they were actively negotiating with Nene Leakes and she said, no, I wonder what happened.


Well, she had posted protecting my peace is the utmost importance to me. Fighting for black women rights is a passion of mine. Head on over to my YouTube and listen closely. I love you. And then Andy said, Nene Leakes is an icon of the genre. She is a gift and a catchphrase machine. And 11 years of watch. What Happens Live Now has been our most frequent guest and she is always a blast. Nini nicknamed me Buttercup the first day we met and still calls me that today.


Through her whole run, she always had a serious concern and drive to maintain the success and well-being of Real Housewives of Atlanta. I'm going to miss Nini on the show, but I'm hoping we work together again soon and will remain in each other's orbits forever.


I respect it. I respect the fact that, you know, Nini said she wants to protect her piece and no amount of money is worth your piece. So drop bombs from any leaks and.


No, and, you know, she gets up my sleeve. So she you know, she's heading to do something bigger and probably better shouted Oh. Oh, she drives a hard bargain to slutting any. All right.


High dollar sign. And Alicia Keys, there are some of the guests who will be giving insight into the making of one of their songs to new Netflix show. It's called Song Exploder. So there'll be in-depth interviews behind the scenes footage and demos of the record and more. So he's going to be breaking down hella tight. Elhassan, which featured Kendrick Lamar, Brandee and producer James Lee. Right. And yeah. So you can watch that. That's going to premiere October 2nd.


OK, I'm always here for stuff like that. I'd like to see the intricate details of how your favorite records were made, no matter that. Right.


And for all the fans of Benny the Butcher, just be careful when you get his merch, the black soprano family apparel. He issued a warning to his fans. He said, if you buy a shirt for me, your gang related. According to Buffalo Police and parole, be careful. Somebody had sent him a message and said, hi, sweetie, this is Patty. Just tried to call you straight, said call you. He got arrested for parole violation.


His officer claimed that BSF shirts, hats and t shirts, book bags are gang related and charging him for a parole violation.


I want some of that gang related merchandise. Benny the Butcher was supposed to send me some. I don't think I ever got it, but I'll go on the website and purchase it myself. Salute to my man, Benny. But you still to come with a machine to that album from King to a God. Oh, my man dropped one of the bombs for Kawaguchi Abbey.


Speaking to a God is phenomenal nominal record he got for man. Oh my God.


OK, yesterday there was a virtual press conference that included Ras Baraka, J.R. Smith, Michelle Roberts, who is the executive director for the Players Association for the NBA. New Jersey Devils President Jake Rennolds, New Jersey Secretary of State to wish away, and Essex County Board of Elections Clerk Linda Vinessa. They announced that the Prudential Center will serve as a super polling site for the upcoming 2020 presidential election. So I think that's important. And the is find places to go.


I think it's very important because you're going to need as many uncompromised polling sites as you possibly can get, because I would not be surprised if, you know, the president does something like encourage his followers or supporters to go to the polls and stand there with your weapons and intimidate people. You'll think I'm joking when I say you probably should wear a Magga head to the polls just to confuse people. And when you got people like Roger Stone saying that Trump should, you know, declare martial law and seize ballots in Nevada and do whatever it takes to stay in power, like it's going to be ugly in November.


Definitely going to be. All right.


Well, Footlocker stores nationally are also going to be a voter registration hub starting next week. So they're working with Rock the Vote and they're trying to make sure that younger people cast ballots in this election also.


I think it's good to see everybody trying to make sure they take part.


That's why you get a lot of young people going about some days. But I don't know how many people are going for like anyone. People go for, like, all the time when. Yeah, we do. Yeah, absolutely. People are going to be having the exclusive. Do they you know, they get to change.


I mean, they don't get the disease as much, but they definitely get the Jordans and, you know, it makes a limited amount.


Yet they still be lying around the corner for lack of well, some people go online, you know, if one person gets even harder.


People camped out making sure that they are on their line to maybe get their sneakers. All right. Now, Alyssa Milano says that her covid-19 symptoms have still been lingering six months after she was sick. So she said they're still lingering effects. I still have shortness of breath. I still have heart palpitations. I have a high pitched noise in my ear. My hair is falling out. And there's a lot of people who have been having those issues. I actually know some people who still don't have their sense of taste.


I know someone who got it back in March and still hasn't recovered their sense of taste yet and still has shortness of breath.


And so we don't know what these lasting repercussions are going to be from coronavirus. But she said it is a really rough, rough illness. We can't think that this is over and done with because it surely is not. All right. I'm Angela Yeay. And that is your rumah report.


All right. Thank you. Miss you. Now, when we come back, we got front page news. What are we talking about?


Let's talk about patriotic education. This is what Donald Trump wants.


All right. We'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club, your mornings. I'll never be the same.


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He is the world's most dangerous morning sort of breakfast club, Charlemagne, the God Angela years. Time for front page news.


What we got, I guess. Well, let's. That's right. I know him. I just know the Browns won in Miami. And your tax records work on that one in the Miami Heat won.


Donald Trump has announced what he wants to be a patriotic education. And this is a political thing because, you know, he's really upset about this 16 19 education program that they're trying to do, the 16 19 project, which details the country's history from when the first enslaved Africans were brought to America's shores. He does not like that at all. And he's he wants to have some type of jurisdiction over school curriculum. To be clear, the federal government does not have any jurisdiction over school curriculum.


Here's what he had to say about a patriotic education.


I I'm also pleased to announce that I will soon sign an executive order establishing a national commission to promote patriotic education. It will be called the 1776 Commission, who must clear away the twisted web of lies in our schools and classrooms and teach our children the magnificent truth about our country. We want our sons and daughters to know that they are the citizens of the most exceptional nation in the history of the world.


Patriotic education. What really happened, but a patriotic education is what already exists. Now, everything we're taught in schools is rooted in whiteness under the guise of patriotism. Everything we are taught in schools is through the lens of the. That's why Christopher Columbus is looked at as a hero and not a terrorist of indigenous people. That's why schools named after white supremacists. But what he's saying he wants to do is exactly what the 16 19 project is doing. America's history is only beautiful, depending on what side you're on.


Of course, if you a white supremacist, you love the history of America because the system benefitted you, right?


What is he talking about? But these aren't even lies about the country. It's what really happened is the real history of the United States. He also feels like teaching about systemic racism in America is a form of child abuse. Here's what he had to say about the 16 19 project.


The left his warped, distorted and defiled the American story. There's no better example than The New York Times 16 19 project. This project rewrites American history to teach our children that we were founded on the principle of oppression, not freedom. Nothing could be further from the truth. America's founding set in motion the unstoppable chain of events that abolished slavery, secured civil rights, defeated communism and fascism, and built the most fair, equal and prosperous nation in human history.


This just sounds all the way crazy.


Like I don't understand how somebody just can't get it, just doesn't it?


And I don't understand it. Like just accept the fact that systemic racism has happened, OK? Instead of trying to revise history, how about atone for that history?


It happened. Now, how do you write better stories moving forward? Correct.


That's that's what that's what every politician you can't like. It didn't happen. And it's a lie. I mean, that's crazy. Yes. And that's why you have to vote, guys, when it comes to driving change, there's no action as powerful as casting a vote. Please make sure you were registered to vote. Please make sure you know all the information you need to know about voting. Key dates, election reminders. You can get all that information from Rock the Vote.


Just text Levi's Leavis to seven eight eight six eight three. And you can make sure that you are registered and ready to vote this fall.


Absolutely. All right. Well, that is your front page news now. When we come back, your resident doctor, Dr. Oz, will be joining us.


Ever heard of them who never heard of a guy who just quack Yorgi coming on? Yeah, well, he'll be joining us next. We'll kick it with Dr. Oz. Said Don't movies The Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club. Morning, everybody, is D.J. Envy, Angela Ye shall I mean, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club will still kick it off with Dr. Oz.


You mentioned the vaccine before now. Do you think it's long enough to see what the side effects on Charlamagne? And I was talking to a doctor last week as to and he was saying he would never take it right away. He said he would wait probably to do a march to take it. He said the first batch, he just wouldn't trust taking it. So I think sometimes he has so many different opinions, we don't know who to believe. So you would be comfortable with not necessarily knowing all the side effects, not knowing how it would affect people at all?


Well, we have thirty thousand people in each of these trials and there are several trials. So I guess more than one hundred thousand people were getting these vaccines with careful follow up for side effects. I don't think it's an experiment. And by the way, you're not going to get the go first anyway. The first people get the vaccines are going to be health care providers and vulnerable populations, people in nursing homes, folks who have multiple medical problems. So it's going to be rolled out so that a few vaccines that we have are given the people who benefit the most from it.


So you're not going to get a chance to get it until probably March anyway. That stated, when it comes, I don't want a lot of confusion, people second guessing whether it's safe or not. And all nine of the main companies that the pharmaceutical companies got together wrote a letter saying, we are not even going to submit for approval. We're not going to let the government get our vaccine until we're comfortable that it's safe and then they're not going to ruin their businesses racing to get a vaccine.


Listen, I understand completely why people are nervous. They're nervous because it's operation warp speed, right? That they're nervous because it must have been rushed because that's how we got it out in a few months, which normally takes years, is rushed because they don't trust the White House that there's a lot of election year.


They're politicizing it. I think it's the truth.


Yeah, but, Charlie, you know, when you mix politics and medicine, you don't want you get politics. Medicine gets suffocated. And I can't let that happen because this is a medical issue. And I especially don't want to hurt people who end up getting covid-19 as an infection in December, January, February, who wouldn't have if we just allowed this to move forward. Now, again, the vaccine is not going to be administered till after the election anyway.


So either way, I don't think it's back that you're getting it. It's going to be political, but getting ready to give it should not be politicized.


Yeah, but when Trump can say, hey, we created a vaccine in a rapid amount of time, we're going to have the vaccine ready, that is something that could cause people to go vote.


But Trump's not making the vaccine. Pharmaceutical companies all over the world are me. This past weekend, the Chinese announced that they have already given hundreds of thousands of their doctors and nurses their vaccine. These companies are not working in isolation. Only in America right now. Working. I mean, AstraZeneca vaccines is a British vaccine. There's two big Chinese vaccines. We've got our own vaccines in America, which we need to have because American companies will make vaccines that Americans can get first.


The Chinese are not going to give us their vaccine until they immunize their own people in the Trump support is not going to take no Chinese vaccine.


I've got a very strong on China.


I don't know. I mean, if a vaccine is proven to be safe and a company making it as reputable, I would take the vaccine.


And how do we treat the flu? How do we treat the flu differently now? Because now the symptoms of the flu is the same as the symptoms were cold. If we treat that any differently now. And do you advise people to take the flu shot?


The flu shots are already out? I would definitely take it for two reasons. One, although half the population takes the flu shot normally this year, let's make it more because you don't want to get confused about whether your symptoms of the flu are covid-19. That would be horrible because then you go to the hospital with flu symptoms, you get covid-19 because you can get them both together. At the same time, there's different viruses that will be really a problem for a lot of people.


So go out and get the vaccine. Now, the good news is we're probably not going to have much of a flu season because what we've seen in Asia already is because everyone's wearing masks and socially distancing. They're not giving each other the flu either. So hopefully won't be a bad season. But why take a chance? Get the darn vaccine? It's already out there. That's not an experiment that's been around for a long time. And and that's something that most Americans ought to be able to do just to protect the rest of us.


And you know, the thing about vaccine, real quick, everyone doesn't have to get a vaccine. I don't want people to feel they're stupid or bad or dumb or conspiracy theories for not getting the vaccine. But we need to get enough people vaccinated so we get herd immunity. So we need about 70 percent of the population to get vaccinated. I think we could do that without too much difficulty.


I just got one last question on the flu. Is a nasal spray accurate or should you take a shot of the nasal spray works if you're the right age group? But it does work well in young people. The shot seems to be the more reliable way to go in general.


Not going to see you get the vaccine live on your show. And after you do it, I'll wait a couple of months and see what happens if I see some wings growing out your back to the vaccine, have some side effects. I'll make a deal with you. Seriously, I'll get the vaccine live on my show. I'm actually going to have Jerome Adam, give me the flu vaccine live on the show later this month. So I'll bet I'll get covid-19 vaccine as soon as I'm allowed to get it.


Then you're going to come on my show and you're going to get. A month after I get it, if I'm still alive, a month later, you'll get it. I think that's a good deal. You've got to know each other and I'll throw a rectal exam. And now a man got his anal swab for his test. And I was telling him, that's not right.


It never happened. What do you think about the kids going back to school? Because you got your little you got a little early or early this year. But what do you think now? Do you think you made the right decision? Because my kids are in school. I put mine in school.


Yeah, I put my grandkids in school. Listen, I quoted a Lancet article that argued that we did not make society that much safer as much as we thought anyway by taking kids out of school. And people got mad at me for talking about it. And I respect that. It's a sensitive topic, but I don't want us to ignore the harm we do to our kids by not allowing them to be in school. And I also appreciate their risks.


They are absolutely our risk. But how big are those risks? Well, they're definitely significant for teachers and for parents and grandparents. But I got to say, for most kids, if we can follow CDC guidelines and make sure that not everyone gets sick all at once, that the homerooms are broken up and the kids go to school different times, leave school different times that we're better off having our kids in school, it disproportionately hurts poor kids and kids of color when they're out of school.


It hurts the parents and the kids don't have backup plans. And the worst thing we can do, I think, is half time and school half time out of school. Because you know what happens the days the kids in school, they might get infected, but then the days they're not in school, they go to daycare, they might get infected there. So you actually increase the chance that the virus will go through the community. So I think either go to school, you don't go to school.


And if you're going to go to school, which again, my grandkids are doing, then you break up the classes in ways that you keep them as safe as possible so they're less likely to be hunkered down on top of each other. But they get free meals, they get checked for abuse that might be going on at home. They get mentoring. And most importantly, they're not scarred for the rest of their life, thinking that they have to run away from the problem.


I want to ask you, right when I heard what you said in what you said, you created the link and you said some things you never said. Do you think it was the platform you was on because you was on Sean Hannity? Or do you think it was social media which which which caused the context to be lost in that?


You know, I think it was social media and the platform didn't help, but I didn't get I didn't get a lot of feedback for two days. I didn't even know it was an issue. And then two days later, someone saw it and got upset about it. And I guess I understand why people are not agreeing with me. I just think we need to be able to talk to each other and we can be angry about stuff, but we get to talk to each other.


And that's one of the challenges with the council culture, because you take people who are doing their best to make whatever they're trying to do. And you start saying, well, you can't you don't get to say that. And the best way to get rid of a bad idea is talk about it, because then the fact that it's bad becomes evident. Everyone starts to say, yeah, it was a bad idea. And that's what made what has made your show iconic is you try to do everything.


Yeah, that I know the bad idea comes on the show. You beat up the bad idea and people say that was a dumb idea. I'm not going to say that. I don't want to sound dumb. I'd say that idea in public, whereas if it's set in secrecy in the corners, people start repeating it. They think it's real because no one's able to challenge it because no one's saying it publicly.


And bad ideas from the host as well. Yeah, absolutely. All of us, if you have a lot of ideas, guarantee some of them are bad.


We got more with Dr. Oz when we come back. Don't move us to Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club. We're still kicking it with Dr. Oz. Yea.


Now that as very similar things to be touching on on season twelve. Well I'm very passionate about some of these you guys have been talking through. So Jacob Blake's family is coming on onto our show and I'm going to go over what happened to him, where the gunshots are. You know, I actually he was shot through this first and fourth lumbar spine, which is why he will most likely be paralyzed, although the family is saying, despite the odds, they're praying for success.


But what most impressed me about Jake Blake was his father, same name as the son is they said he wants peace. He does not want his son or I just said the same thing, causing violence, quite the opposite. They want to make sure that this never happens to anybody else again. And we have no more violence. And Daniel Pruett, whose whose family is coming on, remember, he was the gentleman whose brother called the four nine one one because he was having a mental breakdown and the cops came and they put a hood ornament, killed him.


And I was training him. And this is an example of mental health issues should be dealt with by criminal justice systems. And you know something? We've talked about this on my show with you a bunch of times. We cannot criminalize mental health issues. We cannot criminalize drug issues. It doesn't work. And so we got to get smarter in how we deploy our resources, get the right people, think are the right people at the right time. The brother was so emotional if he blames himself for calling the nine one one on the Daniel prude.


Because he had no idea cops would come and do that to him and I I felt for him and, you know, I'm sure right now a lot of people are having all kinds of mental health issues as the coronavirus. I have a friend who had a really bad breakdown and they did call the cops on her just because being in the house and then going through whatever personal issues you might have in a relationship and having minimal contact with people outside of your house can be very tiring for a lot of people, even if certain things have never shown up before.


It's like the perfect storm. You know, our brains got to the size they are to be able to deal with each other, that we need your brain this big to be able to look at each other in the eyes and read each other's facial expressions, the key or subtle tones and what you're really trying to say as you speak. And so when we isolate each other, we get depression, we get anxiety, which is skyrocketing high. We don't feel like we're raindrops falling into the ocean of humanity.


In addition, you're appropriately fearful of a virus that could hurt you and the people who pay the biggest price for the older folks, actually, because they don't. They need the Chey, the life force from youth. You know, the big argument now that Alzheimer's has made a lot worse by covid my mom, I haven't talked about this. I'm going to I'll share with you guys. My mom lives in Turkey, was diagnosed two weeks ago, we called it, and she has Alzheimer's and she got really sick for there two.


They put her on the Turkish Protocol, which is a combination of drugs that they give to everybody in Turkey. And within a day, she was better. She never had a problem and she doesn't seem to have had a neurologic issue. But covid-19 causes brain fog. If you hear that on top of the social isolation, that's a one two punch many people cannot deal with. I had a doctor at my hospital. A very popular doctor commits suicide.


She was perfectly normal before covid. She got covid and her doctors. Her father's a doctor, too. You came on my show to talk about it. She never recovered. And then she took her life.


Sorry to hear about your mom, about even when it comes to cultural competence in the mental health space, we need more mental health care workers that are black because the numbers are lower. And I think in, you know, the other document, things like three percent.


Yeah. And African-Americans that Quincy Jones taught me this when I was still a resident, but his mom had schizophrenia and he sort of sent her away, never told anyone why, just never saw her again. And he said that's how they used to deal with it back in the forties and fifties, just some people away, they disappeared. And that's not how you manage mental health. And we've got to change.


That's a huge cultural barrier as people apply for this scholarship program that you have, the more diversity in the field of medicine.


So there's two things we're doing this hashtag, more black dots. If you are going to go to my website, you'll see all the information. I'm going to give some scholarships out to young men and women who are being doctors just to help them with all their expenses. And then I'm also having mentoring programs. I'm having a lot of doctors of color. I have seminars with students, high school students and college students just to teach them about what's available.


So you don't have to be a heart surgeon and spend your whole life training their jobs that exist in health care that are fantastic. They pay well, very rewarding. And again, you'll save lives. And we need to get people of color interested in those jobs.


I was going to ask the governor just said he's not banning Halloween or trick or treating. What are your thoughts on that? You think it's safe for kids to be going house to house ringing people's doorbell is that safe? Well, I think you've got to have a different way of Halloween. I don't want them congregating in a super spreader moment. There are only two things we have to do to keep this thing at bay, wear masks when we're around other people and avoid super spreader moments where you got 50 people crowded into a small, poorly ventilated space and one person's ill and gets everybody else sick.


So trick or treat outdoor activity if the assuming the weather's reasonable, if you can have people keep the candy outside the door and then you're socially distant so the kids come take the candy and walk out. There's no case is not one that we know of of food spreading covid e. eat can get sick that we know of. Now, I have a question. I saw some reports saying that if you're going to have sex, you should wear a mask with somebody that you haven't been in quarantine with.


Is that effective? I don't think it's going to be impactful. You know what the odds if you're if you're married and your spouse gets covid-19, you know what the odds are that you'll get covid-19. Was that 15 percent, one five one in seven, really? So I don't think that you're going to get a lot of benefit from wearing a mask. You're trying to get rid of the fun, despite whatever S.A.T. Charlamagne tries is not going to.


I tell you something, I got my blood drawn on Monday for a brand new kind of blood test that I'm going to I'll have the results by tomorrow. I want to know if I had T cells. Let me explain this to everybody. So antibodies, which is what you make after you've had the infection. And I don't have any. Ah, but those antibodies theoretically will protect you for a couple of months after you've had covid-19. But the Germans and the Swedes believe that one third of their population is already protected against covid-19 because in past years they've had a common cold with a coronavirus, a cousin of the current covid-19 and that gives them protection because they find protection against discovery.


19 from blood samples from two or three years ago, so I'm getting my blood checked to see if I have t cells that may protect me because I had some of my kids had covid-19 and I didn't get it. So I'm thinking the reason that married couples have not able because you think if you're married to someone and they get covid-19, you're surely going to get it. But because it's unlikely you'll get it. It means that a lot of us have prior exposure in some capacity.


It might be that one third of New York is already immune from it or not going to get a bad case of covid-19 because they have a common cold two years ago and they say you could get it twice.


I was reading that also there have been three cases in the world that I know of, of people getting it twice. It happens. It's just not that common. All right. With that, we appreciate you for joining us. Congratulations on another season, another two seasons again on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. That is Dr. Oz.


And instead of putting your handprint, you should put your ass cheeks into concrete and go, I'm going to bite you.


I'm going to do just that if you'll do it with me, Charlamagne, with you.


Because the anal swab and that's what he wrote on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I'm going to put the actual input right there.


There you go. That'll be. But it is by the beginning.


Oh, before I forget, I almost forgot. You know, I've been talking about sleep all this time. I launched a sleep line. I finally put my name on something. You guys been telling me to do it. Wow. Dr. Oz, good life. And it's an adjustable. It's a bunch of things. But the most important thing just released the data this week in a major sleep studies. We showed that using an adjustable bed reduces snoring and improves sleep.


If you gently elevate the head of the bed, you can actually reduce your story dramatically and improve the quality of your sleep. The problem, of course, is these things have always been expensive. So I went to the biggest seller on Amazon and these guys were making these things very affordable. So Doctorow's good life that will come to my site, you'll see it there and see the panels. OK, I get their pillows. There's lots of good things out there.


But most importantly, it'll get you to sleep because if you sleep, you won't eat, which means you'll lose weight.


You thank you. That as that is The Breakfast Club. The morning. Morning. This just in, all the guys in the room, a report got guys in the group. It's a room over for the Breakfast Club. All right. Well, Amazon music has jumped into the podcast game.


Now they have free podcasts that are available. And Deejay Kallet got one, of course. Listen to this.


You already know my name. No, I know what I do. I make hits. I make moments that last forever. And we break it all the rules of the podcast game and tell the stories of some of the greatest in music history. I'm a bit shaping what the greatest musicians of all time.


We'll talk about the fame, the fortune, like success stories are here to motivate you because everybody starts from somewhere dropping a close bond with D.J. Kallet and Amazon.


I'm not mad at it. I'm not mad as hell past one.


And it's developed by Amazon and LeBron Springhill Company to my guy CA's real live Cavs out their cash salute the UK as the Cavs is over there moving and shaking things. Podcasting has become a huge part of the business and some of the best podcast has got Pop and from doing other things comedians, rappers, athletes. Joe Rogan used to host Fear Factor. So don't hate when you see Challa getting in that podcast because your favorite podcast used to do other things too.


All right. Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith also have an untitled podcast project that's going to be coming as well.


They got the title in entanglement. I mean, you just have to just for marketing and promotion promotional purposes because life and life is an entanglement. It is.


But I don't think they want that because I see the name of a song called Entanglement when we think they know how to. By the way, exactly when you think Will and Jada now was to somebody said, what's the first word that comes to your mind? You think Will and Jada, what do you say?


Entanglement exactly. You got anything wrong with that? With the podcast. And there you go.


Jaden Smith is launching a racial and social justice series that's going to be on Snapchat, and it's called the Solution Committee. Listen to this.


I'm Jane Smith, the Solution Committee. And welcome to the show where we bring people together to talk about complex issues. Why don't young people follow? Politics can be very uncomfortable. It can be very daunting for people, especially young people, when they want to change the world. How does one do that? And so today's topic is education. Today's topic is race is climate change. How in climate racism.


So he's trying to understand what young people can do to create change. I love it.


I mean, listen, people like to sit around and discuss all the problems. We'll talk about how bad, you know, Trump in this administration is all day long. But what solutions are you presented? I'm not mad at the young man for trying to figure out some solutions for his generation to get his people in his age group engaged.


Well, that show premieres September 21st, right before a National Voter Registration Day, which is September 22nd. Some of his friends and family members include Haley Barbour, Common, Janelle Monet, Phoebe Robinson, Yara Shahidi, Lena Waithe, Willow Smith and all of that. All right. Well, I'm Angela Yee, and that is your roomie report. All right.


Thank you, Miss Charlamagne. Who are you giving that donkey to? We need William Barr, attorney general, to come to the front of the congregation. We like to have a word with him.


All right. We'll get into that next. Keep it like this. The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club, your mornings.


I'll never be the same.


Hiring is challenging, but there's one place you can go where hiring is simple and smart. That place is zip recruiter. We're growing. Businesses connect to qualified candidates. Try it for free as zip recruiter dotcom slash breakfast zip recruiter. The smartest way to hire. I don't feel that you belong to you or. I'm affecting all around you. I want this man to go out and Blossman Charlamagne, the top man, has to make a judgment of who was going to be on the of the day.


They chose you for the Breakfast Club, bitch, whose donkey the day to day donkey today date for Friday, September 18th, goes to a man who is undermining the presidential election.


One of Trump's top political goons, Attorney General William Barr, the head of the DOJ, is one of the main people planted the seed of doubt in people's heads about the upcoming election. Donald Trump said that the only way he loses the election is if the election is rigged. If William Barr was an uncompromised AG who wasn't in Trump's pocket, he would challenge Trump on that and tell them knock it off. All that unsupported rhetoric with no William Barr doesn't care about the country ought to people in it, who cares about the party.


He cares about his president and he cares about power. But that's not why William Barr is getting donkey today.


It's a much more simple reason. C William Barr compared the stay at home orders issued by governors to mitigate the spread of coronavirus slavery.


I repeat, Attorney General William Barr compared stay at home orders issued by governors to mitigate the spread of coronavirus to slavery. I can't make this kind of stuff up. Let's go to CBS This Morning for the report.


Police putting a national lockdown stay at home orders is like house arrest and a conservative Constitution Day event in Virginia. Attorney General Bill Barr said this of quarantining nationwide.


It's, you know, other than slavery, which was a different kind of restraint, this is the greatest intrusion on civil liberties in American history.


They're also criticized the Black Lives Matter movement.


They're not interested in black lives or interested in crops. A small number of blacks who were killed by police during conflict with police, usually less than a dozen a year, who they can use as props to achieve a much broader political agenda.


But the data shows that 250 black people were killed by police last year alone. Black people are more than three times more likely to be killed during a police encounter than white people.


I hate every single person who compares anything in this modern day world except for prisons to slavery.


Seriously, prisons are the closest thing we have to slavery, and that's because that's what they were designed to be. Please take a quick break from watching Girlfriends on Netflix this weekend and watch 13 by Ava DuVernay. Just take a break. Watch how the 13th Amendment abolished slavery throughout the USA and ended involuntary servitude except as a punishment for conviction.


OK, everything else are comparing slavery to is absolutely not even close. If you compare the NFL to NBA, the music industry, to slavery, you are an embarrassment to your ancestors and you absolutely need to go read a book.


OK, go, go read the 16 19 projec are listening to the 16 19 project podcast hosted by Nicole Hannah Jones to really get a grasp on what slavery was and the consequences of slavery that still impact us now. Hey, William Barr. Instead of fighting against a 16 19 project which your president and calling it propaganda to me, like you need to educate yourself, because if you remotely think that stay at home orders for coronavirus, what a worse intrusion to civil liberties than slavery.


My God, when a person said that, you know, when a person says something like that, you know, they have to be an old white man because old white men have no idea what the rest of Americans go through because their lens is always through the eyes of colonisation. If William Barr had any empathy for what others go through, you would know not only have our civil rights been violated. Our basic human rights have been violated. That's what slavery was.


It was a violation of human rights. You know, we're talking about basic human rights, the basic human rights of life, the right to life, the right to education, protection from torture, freedom of expression, the right to a free trial.


We can't even get past the first one in regards to slavery. How we can't get past the first one now.


OK, the right to life.


You can't tell me that he cares about our lives. When William bars dismissing the very organization, the movement that is out there fighting for what are black lives excluded? Black Lives Matter movement. William Barr stay at home orders to slow down the spread of a virus that is killing people is the greatest civil rights violation since slavery. Just skip over the whole Jim Crow South segregation there. Just skip over the whole civil rights movement. Forget, you know, things like being passed over for a job due to discrimination.


Forget fair housing rights violations, forget police brutality, illegal searches and seizures.


All of that pales in comparison to being told to stay at home so you don't catch a potential virus and die or stay at home so you don't spread a potential buyers and kill someone. I think that we need a virtual reality slavery simulation. I'm serious.


America will never truly know where it's at unless we know where we came from. And when I hear people always undermining American slavery and they make it seem as if slavery is simply simply not being able to do what you want to do, it make it seem like you were just under someone else's control. You got guys like Kanye saying slavery was a choice, comparing slavery to oppressive contracts in the music industry, not understanding that it's levels to oppression.


And I don't like to do the oppression Olympics, but trust me, just stay at home. Orders for Korona and bad music industry deals pale in comparison to the murder, rape, infant side and other physical abuse that happened during slavery.


And I think y'all need to feel that, OK, we need a virtual reality slavery simulation. So whenever people make these false comparisons to slavery, they have to go spend 48 hours in this virtual reality slave world and actually experience the violence of slavery. Yes, I'm talking real whips across the back. All of that, all of that. OK, y'all don't understand and will not understand the full range of human emotions that slaves possessed. OK, you couldn't even understand that trauma.


You never experienced that type of pain emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and definitely not physically.


You can't take an attack from social media without wanting to die.


You kill yourself and you comparing what you are going through in twenty twenty and sports are in the music industry are stay at home orders because of coronavirus the slavery.


Please let Chelsea Handler give William Barr the biggest hee hee haw hee haw.


That is way too much. Dan Mayonaise.


Jesus Christ man, what is wrong with us? And once again, slavery was not just a violation of civil rights, it was a violation of basic human rights. No. One, the right to life, period.


All right. Well, thank you for that donkey of the day. Now, earlier, we had Dr. Oz on and Charlemagne got a little excited.


No, I didn't get excited. You was trying to be funny because of this story that happened in Jacksonville, allegedly. I don't know if the story is true. In fact, I know this story is not true, but I I kind of want it to be true just because it's funny. A Florida man, a Florida man shot a male doctor during a prostate exam in Jacksonville. He didn't kill the doctor. He just shot him because that he was getting a prostate exam.


He ejaculated and. And we got excited and I found out why, and he asked Dr. Oz this today, this morning, Charlamagne sent me a text about how when he went to the doctor, he got his prostate exam and he had an orgasm. Is that normal? That never happened. I think there was a guy in Jacksonville that happened to. Well, it's an interesting problem because it's not really a problem. It's very common. But prostate has sensory fibers on it.


So it does create orgasms. And some men enjoy that a lot. And it is something that is commonly reported. In fact, it's sort of replaced the clitoris in females.


That's where that those nerves would come to my attention. That envy gets a prostate exam twice a year. Did not say twice a year.


You did. No, I didn't. How many times a year?


Once every time I get my examination, I get a prostate exam.


How many thought how many times have you gotten a prostate exam twice in your life? Yes, twice in my life. Did you get a second opinion?


Is that he stopped. He stopped two fingers, two fingers up there as a second opinion, according to Dr..


No to ejaculation. No, I did not. OK, what about you? Did you. I've never had a prostate exam.


I can't if I can't wait to see if I ejaculate. I've thought about that every day of my life since Stiffler on American, since I saw that back then.


All right. So what's the question, man? What's the question, guy? I want to know if you've ever ejaculated during a prostate exam not to have and but just people who have gotten them because people are saying this is so common. I would like to know if you ever ejaculated during a prostate exam. Now, I'm not going lie.


It's it's uncomfortable. It just seems just as mad, disturbing.


You know, one of the disturbing a man is sticking his finger in your belly.


You mean what you mean is what is disturbing.


Yes. Is disturbing. I get a prostate exam. I'm the type of person like when I hear something online, somebody dies or somebody got prostate cancer.


I get scared and I go to the doctor. So I go every year and I make sure I'm checked every everything. I make sure I'm 100 percent checked out. Why? Because I'm the breadwinner in my family and I want to make sure I am OK.


So, yes, you deserve and you deserve a good time. So I'm sad that you haven't gotten ejaculate during your prostate exam, but we want to know, have you call us right now?


You know why?


Because it's freaky, freaky, freaky Friday night.


This is something that doctors do now. When I went there was like, would you like to encourage people to get prostate exams?


There was like so it was like, oh, we got to go. We got to go to. I was like, would you like your wife to leave the room? I'm like, no, she's staying right here with me. All right.


Eight hundred 855 five one two five one is the Breakfast Club. Come on. It's Freaky Friday. Got the Breakfast Club. I got the phone call 800 five eight five one five one to join into the discussion with the Breakfast Club. Talk about it. Morning, everybody.


Is D.J. Envy, Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club now. Charlamagne the God.


No, no, you didn't do it. You got to do it. It's just not freaky. Freaky Friday Braudis. Yes, it is man. Come on man. Come on, come on. Or just ask me.


Ask me. I Charlamagne today's Friday. So what does that mean. Is freaky.


Freaky Freaky Friday. Are you laughing I now to tell you explain everybody, your story, your situation? Well, there was a fake story that was going around and it was about a Jacksonville man shooting his male doctor because during a prostate exam, this man ejaculated.


And so Northview was trying to be funny.


And he asked Dr. Oz this today this morning, Charlamagne sent me a text about how when he went to the doctor, he got his prostate exam and he had an orgasm. Is that normal? That never happened. There was a guy in Jacksonville that happened to.


Well, it's an interesting problem because it's not really a problem. It's very common. But prostate has sensory fibers on it. So it does create orgasms. And some men enjoy that a lot. And it is something that is commonly reported. In fact, it's sort of replaced the clitoris in females. That's where that those nerves went and that there's a there's a joke that proctologists say about why they use two fingers for rectal exams. Why, Dr. Oz, second opinion.


Now, let the record show that when I brought this topic up for Freaky Freaky Friday, I had a lot of resistance in the room, which isn't new, but N.V. was really being resistant, come to find out, has had two prostate exams.


So I would like to give in via a round of applause because he just didn't want to admit to the world that he had a man's finger.


But but tell us about the experience on this on a scale from good to amazing. How much did you love your prostate exam? All right.


Well, I mean, I think we all in the room had a fingerprint, but before mine was from a doctor, Charlamagne was just right.


We're not going to sit here in the room by yourself. First of all, not your whole life. You're at home. Just me and my wife.


I'm not I didn't see your wife before you were with your wife. You with. Oh, no, I'm not going to go.


I'm not going out there like that. One is Donald Trump. He just now basically me comes up to my God. I mean, anyway, on a scale from one to two, I'm not doing that with you.


But what happened is I am somebody when I hear something on the news or I see something, I think in that I have the same problem, the same disease. I have had an ingrown hair and thought it was a cancer bump. So I seen something on prostate cancer and I said, you know what, I have to get my prostate checked out. So for the last two years. Yes, the last two years. But I go to the doctor and I get my physical.


They give me a prostate exam, OK?


One finger could even be I don't know, I didn't turn around. I didn't look back at him and say, hey, how did you feel, though? Does it feel like something you could ejaculate?


Feels like it feels uncomfortable. It feels like this is pause, pause, pause.


It feels like he just says, yo, bend over, drop your pants down.


Like is he why you did that after he got along, girl, that's what it is.


No, it is no foreplay.


There's no hey, I'm going to do it since you know he just like that. Just like. Do you think he enjoyed it?


You know, I can tell.


But, you know, we're going to the doctor is normally not an enjoyable experience. You know, as a woman, we have to get exams all the time and they're always taking things in us and they're always telling me like, all right, just take a deep breath, because I get super nervous.


If you think this whole ejaculating, you think this whole ejaculating from prostate exam things is a myth is what you all are saying, even though we look at American Pie. OK, talk to me.


I did look it up. Tell me say that it's not that it's more of an urban legend myth.


Funny story. Yeah, it's more rare. It's not something that happens frequently. It's not something you leave and and be like, yes, it was great. No, it's something you leave like this. Mother, if I think he owes me five minutes, matter of fact, I'll wait outside after his job is over and I'm a fighter. That's how it feels.


It doesn't feel like when you looked back at the doctor. What position?


I did not see the doctor. And I think exactly. And I said I did not look back at it.


We look back at it. That's what I'm talking about.


But when you get a little older, like you say no. But when you get a little older, you want to make sure that you get yourself checked out, you know, because prostate cancer, if they catch it early, you know, it can you know, they can treat it. You don't want to put yourself in a position where you catch it too late and you can't be treated.


I think everybody should go get a prostate exam. I'm just simply asking the question, have you ever ejaculator from one? OK, no, I have. What about might give people more incentive to go? I haven't gone to get one yet, but I promise you, when I get one, I cannot wait to come back and reply and tell ya if it went down ok.


No, let me ask you a question. They told me so when your wife put her finger, did you ejaculate? No, you did.


It took you to look you did you. It wasn't made.


It wasn't that much pressure applied. I'm sure the doctor will anyway. Yeah. Yeah. Got my way.


This is where you get back. I love it. So there you go to the phone. I got a doctor for you with long fingers. Hello. Who's this.


This is Cheryl. Cheryl, why are you calling. This topic, yeah, I don't know if you can answer this question, but maybe she went with her husband, Cheryl. Did you go with your husband and did you or maybe she's a doctor, Cheryl, to tell us.


I am a certified medical assistant and I work in urology full time. And it is very common for that to happen only because the ejaculatory got lost in the prostate. So very goosestepping. This is only talk.


So you so you've caused that to happen to me?


Well, actually, I don't do it. The doctor does it. And I said, like, we do prostate biopsies, we do cystoscopies, we do the things that we deal with that cancer. No, I don't want to assistant.


So I have an erection. He has an erection while it is happening.


Thankfully, I haven't experienced that yet, only because I got so nervous when they come to us that I don't think they are able to honestly. But if they were to, it would be common because that just like right there in the prostate. So when the doctor being that actually penetrate that and it can't call you to ejaculate, how old are these men?


Usually we see men late 40s, early 50s, because that's around the time where you need to start getting your prostate exam because prostate cancer does lie, you know, in amongst men in your blood. So it's very important that you guys get checked either by PSA, which is blood work or that going on. And it's a very easy cancer to cure. So a lot of guys, especially black men, they are what's the word I'm looking for? They have that pride that stops them from getting that they.


That's right. And we'll get that done. But it's a very way to be responsible. Yeah.


Yeah. Like I said, I want to be here for my kids. I want to trade it now. When I did go to doctor said it was too early.


I'm not going. A lot of doctors said it's just a little too early for you. But I was like, no, I've been seeing things. So maybe some signs that just checked. So technically it was forty 45.


Wow. Cancer.


And so technically interview was under age and you talk to your doctor and give giving it to you anyway. Right. I think we might have added some new lingo to the world with that. Thank you. My wasn't a great dad doc. Shut up man. Seems because of you his brother's out there, right there and she'll be going to get checked.


I'm going to go in and check my green cards. I'm encouraging all ducktails.


Woo! Let's go.


Zero eight hundred five eight five one two five one. What does the question have you ever ejaculated from a prostate exam?


Oh my gosh, it's the Breakfast Club.


Good morning. I know is I'm call me and jumping into the Breakfast Club top.


Come on.


Eight hundred five eight five one five one morning everybody is T.J. Envy Angela Charlamagne the guy we own this club. Now, if you just joined us, Charlamagne has this topic that is really turning them on.


First of all, ask me before we continue. Tell me. Come on, give it to you. Give it to. All right.


So what is the question exactly? It's Friday. Say, oh, it's Friday. So you know what that means is freaky, freaky, freaky Friday. Not today is Freaky Friday subject comes from this fake story where a Florida man shot a male doctor during a prostate exam because he ejaculated. The story isn't real, but it's hilarious. And we actually asked Dr. Oz about it earlier. Let's listen.


Today, this morning, Charlamagne sent me a text about how when he went to the doctor, he got his prostate exam and he had an orgasm. Is that normal? That never happened. There was a guy in Jacksonville that happened to.


Well, it's an interesting problem because it's not only a problem, it's very common. But prostate has sensory fibers on it. So it does create orgasms. And some men enjoy that a lot. And it is something that is commonly reported fact. It's sort of replaced the clitoris in females. That's where that those nerves went. And that is a there's a joke that proctologists say about why they use two fingers for rectal exams. Why, Dr. Oz, second opinion.


Now, we've had callers call up here, a woman who a doctor's assistant. She said it's a very common thing. And that's the question we're asking. Have you ever had ejaculated during a prostate exam? All right. So we have somebody on the line right now. Hello? Who's this?


Gary Adrie. What's going on there? All right. Have you ever had a prostate exam? OK, so here's the deal. I'd much rather be as professional as I can. I noticed the radio. OK. Yes. No, I haven't. But I have given you two and you've given them a kaidu. I've given them. I'm giving them. I'm a gay man. I only deal with straight dudes. Right. So are you a doctor?


No, I'm not a doctor. Can I ask you something?


How could you know dealing with straight dudes? Because aren't they nice if they're dealing with you? Very true, Angelilli.


They're at their test, their test at twenty twenty. We're going to go there. But the thing is, when you're down there doing your thing on time or sometimes they like to take their time. And so when they take their time, if you just stick your finger in works every time they not a doctor done.


No, he's not a doctor that I don't like you. I don't like you, you know, calling up here and just telling us how you like to, you know.


No, no, but you did you some man I'm tall.


I want to talk to doctors. This is a professional conversation. But he said he's professional. He said he's done so many. He's professional. He knows what happened here.


Let's get to the subject. OK, so he made me and I did a call up. Yeah, good.


I knew if that was called an orgasm. It's all right. Thank you. Thank you so much, sir. Thank you. You have you have you have a great Friday is better for you.


Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you for your ducktail.


Hello. This is the next day playing to claim to playing Tupac and going to make this conversation easier.


OK, so we're asking the question, are you a doctor? You've been there with your husband?


No, I worked at a urology office and it's very common for me and evacuate during a exam. It happened to me because he kind of, like, screwed it up when it happened. It shot at me. Oh. Oh, my God.


What did he say after that? What do you do? You say I'm sorry. And my buddy and I had to go with what guys?


Or she did he make another appointment for the next week?


Oh, like a month or so after another one. So whatever.


Angela, you go good. Must have been wrong because annualise Google said the same day that every common with every doctor, woman, every woman has caught up pet. I worked in the doctor's office said this is pretty calm.


Yeah. OK. OK, thank you. Well thank you buddy. Let's go to another call and I'm not gonna lie.


After Chadwick Boseman passed away, I schedule an appointment, my earlier appointment to get myself. We'll get a physical to get myself checked out again. I just want to make sure, like I said, I got five kids, a wife. I got a family.


That depends on me. I want to see my kids graduate, get married, go to school and all that other stuff. So I'm going to make sure I'm as healthy as possible.


I just had a physical I just never had a prostate exam. But I'm definitely going to give you a prostate exam. Can you go to another call? But you don't later. You better.


What is this man to have? Exactly what the ladies are going to take a back seat here. Y'all go ahead.




I'm trying to take a back seat to kind of this sister from Texas. Hey, Mom, are you a doctor?


OK, so no. So it's Freaky Friday, right? And you said, Ylva, you had a prostate exam. Right. And your wife stayed in the room, right. The second time. Yes. OK, well, was that considered a threesome?


I, I love our listeners. I love you. I love you. So. How much I love you, this is fresh air. We're talking to buy you lunch today about Black Men's Health.


He asked a question and I want to answer you. How dare you? When you when we have guests, you ask them questions and they answer Nattrass, ask you a question. You answer what that you say to the.


I guess if you want to consider it that. Yeah, I guess because he was. Yes. I mean. Yes, yes, yes. Yes. And that makes you happy. Yes.


I hate you. Yeah.


I just leave you leave your cash shop and I will buy you lunch today.


I'm realizing that I don't like this man, Charlamagne. I don't like. No, you give it to me too much and get it right now. All right.


I give it to you on this show. And I don't like that. Like, I try to be honest to help my people out and then use it against me.


Oh, that's the whole point of being honest. Like, that's why I always tell you all the best show content is your real life experiences. That's why you shouldn't have fought me on this topic earlier, because it made the topic so much better because you have actually had the experience. Now, when I go get my prostate examined, I will come back in here and tell you about my duck got penetrated and if I ejaculate, ok, ok.


When you go in today and we can't wait to print out new hoodie's my God versus my prosti or the God versus my finger, I don't you know, I just get to the point.


But right now, let's go later on today.


I heard it's a great time, but I did a random email from a Dr Casey who wants me to come over.


We take all insurance. We need insurance.


You don't even need it. So the house is pro bono, pro bono.


Hey, hey. We got room is on the way. Yes.


Let's talk about Odell Beckham, Junior. I want to close by for a great Segway from Anthony. You know, he plays for the Cleveland Browns, but there's a. That he wants to address. Until I hate you. All right, well, we'll get into that next.


And I must start the mix over to Brown just because I even like the Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club. Morning, everybody, is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Don't forget the biggest virtual music festival in 2020 is happening tonight and Saturday. That's Alicia Keys, Usher Megajoules. You can watch tonight starting at 9:00 p.m. on the CW. So definitely check it out. The I Heart Radio Music Festival.


Now, let's get to the rumors. Let's talk ODU.


This is the rumor report with Angela. Breakfast Club, listen up. So Odell Beckham Junior, you know, he doesn't do a lot of interviews, but he sat down with Maverick Carter and they discussed a lot of different things. And he did say that he is very settled in in Cleveland.


Did you feel at home in Cleveland like, you know, feels like it feels good for us to be here and just kind of, you know, progressing in life and just it's been very special. You know, it's the first time I've ever been with somebody like living with somebody and just with somebody, with somebody. So I love her to death. And it's just been great. It makes you feel good. Yeah, definitely. It's a good thing.


Like I said, she wants to see more settled than I ever see you because you and I knew it was hurting me. I was talking before it had been over.


Now, you know, this had to come up. And this is about rumors about himself that he's heard.


And there's one in particular that Odell thinks is funny out of every room or situation, all the book of with him.


This was funny or you know, what the boy said to me. And I seen it. It was like 7:00 in the morning when I was going to take my test. And I watched it and I called him back in tears, crying like I have never, ever in my life heard this one. I couldn't even believe it. I was I was on the field and they were like, Man, don't tell me it's true, man. I'll tell you.


I'm like, No, I've never heard this in my life.


I feel them and I'm glad that he can laugh at it. But, man, if all that these people OK, I want everyone to be held to the same standard that we are held to. If you have a podcast, if you got a YouTube show, a blog, whatever, you know, whatever your platform is, the broadcast, you have to be held to the same standard as people in traditional media. The reason I can't say what I want to say and be can't say when you want to say and actually can't say what you want to say, because if we report anything, if we say anything, we can get sued.


If it's not true, media is media and everybody should be held to the same standard. I don't care.


What if it is true? Well, they got to prove that.


Somebody's got to look at it in a court and let's prove it in a court of law then. Because then how do you prove is not that's I mean, that's the law.


Yeah. I mean, how do you how do you prove it? You know what? You can't. You can't. They can't. We can't prove that they got pictures of video. Well, guess what?


I guarantee you one thing. If you start taking these people to court, these people will think twice about just getting on these platforms and saying anything for that exact reason. I can't prove it. I'm not I'm just not going to say.


Mm hmm. Maybe you just didn't care.


He just thought it was funny because it was so ridiculous. That's true, too. But you got to set a precedent and make an example out of something.


I right now, Rapsody put out a song, a surprise single is called Well Problems. It plays off a Jay-Z and ninety nine problems. Listen to this.


No. Well, still think I got that enough from the time, but it's true, I got up from 12 still because I got nothing. No bullets did come in threes every month, March every month, March 33, never got a heavy heart killing. You don't get that part. You know, because I don't want to hear arguments tomorrow about black on black, white on white jury were the only ones to win accountable.


Dropping the blues bars of Rap City. I love rap album so damn much. You know, I listen to that a few times yesterday. Rhapsody. Yes, I love it.


You go Twelve Problems is out now and a part of a prize, a musical initiative uniting artists in protest against social injustice. A portion of proceeds will support organizations fighting these social injustices.


Yeah, let me go post etiquette at a retreat or something. I've been wanting some new Rapsody.


I right now are the new music. Justin Bieber and Chance the Rapper have come together for a new song is called Holy.


I might go down to the. Because the way that this guy opens up, I mean, such as making me say that the way you hold me on, me on. Only on. So holy, holy, holy, holy. Oh, God, I need to be like a truck stop. Can we enter the second is the way you owe me on me, on my mom. Oh, I like this.


Everybody was excited to see Ryan Destiny starring in the video as well. Hello, Ryan. Destiny. All right. Awesome moneybag, yellow and black youngster. Their album is out today, so make sure you listen to that code red. OK, now y'all want to hear that one baby, Cheam, has two new singles out hooligan and sending critics here is hooligan.


I get to get a swimming pool. I am limitless. Down, I said free up, I start to question what freedom is up the. Dropping off like an emo bitch, but these are not regular clothes. These are the outfits I make a movie and maybe you can kind of do Frito Lay. I get the car and I go, Oh, my gosh. I start with me because I love baby came, I think they became as dope as hell I got put on Baby came a couple of years ago.


He's dope, baby, baby. All right.


Also, Alicia Keys, his new album is out today. Alicia Tyga has a new song Out Money Mouth with Widing, sweetie.


But it's a little too dirty for us to get that on right, honey mouth. And also, just so you know, Tiger is on only fans now, OK? If they also want us to look our way to machine and his project from King to God, even though it came out last week, phenomenal project would definitely make you never cross without at least a knife in that record. Lemon with Memphis man incredible. MAFF You still got it. King All right, drop it.


And that is unpalatable to some. They say you check him out there as well. Cardi B, by the way, try to go on only fans just a few hours ago, early this morning, and I guess it wasn't working. She wanted to go live on there. And I had seen reports that she said, I'm letting it all out on my only fans tomorrow, like, enough is enough. That was a song.


No, really? That was gonna give my son. No, no, no. Jerry, I agree with you wholeheartedly. That was God. All right.


Well, I'm Angela. Yea. And that is your room report. All right.


Thank you, Miss Ye. All right. Now, revoked shout that you guys will see you to Monday. Everybody else, The People's Choice mixes up next. Shouted A Dream The Dreams birthday is, I believe, Saturday or Sunday. So we're going to get some dream on in the mix this morning.


I like that song with an echo that he has. That is my joint.


Mm hmm. So we will get some dream on is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club, your mornings. I'll never be the same.


We want to pay your bills when one thousand dollars towards your expenses. Thanks to our partner, the general. It a lot for a little at the general insurance for coverage you deserve at prices you can afford. Visit the general dotcom today. Go to Breakfast Club online dot com to enter and get rules.


T.J., Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club, and we got a shout to Dr. Oz for joining us this morning.


Yes, we learned a lot about you guys.


Oh, boy. You know what? And I want to curl fast.


Curl fast is this weekend. Obviously, this can't be done in person by Fast is a huge festival started off, you know, just as a small type of gathering and it's turned into something really big. So this year it is a virtual and I'll be participating in Kolff as a virtual event this weekend so you can catch me tomorrow.


I don't think that we can have some of these events in person at this point. I mean, they don't have to be packed like they used to. But if you got these big fields, like I know Karl Frisbee on hand, you invite a few hundred people and do a nice socially distance event.


But, you know, you really, like, really enjoys you don't want all that people, all those people around. And then if something happens, you don't want to be responsible for that.


Like we had an event and now 300 people got Corona about like you don't want that. All it takes is one person to come and interact with, you know, you just don't want that because all he asked me to do the car show.


But like I said, you just don't want to be you know, you don't want to be the reason that more people get covid just do it in the places where they don't care, like Florida and Atlanta. They already out anyway.


We care. They listen like the way Dave Chappelle does his comedy show. You get tested and you get to test in 15 minutes and then you can go participate. You have to wear the wristband. If you're there, you got to get tested every three days. That's expensive. A lot of people can't wear that. And even then, you're still socially distancing.


So what if you do it in the cities that are reopening in different phases? Like even though I thought Florida and Atlanta, Georgia was already on phase four, but they just get into phase two, but clearly they're wide open already. Clubs are packed.


What if you do events down there?


I know it's just hard because then people fly in from other places as we see happening, as the islands are opening back up and and cases rise. I don't know that you want that.


Well, tell that to Atlanta.


All right. Well, when we come back, we got the positive. No, so don't move is the Breakfast Club. Good morning, B.J. Envy. Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club now. Antebellum's out today, right? Yes.


That new movie is on demand today. That star is in Germany and I saw the trailer for that. It looks pretty amazing and intense. I've been talking about that. My girl, Toshiro, she keeps on being like we have these movie nights every week. So that is our movie for this week is Antebellum's. So make sure you watch Antebellum on Demand. It's all about discussions about the black experience in America, but it also looks like quite a thriller.


So I want to see exactly what it is. And the whole point is about structural racism and violence of yesterday and of today, how it's not all that far from each other.


Yeah, I've been wanting to see that movie since last year when the trailer started playing on the trailers late last year, early this year. But I definitely want to see Antebellum starring Janelle Monae. I'm watching that tonight. That is absolutely going to be on my televisions tonight.


All right. All right. Well, you got a positive note. Yes, I just want to simply tell everybody that going into the weekend, please remember that discomfort is always a necessary part of the process of enlightenment. I want you to remember that going into the weekend. And I want you to remember that going into your prostate exam, Breakfast Club, this is your finish.


I'm Walter Thompson Hernandez, host of a new podcast, California Love, a show about how the city we love so much more than meets the eye. Once you find the hidden secret. It's like, oh, this is here. Oh, you have an oasis. I hear these birds man in the morning and they're so loud. All I can say is graffiti. Did they listen to California love on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast?