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January twenty first, it's the biggest night of the year for podcast fans or twenty, twenty one I heart radio podcast. These are really some of the best and brightest and smartest and most compelling minds in the country. Celebrate the podcasts we've leaned on for laughs, headlines, stories to get our adrenaline pumping and voices to comfort us. It's a huge honor. Thank you to my listeners because without them this wouldn't have don't miss our twenty twenty one I heart radio podcast awards, watch on our radio's YouTube and Facebook and listen on our I Heart Radio out January 21st at 9:00 p.m..


It's safe to say 2020 was one of the most difficult years ever for so many. That's why I'm here to ask you, how can I help? My name is Dr. Gail Saltz.


I'm a clinical associate professor of psychiatry at the New York Presbyterian Hospital, host of the new weekly podcast. How can I Help with Dr. Gail Saltz, brought to you by the Seneca Women Podcast Network and I Heart Radio join me every Friday where you can ask your most pressing questions and I will answer with specific advice and understanding. Listen to how can I help with Dr. Gail Saltz on the I Heart radio app, on Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcast.


Really allow me to introduce myself in Angeliki and Charlamagne the way I came a long way. I think that's all I have a certain amount of respect for. You know, what everybody else does geologist's the best of which to this platform, the reach you all had that you earned make space for somebody like me. You guys have a direct line to the coaches. Oh, my God, I'm on the radio.


And that's what I do, is read them at the breakfast every morning. It's good you guys are trending every you know, I drag my ass out of town that I'm like, oh, what happened on the Breakfast Club today? It's so.


All right, let's start it over and he's not here, Angela, so you got to throw the ball in the air. Angela he's not here. Oh, no, no, no, no, no. What's happening, I go by the name of Charlemagne to God, I'm not doing the yo yo yos by myself. I refuse to just feel stupid if I'm doing the ball in the end and trying to get at the same time. Let me give it a college try.


Let's see you throw it up. Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo. No, no, it's not going to work. It's just not going to happen. And he stuck in traffic. I didn't know Angela was off today with Angela yet.


It's her birthday. It's not. Her birthday was on the third. Well, she had to take off for her birthday day of the goddamn fifteenth. I'm just really the message right now. I don't do this. We love it. I mean, well, listen, we got a great show lined up for you today at seven o'clock. We have Nithari not OK. Do people even still car in the toilet? Do you know her as Tasha from power?


I'm not sure. But she'll be here this morning at seven o'clock. And then at 8:00 a.m. we have attorney Ben Crump. It was a terrible situation that happened right around the corner. You know, we broadcast from New York City right here in the Tribeca area. And if you've seen the video of Soho carrying the young brother, Keon, Harold Keon, Harold Jr., his father, Keon, Harold Senior, and his mother, Cat Rodriguez, will be joining us this morning to talk to us about the action they're trying to take to get their son some justice.


OK, so they'll be tapping in with us at 8:00 a.m.. All right. So let's get the show started. We got front page news up next. I don't know what the hell I'm talking about because I just got here. What is this song? What is this right here? It's high fashion. Oh, my God. All right.


To my guy right here is just out of hand. The song, nothing personal against you, everything personal against radio for constantly, constantly playing the same music over and over. OK, it's the world's most dangerous morning show, The Breakfast Club. Hey, it's the world's most dangerous morning show, The Breakfast Club.


Charlamagne got Angela, DJ Envy What Angela and Jay. And we're not quite here yet. D.J. Envy is on his way. So I guess I got to do front page news by myself. Now, we had a discussion yesterday. Oh, we need to get an intro for front page news. This Empire State of mind instrumental in not cutting the more you hear me OK. That's right. We're going to correct things in real time before I don't.


All right. I'm into now NFL playoffs this weekend. Oh, you know, I give it damn by the playoffs. My Cowboys, I but whatever. They ran for the Green Bay Packers at four thirty five pm. Baltimore Ravens play Buffalo Bills at eight, fifteen p.m. tomorrow. And on Sunday, the Cleveland Browns play the Kansas City Chiefs at three or five p.m. the Tampa Bay Buccaneers play the New Orleans Saints. That's 640 p.m. We've got to fake ass Buccaneers fan in this room.


Why you here? And his name is dramas. Why are you guys are you Puerto Rican? What you from Puerto Rican. I know you from Jersey. How did the Puerto Rican from Jersey become the Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan? How does he look like the old logo? How does an African-American man from South Carolina become tell you why. Because this in South Carolina, we didn't have a professional football team. And being that we didn't have a professional football team, my daddy grew up a Dallas Cowboys fan, not to mention the whole, you know, rock star lifestyle that was around in the Cowboys, the cocaine, all of that type of good stuff.


My dad was in all of that. OK, to answer your question. All right. And speaking of South Carolina, dropping bombs on South Carolina, my guy.


Jamie Harrison has been appointed the head of the Democratic National Committee. I always think it's dope when something doesn't go one way for a person and then they end up in another position. Jamie ran for Senate against Lindsay, Lady Graham, who needed to be the hell of out of there when he ran against Lindsay Graham and lost. But now he's the head of the DNC. So sometimes a good plan for yourself may not be God's plan for you. So salute to my guy, Jamie Harrison.


And I was seeing that Keisha Lance Bottoms has been nominated for a Democratic National Committee post. I don't even know what the hell that means. I don't sound better than being mayor of Atlanta, but I don't know if it is or not. But that's probably why she don't care if you all in the club spreading Arizona all through the ATL, because she leaving. If y'all die, you die.


OK, what else I saw on front page news. Oh, I got a I got a press release. Said the panic buttons were torn out before the capital riots, confirming my suspicions that it was an inside job. Of course it was. Trust me. All right. I'll talk my way out of enough home invasions to know when something is a setup, OK? I don't even know who to trust in government anymore, but I know who I do trust, and that's no damn body, OK?


Period. And for some reason, I started saying, that's on Krip, but I'm not a Christian, even know what the hell I would even say something like that. All right. Look at all the gangs out there right now.


I don't know. I don't know why I said that. I just felt like saying that, you know what it was? I was right. I can tell you something. I was riding in this morning and I was listening to Push. I just got up.


I don't know, maybe I'm just in that mode.


Dropping clues about the great songs you've never heard. Got up, by the way, just really gets you in all your inner ratchet feelings. Now we got to get it off your chest. Come in. One 800 five eight five one two five one. If you want to get something off your chest, if you want to tell us why your blessed reach out and touch is, if you want to tell us why you mad, reach out and touch us.


It's the world's most dangerous morning show. The Breakfast Club.


The Breakfast Club. Yeah, we wake up, wake up, wake up, this is your time to get it off your chest, whether you're mad or blessed, we want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club.


You have one more dangerous morning sort of Breakfast Club. Charlamagne got Angela Envy. They're not here. It's just me. So get it off your God damn chance. Oh, this. Oh, Charlamagne, it's Barghuti.


Hey, blind beauty. How are you. How are you. Happy New Year. Happy New Year. You just the person I wanted to talk to. I mean, let's talk. It was happening so fast. I mean, I haven't talked to you guys. I haven't been able to get through and I just missed you. The bar and no trying to get healthy and everything like everybody else at the beginning. OK, I see you blonde beauty.


Yeah. So you specifically every year you mean sort of single on Valentine's Day is less than a month away and prepare yourself now. Music I hear.


Oh you man. OK, so OK. So you got you a man. Yes I'm single but.


Right but boy Milliman. Yeah.


You can do better beauty. You can do that as soon as somebody gets on the phone. Is is your boy. I mean you can do better than you can do better. High drama. It was a video but anything else. Mom, you know, that was great.


You know, definitely your blinded by me music and love you guys.


I love you too. A beauty. Thank you for calling. I say yeah. It's the world's most dangerous morning. So The Breakfast Club. Charlamagne God, get it off your chest. What's happening? Who is this guy? Charlamagne What's up? King and Vasiliy, they they not here yet so don't think they being rude. I didn't think they were ok. Cool. Hey look at this is the best opportunity that this country has had for a state of Washington, D.C. statehood for Puerto Rico, H.R. five, one that states that statehood to DC.


Explain H.R. 491 of the state of Puerto Rico. Why is it the best time? Explain. They're not going to get they're not going to get this opportunity of this many Democrats in place to Congress, to the Senate and for the president of the United States and the vice president to be on the same page again, like we in another ten cycles. And he's proven himself to be a functional city.


No, I'd have nice DC as corrupt as hell in that situation that happened on the Capitol last week proves it with all that it was an inside job. So you don't know who's who.


DC, DC didn't have the opportunity to call in the state militia because they are in control of the state militia. The mayor tried to push forward, had to get help from Maryland and Virginia because they don't have power statehood. Had they had the power state that the state militia DC would have been here. I don't know what you're talking about. I know it's Friday. I'll take your word for it, guys. Yeah, here's the thing.


Here's the thing. I will tell you, I don't trust the Democrats to do anything because the Democrats have yet to show one political strategy that would absolutely work. And that's courage. They got to have the courage to push those buttons. But I think they shook and they even more shook now because they afraid that these mobs are going to run down every time they try to do something. You legalize marijuana, a mob going russum somewhere. You give out two thousand dollar stimulus checks, which they shouldn't be mad at a mob.


Go somewhere, who knows?


But that's just my personal opinion here. All right. So it's disrespectful because we just hung up on that brother and he walks in the room and just starts hanging up on people. That's disrespectful. No, we have a different look. Blind duty. What about blind do? We had a full conversation. She said by. I said by. And he just hangs up the form and breaks. There's times that this is correct, that the record to show is disrespectful.


I keep talking to you. Put him back on it. Well, it's too late now. You hung up on him. All right.


Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one if you need to vent. Here is up now is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. This is your time to get it off your chest, whether you're mad or blessed, but at the same time, we want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello.


This is a man from L.A. It's going on so well when I look at what's going on with God and and we are doing this morning, man, blessed, black and highly favored brothers.


It's 3:00 a.m. in the morning with you.


You're in L.A. You mustn't think that you've got to get it through the kitchen. I didn't even go to work. And I mean, that's because you call you're a handsome man. Yeah, man. But my wife thought our first podcast man called Taqwa to help me call what I was pretty talks with Terrilyn even. OK, you might say I got married off to three man I was 30 years ago and the only black couple is still doing it. And we're just going to, you know, spread the word, man.


And you know, that's beautiful girls kind of people, you know, every argument and they break up and, you know, just just how do we stay together? Maybe we can stay together, sort of break them up. What's up with that sex life? Something that sex, my penis, penis to penis.


Still getting as hard as they used to.


Man, I ask him, OK. Oh, OK. So like a rabid man, like, you know why people you know that man about the most successful. What are you using that honey back.


You know, man straight. You know him just no more natural.


OK, ok. You said him though. Isn't that VIP honey pack. Ain't no joke though on that VIP honey pack behind your back man. Thank you, brother. You know, you try to hurry back. Good luck with the NBA. Look at me say what's wrong with you? He'll go to Google and having that VIP honey packing on the phone. I'm driving in this morning. I heard you shout out all the games then. I don't know why I said I won't be honest with you guys.


I me. This is where I'm to tell you why it's a strange thing. No, I was riding in to work man, and I was listening to the title new s playlist. I was listening to like my male little boss. I know it. I was listening to Flo Milly Roaring Twenties, but it's just one record call God up by Pu Shasti for that record. So Harbrow, first you said you was a Crip and you said no, I did not say I was the Crip when I said that's not true.


It was penises. No, you don't have to be talking about guys don't trip. And I think about it like I ain't even know why am I saying I'm walking in and the light's a little dim. You Hadramawt is looking at each other. I can take a day off.


Hello, Dolly. Getting the flu dewberry out there. Mel, I don't know what's going on up here. Hello. Yeah.


So what do they know? What's happening? Yo, man, how you feeling on this day, man? You held it down for the morning while everybody wasn't there.


You say that's what it's about time. I appreciate that slime uses.


I don't know, man.


I don't know who died and made you six now, but you know what the hell is going on.


Yo, man, no, I called you because, you know, today, Friday, it's a real freaky type of party. But I have a tape. I have a question that needs to be answered, sir. I just want to know I want to know why you call that girl, get a vibrator, everybody on you like, oh, my God, that's so hot. But the second I do want to talk to John General, like, how come she kill herself but he can't, you know, get that multinational force out with the largest collection.


But right now, I agree with you. But I'm the type of person like I don't know why you having those type of conversations with people. I got a girl boy people. Now you need a pocket for me.


Oh, I'm the same for me. This is not for me at all. I'm just I'm just the messenger. Don't shoot the messenger.


I don't know about you name that that god damn mouth. Watch it like you like. Ralphie used to name that Redrado because you broke it. You broke it down.


Melo what do you call your pocket vagina. What do you doing. What was what's what's what's the name.


First of all I don't have a fucking vagina. Why we why are we putting this on me. Like I said, I'm just the messenger. I'm just saying a guy, if he wants one, he should be able to have one. That's what I'm saying.


I agree with you. But where is this a discussion I don't care about? Where did you stop this?


Now, this was not listen, I'm not I'm not going to build muscles. Like I said, you can do this.


Melo Melo, stay out of the dildo room on clubhouse, bro. Room on clubhouse in four.


You can't thank you Melo Charlemagne's. If you had what was he brings me a pocket vagina.


Wow bro. Why you just got a pocket vagina laying around here. It's not mine. Just gave it to me. But if you had a pocket vagina what would you call it. Charlamagne.


I wouldn't have a fucking vagina. I prefer a good old fashioned organic masturbation. I wouldn't do the GML masturbation.


OK, I think you would call it dribbles, but we let it slide. Good old fashioned Pamela Anderson and who's walking around with a pocket watch. This is my life with. I did not request this person control in the palm of your hand.


That's right. Me and Pamela Anderson, baby organic. That's what I do. I think it's a Puerto Rican on the back that a black person I get into trouble.


I'm good. I get it off your chest, 805, when you get mad, you was touching it the whole time at what I when we come back, we got some rumors. We'll tell you which rap star buried his gold teeth in the backyard. Keep it like this. The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


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We've got a podcast just for you.


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It's safe to say 2020 was one of the most difficult years ever for so many, and these remain very challenging times.


That's why I'm here to ask you, how can I help?


My name is Dr. Gail Saltz, host of the new weekly podcast, How Can I Help with Dr. Gail Saltz, brought to you by the Seneca Women Podcast Network and I Heart Radio. I'm a clinical associate professor of psychiatry at the New York Presbyterian Hospital, a psychoanalyst, bestselling author. And I'm here to help. Join me every Friday where you can ask your most pressing questions and get helpful guidance on topics ranging from coping with anxiety and mood relationships to family and parenting issues, to workplace dynamics, to dealing with covid fatigue and everything in between.


While it has been a tough time, you don't have to navigate it alone. So how can I help? You can send your questions anonymously to me at how can I help at Seneca Women Dotcom and I will answer with specific advice and understanding. Listen to how can I help with Dr. Gail Saltz on the I Heart radio app, on Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcast.


Morning, everybody is d.g Evangelii Charlemagne and God, we all the Breakfast Club. Let's get to the room is the soul class.


This is The Room, a report with Angelina Jolie's Breakfast Club. Listen up now, please is saying goodbye to his signature gold teeth.


Yesterday he had a funeral in his backyard for him.


We all gathered here today to bury my gold teeth in a long time coming. But like they say, all great things must come to an end. But it's all bighead. Heavenly Father, thank you for giving me the gold, he made a lot of money, went on at some of the best. The world has ever seen, but moving forward, it's a different me and lady.


Don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't think I'm going to put you look you look the juice on it, Perlis.


That's why you're not here. You went to the funeral. What happened? Supplies had permanence.


I don't know. They didn't show what his real teeth look like. I like to see people there, even though they'd be looking stupid because they big as hell. Like I like to see people with nice, nice, well done.


Verniers show not a team. I just seen the gold teeth and the like, a little container he had that he was burying him in.


Let's see what the real teeth look like. PLI that I didn't is you got. Let's see, you won't show us the headline. Let's deal with this.


No shout to Trevor Noah. Trevor Noah just bought a Bellear mansion worth twenty seven point five million dollars and a close bond for Trevor Noah.


Eleven thousand square feet.


And I don't know if this is for him to live in or it's for him to invest because he purchased a mansion in twenty nineteen for twenty point five million, but sold it last summer for twenty one point seven. So he made one point two million on that. Oh, hey, Trevor Noah.


I mean, listen, Trevor Noah got a great career. You know, of course, he got The Daily Show on Comedy Central and his book Born a Crime. So hell, a helicopter. He's still selling hella helicopters and turning that into a movie like Trevor Noah does well for this officer. He earned six bedroom, eleven bath.


So congratulations to him. Now, rapper, wife and Luchi, it looks like he's been Aidid allegedly as the fatal driver of a murder.


Now, they allegedly say in this call right here was the reason that he got caught. Lady was walking with a sister and seeing somebody thrown outside a vehicle.


Oh, we need an ambulance. Oh, no plan for my. Oh, no. You better let me come down the line. I just threw him out of car mechanics to the ambulance. That's what we do here.


That's all we play in that traumatizing house call on a Friday, man. That's all we need. That poor woman probably need to be in therapy after after witnessing what she witnessed.


MAN Yeah, but so he's identified as the shooter. He turned himself in yesterday.


Now, you know him, a young thug I had before for years, but young thug put on Instagram on.


I don't want to see no nigga in jail hashtag free all so how do nine one one operator stay so calm when they get those calls like that, when they get those calls like that, like how does that trauma that that young lady is expressing not rattle you a little bit like do they go to a class or something for that? No. One, I, I'm sure they go to class.


But, you know, most 911 operators, they seem I don't want to seem like they're not emotional, but they just trying to get the information they like, know what black or you want what street, what do you see? What type of car did you see a plate like they're trying to get the information to try to solve the crime. So they're less emotional. Like how you feel?


No, unless that is more it seems like they have very high emotional intelligence. Yes, absolutely.


And lastly, this is something that I've seen it I think Charlamagne would be interested in. Charlamagne loves documentaries.


Now, it depends on what a new documentary called The Search for SAS. Come on now. You know I'm there. Big step, a Sasquatch baby. You already know it's after original big step. It's a three part series about Bigfoot. Come on now. Investigate rumors of bizarre.


Twenty five year old triple homicide said to be the work of Sasquatch.


I watch them all. I'm watching some some Bigfoot show that they got that comes on now. I used to love finding Bigfoot, but now with some other Bigfoot TV show that comes on now, I can't even remember the name of it, but it just be on on the reruns and I and I stay watching it all the time. Do you really believe in Bigfoot and Sasquatch? I believe that Sasquatch existed at some point. I still I think that they have some reserves in America where they keep a few.


But yes, I think that they did exist at some time. It's just a freak in a primate in the woods, that's all. I thought it was a primate in the woods. All right. I definitely believe in Sasquatch. All right. Big step was Al-Qadi original. Big Step was the original Wendy Williams feat dropping a piece for Sasquatch?


Damn it. All right. Well, that is your room report. Now, when we come back, we'll give you some coronavirus vaccine updates. A lot of people want the vaccine now. At first, the people like, no, I'm not doing it. I don't want it. Now, it's a rush to get the vaccine. So we'll give you some updates when you can get that vaccine. So don't move is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Hey, good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlemagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club, is getting some front page news.


All right, football fans, NFL playoffs begin this weekend. Well, they started last week a wildcard, but playoffs begin Saturday. The Rams versus the Packers, Ravens versus the Bills, and Sunday, the Browns versus the Chiefs and the Bucs versus Saints.


So you got the Super Bowl, Charlamagne, man, that is that is Cowboys is going to win the Super Bowl this year. OK, that's always my answer is that line. That's all. Slime, slime. All right. Play that. Dallas Cowboys in the Super Bowl. OK, I think the Kansas City Chiefs got it again.


You know what, I'm not going for Tampa. You know, the Tampa is a fake Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan because he looks like the old logo.


But yeah, I think I think I can see the Kansas City Chiefs repeating, but I don't know, man. All jokes aside is something about the Buffalo Bills and it's something about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


I'm not going to lie. I'm not gonna lie to you. I don't know.


But so long story short, I don't know who the hell going to be.


All right. Well, let's get to some front page news now. The latest on new coronavirus pandemic fighting proposes a one point nine trillion vaccination and economic rescue legislative package. He thinks that people should have a lot more money than are given out now. I believe people are getting 600 dollars if they're single and if they have a family, they can get up to twenty four hundred dollars. Am I right? Yes, I know, because I know people.


That's not the Trump plan. That's under the Trump plan right now. OK, I have no idea. Twenty four hundred. Yeah. It depends on how many kids you have and a bunch of kids. I think they give it per per kid and they're able to get 12, 14. We have Biden talking about what he thinks people should be getting.


We will finish the job of getting a total of two thousand dollars in cash relief to people who need it the most. Six hundred dollars already appropriated is simply not enough. You just have to choose between paying rent and putting food on the table, even for those who have kept their jobs. These checks are really important.


And I think that's old because now what I read yesterday is that he's given fourteen hundred dollars per person, 14 of the stimulus checks for Americans and extending unemployment benefits, including a four hundred dollar weekly unemployment insurance supplement through September.


So that's B.S. Where's the rest of the money, Joe? You said two thousand a few weeks ago. OK, so you take that six hundred, you always given up before and add that to what you offer. And with that fourteen hundred dollars to kick. Where is the money, Joe? Y'all give these corporations whatever they want. Y'all don't shortchange them. So don't shortchange the American people any upsilon. And y'all cut that clip off because at the end of that clip after he said people need to get two thousand dollars, six thousand isn't enough, Joe ended it by saying, OK, so where's the money?


So where's the money, Joe? Joe, where's the money?


And also everybody out there that has a business that I use in the PPP loans.


The proper you're going to get you know, I said, OK, you said the proper way. The proper way. I got ahead of myself. They opened up some more money for you guys. So if you do need more, definitely check the website so you can possibly get some more money to pay your employees. That way, your employees won't be fired.


That's right. Right now, for the rest of you, are you going to Jeff, while you are not TAFE to the problem is you're going to jail. That's right. OK.


Now, also, the US corona virus death toll is projected to surpass 400000 by inauguration day.


So that is a lot of people as they're still trying to get vaccines in. It's weird that some states are getting vaccines a lot faster than other states. Some some states they just started today where like in New York, they they've been vaccinating people, what, two weeks ago in Jersey has been about two weeks ago as well. So just make sure you go on the line. I'm not sure each. I think it's is it the same for each state?


Is that the same for each state is different for each state. Each state set the rules. Yeah, but you definitely log on. And if you're over the age of 65, you are preconditioned health problems. They will definitely put you online first. I've been seeing a lot of people getting their vaccinations, their first shots, and then you've got to come back, I believe, 21 days to get the second shot.


Corona is a gang banger. OK, we don't care what set you back a slime crib. He's spraying everybody, OK, but they are snacks on the set. More and more people want to take the vaccination. They said at first it was only like twenty five percent of the people that they asked. Now it's more like eighty percent of the people that they asked that are willing to take the vaccine or the fear mongering is working.


You know what I'm saying? That's all the fear mongering is working. But once again, you know, I hate being on these phone calls and these phone calls where they get a bunch of black people together and they try to convince, you know, black people in media to tell other black folks to take the vaccine.


Because I will keep saying over and over, I have never seen this government in a rush to remedy any of the virus in the black community, whether it's the virus of poverty, whether it's the virus after of schools, whether it's the, you know, lack of health care, whether it's police brutality, they never in a rush to remedy anything else in the hood, but they all of a sudden want to get this vaccine to the black community. Not saying I'm not anti vaccine.


I'm just saying I'm I'm watching them with a side. That's all I'm saying.


Well, I'm not getting paid to say take the vaccine, but I'm taking it as soon as I can. I signed up for it. I've been trying to get the plug to get it. I want to vaccinate. So I haven't been on a trip. You getting the vaccine. All right, Unkovic say, oh, the vaccine. Damn right. All right. Well, that is your front page news.


Why are we getting to know that? I'm telling you, I listen to that new s playlist on title. And, you know, I'm just, you know, I'm just. Yeah, it's just I listen to too much he Glocke and Fushi and little box. I just I'm sorry. Use it more or less now. Yeah.


Yeah. Kirk Franklin in there. Can we play a little bit. Kirk Franklin. Kirk Franklin. He'll say, oh God. Now somebody say oh God that might be worse. Tisane on. I'm telling you, you say on God, it's on all right, when we come back, that story Norton will be joining us. We will kick it with a story when we come back.


You know, Tarsha on ghosts. You know, no arena or Irana. Don't you disrespect Natasha. My goodness.


Or The Breakfast Club Award, January 21st. It's the biggest night of the year for podcast fans or twenty twenty one I heart radio podcast awards. These are really some of the best and brightest and smartest and most compelling minds in the country. Celebrate the podcasts we've leaned on for laughs, headlines, stories to get our adrenaline pumping and voices to comfort us. It's a huge honor. Thank you to my listeners because without them this wouldn't have. Don't miss our twenty twenty one I heart radio podcast awards.


Watch on our radio's YouTube and Facebook and listen on our I Heart Radio out January 21st at 9:00 p.m.. Warning everybody is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlamagne, the girl we are at a breakfast club, we got a special guest on the line. We have to Torino and welcome what it is.


Good morning.


Good morning. The people even call you Natori anymore, I'm sure. I'm sure you could call Tosa morning. Anything. All those calls you toss and go for it.


You know what is kind of funny? I be in the grocery store, I'm out in Brooklyn and I like what I pass and I feel like obligated to turn around and be like, oh yes, they are, because I'm like any girl in a Huckabee atmosphere. But I know they're talking to me. But most people know me from notaries and other things, so they know I'm actually not.


You know, when you announced that you were engaged, everybody kept saying God is going to be mad, goes not going like this. Well, congratulations. Congratulations.


Thank you. Thank you. I'm very, very proud. I told everybody I'm only talking with my left hand, like, all the time. You say, oh, how you doing now?


Oh, it's amazing. I'm very, very happy. Thank you.


Didn't Ghost introduce you to your new. Ah, did I get my information wrong? He did. You got that right. His name is Omari Hart. So you go back and you know, don't start Charlamagne.


Don't say your brolga or he's dead now. So you're kind of moved on.


You know, in real life we were just like friends. But it's funny, Ilmari and I, we had a session at studio. He was like, all you got to meet my people, my team, and introduced me. And literally two years ago that happened. And we've been best friends now, fiance ever since.


Well, how do you how do you pop the question? Oh, it was amazing.


OK, I'll tell Angela this, but so basically, my daughter and I, he was like, oh, I want to do a photo shoot for the both of, you know, for the family. And we're doing the shoot. I'm thinking it's a holiday shoot two days before Christmas. I'm like, oh, you know, in my dress stylist, he has a makeup artist, stylist. Everybody's there. My entire team out of nowhere, incomes Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and my daughter's obsessed series obsessed with Disney.


So I was like, oh, this is so cute.


After that, the music changes. My parents are behind Mickey Minnie, my best friend. It was it was surreal. And then when I turned around, he was on one knee and asked me to do life with him.


So I did. And he also gave my daughter a ring.


He gave Jerry a little baby bird birthstone. Nice.


He was like, my commitment to you is also a commitment to her.


Now you're like over the moon, excited. I saw the picture. She was happy.


I was I feel like I've been waiting all my life. I know it's hard to find people in the industry, especially because she's such a sexy, you know, strong character for the last seven years. I think a lot of men may feel like, oh, can I really be like, can that be wifey? And I'm like, oh, yeah, I'm not Tushar military.


Let's talk about the daughter thing getting given the daughter ring. Now, that's kind of gangster. I don't take things to another level and that's something men should be doing.


You know, I'm just I was a single mom and a lot of people know I had, you know, a previous relationship, had my daughter. I went through a lot and then realizing that he made a choice, a conscious choice to to love me, but not just to love me. He loves me. So I think I mean, I'm not saying I mean, I think he's definitely elevated the game of, you know, proposals because everybody was like, oh, my gosh, I never thought of that.


Like, it's not just you. And the fact that he gave her this little beautiful ring in her little finger was touching. So I think, you know, that's that's next level. Wow.


That's it. As you guys are best friends, right. When did it move from being friends and to being a relationship? How did you realize that?


That's such a good question, because we went out like groups and friends. Everybody was like, you know, he's in the music game. We were all just like hanging out with him. I think when he officially asked me, we went shovel boarding.


Have y'all ever been about, you know, the dating game?


Yeah, but it's it's a it's like air hockey, but on the ground is a long stick. And you pushed us out of New York. The puck that was in Brooklyn really was really spot in game one is it's called like pom pom something. Anyway, I never heard of it in my life. I'm Super East Orange Jersey. So, like, what are you taking me to some games, you know, no offense, but it was a joke.


It is way ahead.


But, you know, I was like, what the heck? And my fiance is black. So I was like, but anyway, he had an itinerary for our day. Like, I'm picking up is we doing so? At that point I was like, oh, we we're we're like dating now because when a man has a plan.


It kind of like changes everything, it's not just are we kicking it, you know, I was like, you know, we just can't commit we hanging out.


What's hanging out now? Right. And it wasn't a group activity.


It was just the two of you. So that's when you really know exactly.


He was like, oh, you want to have one on one time. So it was cool.


Now, why are you protecting your fiance's identity? Are you afraid that some of the people who want to kill you or Tariq would want to kill him as well?


Or what is Hristov? No, I don't want to kill me. If you saw the finale of power, everybody said they have sent me away.


You shot at me. I did. You shot at me and you did tell me to try to kill me. I deserve it. I recognize that. You know, I did kill Lakeisha and, you know, I kind of plan to kill goes with my son.


I just think people until the wedding, like we all see him at the wedding, I don't think people need to be like all in his Instagram and all, you know, because I've done it before with, you know, when I was in a relationship with my daughter that I feel like I made the mistake of putting too much out there too soon. And I learned. So I guess I'm just doing it for a lesson learned because so many people are not happy for you.


I truly so many people don't want what's best for you. So I was like, yep, no, we'll just take our time with this information.


I mean, I don't know. It's not like a big secret. Like you'll see them out together. They're together all the time.


You know me. You know me. If you know it's it's not like a secret. Look like I'm not about to marry somebody who's got another wife. Like, it's not one of those. It's not a secret situation, but it is of protecting the people. And I feel like I learned from Beyonce, Beyonce and Jay, they they literally got married and no one even knew unless you were close with them. That's how are we going to do.


And then the pictures will come out a month later.


We got more with the story when we come back. Don't Move is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club.


We're kicking him in the Tori Norton. Yeah.


Now, are you thrilled about the reception of Powerball too? Because everybody was loving watching it this season and you have such a huge role on that. But you also never know what can happen to you, right? Were you ever scared you might get killed off all the time?


Like, actually, I thought I might die in season six. And when they kill Ghost, I was like, oh, it's real out here. You all just out here like killing folks. And I had to kill Lakeisha. That was the hardest thing. I mean, Charlotte Salalah, Charlotte's Omari Hardwick, who is amazing, my big brother shout out to my TV son Michael Rainey Jr.. I'm just so proud of him and all the players because Ghost has become the next generation for, you know, younger people to feel connected to the college experience.


So I'm happy that people are loving it. I'm just sad that I spent most of the season incarcerated. But, hey, what can you do with an orange jumpsuit the whole time? I mean, I like that element of the show.


And some people are the glue of a show. I can't see power without Toshiya like Tozzi, the through line to a lot of different story.


Thank you. It's a blessing. Honestly, I got this show when I was twenty nine years old and I honestly remember just feeling like you never know. Most shows get cancelled in a year, maybe two. And I got to move to Brooklyn. I moved from L.A. I got to buy my first home because of power. I had a baby, became a mother and went back to work eight weeks after a C-section on power.


So I just feel like I'm a fiancee because of. I became a fiance. Yes, my TV husband got me a husband. You know, what are the odds? So I just think, you know, when people watch power, I hope that they feel inspired as a woman, as a black woman, that you can be a brown girl and be the lead. You can be sexy and beautiful and still be raw and still be hard. You can be a wife, a mother.


I just think, you know, coming from three O.W. and all that I've been through in my career, I made it like you don't you don't really get the beggars can't be choosers.


Got you.


You know, I wonder about your mental health, Donna. The because the character of Tasha is so intense, some would say evil at times.


How do you not take that character home with you? How do you get that out?


I mean, it's interesting because I'm such an actress, like, I mean, as far as knowing how to compartmentalize. So that's a great question. Charlamagne me. I just feel like for me, I've been doing this like since I was a teenager entertaining. I shut it off. It's like a little light switch, just like when you guys know, are we on the radio? Like once you hit the airwaves, you kind of know your voice.


Your energy has to shift. I know that when I go to work and I play this evil character, I sometimes have to really disconnect. So when. Go home, I'm relieved. It's like taking off your clothes and being in a bra for 20 hours, like I'm wearing tight corsets and sexy clothes, and then I get to come home and be in my sweats and just be me. And I come home is there. And she's just like mommy.


So being a mother honestly helps you shift because I know I have to go into mommy mode.


No, listen, in real life, right. Would you go to jail for your child if your child does something and you'll take the.


Of course I would I would take a bullet for my child. I will go to jail. I'm also in real life, a little g I'm a little gangster. You know, I've had people that I wanted to, you know, pull up on. You know what I want?


I had a couple of people I named a producer. I can't remember his name. But, you know, we'll just say that. We'll just say that, you know, I know how to, you know, disconnect and be cool. But in real life, I would definitely take it out.


So you have to put a gun to somebody that's not not not a gun. I'm just saying, you know, I had all these situations. God, I wanted to pull up.


And, you know, recently there was an interview that I just felt like, OK, I am I have to call somebody, pull up on what's his name. But, you know, it's just I guess the thing for for people to say that they've been with me is like perspective.


This is it may go on during times.


I remember he said, no, golberg no. Again, I was that his name. I just sorry about is she was I it's not even true. So I don't know why he would say that. It was the craziest thing I ever had. Nothing, I never went on a date and nothing he just came out of the blue with.


So maybe I was fifteen sixteen when I was in three and I don't know what kind of date, I mean group activities. I remember we all lived in L.A. Archstone. Maybe, you know, we all hung out in groups, but I didn't even I wasn't even doing dates, but let alone active, I mean, who that took a lot for me not to come on here and be like, really? That's why a week later, wasn't there like an apology or something?


Because he was on lipservice. He apologized for saying that.


But, hey, maybe it's a compliment. I was like everyone was like, yeah, they wanted you know, people want to get with Josh. And I was like, OK, I get it, you know, baby.


So let's let's put it in the power world.


If this was the power world, who killed young bird Terry Tommy goes three to four Tyreke for sure disrespect to his mother you know he don't play that ghost would have got him just off the strength of trying to be like Oh you've been my wife you know.


He killed us with his name. I can't remember Brandon Victor Dixon my lawyer, he killed him not because of jealousy, because of power. That's just about power and just disrespect. No respect, no disrespect for that.


You cheated with Silver and don't even remember his name.


So, I mean, it was three seasons ago, Charlamagne.


I can't remember everybody out of stuff.


That doesn't sound like wait a minute, everybody I had a relationship with, you know, that's in the show in real life, I'm very, very particular about who I give the goodies, the Burragubba reach out to. You be like, I apologize. I was wild and I was drunk.


Not you sure you deserve what you deserve. I mean, I didn't even. Yeah, it's cool. I don't even have his number and he don't have much.


What, Mayor de Blasio meet them. And I said you had just seen Mary J. Blige in the finale was the finale. Yeah, well it was amazing. So how how was that one set. I love working with Method Man.


I didn't get to work with Mary as much as I want to, but we had that one scene in the season finale and I was just like, oh my gosh, I'm standing next to the queen. Like I was I was inspired. Man is like a big brother. Now to me, we actually he actually jumped on one of my songs. He did. We did a song together. And I'm so excited because it's so dope. He's just so talented.


And as an actor, he is so focused. I just want to say working with him has been amazing. Working with Mary has been great too. But we just only had that one scene. I'm not going lie. I was a little nervous at first. I came in and I was like, oh, you know, well, I thought she was about to hit me.


But then I was like, Oh, wow, you know, she's on a show that I created a platform for. I helped be the foundation. And now, you know, someone like Mary J. Wants to be in power. And she I remember meeting her. She was like, oh, touches my cheek. Like I look at you represent for the streets and I just appreciate her love her love and support and Method Man. So he's a smart guy.


We got more on the story when we come back. Don't Move is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy Angela?


I mean, the guy we ought to break. Breakfast Club, we're kicking in with the Tori Norton yeah, let's get back to this album, though, because you mentioned meth and may I have done a song, so we're going to lose it because I know you've been working on this for a while now. Yeah.


So I was, you know, been in New York, was in Atlanta, actually, right when covid hit, like working with Sean Taylor. I was working with a producer here, Lamont Coleman. I'm I'm just excited. You know, I got a song from James, a song send me a solid message and shout out to him. He also just got engaged. And we've known each other for years in Jersey. So, you know, we go way back.


So for me, music is my first love. But it's also like being a little bit of a sore spot for me, getting back into the music business and the you know, me, since I was a teenager and coming into the music game, it was it was different back then. So right now I'm scoring in the heartbreak of, you know, being on my own as a mother, but also the joy and the love that I've found in my life.


So my music is my therapy right now. I can't wait. I'm excited.


I can't wait to get that 3W reunion on your album. And that's going to be amazing. I can't wait. Is that is that going to happen?


It's out of date. You and I are a team, so that's all it's about right now and beyond because I could never like in so much stuff I'm sure people see on Instagram. So things have happened that have really solidified that there will never be that. But I do respect Adrian. You know, she apologized on her show The Real, like a few years ago. And we piece it up and I have no issues with her. I think the other girl, I just wish her the best.


They didn't need to be healing between the two. Why? Why, why? Why does it seem there is that she's so bitter about your success and happiness?


That's such a good question. Maybe you should ask her. I wonder the same thing. Sometimes I think you just you just have to release that energy, because truly, when people don't know how to deal with a light and your life, you almost have to just wish them well.


Now, what if what if Kelly Williams does it directed toward you, produced by hitmaker shouting Shut up, shut up.


That is a very well, that's actually funny to telling you. Be prepared, be prepared for any anywhere that I actually want to hear that.


Yeah. No, that's that's actually a good idea. Maybe that will revive something in her career.


I don't know why you know. No, no.


I'm feeling better. A feeling you want healing. I'm all about the healing. I just think, you know, there could be a comeback story. Good luck and find if you just move on and be successful, I think is kneeling in the amen.


But I want people to know is real out here. Some people will talk about you. Some people will hate on you. Some people will lie on you and yo, yo, yo, yo feet. But you have to be you have to be able to address that and keep moving. If I was a weak person, I wouldn't be able to rebound and bounce back. So I think of it as not shame, but a testimony because people need to know you can recover and keep going.


While you were filming for stars all this time, have you got to turn down other opportunities? Yeah, a lot, actually, because I'm such an integral part of the show, particularly in power. There were certain you know, I was offered to sing the national anthem actually for the Golden State Warriors for their opening game, like you said before, obviously before covid. And nobody could really do anything. This was like two, two seasons ago, three years ago.


I was so excited I was going to do it. But then power changed the date and we had a table read and I couldn't go. I couldn't fly to California. Sometimes we get the dream. You also have to recognize that with the dream come sacrifice. So I couldn't just go off and shoot everything, you know, some things I was able to do. But honestly, this has been my focus in my life for the past seven years, and I'm OK with that because it's changed my life dramatically in my bank account.


I'm OK.


Hey, I'm going to be independent. I think so. But I'm really just focusing on getting the right music and the right team and just point I'm right in a lot of the songs as well, writing and just figuring out what I want the tone to be.


Let me ask you TV, Mom Matassa, who do you think is the best girl for Lauryn? Diana. Effie.


Effie. Really?


Yeah, I love Effie and maybe I'm just connected to the journey. She's better, but she's good because she's the only one who truly is seeking to understand the depth of him, even the painful parts. Everybody wants the piece of Terek that they think is is what it's going to be good for them. But if he feels a little I mean, closer to what I would say, Toshi. Was foregoes because they both know what it means to be in this world and to be criminal and to have killed and to have lied and to have sold drugs, they both understand it.


Diana, even though she's in the drug family, she really can't do nothin like she's not actually out here, like getting it. And I think if he is, the one is going to be his partner in crime. And I think she's going to be the one in the end that really protects him and has his back.


That's not like trauma bonding to me. It's hard. You know what? You know, it's interesting because passions really do have a lot of trauma bonding. Like, you know, Tasha helped her son kill. I mean, what when I read that script, I was like, really? But this is so good. Like, the writing is so good. I can't even say that it doesn't make sense. It's so justifiable because the pain of that family.


So I think empathy is the best one for now. Did I say she's the most functional? Like, you know, is she just I don't know about that, but she will be around it often because you need somebody that's going that's going to lead you away from a life of crime. That's why that's why I hated the title character for a second, because I'm like, why she don't watch she all that go get out of this life of crime out of the game.


No, I know, I know.


But, you know, when you say and also cheating on her and had a whole other relationship that he was planning to leave her. Yeah.


But when I got to do what I got to do with her, keeping him in a life of crime I think is hard for you to want to do those things if you're not doing it together. It was kind of like he was leaving, but leaving her behind.


Exactly. So the difference is Tasha was afraid that Ghost was going to abandon their connection. And in their relationship, she you know, she wanted him to stay in, not because she necessarily wanted to get into trouble and die and be in crime, but it's because that was the fabric of their relationship, their love. But I just think something about that that dynamic is what made the show so special. All right. Natasha, Natasha.


Or you know what? Don't confuse people. No, say my name right. I'm a to school right now. I'm sorry. Your bucket has definitely got to cover it up. So you got no good it ahead on you. Absolutely right.


So you wanna talk about trauma?


Let me take this hat off and let you know that that's the sort of trauma. Oh, I'm gonna take it off and cry like you do need the wig off. Hold on. Yes.


When I you know, I see I can laugh at myself at the end of the day when all that stuff about my hair, I mean, I really don't care because this is the happiest I've ever been in my life. I can tell everybody is going, thank you. You know, I am pregnant, though. It's not that kind of glow. You don't let people go out there like she. Oh, she got a baby on the way.


You know how they do. But I think it's so interesting just to be happy, man. There's something just. I feel like a leader right now because it's all good. Just push yourself off and to keep going and keep living and keep you happy like a great person in real life.


So, well, just adulations on everything. Congratulations to the toy. All right. Thank you.


Thank you so much. It's the Torito. It's The Breakfast Club.


Good morning to. I'm not going to offer you nothing to and that's on Krip Angelyne. OK, guys, I'm not offering you on that. I offered to buy his brother's breakfast and he told me, no, I want no breakfast Mitgang.


I mean, I'm not a gang member, sir. I can say no. I'm just playing one on the radio this morning.


I've been listening to too much younger music. That's that's what it's.


All right. Well, let's get to the movies. Let's talk. Tom Cruise is about to go. No. Report, this is the room report with Angeliki on the Breakfast Club that Tom Cruise got too much goddamn money.


I'll tell you why. Now, he was on the set of Mission Impossible. And he as they were filming, he noticed that some of the crew members allegedly didn't have masks on. And he while down, I remember that.


I do remember that played on the phone every night. It served its producers and they're looking at us and using us to make that movie. We are creating thousands of jobs. And I ever want to see a day that you don't do it, you're fired. I see you do it again.


You're going, wow.


Well, what he did was he purchased two two state of the art robots to ensure the safety of the cast and he'll just sell robots.


I don't know where he gets the robots from, but he has robots that pretty much walk around the set and make sure people are wearing a mask. They have cameras tied to women and making sure everybody is following the safety protocols.


I like this. You like that? How the hell do you just buy two robots? I don't know. I don't trust Tom Cruise. I don't trust any old white man with a face that's move. He's 76 years old and his skin is still smooth as a baby's bottom. And he's not black. I don't trust him. I bet you if I started YouTube, I could find a video where he said he ate pizza with baby toppings or something like that.


I don't know about that. Now, Jim Jones, he recalls Privett and Trey Songz from getting dropped. He said they were about to drop Trey Songz and he was about to drop Treisman on Warner Music Group.


And Jim Jones allegedly saved him from being dropped off Trey Songz.


And his success is very beginning stage. I kind of saved his career. He was actually on the chopping block at the label. I guess it was. I learned at that time when I was working at Warner Music Group and Soul Train, one of the Warner Music music conventions was like Bahamas or something. And I'm a kid. And I was like, Rebecca, you're about to cut this young man because we don't know what to do with him. And I was like, that fire.


I'll need to cut him. You need to invest in put for some steam. Now, look at Kevin ended up managing them. So, you know, let me tell you something.


Dropping a bomb for Jim Jones. Jim Jones, don't get enough credit for his ear, OK?


And I've said, like, you know, behind the scenes and like group group chat conversation, my man, old man can vouch for this. I've said when it comes to New York City for maybe the past three years, nobody has been making better music than Jim Jones out of New York City.


Jim makes a lot of dope music and he has a he has a great er. Yes. When he came to Mac's back on the stack bundles. Absolutely. Man and a host of others. We don't stray.


So people need to be leaning on Jim Moore for his ear and his eye.


You know, Jim, direct videos and stuff too, like you would need to be leaning on Jim Moore for like his his his sound, for his ear, for his eye, like he got a really, really good afternoon.


Wasn't you want to hand off all of that, you know? Yeah. He was an angel. Yeah.


Why are you not in a building that he should be president of the label or something? That's not too many buildings open right now, but I agree. But he's doing a president of his own, but he's got quarantine studios where he's giving artists a chance to get heard. And he's dealing with a lot of producers and a lot of artists. And he's actually doing it on the Zap life app that we had a while ago. So shout to Jimmy about to couple.


You get all the flowers, king. We don't give you don't give Jim Jones enough flowers, man.


You know what? So he sent me a record. I mean, I know I can play and he told me I shouldn't even have it. But anyway, he got some some dope music coming out in a little bit. So shout out to Jim Jones now. Cardi B is set to make her leading role. Debut in a new movie is called Assisted Living. Are you excited about that? I am. Let me tell you about it. She's playing the role of Amber, a small-Time criminal who is on the run from police.


She's out of places to hide, so she ends up disguising herself as an elderly woman in her grandmother's nursing home.


That's exactly where she needs to be. I never saw a doing music long enough. I mean, like I'm not like she's not an artist. I expect to hear album from every year. She needs to be on TV. She needs to be in movies. Yes. And that's exactly what she needs to be doing.


And now my life and me, but I seem to be playing an old grandmother like you are laughing funny, I think.


Are you going to be hilarious? You already laugh. Absolutely. All right. Well, that is your rumor report now. Shalabi Yes. Well, you give me that, don't you? To be honest with you, man, I think I need to give you the data myself this morning, man. You know, I'm saying I really do. I feel stupid because all morning I've been in here, you know, soon and that and saying on trip and all kind of other stuff.


And I just it's only because of the music that I was listening to this morning. And I just feel like I'm too old to still be influenced by my music. And I really think my old ass needs to heal.


Yeah, I agree. And I think you should go. I think we should take you to Breakfast Club quite the way that you sound in the way that you're talking. I think in a second I'm going to tell Crip Walking. No, you're going to start Strollin. No, you're going to say no. I don't know.


You know, in all that it's just nuts because I meditated before I left the house, so I don't even know how to ratchet aspirate. Got into me this morning, but I. I just feel like I need to come to the front of the congregation this morning. I really do. Because I'm just I'm too old to still be influenced by music in this way, but I just I need to I need to talk about it. I need to get it out, OK?


I got therapy at three p.m., but, you know, y'all my therapist right now, I just need to get this out cause I can't be alone on this.


OK, well, I can't be alone. Let's get it out on Krip. On Krip, on slide.


No, I'm saying. What are you doing?


What you mean what do you know? You stay ready. He put a fake. Now he got a ski mask.


He got this guy crazy. Let's go.


Let's go, let's go.


All right, donkey today. Up next. I'm sorry, guys. It's The Breakfast Club. The morning.


Don't eat it. I don't give it to you, I'm a fat and all that shit around you. I want this man to out and blow his man Charlamagne the top, his gloves. Let's got to make a judgment of what was going to be on the docket of the day.


They chose you to the Breakfast Club, you the day to day.


What don't you today for Friday, January 15th goes to me, OK, we're not Michael Vick. Charlamagne to God I to tell you why now. I'm a good God fearing man with a criminal mind state, OK? Grew up on a dirt road in Monks Corner, South Carolina. Mom was a Jehovah's Witness English teacher. My father was an entrepreneur. Negro did everything from owning a fish market to construction to selling narcotics. It is what it is.


It was what it was. My mother kept a book in my face. I read everything from my book of Bible stories to all you their God. It's me, Margaret.


Side note, Judy Blume sent me and my oldest daughter an autographed copy of Are You There? God, It's Me. Margaret dropped on a close bond with Judy Blume.


Well, you can't shut that out with a mask. Relax, relax.


OK, she signed it to Charlemagne and in parentheses, Lynard, love you from your fan, Judy Blume. Thank you, Judy.


Also side note to a side note. I ordered some penis enlargement pills and I've been taking them and I've been chanting, I must, I must I must increase my thrust.


I explained it on this week's Brunete podcast. Go listen. Now, what's my point here? My point here is that I come from the dirt. All right, South Carolina, eight foot three all day.


That is always in me. Therefore, I will always love the wretchedness of life. Even at 42 years old, married with three kids and a receding hairline. I love scratchiness. I still do Harat things with my friends. We just do it at our houses are on vacation when the kids go to sleep.


But the reason I'm giving myself donkey today is because this morning when I was here by myself, I was talking about the domestic terrorists that, you know, hit the capital, you know, Vanilla Ice, this.


And I was still on a high after listening to all these good country rap tunes this morning on title.


And I feel I feel stupid. Just listen to how I've been sounding this morning.


I've talked my way out of enough home invasions to know when something is a setup, OK? I don't even know who to trust in government anymore, but I know who I do trust, and that's no damn body, OK?


Period. And for some reason, I started saying, that's on Krip, but I'm not a Crip, don't even know what the hell I would even say something like that. All right. Look at all the gangs out there.


I'm driving in this morning. I heard you shout out all the gangs then. I don't know why I said I won't be honest with you. You know how I'd be talking about guys don't trip. Think about it like I ain't even know. Why am I saying I walk in door Blue Dollar Gang, though. I don't know what's going on here. Hello, yo.


Do you know the Dow for the morning while everybody wasn't there.


You say that's it's about time.


I don't know who died and made you six now, but I don't know who died and made me six. Nine. He's a mellow. There's quite a few problems with all those statements. No one I don't gangbang never have in my life. I'm not a cripple, not a blood either. I'm nothing. I'm a man who has therapy today at 3:00 p.m. I'm a man who is scared to order a protein shake from around the corner here and here on Tribecca, because I feel like they keep giving me whole milk and not almond milk.


And I don't have time to spend hours on the toilet the day and I get dairy bumps. My point with saying all of this and the reason I'm giving myself dog eat it because I just feel stupid and dorky today is all about giving people the credit they deserve for being stupid. If you read my first book, The New York Times, best selling Black Privilege, and you know, one of my laws in my book was always give people the credit they deserve for being stupid, including yourself.


And that's what I'm doing right now. The reason I feel stupid is because I was riding in work this morning listening to the new s playlist on title. Bruddah is some records on there that make my inner child smile. I mean, a record is on there that make the hood in me happy. OK, I'm from South Carolina, two eight four three eight three eight six four. When you come from a certain environment, there is a certain energy that is always in you.


And when you listen to certain music, certain music is so powerful and it will just have you feeling like you something you're not.


OK, that's what Push Shasti got up did for me.


OK, that's actually going to be a little bit of that man. Come on.


You know the one of the key to early age. Maybe somebody dig up hole and dig up my gold teeth so I can put them in my mouth. OK. That's what off the porch. Bye bye bye. For me this morning, I was listening in the roaring 20s, backflow, million dead. My dog, little balls from North Charleston, South Carolina. He's on the new self-titled playlist. You've got a song called I Know It from the same state as me, from the chuck.


How can I not be influenced?


OK, how can I not be? You know what I feel like right now?


I'm at the point where I'm like a wax on menace to society, salute to the good brother. M.C., make sure you check out that Gangsta Chronicle podcast on the Black Folk I Heart Radio Network. I'm like AWEX. I did so much that I just like to see other people do it. I like to hear it. I like to feel it.


I like to see it, but I'm not doing it. And you don't hear certain records and it takes you back to your old days. Yes. So I'm not alone here. Did I? Yeah.


You are a little bit alone. We mean, why, why? Why am I alone? Because you have a ski mask on and you've been saying on slide you judging me. So see. Oh God. My wife pointing a gun at me. A fake gun.


You're right. We put that away. It's OK with you. I'm just saying it really makes you think about the influence this music is having on the youth because the influence my big grown ass this morning, but not because they might rap about violence or doing criminal activities or gang stuff, but because it's fine.


It's just fine.


I mean, listen to this country Raptors play some of their key Glocke off the boards. Just listen.


This is really a I don't off the post and jumped into the Raptors Paesano. I got an Kouhei hooking up with Ice Cube. I don't think she came up on news a couple of minutes, but hey, play something that flow really roaring twenties non-metal something.


You know, I'm all about the sacred, masculine and the divine feminine.


OK, this right here is for the divine right and all of us play somebody is roaring twenties by floridly.


OK, I going to marry Jamie. They make me feel comfortable with them. That's for all the Negroes that want to do the bussing challenge, but our needs are not what they used to be. OK, OK, you may play a snippet of my dog, Lobos. OK, I know it. South Carolina all day. Come on now.


It's like when I saw something first when I woke up and I said, I know now, like I'm starting, I'm getting that money. And I said, I know I got that back. And that's what Hit Man and beat it at Scrabble. And I know that day after me when I said, I know now, do you feel me slam on you OK, doing your job also got in them.


Give me the biggest heehaw.


OK, and B take me to court right now. This guy forgot he's 40 years old. He has three twenty two. It has three kids. I need to go to Breakfast Club. Put me on trial right now. Make me sit my old ass down somewhere. Ladies and gentlemen, call us up right now. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one down the media got a.k.a. Leonard McKelvie, a.k.a. Fake Ass Crip, a.k.a. Fake ASLAV, a.k.a. Senad Reincarnated.


Does he have a problem right now. Is he sick. Seems to be having music influence him like this.


Right now he has a ski mask on. He's busy with his little shoe, two to two gun that he has in his hand. That a fake gun. That's his finger.


I'm holding it sideways to see what is wrong with you right now. You stay away from me. Eight hundred and five eight five zero five. Is this guy too old to be having music influence him like that? Oh, we're too old to be having music influence events like that.


I could put up with a block what a lot of you see here if you want to go, right? Oh, that's right.


Take it back to dirty tweezing, because that's what I'm talking about. That's what I'm talking about. All right. It's The Breakfast Club. Come on.


The Breakfast Club. Oh, it's topic time. Because the phone call, 800 five eight five one five one to join into the discussion with the Breakfast Club, talk about it. Morning, everybody.


Is T.J. Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we are at the Breakfast Club. Now, if you're just joining us, Charlamagne came to work this morning a little under the influence under the under the influence of country rap tunes.


OK, I deserve to be in Breakfast Club court this morning. I feel stupid. I've been in here gang banging on the radio and I just feel like I'm too old to still be influenced by music. I promise you, it literally was the new s playlist on title, listening to stuff like he like Off the porch and my little bossa nova and, you know, Apu Shasti guard up it really, really, really, really took me to a place that I absolutely enjoy.




So so we're asking the Charlamagne, are we all too old to be influenced by music right now? I don't think so, bro. You know what I'm saying. I really don't. And I have no reason for saying that other than I just really enjoy it. All right. Well, let's go to the phone lines and we're going through a mid-life crisis, huh? Are we going through a midlife crisis? I don't think so.


You know, like Charlamagne, you have a ski mask, you're drinking Starbucks. Like, what is that? It's called balance. Is that a or boozy gangster like what it's called balance things to you. It's gangbangers don't need caffeine, no need energy to do a drive by at to look. You got to put money on people's head without, you know, a little latte.


OK, hello. Who's this. This is average. You know, you know, you boys up here with a ski mask on drinking a latte. I love what a Penkin is.


A little weird to me. We have to listen. We have to do. I'm sorry. I'm from Jacksonville, Florida, a I'll be in my car popping up. I thought I could be at least Charlamagne. Keep doing it. Thank you, baby. Oh, well, that's what I'm talking about you.


Jacksonville, Florida. Hello. This is crazy, John. Hey, John. Where you calling from? Gainesville, Florida. Yeah. You know what I think is a good thing? When you got a bunch of Florida people, you, Don Charlamagne has a ski mask on right now. He's drinking a latte with his pinky in the finger to green tea with I don't know what he wants to do with that pinky. I don't know. But. But you think his ass is to overhaul his old ass down somewhere, man how old are you, sir?


I'm thirty three. Oh, you thirty three. OK, so you still you you still, you still can live out your you still living out your old while out days. You still cheating on your girl.


I did that when I was, when I got arrested four times in one year. Congratulations. What was the biggest charge. The biggest one was a home invasion.


What music were you listening to when you did that home invasion of a Florida man?


I lost my kind of stuff. Yeah, I only know Plaz. OK, you know, you're probably chodak if not. That was a while ago. Down a while ago. All right, go. That was the middle school buddy. But you got your life together now. Yeah, definitely. Definitely. So you got a family. You write that my brother. Thank you. You got that thing when you say that once you once you see that once you add that you got a family, it's like when a gang banger say, oh, God damn, he's going to do something to you.


When somebody tell you to chill out that you got a family, that's when you get back to reality.


He right.


He raised Christian out of Philly, a Christian, had a fairly good morning, Christian, and that Charlamagne is his ass too old to be a while announcing his music.


No, no, no body, no balance in life of the yang and the yang. It's the drug deal and professional. But every morning I'm thinking, but I'm not sure I do that every morning and in my professional, not a bar. And when I come home and living and all of this, you need balance.


I agree with you.


Wretchedness and righteousness is the yin and the yang life I'm with, you know, which we with music to which you could. I did the same thing. I woke up this morning, I meditated. I had my beads in my hand. I was doing my mattress. And then I'm going to therapy at three o'clock. But when I was driving in to work, it was dumb country rap tunes. We moved the way we do, the way I felt.


Oh my goodness. It really felt like that was all up and down. Ninety five.


We were always away. We are professionals, we, we parents, PTA, they love us, but we have got to do with you. You sell drugs, you sell drugs in the morning and hear me doing it impossible.


Oh that's right.


She's representing all the people out there who still want to do the. But the challenge. But they need not what they used to people. We are here, baby. I'm a mother and I'm not posting it. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Let's go. You know what you got to do? You know, we've got to do something. Let's play one of these country rap tunes and fool guys. Sure you want do it.


I want to play one of these country rap tunes in full. Don't pull out your fake gun on me. No, we're going to play with. Contraption. I want to play let's let's go down I-95, just go to South Carolina, let's play my man, little boss. I know it. OK, let's watch it. I got a ski mask on the whole time and I don't know how big this thing is. So hot. I feel like I'm about to die.


All right. It's The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


I that was little boss. Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Yee Charlamagne the guy we all the Breakfast Club.


I'll tell you something. I might have to take back my donkey today because I don't feel so stupid because my my breakfast club familia. OK, all fam no flamm is my main little boss is my breakfast club. Familia is on the same wave as me except for the one dude from Florida. But the ladies ladies it's like let your in a hood rat shine. Ladies ladies n hello.


This yo just came from Arkansas. Game was about baking powder. You can't make a no. I'm ok. I'll buy Mr Albanese all day. I don't even know what that means. Right. What's the scene like. Oh that's great. That's great.


Oh Christ. All right.


I thought to seize the day you know, say a shout out hey I got a shout out to Under Armour equals OK. So when you bang into Christ when you're throwing up that that C for Christ. Hey Suze gang. What do you listen to.


I listen to. All right, listen, listen. I know I know some of those tonight is the Yolanda Adams maybe. And I like the balance. I love the balance. Came from young dog the Yolanda Adams. I love the balance now. Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo. I think you got to get twenty now. Charlamagne forty two Licciardi Charlamagne. Maybe big announcements every morning.


Yeah. He can be here. He can be right back live. That's right. All right. All right.


Yo yo yo. That's right. On this, on the set.


Oh my goodness. Oh you said you better had that kitchen clean. Hello this. Yeah. Hi. This is er from the W in Ohio now and Charlamagne.


Too old to be gangbanging this morning. I had to take into motion. Yes, but I have to add myself, I think I'm just watching you talk about Luder. He popped in. Oh my God. I'm thirty three years old with two kids. I have Nicole and I never in my life but I we're talking about in thirteen years now. Yes you do. Have your mom influenced you. Now listen Jeezy and Gucci, that was our era.


We were still in our old white out days when they was in their prime. These new these new Negroes, different, these new Negroes would take you someplace even further than in Jeezy and go to them.


Did they tell you they had your way? Literally. And don't you live and don't act like you ain't never did know people because you said you got three kids? OK, honey, I got two and I have, but I don't know how to do it in my here and clearly know how to do something. That man whoever the baby daddy you got to say they do it for my mom and I have an eight year named him then baby daddies.


You got released Ancestors' and you for a reason. You know how to pop don't on some honey.


Yeah, well not on the right but on a bad day. OK, all right. Hey, I'm telling you. Hello. Who's this.


Chris. Hey Chris. So Chris was got my brother was Chris.


Chris he Charlamagne too old to be targeted on his gang gang gang.


It was in a positive way. No, he pulled out guns shooting at me, man. Bang, bang, bang. No guns. These ain't guns but on my fingers gets a finger, you know, like your fingers guys creep up into the atmosphere, throw around lights or whatever. Whatever works are going to be taking it. Kid's life. Yes. It's all that up built up to this one. Yes. It's all about energy.


That's what it's about. It's not about violence or doing criminal activities are gang stuff. It's just a fun energy. I listen in to this country. Rap tunes is just like it's good for your soul. It makes my inner child smile, you know what I mean?


You know, so that's our I work in the metal. I work in a little bit every morning. I've been doing this for over two years and I believe that from day one I went with whatever music I'm listening to early in the morning and doing whatever. But you have also what you be listening to, what you be listening to, what you what you be listening to, what gets you to tell me, what gets you there.


Oh, I love that one. I'm I'm listening to my zaida. Like most of the mob my boss used to tell me about, like my Aussie, Aussie, Aussie and, you know, there's some, you know, cuts, cuts as well. Oh, I got something for you right now. Let's play let's play pool Shasti guard up, because I'll tell you something. This is the one that really got me on my break that you know what I'm saying?


You know, how am I going on a trip? Oh, God damn.


You know, all the sounds they'd be making coocoo. Would they be doing?


What noise was that? Whoop, whoop, whoop. There are no. And that's not it. Oh my. Go play pool. Shasti got up man.


All right. And when we come back, of course we've got the room is man is new music Friday. We'll tell you all the new music that's coming out. So don't move The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Hey, good morning everybody.


Is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club but you ain't caught my Bresson's got them eighty five now we're doing a lot of water Lord have mercy.


Now I just want to read a comment before we get to the room. Is now.


This is from Tutti Frutti. Right. Tutti Frutti said listen, it's the Breakfast Club while being admitted to the hospital due to coronavirus. Thanks for lifting my spirits. Corona is a bitch so please stay safe, guys. D.J., M.V., please stay safe. When you go to Atlanta for Jane, you have to be Italian. I'm actually going to be at BQE, one of my favorite restaurants tomorrow and then sweet. And then he says, please stay safe, Angela.


Yeah, and are you going out of town? Stay safe, Charlamagne. You're not too old for a gang bang. Oh, shut up.


You made it up. No way. No way in hell, man. Somebody named Tutti Frutti. I'm not to say that. Not to a gang gangbang before. I want to tell you something for anybody that's just joining us this morning, I ain't got time to explain what that even means. All right. I do feel that way, though, because you know what? No, no, no, no. We was playing when when we played the little ball.


And, you know, he says, I got the strap on me, but I was talking to tell our producer and I said, I got the strap on on me.


Put one too many on. What is wrong with you? Just been one on. Let's get to the Rolling Stone review. This guy's crazy.


This time she's feeling the heat. This is the room. A report with Angela Yio on the Breakfast Club. All right.


Well, it's Friday, so it's new music Friday. So let's get into it. I thought we just did. We just did a bunch of new music. Well, here's some more new music. The second generation of whoa, you know, that is no old dirty bastard son, Method Man Son, Ghostface Killah Son. And you got Son released an album today. Yeah.


Called It's called Hereditary O Dropping a Bomb from Young Brothers.


I'm listening to that to date. And first of all, I love the concept. Wu Tang is truly Favel and the fact that all of the kids of Wu Tang members are working together, that's dope is it's not the same, but similar to when my favorite movie of all time Ghostface is my seeds rolled his seeds, marry his. See just how we keep putting money all up in the family.


Well, let's hear a little bit of it. This is from the Owls of Statton and this is Ghostface, the son, son, God and son.


The power was on the street at the time. The. And that's why me in the trenches put, but again, they mean the drill is. Tomalis litigants, everyone is looking so good. Call me your Highness. Only the finest. Bye, got your baby in the studio calling me Daija, see, I'm a little fanatic, remember a couple of years ago I was asking you if I'm too old to get a tan.


I just wanted to get a little w like, never got on the. I just love jueteng, you know, like Hussein provided a lot of the soundtrack to my life. I love is truly forever really. Well, young thug and Jews were released.


A single is called Bad Boy and all the reason I'm playing this is, you know, my son's favorite artist is Newsworld World.


So let's hear it. Not very much contrary to what my resume millionaire, my sources, his. All right, OK. Rest in peace, juice world man. Such a such a a life cut too short. Absolutely came to the fore. How will you Juice World came to the Breakfast Club.


You know, they used a clip of his interview on OnLoad Dicky show Dave when he was up here where they use the part where he was talking about mental health. And I think when I when I when I hugged him. Yeah, it was trying to get him and his boys the hug and the crazy. The irony that I was trying to get him and his boy to hug because I was saying life is very short. So you have to tell you, you've got to tell you people that you love them, you value them and you appreciate them, OK?


And then he passed.


Yeah. All right, well, the baby released a new single is called Masterpiece. I noticed that looking out. Let's go next up is if you really love me, I could really do it, I say to my go playing on and set it on fire, my love. Just a mask, please. I got to be funny when I'm telling a joke. He still won't laugh at me, dropping a close bond for the 704 Sholay Queen City.


OK, when is the baby not releasing new music?


The baby has kept his foot on the game's neck since the time he came out. My guy Arnold tell man the shop by telling everybody over SMG and Billion Dollar Baby entertainment.


And lastly, to keep the balance.


New joint Ariana Grande de No.


Don't you dare say I'm talking about Andromache. This is the thirty four plus thirty five remix featuring Make the Stallion. Like a baby, but, you know, I'm the to you up. Welcome to my town. Let's do a couple of things that make me feel like the bam bam. Let me ask you about the company of Google coming in. CHABROL for by the whole thing again. So he gets out. He OK.


And I complete dogcatchers. I mean, like in the head dogit cat rapidly cat floated on city girl talk.


She definitely don't you say her dog could do cartwheels. Come on. All right.


I just like making eye contact with you guys because I'm talking to you. You look people in the eyes and you talk to him drom. You got so excited when you heard that Ariana Grande directed. You screamed out, I got that strapon on me.


And lastly, let's just say J. Lo is going to perform at Biden's inauguration.


They got no black people performing.


By the way, Lady Gaga will sing the national anthem, you know, as a woman vice president who is, you know, black on the black on that ticket. That's right. You know, black people performing at the inauguration.


I ain't seen no Justin Timberlake, Jon Bon Jovi, Demi Lovato and Clemans not I don't even know who it is.


I should maybe I should. I should, but I don't know if she might be black. That does sound kind of black.


Let me let me go. You see, I don't get that.


Does kind of that sound pretty black. Don't know black about Clémence. Let me see.


I don't know Klimenko ain't it. Ain't no that don't sound like you say. I say ain't nothing.


And he's black, he's black and it's the right kind of bandana and you're my favorite fucking idiot nigger facing you in jail. OK, let's go right here. See you. OK. All right. A matter of fact. Hey man, Justin Timberlake got a song together. That's for better days. Aren't we rooting for you. But let's go. Right. You're performing at the inauguration. There's no the only reason I'm tuning in him and Jaylo. There you go.


Clutha, Justin Timberlake to put it. Yes, sir. All right.


All right. Now let's get to the mix. People's choice mix slept. Oh, no. Not even. Let me know what you want to hear. Let me know when you're lying to me in your favorite party. They to it. You did the mix yesterday. Yes, I could. Their birthday. So we go right for them today. I don't know what you talk about.


OK, stop lying to people you're on to.


You know, they not just a breakfast locomotor morning everybody is T.J. N.V. Angelie Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. We got some special guests on the line for US attorney Benjamin Crump, who calls all the time friends in the room. We appreciate you for we checking in and helping the community. Now today, what do we have going on today? Attorney Benjamin Crump, when you call this, it's always we're doing something. What what's what's going on today, brother?


And be happy New Year, King. Thank you all so much for always answering the call. I have two special people, Keyon Harrell, senior, who most of you all got to see in a fortunate video of the All Star Hotel where his 14 year old son was racially profiled and falsely accused by this May upon Sadow, also known as Soho Karen over still on his cell phone. And we have his mother, Kat Rodriguez. Both of them were musicians, played with Beyonce's band.


He is a Grammy Award winning jazz musician and they are good, strong black parents. And so that's what we're talking about, how to make sure people are not allowed to racially profile and falsely accuse our children. And they have it swept under the rug.


For people that don't know what happened that day. I know a lot of people seen the videos, that they seen what happened. So just break down what happened, because, of course, the video only shows a little bit of what happened that day.


What happened was my son and I had been up all night and day after Christmas late in the afternoon, and my son is just hungry. We just want to get something to eat. So around two thirty to forty five, I'm like, OK, let's just go down and just get some fresh. So we go downstairs, I'm on the elevator and before I know it, it's this, this, this lady is screaming at my side and she actually lost eyes on him and just decides that he is the person who stole her cell phone.


So basically, I'm telling her, I'm telling the management, listen, we don't have your cell phone. My son doesn't need a cell phone. And that's how it all started.


Chris Rock actually stole the cell phone. He admitted to it. So she apologized. And Chris came out and said it was him.


No, no, no. She's not saying that. She got off the plane. It's over the border that he's still he still has. How did management handle this?


Because management did get involved.


Management. That was a debacle. First of all, you can hear me talking to the management and telling Chad, listen, you are. Respectively, you disrespecting my son, my son is a black child, when you ask my son to turn over his cell phone and show his cell phone, you are essentially telling him, you know what a boy, let me see your papers. We know that's a big history. And 400 years of us having to show our papers and prove that we belong at certain establishments.


Me green is king. I'm paying my money. I'm there for three weeks and this person's not even a guess who's giving precedence over me. The problem with black people, sometimes we don't get a chance to be heard. They don't want to hear our words. I spoke as clearly as I possibly can, possibly could to to the management. And the reason why I posted the videos, because they did not listen. I showed this video to the management.


I noticed this video, which I thought it was appalling. And clearly everybody else did, too. But they did. What's the name of the hotel?


I want to constantly keep saying their name because I want to keep pressure on them with the all the hotels, all the hotels owned by Rotherham Hospitality, LLC, they have these hotels across America, about 11 of them high quality living on the expensive side. And the fact that they feel that it's OK to racially profile black people, we have to send a message because individual acts of racism are empowered by institutions like police and corporations. And we have to say no more, although so we're asking everybody to sign this petition just for KION dialogue, because we want to set a precedent that they're equally responsible.


And I have been saying that from the beginning. I wish you would there.


What were you thinking when you saw that video? OK, what was your frame of mind when you seen that video because you weren't there, correct?


I was not there. I was called by an actor, my friend of mine, is it? And she said she needed hands and feet put on her. And I know when you I know when you saw her talking to Gayle King and she was like, enough. I know you wanted some of that smoke then.


Listen, I don't know about Crown Heights, OK? I would handle it differently and God knows that. Now, looking back, we would like to thank God he handled it. He because the story would have been flipped. Right. A black man attacked a white woman just because she would have been a different story. Right. I would have done what she did. I would have been here all of a sudden. It would have been a really case right now.


Oh, why can't would have dragged up and down Fifth Avenue. She said, me, mom, that's a different level. We're not even going to say what that is.


That's the truth when it comes to your baby. Absolutely. You black out.


But how is your son right now? Because, I mean, I could imagine being traumatized. You walk downstairs with your dad and all of a sudden there's a lady pointing at you. The hotel manager is pointing at you and she's trying to attack to grab the phone. How is this feeling? That was his mind frame right now.


Like, I went to hug him. I on him. I said, I'm an only child and his only child. So we have five siblings are behind. I'm starting. But we had and I went to play with him, such as from the back. And I went to grab him and he was like, I've never seen him just cringe like and he just stood there and I'm like, you OK? You say, No, don't touch me from the back.


Because see, if you see the video, she blindsided him from the back. And so that in itself, he goes to bed in the night and you can see there's a quiet but he just he tries. So definitely it's not OK. He shouldn't set out to not look at his only fourteen, you know, kid that was always on YouTube, as you know, he doesn't want to hear it because everything is about this or the capital, which shows that America doesn't matter.


So how does he feel as opposed to, you know, knowing that he's going to have to deal with this for the rest of his life?


Just imagine if you wouldn't have film that that a case like this would have never even been brought to the forefront. And things like this are happening all the time and people just don't know about it. And how would you feel if there no chance for justice at all?


But then you're supposed to just go about your day at the bank and that's what is typically expected to happen. And that's what does happen is happening right now. Somewhere in the I caught this on video and this person went on CNN and said I attacked her. And this is after the fact and the video was already viral. This just says to me is they have it's a pretext and that I can do whatever I want to do, get away with I mean, we didn't even really talk about the idea that after the manager was best basically deputized.


By this person who is from the street, he believed her that activated this racist system. What of the phone wasn't down because it would bring everybody back right now. The hotel made it possible for this woman that now saying that she has issues to police the hotel.


All right. You said you bought her phone back over, brought her phone.


So she's still saying she's still saying that the phone stolen? No, she said the hotel had on phone.


The manager told me that we brought her phone back and she still continued to be saying that my son somehow magically he.


Yes, and that's it. And that's why I out to. Right. So if you want to sign a petition that he on why he that's on a five five one five six. This is King and he wanted to say hi because you're on.




What's up young king I, I just want to say thank you for that. You got you know, I just like the show a lot and I just put love your show and I just want to say thank you for that. Oh, love king.


All of it would have passed by and the books we look forward to digging deep into those books. Man, thank you so much. And thank you to The Breakfast Club for having us. So and helping us tell the story is very important.


Listen, Keyon Kat Cheongju, you have a beautiful family and you are the only KKK. I acknowledge that.


Thank you guys so much for sharing your story. Attorney Benjamin Crump, thank you for always being on the line. We appreciate you guys so much.


I really need a hundred thousand one hundred thousand one hundred thousand. We need one hundred thousand. We could do that. OK, we're going to get that. Give it, give him, give him the thing again.


Petition Celltex. He has a five one five six. If not, you can go straight to justice for Keyon dot org.


Thank you so much guys. Love ya man. Thank you. Love you. Be all right. That's all right.


Well, thank you, Keon. The Cat Rodriguez and family attorney Benjamin Crump for joining us now.


I'm sure you've got a positive note. I do have a positive note. This is a three day weekend. You know, Martin Luther King Jr. Day is on Monday. So I want everybody to go out there, enjoy the weekend, do what you do, whether you want your edibles or your tequila, you cognac you, whether you smoke weed. I prefer to eat it, whatever it is that you do. But I just want everybody to just have a good time, toss your hair in a bun, you know, drink some coffee, put on some gangsta rap and hardily, OK, good old country rap tunes and hands or whatever you got to handle this weekend.


Breakfast Club pisses you off. It's safe to say twenty twenty was one of the most difficult years ever for so many. That's why I'm here to ask you, how can I help? My name is Dr. Gail Saltz.


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