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Hey, I'm Steve Greenberg, the host of Eyharts new podcast, Speed of Sound, Speed of Sound is a music history podcast that gives you an all access pass into the songs and sounds that have become the soundtrack to our lives.


We'll take you back in time and straight through today's charts to tackle Pop's top songs and most sensational scandal filled stories. Listen and follow the speed of sound on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcast, wherever you listen to podcasts. Allow me to allow me to introduce myself. What are you doing in Angeliki and Charlamagne, the God? Well, I came a long way. I think that's all I have a certain amount of respect for. You know, what everybody else does.


Geologist's the best in which this platform, the Reshow, had that you earned to make space for somebody like you guys have a direct line to the coaches.


Oh, my God, I'm on the red carpet and all I do is read them at the breakfast every morning. Good. You guys are trending every you know, I drag my ass out of that. I'm. What happened on The Breakfast Club today? It's. Good morning, USA. Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo.


Good morning Angela.


Yea. Hey, good morning Jambi Charlamagne.


The God Peace to the planet is Tuesday. Yes, it's Tuesday, I feel it like a Hall of Famer, like a first ballot radio hall of Famer, and I'm blessed black and I'm blessed black and how he favored what's happening. He was another hour sleep. But, you know, he would be so good, really happy to not have a state of what I was watching the playoffs all day yesterday, and I stayed up watching the Democratic National Convention and some of the the after talk after it.


But we're here. What's happening? All right. And good morning, Toronto. Yes, it feels good this morning.


I'm happy, man. I'm I'm I'm a little tired, but, hey, I'm alive. I missed the playoffs yesterday. It was on all day. You know what happened today? One priority.


I'm moving. And you really don't realize how much stuff, how much I mean, to say stuff, how much ish you have that you don't need until you got to move. And you just look at it like, why am I saving this? Why do I still have this? I got my kids have McDonald toys from Happy Meals for like seven years ago. Like, it's just all types of junk. Yeah.


I was going to a bunch of my old shoes and stuff yesterday, man. And I kept saying to myself, why do I got so much Timbaland's I'm not even from New York. You can't even believe him. So you let me tell you. So we did this shout to everybody in Houston. We were in Houston. I don't remember what what happened with Houston, what storm it was, but it was a bad storm in Houston. And Houston needed everything, supplies, toilet paper, eight shoes.


So we did this huge drive. We got this tractor trailer and we started loading up this tractor trailer. So Charlamagne came through because he said, you know, I'm a support. No Donly. Charlamagne came. I know lot. What about twenty Timberland's? And I'm thinking to myself, why do you have so many disabilities? I don't know. Nothing has changed. I got a bunch of them right now. Black construction, color, beef and broccoli.


Forty below that I never wore because and whenever I wear forty below, I feel like Mary J. Blige. It's like I, I don't. I don't know. Goodness gracious. Really. No, it's really no excuse for a little minutes. No not at all. But Timberland's weren't even rude. They had like one scarf, a two scarves. Automan All right. I'm just going to dust. That's the bad part. And I like my Timbaland's Wawn.


OK, but you know, you end up just buying a pet. It's like you buy a pet every fall and winter for some reason if you live in New York, just because it's so weird, I don't know why. All right.


Well, let's get the show cracking. Young Dolph will be joining us this morning. A young Dolfi has a new album out right now. Yes, Rich Slave is the name of the project. Young Dog is busy dropping opportunities for young Dufferin Slave. You know, we like to be in the gym like I do. That is an absolute gym album. That is absolutely right. And young Dolph can really, really rap. But I don't I don't I don't think he gets the credit he deserves because he's from Memphis, you know what I mean?


And he's got signed to a major label, but he gets busy. Let me go.


You know, you work out. Why won't you come right with me, brother? I just one time. I get you, I get you. I get you two little kids. Well, you know, I mean, every man is truly probably one day is too late for me to be a little sum of money. All right. It's about to be September. Don't be asking me to write early in the morning. I ain't even had no breakfast yet.


I just brush my teeth. OK, ask me to write early in the morning up, but this guy you got let him sexually harass me like that at six in the morning. You guys are crazy.


Have your own thing. Your work has been. You know what? Get it as nasty. You know what I get from the morning.


I'm just like you like to work out, try to work out and how much you you into helping and working in movies is you try to stay so militant and black. Come ride me brother. I just think you know what, forget it.


We got front page news coming up.


We'll be talking about the Democratic National Conventions. Let's talk about the first night, some of the key moments.


All right. We'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Morning, everybody. Is T.J. Envy Angela? Yes. I mean, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club, is getting some front page news where we started.


Well, last night was day one of the Democratic National Convention, and they were a few moments. Everyone's talking about, of course, Michelle Obama's speech, which I just want to point out, because people were saying she didn't mention Kamala Harris. This was taped before Kamala Harris was announced as the vice president.


A lot of them said Kamala Harris, though. I mean, they were governor Whitman did, but a lot of them didn't. And the mayor from D.C., I can't remember this is the name right now. But, yeah, a lot of them didn't mention Senator. All right.


Well, amongst the things that Michelle Obama talked about was going, hi, here's what she said.


Going hi means standing fierce against hatred and going hi means unlocking the shackles of lies and mistrust with the only thing that can truly set us free. The cold, hard truth. Donald Trump is the wrong president for our country. He has had more than enough time to prove that he can do the job, but he is clearly in over his head. He simply cannot be who we need him to be. For us, it is what it is.


It's amazing how context and the right messenger matters, because last night everybody loved Michelle Obama saying it is what it is. But a couple of weeks ago, people hated that phrase because Donald Trump said in regards to the one hundred sixty thousand two hundred and sixty thousand one hundred sixty thousand people who die, who die from cold, it's amazing context in the right messenger matters.


All right. Michelle Obama, who, by the way, had the longest speech of the night last night, also talked about why Joe Biden would be the right person.


We have got to vote for Joe Biden like our lives depend on it. I know, Joe. He is a profoundly decent man, guided by faith. He was a terrific vice president and he listens. He will tell the truth and trust science. He will make smart plans and manage a good team. Now, Joe is not perfect, but there is no perfect candidate and his ability to learn and grow. We find in that the kind of humility and maturity that so many of us yearn for right now.


Michelle gave a great speech, but I still don't like them, I'm chastising people for not voting instead of giving us something to really vote for, like the burden of vote shouldn't be on voters. That should be on, you know, the politicians to give us something to actually feel energized to go vote for. And if you want to tell us to vote, you know, talk some policy. I didn't hear a lot of policy talk last night. It was just a bunch of anti Trump rhetoric.


And it don't take much to be better than Trump. Well, Michelle Obama, Trump ended up did talk about voting. Here's what she said.


Folks who know they cannot win fair and square at the ballot box are doing everything they can to stop us from voting. But this is not the time to withhold our votes in protest or play games with candidates who have no chance of winning. We've got to request our mail in ballots right now, tonight, and send them back immediately and follow up to make sure they're received and then make sure our friends and families do the same. We have got to grab our comfortable shoes, put on our mask, pack a brown bag, dinner and maybe breakfast, too, because we've got to be willing to stand in line all night if we have to.


I agree with her, but once again, the burden of vote shouldn't be on voters, it should be on Dems to give us something to vote for in a real way, like I Dems really need to learn how to talk policy. And it was too much talk of Joe Biden last night. And they should never mention Joe Biden without mentioning Senator Kamala Harris. I know they taped before she, you know, was the VP pick, but that was a fumble because it feels like they missed the gravity and the history of that moment.


With all the energy that they had going last week. They could have really capitalized that, capitalized on that on the first night of the DNC convention, because I literally only heard Matt Bauza of DC and and Gretchen Whitmer mentioned Biden and Harris, if I'm not mistaken, marabouts actually said my sister, Senator Kamala Harris and Gretchen Whittman said Biden Harris. I think it should be mandatory whenever they mentioned Biden, mention her. All right.


Well, let's not forget, speaking of voting, that today the primaries are in Florida, Wyoming and Alaska.


All right. Well, that's front page news.


Get it off your chest. 805 a five one two five one. If you need to hit us up right now is the Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club. Hey, I'm Steve Greenberg, the host of Eyharts new podcast, Speed of Sound. Speed of Sound is a music history podcast that gives you an all access pass into the songs and sounds that have become the soundtrack to our lives. You'll hear how the hits really hit the top of the charts straight from the artists and innovators who created them from groundbreaking cultural shifts like the teen pop explosion of the mid 90s to dance crazes like the Twist and disco.


I wouldn't do that song. And she fired me, which was perfectly fine. I didn't want to go down. The guy with great Aretha Franklin disco record will delve into left field pop music phenomena like the monster mash and even who let the dogs out, a guy barking and singing about dogs. I thought, this has got to be a joke. We'll take you back in time and straight through today's charts to tackle Pop's top songs and most sensational scandal filled stories.


Every right that he said on Rapper's Delight was mine. Never let him see. Still Iran. Irony on irony. Listen and follow the speed of sound on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcast or wherever you listen to podcasts. This is your time to get it off your chest, whether you mad or blessed, but at the same time, we want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello, who's this?


Oh, good morning. DGM discernment. God and Charlie, come on. This is King. Good morning. Good morning. I want to start by saying congratulations on you guys at Radio Hall of Fame induction in Mesa. Oh, yeah, no problem. And not only you invited Charlamagne on a bike ride. Know I can't let you guys know that. Oh, awesome. That we invited you. The man on the bike ride. And apparently bike riding can lower men's testosterone and cause erectile dysfunction because of the pressure that it causes.


When you sit on the bike seat, it puts pressure on on air space. That's called perineum and it can slow the blood flow.


So I'm not trying, OK, or I'm not trying to my bike, but I got gel for him, Dubrovka.


I got some gel for him.


So maybe I got some nice wow for him to make sure he's I think he's trying to sabotage Charlamagne.


I can't call it one way or another.


You know, he sounds like some sort of infiltration penetration, something he wants to do to my perineum. Don't.


Bobby Brown Remak is my top Iranian with the Bahraini man. It's like in between you and your monkey. My goodness.


That's the medical term for it's called the perennial. I just found that out myself.


I you you learn something new every day on the Breakfast Club. You got to protect our Hall of Famers. You know, you can let the Hall of Fame you go out. I like. That's right. But I got I got some jail pants. So you show me. You be good, man. No pants. Take care. Everything between your ass and your penis, bro.


You're not getting my Peronism King perennials. Thank you, sir. Get it off your chest.


Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to vent. Heat is up. Now is the Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club. I'm telling you, I'm telling you, this is your time to get it off your chest, whether you're mad or blessed.


Eight hundred five eight five one five one. We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello.


Who's this? Hello. Hey, what's your name, bro? No, it's a door. And get it off your chest. Yeah, I got it used to make us feel like if fashion fighting all the time. I mean, we got the president we've ever had in this country in politics right now. And every chance you get like Biden's not we need Democratic policies. We get out this once again.


I don't have time to have this conversation with people, because if you're trying to get those disaffected voters or those young voters to come out, trust me when I tell you saying that you're the anti Trump just isn't enough. A lot of energy is behind Senator Kamala Harris right now. And a lot of energy is behind the fact that they actually have, you know, economic black agenda four four four four black folks. And people want it to be stronger.


Yes, but it's a great start. But they've got to keep that momentum up, period. Every every single moment is advertised and every single moment is a commercial. Every single moment is promotion and marketing. What's going to make people come to the party in November? Putting Senator Harris on the fly with Joe Biden last night? There wasn't there was not enough of that in no way, shape or form.


I think people complained when it was like then why Michelle Obama mentions in the diaries, but she pretape before, you know, Senator Harris, the V.P. pick. So, yes, if you really want Joe Biden to win, then you'll be encouraging him to push an agenda and policy as well as Senator Harris as well. All right. Well, hello. Who's this?


Hi. This is something I talked about yesterday, but I found it here on phone.


Hey, Stephanie, get it off your chest, Momma. You keep talking about people not being outraged about this whole voter suppression thing. I am literally terrified. I woke up the other day. I live on like a main street and there's a mailbox across the street. I woke up, like, scared that they took the mailbox away. And I keep checking every day and I'm like trying to get out the information that we need to go support the USPS, but also to make sure that our ballots are counted.


But if you don't know what, what, what to do in a situation, this is the craziest thing ever to be happening right now.


That's true.


You can text us P.S. to five zero four zero nine and they'll send letters to your senators and representatives in support of the Postal Service. It takes like less than one minute. I actually did it yesterday. Just text USPS five zero four zero nine. But yesterday I did, you know, see the outrage I was looking for. There was actually a hashtag. It was divorced Trump. They had like sixty thousand seventy thousand tweets. And it was, you know, people finally, I guess, realizing like, whoa, whoa, whoa, this dude is really trying to kill our democracy.




Like, we act like, you know, you see this happening in other countries or, you know, have happened dictatorships, all of the above. We act like it can't happen to us. But he is trying to do exactly that. We are not against some absolutely other countries because of one person, because of a dictator, not because. Absolutely. Absolutely. And so I had to go. I'm terrified, but I'm about. And do my part.


Well, thank you. Yes.


Get it off your chest. 855 five one two five one. Now we got room on the way.


Yes. Since we are talking about voting, let's talk about Cardi B in her sit down with Joe Biden.


All right. We'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club. This and all the guys got the report, got got its original report. The Breakfast Club.


Well, Khateeb did a virtual interview with Joe Biden that was for a part of her l cover story. And and this one on one, she talks about the different demands that she has. Here's what she said.


I want, like, a timeline of when things are going to get better. I want a president to tell me what are the steps for us to get better. I need somebody to tell me the truth, the hard core. And also, I, of course, want free Medicare. And this is why it's important to have free Medicare, because look look what's happening right now. I, of course, think that we need a free college education.


That's and I want black people to stop getting jail and no justice for it. I'm tired of it.


Yeah, I watched that 16 minutes and I love that car. He had demands. But, you know, it would have been better if Joe Biden was saying that Joe Biden should take those opportunities to tell us what he's going to do for the black and brown community, because being the opposite of Donald Trump isn't enough. That's not moving disaffected voters to tell folks what you plan to do for them.


Right. So, you know, Cardi B also previously did that sit down with Bernie Sanders when he was in Detroit. So now she's done this with Joe Biden virtually. Yeah.


And Biden Harris has to be a package deal. I'm sure they tape that before they announce the VP pick, but they should never be a mention of Joe Biden without mentioning Kamala Harris, because it was a great article in Axios yesterday. And he said the addition of Kamala Harris to the Democratic ticket provided Joe Biden with the biggest surge of online enthusiasm he's seen in the entire campaign. So, yes, all of this when you mentioned Biden. Yep. Yep.


All right.


Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez, they are one step closer to becoming owners of the and mono as soon as in two weeks who the new owners of the Mets will be. So they are among the seven bidders already pre-approved by the Major League Baseball who are trying to purchase that team.


I hope they get, what, a 40 million dollar crib in Miami as well.


But they they got it. I hope they get it. I pray that they both from the Bronx are just Jaylo, just Jaylo from the Bronx, just Jaylo in the Bronx. Can a person from the Bronx buy the Mets? I thought somebody in the Bronx, I thought is mandatory. You got to invest in the Yankees.


You can about it. Nobody told the Yankees. OK, well, buy the medicine.


Nobody got a New York team. Jaylo got a New York team. That's what the Mets got better.


I don't watch baseball. I hate baseball. I think everybody but the Yankees is the team. The Yankees is the team.


That's like saying, OK, you're a Dallas Cowboys fan, right? Just because the Houston whatever that the Texans play in Texas, that doesn't mean you be like, oh, I like the Texans. Do you like the Cowboys?


And that's the same thing with people, people like the Yankees or the cities, though I think that New York Yankees logo to people love that logo and don't the Mets got the same logo. It's got a similar logo. Similar, similar.


I don't watch baseball. I like baseball better when everybody is on steroids, so I don't watch baseball.


All right. Master P is paying for the funeral of a three year old girl who was killed while playing with her dollhouse. This was in Kentucky. She was fatally shot along with her father, Trinity Randolph, and her 21 year old father, Brandon Waddle's. They died of multiple gunshot wounds Friday in Louisville. And yes, Mississippi said this is a three year old innocent girl that's gone from her family, from our future, somebody who could have come out of the community and be the next president, doctor, lawyer, teacher.


He said this is sad and he's covering those costs.


Did they catch the kill that family? Did they catch the killers? I'm not sure about that.


They have released no information on details of the shooting or information on possible suspects.


So not an ongoing investigation, but we will if they haven't caught the killers yet and you know who the killers are, turn those killers in. And if the killers are out there, they should turn themselves in because you're never going to escape that karma. OK, you killed the three year old girl. Absolutely, positively. No reason. You didn't you probably didn't have no reason to kill or perhaps either. I don't know about that situation, but all I know is that three year old girl was sure did not deserve to die.


You're not going to be able to escape that. So you might as well turn yourself in. And if you're in the community of Louisville and you know who did it, you need to turn them in because guess what? The next kid that may get killed could be yours as a child you love. So no need to have people on the street that did that. They have no regard for life.


I saw people going in on Kylie Jenner yesterday. There was a picture of herself that she had captioned, allegedly brown skinned girl. Now, what really happened was somebody Photoshopped the picture of her and it said Brown Eyed Girl originally in her first caption, and then somebody Photoshopped it and put brown skinned girl. So it looked like she said it. But really what she wrote was brown eyed girl. And she actually had to post it. And she said, this is Photoshopped.


Never said this. Have a good day. The Internet is so dangerous, I don't even know why we are on the Internet anymore, like my mother used to say, I believe half of what you hear, but all of what you see don't apply on the Internet. You can't believe nothing. You hear nothing you see online. You got to cite your sources 20 times before. Right. Come to a conclusion about something you see or hear online.


It's really nasty out there and is really bad.


Yeah, I thought people were going in on her and I was like, wait a minute. All right. Well, I'm Angela Yee and that is your rooma report.


All right. Thank you, Miss. You know, we got front page news next. What we talking about? Yes.


Let's talk some more about the Democratic National Convention. It was day one of the virtual national convention yesterday. We'll tell you who spoke in some of the highlights. All right.


We'll get into that next. Keep it like this. The Breakfast Club. Good morning. It was May 19th, 1983, in Springfield, Oregon, in the middle of an otherwise peaceful, cool spring night, a car arrived at McKensie Willamette Hospital. Diane Downs and her three children had been shot, Cheryl's seven was dead and Danny, three, and Kristy, eight, had life threatening injuries a year later. Diane herself was found guilty for the shootings.


In the 80s, this was a shocking headline story of Fatal Attraction.


Authorities believed Diane's infatuation with a married man who said he had no interest in being a father to anyone's children was the possible motive behind her shooting her three kids. One year later, at her trial, she was pregnant. That child was Becky Babcock. Four years, Becky, has tried to come to terms with who her mother is. But one mystery has haunted her. Who is her biological father? She's what I call a jackpot match.


Did you find Becky's biological father?


Join me as we search for the answer and explore Becky's and her mother's past on this season of Happy Face to Face. Listen on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcast, or wherever you find your favorite shows. T.J., envy, Angela ye shall I mean, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club, is getting some front page news where we start you.


Well, night one at the Democratic National Convention, the virtual one. Last night we talked about Michelle Obama and the first front page news. Now let's talk about other things that happen. John Kasich spoke as a Republican and here's what he had to say about supporting Joe Biden.


I'm a lifelong Republican, but that attachment holds second place to my responsibility to my country. That's why I've chosen to appear at this convention. In normal times, something like this would probably never happen. But these are not normal times. We can all see what's going on in our country today and all the questions that are facing us. And no one person or party has all the answers. But what we do know is that we can do better than what we've been seeing today for sure.


And I know that Joe Biden, with his experience and his wisdom and his decency, can bring us together to help us find that better way.


John Kasich is the type of politician I like only because he's he's a member of the GOP, but he's just gone with what his gut tells him to go with, which is, you know, Joe Biden, Ed Harris. And he had a bar last night on CNN. He said, the party is my vehicle, not my master. I thought that was a bar, right? This is a video right out right now that was produced by the the group Republican Voters against Trump.


And you can take a look at that. There's a former long time Republicans and political appointees who actually worked in that office who are now supporting Joe Biden.


So that's interesting to look at. Now, another person who spoke last night is Kristen Nekesa. She lost her father to coronaviruses. Here's what she said.


My dad should be here today, but he isn't. He had faith in Donald Trump. He voted for him. Listen to him. So in late May, after the stay at home order was lifted in Arizona, my dad went to a karaoke bar with his friends. A few weeks later, he was put on a ventilator and after five agonizing days, he died alone. My dad was a healthy sixty five year old. His only preexisting condition was trusting Donald Trump.


And for that he paid with his life.


That was sad. Oh, I saw that in real time. That was horrible. Mm hmm. Very sad.


All right. Now, while this was going on last night, Donald Trump had a rally in Wisconsin and he talked about seeking not just a second term, but a third term. Here's what he had to say.


You're going to win four more years and then after that, we'll go for another four years. Because you know what? They spied on my campaign. We should get a redo of four years.


I've been telling you for a year. That's what he wants to do. He's been hinting at that for months. He's been saying that for a long time now. There's a lot of great articles out there about how Donald Trump could lose. The election is still remain. President, the guy looks up to Putin, OK? Putin became president of Russia for life. China's president, I can't pronounce his name. He became president for life because he removed the term limits.


Don't think for one second Trump do want to be dictator. Wouldn't attempt to do something like that. He'll he'll plant the seed of possibility and put it on his agenda just to see how people react. And you think he cares about the Constitution? You wipe his ass with the Constitution. Think he wouldn't attempt to repeal the 22nd Amendment, please? That guy.


OK, now, Donald Trump also says he'll pardon someone very, very important today.


So we don't know who that is yet, but I guess we'll find out today.


Big media, your Carmilla. Which one, huh? Well, and neither neither none of that will be interesting to me. And nothing happened. OK, all right.


Now, remote only school requests have jumped by forty thousand in just one week. And they said Hispanic families account for the highest number of those who are choosing that format. According to the new Department of Education data, they comprise forty percent of the overall Department of Education population. They accounted for thirty seven per cent of those who went fully remote instruction. So people are now saying, I don't know about this. I want to opt out of that hybrid instruction model and just do remote only.


So as you can see, you know, a coronavirus spreading as kids are going back to school and schools getting shut down. I guess we'll see a lot more of this coming up.


You guys have important decisions to make, all right. Now, the comments yesterday were actually about my kids school yesterday to try to ask them to figure out what was going on. And they break it over here. They're going to be breaking the classes down. So it's not going to be that many kids per class. They're going to break them into two. So it's not going to be as many.


They're going to be doing both. So, I mean, is I'm still leaning towards. No, but I'm a little bit saying, you know what?


Maybe give it a chance, give it a try so my kids can have some type of normalcy.


I don't know. I figured out what I'm to do. Yeah, we got a family conversation yesterday. I figured out what I'm gonna do.


I think that you can tell us. I'll tell you tomorrow, I'm not sure what I said, but I think I figured out what I'm going to do. It felt it felt good yesterday. You know, I thought 12, you know, I mean, I trust our instincts as well. Our instincts matter or her intuition matters, you know what I'm saying? So based off the information that I got yesterday about what the school is planning to do and based off what she wants to do, it felt good.


So me see, what about the rest of the younger ones? That's the tough one, man five The five year old is the tough one, you know, because she she she loves going to school, but I just I just can't see them sitting in the classroom with a mask all day long, you know, but they're talking about the same thing. Reduce the number of students. So we'll see because I haven't gone to the five.


All right. Well, I don't I don't have enough.


North Carolina at Chapel Hill decided they are no longer hold in-person classes on campus after about one hundred and thirty students tested positive coronavirus in the first week since classes began.


So effective tomorrow or undergrad in-person instruction will shift to remote learning. And the university also expects the majority of undergrad residential students to change their residential plans for the fall.


They got to do some of the tuition, like you pay tuition, you pay for the experience.


But if a kid can't get an experience and is only virtually, you got to get some of that money back, I think.


Right. At least for this room and board. Yeah. Oh, yeah. All right, well, that is your front page news. All right, thank you, miss you. Now, when we come back, young Dolf will be joining us. He has a new project out right now.


We're going to be kicking it with young girls if it's called slave.


So Don't Move is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club. Morning, everybody, is D.J. Envy, Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are, the Breakfast Club, we got a special guest in the building on the line we have young Dolf.


Yo, what's up, Dolf? How's everything? Dolf sound like he just woke up and just got home. What wanted it to just one or the other.


All of them is Erlenmeyer being like I'm in the studio in New York. I thought we were going to need Hamiltonians and we were going to do so.


You do it in just rolling out of bed.


Fifteen minutes ago, some of my phone and, you know, I was in there. Really, I just know they brush my teeth, brush my teeth. I go to sleep when I get up.


I agree with you, Charlamagne, because sometimes not brush his teeth in the morning. The first thing I do when I get out of bed is brush my teeth sometimes be too late because I know I got rolled out of bed.


Get right on the air.


I'll be late. I got to brush my teeth, dolphins, my teeth, dolphin.


I forget to put on that chain all those diamond chains looking like a slave.


I believe in it. I wanted to change.


I sleep in at least just that dog.


I did like half the environment when I used to be broke.


You say. You say that on on on one of the songs on the album. Like you still remember what it feels like to be broke. But what's the concept for for rich slave men?


My interest is just a black person living in today's society, because even even if you're still rich, you still get what you're saying.


Basically, a lot of people don't feel like they bujar like they made it or now I ain't no slave. And now but it's like I told my partner, I told my partners, one of them got a McLaren and one of them got on a Rolls Royce. No, I'm saying they would like to take long, but I like your résumé to make sure they are, you know, racially. I like to go to South Memphis, to go to black and even go to North America right around your old neighborhood about two hours straight and tell me you don't get stopped by the police.


I get your million dollars. You don't get stopped by police.


Now, I saw that a few months ago. You had talked about retiring, spending more time with your son, with your family and all of that. But then later on, you said your son said you can't retire because he needs you to be a rapper. When the pandemic hit.


He's been all the time in the world with his son the last five. What was that kind of what was that conversation like for real with your son? What did he say to you?


There was a new news pages. I listen to my music, you know, being on studio because of my work. You went to work you like and I listen to it one day, just like, are you going to put out new music for everybody to listen to? So I wish he was here. He just went to school like an hour ago.


Wow. What was it like for you to send send your son back to school? Because I know a lot of people have been struggling with that just with coronavirus and everything. So what was that conversation like, too?


It was no conversation. He had gone to school. I don't want to go to school.


Oh, day school or is it Half-Day school?


They don't, like go like three days a week, three days a week in school, two days at home. So kids in a classroom. OK.


Oh see I could do this like that. I wouldn't mind. I could send my kid back to school like that and but you know.


Oh no, I don't know what to think about what I know about the whole thing because I think it's serious, but it is not serious and designed by for people to get health issues.


And old people out there, I think is more so it's now like five degrees, but I feel like they blown it not really bigger than what it really is.


Yeah, you don't know what to believe during an election year, man. Everything seem like propaganda. Everything seemed familiar. And that's what I mean. That's my whole thing.


But how has it been for you personally during this pandemic, like being at home? And I know you haven't spent that much time at home like that because you were supposed to be on tour and everything.


I mean, being great. I just don't like the people getting sick, people passing. I'm saying because it's certainly still I've been wanting to do for the last couple of years, I just I had time to do one now, like what I like really. But being around my kids every day on day to day basis, like I've been on the road doing a show that showed up shoulder to shoulder and working, I told myself I told my whole team when we was just on tour right before the pandemic came.


I told us it when when it's all over. I'm a stay in the house with too much like don't call me. My love was six years old now. So it's like and I mean, he got every question in the world to ask me. I'm here to tell them I'm on Intel.


Right. You say if your son doesn't want to be just like his daddy, does that mean you want your son to be a rapper? You want your son just to have your values?


You know, I definitely don't want him to be around. No, I'm saying when I say you, your son, I want to be like, you mean if he can get your characteristics and he ain't got no morals and he if you ain't if he ain't got certain stuff taken out of you that he feels like it just, you know, you ain't.


Fill in the bed.


So does that give you a greater responsibility on how you move to things you may say to things you may do because you know, he's watching you so close, you might just think I'll always be the kind of person in a way saying I'm a genius really on a low shot right now.


Also, I think you don't get enough credibility for your rapping skills. I know I'm getting no credibility short only because I'm 100 percent independent and everybody's scared. Really give me that credibility. Everybody is really scared to post the album based on that. I won't do this. Do they're not just rappers and artists, bloggers that they whole industry.


And I see what you're saying because I see a lot of a lot of people don't necessarily post you like a lot of artists would. But you know what?


To do it. Well, I'll tell you the funny part about it. They they don't on me and they don't hit me or text me or call me like word. Is album too hard for this album, this out of me. But they are not going to post on social media because for the simple fact they want to be careful about certain such things.


So I think it's the people who have problems with they don't want to they don't they don't want to necessarily take them like I feel that way, just period. You know, if I got a problem with the people I got with the shrooms, it just point blank period, like, you know, came in. The Games is really popular. They're like nobody, no party biffo. Everybody look at this competition like I seen you is a fairly common me at the same time is the difference between competition.


It's like, hey, I put up first of all, I like shrimp. No one. I don't know why you dissing shrimp.


OK, that's not like I love what I eat them.


And I posted your album this morning and the reason I posted it, because I have been talking about it this weekend, people was hitting me up like Yo Dolf album hard. I mean, Duvall was texting. I was like, whatever young dope album hard. He was like, yes, sir. I was like, well, let me post it, because I don't I don't want to say nothing like that privately. I rather dig it up like I mean, I think it's hard, but they ain't going to post.


It is weird bro. Do you ever feel like you want to be on a major? Because I listen to that slave, I feel like.


Oh but listen, no, I feel like a renkin like me. I feel like R and B would make the stallion should be all over the radio. Right. And it is the single. Are you single.


I know but who work on the record I'm playing.


They play play play like for ten fifteen they to be top fifteen on radio next all next week starting next week.


It's happened in two weeks. I want to about it. Every time I got in the car the song was on the radio so I thought that was you saying Charlemagne's. Oh yeah.


We got more young Dolf. When we come back, Don't Move is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Morning everybody. Is D.J. Envy Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club. We're still kicking in with young Dolph Ye when it comes to features though, right.


Let's say you ask somebody to be on the album because I see of course Meghan Stallion see her beau. But does anybody not want to work with you. Because obviously people like you, they think you dope, they like the album.


But if you ask for a feature where they say no, I'm gonna keep it real, I don't know extra features because I'd be feeling like everybody going to the Hollywood car or oh no, I should be like, Brian, don't, don't, don't just do you because.


Oh, no, I just don't want to do it, but sometimes I feel like this people be posting albums because people will hit you up and be like, OK, you post my album. And I do feel like something that maybe you don't you don't really ask for nothing either.


You might you might be right. You could only do it. No, I'm saying like, oh, poster me period. Like everybody at my post. I don't wait for them not to hit me or this. Like I generally like a jihad. Even if you wanted people to call me and be like, no, I'll post this for me. I feel like I shouldn't have to call you like, man, you know, what's up?


But if I'm somebody that you like or that you think would be dope on a song is good for them. So it ain't necessarily you asking for a favor. It's like a mutual thing like this would be dope for you to get on. It's just like people ask you to get on a feature angle, like I was going to get ready to reach out to Tooch.


I will go here and ask them to put a verse on, to be honest. But I just didn't do it. You know, I don't get offended.


You write a book that's like, oh, no, no thanks.


I just and I just don't want to ask anybody, so I get it.


Oh, no, it's like it's weird. I can't even explain it. No, I'm saying I just feel like I don't even want to go through the if I ask for something or I want to do something and it don't happen no matter what happens or it was somebody was busy or I don't have time or they did this or they're like, I really feel like brothers don't even worry about it. And I end up just let me put another person in my house if I nobody told me.


So what about Dalyan. Yeah, yeah.


I'm going to be say, look, Brodo, I mean like this, this is like a rock and roll. I mean I've been rocking with them for years now I'm saying. And when we was in the studio, we were in New York, we were just recorded a couple of songs. I mean, we were making like we was on the phone and she's like like Jimmy something like, what's up? So I said to the joint, I love the death row record, too, man.


How much were you inspired by by by movements like Death Row coming up?


I don't know. My first movement and I was inspired by my parents. My mom love songs like my mom and my Ticos, everybody but I it was just the road with the really good part was hard. I love pop, pop, pop, but I was always attached to Snoop.


What mistakes do you think labels like that made that you would try to avoid?


Your situation is hard because you can't say take the screws out of there because. Man rapping It is. It is strange. Oh no. It was just the time. It was the era and all the time. And people don't really get a lot of respect, really.


They should begin, I think, because the run was short and everybody always talks about the end like the end, and it ended so tragically. People forget about how about the good times?


You know, I have to think about, though, taking care of your artist, because when master if he was talking about how he let Snoop out of his contract and didn't take nothing from him, everybody came there and they had a house, a car in their own name. And I do feel like one thing with labels is when you have artists underneath you, you want to make sure everybody gets rich and everybody has their own. Everybody financially is taken care of.


And that's one thing I would say probably didn't happen.


A death row inmate, that was just bad business. I want to speak on that thing and do a little bit business, because what they put out, everybody was on like the music music. They killed it.


Speaking of business, your business, since the pandemic does like not going on the road, how has that impacted you? Because a lot of artists can't survive. Why are you laughing off, guys? It's good, man.


Oh, I like your. But I should have covered it. I ain't going to hide my feelings and make everybody feel comfortable. I like this. I love this. No one said the pandemic. This is one. This is like the town that I prepare for from the beginning. No, I'm saying like this is why I had to have my own record label. This is why I had to not focus on just being an artist or being in the booth.


Like I had to focus on like a hammer to talk to these people. How much do these hammer length, these hammer how to build a team they don't like, make stuff grow like, oh, no, I seen you giving away a Lamborghini 450 Lamborghini.


We announcing that winner.


I'm announcing the winner Thursday. Give away my Lamborghini. It just caused my massive give away one of my cars, something like a couple of weeks before I even was like got my date together. I was in my group. I went to the garage to get on the phone with them. And I was getting on the phone. I looked at my car and I like, man, I'm going to get a car away.


My fans like everybody in the show me. So my little brother from the beginning, OK, it's enough to get me. Don't want a man in there like I do want to show a little back, let them know that I got real love. A guy like me. Keeghan. Didn't smash these windows and say, yeah, you know, seen your artist slamming your windows in your car. What was that about? Yeah, I don't come out of my house.


Did you find them after that, after you broke your windows?


It was that one. I'm like, come on, bro, you owe me five minutes. We fight.


He he he got my stuff. He I'm that they had to keep my car and still from around like a block young. But he think it's funny what's funny about smashing somebody's windows and, you know, windows.


Cause I think it's funny.


I thought it was funny what he did and I was out of town and beyond like, oh what did you do when that happened?


What was your reaction as you see it? When we all think I was I was two thousand miles away on the other side of the country.


So like when everybody else I've seen when everybody else seen it and then went and that time I got back to the house, it was a couple of days later. So it's like all the emotions are really gone. But I got to sleep and I grabbed his ankles and like, sleep like they're so.


Yeah. And my little brother shouted, God, I can't even imagine you having fun. No.


Have fun with your own, though. Now with my car. I have fun with your own car, man.


That's why I say that. What I said. But what I'm going to beat them up, shoot them, not shoot them down.


I'm not that far.


Just it's just too far just now to see if I would have been to his car though it would have been a whole nother different ballgame.


I well, let's get into a young golf mini mix young since the Breakfast Club.


Good morning, T.J. and Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are at the Breakfast Club, we're still kicking it with young Dolph Yee.


Now, rich lady, you talk about how you hate fame as one of the reasons that you decided you wanted to retire briefly.


You know, you know, you give up all your programs, you give up and you have a lot of stuff. And the worst thing, like I just put it together with attention, someone like me, so many people just searching and searching and searching for attention. They want attention so badly, do anything for attention in front of you, kind be want to be in the same boat with people.


And it also brings out the worst in people around you. I know in the first song I hold up, hold up, hold up. You said you had to cut off your day one because of jealousy. I know that hurts. It didn't hurt me because if I tell you some times I actually was wrong enough times, man, for me to cut your make got to be really you felt like you did something right. Like I don't want you around me is like it's some I cut you off.


I'm not taking care of your kids. All right. Now, now what's up?


Why is why is black youngster still still coming at you? Duff. I saw him post on Instagram actually.


Who is it. OK, but what's the reason. No, there's no there's nothing that y'all can do to just put that behind you off for good.


I thought it was behind you. Well, then again, maybe not. You kind of did a record a couple of months ago with it. I don't even know who that is. When I was a young man, he's a rapper from Memphis, Memphis. He was on he did a video this weekend where he was shooting out of the window and he added you and said, my gang will get your shoot shot.


Hey, check this out. I'm already fighting the case right now. I'm already in some shit right now, man. I ain't got time. Nobody. No, no. Like many playing police games, I don't want to play police games. You stop playing these games. I give myself out to always, like, go play with the police. I'm not going to play with the police. Ya'll already got me get like, no go by last night.


But I do wish that in a time, you know, where, where, where we see who the real enemy is, which is white supremacy. I do wish brothers could could pick a piece it up.


I don't even know. I don't know. Do I know who you're talking about. I know. I know. Give away a game on Thursday.


So what do people do to get that Lamborghini? How did they how did they how do you pick a winner? What did you have to do to register or get in?


Go to young dot, dot dotcom purchase anything on the website you automatically enter to be a winner. Also, Dorfmann, you do a lot of tricking in your music, man.


Is that how you move in real life on blue on blue dime, as you said, be so good you woke up and bought her a watch and did you did that whop got to watch.


You know, you blessed me. You got a lot of people.


So he love his girl. He said buy whatever she wanted to go to the fighter with his last day rich by the fire coast clear in the summer.


That's what she wants to do. He love his girl. That's how you take care of her. Yeah, I do. I think that's great. You got to stay in your lane, Michael, cause back before, right? Yeah.


We're having a little Fullilove, I want to know. Buying houses and cars. I did close on a cruise yesterday, two days ago, Thursday, another Thursday. Yeah, a bit DOLLBABY snapping and I'm happy.


I'm happy, I'm happy for you. And I know that you write in some some some more during this pandemic.


And I hope people start giving you the credit you deserve for being a dope rapper element of smash mishmash, young, hungry, made a lot of disastrous movie hungry eaters.


Exactly right. He did. Please, I like that. And then he is pleased that her backside on the way out.


I see you here, love. That's a great thing, especially during this pandemic. Some couples is going through it because it's, you know, locked up in the house together and some people are thriving and loving it. Seem like you thriving and flourishing during this time. So that's dope.


All right. Well, Dolf, we appreciate you for joining us, brother. Hey, LUMIGAN, to get away this Thursday may go to young or go to Dollar Lembo dot com.


Now, the demand by both dotcom and everybody out there you could buy they're the cheapest thing on the site is eight dollars and 50 cent. You can buy a keychain for eight dollars and fifty cent and you could possibly win a Lamborghini.


Don't ask me how I want to go, but I just I just bought a car. So we call an investment recently.


I think I make the rules or break the rules. I control the rules. I do all that because you're your own boss. How much money you have missed out on this not being on the road, the curve.


You can't money. You can't you can't chase money your whole life. Charlamagne life. One thing I learned a long time ago, because I always feel like, well, you've got to have cash, you've got to have cash, you've got to have cash. You've got to have changed like I've been on. Let me tell since I was a teenager. And just like last year, 2019, I really found out how important it was. So with me having this mentality for all these years, I always want to cash and get cash, get kids, get cash.


So I also develop this mentality like, bro, you can't just chase money for it, but you got to enjoy yourself. Like what? You're going to be OK if you get one hundred million, two hundred million, one hundred billion, you don't keep on trying to chase money. Like I'm not going to chase all the dumb like. Well, I can't I'm not going to do that. I'm going to live my life as well as get money.


No, I'm saying so they might not allow Charlamagne.


Somebody experienced it like you ain't going nowhere. All right. Well, as young Dolph Alvis right now, it's The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


This is the room, a report with Angela. Is close enough?


Yeah, well, it's been 18 years since Jam Master Jay, who was born Jason and William Misao, was shot and killed. He was shot once in the head at his studio in Queens by a mysterious masked man back in 2002. The NYPD chief of detectives, Rodney Harrison, said he never gave up on this case. He's from Queens. So listen to this.


Me being a native of Queens and being a big fan of Run DMC and Jam Master Jay, making this arrest was very, very important to me.


Now, the NYPD has released the names of the two alleged suspects, Carl Jordan Jr. and Ron Washington. This is a major break in the case. Carl Jordan Jr. will be arraigned for the murder and other charges and around Washington will be arraigned later this week. So what they are saying the reason is allegedly is, according to the indictment, Jam Master Jay was involved in transporting kilo quantities of cocaine between 1996 and 2002. And in 2002, he acquired about 10 kilos of cocaine, which was intended to be distributed by Washington and Jordan and others.


But then he had disputes with Washington and a coconspirator and Jam Master Jay then told him he would be cut out of the transaction. That's when, according to this indictment, Washington and Jordan conspired to kill him. On October 30th, they entered his recording studio with firearms and fatally shot a Jam Master Jay in the head and shot another man in the leg, according to this indictment. So they are charged with murder while engaged in narcotics trafficking and firearm related murder.


I mean, I'm happy that that if they are the killers, they got those killers.


I mean, I grew up watching, listening and seeing Run DMC, me being from Queens, me going to school on Hollis Avenue. I would see them all the time. And being from Queens, you get to see somebody from your own hood become successful. And the fact that he's helped so many different artists from 50 Cent to so many, so many of them, so many deejays like myself, like Cloo. So the fact that they, you know, that they caught their murderers, you know, excites me and definitely rest in peace.


I just hate to hear that all the drug talk that they've been bringing up about, oh, it was cocaine and he was moving this. And I just I just don't like to tarnish the guy to tarnish Jim message's. Legacy. He was a great deal from one of the greatest groups of all time and just a great brother.


Well, Kaljurand Jr. was arrested Sunday. He pleaded not guilty Monday afternoon in a court appearance that was held via teleconference in Washington, is in federal custody. He'll be arraigned at a later date. They he said he was convicted in 2007 of Hobbs Act robbery conspiracy stemming from a string of gunpoint robberies in New York City and Long Island. He was sentenced to two hundred and ten months in prison. He's scheduled to be released next year in April.


Hmm. Well. Oh, and here is a statement from the family, by the way. They said, first and foremost, we want to thank everyone who has reached out in support of our family today. We appreciate your kind thoughts and words upon hearing this news. We have mixed emotions. We truly hope that these indictments are a solid step towards justice being served in the murder of J. We realize there are other families out there who have lingering pain, who continue to wait for their own closure.


And we pray that this case gives them hope. In spite of all the tragedies we've seen this year alone, we take comfort in our family, our faith and one and in times ability to heal all. We can only hope that this news brings awareness to the fact that black lives do matter. We ask that everyone please respect our family's privacy as this case moves forward through the judicial system.


That's horrible. Imagine thinking the way you think and thinking that you got away with murder and then 18 years later you get locked up.


So that's just another prime example that you can never escape. Tecoma, you can never escape that kind of energy that you put out. Eventually it will catch up.


Imagine how thankful the family is now to at least and know that the people who committed this crime and kill them today will have some type of there will be some type of justice and closure for them, like they said. Mm hmm. All right.


Now let's discuss the Democratic National Convention. Donald Trump has his Twitter feed because this morning he apparently does not like some of the things that Michelle Obama had to say. Here's a refresher.


Donald Trump is the wrong president for our country. He has had more than enough time to prove that he can do the job, but he is clearly in over his head. He simply cannot be who we need him to be. For us, it is what it is.


Well, he tweeted out this morning, somebody please explain to Michelle Obama that Donald Trump would not be here in the beautiful White House if it weren't for the job done by your husband, Barack Obama. Biden was merely an afterthought, a good reason for that very late and unenthusiastic endorsement. My administration and I built the greatest economy in history of any country, turned it off, saved millions of lives. And now I'm building an even greater economy than it was before.


Jobs are flowing. Nasdaq is already at a record high. The rest of follow sit back and watch. The Obama Biden administration was the most corrupt in history, including the fact that they got caught spying on my campaign. The. Biggest political scandal in the history of our country, it's called treason and more. Thank you for your very kind words, Michel.


Now, he is right that, you know, he is a reaction, you know, to President Barack Obama having a black president scared half of America so bad that he wanted to get America white again. So they picked the most racist, bigoted product that was presented to them in the form of Donald Trump. That is a fact. He was out of job right now. I have no idea. I really don't. I know. I know the unemployment rate was at 40 million.


I don't know where it's at right now. I know a lot of people have bounced back, but I don't know how much. All right.


Well, I'm Angela Yee, and that is your roomer report. All right.


Thank you, Miss Yee. Now, Charlamagne, who are you giving a donkey to? You know, we need a publication called The American Spectator and a former freelance photographer for the NBA named Bill Baptiste's to come to the front of the congregation. We'd like to have a word with them because they had some words for vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris. We'll talk about it. All right.


We'll get into that next. Keep it like this. The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


It's topic time because the phone call 800 five eight five one zero five one to join into the discussion with the Breakfast Club. Talk about it. Morning, everybody.


Is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlemagne, the guy we are The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning. If you just joined us, we were talking about sleeping your way to the top.


Now, just talking about that, Charlamagne, there's been plenty of rumors about you sleeping your way to the top and you want to confirm or deny right now.


And I'm plenty. But it's been one thing I think I think that happens to everyone, although I have actually been accused of sleeping my way to the top, participating in gay sex to get here to get where I am. Oh, by the way, I'm not at the top. OK, if you see my 2015 Chevy Tahoe with two holes in the back bumper, you would say Charlamagne slept his way. If Charlemagne's slept his way to the top, his bunk and mouth game must be trash.


But NBC has been wrong about who they say you're about him.


So I would never be a bottom. I'm not. I don't like pain, but they've said the same thing about you. Come on. You're with Peter. Used to say that crew took you in a basement, included me in the basement.


I went a flew out of this, OK, because nobody believed that you had to you had game and then you had then then you had the ones. Were you sitting on Wendy Williams laps. You had to but.


Oh yeah that's OK. Yeah. I mean I think that happens to everybody, especially when you're black, because oftentimes other black people don't understand how you got to where you are. So they give credit to the Illuminati. Are you sleeping your way to the top with never a god hard work and not giving up? And it's amazing how the law of attraction, power of intention and prayer don't seem to work for us. It always has to be some nefarious way that we got on.


Now, whatever I think it happens, it happens to women the most, though, I would say, because when I first started doing radio, I came from marketing and I was given the opportunity to do radio with no experience having done radio. But it's kind of what they were looking for, somebody who didn't already have experience. They went to somebody they could kind of like mould into something. I didn't have this preconceived notion of what radio was supposed to be like because I was at satellite radio.


And so when I did end up getting hired for the job, I remember a lot of people were saying things about me like, oh, I wonder who she slept with to get that job. As a matter of fact, my boss at Sirius even told me way later on that they said that about me at that job, like, yeah, I wonder who she slept with to get in this job. And so I just feel like, you know, the reason why they hired me was because I had great relationships, haven't done marketing for Eminem.


And his manager was like, OK, we'll let you audition. I can't guarantee you the job. And that's how I ended up even getting the audition. It wasn't guaranteed. And then they did end up hiring me. But it wasn't because I slept with anyone. And I remember just having my feelings hurt because it was people that I knew and I thought I was friends with who were saying those things about me, that I never confronted them about it.


But it's just I like to know what people say. So I remember other women even saying that about me.


Well, that is how people justify their own shortcomings. That's how people justify their lack of talent or their lack of skill, you know, jealousy and envy. As a mother for someone you got that position. I'm sure that it was some men that was jealous and envious of you. So in order to make themselves feel better, like they had to say or she only got there because she did X, Y and Z. No, no.


You just feel better unless there's proof like you never explained the picture of you sitting on Wendy Williams lap.


Yes, I have. She said I'm five, six. She said, get over here and sit down, OK? Wow.


You talking to me that well?


She's beginning to show that is that only thing here is let's unpack that to put the picture of that picture looks crazy.


Jesus Christ, you look like Alicia Keys sitting on Bill Cosby's lap because he was doing his neith.


Yeah, I remember that. Listen to all of this is coming out of a conversation we were having about this article at The American Spectator. And the headline is Why should matter to women that Kamala Harris slept her way to the top? And Bill Baptist's, who's a photographer, he called Senator Harris to work. And I think it's extremely disrespectful when you came to Paris.


Yeah, but what makes it even more disrespectful is when you're when you're somebody like Senator Kamala Harris, who has the education, the political experience, experience as a prosecutor, literally with an agenda and a senator, they question her and how she got to where she is with someone like Trump, with no political experience and limited education, you don't get accused of sleeping their way to the top. Right. Like what you're starting to get. Exactly. Well, maybe he was using the little hands hand on hand all over D.C. We don't know.


But I'm just saying, like, you don't ever hear that about somebody with no experience, with somebody with all the experience and all the credentials gets accused of, you know, having to do something nefarious to get the way they are. But not not not Trump. That's crazy to me.


All right. Well, let's go to the phone lines. Hello. Who's this? Oh, this is Jeff Manar, TV of Florida. A we're asking, have you ever been accused of sleeping your way to the top?


Yeah, man. Back in the day, you know, part of the church to Deacon Deacon board and people put my name out there saying I was trying to get people to some of the women in the church that I was trying to watch the pastor get close to the pastor. You know, you slept with the pastor trying to get.


Yeah, well, you separate women to get close to the pastor.


The pastor was a woman, so they were trying to tell him that, you know, oh, I wouldn't say that gigolo at the church to try to, you know, get the what was the real story? Sorry, what was the real story going to be to Jezebel? Not to Jezebel.


He just didn't want to be the Jezebel. I was just trying to, you know, get to the church and, you know, put my perspective on what I thought, how the church should be ran as well. That's how I went. And I was doing out the way. I was just, you know, let to be honest, I lost interest with this story.


When you said the pastor was a woman, if the pastor was a man, I'd have been so intrigued by the five one, two, five were asking, have you been accused of sleeping your way to the top?


We heard Charlamagne story. We want to hear yours. When we come back, is the breakfast. I have no idea story.


I know that. I thought you were coming and jumping into the Breakfast Club.


Come on. Eight hundred five eight five. One oh five one. This is what happened when I think back to back it in my village, I start reminiscing this time around. I wanted to be Jeffrey to weigh in on us. I guess it's time for a different breath.


Please save for me. Do this one favor for me. I had to change my place. Always got way too complicated for me. Oh, she's waiting for me everywhere. Single Day, a famous song. That's why I say today that I. I know you can't ignore me besides warning everybody is D.J. Envy, Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Now, if you just joined us, we're talking about sleeping your way to the top I.


Have you ever been accused of it? Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. Angela shared her story. Charlamagne shared his story twice. He had one right.


Not she had his story. Why did you say that? If we had one? Yes. Yes, allegedly. But let's go to this playing horsey. And he got his Zabin on his stomach and I was standing straight up while she was sitting down.


You and I stand and we seen the picture. He was on me. Definitely was on me. Over the back of your shirt. You look like you came out of your tie, but I look like a popular vote. So that picture have a puppy with a up.


Yeah, but when you look at my ventriloquist.


All right, let's go to the phone lines. Hello. Who's this?


Hi, this is Castro. How are you? Good morning.


You ever been accused of sleeping your way to the top?


I'm not at the top now or whatever, but as I'm trying to get into the music industry and how early I started in August and the people that I've come to know now and we will be like, then wait a minute. Is like happening too fast or she's getting to know people too fast. If it means people I have been trying to about this industry is that I have been tried. You can try to sleep your way to the top.


Now, people have tried her and I have approached you even tried.


Yes. Like, oh my God. Oh, you want to talk to this person this, that and the like. And these are giving you these look like. Listen, Linda, there's many other ways I can get to that person, if that's what you're looking for.


You are looking for the wrong one, obviously, if you can get me, said Linda, it's just a phrase is a phrase that she meant like there was actual woman doing this.


This is a woman doing this to a man.


No, no, no. Men, men, men. Because of their power, because they see because they feel like they're next to this person that they think like, oh, you that's the only way you can get to that person. In a lot of women in desperate situations, they would be like, yeah, let me go through this record to see if this person can connect me to that person. I'm not like that. I'm trying to get up in this industry on me.


If you thinking I'm going to give you some don't worry. There's other ways I can get the person, you know what I mean? So, yes, that's right. Stick to it, girl.


Hello. Who's this? Yo, this Rico. Rico. So you accuse us of sleeping your way, slip on your way to the top, bro.


Yeah. Has to follow on me right now. We're going to stay around in Florida as a guy they accuse you of sleeping with bro. They were. What man did they accuse you of sleeping with.


No. Know what you're talking about.


Why are you calling us. What are you talking about? You don't know. We talk about you said you slept with somebody to to the top. Yes.


Have you ever slept with somebody and been a top? No.


Have you ever been accused of that. Of are you about.


Oh, I sleep with the secretary and guy didn't go with a a lot of money. Oh.


So you slept with the secretary and her husband. So yeah, I was doing like threesomes.


Oh you're looking. No, no sir. No. Sir Salamo, you always from what are you talking about?


Listen, so you slept with the secretary. How did that get you in? Good.


With the husband? Because she put in a word with her husband, like this was the third guy. He slept with me. Right. For the long haul. I like really came up to it. Like it it was a it was a good time. But the husband never found out, not he might have found out my to go, you know, but. Oh no know. Did he try, you know, nobody saw him listen.


So I hit it on the how we going to get out. He's still an e mail ballots and more like I want to have a local will follow me if I.


Right. Woke up. Thank you, man. Oh. What's the moral of the story?


I'm I don't think there's a moral of the story, man. I just wish that people would stop giving the devil credit for God, for what God does, for what hard work does and for what, what, what not giving up on on yourself does.


I just remember when people accuse you of these things, it is a form of them being jealous. And then I know why you got to the position that you are in. So keep on going and make them even matter. That's right.


People people will always bring that type of stuff up when it comes to you to try to, you know, make them justify their own shortcomings and justify why they haven't made it and why they haven't gotten to the level that you're at. So keep working. Keep God first. Stay humble. You'll be fine.


All right. You got rooms on the way? Well, yeah, along those lines, let's talk about Tavis Smiley. He's been ordered to pay two point six million dollars and it has to do with things that happened in his workplace. All right. We'll get into that next. Keep it like this. The Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club. Everybody is D.J. Envy, Julie Charlamagne, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club, let's get to the rumors.


Let's talk to you about some going to. Oh, well, this is the rumor report, Angela, on the Breakfast Club.


So I was on the Fat Joe show and he was talking about 50 Cent, you know, 50 Cent and t'ai. Who knows, maybe they'll potentially do A versus against each other. But here's what he had to say.


I love you so much. I'm going to say I was about 15, but 15. That's a classic. The classic is the classic. You even the intro, intro everything classic, bro. I got five plus three if you're being conservative.


OK, honest.


Well, 50 went on Instagram and reposted the conversation and he said the man said he got five classics. It's too early. I'm going back to sleep.


Well, it's a matter of perspective. You know, I always see it as one of my top seven favorite rappers ever. He's got two certified classics to me that I think we all can agree on, and that's rap music and paper trail. But then he has two very debatable ones, an urban legend and king. And one is based off if you from the south and not. And that's I'm serious, but I assume those are the five albums that ATIP is talking about.


And it's all about perspective because that that didn't sound crazy to me for him to say he got five classic albums because he definitely got two and two strong possibles in King, an urban legend. And like I said, I'm serious is a down side classic, especially if he was, you know, living down south when that album was out with Dope Boys and the Trap and do it baby stick baby and Panty Pop no wants to for gave myself his joints on this.


So I see the battle.


It's just never going to happen. I mean that that battle is not going to happen. It's not going to happen. But he would win. And I love this, but I'm telling you you'll sleep at all.


CNRS, I'm not gonna say that right now. Come on, Jackson.


Kanye has rebooted his Sunday service. I don't know if you saw it, but they've been posting videos from Sun. And Kim Kardashian said, For anyone wondering, Kanye team took every precaution to ensure the choir's health and safety, which is always top priority. It was found today without an audience. The music will be shared soon for anyone who could use some uplifting right.


So listen, as long as you're being safe about it, like Dave Chappelle has been doing his summercamp, everyone gets tested. As soon as they get there, you can only participate. You have to have the wristband on everyone that's been there like Darnell this all the time. He has to walk around with his wristband on and then they get retested every few days.


So at Sunday services outside. So it's better to do that. It's better to do outside events anyway.


So, yeah. All right. Kanye also wants a Christian monitored version of Tic TAC. So he said he loves the technology. He said a vision just came to me. Jesus talk. I was watching Tick Tock with my daughter. And as a Christian father, I was disturbed by a lot of the content. But I completely love the technology. We pray we can collaborate with Tic-Tac to make a Christian management version that feels safe for young children in the world.


In Jesus name, Amen.


It's important that of what he said. I mean, because, you know, when my kids are on Tic-Tac or when they play roadblocks, sometimes some of the stuff that I hear that comes out of me, I'm like, and this is supposed to be children's. So, yeah, I'm not mad at what he said.


It's impossible because it's a forum or a platform that anybody can sign on to. So it's not going to matter to that non stop.


Exactly right. Are you going to keep people from getting on and just cursing or getting on and showing a penis or a breast? Whatever it is, it's just like people going into it. It is that they want to do like you can't keep people off that platform. You can't keep any of these platforms going.


It's impossible. All right. The Ellen DeGeneres Show right now, they have overhauled their senior production team. So three senior producers have been ousted right now following allegations that have been raised in recent reports by BuzzFeed and Variety.


And they have parted ways, quote unquote, parted ways. But the show, the news was delivered to the staffers at Ellen yesterday afternoon during a staff meeting. They said Ellen DeGeneres spoke via a video conference call and she was emotional to the point of tears and very apologetic as she was addressing her staffers. That's more than two hundred people. They said she told them she was not perfect and realized that in the effort for the show to run as a well oiled machine, sometimes leaders were not as sensitive to human beings as they should have been.


And she also said that reading these disturbing allegations about the atmosphere on the show was heartbreaking.


That's about to be the greatest environmental working because I'm serious. Ellen is super rich and she about to overcompensate and be so nice to everybody. Y'all bonuses bought to be fire your holiday bonuses. But FYI, about to get longer vacations, you'll probably pay for them. That's gonna be a great environment to working. All right.


In the meantime, Tavis Smiley has been ordered to pay two point six million dollars to PBS, and that is for workplace affairs. They said he breached his moral clause in his contract. Following a three week trial, they heard deposition testimony from six women who accused him of misconduct. So the jury awarded PBSC one point five million. That includes the cost and underwriting revenue for the last two seasons of his talk show. And then they have these additional damages under the morals clause.


So he has to pay back PBS and not the women in.


One woman was paid three hundred and twenty five thousand dollars to resolve a sexual harassment complaint. Another woman said she had a consensual relationship with him and she said when she turned him down for sex, he reminded her that he was her boss. She said, I felt like my job was in jeopardy and that if I didn't do what he wanted sexually, I would lose my job. And she was later fired. And she said it believed she believed it was because others in the office learned of their relationship.


Another woman said she was a paid guest on the show and she had some intimate connections with Tavis Smiley, but that he refused to have her back on the show because she turned him down for sex. And they also have accused him of crude language at work, his anger and his habit of yelling at subordinates and other issues.


Interesting. Mm hmm. Mm hmm.


And Tiger Woods, his 11 year old son, went to junior golf tournament. So, listen, there's a lot of pressure being Tiger Woods is son, but it feels like now his son is up to that. Charlie is his name and he won. Everybody in the age beat everybody in the age 11 category.


So congratulations to him. Tiger Woods was there in attendance as well. Now, congratulations also to Khateeb Meagerness. Diane Webb is number one on Billboard is the first female rap collaboration in history to debut at number one on the charts. Listen to Cardi B's reaction. Billboard Hot 100, number one.


No, wait, hold on. Hold on, hold on. Hold on.


What? Ninety three US Ustream, the most fun song in opening week in history where one debuted at number one on digital songs chart with the biggest sales week of twenty twenty.


Dropping includes Beyonce for Cardi B going number one with her and making the stallion. I love that. And the reason I love that because I keep trying to tell you that is nothing better than things that are polarizing. You know why? Because the people that love it love it. The people that hate it can't stop talking about it. All you people that were hating on this record who had something negative to say about this record, who did you think pieces with?


No thought about this record. Y'all absolutely cause this record to go number one, because y'all were busy saying what you all were saying about it. The people that loved it were busy defending it. And it creates this perfect storm that everybody's screaming the record. Everybody's watching the video. And look, numbers don't lie.


She's number one, you know, whether you love or hate him. Congratulations, ladies.


And Katia's I sent Meghan this dallion arnez bag with hand painted tiger on it and a picture of Megan the stallion. It says be someone on it. And she signed it as well. And she said, Thank you and I really appreciate you love Khateeb.


Twenty twenty asado don't care what you like to charge. Don't care about your opinion. You click on that record, it counts towards the screen. So if you're clicking on it just to talk negative about it and say how much you don't like it, guess what, you're still helping them win. Dropping include MasterCard making the stuff.


That's why. That's why. That's why it is best to be polarizing managers. Do you and let people have an opinion about it, good or bad? It all works in your favor. All right.


Well, I'm Angela and that is you are rooma reports.


All right. Thank you, Miss Ye. That's Shout to Revolt. We'll see you tomorrow, everybody else. The People's Choice Mix is up next is The Breakfast Club.


Good morning. Is D.J. Envy Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Now, let me shout out to everybody that showed us so much love yesterday.


Yesterday we were inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame.


Oh, first radio Hall of Fame, as I heard. I heard about it. Yes, that's right. So we got so much love yesterday. So I just want to say thank you to everybody that reposted left comments that roll with us. I just want to say thank you and that we appreciate you guys so much.


The whole class. It's twenty twenty. Angie Martinez, Sway Calloway, Donnie Simpson.


It's really great company that we're in in this class as well. So shout out to everybody.


And let's not forget, Angela is virtually coming up on the twenty eighth. So I'm definitely going to be celebrating on that day and I do have a virtual concert that's happening. I've been working really hard at putting it together. So they're going to be filming in Jamaica and here in New York and it's obviously no audience or anything like that. But I have some great things happening with VPI records also for the release of their reggae gold. Twenty twenty albums.


So the performances are amazing and I have some special surprises for you of some songs that you are definitely going to know and love. All right.


What's so interesting about the Radio Hall of Fame thing is so many people that we could think and I'm sure we will when we have our acceptance speech Wednesday, October twenty seventh, I think. But I do got to salute Cadillac Jack. Got to salute Jaspin. Got to salute Q Q Got to salute Sasha. Katy, because those were all people that were with us. In the beginning, sleuthed my guy Dennis MEAC yourself, I guess that means he was there from the beginning.


But I do want to say thank you to all the listeners that listen to us on the radio podcast YouTube, wherever you wherever you get your breakfast. Thank you for riding with the club and congratulations to the radio. OK, great. OK, congratulations to y'all for finally getting it right and inducting Donnie Simpson and Angie Martinez sway Calloway. And you know, my man humbled a poet said the best about the club. He said this is long overdue, but also too early.


And it does it does feel like that. But, you know, I've been doing radio for twenty two years. Twenty three years. I've been doing radio a long time. How long? You know, radio with me over twenty. How long you been on radio. Sixteen years. That's been a long time.


You know, it's not like we knew about this.


So, you know, congratulations to the Radio Hall of Fame for getting it right and inviting, inviting, not inviting, putting all of those black and brown people in the Hall of Fame because we absolutely earned it.


When we come back, we got the positive note is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela, Michelle, I mean, the guy we are the Breakfast Club that shot the young dog for joining us this morning.


Pritch, I always want to say that when anyone says Young does reach out to young dogs and what are you doing later on tonight? Well, first of all, I want to point out that today, Tuesday, August 18th, is a really important milestone in American history.


100 years ago today, women were granted the right to vote in the United States.


So we are teaming up with PNG for our new podcast in honor and celebration of this anniversary. It's called Seneca. One Hundred Women to Hear. So the show will also honor women who are pioneers like Madeleine Albright and cultural icons like Meghan Markle. These are women who broke barriers, who changed history, and they also built bridges across political and social divides. So this podcast is not just about profiling these really important women's voices and celebrating women's voting rights. It's also about having conversations and sparking ideas that matter, that bring us closer together, inspire a little forward progress for all of us.


So make sure you check it out. Zeneca one hundred women to hear it's going to come out today on the I Heart radio app or wherever you listen to your podcast. So this first episode will be highlighting the voice and the work of abolitionist Sojourner Truth. So check that out. It's an important day today and today. I'll also be working with HBO Docs Club documentaries. You know, I was talking about that Yusef Hawkins documentary Storm over Brooklyn. And that's something that was a big deal to me when Yusef Hawkins was killed.


And that was back in nineteen eighty nine. And, you know, he went to a white neighborhood. He went to Bensonhurst to go buy a car and then a mob of white kids surrounded him and he got shot and killed. So that documentary is on HBO right now and I'll be talking with Unique Jones Gibson tonight at nine thirty PM if you want to hear that conversation.


All right. Well, Charlamagne, you've got a positive note. I do actually just posted this on my Instagram because I want everybody to get this this energy this morning. But just know that at some point in your life, you get tired of unhealthy connections, whether it be people or things. As you grow, certain things become intolerable to your liking. And that's OK.


Breakfast Club, this is your friend and I heart radio.


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