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We've all felt left out, and for people who moved to this country, that feeling lasts more than a moment. We can change that. Learn how it long begins with us, dawg. Brought to you by the ad council. D.J., N.V., Angeliki and Charlamagne, the guy from Congratulate You. Hall of Famer, said he wanted to be in the presence of radio royalty. The world's most dangerous morning show, The Breakfast Club, is a big deal here.


I think that's all I have a certain amount of respect for. You know, what everybody else does in dollar, just the best of which I do. We love ya, man. Thank you for being the people's champ.


Probably the greatest audio.


Your yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo. Who does that sound weird to anybody but me. Yeah, yeah.


And you sound like he got his mask on because he's in that club in Atlanta. Still can't hear you brother. You sound muffled. I don't know why I'm up.


Ain't no listen, you got your mask on a little bit here, so you might want to reset your connection. But good morning, T.J..


Jimmy and Elamine, Peace to the Planet is Tuesday. Happy New Year to one in all what's happening. Hmm, you know, I keep on writing 20, 20 still on everything. Yesterday I was trying to my passport expired, so I sent in all the documents and then I got home and I was like, oh, my God, it's 20, 21. So hopefully 20. It doesn't matter with the documents. Yeah. Twenty 20. He's been such a traumatic year and we've been screaming 20, 20, you know, probably more than we've ever screamed about any year our whole lives.


So that's going to be stuck in our heads for a minute. I can I don't envy you.


Can't talk to me. What's your matter? He said, OK, I'll try stretching math going. All right. Here you go. That sounds sound muffled. You sound muffled. You was in Atlanta. Not he was not just in Atlanta. He was in a crowd in the in the club in Atlanta. I saw that picture. I said, this is he really in this are just as a picture he's posting because somebody sent it to. Yeah, I got some video I posted, though.


Yeah, anyway, how was your vacation? You always take an extra day. I mean, I definitely always take an extra day. I went on a nice little spiritual spiritual retreat for like eight, nine days. So it was eight, nine days filled with yoga and acupuncture and fine ceremonies and and a bunch of other stuff. But I sorta thought my sister, Debbie Brown, and we had we had a great time over the past eight days.


I think it was eight days and eight days. I got back yesterday, actually. I was traveling. Yes, I'm traveling was cool. I mean, listen, I've been on a plane before. I went on a plane like four times last year. I went to South Carolina last year. I went to L.A. once and we went to DC for the interview. President Barack Obama said, I don't have a problem traveling and being on the plane.


I just like to make sure that, you know, once we get to where we're going, it's it's it's a nice, contained environment. And it was because, you know, everybody had to get covid tested, you know, in order to to be where we were. So it was like a nice little bubble, we guys. But but now you that and just. Yeah, but I'm still staying at home just to be responsible. All right.


I'm staying home two hours. And I actually had a terrible experience at the beginning of this break traveling. I went to Austin to go see Dave Chappelle and they covid test every day when you go to his show in Austin. And I actually miss my flight, the crew, because there was a big snowstorm in New York. And then the next day, that's when I was Friday. That was the Friday before Christmas. So a lot of people were already traveling.


But the day before, all the flights have been cancelled. I had never seen the airport that crowded. And everybody was like, I mean, that's not like you popping popcorn. You know, it's not like you got to watch a soul on on on on a Disney person, you popping popcorn before you view it. So and besides, you run around and he's muffled and bizarre like he's muffled when I'm asking in the club in Atlanta and you sound like you popping popcorn.


So I think that we need to take a break and come back and see if we can get it together before front page news. Yeah, it's the world's most dangerous morning show, The Breakfast Club. Charlamagne got Angela. I am already not liking starting off twenty twenty one on this damsel. OK, I can not wait till we're back and we're not officially officially.


Well we are not doing whatever. This is a remote broadcast and remotely from home. All right. But usually you got front page news, right. Yeah.


And speaking of that, you know, you somehow got to sit back down again. Everybody's doing their late night talk shows from home.


Need to shut back down your computer. You pack popping popcorn. All right. That's what you need to do. Hello.


Yo, you lose one, you gain another one.


Right now we prepare. We are good. But I wouldn't say we're good. But we are here. We're good. No, now, no. Can you hear me now?


It is amazing to me that this show, which is a radio, is in the Radio Hall of Fame, makes all these multi millions of dollars and the technology sucks and we still have not figured out how to how to properly broadcast from home. Yeah, I got my own wi fi system here.


I plugged in Ethernet cable and it's got I don't know, I actually was just talking about how late night shows are back. And I've literally got an email last night about some technology that that late night shows are using. Wireless and radio have that yet. It's a software called Show Runner where people can probably do their show from home. Why don't we have that yet? I don't I don't know something.


AT&T sound OK. I seen The Bachelorette. That was amazing.


What a lot going on. Are we OK? Are we OK now?


What do you want us to give it? The college try.


All right. Well, let's let's start talking about these elections that are happening today in Georgia. Donald Trump headlined a rally. Now, he was trying to get some support for the Republicans who are running in the Senate runoffs. But, you know, if you're talking about voter fraud and acting like you won this election and there's all these issues, it's hard to tell people to go out there and vote. Right? Well, here is Donald Trump at that rally saying that he won.


By the way, there's no way we lost Georgia. There's no way to rig that was a rigged election. But we're still fighting it and you'll see what's going to happen. And I hope Mike Pence comes through for us. I have to tell you, I hope that our great vice president comes through for us. He's a great guy because if he doesn't come through, I won't like him.


But as much as I love the honesty, drop him dropping bombs and honesty. If you don't like him, I'm not going to like you quite as much. But I'll tell you one thing. The next 15 days are going to be very, very, very interesting. All right. Hold on to your butts. All right, some more of what Donald Trump said, he says that Democrats who are radicals are trying to steal your freedom.


Your vote tomorrow will decide which party controls the United States Senate. The radical Democrats are trying to capture Georgia's Senate seats so they could wield unchecked, unrestrained, absolute power over every aspect of your lives. If the liberal Democrats take the Senate and the White House and they're not taking this White House, we're going to fight like hell. I'll tell you right that. I'm telling you, the next 15 days are going to be very interesting, but you have to go out there and vote in Georgia today so Democrats can have control of the Senate and then Democrats officially won't have any excuses to not keep promises they have made to black America.


All right. Well, that is your front page news. And I know we'll be talking to Stacey Abrams this morning as well to get some more information about what's happening in Georgia. They broke records with three million people already voting early. So that is Georgia. All right.


Well, get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one if you need to hit us up right now. Phone lines are wide open is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


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Now, that is true.


But just ask this is your time to get it off your chest. The amount or blanks. We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello.


This pie is Pabey. Hey, get it off the pad. Risala me.


Hey. Hi. Good morning. Afternoon. I just want to get off my chest. My birthday is on Friday for Capricorn. Yes. Girl here. Happy belated birthday. I know you have fun even though I just told it that's going on. Yeah.


My friends did a little surprise gathering for me at my new house without me. They asked me to go see my new house. I went there. They had everything set up. Food, drinks. That's good. That's fine. Where are you, Charlamagne? For my birthday, I was wondering if I could get a book, please. One of your books that, as you know, we don't make that happen. And I just want to set up my Instagram and my Twitter really quick.


If you got the me, please follow me on Instagram underscores a big beauty and my Twitter is picking me, underscored CHB. Don't ask me why.


What's that about? You have only fans. No mail. Not yet. Take the only thing. Yeah, it will be.


And always meeting people out there that will pay top dollar to take you to. I'm sure just because people are strange like that. Well thank you. Hello this. Hey how's it going. Good morning. Is RJ logic. What an orgy. Yes.


Hey I'm just from Atlanta. I just want to let everybody know. OK, well today. Oh well you know, early go. If we want to censor any type of change, this vote is actually important. So let's do it. All right. The way Atlanta shows up, the way Atlanta shows up for the clubs during a pandemic, they need to show up to the polls today. Polling is open. There is no doubt in my mind.


Atlanta is open. The restaurants open. The mall is open. The clubs are open. Atlanta is open. I don't think they should be shut down. Yeah, I don't mean to say I saw something other than what he was talking about. The hospital in Atlanta being overcrowded. Get it off your chest.


Five eight five one two five one. If you need to vent. Hit is up now is the Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club. This is your time to get it off your chest, whether you're mad or blessed, but at the same. We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello.


This was so DSV. My name's Christian. I'm calling from California. I just want to wish you guys happy New Year. Angela, you happy birthday unkosher. I love you guys. I just want to get off my chest. Yesterday, I made a big move. My girl decided to move in with me. I'm nervous, but hey, stop playing house.


Are you good at cleaning up?


Yes. Yes, I am. Like I said, I love this girl and I decided to make the move starting the year. How old are you, sir? How old are you?


I'm 27 and she's twenty seven. She's twenty two. Yeah. Yeah. So I mean I guess you can play house for a little while. I'm going to tell you stop shacking up and playing house. But you know, a quick question. A big fan of yours, big time Uncle Charlotte and I got a book, please, and sign it. I got you, bro. Just we got to tell our producer, Dan, to get your address and get the last president's address to the right.


Just one more thing and can get podcast. Mr. Potato. Potato. I know with your wife. That's right. Fan up your son. Happy birthday to your son. Thank you so much, man. What the hell is Mr. Potato?


Explain for the people who haven't heard it on the case, Mr. Potato.


For people out there, my daughter collects a ray gun.


Now, Ray Dunn is a company that makes things like mugs, jars, things like that.


You could get it usually at TJ Max or trying to think of home goods, things like that. A discounted but they're very hard to get. My wife was looking for a potato for like over a year. They're not that expensive. They like anywhere from 10 to 15 dollars, but you can't find it. So people buy them and resell them online for like one hundred and fifty dollars, the same thing that cost ten dollars. So my wife is looking for a potato for over a year and I found it and I gave it to her, but I gave it to me.


It's like Mr. Potato Head. No, it's just a jar that holds potatoes, but it says potato on it. It's a raid done in the name of it. But I gave it to my wife. I took a picture, I put my inside of it and took a picture and we talked about it on the podcast. She was excited about it. If you put your penis inside of it.


Yes, sir. So if you come to my house, I don't think any potatoes in a potato would have been bigger.


Bro, I'm sure I got plenty of jobs. The decree about going to put potatoes in for you if you were trying to make one hundred and fifty dollars off Jared Potatoes. Sorry.


No, but that's the whole thing. Would radon it's finding that piece. That's only ten dollars and 999. It's really worth one hundred and fifty two hundred dollars. So people go crazy looking for radon. So something that my, my wife love. You know, my wife, we bought a new house so she's designing and decorating. So it was a piece and it took me a long time to find.


But I did get it for you. Follow me. I get interesting and get it off your chest. Eight hundred and five eight five one two five one. If you need to vent, you can hit us up. Now we got room is on the way.


Yes. And let's talk about the rock. He has a TV series about his life called Young Rock and he actually gave a gift to somebody would tell you who that person is and why it was so meaningful. All right. We'll get into that. When we come back is the Breakfast Club. Good morning, Breakfast Club.


We know that. Right, right, right. But this is the room, a report with Angelina. Breakfast Club, listen up. Well, it looks like Bobby's murder could be getting out soon. I know we keep on saying that he was scheduled to be released later this year, December 11th, but that date has now reportedly been moved up to February. Twenty third as long as everything is smooth behind bars. So he was denied parole last year, but now they're saying there's a clear path for him to get out in a matter of weeks.


I hope he gets home to that young man. Everybody reports on his record and he's doing stuff. I hope he does come home earlier.


Yeah, Bobby's done in six years time for that brother to come home and move on with his life and continue to make something of himself.


All right. Now, Casanova, in the meantime, has raised 2.5 million dollars for bail. He's trying to get out as well. He wants to be released sooner than expected. They did present a bail package to the court. He's been in jail since December 4th. He turned himself in. That was for allegedly taking part in a gang related racketeering case. So what they are saying now with this money that they've put up, it's five properties and 13 cosigners, their properties are worth about one point one million.


And the cosigners vouching for the rapper have combined salaries of about one point to six million.


OK, drop on a group of young men like you would like to go fund me are no fans or something. I was like from the properties and family members.


I was I'm surprised that they can't use, I guess, recordings or future earnings from his royalties of publishing as part of it. Are you hiding from only fans through the cosigners guarantee that he'll show up for his child? I didn't know you could use money you don't have yet or things that you don't have yet.


Like, normally you put up a prop., even if he doesn't show up for trial, they take that. I mean, because a future earnings, not because I mean, they have royalty, so, you know how much money you get when your record is spun or if the record gets played and all of that. So, you know, the money's coming in, but it takes six months.


OK, so you're saying for money that he would already made but hasn't gotten yet? Correct.


OK, I thought you meant like I said, he's going to make this. Well, yeah, the same way they would do like child support.


Right. Like if you had or if you are if you got sued by somebody and you know, you couldn't pay them, they would take your future earnings.


Right. Garnish your wages, garnish wages, you mean? Yes, that's what I think that's what you're talking about. No, no, no, no, no. You know, in music you get paid when your record gets played on a radio or if it's in a movie or albums, but you don't get your money right away. So if your record gets played on the radio today or you sell a hundred thousand records today, you don't get paid today.


You don't get that money to six months to nine months later. So that money is yours, though. It's not like it's a will it happen? Your money will definitely come in. They would garnish those wages in the future. Mm hmm. All right, now Suwaidi is making her acting debut on groaners, so that should be pretty exciting. She tweeted out yesterday, you ready for Indigo's mean ass? And here's a clip. Wardrobe.


Anyone from wardrobe? Is everything OK? No, it's hot as fish grease out here. Nothing about this fabric is breathable. Well, I actually have your second choice options on standby. You know what? I'm sure we can figure something out.


If you give me like 15 minutes, 12, 10. I don't do that. I'm not really feeling this outfit anymore. I just realized that all the other dancers have the same look I understand out. You know, unfortunately, I really don't have anything else other than some suits, Acedia.


Jesus Christ, no need to watch the show now, you know, the whole scene. But anyway, no know, she's going to be on multiple episodes and she posted it. I think you've got to see that. You've got to see is acting. You've got to kind of see it, you know.


Now, Suwaidi says that it was an honor and a pleasure to work with Yara Shahidi. She said, I would ask her for advice and she was so easy to work with. And the show's official midseason premiere is January 21st, just FYI. All right.


Dwayne The Rock Johnson, he gave a friend of his who took him in as a teenager a brand new car. Now, the rack is currently on set for a TV series about his life called Young Rock. And in the middle of filming, he actually gave this man a brand new car. His name is Bruno Lauer. He said he knew him since he was 15 years old. Listen to this.


I can't thank you enough for when I was 15. And you had every right to say, I don't know this kid. I don't want him to live with me. And you took me in. And truly, Bruno means so much to me that you did that because it actually helped change the course of my life. And I love you and I appreciate it. And I thank you for buying me my first car from that crackhead. And now I have an opportunity now to tell you this is your new car.


Let's go. Oh, my God.


It's dark and it's like crack. It is like the only time that folks won't jump out there and scream that that's politically incorrect to call someone like nobody's coming to the defense. People being called crackheads. Yes, so this guy, Bruno, a.k.a. downtown Bruno, he said, my mom and I were evicted off the island of Hawaii, I was sent to Nashville to live with my dad. When I landed in Nashville, I quickly found out I wasn't going to live with my dad.


And he said instead, I was told I was going to live with a guy named Bruno, who at the time lived in a tiny room at a spot called the Alamo Plaza Motel. Bruno could have and should have said, hell no, I'm not taking in some kid who I don't know. But he didn't. He took this punk kid in and we became lifelong friends. He said he only had seven dollars in his pocket also when he started his wrestling career.


What kind of car was it?


He said he gave him his last forty dollars so he could hustle a crackhead out of his car one night and HyperCard at the Rock. I don't know. What did you get at that?


You mean what type of car? The right man.


No, no, no. What the drive by for when he was younger.


Let me see. What kind of car was this?


I don't know, but it can't be what he got for forty dollars back in the day.


No, it definitely isn't the equivalent of that. It's a Ford pickup.


Yeah. Ford pickup at 450. Hey, I'm a crackhead.


Sold a car for forty dollars. I crack it. Must have been down back. Or maybe the car was that bad. Oh, yeah, 40 times what he said when he threw the car down the road, when he took the car down the road, there was a second crack had passed out on the floor in the back of the car.


See, I'm telling you, and this will get society where y'all keep trying to reframe words and tell us what we can and can't say. I am shocked that you are still letting the term crackhead fly.


But I don't get mad, man, a little bit much.


I can't wait to wait to one of them. Will crack heads wake up. OK, you see. All right. Well, that is your rooma report.


Thank you, miss. And you know, I love hearing stories about people helping people and paying it forward. I was listening to Boosey yesterday on his life and he was saying when he first came home, he was broke and had no money.


And he went out to Katt Williams comedy show and he said, Katt Williams is like, you know, you just got home and you had no money. And he said he didn't know really, really no Katt Williams. He said Katt Williams gave him ten thousand dollars.


And he said that money meant most of all because he had nothing, nothing at all. So he was very happy. And he was taking Katt Williams again yesterday.


By the way, Katt Williams had been doing stuff like that for years. That is a fact. I mean, you know, people, you know, give Williams a bad rap and all. You put on a lot of the negative things that he does when he definitely is that type of person. And he said, you know, he was saying all the rappers were shouting his name out.


But when he got home, nobody gave no money. Nobody helped. But he said Katt Williams is the only person that gave him money when he came home, gave me 10 grand, and that was able him to get himself started and get back to where he was. But all right. Now, the front page news next year. What we talking about? Yes.


And let's talk about what is the number one most dangerous area in the U.S. to live in. All right. We'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club, your mornings. I'll never be the same. Morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela? Yes. I mean, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club, is getting some front page news.


Where are we starting? Well, let's start with L.A. County.


They said that is the number one most dangerous area in the United States.


I would never have thought that. Right. But that's also because of natural disasters, they said, including earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, volcanoes, tsunamis. They're not even counting the pandemic because L.A. has been called ground zero for the coronavirus, but other things, too.


I mean, it makes perfect sense. I mean, I've been talking about L.A. getting getting the big one for years. Right. The big one is supposed to be a massive, massive earthquake. Mm hmm.


So, yeah. So, yes, I know it's weird to me right now because I wonder if it's a good time to buy in L.A. because a lot of people are leaving the pandemic thing to shut down. And then now you get this information and the wildfires to that always happen there, too.


So, I mean, I think they are going down. And I think, you know, the prices in New York City, a shooting down as well. If you could get something in Manhattan or L.A. and get it for cheap because it will bounce back. I mean, it will. But, yeah, this is a great time to buy real estate and money. I mean, interest rates are two percent.


You hope it'll bounce back. You know, I'm saying I think that a lot of things in America that are going to be changed forever and we just don't realize that yet because we're so used to things bouncing back.


But no, life is different now not to get a bounce back, you know, especially in L.A. doing pretty Brooklyn's doing pretty well on Manhattan, might not be doing so well, but Brooklyn said there's very low inventory here, so making it more competitive. All right. Now, let's talk about Donald Trump, because, you know, today is the elections and that is for the Senate runoffs. And so Donald Trump is actually doing campaign events for the Republican Senate candidates.


And during these events, it makes you feel like, you know, he's acting like he won Georgia. And there was some type of issues with the vote. If you'll recall, we had played for you guys yesterday, the phone call where he was trying to pressure to find some more votes and prove that there was a miscount, even though everybody's saying there's not. And they recounted those votes three different times from both sides. But here he is talking about the issues with Georgia.


By the way, there's no way we lost Georgia. There's no way to rig that was a rigged election. But we're still fighting it and you'll see what's going to happen. And I hope Mike Pence comes through for us. I have to tell you, I hope that our great vice president comes through for us. He's a great guy for us. If he doesn't come through, I won't like him quite as much.


I love the honesty. I love the honesty. But, I mean, can you can you really be friends with a person who lets you know, look, I like you, but, you know, it's all based on terms and conditions. What can you do for me?


Yeah, and he's mad because Mike Pence certified the election on Wednesday. So I guess he he wants people to still go out there and campaign and say that everything was rigged. But then how are you telling people to vote when you're saying that everything's rigged?


It's just weird with all this conspiracy theories that he's pushing now. Joe Biden, in the meantime, had a rally as well, and he talked about how important it was for people to get out and vote the power.


Is literally in your hands, one state can chart a course, not just for the next four years, but for next generation view St. John of the River to Washington. Those two thousand dollar checks will go out the door, restoring hope and decency and honor for so many people who are struggling right now.


Yeah, but not just voting for a two thousand dollar stimulus check. We voted for no change all across the board. So, yes, go out there and vote in Georgia today so Democrat Democrats can have control of the Senate and they officially won't have any excuses, did not keep promises they have made to black America, because as long as black Americans continue to apply pressure, raise hell and push the line on Democrats, they won't have any excuses to get things done.


So, yes, go out there and vote Georgia.


Now, Kamala Harris also said to people in Georgia, if you haven't already turned in your absentee ballot, don't put it in the mailbox, take it and return it to a drop box in your county.


Now, so, Georgia, we're looking at you.


All right. I'm Angela Yee, and that's your front page news.


All right. Thank you, Miss Yee. Now, when we come back, Stacey Abrams will be joining us. So we'll talk to Stacey Abrams about what's going on in Georgia and why people need to get up and get out and vote today. So we'll talk to her when we come back. The movies, The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club.


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Morning, everybody is the envy. Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are The Breakfast Club. We have a special guest on the line. We have Stacey Abrams. Good morning, Stacey.


Good morning. How are you feeling this morning? I'm feeling ready to go. We've got work to do.


Mm hmm. And Stacey, I just want to thank you for all the hard work that you've already been putting in up until today. And we are not quite there yet. But today is an important day in Georgia and you've been working so hard. So let's talk about why today is so important.


Today is the day we not only that, the future in motion, we have an opportunity to reset how we respond to covid-19, whether there's actual support for our small businesses, whether there's health care, access for especially the black community that's been hit so hard and whether or not we have a real commitment to justice. These are things that we've been waiting for, that we've been fighting for. And Georgia has the opportunity to help deliver this for all of America.


Have you been receiving a lot of threats from the good old boys in Georgia for shaking up the way you have done? We don't really talk about those a lot, but I will say there are a lot of people who are very angry, who are very angry about me. But my focus is not on there this case. My focus is on the people who need to believe that their power is real. This is an election that has a very clear and immediate consequences, not only whether or not we get stimulus checks that can actually help us get through the winter.


But whether we have a plan for investing in our communities, whether we have the ability to fight back against those who would strip us of our rights to vote because they're angry about how we voted this election and particularly having gone off of a war not on the ballot, is about saying this is who we are and who we intend to be. And replacing two people who have made it their mission to deny access, to deny support and to deny their responsibilities to the people of Georgia.


I was saying that a lot of older people are scared to get out and vote because, as I said, young people, they shouldn't they should have no problem because Georgia is open, but to the to the older people and people that might have complications.


Can you please tell her how important it is?


And don't just think, hey, we got this, don't worry about it and how important getting out there and vote really is at this point.


But I'm going to reframe that just a little bit because Georgia actually has one of the highest infection rates in the nation compared to our population. And that's why it's been so important that people who voted in-person early so they get socially distant and why it was important for them to vote by mail. But one of the important things about Georgia is that while unfortunately we do have this surge, if you go to vote, you can essentially distance, you can wear your mask.


But if we do not get John Osthoff and Raphael Warnock in office, we are going to be one of those states that will be continually harmed by polls. At 19, we are fourth of the size of California, and yet we have nearly half the number of deaths and a little less than half the number of infections. And so it's even more important because unlike California or another state, we don't have Medicaid expansion. So you get sick here and you are in the one point four million without health insurance, you are pretty much on your own.


And the only way to just get sick if we elect Rafael Warnock and John Ashcroft today, often there are conversations about what what elections can or can't do. And I'm always saying, you know, voting isn't magic, but right now, voting is medicine. Voting is how we fix where we are today and how we get ready to start building towards what we need next.


You know, I have a question about Donald Trump and his information that he's trying to put out there and talking about the presidential election and how he actually did win and saying that we don't want to let the Democrats steal the Senate. What do you think that does when it comes to voting, even on the Republican side? Because what you're essentially saying is voting doesn't matter and there's voter fraud and these elections are rigged.


Well, hold on, Stacey. Let's let's answer that. When we come back, Stacey Abrams is on the line. Atlanta, Georgia, makes you go out there and vote. We got more with Stacey Abrams when we come back. So don't move. It's The Breakfast Club.


Good morning. Everybody is the envy. Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. We're still talking with Stacey Abrams. Now, you just asked the question before we went to break. Yes.


I was asking about Donald Trump and the miss. Information that he's spreading and saying that these elections are rigged and that he actually won and that the Democrats are trying to steal the elections in Georgia. What is that going to do, you think, as far as even Republicans voting?


Well, this conspiracy theory has been widely, soundly and repeatedly rejected and debunked. Brad Ratzenberger, who is no friend to voters and certainly no kind of voting rights at least, is telling the truth about this, the election. We have proven again and again that the election was fair. And what we are afraid of is that for Republicans in particular, this belief in the conspiracy theories will somehow bleed over into the restriction on voting rights for those of us who for the first time truly have free and fair access to the polls.


But we also don't know the effect it's going to have on their turnout. I want to win. I believe in our candidate and I want us to have a victory. But I don't want victory at the expense of disenfranchising voters with misinformation. But I can't tell Republicans who to listen to. All I can do is do my work in my part to get the folks who understand the fights that we fight to mitigate voter suppression, to let them know now is the time to get out there and vote so we can have two US senators to work with Vice President elect Kamala Harris and with President elect Joe Biden to actually secure democracy and make these changes permanent.


Stacey, I got to make you feel good, though, because when you hear Trump pressuring state officials to overturn the election, that validates what you've been saying about voter suppression and what you dealt with when you ran for governor. So it kind of, you know, validates a fair fight and in fighting for it.


It's been interesting to see how much time I spent in his head. But yes, it is their fight, fair fight and so many organizations on the ground that we were able to invest and we lose millions of dollars to these small organizations, even medium sized organizations that have been toiling in the vineyards, the working poor communities. And they were able to really scale up and fight in this election because we did we were part of a coalition that pushed back against the voter vote by mail rules that were different depending on the county.


And we were able to block that exact match rule that made it so hard for black and brown people to get on the rolls and stay on the rolls. We were able to support election workers. We actually helped invest in the general election more than 30 million dollars and making sure they were black boxes and other apparatuses that made it easier for folks to vote. So, yes, I'm incredibly proud of their fight, proud of our team and proud of all of those groups that were out there, like the new Georgia and others doing the work of getting voters registered, mobilized into the polls.


Since we're talking about very Raffensperger and the Georgia secretary of state, is it a crime?


But Donald Trump was saying in that phone call about finding votes, I'm not really going to focus on what he is saying or doing the same as a failed president is out of there in about 15 days. My focus is on making sure that the new president has the partnership he needs and has the support he needs to actually get things done. And let's be clear, this is a 50 50 Senate. Let's not assume that everything is going to happen immediately because that still means they've got to fight for every vote.


But at least we have a fighting chance because Mitch McConnell, Kelly Wessler, David Perdue do not care about Georgia and do not care about our relief, don't care about our jobs, don't care about death.


With that said, how disappointed would you be if even with black people delivering the Oval Office and the Senate to Democrats, if this administration doesn't keep promises to black people?


I believe that they want to get that done. And that's why I'm working so hard. And yes, there's always going to be disappointment. But what I want people to understand is the rules of the Senate remain. You still have to have 60 votes to get a lot of things done. But if we make it 50 50, that means that there are mechanisms we can use to get more done than normal. This is not going to be like the first two years of Obama in 08 where he had 60 US senators and was able to get health care passed.


This is going to be a nail biter every time because sending down our and Raphael Warnock means that Georgia has two strong people that we know of. But unfortunately, we can't speak for every other Democrat on every single issue. That said, I believe we all need to hold the administration accountable and we need to hold our centers across the country accountable for what they say they're going to do. And if it doesn't happen, we need to know why it didn't happen and when it's going to get done.


You know, I was going to ask Stacey and we're talking about election, but I have a question. I was in Georgia this weekend and I wanted to ask, what were your thoughts or opinions on how Georgia is handling the pandemic or the spike of crime or even I've seen a lot of homelessness in in Georgia.


There was a lot of homeless people, more than I ever seen before in my life being in Georgia. What are your thoughts on everything that's happening with Atlanta and Georgia now?


Well, writ large, we are handling the pandemic abysmally. We. Have a weak and ineffective governor who has allowed with two of our reasons in our state to health care reasons where they're over 100 percent over capacity for hospitalization, meaning there are beds in the hallway. As I said, California's population is thirty nine million, doges is 11 million. And yet we've got 600000 plus infections. We've had more than 10000 deaths. And so, no, we are not handling this well.


Plus, we have one of the weakest infrastructures. And so to your point about homelessness, Georgia already had a homelessness problem that got exacerbated by the fact that we have 400000 Georgians who are out of a job, three point nine million people who have either lost their jobs or had their hours produced. And we have one hundred and sixty one thousand people who are on the verge of eviction. That is why this is so urgent. We know that the crime spikes in, you know, when there are economic challenges.


And that's true across the board. I'm not going to I'm not going to say that all of that will get fixed immediately. But I will tell you right now, Mitch McConnell has declared he does not intend to solve this problem. When they passed the last stimulus checks, the stimulus bill, they refused to include money for municipalities and for counties. That's how you get access to housing. That's how you make certain that the homeless shelter in the middle of the winter.


Those are things they refused to do. And if we do not have Raphael Warnock and John Orsa dismal and I would say absurd and mean meanness of how they're dealing with those, it will continue. All right. All right.


And for everybody who hasn't voted early and has gone to the polls today, I saw there were issues with some absentee ballots. I saw Kamala Harris saying do not put those in the mailbox, take it to a drop out in your county. Now, what advice and what will you tell people if you haven't voted early? And if you plan to vote today, how should you be handling this? No.


One, go to petrochem to find your polling place. Number two, if you requested an absentee ballot and didn't receive it, it happened to Tyler Perry, then you can go to your assigned polling place in person, tell them you want to cancel your ballot and vote in person. You can find out your polling place at Number three, if you get in line, as long as you are in line by 7:00 p.m., no matter how long it takes, once you're in line, they have to let you stay.


And if you have any questions, if there is any concern, call 866 our vote, 866 our vote. This is a group of attorneys and volunteers. And their only mission today is to make sure your vote gets cast in your vote gets counted.


All right. This is my final got. One last question for you. After after everything you've done, you know, in the presidential election, flipping Georgia blue and having all these earlier voters show up for the Senate race, how do you like your chances to be Georgia's governor in twenty twenty two?


I'm sorry. This seems to be some noise on the line.


I think the only thing I think about is making sure that today we close the stay out strong by making certain that every person who wants to see progress, every person who believes that their lives should be valued, that if you want health, jobs and justice, you're voting for John SLAC or not. You're making a plan to vote all over Georgia. And we're going to show Americans that Georgia can get it done. All right.


You heard it here. First, Stacey is running again in twenty to Georgia. That's right. Thank you.


All right, Stacey, we appreciate you for checking in. And thank you so much, George.


Get out the vote. Thank you, guys. Take care. All right. Is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Rumors on the way.


Morning. Everybody is feeling envy. Actually, I the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Is happening. Good morning. What's happening? Has anybody has anybody who has Brigid's yet on Netflix? No, was that. That's another Shadowline show, but they said that she was going to be has been viewed by 63 million households within the four weeks of its release. Whenever you go on Netflix, it's always like one of the featured shows that they have on there.


Oh, that's beautiful.


Shonda Rhimes can't miss that. Shonda Rhimes. I mean, she's built up such a cult like following with Grey's Anatomy and How to get away with Murder and Scandal.


So, yeah, that makes sense.


And The Bachelorette. The Bachelor. This is the first time ever there's a black bachelor. It's the first time ever a black bachelor.


Angela, you just told you that a black woman creative created yet another hit show on a screaming platform. And you talk about some goddamn bachelor it was on last night. The Bachelor was the first time in twenty five seasons that you have a black bachelor.


And you know who gave a word. You know who he gave the rose to last night. First Rose, the deaf girl, the hearing impaired. I don't care.


I don't care about that because Angela was giving Shonda Rhimes her flowers. And here you guys talk about some black bachelor.


I always want to show out the box. Little black Jesus Christ. Watch The Bachelor. You watch. It's pretty good.


It's very you know, I have I've I've heard of bridging to now, but they said 10 year old Bridget Daniels told me. They said the new Shonda Rhimes show on Netflix. That's what they said to me.


It looks really good, though, when you look and when you watch it just go on Netflix. It's always like one of the top things that they are promoting. But I think you guys are really enjoy it. So, Bridget.


Yeah, I did. I watch so much stuff on streaming services over the overall holiday break. Like I watch stuff I would never watch. Like I watch both Wonder Woman movies, both trash.


I heard that wasn't that good. OK, I was going to say I thought both of them were trash. I mean, I'm not a DC Comics person anyway, but I gave it a shot.


I thought it was trash, which I see the Benko. What is the. I thought I saw that ankle hope. Oh, I watched him, I wanted to watch that. I watched a harlequin. Harlequin was good, so I randomly saw that, too. Did you see that, Nelnet? Great. You said Larenz Tate was in the bank. I didn't see Lawrence Tate in the bank. Oh, no. Is that a different movie?


The movie that the bank is about? The two the two brothers that was buying up a bunch of property and they had to use a white guy as a white man that we actually took Samuel Jackson.


It's based on a true story based on a true story, man.


It's it's to two brothers who came together to invest in property, but nobody would sell them property.


So they had to get a white guy that was a partner. Yeah, so did the white guy. You know, he was he wasn't a partner. He was actually he was on salary. The two brothers actually owned a business. And the white guy sort of feeling himself started making moves and started doing stuff illegally. And when it came to, you know, when they all got arrested, the black guys didn't know anything about the movie.


I mean, you tell me the whole description using the descriptions in the description, but I actually did watch as an Apple or something.


Apple TV Anthony Mackie and Samuel Jackson shot the beat up beat up. Put me on to that movie. I saw that. I was like, yeah, I am like, OK, Mollah Scevola, did anybody watch Price of Love Unprime? No.


Obviously that shout imagination that she's actually in that movie, I swear Viso is one of those Detroit her movies that you'll enjoy a shoot up.


All right. We got rumors in a way, what we're talking about.


Yes, we are going to be talking about Kodak Black. He is trying to get out of jail. He will tell you what happened when he requested a shorter sentence.


Tell me, did you watch the last football game with the Giants of New York defeating the Cowboys of Dallas? You see that?


And that makes absolutely no sense for you to talk about who gets what, both of us at home right now. Neither one of us are in the playoffs. So what's your point?


You're right. I mean, it's terrible. It's an issue because neither one of us are in the playoffs and we still won to win. We we both ended the season six in ten, and neither one of us made the playoffs. We both suck. If you want to argue, hey, if you want to argue about who sucks the best, he might get you started. We had a good hour and 40 minutes. I no talk like that.


And now you're back. And let's just get back to it. Let's get back to it then. I thought this was a new year. New me, but I guess not. All right. Room is on the way is The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


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Warning everybody is C.J., n.v. e charlamagne the God, We are the Breakfast Club, excuse me, club. Good morning.


But I wish I was eating some of a cliff bar. But anyway, let's get to the room to talk.


Russell Wilson, it's about time he's going to. Remember, this is the room where reporter talked with Angela on the Breakfast Club. All right, well, let's talk about what happened in this game. The Seattle Seahawks were about to beat the San Francisco 49ers, 26 23. There were 22 seconds remaining. Instead of running out the clock, though, Russell Wilson pass to David Moore and everybody was wondering what was happening during the broadcast. But the reason he did it more was one catch from getting thirty five receptions on the season, which means that he would get a one hundred thousand dollar bonus.


So we purposely passed it to him so he would get that. I love that bonus.


That's dope. I love it. Help you. Help you. Help your brother get that money.


I was thinking that when I was watching it with the Texans who were the Texans playing, I think it was the Texans and Titans, if I'm not mistaken. And I'm thinking like the Texans have no chance of getting in the playoffs, the Titans do. Well, just let the brothers win so they can get their bonus. Lord have mercy. All right. Now, Kodak Black, he's been trying to get his time behind bars reduced, but it seems like it's not happening.


Federal prosecutors denied his attempts to reduce his sentence, and they said it's because his motion failed to follow legal procedures or cited a valid reason for why he deserves less time. They said that he has not presented any reason supporting his request for release. He merely states he is not an evil person and promises to participate in community based programs aimed at helping the younger generation that simply is inadequate pursuant to the statute.


So they also said it's forty six month sentence is a lot lighter than the 10 years he was originally facing.


Hey, man, they always say trouble is easy to get into and hard to get out of the prime example. Yeah, he was trying to get Donald Trump to pardon him, but I don't know if that's going to end up happening.


Trump has no need for any new Negro rappers anymore. OK, he's not here to help you out anymore. All right, now let's discuss perhaps most brother, Obasi, Jackson, he was entourages, Peace of Mind Facebook series, and he was discussing the fact that his brother was getting all these death threats.


He talks about how he learned the news of perhaps getting killed. I woke up early, one of my home girls from school.


She came and knocked on my door like she's I open the door and she's like, Yo, bra, I'm sorry to tell you this. I want to tell you this. But, you know, your brother passed away and I'm like, What are you talking about? I go in my bathroom, I'm on the floor just like my sister, who we don't know yet. Everything was in a confusion's you know, it was confused. Few state, you know, she called me back like, this is true.


And just you come in. Oh, God, let me go.


Right, perhaps most brother Obasi up to talked about the last conversation that he had with him that weekend right there, like that Sunday, I had just seen me and my mom and my brother just had around and talk for hours, which had not happened in years. That last conversation was OK. I know my brother loves me and he knows I definitely love him. And he said that he loved you. I'm. Nataraja asked him about whether or not he had gone to therapy or would consider it, and here's what happened.


I'm going to therapy, you know, but I just don't something about just doing it myself, getting over it, like seeing myself is more appealing to me.


I know that I'm the one at the end of the day that has to do it. I don't know about it. Yes. And me, I feel comfortable.


I don't give it to me wrong. Well, see, that's the great thing about the right therapist. And I would hate to see you try to carry all of this by yourself. And I would hate for you to miss out on that or someone on that connection that can help you cope. And he's not going to get over it by himself. It's not happening. He might suppress it, you know, for the time being, but you're not going to get over it by yourself.


That's not. Now, Obasi also talked about his brother perhaps not having security, even though he was getting death threats, there was a time when he went through a situation that was also like people were praying for him down and count him out.


And, you know, there's a lot of threats on his life. You know, there's a lot that goes into it because it's like you go out there with no security. I just like I can't even say that. Like, it just it's mind boggling to me that someone would let a superstar go out with no security. And that's the truth.


I thought the same thing. I mean, he has security all the time. If you're if you're that big of a star, especially with death threats. And I always tell all new artists and everybody, you have to be careful about Airbnb. And the reason why the funny thing is, I don't think I've ever stayed in the air now. I never stayed in Airbnb.


And the reason why is it's not enough protection for me, a hotel to get to me and my room in my hotel.


You got to go through the lobby, then you have to use your keycard to get to the elevator. Then once you get to the elevator, then you have to try to kick down. My door is different levels of security. What does everybody always say about security?


Me, if I wanted a good brother, E40 said you got to make it difficult for people. And you know, that's another thing in hip hop culture. For whatever reason, people act like it's a bad thing to have security. I'm in the hood with all my jewelry, all with no security. I can go anywhere with no security. I walk around with no security. Well, it's probably because you're not worth anything. All right. And people know your jewelry, fake wood brothers, sisters.


As I've just said, my good brother E40 always says you got to make it difficult for people and yes, you should at all times.


All right. Now let's discuss Prince. There's some controversy over the money that he left behind when he passed away without a will. And they're saying, according to the IRS, that his estate was undervalued by 30 percent, which is about eighty million dollars. They said that his his estate is worth one hundred and sixty three point two million, which is way more than the eighty two point three million valuation that was submitted by his estates administrator. So they said that involves mostly his music publishing, his recording interests, and they believe that he owes another thirty two point four million in federal taxes, his prince's estate.


So that would double the tax bill based on that valuation. That's a lot.


But yeah, so we'll keep our eye on that and our Larry King, by the way, prayers for him, he has been moved out of ICU. You know, he's been battling coronavirus. He was recently hospitalized, but now he is out of intensive care. He is breathing on his own. According to a spokesman, they said he was receiving oxygen, but now he's breathing on his own. And he actually shared a video phone call with his three sons as well.


They said he does continue to improve and he and his sons thank everyone for the outpouring of support and he can't wait to get home.


All right. All right. Well, I'm Angela Yae, and that is your rooma report.


Thank you, Miss Yean. Charlamagne. Yes, indeed. Who are you giving a donkey to? I need Donald Trump to come to the front of the congregation is crazy that we're starting on twenty twenty one with him as the first donkey today. But this story needs to be told because. All right, we'll get into that in a while. He was while he was while in the clubhouse. All right. He's watching a clubhouse. All right. We'll get into that.


Next is the Breakfast Club game on it's topic time. Because the phone call, 800 five eight five one five one to join into the discussion with the Breakfast Club, talk about it. Morning, everybody.


Is T.J. and Angela? Yes. Well, I mean, the guy we are The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Now, if you're just joining us, we're talking about Cardi B now. What have while Cardi B was all of you?


Well, she was listening to what happened then. Her daughter culture walked in the room and she switched it off right quick because it's not appropriate for a child to be listening to. But now people are going in on her saying that she makes this music, she makes music for everybody else's daughter, but she won't let her daughter listen to it.


And Katy said she doesn't make music for kids. She makes music for adults. Parents are responsible for what their children listen to or see.


And I agree with him. I agree with wholeheartedly.


She makes music for adults, just like actors, make a rated all these for adults and not meant for kids.


Now, if your child watches it, that is on you. You should be controlling what your kid watches, what your kid sees. Like I can show my kids watch what my kids see. I see what they watch on an iPad. I see what they watch on the TV. I also hear the music that they listen to. I mean, my kids listening to Kids BOP and there are some songs that they listen to, but I'm able to protect what they're listening to, you know?


I mean, if not, they stay with me all the time with my wife so we can monitor that.


She's I mean, listen, I tend to agree with Katie, but I can see both sides. I understand what people are saying when they say you can create the music and you don't want your child to listen to it, but other people's kids can listen to it. I can understand what people may think is some hypocrisy there. But the reality is there is a parental advisory sticker on music for a reason, OK? It's not like Cottee is making WAP and saying this is for kids.


No, she's making what is saying this is for adults. And just because kids listen to this music doesn't mean they're supposed to. So if your daughter is listening to what are your son is listening to what? I don't think that's credible parental advisory sticker on this music for a reason.


What about radio playing? Because radio plays for radio, but the radio version is still kind of, you know, radio.


The radio version sucks. I mean, come on. You know, like because by the way, most people already heard the regular version before.


They heard the radio version and by radio playing the regular version that will make kids go search Google search for the song online. And boy, would they be pleasantly surprised if you a little boy and you go to that.


And I would be so disappointed if we had to listen to with music that was that kids could listen to. Also, if that was all we had, that would be terrible. And I grew up listening to dance on. There is nothing more sexual than listen to some dancehall music.


By the way, though, there is no such thing as kids rap kids.


Rap is corny like nobody, like there's never been kids rap, so to speak.


Rap is Bow-Wow and it's always homeo. The kids rap, right. By the way, once again, did you, did you vibe do that? That would feel like little young, young, young kids. But most of those kids still like the hardcore gangsta stuff, you know, I mean, they just do have this to ask why these hip hop is targeted to the youth. That's why did you forget the concert? Is hip hop even have an age limit?


You don't have to be a certain age to buy music, a certain age to show up at a certain concert.


Do you know where you got the things that are eighteen and over there? Some things that are twenty one and over. One of those things in concerts you can't get in unless you're eighteen.


I was in Panama City. Mm hmm. I've been to plenty of them. I remember I went to go see Mac Miller and you couldn't get in there if you weren't eighteen.


You have to show I.D. and everything with it at a club. Mm hmm.


I remember going to consider the child my dad had to take me because I had to be over there. You had to be of a certain age because there was. Oh, that was Run DMC.


Really? Yeah. Run DMC at the club at the daughter Madison Square Garden.


I think if you're old enough to go out by yourself, like obviously her two year old daughter is not going to the club to a concert, you know what I'm saying? If you're old enough to go to a club by yourself, then there's a lot of things to do and you probably have a phone. You could look at whatever you want to look at, listen to whatever you want to listen to if you're a certain age. Well, let's go to the phone club.


You're probably eighteen, so. Yeah, yeah. Hello.


This has been some Lindenhurst. How are you.


Hey, good morning. Said see. Now what are your thoughts? I give a lot of credit for quality. She's a performer and she doesn't want her in her job and she doesn't want her people listening to that. Then that's, that's not the they have to make their choice for their children. I grew up listening to as girls, and when I finally see what it was about, I was like, oh, God, that was God.


Yeah, I agree with you. My parents let me listen to anything you got me. So I don't want to have four kids. I don't have limits with what they listen to. I want you to make sure that if it wasn't for Uncle Luke, you wouldn't be here probably.


OK, we didn't talk to you. You'd be shocked when you find out your momma can pop that hardstand me.


Oh, my God. When I finally realized what it was about, I was like, I can see you now.


Look at you. You probably doing which Obama was doing. What was that? Nothing. They even called Obama eight hundred five eight five one, two five. We're talking Cardi B, what are your thoughts?


The Breakfast Club. Good morning. I know this is your first call me and your opinions to the Breakfast Club top.


Come on. Eight hundred five eight five one oh five one morning.


Everybody is T.J. Envy. Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are The Breakfast Club. Good morning. If you're just joining us, we're talking about Cardi B now.


Courtney was on live. She was playing wop single and her daughter walked in and she turned it off and people were upset.


What did they say to you? One woman was going and this is the person they responded to and said, your daughter can listen to it, can't listen to it, but everybody else's daughter can.


By the way, we've all done that as parents. You know what I'm saying? You turn certain songs off when you're in the car, you know, I mean, certain songs. You and your wife might listen to it. You might do by yourself. If your daughter jumps in the car, you turn it off. If you are downstairs listening to something, something pops up on TV, you're going to turn the channel.


And we've all done that as parents.


I remember listening to I Want to Set You Up, and I was so I was embarrassed. I was in the car with my parents when that song was on.


The only difference here is people are saying that car is actually the creator of this song and they feel like it's some hypocrisy for her to not want her daughter to hear it, but not care if other kids, other parents, kids hear hear the music. That's that's the only thing. Well, let's go to the phone lines. Hello.


Who's this? Good morning. This is bad to the bone, OK? Bad to the bone. How many bad vegetable man. I mean kids you got man. Yeah I have. I have a five year old daughter. Zero. Yeah.


OK, I understand completely what the guy was saying about what you let your kids listen to. So I'm all about that. I don't I try to not let them listen to nothing. I like music because I'm very sick. So I like he switched, you know, out of love.


Hey, I'm waiting. Let's go baby. Go to see. Let's go. Yeah. To be honest, I block out all the music. I don't let my boys listen to my five year old coming to keep and I'm good to my mom. Get a puppy in a month. That's not what mean. She's doing the tick tock getting up and I'm like, what did you want on that point? Because I never let her live to Cardi B, so she's like, Mommy picked up and I'm like, OK, we'll take that block certain things, you know, for our kids not to.


But that's going here with me, not even now with my daughter, knew that song, got even shared it with her. She knew it from tick tock again. What happens when your 90's playlist comes on?


And Lil Kim said, I used to be scared and now I throw lips to the hand like a real OK, you turn that off in front of your daughter.


No, you have to turn that off like you shouldn't be playing with your kids right now. But your daughter was about cleaning. She probably was like, let me get a mop clean up. She don't know what they're talking about. Right. The kids don't know what ways to get out. And they're like, oh, wow. That's what Mommy was talking about. It was so crowded. I have to explain it to our daughter because we're going to get out of her doing some research.


Her mom, you see, I'm saying to her mom, come from the street. So I respect your opinion, but I will not let you hold Cardi B to a different standard than you held little Kim or Trina. You know damn well you know. Exactly. Y'all got to stop. This is the hypocrisy of disgusting. And I love all of my sisters. All of this was freaking you out. We used to have the hard core posta in my mandrels.


How God Bless the dead just sitting on the wall for inspiration.


You remember that hardcore post, mom, by the way. That's classic. That's a good thing to that.


I never listen to that. Kids got older. I do not play like.


Oh always. Oh do you. You're a liar. You're a liar.


You remember how the old three for. Oh yeah. Maybe she's all right. Yeah she thirty four she sound little music is not like music.


Where's their love music. And nobody loves nobody. Now you know it's so funny.


On vacation we got into a big argument about that because my my my homegirl Debbie's Debbie Brown, she was saying that all night. These RMV is a lie because you mean he was singing all of that love making stuff and what they want to do to people in all this romantic stuff and what nobody following through with it. All right.


Oh, I think so. It's a variety of things. There's a variety of things I feel. Anyway, I was more of the story guys get him up on.


I don't think there's more to the story now, I would tell people that there is a parental advisory sticker on music for a reason, and if there's one thing we know we can't hide from kids, it's music. And I think it's just whack to act like, you know, Khateeb is the worst thing that ever happened to music in her.


Messaging is so bad, like, no, it's a long line of men and women who have way more explicit songs than what I get off.


I could be I could see how somebody who doesn't have what could be offended.


OK, now got rooms all the way. Yes. MCP is talking about buying a reback. And what do you think is the first thing he thinks needs to happen to rebrand? We'll tell you who he wants to make sure is on board. All right.


We'll get into that next. Keep it locked is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. It's The Breakfast Club.


Everybody, in a while we get to tell everybody is T.J. and we actually shot.


I mean, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Let's get to the room.


Let's talk Tyree's. It's she's filling the. This is the rumor report, Angela, on the Breakfast Club.


Well, this was an odd story.


Now, as we know, Teresa, unfortunately, is getting divorced and it seems like him and his wife are amicable as of now. But Wendy Williams has weighed in on what potentially could have happened. And here's what she said.


Now, there's one person here in this building and one could even say what department he's in. But I'll just say that Tyree's only borrowed Samantha and got married for a moment just to cover up the rest of his activities in real life.


Anyway, Tyreese blamed him. Getting divorced on the broken black family is crazy.


What does that mean? What, like what?


His other activities. What does that even mean? Like what is she talking about? I have no idea. But I know that it is crazy that Wendy will never live off like that. Feels like such a low energy. Like we've got to mind a business that pays us like it's too many meaningless conversations that we all engage in and don't have anything to do with us. And it amazes me that for everything Wendy went through with her divorce and not wanting to say too much about it, she can still let things like that fly in her mouth about others.


That's that's that's wild to me and everything.


I was banned from Wendy Show. Remember that she said that Kevin thought she was flirting with him.


I don't remember that. Well, that might be the unusual activity she's talking about.


I don't know, Larry. We talked about it. Wendy talked about it. I don't. But I reached out to Tyrese to see how he was doing and to check up on them and see if everything was OK and see what was going on, you know, because it didn't seem like Teresa Harris is a fighter.


So maybe they fought or they could fight. And he just replied, Man, oh, man, that's it. I called a meeting and a text meeting had said, my wife called for a song.


Man, oh, man. All right.


Now, Justin Bieber probably already man on man, that's number two. So I thought, you know, I thought we would take the show in a new direction.


I see that. All right. OK, all right.


Yukky party activities. I'm not. Justin Bieber has denied that he is studying to be a pastor. There was a story in page six and he said, I'm not studying to be a minister or anything even close to that. I have no desire for that. This is fake news. The story quoted a source that told OK magazine he wants to be a full fledged minister in next year. He also said and by the way, Hillsong is not my church for clarity.


I am part a part of church home, and that's a non-denominational ministry based on the West Coast that preaches remote fellowship among its celebrity congregants. So I not try to kill Hillsong.


How can you just take news from a source like it? Shouldn't you have to cite your sources? Shouldn't you be a reliable source?


How can you just print something and say a source says, I mean, you can you know, usually you should read out sources very well.


You can't just take it from anyone. But I guess, OK, magazine just had its source now. And I said, well, with everything happening at Hillsong, I saw a lot of people are stepping down from there. And there's all kinds of issues. So we'll see what happens after Carl Lentz was fired from Hillsong. And the meantime, Mays' has been named a pastor at Atlanta's gathering Oasis Church. Now, the pastor who he is replacing had this to say.


What do you see? Like what's the vision that you see now for the gatherings? His church? I really see this generation being turned back into God's hands.


Yeah, I think there's been a major challenge with the city, like being able to direct people back to God. And I really welcome the challenge to do so.


I don't get it. I just wonder how Miss Masumi will gain trust from people again in that realm. You know what I mean? Like like when it comes to your congregation, there's a congregation that you I don't know what that congregation, but you've abandoned the congregation before. So I just wonder how people will have trust in you to believe that you are who you say you are, forgiveness.


And that's the message. He makes his own clubhouse all the time since we were talking about clubhouse earlier. Now, Mississippi, because I talked about this earlier, he plans to make Allen Iverson ferry back what Michael Jordan was for Nike. So Reebok is for sale. They did confirm that last month. And Mississippi is an interested buyer. And so what he's saying, he said, the way we look at Michael Jordan, we look at Iverson that way and Reebok, we need to bring him to the forefront.


We need to bring in better designers. We also need to make this for the millennials. And I think that would be a game changer. I thought Allen was already that for Reebok, though.


I think they want to make him like more of the face of it, though. Now more the face of Reebok.


Yes, he was name names other than Brown. Other than the basket.


Shaq. Yeah, Shaq.


No, I go there. You know why? Because I had more I had more pairs of the answers. I didn't I didn't have a pair of Shaq. I had a pretty deep brown Reebok pumps. And I had that. And I had I had all the answers colorways. I never had a paycheck's the junior sneakers and Astatke. Curtis.


I definitely don't look at them as the favorite. Not at all. Never did that. No, I.


I definitely look at Reebok as being synonymous with Allen Iverson, though.


Yeah. But I think they want to make him more in the forefront of that, just like how Jordan Jordans like the forefront.


They want to put him out there and really go hard and have him in the forefront of his own brand of his brand. Yeah, they could do that with Allen Iverson too.


In that case, I really didn't know he wasn't gonna be honest, which got a building. I always looked at him like he was I was that age about four years rumor report.


All right. Well, I think they just want to delve deeper and make it even bigger, like blow it up even more. They've got to start in new right player because it's a natural thing.


You think of when you think of Reebok, you think of Allen Iverson. Why not really push that more? I understand what he's saying. All right.


Well, that is a rumor report that mixes up next. Don't go anywhere is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. N.V. Angeles.


Charlamagne, the guy we are at a breakfast club.


I'm really surprised that you guys don't watch The Bachelor and our first black bachelor in twenty five seasons. I'm not going to lie.


I've never, ever watched The Bachelor, but a black bachelor. I will show my support.


The first girl picks it was a def a deaf woman. This is a great it's a great show.


But Bridgton, that's my plan for today. I'm cleaning and watching Bridgton.


I'm always bridges into Moissac and catch up on powerboats because I missed the last episode and I saw Notari post this. Atash is out of jail. That's all I know. She posted. Everybody's talking about it. I got to see what happened.


I got to that 50 ANELI chopper record is two of the I'm not using it as a tape, so for now. I haven't seen the last two episodes of power, so I've got to catch up. Yes, it's got to we got to have get a theme song. That's what I thought. Raised kanon. Right. Raise a great show. Yeah, that's what I meant.


A shout out to Castelo. She's a seasoned regular. She's going to be on the black mafia family, the BMF story on Starz. So she's a series regular on that. My girl cash doll. OK.


All right. When we come back, we got the positive note, the movies, The Breakfast Club.


Good morning, all. Real hot girls, morning, everybody, is T.J. and the Angelilli Charlamagne, the guy we are The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Now show me you got a positive note. I do, man.


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This is a young dumb.


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