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To the planet Charlamagne got here and it is a privilege, an honor to be able to introduce to you a new podcast, Great Shot, No Chaser, hosted by a queen named Teslik Figaro, debuting on my new Black Ofek podcast network on Ihara Radio. Look, Taslim, don't got time to play with your. My daddy always said the fastest way between two points is a straight line and I promise you nobody getting us to be from a bastard in teslik.


She is the hood whisperer in this game of politics and you're going to take it. I should give it to you. And that's a great shot. No chaser. You've been warned, but you will be informed. It's a great shot. No Chaser podcast hosted by Teslik Figueiro on the Black EFIC podcast network on our Heart Radio.


This is Taslim Figaro. You know that saying the truth is hard to swallow. Well, I have learned that the more you consume the truth, the easier it becomes to digest. The truth is an acquired taste. It's not for everyone. But today we can see that more people are craving the truth like never before. My podcast, Straight Shot, No Chaser on Heart Radials, the black fake podcast network is just that. I'ma give you the truth.


One shot glass at a time. Have you ever had a shot of vodka that burns as it goes down? Well, that's what I want the truth to do to you. I wanted to light a fire in your soul, a fire that no one can put out, a fire that empowers you to speak, to stand up and to affirm the rightful purpose in this world. On my podcast, we'll cover a number of topics politics, black lifestyle, racial justice and food for the soul.


To inspire you, my guests will include everyone, gangsters, pastors, politicians, activists, you name it, they pull enough. So come sip the truth with me. And like I always say, you can either use it or lose it, but I can't make you choose it. Subscribe now and listen to Straight No Chaser what teslik Figural on the radio app, Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcasts.