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Congratulations. It's the Breakfast Club 10 year anniversary in years, years at a breakfast club. Doing your thing. Doing what you're doing and being honest with you had a job for 10 years. Everything's going to overtake. Wow. 10 years set out for the best during man holiday.


Oh, I've been holding it down for 10 years in Angeliki and Charlamagne, the man. I've been together longer than some people have been married. I'm proud of you. The voice of the culture. Peace, love. And let's go. Congratulations. Good morning, USA. Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo.


Good morning Angela. Yea, good morning DMV Charlemagne. The guy on the planet. Guess what day it is. Guess what day it is.


I guess it's Wednesday is Humpday.


Good morning.


It is the middle of the week. I want to shout out everybody. You know, yesterday I announced that I was doing a car show in Atlanta on July 3rd. And the amount of support that I got from you guys, I just want to say thank you.


Drop a bomb for all our listeners out there. You guys are the best. Sold over a thousand tickets yesterday. I mean, it's so exciting. We got so many cars. There's so many things to show you guys. We're going to have a lot of fun. It's not too many things. Sometimes we can bring the whole family and you could just have a safe, fun time in a safe environment. And I look forward to a car show each and every year.


I bring my whole family. My kids run around and there's so many different cars to check out and so many different things to do. This year we're doing we're adding a gaming aspect. So you get to play some games, your kids get to play some games and they'll be some cool prizes. So I'm looking forward to it. So it's July 3rd in Atlanta, so don't shout to everybody that supported yesterday. I just want to say thank you.


And today is the two year anniversary of the transition of the late, great Nipsey Hussle dropping a few months enthusiasm. His beautiful family. Yes. Now, do you let me ask you, you know, I know how big his family they ask that we don't celebrate his death, right?


I don't think it's. Yeah, but I don't think it's I mean, it's not a celebration. It's just an acknowledgement. Remembrance. It's you know, he can't act like, you know, that wasn't a traumatic day for the hip hop community. Like I said, I can still I mean, even though it was just two years ago, I still remember that Sunday very, very, very vividly. And I think, you know, as a black man in this culture, you know, that hit home because, you know, that wasn't supposed to happen to somebody like Nipsy, you know, given given pouring into the community that he pulled into and, you know, getting tragically assassinated in that community.


Right. By somebody, he would have, I'm sure, helped if given an opportunity. Yeah. And that person still hasn't had their trial, right? No. Yeah. But that's not too far fetched, though. I mean, especially being that covid was last year. You know, it's only been two years. Sometimes he's got to be sitting three, four years. Yeah. Before they go to trial, especially like you said, because of coving the whole court system is back up even to even the DMV is backed up.


If you're trying to get a license, registration, anything at the DMV, I feel bad for you. So rest in peace, Nipsey Hussle. All right. Now, we got a new artist joining us this morning. You might not know his song.


She's a writer. She's a track star. She did it. Yeah.


Mostly will be joining us this morning. Yeah. I mean, you know, I just thought about it yet. The record is bigger than him. Him. Yeah. Right now. But he is a very interesting star. That's right. Very interesting story.


So we'll kick it with him in a little bit. And let's get to the front page news when we talking about well, let's talk about this. Derek Schavan trial was day two yesterday, and six bystanders testified about what it was like to witness George Floyd dying in front of them.


All right. Well, let's get on to Nipsy Joint. Let's start let's do the nipsy whole joint. Would it feel like. Let's do it. All right. It's The Breakfast Club.


Good morning. And this is what it feels like. Feels like. At the. Hey, what's up, y'all? Deejay N.V. The black community faces a world gap of years of systemic racism, even for those with the tenacity to catch up. They are restricted by barriers that should have long been removed. Mountain Dew believes entrepreneurs are the keys to building a black owned businesses and shrinking the historic wealth gap. In an effort to discover, support and uplift the next generation of groundbreaking black innovators, Mountain Dew created the Real Change Opportunity Fund pitch competition in partnership with historically black colleges and universities.


Bcuz the top 10 applicants will have access to a prize pool of one million dollars to take their business to the next level. Make sure you tune in to Bettes YouTube channel on April 14th to see who emerges as the winner of the Mountain Dew Real Change Opportunity Fund Pitch Competition to the planet.


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Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. N.V., Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Let's get in some front page news now. All you NFL fans. NFL is expanding season to seventeen games.


Now, that's so stupid. The NFL is so dangerous already. It's just like, why add more games, more money for them. But it's just so stupid. I mean, you know, I guess the players make more money, too. But I really would like to know the number of players who would want to play an extra NFL game. And in seventeen games, it's just like my week sixteen. You know, you have a couple of teams playing to get into the playoffs or whatever, but it's like seven.


Do you really need 17 weeks? Ananova No.


Come on now. Also the final four, Baylor versus Houston Saturday and Gonzaga versus UCLA in women's final four, South Carolina for Stanford and Arizona versus Connecticut. Let's go Gamecocks. All right. Now, what else you got? You.


Well, let's talk about Derek Chavan, day two of the trial for killing of George Floyd. He's charged with second degree murder, second degree manslaughter and third degree murder. The jury did hear from six different bystanders. One of them was a Minneapolis firefighter, Genevieve Hansen. And here is what she said.


When you first approached, you said you identified yourself as a firefighter, correct? To whom did you identify yourself? To their town. How did Officer Tom respond? He said something along the lines of, if you really are a Minneapolis firefighter, you would know better than to get involved. What did you think of that?


That's not right. I mean, that's exactly what I should have done. There was no medical assistance on scene. And I got there and I could have given medical assistance. That's exactly what I should have done. Now, she did want to provide medical attention, but the officers would not allow it, and she called 911 when also another person who took the stand was Dianella. She was 17 at the time. She's the person who took their Facebook video of Derrick Schavan kneeling on Floyd's neck.


That's the video that went viral. And they called her as a witness. And here's what she said as she cried, recounting that night.


When I look at George Lloyd, I look at I look at my dad, at my brothers, look at my cousins, uncles. And I look at that and I look at how that could have been. One of them is the night I stayed up apologizing to George for you, for not doing more and not physically interacting and not saving his life. But his life is not what I should have done.


Mm hmm. A lot of times it's crazy that she's beating herself up, but it wasn't up to her to do the right thing in that situation with the police is up to the police to do the right thing in that situation, correct?


Yeah. A lot of the bystanders were angry at themselves for not doing more, given what happened. And here is an insider down on the Wendy Williams, and he actually called the police on the police at some point.


Did you make a 911 call? That is correct. The police are on the books. And why don't you do that? Because I believe I witnessed a murder along with the idea for the emergency of the night in front of a Chicago store.


He was pretty pointed to this guy that was resisting arrest. Yeah. And if you look the whole time, Officer, the 1980s, I mean, that's really who you call when you are witnessing a crime.


When the person committing the crime is the person you would call when you're witness in a crime like that is that's got to be a minor part of this world.


Now, here's some more from my fighter, Donald Juan Williams, and how he feels about the defense.


As you were there and interacting with Officer Tao and Officer Shonen, you grew more and more upset. Would you agree with that? Could you were angry right now? I grew control and professionalism in that statement. You said, like, I really wanted to be out of the police officers. You said that. Yeah. That's what I thought. You were angry. No, you can't paint me out as angry.




You know, I didn't have any expectation prior to the trial just because this country has let me down so much. They don't be charging white folks for killing black people like that, especially when the cops. But I now feel like their shopping is going to prison. I don't know if they'll throw the book at him, but he's going to prison. I mean, you factor in all those witnesses, you factor in the world seeing that video of Derrick shot and killing George Floyd.


He's going to prison. And if he doesn't, this country is going to explode. I hope he does. I mean, this country is going to explode like you did last summer with something that's going to look like spring break in Florida. You let Derrick shot me get off.


But witness testimony in the trial is expected to last about four weeks, followed by jury deliberations. And that is your front page news. Get it off your chest.


Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to finish this up now is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club.


It's a new year and me and my family are just about ready to move into our new house, but for anyone that has moved before, whether it is for a job, family or a fresh start, you know how difficult it can be besides moving items from one house to the next. What also can be difficult is finding new places to shop and gaining a great relationship with your neighbors. In fact, as I explore the neighborhood, I met some people in the neighborhood that helped me find a great juice spot and a nearby grocery store.


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Not love and survived more than survived, he'd become a cowboy. It was also the moment when that started to imagine his own freedom.


It was about this time that I commenced thinking about going where black cowboys uncovers the untold history of the West you may not know existed.


It's exciting eye opening and it's so true. Another reason why he might have been saved, Deadwood Dick was black. He'd been captured by the tribe of a chief named Yellow Dog. It was a mixed band of natives, as he put it.


There was a large percentage of colored blood in the tribe. I was a colored man. They thought I was too good a man to die.


Listen to Black Cowboys was and bring it on the I Heart radio app or wherever you get your podcasts right.


I'm telling you what I'm gonna call you.


This is your time to get it off your chest, whether you're mad or blast. Eight hundred five eight five one five one.


We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. The louses you you as in like you know your name is you OK? Like big you. I am you, you, you. How are you doing. You know about what's your name. What's your full name. Uranus. I don't, I don't give out my government. OK, my name. I just want to seem like a float. Yeah. Well you're a rapper. Yeah. Good to mention and I love the press in the back and they keep us working for nickels and take them up on the rest of the legal drugs.


And the Lakers, the propaganda they're pitching, that type of stuff in their system. People, the deal is a secret weapon, that killing. This is a twist in the method of pit our neighbors against that calling now to use my defense against me, but they created a monster. My skin is bigger than Mickey, so I'll take a break. And he must be smoking a cigarette in half. But the day the weapon of my city still original, meaning that Richmond telling me no matter how far I take it, I got my city right.


Witness All right. Hey, man, you you. Well, you suck. And you, you you need to not quit your day job.


Thank you. Damn it, man. Ouch. I was I wasn't she wasn't that bad, but he wasn't trash.


Come on, stop.


Hello. Who's this. Good morning. This is great. I was going with some of Chesbrough this man. I watched the court proceeding yesterday. Man, this is a very hard watch. I watch the judge pretty much admonish the EMT worker. At one point the defense tried to make it look like stress will make us forget the things we said. So in a stressful situation, do you forget things as you said? Yes. And that's why I'm glad I have video, you know, and which is a great point.


I can judge it like that, you know, so. Well, it's finally over. Yeah. Pretty much admonished her about being aggressive. And I just didn't think she was aggressive. Right.


I mean, she and she said certain things like, do you know what it's like to watch somebody die in front of you? That's a real thing. And he was saying he was saying only answer the questions that you're asked. That's what he was saying.


Right, right. Yeah. Yeah. It's very hard to watch. I don't watch because there's too much gaslighting going on. You know, I'm saying if I was a lawyer defending their job and I couldn't sleep at night like you, literally trying to get a guy off for murder, you know, like you said, like you said.


So the main reason why I'm watching mad is because at first I thought we'd get off, you know, but after watching all of these witnesses and the video over and over again, there's just no way they they can let them off.


It's no way. I hope not. Thank you, man. We've seen the white man do some magical stuff before. But this one, unless unless they want this country to burn, because it's going to happen, you know, and as an attorney, right, as an attorney, you've seen the video yourself. How can you represent him? And I know everybody's entitled to represent whoever and you're entitled to have a lawyer. But as an attorney, how could you represent that?


Well, that's what I said. Too much gasoline in that situation. You know, I'm saying like, I couldn't sleep at night about the life of their child like you.


I used to having to take the stand to answer these questions from the defense and take the stand. Yeah. I mean, I can't imagine not really saying everything that you want to say at that time.


Right. Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to finish this up now is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club.


I get from you on the Breakfast Club, you've got something on your mind. Hello?


Who's this? Oh, this is Chris. Well, I'm actually on here. Good morning, Chris. I'm halfway. Let me start you. What's going on? Let's go. Are you guys doing this morning? Bless Black and Hollyfield. How are you? So good, Chris. I'm good.


I'm good. First of all, Charlamagne, Mr.. On my left hand, I want to know what you think about Godzilla versus how do you think it's going to win the day? I haven't watched it. It came on. I heard it came out last night. I thought it came out this weekend, but already came out last night. I check it out. Working on it. OK, so what do you think about a Falcon and the Winter Soldier?


I like it a lot so far. A lot of a lot of the elements in Fokin in the Winter Soldier I've seen before in other comics. But I like it. I like fucking the Winter Soldier.


I like how all of a sudden experience and all this racism, you know, watch ten years of the MCU and haven't seen them experience this much racism fucking can't even walk down the street without getting profiled in it.


Yeah. Yeah. But beyond all these elements already been out and it's already been in comics for years. I just signed the deal on IGY where you can see as to why I actually I'm sorry, Justin Falconer, the Winter Soldier and whatever the I got a question for you. What are you ever going to come to Florida? I don't care what Charlamagne says about Florida. What are you going to come to Florida? Come to Florida for what?


I'm always in Florida. What part of Florida?




Well, for a while I'm in St. Pete, but Tampa St. Pete area, I'm actually doing a seminar in Orlando, April 24th, real estate if you need to learn about real estate. And then I'm coming to Tampa. I believe when they do that big wrestling event, I think. What does that the eighth. Yeah, I think I'm coming to Tampa around that date tonight.


Okay. Okay. Yeah, because it's actually because the money is coming are we're really kind of interested in learning a little bit more about stuff. That's why we bought our first house about three years ago. We're trying to we're having a we just got married last November. Congrats. We just got pregnant. We we had a gender reveal party about three weeks ago. Congrats. Know we're having a boy crash in Orlando October, April 24th. That's not too far from Tampa.


So drive on down. We're going to be there all day. We're going to be teaching about real estate. We're going to be bringing people. We're going to be unconventional lenders, hard money lenders, wholesalers, credit repair, everybody.


So, you know, to explain and break down what we do. So, yeah, it's only I can't think of like a two hour drive or hour and a half drive drive on down.


Oh. You know, there's like forty minutes or even better. So it will be April 24th. So I want to see Debra. Oh good. Definitely. Just don't ask questions about Godzilla, King Kong and Phalcon and all.


I know none about that stuff though.


Yeah I know, I know. I watch a 90 day fiancee actually because of you. Because all the other reality shows that actually watch, we have to pick something up because it was only comic book related stuff we always watch. But at least watching this show in ninety days beyond saying that he's doing you see the thing I do Bachelorette's Easting. Yeah, that's my show. But that's actually good this season.


All right, Chris, you've exhausted everybody else's time. Just I see. What a pleasure being on here. Finally, you guys so much.


All right. You need to make the most of it. He definitely all right.


He's like a relative that usually answered answer the phone once a week or once a month. And you realize why you do that. You'll be talking to on the phone and you keep saying you got you keep hinting that you got to go. And he just keeps on. One more thing. One more thing we'll take. All right. Thank you, Chris, for listening. And I'll get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one.


We got room is going away now. Yes. And this couple is going to therapy. And when I say couple, I mean, they're friends with each other and they're not actually dating.


All right. We'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club.


Listen. All the guys got the rumor the poor guy got into the. It's a room to reflect the Breakfast Club. Well, Marcey Martin spoke to The Hollywood Reporter after getting two trophies at the NAACP Image Awards for her work in black ish, and she talks about what's coming up for her next. Now, she has a rule about no black pain in her project. She says, we've been working on it for quite a while now. I've always wanted to have this, a cool activity that, like us black people love, like everyone loves it.


But the aesthetic of roller skating is just amazing and it just doesn't get the recognition that it needs. I just wanted to shine a light on it. And then she also said, Sickle-Cell is a very big thing in our black community. It tackles us the most. It's never been seen on TV or film before. So I want to make sure this was a moment to shine a light on it and not a bad way because we don't do black pain, but where our main character is still celebrated.


So she has a rule for what she's trying to do coming up. And her rule is no black pain. She doesn't want to just keep doing projects all about black pain. There's enough of that.


Interesting. I totally understand what she's saying in regard to the black trauma, black pain. My thing is with movies and TV shows, show me like you can you can give me. That would also give you a happy ending. Show me how things should be, how you want things to go. For example, Queen and Slim. Why couldn't they have gotten away? Like why do they have to get killed if you didn't see it? Well it's been awful.


You didn't miss much. But I did what I could to get on the plane and get away. Like, why did they have to die at the end of the movie? Why do they even have to go on the run? She was an attorney. The cop was wrong. And that's all I'm saying. Show me show me how things could go or how you would want things to go. All right.


Now, Kendall Jenner has left her house after getting a death threat and somebody intruded. Latest scary incident happened on Sunday, according to TMZ. And they said she moved out of her house because of the possible risk. It's too much for her to stay. So they're saying she has moved to a safe location that has armed security and has no plans to return to her house. So she might have to sell it. And, you know, a trespassing showed up and attempted a naked swim in her pool.


She got a temporary restraining order against another guy who told police he planned to shoot and kill her and then himself.


I'm surprised she don't have armed security at that. It just take one person, just one person to hop over that fence to try to do something about it. It never happen again because it's going to happen to whoever wherever she moves to.


Well, Drake has a super stalker also. And according to the Toronto Sun, a knife wielding woman was arrested yesterday. She allegedly struck a security guard with a metal pipe to try to get into his mansion. You said the part that perpetrator did not get anywhere near Drake and didn't make it past the front gate, but still, you know what is going on with people.


All right. Now, Joe Biden and his podcast co-host, Rory, they are supposedly going to therapy together. Joe Biden went on Instagram live and, you know, devils that they have these plans to do that.


Oh. You're going to go to therapy. I'm in therapy, baby, something you don't notice when something is wrong, we call in the therapist and get to the bottom of it. Baby. Now, he said he's the person that reached out to Rory to see if he wanted to go with him, and he said, we'll get to that business later. So looks like they're trying to work on patching up their relationship and bringing all the members back to the Joe Biden podcast's, never I never thought about going to therapy with a friend that I was arguing with.


That's that's different. That's really different. I mean, therapy, which wife which that's different, OK.


Oh, they were going to hang out. And I was going to say, I think it's just weird. Like we if we had we haven't. I don't know. Tell what do you do, you go to therapy all the time. I'm a huge proponent of therapy. Correct. But I don't have an opinion about this situation. You go to Derby, whichever, and it depends. Maybe. OK, but probably not right now, just like with me.


And you would just fight this fight because you have to. Well, I guess we'll see what I'm saying. That's why we'll never fight to win it. I if I need you to hear what he said to me. OK, I heard what you just said. No, he said to me, well, you see, I had just heard you say, let's get to the day. Everybody everybody else out there heard Envy's clearly say he wanted to kiss me after the fight.


That's exactly what he said. Drama. Did you hear him out of here? See what I'm saying? That we just heard you say, can we get to a kiss? I don't know what he's talking about.


All right, guys. Well, did you say that? Could I say what they're talking about when I get to the kiss and know you say that. I see. I know how to. And that's why I wanted to use that trap all morning. I'm now young. Duff says that this mix tape that he did with Keek like Dumb and Dumber two is the end of it for him. He said, I hope you all enjoy the new mix tape.


It's my last project putting out. I wasn't going to tell you, but I thought I should know. I'm done with music. Enjoy.


No, no. First of all, Dumb and Dumber. I don't believe in Dumb and Dumber to so hard dolphin key Gloc are by far the best duo in the rap league right now. Well, dolphin kick locked in pool safety and Big Thirty but yeah, Dumb and Dumber two is hard. Dolphin can't be done. He's not done. You're not going away. But the project is hard. Go hard, hard. That's what I've been working out to like since he came out Friday.


All right now, sweetie, and we're going to talk about the war in Kosovo in the next hour and the elevator footage that was put out yesterday, but media has changed to Avatar to a picture of Katt Williams. And I saw a lot of people talking about it, saying, oh, she's a pimp, she's talking about pimping. But it made me think of I interviewed sweetie on International Women's Day and she was talking about Katt Williams because she was talking about why having haters is a good thing.


So here is a refresh of that. All right. Now, what is one life lesson that you got from your father?


I remember I was hating on Roback in high school like roomers. Girls wanted to jump me and I used to come home so frustrated. I just want to fight everybody. And my dad sat me down and he showed me this Katt Williams tape about how having haters is a good thing. And then you can't believe was like if you got five haters at the beginning of the summer, try to make sure you got 50, which is hated by. So my dad basically taught me at a young age that having hair is a good thing.


That means you are doing something right. Which you.


That's right. First of all, I don't ever take for granted where someone can get a lesson from his lessons and signs all around us. If we pay attention, you can learn something from anyone. So great to really learn from Katt Williams. Right.


So I think that's why her Avi is now Katt Williams, not because she thinks she's a pimp.


Just for everybody out there that I saw was saying that and that I take it a step further, further to add, quote, Malcolm X, if you have no critics, you likely have no success. That's another good one. All right. Well, that is your rumor reports.


All right. Thank you, Michel. Now, we got front page news will be talking about.


Yes, all 50 states have now expanded or will expand covid vaccine eligibility to everybody 16 and up. All right.


We'll get to that. Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club, your mornings. I'll never be the same.


When a train hits a vehicle at a railway crossing, the results are often deadly. Be cautious at crossings. And if the signals are going, don't be tempted to try and sneak across the tracks. Even if you don't see a train stop trains get brought to you by night. So let's get to some front page news.


Now, the NFL is expanding this season to 17 games.


What a waste of goddamn time. It's just like, man, could you please stop treating these players like commodities that are just, you know, able to that are expendable, damnit. It's like, why do you need 17 weeks in it? And it has too much. If anything, you should be shortening the season, shortening the preseason, which I think they did. Yeah, right. And then shortening the regular season to 17 games as a lot.


Sixteen games a lot.


I think they said they lost like a billion dollars. So I guess this is part of the way of getting that money back.


Well, they still will be able to get the money back if they can't have four people in the stands. But they need to do a big TV deal this year with all of these different networks. So it's not like they're not making money, like, God damn, how greedy can you be? All right. What else we got you?


Well, let's talk about this blackout town, and this is really dangerous. A 12 year old Colorado boy was reportedly left brain dead. He used a shoelace in the blackout, challenged people to choke themselves until they lose consciousness. Joshua was found by his twin brother, passed out on his bathroom floor. He has since been declared brain dead and doctors told the family to prepare to say their goodbyes. His father is saying he's a fighter. I can see him fighting.


I'm praying for him every day, he said. It's just heartbreaking to see him laying on the bed. I was begging them on the floor, pleading to see if they can just give me some time not to give up on him. If I just give up on him like I'm walking away from my son, Lord have mercy.


How old is he? Twelve. See, that's what I'm saying. I got a twelve year old. That's why I've be just walking in the room. Let me see what's on what's happening. You know, I'm staying. Put the computer down, read a book, you know. I mean, like it's just like Jesus Christ. These kids be influenced to do some work with them and it's got to be a thin line between, like, choking yourself till you pass out and like, suicide, right.


Like actually hanging yourself. How do you know the difference? Yeah.


You know, with the asphyxiation, it is always a risk that you'll end up killing yourself. Yeah. Like, how do you know how are you going to stop me.


I'm surprised. Tick Tock didn't ban challenges a long time ago before they even get started. Like, I mean they banned everything else quickly. Fast. I'm surprised that they didn't ban, they ban everything that doesn't matter.


And all the stuff that's really influencing people and causing people to harm themselves be just catching wildfire on social media. All right.


Now, President Joe Biden has announced new actions at an end. These are aimed at addressing the nation's rise in anti Asian violence. The move comes nearly two weeks after the deadly shootings that left eight people dead, including six Asian women. And these new details include a Department of Justice Cross agency initiative focused on responding to hate crimes so they will initiate community outreach to address gaps in hate crimes reporting while the FBI will publish a new interactive hate crime page dedicated to anti Asian hate crimes.


The FBI will also work to improve data collection and prior reporting systems and hold nationwide civil rights training events with state and local law enforcement on recognizing A.H. and bias, though also allocating forty nine point five million dollars from the American rescue plan to a new grant. Unity, a new grant program for community based, culturally specific services for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, particularly those who face barriers like language access. Now, I'm sure a lot of people saw this video yesterday of a woman, an Asian woman, who was headed to church and she was attacked.


This happened in Manhattan near Vilma and MacQuarrie.


Yes, the man was just stomping her. And they are saying that 38 year old Brandon Elliot was taken into custody yesterday. He's the man that was seen punching and kicking the victim in the video that has made national headlines. A 65 year old Asian woman was on her way to church in Midtown. He was charged with assault and attempted assault as a hate crime. And he'll be arraigned later today. But they did say he has a long record. He was actually arrested in July of 2002 for fatally stabbing his mother when he was 19 in the Bronx.


He did serve 17 years in prison. He was released. He was released on lifetime parole back in 2019.


I tell you all the time, the greatest people in America come from the Bronx and all the Florida. But, you know, and in regards to Joe Biden, I feel like all the old programs and stuff should have been in place in America when you got so much racism towards black people and Latino people and so much homophobia and transphobia and, you know, anti-Semitic stuff. Like I feel like all of those hate crime programs, whatever he just implemented, that should have been there, I would think.


Right now, you know what else was sad to see the security that was inside of the store right there are the building right there. They actually just watched it. And then they closed the door when he got suspended, too.


We actually should be fired. It definitely cowards situation like that. Like that's a freebie, you know what I'm saying? Like, those three security guards could have went out there and wailed all over Brandon Alley and stabbed him, did whatever. And nobody would have even thought twice about convicting them. Well, maybe they would, but. It would have been worse since we're in New York, let's talk about New York. They have legalized recreational marijuana and also expunged former marijuana convictions.


So this all happened last night in New York State Assembly, voted one hundred forty nine to pass the marijuana legalization bill. And Cuomo has previously said that he will sign this bill into law once it reaches his desk. And he reiterated that last night as well.


Yeah, and he and his state that's decriminalizing marijuana, legalizing marijuana. You have to let your nonviolent drug offenders out of jail and you have to expunge the records of people who have those type of charges on them. You have to our right to be critical to do otherwise. Yeah.


Front page news. All right. Thank you. Miss you. Now, when we come back, she's a writer.


She's a track star. Molaskey will be joining us.


That's why you have to track often on. Do you feel like doing a little, like, jog? No, it's like being chased. If I could catch today. You like it. Like, OK, stop, Mookie. I just act I just ask you. Keeps coming up next. All right.


Well, see, when we come back is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. Morning, everybody. Is T.J. and Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club.


We got a special guest. Yes. The building probably has the hottest record out right now. Ladies and gentlemen, Rusedski Soprano.


How are you doing?


As everything young king wants to tell them the name of the record man. She's a writer. She's not you. Let's take it back.


Let's let's let's let's see where muskies from and how he got into music. So you're from Alabama. Yes. And I was reading and you join the military. Let's let's break that down. How you got in the military and how you got into music. All right.


So I started making music when I was I was like 13. You know, I come from like a real heavy church background, you know? So my mom, she was saying the choir and stuff. So I've always been around music, you know what I mean? So I was like 13 and I used my music on my phone. I won't call it the booth I recorded music on, but it was like it was gospel rap at first. And then, you know, oh, I got you know, I started to like like I started listening to Wayne.


And so I wanted to rap a little bit like I want to be like Wayne. I heard Drake and I want to sing a little bit. So, you know, Tom went on or whatever, but how the Marine Corps came about, like I was just in high school and I really wasn't like I didn't you know, I didn't apply to no colleges, but I knew I had to do something. I was looking into military because one of my friends were going that was like I was in the army.


I was looking at Army at first and then just on about the Marine Corps, it just stood out to me.


What was your experience like? A Marine Corps, though? I loved everything about it. I like the leadership role.


I like, you know, just me and people from all over the world, you know, and just like learning about them, learning different cultures and stuff, like, I thought I was really dope and, you know, just advancing through the ranks and like I say, getting a leadership role and being able to influence people and have an impact on people's life. And I mean, I just think it was it was very dope and it taught me a lot about myself.


They show me, like, who I can be as a leader, you know, and I wanted more of that.


But on a more like a global platform, I like about you, though, you're very vulnerable in your music, even like the song like Track Star, it feels like somebody broke your heart. You were the one that was trying to communicate and get things right. But she just wasn't the right person for you. She was running from you, right? Yeah. You know, that's a real story.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, J-Star, like I say, like I pull from I definitely pull from real experience in my life. So it just makes the story better, you know, when it's coming out in my life, you know, and I can really dig in deep and like give people something they can really connect with. Like that. Was the whole thing a true story? I wanted it. I wanted to take that concept and see how far I can run with it, no pun intended.


Yeah, but why? Why, why? Why she's a track star. Like, why? Why?


I mean, it's just like she runs from all the problems you dealing with somebody like this and you bragging like you coming to the table trying to take care of whatever that's going on, you know what I'm saying? But she can't match the energy at the time, you know what I mean? So is like you ready to deal with everything? Like like you ready for it? But, you know, there's just something that the person wasn't ready for.


How did the song pop off? How did you create the song and what made it go? Because I heard it when I was in Atlanta and I was like, I just assumed you were from Atlanta, that they were playing it so much in Atlanta. So how did the song pop off and take off?


Because not since last summer, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's been out since last summer. We dropped it on June last year, ever since I dropped the song.


You independent stuff. Yeah.


So like I dropped a song like the first week many it like ten. Ten thousand I ok. Oh like they like all the songs I like five thousand streams total and I took my five down. Yeah. So every week kept going. It kept going. Keep going up. They say no we had a million in six months. Wow. And then that same one that we had another we had another million. So like it just started like stacking up like around December, November, December.


We already in Miami doing shows, you know what I'm saying. We're talking labels and stuff. We get to the top of the year, Jan Steele, like he's going to get even more crazy now around this around January, like I'm getting ready to make my decision, you know, with the label I want to sign to. So we work on it, you know, signed in February 10 county record. Right. Capitol Records. I signed February 10th, but I didn't announce anything.


I really was just trying to stay focused. But you get what I'm saying. I want to be all out and I sign out about Bob probably won't be around like February time, but everything just like you.


I was like, yo, like we saw take off on Tic-Tac.


I always wonder, is that like a is that strategic from the label.


Is that organic like burn everything to have a four track star was organic or have we got more with Muskie when we come back.


Keep it like this. The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy.


Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are, the Breakfast Club is still kicking it with the new artist Muskie.


Now, I wanted to ask, you know, you said you were a vet and we have this conversation all the time. How do you feel about this country taking care of vets?


I kind of feel like the word carry more than action. They're kind of like, OK, so as always, thank you for your service. But it's it's it's, um, it's a military base. But I like some real stuff going on, but I guarantee most of those homeless veterans, but I have like mental problems. They get in there and they go through so much just a mess mentally, you know what I mean? They can't return to normal life.


So, like, there has to be something like, you know, they need help. The military have any impact on you in that way? When I first went into the military real life, I bought into it so much it kind of turned me into a robot at first. Like I didn't know how to deal with emotion and stuff, but I'm like, I'm a Marine, you know what I'm saying? We like we like hardcore like you.


But I didn't know how to deal with all the problems I was going through, you know what I'm saying? Like, my dad passed when I was in boot camp. I went home. I was getting close to graduating, so I went home and it just felt weird, like my mom was crying, like when she saw me, like I let my pops and stuff. I know how to deal with everything. I mean, come on. Like, I'm emotionally no different.


I'm saying, like, you just turn me, like, go like that. So I don't know how to deal with my problems because I was handling it the wrong way. And so over time. But all that stuff built up, man, like like my mentor, which is like in a crazy in a crazy spiral. And it's crazy because that's how I found music to be like my way into. So that's really what helped me all this data for a second.


It had to be something else though. Did you go to therapy or anything now in life counseling? Now, like I did know, I you talk to people that was edgy, something about like talking about stuff like that. Like, I just you know what I'm saying at the time, I just couldn't I just couldn't do that because that black men, they already make us sociopaths when we're coming up because they tell us not to have any emotion.


Right. And then you come from a certain environment, you in the hood, you really got to not show any emotion. You survive some time and you're going to Marines and they're numb and you even more so it's like you had a lot of impact. MANBER Look and see. This is the main reason why am I? When I paused, I was a book and I just sort of came to me, said he said, Hey, man, you can go home if you want to.


But he was like, if it was me, I'll just be like, you know, OK, my dad, dad, let's go.


In my head, I was like, dang, I'm like, but like this my senior year. So I'm like, I'm like, OK, I'm about to go home but I'm not. I'm a come back, you know, let me go to the funeral. But yeah so I did it but like it just it changed the way I thought at that time because I was like, OK, he's a Marine. He been and he sees. So that's how I got to be.


Did you ever regret that? Yeah, for sure. I regret about the same time. I'm glad it happened because he taught me how important mental health is. You get what I'm saying, because I started to see how much I changed over time because me, I'm going to person. But over time it was affecting me so much. I found myself just going to the room every day, chillin by myself. Drinking is my medication. Yeah. I like Danberg like.


Like what happened. We were people calling me, hey bro, you want to go here this weekend. I'm like, no and I like but I don't sound like you. I thought about it and was like they were like really. Don't you know what I'm saying. So I started to realize that I was depressed and what I did when we get those when we get those classes about counseling and stuff, I was just like paying attention, looking at all the answers stuff they had up there.


And I'm like, I can't describe my situation right now. But I felt like if I could be aware of this, that maybe I don't need to go to counseling. Maybe I could try to do this myself. Now, that's that's how I felt about it. Now you got to go. I go to therapy once a week. I got a secret purpose, Coach. I meditate. You got you got to deal with because like you say that to build up.


Yeah, for sure. And boy, when you snap snap. Did you have a snap in it.


I don't think I don't think I did a breakdown on it. Now at a certain time everything just caught up with it. Too much going over. Everything that happened in my life is just like Gambril at one point man, I used to think like library curse is over. So my stuff went over and it just like happened like. Back to back to back to back to back to back on my birthday, I was going home, but you get what I'm saying.


So it's like it's getting to the point where, like whenever my grandma or my grandma died, like I didn't even cry or nothing like like I'm a little kid growing up in house. Like, my pops used to call the ambulance, like once a week.


You get what I'm saying, like eat like you see that your mom used to argue about the bills and air ambulance bills and very like, I got to be scary. Your dad is sick, but you're scared to call the ambulance. They might not be able to afford to pay the ambulance bill, right?


Yeah, because like I think they told me one time when they called me, like, eight thousand. Ten thousand every time you call it something and I'm like, dang, he cut us so much because like he gets scared because he got heart problems. And so like sometimes I, I think the shock I forget what call it maybe something the tator defibrillator. I seen a shocking and I was on the phone, I was on the phone call an ambulance.


You seen your mom shaking. No, no. I seen my dad get shot by the defibrillator. My pops, he was like screaming like he was like screaming like when he shot that messed up anybody's like, you know, I'm saying so I was I was young when I saw that, but it was just like danberg. And so whenever whenever my party to get sick and call the ambulance and they argue and I'm like, I'm I'm like, let them go.


Let them go. Like, I'm, you know what I'm saying? I'm like, oh, almost nothing happened to my part. And my mom was going through health problems too. It got to the point where my dad went to the hospital, but I had to go see him. I'm used to this. You know what I said? I'm usually I'm going to school a your dad went to the hospital. OK, I will. He'll be home today.


Since you said the music was therapeutic for you, did you ever write about any of those experiences with your family?


I wrote a song called I Cry. I recorded I never released it. But I think that that song was just like one of those moments to where, like, this had to happen to show me a music is what you need to be doing. I wrote that song, but I walk about the amazing bird, right? Yeah, you get what I'm saying. Like, I feel like everything I was dealing with was just going to be a I the music.


Is it there? Yeah, I hear artists say that and I love that you all do that, but you still got to sit down and talk to somebody. Yeah. Like I was I heard a lot of your records and you express love. Well, you're clearly in tune with your feelings in a real way. And you always say men don't know how to express their feelings. How did you get to that point when you tell us you were so emotionally numb?


How did you get to the point where you can't just express love in records?


I even just fell in love from a woman or, I don't know, man. Like, I just really sat down like and really felt like when I'm writing this music about how I feel, I'm like, how did I really feel? And when I first started doing it, like it was something like it was like that that part was still there.


But I mean, I know I can sit in the song right now I camba. But then I got to thinking about it. I was like Brazde, probably like a million millions of people out there who thinking like I'm thinking right now and they just don't speak on it. So I was like, all right, listen, I'm a dumb I'ma swallow my pride for this song, you know, I'm saying I'ma swallow my pride and say how I really felt because I think that's that's the best way to get people to relate to my music.


Because Track Star is one of those songs is like, damn, he got up in here. You get what I'm saying? Because I'm saying things that people they're not just going to say, see, and was crazy about it. That's not stuff that I actually just say. But I can say it is easier for me to put it in my music and just talk. So that's that's what's crazy about holding.


A lot of guys want to admit that. Yeah. I mean, it took some time to get to that point, but it just like at the end of the day, like when you have a vision for something and you actually chosen to do something these days, you just like you, you realize who you are for, like everybody who can't express their opinions. So if you can do it, then you can do that for them as well. So so, you know, I'm saying you just got to bite the bullet on it.


Like, go ahead and swallow your pride and, you know, just try to reach people and keep it like we got more with Musky.


When we come back is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlemagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club, is still kicking it with Mookie Salame, who was the woman that cracked the code because you just told us how emotionally numb you were.


Yeah. In order to write these records, you had to have some inspiration. Who was the woman that brought you out of that that emotional numbness?


I mean. Well, you don't have to tell us about the woman, but how was that?


How did how how was that experience? And her name is I mean, you know, like, uh, because you had to be difficult in a relationship in the beginning.


Like I say, over time you learn, man, me, I really look at life like and I got to tell them I turned twenty two, maybe twenty four in June, but at twenty two I really slow down and just really try to look at life like let me look at all these series of events are taking place in my life right now and let me try to find purpose in all this. Let me try to see what is this happening to, what can I do to prevent this from happening again?


You give what I'm saying. So I really try to sit back and do a self eval and really try to learn from stuff. You give what I'm saying and really, really try to, you know what I mean, become better every day. Some things you can't change. Yeah. Like your father. And when your grandmother passed away, there's nothing you can do about it that's just like fate when stuff like that, like somebody told me something one day, it's a control.


I worry about what you can control your control. You know what I mean? You serenity prayer like God. Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, can't change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Because Strassman stresses like very, very, very dangerous. Perhaps I never understood why people used to tell me that I'm a I'm a kid. Where are you going?


I'm staying saying I really don't like I didn't understand at that time, but the older I got broken because I was like but when I went out to 18 team, I was really on my own for real. But you get what I'm saying, like with the problems I'm dealing with, like I can't go back to my parents and talk about my pops going to my mom had a stroke. She gained like, you know, I'm saying she had to not she can't even talk, do nothing.


So it's like I'm really on my own. I hear you giving up saying so she's got to learn better. You can learn as your mentors. Did anybody fill those roles or no military did I guess the military probably.


Why you went to the military. See, the thing about it is I really started to think like I really didn't even when my past I really didn't like cleaning nobody for, like, a father figure role. I just said because I was like a brother, like I got a little brother, but you get what I'm saying. So I got to get out here. I got to get out here and get to work. I got to teach my little brother something.


You giving out says. I'm really I'm just trying to trying to learn myself, trying to learn for myself and try to tell my little brother like, ah well I feel that know. So now just try to cut it short for him.


You to be as far as music is concerned, album ep what. Like I know the labels on your back to hit.


I'm putting together a project right now, I'm trying to put together a project and get everybody a body of music that they can feel like. I want to, I want to hear about some really you know, everybody who dealing with something like are you going to give them healing?


You ain't really got no healing.


You I don't know, like I feel like I have. I came a long way. And I think that's why all this happened in music. I really started to grow when I started to talk about all this stuff. And I think God has blessed me for it.


Are you doing a remix, the track for show? Is it done yet? You know, it's a project called Melodic Therapy. It is.


It is for sure. If you went to real therapy, you would be a beast man, because, you know, a lot of times we know how we feel, but we don't always know why we feel that way. And I think right now, you being transparent, it's easy to be transparent or different to be vulnerable where, you know, I'm saying like once you really get a handle on what those emotions and those feelings are and you, like, really express that vulnerability may be a beast or.


I don't know. Yeah, I probably I probably do need to, you know. I'm sorry.


Check that out. I heard nothing to that. You think you were put out that song. I cry. Probably you should put it out man.


I probably should because I think a lot of me like that song. Right. I like that's the first time I agree. My father my father did.


And I was like two years after that, people grieving too. And that could take a for a lot of people. Yeah. I never thought about it. You know, I tried recording it clearly. Yeah. I cry right. For show like as it is the first time and it felt good. Oh it was crazy. But you feel me like it was crazy. But how do you think you would have mourned the loss of your father differently if you had not gone to the Marines?


I probably would have mourned it, you know, in the moment and then in the funeral because of you. And if, you know, I was saying a lot is if what I'm saying it's like I was mad because I the only emotion I had was anger. That's fine.


I was like they were like like, you know, they should be mad. You, like, dance and be good. And then I got my little brother. Little sister. Oh, this is like sitting this. I'm like, man, I've got to be strong for everybody. I'm going to man now. So I can't I can't be crying if what I'm saying.


And you can say that that's how you feel though. That's right. But anger is a good emotion. There's nothing wrong with it. Like I think we look at these situations like, well, I'm not supposed to be angry right now. Who says who says you put to sad and this moment you might be angry right now. Sad tomorrow, sad two years from now like you were. Who says you got to be whatever in whatever moment? So your mom, your old dog for a minute, man.


I mean, even dressed like with the sweatshirt with your mommy, old dog. Four minutes a little bit.


Why don't you just say, look, I say I had to be the old dog character Renta, you know, dog with different character. You seem to say, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh yeah. Oh no you did. But he said like men it's always the old man. Let me just laugh. Old but old when you started you say minutes you know what I mean.


Now it's all you say. You want to put a dream together. You said you want to come in the industry and do something that nobody has ever done before. Yeah. Yeah, OK, you have that plan in place, I think to my dreams. I just want to put the dream team put up with it for me. I thought about your career. I mean that to work. I definitely I just want to be different. But you know what I'm saying?


Like, I look at people like I'm not addressing a jury. Don't you like those? You are like the biggies, my two biggest influences when it comes, you know, to where I want to go, but I want to put both of them together. I still want to do want to do the part. I still want to do hip hop similar to R and B, but I just want to be MEBA. Can you imagine my and my way.


I mean, yeah, I've got you know, I can you still talk about Michael Jackson.


I need to see the more I read the I read the jig right now you've know I really don't know what you want from the south A.J. is just an old school term or is the it makes locked in already.


I mean I mean, we working. We got it. We got in the works right now. We got in the. So I'm sure you want to debut it right here on Brooks.


But you know, we done yet. I mean we working on it. We working on it.


How many people, how many people. How many people on it. Chris debut the remix right now and a who. He said you want to play the remix remix right now.


Oh, now going to do with that because have to go where you want to drop and you can't tell us that.


You know, I read that, I read, you know, have real work on, you know, if I tell you what it is and I want it to be that, you better be worth it. All right.


Well, I have some amazing people there. Chris Brown, somebody. Miguel, we got to break. Right. Drake, I need somebody to get the right boom.


That was early. Those early. What people would say, let's say the brother sing. Don't do it.


This is my guy. So you got confidence. I just got Moschino got military cookie. Why would you do this to him?


You got to go do it. If you don't feel it to any military, stay ready. So you got to give it like you know your vocals better than we do. You might be ready. You may not. If you're not ready. Stand down, soldier. OK, I, I mean.


Oh no, I think I'm kind of hoarse right now forever.


And hey man, I'm not I'm not judging you. I'm trying to set you up for failure. I don't know.


Do you record did you always buy music with my new single Track Star. All right. Here it is right now. It's The Breakfast Club. Thank you for joining us, brother. Yes, sir. I appreciate your having The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


This is The Room, a report with Angela. You have Breakfast Club. Listen up. All right.


But this video has surfaced of Coupeville and sweetie getting into a scuffle on an elevator. And the altercation was actually obtained by TMZ. There's surveillance footage from that elevator. So we don't know what happened. We know this incident was from twenty. They said this is from an apartment where Suwaidi was renting at the time. And you can see some people are saying it looks like she attempted to hit him. He dodged the hit. Then a bag fell on the ground in case he picks it, grabs it, he grabs it, they struggle for it.


He then somehow she gets swung around. I guess he swung her around. I'm not sure if it was her jacket, her arm.


She falls on the floor and, you know, when the elevator doors open, she kind of limps off. So we don't know what the whole situation was.


We don't know what happened before this altercation. I see a lot of people weighing in. Some people are siding with Suwaidi, some people are siding with quavered.


Here is what trouble had to say, whatever they got going on as they been. But at the end of the day, that window is crazy. It's like we use a new plan, tug of war. I mean, will we end up getting the best of a bed? We end up taking a little tumble. You know, it was a tumble. It was it got them to go to college, do the case. I mean, she did allow the game to fell back a little bit.


Hanabusa You punch out a lot of it. Not me. I wouldn't agree with that man.


I put her hands on that girl who's like Ali, never been to why he's troubled the Breakfast Club correspondent on this. Right now, I'm telling you, different sides of what people have to say. Nancy O'Reilly went on social media and said, I know you don't give a F about women because my Zakho ass abusive known clown and you still entertain him. If he can't get canceled, no one can. And she's referencing Soulja Boy when she says that.


So everybody's been weighing in and telling their different sides of what they think happened. But only the two of them, though, at this point. What went down in that elevator?


I was just curious to how that footage came out, because, you know, if you going to elevator footage is always shooting. So how would somebody know to go to that time, that direct space at that date? And, you know, how would you know how to pull up that footage at that time?


You know, yeah, it's hard to say. You know, they're the only two people who know what happened on the elevator because we saw at least one minute and thirty seconds of it, you know what I mean? And then.


Yeah, but we don't know we don't know what went down before that. We don't know what happened before they got on the elevator. We don't you know, so there's a lot you can tell it was in the middle of something.


But I mean, based on that footage, I don't know why anybody has to pick sides. Like I watch the video and it just seems like a very toxic situation for both of them. She's swinging a. He's moving out the way and it seems like they're fighting over the bag, grabbing on each other, they both fall, she stays down, he doesn't attempt to help her up. It's just one of those situations that looks bad on both sides.


It looks toxic on both sides. My advice to everyone, men and women, is keeping yourself. And before it gets heated, take a walk. OK, physical altercations are never to answer unless you are fussing and arguing. It ends up in makeup sex. That's the only positive physical altercation. I tell you that time with me and my wife was going like, I guess when she slams you. Yeah, yeah. I see him about to try to make up some finesse like I was.


She slammed you. She got slammed. She threw me in a dope fiend and. That's right. You out. Absolutely. I was like, stop, stop dropping the crude bomb together. Now, I did just that right now, you know, we put our hands on and I did just say everybody. Right. All right.


But A, if anybody needs to be putting a dope fiend is that we will let you know when you're playing it first and then playing goes too far and you and she slamming having like, choke me. And I thought I was gonna die.


But no, I don't I don't even know what you did that was wrong here. I don't know what you did to yourself.


You should have kept their hands off, but I'm sure you deserved it. But my point is, everybody does not deserve to play. OK, I know because we were playing, but now, yes, she was playing with you. When she gets the best, you know, she demanded you and you deserved it. But everybody should keep their hands dirty. So that's what if everybody did that to her, they'd be wrong. So everybody has to be accountable.




And but we were playing in my house. No, no, no, no, no. Why did you bring it up then? Because I'm saying, like, as a couple, sometimes things go too far and that went too far. Like we were playing and all of a sudden I almost died.


Like, if you're basically saying like you're saying what I said, my advice to everybody is men and women. Keep your hands to yourself. And before it gets here to take a walk, I should have walked. You should have walked. She should have walk. But Daschle's point. Absolutely. Everybody keep your hands off me. You know what I mean? Like, you know, nobody should be putting hands on each other pretty well.


You know, I hate the fact that this all has to be public for us to see, but they're not together anymore. So we don't know if this was the beginning of the end for them. We don't know if they've been having issues. We just don't know what happened.


Yeah, yeah.


Even. Right. We just we just always. Oh, she's following him. He moved. Seem like they finally back to grab each other. They both fall. She stated that he doesn't attempt to help her up, which was.


Wow that was wow. Yeah. I seen that too. That was what. It just looks toxic on both sides. Oh. All right, now, Steve Harvey is going to be hosting the Earth, Wind and Fire, Isley Brothers versus that should be interesting. Why don't mix? And that's going to be happening on April 4th. That's going to be this Sunday, Easter Sunday.


Why does that makes so much sense? Steve got to where he got to wear old school. Steve Harvey, big ass suit. Steve got no more. Oh, you got to you got to pull out of old school. Steve Harvey suit one time for the culture man. OK, I don't know how he got here.


I'm sure he got a few in store somewhere. All right. Well, that is your roomie report.


All right. Who are you giving that down to? Well, you know, Brandon Eliot, he needs to come to the front of the congregation. Like to have a word with him. If you don't know who Brandon Elliot is, he's the 38 year old man who put his hands on a 65 year old woman named Vilma Khari. We'll talk about it. All right.


We'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club.


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I don't see it every day. You. Start your day, huh? I'm affecting all around you. I want this man to dog him by the top of the gloves, got to make the judgment what was going to be on the docket of the day. They chose you. The Breakfast Club bitch. Whose donkey the day to day.


Well, don't you today from Wednesday, March 31st, goes to a 38 year old man named Brandon Elliot. Who the hell is Brandon Elliot? I have no idea. I only know what I've learned in the past 12 hours. But if you have seen the video of the 65 year old, I think she was Asian, Asian, a Filipino woman walking down the street and then a man who looks like he could be a member of the new day.


And the WWE kicks the woman in the stomach, OK, knocks it to the ground, then proceeded to stomp on her face while screaming anti-gay slurs and telling her, you don't belong here. OK, the woman has been identified as Vilma Khari. She was discharged from the hospital yesterday after being treated for serious injuries. So I am sending her love light and healing energy this morning, OK?


And I wish that I was there to stab Brandon Elliot. OK, well, I don't wish that. I wish this whole situation never happened. But based on those circumstances, I wish I was there or somebody was there to do something to Brandon Elliot. A stabbing would have been nice. What are you talking about? Telling me what situation. Well, let's go to ABC seven and wait for the report, please.


The man charged in this case was out on lifetime parole for stabbing his own mother back in 2002. He served 17 years behind bars and again was out on parole when this happened, but has been arrested in this brutal attack that happened right here in front of this building in broad daylight. Thirty eight year old Brandon Elliot was arrested late last night walking into the four points Sheraton Hotel. That is now a homeless shelter where he has been staying only blocks away from the crime scene here on West 43rd Street.


He was cuffed after this brutal attack that was caught on camera Monday morning of a 65 year old Asian woman. She was knocked to the ground, stomped and kicked as she was on her way to church. She remains hospitalized with a broken pelvis this morning. Elliot is now charged with assault as a hate crime, among other charges. As for the two security guards that were working in front of this building where this happened, there's video of them actually shutting the doors as this attack was happening.


We know that they are now suspended from their job and need to be fired a broken pelvis.


I can't explain to you the way I feel when I see cowardly act people doing things like this to the elderly. I don't care what the race of the person is. When I see a 65 year old woman get beat up by a 38 year old man, my mind goes to my mom, my aunts, you know, and if and if you would do that to a 65 year old woman, you would do that to anybody. Therefore, no one is safe.


And clearly, Brandon Elliot has some type of mental issues, OK? There is no reason he should have been on the street to begin with. Right. In 2002, like you just heard, when he was 19, he was convicted of murdering his own mother. He stabbed his own mother to death. We spoke about this earlier this week in regards to the 13 and 15 year old girls who carjacked the Uber driver and each driver ended up dead and not even been charged with murder.


What should happen to kids who make those kind of mistakes? 19 as an adult, he went to prison for like 17 years, came home. I think I read in twenty nineteen. Yeah, he came home twenty nineteen. So now he commits a crime like this. Clearly prison is not the answer. If prisons or actually correctional facilities, then yes. OK, you put this guy Brandon in a prison and you immediately get to see what the hell is going on with him psychologically.


OK, when it comes to mental health, if a nineteen year old man kills his mom, stabs his mom, you have to know he needs more than just discipline. Okay, especially if you plan on releasing him.


Even if it's seventeen years later, you got to know that whatever trauma, pain, hurt or whatever psychosis this guy has that caused him to kill his mother only got worse after 17 years, especially if he wasn't really being treated. And if you were treating this guy for his mental health issues, if he was seeing a psychiatrist in jail, there's no way said psychiatrists would recommend this guy be released.


I know he's on lifetime parole. What the hell does that mean? All right. They arrested dude at a hotel turn homeless shelter in New York. I hardly doubt I don't know here. I hardly doubt, though, there's any psychological evaluations going on there. I don't know. I just know this dude shouldn't have been on the street. OK, if you attack a 65 year old woman in broad daylight two blocks from Times Square in a heavily policed area, midtown Manhattan, something is clearly wrong with you.


Now, let's talk about this area. I said it was heavily policed. It usually is. But where were the police are always policing the people who don't need the police to never around and things like this happen. And I have to give some of this heehaw to the two security guards who are in the video who was suspended and rightfully so. They need to be fired. Two security guards who just sat there and watched did nothing.


In fact, one of the security guards went and closed the building door, didn't intervene when this dude was beaten, this woman, and didn't even offer any aid after the fact. Cowards and coward is not a strong enough word. I just see these things and I say to myself, how did y'all get here? To stalk I'm serious, guys like this make me believe the German folklore about storks finding babies in caves and bringing them to the household in a basket.


Online, I've never believed such nonsense and I don't know why you would either.


But the reason I say that is because when you allow things like that to happen to any woman, in particularly an older woman, I tend to think you have zero emotional connection to any woman in your life whatsoever.


How do you see the situation and not picture that being your grandma, your mom, your wife, your daughters, your best girlfriends? Like that's really a Peter Parker Uncle Ben moment. Remember when Peter Parker left that dude robbed a wrestling promoter who owed him money? He just let the guy go and the guy left and ended up killing his Uncle Ben. That's what happens when we the people stand around and let people get away with stuff like this. Brandon Elliot is clearly violent, clearly unstable, killed his own mother in 2002, and now in 2010, he won.


He's beating up elderly women in the street for no reason. Do you think women in your life are safe with guys like that on the street? Don't wait until a drama knocks on your front door to do and say something. You could have stabbed the guy right there and it was two or three security guards of my size, by the way. They could have beat the hell out of Brandon Elliot right then in there and would have been considered heroes.


This morning. Y'all were in a position that a bunch of folks want to be in, and that's the I wish your nigga would position. OK, my brother waxen. I talk about that all the time. Every time one of these dramatic videos come across the timeline, we see some, you know, guy beating up on an elderly person. We sit back and say, I wish a nigga would do something like this in front of us. Wacks calls those freebees OK.


Wax's a person that also likes to fight, so he's always looking for a reason. You can't find a more righteous one than this. And you security guards who should not be security guards ever again because you felt secure in Garberville. MacQuarrie your name should be out there so folks can properly identify you. But the moral of the story is we have to beat people like Brandon Elliot. It OK if you are, man. All right. Even a woman with a gun, when you see the elderly among us being attacked, you have to intervene, respect and protect your elders, respect and protect your elders, because someday and sooner than you could imagine, you will be old and need to be respected and protected to please give Brandon Elliott and those cowardly ass security guards who stood around and did nothing to begin Sehar.


Let me give him the biggest yell. He Hokie. Are you stupid, mother? Are you dumb?


Hmm. All right.


Well, thank you for that donkey today. Up next, ask a ye eight hundred five eight five one zero five one. If you need relationship advice or any type of advice, call ye. Now, it's the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. Come on, relationship advice, any personal advice, just really fucked up now for ask. Morning, everybody. Is C.J., M.V. and Julie Solomon, the guy we are at a breakfast club. It's time for ASKI. Hello. Who's this?


Michelle. Hey, good morning, Mama. What's the message?


Of course, if I have any questions, I want to know what do I do in a situation where I've been on a dating site for about a year? So he invited me on a post trip. We kind of got too place and he invited someone else. Would he expect me to be OK with it and expect me to just go back to normal after the weekend trip that they haven't yet?


Are you OK with it? I'm not okay with it.


OK, well then he can't expect that you react how you react and you feel how you feel. I would be highly offended if I'm with somebody. We have a trip planned and then it doesn't work out because we got into an argument and you bring another chick and you know where I let me know where I stand.


And so I reach out to the couple that actually planning the wedding anniversary. And he got to his prelims because he and her husband are places that we were crazy. And I wasn't comfortable saying probably asleep places. If I'm going out of town and we got this morning, we got me and him spoke outside of that in reference to that and can say, OK, I'm not going whatever, blah, blah, blah. And then hearing your voice, taking a whole nother woman, what you did approach me trying to say that we're going to court the right way.


We're going to try to, you know, do something with one another. And in here it is, man.


Actions speak louder than words, period.


And I said to him, but he was like always my pa used to be almost like a so you're not going to be me, me, the whole no threat by the guy. But it's not like I planned a trip with another man. I had to sit with my child.


I you know what they say, don't pick me and tell me it's raining, OK? He told you exactly how he feels about you. You can't come. Well, I just bring the next check. It's replaceable. You're not showing me that.


You're trying to be mean to her no more after the trip I. Come on now. Come on. This shit.


Did this trip happen already know it's actually going to happen this weekend. If you go for that, you'll go for anything. And that's his test right there. Let me see if I could just bring another girl on this trip that I was supposed to bring you on and I can still talk to you think that he deserves to have his cake and eat it, too, like that, blah, blah.


And then here it is. I'm like, nah. And then he said, well, people see all the time we can get back to this. I'm like, but we're not together for one, so it's not eating. At the same time. You just told me that you wanted to try to be with me with any other and you think get a hold of it. Right. Thank you for your advice.


Thank you for your honesty. Goodbye exactly. Tracy.


Yeah. Come on. You deserve better than that. Don't tell me you tried it. Don't tell me you're trying to be with me.


And then this weekend, you about to be away with another woman that's crazy about, you know, we're not going to if we want to talk to me now and then probably after the weekend. It doesn't make sense. Oh, no.


Yeah, no, not a good sign. You already know. Exactly. OK, good luck.


You move on and find you. A man is going to take you on a trip and you all go together and not bring another girl and then tell you about it and think you're going to be cool with it after. That's ridiculous. That just sounds crazy.


It sounds very crazy. Thank you. You all right? Yeah. Well, thank you.


Guys are going to be in my comments like, oh, Angela always sides with the one that he sided with the woman. That's what smart. If he decides, look, we got no argument. I'm taking another chick now. I don't need to be there. That means. Yeah, you go, Eva. You don't need to be left to do what they want. They're not a couple, though, right. And he said he's trying to be charming, that you're trying to be, you know, drop me to go with somebody else.


I want some company. You don't want to go. I got to go and I call up. What if you call up? No, that's what that means. Bob, is she OK with it?


She says she's not OK with it. If you're not OK with it, you're not what it is.


I think she wanted to be asked again.


She wanted to be like, no, I want you really want somebody else. It's like a cockroach. And Theo was going into the party and that's an old reference. But they were just waiting on the last thing. The deal was like, when you Africanism, I'm going be like, no, I'm good. All right, wait for that. Third question. It never came. Aski Eight hundred five a five one two five one. If you need relationship advice, he now is the Breakfast Club.


Good morning.


Keep it real, which is some real advice. Angela, actually, it's you. Hello. Who's this. What's up bro. Which question for you.


So that's me. So I've been dealing with a female for a little. As she went for a relationship, we were living together and we lived together, but you're not ready for a relationship.


Yeah, because it's kind of like, oh, no, man, I know. So that is a mixed signal right there.


So you live with me, but we're not in a relationship.


Sociologist roommates perceived as like this where like, you know, I'm going to save money and get things of life. I have my own. You know, I almost wish she had heard kind of like given way to me that you are talking about your attitude, about the about the business thing. You've got to use all your personal SSN and kind of what you can do some so far that you kind of help us save money.


So what is your relationship to her?


I mean, like, I love telling my best friend, you know, that I know that I'm alone. I'm all over the deal. And so, you know, that's my age to have the older person. That's how you know me and stuff like that. But I'm not really ready for this world or like how much access will be able to you know, there's no way.


OK, I got to ask you this. So you sleep together. You are saying be or like, do you guys have sex with each other? Yeah, yeah. But if I don't want you girls, I like what I want, maybe, you know, stuff like that. So, you know, and I want to do my thing with other people, too.


But you get the feeling you are sleeping, so you sleep in the same bed every night. You have your own room.


Yeah. Yeah we got all. But are you lying? We were like it's like, oh my God.


He's like, OK, so this is where it's confusing. So you sleep together. Sometimes you have sex with each other. Sometimes you guys are best friends, you live together, you work together. Of course she's ready for a relationship because you're doing a lot of relationship things.


You put that in perspective. I don't know. It's kind of hard. It's just I mean, I would have been like, let's say I've been able to cheat. She had her own stuff. You from there. So you live with her. So you live with her. Are you using her?


Not only I got I got my own life. She helped me. She was kind of like this. So she goes, I just want to say this.


It's not fair to her because you're going to end up really hurting her.


And if this is somebody that you care about, like, should I feel like I feel like that's a part of this, you should move out.


She's thinking you guys are going to be together because you guys live together. You should stop sleeping with her if you don't want to be with her. If you care about her, you should move out because she's thinking he's here. We're going to end up together. And it and I can see why she would think that what it is they were left out to is is too much stuff.


We got to get together for advice. You get outside support. I just you know, I've got one. You know, it's kind of like it's a lot of stuff to get together for that and put the thing on hold. I survived everything all. But at the end of the day, I feel like I'm confused. So so you do kind of want to be with her, but you just want to have an open relationship.


It's a lot of things you need to work, so you give them. But it's a lot of things that both of us need to work on, like, you know. And so it's kind of like, you know, I'm more like like getting out of the government so that just in case something that nobody talks like all week well apart when you get your own place.


So she stops thinking you guys are in a relationship, you see each other every night. Oh, that doesn't help. That's that's amazing. No, let me get yourself together separately, OK? Getting yourself together means getting your own place, deciding what you want, because even right now on this call, I'm getting mixed messages from you. It's like you kind of think maybe further on down the line you might want to be with her. So it's like you're keeping her there in limbo, but you still want to do what you want.


So you want to say, I don't want to be with you said that you're free to do what you want because you feel like it's justified because you told her, I don't want to be with you, but then you're sleeping with her sometimes and you live together and you know, she wants to be with you. It's not fair to her. All right. Go on ahead and find a place.


It's all right. No problem. You know? Laughing I wasn't going to tell you to live there and keep sleeping with her baby.


What you want. All right.


That's AC paskey. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. Now, that's ask if you need relationship advice or any type of advice. Now, we got rooms on the way. Yes. And Jeezy and GenY, my looks like their wedding day is approaching soon. And let's tell you one way that we know it's about to go down. All right. We'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club.


D.J., M.V. Angelie Charlamagne, the guy at the Breakfast Club, good morning. That's right. In acknowledging the two year, I don't I guess you say anniversary of the late, great Nipsey Hussle transitioning. Yes. So our. Absolutely. Well, let's get to love lied to his family. Absolutely. Let's get to the rumors. So Michael Strahan is about to go.


No, this is the rumor report on Angeliki on The Breakfast Club.


Well, Michael Strahan got rid of his gap and I mean that gap between his front teeth. And here's what he had to say.


I go home and I'm going to do the big don't do it. If I post it, we don't do it about my grandmother. We don't do it on my business. Going to be like, don't do it. But I got to do what I want to do for myself, you know? Now, it makes me wonder how confident Michael Screen ever was and his gap he used to wear with pride, it was his calling card, correct. But now he got it filled.


Was he ever really confident? Maybe he was.


Maybe just wanted to change. You know, you do it. You know who else recently did that? Nina Parker. Right. You know her from me.


And she was a TMZ reporter and host of The Love and Hip Hop Reunion. And she also recently got rid of her gabb. I remember she posted I did a thing. And I guess, you know, whatever it is, sometimes there's just some things that you feel like it bothers you.


Yeah. I just wonder because when you wear something with such pride. Right. And it's your calling card and, you know, I wonder, you know, when you do get a feeling, you owe people an explanation as to what you just because you feel like it. But even if you want it as a symbol of pride and you said he made that kind.


He used to say I made the conscious effort to say this is who I am. And he said, I rocked my gap with pride is who I am. He said that just a few days beforehand. But sometimes I had this birthmark, a strawberry birthmark on my face, like right above my lip. And I when I was younger, I used to want to get rid of it, you know, just because it kind of is annoying people like, what is that?


What's wrong? What's going on here? But I mean, sometimes you do feel like you're born a certain way. Should you just keep it? And I guess you decided not to because you just wanted to.


You know, if you've inspired people and people look at you as a symbol of inspiration, I'm like, oh, Michael, gosh, I got to go up to my gap is cool, too. But then you get your feel kind of like you abandoned him a little bit.


So he said he just wanted to explore what he would look like without that. Got you. Yeah. And he said he loves it. So nothing wrong with that. Right. But let's not forget, tomorrow is April Fool's Day.


So I just want to remind you all that, you know, April Fools Day, things happening right everywhere. So who knows?


And it's good to get started early on your April Fool's joke. Somebody's got to start planning now.


Yeah, I just I feel bad that I warned everybody because I know a bunch of people have some April Fools Day jokes planned. No one was thinking about it, but now everybody's on guard. OK, all right. And I have applied for their marriage license. According to the Fulton County Court clerk in Georgia, they came in Monday to get the documents that they needed to become husband and wife. So now they have six months. So once you get that license, then it's only valid for six months.


So then you have to reapply after that.


But maybe that means pretty soon they're planning to get married, shouted out that marriage is a beautiful thing. Marriage die. That should be the wedding invitations. Whoa. Chapati, marriage advice. Yeah. So marriage is a trap. So you're placing the word track. But marriage. Yes.


That doesn't mean marriage is just the word trap. It's a whole different word. OK, all right. I'm just saying it was trap. Britney Spears says that she's embarrassed by that new documentary about her life and she broke her silence on the framing Britney Spears out. A lot of people have been speaking on this and talking about how badly Britney Spears has been treated over the years. She said she didn't watch the entire documentary, but she really didn't like the little bit that she did see.


She said, my life has always been very speculated, watched and judged really my whole life and my sanity. I need to dance to Steven Tyler every night of my life to feel wild and human and alive. I've been exposed my whole life performing in front of people. It takes a lot of strength to trust the universe with your real vulnerability, because I've always been so judged, insulted and embarrassed by the media and I still am to this day, as the world keeps on turning and life goes on, we still remain so fragile and sensitive as people.


I didn't watch the documentary, but from what I did see of it, I was embarrassed by the light they put me in. I cried for two weeks and well, I still cry. Sometimes I do what I can in my own spirituality with myself to try and keep my own joy, love and happiness. Everyday dancing brings me joy. I'm not here to be perfect. Perfect is boring. I'm here to pass on kindness.


Yeah, I didn't like it. You. I mean, I see. I just felt like, you know, feel like, you know, you didn't see it, I don't feel like I went too long without lying on this morning or this morning on the radio. I just want to tell alirocumab. All right.


Now, Chet Hanks and his ex-girlfriend are, you know, going at it. And TMZ has obtained a video which Hanks says is the end of an altercation between him and his ex, Kiana Parker, that turned violent back on January 8th. This was at Chet Hanks place in Sugar Land, Texas. Now, Chet Hanks turns the camera on Quiana. She's looks like she's like trying to hit him and she's also holding a pat. And and then Chet reappears and he's bloody.


And he says that she charged him with a knife. Listen to this.


This just attacked me with a knife. No, I did not take this. Where is this exactly? The knife. Do not have a knife. No, no. You punched me.


Oh, wow. Now you're trying to flip the story.


She's mad because I caught her stealing, stealing my money, taking my credit cards and charging her rent to them.


Like we just told ya earlier during the Claiborne's sweetie story. Everyone keep your hands to yourself. Chet Hanks is on camera. He's bleeding. He says he came back, came at him with a knife. Everybody keep keep your hands to yourself. And the crazy part about this check situation, nobody's going to care about that. That's not even going to go viral today.


And she also had she also had gotten a restraining order against him in January. She says that he wrapped her up on multiple occasions and he is saying that and he's, by the way, filed a lawsuit against her over that incident. He said it started because he broke things off with her after learning that she'd been stealing. And he also claims that she showed up that day with three men, one of whom he says flashed a gun at him. He's suing for assault and battery, theft and return of the money that she allegedly stole.


He started doing the Jamaican accent when the gun got pulled on him just to try to scare him. Now, you don't think so?


No. Every Jazy joint, he possibly know this guy with a gun in your face. And that's all you could come up with, whatever your blood. What is now for her version of the event, she says she came by his place to get her stuff with movers and that he was antagonizing her and he grabbed a knife in a menacing way. And that's when she grabbed the pot in self-defense and swung it and then ran.


Yeah, I don't like violence. I don't like nobody putting their hands on each other, but I would definitely pay to see Chad. He's get a gun pulled on him. And then he started doing the Jamaican accent to try to scare the gun. Now, you know, a blood clot, which you don't you don't know you do not know what you do with a gun in your face.


And that's all right with that. Is your stuff good entertainment?


Y'all would pay to see that. Oh, my goodness.


All right, revolt. We'll see you tomorrow. Everybody else. The People's Choice mixes up next. You know, we got to start to mix off with some nipsy, so let's get to it. It's The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club, your mornings.


I'll never be the same, but a train.


It's a vehicle at a railway crossing. The results are often deadly. Be cautious at crossings. And if the signals are going, don't be tempted to try and sneak across the tracks. Even if you don't see a train stop, trains get brought to you by Nizza spread from each one.


New York and I heard radio station. Morning, everybody.


Is D.J. Envy. Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are at a breakfast club is Women's History Month. Are we doing today? Today we are celebrating the vice chairman and managing director at Morgan Stanley, Carla and Harris. Now, I love her background. She was born in Port Arthur, Texas, raised in Jacksonville, Florida. She actually was a singer at an early age. By the time she was thirteen, she was singing in both Catholic and Baptist choirs.


And then she went to Harvard University. She actually graduated with her degree in economics and received her master's in business administration from Harvard Business School.


She also was she is an acclaimed gospel singer. She even performed a solo concert at Carnegie Hall and released her first album, Carla's First Christmas, that was featured on the Evening News with Dan Rather. And it was one of the top selling albums. But now she is the vice chairman and managing director at Morgan Stanley. She's been named by Fortune magazine among the 50 most powerful black executives in corporate America. Black Enterprise named her one of the top 50 African-Americans on Wall Street.


Essence magazine named her among the 50 women who are shaping the world. And Harvard's Black Men's Forum named her Woman of the Year in 2004. We love to see black women in these spaces because, frankly, there's not enough of us.


And here is Carla and Harris doing her TED talk who run the World Girls. It's Women's History Month, and we're celebrating the most influential women in history. Check out this phenomenal woman.


I cannot tell you how important it is to have a sponsor. It is the critical relationship in your career. It is so critical that you should ask yourself regularly, who's carrying my paper into the room, who's carrying my paper into the room? And if you can't answer, who's carrying your paper on? To the room, then I will tell you to divert some of your hardworking energies into investing in a sponsored relationship because it will be critical to your success if you have been invited into the room, know that you have a seat at that table.


And if you have a seat at the table, you have a responsibility to speak if somebody is worthy of your currency benefit. One thing I have learned after several decades on Wall Street is the way to grow your power is to give it away and your voice is at the heart of your power.


Use it. And that was another phenomenal woman in history, right arrival at the end of Women's History Month, we are celebrating Carla and Harris, vice chairman and managing director at Morgan Stanley. All right.


Well, when we come back, we got the positive note. Don't Move is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. How do you envy Angela Charlamagne, the guy?


We are the Breakfast Club. That's right. And listen, I want to tell everybody I have a project dropping today on Audible, OK? It's called We've Got Answers. You know, if you're tired of having to educate your white friends about racism, you know, white people, you got questions you want to ask black people. We don't want to appear racism bigoted. This is the project for you. I assembled a black brain trust of people who are highly respected.


Learn from Dr. Claude Anderson, Tamika Mallory, Eboni K. Williams, David baÑO, nor Muhammad, Reverend Dr. William Barber, Eric Alexander, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams. Humility Davis, Nina Turner, Tesla Figaro, Dr. Alfie Noble and Attorney Corey Minhas Smith. It is available on Audible right now. It's free if you have an audible membership, everyone else you've got to pay. But I'm very proud of this one and I encourage everyone, but especially all our white Breakfast Club listeners to check it out.


OK, if you want answers, we've got answers. And this is only available on Audible right now, OK? Yes, well, definitely.


Go check it out. I have a horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible account, so I'm definitely I'll check it out today.


Now, we got a shout out to you for joining us this morning as well. My man Muskie would track star.


He got more records and tracks that he got like four records on on title. From what I saw that I did, I listened to a couple of days ago.


I like going to get that. Feels like we're going to get that very personal song sometime soon, so I can't wait to hear it. Yeah, I was going to cry.


Hmm. Mm hmm. All right. Well, it was on a positive note.


The positive note is simply this man. Life is like a camera. Focus on what is important. Capture the good times, develop from the negative. And if things don't work out, take another shot.


Mountain Dew believes entrepreneurs are the keys to building a black owned businesses and shrinking the historic wealth gap. That's why they partnered with historically black colleges and universities. Bcuz in an effort to discover, support and uplift the next generation of extraordinary black innovators through the Real Change Opportunity Fund pitch competition, the top ten contestants will have access to a prize pool of one million dollars to take their business to the next level.


Tuned in to BET's YouTube channel on April 14th to see who wins. Have you heard the stories of the party man? He's a local legend in Los Angeles, sometimes seen stalking the streets and is supposedly responsible for scores of people going missing from Griffith Park over the past few decades. But if you ever see his misshapen melting face or hear the high pitched noise that accompanies him, it might already be too late. But how can you separate fact from the fiction in his story?


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