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In 1983, Diane Downs shot her three children, killing one and severely injuring the others, she showed up for her trial pregnant. Now, nearly 40 years later, that child, Becky Babcock, is on a journey to explore her connection with her mother's violent past. Listen to Happy Face presents to face on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcasts or wherever you find your favorite shows. Danger is coming, reckless club, I call it the high. Can you can't even deal with you.


Was so I got so bad, the world's most dangerous morning jump in this big angelique's day and everybody's business, but in a good way. Charlemagne, the the ruler rubbing you the wrong way. The French was good for everybody. Good morning, USA. Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo.


Good morning, Angela. You've got the money. Gimme Charlemagne the God peace to the planet. Guess what day it is. Guess what day it is. Eau de la.


I'm happy to be here alive. What's happening.


What's up with you. Right. Everything good. I y'all good. Mine is the best. Life's great. Right. You have to appreciate every day life. You have to say thank you. You know gratitude should be your attitude when you wake up in. I think so. And then have time to get ready for it and every day. So that's on Friday. I got a lot of really fun things happening, so I'm excited for that. Mike sounds.


Yeah, you got to reset the shot in Toronto.


What up? Toronto. Yeah, well, she was saying Angelie days is Friday when she does this huge performance.


There's going to be giveaways is going to be a lot of stuff going on. So that happens this Friday. So excited for Angela yesterday to better.


Yeah. You talk about it now. OK, all right. Yeah. So that's what I was saying just to then. Yes, you're right. I have a lot of things that I'm actually giving away and we're supporting local businesses and it's the release of reggae gold twenty twenty four IVP record. So I'm keeping up with them but using reggae and dance hall and stop all day.


Yes, I like you. Fried chicken underwater now. Yeah. Yeah.


Mike I said one more time. Well, look, Dre will be joining us this morning. We go kick it with Lecrae, always like talking to McCray's, got a new album out called Restoration. I believe he's dropping a book of the same name as well. That's right. In October, we'll take a look. We find out all about that. And we got front page news. What we talking about?


I'm scared to talk. They go to do something better now. All right. We are going to talk about Jacob Blake and his shooting. What is his condition as of now and what is happening in Wisconsin?


All right. We'll get into all that. When we come back is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela?


Yes. I mean, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club, is getting some front page news.


Do the games last night show me money? Yes.


I actually did not see any basketball games last night, and I don't know how that's possible because I was watching ESPN and I turn to the RNC convention for a little while. But other than that, I didn't watch watch much TV. OK, well, do you see any game? I know the Clippers one, right.


The Nuggets beat the Jazz last night and also the Clippers beat the Mavericks last night. And boy, did they beat them.


One fifty four, one eleven thousand. So that's a pretty that's a pretty healthy beating. Yeah. So what else we got you I.


Well since you are talking about scores in the NBA, Fred VanVleet and Norm Powell said the Raptors were considering boycotting games after the Jacob Blake shooting.


Playing another player puts pressure on somebody. So, you know, would it be nice if we all say we're not playing and the owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, you know that's going to trickle down if he steps up to the plate and puts pressure on district attorneys office and states attorneys and governors and politicians there to make real change and get some justice. Like if we're going to sit here and talk about making change and, you know, at some point we're going to have to put our on the line and put something up to move on.


Just over the media aspect of it. We talk about it every day. That's all we see. But it just feels like a big pacifier at this point.


Yeah, I love the fact that the brother wants to do something, but, you know, it's going to definitely take more than one game because, you know, they say, oh, we got to investigate, which I never understand, especially when there's a video. I think investigations, you know, that's just seems like a proper protocol to follow. But when there's an actual video of what we saw, how do you justify that?


I how could you ever come out of that situation and say, oh, yeah, they you know, they they were in the right to do what they did?


No, no way. That's my that's that's professional malpractice, if you ask me.


Yeah. The federal investigators are reviewing that police shooting right now.


And, you know, just for some context, twenty nine year old black man Jacob Blake, he was shot at close range Sunday evening.


He was trying to enter an SUV. He was not armed. He remains in the hospital in stable condition. They're saying now that he is paralyzed and they're not sure if it will be permanent. They said it will be a miracle if he is able to walk again, though. Now, here is Jacob Blake's father.


I'd like to thank everyone for coming out to support my son, this senseless attempted murder that was committed on. Sometimes seven. Yeah, and the reason that they that I guess they pulled them over, the reason that they came and he was actually breaking up a fight so they had the wrong person, right? Is that correct? Yeah.


He was breaking up a fight. And listen, these police officers, they still haven't made a statement. We don't know what their response is. We don't know what de-escalation they tried to use. They we have no idea what's happening on their end.


So there's never any reason to shoot a man seven times in the back. So it's not like that guy was reaching into his car to pull out an AK 47 and turn around and shoot the police officers.


But if you really wanted to restrain the guy, you should have rescreened before he even got to the car with two of your three of you outnumbered them, you could slam people to the ground any other time. Why couldn't you do it in that moment?


U.S. Attorney Ben Crump said right now the police haven't said none of what their reason was for shooting him seven times in the back. Instead, they're trying to obtain statements from Blake's family. He said, well, why don't you tell us what you did to justify this using this force? What kind of de-escalation did you use? What kind of training did you follow? What was it that made you shoot at least seven times in his back at point blank range by his three boys were in the car watching their father get executed.


And I believe one of the kids is eight and it was his birthday.


Well, it's very hard to come up with a reason when you don't have a reason. You know, they they they've used every single excuse in the book throughout the history of time that I've been alive to justify a lot of these police shootings. But, you know, the the more they get caught on camera, the less reasoning they can come up with.


You can't say, oh, he was fighting with us. He was struggling with us for the gun, yada, yada, yada. OK, that that happened. And then he got up and walked away.


All were behind him, like it could have been something else that was done other than shooting a man seven times.


Right now, the governor of Wisconsin, Tony Evers, has called for calm yesterday. He also declared a state of emergency and doubled the National Guard deployment in Kenosha from one hundred and twenty five to two hundred and fifty. And they were more than 30 fires that were set in the city's downtown. Dozens of buildings were destroyed. And according to the governor, he said we cannot allow the cycle of systemic racism, injustice to continue. We also cannot continue going down this path of damage and destruction.


And Jacob Blake's mother, Julia Jackson, said the damage does not reflect what a family wants and that if her son could see it, he would be very unpleased.


That's right. And good luck trying to get a generation of brothers and sisters raised off Nuk if you book to calm down. All right. And they shouldn't calm down. And here's the thing America needs to understand. And it's inevitable a war is coming and it's not. Revenge is karma. Like you can't continue to push and kill, push and kill a group of people. And then eventually those people don't respond with violence. And it's not about winning or losing either, because nobody wins when nothing like that happens.


But I. I truly fear that America just can't escape its karma.


It's inevitable. All right, well, that is your front page news, get it off your chest, eight hundred five eight five one two five one if you need to vent, it is up right now. Again, the number is 800 555 one two five. One is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. This is your time to get it off your chest, whether you mad or blessed, but at the same time, we want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello. Who's this?


Is Brandon from Louisiana. LaBron and get it off your chest. How you doing, King? I'm good.


How are you guys doing this morning? I'm less black and highly favored brother. I'm just trying to get off my chest and trying to see why are we not talking about this killing in Louisiana? Lafayette, about thirty one year old black man that police killed just even though they say he had a knife. Still not a reason to kill somebody. Shot the man in his back and will walking into the store. There's just sadly, another killer.


Yes. Sadly, haven't heard about that. Google. I want to check that one out. What part of the name of Lafayette, Louisiana, and what's his name? Trefort Pellerin. Great friend of Halloran. Yeah, check that one out. I add that trauma to my memory, Dexter.


All right. Another one. Thank you, brother. Hello. Is this a piece of glass? Guys, are you guys doing. Hey, what's up?


Favorite. What's up, bro? I'm good. I'm good. Angela. Yeah. You pulling over there? Go. I'm doing well. Thank you. How are you? I'm doing blessed.


I'm blessed. And I'm trying to stay safe on earth. Crazy on here, you know, definitely is shooting to see the that of black people, you know, just this segment that we try to speak in about it. Well, you know, I got a question. Sure. Yes, sir. If if I'm banned from the radio station, know what's going on. Y'all know where we are right now. Right now.


Yeah, but, you know, I've been calling for the last month, so even this month and, you know, I've been getting shut down, man, by families and, you know, people in the back seat that me in the back row, you know, like, you know, I mean, listen, listen, Shawn, we thank God we have millions and millions and millions of listeners every week.


I think a statistic I read a long time ago was 10 percent of that audience calls into the radio station. So let's just say it's 10 percent of four million. Eight million. OK, so a lot of people, in fact, you get to so much as one. Why the way you interact, travel and travel.


Not at all traffic, John. You know, why the back door.


Why is that?


The back door hasn't been on barely at all. He's been on one drive, has been dragging his feet on like once in the last two or three weeks.


If you've got a problem with tribal John, I need you, John. Oh, it's not a problem with snow, John. It's not a lot of seriousness when it comes to the love that shown.


You know, I mean, John, I need you to go to therapy people. I can't believe you're using your time to talk about travel. Well, thank you for calling your therapy. You have to travel. You guys. You have PTSD, post-traumatic stress.


You know, every time he calls, he talks about travel. You have to face travel stress disorder.


I feel sorry for him and I travel.


I mean, if you're just joining us traveling, Sean had a rap battle here on the radio and travel washed Sean. I mean, God in his ass, like I am not an animal and I haven't been the same since. And I want Sean to go get help, deal with that trauma, get it off your chest.


Eight hundred five eight five one two five one if you need to vent here. This now is the Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club. It was May 19th, 1983, in Springfield, Oregon, in the middle of an otherwise peaceful, cool spring night, a car arrived at McKensie Willamette Hospital. Diane Downs and her three children had been shot, Cheryl's seven was dead and Danny, three, and Kristy, eight, had life threatening injuries a year later.


Diane herself was found guilty for the shootings in the 80s.


This was a shocking headline story of Fatal Attraction.


Authorities believed Diane's infatuation with a married man who said he had no interest in being a father to anyone's children was the possible motive behind her shooting her three kids one year later at her trial. She was pregnant. That child was Becky Babcock. Four years, Becky, has tried to come to terms with who her mother is. But one mystery has haunted her. Who is her biological father? She's what I call a jackpot match. Did you find Becky's biological father?


Join me as we search for the answer and explore Becky's and her mother's past on this season of Happy Face to Face. Listen, Nana, I heart radio app, Apple podcasts or wherever you find your favorite shows. I'm telling you what's going on. Oh, God. Oh, God.


This is your time to get it off your chest, whether you're mad or blessed. Eight hundred five eight five one five one.


We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello. Who's this?


My name is Tracy. Good morning. Breakfast Club. Tracy. Good morning, Tracy. How are you, Queen? All right.


Well, you know, I just want to encourage people. There's a lot of talk about one world or the government coming. But what I see is that the only government one will all is the government of God is the earth. Destiny is to be fulfilled by what God proposes, and there will be peace. The lion will lay with the lamb and the mix shall inherit the earth. So I encourage people just to hold on and just see what this paradigm of opportunities available.


You know, I truly believe this is what's silly, but I do know that when I read Revelations, I see what's coming and a lot of people see what's coming. And another thing is people only want to be interested in what was in idioms and social media. And now people are asking the deeper questions now. So if any, I truly believe that they mean anything. They're stopping and saying, well, you know, this frivolous activity, this twerking, and I'm not putting anybody down.


One of the deeper meanings of life, what is God trying to tell us is, you know, that there is something going on bigger than ourselves and it will be fulfilled. Man was made in God's image and he loves us. And we are going to fulfill our purpose no matter what's going on. So we should be vigilant, be active, but don't be unconscious, but be conscious. So I encourage all the brothers and sisters and we are all brothers and sisters to just do and sit and listen to the deepest things and go about your business positively.


All right.


They got to have a good mom. Oh, God bless all praises due to God. And I tell people all the time and you humans better start giving other humans the grace you want God to give you because that ralfe going to be something serious.


Hello, this is Justin from Jacksonville. What's up, bro? Jacksonville Jackin.


Kill Florida. Yeah, get it off your chest. OK, I want to I wanted some advice on one. I'm going to call it, you know, just if I go to the university. But I'm trying to transfer down to Florida Atlantic University for way to go to school, have no job, no scholarships.


The grants that I could apply for in Florida, I'm not sure. I don't try to have you have you looked on Google it there? Definitely a lot of those. I mean, I do have a bone to pick with you or understand what I was saying, man. Talk to me. Oh, you have got to start. You have got to stop telling these lies. I mean, you got to stop saying that the average average size is eight something.


Man, you got to stop saying that, man. You got.


I've never I've never I've never said that, sir. Two men have a conversation about penis. I said I said that my penis size is seven inches in three, four, eight one is warm out. I've never said the average size for a penis was eight inches.


Man, I don't want to keep saying as my gosh, I've never said that before.


Why does that bother you? Why does that bother you?


I didn't hear that. I'll be like that.


Is not that because I look at one time and I'm like, you know, this is not the average size of an erect penis is five point six inches, sir, with four point eight inches of circumference. I've never said that the average size of a penis is eight inches. I told you, that's my penis size, sir. Guys, do you want to continue having his penis talk at six in the morning?


I didn't make you say that about because I tell you, I hate what's upsetting the people.


He was concerned about being below average. Is that what this was about?


I'm sorry, but I was wondering. I remember saying is all the time, but I really appreciate what I do. Thank you for everything that you came.


All right. Give me I am making and making a call up before breakfast and discuss penis size does not feel uncomfortable. OK. Oh man.


He knows who to call to talk about penises in the morning. That's right. Get it off your chest. Oh another man that's comfortable 800 555 105 one. If you need to vent or if you want to come up and call up and talk about penises, you can do that too. Yeah, we got rooms in a way.


Yes. Kevin Hart and Usain Bolt, do they look alike? How did they get mistaken for each other in a post about coronavirus? Hmm. We'll get into that.


Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club. It's about who's going to go for it.


This is the rumor report annually on the Breakfast Club.


So there was a post that went up on NBC News. It says, World record sprinter and eight time Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt has tested positive for the coronavirus in itself, isolating at his home in Jamaica. Only problem is they posted a picture of Kevin Hart.


That's why I saw it. That's why I always confuse white people. I do it on purpose. I would mistake Ben Affleck for Matt Damon in a heartbeat. I would mistake Neil Patrick Harris for Channing Tatum all day. I love mistaking Ryan Reynolds for Ellen DeGeneres. That's one of my favorite ones to say, huh?


Not even close to like Kevin's like Kevin. And you say for three and you're saying it's like a six to a totally 20.


I want to hear what they claim happened. Yeah. Let's hear this whole thing happening. All right. So just to break it down, NBC News did apologize and they said very sorry about that bad technical glitch and how photos show up on Facebook. And some people did weigh in that they've had similar issues. It's a Facebook glitch and they said people are burning NBC today because Facebook pulled a of Kevin Hart for a story on U.S. But that's not NBC's fault.


Facebook has had a bug for several years that can pull an image from a related story on the page and insist on it being the had it happened to us. So that wasn't a former video director at Deadspin tweeting about what happened.


And listen, I love to say that Elton John is the last living Beatle just to piss piss people off, too. But Breakfast Club, we did it. We did that this week. I didn't do it personally. But the way people who uploaded our videos damn sure confused Larry Johnson for Larry Johnson, Larry Johnson playing for Larry Johnson, the basketball player. Yeah. Yeah, I think that was a glitch.


I think the person had the same name, so they just pulled the picture of the wrong person all the way.


All black people still don't look alike. You should double check. OK, all right. All right. You should double check. When you're uploading pictures of black people, white folks just ask. That's why you got to have diverse rooms to do. All right? Because all you do is turn to a black person in a black hole. Just Google, not Kevin Hart. I mean, that's not Usain Bolt. I just Google.


Well, I think what they're trying to say happens is that they pull the pictures for you. So it goes with the story. And so it's a glitch on Facebook. That's what they're trying to say, that it's something that happens automatically, I guess, with these news, because Kevin Hart had said in his stand up that he did have coronavirus earlier this year. So there was a story about using Bouba Coronavirus. So Facebook, I guess it's automatic that they pull a picture and must have been a similar story on the page about coronavirus.


And it pulled the wrong picture. I don't know. I don't use that for my news.


So Facebook thinks all black people look alike. I think it's more like an algorithm thing.


It's not like an algorithm that there is not algorithms and sat there and pulled the picture.


They're trying to say because the story was about coronavirus, it pulled the wrong picture.


I don't know how that's an algorithm that I Kevin Hart, that I posted a picture, Charlamagne, and said it was me.


I would be mad as hell, but go ahead. Kevin Hart said, no comment. I must have gotten really fast and tall overnight. I want to take advantage of this moment and race. Anybody in the world we can bet whatever. It's just got real. I'm also no longer doing comedy due to my Olympic training schedule. I'm back, bitches. This is disrespectful on so many levels. All you can do is laugh. Maybe the covid-19 shrunk his legs and torso.


Well, let's take a white person today. OK, that's all. That's all right. Now, the Detroit Lions has become the first professional sports team to not have practice to because of social justice concerns. They actually canceled their practice. So that is true. Flowers was talking about what happened. And Patricia, Matt, Patricia, who is a Detroit Lions coach, they had a conversation following the death of George Floyd. And you know all that today Flowers wanted to do because Matt Patricia was like, what can I do to help?


He said, just listen. And the comment wait on Matt. Patricia. And a video emerged of Jacob Blake being shot in the back by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin. And Matt, Patricia decided, I just don't feel right about going into practice. I don't feel right about running some football drill without talking to my team. So we had a team meeting, one hundred players, coaches and staff and everybody. They said it was a very heavy, emotional and powerful day.


And so they decided to call it off that day and cancel practice. I wonder if corporations understand that.


I wonder if corporations understand the trauma that comes with being a black person in America and having to see these executions on the Internet, on TV all day, every day. I wonder if they understand how much that weighs on us and we still are asked and required to come to work and do our jobs. I wonder if they understand the toll the. That takes on us, I wonder. All right, now, Bella Thorne has said that she made two million dollars on only fans in a week and a one a week, two million dollars and 24 hours.


She made a million dollars. And she's also making a movie about it.


Who is going to give him the access? Remember, we were talking about her before. What was she on Disney? I don't know how it was. She's she's she sings. That's not Hannah Montana, is it? That's Miley Cyrus. Miley Cyrus. Are you mistaken?


White people right now, Miley Cyrus wanting used to date Davisson. That was Ariana Grande.


Are you having fun conversation with it was Ariana Grindy Ariana. That's the one that had to be for Kanye West. Come on.


Oh, yeah. Yeah, I know. OK. So Ariana was the one that Kanye would be doing that to. Kanye interrupted onstage. Are that who Balaton is? That's Adele. Adele. Oh, wait. Wait a minute. Now, all I know is she made two million dollars.


The only fans in a week. She said she's putting her donations to a charity and her production company. And she's also using her experience with the website as a research for a movie that she wants to make and starring with Sean Baker.


So pretty interesting.


Now, maybe she won't be so mad at Kanye all the time for when Kanye interrupted her at the VMAs, though all those years ago. I'm happy for this. All right. Graduations, Bill.


All right. Well, I'm Angela. Yeay, and that is your rooma report. All right.


Thank you, Miss Ye. Now, when we come back, we got front page news.


What we're talking about, the Republican National Convention night to give you some highlights. Melania Trump spoke last night. Also, we'll tell you what she said about all those white people.


Look like I'm telling you that right now. All right. You want to speak at the RNC? Look like white people. It's The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


What were you doing in college in your early 20s? Probably some partying, hooking up with that cute someone desperately trying to pick your future career and maybe even spending some time finding yourself. Yeah, me too. In season two of your young rocker, I tell the story of my own early 20s.


It's a raw, honest, strange and entertaining story about how we all end up becoming ourselves even when we try to be someone else. Hopefully your journey didn't involve getting sucked into a cult, running away to an island to be a made for billionaires and lots of shoplifting. But that's what happened when I tried to give up the one thing I love more than anything playing music. Join me Chelsea Erson for Dear Young Rocker Season two. Dear Young Rocker is executive produced by Jake Brennan of Disgraced Land and comes to you from Double Elvis Productions and I Heart Radio.


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Morning, everybody, is D.J. Envy, Angela. Yes, I mean, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club.


Let's get in some front page news where we start. Yes.


Well, let's start with Clippers coach Doc Rivers. He was speaking last night, and this was before a game five. And he was discussing just the anger and sadness and having to address all of these issues with police officers shooting a black person yet again with Jacob Blake, just watching the Republican convention.


All you hear Donald Trump and all of them talking about fear. We're the ones getting killed. We're the ones getting shot. We're the ones that were denied to live in certain communities. We've been home. We've been shot. All you do is keep your fear. It's amazing. Why do you keep loving this country and this country? It's not looking back.


God bless Doc Rivers. I feel your pain, King. This isn't even about being American. No, it's bigger than the country we're in. It's about being a child of God, knowing that something out there is bigger than you and giving humans the grace that you want God to give you. Because I promise you, the energy that this country gives out will come back is all inevitable. A war is coming. And trust me, it won't be revenge.


It will be karma. All right, well, according to Ben Crump, who is Blake's attorney for the family, he's saying that Jacob Blake is paralyzed right now after being shot multiple times by police in Wisconsin.


He said it would take a miracle for him to walk again.


I hope America knows it's inevitable a war is brewing, is coming. And like I said, it's not revenge is karma, because you just won't continue to push and kill, push and kill the people. And then eventually those people don't respond with violence. And it's not about winning or losing that war either, because nobody wins when something like that happens. But I just I just fear it's inevitable.


Well, the governor of Wisconsin has declared a state of emergency after cars and buildings were set ablaze. He called in 250 members of the National Guard to assist as well.


And actually, there were two people, multiple gunshot victims yesterday, according to the Kenosha Police Department. They said a person was injured and taken to the hospital with serious but non-life threatening injuries. But two people are dead as well, and they're investigating what happened. Right now, they're investigating whether the shooting resulted from a conflict between demonstrators and a group of men with weapons who were protecting businesses. So right now, they're asking that anybody who has information to please contact them.


It's amazing to me how they call in the National Guard to deal with the victims of the of these murders and these violent attacks.


Why not calling somebody to deal with the perpetrators of these crimes? I don't think that there would be this type of reaction if the government just simply did what it was supposed to do. Whenever we see black people get shot and killed at the hands of the police, the way that we do, just arrest the goddamn cops and treat the cops like the criminals that they are when they do stuff like this, if they did, they wouldn't we wouldn't they wouldn't have these kind of reactions in these cities.


It's really just that simple. All right, and again, the Republican National Convention night two was last night and Melania Trump spoke and here she is discussing a racial racial injustice.


It is a harsh reality that we are not proud of parts of our history. I encourage people to focus on our future while still learning from our past. I urge people to come together in a civil manner so we can work and live up to our standard American ideals. I also ask people to stop the violence and looting being done in the name of justice and never make assumptions based on the color of a person's skin instead of hearing things down. Let's reflect on our mistakes, be proud of our evolution and look to our way forward.


I don't give that advice to all the racist white devils that she's probably speaking to when you say don't make assumptions about a person because of the color of their skin or her husband. Oh, my God.


Didn't say, hey, baby. Hey, what? How about this?


Oh, come on. And you think they sleep in the same bed? Knock it off. Listen, I definitely didn't stay up for Melania Trump, but that was that was not the headline I wanted to see.


I went to bed.


I was like, I got free tickets to the show, but I didn't stay for the headline in this day. And that wasn't enough. Wasn't interested.


All right. Well, I'm Angeliki, and that is your front page news.


All right. Thank you. Miss you. Now, when we come back, look, Frey will be joining us. We'll take a look. Frey said Don't Move is the Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club. Back to you, checking out the world's most dangerous morning show. Morning, everybody, is D.J. Envy, Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are at a breakfast club. We got a special guest in the building right now. We have Lecrae Van, some Matsusaka King.


Always a blessing, always a privilege, even under these circumstances. Absolutely.


How are you? How you doing holding up during this pandemic? How you quarantining me? You know, I'm saying I'm a I'm the principal. I'm not I'm not the janitor, you know, saying I'm kids. They might all get expelled. As far as like you said, you're doing well despite these circumstances.


What are these circumstances? Do you.


Oh, my gosh. I mean, right now we're sitting in the middle of racial and social unrest. We sitting in the middle of this unprecedented pandemic. We in a in a political climate, unlike anything we've ever been in before. So it's a lot of noise, you know, and I don't and I don't even think human beings are conditioned to be able to process all of this. At the same time. It's like trying to process information is less traumatic.


You know, I mean, I agree with you on this time.


How do people keep their faith, like you say, with everything that's going on and people losing their jobs and, you know, family members being sick, you know, how do people keep their faith during this time?


I still believe I can tell you for me, what's been helpful for me is, is having close friends, having people around me who understand what I'm going through, who can look me in my face and and and not try to fix me, but face me every day reading my Bible and doing some devotionals consistently. Music has been helpful for me. Meditation, you got to do your meditation and and shoot if you need just vent, you know, vent the people, let them, you know, set you straight.


All of that stuff is helpful for me.


I don't know if we've had this conversation, Lecrae, but, you know, I've always said I pray and I go to therapy and I know a lot of religion has changed over the past few years, but a lot of religious folks don't necessarily believe in therapy. What do you say about it?


Oh, yeah, I agree with you. I think oftentimes there's not a lot of integration. And so when you when it pertains to faith or religions are like limb to like a piano and the piano sounds real good by itself, but the piano that doesn't want to play with the guitar and the drums is doesn't sound as beautiful as the drums. And the guitar is therapy and maybe medication, you know what I mean? So I pray and the Lord tell me to go see myself in somebody's chair.


That's right. So we need more, more integration. I mean, nobody would ever say, you know, I'm overweight. Just pray about it. You're the weight of fall off.


Right, right. Right. I'm saying you got to do the work. Work. Now, look, right.


You do address that in your new book as well. I am restored how I lost my religion but found my faith. And there were a lot of things about yourself that you hadn't even realized as well. And I know this is kind of a Pozza for your earlier book. And you were talking about your relationship with your wife, with your children. So now that you guys are home during this pandemic, how have you addressed those had on man?


I mean, honestly, I've been I've been in therapy for two years, you know, dealing with stuff like obviously anybody who understands my story understands, like I'm a hip hop kid who found the Lord, but I found America's version of Christianity, which was detrimental to my psyche. And it was it was drenched in white supremacy. So I had to deconstruct my faith, come to grips with who God is, and strip away the nationalist mindsets that were drenched in it.


It messed up my belief in God. It messed up my marriage. You messed up my whole idea of what it means to be a father. So I had to deconstruct everything and then reconstruct. And so it took a toll on everybody, you know what I'm saying? And, you know, I was as you're reading a book, you know, I'm saying there was near divorce situations. There was no one to go to teach my kids the Bible.


It was a lot of stuff like that, really. God had to help me kind of kind of plow through. And then on top of that, like I said, I'm a hip hop kid who came into the church. So it was easy for me to just revert back to what I came from instead of, you know, I mean, like like trying to see God more. And I just I'm grateful that he pulled me out of that nothingness.


You were talking about your kids earlier. How old are your kids?


I've had eleven, twelve and eight.


How do you explain to them everything that they've seen on social media and the shootings and the killings of unarmed black men? Like how do you explain that to them?


I take them right into it, you know what I'm saying? Like, I'm not saying I do it right. I'm just saying I'm doing the best I can. You've got to remember, man, like I'm a black man in America. I'm coming out. I grew up in a gang environment and and I had a spiritual transition. And I've got my life on track. I'm not in jail. I had to avoid so many things. So there's a lot of undue pressure and it's from trauma just from being black in America.


And now. It's like, well, don't you know, I'm trying to raise my kids in the best way possible, so, you know, my eight year old saw the murder of George Floyd. I didn't shield his eyes from that. And some people say that was wrong. But for me, I need him to see the realities out here. I know it's traumatic, but listen, I'd rather you understand the traumatic circumstances that we live in and you be blinded and blindsided and be wondering why you're not treated the same.


So they have a very vivid understanding of what's going on. They can talk politics, they can talk race, they can talk all those things. Everything is on the table in my house now. I must have been difficult.


There was a point when they tried to say Lecrae is canceled and that was because of the sound bite that was circulating on the Internet where, oh, boy, they tried to cancel.


You forgot about that, Legrain. Oh, boy. They tried to cancel you.


I forgot about that.


And that has to be disappointing because you think about all the amazing work you've been doing in the community and just even in your music also. And then this one soundbite that didn't have the full context around it and all of a sudden the play is canceled. So how did you deal with that? And mentally, how did that affect you?


Black Twitter account for use of our black Twitter user made a lot of black sort of, you know, so break down what happened for people that don't know because a lot of people like what happened.


So I was invited to a discussion at a church about the murder of George Floyd and sort of racial injustice in society as a to need. Dr. Bernice King, the owner of Chick fil A and a pastor in Atlanta, a white pastor in Atlanta. And so at the last minute, Bernice King was unable to come. I guess she got sick or whatnot. And we sat down and, you know, I've had some interaction with them before, so I don't have any reason to believe this is going to be a go left for way worse situation.


And I believe that there was like a sense of like, hey, let me listen to what this black man has to say and learn and talk to the people. The problem a lot of times with white leaders in power is that they're so used to being in the know and being in control that when it comes to an issue on race and justice, they think you can just get the cliff notes and go off the cuff and off the cuff. He said he was trying to say, man, why people struggle with fragility and maybe we don't call it white privilege.


What if we call it white blessing? And I was like, oh, lord God, I got a little I got to think quick on my toes to, like, navigate the situation. He said something about slavery as well, which I didn't hear because I was thinking process and like, where is he going? And what I'm about to say in response. But it shocked me. So I was like caught off guard. And over the course of the conversation, I tried to course correct them and change what he was saying.


But everybody just caught that clip where he said white, you know, white blessing change, white privilege, a white blessing. And I'm like trying to process it now. And, you know, Twitter blew up like no great way to flip the tables over. Why were you cool with him saying this type stuff? And I wasn't cool with it. I just was more shocked. But I will say this where I dropped the ball and I can own it when I mess up, I own it, so I'm not going to try to defend it.


Where I dropped the ball was I centered my answer around trying to help white people understand what was wrong with what they're saying, instead of centering my answer on all the black folks who are hurt by that remark. And I think they felt like maybe you didn't recognize that we were watching this, which at the moment it was a room full of white people. So I really wasn't thinking about the black folks who were here that it'd be like devastated. So that was the lesson for me.


You know, some I learned in black Twitter came for me like like we need you to do better. And and I receive it, like, we can all do better. But it's a sound bite.


I we have more with Lecrae when we come back. Don't Move is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody. You envy Angela. Yea. So I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club, we're still kicking. It looks great. Now you decided to release this album in the jails before a general release, correct.


Yeah. Yeah. What was that they went through. Here's my thing. During the civil rights era people didn't have a problem with religion or with faith or the church because the church had boots on the ground. But I feel like in this era, people struggle with faith and people struggle with God and church because they don't see believers really getting out there getting their hands dirty. So I'm like I'm a take the take it to task and say if the first shall be less and less shall be first.


Let's treat the people that society sees last. First, let's take care of the incarcerated people. I got family who's incarcerated. You know, I grew up with my pops in and out of prison in the whole night. So for me it was it was like, I know y'all are human beings and people overlook overlooked also I want to take care of y'all. And that's just always been a part of my M.O.. When my last album dropped my tour, my first two stops on tour was Rikers Island in L.A. County, because those are the folks who get overlooked actually done coronavirus.


You see, all these inmates are getting infected is doing to prevent that. Yeah, we did a whole campaign. We brought masks to the prisons out here in Georgia, you know, masks for the people. We did a whole campaign with that. And I just want people to see, like, man, we are here like some people would be like the church where the church and I like we are here like we are real out here. You know, I'm saying is solidarity.


And we don't know. We may not all agree on the same thing, but at the same time, I don't subscribe to this Western political evangelical version of Christianity. I subscribe to an authentic faith that is of a grassroots for the people movement that that God is sort of people not saying, no, no.


I hear you say that the Western civilization, white evangelical know since the Christianity, I feel like that's what the brother Kanye West is on right now. What do you think about it?


And I know some of the folks who are influential in these Christian walk right now. And and I'll be candid. I just I just I don't I don't agree with those folks. I don't think they're on the right path. I think they have a political bent, a political agenda, and they in a power agenda. And I don't think that they think they're wrong. I think there's a lot of institutional racism in there and some white supremacy issues mixed in with their faith and sort of nationalism and their and their faith is mixed together.


And I'm not saying that he's eaten that up, but I'm saying those are the people who are involved in some of his circles. And so hopefully he'll grow and mature. I think right now he's you know, any time you embrace something new, you embrace new faith yourself and you just passionately you want to, you know, do this, do that and do the next. And I think hopefully he'll mature. You know, that's why it says, do not be quick to teach and I'll be quick to leave, because when you just learn something, you don't want to assume the role of a leader or a teacher.


And he's been a leader his whole career. So, you know, it's like almost unfair that he gets thrust into this position and now he has to leave when he's just now baby, he's a baby in the face trying to learn what this all means. So I think it's an unfair position for him. Hopefully that's not what ends up influencing him. It was detrimental for me and my faith. Hopefully he'll he'll steer outside of that.


What does owning your darkness look like to you?


Best analogy I can give you is like if you know you've got a life threatening disease, don't pretend like you don't have it and just keep on going about your business. Like if, you know, you got high blood pressure, stop eating fried chicken, you know what I mean? You've got to own the fact that you have this and then make changes toward it. So for me, on In My Darkness is acknowledging that the struggles that I have, the issues that I have that I'm, you know, and not trying to deny them.


And that's the problem, I think, with leadership, especially within the church. And leaders are not willing to admit that they messed up. I'm not a Christian because I got it all together. I'm a Christian because I'm I'm a mess and I know I need a savior. All right.


When you decided to go to therapy two years that the first time that I went well, I went in 2016, I think I went like after after Mike Brown. But I just didn't it didn't click with me. I didn't realize like a therapist was like a spouse or a good friend. You got to go through a few of them before you find the one that worked for, you know, I was there and going to twenty seventeen.


So I thought about three years ago what I thought was the right time since I was a little crazy.


I was going a little too hard, you know, saying like it was like I began to try to cope with drinking while I was on tour, you know, saying it's like 2016 and you're on tour and you're like, man, I'm to have a drink. You know, I'm stressed out, Mike Brown, and I'm trying to be a voice for the people. And they're wondering trying to to turn a three to five. And you realize, like, man, I'm I'm grieving and I'm coping through alcohol and I don't realize it.


And and I talk about this in the book as well. Like, I went to the doctor, like, yo, man, I'm I'm I'm tweaking out like I really had a panic attack one day at a basketball game. I was at a hockey game and somebody was like, oh, MacRay. And I just was like, yo. And I started always feeling like somebody is going to interrupt my little moment of peace and want an autograph. I want to talk to me.


And I was saying on edge, you know, I mean, so I have to drink to calm down. And I went to the doctor, tell everybody he was like he was he was a shady little doctor. Boy, do the doctors offices shut down now. But he like maybe you should try some of these bars. I mean, these it's you know, and and I was like, just call them bars.


So anyway, so that got me on a Varney's for a second and that and everything that wasn't good because I'm drinking and popping pills, just trying to manage everything going on in my mind. And I was like, yeah, I'm, I'm flipping out. This ain't healthy for me. So I ended up going to a therapist, just trying to get some peace of mind in the process. And it was a straight up process. Well, you died.


You were diagnosed with clinical depression.


Yeah, that was in twenty eighteen. I didn't know what happened to me. So it got so bad from twenty sixteen or just battling, bailing out one day in twenty twenty eighteen. I woke up with like with. Wow. The best way I could describe it is like, you know, the sun is shining, you know, the trees are green, but you can't appreciate none of it. It's like all bland. So you can watch basketball, you wouldn't get excited.


It was like, what is this? You know? I mean, and I was like, I don't know what this is. I'm sorry. I was like, oh, that's a clinical depression. And so that was a wild journey. Just trying to navigate that. And, you know, I'm very fortunate. I was able to take four months off and just, you know, rest and go to therapy and meditate and and just research and think healthy.


But everybody still had it all.


And that's right. Well, look, we appreciate you for joining us this morning, brother.


And then new album is available is independent and independent.


Undescended restoration features are legend bidets. Chicago Kieko.


Frankly, man, you know, any way any, you know, great project. Really honored to be able to put it out there. I hope people find some healing and some restoration. And listen, it may not all believe in the same way, but at the end of the day, we are made with purpose, worth value, and I want God to restore everybody who listens to it.


All right, look at September 30. There is the virtual concert, September 3rd. Yeah. Go to my Web site, Lakeway Dotcom. Check out the virtual concert. And the book comes out October 13th. I'm sorry I lost my and found my face. So, you know, make sure you check me out. I appreciate you all as well. Maybe I'll drink or I'm a piece of cake. Thank you, brother. All right.


Richard Resler warning everybody is D.J. Envy. Angela Ye shall I mean, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Let's get to the room is.


So Claudia Jordan is she's filling the team. This is the room. A report with you on the Breakfast Club.


Now, listen, I know you haven't been watching Mary's boot camp, but Claudia Jordan's ex-boyfriend, Medina Islam, who's also an actor, he's featured on Mary's boot camp. He's dating Phaedra on the show. They haven't had sex. So that's part of the thing that's going on with them on Max Boot Camp.


Now, Claudia Jordan has revealed that Madina Islam, when she was dating him, was physically abusive to her. She was talking about that on her show on Foxton. And here's what she had to say. We got into an argument.


I grabbed his phone and he was wrestling it out of my hand. And this is the first time I've ever said this, because you know what? I got inspired by Stallion. I've been holding this five years now, almost five years, four years. And he body slammed into the toilet, broke it in half, and it cracked the porcelain and water went everywhere. I kept that to myself. I never called the police on him. I stayed in bed for four days with back spasms.


And we protect these black men. And guess what? There were thank you. Is there are I'll never do it again. Is it? I'll get help. No, there's nothing. There's an arrogance when we protect them.


So I expect to see a lot more that, you know, I feel like making a stallion. Her situation is, Claudia noted, created a paradigm shift where a lot of sisters will be coming out speaking the truth in regards to being domestic violence victim.


We have to have a bigger conversation. I was saying this earlier, like, you know, why, why? Why do men feel like they have to put their hands on a woman to get their point across or to have a conversation? You know, is it male ego?


Is it the fact that they are set like, what's the problem?


Like, that's the most now, it's not a matter of ego, is fragile, is fragile, ego fragile. Ego is wounded. Ego is, you know, hurt people, hurting people is trauma that you experienced when you were a child. And now you put that out to the people that are closest to you. That's all.


But it's interesting when people tell their story, when women want to discuss what happens, they get a lot of people making jokes, doubting them, calling them liars. I saw that happen with Claudia and she did pull receipts. Now, Madina, in response to what she initially said, and we'll have some more from Claudia, he said, I am a lot of things, but one thing I am not is some WWF wrestler body slamming women across toilets.


This is pathetic, trifling and desperate. Four years ago, I dated Claudia Jordan. It lasted six months. Six months you I got Saxon's was older than that. I left her four times in six months because of her mouth and messy ways on August 28th. Twenty sixteen I had enough and left for good. She began having a temper tantrum as I left peacefully. She grabbed my phone, ran and started flopping all over the house. For four years I remained silent.


And then he goes on to say, You have a history of this. And I had enough. So I bounced. This is a joke. You do this to every man that leaves you. You testified against Mike Tyson to have him locked up for a rape back in the day. I don't even know what that has to do with anything. By the way, I just want to say, put that out there. Like, what does that have to do?


Because she wasn't involved in that situation. She knew the woman and spoke up on her behalf. She wasn't saying that she was abusive anyway. She said he said you sued prices. Right, for sexual allegations. You snitched on Jamie Fox, his private relationship with Katie Holmes and had Entertainment Tonight come to your house so you can publicly apologize.


Now, I don't know what his point was in bringing all of these things up, but here's what Claudia Jordan had to say about accountability.


I just want to be accountable. I would like to. To say, you know, I had a moment of madness, I reacted crazy when you asked me about my age, I got caught in a line instead of just fessing up, I got defensive and put it on you and started calling you all kinds of names when really I should have I shouldn't have lied to you when you told me it would have been nice to just get that maybe. I'm sorry, an apology.


I don't need him to be arrested now. I don't see him going out the same circles.


Well, listen, I. I feel like you can't truly heal, which you don't reveal so far. All the brothers who are abusing women or have abused women, you all know who you all are. And if you haven't made any real attempts to atone for your actions, change your behavior, apologize. I mean, the calm is going to come back to you. And, you know, even that brother, he has a right to say what he said.


You know, he has a right to, you know, express his opinion on the matter because there's always two sides to a story. Right. He could be telling the truth and Claudia could be telling the truth. That's why you listen to all stories and believe all proof. Claudia has a lot of proof. Now, Claudia said real receipts, not fake ones, back injury, crack toilet that had to be replaced. Convo, a building manager, about the time he broke in and I advised them not to give him access or key after he broke into my window and damaged the screen, his I.D. and proof of his real age seven.


Oh, and he says that led to our fight because he was mad he got caught in a lie. That's when it all hit the fan. If you lie to your girlfriend, you live with about something like your age, what else is a lie? Who are you? And then she said he said he's never been an abuser. Yet here is a restraining order filed against him for hitting a woman in Atlanta in the face with a book in 2003.


And she goes on to say, there's more violence, much more recent, but I'll let her tell it. Now, Claudia also said this. She also posted a conversation that she had with Medina's brother. Listen to this.


So why do you think he wants to sell this story about how rough his upbringing was and that his mom tried to sell the street? That's about street credibility.


He was born in Portland, Oregon. It sounds better to the streets to be from Newark, New Jersey, than Portland, Oregon. But his fake age, that license you're going to post, that's from my house.


He did this from my house.


Why was your address on his license to restart his career? This man didn't do anything or did that.


Her brother. That's his brother. His brother farming the story.


I my narrow he's confirming that he's phony and that he lies about things and, you know, so. Yes, his own brother. His own brother.


I mean that he's not saying that he's lying about putting hands on it or he's just saying that he has a history of being a liar. His own brother said that. What's going on with this world?


Yeah, but we don't want to make the same mistake that, you know, other people do either. You know what I'm saying? Like, you know, he didn't say that he's lying about hitting Claudia. He just said he had a history of being a liar, like the say anything about a guy, had a guy bought up a bunch of things. Yeah, right. Yeah.


You know what I'm saying? Like, I don't have nothing to do with this situation. And what the brother is talking about don't have anything to do. Right. I just want to know, why do people let social media get to them so much? Like if you know the truth, that should be enough. And you have to know social media is going to make jokes and there is going to be people who disagree with you.


You just have to know that when you when you put these type of things out, I think you wanted to tell her story, to show that it's true that there's other women going through encouraging other women to speak up. I think that's the reason why she spoke.


I'm not mad about it. There's a lot of women who have difficulty speaking up just because you don't you don't want to put it out there. You know that some people won't believe you. You know, you'll get backlash.


There's going to be before you as a man abused you before the relationship at all. Yes.


And I actually I recently, a couple of months ago did something about it. It hasn't come out yet the story, but. Yes, absolutely.


Did he have apologized? That was come back and say, look, I was wrong for doing it. No, no. He actually went to jail that night. Well, that's even better.


I yeah, he got he got immediate consequences for his actions.


And that was that was only because my landlord called the cops. It wasn't even me. I felt bad about it, really.


You know, what if he put his hands that you never you never want anyone to go to jail then and now is now. It's I mean, it's just how you feel as a woman.


I think you never want to call the cops. And then even when the cops came, I wasn't trying to press charges because and they were like, you need to press charges because they could see, like, my lip was busted and the house was a mess. And I still was like, no, I don't want to go to jail. I just wanted to leave and see your lips on you.


Yeah. And they I'm sorry.


You know, they arrested him because he they arrested him because he came back because when something like that happens, the cops circle your block. And so they made him leave and they kept telling me to press charges. I didn't. And then he came back and said they saw him at the door and they took him to jail. Yeah.


Yeah. I'm sorry. Did that happen to you? But we cannot get past the fact that and we just randomly, in the middle of your story, said, put your hand on me and see what's up with you.


Why? Because people put your hands on me. You had women being abused.


Yeah, but this guy just got mad. I don't know. I don't know. I just got mad. I don't know. That's a divine feminine speak. I don't know. Yeah. The story you talk about, I put a put, you know, busted her lip, it just makes you mad and upset you. I don't know.


Just make sure that every woman this guy goes to that has my mom, his brother called me and tried to get me to bail him out of jail.


That I know is of a man who has put his hands on his woman, which I've spoken about in my book SC1 and have spoken about plenty of times on his radio. It's all fragile ego. It's all insecurity. You know, it all stems from a bad place and it never has anything to do with the woman and everything to do with what's wrong with you as a man. And that's why I encourage all of these brothers to go out there and get some hail and get some help to trauma that you've been dealing with, you know, since since you were a child.


And don't take those things into your 20s or 30s in your 40s. I'm telling you, because you are you going to do is hurt the closest people to you. All right.


Well, I guess actually everyone report. All right. Thank you, Mr.. We'll have more in the next hour, though.


We have a lot of things we still have to get to. But, you know, shout out to Claudia Jordan just for being able to tell you a story. I know it's not an easy thing to do, and especially when somebody has a platform also and they're denying it and they're coming at you and trying to make you look like a bad person. And I don't know exactly what happened, but I know it's not easy to put those things out there.


So we sure we need to drop on a crude bomb for Claudia Joy and Claudia Joy in cooking with what's the name of the ship.


That's a foxhole idea.


Cooking, Claudia Cooking with that show was their name for the show as Claudia Jordan, Selena Jackassery and some Vivica Fox.


Claudia cooking with that show, a salute to Claudia.


All right. Well, who are you giving your donkey to? Oh, we need a Kentucky attorney general, Daniel Cameron, to come to the front of the congregation. We like to have a word with him, please. All right. We'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


It's time for Donkey of the Day. Don't you?


The Democrats are being dumped here today. A little bit of a mix, like I don't feel okay on the other day. Now, I've been called a lot of my 23 years old donkey of the Day is a new one donkey every day Wednesday, August 26, goes to Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron.


America, I don't know if you all realize this. That man is a clown, 100 hundred percent grade a certified bozo. OK, one of my favorite things in life is watching something in real time, feeling like the energy from what I just watched or heard was off and then watching people on social media react to it. And that's what happened last night when I saw Daniel Cameron speak at the Republican National Convention. See, I personally don't care when black people are Trump supporters.


I don't care what your political party is. You could be a black Republican because truth be told, it's black liberals, black Democrats that are equally as brainwashed for the old white men. On the left is brothers like Daniel Cameron are for the old white men on the right. And that, my friends, is the problem with whatever party you choose to be a part of. Okay, I have a problem with brothers like Daniel Cameron. All right.


They will stand in front of America and lie on behalf of a white man that doesn't give a damn about his black ass. OK, it comes a point in time where it's not about politics, it's not about Republican or Democrat. It's not about saying what you have to say so your party can win in November. It's about telling the truth and shaming the devil. OK, if you are a government official and you black, it's about telling the truth and shaming the white devil.


OK, if you're not challenging systemic racism, if you're not trying to dismantle the mechanism of white supremacy, then guess what? You are complicit in that system's description of your people. And that's what Daniel Cameron was doing last night. He referenced in his speech Brianna Taylor rest in peace to Brianna Taylor, the twenty six year old queen who was an EMT in Kentucky who got murdered at the hands of the police in Kentucky while she was asleep in her bed.


And an investigation has been happening for several months, but those officers are still free. But listen to what this man, Daniel Cameron, had to say.


Even as anarchists mindlessly tear up American cities while attacking police and innocent bystanders, we Republicans do recognize those who work in good faith towards peace, justice and equality. In fact, it was General Dwight Eisenhower, a future Republican president, who said democracy is a system that recognizes the equality of humans before the law. Whether you are the family of Brianna Taylor or David Dorn, these are the ideals that will heal our nation's wounds. Republicans will never turned a blind eye to unjust acts, but neither will we accept an all out assault on Western civilization.


Oh, man. Let's break this down, because words matter. I love war. It's OK because all words mean something. See, Daniel, when you say things like even as anarchists mindlessly tear up American cities while attacking police and innocent bystanders, how can you fix your mouth to say that we're first of all, what is it, anarchist? What was the person who tries to bring about anarchy? Well, what is anarchy is the absence of government.


Anarchy is the state of a society being freely constituted without authorities. Are governing body Daniel Cameron. I would say the reason it is so much civil unrest, because that's what it is civil unrest is because of the absence of governments. And when people say arrest the cops that kill Brianna Taylor, they are wondering where is the government?


OK, they are camping out on your lawn. Daniel Cameron, they're down in Kentucky protesting because you are absent in all of this. All right, Brianna, Taylor's killers are still free. So an absence of government is what is causing this anarchy. So what these American cities get tore up is your fault in every government official who does nothing when black people are getting killed at the hands of the police. Y'all go GOCE, y'all go get absinthe.


And then people like you try to victim blame and say that folks are mindlessly tearing up American cities. There is nothing mindless about what they are doing is actually a lot of thought that goes into it. OK, these people are thinking about Ahmad Obree. They are thinking about Breonia Taylor, they are thinking about George Floyd. They are thinking about a man named Jacob Blake getting shot in the back several times while his kids are in the car, while you government officials do exactly what you just said y'all won't do.


And that's turn a blind eye to unjust acts. Daniel Cameron says they will not accept an all out assault on Western civilization, but I bet you won't ever fix your mouth to say that Republicans will not accept an all out assault on black people. This is why I say people like you are suckers. OK, quoting Dwight Eisenhower saying democracy is a system that recognizes the quality of humans before the law. Well, clearly, we don't have no democracy because if we recognize the equality of humans before the law, then the law would be in jail for killing a human named Brianna Taylor.


I know for a fact that if a group of black people ran up in a cop's house and shot and killed him while they was asleep, they would be in jail. I know that if two black men shot a cop in the back while a cop was trying to get in his car, they would be in jail. When you speak on a system recognizing equality of humans before the law, what you mean is that only works for the humans. That wicked white supremacist system sees is humans.


OK, this country has never seen black people. If that including your black ass, then you, Cameron. OK, remember to hold three fifths of a human being thing in the Constitution. Yeah, that kind of skews your equality argument. OK, but where are the cases of that equality of humans thing coming before the law? Because all I ever see is the law preventing humans from ever being treated as equals. Now, Daniel Cameron also said that whether you are the family of Brianna Taylor or David Dorn, these are the ideals that will heal our nation's wounds.


I would assume those ideals are peace, justice and equality. That's what you referenced. Here's the thing, Daniel. Those ideals were never created for us. By us, I mean you and me. All right? I mean Rihanna Taylor. I mean George Floyd. I mean Trayvon Martin, Emmett Till, Sandra Bland, Natasha McKenna, Martin Luther King Jr., Medgar Evans, Malcolm X. The list goes on and on and on and on when it comes to black humans on this planet whose equality wasn't recognized before the law.


And you, Daniel Cameron, are continuing the white supremacist tradition of giving black people no justice. So black people will continue to give you no peace. Please let me give Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron the biggest. He ha ha ha ha ha.


You stupid motherfucker, you dumb.


And stop locking up protesters in Kentucky because they are out there actually fighting for the equality of humans that you claim to be fighting for.


And your camera. OK, stop looking. Stop locking up members of the organization until freedom because they are actually out there trying to get to justice that you keep denying. Rihanna telling her family they are out there peacefully protesting, but you keep locking them up and holding them for hours because you may not be for an assault on Western civilization, but you damn sure don't mind an all out assault on black and brown people. All right.


My daddy would call a Negro like that a jive turkey jive, turkey jive. Terry, I bring back jive turkey, you jive turkey. That's your jive turkey.


We should bring that back to Brooklyn Bridge. I have turkey. Yeah. Different types of flavored turkeys for Thanksgiving. Well, go, go, go. This is what Daniel Cameron is, the many flavored turkey. Go to Daniel Cameron's page on Twitter, Instagram and just put a bunch of turkey on Jive Turkey and Jive Turkey. Let me get his exact Instagram. Make sure you have a little pity party this morning. Daniel J. Cameron Diaz and IBL, J.Y. S.A.M. and Daniel J.


Cameron, just go to his page and put a bunch of turkey emojis. Yo jive ass turkey gobble gobble and still be all right.


Up next, ask E eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need relationship advice or any type of advice, he now is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


What, what, what, what. What, what. You know, baby mama is using some words of wisdom. Call up now for eight hundred fifty five point five. What, the Breakfast Club.


Oh, come on.


Relationship advice. Any personal advice? Just the real advice. Call up now for morning.


Everybody is D.J. Envy, Angela Yee, Charlemagne, the guy we are The Breakfast Club. It's time for Ask Ye. Hello. Who's this?


This is A.J. North. How are you. Hi, I'm Charlotte. He's going. This is more of a question. There's more. So I don't need advice. Kind of. OK, I'm in a situation where I just was listening to you guys. You were talking about domestic violence and then, you know, Shadowplay and how a surprising ego and insecurity, ego and everything, which I agree with 100 percent, because the guy that I'm like often on with now, the first time I had to experience really like domestic violence where he really, you know, open hand hit me or hit me was in July.


And then we went down to my family and then it happened again for like a week or so ago. And I kind of was telling him, like, he needs help because I know that he grew up without a role model. I know that he don't he haven't been in a relationship where someone really loved him for while and he's been in and out of jail. You know, the girls that he's been with and street girls is like different for him.


But we have a kid together and I have other children. My oldest child haven't really had his father and his stepfather because I I'm married, but I've been separated for three years. So now I'm dealing with him. He's a really good father figure to my son outside of, you know, his issues or whatever my son is like. You know, he's been a great father to me better than, you know, father, my stepfather. And they love him.


He's not home. Well, he's not in the house anymore. They want to call and they want to speak on me, want to go around because of who he is to them, but not safe for me when he's angry that I'm kind of like, I don't know what to do with the situation I was eight months ago. So. Well, first of all, my angel, you know, like you said, it's not safe for you.


And if it's not safe for you, it's not safe for your children.


And he can be a great role model. But a great role model is an abusive priests. And I think you have to think more about yourself and you being there for your children because anything could happen, things could spiral.


And you don't want to wait until you hit rock bottom or even worse, if you do something that you could be killed. Worst case scenario, and you don't want to wait for something like that happen and you don't want to wait until it's so bad that you're in the hospital or that you're dead, you cannot wait for that. And you can't make excuses for him not being the man that he's supposed to be. People have circumstances all the time and they don't act like that.


And he needs to get the help that he needs to get. You don't need to be making excuses or feeling like you have to do some type of charity for him.


Yeah, I was telling him that he needed help. I did the beginning of the year. Asked I have a little my son decided to go see a therapist and look at working. But now because of the whole virus, it's like virtual where we speak over the phone. And I don't think that is very effective. And I do suffer from depression, anxiety and stuff because I've been through this with my dad. They literally have been like Windows Bottom out of my apartment, holes in the wall, doors broken.


I had a black eye. And I'm about to show you something, and you don't deserve that. You do not deserve that.


That is not anything that you have to put up with and that there's no excuse for it. I don't care what he grew up experiencing.


He should not be putting his hands on you. He it's not acceptable and never will be. He has to get help for himself and you need to make sure you're there for your children.


So whatever it is that you need to do, Angel, you know, we want to make sure that we're here to support you as well. So we're going to get your information. But I just want to encourage you, because, you know, you're alive now, but who knows? And that's not something that you want your kids to know about. That's not a psycho that you want them to repeat. If you have daughters, that's not something that you would ever want to happen to them.


So it shouldn't happen to you.


I listen to you guys every morning on my way to work and I have on my phone that, you know what I was thinking this morning on here at work. And I also watched it. So I was listening to Dr. each day, you know, sort of guide your child. Your daughter will live the life to take your life. And I have three girls and I like it will work my heart. So, you know, I can deal with my daughters coming home because they can be me or my sons telling me my I hit, you know, this woman or their woman telling me that I know.


Right. Be strong for your kids, man. You did not want that.


Trust me. All right. Thank you, Mama. All right.


We're going to get your information to just hold on, OK? Hold on online.


OK, to ask you 800 555 105 one if you need relationship advice or any type of advice, he now is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Real well. There's some real advice with Angela. It's S.P.. Morning, everybody.


Is D.J. Envy, Angela Yee, Charlemagne, the God. We are the Breakfast Club. We're in the middle of Ask Ye. Hello, who's this.


Hey, this is Barefoot Randy. Hey, what's up bro. Which of course would be barefoot.


Randy Barefoot Randy like no shoes. OK, yeah. So my question is so I sing for a reggae band and we're having a little bit of drama right now within the band. OK, we've had things happen before, like our bass player moved to Canada and beginning in 2020, our guitar player didn't get his stuff pulled out. He's from Ghana and he didn't get his visa renewed. So that's the whole thing. But what's going on right now is our drummer has a school and he scores things.


And over the last three years, he has you know, he's really been a supporting character of the band, like paid for a lot more of the stuff. So, you know, are paid for a good amount of the stuff. You know, he's already done some good stuff, but somebody took something of his down from downstairs at his music school. And now, you know, he's kind of freaking out about it because nobody else has up to it.


He accused me of taking it.


OK, so somebody from your band stole something from him?


Yeah. And it wasn't necessarily maybe somebody from my band, like there's other people involved at the school, too, OK, right. And I'm just kind of trying, you know, last time it got a little heated, I you know, he he kind of accused me in that I kind of got heated back at him and I'm just kind of trying to figure out how to kind of break the ice and be like, yo, man, because it was kind of almost threatening, you know, to not be in the band.


And we've been doing a lot. We've toured through California three times, like I'm from Washington. We're from Washington State.


OK, we've been on like you said, you still want him to be in the band because you said he's provided a lot for you guys. Yeah, absolutely. And he's like, he's solid dude, you know, superstar dude. Right.


So it sounds like he's done everything right that he's supposed to do. He was upset that someone stole something. Y'all got into it because he was emotional. And that has to hurt because you don't know who did it and now you don't know who to trust and you feel like I've been doing all this. So put yourself in his shoes to understand how he feels about it. And then y'all get into an altercation. And I think now's the time to have some empathy.


Right. Because people go through things in a band is not easy, especially when y'all are trying to make it. Maybe you're not making the money that you want to. You really need help financially. You need time dedicated to it. So you want people that will be all in and it's hard to be all in when they don't know who they can and can't trust.


Right, right. Yeah. So I think that's a conversation that you need to sometimes be a little bit humble when you're in a group, because the truth is, it's not easy when you even when people are successful and making money is not easy to get along.


So imagine how it is when you're not at that point, when you guys really need to be unified to understand what the goal is. So you need to have a nice heart to heart where you sit down and discuss what the issues are. Also, explain that you understand how must. Able to not trust people that you work with and not know what happened and I also what was it that got stolen?


It was something pretty inconsequential. It's not necessarily the most legal thing to be talking about, but OK, so how much OK, what is the value of that?


How much would that have cost?


Oh, it was probably like 50 bucks. OK, so why don't you guys, you know, the rest of the band members bonanza, I replace it and just be like, look, just as a show of good faith, we don't know who did it, but we don't want you to feel away. And I know this doesn't take away from the fact that something happened, but we do care about your feelings and want to make sure that you trust us and let's make it OK.


So I think you should do that, just make some type of show, because that has to feel bad if you're the person that something gets stolen from. And you also feel like I'm the one that's been putting so much into this as well, why would you do this to me? And you don't know who did it, so you don't know who did it and nobody's fessing up to it. It could have been one of you. It could not have been.


But let's just make up for it, move forward and say that this should never happen again.


Yeah, that's easy.


You know, always going to be issues is how you deal with those issues when you have to work with people day after day. Now, how do you deal with it? Are you going to be stubborn and or are you going to say, OK, I want to really move forward? And I understand the issues that you have. And I you know, I sympathize with that. So here's what we're going to do and let's make sure that we don't have these issues and that we trust each other.


And we're on your side.


We're a team, OK? Yeah. Like, thank you for that advice. Yeah, it's hard as a band, you know, to do that, to stay humble sometimes. And we've been together for three years, you know, and like I said, I've been through a whole lot. Right. Band member changes and all kinds of drama and stuff. And he's been my right hand man the whole time. You know, I've been the manager.


Oh. Like, you know, until that time you've been my right hand man this whole time.


And I don't want us to get into these situations.


Tell him that. OK, all right.


There for Randy for sure. Yeah.


Can I tell you my name, my band name. I'm glad you're not a player and a huge H.T. T.Y. Fine. And he and we're from Washington State and you can check us out on Instagram and we got our link. It's not playing reggae.


Monty Python is a great name. Let me tell you, I'm barefoot. Randy has a good name too, though. I'm not gonna lie to you. A great name for me.


Right. Thank you, man. Thank you. Yes, I appreciate that. I heard you say barefoot the other day. You know, we're talking about somebody like you need to go barefoot. You need to decide like, yeah, oh, that's me.


I do that every day. I walk around because I deal with my anxiety starts to back up and I go outside barefoot and I ground myself. And then I go hug some trees and say some friends, you know what I mean? Whenever I do that, I do have three, four times a week.


Good man. That's cool.


That's great. Yeah. Listen, I'm Friday, I'm having a Angeliki day and it's dancehall and reggae and soca music.


And I want to be tuned in for sure with VIP records. Right. Absolutely. Awesome. All right. All right.


ASKI Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. Now you got room is on the way. Yes, yes. And we are going to talk about Mary J. Blige. Now, whatever you do, do not say this to Mary Eyes. When you see her, you might have thought that it was a compliment. She hates it. All right. Well, we'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. Listen, this is all the gossip guys, the rumor a guy got it, the rumor report, The Breakfast Club. I did a virtual interview with hip Hollywood, and in that conversation, she talks about one phrase that she doesn't like. She doesn't like this title of Aunty Mary. Listen to what she said.


How do you feel about your fans calling you Auntie Mary? I was literally thinking, why can't I just be a sister? Like and there's like way older than me calling me. I don't see why I can't be like, can I just be your sister, your friend? You had the 80s, like, come on.


First of all, I need to know who is 10 years older than Mary J. Blige calling her Auntie Queen Mary J. Blige is 49 years old. So, I mean, that 59 year old people are out here calling Mary J. Blige auntie. That's what happens when you forget you, not your industry age. Some people who have been in the game so long, they really start believing their industry age and they don't realize that they own it.


And Mary J. Blige, but they got the nerve to call her auntie. Stop it.


You know, my mother has an uncle that's younger than I am. He's like maybe like eight years younger than me that don't have anything to do with this conversation.


You don't go that you got to have an uncle who's older than you.


But, yes, I understand that you don't want to be called Auntie Mary. Oh, God, you can. Yeah.


And you can't tell someone was OK to call them, you know, I mean, some women don't minorities some women like Mary J. Blige do. I call myself Uncle Charlotte. And I like when the youngins called me Uncle Big Bro is going about when they call you.


What about when they call you Auntie Chala?


You know, I find with that too, I get that all the time when they when they post like those pictures of me with the glasses on, on, oh, I'm here for all those terms of reference.


But if Mary is not, that's understandable. All right.


Now, Gabrielle Union, Kiki PAMA marcey Martin and Uzo Aduba joined forces there doing a PSA about hair discrimination. I can't believe it's 20/20. And we are still having to have these conversations as part of Glamour September issue. And they're working with the Crown Coalition, which is a group of organizations that's dedicated to ending hair discrimination. And here is what that PSA sounds like.


When I first started Padgett's, I was told by many to never let my hair be natural for competition. HRR told me my hair looked more professional, pulled back and in the bun than it did out in Curly.


The first time I walked into the office with my natural hair, my supervisor asked if it was forever.


I like strangers walk up and my hair has a purpose greater than myself and I will not put it away to comply with white culture standards of beauty.


I hate it. I mean, when you got I've seen I'm taking my daughter to her track meets before and I remember this one time all the little white girls came running over touching her hair and I had a fit. I mean, I would stop touching her hair, stop touching her. I'm yelling at the parents, hey, keep your hands out of my child's hair.


And I was like a real hair. Yes. How?


Yeah, it infuriated me for some reason. I mean, hot. So you yell at with kids, you got kids hands out my my daughter's hand.


Well, my daughter, there's there's places where they'll send you home because of your hair. There's rules and regulations and how you can wear your hair at work. I think that's ridiculous. In his day. Never had that problem. But it is special.


It's the crown. So I tell my daughter all the time I should crown. All right. Well, here is the call to action.


Black women are 83 percent more likely to be judged harshly on their and how they women work. Black women are also important. They are one and a half times more likely to be sent home from work simply because of their hair and will refuse to comply to white standards of beauty. We can be fired thanks to the Crown after it is now illegal in seven states, workplaces or schools discriminate against someone for the way they wear their hair. That number should be fifty.


Go to the crowd at Dotcom and sign the petition to demand that our legislators protect our rights.


All right. I hope you don't have to keep on having this conversation. I mean, come on, guys, it's ridiculous. All right. And McDonald's is launching their first new chicken nugget flavor in nearly forty years. Are you here for it?


Nope. It's a spicy one. You know, I never mess with McDonald's chicken nuggets.


Even when I eat nuggets. I like Wendy's. No, like nuggets. I definitely I, I used to eat those nuggets. Yeah. Oh yeah.


I run through a twenty piece with that sweet and sour sauce quick back in the day. I always like the barbecue sauce the best but so should be pretty interesting to see if people flock in for that.


And there's also going with the new nuggets, they have a breaded tempura coating of cayenne and chili peppers. They come with a mighty hot sauce, which is a blend of crushed red pepper, spicy chilies and garlic now by chicken breast.


Although some people say it was a real chicken breast, it's not chicken nuggets, of course, that my brother used to eat a one piece of chicken nuggets every time we went a little and then they had the little McDonald's play. It was a playground. And then he would spin around and around at one of those little things and at the. Up every time when I used to get high, that was my thing, I'll go get that number to them to double cheeseburgers with a 20 piece nugget.


Lord have mercy.


You eat all of that. Yes, you can. Number two is two burgers. Fries. Yeah, I would do the same thing. Number two, the ketchup. Only medium fries, large coke or large. Come on.


And you can buy a supersized was around used to get the supersize. Are you like a big.


All right. In collaboration with Nicki Minaj. Just went on Instagram yesterday to reveal his new collaboration, expensive. And that will be coming out on Friday. So look forward to that. And Kanye is being sued by an e-commerce company. They said that he allegedly stole a tech from them and they said that he took advantage of this company to advance his brand and launch his Sunday service and then left them high and dry. It's a black owned business called My Channel Inc that specializes in video and e-commerce technologies as they linked up with Kanye in twenty eighteen to help him maximize revenue for his Yeezy merchandise.


They said he got the company to work around the clock for him for six months based on a series of business promises. He also promised them a ten million dollar investment, allegedly, and they said that he they even moved their headquarters to Chicago just to make this partnership work out. And they said Kanye had no intention of following through on his promises, cut ties and then also jacked their technology for Sunday service.


Yeah, Kanye is going to represent himself in court and he's going to say Christians do not steal or so. That's all right. I'm Angeliki. And that is your rumor report. It's all right.


Thank you, Miss Yee. Now to revolt. We'll see you guys tomorrow. Everybody else The People's Choice mixes up next. Get your request in is The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club now, Angela Yeeda is this Friday.


Yes, I'm super excited for it. You know, we've been having these artists perform, perform and record their performances in Jamaica and Trinidad and in New York.


So we have all of that and we're editing it together. And we're going to have a mobile truck that's driving around New York City playing the concert. So it's a Angelilli de virtual concert. And I want to thank BP records because it's their goal. Twenty twenty album coming out also on Friday. So it's a celebration for them as well. And we have Christopher My TAMBINI Manzie Major Noer POWA Roumain, Burgo, Quyen Africa. So her celebrity is going to be on Cranium.


Let me see who has cast Josh X, all of these different performances and the performances are amazing. So I'm really appreciative for everybody who participated and also to Ray and Nephew to Wingstop. We're going to have some fun giveaways from Wingstop on Angeliki day Friday. Also Personal Touch CD Pappe and this Jessy's here. Here. Everybody who's been really supportive to make this happen was supporting black owned businesses. So if you have a black owned business and you want to shout out on that day and I'ma be stopping by some of these businesses as well and going live, then just make sure you head up the website at Power-One if I wanted them dot com and we can shout out your business that day.


So want to make sure that we show support on Angeliki Day. All right. Now, when we come back, we got the positive note.


Don't Move is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody. D.J. Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club now.


Sure. You've got a positive note. I do. And, you know, God put this on my heart to tweet out yesterday. And so I just want to say it to you all this morning. You humans, all you humans, better start giving other humans the grace you want God to give you. This is your.


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