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Blood on the Tracks is a new podcast about legendary music producer Phil Spector in the murder of Lana Clarkson. This podcast is hosted by me, Jake Brenin, creator and host of the award winning music and true crime podcast Disgrace Graceland. Season one features 10 episodes told from the perspective of those who knew Phil Spector best, his so-called friends. Just like Phil Spector. This podcast sounds like nothing you've heard before. Blood on the Tracks contains adult content and explicit language.


Listen to Blood on the Tracks and the I Heart Radio Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcasts. I need to show you what the hell the system was perfect for each other, like a megaphone. I just took over without your service. Chris Brown have officially joined the Breakfast Club, say some of the world's most dangerous morning show was called. Good morning to you. Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo.


Come on in.


Angeliki with sunglasses on them or anything to me. Charlemagne to God. Peace to the planet is Friday. And Toronto, what up now? Yeah, I heard L. Rollins actually, Larry, in the background about 60 seconds ago. Yeah, he's trying to lay low. He doesn't want to be. You want to say hi there, huh? I don't know. I don't know. Now, where are you? I am in Yellow Springs, Ohio.


You know, we're on the radio out here.


Yes. So, yes.


I mean, what are you doing out there in Yellow Springs? Well, you know, DeSapio has been doing these summer camps every weekend, so I'm out here for summer camp. If done, I wish then I would come up here. I think this is the last one. I know he can explain it better than I can go. There we go. And we question you asked me just the last days to pass. I'm here, hear you doing some type of freaky stuff, but you got to like, look at yourself.


You see what you look like with them red lights on. And I'll give you some pause because I know people will get excited about what I just said.


Oh, my goodness, man. What is going on? What are you doing out there? That's what that's what we ask.


Well, at the beginning of the pandemic, of course, all the time, all comedy clubs were locked down. Dave Chappelle, being a person that loves doing standup comedy, came up with an idea to be able to do standup comedy. You also meet on the social media, not social media, social distancing mandates, which sounded very good to one of his friends on what I usually just hosted, like weddings and stuff like that. Check it out, put his leg up there, step the Green Zone up and it's a huge cornfield.


When I first started, it started with when they did the recording for eight forty six, at least he did on YouTube through Netflix. It was 80 people. Since then we moved up to five hundred people. We started with like two or three comics. Really. No, like big names other than Dave Chappelle. Since then, David Letterman has performed. Jon Stewart came out twice. Chris Rock has been here twice. And we have a really, really, really, really special guest just coming in on Saturday myself, Mowamba, Michail Wolf, Michael Che, Tiffany and Tiffany Haddish.


In addition to that, July 3rd, we had a really, really big show where Quest Love came out. Common was the Talib Kweli was there. Who else are there opportunities there? And it's a danger that he was angelic. He was there, but she was most of the time. So we did. She was there, but not really. She was there, but not really the. I got it. OK, yeah.


But it's been it's been on, it's been something so it's been something of something that's dope. The community just fell in love with it. I'm a nature boy right now. I'm never going back to Hollywood. I went from the streets to the creeks, from the hood through the woods. I'm canoeing. I'm kayaking.


Yeah, I see all of those white people, sports man.


I seen you doing I see white people sports because I don't know what we're the let's be let's be for the indigenous people of the earth with Native Americans and black blacks. I'm going here. I'm pretty almost pretty sure that when it came to the kayaking thing going down is pronounced biohacking, it's pronounced kayaking.


OK, well, I'm sure I'm sure they Daejeon as people were doing that for us. Don't be like that now, but I'm on the water and don't be like the name all the white people first that came out OK. Come on man. Come on.


I went to Zac, I went to I went to a Black Lives Matter rally here. It was ten black men. Eight of the last name was Chapell. So that's just let me show you how your friends is. He has seen your videos and I know the only black person, Kyak, and he's the only black person on a canoe. He's the only black person doing all types of things. But I'm glad you enjoyed yourself and wish Dave Chappelle happy birthday from us.


I guess that means I think I'm off the show already. We got a show this only the intro. We just got the first break. Goodness gracious.


Well, comedian Bill Lee joining us this morning.


Comedian out and a lot of work nowadays to you know, I've been in a lot of a lot of those things you can discuss. Yes.


And also the officer that we spoke about the other day, his name is Jacoway Williams. He's a North Carolina officer. He was fired. He's the one that spoke about George Floyd, his feelings on it. And then a couple of months later, he was let go. So we're going to talk to him and find out why he was let go, the situation, the problems and all that. So we're going to talk to him this morning as well.


All right. Well, let's get the show crack front page news. What we talking about you?


We're going to talk about the DNC and what happened last night.


All right. We'll get into that next. Keep it like this. The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Morning, everybody. Is T.J. Envy. Angela Ye shall I mean, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club is getting some front page news when we start you.


Well, last night was the last and final night of the Democratic National Convention. And Joe. Biden gave his speech where he accepted the nomination. We can and will overcome this season of darkness and America will choose hope over fear, facts over fiction, fairness over privilege. I'm a proud Democrat, and I'll be proud to carry the banner of our party into the general election. So it's a great honor and humility.


I accept this nomination for president of the United States of America, but while I'll be a Democratic candidate, I will be an American president.


In addition, he talked about working with Kamala Harris and what they plan to do for the most powerful voices we hear in the country today is from our young people there speaking to the inequity and injustice that has grown up in America, economic injustice, racial injustice, environmental injustice, and whether the existential threat posed by climate change, the daily fear of being gunned down in school or the inability to get started. Your first job will be the work of the next president to restore the promise of America to everyone.


And I'm not going to have to do it alone because I'll have a great vice president at my side, Senator Kamala Harris.


That's all I care about. You need to lean on Senator Kamala Harris, because that's why I'm voting, not because of him. All right, and another reason a lot of people are voting, he talks about his own turning point in Charlottesville. Will we be the generation that finally wipes out the stain of racism from our national character? I believe we're ready.


Just a week ago, yesterday was the third anniversary of the events in Charlottesville. Remember what the president said when asked? He said there were, quote, very fine people on both sides. It was a wake up call for us as a country and for me, a call to action. At that moment, I knew I'd have to run because my father taught us that silence was complicity.


As you play the part of the speech where he wiped his brow and said, holy hotdogs, I got through it without screwing up, I thought that was very powerful. He didn't say that I was I thought that was a very powerful part of the speech. But, you know, the bar was low for Joe Biden because people just wanted him to get through the speech without any gaffes, without without making any mistakes. And he did you a solid.


But, you know, talk is cheap when it comes to Joe Biden. I want action. He's got to atone for the 86 mandatory minimum sentencing, a for the eighty eight crime bill, atone for the 90s. I mean, it's all for the 88 crack laws, atone for the 94 crime bill. I'm not paying them on the back for giving a good speech.


But you got Donald Trump was tweeting last night because, you know, Michael Bloomberg also spoke and Donald Trump tweeted out after the worst debate performance in the history of politics, Michael Bloomberg, commonly known as Mini Mike, is trying to make a comeback by begging the Democrats for relevance. They treated him like a dog and always well before politics. He said great things about me. In forty seven years, Joe did none of the things that which he now speaks.


You will never change just words, isn't it?


I didn't understand the Bloomberg thing either. Like if the Dems are the party of the people, how does Aoki get 90 seconds to speak? Stacey Abrams, I think got less than that. Would you let Mayor Bloomberg get up there and give just, you know, pretty decent speech? For what? Why a lot of people talking about why you chose to be the party of the people.


Why would another rich white guy on stage speak for longer than you let the the future who? I don't even call it a future who I call it now of your party speak didn't make no sense to me. I don't understand how you explain 90 seconds. You'll see less than that for Stacey Abrams. Let Michael Bloomberg talk that long. Well, I do understand it's about the money, but whatever. All right. Well, that is your front page news.


All right.


Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one if you need to hit us up right now. Phone lines are wide open is the Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club. Blood on the Tracks is a new podcast about legendary music producer Phil Spector in the murder of Lana Clarkson. This podcast is hosted by me, Jake Brenin, creator and host of the award winning music and true crime podcast Disgraced in 2011 Club.. This new serialized podcast is part true crime, part historical fiction and part spoken word lo fi bete noire. Each episode is told from the perspective of the people who knew Phil Spector best, his so-called friends.


Season one features 10 episodes and is released. Weekly episodes are packed with secrets, confessions and revelations and are narrated by the fictionalized voices of real people like Lenny Bruce, Ronnie Spector, Ike Turner, John Lennon, Debbie Harry and more. Just like Phil Spector. This podcast sounds like nothing you've heard before because you can't push the needle into the red without leaving a little blood on the tracks. Blood on the Tracks contains adult content and explicit language. Listen to Blood on the Tracks and the I Heart Radio Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast.


Yes, this is your time to get it off your chest. The man will get from you on the Breakfast Club if you've got something on your mind. Hello.


Who's this? It was up, but what up traffic. What are you doing?


OK. How are you? I'm doing good. Go inside the main pieces.


How you say had it done now such as I was I was just about to say go down there, let's say do I love me a bit? I knew I had to do it.


Oh, no, no, no. Don't do that to me. Hey, good morning, Mr. Rollin. Good morning.


That's all he gets is just a short good morning.


You know, listen, I know I know that just fine. But listen, we'll talk about sorry, shooting me a little.


LeBreton still got to say, you still got to say allegedly. Well, maybe you don't. You're a call girl, man.


We do believe that our made it would make the stallions there so many tourists out here and little LeBreton need to go back to Canada like we do is canceled. Sorry you was canceled and I can't believe you shot my girl. We're not going to. And you got men out here call her sick nine because she pointed a finger at who shot her. Do better men. That that's that's that's ridiculous.


Like anybody calling because I never understood why she was being quiet from from the beginning. So I know that's not snitching at all. If somebody shoots you, you're not megastate, is not active in the street. She's got no gang bang. You weren't committed. No crimes like.


No, that's stupid. One more thing. You're saying that there's really one more thing before I leave. Jazy got to stop stepping on Narz. Every time I was about to drop something, they dropped off there. Yeah.


Yeah. Why do you why do you let the Internet make you all believe these stupid ass rumors? No, it's not. Even that list they put out don't make no sense. The like they said, Nas came out with an album and in The Lion King soundtrack came out with the help the Lion King soundtrack. Got to do a Jay-Z and just put it out there.


You know, the reason why they wanted to put that song out with Pharrell because Pharrell on the cover of time. So as part of that package. Yeah, I understand that. Let my man drop, please. Oh, please.


That list that list they put out was so cool, but it was like it was like Jay-Z link collision course with Linkin Park, came out the same day on the job. My DJ Unplugged album came out the same day The Lion King soundtrack with The Lion King soundtrack got to do it with Jay-Z just because Beyonce. Beyonce in her own person. Hello, who's this?


Good morning. Good morning. And the. Good morning, Charlamagne. You know, because I want to do what's going on and get it off your chest.


Hey, hey. This is silly too. I got a feeling I just want to go on record by saying I got to two quick things. I've been watching the No Limit Chronicles catching up on that and the Rough Riders doing. And I got to go on record by saying MIA X is without a shadow of a doubt, the hardest female rapper ever, not the most popular, not the most record selling, but as far as having everybody, male and female, going to go grab their album, her album is bumping into and her stereo and her stereos going, saying she's definitely the hardest rapper.


You just realizing that, you know. No, I'm not. But I've been having this debate with a lot of people. They want to put time. There's like NC Lights and the brat who went platinum person, they're all great. But as far as hard, hard, I'm a go. But I know I know what you're saying and I'm going to say so. So she's a hard hit. The next question I have to say, it's a D.J. Bajpayee.


I if he wrote like we listen to me, no one will listen to a podcast and listen coming from no respect. You have a beautiful wife. But my woman, just as we've been watching Gia, she gets flustered when you say some of the things you say and you just might want to go and name is her name is Gil.


I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I apologize. But just putting the image out there, because naturally, when you start talking about certain situations, I subconsciously put the image in my head. You have a beautiful wife and you don't want that image floating out there.


And you said you had a girl looking at my wife like that. But the thing with the podcast is 100 percent honest. No matter what it is, we talk about everything that's good, bad and ugly, and that's what it is.


And if and if it is me talking about, you know, my penis size or something like that turns you on. I'm sorry I'm married, sir.


No, no, no, no. It's not about me. My woman told me to tell ya because there was one conversation that you said about her cleaning herself and Yongsan.


And my woman was like my woman said at first I was saying and then she saying, your wife's face and your wife was really flustered about it. You know, you just might want to go for what you say. Sometimes you get careless with our words. I'm saying I do the same thing. Well, here's the thing.


I mean. But I respect. I'm here's the thing, my brother, I've been working I've been working in me for almost 10 years and I've been working with him for almost ten years.


We all get flustered when he talks about what he likes, when envy talks about just you know, it just happens sometimes even to Joe Biden up.


The Breakfast Club is guaranteed to have a gaffe sooner or later. Definitely not the Joe Biden of the Breakfast Club, but yeah, I'm sorry you didn't like it, but that's you know, that's our podcast. We talk. We keep everything hundred percent real. We talk about our relationships good, bad and ugly. We don't leave anything on the table. It's just just us. We don't fake it. There's no entanglements. This is what we do.


It's true. Honest relationship, but I would hope there's no entanglements. Why did you bring up and why would there be a time you saying you let envy talk long enough, you're going to get tangled. Why would there be entanglements now?


But is there's nothing that we hide.


We talk about everything like, you know, what got doing entanglements because I think that, yeah, they hit it. They did. Yes. They didn't do anything. I mean, no, I didn't know about that until you you did the interview with Augusts. We talk about everything. Everything is honest on our part and nothing that we had.


But we get into an argument. But it's about everything. There is nothing that we hide. We talk about everything. But get it off your chest.


Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to vent, hit us up. Now is the Breakfast Club.


Come on. Morning, The Breakfast Club. Welcome to the Criminally, a podcast, I'm Holly Fry, and I'm Maria Tomoaki. And together we're exploring the intersection of history, a true crime. Our first season of the show is all about lady poisoners. Sometimes women take power for themselves and sometimes they do it through murder. But how many were just misunderstood?


Join us on criminality as we untangle their stories on the radio app Apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts, a wake up wake up call.


This is your time to get it off your chest, your man. We want to hear from you on. Hello, who's this? Hello, Mr. Cooper. Hey, come on and get it off your chest somewhere. I'm just mad that I got paid more on unemployment checks than I do actually work and are unemployed and getting paid. Yes. And employment must stop. And you're back at work. Yeah, exactly.


You can blame me if I do think that's crazy, though, that people's unemployment is more than what they make. Right. You got to make. Yeah, they got to think about it.


Did you get to save any money or you had to spend it all on bills and rent and stuff like that? Felafel a spade, a spade, a little bit of spending like shopping and stuff.


OK. OK, we work at this fitness a gym also the gyms back over.


Well where are you from.


From May 22nd.


Were you from Indiana. Oh, Indiana.


OK, today the gyms are not open and Egypt's an open New York City. Yeah, OK.


I don't know Jersey either. I think just for private sessions. All right. Well, thank you, ma'am. At least you got a job.


Since we were talking about that, though, do you get paid to be here since Wednesday? Chapell Summercamp? No, this is purely because.


No, no comics are working right now. And in fact, a lot of people think that they just make a profit. But it's it's more to produce. Is there anything it's a thing where it's showing the camaraderie through comics and we know that this is going to work. I know personally the things that I'm doing right now can give me better opportunities in 2020. Are you getting unemployment? No, I don't get unemployment. I don't have a job.


Hello. Hello. How are you doing? My name's Antonio from Detroit. OK.


Oh. You all right with you? Yes.


All right. I want to know, can I freestyle it OK? Yeah, let's hear it. You know what?


Yes. And you know who said Donnell Rawlings is here this morning. So he you going to tell you if you're good or bad, go. I'm a spin, too. Oh, boy.


I bet it go like this. I said my heart is turning cold this way. I got to keep this heat by myself, one of my family to be across the street every night. I pray to God for let me down to sleep.


All right. We can fight on his box. We can fight on. You have no pacing.


You're going a little too fast forward on his bar. Strong enough. There you go. Go, go, go. Look. Facing up to tech, not on Instagram in real life, only care about money, don't really care about being verifier. Welcome to my home. Look, in his eyes, he terrified. They spread rumors about me. Some things I need to clarify. I picked up as a teen. I let a thing like High School Musical get up.


What is work? Put them in a bus to because not talking to my face. Mama grizzly load of heroin is they cut off the seats. We let us know how do you engage across the ports. I had to grow carrots for Cuba Libre plus Mendoza. You ain't got none. That's what everybody told us. So look, on the issue of the embrace of older people, are we both made are still talking about the. But it's not OK to sound like grisliest.


You sound like grizzly a little bit. You're falling. Believe what you think. You sound like. You sound like you better get their last unemployment check or get at least another stimulus check. You might you might need to go get a PPP loan, a small business loan or something.


I mean, you know something that you know why but you not like about the market now? I wouldn't say it. I would say stay with it. Brother, you remind me of this.


He was twenty years old from Detroit. You don't sound that bad, brother. No, I'll stay with it. I mean, that's real choice. I and I really feel which include me like I you go home like I'm just a little out of my mind. I wouldn't be singing blue.


No, you can't say you wasn't ready when you call when you called up here with the intention, the rap.


Are you saying I wasn't ready for me. I'll take all the criticism, all that I don't like. I'll really take that to heart like I'm passionate. Instagram page. Let people know so they could go look you up, see if you see the Instagram, it's easy to see. Underscored was Jay the a underscore underscore. See am I saying I wasn't ready for me. I'm saying like heart racing a little bit said I'm don't keep adding to he never gonna stay with a brother.


There you go.


And just make sure that in pursuit of your dreams you're dealing with your reality too, because you still got to keep the lights on and you still got to keep food on the table. No, I'm already know.


I have a go and have a good weekend. Get it off your chest. 855 one two five.


Oh, now we got Rumsen in a way, you know, what's this chap called up talking about? Everything that's going to be happening in roomers. Let's play a part of Jason Farrell's new song, Entrepreneur, and we'll also talk about Nas, his new album that's out today, and whoever else has music out today. All right. We'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club. This is the rumor of war with Angela. That's close enough. Yes, and Jay-Z and Pharrell put out a new song called Entrepeneur that is also part of Farrell's time cover package, The New American Revolution. So there's interviews with Tyler, the creator, Angela Davis and other people, and they're talking about issues similar to those that are addressed in the song.


Here's part of the song Sweet Dreams that you just put it up to. You do YouTube shows with no hearings that look like you just want to be like, what do you want to support? Who's sipping Crepeau Konoe consumer? And oh, no, too. We are vertically integrated from the flow to, say, Pugwash, a celotto like gang signs. I think mos for both yo yo and you know what? We on our own stop singing around.


We know for folks to know you will, but I like those words. Every time I hear it. I feel like it's growing on me a little bit like the whole entire song. I didn't like the song when I first heard it. I liked Holdsworth when I first heard it. It's like my third time here in the record. And so I will start with a sample of that to that dum dum dum. What song is it? It's a popular song.


I just can't remember what it is. I feel like it's a song that Pharrell produced before somebody tweet me and you know the answer. Don't worry.


I like the messaging of it though. Messaging, of course. Yes. And you got to watch the video and everybody there shout it out, including Nipsey Hussle, who is definitely an entrepreneur and was always pushing that. So I think it's dope. All right. Now, also for today, Nas has a new album out. Kings Disease is a thirteen track album executive produced by Hit Boy. So I know y'all are excited for that. Right. And there's a firm I am reunion on their full circle with a Foxy Brown and Cormega.


I'm intrigued to hear Fox.


You haven't heard of Fox in a long time, but I want to hear the whole project. I've heard the project Foxy haven't heard herself in a long time.


You stop it, OK? You don't stop this guy. I know Rollins is here.


Ladies and gentlemen, by the way, Angela is now with everybody. That's Donna Rollins who said that it was Donna Rawlings who said that.


And by the way, we you know, the first thing you got to do before you come to Dave Chappelle summer camp is get tested for coronavirus.


Once again, I am coronavirus free. OK, I was thinking. Yes. So other songs on there is still the worst one featuring a little dork.


We became numb, like puking on the tongue to the pains from economic stress. Diabolical gangs put on our future kings and queens got the strongest ones. May God get shipped to women who lost their sons. I get all I had to do was one night without our women. I get all I have to do was one. I'm intrigued. I can't wait to hear it. I mean, I love hearing a that's something I'm into. I like to hear older artists with younger producers, and I want to hear more younger artists with older producers.


I think they both bring something out of each other in different ways. I'm intrigued to hear that.


I think about the and the mouse. Charlie Wilson, of course, hit boy, Big Sean and Dance Talavera, Brucey, B Asep and Fabio Foran. So that's out now.


I mean, I know anything will be better than that garbage art project Nas and Kanye drops. I put more blame on Kanye for that than I do now.


All right. And does your cat has announced that she has a new song that's called Nas. Listen to this.


This song that I have coming out. It's called Nas, but only a few abbreviated three words.


What's that about? You know, Nas mentioned her on the song Olcha Black. And if you need a refresher, here's what he said.


We're going to black, unapologetically black and go to camp.


I still don't understand why people are mad about it. I swear when everybody was going in on the young lady dogcatcher they was calling her racist and they had this whole dogcatchers over thing. That's how, you know, social media is an illusion. Social media is not real life in no way, shape or form. Either that or y'all just really not consistent who y'all said y'all. That's what it is.


It's just not consistent. That's probably what it is.


Mm hmm.


The people that have albums out today, Mulatto Queen of the South, and you just saw her recently, also in the Mega Stallion and car TV video. And, you know, we're going to be talking about lifestyle in the next hour as a big to of tape that is out today. Lecrae Restoration is out today. Also, Emori, by the way, premiered a new single. She had to save the day single out, and she did it during a private Zoome party.


It features Lauryn Hill, Miss Lauryn Hill.


And here's that one. Started building on. The kids all the time solution. She has a double disc archive of deep dive, it's called the Rarities, and that's coming out October 2nd. And that's also right after her new memoir, The Meaning of Mariah Carey. That comes out September 29th.


OK, and I assume that those who song the acronym is Negril, then I will soon. Oh, she didn't say that. But people assume that. Yes. And as far as Mariah Carey song Save the Day, this came from a 2011 studio session that she had with Jermaine Dupri and Randy Jackson also. And they finished it recently, just realizing their lyrics are very fitting for what's happening in the world right now.


OK. All right. As you know. Music I'm Angela. Yeah. And that's how I remember it. All right.


Thank you, Miss. You know, we got front page news. When we come back, we'll be talking about. Yes. And let's talk about Steve Bannon and what's going on with him. All right. We'll get into that next. Keep it like this. The Breakfast Club.


Good morning. Morning, everyone. A.J. N.V., Angela Charlemagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club, is getting some front page news when we start.


Well, let's start with former White House adviser Stephen Ban. And he has pleaded not guilty and the charges are wire fraud and money laundering. Federal prosecutors in New York announced that Bannon and three others were indicted for defrauding donors to a 25 million dollar fundraising campaign. They were supposed to be using those funds to build a wall along the southern border. So he was released on a five million dollar bond yesterday afternoon. He has to give up his passport. He can only go to D.C., Maryland, Connecticut for work and the eastern and southern district of New York.


Here is what Donald Trump had to say about his former White House adviser who was involved.


Likewise, in our campaign and for a small part of the administration very early on, I haven't been dealing with him at all. I know nothing about the project other than I didn't like. When I read about it, I didn't like it. I said, this is for government. This isn't for private people. And it sounded to me like showboating. And I think it's a very sad thing for Mr. Bannon. And I think it's surprising when it's all said and done, Donald Trump is going to end up in prison.


The only reason he's not in prison now is because he's the president of the United States of America. And that's why he's going to fight like hell to not leave the White House. That's why he's going to fight like hell to steal this election.


Well, he's also saying that he's going to send sheriffs and law enforcement to polling places on Election Day. Let the record show poll watchers.


Are you going to have an ability to monitor, to avoid fraud?


We're going to have everything. We're going to have sheriffs and we're going to have law enforcement and we're going to have hopefully U.S. attorneys and we're going to have everybody in attorney general. But it's very hard. I mean, you have some of these states sending them out like Nevada, where they don't even have to check the signatures so anybody can sign it.


Let the record show your Uncle Charlotte said that was going to happen. I said those same militarized agents that were in Portland, they're going to be at the polls on November 3rd. That's why I think every black person should wear Magga merchandise to the polls in November, get you a Maggert if you're black and wear to the polls in November because you don't have to confuse these folks in order to vote. Trying to tell you that right now, you don't you don't vote for your right to vote.


You're going to have to fight for your right to vote on November 3rd, probably literally telling you Donald Trump has no authority, though, to deploy local law enforcement officials to monitor elections. They could hire off duty police to work the polls, but he does not have any authority to send law enforcement, those same militarized agents that way in Portland who we didn't know who they were, who they were.


They going to be at the polls November 3rd watch.


And they were saying, don't buy Mangahas because he supports his campaign. So if you said if you buy Mangahas, it gives him more money for his campaign.


So don't know what you don't get your I don't know what you can get your bag of merchandise from, but you're going to have to find you some camouflage to vote on November 3rd. And I think the proper camouflage is bag of merchandise.


Is everybody here registered to vote? And, you know, Rollins's register and we also said we were going to volunteer at the polling stations. Right.


I think that is a very good idea, because I think with the coronaviruses pandemic, usually when you go to these polls, you see all the people working the polls. They may not feel comfortable coming out on November 3rd. So I think that younger folks should be working the polls on November 3rd where you register Danielle, California.


All right. So you should also volunteer. I will. On that day.


We're all volunteers, said Young. I said younger folks should volunteer. OK, all right. I'm of a certain age. People like you should be out there. Public service. Goodness gracious, you are that age.


Are you going to have a chance of being able to contract the fact covid-19 Donelson is out here in Austin?


And I asked us, and how old is your dad? And he said 21.


So that's why I love him. I'm raising. My goodness.


Oh, that's your front page news. All right.


When we come back, comedian Luenell will be joining us. We're going to kick it with Luhnow when we come back. So don't move. It's The Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club. B.J. N.V., Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are, the Breakfast Club, we got a special guest on the line right now. That's right.


Now in the morning, I was trying to do some better lighting rig something with a flashlight. Like, you know why I look like you want to trap us? Well, because technically I am.


Why? No, I'm in I'm in the office of my sister's house in Fort Worth, Texas.


Oh, you got shows out there this weekend as a love baby mama.


Not back to work yet, honey. It's not quite like that. But I came to see my family because I had to see my family and like, you know, I mean, a very long time I've been quarante. I will be going back to work at the end of September. However, since September, October, yeah, I see all the comedians floating around, making around.


I see Dave Chappelle doing his thing in Ohio and I see other people be at the club. I saw a little Duvall back at the club. Now you just don't want to get back out there. No, no, no.


I have no problem getting back out there. It's just that I'm going to let the boys go first and see what happened. What happens? Yeah. I'm not the first one to jump in the pool and I'm not the first one to get to the party. So I just let everybody go first after everything looks good. And, you know, people are acclimated to coming back out and the social distancing and all that because I didn't quit in five months to go to the club and get around.


Truly the you know, the last time I saw you, you on face time, you from the top.


Oh, that was by accident. But I do tend to do that quite a bit.


Why was that by accident? Why would you face time of Charlemagne naked?


I don't face time, Charlamagne. I don't even know how I ended up calling Charlamagne that day. But, you know, he was. He's the lucky one, you know what I mean?


Did you hang up or did you have a conversation?


You told me that you got a friend named Charlene or something.


Yes, I touched it by accident. No, he didn't hang out with you envy. Well, I mean, you're married.


I'm married. So. Yes, you're really happy. You really do. Oh, yeah, you are, Charlamagne. Oh, well, I don't know. We'll see more in this family than we do of yours.


Yeah, I don't, I don't, I don't I don't really put my family out there like this. I don't post my husband either. Well, what's the reason. Oh, well, my reason is because my husband has a very shady criminal background and I don't want nobody. Come on over there, you damn fool shot me back in eighty five. I don't I don't need to smoke. So, you know, we just, we just keep our private life private.


Plus I don't want to run off the boys, you know, I'm trying to get entangled at any minute. I want to keep my options open in case anything happen.


OK, ok, so coronaviruses very serious. You want to make sure that you bring it back to hubbies gapper?


Never would I ever even I did go out on a date the other night, but my husband is always let me be you know, we don't have an open relationship. I mean I do. But he doesn't have a date with who? I went on a date with this guy in the Silver Fox squad, some five squad as these distinguished gentlemen that are modeling. True. And they're all very good looking, very well-dressed. And a lot of them have beards and stuff like that.


And I've become friendly with the guys, you know, so I came to Texas while I live in Texas. So we went out. So what did your husband know about it? Does he know about what? That you went out with Silver Fox.


I told you he have social media.


I mean I mean, listen, it's like my husband knows I'm flirty, my husband knows unfriendly. We're not nobody's kissing. Nobody right now has already happened. And nobody cares, Lane about smashing. And I'm a dinner whore. I'd go out with Charles Manson if you wanted to take me out to dinner. So, yeah, no, it's no big deal. I still come home.


OK, so you put you put none of that up on the Silver Fox.


No, I ain't. I don't have just the life I got to watch Babalu, blah, blah, blah.


I'm both so I don't want to ruin these guys lives. I can leave my father all the life at home.


Not seen early on during the pandemic. You were taking it very serious as far as marching and getting out there, really spreading the word. What's going on with your brothers? Why did you find it so? So like you had to do it because you were very, very seriously, extremely thank you for noticing.


And we well, first of all, let's be clear. I don't march. I protest. I don't walk up and down in the street. And get ran over in stampedes and stuff like that, if you're having a rally in one place, I'll go there. And what happens when I was it was after my obvious murder. I lost it. I just lost it as a mother, as a black woman, you know? And I went on my Instagram and I just was like, what are we going to do?


This is just as at epidemic proportions. Now, this is a pandemic as well. This is an epidemic. And black murders of our men and women is like, what are we going to do? We're just going to keep putting emojis and scrolling to the next thing, what are we going to do? And Chaka Khan heard me and felt me and actually reached out to me. So on Mother's Day, Chaka Khan and myself and a few others, we sort of had a little rally in the park for mothers who had lost their children to gun violence and stuff like this, whether it be the police or any other type of gun violence.


And then after that, I was like, well, I can't just let this be all I do. People would think it's just for photo ops and just to be after Woodstock, I want to do more. And as time went on and enjoyed Floyd in every time I wanted to go where I would be comfortable, I knew I didn't want to go to one of those dead ends. You lay down in the street. I didn't want to, you know, March.


Like I said, I'm you know, I just don't do that. But they had a rally at the Laugh Factory. They have several in Hollywood, which is like my home, you know, for any comedian, even across the country at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood is is a meeting place for, you know, like minded people. So when they had the rally and they closed out two blocks of prime real estate on Sunset, I said, OK, this is where I can go.


This is where I can go and I'll be safe and I'll be comfortable. And then I had to stop in because I felt like I really wasn't helping. I was just venting because for the first time, we had throngs of white people eager to listen to what we had to say. That's never happened before. We had sea of white people in Hollywood listening to a black person, not a black person, not a black person. And that's never happened before.


And they were eager to listen. I want you to stop because as you know, we have less pent up anxiety about this. We didn't just start getting upset about this this year or last year or with Rodney King or before that. It's almost like you're born black. What PTSD about murder. So, you know, we just had to get a lot of out therapeutic for us and it was good for them as well.


And we got more with comedian now when we come back. Don't Move is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody.


Is C.J. Envy, Angela Yea Charlemagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. We're still kicking it with comedian Luhnow.


Charlamagne, how's your money being at the comedy clubs and the comedy clubs right now? I see you doing a lot of YouTube stuff. You're doing that for the money. I just it's the outlet to get your voice out there.


You shot two movies that you shot are coming to America. You were in there. Yes. And he shot another one. A little too too little to say about your life.


And how do you you about a little doo doo doo doo. Oh, my God.


You see those back to back. That was amazing. Dolemite is on Netflix right now. Coming to America comes out December 18.


If all goes well, any stuff which is so hard because your daughter might be coming to America said that same year.


We'll see how you get in my business, how to make a buck. But what I will tell you is that Eddie and I were no strangers, which is what's the blessing that I didn't get out. When we get Dolemite, you know, Eddie and I already knew each other. We have been to premieres together. I was very good friends with Charlie Rest in peace. Charlie and I have made movies together and done things together. So we take them pictures together.


Eddie and I already knew each other, but I don't you know, Eddie may have been the decisive one, but it was really Craig Brewer, the director. I had an audition just like anybody else, but I got seven callbacks for Dolemite and they did a regular old school screen test, you know, like I did back in the day I put you in, I said, well, because I had auditioned so many times for Greg and had a good rapport with him, he knew what I could do.


So he threw me in coming to America and I didn't have to audition for that. What's the moral of that story is being a. OK, that's all it has to be, somebody that people want to work with, somebody that when they see your name on the call sheet. People get excited.


Now, how do you stay still relevant with everybody? I mean, the young people love you. It doesn't matter what age group or what color you are. They love Luenell and you stay relevant and you stay on the road. You stay doing shows. You stay in the clubs when you need to be. You stay on television and you don't see that with a lot of comedians. But I see that with you. How do you stay relevant in so long?


Well, first of all, I'm a little distracted about you. Talk to me with the screwdriver in your hand. Are you trying to send me a subliminal message with that baby that a screwdriver in your hand? You get to see what you did, that you can see me?


Well, I think I stay relevant because I have a twenty four year old daughter who seems to me I found what's going on with, you know, and Katie and this and that. You know, I just I just like I like young folks. They inspire me and, you know, they get on my nerves because their mouth is slick. But they're they're a whole different breed, you know, like you won't find 70 percent of the kids that are graduating college or not right now are not going to get a job or work for somebody 20 years, get a watch and sit down and be quiet.


These kids are starting businesses. These kids don't want to work for nobody. And I've talked to a lot of trash about these young folks. I've talked about the young comics. I've talked about kids. But I've had to eat my words because they are really, really doing it. And they may very well be the ones that will help get this terrorists out of the White House.


I don't know. I hope so. What do you think about Senator Kamala Harris? Well, there's a lot of things to think about her. You know, I'm I'm proud that she's there, whether she was black or whether she was white. I'm proud she's a woman and she's going to hopefully become the vice president. I think the fact that, you know, everybody's honored that she got this white man is a viable thing to think about. But I think if she really wants a job and her pastor infers that that that that shouldn't matter, I noticed she put a lot of brothers in jail.


There's a lot of people who feel the same way. But then again, that's her job. I'm hoping that as a sister in the White House, you know, she's a very viable force to the bank with you know what? I think she really is. You know, I don't care how strong her hair. I don't care how I got that slick mouth. And that's not my that's a black woman in there. And she, I think, could get the job done.


The definitely going to need some help, you know, against the lesser of two evils is not without fault either. However, I think that he has seen what kind of smoke he can catch from watching his predecessor. I don't think he wants it. I think that they really would get in there and try to do the right thing. And we'll just have to wait and see. I mean, and tell more of us started running for president. These are the kind of challenges that we have.


Why is it a concern for her to have a White House? Why do you think?


Well, it would be the same way as the vice president nominee was a black man with a white wife. I think that right now, for some interracial couples, it might be awkward. And, you know, because you may be in love with this man and this man may be in love with you, the person of the opposite color. But until you really get into stuff like this, you may have just been in love and not knowing really whether I was in love with the culture or not.


It's just like what these means these names have been. This is don't open your mouth. So why the black penis as you open your mouth to black culture? You know, I'm saying I'm black problems and stuff. We can't just have you. You can't just love one person. If you love a black person, you need to love the culture. And some people really didn't know what the stance with thermate was until now, you know? So I think that's why there's a concern.


I know interracial couple in my family, the white person in the family want to vote for Trump and a black person in that that couple wanted to vote for Biden. So now you have this weird vibe going on. So I think that's why there's a concern. But I imagine you could do about it. You know, they are married, they've been married. Maybe they will be married. Interracial couple in the White House might be something that needs to be visually seen, you know.


Concern, but it can't be a reason, you know what I mean, you in an interracial relationship, you don't know how well your husband ain't black.


My husband is black and dangerous.


I know.


Was you just seen him before we come in all shapes. You know, I know my husband is about the complexion, Solomon, and he is very, very aware that I saw you cheat me.


Well, mean, you might have seen me out with anybody. I date Latinos. I go out with a little Domenik, come out to her in the Bronx. The dude I see you it was that had white that he was he had like white skin and he had his hair slicked back in a ponytail. You ain't seen me with no white boy with that. I did. Or he must have been a fashion designer or something.


We got more with comedian now. When we come back is The Breakfast Club. Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlemagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club.


We're still kicking it with comedian Luhnow Shalaby.


Now, Luenell, let's go back to talking about Senator Harris. You talk about her being a prosecutor when you black, right?


We don't like police officers and we don't like prosecutors. So there's never a good way to do your job as a black prosecutor unless you're not locking nobody up.


Right. I mean, but that's a job. You know, I don't I think, you know, handed out some sentences that were too long, you know, but that's not what we talk about. You know, we talk about my presidency and we got her to do one thing at a time. We tend to go on Sundays tangent and get sidetracked by stuff. And we can just do this. We get them in there and we can work on every we have the power to get them in there.


We have the power to change some other stuff, too. You know, let's not take one damn thing at a time. Yeah. Maybe in a husband or maybe her husband. A break up during her time in the White House. Maybe she'll get a fifty. He always looks like I'm up.


So you think fifty. I'm looking for a come up.


I mean, you know, he likes to get around. I would say a cobbler ain't exempt from falling prey to fat. He said, I mean, I've been out I've been in his aura before he could get it. You know what I'm saying?


You know, you try to highlight for people who know we we we know each other, you know, I will say, OK, hey, fifty.


See you on gospel. Do you ain't you all gospel to watch it and see. Go ahead.


No, no you ain't playing when it comes to that TV and in films. Not out at all. I love it.


I love to see you know you remind me of it reminds me of like like like the Bernie Mac of the world because like Bernie Mac kind of he really, really blew up as he got older, you know what I mean?


Yeah. You know, I do feel very much like Bernie, because while you see me and every a lot of movies, a lot of television, so you haven't seen me with my own. And I do believe that there's a reason for that because I do have a bit of a reputation as not taking no B.S. And it's so much easier to get a young, hungry artist, give them a show. Go ahead. You know, everybody who gets in the business because that lousy contract could first and then they learn a little guy, well, say I'm not I'm not getting the lousy contract.


And I will go over that thing with me and my people, my black team with a fine tooth comb. I lost my coin. I lost my point about this time together. I lost my credit. And it's so much easier to deal with somebody who's not coming and saying, look, I know these guys don't want that. It's just easier. But I think, you know, God sees said I will have a show of my own at some point because the only reason black women have not worked well in late night is because they have been picking the wrong black women.


True. I made for that. I made for late night TV.


I can't even think it was it was Monique who was I can't think of what are the black Robin City.


And you remember Robin City? Yeah, I remember.


I was she had to be a teacher. I do. I mean, I know, right? I'm Eleanor personally, but I know of her, you know, but everybody don't.


So how did you have a whole national television show and nobody's done a lot. So it's me. I'm the one I was made for late night. I was born. It is. I don't sleep. No way. And at some point, you know, it may happen to me. I just hope that, you know, I don't I don't want it to be ten years from now. You know, I would. But you kind of, you know, God's plan, you know what I'm saying?


So it's going to come when it comes. And I sit down. I'll still be out here on YouTube. I'll still be going live from the bathtub. I'll still be getting entangled. I'll still be married and I'll still be about. On that stage, I would love to see like a new version of kind of like Golden Girls, right. But with black women, but not a lot of people say that.


A lot of people saying, and I would love to see you miss some more, and it does give it.


I would rather see me, Miss Laura Hayes, Adele Gehman's and maybe slam leaving old enough.


How do you think I am?


You better show my you over 60. How do you think Flaminia s Flamin is like late 40s. Oh my God.


OK, I've got to get some of that makeup language and apparently too early in the morning.


I love flame. Flame. Funny as I know, the flame been around for a long time and nobody would put flames out for a long time. You didn't know what you were going to get. You know, you didn't know what people were going to say. This goes for a lot of people. You know, I'll tell you what, flame is no new new person to the game flame that we've been working on, something I've been working on for twenty five years all over the country.


And Flame has struggled because it was a time where, you know, a trans person or a drag queen or whatever you want to call them was not going to be accepted in the comedy club. What a DL or with a drink or something like that. They just weren't. But times they are a changin. And if you quit looking to see if you said and listen to what friends have to say, you will show off and land some, you know, allow people through this breakfast club really helped and Tiffany give them a platform and now the game has changed.


You know, now beautifully being funny is funny. I don't care what you are, I don't think would agree with you.


Are you saying that now? But ten years ago, people cared. Ten years ago, like, you're going to go see that, you know, whatever derogatory name they would say, people wouldn't say it out loud, doesn't want to say, I'm going to sing Flame Munro. They will say it ten years ago, but now they will. And it's like we have some photographs to say it was created.


The comedian won't go see him back in the day, but back in the day they would sleep with with him or a transgender down in the valley where the girls get naked every time they got sick.


They want to break free, fall break. If you say, yeah, that's cool. I got a I've been knowing about them for forty years. The brothers in the back of the best them we would get out at this particular bus stop in Oakland and go to this bookstore and I wasn't going to buy a book, if you know what I mean.


OK, Mary Lou, to help you. We love you, Lou. Always a pleasure talking to you, Luna.


I'm so glad to see you guys. I'm so glad that we've got this relationship. And hey, wax, don't work. Don't hang out. Well, there's no place I got no.


That's my brother, my brother for over twenty years. That's that's my family. I'm here, love.


Now, Lou, I know you love had a baby on the way here. He got another baby Lisa.


I'll see what I've changed. I don't care about the love. What's love got to do. Got to do with how I'm in love, you know. But he got a baby so I'm a go head on him. Back up. That's OK, girl. Your family is safe.


Girl her name Kalakala. Like the fight to.


I'm not a fighter. I'm going to shoot her. You want to go.


There you go. See for Florida she got a gun too.


But we ain't got no don't do that salamat. Don't don't don't bring it down to a reminder Carla. Don't listen to the boy. They tried to start something bad, but I didn't bend over in front of your man and he did take a whiff and you know it as you saw it. But it's OK. We put our love, our. Oh, I hope everything works out just fine now.


Thank you for joining us. We appreciate it. Now follow me on Instagram. Follow me on Instagram. Atlan now at El you e n e l l l. There's a link in my bio that takes you to my YouTube show. Hey, Luenell is very entertaining. God bless. Everybody is taking some time off by everybody solemnized by Suboxone.


I don't for real.


This is the rumor report with Angelina on the Breakfast Club.


Well, it's like Nick Cannon and Viacom may be potentially working things out now. Chris McCarthy, who is the president of Entertainment and Youth Brands of Viacom, CBS, says that he does command Conan on the journey that he's taking to China right. His wrongs, he said, I struggled with the fact that Nick, a long time partner and friend of ours, is on this journey and we're not part of that journey. And so he said the door is wide open for a reunion.


He said, I'm hopeful we find a way to bring these two things. Together and hopefully we will have the opportunity to do that with Nick again. Yeah, well, now, I mean, listen, that's what life should be about, right? Life should be about if you make a mistake and you go out there and you acknowledge that mistake and you atone for that mistake and you learn from that mistake, there should be some type of reconciliation culture, right?


Some type of forgiveness. So. All right, let's move on.


And speaking about apologizing for things, Netflix has apologized for the Cutie's poster that was criticized for sexualizing children. Now, did you see this post yours about Amy, an 11 year old girl who joins a group of dancers and the cuties at school and rapidly grows aware of her femininity, and that upsets her mother and her values?


And it does look, you know, these are young girls. You don't want to have them half dressed in positions like slut. So they did pull that. I didn't. Yeah, I was confused. What is the show about?


I thought I was about the show was about girls dancing.


I thought it was more for kids. Maybe I was wrong.


I think it was just the artwork. There's nothing wrong with the show. It was all right where I work out. Oh, it was. Yeah. I don't know anything about the show. I was just asking. All right.


And Gunnar has announced a major lifestyle overhaul. He's posted I'm about to start a mind body and soul cleansing. No drugs, no sex, no media.


I'm offended that you got to that. Sometimes you've got to disconnect. You've got to disconnect. Press reset, you know, I mean, get get get get focused.


Take your shoes off. Walking around barefoot in your back yard, go hug a tree, get in tune with some things that you should really be getting in tune with. That's all I've got here.


And it's so funny because that's how I feel about in Yellow Springs. I think I've been here for like two months. DeSapio and I said this earlier, but created this bubble, if you want, so to speak. And we've had shows like we've been doing like four shows a week. It started off with like an audience of 80 people is up to like four or five hundred people. We've had some of the biggest names in comedy come through. David Letterman came.


Jon Stewart came once, felt so good, he came back again. Tiffany has just been here. Michelle Wolf has been here. Chris Rock has been here. It's been incredible. And as much as people are building as the greatest show in the world right now, but more importantly, and that's what I wanted to say about what we're doing is the safest show we propose. I've imposed a lot of pictures on my Instagram. It's been and it's been kind of going kind of viral.


And when people win the state right now with people, when you're when you're having fun and you don't have a mask on, the first thing people say is that you're being irresponsible. But just I wanted to be clear that everybody if you ever seen anybody in the photo, the first thing you have to do when you come in is get tested. The process is the same process is at the White House. The same machine is used at the White House.


And you get on your test right now.


What the hell are you talking about? I thought he was all over the place. He went all over my chest. So, yeah, I know what I'm saying.


My daughter has to take the test to go to college, so she's scared to take it.


So I told I would take it with her. It's not that bad. But the point I was making, Charlamagne, was that we're all here to perform, but getting in tune with nature, getting it towards yourself. And what I found out about being in your space really small town in Ohio is that you you you realize that like just things that really, really important in life. We've been out here kayaking. Black people don't kayak. We've out here canoeing, going on, nature runs.


I didn't like fifty pounds of trail mix. And it's just been a it's been a dope experience.


Dave Chappelle, he he hopes to show it's out in the corner doing a round of applause for Darnell.


What the hell is say. Yeah, he's on his way by the way.


We don't be nice to Darnell. We know that he got not speak and donelli saying nothing. I was trying to say to follow up with you said is we're out here and I think the people need to get in touch with nature. And that's all.


You know, I was five minutes ago I wanted to talk to you about your don't donkeys are the days. I'm alone right now. Well, up next, something back that way. I do not know to participate. OK, I want a matter of fact, I want me to participate. We have we have to have a quick little black man meeting so all the black men in the room need to come together.


Real quick, let's have a conversation about human nature. That's what I'm trying to say. Black people need more nature. You still talking about. We do to you just figuring out what to say. We ride a bike, go out and buy you with the Cubans. That's that's what you would buy, right? So you could get those stupid. Not you. But I'm saying, you know, you said what you said. You said what you say and you say, oh, Salimata drive was magical.


My pay is cute right now. All right. Don't keep days like this, do you? Give me a donkey to Charlamagne. You're going to tease it. That's all it is. OK, we'll get into it next.


It's the Breakfast Club. Come on. Trust me, if I don't give the day, don't you have a Democrat to bring down the other day a little bit of a mixed feel like I don't feel good on the other day because I've been called a lot in my 23 years. That Donkey of the Day is a new white donkey.


Today for Friday, August 21st goes the day star Peterson, known to the planet as Tory Lane's last night making the stallion, identified Tory Lane as the alleged triggerman in last month's shooting incident that left Megan shot in the FT. Let's go to Megan's Eigg live and hear what she had to say.


Yes, this story shocked me. And you got your publicist and your people going to these blogs line is I tried to keep the situation off the Internet, but you dragonair my I hit this. I never hit you. My was like, oh, she mad because he shot Kylie.


No, I wasn't Torri. Number one, you get in donkey today because you shot a woman. I mean some donkey today just saw themselves. That's just that's number one.


That sounds so insane to say Tory Lane shot Megan the stallion. OK, Jesus Christ. Number two, this woman, Megan, the stallion didn't want to say anything. She was trying to save you. And you allegedly had you people calling blogs, trying to make it look like you were a victim, like saying things like she hit you far away, like my brother.


It is nothing you or your people could tell anyone that would justify why you are the alleged shooter of Megan is dying. And there's nothing you could say that no logical human being with great comprehension skills can understand. There's nothing you could tell me. Megan said there's nothing you could tell me Megan did to justify why you shot her.


If I'm being totally honest, I don't even really know what to say about any of it is I truly, truly don't understand, because like I used to, I can't comprehend in my mind why a man who has a career, who has things going for him, who is an actual celebrity, would shoot a woman who is arguably the hottest rapper in the game right now. Now, let's be clear. I don't understand violence against women, period, especially this level of violence.


What Trillanes, you are a whole star out here. Like, why I why did your brain take you there?


Was it cocaine or some other type of drug where you extremely drunk. Do you have extreme anger management issues. Like what emotional trauma are you dealing with that you can't control your emotions so much that you were driven to shoot her?


Is your ego that fragile? Like, I'm just confused, I just don't understand how something like this happens. Now, Megan gave details of what happened. Let's discuss.


It's only going to car me, you, my homegirl, and your security. Everybody in the car arguing I'm in the front seat in the backseat. I'll get out the car. I'm done arguing. I want to argue no more. I get out. I'm walking away. This friend out the back seat of a car store. So to me, there's a witness because the neighbors called the police. This did not happen. That kind of house, this happened damn near back at the house.


I was doing it. I was just trying to get home. Was five minutes away from us by the police. Come, I'm scared. Going on with the police. Soon as the police tell us, I'll get out of the car. The police is really aggressive. You think I'm about to tell the police that we as black people got a gun in the car? I'll get to the mother in hospital. The police being so rude to me.


Well, you know what's going on like that? You're being detained. I'm ma'am. I'm being detained. I'm looking, but I'm still not seeing what happened. The police finally let me go. I'm going to jail them three months I went to jail.


That's very heartbreaking. Ladies, don't save these guys. They don't want to be saved, OK? Nobody can save anyone. We all have to walk our own walks and go on our own journey to healing whatever work we need to do on ourselves. Nobody can do it for us. You can't save nobody. We must save ourselves. And Megan, I'm not going to question your decision to protect Trillanes, but I'm telling you right now you are not obligated to do that.


No woman. You know why? Because you can't heal what you don't reveal. You will never properly heal if you just don't live your truth, OK? We don't do each other any favors when we protect folks from dealing with the consequences of their own foul behavior. Now, I'm a let go and let God deal with that type of person, my damn self. But I'm also a let's file a police report and let the law handle it, too.


But America, think about it, OK? All you mainstream publications, all you mainstream websites, are you mainstream TV shows who may write about this story? Report this story. Please don't forget to report about the fact that a black woman is scared to call the police.


Scared to call the people who are supposed to protect and serve her in a situation like this because she's afraid she could end up being a victim because of the color of her skin.


Think about that. I'm an impasto when I tell you I can feel every bit of Megan's trauma. You just got shot by someone you thought was a friend, a black man. And I always say a black man. A man, period. Our only job is to protect and provide for women. So as a woman, you should feel protected around men in your circle. But that guy, Tori, made Megan a victim, allegedly. Now she's too afraid to call the cops and tell the cops the truth because the American so-called justice system is so broken, she feels like she can end up getting victimized again because of the color of her skin.


She's right, OK.


She felt naked out here, had no protection. Who's supposed to call Ghostbusters? Like, what do you do in a situation like this? OK. My brothers, when these sisters come to us and tell us how unprotected they feel, can't sit here and act like we don't understand. OK, let's hear more from Megan here. She explains in more detail why she protected him.


If you really want to tell him to try to save this, even though he shot me, I tried to spare him and is not. Spare me. That's crazy. I don't do so much on a daily basis anyway. And I just say this all on the Internet, talking about how you want to get Saudi Prince Alfred so that they're not in jail. He's not in jail because I didn't loud what happened as soon as it happened.


And I should him as a client, not saying that they want to get on him and say, yes, I have. Wow. Tell my son no reason.


Now, this will be used as an example to reinforce a lot of false narratives. This situation we shall hear over and over again. Black men don't protect black women and how Megan still tried to protect our country was still victimizing her by sending the stories, the blogs. All of that is true, you know. But what I refuse to feed into is the narrative that black men don't protect black women in situations like this shouldn't have us arguing and debating in social media fighting.


No, this situation is an opportunity for all of us to learn and do better, because let's be clear, whatever Tory leans on, don't put that on all black men, OK? Not to mention that Negro is Canadian, OK? Don't put what he's on on all black men. All right. I can't speak for Tory because he's way younger than me. And I'm not saying mistakes here because I made my own and I'm not being sincere because I support myself and I've said before, but at my worst, I wasn't shooting women.


But the point I'm making, some of us haven't done the work yet. Some of us aren't doing the work. We haven't gotten to the point in life where we are dealing with our own trauma.


Boy, let this situation serve as an example that if you don't deal with your trauma, eventually your trauma will deal with you. I don't know what's wrong with Trillanes. I have no clue what his demons. I have no clue what he's battling, but he's clearly battling something. And whatever hurt he's dealing with caused him to hurt me, allegedly.


And that's not an excuse, a justification, because he has to deal with all the consequences of his actions, whether that's jail, whether that's the loss of his career, which is probably all going to happen because I see no path to victory as far as the industry is concerned for Toyland. But that's not what's important anyway. OK, that shouldn't even be a concern. He got a hold that he got to deal with the energy he created in his life.


So Torrey, isn't even the story to story here for me, is trauma OK in us men being better examples for other men and dealing with our trauma? We don't hurt other people, even though Tori is not a reflection of all brothers. When situations like this happen, the rest of us have to pick up the slack in a real way. We have to show that Trillanes is a glitch in The Matrix. I don't like when black women say we don't protect him.


It really drives me crazy. OK, we have to go above and beyond in regards to protecting our sisters. We can show situations like this are the exception, not the rule. This conversation shall continue. OK, this isn't over. I just needed to express how I'm feeling today. I saw my therapist always tells me to do feel my feel. So I hope you felt my feelings too.


Please, please, please let me modulatory ladies to begin see how he ha he you stupid mother, you dumb and why I'm making the stallion is not a snitch, ok?


She's a taxpaying civilian who was victimized and she should not have to protect the person who victimized her. Anyone who thinks this is snitching just simply doesn't know. What the hell are you talking about. That's it. Bottom line, point blank period. All right. Well, thank you for that, don't you, today? Mm hmm. Now, when we come back, Jacqui Williams will be joining us. We talked about a couple of days ago, he's the officer out in North Carolina that spoke about Judge Floyd and recently got let go.


So we're going to talk to him.


Yes. And we're going to we're going not only are we going to talk to Jacqui and hear his story, we're going to help Jacqui. I'm going to help Jacqui. Jacqui needs our help people. That's right. All hands on deck. That's right. So we'll talk to him when we come back. Don't Move is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club. Back here, checking out the world's most dangerous morning show, morning, everybody is the envy, Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are The Breakfast Club.


We got a special guest on the line right now, police officer that was recently fired. And let go. We talk about a story of a morning at a breakfast club and asked to speak to him so he can talk about what's going on.


Jacqui Williams, we should we should we should play Jacqui's video right now so people have it fresh in their memory of who we talk.


Let's play it right now. I'm disgusted with the things that happened in Minneapolis and point blank. Things kind of went way different at the end of the day. Let's talk facts, guys on the ground. He's laying on his stomach. He have handcuffs on as four of y'all. One of him, four of y'all, one of him who has control of the situation, officers, other officers, if you're going to be an officer, is going to stand there and not help and not help when things go wrong.


Come on. Like you don't see that. That's the reason I got behind his badge. Right. Because I wanted some officers that were afraid to step up. I want to be the one to step up if I see wrong. Happening is not happening in my presence. Right. I'm going to check it. And that's period now.


Good morning. Good morning, King. What's going on, King? What's going on? Well, listen, I want to give you a round of applause, first and foremost, man, because, you know, everybody always has these discussions about good cops and bad cops and, you know, they are good. Why did the good cops remain silent? And I got to salute you and give you a round of applause for not staying silent. First and foremost.


OK, so you can prove that. Absolutely. I appreciate that. What made you speak out? Initially, I was at the time a little back story about it. At the time I was I was going to talk for about like a month at the time, right near my father was shot through the roof. I was doing like a little human video that you see the police officers doing what little voiceovers? You know what, they humanize the badge tag and stuff like that.


And towards the end of that month, the George Clooney thing happened. Right. And I've always been torn in between of what? In between what's going on with our community and with the job, in a sense, like sometimes I used to think. But this job really for me, like I need to be on the opposite side with my people. But then I had people tell me, like, you want to incite, we need you on inside.


So you get, you know, so you can be a role model from the inside. So what happened was the joyful thing happened. Everybody was talking to me about it, messaging me. And I was like, forget it. I must say I must in my view, you know, my my point and I was in my patrol car. I just turned the camera on and then it just, you know, it just came out. I didn't know what was going to do what it did, but I knew I was going to reach certain people because I was like, well, I got this platform now.


It was like I grew like fifty thousand followers on tape talking. Like I was like, you know what? I'm gonna use this platform and I'ma speak about stuff. And it's going to be different because it's going to be coming from a black guy with a badge. So I'll put it out there.


And then that was at the Green Party. Yeah. Fired you. Yeah. Did they fire you over that video? Because they're saying they did it, which was OK.


So the video, they inspired me over the George video. Over the video persay. The video only brought light to what was going on. Here's the back story right on tape. Talk for a month. I'm posting up the human videos and stuff like that. And then the George Floyd being opposed to George Floyd video. Right. It goes crazy. I get called to Internal Affairs, Internal Affairs, bring me upstairs. They telling me, look, don't post your uniform, my job for a four month.


But I guess now that I was in front of everybody and people were talking, they were like, don't post in your uniform, take the videos down. So and we're opening an investigation into your social media. Right. I was like, OK, so I didn't delete the video not to put the videos on because I didn't know what was going to go on. Right. And I wanted them in case they try to push out some different type of narrative.


I wanted to make sure that it was pushing out the right narrative. I want to keep the videos so people could, you know, have their own face. So what happened was I put the video the right time. I walked out of internal affairs within an hour. The sheet room and a bunch of other places already hit me up. They said, you know, that thing was posted, the video and stuff like that or whatever. So it was already the video was already out here.


My videos on my page. I took that from private. So now the platform is growing. I'm still speaking. Also what I've been doing before, I even had that right. So I'm still talking about, you know, social injustice and things like that. And then I release a video called Hello America. And when I released the video, Hello, America, in the video, I mean, like a rip shirt, fake blood and like a rope around my neck.


And I'm rapping about this the, you know, racial injustice in America, right? Never. Never in the video did I say, like, I hate white people or I hate cops. So cops have that right. I was talking about how us black people are on a different spectrum in the world, as you know, white people. What is a fact? So. They didn't like it right after that, I go I go on Tammany Hall and then when I speak on Tammany Hall, I tell them they actually know what I want to be a police officer.


And the one thing that they haven't on with the terrible thing was when I said that I wanted to get behind the badge to figure out what was going on inside to stop it. And they didn't like that because they didn't know which way to take it. Even though we had three interviews that I recorded conversations and I told John exactly what I meant. Right. So the week got the George Clooney thing. They called me up. They said, look, we put you on administrative leave.


I said, OK. So he was like, so they took my gun in my bags, put me aside like the records division. So I'm just sitting there at the desk waiting on this hearing to come, you know, to see what they was going to do. Fast forward to in two months I get upstairs and then I sit down as the deputy chief, my direct captain, the captain of I.A., my direct lieutenant, my direct sergeant in the city of Greensboro is a resource or something like that.


But they ask me questions. They have like a transcript of the lyrics. I broke down the tears for a minute and everything like that or whatnot. And a deputy chief wasn't there. The chief was there. He came into office afterwards when he had the verdict and he was like, Ah, Mr. Williams. So we decided to terminate you. White Deputy Chief made he made the decision. Right. And then. Exactly. And the chief just came in there and, you know, trusted him because this is, you know, whatever.


So they terminated me for my social media. It was like four different charges to one was general conduct. Right. The general conduct, one point five point one says for Greensboro policy, it says do not post anything that will hinder or stop the mission of the Greensboro Police Department. So I didn't feel like I did that at all. Right then also, it has something up there for abuse of power, right? So when he broke down the abuse of power, they said, well, when it seems like after you retrieve the platform, you release t shirts.


And I was like, if y'all been watching my social media, like, I'll sit down and watch them on social media. I've been released on t shirts, whatever. It's different now because I have a platform. So you know that a fashion line, I thought. Yeah, exactly. So anyway, so they had me abuse of power with whatever fine that you made from that off of the badge or whatnot. And then they said they basically sustained everything.


It was like we found you guilty or not guilty or innocent, guilty of that. And I was like everything stemmed from my social media with the music and stuff like that. I've been putting out videos like that for ever. Y'all with my social media last year, with all of us hiring me in the extensive four or five hour interview, I gave you all my passwords and you said nothing before. I think they felt like they couldn't restrict my speech at all.


They're like he's going to talk no matter what. So the best way to do is let them talk outside of the badge. Let's not have so we can deal with, you know, have a PR nightmare. But you've got a PR nightmare now.


We have more with Jack Williams when we come back. Don't Move is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are at the Breakfast Club. We still kicking in with Jacqui Williams.


Shlomi, I don't understand the blue wall of silence. I really don't, because what we want as a community is to hear from other police officers that that's not the way it should be. You know what I mean? That's how you separate from the relationship between the community and police officers by hearing other police officers say that's wrong. What happened over there, at least let me know. All right. I guess mistakes you made some time. It's not you know, it's just bad apples.


It's not the whole bunch. I don't get it with that. I have never. So I've been there a year. Right. I so I've never seen anything like the blue wall of silence or whatnot. Right. You always hear about it and stuff like that. But me personally, I never been out and dealt with it, you know, firsthand. It knew from the beginning I was vocal. I was the guy that they chose to give the speech at the graduation.


Right. So and I was the guy that once I graduated with a new academy class and the academy trained staff say, let's get Williams back here to speak to the captain class. So they already knew that my voice to travel was good doing things like that. Management, none of the videos are never you never knew our that unless you could have been a great hero for about like a year and a half. So you don't really know me down here either, so you don't know where I work at.


Unless you was another officer. And I think officer complained on and then that's how it went from there. Because when I went out, yeah, I remember Sergeant like he showed me a paper vaguely he was like it was like, oh, here's the article that says that you're a Green Beret officer. And I'm like, no, my daughter, everybody starting out now speaking to reporters and everything, not like we didn't know you was a green grow Green Beret reporter.


So when you the article. So can you go to another can you work at another present or another state or is it when you file it, what's next for you? So right now, everybody, I've had a ton of my job offers and things like that. Yeah. Yeah. The police departments. Yep.


Because they follow this as the first time and they the videos up. That's the good thing. That's the good thing that I kept the video so you can see have your own opinion. Right. Everybody feels like a rensburg was too harsh and things like that. JASMUHEEN Offer me, you know, different positions and stuff like that. But right now we're I'm not when I want to move further just to see if they they didn't have the right to do it.


But I want to go further to see for sure, for sure that they didn't have the right to do it. Not only that, I want to be able to be the voice for the other officers. I came to the academy with a couple other black ops that they want to talk to, you know, but they didn't like what I just happened. And I'm not by the border talking this out like the my vision was always bigger, a different to touch the people in a different way or whatever.


So my plan is not to go back to a police department. I plan on fighting this from the outside and helping other people, you know, get a chance to basically talk and things like that. Law still helping the U.S. and other dose of the black community bridge the gap with police. Because I was I played both sides. I live I was born for this side, but I went and worked on this site. So now I kind of got that, you know, that little gray area where I could bring them together, you know, like anything like teaching classes and stuff like that, just to have them feel more comfortable with the police because just twenty fifteen I wasn't comfortable with the police.


And then fast forward twenty nineteen. I had a badge on it. Right. It was you know, you know, it's different, you know, Jacoway man.


I don't think there is a wrong way to do the right thing. And what you did by letting everyone know that what happened in the George Floyd situation, you being a police officer and letting people know that's not how officers should get down, I absolutely think that was the right thing. I think it was very honorable. And I think you should be rewarded for that. And I know you have a go fund me page and you're trying to raise some money.


What are you trying to raise money for?


Just for anything. What the future holds, you know, so I'm you know, I'm raising a family and stuff like that. Just anything whatever the future, whatever the future has in store for me.


You know, I've been talking to a couple of legal people and stuff like that. So, I mean, just whatever the future has in store for me, you know, I had to go fund me, LinkedIn, the bio.


So everybody go to Instagram is Wolfgang Jocke, W, o, f, g and G j O.S. Wolfgang Jack his go fund me Instagram. We're going to post to go find me on his club and Twitter page and some other places and I don't think I'm going make a donation myself. My brother Odey starting nine grand already. We're not going to go out and support here.


So let's let's let's try to let's try to just put some more on top of that magazine. Like I said, there's no wrong way to do the right thing. What you did was very honorable. And we need more police officers like yourself speaking up, you know, when they see wrong doings happening, whether they work in the department and not man. So thank you. I appreciate you having a problem.


Jacqui Williams at the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. It's. She's feeling the heat, this is the room where reporter Angela Yeow on the Breakfast Club. All right.


Well, except for Eric and his stories was talking about Barbours actually charging between three hundred to a thousand dollars to get their hair cut. Listen to this.


I don't want to charge you three hundred dollars to a thousand dollars and never again know how much how much of a haircut costs at the barbershop.


Forty dollars. Well, not really. Twenty five and 25 to 40 pounds. You tip your barber 40 if they come to you, I would say a reasonable price in one hundred dollars.


I say 50 to 100. If they come to you 50, they come to you. I give them a hundred.


I'm talking to you that chance because not in Pakistan where they come from, the amount of time it takes for them to get there, 50 to 100 if they if they come in to you. How much? What's the most you'll ever pay for a haircut?


Between 150 and 200. And I was in Vegas and never again. And that's why I take my clippers with me everywhere I go. I will never again I come on it.


Yeah. That's how I got messed up. Right. I'm sure I'm probably messed it up a couple of times, but I rather mess up my hairline and pay somebody to be around for a haircut.


Yeah, I got a guy like that in L.A. one time, but I mean I didn't mind cause I really needed a haircut.


I was just shocked like, God damn it, I was gonna tell you after they cut the hit, it was like I was like, how much I owe you?


Two hundred. What did you expect? Man No, because we're not expecting to get a haircut our whole lives.


Yeah, well, that was the most you ever paid.


It was one hundred dollars because everybody else was paid a hundred dollars. I want to be cool like everybody else. Yeah. I'll take my hands. I'll just take my a.d.a. My stuff is like when I'm gone I'm done.


Why is it cost that much for a body. I feel like can't you cut your own hair to socialize.


Basically be paying a man four hundred dollars to come to your hotel room. You're getting more than a haircut.


All right. I'm making this Dalyan. She has identified Trillanes as the person who did shoot her.


And it's just been a lot of misinformation going around. And she showed that she got shot in her feet the back of her feet. She talked about that. She has never said who did it. But here she is confirming, yes, this story shot me. And you got your publicist and your people going to these blogs line is I tried to keep the situation off the Internet, but you dragonair my talking. I hit this. I never hit you.


I was like, oh, she mad because he's shot Kylie. No, I wasn't.


I feel sorry for me, man. I really do. Like she's still grieving her parents. She's also blowing up as a rapper, but she probably feels like she can't trust anybody. Every time I see her talk, I just see the trauma in her voice and see the trauma in her eyes.


So I really hope, you know, she's she's she's taking care of herself.


And in addition to that, you know, she talks about wanting to protect Tori Trillanes.


If you really want to set them up to try to save this, even though he shot me, I tried to spare him. And Yoma is not. Spare me. That's crazy. I don't do so much on a daily basis anyway. And I try to say this all on the Internet, talking about how bad you think you saw put out free to that. They're not in jail. He's not in jail because I didn't say loud what happened as soon as it happened.


And I sure as heck why are you not saying that the what the p don't get on him to say yes to her. Wow. Tell me why you saw no reason.


You know, it's crazy because people were trying to say that she's a snitch. Come on. That's ridiculous. And I hate this.


Everyone blaming her like this. Not at all. Definitely not snitching. This is not snitching at all. In fact, this is what she's supposed to do. When somebody commits a crime, you know, like this, you're supposed to go tell on that person because clearly something is often that person's mind that he would probably go repeat that behavior someplace else to somebody else.


Yes, you should tell on people like say and if you don't tell on him, how is he going to ever get the help that he needs?


First, he got to deal with the consequences of his actions by going to jail, you know, losing the career, whatever it is. But then he has to start going on his own journey of healing. He got to go to therapy. He got to go, you know, sit down with somebody and figure out what's going on in his mind. He needs help to well, he could face assault charges now.


So they are asking law enforcement to provide a further investigation, whether they make the decision whether or not to file felony assault with a semi-automatic firearm, charges against him.


It's just a sad situation all the way around. And I really don't know what gets you to that point. Like, you know, I don't understand what make your Trillanes like. At what point do you say I'm Trillanes? This is making this down.


You don't shoot.


Yeah, but again, I just want to send some love to meagerness Dalyan. You know, throughout this whole thing, I think it's important to be respectful of her privacy. The timing that it takes for her to speak out on what she wants to speak out about that is a seriously traumatic incident. If you cannot act like she should do this or she should have done this, or why didn't you do that, she'll do what she needs to do in her own time.


Yeah, I just hope she gets up. I wanted to go sit down with somebody, sit down at therapist. I would a grief counselor just, you know, unpack everything that she's been through over the past few years, because I can I can see the trauma in her eyes, definitely sending her but positive energy, love and light. There you go.


All right. I'm Angela Yee, and that is your roommate.


Reports say something tells me I don't know how you let Daniel Rollin's escape the show today without asking him about why he was butt naked in a hotel room with nothing but nice.


What was he, butt naked in a hotel with another? They don't remember.


What are y'all doing? Yo, yo. I remember. Oh, yeah.


He said yeah. He was blowing the privacy of my own room. I enjoyed myself that night. Yeah. I had a good time and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. There's a bed and then you invited the guy in the bed.


Somebody burst to my door, son. He had to do it. Oh yeah. Well, whatever is a back door, it definitely was a back door. This is what I and I was so positive today. I told myself I'm not going to let them drag me down this alley. I'm not going to let them disrespect me and not directly question. We just want to know why he was naked in a hotel room with another guy and then a lot of him in the back building hotel with another guy, another guy busted in my room saying, whoa, whoa, whoa, whatever you want to do, if there's room, if room is the community nickname for it.


Cool. All right.


Well, some guy was at work for I don't even know the whole. So I do remember, you know, the whole story, again, saying the hotel fired him up after I did not invite anybody up for anything.


So that's all right. That's all right.


I'm out to revolt. We'll see you guys on Monday. Everybody else makes this up next on.


I have socks on. You had socks. That's all you need on my story.


And most people keep socks on when they sleep with randoms. My goodness. All right. At The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Good morning, everybody.


Is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlemagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club now, shouts Luenell, comedian for joining us this morning.


Yes, Lutalo Now I really can't wait to see her in coming to America Part two. She's good and Dolemite as well. But I really coming to America needs a theatrical release. That's why I Korona really, really, really ruin things like I wouldn't even feel right being at home watching coming to America part two. But even if it does end up coming out on the streaming service, we still got to make it some type of type of event.


Absolutely. And also offers a former officer, Jacqui Williams, for checking in. Yes.


Make sure you go to his Instagram. Wolfgang Jocke w o lfg Anglesey. They'll send a man a dollar, send them five dollars in them ten dollars. You know, we got to reward officers when they actually are good police officers to speak out against the bad ones. So, yeah. Go take care, Wolfgang. Yeah, absolutely. All right.


Ed Rollins, thank you for stopping through this morning. Daniel, thank you for giving me the platform to be disrespected. Once again, sir, we didn't mean any disrespect.


You know, I'm running with that narrative. You said I was wrong about that matter. You said I was talking and I wasn't talking about nothing. I was trying to express myself about my love for nature. I was how I think everyone should be in touch with nature. And then you just just need to know. We did and we just said, but you just rambling. Nobody said you wasn't funny today. We didn't play any jokes.


We did. We we we didn't. We respected you this morning. Accept your apology.


Nobody apologize, man. I think I think Donald likes the abuse. I think he misses the abuse and Stockholm syndrome.


I just want to say thank you and shout out to Chappelle in the summer camp and all the people out here in Yellow Springs that have made this a very wonderful summer.


As Daisy Powell was out all night last night, he was like, I'm a breakfast club in the morning.


I was like this. I don't think so. You guys are until eleven, right?


I wasn't supposed to be here. I know. Yeah. Like, what is he doing here? Oh, right. Well, when we come back, we got the positive note is the Breakfast Club.


Good morning. Another. You know, his perspective with the people that we would be warning everybody is D.J. Envy, Angela Yee, Charlemagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club.


Now, Charlamagne, you got a positive note? Yes.


I just want to tell everybody this weekend, man, protect your space. Protect your true. Protect your piece today, OK? Rise above any ignorance. Don't allow someone's misery to steal your joy if you don't finish the job done.


Well, you know, I want to know if I thought that it was an unimaginable crime.


We couldn't believe something like that would happen here.


Again, all from the same family. This is the Paikin massacre. Listen to the pectin massacre on the I Heart radio app, on Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.