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Hey, I'm Gabby, I'm Taylor, I'm Neka, and we're the host of a new podcast called Gals, we're just three fun and flirty gals talking about all the fun and flirty ways that people expire, like how three people died because of a poodle.


Basically, this podcast is kind of like Sex in the City.


If they only talked about dead people. Join us as we laugh, but mostly crime in the face of death. So listen to cadaveric out December nine new episodes out on Wednesdays.


Listen to cadaver goes on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcast, or wherever you get your podcasts, allow me to introduce myself again. Angeliki and Charlamagne. The guy came a long way. I think that's all I have a certain amount of respect for. You know, what everybody else does. Geologist's, the best of which is this platform, the reach you all had that you earned make space for somebody like me. You guys have a direct line to the coaches.


Oh, my God, I'm on the radio.


And that's why all I do is read about the breakfast every morning. It's good you guys are trending every you know, I drag my ass out of that. I'm like, what happened at the Breakfast Club today? It's.


Good morning, U.S.A. means late, good morning, everybody is Thursday. Yes, Thursday, weekend is almost here. Holiday season is upon us. Last night they lit the Rockefeller tree and I saw that. Did you see it had the tree? Look, I saw it this morning on the news. I saw the Tea Party because when I first brought it up, it look kind of shaky. Look out.


I mean, it's, of course, covered with lights. That's all you see. But it looks cool. No, I've never, like, gone, you know, how people go. And I think you need a ticket if you want to go see the tree yet you got to reserve you got to reserve a time reserve spot.


You could do it on your phone and then they text you when your time is and you can pass by. They take some pictures. Mm hmm. I got time for that.


I'm the I watch it on TV. I ain't going down there. And there's a lot of people down there know I'm good. I'm good money.


I am good. I can't believe it's December already. Yeah, it doesn't feel I believe it's almost Christmas.


It's almost New Year's. And then my birthday's January 3rd. So this time always is like Christmas, New Year's and then my birthday is hectic time and my dad's birthday.


Yeah. I've been telling people to, you know, do your shopping early. I said it a couple of weeks ago when I'm speaking to the FedEx and UPS guy, and he was like, you know, packages are going to be back with a lot of people who like to get their gifts to after Christmas. And I didn't listen to myself.


I didn't run, keep telling everybody else and I didn't order one kids gift yet.


I got to do it today. I saw in L.A. the mayor did a new stay at home order and they're saying that everybody has to stay home. It's an emergency order. Yes, it is time to cancel everything. Yeah.


Even in New Jersey, in New York, they've been trying to get, you know, businesses to close early, not have as many people, but businesses are at the point right now what they like. Look, I'm trying to survive. Like I understand it's a pandemic. I understand that people are getting sick. But in a minute, I'm going to lose my business. I'm losing my life savings. People like, look, I got to do what I got to do, wear your mask and let's try to make this happen.


But I really feel bad for small businesses and those businesses that that don't get the bailout money, that they don't get the support, they don't get the large sums from the government. A lot of businesses don't. A lot of restaurants are hurt. A lot of borrowers are hurt. A lot of small businesses are hurt. Like I understand that, you know, we're trying to to save lives and you want people to wear masks. But these businesses out there, a lot of them won't bounce back, will close forever.


You know, and these businesses that's been allowed around 20, 30, 40, 50 years, which is crazy. And it's hard because at the same time, we had more than 200000 new covid cases yesterday, the highest amount of number of deaths since the pandemic started. Over three thousand. Yeah, yesterday. But a lot of those big you know, those big businesses like, you know, your big gyms and your big stores, they'll be OK government to cut them a check to file for bankruptcy or and then they'll bounce back.


But a lot of these small businesses, like that's how they survive, like that's how they pay their bills, their mortgage, just like they really depend, especially on a holiday season, like a lot of a lot of businesses.


This is where they make all their money and then they good for the rest of the year or even the summers where they make all their money. So the fact that we, you know, are not helping them and supporting them is crazy. But I really don't know what to do because it's like I don't want to go out because I don't want to get coronavirus. But you want to support small businesses because small businesses support the small local towns in that environment, in that area.


You know, I've been doing these wells Wednesdays about entrepreneurship. A lot of what we've been talking about is these are small businesses and have a lot of people have had to pivot to online and figure out ways that they can actually right now adapt their businesses to what people need. And we've been talking a lot about what people have done in order to survive during this time. But, you know, you can watch well, it's Wednesdays and the YouTube channel to see about that.




We like restaurants like, you know, as you say, you can only get 20 percent, 25 percent inside a restaurant.


And it's like is available for that is, you know, a lot of I have a lot of people that own restaurants here in Brooklyn that I still and I've been ordering takeout for more than ever before. And I will say some of my restaurant owner friends are saying that they actually are making more money, some of them, than they were before the pandemic. And that's because people have increased how much they are taking out and then they've had to, unfortunately, cut their staff, too.


So there's less overhead. Yeah.


For them. So they make more money, but they're cutting the staff and firing people. See what the problem with that is, is like there's a corporate tax rate. They have this new COVA tax and then there's a delivery fee. So now to order out, if you order out something basic that's usually twenty dollars, now it's costing you thirty eight dollars.


That was you know, you know, you know, you know, I ordered a pick up and they actually give you a percentage off when you do that. All right.


Well let's get the show front page news. What are we talking about. Let's talk about sports because I see there's a lot happening right now in the NBA.


Yeah, well, LeBron James doesn't have to worry about cutting back right now. We'll talk about that when we come back is the Breakfast Club. Good morning, everybody.


Hey, I gave myself to him.


I said don't hit me. Hey, no, I had nothing.


Nothing. I envy nothing.


He turn to my God, nothing's working. When I turn to my song cannon oh, I keep hearing music.


I have possible. You can't use a rhyme I can hear. Am I told you I'll call you on it. We're on air right now, can you? I can hear you guys playing in my headphones right now. Possible.


OK, there we go.


Jesus Christ, what are you guys getting paid for, huh? Goodness gracious. My God. Coquito poppy envy freaked out before am I try to switch to something and now y'all got Your Honor. Your Honor.


I was possible. Please. Yeah.


That's all I heard about what was going on. What's happening. Good morning, everybody. We got it together. There we go. Now, I think I was here.


And you guys, I still don't know. I just hear you talking. I had to talk bad, I guess. OK, he's over there.


It's not like she rolled up. How are you going to come in late and then start criticizing people? I couldn't find parking. That's another thing I'm about to start complaining about around here.


The lights don't open to a certain time before they would 24/7. But because the over they're not making money. They don't open up to a certain time. Yeah.


And when the one we usually get is closed down, but whatever, we're here. All right.


Well, let's get in some front page news. Somebody that doesn't have to worry about parking is LeBron James. He just signed a new deal, right?


Yes, he did. He signed a two year eighty five million dollar extension.


But he probably not to worry about parking because he had a designated parking space at the Staples Center. Not mean. I'm sure. I'm sure that, too. Yeah, but he signed to you know, you can't do a contract over the age of 38. And this is when that contract ends. It's a two year deal. Eighty five million dollar extension. And this will put him to 38 years to a contract over thirty eight.


I was reading in the NBA, they can only do long term contracts up to the age of 38. And after thirty, I guess they have to do year by year.


I mean, I didn't really add much to his contract. It was only a year. Yeah, yeah. I think another year they only had it like a year. Extension is a two year extension. No, but I'm saying his deal the deal is restructured, but he only had like a year left. There's only like one year extra that they added to it.


And Russell Westbrook is traded to the Wizards for John Wall discussed. I don't even see it. I don't even know what's the point in that I feel bad for Russell Westbrook action. Why? They got one amazing talent. He is amazing, amazing talent.


Yeah, but I don't want to see him be a journeyman throughout the rest of his career and feel like I feel like I'm a little bit, you know, I was with the seventy six so damn long dobro and then he ended up with Deanwood and he end.


Nobody talks about them. Where else did he go to say like Memphis, you know, I mean I don't want to see him bouncing from team to team.


Now we just met remember after seventy six. What else you got. You've got to have anything else for LA Angello Ball. He just signed a one year non guaranteed contract with the Detroit Pistons. So his third brother just signed with an NBA team dropping bombs to the Ball Brothers man.


Just say whatever you want about the ball ball you may not agree with. You know, how he does things, how he says things, but he is not like all his kids in the NBA.


That was a middle aged brother, right? I was the one that said he really congratulations in the league. Congrats every single one.


And the NBA has said that they have forty eight positives. I covid-19 an initial reentry testing because the preseason games are supposed to be starting, by the way, guys, December 11th. So.


All right. Well, that is your front page news. And last night I said last night, yesterday evening, yesterday afternoon, the Steelers beat the Ravens. Nineteen to fourteen. They are eleven and oh, I think the closest team to beat them was my giants. Right. I think they lost by three or something. Gosh, who cares about those two?


I'm just saying the same with no one in our division.


Has your team right behind you. A quarter of a game, OK, right. By bragging about nobody being four and seven, you know, the Giants are going to do if they win. And if you know what any of those teams going to do if they win NFC East, go home and the first walk, OK, you never know.


Complete stranger things have happened. Just. No, not no. One thing we can bet on the is going to suck.


Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to win it, it's up right now. Phone lines are open is the Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club. I'm telling you what, Stromile. All of you, this is your time to get it off your chest, whether you're mad or blessed. Eight hundred five eight five one five one. We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello, this.


Yo, yo, what's up? Maltsev deejay and we actually shot other man.


Got something, you know, off your chest, bro. Anderson So answer that Yee of everybody. Like right now I've got a few questions. Like I always had a saying that goes like, OK, don't go looking for love. Love finds you. Is that true? Like like Angela, he has had love life. That statement really true because I'm twenty three life. I be on these little online dating apps like I meet females all the time but I do have like whatever you want to do, it's just like they don't be one.


No relationship like I don't know Yelp like it is weird.


Like you said it yourself, you're only twenty three. You got to give yourself some time and have patience. You'll feel, you'll find that one or that one will find you.


But I mean like I want a long lasting I want to be in the streets anymore. Like it's kind of boring to me. Like I've been, I've been doing this since I was like eighteen.


I think when people say that, what they mean is you can't force it right. You can't force somebody to want to be in a relationship. And sometimes you might want something at a specific time. But if you don't have it, you can't just be with somebody because it's convenient.


So they like, OK, like, for instance. Right. They people like Romeo, he just found him a little like girl and he was like, oh yeah. For years. And he said, I've been single for four years.


But he didn't say he wasn't for four years people and I'm sure he was doing whatever he was doing, but for whatever reason, he wasn't feeling like he should settle down with any of the people that he was dating. And so there's nothing wrong with dating until you make sure you feel like that person is the one. Yeah. And Romeo.


Thirty one. I'll tell you something else, too, man. Set your table. Now, you don't have to do what everybody else is doing. If you feel like you don't want to have sex, do you find that one. Do that.


Be celibate. Yeah. Be happy to be the man that you beat. A good man that you want to be to a woman. Now don't wait. It won't happen for you. I believe in you, sir. Good luck, brother. She's out there. You're Juliet is out there. Romeo.


Hello. Who's this? Yo, what's up. This is for you Corey. What. I'll get it off your chest. Yeah, I want to call it. Thank you. Good morning to you. Every Charlamagne came. Good morning. Good morning.


I wanted to thank you for keeping you guys in check and a very beautiful morning. Make my mornings better. I wanted to thank you everything charlemagne's for all the work that you are doing, especially in the mental health area. I haven't read books in high school and since you've been doing the audible stuff, I actually downloaded a book and I've been reading for like the last few months now. It's really got me excited.


That's why I love Audible Audible. I mean, I love dateable before I was in business with them, but they're they're great. Great.


Yeah. I downloaded Malcolm X's autobiography. I just finished I think like a month and now I'm looking for some more books. I wanted to ask if you could probably send me a book of yours, if you don't mind.


I got you. Y'all got to actually stay on hold or people be calling up and saying that and then they don't stay on hold. So we can't get your address to send it to him. When I send you that, I'll send you a copy of my book and a copy of Dr. Rita Walker's unapologetic guide to Black Mental Health.


I really appreciate that. And lastly, I just want to say, man, you've got to stop that fruity stuff up there, man. All this stuff. Oh, yeah. I'll be doing to much. Sure. Every man, y'all got to cut it out.


That's why we haven't I don't know if, you know, we haven't flirted with each other all week. Well, let's keep it that way. I appreciate that. Tomorrow's Freaky Freaky Friday thing. I got to make up for what hasn't happened Monday through Thursday on you.


Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five. When you got excited, if you need to win, it is something.


That was the breakfast of Good Morning, The Breakfast Club.


The Breakfast Club in Angelie and Charlamagne, the God, this is your time to get it off your chest, whether you may want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club, you got something on your mind. Let it out. Hello, this is Mike Mike. I'll get it off your chest. Mike was a I didn't want a high level Bush holding a microphone. OK, you're doing a good thing there, will you say, to stay up all your time.


I appreciate you, black man. Thank you, brother. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Can I get a little real quick? Go ahead. If you want to embarrass yourself, who am I to stop you, sir? You say I'm in a bad light. And if you are kid, go follow me. A younger prodigy where all you hear is prodigy, your prodigy. But they want a muscle car do to day like this of like we should like to her to get used to the.


You come to the system, a business system up there, you understand. They know they don't work and they know that my nigga, my right. Not them man. Let's all get a good start when you get arrested.


Oh yeah. OK, it was I, I wasn't mad at.


Hello, this is King changed a black man out of St. Augustine, Florida. What's going on. Why are you still smoking.


Bloxwich Blunt ain't good for you. Smoke a joint. I do it edible. You know, Charlamagne, listen, it's been a while since I've been on here. Ya know, I should be out here all the time, but I've got to give a shout out to Franklin Roosevelt by committee records out of South Carolina. Charlamagne, what's it called? Immig Records. The video is Franklin Roosevelt. We do great things right now. We the ask about to get fired.


It's only the day before yesterday. Why is South Carolina all around?


I want to say sorry if that's OK. There we go. We got a couple of people in South Carolina that empty, too. OK, I just wanted to give a big shout out, like I say, right around the corner. You know, he changed people's lives right now, you know, and shout out to West Side. I'm a black man, by the way. And we got a new song out called Move It High in this movie.


I don't want to miss out, but you can have a black man. Yes, sir. Check it out, man. It's hot. So let me I got God.


And we love hanging out. What he said was that Jesus Christ is this man's mind to give on his website and stuff and tell people how to get to the music. Black people prosper. Jesus Christ is people on the line.


We'll go to another rapper. I don't know if we got more on the line. I don't know. Just keeping people.


Hello, this is. Hello. Hello. Wow. A business out there from Maryland. Hi, I'm Neil from Maryland. How are you? So sad to me. I wanted to thank you so much. I love your show. I listen to you every day like before class and I want studying. And I listened to you as a podcast on lipservice go. Yes, sir. And no one else. But yeah, I love your podcasts insulting me like I watch girlfriends.


I know you said it was the last two years only good. That's right. To go out with my girlfriends. How old are you. Twenty one. Twenty one years old. And that's what I'm talking about. Wow. It's so crazy. All right. It's over a salary. Can I get like your book. I got you.


But you'll have to stay. Oh you got to stay on hold so our producer can get your address and I'll send you a copy of my my latest book, SC1 Anxiety Playing Tricks on me. I say, ladies, but he came out two years ago.


So when I got said thank you, I love you guys. I love you, too.


No, no, no, no. Hang on. I'm coming to get you in for right. All right. All right.


Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to vent, you can hit us up. Now, we got rooms on the way. Yes. And this classic book is getting a sequel. I never thought this would happen, so I'm excited for it. It's been 20 years since this book came out and now there's a part two. All right.


We'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club. Are you dealing with the best life burnout, constantly striving for more and quite frankly, over it, maybe you just want more joy, peace and laughter in your life now? Well, then, let's go. Welcome to your new favorite podcast, Hot Happy Mess, hosted by Meet Your Girl Jerry Hall. Join us each week as we discuss dating relationships, self care, career wins and losses and so much more.


Oh, and moments like this, you know what? Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side because it's fun. Well, that's why I mentioned meeting. There are some people who will check you. We have people in our life. I was crying by the water because I was happy. And I do love a clear, clear, clear. Not because wine will be spilled. Laughs will be had and a few tears might be shed. Message will be made, but we're going to find our magic in the middle of it.


Don't miss new episodes every Monday. Find out. Happy Mass on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.


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Is D.J. Envy Angela Ye shall I mean to God we are the Breakfast Club. Let's get to the room is let's talk sister soldier.


This is the rule of rapport with Angela you breakfast club. Listen up. Yes.


Sister Soldier is putting out a sequel to the coldest winter ever. Now you know, that is a classic book that was like one of the first books when you were younger that you read that you like this little sexy in here. But yes, the sequel is called Life After Death, and that will chronicle Winter Santiago's life as she nears the completion of her prison bed.


And you know, the beauty of books is, you know, people say, oh, that book is twenty years old. But literally somebody could have bought that book yesterday. Right? I mean, like books just live on forever and ever and ever. So a sequel makes sense. Somebody waited twenty years for the sequel. Somebody just picked up that book last week. It was like, oh wow. Right, can't wait.


And everybody kept trying to make that book into a movie and it still hasn't happened. And I don't know when that's going to happen, but they need to to make that thing.


All right. Well, that's that's that's lifetime intellectual property, that book. So I'm sure will at some point. All right, now let's talk about CC Sabathia. They're doing the end of the grapefruit tree, that CC Sabathia story, it's a documentary and HBO Sports and Major League Baseball are teaming up to do that. It's about the life and career of CC Sabathia. So that'll be huge. That's going to debut on December 22nd on HBO and then it's going to stream on HBO, Max.


I'm excited about that, SCC Sabathia.


Obviously, I can't believe I had to tell you that drop. You're Puerto Rican from New York.


And he was in the Bronx this weekend, actually giving away supplies to kids, baseball bats, gloves, balls and all that other stuff.


The SCC drama is out there getting the ball that he released this tape and he said I couldn't be more grateful for the chance to give viewers an inside look into my career and to share my unfiltered story. I struggled for a long time with alcohol addiction and anxiety, which I pretty much hid from everyone I knew. It's my hope he can inspire athletes and non athletes alike to open up and let their friends, family and teammates know that there is a path through this.


You are not alone.


That's right. Tell your story, man. You can't you can't eradicate any of those stigma around mental health anxiety and none of that.


If you don't tell your story, tell your story to his wife to and about that as well.


All right. That Joe says he once turned down ten million dollars to five. Fifty cent. I don't know if that was a real ten million dollars, but this was all in him trying to actually give Nate Robinson his respect for getting in the ring with Jake Paul, even though he got knocked out.


Here's what he had to say.


So when I had beef with 50 Cent, people were like fake, offering me ten million dollars. Five million go five. Fifty one on one. No, I'm not scared of fifty. I'm fighting for free up to top. But to get knocked out maybe on this, I think it's tough, it's tough and I don't think we given them his respect. I'm sorry Joey.


Crack for ten million out of four five. Well I get what you're saying, but you know I think that I don't I didn't hear the whole clip, but Fifty Cent was also a Golden Globe boxer in New York in the 90s. So once again, you're getting in the ring with somebody who's actually skilled at the science of boxing. Oh, yes. You probably would get knocked out. Well, it's the truth of the matter. Yeah, probably.


Probably. But for ten million dollars, I would train and I'm supposed to lose.


I don't I don't like about it. It's like, oh, you know, I'm supposed to say this.


I don't know if anybody ever wants to get knocked out on TV by somebody they really don't like in real life. It's just open for you. And you take the psychological damage of being a meme put in for the rest of your life ain't going to impact you. You think that ten million dollars will wash away that pain. Your son looking you in the eyes, going to school, getting laughed at because his dumb ass daddy with that fake beard got knocked out.


But let's be honest. No, let's be honest, though.


Could you imagine what's one punch with baby shooting in there? It wouldn't have lasted that long.


Well, I would have to just take a knee and 43 students to squat back in those days.


He got he got in the ring. It's not in this day. Not in the street. Manolis, come on. You don't know Tahrir Square. Back in those days, I stood up to fight. And in fact, you agreed to fight. Yes, just that's ridiculous. You don't know Tahrir Square back in the day. I think they're a little smarter than that back then. Oh, yes. You're bugging me. All right. Now let's move a story from yesterday.


NBA star Malik Beasley and Larissa Pippen. Everybody was talking about the two of them spotted together, holding hands in Miami and shopping. And apparently, according to a close source to Malik Beasley, they're saying that he was actually separated from his wife for months, even though they had just gotten married. And I guess in March, they had actually been separated and that he had already started the process to get a divorce. Now, according to a close source, Taylor says she shared they shared that she was fully aware that Malik was still married to Montana.


You but after talking for some time, they bonded over their pending divorces. And that's what was happening. And by the way, they also pulled up this old post of Larissa Pippin's. She had posted a selfie and she said, I hold back sometimes I want Emily Beasley had left a comment under it, said, I just want to take you on a date and treat you like a queen. And that was from about three weeks early.


So the brother did nothing wrong. The brother was already separated, so he wasn't doing anything wrong.


That's what it sounds according to the according to this source, we don't this is all I believe it. Black men don't cheat. You know what I mean? And I'm so sad that, you know, we jumped the gun and I listen to y'all yesterday thinking that man was walking around Miami.


We decided to say yesterday you tried to say he wasn't black. Well, clearly he's black, right? Don't I didn't know. I was thinking he was mixed with something.


But if he left the post on the page, I mean, the word clearly they said that one.


And by the way, walking around Miami, holding her hand, you see the Superdome are now, I think about it. Yeah, he separated from the wife. I didn't think nothing of it, but that's what happened. Social media does that to us all the time. We jumped the gun on things based off what we see. We don't know the whole story. So I'm glad you're right, man.


I was separated from his wife and he didn't do anything wrong. And once again, allegedly, without a doubt, black men don't cheat. It means a lot to me today when you talk about the like again. Well, that was alleged. He was walking around holding hands. I didn't know what.


You know, I did not I never used the word sidekick. That was he was cheating. No, I didn't.


I said they were spotted holding hands in Miami. That's a fact. Right? That was a picture of them and that his wife, who is still married, didn't know and found out the same time we found out.


Well, his wife that he separated from black men, don't you? Amazingly, and that is you, I remember, but you know what I want Jake pornified Clarissa Shields, that's what he needed to call out. But Jane Paul needs to call out Claressa Shields. Claressa Shields. I knock him out. She lost Jean Paul. That's not win. Be a fight. Claressa Shields will wash. Jake Paul. And she's a boxer. Boxer. Yes.


That's what we need to call on. That's what we need to see out of Shadows vs. Jake. Paul, of course, the shot.


She is one of the best. She would put him on his ass. I want to see it that way. The technique that's putting together entertaining fighters. I want to see it.


No, I don't want to see that. All right. Well, we got front page news next. What are we talking about?


Yes. Donald Trump, you know, he's still the president. Well, he has posted a 46 minute speech on election, despite there being no evidence of voter fraud. All right.


We'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club, your mornings. I'll never be the same.


Hey, what up, y'all? Is D.J. Envy. And if you're looking for auto insurance customized just for you, you need the general insurance. They have excellent customer service and they have been in business for over fifty five years. Call 800 general or visit the general dot com today.


Some restrictions apply for your front page news. Break your front page news.


Angelie warning everybody we ought to break out and we just hear I had to stop for a second and has an only fans will not tell us.


Wow. This is crazy. And you don't want us to promote this, it's not our only fans, only fans. Well, will you stop for would you say that on Olefin? I'm not Nakase not only fans. Yes, no, only fans, if you want to say yes, is on only fans what it is.


OK, we're going to be on there naked without your beard. No, I'm not going to be naked, if you really want to know is we're doing real estate. So instead of having an only fans, what we're naked, people can subscribe on the only fans and watch as we flip houses and see how we do it.


Now, your partners see if they going to work working in a house windows because that was important to see. They used to be 400 pounds. I mean, paint a picture that was that was a lot of weight.


Clearly wants to show the body of heat. By the way. He was a lot more humble when he was fat. All right. Now, you talking about Trump's support, not the wild stuff. OK, all right. But he's got an only fan.


Caesar and his wife, Jane, created the only fan so people can because so many people come to us and say, hey, I want to learn more about what you guys do. So the easiest way to get people involved is, a, everybody goes to only fans know we're not naked, we're not in bikinis and flipping Heather on that.


You know, we're not we're not we're not we're not in it. And we live in NJ not showing up. So it's just a way with people to get knowledge and go to a spot to get the knowledge. And for the TV show comes absolutely nothing like that. He's had lost a lot of weight. He looks good, but not good enough to pay for. Want you to know somebody got so excited you got to only fans.


I didn't get excited. Just like first Azoulay fans next year getting up for work. I already talked about the rap is doing everybody else the only fanbase. Next thing you know PvP for.


OK, let me move on, guys.


So three former United States presidents are volunteering to take the coronavirus vaccine publicly. They want to prove that it is safe. So they're hoping to do this awareness campaign to promote confidence in the safety of the vaccine and that it's effective. Here's what Barack Obama had to say.


People like Anthony Fauci, who I know and I've worked with, I trust completely. So if Anthony Fauci tells me this vaccine is safe, absolutely. I'm going to take it. And I understand, you know, historically everything dating back all the way to the Tuskegee experiments and so forth, why the African-American community would have some skepticism. But the fact of the matter is, is that vaccines are why we don't have polio anymore. I will be taking it and I may end up taking it out on TV or having it film just so that people know that I trust this science.


Why should I trust any of them?


Know how we know they're getting injected with the actual vaccine? How do we know? Well, not to mention, you know, that could be a white side talking, OK? You could be saying, no, we're not taking this vaccine. You Whiteside is like, nope, let's go take this back.


But he has a point. Vaccines are the reason why some of these diseases have stopped every true. If we want to see our family members and be able to go out and about and go to your favorite restaurant and your favorite gym and all those things, we go to Broadway, to movies, the clubs, we're going to need to take the vaccine to make sure everything is OK because people take that flu vaccine every year.


I've never had it in my life. I took it this year, never taking a flu vaccine. I just don't want to be on the front lines. I've never had one either. Exactly. It's just like the five in the box. You don't run. I didn't get the first one, do you? Because you might have bugs. You wait. OK, wait, wait, wait a second.


Third, we've got you got your hands free. What do you mean where you got your free. That's right. What's the price? All right. Now, Donald Trump in the meantime, has posted a forty six minute speech. And it's not about coronavirus. It's not about the safety of the nation. It's about elections and voter fraud, even though there's no evidence of voter fraud. And even Attorney General Bill Barr told the Associated Press that to date we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election year.


Donald Trump.


This may be the most important speech I've ever made. I want to provide an update on our ongoing efforts to expose the tremendous voter fraud and irregularities which took place during the ridiculously long November 3rd elections. We are going to defend the honesty of the vote by ensuring that every legal ballot is counted and that no illegal ballot is counted.


Know how much money he raised after that speech? You know, that's what this is all about. It's just all about going out there and continuing this lie about, you know, the election with illegal people donate money to him and, you know, he's building up his war chest for 2024. He's going to run again.


So all he's going to run off into the sunset with all the money he accumulates wanted to do.


All right. Well, that is your front page news.


What are you just raising money to pay his debt off on? You got a big debt to me, does he? Definitely. Definitely does. And let me shout out to a young Chanel and a young Chanel is this young girl who's from Atlanta who has. I believe brain cancer, so her and her family had to move to Houston because Houston has one of the best hospitals when it comes to children's cancer treatment and things like that. So she's in Houston right now and the family is going through a hard time.


Of course, they've been there for the last couple of months because of quarantine, pandemic and everything. So next week we're doing a fundraiser for this young girl. If you've seen her, she's always with if you go to trade to truth, she's taking pictures. We trade a true little Duvall t'ai Khateeb just posted her, I think, yesterday.


So we doing this huge, huge kind of like a 10 hour fundraiser where a bunch of deejays will be deejay and trying to raise money. We got so many people involved, but I just want to put people to it. So if you can't go to her page is young Chanel, YHA, Engert, Chanel, are we going to create something because we got to support. She's a pretty beautiful little girl, smart little girl, but she just needs help.


The family needs help. So we're going to do what we can to support shot the FEC who called me up with this idea. So shout all the deejays involved. Nice Camilo's banking stuff, cakes, infamous AC fees, of course, marked the spot. JQ we just trying to do something for this young girl. I want to put that out there because I know we're syndicated in Atlanta and Houston. So don't we just need to, you know, continue to support.


So I'm sure Watson from the Houston Texans, the quarterback, he's going to be just stepping in and donating a lot. So we're just trying to get people involved. I my heart to see the story about this young girl and their family and how they trying to fight cancer and how they pretty much have moved to a place where they don't know, staying in motels and hotels just to make sure things are right. So I just want to make sure that people are, you know, staying behind and anything doesn't matter if you got a dollar, five dollars, ten dollars, twenty dollars, and I won't be calling a Houston Atlanta station Stukas, I just want to get everybody involved and we can help this little girl make.


I have an amazing Christmas. I really support. All right. So if you hit my Instagram, you could just see the link. And definitely if you can support it, it's going to go down next Sunday right now. When we come back, who joined us when we come back.


I mean, we're going to schedule Richardson, Lynn Richardson, Richardson is joining us. Richardson is joining us. He's going to be talking about financial wealth, generation of wealth and all that other stuff.


So keep it locked as the Breakfast Club or the Breakfast Club. Yeah, hey, everybody was in jail, Scott, and I am pleased to introduce you to Jadot Il, the podcast. I am joined by my amazing, brilliant girlfriend's like St. Clair What I know. And Aja, great dance. Hey, y'all. We are going to be talking about a lot of amazing things like individuality, family and blackness.


Oh, Jill, I don't have time to listen to a podcast. Honey, listen, when you're sulking in your bathtub, listen on your long drive home or when you're shopping at the grocery store, just throw those earbuds in and check out Jadot in the podcast. Listen to Jill Scott presents Jadot Ehle, the podcast on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcast, or wherever you get your podcast. In the summer and autumn of twenty twenty, the city of Portland, Oregon, became the center of a vast media blitz.


Thousands of viral videos showing marching federal agents and police officers tear gas, black clad anarchists and fires went viral all over the Internet. What didn't go viral was the truth, because the story of Portland's Black Lives Matter movement and of the Portland protests of twenty 20 is so much stranger than I think the mainstream media would ever be willing to cover.


I was there, and more importantly, the people that I talked to for my new show, Uprising, a guy from Portland who were there through their experiences, you'll learn the truth both about Portland and about what's coming for the rest of the United States in the next few years. Listen to Uprising, a guide from Portland on the radio app Apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.


Morning, everybody. Is deejay in the Angeliki Charlamagne, the guy we are The Breakfast Club. We got a special guest on this morning. We have Dr. Linda Richardson.


Good morning. Good morning. Good morning.


Doctor Lynne is an entertainment executive and celebrity financial coach. Now, that's what a lot of people need right now. They need some help with finances. I know a lot of artists, a lot of celebrities, a lot of people didn't play. This is really no way to play if they tell you to play and for three months, maybe six months. But I mean, we're going close to a year. So what would you advise people to do to stay stable, to make sure that they can come out of this if they are having a hard time losing their jobs, et cetera?


Well, you know, I think I have to share a little bit about my background, because I think if people understand where I came from, they do understand that I really understand what it means to go from zero to nothing. I was born and raised in Chicago. My grandmother was seventy five years old, cleaning homes of wealthy people, putting me through college. She taught me to go to school, get a good education, get a good job, go to church on Sunday.


We're playing on when kids get hit by a bus. You know all of those things. Yeah. You know, Grandma has got to tell you to wear clean underwear, but I didn't know anything about money if I needed money. She told me to look in the on top of the shelf. Behind the box. Is that my pocketbook? Is that the zipper wrapped up in a piece of paper? So I was twenty dollars. So when I got off to college at a great college, one of the world's top academic institutions, I didn't have any money.


So I got a bunch of credit cards. I couldn't pay anybody when the creditors would call and say, look, can you borrow the money? I say, can I borrow it from you? I had all kind of funny answers, but then I got out in the real world. My credit was jacked up my got my furniture from Rent-A-Center. So I'm supposed to be young, black and educated, but I was financially dumb. Fast forward. I get married, I'm successful.


I help the lady with four bankruptcies and two foreclosures, overcomer credit issues. But I was not living the truth. You see, no matter how much money I made, I always found a way to be broke. And I was making eighty ninety thousand dollars a month, not a year. It did not matter. So the number one thing that I have to say to people is more money doesn't solve a problem. If it did, millionaires wouldn't go bankrupt.


There's only one way for us to start to get on this path to being financially free, and it's to spend less money. You know, we come from a history of having. And so when we get the opportunity to have it, it's not that we are not intelligent. It's not that we are capable African-Americans and people of color. We are presidents. We go to the moon, we are astronauts, we are academically inclined. But when it comes to wealth, we are left.


And so I tell everybody to live by the ten, ten, thirty, fifty. The first ten percent you tithe the next ten percent. You say right now in a pandemic, we've had a great opportunity. As a matter of fact, consumer spending, our consumer saving is up 10 percent from five percent up to 15 percent. The next 30 percent is cash. And cash helps you avoid a spending addiction, which is what you have when you go to the grocery store for toothpaste and walk out with one hundred and seventy nine dollars worth of stuff you don't need talking about.


It was on sale and it went on sale for you in the remaining 50 percent space in your checking account for your bill. So that's really the basic of basics of it. There's a lot more to it. We have to spend less money. We have to get more money because the more money you make, the more the IRS will take. So we have to have multiple streams of income and then we have to learn how to get our money back.


And I think right now, with the new administration coming in, I think this is the prime opportunity for people of color to really dig in and not be embarrassed, not be ashamed, because everybody has either had a money problem, is having a money problem, or will have a money problem sometime in the future. But to start to really do the homework to get our money straight back, a thousand dollars. Did you spend eighty thousand dollars a month?


And still, what were you spending? Will you fly in private? Will you pop a bottle? What will you do with that? An eighty thousand a month? I would. So I started out making just like everybody else. I started out my first. Making twenty five thousand, then you get a raise, now you make a fifty thousand a year, then you get into your flow now making one hundred thousand a year, they're not going to sales now, making fifty thousand a month.


So here's the deal. If you get a raise and raise your expenses, you no longer have a raise unbounded. Right. So what happens is when we get a raise, you get a twenty five thousand dollar raise, you buy a fifty thousand dollar car, you get a hundred thousand. I'll raise you by two hundred thousand dollar house. So my issue wasn't a spending addiction, really. My issue wasn't buying clothes. It wasn't buying drugs. I don't smoke.


I'll do anything. I had an issue worse than that. I thought I was God. I thought I could save everybody. So when my family members needed money, I would owe money to people even when I didn't have it. So they wouldn't think I was broke, which I was. So that's a cycle. And I did not have a budget. I used to think budgets were fabbro people in that crazy like the biggest decisions on the planet.


They have a budget. So what we have to do is start to track our spending. Some say money talks, but I say money walks away from you quietly and you don't know when. I wish money was about the role of our self out here. When you come back, I'm going to be here, but it does not stop. So we have to go and track every single dime. And what happens with us? We all say it's just how many times have we said it's just it's just two dollars.


It's just it's just one hundred dollars. It's just a thousand dollars. So when you go all the it's just that's where your wealth is. My wife does that to me all the time, especially in regards to like loaning other people money, you know, with this whole cash I have ever been more like, oh, it's just I always just down and then you look after six months, you don't spend ten thousand dollars, fifty thousand dollars giving it to other people.


Yeah. You know, and it's like we have this clash with our heart because we are my grandmother. She passed last year right before her 90th birthday. So, you know, my cousins and everybody, they see me on the Steve Harvey Show and Good Morning America and now The Breakfast Club. Hallelujah. And so they I mean, I am I'm successful. But here's the deal with family members not asking for money. And when family members start asking for things, it's like you want to help them.


But I have to ask myself, how am I really going to help you? Am I going to help you by giving you money? Because helping and enabling are two different things. So when we enable, everybody actually gets worse. When we help, we can elevate people. So one of the things that I teach in my 21 days to financial freedom class is when somebody asks you to borrow money, treat them like the bank. If you go to the bank and try to borrow, they want your name, Social Security number, your blood type.


They wonder where you'll live. They wonder what church you belong to if they want to know anything. Yeah, right.


We got more with Dr. Lynn Richardson when we come back. Don't Move is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. D.J. Envy, Angela Yee. Charlamagne the God We Are. The Breakfast Club was still kicking it with Dr. Lynn Richardson.


What do you say to people who are like, I still want to invest and be able to have a retirement plan and some type of estate planning? How can they manage to do that if they're still trying to pay off bills? So I think the very first thing is to first eliminate every single possible unnecessary expense, go through your bank statement, look at the subscriptions that you may not be using. The IRS says when you hire your kids to work in your home based business, you can pay each child up to twelve thousand four hundred dollars a year.


That's IRS publication fifteen page thirty. I say it because people don't believe it and it's the truth and you pay your children, pay them a salary. And now all the things that you were going to buy anyway, all of those things that they can now buy with their own money, you now get a tax write off. So we have to start thinking about every single possible way we can keep money in our pocket. The next thing we have to do is we have to get other streams of income.


There's no other way. You literally have to get more money if they start to get your money back through proper tax planning. And then you just start with a dollar. If you if you say one dollar this week and just add another dollar next week, you'll have fifteen hundred dollars at the end of the year. So start anywhere, start small, start putting money into a four one K head. I just started putting one hundred dollars away for retirement when I was 20 and I was nineteen twenty five then that would be a different.


So I think the biggest thing Angela is for people to know that no amount is too small to start. Just start and stay consistent. Now how do we get this? I think for myself I think the curriculum in schools with change, like, you know, they don't have a financial adviser because they don't teach you most about parents don't know. They don't understand. They live in a house today, a and then they pass all the House bills.


So so how do we get this knowledge that people out there that's just don't know where would you advise them to look? So if you go to ask LANSAT or Newlove University has classes on everything from. How to start a home based business? Twenty one days to financial freedom, how to invest in the stock market. I have a Tony teaching how to bounce back from bankruptcy. What people understand is bankruptcy doesn't cause the credit score to drop. It's the things that lead up to the bankruptcy.


So we have to get an education. And I have been saying this. It's like I feel like Noah, who was telling everybody was going to rein of this and everybody needs a home based business. Everybody needs a financial education. And then here comes the pandemic. And so that's what we're starting to do. Hip Hop Sisters Foundation, which I co-founded with M.S., like we've given away over a million dollars in scholarships to young people over the past eight years so they can get their academic education.


But this year, we joined together with candy bars and we've been giving away business scholarships. We've been giving away business scholarships to young entrepreneurs so that they can have a head start at starting a successful business. So what are the negative things about foreclosures? So if you if you have a bankruptcy or foreclosure. So let's start with the bankruptcy. If you if you file a bankruptcy, if you file a Chapter 13, a Chapter 13 is a repayment plan.


That means maybe you're behind on your house, you're behind on your car. You cannot catch up on the past two payments because what happens with a mortgage if you are late for months, you can't just pay one. They won't accept one payment. You have to give them all four months at the same time. So in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, all of your debts are going to be consolidated. They're going to give you one lower payment. They're going to probably get rid of all of the smaller credit cards with the highest interest rates.


And you can file. You can buy a house one year after filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. People don't realize it's a Chapter seven bankruptcy is when you just get rid of all the debt. You say, I can't handle it, it's too much. So let's discharge all the debt. You don't have to have a credit score to buy a house with the FHA program. You can get a house with a zero credit score. You need to have to have any credit.


You can get a residential mortgage credit report. You can get a house. They will take your rent. They will take your cell phone. They will take your light bill. And they will they will take up rent plus three other bills that you pay to anybody, get a 12 month history and create what's called a residential mortgage credit report so you can bounce back quickly after bankruptcy. But we have to stay educated and stay connected to each other and not be ashamed to talk about what FHA loan as the first time homebuyers loan, you can get a loan with zero credit score, you can get along.


So here's what you could do with the FHA. So you don't have to be a first time homebuyer. You can have one. You can only have one FHA loan at a time and you have to live in the property. So just because you get an FHA loan doesn't mean your interest rate is going to be higher. So let's start there. The second thing is you can have an FHA loan. You can have them multiple times. You can this could be your home as long as you are going to live in the house and it's your only FHA loan, you can get it.


And what people also don't know, the FHA to go through rehab loan. That's a commercial residential. And the only way you can do that with three percent down is through the FHA program. You can rehab, paint, put new roofs, all of those things. So there's a lot out here for people to be able to build. Well, I know that zero zero zero credit is better than bad credit because in fact, you know, you talk about multiple streams of income.


First thing people will say is, I don't have time. I'm working this job. I got kids in school. What would you say to the people who say, I don't have time here? I did an Instagram post on that. I say, yes, you have to get rid of the things that are draining you. You have to empower your children. Everybody can say, I don't have the time, but we have to make the choices and then we have to get the people around us to cooperate.


The best thing that we can do that each one of us can do is be the best ourselves to ourselves. And when you the best thing to yourself, then you look around and people get empowered. This was a hard journey because when I started getting my money straight, I had a big house in the suburbs. My children were accustomed to having Christmases with toys from the front of the house to the back of the house. So when we start cut back on things, my youngest daughter, she asked to get our hair done.


And I think my husband might have said, well, you know, we got to look at the budget. She said, are y'all broke? Like, she was disgusted. She was disgusted. And it was like, ma'am, like, what have I done to my kids? Like, I'm really jacked them up. So a lot of times we think we're sacrificing let me get my kids this. Let me buy them that. Let me go get them this.


But what kids need are parents who are going to give them a financial education. What are some unique financial opportunities you've seen for people during this pandemic? Because I know a lot of people have this drug that we've seen some people really come up. So what are some stories I think that you've seen? Oh, my goodness. First of all, what everybody have to understand is this. Whenever there's a pandemic, a disaster, this nine. 11, Hurricane Katrina, the recession of 2008, the stock market crash, whenever things are going bad publicly, there are a whole bunch of people getting rich.


There are a whole bunch of people coming up. And I said, you know, you'll either be there with the polls. You either be a millionaire, a billionaire or witness coming out of this pandemic. But everybody should understand how to invest in the stock market there for when I don't care if it's a dollar, ten or a thousand, we should start to look at watch the news, see what's happening in terms of economy. Look at virtual streams of income.


Look at businesses that have gone out of business. This business. Figure out ways that you can be a part of them thriving or starting something new. How can you use your gifts to solve a problem? What would be your number one piece of financial advice that you offer to keep? The number one thing I would say is to stop trying to keep up with the Joneses. Rich people stay rich because they are poor and poor. People stay poor because they are rich and poor.


People stay poor and rich, other poor people, which is real crazy. And I've been there, done that. To put that in a nutshell, is to forget about what other people think. That's right. Or in Richardson, thank you so much for checking in and give me your Instagram so people can finally check about Lynn Richardson. Follow me everywhere, Richardson. All right. Well, it's The Breakfast Club, which is definitely. He a mere 12 Moldavians morning show, The Breakfast Club Charlamagne got Angela Envy is rushing back in here, dropping clues bountifully.


Richest man. Yeah, she gets all the time.


She gave out a lot of free jewelry or did help you with your finances.


It's crazy because it's right around the holidays too. And I think that's always a really important time to start thinking about your finances as well, because I know sometimes you want to splurge during this time and we want to buy presents for people and do things that we know might be out of our budget a little bit.


So and for all you parents lying to kids about Santa Claus being a real man is real. This is a perfect year to let them know that Santa Claus, Santa Claus is real and that Santa Claus is going through some problems right now because he can't get to Santa Claus.


Quarantining Santa Claus is wearing the clothes as the social distance this year since Yahoo!


Since you said you lied to your kids anyway about Santa Claus, we might as well tell them that, you know, Santa social justice in this year, that you don't have to get them.


No parades, no Santa Claus is real. So somebody posted something earlier today. I just read. I thought it was hilarious. They said, please allow your chosen to believe in Santa. I mean, you believe that five twenty credit scores will get you that car.


So you might as well just say, you know, yes, guess what? You have all cash. You could get a car.


Yeah. And you can always fix your credit score. There's nothing you can do that ever make Santa Claus come down your chimney.


You ain't even got a goddamn chimney here. The thing we're going to keep lying to people about Santa Claus. Can we at least update the story? I a chimney. You do what a lot of people don't. He comes to the front door sometimes. Oh, you come to the front door who don't have a front door.


But you you said the back door before he comes to competition, you also tell the kid, don't answer the door for strangers.


Santa Claus, he doesn't know, but he doesn't ring the bell.


He doesn't ring the bell. You and do that. You're supposed to be asleep when Santa Claus comes to all you people. I like to do home invasions dressed up as Santa Claus. They won't let you be right in bah bah.


Right. You know, why are you. So I'm telling you. I'm telling you.


Update the story this guy believes in is Sasquatch and aliens. But that Santa. And that's true.


That's true by aliens.


Even though God has shown us the world showed us has shown us the universe and all of these galaxies.


You believe in Santa Claus more than you believe in extraterrestrials. I believe a lot about you. But you from New York, I mean, living in a bubble your whole life, I believe, before quarantine with Timson, but I ain't got no analog.


Don't forget. Looks like we love who got lucky. I never owned the plugs in my God damn life. Oh.


Simply saying don't make us pull out some pictures M.V.. You'll find me in some lugs. You know, I got people you know.


OK, so don't hurt yourself these holidays, you know what I'm saying? And you have enough excuses to tell people why you can't show up with gifts and all of that help kids out there.


Listen there know a lot of kids in the car. Santa is real. And if you don't believe you don't grow, that's why Charlamagne so short. Now we got rumors away.


Santa Claus is real and so is that PBP application your daddy put in the bins in his life. All right. So when the fat white man knock on the door and you, I don't know standards, but he got in that police uniform and you tell your daddy to come out the house with his hand behind his back is your fault because he had to do he had to do to put some presents under your tree.


All right. And right now, fat white man, I talked about that.


Let's talk about, gee, Haribo in the rumors when we come back, because now there's this fraud scheme that they are allegedly saying that he's involved in and he has responded via his lawyers. And we'll tell you what they're saying.


And what is Santa Claus doing a neighborhood with all that rain on the anything this whole thing through some other reindeer has got.


They just way to blue the blue bandanas on it on the necklace of blood. Yeah.


Oh, the butler rented his crib nearly 600 years after the invention of the printing press, the most important book in the history of the world has arrived.


That might be overstating things, stuff you should know, an incomplete compendium of mostly interesting things. It will change your life forever.


Well, that's not necessarily true. Most scientists agree that stuff you should know an incomplete compendium of mostly interesting things is proof that time travel is possible because that is the only way to explain how a book this impressive was possibly made. Why that stuff you should know. An incomplete compendium of mostly interesting things will regrow hair white in your teeth and improve your love life.


That's just not at all. Right.


Well, the love life part, maybe if you find someone who thinks smart is sexy stuff, you should know an incomplete compendium of mostly interesting things available for preorder. Now at stuff you should know Dotcom. Now, that is true.


It's about time going to report.


We are reporting this is the rumor report with Angeliki on the Breakfast Club.


Well, gee, Haribo is one of several people who has been charged in Massachusetts, and that's with a fraud scheme. Now, according to these reports, he's been named in a federal fraud case that says that he, his music promoter and other members of his crew used stolen IDs to charge more than a million dollars worth of exotic services over a four year period. Amongst those things, they're saying our trips on private jets, limousine rides, exotic car rentals, a vacation at a villa in Jamaica and two designer puppies that were purchased from a dealer in Michigan.


Is that a Gruchy puppy? Louis Vuitton puppy? Hermes Birkin puppy. What kind of is this? I would love to know. I really do want to know what the designer puppy is. Hmmm, I guess, you know, some dogs are very expensive, you know, they are never heard referred to as designer. Yeah, right.


This puppy was a 19 count indictment that charges all the defendants with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and aggravated identity theft. What if a designer puppy is really a baby panda panda?


Well, not just on behalf of JARBOE. According to a statement that's been made, he has been charged with several offences in Massachusetts. However, he maintains his innocence and looks forward to establishing his innocence in court. He has legal representation in Massachusetts to be a prince. Lobell, whose team has reached out to the U.S. attorney's office in Massachusetts to make arrangements for jihad. Both appearance. He will appear there whenever he was required, either in Zoome or in person.


Now, how is horrible responsible for this? And what if his team was doing this? What if somebody on his team was using the card and booking these things that he was just along for the ride? He's not knowing how any of this stuff is paid for. I'm just saying I don't know.


Well, according to this report, they said that they used the crew, used stolen credit cards to charge a week's stay at a villa in Jamaica and at his request. And then there was another trip to Florida that was also charged illegally, a personal chef, a private security team. And so I don't know what kind of evidence that they have, but I guess we'll see. He's saying that he's innocent.


So we'll see what happens.


Watch this right now and watch your circle. My mom and dad, you thought I they watch the company you keep. I didn't listen, but, you know, still watch me.


All right. Now, Chad Hanks was on clubhouse. You know, there's a lot going on in the clubhouse. It's the same app that Kevin Hart was in. And he was going back and forth in a room that was about his stand up comedy. When I checked, Hanks is defending his use of Petawawa. And here's what was said.


When you're in an environment where there are No. Jamaican's, no people that understand or are sympathetic to the Caribbean, to Jamaica at all, if you basically where you can go to people and just use it, guys, it's really as simple as this. If I get on a binge or I'm watching a bunch of English gangster movies and I go around and just going about my day to day business, like ordering a coffee at Starbucks and I'm with my friend and I go, I get give me a lot like I like coming from a place of, oh, I'm going to on these English people.


Treehouse. Yeah, that's yeah, that's our clubhouse that was Chiang's defending his use of Jamaican patois. I've heard both things. I've had people who are Jamaican say they weren't offended. And I've heard some people say it's just annoying.


I don't know about I've never nobody I know personally has said that it's offensive. But on clubhouse, they were saying that they do find it offensive because this is an oppressed group of people. And when you use an English accent, those people were not oppressed.


So treehouses, just like Twitter, is just a bunch of people over there arguing.


But you can actually hear it, but you can actually hear the people and you can argue with them back in person so you can go back and well, which is the way the clubhouse app works is it's invite only.


And you have a panel discussion pretty much. And you can only you're only allowed to speak if you're on that stage, then people can listen, like if you're in an audience, but you can't speak unless you're on the stage. So, yeah, not everyone can speak.


You talk about anxiety and people getting stressed out. You keep going on clubhouse if you are not interested. I mean, but they do have different rooms that are about things like finances. It's about the music, whatever.


Talk about those rooms, I've never heard anything like is arguing Kevin Hart, this chat henkes that like, you know, I think we all know what's going on, but I don't see you don't have to go in those rooms. You can go on. There's a whole bunch of different rooms and panels you can choose from. I'm not going in the room.


Come talk to me again. Why people rich off these social media apps like Instagram or Twitter.


Yes, Facebook of. All right.


Well, amazingly, yeah. That's who I remember playing on fan base. One fan base gets bigger. My man, Isaac, he's the third. I'm on it now. I still post on fan base now, you know. OK, yes.


I saw posted online it. All right, everybody there.


I just don't need a more digital distractions man as just, you know, I'm trying to wean myself off all this stuff.


What can you talk to, you know, for after the hour, we're going to talk about a couple that tried to go to Hawaii to have big fun.


We're going to talk about it. All right. We'll get into that. Next is the Breakfast Club. Come on.


Don't be a date. I'm affecting all around you. I want this man to get out and blow his man Charlamagne the top, because this guy had to make a judgment of what was going to be on the docket of the day. They chose you for the Breakfast Club, bitch. Whose donkey the day to day. Yes.


Well, you today for Thursday, December 3rd, goes to a Hawaiian couple named Wesley Mareb and Courtney Peterson. Wesley is 41 and Courtney is forty six. They are grown grown adults, fully formed, grown up humans, part of a mature age. So they both understand the power of choice. They both are capable of making their own decisions and that forty one and forty six, they should fully understand the consequences of their actions. So I don't feel sorry for what happened to them because they don't care about what happens to us.


OK, we all know covid-19 cases are surging all across America. The number of covid hospitalizations surpassed 100000 for the first time, nearly to double the number from spring. OK, they were over thirty one hundred deaths reported just yesterday, just on a Wednesday.


OK, two hundred and seventy two thousand seven hundred ninety nine people have died of covid and more than thirteen point nine million people have been infected. We shouldn't be here. OK, yes. The last administration handled it all wrong, as we know. But it's also you humans, OK? You humans who don't believe the virus is real, you humans who don't want to wear your mask. Listen, I love raw dogging oxygen, too, but guess what?


I love being alive and healthy even more. I also don't want to get anyone else thinking caused them not to be healthy and die. That's what a good human does, OK? Part of being a good person is helping us is all right. Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth, simple and plain. But Wesley Mareb and Courtney Pearson clearly don't feel that way. See the couple? We're flying with their four year old son from San Francisco back home to Hawaii, and they got arrested.


Why did they get arrested? Let's go to ABC seven for the for the news report, please.


The Hawaii couple who travel from San Francisco International Airport to Hawaii has been arrested for boarding that flight when they knew they were positive for covid. The mayor of Hawaii announced the arrest. The man and woman are actually resident alkalis who tested positive during pre travel screenings prior to their United Airlines flight from SFO over the weekend. They're charged with second degree reckless endangerment. They're currently in isolation and contact tracing is being done to alert anyone who needs to go into quarantine.


These two cases have increased the island of Hawaii, the total number of current positive cases to seventeen from fifteen.


Disgusting. OK, these two have absolutely no regard for anyone else's life, anyone else's health, including their son.


You test positive for covid and still get on a plane, still walk through airports, still interacting with people because you need to get home to Hawaii. I get it. You wanted to get home back to Hawaii, but you tested positive for Kovik. Sit your ass down somewhere, OK? You thought you was going to get back home to Hawaii to have big fun, didn't you, Wesley and Courtney? Isn't that what you tried to do? Didn't you get on that plane to Hawaii to have big fun?


Tell me, Wesley, tell me, Courtney, didn't you get on that plane to Hawaii to have big fun? Shut up.


Don't you dare open your mouth when I'm asking you a question. Did you really think that the two of you could go careening into Hawaii after testing positive for college and not one single person would find out?


Did you really think that Wesley and Courtney shot up Hawaii was the perfect place for you to be from Hawaii? Limbo would be the perfect game before you two. Before you two, because this is low, OK? Knowingly boarding a flight, aware of their positive covid-19 test results, placing the passengers of the flight in danger of death.


You two are the wretched. OK, you didn't have to go see the wretched.


You both are wretched. In the morning of the donkey is those who are happiest are those who do the most for others. That's why you two are wretched. No way. You all are happy because you clearly don't think about anyone else but yourselves.


Please give this Hawaiian couple Wesley Mareb and Courtney Peterson DiBiase are disgusting. We all miss raw dog and oxygen. You hear me all right. But you got to do what you got to do to help others. Put your mask on social justice and please, if you've tested positive for covid Corindi.


Correct? My God.


All right. Well, thank you for that. Don't get a day now. When we come back, ask ye eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need relationship advice or any type of advice, call ye. No phone lines. Open is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. Warning everybody is D.J. Envy, Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are, the Breakfast Club, it's for ASKI. Hello, who's this. Yeah, this is Darling. Was, of course, for you. How you doing? First off, good morning. Hey, Danny. How are you. I'm doing good. It's crazy. I got in this is my second time trying, but I guess, you know, I'm just highly favored.


But it's meant to be about the holidays for my girl. My girl she likes, you know, things are bags, which is cool, you know, but she gave me her Christmas list, you know, and everything's on there like fifteen plus hundred dollars, which is cool, which, you know, I don't mind spending. I just I've never I've always looked at, you know, my previous relationship, stuff like that. They weren't into that.


And it just seems like a lot of money for a bag, especially at the time.


So, I mean, OK, I want to give her some sea life.


Do you have it? Like, can you afford it? Because there's nothing wrong with if you fifteen hundred is too much out of your budget right now.


Not that I can, I can probably afford it, you know, especially for her. I love it, but I just I've always looked at it like, you know, you know what else we can do with our money. Yeah.


But you know, it's a gift for a reason. That's the and I listen, I'm never a fan of splurging on things if you don't have it. But if you do have it and it's going to make her happy, then it shouldn't be an issue.




But I just want you to be honest about that. If you need to tell her, look, I'm, you know, budget timing, I would love to get you something, but I can't get you this instead. I can do this because it's not really all about the gift. But I feel like this, too. If I mean, like I actually had a relationship with an ex boyfriend who when we broke up, he used to get me the worst gifts and we together and I'm not a I'm not the type of person that's materialistic in that way.


But I also feel like you should be thoughtful and what you give somebody and pay attention to what it is that they like.


It doesn't have to be the most expensive thing. It just has to be a thoughtful present. Now, you ask me to give you a list or she just gave you one.


I think she just knows, you know, she she likes that. She likes to go. She didn't say this was you have to give me. She is funny because she actually told me yesterday she had a conversation with a friend and a friend was like, you know, he ain't seen by to get to know that, you know, her advice to her, her friend's advice to her was, you know, don't ask for nothing. That's more than the rent.


OK, well, that's good advice.


You know, give her like thousand dollars cash, let her get to and then she can get it towards whatever she wants.


But, you know, I also feel like isn't part of the given the gift, not just giving somebody cash, but buying them something that they can look at and be like, look at my baby got me right.


I think she'll appreciate that cash. This is my. Yeah, well, you can do that, but you could also get her.


But I will say this. Give her like a really nice card or something to put it in the presentations. Important.


Yes, something thoughtful. OK, can you hear me? Yes, sir. Mm hmm. Good morning, ma'am. How you doing? I was I get one of your books.


I'm definitely going to send you a book, man, because you're going to need it to read in jail because I feel like you about to go out there and apply for a fake BP loan. I feel it. I feel and I feel it in my bones.


I heard it when you was talking. I was like maybe about to do a fake PCP scam right now. But no, I'm I'm a senior copy.


Say, OK, OK, hold on. And I'm sending you a copy of Dr. Reed Walking Unapologetic God to black mental health. All right. Ascui eight hundred five five one two five one. If you need relationship advice to any type of advice, call you now with The Breakfast Club.


Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Is T.J. Envy Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club we're in the middle of ask ye. Hello.


Who's this. Hello. Hello. Hey, what's your question for you. Oh I just want to know like how I guess I should feel about I guess my baby's father. He, I guess we were together for a couple of years and now we're not like that. We'll be back for you like any other baby mom. And I just figure out like how sad I feel about, like, you know, the holidays coming up. And he basically, you know, going back and forth between the both of us.


So you get along with the other baby mom.


Not at all. Not at all. And, you know, y right. Well, yes, you super rule. I mean, I honestly like not even babies that were like that, but like you said, things like about my kids, they're like she's like very no.


Like evil but they don't get along as because of him, because he's sleeping with both of you and y'all don't like each other because of it and you take it out on each other instead of on the person you should really be taking it out on, which is him.


I agree. A thousand percent.


And so I just want that out there because I think what's more important than that is that your children. Both raised in a loving environment, and he's putting you guys both he's ruining both families by doing what he's doing because now you don't like her. She's nasty to you. I'm sure you're nasty to her as well. Yeah, like comparing yourselves to each other. You're one of the guys over there who should be over here. She's Wagh sees this.


You're going in on her because it's something that he's doing. Yes. And so I think he sounds like a very selfish person. And what you need to do is find somebody to be in your life who is going to know for certain that you are the person who he wants to be with and who will be a good role model for your child. How do you think your children feel seeing him do the things that he's doing and then seeing how it affects both of you as a mother?


I totally agree. You know, this is the reason why me and him aren't together, because, you know, for years I was basically like the girlfriend that was being cheated on. You don't feel like going back and forth with her, but it's it is so weird, like that whole situation. I don't know if it's real crazy. Will you be on the phone for hours right now? If I really find out about everything that's going on but that like like basically the kids that I have with the child that I was supposed to be like his only biological child and I don't know, it's just like a whole whirlwind of stuff going on here.


And I mean, I don't know. I totally agree with whatever you say or whatever. I guess it is like I'm in a predicament right now. Like, I am still dealing with him. And I you know, I'm not working right now. So, you know, he's helping out, you know. So if I don't deal with him like that, then I don't get the help.


He has a job with you. Doesn't he have to support that child?


I totally agree. But it doesn't happen that way if I'm not dealing with him.


You know, he sounds like an awful person. Everything that you're telling me about him, he'll only take care of his child if he's still sleeping with you. So he's using that so that you can survive and have to be dependent and rely on him. And now he's got you in a situation where you don't get along with the other child's mother and you are to be fine with each other. Now he's got your children looking at you all crazy like, man, what's going on with my family?


And he's getting everything that he wants. He's sleeping with you. He's sleeping with her. You're not going anywhere. You're not doing anything because you feel financially that you're dependent on this man. So now you're sleeping with him and continuing to do that, even though it's against your better judgment.


Yes, because I do have other people that can can help you out during this time to know.


I actually was I was working at this department, you know, in my spirit or whatever, and I got laid off during all the ins. And everything is really just the, you know, him helping me out, basically.


But I don't want to get a child support to make sure that he takes care if he is acting like he will do because of that. OK, good work. Like so I mean, he's still I don't think I'm going to give anything up. He you know, he you know, or else you gotta do better for yourself.


You got to think better of yourself and do better for you and for your child. Most importantly, it sounds like this is not going anywhere good. It is. It is so funny. I had a car just to hear someone say it like, you know, out loud, I'm I you a gift.


OK, I have something for you from urban Skinemax. I want to send you this amazing gift package.


Do you have a cash up? Maybe people want to help you out so you don't have to worry about your baby daddy.


I do. I really don't want to make you anonymous.


OK, well, hold on the line. We're not going to put your information out there at all. But I do want to send you a gift package to help you out. And we'll we'll speak about this later. But what I want you to do is leave this man alone, take more of yourself, figure out how can you not have to rely on him so much? He still needs to take care of his responsibilities and his child. But if there's a way that you can talk to family members, friends, anybody at this time who can be a support system for you, don't be ashamed or embarrassed because you're not the person doing anything wrong.


He is. He's got you in a situation where, you know, your self-esteem is probably low. You beat him with this woman. That's stressful already. You got a child that's watching everything that's happening and looking at you. And you got to be a good role model and you got to take care of yourself.


And I want you to find happiness and you're not going to find it as your black and your blessings with this bum.


Yeah, totally. I agree with everything is that I just, you know, without it, I just feel so, you know, and so. Mm.


Well, listen, it feels like that until you're out of it. And when you look back, I want you to look back at this six months from now and be like, damn. And we do this all the time.


What was I thinking. Yeah. You know, but it's ok, I get it. So hold on the line. I'ma send you a nice, beautiful gift package from urban Skinemax and we're going to get your information so we can stay in touch.


OK, thank you. All right. No problem asking.


Eight hundred five eight five one two five one if you need. Relationship advice you can hit, you know, we got rooms on the way. Yes, we do. We are going to be talking about another makeup and situation because we never thought the Tyree's and this person would ever be cool again. But he said that there's no more people tell you who it is. All right.


We'll get into it. Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club. She's spilling the tea. This is the room report with Angela Yio on the Breakfast Club. Yes, so it looks like Casanova has surrendered himself to authorities last night after he was named in an indictment of the untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation gang. Earlier this week, he's facing racketeering, conspiracy, firearm possession and conspiracy to distribute controlled substances as part of this indictment. So there's other another 17 suspects who are all already in custody.


That's horrible.


You know, and I wish I had the best. And I really hope Kaz was not involved in any of these things that the federal authorities saying he was involved.


All right. Well, we guess we will see what happens, but he has turned himself in. All right. Teresa says that he and the Rock have made up after this brief that they've had for quite some time, which we've all talked about. Nobody. So nobody.


Nobody but Teresa.


All right. Well, here is what he got to say during a conversation with Comedy Central. Stir crazy with Josh Horowitz.


You know, here's the thing. And I actually said this about the rock and the rock pit stop, by the way. We talked for hours about three weeks ago. What's interesting about the Fast and Furious is it's not about any of us individually. We're like the U.N. at this point. Everyone gets to go to the theater and say he and she looks like me. But they would tell us then who are we going to play off of? But I just could not make it about me.


So I'm assuming he got asked about the rock. Yeah, oh, yeah, he said me and Iraq pieced it up. So good for them, I'm glad that happened. And they had a four. I wonder what that conversation was like ours.


I'm sort of rockfield so relieved to finally get that off his chest. And finally, maybe he does, though.


Maybe they were really friends. And, you know, you don't like to have a falling out with someone that you were tight with the rock's life.


I'm sure without Tyree's. I'm sure nobody says his life was terrible.


But sometimes, you know, when life is good, you don't want to have those three of those problems, so.


Mm hmm. All right.


Now, Drake has announced the launch of a Nike sub label. It's called Not NOCCA. That is for the nocturnal creative process. He released a statement and he shared some thoughts. He said this moment is full circle for me. I mean, growing up, Nike was everything. It felt like every shoe I wanted, every athlete I liked, everything I owned was Nike. It didn't mean anything unless it had a swoosh.


So like I said, no matter especially I mean, the whole meaning behind it, like for people that would say people that move at night when you said.


I said nocturnal creative process. Yeah, so that's people that's, you know, really late and, you know, always remember when not always, but sometimes we put scary hours and then he drops something late at night, as we did with back to back. All right. Well, the Nike Nakota collection will drop globally starting on December 18th. And you can visit not Dotcom and Oktay Dotcom if you want to see more. Now, LeBron said that he actually wanted to launch his own Nike brand and he had somebody he already wanted to sign.


This might be the first time this person even heard about it. Here's what he had to say. On Uninterruptedly Road Trip and podcast.


I wanted to begin team LeBron and have a look as my first signing with Nike. I don't believe that my guys at Nike was ready for that. And obviously they were not because he ended up going to Jordan. And I don't even know Luka knows this. He will know. And now I wonder what they weren't ready for.


They were not ready for Team LeBron or was he not ready for LUCCHITTA? Signed with LeBron is their team.


LeBron is their team. LeBron, I don't see no team.


LeBron James, if you're not ready for a team, LeBron and Nike today need to shut down the whole goddamned build from LeBron for 17 years.


Man Well, look, I ended up doing a deal, I think, with Jordan, ended up going to Jordan. All right.


Now let's talk about a new report from the athletic Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. According to this report, they got special treatment and that led to some chemistry issues with their teammates. Now, according to this report, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George were allowed to have their own security detail. Bodyguard's personal trainers. They also had veto power over the team's practice schedule and travel times. And several team members think that Kawhi Leonard flex that ability and canceled several practices over the season.


Also, Kawhi Leonard was allowed to live outside of L.A. He was living in San Diego, which was two hours from his home arena. They said that this exception made him late very frequently for team events and for travel. They said the Clippers didn't even have the perk of getting them to act as public faces of the franchise. They even were allowed to postpone postgame conferences for almost a full hour after the game ended for treatment and for workouts. So make sense.


What's the problem? The problem is, I'm sure the people on that bench got to worry about security as Kawhi George, they had a superstar. LeBron, don't get special treatment. Absolutely. Come on now. According to the report, they also were allowed to decide when and if they would play so they could decline playing time.


They could set the entire game, tell the coaches during the game that they would not be subbed back in my league or a wise man once.


They probably don't start to you. All right. That's what happened. We were never late again. That is very true.


But that was about ten years ago. We got written up stupid ass envy, like, let's go out and we got to start me. Now, don't worry about Park. We walk in. We walked in to to meat in thirty minutes. That party had started the first and last time we ever got written up.


I'm not listening to you no more, but I don't. I mean Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, the superstars of the team I would assume partidos but you know what?


You do have to think about it. Imagine how the other teammates feel and how do you build a strong team when stuff like that is happening.


How do other teammates feel when you sign one hundred and ninety million dollar contract and you guy is only making five million dollars for two years, like, come on, it is what you got to know the superstar man. Come on. All right. All right. Now, there's also going to be an all the smoke episode with Paul George that's going to be released on December 10th. And on this episode, Paul George is talking a lot. He talks about Doc Rivers not using him in the proper way.


The way I was being used, I felt like I was you know, Doc was trying to play me as like a Ray Allen, like a JJ Redick ball down. So, like, I could do it, but that is my game, right? You know, I mean, I need some flow. I need some mixes of pick and rolls, I need some post ups, all the just different touches, you know, I mean that last season was just hard.


I can't wait to listen to. And in addition, he talks about when the Clippers were up three one against the Nuggets in the Western Conference quarterfinals and then they ended up losing. Listen to this.


We went out three one. We felt like, you know, we're going to win the next one we lost. We like who we are. Three, two, we're going to win the next one. We lost during that whole process, like we never worked on adjustments. We just literally having the same happen over and over again. So, you know, I mean, we talking amongst each other like the conversations, like, are we going to be all the conversation should have been like, now we need to change going.


Do we need to switch this? So we wasn't like at the end of the day, I don't think we deserved it.


We wasn't prepared enough quality in Paul. Paul, George got Doc Rivers fight. They had that same conversation with upper management and they got up out of there.


But I salute to Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, all the Smoke podcast. I thoroughly enjoyed all the Smoke podcast, and I'm proud to be partnered with them on the Black Effect. I heart radio podcast networks. Make sure you check that out. All right. All right. Well, I'm Angela. Yea, and that's your room reports.


All right. Now let's get to the. This little baby's birth dates start to mix off a little babies, the Breakfast Club. Good morning. Morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club shot Dr. Lynn Richardson for joining us this morning.


So, yes, that was something that advice and it was something Dr. Lynn Richardson said that people don't agree with, right? Yeah, no.


Everybody was telling me that you cannot get an FHA loan with no credit or zero credit. They said that they have.


And this is a bunch of financial people that have been hit me and hit me up. I said, that is impossible. I never seen it before. So I don't I don't know. I'm not a lender, but that's what they're telling me. OK, I can deal with that. But that's what people have been telling me.


Can I get something off my chest that I'm irritated about before you finish this? You know, my Internet service hasn't been the most amazing site called the Cable Company. And I told them, I said, look, can you send me a new cable box? Because I think my box isn't strong enough because my tenant, she said that she had a similar issue. They came in, they switched out a box. They gave her a different one. The guy came upstairs.


He was like, yeah, this isn't strong enough. You need a different one. So I can't explain the whole situation. They sent one in the mail and they sent me the same exact one I already have after waiting all that time to get is just annoying. And that's why when you hear me on here and things get broken up and sometimes not that good, laying the cable company truanting anything I want to tell everybody to.


Man, make sure you preorder Tamika Mallory's book, State of Emergency. It'll be out on May 11th, two thousand twenty one. But you can preorder now wherever you buy books, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, all of those good places.


All right. Yes. And shout out to your wife and Lucy, by the way. My episode will be on tonight with him on my show, established with Angela. That's on Fox. So and it's a really, really good one. So you might want to check out Wife and Lucy. He talks about any and everything he was. I'm ready to just open up about everything I have going on in my life and my relationship to beeves, to the music.


So listen to that. All right.


When we come back, positive note is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club, the Charlamagne.


You've got a positive note.


I do have a positive note and a positive note is simply this. Never regret a day in your life. Good days give you happiness and bad days give you experience with competition.


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