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Donald, Donald, if you're not recording, I am going to squeeze your balls. Well, I've been recording since for like three minutes and 17 seconds, so they're OK. No ball squeeze. Here we go. Hello, everyone, to me.


Hello, everyone. Three way three to hear some stories about should we be about a bunch of doctors and nurses and a janitor who said we've got stories that we all should know. So gather around here are gathered around here are three showing that. Hello, everyone, my name is Zach Braff. Hi, I'm Donald Faison, and I can't believe it, but guess what, guys? We're going to do a Scrubs Rewash podcast.


Yeah, that's exactly what we're doing, dude. Your voice changed completely. All of a sudden we were all talking normal. I do a podcast and you know, everyone it is I, I got nervous and I felt like I should sound like a radio broadcaster, but no.


OK, I'm back to me. There we go. This is pretty exciting. I'm excited about I got to tell you, I'm very excited that we've been talking about this for a long time. We've been trying to figure it out. I've been teasing social media, as have you been.


Oh, you've been you've been teasing social media a little bit more than I have. But I know because I wanted to get people titillated, Donald, I wanted to titillate the masses.


Well, let's think I heart radio, first of all, for putting this in, helping us get salt.


We had to figure out who to do it. And we found a perfect partner with my heart and we want to thank them. And also we want to thank the fans across the universe, because I just think it would be crazy for us not to start with saying we wouldn't be doing this if it weren't for the just incredibly loyal, amazing fan base we have around the Earth right now.


Awesome. Thank you very much. All of you who watched the show and who are listening to this podcast right now. Wow. We appreciate you so much. Thank you so much.


Yeah, thank you. I mean, this has been so many years of love for this show. And, you know, it's funny, I'm sure you have this experience, too, where people come up to the street like I'm sure this is so annoying, but I just want to say I love the show and I'm like I'm always like, it's not annoying. Are you kidding me? That's like the best comment you can give us. So.


Well, it's annoying when you're eating food, maybe. But when somebody comes up to me like, sorry to bother you, you know that person. Why are you saying sorry to bother you? You're not sorry to bother me. You're meant to bother me at that moment, you know what I mean?


Yeah, well, just guys, if you're going to see in public, don't do it while he's eating. Maybe just walk with my kids. I don't play that. Yeah. All right.


Well, just wait outside the restaurant for dark in a dark alley. Yeah, I saw once.


That's how I prefer people to approach me in a dark alley.


I also my only request is not not online at the pharmacy because I'm usually sick and I don't want to.


I once had a guy asked me to sign his his box of condoms at a pharmacy and I just did, you know, I was like, dude, this is weird.


I don't want to sign it anyway. We've already digressed. We love our fans and we're so glad you're listening. So the rough plan is that we're just going to talk through episodes of Scrubs. We're going to start with with season one. Obviously, today we're gonna talk about the pilot and we're going to just kind of tell stories and go through it scene by scene and just kind of tell anecdotes and stuff and then eventually want to have guests on. We're going to today we're going to take a very first fan question, which is thrilling.


Joel figured out how to do that. She's amazing.


We're really excited about this. We should start. Do you remember the name of the pilot with the first episode was?


No, I just want to tell them one more thing. So we were going to do this in person. But then, of course, because of this covid insanity, the good people of my heart have figured out a way for us to do it remotely. So we're he's we're looking at each other over Zoom and he's in his closet, which is friggin hilarious because I guess that's what the only place you can hide from your kids.


Yeah, well, yeah, they're downstairs. We put on Captain Underpants so they'll be quiet for a bit. But if you hear someone yelling or screaming, it's probably going to be my son Rocco or my daughter wylder.


I'm going to take a picture of this to post on the interweb because it's very adorable. Right? Well, let me get my let me get a fresh pose then. Oh, my God, you're so cute. All right.


So Donald has children and and a wife and everyone's in quarantine. So he's in his closet recording and we're looking at each other. So so we're going to do it like this for the foreseeable future. Every week will be coming to you talking about the next episode of the show. And we'll hope that you'll watch it along with us, because that's kind of the idea if you if you watched that episode and then we'll shoot the shit about that episode. I just watched it.


I got very nostalgic. Did you did you feel nostalgia? Well, yeah, I'm just how young we were.


First of all, we were so young, so. Yeah, I didn't remember how young I was.


I was twenty six at the time and I'm forty five turning forty six this year. And it was, that was twenty years ago. So you know watching the pilot for the first time really felt like it was brand new, like I remembered some things but other things I was like I don't remember any of this. You know, I remember certain poses that John C. McGinley made, like when he put his hand on the back of his head and stuff like that.


I remember being like, wow, that's interesting that he chose to do that right now. And that's a show goes on. It became his Doctor Cox stuff. But while we were watching it for the first time, I was like, oh, my God, this is where it all originated. This is where this is where this came from.


There was so many moments I had while watching it to where I was like thinking, first of all, we we can't start off even even five. Minutes of this without talking about Bill Lawrence, who is the creator of the show, the reason we're all here talking, and I was just amazed watching it how how much, Bill? God, it's like 23 minutes long and how much he was able how much storytelling and character introduction.


Pilots are always hard because, you know, the showrunner creator has such a hard job to introduce so many characters and do it in 23 minutes. And it's just amazing how much how many characters are introduced, how many storylines like Love Interest are introduced, how much is packed into one episode?


Yeah, that's some of those. I have questions for you. As a matter of fact, just on, you know, how the whole pilot came together and everything.


Well, we let's start with. Sorry I didn't interrupt you, but let's start with I feel like we should tell our stories about auditioning because.


Well, yeah, that was my first question for you. So when we first started the pilot, I, I had already done quite a few things. Like I was in Clueless. I had done remember the Titans already waiting to exhale. I was guest starring on Felicity at the time. Right. And this was a pilot that came up for me. And I was like, yeah, sure, I'll go out for it. I'd love to go out for it.


Anybody wants to be on a show. And it wasn't until after I auditioned for it and got it that everybody was like, oh my. I remember all of my agents being like, this is like the number one pilot of the season. Everyone wanted to be a part of this and you booked it. And I remember being like, holy cow, I was just looking at it as, let me get another job because I got kids to feed, you know, whatever.


You were completely different. You were like I mean, I know you had been in some things and stuff like that, but you hadn't even really popped yet.


Yeah, I'd done little things. You know, I've been in an indie I was in an indie couple of indies, one called the Broken Hearts Club that went to Sundance. And but I was still waiting tables. Who directed that, by the way?


And now superstar famous person named Greg Berlanti. It was his very first film. And he he gave me one of my first early, big breaks being in that movie. And I was a waiter at a French Vietnamese restaurant in in Beverly Hills and combination.


And people who you know, if you saw Garden State, my film, I'm kind of spoofing that in the beginning when I'm working with a tunic on and waiting on horrible people.


But anyway, I was a waiter there and people would come from having Broken Hearts Club was in the theater and people would come from the theater and they'd say for dessert to the restaurant and they'd be like, we just saw your movie.


And I'd be like, Oh, cool, thank you. Thank you for going. And they'd be like, you were you were great. And I go, Oh, thank you. Thank you so much.


Let me tell you about our specials.


And it was like only in Hollywood can you go see a movie and then have the star of the movie wait on you for dessert.


How did you feel about that? Were you ever embarrassed by it? I was so embarrassed.


I remember I would go to like a general meeting in Hollywood, have these things called general meetings where you kind of go in like you're like bragging that, oh, my my career's going so well and and we should really work together. And you just kind of schmoozing.


And I remember I did one of those and it really went well and I came out feeling so good. And then that night I looked down at one of my tables and the guy was at the table. Oh, that's awful. And I didn't I had left out the part how I was still, you know, hustling and waiting tables.


But so, you know, I got the audition, I was waiting tables. I got the audition. Now that my story is a little funny because I went out first for it in New York, I happened to be in New York and I didn't prepare.


It went so poorly. I hadn't read the script. You know, not every audition do you go in killing it?


And I didn't do a good job. And I when I got back to L.A., my agent said, look, they still can't find this guy for the show.


And it's really, like you said, everyone's talking about this is like one of the hot new shows of the season.


You I think you could just go back in like they wouldn't even know, like your audition.


I don't even they were like I don't even know if your tape made it from New York, like, because no one was no one no one even responded to whatever the fuck you did.


So I thought this time I took it seriously. I memorized that. I worked on it. I practiced a lot.


And then when I went in, I remember the cast director, Brett Wright. I was like, yeah, he looked up at me like, oh, OK. Like with a smile. And then it was off to the races. Then I met Bill and I worked with Bill and and then, you know, I literally auditioned six times before I got it. And then finally my final audition was for the network and it was down between four of us.


And I read with Sarah and I, you know, I had it six times.


I wore the exact same outfit every single time because I was so superstitious and I could really tell that Bill was rooting for me.


He made it known to me that that that he wanted me to get it. But but there were a lot of, you know, people that were more famous than me that were that were I mean, that were famous, that were up for it.


So I couldn't I couldn't leave. I got it. But anyway. So tell me tell me about your audition.


So I, I auditioned for it the first time I auditioned for it. I don't know who was in the room, to be honest with you. I just auditioned and they were like, they want to bring you back. And then I came back and I auditioned again. And this time Bill was there. And I remember being like, okay, you know, at this point in my career, it was like, I'm just going to audition for things as many times as I can until they say, yes, you know what I mean?


Or until they say no. And I remember they were like, all right, look, you're going to test for this, but they want you to go in for one more audition before that, just to run lines with Bill and work on the jokes and stuff. And I was like, yeah, absolutely. The one thing I remembered to this day, he's still like this. If Bill wants the joke to work, he'll laugh. Even if it fell flat, he'll still laugh to give you the confidence of Yo, dude, that's the joke.


That's where the joke lands, right? Yeah. So we went into the room and we're working on it and he's laughing at everything. And I'm like, oh, I'm crushing it. And then after every take, he'd be like, All right, now let's work on this beat. And I remember it was him and Danny Rose at the time. Yeah.


Danny Rose is another one of at the time he was Bill's assistant. But then he then he rose up in the ranks and became a producer on the show.


Right. And so we did it. And then he was like, all right, good luck tomorrow. And I was like, all right, bet. And so I went on the audition and I saw a bunch of friends of mine auditioning. And Sarah was there. And, you know, we were there for about an hour and a half, all of us testing in front of the network. And I remember at one point, you know, we're all sitting out there for a while and they hadn't come out in a bit.


And Bill comes out. It's like, Donna, I need to talk to you real quick. And I was like, oh, well, I guess I'm the first person to go home. And he says, So, look, your audition, you probably could tell already, but you you kind of fucked it up.


Oh, so. Oh, my God, I'm dying.


And so, you know, I want to give you another shot because I the things that I've seen you do, you just didn't do that time in the room.


And so if you could just bring it down a little bit and you agree with them, did you think did you did you agree with them and think like, oh, shit, I was so nervous and he's right.


No, I thought I was crushing it. I was doing everything that we I thought I was doing everything that we had done in the rehearsal. Right. And so finally I go in there and I remember toning everything down and him being, like, perfect and then leaving. And he sent everybody home except for Sarah, myself and one other person. And that night I found out I got the job. Wow. You know what I mean?


And, you know, when I went in on the audition, I expected to see the guy that he had kept. You know, it was me, Sarah, and this one guy. And we were like, holy cow. I guess we got it right. And I expected to see the guy at the table read. And you walked in. I was like, that's not the same, dude.


Wait. So I knew who you were, obviously. But because I had not seen anything, you were in.


No, no. You would. Sure.


I didn't mean to say that you'd seen my two little Lindis. I just mean, like, I guess I don't know what my question is. I mean, like, are you even seeing a picture? I mean, you didn't even know anything about me. I knew nothing about you. You knew what? You knew an unknown guy got the part at least. Right. I feel like I remember what you wore at a table read, though. I feel like you wore corduroy brown pants.


I could believe that you would remember this and a t shirt. And we met at the bar while I this I was writing this down in my notes.


First of all, it was that Crystal Millar's all and Bill's old house and Charlotte Lawrence had just been born.


Charlotte Lawrence was a baby. And we walked in. I remember it was a sunken living room and there was a bar in the corner. And then you turned around and we're like gave me this big smile. And I like and I was like, literally was love at first sight. Right. I just felt I was so nervous. He had to say, I mean, I knew you were obviously I knew John McGinley was I had met Sarah at my audition, but like I was, you can imagine I mean, we're all nervous no matter who you are.


But I was because because also people do get fired after the table read, so. Right. You know, you're like you're like I mostly have it, but I really got to make sure I keep it. And and then I saw you and you were so warm and I think we hugged.


I think the first time, you know, we did hug. Yeah. Yeah. The first time we met, we hugged.


Well, that's that was the that was the crazy. The craziest thing was I remember not knowing who you are and being like, all right. They were and Bill was like, let's start the table read. And I remember being nervous for myself, and then you started reading and all of a sudden the jokes that I didn't see in the script when I read it all of a sudden started to appear because you were knocking out, knocking it out of the park and everybody was laughing and, you know, really excited.


So when it was my time to come in, I was like, yeah, the energy was there. And you know what I mean? I just remember being like, holy cow, this kid is amazing now. And I remember being like, this could actually turn into something. This is at the table read. I remember being like, this could be something special. My agents weren't lying when they told me this was the one. Yeah, yeah.


Man, I remember that special feeling, too. I also wanted to say that I when I drove home from my test, I had a Star Trek, the Motorola Star Tech.


You remember that? Yeah. Yeah.


The the two ways none of the star tech was the little flip phone, the little black flip phone back in the day. Oh, I don't know anymore. I had my little I had my little. I had my little flip phone and I put it on the passenger seat as I was driving home from the network test and I was waiting to see if it was going to ring and like, is my life about to change substantially or not? And the phone rang.


It was Bill. He told me I got the part and I was just flipping out. I mean, I had no money. I didn't have a dollar to my name.


You know, I was like, Oh, dude, who are you telling, man? I had kids. I bought a house with all of this clueless money that I had, and you know what I mean? I thought I was going to be a baller. And I remember having to call home and beg my mom for money so I could get gas to go on these auditions. Oh, really?


I mean, because I was broke, my parents loaned me five thousand dollars to buy a car out in L.A. So I bought a car. I bought a Nissan 206, I remember, which did me really, really well. And and then I was just, you know, living off my waiter's salary. But I got the call from Bill a freak out. I call my mom, I call my dad. And then I called the manager of the restaurant who is amazingly supportive of me.


And she was she was an actress herself. And she was like, I'm so happy for you.


Congratulations. And I was like, well, I quit. And she was like, well, I'll never forget this. You work tonight. I was like, What? Now she's like, you have to work tonight. And I was like, I do. She's like, Babe, you can't leave me hanging like that. You got to work tonight. I was like I was like, oh, I'll work tonight. And I just got like I had hammered people were like waiting on me, like, you know, it was one of those restaurants where people were like, Really?


Do you like sir? And I'd be like, just wait your turn. Everybody, everybody calm down. All right? You're Vietnamese. Food is coming right on. I remember after we shot the pilot just to jump ahead and having to wait for so long for the show to get picked up. Right. And running into you at a club and you being out of your mind blitzed.


Yeah. Yeah, that's probably what happened. I could never get into the club like I would like in the classic thing with like the red velvet ropes.


And like, I can't even picture like me being alone at the club being like, all right, I'm going out to a nightclub tonight because I got some money in my pocket and it's like I pictured I see like Donald going in like the guys, like the bouncers like part the red velvet ropes is Donald and his posse gets gets led into the club. And then I get in and I saw you. I remember I remember the first night I saw you like out in the real world.


And I like screamed because I was like, oh, dude, you are so loud. And he was so drunk. It was so funny. Well, I had to celebrate. So let's get let's get back to the let's get back let's talk about the pilot. Now, the first thing I want to say about the pilot, the first thing I noticed is that that's not the hospital. Right. The pilot for Scrubs was filmed. We filmed technically in three spots.


The pilot was filmed in Burbank, right. In a Burbank hospital. And this one that they show it in the exterior is actually not even that is just a different hospital. But then we shot the bulk of the series at a hospital in Valley Village, which is now apartments.


And then season nine, which we'll have plenty of jokes about, was shot actually on on a backlot on on stages.


But the bulk of the show, the one that that you all know and love, was shot all inside a real hospital. I'm sure everybody knows that it was a real hospital.


The soundman saying something about, you know, I think when we did the pilot, I'm not sure if I'm not sure if it was the pilot or the actual series, but I think it was the pilot saying, you know what, I'm going to set up in this room because this is the room that my father died in or something.


Really? Yeah. That's so dark. Our dressing rooms, you know you know, you've seen a lot of times on sets. The people have trailers, they're dressing rooms.


Well, our dressing rooms were hospital rooms for four, eight and a half years that we worked at this hospital. We lived and did everything inside this hospital. I mean, our dressing rooms were in hospital. The makeup rooms in the hospital offices were in the hospital, the editing, the writers room, everything, all the other sets like, you know, whether it was the inside of a bar or our apartment. All those were. Built into this really disgusting ancient hospital.


OK, so I want to talk about the first scene where you wake up and it's time to that. Was that a reshoot?


No, it was not a reshoot. I think it was done like after the fact by one of the last things we did. I do remember thinking that I didn't think this was funny.


This this whole shaving cream thing, it turned out to be really funny. Well, that's built build turned it into something I remember thinking, like, why would I be doing this?


Why would I, on my first day so nervous be making a shaving cream bra or being like a warrior, a warrior.


Oh, that's great.


Look how young I am. I'm just scrolling through because I like to just reference it. But anyway, I didn't think that was funny at the time, but then I saw it and I remember thinking, yeah, that was that was clever.


OK, and then the scene where we're where you walk into the hospital and the lady gives you all of this energy about what's going to happen today, et cetera, et cetera, and then you not really knowing where to go.


Yeah, I mean, this was one thing you'll hear me say over and over again was and Bill always said this was like there's no person better to play someone young and in over their head than me, because here I was. But I knew anything of I mean, it was all method acting. I didn't know anything about starring in a TV show. I didn't know anything about like I mean, I knew I had some experience, but every time I was playing the wide eyed guy walking around, I was just being mean because I couldn't believe this was happening to me.


You know, I it was the exact same life that I was living.


You know what? Speaking of wide eyed, before we started the pilot, they wanted us to all go on rounds with doctors and stuff like that. I did that right.


I did not. I opted out. I was like, get the fuck out of here. I'm not doing that shit. I don't want to see any of this.


But meanwhile, I'm like I'm like the diligent student who's like, all right, send me out.


Right. I remember getting on the phone with the young lady who was my contact that was going to take me around on rounds and her being like, So you coming down tonight and me being like, yeah, about that. No, I don't see myself ever doing this. If you could just tell me some anecdotes would be great. But yeah, I was the exact I was like the good student. I was like, did you see anything crazy?


No, but I remember thinking was really inappropriate actually, that she was having me like, go around, like to visit patients with her. Like she she put a stethoscope around my neck so I would look like legit. I know it's kind of fucked up in hindsight, like I should not have been doing that.


But did she ever refer to you like that? Because she she was just treating me like I was like I was a medical student and she wasn't doing what she should have done, which is being like, hey, is it OK? There's someone who's an actor researching a part. She wasn't doing that. I was going in and being like, hey, I was a guy's guy. And she kind of like and the people would be like looking at her.


And then they'd like they'd nod to me and I would just be nodding.


I remember I was I was kind of had like a serious not on my face.


Like I was listening and understanding what's going on. I wrote on. So you exactly and I know I want to talk about the title sequence, because that's the next thing that comes up.


I was going to ask you about that, too, man. Dude, how much did you hate that until you saw it? That's one of those things where I was like, this is sucks.


It took for those of you who don't know, it's a motion control camera. And it really took a long time to do that. And at the time, we didn't know how cool it would look. So it was like it took like a full day to do it. And I remember we were all kind of really over it by the end. Then it came out and it was really fucking cool. And then we've heard this for many times, our whole Scrubs existence.


But the X-ray at the end is backwards and every every doctor wanted to point that out. And we used to be like, oh, yeah, yeah, that's on purpose.


Get it? Because they're like medicine comedy, right? Yeah. And they're med students. They don't fully get it.


I mean, we're like, no, it was in the fucking prop guy fucked up the shit records we did.


And but we got lucky with that too because that kind of set the tone for this offbeat, wacky show of ours, you know. I know.


I know. But I mean, early on in like in like commentary, I remember everyone being like the x rays backwards. And we were like, yeah, know we meant to do it and do it again when we do the next time. Do you remember when we in a few years in they tried to redo the sequence with Neil one dad Neil one to add Neil and Neil that you played the janitor. Yeah. And and then so they did a few times and the fan base was like, what the fuck is that.




No, they weren't having it. They were not happy.


They were like sort of like season nine, how they weren't having seats.


And I mean, but anyway, we digress. We have one hundred eighty episodes to ask before we digress. We did great. And then I want to say that the song was it was a song I found from a band called Lazlo Bain that I was friends with and I because originally we wanted five for fighting.


But that was yeah, that was the original theme song. It was something like, I'm more than a bird. We can never use this anymore than a plane. I think you're allowed to sing a few lines more than some Superman beside a train, however it goes anyway, so I can't stand to fly, my friend.


It's not that nice. All right. All right.


My friend Chad Fisher was in this band, and I thought the lyrics were perfect because it's not only was it a great song, but it's like what the show's about, you know, Superman, Donald, get it?


Well, that's the same thing the fight for Fighting song was about. You just found somebody who wrote something kind of similar to it.


I can't do it all, Donelle. I couldn't do it all on my own. I needed my friend more than a bird. Oh, my God. You have such a pretty voice, though.


I just remember how perfect the song was when they sang it and we didn't really necessarily know that it was going to be the theme song until I remember you playing it for me and being like Dode and being like, Oh yeah, that's cool. But I didn't realize it was going to really be the theme song. And so we had that first cookout before we started shooting the show and he sang it with. Yeah, with the with the bullhorn and his boy playing the guitar next to it being like, oh, I don't really know what it's going to be.


And then we made a music video. If anybody never saw it, it's kind of cool.


I, I shot a music video for the song and I shot all this kind of cool footage of us and I'm sure it's on YouTube.


All right. OK, so let's talk about the first scene with you. And I am gathering my notes because I did a lot of I want the fans to know I did a lot of prep for this right on.


So the first scene with you and I, we're talking and Ted, the lawyer is explaining to us, you know, legal procedure in the hospital. Yeah, I remember him making up the line. And if you're if your patients dead and. And you're sure.


And you're sure and I remember that was when I realized, oh, wow, Bill is going to let us he's going to let us improv a little bit.


Yeah. And have opportunities to be funny.


Yeah. I think that's one of the things that made Scrubs really special, is that Bill really let everyone kind of make it their own. I mean, his running rule through through the whole series was, you know, please get it the way that it's written first.


Make sure we've got it good. And then you guys can play around and improvise. And if you have some wacky idea, you can do it.


And that was from the get go. And then he had and he hired all these amazing people like Sam Lloyd, who plays lawyer who played Ted the lawyer.


And a little trivia, who's Christopher Lloyd's nephew?


You know, just hilarious character actors like that that could that would just bring all their own. And no matter what the size of the part, you know, from from from our size part all the way down to people who had, you know, would have one line in episode, there was so much freedom to just kind of riff around and make it funny.


Yeah. And we should give a shout out to Adam Bernstein, who directed the pilot. A pilot. Yeah, pilot. Director for those you don't know, really sets the look of the show in the style.


You know, Scrubs has a very specific style with the whip pans and the the flashing the flashbacks and and fantasies and even the color of the show to make how it looks so much like a hospital and isn't overly saturated.


Like a lot of TV shows that deal with hospital life. They you know, they want their actors to pop on screen. So the blues are bluer in the eyes in the you know what I mean? Scrubs. It looked dingy and dirty in the hospital.


In that first episode, I noticed a lot.


I noticed that it was clearly a thing. I noticed, you know, the whole idea was that it was a it was a hospital. There was very little money. And I noticed there's a lot of stuff. I've watched the pilot.


How many years? Twenty years.


But I remember I was looking at the ceiling tiles. There's all these like missing ceiling tiles. Yeah. And it was and Bill and Adam really made it feel like a dingy, you know, it was not supposed to be a nice hospital.


Also, the show was shot on film, which a lot of people probably don't know.


This was the entire series was shot on sixteen millimeter film. That's why there's no Blu ray.


And there's no if you look at it normally how it's meant to be seen, it's a square because it was before high def video and six by nine televisions and and no one ever like upgrades that.


So this is all we got. I watched the iTunes version, which has the original music. Do you want to explain to them about the music thing?


Hulu doesn't have the original music?


Well, just you know, just because of a question we get from a lot of fans at times on social media, all this music that was put on Scrubs and a lot of people love was licensed before streaming.


So these days, a lot of times if you watch it on Hulu, where it's currently playing or you're watching it, it might have some of those songs that you love replaced because they weren't licensed for streaming rights.


iTunes is the only place or owning the DVD's obviously is the only place where we're all of the original music would be there.


Let's talk about your teeth for a second, because I don't think we can just let this go.


Oh. I had baby teeth when we started shooting the show, I don't have baby teeth and I spent a lot of money on new teeth. There it is.


If you have three streams, if you freeze frame, there was there was a saga of Donald's teeth because he used to have he had fake braces famously in Clueless.


Yes. Because they were trying to hide my small teeth. Go on. Always that really. Why? Absolutely.


Oh, we're getting an exclusive here. So you're selling me my head. And they shaved my head and clueless because my hairline was receding at 18. You know what I mean? Like, by the time I was 21, I had this hairline right here that you that I well, you guys can't see it. But I had this I had never knew.


By the way, I feel like we're breaking news. You're famous. When I was four, they called me George Jefferson, OK, because of my hairline. Are you happy? Are you happy?


But I never knew that the clueless braces were because of your fucked up chislett teeth. Yes.


And then the and then the hats that I wore and clueless was because of my hairline. Oh, my gosh. Like I have a baby face.


I have a baby face. It's a baby, right. Like I have a baby face. Yeah.


But I don't have a baby's hairline. Right. I had baby teeth.


I had baby teeth. Who called you George Jefferson. Your parents know some.


My dickhead that I grew up. My parents. You're an asshole. That'd be hilarious, George.


All right. Let's go for it with your teeth. Oh, and then. Oh then by the way, funny story.


So then one season, Donald shows up. He decided on his own. We could talk about this some other time. We don't need to talk about this now. What can I just tease it for later. It tracks. It'll track. All right.


Don't shut up with braces on the inside of his teeth and had a lisp. And Bill was like, take your fucking braces off. What the hell? Yes. All right.


Look like there's like six episodes where I'm talking like this.


The whole adult shows up and he's like, I don't I don't think anyone's going to notice.


And Bill's like, no one's going to notice. What the fuck are you doing? What you do.


And Donald's like, well, corporative, but you can't see them because they're on the inside of my mouth.


OK, all right. I don't even think that's a funny story, dude. I think it's hilarious.


All right, let's talk about Sarah chocs entrance into the lounge room.


Absolutely. Dun dun dun. The brilliant and beautiful Sarah Chalke.


So I remember at the audition seeing Sarah and being like, that's the girl from Roseanne. Holy cow. Yes. Second, Becky and thinking she's definitely going to get this part because that was the girl from Roseanne, you know what I mean?


Yeah, I didn't know. I knew she was. Second, Becky was as she jokingly called herself and people call her because she had replaced the original Becky.


But I wasn't until I read with her in front of Bill and then I read for there were there at my final studio network test that I got to meet her. And I was just smitten. I just thought she was so funny and so beautiful.


And that was one of my notes, actually. You guys had such great chemistry in the pilot and it showed on screen that, you know, I think that worked for the remainder of the show because of, you know, it's hard to tell a will they won't they, early on in a pilot, you know what I mean? Like you can say, one person has a crush, but you both kind of had a chemistry for each other in the pilots and it was undeniable, you know what I mean?


So, like, right away, you knew that at some point you guys had to get together, you know what I mean? Even if it didn't work, you knew what you guys had to get together.


And then there was that scene where you were in the staircase. And I'm supposed to be looking at her, but going up and saying it looks I never understood why to Pringle's, which is what I say, her butt your butt looks like to Pringle's hugging. I never knew why was Curve because it's a little OK.


So a Pringle isn't a I don't know if it's a compliment for a but though is it. My dude, I was trying to tell me you don't appreciate around Boatie no, I live around budy, but I don't know what the hell are you talking about.


But bro, you think you think I would say like, oh, it looks like a juicy peach.


I wouldn't say it looks like to Pringle's that are like sharp and breakable. OK, let me ask you a question. Would you decide how would you describe a nice bottom, like to a piece of food you would choose Pringles?


Well, I mean, I'm going, OK, do we need to get into this? Well, you can to get into this. You can say it in a nice OK, so really long time.


Yes. People of Caucasian colours didn't necessarily like to have big round booties. OK, and so a Pringle being a tiny curved right. Chip. Right. You put them together, they look like a little tiny booty I got. You're saying because she had a tiny white girl booty. It was pretty ugly right now a days.


Right, because of certain actresses and Instagram models or whatever. Influencers influence your.


Yes, everyone. A name Mama likes around booty. Now a big round. I see. So is so is you're starting to put fake booties in that, starting to put fake stuff in the buttocks area to make the booty round. Now I've heard that some women are really, really round booties already and decided, you know what, it ain't round enough and took more to make it bigger.


I have a question for you about this. Yes. Now, is your theory that certain famous influencers have influenced women to to add not just not just women, men to men to now they exercise.


You can choose to exercise and build up your booty. But you're saying that people really do put put fake implants into their bottoms.


They not only put it into their bottoms, they put it into their chest area. They put it into their abs, they put it into their arms. There are so many people out there where you're like, wow, that dude works out or wow, she she must really work out. And it's all enhancement.


You think men get ass implants? Absolutely.


I do love a no for a doctor who does. That's true because you got a little too far behind. That's right.


I know it's small. It's it's very small.


I was thinking the other day that was the other thing that I noticed about you, that for the first time I met just my butt was really small booty.


Oh, you noticed that at the table read. Yeah, absolutely. When you walked away. Anyway, go on.


I just wrote down because there's a shot of her butt and which I thought looked beautiful. And then I kind of thought about the line Pringle's and I didn't fully understand it. All right, let's move on from Sarah and her glorious.


So let's talk about John C. McGinley. Yes. Let's Dr. Cox, we before we get to Cock's, I want to talk about just I think Matt Winston is first.


So Matt Winston is the guy who's saying I'm a tool, I'm a tool, I'm a tool. And I always thought he was so friggin funny. In fact, I put him in my film Wish I Was Here. And and a little bit of trivia for the trivia buffs out there.


He's Stan Winston son, the late, great Stan Winston.


Did you know that, Donelle? I did not know that. Yeah. So proud of his dad.


He wasn't used a ton. A bill sort of phased him out, although he did have a hilarious line where he goes, it's like a baguette. Yeah. That's I think when he was talking about Kelso's penis. All right. So Johnny C. McGinley, I mean, where do we begin?


The legend, the legend that I remember when we after the table read, when I saw him at the table read, I was like, I'm going to stay clear of that guy.


He's a little intimidating. Yeah, he's a little scary.


And then we did the rehearsals. At the hospital and I remember watching him and I was like and I remember telling myself, focus on him right now because we're all, you know, kind of wide eyed and don't necessarily know what it is we want to do. He came into the game already. Woodcock's like he was like, this is how I'm going to play him. This is how he's going to be, you know what I mean? He knew right away what he was doing.


And I remember I was like, focus on that guy because he seems to be already out the gate, you know what I mean? He seems to be running already where we're, you know, getting a slow start. He's already off and running. So focus on him and try and match that energy that he has.


And he nobody worked harder. I mean, Johnny, throughout the course of the season had those endless really hard to do monologues. And he would sometimes get them the night before and he would work so hard.


I mean, this is not a guy who ever phoned in. I don't think Johnny ever flubbed a line in nine years. I mean, I'm not sure he flubbed lines.


Well, I'm saying most rare, the least often of any of us.


And he was just so honest.


And so he so made it his you know, there's a thing in acting we say like, oh, I don't want to just do it a generic way that they want to do it. I want to I want to.


I want to make it specific to me and make it mine. And a lot of actors, I think, force that. And so they put all this shit on to it.


It isn't necessary. They're just trying to be different where some actors just do that. And it's natural. It feels right. And I think Johnny's the ultimate example of that. He's someone who all these characteristics and all the things, the gestures, the hands on the back of his head, the the touching his nose, like, that's all just Johnny that's all stuff that so specifically him that he brought to that part, you know.


Absolutely. And he stayed consistent with it the whole time. Everything he did, he was like we all evolved into different characters as the show went on.


If you watched the show were very you know, you and I, when we're you know, it's not as broad as the show goes on. Johnny stayed consistent from the beginning. He was the same level the whole time. And you really see it in that first scene where he comes into the break room and is doing his thing. You know what I mean? It's really interesting, you know, to go back and watch now, because when making it you know, I paid attention to him specifically because of who he was.


But to see how I evolved, to see how you evolved, to see how Sarah evolved. To see how you know what I mean. Juda evolved. Yeah, it really and all from this pilot, you know what I mean? It's like the pilot is a tame version of what Scrubs became. Yeah.


I mean, it's all there's things about it, you know, I don't if you noticed, but there's things that are in the pilot that you can see both Bill and Adam Bernstein, the director of figuring out like that.


We eventually phased out like all the I mean, like there's like whip noises when Johnny turns his head and there's like there's little there's like way more sound effects early on, I think in the show that they eventually toned down. I mean, that's a digression from Johnny. So Johnny's is amazing. And people always ask what he's like. And I say he literally is this intense, but he's just the most nice person you've ever met.


It's just like he's like pictured that intensity of a human being. But he's a super sweet and nice.


Just nothing but love, though that intensity with nothing but love. And when he shakes your hand, he puts out his hand.


He goes, There's five good ones for you. Meaning his finger. Good fingers. Yeah, there's five good ones for you. Grab and squeeze.


Yeah, he's got all sorts of sayings, but I'll never forget there's five good ones for you.


Yeah, that one. And this amamou in that. Oh yeah.


He will finish it. We finish a scene in one of our editors named Jean-Michel Michelle and he'd go I think we gave Jean-Michel some mama.


All right, so let's go. The next thing I wrote down on if you anything before this, but was the sitcom fantasy I had where I where I with Sarah on this shoot a man, you know, man.


So I don't even know what this was a sitcom must have been on on NBC or something or maybe ABC because but I don't remember.


We borrowed some actually people out there who know the sitcom might recognize who set it is.


But we just went to an actual set and shot the scene there because we didn't, you know, as the pilot, was it like, Good Morning, Miami or something like that?


That could have been it.


I don't know what probably was a pilot of the same of the same season. Right. Or something.


And I remember this was just surreal. We were in like on a real sitcom stage. And now granted, I have a huge crush on Sarah and I'm doing my best to, like, hold it together. And then all of a sudden we're doing a scene where she rips off her top and mounts me and we make out. Yeah.


You know what? Back in the day, I was like, wow, she ripped off her top. That's cutting edge.


Now I look at it and I'm like, oh, whoa. Did she have to rip off her top?


Well, I mean, I think the show you have to look at it in the context of the year. I mean, everybody forgets now because we have all this everything streaming and cable and everything's so much more risque. And you go to you, you seek out whatever you you watch. I mean, from the show girls. The crazy shit they would do on their to to everything and anything that's on Netflix now, but back in the day, you know, I think Bill was trying to push the envelope.


The show is on at nine or nine thirty. He was trying to push the envelope what you could do on network television. Right. So both with being politically incorrect at times, both with sex, with language.


I mean, he was trying to say, like, hey, network, you can compete and be a little bit, you know, risque, risque.


And so this for the time was pretty risque. I mean, it was very risky. There was a lot of sex in the show. You know, it's funny. I have I'm sure you do. You have people who go.


I am I'm I'm showing my kids scrubs and I can't be in the same room. It's so awkward because it's because there was a lot of sex in the show.


No, I don't you know, I don't let my kids watch scrubs.


Well, your kids your kids are too young. But I'm saying, like, I got a six year old and a four year old kid watching Scrubs any time.


No, I didn't mean your kids. I mean, like like Matt Tharsis, who was one of the writers. He told me that his son, who was a teenager, was watching the show.


And he's like, I had to walk out.


The room is like watching like you and Sarah have these sex scenes like that episode where we're eating pizza and we're like banging all over the place, OK?


So, you know, you know, that's that is true, Sarah, I have to take her top off, but I'm going to be honest with you, I think the guys on the show were way more naked than the females were on the show. You know what I mean?


When you take it a lot, you're always naked.


I live so much. Your body looks fierce. Thank you. Like Taye Diggs, baby. Like Taye Diggs, baby, you know.


You know. Funny bit of trivia.


Rob Marcio, who is often only in his banana hammock and worked very hard to maintain that physique. You do all sorts of push ups and stuff.


When the show moved from whatever season from NBC to ABC, which is owned by Disney, they made a rule that we could no longer film him from the waist down when he was in his banana hammock. Did you know that bit of trivia?


I didn't know that bit of trivia. I also I remember and we'll discuss this later on, but there were times where we were actually really naked because it had to be that way for the camera.


Wait, you didn't have, like, a sock on your penis? I did one time. I did have a sock on my penis. And I remember having to walk in a parking lot with a bunch of people with the cock on my penis.


Yeah, I remember not only that, not only that, I had a I had also a a very big leaf, very big. It was a big leaf. First of all, a large like an old. It was like it was like a maple leaf, like a huge maple leaf. It was like one of those thin like them. No, no, no. It wasn't like it wasn't like a eucalyptus leaf. It was a it was like a maple leaf to cover my.


No one has ever bragged about their sexual prowess through leaf size. So that's a first for a podcast. I do want to say that I once there's a scene where I was dancing in front of Tara Reid and I was supposed to be naked and they were shooting me from behind.


And so I just I packed everything I had into a sock and I was doing the dance in front of Tara Reid. Remember that? And then and then the sock came off and then I was like, what a surreal experience. There's Terry just staring at my junk.


Oh, my gosh, yeah. Oh, right. I mean, what am I going to do? I apologized and.


All right, so we got a caller on May. Why are you interrupting? I want to I just want to say that it was a tube sock, much like your life analogy was not so it wasn't a dress sock. It was a you know, those little those little socks people now where they're just like Goepfert. There wasn't an ankle sock. It was a tube. So what do they call those things that just go ankle socks? Yeah, single sock.


It was a tube sock. It was a tube sock because they were based on your body. So it was a two long one. So we got a caller. It was a woman's thigh high. OK, so I don't mean to interrupt you, Zach, but we got a caller on.


This is exciting because I daydreamed when we said we were going to do this, that we should take fan questions from all around the world and it's really happening. So go ahead, Donald.


And so I'd like to introduce Chris to the podcast. Chris, how are you?


Hi, Chris. How's it going, guys? I'm doing well. Thank you for having me on. You. Our very first guest.


So we really want to nail this. We want to give you the best answer to your question that's that's ever been given to any question throughout in history.


OK, gotcha. Here that. No pressure. Exactly. All right. I guess the question I will ask you all this one comes from a buddy of mine named Andrew. I have a question about the soundtrack. I think that's something that was such an iconic part of the show. Just across all the seasons, you introduce so many people to so many awesome artists over the years. Was that something was there someone that spearheaded that? You guys just have great taste?


Like how did you come up with this soundtrack?


It was all me. It was all McDonald had nothing to do with it. Let me just say I literally had nothing to do with it. Yeah, because, I mean, that time I was listening years. Did you ever get a song on ever know? Because I was listen to songs like Jodeci.


I was listening to, you know, songs by Wu Tang Clan. You know what I mean. They weren't things like that.


Yeah. So great. The music.


Matter of fact, a lot of the artists that were on the show I was introduced to for the first time while watching the show. So.


Well, who do we have on a show queen? All these people? I had no idea who they were, you know what I mean? And some artists that were well known. I just didn't listen to that type of music at the time. It wasn't until Scrubs that I was all of a sudden started listening to Indian folk rock, you know what I mean?


Yeah, I think that, you know, first of all, is a lot of people it was definitely Bill Lawrence, obviously, who created the show and his wife, Krista Miller, who played Jordan and myself. I think we were the three probably the main people, but also a lot of the writers in the writers room.


A lot of times when it was their script, they'd go, it was a lot of people, but and of course, the editors who would who would you know, the editors would get like ten ideas and they'd be the ones to try and and shape it to see what would work the best.


So there was a bunch of us, but Chris Miller definitely did a lot of song choosing, and I got a bunch on myself that I'm excited about.


Our best friend got Joshua Joshua Green and got his start really before scrubs.


What was Josh doing? He was sleeping on my couch. Was he really? Yeah.


I mean, he didn't even have a job and he had written the song Winter, which we played in the episode where Brendan Fraser's character dies. Spoiler and and Brendan Fraser.


Yeah. When Winter was so popular that that had launched a career for Josh and everyone was like, what are the songs do you have? And he's like, that's the only song I've ever written. And so he had to like frantically make an album.


Yeah, I remember going to watch him at two concerts with, like me, Zach, my girlfriend at the time, Zach's girlfriend at the time. And that was it. Yeah. And now he sells out, you know, because he does really, really well.


So that's it. It was a lot of fun. You know, I think Bill was early on in putting music at the you know, now it's become very popular and very common to sort of end your episode of TV with a an emotional piece of music and then cut around in a montage and and watch how everyone, you know, what they learned from the episode. And I think Bill was at the forefront of doing that, definitely, because, you know, now now it's pretty commonplace.


But I think Scrubs was kind of one of the first shows to do that.


You know, I like to think the Wonder Years was, yeah, he would, because he was a early version of what, single camera comedy? I mean, MASH, obviously. But the wonder years really took the time that it was in and used the music of that time to help tell the story and scrubs.


I feel like it's the next thing to do that. And then.


Yeah. And Ally McBeal, is it also Ally McBeal? I think Bill would say that if I remember the show Ally McBeal, they sort of cut away to wacky shit. I mean, I think Scrubs meets Scrubs is sort of Ally McBeal meets MASH meets Wonder Years.


Right. All right. Do we answer your question? Yeah, that was. Awesome, thank you so much. Do you have another one will give you another one. Will give you another question. All right. I've got a two part question. It's kind of common knowledge now that the janitor wasn't supposed to make it past season. One is supposed to be a figment of JD imagination. Yeah. So two parter here. One, how is that supposed to be written and how is it going to come to be known that the janitor was just a figment of imagination?


And then the second part of that is, is there any plot line that didn't come to fruition that you really wish did? Yeah, I know that.


But I just want to say we're going to have Belon for everyone. The bill probably our first guest, because he can answer all sorts of questions about what his plan was for the writing and such. But I do remember that Neil Flynn first of all, I was going talk about this when we got to Neil in the pilot, but Neil was supposed to just have a small part. He wasn't Bill wasn't even intending. This is going to be in the show beyond the pilot or maybe a few episodes.


But he was so hilarious that Bill just kept adding them and adding and adding him and to the point where he was became one of the stars of the show. And Neil is a hilarious improvisational actor. And so a lot of times he would just make up his own line throughout the whole run of the show. And in fact, it got to a point where and sometimes in a script, it would just say like and then Neil makes up something funny, like you wouldn't even have a line for him because Neil was just so gifted and hilarious.


Well, that whole scene was that whole scene improvised with you and him with the and in the penny in the door was all written. But I'm saying, like, right off the bat, everybody could tell, like, this guy, Neil Flynn is really funny and he's got to be more in the show.


And, you know, Bill would kind of try people out. And when they killed it, he'd keep using them, you know, just like you like all the people that fans grew to love, like, you know, Phil Lewis Hooch, like we all thought he was so freaking hilarious. We just kept putting him on the show whenever we could.


So anyway, long story short, I think throughout season one, the janitor only addresses me, if I'm not mistaken.


Not true.


So so Bill kind of had the idea like, oh, my God, if this doesn't go too long, it might be funny to do a big reveal that the janitor is totally in in in his imagination.


But then how crazy would that have made JD, though? You would have been like a freakin psycho dude.


You would have look at my look at nine years of wacky fantasies. Remember when you were a goat? You do, but it was a fantasy. These were fantasies, goat. If if you actually had somebody that you an imaginary friend that you talk to and would talk back to you. And you're a doctor, I know. I think it could have been cool, but but anyway, the point is that the show kept going. And I remember Bill I heard Bill say, like I had to I had to have this guy interact with other people because he was like you, you know?


And then it became, you know what? I think fans also wanted to see the character of the janitor interact with people, although you never knew his name or did you name his janitor or was it Glenn Matthews?


Did we answer the second part of the question?


Oh, storyline's we did a we did a medicinal marijuana long before its time. We did a medicinal marijuana plot line and started shooting it.


And then the studio told Bill to shut it down.


I mean, ain't happening. Yeah, it's funny because, of course, now marijuana is legal in California and so many other places.


Well, it just I remember it had just started becoming legal at the time when. Medicinal for medicinal. Yeah, I remember I do remember that because there were a lot of people that were smoking weed.


While they probably shouldn't bring that up in the first episode of this, let's get to how high everybody was in future episodes with a tease, something I'm just saying.


I was a tease. OK, in future episodes, Donald will out people for who is baked when. All right. Thank you, Chris. We're going to thank you, Chris. Thank you, guys. Thank you, Chris. Thanks for being our first guest. That would be so funny.


That was so funny. If that's how we did it in that scene, he's high.


I think you need to come clean. When we get to scenes where you were baked, that'll be like the whole series, right. OK, great. How long into the series did you start memorizing your lines? Right, we'll talk about that in future episodes to come as well.


I wanted to say the scene with Johnny in the in the in the lounge with the woman, that that was my audition scene where Johnny comes in with the woman he says is dead and he's telling me to throw Tylenol at her face. That was one of the main, I think, one of the three scenes that I auditioned with. What was your audition scenes?


You remember my audition scene was I'm really scared. I'm so happy that I get to wear a surgical mask, a mask, because if I didn't have it on, my face would look like this. And then I make the scared face. Yeah, that was one of my audition scenes.


And then I did you improv. I love you or is that in the script?


No, we improv. That bill came up to me. It was like, tell me you love them at the end that was funny. And I was like, what is like to say it and then laugh when you watch.


And then Lonnie, by the way, everyone that's Lonnie, like Lonnie is playing the pizza delivery guy.


I had no idea that was him until watching the pilot.


So Lonnie Lonnie exists is one of the few people that exists, is two different characters in the Scrubs universe. I feel like it's three different characters, but. Yeah, OK, why? There's Lonnie, there's a pizza delivery guy and who was a Wazzani, also the guy that played basketball.


I don't remember. OK, anyway, scrublands will answer for us.


But yeah, that was very funny. I love that.


When you say I love you, he looks we both look at you like what I say to you all the time in this scene. Also, the woman was supposed to be really dead. And I remember the network push back against Bill and said, no, you can't have her really genuinely pushing around a dead woman. You have to have her at the end go.


I'm not really dead. So that was a rewrite forced by the network because Bill thought it was funny if he really was just pushing around a corpse.


Very funny, too. I want to talk about King Jenkins for a second. Yes. Because I feel like he was the MVP of our show, you know what I mean? Yeah. In so many ways. Like. It's really difficult to be on a show with such a huge ensemble cast where everyone is likable from the lead all the way down to the guest stars. Everyone's likable. I think the hardest part, the hardest person to play in all of that would be the bad guy, you know what I mean?


And he made it so that the bad guy, you didn't like him, but you still loved him. You know, that's an interesting way to put it.


And I felt like he was literally the MVP. Him and Judy Reyes actually were the MVP of the show because Judy had to tackle all of the dramatic stuff, you know what I mean? Her character felt everything. She was the nurse. She was the mother of the hospital.


And Ken Jenkins, his character was the evil dad or the you know what I mean?


The grandpa who was just over it all and was like, I just, you know, I I want this hospital to make money. We're broke. And all that matters is if their insurance is going to pay for it. If it's if they're not, get them out of here because we're broke. We got no dough. And I thought to make those to to make that character lovable is a really, really, really hard thing to do. And he did it effortlessly.


It's like in my eyes and and same thing with Judy, you know what I mean?


Judy would played a role that was definitely needed in this band of misfits.


She played this character that was just motherly and took care of, you know, Bambi came from that that's that that stuck throughout the whole show. You being called Bambi.


Yeah. I noticed that her very first line that comes out of her mouth is calling me Bambi. I didn't I didn't know that. It's I don't remember that. But that's stuck for the whole run of the show. And of course, people still call me that on the street when I'm past them. But her very first line is calling me Bambi.


Yeah, you know what I mean? And it was it was just we knew what we were there to do. We're here to be funny and we're here to make everybody laugh. And, you know, and and at times we're going to get dramatic and everything like that. But Judy and Ken had the tough roles, in my opinion. You knew Judy was supposed to make everybody feel safe. Ken was supposed to make everybody feel anger, you know what I mean?


In this in this crazy world. And they did it so perfectly.


And Ken had a lot of, you know, social commentary that Bill was trying to get in there about how fucked up the health care system is and how how how fucked up it is. The hospitals are like no insurance. Get him out of here.


Like, what do you like right away in the pilot?


Of course, these issues are so relevant today more than ever. But right away in the pilot, you have them going, look, I don't care that you know nothing. Let me tell you a couple of things. If they don't have insurance, get them out of here. And and and Bill genius, they found a way to make that. And of course, Ken Jenkins is an actor together.


They found a way to make that character so lovable, even though he was a he was the antagonist.


Yeah. I want to talk about 13 minutes and thirty eight seconds, I'm looking at a still of you making out with Judy Reyes right on and Todd in the frame I have up, Todd is watching because it's part of the fantasy of you.


So what was it like?


You know, I think people who aren't actors are always curious what it's like when you meet someone, hey, nice to meet you. And then all of a sudden you have to just go do a fake make out scene with them.


I feel like that was the first day I met Judy to really. Yeah, I feel like that was our first scene together. And I hadn't you know, I remember me.


I don't remember Neal at the table read. I don't remember Judy. I don't remember Ken at the table. Read I remember me, you, Johnny and Sarah and for some reason.


And so when we did the. Magazine, I feel like that was my I know it's not the first day I met her, but that's my first real memory of Judy, you know what I mean?


And I remember she smoked cigarettes right before the scene.


And I was like, oh, that's a power move. That's a power. That's how you do. But I realize that's how you do it. If you're going to make out with somebody, make it so they got to work and not make it. So it's them having a great time making, you know, this is a job doing this. This isn't this isn't you getting your rocks off while we're doing this scene. It's funny to think about someone smoking like I mean, I don't.


Do you know any I mean, it's rare to see anyone smoking cigarettes at all anymore. Oh, no.


There are a lot of people that still smoke cigarettes. Now, vaping has turned into the word no.


I just mean like your body vaping, of course. But just the idea that Judy was, I guess, a smoker when we started, right?


Yeah. I wish I was a smoker when we started. I suppose that's what I started.


And Neil was always a smoker. Yeah.


When we started doing the show, I think a lot of us smoke cigarettes. I mean, in the cast, maybe you, Sarah and Johnny and Kendon, but everyone else did. Yeah, I don't remember that. And then us doing the kissing stuff and then watching the episode and none of that made the show.


Really all it is, is me were kind of cuddled up together. We're kind of cuddled up together and. And Rob's over us watching, but I remember doing the scene if feeling way more intimate than that, you know what I mean? Way more, you know what I mean? And then watching it being like, oh, they didn't use any of the good stuff. Right.


Well, it's a really quick moment. And I love that she's I love that you're naked. And she's like, all right, thanks. I'm out. Yeah. I thought that was like introduction of her character.


She was like and I also and I also like that your imagination was me scoring. Right. In reality, the real what really happened was I got played and got dragged into you know, I got you know, I stripped down for someone. Right.


And she was like she got you know, she just wanted to make out with someone and be like later. And she like she was like she kind of like used you. Whereas in my imagination, you were using her, right? Yeah. That was clever. Yeah.


I wanted to talk about that. It's going backwards. But that deer in headlights thing, I still have the foam antlers. I'm staring at them right now from that fantasy where I'm imagine I'm a deer in headlights and and we had to do is the back to back up the big semi right up to my face.


And the idea was that the truck would florid in reverse and and then we'd play it be scary and then we'd play it backwards.


Right. So it looked like it was hit. And then of course it hit a mannequin too.


But for this one shot and remember standing there with my face against the grille of a of a Mack truck and being like leaning out to the driver, being like, you sure it's in reverse, right?


Like like there had to be some OSHA rule against that. But I but I was like standing there going, if this dude, like, I don't want to cause any waves or anything, but I just want to double check.


You're in reverse. We have finally saving a life. We have a lomo we should talk about Aloma. Right. The beautiful and talented Aloma. Right. Who played Nurse Roberts.


Nurse Roberts. Who who whose introduction in the show is, you know, amazing. Can you just call him so I can go home please. Yeah.


And you just call in so I know she's so good. And Aloma was one of the again another example of someone who Bill just loved and thought was so talented and she, you know, ended up being in the whole the whole show until he eventually killed her off, felt bad and brought her back as her twin sister, which we'll get to that in later.


Laverne, again, I guess, Laverne, Laverne, I'm going to call you Laverne again.


So we were thinking of, like trying to summarize what the lesson of the episode was. But I mean, I think that was the lesson of of the pilot was basically the theme song, which is I can't do this all on my own. Right.


I mean, it's the introduction of how difficult it is to be a doctor in a hospital and how the medical staff at a hospital really depends on each other to work.


Yeah, and I think I think I mean, I don't think it's a big leap to say that a lot of people related the show because they can see that in their own lives.


And how you turn to your friends and your family. I mean, I think the show can be, as we all know, it can be very, very heartwarming.


And that was what Bill did so generously was how it'd be so funny and crazy and silly and fantasies and everything.


And then all of a sudden you can turn a corner and you're losing a patient like I did at the end or or or you see that our friendship is so is so is still solid, also conquering fear.


You know what I mean? JD was so afraid to do everything. As a matter of fact, him and Elliot hide in a closet at one point and Dr. Cox catches them doing it and understands why they're afraid. But then at the end of the show, still gives JD the confidence to perform whatever it is you did with the tube and the blood and all of that stuff, something that, you know, JD was very afraid of and made him feel like he was going to be OK.


And he was and he had a support group around him. Yeah. And I think that's it.


That's that's the pilot. I think we just we just did it. We did our first podcast. I love you and I love you so much, man.


Hey, listen, if you're a fan and you made to the end. Thank you. We we're going to keep doing this. We want you to watch the show with us. We're going to do this every week. And and you can just join us, tell your friends. And every week we're going to go through another episode and we're going to take a fan question. If you have a fan question, Donald, we have set up an email account.


The I heart people have. Right.


And that account is that account is Scrubs I heart at Gmail dot com. So Scrubs and then I heart at Gmail dot com. And so I said, thank you. We want you to submit questions and then our our beautiful producers here will we'll work out all the logistics and and we'll have you on.


We're going to take a question. Each podcast we're going to have guests on, we're going to start having fellow cast members. We're obviously can have our creator of the show, Bill Lawrence, on who else we can have on some of the.


Oh, my goodness, we're going after. You know, even some of the people that you remember but don't like Snoop Dogg, in turn, we're going to reach out to him. We're reaching out to my dad. Did he already Snoop Dogg into an already slid into my DMS, and I had already said he's down.


We're going to have that. We're going to have the stand ins on the show, who did a lot of the work that you see before we went in and did it set up the shots? They you know, so it's going to be a bunch of people, writers. We're going to have directors, everything. Hopefully we could get some big names, too. I'm sure Scott Foley would come on and we could just say nobody cares, Sean, over and over and over every.


Nobody cares. So follow Donald and I on Instagram and and Twitter. And please tell your friends, because we hope this is a is a big success, because for us, this was I don't know about you, Donald, but this was a lot of fun. I kind of don't want to stop talking, but I feel like. Oh, absolutely should.


This is actually the you know, I talk about clueless as the jump off point in my life where I was introduced to the industry and I learned a lot of things.


But Scrubs was really like the you know, that was the thing that took it over the top for me as an actor, where I had an actual job, where I was able to, you know, pay my rent. And I built a family because I was able to be a part of this wonderful show.


So, you know, I owe a lot to you, Zach.


I owe a lot to Bill Lawrence. I owe a lot to the cast and the crew of this of Scrubs. So I'm really excited to talk about it with fans who enjoyed the experiences that we had. Yeah.


And as always, I agree with everything you said. And as always, thank you for being our fans and thank you for supporting the show. It was a joy to to make it for you and Donald. I hate this quarantining. I just want to be with you all the time.


I want to be there will be a day again.


Hopefully there will be a day again where you and I can. Eagle, I can't wait to ride you. I can't. I can't I, I think that's how we should and should we.


And with that now let's end with that. Don't say don't speak. Don't speak.


Let's just end with that. Goodbye, everybody. Here's some stories about show we made about a bunch of doctors and nurses and a janitor who said he's got stories that we all should know. So get around here are gathered around here. We go inside and download.