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You wake up in the morning and I'm talking about to experience a morning show unlike any of the other you guys are doing right now.


It's the Hub Culture Breakfast Club is my morning fit. I need it and I love it. I'm like, you're really not popping into the Breakfast Club and waiting. Come to your show, man. I really got to be a big time celebrity, but you got to be got to be big time.


Angeliki and Charlamagne to go to the Breakfast Club. You. Morning, USA, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, happy birthday, he thank you. Moving back to the work, it's Monday. Yes, it's Monday.


Back to the work week. Vacation is over and happy birthday. Yi Yi is having some technical difficulties so we're trying to get her on. Charlamagne is not on as of yet as well but we will get it together. It's the first day back. You think we'd have this thing together by now. Right after ten years of being on radio, a year of damn near year of being broadcast from the crib, you would think on a day that we'd have everything together.


But that doesn't seem like that's happening. Yeah, so we're getting everything together.


Hopefully you had an amazing holiday, an amazing Christmas, an amazing new year. I am broadcasting from home because I was in Atlanta a couple of days ago. Yep. And Atlanta is the hotspot. So to save my employees and co-hosts, I'm keeping my ass home for the week. I'm quarantined for the week. I'm going to take the test in a couple of days and if I'm back and I'll start getting back to work. But I just think it's right.


I was in L.A. and I was deejaying. I was working. I was around people. Even though I wore a mask. Nobody else in Atlanta is wearing a mask for a reason. For some reason, I thought that maybe Atlanta was the one spot where is covid didn't exist because when I say nobody was wearing a mask, nobody and it didn't seem like nobody cared.


I don't know if that's a good thing. If it's a bad thing, I don't know what the cases are in L.A., what's going on. But I mean, I went to restaurants, we went to the mall, we went to to work. And nobody at Mass. I was I felt uncomfortable. You know, in New York, if you don't wear a mask, you feel uncomfortable in Atlanta when you wear a mask and feel uncomfortable. But I did have a good time shot everybody in Atlanta shout to be one of my favorite restaurants.


If you're ever in Atlanta, make sure you go to beach and eat. The French toast is amazing. All right, then after that, we went to Open Suite. We had a great time. So shout to everybody in Atlanta. So we're got to get work to get on. Charlemagne is back tomorrow, so we'll take your phone calls. We'll give you some updates. We'll take your calls and all that good stuff. So don't move.


It's The Breakfast Club. We back. Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Was D.J. in the Yee Charlamagne the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Let's get some front page news.


I just want to tell the Eagle fans out there, you know, shout out our producer. Yes, man. Yeah. I had one job yesterday that was to beat the Redskins for the Washington that Washington team, whatever they call themselves. You had one job. So yesterday, Washington beat the Eagles. Twenty fourteen. The Raiders beat the Broncos. Thirty to thirty one, Seahawks beat the 49ers. Twenty six. Twenty three. Chargers beat the Chiefs.


Thirty eight. Twenty one. The Packers beat the Bears. Thirty five. Sixteen Saints beat the Panthers 33 seven. The Rams beat the Cardinals eighteen seven. The Titans beat Texans forty one. Thirty eight. The Colts beat Jaguars. Twenty eight fourteen. The Giants beat the Cowboys. Twenty three. Nineteen. The Browns beat the Steelers. Twenty four nine. The Jets lost the game. They lost to the Patriots. Twenty eight. Fourteen Buccaneers beat out Gibbons.


Forty four twenty seven. And the Vikings beat the Lions thirty seven to thirty five.


My producers say our job was to get the best draft pick so we lost. Shut up, Eddie.


Right. Well, let's talk about your president because he is still the prince of the United States. And now they have a stunning telephone conversation with Donald Trump and Georgia's GOP secretary of state. And Donald Trump is still trying to find these votes because he doesn't feel like he lost the election and he's trying to prove voter fraud. Here is part of that conversation.


The people of Georgia are angry. The people of the country are angry. And there's nothing wrong with saying that that you've recalculated.


Well, Mr. President, the challenge that you have is the data you have is wrong.


Now, do you think it's possible that they shredded ballots in Fulton County? Because that's what the rumor is and also that Dominion took out machines because that's illegal in Germany. No, he's yours.


I'm sure he is trying to tell the Georgia secretary of state, trying to convince him that he had had recalculated the vote top and trying to convince him to say that Donald Trump won and he also was threatening criminal reprisals if he did not act. Here's some more of that conversation.


You should want to have an accurate election and you're a Republican. We believe that we do have an accurate election. No, I know you. You're up by hundreds of thousands of votes. Oh, I want to do is this I just want to find eleven thousand seven hundred eighty votes because we won the state. So. So tell me, Brad, what are we going to do? We won the election and it's not fair to take it away from us like this.


And I think you have to say that you're going. Re-examine it. I imagine your man I mean, I would do the same thing, I would do the that you can't find no votes anywhere you cannot do. I'm sorry. I already told you everything was really calculated. You did not win.


It is what it is.


It's that I got to ask again anyway, just in case, just like this is making people question our voting process and this could cause all kinds of issues when Biden is in, you know, it's all coming up this month.


And by the way, for everybody who is waiting for their stimulus check, they do have a stimulus check portal. So you can get that hadn't been updated as of yesterday, but they are working on getting that going. They said that should be able to work the same way it did for the first round of stimulus checks. So what you can do is you can expect the update to get my payment tool to let you check the status of your stimulus payment, confirm your payment type, get a projected direct deposit or paper check delivery date, and you won't be able to enter your bank account information this time around.


You have to have your payment directly deposited to have your payment directly deposited into your account. That's because these are being issued based on the information the IRS already has on file. So that is bank information from what you had in before. So for everybody waiting for their second round of stimulus checks, that's what's going on.


All right. Well, I'm mad at him because that's what I did yesterday after the Washington Eagles game. I went back and said, we can't find those points anyway.


We just now do that and we can win anyhow, threatening our democracy.


Some has been doing it the last four years, trying to threaten people and tell them if they're not on board and find votes and do this, that's that's voter fraud.


It is voter fraud.


But it had to do I tried to do the same thing yesterday with the Washington You'll never be president. And please keep this on file in case anybody ever tries to run for any things that we can prove that he is a fraud.


All right. Well, that was front page news.


Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one if you need to hit us up right now. Phone lines are wide open again. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. Hit us now is the Breakfast Club.


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Oh, go.


Is it your time to get it off your chest so that your man. To hear from you on the Breakfast Club. If you've got something on your mind, let. Hello this good morning. Good morning. Is that they call it a good morning, get it off your chest. How was your holidays?


It was really good. Really good. Me and my husband thing. And I thought, hey, I thought you guys before actually, I'm like the one that was waiting for my income tax by more than half a year. Like I finally got that. That's good. That's very positive by the Charlemagne's in the beginning. And for you. I remember seeing you guys. No, it was like about seven or something. And I'm actually living through, like, the type of person we are coming out because they got a direct deposit information.


I really got mine. So I said, wow. All right, start out some amazing. And my work is I was your kids Christmas.


Did they get everything they wanted? No. You know what? Bills are very present. I mean, they know the value of, like, working hard and stuff like that. So I got stuff on my way, you know, just like that. So they're going to get me stuff eventually. But everything has been great, thank God for another day.


So I had to have family and happy holidays. Yeah. Happy holidays to you too. I wanted to see if I could get one salame, but it is possible. I love this whole time. He's not here today.


He's back tomorrow. But we'll get your information. Yeah, I know he has the office so we'll get you to see you.


Hold on. All right. All right. Thank you. Thank you. You're welcome. Hello. Who's this movie?


Was going to Rosemeadow Melo with a man I love. Everything is great. First of all, want to say Happy New Year. Happy belated. See you soon. You saw me. Hope and everybody is filled with positive blessings. Happy birthday again. Thank you. You know. You know I have to do I have to call you and I have to give out early don't give day. And especially because you're not there to defend himself or Larry McKelvie because I was looking forward to week first year 2021 and you did a great job.


But yo, can I get a job on a cruise once a year because you make Christmas so late. That was amazing. Last year you got you know, that's a private label. No shout out to private label. You know, that's the story that I'm opening in Detroit. But they also make lashes and make up all kinds of things. And we sell here. And we did a large giveaway. So mellow, actually, when and I just look middle, not the are natural.


It's OK. Mellow you out or fire. I call you Blue Man. You keep the glasses on now for real. But is twenty twenty one stop to your bed. If you please please find another word. Other than amazing I would say it amazes me that I'm not going to lie.


And he makes me say amazing also. Now it's amazing man how much you're doing. But don't bother my baby. Why you bring him lashes.


I have to go with mellow fuck. Yo Samantha, you look amazing. They look amazing.


Mellow about me, but not a single word a day calendar. Just so you can, like, find new adjectives. Killing makes me so I must send you some more lashes.


So you always look Propp in. Amazing, fabulous. Hey Ben, I'm a real beauty to go through to get it off your chest.


Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to vent. It is up now is the Breakfast Club.


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This is your time to get it off your chest, whether you're mad or blessed, but the same time we want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Right now, I want to get it off my chest now. I don't know if you put together toys recently in the last couple of years, but it seems like the straps that they put to hold toys down. How bad is this getting kinky?


No, the straps that they use to hold the toys down, kids' toys down is getting a lot more difficult. So I always tell my kids on Christmas Eve, on Christmas, don't do anything stupid, just go put us in the E.R. or Christmas or Christmas Eve. So I was trying to open up one of the toys to put together. And I use a knife instead of a season because I was too lazy. I damn, they almost cut my finger off.


It was at the E.R. for the morning. Christmas Day, Christmas morning.


How stupid that sounds about, right? Yes. Shut up. I could not put the toy together. I could not. I don't know why they make those toys so damn difficult to get out the box when I say Leakiness McGinniss's are set out to Siza also for some new music.


We were waiting on that Frank talk about decis.


I'm told about the size of my fingers, almost kind of look, can you see my finger looking at disgusted? Oh yeah. So we're not on revolt this week. Just FYI, we're testing so I can actually see me. Yes. And I just saw his finger. Yeah. We're back on revolt next week. It's amazing. It does not look amazing. Shut up.


Hello this.


Good morning. Every morning, Angela.


Happy birthday, Angela. Happy New Year.


That much things get off your chest. You know, listen, I was under the impression that Philly, Philadelphia was the city of brotherly love. But apparently there are a bunch of haters in Philly. And I envy based on the fact that they pulled yesterday, you couldn't put any more meat any more. Beanie SIEGEL We're not watching no more. Well, before we fully apologize for that yesterday, that was kind of kind of the same thing.


I kind of feel the same thing. They played worse than a third grade team.


They were horrible. The game was close. It wasn't like, look, a blowout. And they put in their third string quarterback love New York. We've been treating Philly like brothers for years. And they go, put which I am hurt.


I'm hurt, man. I'm hurt. I stayed up all night watching them fumble, watching them throw interceptions on purpose. It was horrible. So it was not amazing. Definitely not.


I mean, you have to use a different word, basically. Sounds bad on. But I was hurt bad. It could have been a spectacular game, but they ruined it. Hello there. Spectacular.


I like that. Stop to my words. Yeah.


Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Angela.


It's got to be snack candy birthday to you.


Happy Birthday is the snack man. Of course it is. Thank you snack man. Appreciate you.


Having been working on your jokes, can you tell us a joke.


I mean these jokes for months and so it's all about you and you ready. And he ignores everything else. He does that. What do you call a cold poo poo in bed? What what a super spreader.


OK, that was. That was not funny. That was trash, all his jokes, trash. I don't know. I don't even know how he does comedy like this in the weekend. My goodness.


So trash. All right. Get it off your chest. Talk about that. Was that I was in Atlanta working within. Listen.


I'm sorry. You can never, ever say anything about me again. I've that video to party movie with that many people. This whole pandemic that was in that one party. You were doing it.


Yeah, that was actually the first part I did, I think, since February of last year.


Every month. Yeah. But as everybody nobody's at those marches. That's just for life. Nobody's nobody's really there. So we're going to love it. We just do.


I mean, it's for us for on air for life is for you know, it was like in 2000 people ran packed in that club. I was like, whoa, I got in. I did my little thing and did my little section. I got the mellow out and I got him to talk about it. Now we got Rumsen away.


Yes. And let's talk about Nicki Minaj and her cute little baby who she posted pictures of over the weekend. We'll tell you what she had to say about being a mom. And then after that, since we're talking young money business, let's talk about Drake and the amazing numbers that he's been bringing in. All right. We'll get into that next. Keep it like this. The Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club. Morning, everybody, is T.J., N.V., Angele Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club, let's get to the rumors.


Let's talk Drak. It's about who's going to.


Well, this is the rumor report with Angela on the Breakfast Club.


Well, Drake looks like he had the biggest year and he was the most streamed artist in 2020. So he did all the other musicians. He got more than five point six billion streams in 2020. Congratulations to him. He got a really big boost because he put out his project, Darkling Demo Tapes and the Laugh Now Cry later featuring little Derek also really helped put him over the top.


Yeah, congratulations to Drake.


Well deserved. Yeah, he also put out did you look at his his clothing line when Nike knocked it? Yeah, I seen I seen some of his items. They look pretty, don't I?


Like that bright yellow bubble coat. The bubble jacket. Yeah, the bubble coat.


The puffy coat. I thought that was super cool.


And then there was a song that actually surfaced online and this song was called Lucky Lefty. I saw this snippet yesterday. They said it came out a while back, but now it's surfaced in full. And some of the lyrics they said it looks like it was recorded somewhere around March or June of last year. So we don't know if it is something that's on the certified Loverboy album that is coming out later this month.


But here is that snippet on my way to the mall like I just have on a call. When I landed Alibrandi perch at the edge of the branches down Mornington Mansions might look like a campus. And I'm all about my brother's life because the games I'm sampling, I'll leave you redshirted like the twins from Kansas really live in my dreams. I used to have on my hands like the Rockefeller chain on in the Hamptons. Sound like a parked in an alley by ransom.


My uncle went bankrupt and he was the last hope. My face started to dwindle because that was the cash flow. My mom would never walk again. That's what the doc said. So much medication I was worried she dropped in that boy be spit man.


I love drink when drink raps like that. Even when Dre goes in like that, that's that's the drink I miss and love.


I right now I was Charlamagne comes back tomorrow. We got to talk to him about his comments where he said that Drake only I don't know what it was. I saw people going crazy online about it though. What he said. I think Waino said it was a little baby around now. And I think he said something like Drake, he doesn't feel like has another gear or something like that.


So then people were like, oh, I just saw a lot of people online commenting because then it came out that Drake was the number one artist wise of the year.


I mean, it is a little baby. Everything a little baby puts out right now catches. But that doesn't say that it's not a Drake era as well. I mean, we just seen a record. He put out a little dork. Of course, he's only a single twenty one savage. And we talk about it streaming numbers. I don't think Drake is one anyway. I just think he took a little seat back and I'm sure when he releases this album he'll be back where it needs to be.


Yeah. And I think for Drake also he is very versatile. He does have all different kinds of sounds that he could do. So we'll see the new album just on.


All right. And Nicki Minaj, talk about a cute little baby. She posted pictures of her son that she the prince, she said, has finally made his debut. So she posted Papa Bear. Thank you so much for choosing me to be your mama, wishing you guys a happy and prosperous New Year. Thank you for your love and support throughout this journey. It's meant so much to me being coming. A mom is by far the most fulfilling job I've ever taken on sending love to all the superhero mothers out there.


Big hugs to all the women who have been pregnant during this challenging time. So cute picture. The baby is adorable. Yes.


Congratulations, man. I'm happy for Nicki and her husband, man. Congratulations.


And then she also answered some questions on Twitter about having her son. She said, yes, it was somebody else's. You want a break at home? And what was that experience getting to the hospital? Was you scared? She said, yes, I was butt naked, just got out the shower. I asked him to rub my back as soon as I started scooting over to him in the bed, I just felt the what is that coming out?


I was weirdly calm and I quietly said, Oh, my God, I'm about to be in labor. He was very scared and I was laughing at him. And then she also said she had a natural vaginal birth with epidural. She pushed for two and a half hours only because the first epidural didn't wear off enough for me to feel myself pushing. Once I was able to feel the pain, I pushed him on out.


Oh, congratulations, man. Yes, the baby is darba with those little fat cheeks already and my congratulations are in order.


Natori got engaged over Christmas so shout out to her and she told Essence I'm still floating from my engagement and she's been private about it. She actually texted me right when it happened and with all the pictures and he had set it up like there was a holiday photo shoot here, everything she didn't know he was going to propose and then he proposed in the middle of their photo shoot. And she also was telling me that he also got a ring for her daughter.


That's nice. That's still her daughter was over the top and he gave Zeri a ring with her birthstone in it. And he said the commitment is not just to her, but it's also a lifetime commitment to Zeri know, who's this young man?


What's his name. Shout him out as well. I will when she does not.


As said, she posted pictures. I thought she posted pictures. You know what you can kind of see like this side view, but she hasn't tagged him.


So, you know, when she's she's trying to keep it private for now. And a lot of people have been hitting him up because they know them.


They're always together. It's her best friend. Basically, she said she's marrying her best friend and she is going to come on The Breakfast Club this week. So maybe she'll talk about it then. Well, also, Neil proposed again to his wife, Crystal, after almost divorcing. And here's what that sounded like.


I need you to know there's no way. Well, congratulations to them. One thing about this pandemic is even made your relationship stronger or you realize, look, I really don't like this person.


I want to hear which one is it. And Chris supposedly marry a million times over. It's the happiness for me. This proposal of the renewal of our vows means so much more to us. Life is try to break us so many times over the continued prayer for our downfall. But we come back stronger every time they say I'm crazy for loving you, but baby, they just don't know my twin flame I love for a thousand years. And then I love you for a thousand more.


Great. That is, I may well have some more good news in the next room report. But coming up next, we do have front page news.


Yeah, we'll be talking about a front page news. Well, I want to make sure that we talk about coronavirus and what's happening with this vaccine.


Are we going to have issues traveling in the future and who is going to have to take it? Well, you have to take it to even go to school. We'll give you some more information.


And it's an important Election Day tomorrow in Georgia, too, right? Absolutely.


And I know we were talking to black men vote, so we'll be discussing that as well. All right.


We'll get into all that when we come back with your answer. We're back with Love is The Breakfast Club.


Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlemagne, the guy we are. The Breakfast Club, is getting some front page news now.


Washington football team, Philadelphia Eagles, the Eagles. You guys had one job yesterday just to win, just to win.


You put your third string quarterback in. You did everything possible to lose and you guys lost.


You could have said no, but you got your eagles. Goodness gracious. The Eagles launched yesterday, 2014. Raiders beat the Broncos 32 31. Seahawks beat the 49ers. Twenty three six. Twenty three. Chargers beat the Chiefs. Thirty eight. Twenty one Packers beat the Bears. Thirty five sixteen same speed. The Panthers thirty three seven. The Rams beat the Cardinals. Titans beat the Texans. Colts beat the Jaguars. Ravens beat the Bengals. Of course my Giants beat the Cowboys.


The Browns beat the Steelers. Bills beat the Dolphins. Patriots beat the Jets and the Buccaneers beat the Falcons yesterday and the Lions lost as well.


All right. What is going on with the Brooklyn Nets two, by the way?


Brooklyn Nets are actually looking pretty good.


I really I see Brooklyn versus Lakers pretty sharp. I really do. I like Brooklyn.


I mean, we started off good yesterday. I think they get it together. I mean, Brooklyn Nets really play. I don't think anybody else in the East can.


And really best for Brooklyn. No, they said Boston and of course, the bucks. But I think Brooklyn looks really, really good.


Yesterday was my birthday, too. We were supposed to win that for Brooklyn. All right. Now, let's talk about this coronavirus vaccine. They're saying if you want to travel next year, you might need to get a vaccine passport. We don't know what's going to happen, but several companies and technology groups have started developing smartphone apps or systems so that you can upload details of your covid-19 test and vaccination. And that would be digital credentials that could be shown if you want to go to concerts, stadiums, movie theaters, offices and even to other countries.


So would you do the vaccine if you needed that? For all of that reason, they said you could be tested every time you cross the border. You can't be vaccinated every time you cross the border. But they said it could be a digital yellowcard.


Me, myself and I am doing the vaccine regardless of travel. And as soon as I get a chance and I can get the vaccine, I am going to take the vaccine. That is me personally. And I think yeah, I think it makes sense. I think to be able to travel to different countries, you have to make sure people don't have it because it is spread so fast. So I think yeah. And I think you're going to see a lot of sporting events that, you know, they'll have a car that if you want to get into the arena, you have to take the vaccine.


But yeah, I'm for it.


Yeah, absolutely. You would do it now if you could. Yeah.


All these essential workers and all these doctors are taking the vaccine. Yeah. I mean we're talking about the efficiency rate. They said with the flu, the efficiency rate is like sixty percent. But they saying this vaccine is more than the flu is like ninety percent. So yeah, absolutely.


I would take the vaccine, you know, because I see that they're like running low on supplies and then they're saying they're going to get the first dose, but they're not the second one. I don't know what's going on, but, you know, there's just two different ones.


One is Pfizer, the other one Moderna. Yeah.


One is it has to be stored in ice cold temperatures. The other one does can be stored in your in your fridge, I believe, but.


Well I would definitely take it as soon as I get the first opportunity and they allow me to take it, I will take it. I don't care. I want to see my mother and father. My mother and father had to come to Christmas with mask on. They only stayed for a little bit of time and then had to leave. That's the bad part. I haven't seen my family, so yes, I would absolutely, positively take the vaccine.


Now, Dr. Fauci is saying that he is sure that coronavirus vaccinations will be mandatory in institutions like hospitals and schools in the future. So he said some companies, some hospitals, some organizations might require covid-19 vaccination, and he expects that to be happening like sometime in the near future. So. But, you know, it's a little slow rollout right now, and they said it slower than anticipated, there's been about three point five million doses that have been given out since they approved those Pfizer and Moderna vaccinations.


I know as a couple of days ago, I know they said as far as allergic reactions or bad reactions, there was 11, I think as of December. Twenty eighth it was 11. Bad reactions over over 2.5 million vaccinations were out and it was only 11.


So, yeah, I would absolutely take it, you know, where to. I saw something and I see different things. But I saw they said if you get fillers or something like that, that that could affect like that. I don't know. People have been having reactions. If you've had fillers and you get one of the vaccinations, I just see so many different things. I don't know what's true and what's not.


Well, I don't have fillers and I don't have cheap shots.


I don't have. But I know it doesn't matter what I thought.


Who was it? Did Kevin Hart say you have fillers? Kevin?


I said I had chance to make my cheek implants. You know, I don't have cheek implants with cheeks shuto.


All right. And like you were stating earlier and you know, the two runoff elections tomorrow will determine which party controls the Senate, and that's in Georgia. So if you are in Georgia and you have not voted yet and you are eligible, make sure that you vote tomorrow. So that's a big deal because control of the Senate now hinges on the outcome of these two races. I saw you were out there in Atlanta, right? M.B yeah, I was out in Atlanta.


I was actually there for two reasons. One, I had to do a club a day party, but also we would encourage people to vote.


So we hooked up with black men of vote. And what we were doing is if you went out there and voted early, we were hooking people up with VIP status bottles and all that.


So shout to black men, vote. Or if you want more information on how you could get out there and vote, how you get more involved, you heat up. Their website, I believe, is black men vote official.


So definitely, yeah, that's their at their Instagram, Instagram and vote official. And we actually given away some gear to with them. So let's just see what happens because this is a huge deal. So we got to make sure that everybody gets out there and votes. Right. And that is your front page news.


All right, let's open up the phone lines. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. I'm sure you guys seen this story about the white lady who was accusing the young black boy of leadership roles.


He's a fourteen year old teenager. He's actually the son of a prominent jazz musician, Keon Harold. They were staying in Soho at a hotel in New York. And that's right near our job, by the way, where the station is, the Breakfast Club. And the woman accused this teenager of taking her cell phone and demanded that he give it back. And then she started really going back on him and she was insisting that he had her phone yelling at him.


She tried to tackle him and look in his pockets before they separated him. And turns out that the phone actually she had left it in the car. She left it and they said, right?


Yeah, she left it in Aruba, never apologized. And she has been publicly identified. And they said she had been a guest at the hotel earlier in the week. It really bothered me that the manager, too, was not sticking up for the for the young man.


They said she's Puerto Rican, she's Puerto Rican. He said she's Puerto Rican. But I think she's mixed. She's not just Puerto Rican. She's like maybe one fourth or something like that. All right.


So let's let's play we have audio. Let's let's play the audio so people can hear.


If you haven't heard a story, this is my phone. So we don't have to explain to her. Why are you kidding me?


If you feel like there's only one one I need in the world, OK, then show me. No, you get get a life. You better go use find my iPhone. Find my iPhone is on. No, no, no. You can't know the hotel. You will see my son. He's not leaving. Show me the proof.


Yeah. And she didn't try to attack him to take the phone and he put you know, he defended himself and he did what was right. What would you do in that situation? I think the father is right and they are lucky that the boy's mom was about to be wrong.


Yeah, because he'll be wrong.


If this was the situation with me, my son or my daughter and get girl with a watch, that lady all up and down Fifth Avenue, Canal Street, whatever the street that hotel was, that manager would have had a problem.


You don't touch me. Ask my child who is for what? You don't think I have money? You don't think I could pay for phone marketing?


Still, you your the damn iPhone what he needs your damn iPhone.


What my son like what just looked like my fourth.


My son stealing iPhones and my daughter stealing a woman but said, oh, the NYPD is actually looking for her for falsely accusing that 14 year old of stealing her missing iPhone. And she says that she is Puerto Rican. And they said she's a mix of Italian, Puerto Rican, Greek and Vietnamese. Yeah, she should.


She got dragged all up and down that avenue. There's no way you're going to try to try to take the phone for my child. Know that father did what was right. No, I ain't showing you nothing.


I'm the manager. I don't care who you are. That's my son.


You ain't right. Have you ever been accused of stealing something? Let's talk about it. Let's open up the phone lines, 800 five eight five one two five one, have you ever been accused of stealing something? All right, call us up right now. I mean, didn't do it, not you've been accused. You really did. And we didn't do it. And I did that. I know we. Have you ever been accused and didn't do it?


800 555 105 women at the Breakfast Club to pull out your phone call.


And right now you call me. And jumping into the Breakfast Club top, but break it down, eight hundred five eight five one oh five one, The Breakfast Club. Kuhnen is a conspiracy theory so complex that it formed a cult like following many of its followers, Tinku is associated with Donald Trump and that he's cryptically communicating with them via obscure image boards online. Hundreds of thousands of people across the world believing this, and as a result, Kuhnen, on his torn families apart, led people to violence and is even infiltrating the highest levels of government with disinformation.


Now, in 2020, more than 70 US congressional candidates have either shed or outright endorsed Kuhnen material. President Trump has even given a veiled thumbs up to the movement outside of what the conspiracy community thinks. Nobody quite knows the true identity of. Q We aim to change that. I'm Jake Hanrahan. Join me for a Q Clearance, a podcast series that aims to look at who is really behind. Q and on listen to Q clearance on the radio, up A podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.


What do explorers, an Army officer and a Minnesota insurance salesman have in common? They all wanted to be the first to reach the North Pole, but only one of them made it. Katlehong, science editor at Mental Floss and host of the new podcast The Quest for the North Pole, which dives into the centuries long race to explore the Arctic, find the Northwest Passage and conquer the top of the world with a cast of daring adventurers and some pretty determined amateurs, the race to the poll reveals the human desire to solve mysteries of geography and the soul.


We'll look at the important Arctic expeditions that filled the blank spaces on the map and recognize how indigenous people made them successful. We'll examine what pushed explorers to venture ever farther into the unknown and uncharted and how the climate crisis is changing the Arctic today. Listen to the quest for the North Pole on January 15th on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcast. Because the phone call, 800 five eight five one five one to join into the discussion with the Breakfast Club, spoke about it.


Morning, everybody.


Is T.J. and Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Now, if you're just joining us, we're talking about an incident that happened in New York. What explains to people what happened? Easy.


Yes. So this woman, her name is Maya. She attacked a 14 year old boy, accused him of stealing her cell phone, and she was getting physical and verbally abusive. And this is actually the son of a famous jazz musician. Keyon Harold is his name and turns out that she was wrong. And that phone was actually in an Uber where she left it. She has not apologized at all yet. And now the NYPD is looking for her.


Yes. So we're asking eight hundred five eight five one two five one. Have you ever been accused of stealing that you didn't do something that you did not steal, but they accused you of doing that. What do you do that have happened with you?


I remember when I was in school, somebody had stolen 40 dollars out of someone's wallet while everybody was at lunch, and they actually wouldn't let anybody leave the classroom until they revealed who stole the money. So that's all I'm trying to think.


If I've ever been accused and there's been times people to be like, oh, I don't know what happened to this.


And they kind of look at you like you stole or took it and you like, don't look at me.


But I've never been outright, like, attacked in that manner. That was ridiculous in me neither.


I've seen it happen a couple of times and I just really use mine in my business because I didn't know if the person stole it or not. But no, that's never happened to me in this situation. You know that. Father, I want to commend that for what he did, what was right. No, I mean, you got to show you've nothing. I don't care if you did manage. I don't care what you say. This is my son's and you better get out my face.


And if you come over here, I'm a defend myself.


And if I was the manager and your manager did not help him at all, that was what was really whacked. The manager was actually seem like on the one my the one with my side. I thought that was whack.


And I'm sure if that if the teen's mom was there. But it got even worse because I know if Gil would have been there, why that lady is trying to grab the phone out. Our kids aren't able to go wash up and down Canal Street, Fifth Avenue, whatever street that was on Avenue of Americas, you'd have been you'd still be getting dragged.


You don't touch my child. You don't try to snatch up my child's hand.


What's wrong with you? Have you lost your mind?


Yeah, the hotel manager was actually trying to get him to show his cell phone to try to verify her claims. They assumed that he was guilty. The management didn't even ask why she would think that he had the phone. Right.


And that should have been the first thing. Did you see this young man take the farmers? No. You didn't see him? No. You just can't accuse people. If you want to call the police, you can call the police, but you're not going to harass any of my customers here.


That's what he should have been not or to call for.


That's all they had to do. Let me call the phone to see if the phone rings. That's all you have to do. You have to accuse nobody. All right.


But let's go to the phone lines. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. Hello.


Who's this I on this team from Dayton, Ohio. T-Mac from Dayton, Ohio. Man Have you ever been accused of stealing of something that you didn't steal?


Yeah. Yeah, man. I got a home. Boy, we used to go play ball together at the YMCA, man. And you periodically we are seeing each other's houses to meet up and right there together. And this one particular day, you know, I called him like, well, you know, pull up. You want to come to your crib and you're like, yeah, yeah, yeah. But I ain't home now, so give me a minute.


So I guess I'm like, oh no. Thirty minutes. Our own no calling back. He's going home. So long story short, he end up calling misalignments my broker, my house and it kind of looks worse because you know, I kept calling like your home, your whole minuter routine, you know, I mean there we normally go through the, you know, meet up to go home. Oh.


So he thought you stole the stuff. He thought you broke into his house, but you sound a little fishy. Yeah. Yeah, I know it does say a little suspect, but I don't know how to come anyway. You know, that's so crazy to me. But you know, I didn't do it. Mm. Yeah.


Because sometimes people feel like this feel like an inside job.


Yeah. You know what. Actually something did happen to me. I'm just remembering now. Right.


And it was a police officer too. So somebody stole a car of mine and when he stole the car the police officer came because I had to make a report and a police officer didn't believe it. He was like, so let me ask you a question. So you believe that the person hop the fence to steal the car? I'm like, yeah, it was like, so you have this dog and the dog was in the house at the time.


I'm like, yep. Oh, wow. They thought you stole your own car. They thought I stole my own car home.


Like they was like, well, can we see a payments to make you see a payment history to make sure that you may pay them?


Like I'm going to show you that. And that's like an insurance job to me. Again, I actually bought an ad and I showed him because at that point I had a feeling like, oh, now you playing me, now you think I'm broke. Think now you playing me.


I can't work hard and have what I have. So I had actually exhibitionists. He did have a point happens. You have the dog you have with. But I wasn't home, so I had to show him the video of the guy who happened to show you where you was, the one that told me what the car was.


Oh, hey, did somebody take your car? I'm like, it was like you thought I had something to do with it. I definitely thought you had some is like my friend said, they got it.


I was like, how do you know? He was like, my friend. Like, nobody knows but you.


Hundred five eight five one two five were we're asking, have you ever been accused of stealing something that you didn't call us up now?


I know all kinds of I know you want to call me and your opinions to the Breakfast Club type.


Come on. Eight hundred five eight five one five one morning, everybody.


You D.J. Envy Angela ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Now, if you're just joining us, we're talking about being accused of stealing something that you did not. A story comes from Acheron out in Manhattan and explains to people what happened.


Yes. Jazz musician Keun Herald Sun was falsely accused of stealing a cell phone. He's only 14 years old. That woman was being very aggressive with him. She's 22 years old. And she accused him of taking her cell phone. Turns out she left it in the Uber.


This is my phone. So we don't have to explain to her, why are you kidding me? If you feel like there's only one one iPhone made in the world, OK, then show me that. No, you get get a life of its own. You better go use find my iPhone. Find my iPhone is OK. No, no, you can't know through the hotel. I lost my son. He's not leaving me the eight hundred five eight five one two five one.


Have you been accused of something of stealing. Something that you did. Hello.


This is a OK missing out on what you've been accused of stealing that you didn't.


OK, I work at a 7-Eleven and a lot yesterday I sold lottery tickets. Whoa, wait. To win you win. It was like in the 90's, early in that way. Now I just have a baby and it's like the guy right up here, my baby Isabella came through and knocked out all the power and everything. And we have one at the highest levels in the area around about apartment and space pop open. The cameras went off. It was like three hundred thousand dollars in estate.


Nothing came up with that. We played by the lottery. Dan, I felt bad. I think so. Wait, hold on. So you did steal them? No, I'm playing with you.


Why are you anonymous then? I'll be. Listen, I know your story sounds fishy because if I didn't do it, I wouldn't be anonymous.


And that reminded me and I was standing. There you go. You know.


You know. Thank you, Mom. You know who gets accused a lot? If you ever go to Costco, BJ's and you and you pushing your car through and and for some reason they look for item that's not on it and they think they find something like, you didn't pay for this paper towel and you got to go do your ticket to show that you paid for that paper towel that never happened in India.


Now, I'm not going to lie.


I really have stolen things before from I can get a leather sofa.


This is so long ago. The statute of limitations is over. But they used to check your receipt when you used to leave. And so the time I was dating a guy and he was missing, he was cheating on me with the girl at the register. Long story short, I ended up with a whole two leather sofas, oriental rug, a home entertainment system. I got a king sized bed. Framestore Oh, yeah? You really from Brooklyn.


Let's go to the phone lines.


Hello. Who's this is Brandon Brandolini, Georgia. What's up, Brandon? You haven't been accused of stealing something you didn't. Yeah, you know, this is a story and I had a similar situation have to be a couple of days ago. So I went down to my hometown, Tallahassee. So so I was at my mom's and like, so so something told me to go out. I look out the window of her house and there is this white car.


So I called my mom and this was all, you know, you said anybody. She's like, oh, my goodness. So anyway, I open the door, you know, it was it was young Caucasian lady and I think could drive driver. I could see him at the time. Yeah. It was weird or suspicious to me. So my instinct was like, you know, let me go outside, let me walk. You walk towards the car.


If I wanted to give and I was on the phone, my don't say they don't get the information. And I was like, let me get the license plate at least. So I was talking to them. I'm like, well, you have. I told you I'm like, I got the money. I told her, I'm like, well, my husband and I had a six April, so I know it might be a mistake. She was going to say the police are all the way of like, no.


And I just like. A source close to the car and it seems like someone listening is in her name. But anyway, I guess they found out sooner. Oh, well, the iPhone is different. So I realize it's like a different car. That's just a totally different location. So I guess they like to apologize. You know, let me follow that, cause all my life is from what I can see, it will be guy. The older guy, I think was a little like her dad when he stepped on me just to sort of prove to me that they were right where they left.


He apologized, but I still got the license plate. Well, least I apologize.


All right. What's the moral of the story? I don't steal. I don't know.


They go all of the story, you know, but the moral of the story is and, you know, that was a difficult situation for them to be in. Imagine you're a 14 year old son and you have plenty of children is in a situation like that and you're there. And I do feel like at that point you want a while out, but then now you're wrong, too. And two wrongs don't make a right. I'm glad they took the high road.


I'm glad they filmed it. I'm glad they put this woman on blast. You should be ashamed and embarrassed of herself.


Absolutely. All right.


Well, I hope you right now. Up next, we got the room is what we talk about.


Let's talk about Snoop Dogg versus Eminem. Whoever knew this would be an issue and y'all all started this on the Breakfast Club.


Oh, my goodness. And also, Charlamagne is out. So if you want to give somebody Donkey of the Day, eight hundred five eight five one two five one.


Whoever you want to give donkey to your mama, your daddy, your baby daddy. It doesn't matter whether you want to give donkey to get us up.


Now is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. Hey, we back on.


What's Up is The Breakfast Club. I'm Angela Yee and we've been on such a long vacation. Yesterday was my birthday and I know it's a pandemic. And so we're trying to be safe. I saw and he was in Atlanta partying it up, I suppose, the video. But I'm not going to do that to him. It was. And that's why he is now quarantining at home, he said was we cannot be around him.


Oh, that is not true. I went to Indiana for a couple. I know you were back. I'm back. But I just wasn't talking about my birthday. And I was saying that normally I do a birthday party every year, but this year I decided to sit it out just because it was dangerous. So yesterday we had a meeting at the Juice Bar staff meeting. So I went to that and that was after the juice bar closed like around seven fifteen.


And then afterwards, a couple of my friends, my friend came. She owns the bakery on Bergen and my friend Dalia, who owns this restaurant, Chili's in Brooklyn. They came by to drop off some cupcakes and to give me like some flowers, which are very beautiful. And so after that, they were like, oh, we want to go see your new house, because I bought a new house a few blocks from the juice bar. So they wanted to see my new house.


They were like, let's do a toast. It'll be a good luck for you. And so I'm just thinking we're going there. They hadn't seen the house yet. They wanted to see it. It's a few blocks away. Let's go do this toast. So I get there. And they had set up this surprise dinner for me. They're from the restaurant and from the bakery. So I just want to thank Kim and Dalia for setting that up and shout out to everybody who it was, just six of us.


And so I was just nice. It was a nice little surprise because I didn't think I was doing anything yesterday. Right.


Yeah. So happy birthday. People were saying you can't drive. I didn't say you couldn't drive. I just said she does not slow down for potholes or speed bumps.


And so Dalia actually drove me to the house and she doesn't slow down for speed bumps either. And so she was she didn't even know. You said that she was just like, sorry, guys, I don't stop for speed bumps. I guess it's the first thing you need to slow down for speed bumps and everything.


Yeah, but I was out in Atlanta. This was actually my first party since I believe, like my first real party since February, March. It felt good to be back working and deejaying again and seeing people enjoy themselves. I had a mask on while I was there. I was also out there to look up some real estate because I'm picking up something in Atlanta and also trying to get people to get out the vote.


Yeah, and I did a live try to encourage people to could do some early voting shout to black men, vote official that I think is supporting black men.


Well, I'm glad it's amazing. Thank you. Oh, you didn't. I was black anyway. But anyway, we got room is on the way. What we talk about. Yeah. I want to hear some more good news. We're going to continue the rumor report this year with some good news. There is going to be some nervous things in there, too, but because first we're going to talk about Snoop versus Eminem, the beef that you all started.


We didn't start that. And also Charlemagne is out. So if you want to give somebody Donkey of the day 805 five eight five one two five one. Whoever you want to give donkey to hit us now is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Inva Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Let's get to the rumors.


Let's talk Eminem versus Snoop Dogg. She's spilling the tea. This is the rumor report with Angela Yio on the Breakfast Club. All right, well, let's start it off talking about Snoop Dogg now, when Snoop was on The Breakfast Club, he said that Eminem was not one of his top rappers, which is fine, but then he took it a step further.


Listen to he has probably put Eminem in a position where he could be labeled as one of the top 10 rappers ever. I don't think so. But the game feels like he's top 10 lyricists and all that that comes with it. But that's just because he's with Dr. Dre. And Dr. Dre helped him find the best Eminem that he could find.


You've been around a long time. Why don't you have him in your top 10? Because there's some in the 80s that he takes with, like, rock. You like Big Daddy Kane? Yes. Like KRS One. Like L.L. Cool J. You understand me? I got no time to play with it is what it is. It's like, cool did it. But when you're talking about hip hop that I can't live without, I can live without it.


Yeah, that was some strong comments, right, and Eminem, you know that now Eminem addressed Snoop by name on his new song, Zus. Listen to this.


And as far as watching me, I'm used to people mocking me, but just not in my camp and diplomatic because I'm trying to be the last thing I need to snoop dog on me. Man, dog. He was like a damn God to me. Not really. I had dog backwards and I'm starting to think of all these people taking shots at me to wonder, are you all right?


Well, Eminem actually stopped by, say, forty five. He was doing a track by track music to be murdered by deluxe album playback. And here's what he had to say about being taken aback by what Snoop said, because he agrees with some of what he said.


But he felt like some of the wording was a little bit strong, a him saying Dre made the best version of me absolutely like you. Would I be here without Dre? No. Charise one big daddy Kane G rap like I've never said I could with them.


I think it was more about the tone he was using that caught me off guard because I'm like, yo, where is this coming from?


I just saw you like once again, I probably could have got past the whole tone and everything, but it was the last statement when you said fast music.


I can live without I can live without that. Now you're being disrespectful to like you just caught me off guard. Yeah, that was on.


He shot the great recy. And I get what Eminem is saying. Eminem felt like they in the same.


Can't we supposed to be all cool and click but Snooki and we had any issues, you know, and like you said, I can live here.


I mean, I know that's a lot to say, but I'll be honest and I get with Snoop was saying Eminem is nuts. I can't take anything away from Eminem. He's a dope rapper, but he's just not my cup of tea. Like, I like Eminem, but he's not somebody that I like. When I go to the end, I want to hear music. I don't listen to Eminem. He doesn't relate to me. So I guess that's what Snoop was saying.


But I get it. But Eminem is nice, though. You can't. You can't. Not that that makes music.


Eminem album dope songs like that. I remember when he first came out, I thought Eminem was amazing. And I know people talk about this white rapper, white rapper, but there's a lot of people who wanted to be rappers who are white that never made it.


Eminem don't rap a white or black. It doesn't matter. But it's just not my cup of tea.


I it's just something that I can't I can't relate with. I just can't relate to.


I never, you know, wanted to kill my mom or my girlfriend or, you know, pop pills or anything like that. Like I can't relate to that.


People be listening to all kinds of music that they don't relate to, that they've never done. You know, what I'm saying is music is what you think is dope. I don't mean you got to do this in the song, but it just doesn't sit with me.


Like, I just think that, you know, like when when Jay-Z Raps or Nas or Fifty Cent, I'm from those areas where it relates to me. I see. I understand what some of the stuff that Eminem did, I just never did not to say that he's not a dope rapper because he gets busy, but I just never, never could I write in some good news.


Ashanti has revealed that she is now free of covid. So I guess they're going to be doing this is at some point soon.


So you got a chance to keep it cool. You got to pick one, pick a side.


You know, it's hard because I feel like the two of them are in different areas, like Ashanti was earlier than Keisha Cole. And and I feel like you Psycho has more like current things than Ashanti has.


So because, like, I'm now thinking, I've got to go through the track listing because more recently I would say Keisha Cole.


But Ashanti has some big stars on this show. We got this one. Yes, I don't know about that, that's a that's a tough one, because then I'd be thinking about some of the songs Keyshia Cole was on that were really dope to you. Forget about all the features Ashanti was on from Fat Joe to John Rules Joints to Big Pond and all her singles.


She Ashanti got a lot of writing. I got to do my side by side medical records that she was on.


She got a lot of writing, so I think I wouldn't use the songs that you wrote that you did.


Absolutely. That part of it.


And the battles that they use, anything, anything that they wrote, anything that they did features on in their own songs. Absolutely.


I'm not going to keep Nikolov. I started cheating. I remember. Let it go. That was my song right there. I changed my life. All of that. I mean, I changed my mind.


Set in life. I changed my life. What song is that? I changed my mind and I changed my mind. Sorry.


Ashanti got joins me and you can sleep on Ashanti. All right.


Well, I'm Angelilli and that is your reporter.


Oh, baby. Right now, when we come back, Charlamagne is not here, so we're going to open up the phone lines, let you give donkey today to whoever you want. I 800 five eight five one 051. Whatever you want to give donkey today to hit us up now is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


I think it's your time to nominate a donkey of your own. Remember, that is how they choose to call in now. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. Hello this.


Hey this is far away from Doong. Do whatever it was good was good. I'm not going to give a shout out to my A13 but I wanted to call out for Don't the other day Sidis individual. I hear that he's blessed on blessed don't play and then the next couple of days later broke complaining on social media. I can't get out of situations that I am, but you've got your six hundred dollar stimulus check, your hundred dollar stimulus check. You get a without a lawsuit, but you just flirt and turn up with all this money and, you know, don't think about the it.


Is there anybody in particular you're thinking of? It sounds like, you know, somebody you have in your head a couple of people here.


I don't care. I will put nobody out like that. No ill will like that. But if they. Here they are. No, they're no. OK, yes. On a personal. Thank you, brother. Yes. Hello, this is Donald from North for Florida.


Donald, whatever you want to give donkey to brother. Now get the dog Peterson, he noted in trying to get him to play on. So who did you give it to?


W o o ok. Yeah, yeah. I mean, yeah. I mean the judges, they did their part, they won. They beat Washington twice. All the Eagles had to do was win. Eagles took all that edge and they look sloppy, nasty, disgusting. They put a third string quarterback in, they were dropping balls.


Ball here went to kick a field goal of the game.


A game three three would have tied the game. Why not kick the field goal like somebody from like from Philly got? Explain this to me, man. Yeah, yeah.


Look, slap ya aside and Doug on his way out and he say, I'm taking my trophy. I'm going home.


Thank you, brother. Hello, this is Michael Vick. Mike, for Mike.


I want to thank you today to Charles for know doing everything they can to make sure that I can see my son for the holidays. Actually, I haven't seen him maybe five years. I mean, what happened? And then you can covid-19 and and restraining orders, man. You know, Charles, he did a big got out, you know, found his wife pregnant, you know, and he's been doing everything he can to say, you know, that's just fine in my mind, you know, and we got a DNA result.


But yeah, they use covid-19 a restraining order to try to make this whole thing sound messy.


So let me get this right. He was in jail. He was banging this chick. She got pregnant by you. Y'all had a baby. Now he's out of jail. He don't want you to see your son. Yeah, he's doing everything he can. He has a thirteen year old daughter that he doesn't he's not in her life. So, you know, she's real that real men don't do that real me.


Why do you have a restraining order against you, sir? Why restraining order.


So I can see my son for the holidays, though. That was just basically it's been nothing physical like that for the past three months. And both of them have been thrown out by the court. So it's just, you know, any time she can't you be nineteen is a reason for me not to see my son. She makes sure she files a restraining order, you know? So I mean. Yeah. So how does your son is a very, you know, great, great kid.


I love I love him. Can't wait to see, you know, but keep fighting, brother. Yeah. Yeah, I'm, I'm fine.


You got to stop doing that to the kids, man, because your kids will grow up and when they find out what you did, they not going to like you. You're only the only thing about. That is always two sides to every story, right? So we start rehearsing right now. I mean I mean, it's just there's two sides to the story, but I hope he can. Absolutely. All right. That was Donkey today. Charlemagne is now eight hundred five eight five one two five one.


Now, when we come back now, during this pandemic, there's a lot of things that we shouldn't have done right now.


We talked about yesterday that I went to Atlanta.


Today I went to work. That's why I went over to post this video. This video is working now. You don't have to post no video.


So we're asking 800 scribing. So they don't want something you did during this pandemic that you knew that you shouldn't have done, that you knew that. You know what? I should have done that. But it is what it is. Look, I go for it. I've been in this house since, what, march? I haven't done any parties, nothing like that. So I was like, you know, in the new year, I'm getting back to Jane.


I'm like, this is my life. This is everything I miss Jane. I miss making people happy. I'm making people dance. And I missed it. So I deejay.


I'm not going to say I'm not going to get into cash.


No, but eight hundred five eight five one 051. Some things that you shouldn't have done during this pandemic that you did. Let's talk about it at the Breakfast Locomotor, The Breakfast Club, Your Mornings.


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It's the Breakfast Club. It's topic time. Because the phone call, 800 five eight five one five one to join into the discussion with the Breakfast Club, talk about it. Good morning, everybody.


Is T.J. in the Angeles. Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. So if you're just joining us, we're asking 855 one two five one. Now, you know, in a pandemic and some things that we shouldn't be doing, right, we shouldn't be going out. We should be wearing out mass. So we're asking, what are some things that you've done during this pandemic?


You know, you should have done that in front of me because this weekend I went to Atlanta I haven't deejayed in a long time, and it's the new year, this backstory.


And we all I saw was video of a packed wall to wall. I was like, what is going on? I'll stay home. Well, it's not my fault.


I bring them out to NYC, Compton and everybody. Sweet Lounge in Atlanta. It's not my fault I bring the people out.


But this is the first time I did a service Bredar event. I wore a mask and I didn't do anything against the law in Atlanta. They are allowed to have parties. And that's what I did. I did a party. I did everything that was I was a law abiding citizen, a I just got out of jail beginning on me all the time.


Now, everywhere I go when I go out, I haven't been to any parties at all. I wear a mask all the time when I'm in public, except if we're eating and we're at a restaurant, obviously you can't eat or have drinks with a mask on and you're always getting on me for being on the lookout all the time.


This is the one time I've been out in, what, eight, nine months?


And I did a packed event.


I know it was going to be packed, but say my name is it comes out. It's not my fault.


It's in our job. But, you know, let me ask you that.


I'll be on my birthday was yesterday and I got all kinds of offers to host parties. I said no to everything. I said, you know why I would feel terrible if my people got coveys. God forbid somebody does make it. Well, I look at it like this.


If I didn't deejay, another deejay was going to do it. So, I mean, oh, my God, that's what I did wear a mask. I encourage people to wear masks. And if you asked me, what would you do? What did you do it again? Would you do another one? I might. I mean, I enjoyed it. Oh, my little beard. You have a lot at home.


You got a whole family at home, right? Well, I'm quarantine right now. I know.


And I think I'm thinking about now and again, I know you was getting making orange juice for the family this morning. I don't know.


I mean, aren't you I mean, just for myself. But my kids are in school right now and I've been quarantined. I'm staying away from them a little bit. But yes, you know, I haven't aged. I wanted to get back to work. I go front. All right.


Well, I don't want to hear you or I don't want to hear nobody saying nothing about me.


But I do tell you, when a vaccine comes out, I'm taking that vaccine immediately. I'm giving it to Italy.


Definitely not you. But let's go to the phone lines. Hello. Who's this? My name is Benny. Benny, where you calling from? What's going on? I'm calling from Ozone Park when I was on Falcone's.


That could be doing it. You know, you're not supposed to be doing who you met on Tinder. No, no, nothing like that. I did. I'm a film director and I took a video in April and I shouldn't have taken a video. No. One, it wasn't a big hit in the middle of the pandemic. And I call covid. What do you mean?


You took a video like you can film something you.


Yeah, I was out and about in the public video. I filmed the music video for, like, a famous hip hop artist. I can't I'm not going to mention his name.


It's the guy at Trey Songz opened up the video and nobody was.


Why would you say Trey Songz? No, not I wasn't Trey Songz, the city one of the New York City. I was in New York. I was in New York and Brooklyn. Casanovva is a pretty big artist. Not a wall. Not no was one of them.


But I didn't get from from you just be working, OK?


You've been out here working. I said Trey because she had covid around that time. Na na na na na na. I went out with like some French Montana man.


You, you almost you you have a snitch. Just tell us the whole thing. It was Fabio.


Oh my God, I love you. How you just go. You think just broke you down a minute until I was a trainer. I was somebody with Casanovva, you know.


No, I definitely wasn't. Even though it was from here, Mad Peoples with them. And nobody was wearing masks. Nobody, you know, rappers respect, respect. What's going on. Oh, these rappers. And you shot it. Well, thank you, sir.


These rappers, he was right about these rappers.


If I didn't film it, someone else would have. Hello, this Alexa.


Hey, Alexa. Good morning. Good morning. I sounds like you a party this weekend and you mad that you party.


Yes, I'm tired. Where did you go this weekend?


I actually went to an. Or totally OK, legit restaurant out on the island, OK, and you feel like you shouldn't have done that about things with it?


Well, you know what I shouldn't have done with the underground hair salon that I like, but I didn't have a great salon for before. I should not have done. Yeah, it was bad. It was like pitch black inside. She used her cell phone line to look at my hair dye to make sure it was like picking up the color. It was really bad.


Why did you just you couldn't she wouldn't come to your house now because she's afraid of covid, which I thought was like, OK, that I get it, but like, I have to get my hair done. So we went into her salon, but it was pitch black and we couldn't open any windows or anything. And she was just like, all right, I'm going to you know, I'll just use my hands like you.


If you had covid, I would have gotten it.


You know, I don't question people when they have their own weird understanding of things. I'm just like, OK, you're going to do it in your Fontayne or whatever.


OK, how's your hair come out?


Came out good. Thank God. Anything you say. Can you imagine. Oh, my God.


You and the ground here have moral fiber. We're asking, you know, we in a pandemic. So we're asking I notice some things that you probably feel bad about that you shit in a day that you did anyway. Like this lady went to an underground hair salon.


I deejay to party over the weekend. What did you do that you shouldn't have done?


You're doing some hookups, too, because I know people that was meeting people during the pandemic and letting them come over their house, even though there's coronavirus. All right.


Well, let's talk about it is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. Everybody is the envy. Angela Ye shall I mean, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Now, if you're just joining us, we're talking about some things that you shouldn't have done during this pandemic that you did. Now, you was making fun of me because I did my first party this weekend out in Atlanta. I didn't do anything against Atlanta is open. I was able to jog.


It was packed. I did wear my mask. But we're asking, what did you do that?


And I'm only making fun of you. Well, first of all, yes, that did look crazy. But also because you always get in on me when I was moving around and doing things, but I always had my mask on around people unless I was eating. And that was only around people that I've been with.


And I was mad that I looked like that was crazy to me.


And, you know, I knew I was wrong. I posted the picture of me in the club. I'm like, this club is packed. I got my mask on. No, my daughter called me.


I was like, Dad, what's wrong with you? She's like, it's a pandemic. And you posted pictures of club. Take that picture down. I was like, OK, Madison. So that's what she's written down. She was right. Hello.


This, um, this is Michelle. Michelle.


So we're asking Michelle, what was one thing you did, you know, you shouldn't have done during this pandemic? I think I've seen too many like little gatherings. A lot of my friends like smoking. So they don't have a birthday party like you with them, even though it was more like, I don't want to be a person. So I went to them and we were mad. But it was kind of like, come on, some of them didn't even know.


They were like, we probably just say, oh, you know, like in retrospect, but everybody's safe, right? Yeah.


Everybody says, I did end up getting closer, but I think it was more so because of my job. Like, I work in it and nobody else in my household and nobody else was at a party at it. So I'm pretty sure it came from my work environment and that just get over here right now.


In retrospect, you think back like what if you would have went there with coronavirus and infected and the young kid got it. You're right. I that's a lot of risk for people to be taking. So I think I'm just going to say, for one, I'm just feeling like I said, why some offers like this, I'd rather be safe than my mom.


Let me ask you questions in health care, are you going to take the vaccine? I am going to say, gee, I would rather do something to try to prevent, you know, like the spread of the illness did not do anything and then find out like, oh, I've got to help myself and my family. You know, I take me I'm not one of those people who are like this is about vaccines as being so. Yeah, the minute they are free and will be alive with my rolled up, like, let's go.


You mean. All right. Well thank you, Mama. I look at it. All right. What's the moral of the story?


The moral of the story is, listen. Yeah. Like everybody is about to be vaccinated. They said they're going to do a million a day. That's what Dr. Fauci is saying. They're going to step it up to a million a day. So let's just try to ride it out and like things that you don't have to do in large gatherings and things like, say, mass, at least wear a mask, whatever you have to do to be like Atlanta Open.


That's hard to say. You know, like it's hard to say.


I'm not going to lay out like I don't know if you've been to Atlanta. Atlanta is not just one club.


I was not going to know club, OK, but it's not hard to say I'm not going to a club. And then I do appreciate these then. Was it like, OK, look, we're only going to do a certain capacity, we're going to have people spread out and they had the the plastic things like up in between the booths and things like that, whatever, you want it to be safer, just do it.


All right. Well, we got rooms on the way. We'll be talking about. Yes.


And we are going to talk about Chris Rock. Since we were asking about whether or not you're going to get that vaccine. We'll tell you what Chris Rock had to say to Gayle King about whether or not he plans to take it.


All right. We'll get into that next. Keep it like this. The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


It's The Breakfast Club. Jay Indri, Angeles shot, I mean, the guy we all the Breakfast Club let's get to the room is the Asian dog. Listen up.


And all the guys got the report in its original report, The Breakfast Club.


Well, Asian dad was entourages, Facebook Watch series Peace of Mind with Taraji. And she talks about her final days with King Vonne and how it's affected her that he's passed away. Listen to what she said.


How did you feel in your heart? Just crash. You have never felt a feeling like that. I was just broken six days before he passed away. We had broken up and I was really hard on him. I was not trying to see him. I did not want to see him. And you know how we do. OK, baby, you got to let that happen, OK? You can't let me tell you, sweetheart, it is OK to feel.


Would you say this is the first time that you feel like you were in love? Yes, this is my first love is my first love. My first real boyfriend like that wasn't about him. It was like more like a soul mate.


I mean, it's heartbreaking and both and both Asian and King Van were on lip service at separate times, and they even did a live together after the lipservice episode with Carnavon going back and forth. But he's got a lot of cute stories about her on that episode and talks about how much he loves her and how he was the first one to say I love you to her and all of that.


So, yeah, I mean, if I see a lot of things happening on social media, but that was her man, whether they were off and on and off at the time they were together, they loved each other. He clearly cared about her a lot. So I know she's going to want to send you some love to help with that situation and to everybody that a family member is management, all of that, because that's a difficult loss. All right.


Now, Chris Rock was on CBS Sunday Morning, Gayle King, and he spoke to her about the vaccine. Do you think that you would take that vaccine? Here's what he said.


There is a vaccine that is available just in the vaccine.


Can't wait. I put it this way. Do I take Tylenol when I get a headache? Yes. Do I know what's in Tylenol? I don't know what's in Tylenol, girl. I just don't my headaches go. Do I know what's in a Big Mac? Well, no, I just know it's a little bit. So I know it's the nasal scalp.


And he did say very serious things. He went to his house to actually do this interview and they did everything outside.


Yeah, seen. And I'm with him like I mean, I don't know what's in all these vaccines, but the fact that they're telling me what the vaccine is doing, they're giving it to all the health essentially workers. Now, the doctors are taking this vaccine and it's like, do I take this vaccine and say, no, I'm not going to take it? Or do I possibly get it or not? Know what Cobra does to my body? You know, it's all with the vaccine.


You know, the history in America with vaccinations and black people is just such a shaky one because of awful things that have happened in the past. I understand why people are nervous about taking a vaccine, but at the same time, on the other side of that, black people have been adversely affected by coronavirus.


So we need to make sure we take care of ourselves. But I get it. I get why it's hard to even think about doing that because we don't trust the government.


All right. Mm hmm. Now, let's discuss Zoe Kravitz. Apparently, she has filed for divorce from her husband, Carl Glassman.


She's been married for how long has she been married? Like a year?


Yes, she got married a year and a half ago in June of twenty nineteen. And it looks like things are already over for them. Not sure what happened, but. Yeah, and like I said, this quarantine is pandemic.


Either it's going to make your relationship stronger or you're going to realize I really don't like this person and you've seen it with all types of couples.


Yes. Speaking of divorce, Dr. Dre and his estranged wife, Nicole Young, now he's denying these abuse allegations. She says that he was abusive during their 24 year marriage. He also says that he spent an intimate night with his wife after they broke up. And he said that this goes against what Nicole is saying about being scared of being around him after they broke up. She says that he says that she invited him over to have dinner on their anniversary a couple of months after ending things.


They were intimate that evening. He said, I accepted this invitation. We celebrated our anniversary and we had dinner together and I spent the night with her. She was not and is not afraid of me. And her allegations to the contrary are pure fabrication, created post divorce filing, and that's what he's saying. So he says that also with the prenup, she's saying that he tore it up. He's saying he never tore up their prenup. And he asked the court to enforce the terms in the divorce.


And he also presented a copy of the alleged agreements, which she signed a prenup.


You got to go with the prenup. You just can't say I tore it up. I mean, you have to go to lawyers and everything else.


You just can't say, oh, I just heard that there still exists. It doesn't work like that.


And, you know, she is an attorney. So I know that she knows how the law works. So. Yeah.


And congratulations to Gerber and Tina. They are having a baby. Listen to this.


Now, see, my woman friend is are trying to stress out, I guess, when he outros out almost a white female. I'm a housewife in a black and white straight up. All income is all it is degree until twenty, twenty one. We haven't done that. I would be a nice guy. I'm going to go to court. I'm a drag. Yeah. I ain't going to be able to come to court for a whole year. Yeah.


Don't tell him to sue you. I get what he's saying. You know his girlfriend is pregnant. She doesn't want him to be stressed out. I get it. The trolls are a little too much at times. But, you know, people will do that. People will try to start something just so you hit him just to get a couple of dollars in. It ain't worth it. It ain't worth going to court anymore if you spending all that money.


And that's why we're story. I completely understand, you know, she's engaged. Why you just want to keep that to yourself, because people will try to talk it out. And, you know, it just gets to be a lot. So sometimes you got to just be like, I want to be happy.


You just can't you can't do things.


You can't let those things bother. I mean, that's what this world is. They they want to get you down. They want to try to hurt you. They want to try to cause a reaction. Just like I said, the first couple of years we did the Breakfast Club, I used to let all that affect me. Now, it doesn't even it doesn't even nothing that none of that stuff all does me. No, I don't care. All right, let's see.


All right, well, that is your rooma report on Manjula. Welcome back to work. And everybody who might have been on vacation and had to wake up early and whatever. Today's a tough day. Back to work.


All right. Let's get to the People's Choice mix then. Don't forget, revote will be back next Monday. Right now, they just doing testing, but they will be back next Monday. Everybody else get your request in is the Breakfast Club.


Good morning. Morning, everybody. Is T.J. and we Angela me the God. We are the Breakfast Club. How was your vacation? Did you do anything?


I'm so yeah, I did a lot of stuff, like at the very beginning, I had to go for a couple of days. I was actually filming this show that I created with my girl, Ricky Hughes from Magic Lemonade. It's called Mastery of Comedy. And in the next couple of weeks, you'll get to see some of these episodes on Facebook. So I'm super excited about that. Then I actually went to Austin to go see Dave Chappelle and go to his comedy show that he does out there every weekend where my guy, Donnell Rawlings.


So I had a good time there. But other than that, you know, I have a store opening in Detroit, private label. I'm just waiting to make sure we get into the city council meeting so that they can actually vote on letting us open this door. And that meeting is on January 12th and Hazel Park. So we're hoping that everything goes well and that we get we get on there. But that's it. Like the beginning. I did a lot towards the end.


I didn't do much. What about you?


Um, you know, what I always tell the people is usually the last couple of months of my busy doing homecomings. I'm traveling. I'm working. So the fact that we had a month off and I just really got to spend with the family was great. The kids had an amazing Christmas. I was just putting all that together. Those toys are difficult between American Girl and L'Oréal dolls, which L'Oréal dolls are crazy I've never seen. Does that look like prostitutes?


But anyway, race racecar tracks together and all that, like it was a lot of stuff. But the kids had a great time and we had a ball. So now we have to move. We have to be out of this house in February. So we're heading into the new house and we're excited about that. And I'm just ready. I mean, I'm ready for the new year. I'm ready to get to it. I'm ready for everything that's in store for me this year.


So I'm excited, right? Yeah. Well, again, when we come back, we got the positive note.


Don't worry about this morning. Everybody is T.J. and Angela Ye shall I mean, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Now it's time to get up out of here again. Charlamagne will be back tomorrow. He is on vacation still. And you got a positive note.


Yes. And since we were talking about taking risk earlier and by the way, when I give you guys this quote, this has nothing to do with coronaviruses, has to do with other things in your life like love and career.


All right. So maybe sometimes it's riskier not to take a risk. Sometimes all you're guaranteeing is that things will stay the same with competition.


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